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FIFA, also known as FIFA Football or FIFA Soccer, is a series of association football video games or football simulator, released annually by EA Games under the EA Sports label. The game was previously known as FIFA Football or FIFA soccer.

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January 25: Problems at FIFA

FIFA is having issues since 04:50 PM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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FIFA Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • FaZeTass Tass (@FaZeTass) reported

    FIFA 20 Can’t cutback cause of AI Can’t skill chain to get past AI Can’t dribble to get past AI Can’t drag back anymore cause it’s slow Can’t score clear cut chances cause shootings broken Can’t shoot from a decent distance to stop pple defending deep @EASPORTSFIFA you’re funny

  • Jeffdoherty6 Jeffdoherty (@Jeffdoherty6) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA ok so why the hell am i matching up with *** 3 players when im *** 7 and conpletly matching up with people no were near my skill level in champs fix this

  • long_live_nii Godwin (@long_live_nii) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA @EAFIFADirect fix your game #VancouverRats 🐀🐀🐀

  • 1Tayl0r1 Taylor White (@1Tayl0r1) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA fix your game ffs hitting post every other shot

  • donny2_ donny (@donny2_) reported

    @Adr32Joh @EASPORTSFIFA Did you ever find a fix for it I just had it happen and it doesn’t go away

  • RapaxTheGooner RapaxTheGooner (@RapaxTheGooner) reported

    @DGoonerville @EASPORTSFIFA @EAFIFADirect It doesn’t stop them making money so it’ll never get fixed. I don’t understand how something like that gets into the game in the first place, Never was a problem in past games

  • jxnmllr Jonathan Miller (@jxnmllr) reported


  • Smashed_Ninja Daniel (@Smashed_Ninja) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA Do you want to fix how delayed your game is in Rivals you ******* **** sucking *******.

  • RapaxTheGooner RapaxTheGooner (@RapaxTheGooner) reported

    @DGoonerville @EASPORTSFIFA @EAFIFADirect This has been a problem since launch. I’ve had it happen so many times! They’ll never fix it though

  • _Chatterboxxx_ アミルル アンデ (@_Chatterboxxx_) reported


  • DavidWr24636257 David Wright (@DavidWr24636257) reported

    Honestly never played a more broken game in my life, fifa 20 is great for graphics but when it comes to players actually performing to their statistics on the the ultimate team, it is appalling. I've never had 18 shots on target to score only 4 against Leno. @EASPORTSFIFA

  • squidrito Squidrito (@squidrito) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA You guys are ******* retarded. Fix your ******* shit game. How do you manage to make the game worse every ******* year with your bullshit scripting and moronic assisted intelligence. I’m in no way joking when I say this, KILL YOURSELVES.

  • itzfxnn11 Finn (@itzfxnn11) reported

    Ea fix your game man lagging me out of 3 game all in the 70+ mins 😡 @EASPORTSFIFA

  • harrishako hako (@harrishako) reported

    I dunno what you’ve done with this game. But the latest patch did something. And it ruins everything for me and other fellow Fifa players. Hopefully a new patch is coming very soon to fix this issue @EASPORTSFIFA @EAHelp @EAFIFADirect

  • iv4n321 widman (@iv4n321) reported

    @Mart10HD @EASPORTSFIFA @EAFIFADirect I had the same issue a month ago for 10 games in weekend league and then it disappeared

  • AspergerGamer The Asperger Gamer (@AspergerGamer) reported

    @LukeKnight97 @Anx_96 @woodzy2020 @FUT20News @EAFIFADirect @EASPORTSFIFA Even a monkey can win against anyone if lag compensation is against him. You don't have to be a genius. You two, must be two of the most ignorant and ill-informed FIFA players I have ever talked to. No wonder we have this piece of shit!

  • AspergerGamer The Asperger Gamer (@AspergerGamer) reported

    @Anx_96 @LukeKnight97 @woodzy2020 @FUT20News @EAFIFADirect @EASPORTSFIFA People thinking that D/U speeds mean anything to gaming are the problem with this game. It doesn't matter what router you have, as long as you use the Hub 3.0 it's going to drop packets. Hence shit connection, and just lucky enough to have lag compensation on your side. Fraud

  • SSALDANTE Saleem Alhafi (@SSALDANTE) reported

    @EAFIFADirect And THAT was all I needed to uninstall this game and move forward! I can't believe how fast you reacted to the problem while other problems have been here since launch! No more @EASPORTSFIFA! I am moving to something else!

  • QPromes11 QuincyPromes11 (@QPromes11) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA I am literally searching for a CA -> CAM card for like 20 minutes and can't buy one. This is a ******* disgrace, fix it!

  • TheYonAndOnly Yonis (@TheYonAndOnly) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA fix your shit game

  • F19L97A . (@F19L97A) reported

    @SpinBros @EASPORTSFIFA Reading into it too much. It is our issue because it’s our game and our time lost not having this sbc available - which is there fault but our issue

  • i_cheltibah Ché P. Fawkes🐺 (@i_cheltibah) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA you guys gotta fix the Brazil national team!!!!!!!

  • riddle37679442 riddle (@riddle37679442) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA so I had red pick messi and now his gone! EA what is going on with this Fifa 20!!! Fix it and what happens to my messi now!!!

  • SanthirenN Santhiren Naidoo (@SanthirenN) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA I can't load up fifa points it's giving me an error pls help @EASPORTSFIFA @EAFIFADirect @EAHelp

  • Anx_96 Anx (@Anx_96) reported

    @AspergerGamer @woodzy2020 @LukeKnight97 @FUT20News @EAFIFADirect @EASPORTSFIFA It's not ignorance, if the game wants to actually finally rewards the players that put time in it and deserve it then sounds like a you problem for being bad lol stop blaming the game 24/7

  • PBear90 Michael (@PBear90) reported

    @SpinBros @naxeplayz @EASPORTSFIFA It was our issue, the SBC said 86 rated but it was down as 80, we didn't want to submit an 80 rated squad, we wanted to submit an 86 one so we asked ea to fix it.

  • EC103 EC10 (@EC103) reported

    @premierleague @EASPORTSFIFA @Madders10 @GWijnaldum @LucasDigne @Aubameyang7 @sterling7 Pc servers not working for some reason! Great

  • Avi_shastri avi (@Avi_shastri) reported

    Fix your servers you idiots. @EASPORTSFIFA

  • Sparis84 Steven Paris (@Sparis84) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA @Ligue1Conforama Shocking yous as a company f**ked up the sbc!!!! It's removed and items returned! Just a pitty you weren't so quick in fixing server issue! grabbing f**ks, last time I put money in.

  • fknpitsy John Pitsadiotis (@fknpitsy) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA seriously... the same ******* bug in pro clubs for 3 years in a row. You are a bunch of ******* pedophiles. Fix your game, *****.

  • KhalidRagaiee Khalid Ragaiee (@KhalidRagaiee) reported

    @premierleague @EASPORTSFIFA @Madders10 @GWijnaldum @LucasDigne @Aubameyang7 @sterling7 Go fix the patch!!!

  • louisemoore29 Louise Sheehan-Moore (@louisemoore29) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA what ******** is wrong with shitty fut champions. Playing a game then it crashes. Can’t do **** all. Just a screen of the pitch. Opponents lagging game when you have the ball then perfect when they’ve the ball. #fut20 gone to shit

  • StrawbzGamer StrawbzGamer🎮 🅙 (@StrawbzGamer) reported

    @Jordinho782 Same I just lost 2 games in a row due to lag 10 second delay everything😂 @EASPORTSFIFA @EAHelp you are clowns sort this shit out

  • joshlfcw Josh (@joshlfcw) reported

    @Mart10HD @EASPORTSFIFA @EAFIFADirect People get a Ben yedder card for 100k cheaper, fixed in 25 mins, game breaking glitch been affecting people the whole year, oh well

  • javisilgarcia Javi S García (@javisilgarcia) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA let's see if we fix the connection, since in Spain you can't play, we've been like this for years and you don't care, scammers

  • trueDJphoenix DJphoenix (@trueDJphoenix) reported

    @aa9skillz @EASPORTSFIFA Ain't a case of getting better though is it, its a case that some people just ain't good enough to be in *** 4 or above, therefore EA have locked them out of content... ON A GAME THEY PAID FOR, people like you that condone this sort of shit are the problem

  • Callum_HO20 Andri-ㄩㄏˉㄊˉㄇㄖㄇㄈㄎ🇮🇸 (@Callum_HO20) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA Please fix your shit game EA

  • VexedAnemone Vexed Anemone (@VexedAnemone) reported

    @CasaNostraDez Thanks 😊 So many of us just want the game to be a serious competitor to @EASPORTSFIFA but both titles are outdated, with numerous faults. At least FIFA tries to fix theirs, @officialpes ignore there are any. Sadly, so do some fans. We need @2K to make a game. #eFootballPES2020

  • flop2021 FlipFlop2021 (@flop2021) reported

    @premierleague @EASPORTSFIFA @Madders10 @GWijnaldum @LucasDigne @Aubameyang7 @sterling7 fix the gameplay ffs

  • MbabuFUT MbabuFUT (@MbabuFUT) reported

    @Mart10HD @EASPORTSFIFA @EAFIFADirect My favorite thing about this Glitch is that the only way to fix it is to close the game completely lmao

  • Mart10HD Martin // FUT (@Mart10HD) reported

    @anoianuar @EASPORTSFIFA @EAFIFADirect @EAHelp FIX IT

  • Ram_booo_ Birch (@Ram_booo_) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA throw all the patches u want at the game but if u dont fix servers there no points.... multi billion dollar company cant do shit 😄😄

  • natasha69174981 natasha ellis (@natasha69174981) reported

    @aa9skillz @EASPORTSFIFA Well said skills, I was in division 1 all last year finishing elite in weekend league come to this year can't get above division 3 and struggling to get elite not because the games got harder its because the game has lag issues and other issues people should consider all factors

  • LouisVerheyen2 Fifa and football (@LouisVerheyen2) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA fix your fk gaaaaaame!!!

  • simonlane93 Slushpuppieking (@simonlane93) reported

    @R9Rai @EASPORTSFIFA Totally agree. I mostly have 5 bars and still get massive lag and delay. Its unacceptable for a company of this size and worth to not give a shit about the consumer base. Servers should have been updated years ago. Ea are out of touch and out of their depth

  • phantomsfx PhantomSFX (@phantomsfx) reported

    @R9Rai @EASPORTSFIFA its the biggest problem in the game, E.G when we Shoot/Skill/Pass we are pressing the button when we see the right opportunity on screen, but in fact your pressing it when that moment has already passed by. Like what we press is out of sync with whats happening on screen.

  • ohFzde Fzde (@ohFzde) reported

    @R9Rai @EASPORTSFIFA I Mostly get 5 bars most games and when I'm in the game I'm still lagging and getting hard delay but when i go onto a different game its perfectly fine, this company is a joke honestly.

  • Jordd_97 Jordan (@Jordd_97) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA @EASPORTSFIFA your game is an absolute mess it plays as well as a ostrich trying to flying, I was winning a fut champs game then got disconnect and kicked off, for no reason your such an unorganized disaster of a company how about you give me my deserved win you bunch of idiots.

  • OMID58770915 delta (@OMID58770915) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA Fix ur game first then drop special cards ******* fat *****

  • BoyGoneFit Garden of Eden (@BoyGoneFit) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA wont send verification code to my email. Cant login to speak with customer services because I dont have a verification code. HELP

  • F_2RD K (@F_2RD) reported

    @premierleague @EASPORTSFIFA @Madders10 @GWijnaldum @LucasDigne @Aubameyang7 @sterling7 I can’t find a game (bad service)😡

  • viniciuslimarr Vinícius Reis (@viniciuslimarr) reported

    @premierleague @EASPORTSFIFA @Madders10 @GWijnaldum @LucasDigne @Aubameyang7 @sterling7 You ruined the ultimate level on career mode. Fix it!

  • tupat_ tupat (@tupat_) reported

    @LuqmanHzq_ @Aleirri @EAFIFAesports Stupid & broken game @EASPORTSFIFA

  • 3vr1m 3vr1m (@3vr1m) reported

    @FUT20News @EAFIFADirect @EASPORTSFIFA Well if you are below div4 because of skill you are ******. This can't be a solution to the problem

  • anwar68257129 anwar (@anwar68257129) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA Fix your damn game, incompetent *****

  • anwar68257129 anwar (@anwar68257129) reported

    @premierleague @EASPORTSFIFA @Madders10 @GWijnaldum @LucasDigne @Aubameyang7 @sterling7 Fix your damn game, incompetent *****

  • oliverr28125539 oliver roberts (@oliverr28125539) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA In teting to buy some fifa points but keeps on saying error cant connect to store

  • IGodEmperorI D.S.G (@IGodEmperorI) reported

    @lukebartolofifa @EAHelp @EASPORTSFIFA It’s not a fifa problem. It’s your ps4

  • msaado9o7 Mohamed Saad (@msaado9o7) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA @Ligue1Conforama 200K more after the fix ... RATS

  • deejaydazza25 Darren (@deejaydazza25) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA @EAFIFADirect any chance you can actually listen to your customers and fix your game !!! Lag aside your game is broke!!! How about taking a leaf out of @PUBG_Support and actually listen !!!

FIFA Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 0x7e
  • 0xc00007b
  • ce-34878-0
  • connecting to ultimate team
  • creating game session