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For Honor is an online action hack and slash video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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At the moment, we haven't detected any problems at For Honor. Are you experiencing issues or an outage? Leave a message in the comments.

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For Honor Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • RedMetalMole AKA TunaPack (@RedMetalMole) reported

    @DAITO81 @ForHonorGame US, dominion my go to game mode. Connection is fine, no problem with Overwatch etc so don’t know

  • Tokenbrwnkid217 Fitch (@Tokenbrwnkid217) reported

    @ForHonorGame Instead of responding to your toxic community I’m gonna just leave shit here until y’all fix your shit

  • ImRagnaRocka Matty (@ImRagnaRocka) reported

    @ForHonorGame Can you please fix matchmaking :( takes forever to find a game and when i do i get the sweatiest of the sweats. Its not even a fair match at that point

  • MannHatless HatlessMann (@MannHatless) reported

    Just a small vent #ForHonor is not Medieval Sim 2017 and we shouldn't treat it as such. Im so ******* tired of arguments like "it wouldnt be realistic" to try and counter suggestions such as the removal of wall collision (which is a huge problem that ***** with a lot of heroes)

  • BhargavMewada99 Bhargav Mewada (@BhargavMewada99) reported

    @ForHonorGame Fix you damn game!, can't find a single online match on PS4!

  • DankTanks58355 ThePermanShanther. (@DankTanks58355) reported

    @ForHonorGame @rleverite Hey can you fix the game stability the game has crashed twice now mid game.

  • superloliii Lolichul (@superloliii) reported

    @mrforhonor @ForHonorGame I don't have this problem, but I get lots of 100+ ping gamers in game without getting kicked, and i'm tired to kill the same guy 3 times in a single fight :(

  • NBrobarian TacoBaka-Kun (@NBrobarian) reported

    @nirnaetharn @ForHonorGame A 360-10 meter Toestab... Ubi: I don’t see no problem.

  • Chase15380778 Chase (@Chase15380778) reported

    @ForHonorGame Fix conq

  • JonathanTurull Jonathan Turull (@JonathanTurull) reported

    @ForHonorGame Why critical errors...makes me not want to play your game. I can deal with the toxic community people but I can't deal with the game not working and in multiple regions... :( @SMITEGame it is then

  • thatkidniru n ī r u (@thatkidniru) reported

    @Johtus1288 @Gonbi2 @ForHonorGame @RockstarGames @Ubisoft You’re the only one to have this problem

  • nirnaetharn Burak (@nirnaetharn) reported

    @ForHonorGame Fix glad's toe stab

  • AlvaTheWayfarer Saint Baz (@AlvaTheWayfarer) reported

    @ForHonorGame My friend just got FH but we can’t play since his NAT type is staying at red, the game is allowed through his firewall but weve never had issues like this with siege either

  • EvenRogue65333 Samuel (@EvenRogue65333) reported

    @ForHonorGame fix revenge please, I’m in a 1v4 for so long getting parries and counter guard breaks, still don’t get it. While I gank, hit them once and they get revenge, not even exaggeration

  • ecliptic_omen OlChunkOfCoal (@ecliptic_omen) reported

    @ForHonorGame Hit indicators still broken btw

  • RotatetoOBJPLS Boris (@RotatetoOBJPLS) reported

    @ForHonorGame When will you retards fix gladiators toe tab in group fights

  • samkiller5109 Samkiller5109 (@samkiller5109) reported

    @ForHonorGame you ************ better fix the match making cause I always get ******* kicked out of the match you ******* pay to win game

  • TwistedPro_ Billy (@TwistedPro_) reported

    @ForHonorGame hello, my friend is trying to play for honor but cant get passed the main menu, it keeps giving a critical error or something

  • Achilea__ Alec (@Achilea__) reported

    @ForHonorGame bruh ur servers are ****** up, fix themmmmm

  • AWaffleTurtle Logan 🐧 (@AWaffleTurtle) reported

    Never had consecutive issues with the @ForHonorGame servers, but today I may as well yeet the game out the window and make a blood sacrifice to make them work. Yikes.

  • QHALE21 Quentin Hale (@QHALE21) reported from Wauconda, Illinois

    @ForHonorGame critical error for days... I’ve been losing connection to the servers all day #Xbox

  • madd_hatter10 madd_hatter10 (@madd_hatter10) reported

    @ForHonorGame can you please look at your servers they have been dropping people a lot of me and my buddy’s online could not even get online it keep failing to contact servers and people’s latency has been spiking from 40 to the 100s Idk if you all could fix or better your serve

  • NightlyGrumb Grumb (@NightlyGrumb) reported

    @ForHonorGame I'm having problems with adding friend to group to play together. Goobiesoft plox repair

  • shugo_anasaki Shugo Anasaki (@shugo_anasaki) reported

    @ForHonorGame hey For Honor it's been like 3 years. FIX THE ******* PENALTIES FOR CONNECTION LOST AND NOT FORFEITURE. ******* 30min penalty because the other guys connection was ass. And it was ranked. Thank you

  • EREED2341 somthing_bright_ (@EREED2341) reported

    @ForHonorGame could you possibly remove the “leave game penalty” for when you lag out. I’m actually sick of the game at this point. Everything will be going fine and then I get booted and can’t play for an hour

  • Rattlesnake541 Darth Maul (@Rattlesnake541) reported

    @ForHonorGame Oh look there was an outage. For that we get a grand total of.... 5XP boosts.... Very very nice and a grand total of 510000 st- nah I'm kidding 500 steel that's the reward we get so hope you all enjoy this shitty amount of steel and buy nothing haha

  • Nyasafox Nyasafox (@Nyasafox) reported

    @ForHonorGame I was wondering why servers were doing so terrible Some players were just advantaged by lag and you couldnt actually fight them because they seemed to have 200ms attacks

  • trvpgod300 yo (@trvpgod300) reported

    @ForHonorGame Fix your ******* servers

  • sickxjanjs sickxjanjs (@sickxjanjs) reported

    @ForHonorGame fix the problem I wanna play please

  • AlbrightBandon 24hourgaming (@AlbrightBandon) reported

    @ForHonorGame Never in my life have a seen such TRASH servers in my life on any platforms you lack a reliable server it crashes every 5min and then you can't reconnect because y'all are having technical issues Damn y'all really suck at making good games call of duty has better servers then you

  • ScorpionLMA leon (@ScorpionLMA) reported

    @ForHonorGame the continuous server problems, are getting old, seriously.

  • Daniel44712353 Daniel (@Daniel44712353) reported

    @ForHonorGame And there not working again

  • Nit_Pricc Nitty Bean (@Nit_Pricc) reported

    @McKinleyG16 @ForHonorGame Tracking is Inconsistent Gank Indicators are broken Lawbringer is barely punishable Gladiator’s toestab doesn’t feed revenge Peacekeeper still doesn’t have an Opener after three years Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • MartinzerS Martinzer Stanimirzer (@MartinzerS) reported

    @Ubisoft @ForHonorGame You are the first game studio I'll tell that your game on ps4 is literally unplayable. From bad light spams to consistant errors, disconnections and the worst part is your persuite of activilly not listening to your fans.

  • realSin_Pie SinPie (@realSin_Pie) reported

    @ForHonorGame how about you guys nerf Shugoki, this infinite bear hug guardbreak combo going on rn is inescapable and overpowered as all hell. Fix your samurai characters ffs

  • Michaelkoldre35 Michael Koldre (@Michaelkoldre35) reported

    @ForHonorGame Your shitty servers are always down fix it you lazy *****

  • AcordCoyer coyer acord (@AcordCoyer) reported

    @ForHonorGame i just played three breach matches and got to the very end and “an error has occurred” every time. fix your game.

  • dyingkiwi13 aaron (@dyingkiwi13) reported

    @ForHonorGame There’s so many crashes in the shit game I didn’t even notice it had an outage

  • vixiefoxpaw food for cats (@vixiefoxpaw) reported

    @ForHonorGame man I wasn't even aware that there was, like... an outage

  • CruzTheBrute Cruz The Brute (@CruzTheBrute) reported


  • TheFinnyLion TheFinnyLion (@TheFinnyLion) reported

    @ForHonorGame getting kicked consistently for error 7-0000004 or however many 0's it has.

  • 8630_x King J. 👑 (@8630_x) reported

    @ForHonorGame yall need to fix this crashing bullshit.

  • walter_massie oddball (@walter_massie) reported

    @havonetae @ForHonorGame U make a game and run servers they know their servers arnt the best but they can’t fix it just because ur mad

  • Biggychungus2 daily dose of degg (@Biggychungus2) reported

    @ForHonorGame I don't like how the defenders get revenge for 5 or less minutes and are basically invincible unless it's a glitch everything else is fine

  • havonetae havonetae (@havonetae) reported

    @ForHonorGame Fix you shit @ForHonorGame

  • havonetae havonetae (@havonetae) reported

    @ForHonorGame @ForHonorGame Fix YOUR ******* SERVERS Who gives a **** about breach if people cant even play the game

  • thatkidniru 𝐕𝐞𝐫𝐲𝐑𝐚𝐫𝐞 (@thatkidniru) reported

    @Darknesswaifu @ForHonorGame Well they would need to fix it first

  • DevinM26659965 Devin M. (@DevinM26659965) reported

    @ForHonorGame I beg you please nerf the shugoki he is way too broken

  • DevinM26659965 Devin M. (@DevinM26659965) reported

    @ForHonorGame can you guys please fix the Shugoki that character is way too broken. His demons embrace is still broken the parry timing for his unblockse heavy is way off just yesterday I say a teammate parry at what seemed like the right time but it still went through his guard

  • TWG_PS4 The Warriors Guild (@TWG_PS4) reported

    @ForHonorGame you should look into returning partial rewards to those who suffer from a game crash. We shouldn't have to be penalized for something out of our control

  • bigworm_42008 bigworm_42008 (@bigworm_42008) reported

    @ForHonorGame is crap today keep getting their error message I'm I get kicked from 1 more match I'm deleting this crap game

  • havonetae havonetae (@havonetae) reported

    @AngxlJay @ForHonorGame And as far as hitos lights blame FH they took away alot of hitos heavy punishes so the unskilled players have to use lights. But orochi has this same issue

  • havonetae havonetae (@havonetae) reported

    @AngxlJay @ForHonorGame Or Gladiator who can to poke light heavy to toe poke again while out of stam glad can clear 90% of your health from one out of stam moment. Jorm just gets one big hit. The issue is the stamina system as a whole it all needs to change.

  • QoldThoughts Shabazz Wombossi (@QoldThoughts) reported

    @Dra36704924 @dhruvjaggi @UbisoftSupport @GhostRecon @ForHonorGame It doesn't come down to not have the best wifi or your connection to your ISP. It come down to their service going down and not being available to millions of users. Once servers go down millions of people lose access to the product "we own"

  • N_Buonaparte Otto von Bismarck (@N_Buonaparte) reported

    @ForHonorGame Guys, please, fix the servers.

  • Rock_nomac Nomac (@Rock_nomac) reported

    @ForHonorGame you better fix your servers!

  • FalkMarius Marius Falk (@FalkMarius) reported

    @ForHonorGame No one ******* cares about this! If you wanna get our attention explain why the servers were down earlier today and fix them.

  • QoldThoughts Shabazz Wombossi (@QoldThoughts) reported

    @ForHonorGame You shouldn't be tweeting at all until issues with your servers are resolved. Not one single notification to let your players know the situation instead we gotta scower Twitter to find information on what's going on smh. Don't even get me started on this always online nonsense

  • Electricvoid1 Electricvoid (@Electricvoid1) reported

    @ForHonorGame its been nearly 3 hour now... fix the servers

  • TheNotoriousDrD Daeshawn (@TheNotoriousDrD) reported

    @ForHonorGame Bruh fix your servers first

For Honor Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 0002000115
  • 0002000115
  • 0002001512
  • 0006000018
  • 0006000037
  • 006000043
  • 006000044
  • 3--2147221502
  • 4000004
  • 4000008
  • 4000019
  • 4000021
  • 6000018
  • 6000021
  • 6000037
  • 6000039
  • 7-00000002
  • 7-00000004
  • 7-00000005
  • 7-00000005
  • CE-34878-0