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Fortnite is a co-op and battle royale sandbox survival video game developed by People Can Fly and published by Epic Games.

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Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in (26.51%)
  • Matchmaking (22.20%)
  • Online Play (21.86%)
  • Game Crash (16.70%)
  • Glitches (12.39%)
  • Hacking / Cheating (.34%)

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  • PolarJNahr Creator Code: Nahr (@PolarJNahr) reported

    @iAmShadowGG @ChuckNastyGG @GuidanceGaming @FortniteGame No problem dude 😁

  • fb_hrg HŘĢ.FBØMBŤHƏĢ.Ø.Â.Ț (@fb_hrg) reported

    @FortniteGame FIX YOUR GAME

  • fb_hrg HŘĢ.FBØMBŤHƏĢ.Ø.Â.Ț (@fb_hrg) reported

    @FortniteGame please fix you game I merged and lost all my BP and still have everything from upper tiers can I have my BP tires please

  • fb_hrg HŘĢ.FBØMBŤHƏĢ.Ø.Â.Ț (@fb_hrg) reported

    @FortniteGame FIX YOUR GAME

  • Wemzll Wemzl🏀😎 (@Wemzll) reported

    Pc: ❌ Console: ✅ Money: ❌ Broken tv: ✅ World Cup: ❌ Capped at 60 FPS: ✅ Done with fortnite: ✅

  • fb_hrg HŘĢ.FBØMBŤHƏĢ.Ø.Â.Ț (@fb_hrg) reported

    @FortniteGame please fix you game I merged and lost all my BP and still have everything from upper tiers can I have my BP tires please

  • keithpeteley Keith (@keithpeteley) reported


  • NaradaPerdana Narada Perdana (@NaradaPerdana) reported

    @FortniteGame please fix the f’ing traps placement man !

  • The_Real_Chewwy Chewwy (@The_Real_Chewwy) reported

    @misseyecandyttv I have a problem with fortnite 😴

  • coolmanastro cool man astro 🗿 (@coolmanastro) reported

    my main problem with fortnite is that they made it too “noob friendly” there is NO SKILL GAP anymore, someone could just 1 pump me on mobile even if they’re the worst play to touch the game

  • SixHuskies -bri (@SixHuskies) reported

    So STW has no compensation for their players after it was broken for a week what a joke @FortniteGame u guys only care about br adding lasers on the map when STW has been having issues from the start

  • MrJMooseTTV MrJMoose (@MrJMooseTTV) reported

    @MrMuselk Most my Fortnite problems are solved by just turning it off. I then finally have time to cry.

  • byetorandthesno Ashlyn (@byetorandthesno) reported

    @EpicGames @FortniteGame Love hitting 60 crit shots with a purple pump. 👌🏻Fix your shotguns.

  • LizamaRonny Ronny Lizama (@LizamaRonny) reported

    @FortniteGame can you please make it so that you can merge your account from just Xbox to your pc account because it says I have to have played on ps4 and I can’t so I can’t merge it please fix this I really need my other account

  • itssnowyszn TTV ItsSnowySZN (@itssnowyszn) reported

    @FortniteGame fix the blank damage bug its anmoying as Shit

  • Caleb97321102 Dieselpower28 (@Caleb97321102) reported

    @FortniteGame you gotta fix pubs 😂 no mats and we have 12 kills in duos mid game, no minis, get 2 kills outside zone (we got pushed) die in storm because we can’t heal. Pubs are not fun without siphon and mats.

  • FearSpadez SpadezGoated👻 (@FearSpadez) reported

    Nice update @FortniteGame but umm... AUDIO BUG WTH FIX IT!!!!!!

  • abelardohahah Abe Rodriguez (@abelardohahah) reported

    @FortniteGame fix your game

  • ynsbtw REVERT YNS ☠️ (@ynsbtw) reported

    Fortnite x Avengers. Fix your game first ! @FortniteGame

  • dj150 Cursed_Zyvex (@dj150) reported

    @stackedsellers @FortniteGame double pump was a glitch, never meant to be intended. we may all want it, but we’re not getting it

  • kylehamburger1 kyle hamburger (@kylehamburger1) reported

    fix your game retards @FortniteGame

  • LayBackVibes POSITIVE VIBES (@LayBackVibes) reported

    I mean you have a problem if you play fortnite at 12 am at night ummmm me

  • Roger34263701 Roger (@Roger34263701) reported

    @FortniteGame They’re is so many glitches rn fix them

  • RainyArchie_Jb Yt Archie_Jb (@RainyArchie_Jb) reported

    Every Fortnite player: revert the patch, fix audio, fix end game lag, remove *****, bring back stretched res. Fortnite:

  • codexavellum Adam 🌊 (@codexavellum) reported

    why the hell does my Fortnite crash so damn much

  • fortnit01476524 Fortnite King (@fortnit01476524) reported

    animatedtext They chose fortnite over minecraft, that problem just solved itself

  • _default001 ⁿᵒₙₒⁿᵒₙₒⁿᵒₙₒⁿᵒₙₒⁿᵒ (@_default001) reported

    @animatedtext They chose fortnite over minecraft, that problem just solved itself

  • manieochepa Manny (@manieochepa) reported

    @FortniteGame my game keeps on disconnecting and im losing my points pls fix this

  • josh92034133 josh (@josh92034133) reported

    deleted @EpicGames shitty ass fortnite. fix it and maybe you’ll make people wanna play it. listen to the community you idiots. jeez

  • dyrdecksawsome Arctic Lk (@dyrdecksawsome) reported

    @FortniteGame Fix pumps

  • dreamchaserjeff YOUNGKING (@dreamchaserjeff) reported from Brooklyn, New York

    @FortniteGame PLEASE FIX THAT FAULT DAMAGE HIT (where you see your shotgun shells hit but they hit for nothing!) PLEASEEEEEE

  • Gamer1067684232 Gamer101 (@Gamer1067684232) reported

    @FeHu50834032 @BethesdaSupport You fan boiis are so dumb. Your ripping on fortnite the #1 game and you think fallout76 a game with low ASF player count, countless issues, no refunds....etc etc I don't play fortnite but damn you guys are retarded

  • Braay Braay (@Braay) reported

    gonna try running fortnite on an i5 8400 with DDR3 1333mhz ram and see if RAM is the problem

  • FinSFNGaming FinSGaming (@FinSFNGaming) reported

    Due to internet and fortnite server issues the RC event will be streamed just long enough to get members into the game!

  • Baylin__ Baylin (@Baylin__) reported

    @alpharadtv Just wait till they add fortnite man into the game and he unironically is more broken then smash 4 bayonetta

  • Captiin_Jade Pirateer Jade (@Captiin_Jade) reported

    @FortniteGame My friend cant join my lobby for some odd reason... Keeps saying: Error Code cant join party

  • THICCBO89322358 THICC BOI (@THICCBO89322358) reported

    @jadenonfiya04 @BigbeeRigbee @N0TCASH @FortniteGame Yeah I just noticed it, have to fix it somehow, I’m not good with photoshop

  • dmvn16 dman ฿ (@dmvn16) reported

    @NotDweeby the problem is fortnite has so much potential but theres so much bullshit in the game it makes it so toxic

  • Ohshuckspcninja Ohshuckspcninja52 (@Ohshuckspcninja) reported

    @FortniteGame Might I ask why boogie Bombs only last two seconds for me and then it causes me to get one pumped because they only last to seconds fix it dear lord you guys never listen to the community @EpicGames @FortniteGame

  • Austin65678321 Austin (@Austin65678321) reported

    @FortniteGame fix your shit constant crashes is making the game intolerable and the server registers the shots I'll hit some one get markers but number verification is non existent so no dmg happens

  • quan34603911 SimplyGlory (@quan34603911) reported

    @FortniteGame fix save the world

  • Nicksteevs1 Nicksteevs (@Nicksteevs1) reported

    @FortniteGame I'm sick and bloody tired of your trash game! I keep hitting blanks with my pump and smg which keeps getting me killed. Fix your game!

  • AcesOldman Aces_OldMan (@AcesOldman) reported

    @FortniteGame just a minor suggestion...figure a fix to stop the spamming jump and shooting at the same time, especially with your op shotguns....its getting just down right COD like anymore.

  • Gambitdrew andrew (@Gambitdrew) reported

    @FortniteGame Should fix new dupe glitch if it’s not fixed already

  • OCSmith_13 O.C. Smith (@OCSmith_13) reported

    @Davidlaz @FortniteGame I think they offer that service as an in app/game purchase. My mom would just throw a shoe at me. She also used last one to the table did the dishes.

  • BrandenPatrick3 OP Dripzz (@BrandenPatrick3) reported

    Sorry for the delay I was having issues with uploading the video but it's up and out!!! #Fortnite #Twitch #YouTube #Xbox #FortniteXAvengers #FortniteWorldCup #FortniteSeason8

  • lord_tesco_meal just vaccinate your fucking kids (@lord_tesco_meal) reported

    @apollo_aeries @FortniteGame Finally, a comment about save the world. And yes, they need to fix it.

  • Jaylan4732 vG Itachi (@Jaylan4732) reported

    @FortniteGame I just wanna chill and play public games sometimes and I die Bc I have no lot no mats or health like fix the game

  • HyperShadowKing HyperShadowKing (@HyperShadowKing) reported

    People are complete a**holes because some guy named Vehur thought it was ok to drop me in lava after I’m downed! @FortniteGame fix this please!

  • rmcalhoun2002 Rob Calhoun (@rmcalhoun2002) reported

    @FortniteGame been stuck on 99 on outlast opponents in air royale for 10 games I suck but not that bad.. Fix it please

  • DevanteBarker Devante Barker (@DevanteBarker) reported

    @FortniteGame Epic can y’all fix the issue with your event the lazors are bugging out

  • hentaiknight99 Joel Morsef (@hentaiknight99) reported

    I swear I am never playing Fortnite again. **** that stupid ass Broken game

  • CaidenSpry Caiden Spry (@CaidenSpry) reported

    @FortniteGame Hey there is a glitch were I can’t here my friend and he isn’t on my friends list and I send a request and he doesn’t get it. Like if you want epic to gix

  • animeknight99 AnimeKnight99 [AK99] (@animeknight99) reported

    @TechLinkedYT (At 4:47 in this video) seems like Fortnite hasn't fix their broken game. There has been several gambling sites that people go to so that they get free money by Cheating @DDsulzbach

  • Shiyvia Shiyvia❄ (@Shiyvia) reported

    *Apex Legends threatens Fortnite's Success Epic: WE HAVE TO FIX THE GAME!!! *Apex Legends no longer threatens Fortnite's Success Epic: Pfft, that was a close call, ok guys put the good changes away.

  • DJB22 𝔻𝚛єw (@DJB22) reported

    This is only a problem for you fortnite streamer kids.

  • Dre40642167 Dre (@Dre40642167) reported

    @FortniteGame Why when there is a battle royale bug they dont quick fix but when there is a save the world bug the automaticly fix the fun bugs like where are yourrrrr brainss plzzzz

  • DrBullsTV Dr. Bulls (@DrBullsTV) reported

    @ogchill14 @FortniteGame I mean, I played console for 6 years. Once build assist, edit assist, and aim assist was released, I hadn’t no problem building. And hell, I was better than many people who I played with that where on PC.

  • Remez28207567 Remez (@Remez28207567) reported

    @FortniteGame Fix your ******* game

  • Mywaffles2 Mywaffles (@Mywaffles2) reported

    @FortniteGame Just fix the friend list bug pls epic