Is Gears of War 5 down?

Gears 5 is a third-person shooter video game being developed by The Coalition that is published by Xbox Game Studios for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One as part of Xbox Play Anywhere.

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At the moment, we haven't detected any problems at Gears of War 5. Are you experiencing issues or an outage? Leave a message in the comments.

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:
Puerto Peñasco Matchmaking
Zamora Matchmaking
Madrid Sign in
Madrid Online Play
Tortuguitas Game Crash
Chía Glitches

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Gears of War 5 Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • anmanci andrea (@anmanci) reported

    @EsportsGears @GearsofWar FIX YOUR SERVERS

  • danasissons Dana Sissons (@danasissons) reported

    @babybinx326 @GearsofWar @CoalitionGears @nodezero Let me check with the web team and see what the issue is.

  • babybinx326 Unify Binx (@babybinx326) reported

    Hey @GearsofWar @CoalitionGears @danasissons @nodezero I've been trying to get in to your TCA program for about 2 months now ever time I tweet you about the issue I get no response Feelsbadman 😭 It's the 500 riftworm code I did it on mobile and my laptop .

  • Ward84Simon Simon (@Ward84Simon) reported

    @CoalitionGears Second worst gears in the saga after judgement, def worst launch, bunch of monkeys could do better. Lag out of a match because the shitty connections on the so called servers (peer2peer) and receive 1 day + ban, go **** yourself coalition that’s the last gears game I purchase!

  • Alivezey14 Adam Livezey (@Alivezey14) reported

    @GearsofWar fix your game. Long time gears fan and the state of gears 5 is appalling

  • Justice4carmine louie (@Justice4carmine) reported

    @Jesus_TdA @GearsofWar I'm not any problem. You can grind 10 hrs each character. I'll pay for them. With my money that I earned. Not yours

  • Jesus_TdA Elric (@Jesus_TdA) reported

    @Justice4carmine @GearsofWar Well you're part of the problem

  • AmericanPsychom Sy Bateman (@AmericanPsychom) reported

    @GurtHimself @wasntJake @nodezero @danasissons @CoalitionGears Yeah, there is videos about fixing the imput lag for those who use predetermined.

  • LGP_Goob Steven Constant (@LGP_Goob) reported

    @CoalitionGears please restore, in gears 5, the left-bouncing. Because now the bouncing feels flawed and broken.

  • LGP_Goob Steven Constant (@LGP_Goob) reported

    @GearsofWar please restore, in gears 5, the left-bouncing. The bouncing feels flawed and broken.

  • SASxSH4DOWZ Shadowz (@SASxSH4DOWZ) reported

    @_TheCraZe @GearsofWar @PaulLivo That sucks man Ive had zero issues on the Xbox One X, FFA Gears 5 next week gonna be 🔥

  • wasntJake Glint (@wasntJake) reported

    @Im_Egotistical @nodezero @danasissons @CoalitionGears refresh rate definitely isn’t the issue. 60fps capped on PC feels 10x better than console. it’s definitely an issue with the hardware barely being able to handle the game’s current visual settings + them using V-sync without adding a toggle. ):

  • ianc14 Ian Charles 🔞 (@ianc14) reported

    @CoalitionGears I guess when you push "games as a service" with tons of shitty microtransactions you forget about bug testing the thing it advises you to do when first playing.

  • SnowyRains28 Snowy Rains (@SnowyRains28) reported

    @KuudereGhost @GearsofWar @MentaL I’ve only had the issue with gears and it’s always that long I just get bored waiting any longer

  • Odin_gg Matt / Odin ☾ (@Odin_gg) reported

    @hikyletaggart @gyles_doolan @GearsofWar @TeamReciprocity @Estral_Esports I'll just remind you, you're replying to me & my post.. And yes, Gears community deserves better and without the backlash received nothing will change. They've yet to fix the game. Until then, **** this title. Bless you.

  • wojowski1979 Mike Wojcik (@wojowski1979) reported

    @legoheadlegend @CoalitionGears No ha ha. Just to me seems they don't want to fix the main issues with the game n would rather push out pointless content

  • GMax__ max (@GMax__) reported

    @Crxman1972 @GearsofWar @Rockstar_Energy @OctusTC @danasissons @XboxSupport @CoalitionGears I’ve been having the same problem. Got a few codes that I’ve been trying to redeem and it’s saying the same message as yours.

  • FatMike44831859 Fat Mike (@FatMike44831859) reported

    @CoalitionGears @EsportsGears Fix the weapon skins bug first before the developer stream I bought some weapon skins but the weapon skins are not showing during Horde or VS match, this happens very often Sometime miracles happen and my weapon skins are correctly showing tho Fix this bug or back my money.

  • iCrazyLuck fwxg (@iCrazyLuck) reported

    @OctusTC @CoalitionGears @nodezero @danasissons When is gears 2 UE coming out every one like gears 2 it was the best selling game just removed stopping power and fix internet connection with the host

  • GurtHimself Gurt (@GurtHimself) reported

    @AmericanPsychom @wasntJake @nodezero @danasissons @CoalitionGears I see where you’re coming from but I do feel like this input lag is not something we should just accept. If they can do anything about it they should.

  • slayer_irish Irish Slayer (@slayer_irish) reported

    Fix your lagggggggggy servers this shit is horrendous ...There are low budget games with better servers and less lag! All your updates mean nothing when the lag is this bad! No competitive gamer wants to lose because of lag #Gears5 @OctusTC @nodezero @CoalitionGears @MicrosoftG

  • merbenwoo Merben Woo (@merbenwoo) reported

    @CoalitionGears @GearsofWar your ranking point system is so ******* trash!! Enough with the store items and fix the ******* game you bums!!

  • InCThose Those 🐻💫 (@InCThose) reported

    @CoalitionGears yo can you guys please fix the negative points problem when the other team gets dominated and they rage quit and I get -145 when my team is winning and gets MVP Thanks 😊👏🏻

  • Omar70152841 Omar (@Omar70152841) reported

    @GearsofWar please fix the servers don't neglect the game ask for help but gears 5 don't die

  • miggyflo_ Miguel Flores (@miggyflo_) reported

    @GearsofWar I’m having a issue on pc where I can’t get act 3 to properly load after act 2 ends

  • McCree_44 Sekiro (@McCree_44) reported

    @jimenezalex972 @GearsofWar Go to the link above. Sign in with your Microsoft account. Go to quest tab on right hand side and then claim the skins whenever they pop up

  • McCree_44 Sekiro (@McCree_44) reported

    @jimenezalex972 @GearsofWar Go to the link above. Sign in with your Microsoft account. Go to quest tab on left hand side and then claim the skins whenever they pop up

  • NoahJoh71448383 Noah Johnson (@NoahJoh71448383) reported

    @CoalitionGears Please fix this game. The gnasher is broken. The hit detection is dog shit. The matchmaking in ranked is so broken. You pair diamond players against bronze players. Make a system where is balanced for everyone for there skill level.

  • Kev2nice87 Kev 🇵🇷♌ (@Kev2nice87) reported

    @GearsofWar No fix for hit registration even after all these years 👀👀👀👀

  • Kev2nice87 Kev 🇵🇷♌ (@Kev2nice87) reported

    You're hit registration is horrible worst I've ever seen in a shooter holy shit all these years with the same problem yet no fix smfh @GearsofWar

  • shloobmm3 QuanSuDude (@shloobmm3) reported

    @GearsofWar needs to go away for a long while. It's netcode has been piss poor since 2 and it still has all the same issues plaguing it since the first game. Just shelve it and move on.

  • AtomicEpilouge Brian Freifelder (@AtomicEpilouge) reported

    @GearsofWar @GhostGaming @GGSimplicity Fix your shot registration

  • PlayaSlaya149 Ahmed E Elmadhoun (@PlayaSlaya149) reported

    @GearsofWar Plz just fix KOTH

  • PlayaSlaya149 Ahmed E Elmadhoun (@PlayaSlaya149) reported

    @EsportsGears @GearsofWar @TheRiseNation @TheRegalReserve Plz fix KOTH

  • IMDrakeX Vlad El (@IMDrakeX) reported

    @CoalitionGears @GearsofWar @EsportsGears Just fix the game! It's too much internet-connection dependent!

  • matt_rockmetal Matt Flores (@matt_rockmetal) reported

    @CoalitionGears @GearsofWar @danasissons @GearsViking @OctusTC @GearsLATAM @nodezero guys, fix the campaing please

  • CogCouple CogCouple (@CogCouple) reported

    @BigPhil1993 @CoalitionGears @danasissons @OctusTC @GearsofWar @thieamy @CrimsonGOW There was massive roll out issues when it happened. And it stopped. Dana got it going again after he joined but I think it's been bumped down as alot more things going on now.

  • GaelAgu85985787 Gael Aguilar (@GaelAgu85985787) reported

    @CoalitionGears ZzxXSALKERXxzZ My problem is that I have a month and a half playing matches matched in gears 4 and I do not rise in spite of having played almost 100 games and won 43 of them I do not climb, I ask that you please solve my problem, thanks

  • GoldenH77483918 GoldenHunter (@GoldenH77483918) reported

    @GearsofWar Audio issues

  • AtomicEpilouge Brian Freifelder (@AtomicEpilouge) reported

    @GearsofWar Fix your ******* shot registration

  • Brance_G Brancey (@Brance_G) reported

    @CoalitionGears @GearsofWar why is that when I win games or I get top player every match I still lose a ridiculous amount of tier points and I can’t move up. Can you guys fix this lol

  • THorrorist Thomas Skancke (@THorrorist) reported

    @GearsofWar 2 issues u need 2, fix the shotty inconcistency...3Shots hard aim 1 shot is registerd on a 1GB up/down connection,50ms ping same as my 5mb/s connection so connection speeed is ***** unless u live in holland where the server is placed.....and want active dmg boost on shotty.....

  • aarondamron1988 Aaron (@aarondamron1988) reported

    @Equinox92 @GearsofWar Uhh I do and I haven’t had any more problems with the game it runs just fine for me and I am having fun with the game

  • aarondamron1988 Aaron (@aarondamron1988) reported

    @masterspartan15 @GearsofWar They are seriously every update is making the game better and really I am not having any problem with it now

  • masterspartan15 Jhon (@masterspartan15) reported

    @GearsofWar Fix your game

  • IronClawGaming IronClawGaming (@IronClawGaming) reported

    @NoStrife @oldmateaus @GearsViking @CoalitionGears Stop lying PS didn’t have shit! Between the broken SOD clone, the weirdo Fed-X sim and the half dozen AA games that all got 60s PS had nothing. Now THATS real talk!

  • NJCoda Jason (@NJCoda) reported

    @GearsofWar Can you PLEASE fix the 1 button exit lobby problem on vs quick play arcade!!!! 3 times in an hour accidentally backed out of lobby, just add damn confirm please.

  • RamirezRichard_ Dick (@RamirezRichard_) reported from Los Angeles, California

    You can fix it by tossing a grenade in it @GearsofWar

  • R4mosv @яαмσѕ (@R4mosv) reported

    @76_Glasshouse @OctusTC @danasissons @GearsofWar @CoalitionGears The same issues for me

  • oGTitan94 Titan (@oGTitan94) reported

    @CoalitionGears @nodezero PLEASE fix the random disconnecting before Operation 2 arrives

  • warmmanwarm 冗談じゃない (@warmmanwarm) reported

    @GearsofWar plz repair EAC index access error!

  • DanjoskrA Shadowcrispz (@DanjoskrA) reported

    @OGMooMooMiLK @CoalitionGears @GearsofWar Yeah 3 new maps only for FFA.3 old.And only one new for all modes.Ranked still broken.Lost points if you win.We get old character like drone,kantus.....Tc bullshiting us.70% old and 30% new.******** game.

  • slayer_irish Irish Slayer (@slayer_irish) reported

    85% of the ranked KOH games I play on #Gears5 someone quits...This game is beyond frustrating and the quality of players has diminished! The lag is horrendous and the Gnasher tuning is really bad...Even changing your weapons feels bad. @nodezero @CoalitionGears

  • J0NNYF0RD Jonny Ford (@J0NNYF0RD) reported

    @Johnnie_Dyer @GearsofWar I'm not against trying it again but if the game is still a mess with lag and delayed gnasher shots I won't be sticking around.

  • sohmusashi Tyler 山城 (@sohmusashi) reported

    **** you @CoalitionGears FIX YOUR ******* GAME ALREADY!!

  • noblesmidge Westcoast Pancake (@noblesmidge) reported

    @GearsofWar i currently have no internet and have to play offline all the time at home on windows 10 and i get stopped at menu asking to login into xbox live, i go to a place with internet and connect and get back home and it still doesnt work

  • JoeSerious2 Joe Serious (@JoeSerious2) reported

    @CoalitionGears @OctusTC @nodezero can we please get an explanation for the constant crashes some people are experiencing on PC. It's been well over a month now of not being able to finish a single match without a crash. Never had this issue with 4.

  • danasissons Dana Sissons (@danasissons) reported

    @miguelfmontes @CoalitionGears @OctusTC @nodezero that was an error - that correct skin is Collector Winter Marcus

  • Theveseria veseria (@Theveseria) reported

    @GearsofWar I hope youll fix the points for koth (300points back please) and matchmaking and all other not functional stuff like lobby and menu... Its still soooooo baaaaad

  • SlNEMATIC666 David Scott (@SlNEMATIC666) reported

    @Andrew_RL94 @GearsofWar I’ve got the same issue man. Xbox Support can’t help @OctusTC @CoalitionGears

Gears of War 5 Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 0x00000d1c
  • 0x00000d28
  • 0x80073cf9
  • 0x801901f4
  • bigelow
  • cougars
  • jackrabbit
  • pesang
  • riad