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Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service created by Microsoft for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services through Microsoft-managed data centers.

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December 07: Problems at Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is having issues since 12:30 AM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:
Sydney Cloud Services
Buena Park Cloud Services
Mexico City Web Tools
Medellín E-mail
Sydney Cloud Services
Sydney Domains

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  • ppekovic Pavle Pekovic (@ppekovic) reported

    @msuspartner @MSCloud Support for Office 2010 ends on October 13th

  • Valprajj Valpug (@Valprajj) reported

    @discordapp @CPU_Blanc_ help @Azure

  • EthisProtogen Ethis the Protogirl (@EthisProtogen) reported

    .@discordapp use @Azure and you won't have these issues. Google is a dumpster fire.

  • Unknowna22 Bill Jones (@Unknowna22) reported

    @VincentGoss2 @MSCloud You can keep running Windows 7. You just won't get any more updates. I still run an old computer with Windows Vista on it and it works just fine. I use Avast free antivirus program and have never had a problem with a virus or malware. They haven't supported Vista 4 a long time.

  • Elephant_Jockie Anass Rhammer (@Elephant_Jockie) reported

    @PolishWonder2 @MSCloud problem is the average person will not be able to do or want to do linux once they find out its not as easy as adding a new browser. win programs will not work and few work in wine. people are not going to want to search for equivalent linux programs. is it better than windowsYES

  • PZ_Solutions PixelZebraSolutions (@PZ_Solutions) reported

    repost MSFTDynamics365RT MSCloud: Connect people, data, and equipment to deliver profitable field service operations with help from #Servitization, #IIoT, and #…

  • huanghoid Huanghoid Man (@huanghoid) reported

    @MSCloud are use lunix instead not use window 10 vomit intel haifa are support merchant banker tribe man shoot rocket arab mans house

  • FutbolFan Wahid Alimi (@FutbolFan) reported

    @MS_Ignite @Azure The link is not working. Header too long error 😢

  • Lynn14159 Lynn (@Lynn14159) reported

    @MSCloud Buy more! And when support ends for Windows 10, buy more!

  • browninfosecguy Sonny 🦌 (@browninfosecguy) reported

    @AzureSupport @Azure Seems to be working now, as usual this always happen when one reach out to support, things start working

  • Ignatiaus_ Ignatiaus (@Ignatiaus_) reported

    @BulletSpongeACO @MSCloud Additionally, you can click through the prompts to create a local account and select "no" when asked to sign in with a MS account.

  • wtfYoureAnIdiot John Smith (@wtfYoureAnIdiot) reported

    @Azure @AzureSupport Everything I click when I get an alert email from you is "The server encountered an internal error, please retry. If the problem persists, contact support." Fix your shit.

  • WSV_GUY Jeff Woolsey (@WSV_GUY) reported

    @imcdnzl @as_w @duncan @Azure No problem. It’s a common myth that’s simply not true. It’s not a dig at the Cambridge team either. We just happened to agree on the high level architecture.

  • PlanetUnite Unite the planet (@PlanetUnite) reported from South Pasadena, California

    @40Billioncom I sure want to help not burn up the planet!! #jedi #blockchain @Azure @OracleAI and more

  • PZ_Solutions PixelZebraSolutions (@PZ_Solutions) reported

    repost MSFTDynamics365RT MSCloud: Discover why #manufacturers are shifting their focus from engineering and production to focus on customer outcomes. Get the gu…

  • as_w Aaron W ☁️ (@as_w) reported

    @WSV_GUY @sundhaug92 @sampowers @Azure I never managed to get bleem! working well for anything, much as I tried.

  • as_w Aaron W ☁️ (@as_w) reported

    @WSV_GUY @donasarkar @WinObs @Azure @Taylorb_msft I was given a copy of Virtual Game Station by one of my first bosses when I saw it behind the store counter and realized what it was (this was after Sony v. Connectix). Never touched and one of the few pieces of boxed software in the store, I kept it as a piece of history.

  • WSV_GUY Jeff Woolsey (@WSV_GUY) reported

    @sundhaug92 @sampowers @as_w @Azure Not exactly. Can’t say much more other than the CVGS emulation was really good. There were others (bleam) which was garbage with poor compat. CVGS ran hundreds of games flawlessly...

  • sundhaug92 Martin Sundhaug (@sundhaug92) reported

    @blaktron @as_w @getwired @unixterminal @Azure Sony bought the rights, then killed the product. PS3 does PS2 and PS1 backcompat in hardware. PS4 does backcompat in sw, but at least for PS3-support the emulator is packaged with the game-package

  • huanghoid Huanghoid Man (@huanghoid) reported

    @MSCloud micro$oft intel are support merchant banker tribe deep state use amd linux instead support lisa su marry same specie descent huangdi

  • RobGilbey Robert Gilbey (@RobGilbey) reported

    UN troops or sponsored NGOs like @NetHope_org can provide the local access internet connectivity. Potentially, platforms like @workplacebyfb, @gsuite, @Office, @Azure etc could be packaged to become a "Government-in-a-Box" service that is rapidly deployable.

  • flagbug Dennis Daume (@flagbug) reported

    @Azure We're in the process of investigating other hosting platforms right now, because staying is unsustainable, the whole platform is brittle and has pitfalls left and right. You never know when you're pinged in the middle of the night because a service did something unexpected.

  • JasonMA_MSFT Jason M. Anderson (@JasonMA_MSFT) reported

    @rwang0 A5: 2 large challenges exist. 1) Building and managing the network. Managed #blockchain services (BaaS) help solve this. 2) Forming and launching a consortium. I'd argue that 2 is harder. #ChatBlockchain, @MFSTBlockchain, @MSCloud

  • thevats2010 Amit Vats (@thevats2010) reported

    @rwang0 A5: 1 Convincing internal & external folks that its not a rip and replace tech 2 Beating show-me-the-money mindset with enable-the-network mindset. #ChatBlockchain @infosys @MFSTBlockchain @MSCloud @constellationr @rwang0 @infosysevents

  • flagbug Dennis Daume (@flagbug) reported

    @Azure Now the worst thing is that App Service doesn't even capture stdout or stderr by default, you have to apply some crazy configuration to get these.

  • flagbug Dennis Daume (@flagbug) reported

    It's crazy how bad the health checks and diag capabilities of @Azure App Service are. We just had a service fail to start for a random reason (still no idea why, worked fine after swapping slots to mitigate the issue), but AppService glady swapped this failing slot to production

  • SapientITLtd Michael Andrew (@SapientITLtd) reported

    @MSFTnews @KPMG @Azure That is great I work for one of @KPMG competitor's one of the other big four firms,that use google suite,its terrible @Google improve docs,sheets and slides please

  • TweetingSonic I'm Tweeting the Entire Santa the Hedgehog Trailer (@TweetingSonic) reported

    @MSCloud I thought you said, "Now is the time to shit."

  • DanielLarsenNZ Daniel Larsen (@DanielLarsenNZ) reported

    @AndrewNathan05 @Azure @alessandromoura Not a bad idea...

  • KoolewongHouse Koolewong (@KoolewongHouse) reported

    @KateRWashington Well @ellenmfanning the @NSWHealth website is down again @Azure is the easy option for #auspoI but not very secure #dnssec maybe just maybe use some @NSWHealthInfra rather than the #cloud which seems ironic due to #NSWbushfires

  • KoolewongHouse Koolewong (@KoolewongHouse) reported

    @oldlillipilli @Wendy_Bacon Well @ellenmfanning the @NSWHealth website is down again @Azure is the easy option for #auspoI but not very secure #dnssec maybe just maybe use some @NSWHealthInfra rather than the #cloud

  • Sami_Lehtinen Sami Lehtinen (@Sami_Lehtinen) reported

    @Outlook @MSCloud @Azure #FIDO2 #passwordless still broken. Awesome. Only totally unusable systems are secure. At least that's absolutely true. #U2F #2FA #MFA

  • MTConnect MTConnect Institute (@MTConnect) reported

    @MSCloud @msftmfg There is some practical, pragmatic, and realistic advice in there. Workforce is a big problem for manufacturing but not an intractable one.

  • jefftrotman Jeff Trotman (@jefftrotman) reported

    @AzureSupport @Azure Even a random number concatenated to the end would help.

  • jefftrotman Jeff Trotman (@jefftrotman) reported

    @AzureSupport @Azure Thanks. The issue is smaller clients (who typically only have 1 sub) don't know how (and won't take the time to change it). They own the sub but have added me to their directory to do "technical stuff" so I have to figure out which "Pay As You Go" sub is the right client.

  • ShaShaHa13 Cryptlesh (@ShaShaHa13) reported

    @msdev_ch @Azure Hoping to see #Enjin support in Xbox soon

  • Pedrosangom2 Pedrosangom (@Pedrosangom2) reported

    @business @BillGates @CasaReal @NASA_es @bbcmundo @BayerEspana @Azure @sanchezcastejon @microsofttech ai service of Microsoft of Enterprise the door the future united people with world tech of ai @bbcmundo @RTultimahora @nytimeses

  • Awnishonline Awnish (@Awnishonline) reported

    @Azure today i am the victim of online MSFT AZURE exam , where i opted to give exam from my work area. i tried all my options but not able to give exam online and there is no support provided by MSFT or not even PearsonVUE. i lost my 4300 INR and not able to give AZURE exam.

  • Pedrosangom2 Pedrosangom (@Pedrosangom2) reported

    @business @BillGates @CasaReal @NASA_es @bbcmundo @BayerEspana @Azure @sanchezcastejon por it born AI SERVICE

  • MarcusT23762392 Marcus Tullius Cicero (@MarcusT23762392) reported

    @MSCloud Damn your planned obsolescence.

  • ladynthedesert Ladynthedesert (@ladynthedesert) reported

    @MSCloud Windows 10 is crap compared to Windows 7. I'd be happy to use 7 forever-

  • IsaacSichangi Isaac Sichangi (@IsaacSichangi) reported

    can it be in your consideration to include local payment options e.g mpesa for payment of cloud services in azure it would reaaly help. @msft4startups @Azure @4Afrika @Microsoft @SafaricomAlpha @SafaricomPLC

  • Greyseeker Larry M. Retzlaff (@Greyseeker) reported

    @MSCloud Windows 10 sucks a**. It's clunky, non-intuitive, updates about everything 2 days for 40 minutes a time. It's a nightmare. Wind27 is superior in every way. Sad.

  • codesapien Fabio Cavalcante (@codesapien) reported

    @bradygaster @MarchyB @shahedC @TheMazza101 @dotnet @aspnet @Azure @timheuer Indeed. Following up on the GH issue as quickly as I can, but 3.1 runtime will be available **VERY** soon. With SDK for both, 3.0 and 3.1 shortly after.

  • how_to_trade_sa How To Trade (@how_to_trade_sa) reported

    @TangentDave @Azure Looking at it now. So you only paying for the "Virtual machine scale set". Oh also usage on virtual network, storage account (you got to be Einstein to figure out your storage usage). It is far from simple...but that's a shot at Azure not you.Still have to see how other pc's go.

  • marknca Mark Nunnikhoven (@marknca) reported

    @DigitalSecArch @ajassy @Azure @msftsecurity I think that’s the others accepting the fact that they can’t ignore AWS & orgs are just tired of having so many tools to manage all of this zero chance 3rd party cloud tools get adopted at scale if they don’t support AWS

  • malwrhunterteam MalwareHunterTeam (@malwrhunterteam) reported

    @ffforward @Azure @dave_daves @JCyberSec_ @JayTHL @ps66uk @JRoosen Currently down...

  • dataschen Fabian 🇨🇭👨‍💻 (@dataschen) reported

    10:00: oh damn.. i need a power bi report server for a demo! #azure: dont worry! 10:20: i have an up and running Power bi report server including a domain controller and data.. Thanks @Azure 👍

  • tompolzinssp Jail the Bastards-1776 Nationalist (@tompolzinssp) reported

    @MSCloud Windows 10 sucks. 7 is stable

  • Guialajr GUIALA Jean Roger (@Guialajr) reported

    So before my computer went down (dead)... it was pretty easy to start an @Azure function... with the vs code plugin it took only a couples of second... really interesting... might need to get a new PC but I will be back🙃 #25DaysOfServerless

  • yobyot Alex Neihaus (@yobyot) reported

    .@Azure is SO SLOW this afternoon (>15 minutes to deploy a VM) that I had time to whine about it on Twitter.

  • ThomasTorjuul Thomas Torjuul (@ThomasTorjuul) reported

    @AzureSupport @tomwkeane @Microsoft @Azure Nearly two weeks and your support team has not managed to give access to the Norwegian regions. This is going nowhere fast.

  • SCAutomation Billy York (@SCAutomation) reported

    @TechTrainerTim @Azure no, but i almost never use the log query in the pane that you are. i almost always go to the actual workspace i want to query from.

  • anne_e_currie Anne Currie (@anne_e_currie) reported

    @udinachmany @NachmanyMichal @googlecloud @awscloud @MSCloud To add to the difficulty, most of the Cloud vendors have now joined the fossil fuel industry. I think they all now offer improved extraction services. You might want to consider whether they are now part of the problem.

  • anne_e_currie Anne Currie (@anne_e_currie) reported

    @udinachmany @NachmanyMichal @googlecloud @awscloud @MSCloud - local you have more control over how you source your power (you can buy from a green supplier) - Cloud it depends what the vendor does. GCP is very good, Microsoft a bit worse and AWS is poor unless you use one of their green regions (Dublin, Frankfurt, Canada, Oregon)

  • IvanK_NH Ivan Kotzev (@IvanK_NH) reported

    Bellsystem24 launches #MixedReality for technical support for DeLonghi Japan using @DataMeshJP #3D hologram technology & @Azure #VR #CX #CXServices @NHInsight

  • fercargut fercargut (@fercargut) reported

    @MSCloud The game is to sell you an unstable system to keep milking you out money for product support. One it is stable. Kill it.

  • dunkeltaenzer Damiano Ferrante (@dunkeltaenzer) reported

    @k3vk4 @JohnKennedyMSFT @Windows @Office @Xbox @Azure @Office365 @Snowden @Adobe Tried Resolve. Doesn't work on my laptop under Linux, coz they only support NVidia GPUs under Linux, while offering Intel support on Windows... Even went from Ubuntu to Manjaro, since they don't support Ubuntu, just to find out the Gpu is the real roadblock...

  • dunkeltaenzer Damiano Ferrante (@dunkeltaenzer) reported

    @k3vk4 @JohnKennedyMSFT @Windows @Office @Xbox @Azure @Office365 @Snowden Support for the Adobe toolchain is my lock in... Was about to go from 2 of 3 🐧 to full🐧, when I learned that I can't video edit under Linux and Lightroom and Photoshop aren't available either... So now I'm down to 1 🐧

  • Religio13404493 👑 The King Religion 👑 - (Share I) (@Religio13404493) reported

    @nokiaindustries @Azure Islam Big Heaven - Christianity Big Hell-(Being with good people - respect Islam)-(Being with bad people - respect Christianity) I Am YangJian(GuanYu)