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Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • PashTagYT PashTag (@PashTagYT) reported

    The ORIGINAL Roblox Infinite Download loop fix video is probably going to be back up, but it's nothing compared to my new videos. I have to blur out a lot of the things I really dislike in the video. Some things being too private to my liking.

  • ghastly67lg Ghastly67LG (@ghastly67lg) reported

    @UltraXDesignz @Vonieex_on @TheCactusBois @UwaisPlayz @PurpleRBX_82 @MegaPiggyYT @Goldlion300 @TheSkyl1ne @Troll_RBX @jailbreak @Roblox BTW i think its broken anyway you cant even get into bank and with the j store to spot lights dont work and the collecters are broken

  • ObedientMas Mas (@ObedientMas) reported

    @NeonD00m I actually broke down a hat on ROBLOX because it had a broken particle effect and it is added in studio, my theory

  • ProGamer_Guy 🎮Pro Gam3r_Guy🎮 #PrayForTheAmazonia (@ProGamer_Guy) reported

    @Roblox @BeartikalRBLX Stop removing skateboards and fix them your community wants them fixed

  • SilviaWaifu silvi~chan (@SilviaWaifu) reported

    @ImpacctOfficial @XboxSupport It allowed me to stream roblox for some reason. But it had some issues

  • itzjaeyt offline (@itzjaeyt) reported

    @yPeachyBee awh i wanna join but my wifi sucks! i’m at my grandparents house bc tmrw i’m traveling around the world xD i wanna join so bad but i can’t even go onto the roblox app :C and the computer is broken too :CC

  • ppboii parpar (@ppboii) reported

    @Roblox @Antster @DylanHyper thats cool! for the next battle can you fix skateboards and bring them back literally nobody asked for them to be ruined and removed

  • FighterfistRBLX fighterfist (@FighterfistRBLX) reported

    The ROBLOX staff sent some admins to deal with it after it was detected, and he was taken to be experimented on by bug fix scientists.

  • LukeLovallo Luke Lovallo (@LukeLovallo) reported

    @GearboxOfficial having a problem connecting with a friend. i have a strict NAT type and he has open NAT, it has never been a problem in previous borderlands games nor in any other game we play together (Destiny 2, Brawlhalla, Roblox, Halo, you name it) i’ve tried many times to restart. help

  • IEyeofthetiger itsThe_eyeofthetiger (@IEyeofthetiger) reported

    @locus200k can you please unban me on your server I diden't frp in fact we were doing a car crash rp and the guy was going over the speed limt.I was gonna cite him after he went to the hosptil but a fellow roblox player thought it was frp.We got in a fight and I jumped on his car

  • KSavage45966311 Nellyproductions (@KSavage45966311) reported

    @LogicallyBeth >:( that’s the problem we used to be friend on roblox

  • CarterJudgement See Four Bulls (@CarterJudgement) reported

    Imagine having your roblox studio crash after deleting two parts at the same time

  • robloxbowrain 💐🎀RainbowRain🎀💐 (ONLINE) (@robloxbowrain) reported

    @SiskeIIa @UnixornPrince Honestly why I'm scared to create anything on roblox...there are some people just waiting to copy and steal someone else's designs. Roblox needs to get on that issue ASAP!!!

  • yellp1RBX yellp1 (@yellp1RBX) reported

    @realr0cu @Molegul It's certainly possible for roblox to update their collision system, but I'm pretty sure the only reason they haven't yet is to help with lag on parts when people randomly insert small meshes with tons of tris and don't properly set the collision fidelity... It's suuuucks though

  • Ayvenpabellon1 Ayvenpabellon (@Ayvenpabellon1) reported

    @Rug_Dev can u guys fix my data my roblox name is ayven2007 and i had so much lvls on this game and u guys took it away so can u fix or i want robux make a group i join and i expect to payed in robux

  • ZRXBO1 ZRXBO (@ZRXBO1) reported

    I think @Roblox made skateboards offsale to fix them. But if they actually made skateboards offsale just because people want skateboards to be fixed... then roblox is the most childish and unprofessional company i've ever seen. #Roblox

  • michael48796241 michael_xD (@michael48796241) reported

    @Roblox @BeartikalRBLX because in roblox this error appears to me 268 I don't understand why it appears to me

  • RRy14n 🤔ཞყ14ŋɱąყ (@RRy14n) reported

    And I actually miss them. I really hope Roblox just made them off sale to fix them.

  • maplefoxxo Maplefoxxo (@maplefoxxo) reported

    Roblox players: FIX SKATEBOARDS! Roblox: Actually, no. *Removes them instead*

  • Spaceanddistort That one sky: children of light player (@Spaceanddistort) reported

    @KonekoKittenYT Roblox barely fixes problems, such as the fox mount, I bought it the day it came out and it has never been fixed

  • mayctgamer1001 mayct500 (@mayctgamer1001) reported

    @asimo3089 @Roblox So, I'm having a problem with Jailbreak, my character is bigger than normal, and this is causing a lot of vehicles to get very bugged making driving impossible. If you can help me I would be very happy, Jailbreak and one of my favorite games

  • awsome_hair SuperAwsomeBaconHair (@awsome_hair) reported

    @roosterfreak312 @badimo @KreekCraft @MyUsernamesThis @Roblox Well I agree jb does need to fix cuffs quick, but Kreek rlly isnt that much of a clickbaiter.

  • owoswipess somewhat annoyed owoswipes (@owoswipess) reported

    @BinaryC_WIPS @Matt3864 and considering roblox is, well, ROBLOX, that's a pretty large margin of people. as far as i see it, he just saw a niche that wasn't being filled and took advantage of it and i don't really have a problem with it.

  • Unicorn11057544 Unicorn_Queen (@Unicorn11057544) reported

    @jeyjeygardi Well I’m not 12 not gay and I play Roblox is that a problem

  • EndRald Eggroll (@EndRald) reported

    @Roblox @Sk3tchYT @BandiRue Can’t play Da hood because every time I shoot it go to thumstick Fix that instead do dumb change.

  • Kavinan09021 Kavinan (@Kavinan09021) reported

    @jatin69590143 @PhoenixSignsRBX The problems come from you or ROBLOX don’t say strucid

  • TheGameHamster Hammer (@TheGameHamster) reported

    @SpectrumLabsAI @BriannaWu @laurahiggins_ @Roblox @MatthewSoeth @Anattoya Hold game developers accountable for the audience and allowing it to happen. I used a male to female voice changer and since I was top of leaderboards i was team killed multiple times, called names and told to kms. Theres no way to report these people and the source is the fix

  • Zainab52846593 Zainab (@Zainab52846593) reported

    @_exchangez_ @SkittlesROBLOX its been so long time since we talked but i dont have my main account wiht robux anymor ei got a new one ( faegle ) you can add me on roblox if you want i really want to chat wiht soem problems that happens in that game you made people who dosent have robux gets bullied all the

  • angrysmashfan angry smash fan (@angrysmashfan) reported

    greninja's matchup with rob is terrible. I swear if Sakurai doesn't fix this matchup i'm gonna quit smash and go back to roblox

  • scruffycollie1 aaronscotland (@scruffycollie1) reported

    please share around my previous post, this is a really bad issue roblox needs to fix

  • Mogus_Wogus Narwhal Shufflington (@Mogus_Wogus) reported

    @Roblox Also fix the knees and elbows, they're ugly and have been busted since May 17th of last year. LAST YEAR.

  • JadeFlames Cap'n JadeFlames (@JadeFlames) reported

    @ApeJaunty @Roblox I don't think applying to a job at Roblox is a good option for this. An issue this big should've gotten a response when it was highlighted. I'd be rather worried if staff are ignoring the DevForum response to the point where applying for Roblox is a better way to solve this.

  • JadeFlames Cap'n JadeFlames (@JadeFlames) reported

    @ApeJaunty being mixed with other issues such as the lack of detail in ban notes, users are left thinking (and spreading all over Twitter) that "Roblox banned me for no reason" which is going to look a lot worse than me highlighting this issue.

  • garbagefis_h drown (@garbagefis_h) reported

    @Roblox fix the servers they're very laggy right now noob

  • Eman33481444 E-man (@Eman33481444) reported

    @Roblox Your game kinda isn't working properly it always said that an error has occurred so I cant play tour game

  • SolzecYT Solzec (@SolzecYT) reported

    @E_x4ms @spyrobrox @TheKasodus I do too, but Roblox never bothered to fix them. It is a sad thing, gears are rather useless, but they are a part of Roblox history

  • pray705 Thanos (@pray705) reported

    @togacamie @EnderBends ROBLOX devs Parents 🤝 not trying to fix their mistakes

  • MrPanda36020320 MrPanda (@MrPanda36020320) reported

    @Pokediger1 Hi poke i have a problem i like this girl but she doesent even know i play Roblox but i have said its like im not there plz can you help me my roblox name is karatepandan i really hope you can help me

  • psykuk Spacial (@psykuk) reported

    if you have a problem wth roblox you have a problem with me

  • Darian14055635 Darian (@Darian14055635) reported

    @Roblox The unfriend button isn't working please fix it..

  • RoyaleHighFanC2 Leah Lankesar (@RoyaleHighFanC2) reported

    @Roblox someone has hacked into my account please fix this matter. I do not remember my password . My account name was : leahlankesar290310. Thx

  • roosterfreak312 roosterfreak312 (@roosterfreak312) reported

    @KurtisSuhr @badimo @KreekCraft @MyUsernamesThis @Roblox I already gave them time. The glitch has been around for OVER 2 MONTHS!!! They need to stop adding unnecessary stuff like the swords and knocking down streetlights. They need to make FIXING THE NO ARREST GLITCH their top priority

  • RobloxTechNoob zld ǝɯ llᴉʞ (@RobloxTechNoob) reported

    @ObedientMas Lag and well I decided to use it and then I realized that I wouldn’t be able to import it to roblox lol so I was like welp \_[•.•]_/

  • JordanCyr15 🍘🐰SushiBunnie🐰🍙(HOME/AWAKE)ADOPT ME PRO-TRADER (@JordanCyr15) reported

    @DominguezSanna I had to directly contact roblox. I had an issue redeeming my gift card. It would say "An unexpected error has occured. Please try your request again later." So I contacted them and sent them the proof of the cose and when I bought it. They then added the amount to my account.

  • alanathebestlol alanathebestlol (@alanathebestlol) reported

    @LightAngelique I Cant Follow You In Roblox😭🥺 Is My Roblox Broken

  • danger_seth Danger Seth (@danger_seth) reported

    BTW Roblox Is Not Working On My Phone I dont Why Its Not working i think it has something Wrong In it

  • MusWorldTTV MusWorld (@MusWorldTTV) reported

    I wonder if all things that Roblox does is legal. Like refusing to fix 99% of the catalog items when FE came out. We paid for WORKING ITEMS and not the mess they are now.

  • dank_weeby Weeby (@dank_weeby) reported

    @RPlusNotifier Roblox+ notifier is broken this bundle has been on sale since the new NFL event started

  • T1NY7331 T1NY (@T1NY7331) reported

    @Bloxy_News Community: Fix old gears Roblox: Fuckit we put them offsale cause they are broken and we are too lazy to fix them

  • theboatthief Roxanne (@theboatthief) reported

    once i heard that a kid got banned from roblox cuz his spelling error accidentally created a slur and he cried so hard that he threw up on the carpet and passed out

  • theboatthief Roxanne (@theboatthief) reported

    once i heard that a kid got banned from roblox for a spelling error and he cried so hard that he threw up on the carpet

  • JadeFlames Cap'n JadeFlames (@JadeFlames) reported

    @ApeJaunty It'd be nice if it were something I could just "not do". The problem is that many of these assets were made back when Roblox, including their staff, were a lot more lax about IP infringement, and many users figured that as long as it wasn't profitted off of, it was okay.

  • Sifa86610811 Sifa (@Sifa86610811) reported

    @Jeruhmi jeruhmi please let me be in one of your video's when you let one of your fan get whatever they want i would really love to be in one and sadly i cant join your group on roblox cuz they say uou need to upgrade it but no problem cuz i follow you on roblox

  • ThomasWorkspace Tostado Mafioso (@ThomasWorkspace) reported

    @M1A2_AbramsTank it would take a long time to actually fix all that shit, why do that when you could just make new shit. roblox style!

  • M1A2_AbramsTank SWAGER (@M1A2_AbramsTank) reported

    i don't get at how roblox isn't concerned about how users wasted in real life money on robux for broken gears in the catalog. like 2 pages worth of gear i have is broken or barely functions. if they're garbage and there is no desire to fix it, refund it.

  • RealRyanRBLX RyanRBLX🇺🇸 (@RealRyanRBLX) reported

    @MentionableGame No edge canary will rule all its faster than chrome just quicker aka new exge chromium will replace old edge but since i like edge canary insider version alot just some issues need to be fixed roblox plus wont notify on edge canary and open roblox pop up anoyying part

  • RealBWC (silly)B(eard)WC(man) (@RealBWC) reported

    @CuestarVideos The problem with her is she seems to be one of those social climbers, consistently bouncing around groups of larger creators in the quest for "clout". At one point she was hands down defending... Lokey... If you saw the video she got dismantled for, pinned was a roblox ytbr

  • UriUdell Ya_Boi_Uri_Udell (@UriUdell) reported

    @Roblox please just fix them and not get ríd off them please its my childhood dude #BRINGBACKSKATEBOARDS

  • ObscureTix mighty (ObscureTix) (@ObscureTix) reported

    @RPlusNotifier roblox: cant find a solution to fix skateboards also roblox: *takes them offsale*

  • HenryAlcantRBLX HenryAlcant (@HenryAlcantRBLX) reported

    @RPlusNotifier My theory on why skateboards are going off sale must be the glitches when it comes to riding one but idk. Roblox could fix all skateboards instead of outselling them.

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