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  • jehyunrolling ᶜᵒᶠᶠᵉᵉ 🌙 (@jehyunrolling) reported

    I wanna play roblox but my mouse is broken 😔

  • Evil_Barrier Blank Barrier's Evil Twin (@Evil_Barrier) reported

    @HauntTheCoolest shitting piss drinking mountain dew penis ******* french fry looking ass ************ who complains about roblox titties while shoving a mountain dew french fry up your penis you ****** ******* *****-eating pisscuck ****** piss shitter scurvy ass broken ****** ass ***

  • Coratite1 Coratite (@Coratite1) reported

    @CityTrains2007 @Roblox I did fix skateboards

  • MineJulRBX MineJulRBX (@MineJulRBX) reported

    @CloneTeee1019 I kinda agree, I mean Roblox did crash for me when inserting 4K images when I checked out the game

  • VinsonMama Jacob And Ava Plays (@VinsonMama) reported

    So roblox is having the error 4... so go to your security app, go to setting, go into admin mode, and if deep guard is on, it is blocking it, DeepGuard and F-Secure dose NOT support roblox.

  • xLinkOfLight Link Of Light (@xLinkOfLight) reported

    @robloxdevrel If roblox development is an esport, roblox fixing broken accessories must be the finals because the accessories stay broken for years.

  • Bruh_Momento_E Bruh (@Bruh_Momento_E) reported

    @Roblox Why are you talking about skateboards when you literally put them all offsale to, "fix them"

  • alcoholicshort1 skiskixx (@alcoholicshort1) reported

    @Roblox bruh whoever modeled this needs to fix it asap cause it looks close to nothing like the original and more like a bootleg version

  • CityTrains2007 BlocklandRunner (@CityTrains2007) reported

    @Roblox still didn't fix the catalog skateboards

  • KelseyxAnna Kelsey Johnson (@KelseyxAnna) reported

    More around 3 as roblox is having issues :/

  • pGCnTg0F7sDnJCN м к (@pGCnTg0F7sDnJCN) reported

    @HelloItsVG Done Roblox username: lenzeplays Whats the group for some reason i cant join groups but my brother knows like a glitch so he can help

  • NJalabadze Nikoloz Jalabadze (@NJalabadze) reported

    @CM32Roblox I asked, because I made AWS based service outside Roblox and wanted to know If I could use your SDK to do just the same but in Roblox

  • aamna28 Aamna Ahmed (@aamna28) reported

    @Roblox absolutely awful customer service roblox still waiting for my refund of £224!!! Quick to take money but not so quick to return!!

  • funitho funi (@funitho) reported

    @NAMXD7 @Roblox @SamsonRBLX ******* lol. Shouldn’t have broken the rules kid.

  • RBLXRen1 ♡RBLXRen♡ (@RBLXRen1) reported

    @RealRyanRBLX My Roblox studio is broken and I have nothing to fix it so what's the point me developing something

  • AngelicaAlmari5 Angel #AngelSquad (@AngelicaAlmari5) reported

    @Roblox i think u should fix the recording thing so it wont be blurd so people can see it properly when we use it then post/send it

  • _LightenStar LightenStar (@_LightenStar) reported

    @RudolfHawke @TrainDrawings @asimo3089 @Roblox @FamedChris That doesn’t change the fact that the actual game itself is laggy. It’s the scripting which cause the majority of the lag in Jailbreak.

  • TurkiAl78637041 Turki Alghamdi (@TurkiAl78637041) reported

    @Roblox Hey @roblox can you please put middle eastern servers. I can’t play normally because of the lag.

  • litzone420 lit zone (@litzone420) reported

    This glitch is still going on in roblox how do i get involved in this

  • Guestgodas BlueRedly (@Guestgodas) reported

    Sometimes it feels like roblox is too overprotective and stuff and I am tired of it they warned me like yesterday and I don't see a problem with what I created it was not adult content just a wild west wanted dead or alive picture like what the hell roblox @Roblox

  • 2PlayerFNTycoon 2 Player Fortnite Tycoon (@2PlayerFNTycoon) reported

    due to roblox connection issues we have delayed the item shop till further notice.

  • Daf02296893 Daf (@Daf02296893) reported

    @newfissy Cause I can't Roblox text u n idk how offten check Adpot me I text u on here. An issue I got so here it is so u know the foods n drinks u get Fromm ur home will when u log off n get Back into Adpot me the foods n drinks would be in will no long no more why u cool n unfair FIX IT

  • amicusfelinus amo / hal (@amicusfelinus) reported

    @OceanOrbsRBX so! okay! i guess it would be pretty cool to win because not only could i finally get the multiplier passes on royale high, but i can buy clothing + more to support designers on Roblox. design theft is a big issue, after all, and I wanna support the OG creatora.

  • KreekCraft KreekCraft (@KreekCraft) reported

    On another note - I find it funny the FTC is so worried about YouTube when kids literally have always on phones, smart TVs that record their every word, and google homes and alexas that are always listening even while they sleep. But nah, my Roblox video is the problem here.

  • RollingTheOC Rolling Thunder || The new Meme Lord (@RollingTheOC) reported

    For content. Thus making a better system than the current age restriction service we have now. Remember: not all videos containing Minecraft or Roblox are for kids and not all animation is made to be G rated @FTC

  • conblat Ham_ST⭐R (@conblat) reported

    @Roblox @SamsonRBLX How about fix your studio

  • prem34119830 Prem23 (@prem34119830) reported

    @BuildIntoGames I Like your game BiG paintball. But i have problem of loading the game takes very long time and my pc is quite good to handle games of roblox so please fix this

  • NE_DieSoft DieSoft (@NE_DieSoft) reported

    I should mention that I decided to go with thicker dreads to try and keep it more fitting with Roblox characters. Also because dreads require more geometry, and that quickly ends up being a big issue as cylinders (dreads) are pretty darn vertices heavy.

  • CChrisolus Chris (@CChrisolus) reported

    I’m about to play roblox until infinity ward fix their ******* game holy shit

  • ignPerformance Performance (@ignPerformance) reported

    @xDemoned no idea, it might be a problem for content creators aimed at kids like ROBLOX youtubers, because monetization is ruined and comments are turned off, essentially killing interaction

  • SovietTigars Dr. Gupta (@SovietTigars) reported

    @MirrorrsRBX @Roblox *make money in the subway lol* - Was an offensive item. Roblox is a billion dollar company but they can't even take 5 minutes into investigation, logic, or even common sense to their problems.

  • alejopowergame alejopowergame (@alejopowergame) reported

    @asimo3089 @Roblox cool, but now jailbreak these more lag :(

  • rpgbattle Whis (@rpgbattle) reported

    @DadPlaysMC1 @CSWilsonFTC @FTC This isn't even the main problem. YT being emptied from kids content is. Most kids watch kid friendly Roblox for instance, if all those channels die, they will watch kid-unfriendly Roblox, with adult commentary/topics etc. Replace Roblox with any other game/niche=disaster.

  • MyaRose2010 Amy Squeo (@MyaRose2010) reported

    @Roblox And my brother Almost lost his account it is Nolan_Squeo. This have been going on for over a week. I wasted 100 dollars for my account myarosesqueo please answer me back. I also made a new account XxAngelCupcakeGurlxX the same issue have been going on With that acc

  • MyaRose2010 Amy Squeo (@MyaRose2010) reported

    @Roblox Roblox I keep getting kicked out of my account and it says “Same Account Launched From Different Device” my username is myarosesqueo I am very confused I’m scared so I keep changing my password. My sister Emilyplayzroblox2010 have had the same issue.

  • Gravity_RBLX GravityRB (@Gravity_RBLX) reported

    @ISnooxy @STRAWHAT_LUFFi Dude stop lying it's issues with Roblox! Your getting so mad for no reason!

  • nerdymarsy nerd for hire 🤓 (@nerdymarsy) reported

    @Roblox @starwars it's broken.

  • JrMcguire7 Jr Mcguire (@JrMcguire7) reported

    Roblox is shuting a own in nine months 😢😢 because of hackers and lag so stop complaining about lag

  • BrendenBozarth Brenden BozArth (@BrendenBozarth) reported

    @Roblox @starwars roblox is not working

  • GhostlyGhoster GhostlyGhoster (@GhostlyGhoster) reported

    @Roblox @starwars Fix your mod system dang it.

  • VandankeYT Vandanke (@VandankeYT) reported

    @Roblox @starwars The link is broken for me :(

  • LSendallStephen Luke Sendall-Stephen (@LSendallStephen) reported

    @berezaagames @Ripull_RBLX @WidgeonRBLX In @Roblox's defence, the developer should of went and removed the cuss words when Roblox made their own chat filter functions mandatory, however banning I agree was unnecessary. Also, I do see the problem if the curse words were client side scripts as it'd technically be sent

  • IlovepotatosB keven (@IlovepotatosB) reported

    @Roblox @starwars fix xbox's ******* chat

  • Dusty09819062 𝓓𝓾𝓼𝓽𝔂𝔂𝔂 (@Dusty09819062) reported

    @Roblox the star wars event game isn't on studio! Please fix, I want the helmet

  • Supersonishilo1 SuperSoniShiloh3 (@Supersonishilo1) reported

    @KreekCraft @asimo3089 @Roblox I saw your video Kreek and basically the grass is going to effect the lag for mobile players Since I tested it out with Asimo and he basically told me its going to have 25% more lag for mobile players and 1% more that for Pc it wont effect your FPS tho

  • KirlyMarcell2 That Croc Dude (@KirlyMarcell2) reported

    @AyePinning got banned from roblox for 3 days for something that my brother said on my account (because i let him play roblox on my account) but its not really a problem because i can survive a weekend without roblox lol

  • mushroomera Mushroomera (@mushroomera) reported

    @HDPoggers @VictorH18468700 @Roblox this is a problem: mostly, there are a lot of reports for Roblox to handle. there are around somewhere to a thousand moderators to help the game. and mostly they do not work. period.

  • 156_946 kuyanikks (@156_946) reported

    @Erythia_roblox Unbalanced, Unfixed, Scammers and Cheaters Report Tolerated this is the worst game in Roblox History.. is it just me or the Devs are Dumbs as hell.. in all the Bugs and Glitches needed to be fix, balance and updated they go Building Mode Update..

  • Homie_RBLX UnspeakablyHomie (ノ´・ω・)ノ ミ ┸━┸ 🕶 (@Homie_RBLX) reported

    @LaAero_Airlines @JamstroxianMate @Jailbreak_Hacks @Thomson_RBLX @GgMathew12 @KreekCraft @asimo3089 @Roblox Actually grass cause no lag👌

  • mhjroblox 🎄 Festive Monty 🎄 (@mhjroblox) reported

    @AbnormalBuilder @RPlusNotifier It’s an official Roblox item there won’t be any copyright issues, it’s a Star Wars sponsorship.

  • KasumiForSmash Kasumi For Smash! (@KasumiForSmash) reported

    @Roblox4Smash @Yu4Smash @TheRealKieferVu No problem Robloxian from the hit blocky wacky oof mmo video-game called Roblox available for free on Microsoft Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and Xbox One

  • RaidzyFN This boi (@RaidzyFN) reported

    @rushaansbsp Just stop being so family friendly, also, some bigger channels are gonna try and fix up some of the larger issues ( a big roblox yter, etc

  • disappearencess Danny🐊 (@disappearencess) reported

    @MirrorrsRBX @Roblox The moderation system is so off and on some years itll feel like it improved but in reality its just not moderating people as much but then later itll moderate harshly and then robloxs support will ignore emails and be completely useless in the process of trying to find the issue


    @ResortAron @BrandonTrons The one above would limit you beyond belief - maybe Roblox at best for gaming, 50x slower render speeds. Would be a hindering issue even for $700. Wait till next week boss, you won’t regret it.

  • littlefootoh Samantha🌥 (@littlefootoh) reported

    The main memory that comes back with this song is playing roblox in maybe 2006 and my roblox boyfriend broke up with me so I would jam to this like my heart was actually broken 😂😂

  • RobloxVladYT1 ✨ Vlad ✨ (@RobloxVladYT1) reported

    roblox toolbox is broken in roblox studio its just types 'No Results Found' please fix it!!! @robloxdevrel @roblox

  • danster_danny DannyDanster (@danster_danny) reported

    My head is broken @LonnieAdolphsen @Roblox NEVER worry about running out of roblox usernames there are over 40 Sx usernames possible... The number is 40,965,078,753,469,493,524,418,700 holy sh**

  • Chris48224483 ₲ⱧØ₴₮Ɏ_฿Øł (@Chris48224483) reported

    @STRAWHAT_LUFFi @asimo3089 @Roblox I've already found a problem with this grass thing. theyre releasing the winter map soon, and if you crouch how are ppl supposed to see you

  • Teetat14 Teetat (@Teetat14) reported

    @InsideRoblox @Roblox Can you fix this guy is using hack he run so fast his username is "oneshotonekillrekt"

  • LipyeatShayla Shayla Lipyeat (@LipyeatShayla) reported

    This is why @roblox need to fix whatever reason they aren’t doing anything about reports that have been sent. It’s getting out of hand

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