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Roblox is a user-generated massively multiplayer online social gaming platform developed and published by the Roblox Corporation.

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Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in (33.63%)
  • Online Play (27.43%)
  • Game Crash (17.70%)
  • Glitches (16.81%)
  • Hacking / Cheating (3.54%)
  • Matchmaking (.88%)

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  • ZachTheNeko Zach(sans magic)(Mage) (@ZachTheNeko) reported

    My personal list of roblox song codes Afton Family: 1629932604 Can You Survive: 611261692 Stronger Than You Chara Response: 1489491013 Frisk Response: 344884629 Sans Response: 1334536471 Error Sans Response: 44371055 Gaster Response: 919426190 Temmie Village: 1130490581 More....

  • _Boybastic Ryan (@_Boybastic) reported

    @ThomasDailyz @Simbuilder That’s was a Roblox issue. It’s been fixed now though

  • katiekatie2100 Annekath🥀 (@katiekatie2100) reported

    @LilyandGia @RealRyanRBLX @Roblox I’m having the same problem as you :((

  • SpookballPlays Spookball (@SpookballPlays) reported

    @Roblox fix ur game

  • Chrisstewy111 Chris Krat (@Chrisstewy111) reported

    @Roblox fix studio please doesnt work...

  • Marko61411 Marko6141 (@Marko61411) reported

    @jokes4lifex Bro yall need to stop putting ur pins in jokes sometimes. He works too hard on and off roblox and its not right. What happens if you were in his shoes and you had the same issue '

  • Magicdjh Cat 🌸 (@Magicdjh) reported

    @battlefielddjh 😔👊 roblox heard the crackheads going on roblox and decided to shut all servers down

  • EventHaunts EventGuyPlayz (@EventHaunts) reported

    Just moved to a new PC, well, not new, But the OLDEST, that'll be my PC forever, but Roblox Is too lag, I can't play GD, and so many more...

  • JXizor John Xizor (@JXizor) reported

    @OnettDev Hi. I'm writing on behalf of my son who loves your game. There was a technical error during bee swarm and he lost almost everything. Roblox said they could not restore and that we had to contact the game Creator. He's pretty devasted. Is there any way you could help

  • julian_vye My name sucks so no one wants to see it (@julian_vye) reported

    @Kakash1Sense1 @berezaagames @HavenRblx I believe that is a roblox issue

  • thereedcooper Reed Cooper 🇺🇸 (@thereedcooper) reported

    @badimo @Roblox The Army Helicopters don't work. The missiles don't fire! FIX!

  • OracleMoonlight Oracle🌙🐺🎨 (@OracleMoonlight) reported

    Me playing the game, it won't work,the loading thing would just keep on like glitching or something, I need help I wanna play my favorite game anything I want :cccc Other game works fine, only royale high, I'm thinking maybe it's the problem with my roblox tho.

  • SamirBhujel15 Samir Bhujel (@SamirBhujel15) reported

    @StudiosNimble. Hi there this me user if prajal46 on roblox and there is and problem on magnet simulator the problem is that my money kepts going to o when i have more than 6.4E money on robl9x magnet simulator.. Thank you

  • PinnieDehPooh PinnieThePenguin #GoGrayForAMonth (@PinnieDehPooh) reported

    @NizerPumpkin @NacoRBLX @Lord_Workclock @RealRyanRBLX @Roblox That's why they try to fix that.

  • Cravanify_ cart. (@Cravanify_) reported

    the problem is, is that im kinda growing out of the whole roblox profile picture and banner shit. im also starting to branch out to other games like CSGO and Garry's Mod. feel free to add me on steam: cravanify_ (no this does not in anyway mean im quitting roblox.)

  • Jenne_RoW Jenne RoW (@Jenne_RoW) reported

    I CANT STAND @Roblox. Their customer service has never responded to me ONCE about any issue Ive ever had with their company EVER. My son's acct got hacked, I can PROVE its his...NO RESPONSE. Took my daughters' robux, NO RESPONSE. As a parent, its not worth one cent I've spent.

  • AlienKi28895103 Alien King (@AlienKi28895103) reported

    @badimo @Roblox I just bought the blackhawk and the rocket are not wanting to fire can you please fix this 1000000 is a lot in jailbreak to spend

  • Murdock56608759 Michael Dylan Barrett (@Murdock56608759) reported

    @badimo @Roblox The Blackhawks need some work the rockets are not wanting to fire they stay in loading position and explode you and the helicopter can you please fix

  • nightingalenoya keegs (@nightingalenoya) reported

    @Unwanted__x klesgsgjg what the- this aint roblox my name@isnt broken

  • candila_d HaveFunInLife (@candila_d) reported

    Hey @Roblox I Have A Bit Of A Problem I Was Playing Roblox Highschool 2 When I all Of a Sudden I Lost Connection (thats not true i did not lost connection) and when i joined back again It Said "Fail To Connect To The game (ID=17:Connection attempt fail) (Error Code:279)pls fix it

  • SpidormonPh Joe/Spidormon.Ph! (@SpidormonPh) reported

    Right now I'm not having a good freaking day someone is copying me and I don't feel happy about that. I know a simple username is ok but its a username I choose and want to keep for a long time. I want @Roblox to handle this issue right now I don't feel well about this issue. :(

  • Aviator_Avirabu Avirabu (@Aviator_Avirabu) reported

    @DumberCactus @cole_field @Roblox Tryed that I’m haveing the same issue

  • ATHVRBLX ƃuᴉʞᴉΛʇɐHdo┴sɹǝlʇu∀ (@ATHVRBLX) reported

    @LilyandGia @Roblox Lily I have the same problem

  • AfterSchockYT Afterschock (@AfterSchockYT) reported

    @ROLVeStuff Recently, I’ve been playing a lot of Arsenal and I have realized how bad my ping can be. It’s not my Wi-Fi, every other game I play it works fine. But it only happens with Arsenal. I don’t know if it’s a problem with Roblox servers or something that can be patched in.

  • Rainbowshy6 Rainbowsparkshy Cath (@Rainbowshy6) reported

    @BeasTakip Hello this is Rainbowssparkshy on Roblox and I think you've been getting these tweets too but it's about the dungeon. I know its new but people are complaining about a glitch that the door won't open when there's too many people i think or it just does it on purpose.

  • hjkutccb Hjkutccb (@hjkutccb) reported

    @StudiosNimble My Roblox account is: Chiclesis and I tried to rebirth and it did not work with the board can you fix that I'm made I lost 300 billion coins

  • PinkishSparklez PinkishSparklez (@PinkishSparklez) reported

    @LilyandGia @Roblox oh dear I too have the same problem. Please help us @Roblox

  • JueVoil Jue Voil Grace (@JueVoil) reported

    @Roblox Instead if rigging the bloxys, can you please fix error code 277.

  • ItsWilsonWonder WilsonMyBoi (@ItsWilsonWonder) reported

    @ashmariess You would be in a roblox action movie, but then later on, you crash your bike and get hurt, end of story.

  • JohnWil33374098 John Williamson (@JohnWil33374098) reported

    @asimo3089 @AntonioHristos1 Why wont you fix the game for xbox 1...not only is camera view very bad and garage wont million dollar heli messes up when missiles are fired..and do something about the hackers guess i will get in touch with roblox admins and let them know you wont fix game on xbox 1

  • JohnWil33374098 John Williamson (@JohnWil33374098) reported

    And why wont you do anything about hackers.....every server i go in is a damn hacker..but again am i going to have to get with roblox admins and tell them you wont fix game for xbox 1

  • JohnWil33374098 John Williamson (@JohnWil33374098) reported

    @asimo3089 now not only does the garage not work and the camera view sucks ass but now the million dollar heli is messed up...are you not going to fix anything on xbox 1...or do i have to go to roblox admins and tell them you wont fix the game for xbox 1

  • Catplayz80 Catplayz80 (@Catplayz80) reported

    @asimo3089 Uh... issue in roblox whenever i try to play phantom forces all the other games become really slow

  • jank9395 JanKing (@jank9395) reported

    @Roblox ROBLOX FIX THE ******* ASIA PING! ITS making me SO! Piss PLease! FIx The Asia! Ping! Only That! If u cant read my message then i stop playing roblox even ping u cannot fix.

  • MemeJulien Julien (@MemeJulien) reported

    @EnqryptedDev @Roblox @Spooksletsky @awesxome3 They need to fix this!

  • flower_margot Margot (@flower_margot) reported

    @Roblox I can't buy seat now its not working please fix it

  • XGryffindorX2 X_Gryffindor_X (@XGryffindorX2) reported

    @Roblox I’m trying to buy a seat and when I say “yes” it won’t let me buy it and I don’t want someone stealing my seat so please fix it fast

  • XGryffindorX2 X_Gryffindor_X (@XGryffindorX2) reported

    @Roblox Fix the seat problem

  • tinashao1978 Kitty (@tinashao1978) reported

    @RobloxianJess @Anthony30274767 @IsaacRBLX @Roblox @robloxdevrel Yeah the issue is copyright

  • TradeRobux BloxLeaks (@TradeRobux) reported

    @Roblox hey fix this problem a lot of us are getting a message: when you try to login An unknown error occurred. Please try again. is the error message

  • zavyblue cali (@zavyblue) reported

    i am sO sick of cars giving me problems y'all i'm going to play roblox and try to foRgeT

  • Fluxxxx2 Fluxxxx_222 (@Fluxxxx2) reported

    @Bethink_RBX @berezaagames Roblox’s playerbase is almost all little kids adding this feature would increase the problem of kids stealing parents credit cards

  • Fluxxxx2 Fluxxxx_222 (@Fluxxxx2) reported

    @playz_fox @HavenRblx That’s not anything he can fix as he stated many of times before, it’s simply a bug with roblox’s gravity system

  • gerklesnarf Gerklesnarf (@gerklesnarf) reported

    Hey @Roblox I constantly get an error code 277 when trying to play on my laptop and just wanted to know what that means or if there's any way to fix it.

  • no2ayel no2ayel (@no2ayel) reported

    @badimo @Roblox can you please fix the military helicopter..when you launch a missile it sticks to the heli and takes half your own health. also can you fix the museum glitch where cops are able to enter using heli rope through the roof. its unfair enough we cant use guns in museum...

  • Aidan94003018 HugZombie (@Aidan94003018) reported

    @Roblox Hey, I'm still not able to log into my account through the website witch means I can't use Roblox Studio because for some reason my computer doesn't work for it unless I use the website but I can still login on mobile. Hopefully you guys can get this fixed soon.

  • joshgrobanfan11 josh groban (@joshgrobanfan11) reported

    @WilliamDaGreats bro your new video is ******* retarded. roblox datastore issues =/= email and password leaks. datastores have to do with games you dumb ****

  • TrustyTrus Trus (@TrustyTrus) reported

    @JonathanShapi18 We are currently attempting to find different hacks to prevent players from buying the same seat, our issue is with the integrated Roblox purchasing system.

  • tippyposting misery never forgets (@tippyposting) reported

    i met a man that once went by his real name in roblox and that’s blatantly against the terms of service

  • VivaLaVixen_ VivaLaVixen (@VivaLaVixen_) reported

    If only Roblox would bring back the forum. Majority of DevForum issues, solved.

  • yt_jams MrYTJams (@yt_jams) reported


  • Lizzy_Winkle ℓιzzყ (@Lizzy_Winkle) reported

    @LilyandGia @Jazwares @Roblox Gonna watch that later, I'm having an internet issue.. OOF

  • LucasNeon2 LucasNeon (@LucasNeon2) reported

    @SnowskateerRBLX @GodfatherMullet The code is broken, it took my money and it didn’t give me 3 levels, in fact not even a single level. Witnesses ROBLOX usernames are Neon98571 and Lotvegas

  • DragzX_ ★ DRAGZ X ★ (@DragzX_) reported

    @greenlegocats @ChloeBGames @Nathorix @iSoToxicYT @ROBLOXFave @legobloxian9000 @EpikrikaRBLX @sheanorse @AlbertsStuff @KonekoKittenYT You guys cover these issues so make Roblox aware of this major issue because anyone can do this bypass!

  • BakingKian QueenQueerB (@BakingKian) reported

    @SCS_Roblox Answer ROBLOX message by Benlixen. Urgent, in need of help with serious issue regarding two users I am with.

  • TheTrapReality Trap Reality (@TheTrapReality) reported

    @Roblox you guys randomly and unfairly terminated my account and your employe “Norris” refuses to fix the situation, if anyone could contact me about the situation, that would be great. My username is CookiesnCreampiee.

  • iiToxicOrcii iiToxicOrcii (@iiToxicOrcii) reported

    @Roblox there's a glitch with the seats first floor not tables, Not sure on 2nd floor seats are glitched. Proof! with Kanqsi on RBLX! #bloxyawardsglitch #needstobefixed

  • MuesMunoz muñoz mues (@MuesMunoz) reported

    @Roblox @KinimoOfficial hello roblox has passed a bug or error in the game of pirates of the event powers and tried to get the boxing gloves but I can not because of the bug or error of all the servers

  • 9itmaresmidnght ♠⌛️⟠⟠j̸u̸s̸t̸i̸n̸e̸⟠⟠⌛️♠ (@9itmaresmidnght) reported

    @MaxxSIO WAIT A MINUTE- 😂 i would join in but roblox is pure lag for me

  • Pengs67852282 Pengs (@Pengs67852282) reported

    Help me i cant log onto my @Roblox account, its bugged.. and theres not that small of a problem, it doesnt say anything, it just says nothing.. just doesnt let me log in i click the thing, it loads for 100 miliseconds then stops. please help me @Roblox

Roblox Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 0x1
  • 0x80072efd
  • 102
  • 105
  • 107
  • 108
  • 17
  • 400
  • 404
  • 500
  • 501
  • 6
  • 901
  • 906
  • 912
  • 914
  • 918
  • 918
  • dcc
  • id=17