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  • Vertix36016901 Vertix (@Vertix36016901) reported

    @Roblox Cool, now ban #MadCity because @Taymastar is copying @badimo, @asimo3089, and @badccvoid and they cannot fix bugs because of @Taymastar

  • ashxx142 Ash (@ashxx142) reported

    roblox would crash and go down for 5 days

  • CarrotBlaster32 Oofer Noob (@CarrotBlaster32) reported

    @epic50898026 @Roblox roblox aint gone add that cuz of copyright issues

  • TigrielDestruct Tigriel (@TigrielDestruct) reported

    @AdobeStudents ROBLOX STUDIO. WHY MUST U CHANGE BLOCK COLLISION!! ;-; Someone tell me how to fix it ;-; so I can fix it, when I get back home.

  • kyah86117917 kyah (@kyah86117917) reported

    @MadiRoleplayz @nightbarbie No Roblox have to fix their data problems it their not taking it seriously

  • OnixPhe Morthied (@OnixPhe) reported

    @Richie__Crypto @EhcodeRBX @Roblox Look at what it says there, that is the problem.

  • NicoletaDenis11 Nicoleta Denisa (@NicoletaDenis11) reported

    @Roblox roblox me account is not working pls tweet me no dis problem pls

  • ileahxo leah (@ileahxo) reported

    okay everyone I need some help! So basically I’ve been having trouble with my recorder lagging my gameplay in roblox, if anyone has any tips on setting I could change to help let me know! (I currently use OBS) 💓

  • brenton_widener Uncle Bobby (@brenton_widener) reported

    @Roblox @Roblox your game needs a serious restart lots of games are either botted or are broken i had to make my account inactive since there is no pint to play on your site if nothing is playable

  • HadesOnlyson Dtx_Mia (@HadesOnlyson) reported

    @Roblox Roblox can you fix your data so Royale high can get a trading system

  • IludidPacoca Paçoca_Iludid@ (@IludidPacoca) reported

    @Roblox roblox, i am with an problem, when i click to enter on the chat, or click to enter in my profile, the "photograph" of the avatars, are in white! I dont know what happened! i dont know if is an error in the website, or if is an error in my account so please, fix it!

  • dejan_04 Đèjâņ_04 (@dejan_04) reported

    Who is willing to fix my skinfor a minecraft or roblox pfp dm me and ill give you my discord

  • Savag3H Savag3H (@Savag3H) reported

    @Roblox plz fix ur servers I’m getting error code 277 plz fix

  • Th3_N0va Th3-_-Nov4 (@Th3_N0va) reported

    @gloop42705944 @CharlieIsCursed @Mircosilver @LilyandGia Not brick bronze, but Black Hawk Rescue Mission 2 (Roblox didn't shut down but also to this day didn't make the problem with exploiters dissapear) And many other games like RoCitizens (Also not shutted down, but the RoRadio was because of copyright problems)

  • GoldeneagleF goldeneagle_fangirl - Skylar. S. (@GoldeneagleF) reported

    @robloxdevrel @Roblox @ivan_rblx and heres the fixed verison of that XD ( remaster project: exspect the game to run a little bet less laggy and sadly for the few less tree's. till i figure out the lag problem. )

  • GoldeneagleF goldeneagle_fangirl - Skylar. S. (@GoldeneagleF) reported

    @robloxdevrel @Roblox @ivan_rblx heres what I put in the remaster project info in the description :) ( remaster project: exspect the game to run a little bet laggy and sadly for the few less tree's. till i figure out the lag problem. )

  • SecretSpyLady SecretAgentSpyLady Roblox (@SecretSpyLady) reported

    @TheMuzzles Relatable when I’m working on a game in Roblox Studio and the save button is broken

  • breezys_shoes James Denton (@breezys_shoes) reported

    @PlayApex Need to fix the code leaf or I’m going back to Roblox no cap 👀👀

  • LATINA_TINGZ Latina Tingz (@LATINA_TINGZ) reported

    @uniheart1230 @nightbarbie @B3thyVA @DDog_007 The diamonds should be fixed now. She is working on the ball and fixing it. And trading is not coming today maybe sunset island. I don't think trading will be here for along time since Roblox need to fix data things. And Roblox won't take it seriously Barbie said.

  • Richie__Crypto Richie Ortiz (Comms open) (@Richie__Crypto) reported

    @OnixPhe @EhcodeRBX @Roblox the only problem is what

  • Adoranicus AdongaldTheSeagull (@Adoranicus) reported

    @Roblox Verification program is broken, it's making me do up to 80 frames of spinning the animal. Contact the development team about the problem.

  • dirdre chico (@dirdre) reported

    me and my roblox boyfriend has officially broken up. the reason was because i didnt play with him that much anymore.. because school. so i have made up my mind and tomorrow i am dropping out of school to live life with my one true love

  • Nutella78461690 Nutella✨ (@Nutella78461690) reported

    @nightbarbie hi Barbie! I am can_youimagine (roblox). I have an issue! I bought the pleates skirt yesterday but when I logged back today it was gone ( I checked on three devices). Please help!!! I loved it soo much

  • ResspawnYT Resspawn (@ResspawnYT) reported

    @Roblox Wow roblox making more rthro but they can't even fix the problem for the Huawei y6 pro (._.)

  • supermiro2 ♡Super Miro♡🌈Birthday after 15 days🌈 (@supermiro2) reported

    @bluekat_16 @Keirabillie1 Find a hacker that can bring the password and change it so she can't get into the account again or just DM roblox about it but the problem is that they don't see all the dms but at least try if it didn't work then u must hack it!

  • crab_omelettes カニタマ (Crablettes) (@crab_omelettes) reported

    Remembering the time my little brother deadass gave someone his itunes login because someone said they'd give him free roblox money

  • issatinywiny star4155 (@issatinywiny) reported


  • Littleladyrin ♡ ⓛⓐⓓⓨ♡ (@Littleladyrin) reported

    @Claudiagamer6 @RoyaleDemi @nightbarbie @LadyJordii @KateKa26317823 When roblox fix their date stuff pretty sure

  • mcc001s Pilgrim Glagamola (@mcc001s) reported

    I know, but the problem is... I can't draw on computer, and I don't know how to make a model of a character, I know how to make houses... buildings... And it's hard to make a character on Roblox Studio, you're supposed to do that in Blender, but I don't know how to use it. :[

  • jayttv_ ᒎᗩƳ. (@jayttv_) reported

    me and my friends are experiencing a bug. When we get to the gold we die and we dont get any gold. Please fix this. -From 2 Friendly roblox players, MasterAzur and JvstDreamz

  • TorkelGamer Torkel💜 (@TorkelGamer) reported

    @RealRyanRBLX Memory leaks are happening a lot around now so idk Roblox is also pretty broken too

  • Elizabe45960272 Elizabeth (@Elizabe45960272) reported

    @HKiiier @KateKa26317823 barbie said they are just waiting on roblox to fix their data saving things and then trading will be out, and barbie also said that the sunset island is coming today or tomorrow.

  • YolocoloYoloco Main Knuckles (@YolocoloYoloco) reported

    @SandboxTheGame hey i'm The_SofaMan in roblox i'm wondering if I can get an unban because i've been waiting 25 days but some other days didn't count on it the reason why i was banned for a month is by "lagging" so i was building a nuke i was trying to make the proccess faster by rotate and

  • MrTeeXD1 MrTeeXD1 (@MrTeeXD1) reported

    I swear to god if my game gets botted on Roblox, I am going to find a way to get into contact with Roblox to get rid of this bot problem.

  • RoyaleH58795335 💜EditzAreLyfee💙 (@RoyaleH58795335) reported

    @crowned_rxyalty @nightbarbie Put on the notifications ROBLOX IS THE ONE WHO HAS TO FIX DATA STORAGE OMG IF i wude barbie i wude be so pissed so meny pll are asking about this when she allrreaddy have the anwsers!srr

  • iamblakeeee Blake T_T (@iamblakeeee) reported

    This isn’t the time for service to be down I just wanna play roblox with Hannah goddamnit

  • vovcherYT 🔨 C Y K A B L Y A T 🔨 (@vovcherYT) reported

    @Roblox fix pls

  • ArcticCitadel Arctic Productions (@ArcticCitadel) reported

    @_IcyTea @Ryzoft Roblox: "I don't see the issue to be honest"

  • bobbycoolg bobby (@bobbycoolg) reported

    @roblox can you fix your shitty verification im so tired of spinning these dumb ******* apes

  • Woodzaa_ Woodzaa (@Woodzaa_) reported

    @_Virzaa @ObedientMas @Roblox Maybe, but even for packages Roblox makes by themselves, r6 is always a disaster, everything about it is messed up, there's shadows, really stiff joints, and many other issues, but if there is a mermaid animation, it could open up potential, as amplifying it after using it could

  • GreenOth1 GreenOth (@GreenOth1) reported

    @_Virzaa @Originite @Roblox No problem 😊

  • Gold27Mari Mari_gold27 (@Gold27Mari) reported

    @nightbarbie @KhadijaEissa2 @summertime4873 @Ninetyles @Barbie earlier I logged in and lost 10k gems. I know it’s not your fault, but the roblox datastores. I’m just letting you know gems are vanishing so it doesn’t become a problem :3

  • LilShor90881497 LilShortie (@LilShor90881497) reported

    @newfissy PLease make trades where you can pay while trading items/pets. This way, the percentage of scamming drops WAY DOWN, and I mean DOWN. I just got scammed for about $400. This isn't that much, but for a person like me who gets hacked on Roblox, it is a lot. Please fix this

  • bogdan69318737 Jbblocker (@bogdan69318737) reported

    @22Pilots_RBLX @Roblox So I'd did some math and found out that with a ford gt in this game that makes 1,100$ per mile, it would take me around 167h to get the Mclaren senna which is 2mil assuming you go 10 miles in 5 min, I just think grinding in this game is kinda broken, and the divo cost 11mil soo

  • xs_momo momo xs (@xs_momo) reported

    Hey @Roblox ! So recently I deleted my google account which was linked to my roblox account which had 2 step verification, now it won't let me sign in because I don't have the code because the email is gone, Please help me.

  • blaine_gerhardt Blaine Gerhardt (@blaine_gerhardt) reported

    @Roblox @iNooBe please roblox, fix the game, i just bought 10 dollars worth of robux and i haven't received them for like 2 hours now.

  • Epicboy3O_RBLX dead account (@Epicboy3O_RBLX) reported

    @realRubenSim @WxrkingM @Roblox @AlbertsStuff Issue is, Roblox's currency is supposed to be a developer resource. Tix had its value too inflated to be useful for devs and cutting off exchange would make it just free junk material for roblox catalog accessories. Tix was a useless resource.

  • JulianR57735514 Julian Reyes (@JulianR57735514) reported

    @Roblox please fix game Site-17 about banning and head moderator privileges

  • Princess_Icicle Princess Icicle (@Princess_Icicle) reported

    @HannahDabber @TristinP03 @Roblox Maybe you should concentrate on your own problems and quit criticizing other people's artwork.

  • JoyDerpo ... (@JoyDerpo) reported

    @3Royalehighfan @nightbarbie Trading is ready. They’re still trying to contact roblox about the data loss issues, and then trading will be released. Give em some time

  • big_spree Spree (@big_spree) reported

    @racheldubs_ @Roblox Customer Service at Roblox be like Access Denied lol No but seriously, the customer service there is bad.

  • oscarmoreno1264 OscarMoreno (@oscarmoreno1264) reported

    @Roblox something that would really help is if you added another page where you could see recent players from your recent servers. This would help people know who the scammer is if they leave the server. It would also help for people who’s game crash or...

  • CitizenRoyale yOur ThiCcA Than A SNicka (@CitizenRoyale) reported

    Retweet if you want roblox to fix they're data stores

  • CordaRico Cord 🌻 (@CordaRico) reported

    If my Roblox girlfriend never *officially* said we were broken up then we are still *technically* dating.

  • hunter67822914 Crazzzypanda73 (@hunter67822914) reported

    @SpectzX @Roblox @robloxdevrel @SpectzX i found a glitch so i logged on br sim to get the arctic assassin skin from the 8th daily item and i pressed claim but i didn't get the skin

  • ItsOceana ♡𝕆𝕔𝕖𝕒𝕟𝕒♡ (@ItsOceana) reported

    @CallmehJacob @danicagracem_ @nightbarbie I Know we are getting trading as soon as roblox fixes their data storage problems. But, I am almost sure that we won't get it at the same time as sunset island.

  • P_F_9_4 PF94 (@P_F_9_4) reported

    @angrywojak @xaantax @Roblox @Blox4Fun @russotalks @Tofu fix your slow ass post

  • CallmehJacob Callmeh_Jacob (@CallmehJacob) reported

    @ItsOceana @danicagracem_ @nightbarbie There is a slight chance we'll get trading. Barbie said it's already ready, she's just waiting on the roblox creators to fix their data storage.

  • flakejeons َ (@flakejeons) reported


  • Citizen68587686 Citizen (@Citizen68587686) reported

    @Roblox dear roblox please fix mouse issues you sack of shit it is really annoying when it freezes it happens to me and my friends sincerely - Citizen P.S- ur gay

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