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Roblox is a user-generated massively multiplayer online social gaming platform developed and published by the Roblox Corporation.

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Most Reported Problems:

  • Online Play (44.00%)
  • Game Crash (20.00%)
  • Glitches (18.67%)
  • Sign in (14.67%)
  • Matchmaking (1.33%)
  • Hacking / Cheating (1.33%)

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  • RoyalehighI RoyaleHigh_Ideas (@RoyalehighI) reported

    @cybernova youtube is harsh rn and now roblox is the same issue

  • issaihernandez3 Issai Hernandez Acosta (@issaihernandez3) reported

    @KreekCraft @Roblox Actually it causes an error and u cant join any server

  • saoud8530 saoud8530 (@saoud8530) reported

    @UDevourer @nightbarbie hi barbie there is a bug happning to my friend he couldnt tell you because he doesnt have tweeter so he like littarly cant dress up or choose any of his items he cant even move or take off his roblox hat his username calles "heitortotoduarte" hope you could fix his probleme ty

  • psykuk Spacial (@psykuk) reported

    if you have a problem wth roblox you have a problem with me

  • people_nowadayz oof (@people_nowadayz) reported

    @Superspace_230 @littlestrayshen Well I'm sorry if you are not up to date with the Roblox regime as of now, but reporting is broken.

  • LastKnightPro1 Doge for President!! (@LastKnightPro1) reported

    @asimo3089 @Roblox @asimo3089 @badimo My game keeps lagging so much, i uninstall and reinstalled takes like 5 seconds to move..I used to be able to play so easily with my friends..

  • DaDylanSantiago Dylan Santiago🙂 (@DaDylanSantiago) reported

    @ROBLOX scammed me! I got 90 robux this morning from my dad so I tried making a group in my grandmas car this morning and when I taped create group it’s said “cannot create group,unexpected error” (I understand why don’t worry)😉 but it’s took 100 robux out of my account!

  • tylerrhodesmith rhodesmith (@tylerrhodesmith) reported

    @RMGamesDev @Roblox and when will you fix the glitch when you pick up an object and put it down its stats reset (but the visuals dont) my machine limit has been reached but im scared to make a bigger factory because then ill lose all my income from monitors

  • ErrorCo64057087 ErrorPlayZ (@ErrorCo64057087) reported

    @HiddenDevs Hello my name is Error I’m an normal Roblox Graphics Artist

  • LeonTheDuckling LeonTheDuckling (@LeonTheDuckling) reported

    @KreekCraft @Roblox On android it just gives a error

  • Nuubzzz Nuubzzz (@Nuubzzz) reported

    @KreekCraft @Roblox bh ik thats a bag and i do feel bad for mobile users but lets be real here roblox wont fix it for another year or two

  • jailbreakfan113 jailbreakfan1 (@jailbreakfan113) reported

    @KreekCraft @Roblox Please fix this I just wanna play with my fav yters

  • ThatDudeKiwi_ KIWI (@ThatDudeKiwi_) reported

    @ReignBlazing @BasicallyIDoWrk go on roblox. go on broken bones IV and go comit not here ok. cheers

  • BCP_Gaming punchy944_plays (@BCP_Gaming) reported

    @RBLXcrackop @Roblox Fix teleport because the B button doesn’t work for that for Xbox

  • LeSir009 CrazyIceCold (@LeSir009) reported

    @KreekCraft @Roblox Thank u for stating this. I hope they fix it. It’s been out for a reaaaalllly long time.

  • MrJ0rd4n Neon😢 (@MrJ0rd4n) reported

    @KreekCraft @Roblox Yes they can,the ones their invited to but yeah they need to fix that

  • PyschoJason PyschoJason (@PyschoJason) reported

    @KreekCraft @Roblox Fix it Please it has been there for a long time

  • Chestersnow_ DesiredPaths (@Chestersnow_) reported

    @KreekCraft @Roblox Roblox had this issue for a long time this BUG lasted for over 3 years now. It will never be fixed unless they add links to Launch from roblox app. @KreekCraft @Roblox

  • Patthakorn8 Patthakorn (@Patthakorn8) reported

    @KreekCraft @Roblox I hop Roblox fix this bug!

  • DrCoolishRBX DrCoolish❁ (@DrCoolishRBX) reported

    @KreekCraft @Roblox yep they should fix it

  • DrCoolishRBX DrCoolish❁ (@DrCoolishRBX) reported

    @KreekCraft @Roblox yup they should fix that@

  • yusyus12443511 oofEmely (@yusyus12443511) reported

    @Roblox Hi, whats wrong with roblox my games are loading so slow so is my friends roblox. Please fix it its annoying.

  • tracobsprincess becca (@tracobsprincess) reported

    @beckoningangels can you ******* not remind me rn ... after that roblox glitch i’m certain you have messed the system up

  • ashxx142RBX Ash (@ashxx142RBX) reported

    @PastaBoi_2219 @BloxburgNews Extending to this: I see a lot of youtubers going to websites and paying on offsite places to have others build their plots using real and virtual currency. This is also believed to be against terms of service by Roblox.

  • BloxburgNews Everything Bloxburg (@BloxburgNews) reported

    Sorry this was vague and confusing. Summed up, buying Bloxburg Cash from players instead of the game can get your account banned, as it is in violation of the ROBLOX Terms of Service. Paying to have a house built with real-world Cash/robux is also in violation of the ROBLOX TOS.

  • BloxburgNews Everything Bloxburg (@BloxburgNews) reported

    Please be aware that exchanging Bloxburg Currency/Building services for ROBUX or USD/off-site currencies are not allowed and violate ROBLOX Terms of Service, and can get your account banned. In addition, do not accept large donations from known currency 'sellers' you meet.

  • Ijuahsfkhassfhk lol (@Ijuahsfkhassfhk) reported

    @discordapp I have a problem where whenever I play Roblox it doesn't show up on my game activity so I have to keep deleting it and re-adding it.

  • Bofetoreo Bofetoreo (@Bofetoreo) reported

    @Roblox Help I'm trying buy robux but when ever i select paypal and hit continue it just loads for awhile then gets the error code 400

  • x_TsoROBLOX x_Tso (@x_TsoROBLOX) reported

    roblox union corruption is still a thing and has been for like 4 years please just fix the problem already. it's annoying

  • LandonDaBest98 🏆LandonIsLitAndAmazing [LAMC] (@LandonDaBest98) reported

    @IsaacRBLX Issac follow me i have a problem i had a pot o gold but when i hatched it my roblox crashed and when i joined back it was gone can you help me please my roblox username is Buildermat66 if you could put one in my inventory looking forward to hearing back to you! @IsaacRBLX

  • Playz38L Bacon🥓 (@Playz38L) reported

    @Roblox The @PayPal robux thing isn't working. Please fix this if you can. :D

  • Lemonxxde1 Lemonxxde (@Lemonxxde1) reported

    @Roblox Hello Im a fellow mobile Robloxian. I know you usually don’t get complaints on your Twitter but I can’t access my email atm. it’s not much of a really bad one but the captcha to login to ROBLOX is can’t open. it’s a white screen. no matter how much I try to refresh it.

  • RealJaydenAdams Jayden Adams (@RealJaydenAdams) reported

    @Roblox I'm having an issue that I need help with, genuinely

  • PlaysCarter CarterPlays | ROBLOX (@PlaysCarter) reported

    No joke, this avatar scaling thing has literally driven me right away from the game. Fix this and I'll play again... at least have a clear setting in the options menu to disable body types and use the normal Roblox avatar scaling.

  • PrayToShinji WRLLEN (@PrayToShinji) reported

    Then you'll be left in the lag Unless you respawn yeah You're a minecraft girlll In a roblox worlddd

  • NovaThePug Nova The Pug (@NovaThePug) reported

    @asimo3089 @badimo @Roblox Can you fix VOLT that'd be sic. It has good core gameplay but bugs kill it

  • Raphael71037506 Raphael (@Raphael71037506) reported

    New video on jailbreak coming in a bit @KreekCraft watch it pls and also sorry if you cant really hear me in the video its because 1: I forgot to lower the volume on ROBLOX. 2:my Mic was not working very well and was kinda loose from my phone

  • JadeFlames Cap'n JadeFlames (@JadeFlames) reported

    @Kampfkarren The issue isn't the removal of content, but the fact that users did not know that it was considered bad, and moderation is taken now only after it's been around as a phrase said on Roblox for half a decade. If Roblox were to give a fair window of "Hey, don't do that anymore"

  • KonekoKittenYT KonekoKitten (@KonekoKittenYT) reported

    @Gounther_ @TrustMeImRuski if it's peoples jobs and source of income to make roblox games and get paid from doing it, then yes; developers have all rights to criticize and "complain" about the platform that just so happens to be their job. you add nothing to this and are downplaying a huge scale problem.

  • KyleMUFC4Life Kyle (99 Days Until 16th Birthday 🎉🎉🎉) (@KyleMUFC4Life) reported

    there is some problems with the big brother game. there are seats that are invisible, the avatar keeps jumping and moving without touching the buttons. can you fix them as soon as possible. Thanks- SuperMarcusLukaku_10 On Roblox

  • vevbee vev (@vevbee) reported

    @IFoundTheEggs maybe im just biased,,, but at least hes not stupid about it unlike other people who like to speak out and be completely harsh about it on issues roblox does :shrug: aint pointing fingers buttt some ppl needa sit down and stop being negative

  • TrustMeImRuski Trustmeimrussian ☭ (@TrustMeImRuski) reported

    @littlestrayshen I also have trust issues directly emailing my potential 'bannable' items to the current Roblox moderator team :x I'd rather delete things myself. PLus, we SHOULD be able to anyways to help clear up inventories from needless junk.

  • aft_mr AFT:M_fan_nickname: Mr. V (@aft_mr) reported

    @Chadmandudeguy Yee.........hey nvm on the laggy problem for AFT 7 is just roblox that makes meh laggy -byeeee

  • MoonRobloxian Moon the Robloxian (@MoonRobloxian) reported

    @asimo3089 @Roblox asimo fix the handcuffs its like there is a limit on them before you have to reset

  • Daniela41604921 🍀Daniela🍀 (@Daniela41604921) reported

    In this beatiful day I made a sad decision to respect. Believe me or not, I will not play ROBLOX for a month. I have problems with tension, when I'm very excited or happy I start to dizzy, my eyes hurt and my head really hurt. Now I just want to sleep Have a great day or night💕

  • 5Asuna0112 ASUNA0112 (@5Asuna0112) reported

    @roblox i had the shiro hair but it disappered from my inventory please fix

  • tylerrhodesmith rhodesmith (@tylerrhodesmith) reported

    @RMGamesDev @Roblox can u fix the glitch where you sometimes cant close the GUI on Monitors Upgrades

  • XWoaf 7evn (@XWoaf) reported

    @vCaffy I keep on getting lag spikes when I complete a floor and I don't know if its Roblox or the game but it sucks. (game is great btw)

  • legobloxian9000 lego (@legobloxian9000) reported

    if you change the BC icon in the Roblox folder to (practically anything) the Premium diamond icon, it will appear instead of BC/ the BC icon. it only appears for you though, if you do it. it's not a glitch, we've been doing it for ages

  • danielsulmanis Daniels (@danielsulmanis) reported

    @asimo3089 @Roblox yeah, almost errors and crashes everytime i try to join a game :(

  • concon98765 Connor Sullivan (@concon98765) reported

    @BuildHero Yet another clicking SIMULATOR, literally all you had to do was add things that attack back and remove the simulator game and this would have been a half decent game... but its practically like every other simulator roblox has. Not to mention 85% of the servers are broken

  • sandertr Sander Trumm (@sandertr) reported

    @yukiel11 @Roblox Tickets were removed because they were broken and easy to abuse. Do your homework.

  • hazelthedork hazel misses dodie :( (@hazelthedork) reported

    i just had a breakdown lol so im playing roblox and listening to cavetown through my broken headphones instead of doing my homework

  • xxcoolgamer555 xxcoolgamer555 (@xxcoolgamer555) reported

    Asimo and ROBLOX jailbreak problem i found a hacker 💻 end this is invisible and running whit Speed 500 and also kill everyone With unlimited Rocket Full search and kick him!!!!!!!! 😐

  • radiantsunflow2 🌻 radiant sunflower 🌻 (@radiantsunflow2) reported

    @Roblox We've been having issues with the users RaeNorevox and HolyyBecca, they were making rude signs in bloxburgs with the picture frames with curse words. I have screenshots of everything and they were basically harassing us when we were playing in a game. Please help us out.

  • TetriniOfficial Tetrini (@TetriniOfficial) reported

    @lolalt_13 @FireGamer11450 @Fifteam_ Roblox talked about gurt making a return this year. Egg hunt 2018 randomly gets updated. The teaser on roblox's YouTube channel is still titled "Egg Hunt Teaser 2018" thats a very easy fix but nobody has done it yet. On top of that, a list of all the games with a large...

  • ro_purdy Sir Savage Thy 21st (@ro_purdy) reported


  • GAMEBOY3479 Benjamin(Aka, Lil ou,GTX) (@GAMEBOY3479) reported

    @Roblox Let dev do what they need to do and stop updating our games with dumb stuff, so we can take four days to fix one thing.

  • Rowlett_plays Kiran Daley (@Rowlett_plays) reported

    @Robloxs_Myths Hello i am trying to join your roblox game Abandoned Facility but it is not working i would post this on group wall but i font have access

  • dogetdm23 Dat Boi Nub Christmas Special (@dogetdm23) reported

    @Roblox hey Roblox my chat for some reason is acting out it is invisible and I can't chat in it plz fix this

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