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Roblox is a user-generated massively multiplayer online social gaming platform developed and published by the Roblox Corporation.

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Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • Jense_99 Jenss (@Jense_99) reported

    @AviaGrein @RobloxSriwijaya @Roblox i have that problem recently. what I do is just reinstalling the roblox studio, and work perfectly.

  • ironiclynchmob ᴋᴇᴍᴘᴇʀ (@ironiclynchmob) reported

    roblox trust issues

  • Bryce41894268 Bryce (@Bryce41894268) reported

    @LandoRBLX On Roblox Pokemon Brick Bronze is on there do I still need to send you screenshots of problems

  • JustinJunLiu1 @Justin_FlameIce (@JustinJunLiu1) reported

    @PhoenixSignsRBX yo dude my roblox name is bestguyeverv8, and ive been kick from the game for hacking, i didnt hack but i have no idea why i got kick, however, there a glitch where sometimes the shotgun get a lot of amor, as much as the ars

  • Dragonking56 DragonKing (@Dragonking56) reported

    @Roblox Please fix your game I cant join any game because I am getting errorcode:610. Please fix this asap Thanks!

  • MegazonianYT Lego Minecraft Zombie (@MegazonianYT) reported

    Wow Roblox is gonna crash and burn if it keeps doing what it is

  • ChillObvious ur family (@ChillObvious) reported

    Fortnite: Oh, we've heard on the media that we've got bugs and we are going to fix them! ROBLOX: We don't care if our users don't like the bugs, they can live with it...

  • killazsavage1 killazsavage (@killazsavage1) reported

    @Roblox can you plz fix the reset password code thing I need my ROBLOX account back someone still it from me

  • LordHoppers Ice Cream (@LordHoppers) reported

    @losinqinterests No once you log out, your login cookies expire and change, and if you signed them out they would either need to somehow get your new cookies, or get your new pass and access your email so I would say you’re safe, try not to download any ROBLOX things that aren’t official

  • cooldud51485619 cooldude (@cooldud51485619) reported

    @Taymastar i dont know if this is a roblox or mad city bug, but there is a problem with people being attached to each other and their avatars flinging everywhere.

  • MindPotato MindPotato (@MindPotato) reported

    @berezaagames ROBLOX seriously needs to fix their platform, nearly every single word is censored and, while on ROBLOX, it seems as if nothing else exists on the internet.

  • KamarZakhary royale high fan (@KamarZakhary) reported

    @nightbarbie Barbie please check my account because I think there’s a glitch with my diamonds Roblox username is Kaile2008

  • cristalpony1982 Matt_RBLX (@cristalpony1982) reported

    @kaleidocassy It's super laggy , and my roblox /studio crashes constantly , causing massive lag to the whole pc

  • WindyPivot koolGhostRider001 💠 (@WindyPivot) reported

    Well, i found a fix for the codesystem i made. Finally i can release codes without them being abused. #Roblox #RobloxDev

  • pealy33 pealy33 (@pealy33) reported

    @Roblox @ROLVeStuff Hey so I love this game it’s one of my favorites, but all of the sudden it just like stuck to were I can’t see what I have equipped and I can’t see how much money I have or got and can’t even purchase things and it’s like really annoying so plz read this and try to fix it

  • DashMaster3 DashMaster (@DashMaster3) reported

    @asimo3089 yes it will be cool i cannot because roblox studio is not working for me

  • BlurrySquid1 ded mem (@BlurrySquid1) reported

    @Microsorex_4200 @Roblox @LeahAshe @Dued1_Roblox Ye because of theie broken bot

  • LordHoppers Ice Cream (@LordHoppers) reported

    @calliethorix @Nathorix Thats who I thought. I think the top hat is broken because roblox set it up as a four hour rental-

  • Manny69046 Manny Rodriguez (@Manny69046) reported

    @CheeseyDev Calm down. My Roblox username is Manny69046 I was the one sending you the buy my models request. Because you send map button on FEM is broken. Just calm down

  • WondrRBLX Wonder (@WondrRBLX) reported

    Might close down Wonder's myth for a bit, real-life problems and stress is getting to me and I'm not usually online on Roblox anymore unless it's for playing with my friends or checking my messages 🙂 If you catch me online on anything, feel free to message

  • minajes__ barbie. (@minajes__) reported

    @BarbiesDreams_ @Effi3IsNotOkay @Roblox Yeah I agree! Because I remember when you scammed me and they didn’t give my items back omg!!. What a horrible service!

  • ekotherobloxfan Eko (@ekotherobloxfan) reported

    I went to this RR34 discord server. I was wondering if the creator of the server even follows the terms of service of roblox. Cause he does things that he shouldn't be doing on roblox. And I got banned from that server.

  • Luiyi37350457 Luiyi (@Luiyi37350457) reported

    @Military_Jones @HeroesOfRoblox @Roblox @Google i have that problem too

  • POOPBANANA11111 POOPBANANA111111 (@POOPBANANA11111) reported

    I think I got hacked or some weird glitch happened because I go to roblox and see this NEW FRIEND which I don't remember friending

  • Matt3864 Matt3864 (@Matt3864) reported

    @Roblox why does the big purple top hat have a 4 HOUR RENTAL IS IT BROKEN WHAT

  • kidzrufflez Kidzrufflez (@kidzrufflez) reported

    The update got deleted so no future (@roblox Please Fix!!!)

  • ThatOneDudeIs TraffiKone (@ThatOneDudeIs) reported

    @asimo3089 I think that would be impossible due to roblox's sweet studio errors.

  • purp_fire FireXPurp (@purp_fire) reported

    @PhoenixSignsRBX @PhoenixSignsRBX Hey there! so i was login in to roblox wanted to play strucid today, and i had 200k coins for some reason it got reseted you said it was 300k and above would get reseted... can u fix this bug i guess dm me.....

  • WilliamDai14 William Dai (@WilliamDai14) reported

    @Roblox @PlayVesteria @berezaagames there's a problem with the alpha goody bag guy(the guy in all yellow).

  • Shuzsuki_ Shoe (@Shuzsuki_) reported

    @GirlyPwincess I used a window 10 pc/laptop, Whenever I play a game on it for example, roblox and fortnite, it doesn't lag

  • girlthatgamer Girlthatgamer (@girlthatgamer) reported

    @PeaspodRBLX @TheSugarhouse I want you to fix your game on roblox the way you have it where we can not select how we walk run and Etc I literally cannot back up or really go forward with the way you have it wake me up when I am in my vehicle that makes the game unplayable

  • bagel_ate the bagel that ate itself (@bagel_ate) reported

    @Roblox Dunno who else is having problem with decal image loading but its a problem that needs to be solved. 😕

  • Tmasterxtreme Tmaster (@Tmasterxtreme) reported

    @my_chappie @Roblox @coolbullsAS Rthro is not the problem, it's Roblox the ones that are making stupid decisions to remove the good things.

  • Scallbob22 Scallbob22 (@Scallbob22) reported

    @Paineprod1 Hey there. That particular error may be caused by one of many things, but it is likely caused by a server glitch. Joining a new server will fix this issue. No parts were removed from planes really! it's just caused by your Roblox client having a hard time loading the unions.

  • Shmadeen_ Shmadeen_ (@Shmadeen_) reported

    @PhoenixSignsRBX My PC is broken I can no longer play roblox :(

  • DesiresDxrk DxrkDesires (@DesiresDxrk) reported

    @Roblox @coolbullsAS fix your sale plz

  • taivenrumph Taiven (@taivenrumph) reported

    @paraspec @Mah_Buckey @berezaagames Doesn't make sense. Roblox literally give developers an API to check if an account is above 13. Thus as long as you are filtering this and only showing the link for users 13+ there shouldn't be an issue.

  • DakodaGamerTV DakodaGamerTV (@DakodaGamerTV) reported

    @Roblox @VideoTalesTeam Fix the frame drop

  • _IcyTea IcyTea 🥈 (@_IcyTea) reported

    @paraspec If he didn't do it in time, then placing the game under review would make 100% sense to me if he was notified before the shutdown. At least if he actually was notified and fixed the issue as well as shutting the game down and forwarding it back to Roblox, it wouldn't be as bad.

  • _IcyTea IcyTea 🥈 (@_IcyTea) reported

    @paraspec I'm disagreeing and stating that the warning is counter-productive. Obviously it was against the rules, but with the inconsistency of enforcing said rules, it would have been better if Roblox had a system where you the developer had time to mend problems that'd moderate.

  • LukeDaWolf Lukee (@LukeDaWolf) reported

    @ChloeBGames On your, everyones account banned vid, I'm pretty sure that only people who have roblox+ have access to the owners tab meaning it could just be their little glitch since roblox isn't exactly the owner roblox+.

  • sofitobby SofiTobby_love (@sofitobby) reported

    @BloxburgNews I teleported to pizza planet to work and my hair wasn’t attached to my head (I was wearing the blond ponytail) I’m not sure if this is a problem with my avatar or something with roblox

  • JadeFlames Cap'n JadeFlames - #WeHungerForEggs (@JadeFlames) reported

    TBH if it was allowed under Roblox's Terms of Service I'd give away a Lavender Egg were they to ever make the rest of the eggs from before 2012 eggs limited. Only seems fair to celebrate egg related joy with more egg related joy.


    The crash has been resolved, and Speeding seems to have been the cause. Please follow all speed limits. Drive safely! #Roblox

  • ImaniGordon10 Imani Gordon (@ImaniGordon10) reported

    @berezaagames Why Roblox gotta go hunting for problems though😑😑😐. I feel they just hating #BigFacts

  • Lucho56521498 LuchoStifler (Devastador Líder/Leader Devastator) (@Lucho56521498) reported

    @Roblox @coolbullsAS I can not enter in roblox, this text comes out "Failed to connect to the Game. (ID=17:Connection attempt failed.) (Error Code:279)" Help..

  • Taydon62401935 Taydon (@Taydon62401935) reported

    @Roblox could you please look into when the server isn’t full glitch. I try to join but it says it’s full, when it isn’t...

  • _Lady_Urbosa_ Tikka (@_Lady_Urbosa_) reported

    @therubywithatw1 @AlbertsStuff Why could I read this no problem. I need to lay off roblox.

  • SoYuZ59599336 SoYuZ (@SoYuZ59599336) reported

    @Roblox @coolbullsAS Roblox fix ur sale before people start making memes

  • discoiorsky willow (@discoiorsky) reported

    @Roblox @VideoTalesTeam fix the sale

  • RobloxCorpz Roblox (@RobloxCorpz) reported

    Botting in our roblox games is a huge deal so we're disabling the ability to make games. Hope this resolves the dislike botting issue.

  • pxachez liv (@pxachez) reported

    @DylanHyper @Roblox U should dm people isstead of posting because of time zones and post notifications not working

  • Nenoyt18L Nenoyt18 (Comms open!) (@Nenoyt18L) reported

    @Sxvxn crash bandicoot, crash team racing, roblox

  • Basmsarsur661 Mynamejeff (@Basmsarsur661) reported

    @Tofu @RBLXcrackop @Roblox ***** what yo @Roblox you guys better fix this shit now

  • kingash7890 M.Hassan (@kingash7890) reported

    @Roblox @berezaagames cant join place...error.

  • DonutjosephJ DonutJoseph (Joseph) (@DonutjosephJ) reported

    @XelPixels can i plz work for you im god roblox develpoer im pro plzzzz im buff ak. and malware. and fix lag. and ducky. ducky ok. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • XetriiRblx ✨ℂ 𝕃 𝕆 𝕎 ℕ✨ (24 days) (@XetriiRblx) reported

    I want to do this thing with making limited edition shoes but i cant model so it'd have to be thru roblox clothing but the problem with that is that its stealible so like uHhhhhhhhh


    The A33 Is now re-opened and the fire is under control. CID and the Fire Service will work closely to determine a cause for the incident. #Roblox

  • BunBunTheSad Bun Bun. (@BunBunTheSad) reported

    *finishes animation* *uploading* 25%... 50%... 75%... AN UNEXPECTED ERROR OCCURRED AND ROBLOX NEEDS TO QUIT

  • BunBunTheSad Bun Bun. (@BunBunTheSad) reported


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