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July 15: Problems at Twitch

Twitch is having issues since 07:10 PM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • MortariusGaming 𝕃𝕆ℝ𝔻 𝕄𝕆ℝ𝕋𝔸ℝ𝕀𝕌𝕊 (@MortariusGaming) reported

    @viking_trash The problem with Twitch's TOS is that it's SO vague that it lets them get away with a LOT, and it's designed that way on purpose to allow them legal flexibility and protection. It's not right, and I hate it, but I also understand WHY it is that way :/

  • Thee_Sy Alex (@Thee_Sy) reported

    @SayNoToRage @Twitch the problem is that nobody would upgrade for no ads. either they don't watch your stream or they will just keep t1/prime sub with ads. it's a lose lose.

  • Illyriel Illyriel (@Illyriel) reported

    @hugemiqote I just snapped at someone like this in our FC, except that they were also super toxic Twitch-memeing sarcastic *******. Called him out on his behavior on FC chat, and the officers ended up telling him he needs to leave, because I wasn't the only one with an issue with him.

  • lAjWoodl A.J. (@lAjWoodl) reported

    The worst part of not using Amazon today is that all I watch when I eat is 24/7 poker on Twitch

  • MiladyConfetti Confetti (@MiladyConfetti) reported

    This person was doing the same thing to them, and my irl friend brought attention that this person was also predatory in his community to all the women. I took it upon myself to reach out and get help and get them reported to steam/discord/twitch and IG. /2

  • jeaninecalkin Jeanine Calkin (@jeaninecalkin) reported

    Just a reminder that today and tomorrow workers at Amazon are striking because of the awful working conditions they face. Join me in standing with workers to say: No Amazon No Twitch No Wholefoods No IMDB #AmazonStrike

  • TheBusinessCat The Business Cat (@TheBusinessCat) reported

    @TwitchSupport hello, my account has been hacked for months now and i have been trying to get it back. I have just sent you another email in hopes that you can help me. My account name is TheBusinessCatz.

  • viking_trash VikingTrash (@viking_trash) reported

    This isnt an ESO community issue, this concerns EVERYONE who uses Twitch. This should worry all of you even if you don’t know @Angry_Wolf6 , because if it can happen to her it can happen to the rest of us and support is not doing anything!

  • NewsSwsArmyKnfe Cyber▅▅▅▅▅ (@NewsSwsArmyKnfe) reported

    The issue of workers rights is just exponentially more complicated when you're dealing with a hydra like amazon that has both workers in warehouses treated like garbage AND people that Twitch has performing basically for tips and ad revenue

  • kyledempsterstu Kyle Dempster (@kyledempsterstu) reported

    Hey @Twitch @TwitchSupport @TwitchSupportTW this is getting beyond embarrassing on your part. You need bigger and better staffing. The fact that you’ve let an affiliated creator wait this long for a fix.........

  • Jon35156 jk (@Jon35156) reported

    @TwitchSupport I am having issue putting a badge on a channel right now and keeps crashing

  • LadyyBug88 Rebecca (@LadyyBug88) reported

    @RockstarGames @Twitch How bout y’all fix your servers instead, and stop pretending it’s not y’all’s fault.

  • Garrythemod 💜 Neopolitan 💙 (@Garrythemod) reported

    @iaincole hey homie there's some bullshit that went down twitch side, idk how to contact you or if you could help but if you see this send me whisper -Garry

  • PoiznDeth Nikko Suncin (@PoiznDeth) reported

    @Infinitis_KS @PlayWarframe On a normal day it's a low amount of issues. But tennocon and other major events, yes, you do this to reduce the amount of technical errors on your part. In no way am I saying it's your fault if you miss out. But it's also not their fault that twitch fkd up.

  • nuhorizens J🅰️Y (@nuhorizens) reported

    @TwitchSupport hi twitch i’m trying to get my Watson and Bangalore skin and when i try to link my EA account to my twitch account it gives me an Error message.. i’ve messages EA support and apex support already

  • TheBusinessCat The Business Cat (@TheBusinessCat) reported

    @TwitchSupport please help me. My account has been hacked for months and no one will help me.

  • flarebooks Flarebooks (@flarebooks) reported

    Twitch is broken too

  • Egobyte83 Egobyte83 (@Egobyte83) reported

    [TWITCH UPDATE] - I am having some difficulties with some scam notifications that continuously pop up on the screen. Nothing shows up on virus scans and adjusting notification settings didn't help either. Tonight's stream is on hiatus for now while I try to deal with this.

  • RealHagosha Hagosha (@RealHagosha) reported

    just saw the tweets and forum posts saying that all the drops were delivered. I logged in just now and definitely still don't have the drops. I'm kinda wondering if it's an issue with @Twitch and how it handles watching multiple streams at once since i watched 2 at the same time.

  • breezys_shoes James Denton (@breezys_shoes) reported

    @PlayApex I got twitch prime and don’t never get none of the skins fix this broken ass game and drop the code leaf skin

  • RealHagosha Hagosha (@RealHagosha) reported

    just saw the tweets and forum posts saying that all the drops were delivered. I logged in just now and definitely still don't have the drops. I'm kinda wondering if it's an issue with Twitch and how it handles watching multiple streams at once since i was watching 4 at once...

  • europeanson61 Colin G (@europeanson61) reported

    @Nixxiom @Asmongold I wholly disagree with Taliesin talking about Asmon's "great power" or the idea that he's responsible for people on the internet. All that stuff was weird But I do think there's something to be said for his main Twitch audience. Man is it terrible, even by Twitch's low standards

  • loonaromi loonaromi #commissionsclosed (@loonaromi) reported

    Help a friend #twitchstreamers! This is not okay @TwitchSupport @Twitch, you can’t just simply ban someone without reason for thirty days especially when so many like AngryWolf6 rely on this as their income! Get your stuff together! #FREEANGRYWOLF

  • DashonteJ Dashonte Isaiah Marcus-Johnson (@DashonteJ) reported

    @NickPolom Twitch is as pozzed as it gets. It generates the worst kind of people.

  • byungkim06 Froobie (@byungkim06) reported

    Still waiting on a reply from twitch lol plz help me

  • xSaio saio of the north #SoaRSaio (@xSaio) reported

    If anyone uses twitch leecher. Dm me I need some help

  • europeanson61 Colin G (@europeanson61) reported

    @Asmongold I don’t think you’re responsible for every viewer or comment, that’s silly, but your Twitch chat is one of the worst I’ve ever seen on the site. Not saying it’s your fault or that you have to fix it (not even sure how you could) but I dunno, there’s something weird there.

  • Mardcon Martin (@Mardcon) reported

    @DeePennyway @skinnyghost So, your thread has nothing to do with the original point folks took issue with and were discussing, which was his advice to "buy cheap shit if it makes you happy". Your thread is about people who need to stream on Twitch as their job, which is not remotely similar.

  • Cmonz11G Cmonz11 (@Cmonz11G) reported

    Ok this #twitchsellsout is terrible. @Twitch you literally just have people screaming at the cameras not really doing anything....yikes...this is unwatchable

  • NapalmReign NapalmReign (@NapalmReign) reported

    @TwitchSupport i cant get a mod for world of tanks, the easy twitch way doesnt work and the long way of adding the folder into the wot folder or the mods folder doesnt work either, please help

  • datlossit Datlossit (@datlossit) reported

    The reason being cause i'm well aware how much Amazon treats it's co-workers like complete garbage, and ones in warehouses get it the worst. Respecting for the workers lives by not giving into Amazon #PrimeDay's cash grabs, even @Twitch themselves are shamelessly promoting it.

  • pastreset thomas reset (@pastreset) reported

    it's breathtaking to see so many people who should be smarter than to be prioritizing the affiliate link or twitch revenue systems to not make the small jump in realizing the squeeze amazon's actual employees are under and how their gains will help whatever kickback bs they're on

  • ESP_ROOT lalafellon (@ESP_ROOT) reported

    @vilepluff also ive been getting really bad playback issues with twitch on firefox and chrome so hopefully that doesnt happen here

  • LionessJeanne Jeanne ‘Frankly, Not Very Polite’ Asadullah (@LionessJeanne) reported

    @Kainin @SilentHero3142 The worst part is that where it all happened was in a Twitch stream that I really enjoyed being around. The streamer, of course, did nothing. He said he didn’t think there was anything worth doing, and willingly admitted to having made similar ‘jokes’ in the past.

  • BigSlothy I||I_John Bradford_I||I (@BigSlothy) reported

    @DMIAmiPunisher @charlieINTEL MP reveal Is August 1st. They are showing raw gameplay of the 2v2 mode because #1 it was streamed on twitch with bad quality and #2 nobody wanted courage screaming every 2 seconds

  • WhyOhElOhYT WhyOhElOh (@WhyOhElOhYT) reported

    So Twitch account was hacked and spent 260$ on Bits. Great. @TwitchSupport I submitted a ticket for help but we will see where that gets me. If you haven't, PLEASE enable 2-step Verification on your account.

  • Geoaid1 Geoaid (@Geoaid1) reported

    @TwitchSupport so if my stream keeps crashing on Xbox what do I do and how do I fix it

  • TheFailgameTv OMG_Its_OCATv 🤤 (@TheFailgameTv) reported

    @Doc_Stimmed @PRoutlaw @RockstarGames @Twitch What is your problem we ask for little things that wont hurt you If you don't care don't waste your time on us thats Rockstars mission

  • Khelendross Chris Black (@Khelendross) reported

    @wwetuesday I’m not going to not support my twitch streamer friends because Amazon sucks, that’s not their fault and you are doing more harm than good if you choose to not use amazon services. Support workers on strike, absolutely but be careful not to damage the ones you want to help

  • darematty dare matty (@darematty) reported

    idk what to say but thank you so much for everything!! i got my twitch payout and used it to help my mom pay off some debt again! you guys seriously do more than you think behind the scenes. hopefully ill be able to quit one of my jobs soon and work part time! 😭🧡

  • Chasy30 Chayen Ingwersen (@Chasy30) reported

    @TwitchSupport Hello my twitch Account was hacked.... now I cant log in... my Accountname is Chasy30, I rot an Email, that someone from Mexico was log in at my Account and another Mail that my password was change... please help

  • Sylpphire ★Sylpphire★ (@Sylpphire) reported

    @GeeFrodo @TwitchSupport ...I read the geepmnqg as something else and now I want @TwitchSupport to help you ASAP.

  • Sylpphire ★Sylpphire★ (@Sylpphire) reported

    @GeeFrodo @TwitchSupport ...I read the geepmnqg as something else and now I want @TwitchSupport twitchsupportto help you ASAP.

  • Le_Brutus Brutus @ Toryuken 🇨🇦 (@Le_Brutus) reported

    The worst part about rewatching my matches that were on stream is glancing over at Twitch Chat. Definitely keeping that shit closed from now on.

  • brookslewellen Broomba (@brookslewellen) reported

    @codykaiba @TaliesinEvitel @Asmongold If this is not handled correctly by both parties to resolve the problem, twitch will intervene and things will not be pretty.

  • 9kGamesTTV 9K 💪🏼🐸 Joshua Loren (@9kGamesTTV) reported

    @ThingsSwamp @factoid_twitch @ashnichrist @streamlabs @streamcoachtv @TheYamFam @TeamKittyTV This def makes sense to me. Although I can’t help feel that Twitch is running into similar self inflicted roadblocks as Facebook & YouTube are running into due to the Twitch ToS... I know of several streamers that have elected to stop streaming due to Twitch’s policies.

  • Matty_Est1980 Matty (@Matty_Est1980) reported from Islington, England

    @Evans23653901 @RockstarGames @Twitch @YouTube It's weird as @YouTube banned so many GTA clickbaiters and tons of people report MrBossFTW daily and yet Youtube never seems to ban him. And he's by far the worst clickbaiter of them all. lol

  • WeHaveZa WeHaveZa (@WeHaveZa) reported

    That feeling when you have a problem with a twitch and it's not the website for a change. Eyelid, please stop having a rave.

  • RaiSpellfang Rai Spellfang (@RaiSpellfang) reported

    Oh wow, my whole body is just in TERRIBLE amounts of pain right now. My back hurts so bad. I just took Tylenol like two hours ago. I really shouldn't take more. Uuuugh. I was gonna mess with my Twitch VODs but now I'm just gonna like... not.

  • FA1KFA1KFA1K Little King Matt Farthing 👑 (@FA1KFA1KFA1K) reported

    @N3RDFUSION pssst guys your twitch link on your website is broken...

  • LopousRBLX Lopous (@LopousRBLX) reported

    @phirettv Twitch has issues with payment all the time

  • qtclappah Riley (@qtclappah) reported

    @FreshPanda5 Some gfuel I need to get a facecam for twitch my controller broken and I have to play mouse and keyboard that I can’t play that’s about it

  • thecatcrab Alaric Crab Lord (@thecatcrab) reported

    @narwhuls I wish i could say i was surprised at this happening...its just ******* sick man. Ive said for years that twitch needs some kind of resources to help streamers with stalking and harrassment issues.

  • jojoleeplays _its_jojo_duh_ (@jojoleeplays) reported

    @RockstarGames @Twitch We cant get a screenshot of the inside at least help me jesus

  • Csensis Anthony Mortenson (@Csensis) reported

    @WIRED so that's why Twitch is terrible on Chromecast. makes sense now

  • MechaDenny Denny [53% Power] (@MechaDenny) reported

    @logancorsaut This is a common error and I twitch every time lol

  • Forever_Ayra Wicked Mouth (@Forever_Ayra) reported

    Twitch needs to gimme my gah damn payout. I’m so tired with issues with this platform

  • MerryMolly16 Capt. Molly (@MerryMolly16) reported

    @Tritemare I’d agree somewhat with your first comment that it may not just be a female issue. Although females do struggle with it more often then males simply because more males use twitch. But I do think it’s a two way street.

  • DAYASHI_ Dayashii (@DAYASHI_) reported

    @DARLINGawake016 @RockstarGames @Twitch The mark 2 and remove orbital and fix the bombushka

  • markinjax2 markinjax (@markinjax2) reported

    @Grummz Hey @TwitchSupport we need some help here please.

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