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March 18: Problems at Twitch

Twitch is having issues since 06:30 PM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Playback Issues (49.49%)
  • Buffering (29.29%)
  • Sign in (8.08%)
  • Crashing (7.07%)
  • Video Quality (6.06%)

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  • DzzyBuildz ItzDzzy™️ (@DzzyBuildz) reported

    Honestly I might just switch to @Twitch if @YouTube can’t even fix NOTIFICATIONS

  • avrysatos Avry (@avrysatos) reported

    @Paulfontaine20 I have no issue with them. I just don't watch them cause I'm not on twitch to watch some lady working out or whatever unless she's giving instructions for how to keep my hands from hurting as much or something.

  • darkphoenixpool Darkphoenixpool (@darkphoenixpool) reported

    I am getting ready to streaming in about 15 mins. I hope to see you there. If you haven't had a chance to and would like to please hit that follow button on Twitch it does help... there is also other options to support in the widgets on my twitch page.

  • OutdoorAndyTTV Andy Johnston (@OutdoorAndyTTV) reported

    ability to due to reception restrictions, and I cant afford an irl backpack to deal with that problem. Discoverability is also almost impossible on twitch, even with more popular things like gaming, dnd, irl stuff. People just watch who they already know, and rarely deviate.

  • DruidLeaf Leaf (@DruidLeaf) reported

    .@TwitchSupport how is it that Twitch is constantly buffering at 160 but I can watch youtube at 1080 just fine, this happens constantly and way more with small streamers. it's not on their side, I'm the only one having these problems. ads play just fine in high quality tho $$$ :)

  • TheRealBandit_ x I Kno Bandit 🌎 (@TheRealBandit_) reported

    @BrokeMyXButton @GTFOH03 @Dirk_Issues @xIKnoClan @Twitch Minus the glitch dribbling most of you ****** need defending in y’all build to have defense

  • Vadewolf Charlie Pratt (@Vadewolf) reported

    @Kev_Fahey just an idea but when u remove them block them then u shouldnt have an issue (tho true twitch needs to fix their site as well)

  • JohnnyGuyzer MkN Johnny Guyzer (@JohnnyGuyzer) reported

    Bruh don’t be banning people on twitch if you only have like 5 viewers... if someone is being toxic and acting out try and find out why and maybe you can help that person. Don’t just assume someone’s a ********.

  • Outcastone1 Outcast_one.TTV (@Outcastone1) reported

    @TwitchSupport I got my link for affiliate and when I'm doing the tax information it says that my address doesn't match what was put in in step 1 (it autofills it from step 1 to 3) can someone please help as I would love to get this squared away and get my sub button ASAP

  • mashxmosh mashmosh (@mashxmosh) reported

    @TwitchSupport i do need help i change my username by mistake and i cant wait for 60 days to change it again .... i would like to get help please as soon as passible

  • jordannlouise13 Jord Beacher✨ (@jordannlouise13) reported

    One of the boys in my class has a tick and feel so awful but every time he twitches can’t help but laugh 🤣🤣🤣

  • KingAlakazam KingAlakazam (@KingAlakazam) reported

    @LordZed12 @Twitch ****** tryna watch a homie and itll ****** GLADLY load the ****** ad but give me "Unexpected Error" every damn time it loads the stream. Even if i close out and reopen the app

  • VmKid Bryan Hauser | PAX East SOON (@VmKid) reported

    I can't say that Twitch's ads are entirely not-buggy, however. I've had pieces of the ad UI stick around on Fire TV after the ad finishes, and the volume difference problem is still as omnipresent as ever. But generally speaking the video still plays.

  • MeedasTV MeedasTV (@MeedasTV) reported

    @chic619 @Twitch @TwitchSupport @amazon @ebonixsims If you go into your Twitch dashboard, and then go into Moderation, look for an option called Email Verification and turn it on. This prevents unverified Twitch accounts from talking in the chat. Most trolls use unverified accounts so this should help.

  • Ohvolbeatz Beatz SKUM (@Ohvolbeatz) reported

    @RLawGG dont download from twitch and get a second pc for top titty quality

  • jacobembich hi. 🐝 (@jacobembich) reported

    @AodanTwitch @Twitch Watch some @LuCKyy_and_BW videos and emulate it. Problem solved.

  • RLawGG RLaw (@RLawGG) reported

    Killing twitch streamers came out grainy af. Anyone know how I can save clips in higher quality for future videos

  • glitteRIP david (@glitteRIP) reported

    someone in twitch chat just asked me if im gay and then said THEN GET HELP DSDSDSDSfgfg

  • Neggatron13 Neggatron (@Neggatron13) reported

    Sorry I had to end the Stream today really early. I have to deal with some private Problems. Iam gone try to be back later online on twitch. Thank you Guys for watching!!

  • CaptainAbsol Captain Absol (@CaptainAbsol) reported

    Well, I'm gonna be streaming on Twitch, soon. Finally got a new controller, even if it has it's own problems. Got a lot of stuff to do in Warframe.

  • Matthewbabybaby MattyFBaby (@Matthewbabybaby) reported

    Omg destiny on twitch is literally the worst. You can @ me lol

  • KingJGrimShow Jakob Geir Grimsmo (@KingJGrimShow) reported

    @rabbitsam37 I have done so before, but the thing is if I stream on YT, that will take away my opportunity in getting partnered on Twitch, which will give me the option to have "quality selection". So I guess cross our fingers for partnership soonish!

  • D0UNEN Dounen (@D0UNEN) reported

    @AnneMunition @LIRIK ***** don’t come and cannibalize the conversation. No one was talking about you or twitch rivals. You’re the friend who makes the topic about her when someone calls you to vent about their issue....

  • Burntpopc0rn BrianInman (@Burntpopc0rn) reported

    So I bought a new gpu and after spending hours trying every fix it isn't worth it. I am taking in to get repaired. My first twitch payout is going straight to the repair bill.

  • logandavey11 thebomb32k (@logandavey11) reported

    Does anybody know any good scrim servers/channels on discord twitch or YouTube I want to play scrims but cant find a way to get into serious ones put a link in the comment section because I really want to join a team and playing scrims help @team_parallel @Team_Atlantis

  • Lostwothought , (@Lostwothought) reported

    @AnimeDisputes The problem is is your breaking copy right laws so you cannot stream it on Twitch I was going to do the same thing

  • IThe_Krug The Krug -- Streaming M & W @ 6pm & Sat @ 12:30 (@IThe_Krug) reported

    I would like to apologize to my viewers for these past couple weeks! I have been inconsistent due to getting bronchitis, losing my voice, and then my stream had issues. I still don't have much of a voice but will be back tonight as scheduled. #supportsmallstreamers #twitch

  • starkdirection ◟̽◞̽ (@starkdirection) reported

    Having anxiety related to your health is the worst thing especially when you are unhealthy its frustrating being scared at the slight pain or twitch of muscle 😩

  • AWinningCan Josh | A Winning Can! (@AWinningCan) reported

    This Friday on the 22nd I will be doing a 24 hour marathon stream on Twitch to try and raise money for my green card. We need a total of $1100, and have 150 already so the goal is $1000. I don't like asking for help like this but I have literally nowhere else to turn.

  • zenphuls Zenphul (@zenphuls) reported

    @TwitchSupport hi I have an account on twitch, that I have sent in plenty of referrals to get unbanned, its been over a year. On top of this I was banned for being 12, when I'm 25, had a facecam and was affliated. Please Help

  • genericsadname I'm Happy (@genericsadname) reported

    To be fair, i'm by far not his worst student. Sat on the backseet of another lesson while they drove me home. The dude forgot the release the clutch and when he finally remembered we jumped into the active roundabout. My instructor didn't even twitch.

  • coffeerobot Jon Bennett (@coffeerobot) reported

    @TychoBrahe @AmyTFalcone As if tattooing on livestream wasn't the worst use of needles on Twitch =.=

  • Tubbywubbs Tubbywubbs (@Tubbywubbs) reported

    Sorry for the lack of World of Tanks content on my Twitch. Till they've fixed all of the server issues, I'm going to give it a wide berth. Don't want it to ruin my experience and therefore the streams experience as a result. Hope y'all understand!

  • nikout13 Mykyta Trunov (@nikout13) reported

    Alright here is a challenge for the week, and it's starting now. No coffee. This right eyelid twitch really drives me crazy and it's been like that 4th month now, may help.

  • krnljdp Jools del Pilar / #DefendPressFreedom (@krnljdp) reported

    @bcu_encounters @kmdntedumagat His hands twitch. He wants to help, he really does, but they need to end this as fast as he can. The glow brightens, but it's not enough. He's not even halfway there, he thinks.

  • Anightgirl Syn (@Anightgirl) reported

    @HiRezAjax @HirezOps @HiRezSupport twitch prime for ps4 loot still broken no matter how many times I unlink and linked accounts. No proble.s before. Have the janus twitch skin.

  • bigasb Bryan Glasspool (@bigasb) reported

    @VincentKnotley @Sgt_Smudge I pinned mine, the only one that’s broken so far was when it dropped off my painting slab and hit the floor, I think only broke then because there was a painting handle attached. I blame @StrongholdGames as I was watching him on twitch and moved my pad to get a better view ;-)

  • Jauffins Jauffins (@Jauffins) reported

    @chuchuroon @theRSSfeeds It's almost like this topic is important, improperly addressed by Twitch or Twitch Support, and that is likely the entire reason any one Twitch employee would be DM'd. Fixing the (valid) problem, or even acknowledging it, would go a long way, IMO.

  • BirdGirl711 Savvi the Bird Nerd 🐦 (@BirdGirl711) reported

    @PKSparkxx Since I'm still a bit of a beginner, I'm trying to work with Incineroar. Not the best, but not the worst, either. I'm also studying videos and Twitch streams by @Samsora_ to become better at playing with Peach. I'm trying with both at least, but I think I'm better at Incineroar.

  • McDaBeast1 McDaBeast (@McDaBeast1) reported

    @SenseiJiren @Thiefs @Twitch tbh why would anyone care seeing that multiple people in the past have broken terms of agreement 1/2

  • ExFnaticZach Zachary Whyte (@ExFnaticZach) reported

    @BrendanHusebo @Blackbeard To me it goes, 1. High Quality Photographs 2. Game Highlights/Play Of The Game (When done right with fade in/out music, colour correction, sponsor logo's etc. not just random 30 second twitch clip dragged into Twitter) 3. Match Graphics (at least make them engaging)

  • Pimpslapwilson ツUndeadgalore13ツ (@Pimpslapwilson) reported

    @TwitchSupport it’s been 13 days and still no response to my F2A reset request. You can’t tell me you have that many issues . What the hell is going on.

  • jsoto1972 John Soto (RavenJDK) (@jsoto1972) reported

    @TwitchSupport The worst support ever . Support ticket done 10 days ago and no response . Multiple emails sent . No response .

  • bruizey AJ (@bruizey) reported

    @KirstyAustinYT @Twitch If you need any help let me know, I’m a good mod 👍

  • lmChroma Tom 🇪🇬👑 (@lmChroma) reported

    @KirstyAustinYT @Twitch if you need any help lmk

  • _theangaaaa stupid ass btch•🏳️‍🌈 (@_theangaaaa) reported

    @julealxndr @sophmaraya my lips twitch all the time it's my bodys problem hahab

  • MareyJayne Mar3yJayn3Smok3r (@MareyJayne) reported

    I am so close to becoming a Twitch Affiliate! Unfortunately...I have to cut down my streaming schedule quite dramatically due to my health issues. I don't want to give up gaming as this is something I enjoy immensely🥺😩😢😭😭!

  • FlexReaperz FleX ReaperZ (@FlexReaperz) reported

    Looks like I won’t be streaming until I figure out why streamlabs is using 90+% of my cpu which is an I9 9700k.... and my output is 20 FPS... #problems #twitch #twitchgs


    @streamlabs Yeah if we could just unlink I can merge again. I have logged into my twitch and disconnected Streamlabs just in case if that was the issue

  • Kegmanplays Keg Man Plays (@Kegmanplays) reported

    @Morris_Ross @InterMiamiCF @YouTube i think it might be a case of twitch have let them slip away now. I can only apologise man. Sorry. If its any help i bottled the league. Twice.

  • whitesniped WHITESNIPED (@whitesniped) reported

    @TwitchSupport need help geting back in too my twitch it wont let me in do too no longer haveing my old phone it use is a token password and I cant use auty

  • Miz30_ Miz (@Miz30_) reported

    @TwitchSupport Hey first! I registered me for TwitchSings 3-5 months ago and others had get a Beta access during a really short time. I know the registration is already closed again. But it would be so nice if I could get access. I enjoy this game so much! Thanks for help!

  • Insanestreamin Insane Streaming [TZS] (@Insanestreamin) reported

    Hi im looking for a padded cell type look for a overlay for my twitch can you help Have you got a eg of the overlay on what you mean No thats why im asking for one to be made

  • RaedAbuSirriyeh Raed Abu Sirriyeh (@RaedAbuSirriyeh) reported

    @Dan_Haigh @TwitchSupport i have the same issue

  • A4Haylee A4 | Haylee#FreeA4Andre (@A4Haylee) reported

    Can @Twitch @TwitchSupport please help out @A4Andre with this appeal. This has gone on way to long. #FreeA4Andre

  • jrudolphwright James Wright (@jrudolphwright) reported

    @Cindylo27893961 @bbusa617 I don't care that he was 15 ANYONE who has these types of thoughts and then puts it on paper has MENTAL issues!! He had to have done some serious drugs because the way this guy twitches and moves isn't NORMAL!!

  • Mega_T22 Mega T22 🖤💙💜 (@Mega_T22) reported

    @SaiTwitch Yeah, I feel you tbch. I just don't mind on Twitch specifically, cause it's usually just one ad per stream hop, unless a buffer or 15 second pause ***** you with another 1.

  • jennapa41751008 jenna parker (@jennapa41751008) reported

    @TwitchSupport u cant backup addons anymore can u fix that button is bugged after recent update thank you!

  • MexiMix77 Meximix77_TTV (@MexiMix77) reported from Columbus, Ohio

    Had a salty set of players come into my discord after wiping there squad in Apex. Causing issues and trolling my stream. Idk why people insist on being so petty after losing but they got Banned real quick. #GoodVibes #twitch @PlayApex

  • QuiteSuperMario Ben (@QuiteSuperMario) reported

    @TheNo1Alex @loohhoo @Twitch I've been blown away by how obviously a terrible design choice this has been

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  • 0x10531192
  • 0x109311f2
  • 0x2000000b
  • 0x20B31181
  • 0x30231107
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