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 Problems detected at Twitch

Twitch problems in the last 24 hours

Twitch Outage Chart

April 09: Problems at Twitch

Twitch is having issues since 08:10 PM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Buffering 55.17% Buffering
  • Sign in 20.44% Sign in
  • Playback Issues 10.84% Playback Issues
  • Crashing 10.59% Crashing
  • Video Quality 2.96% Video Quality

Twitch Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:
Padova Buffering
Madrid Playback Issues
Islington Buffering
Hemmingen Buffering
Alicante Buffering
Málaga Buffering

Twitch Comments

Tips? Frustrations? Share them here. Useful comments include a description of the problem, city and postal code.

Twitch Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • ImNexusss ImNexusss (@ImNexusss) reported

    Help me decide what to stream! #twitch #gaming #RE3 #EscapeFromTarkov

  • kobesenpaii KobeSenpai🍃 (@kobesenpaii) reported

    I was wondering why my tweets were not popping up in my twitch chat when I have Modules (Twitter) on. Im not sure how to fix that. @StreamElements

  • coffiecreamer Blaze (@coffiecreamer) reported

    twitch is the WORST

  • KunchClub Emmit is in love ⚪ (@KunchClub) reported

    I need help. I'm going to start streaming on twitch soon and I need a pfp. I need some ideas for a pfp that i can make so help please :))

  • Nox_Drakon NoxDrakon (@Nox_Drakon) reported

    I’ve been terrible about streaming! I’m sorry everyone! It’s just between low motivation and my computer not letting me stream I just haven’t been up for it. @Smarpy miss you guys! I was told by a friend Twitch never alerts anyone when I’m on too! #twitch

  • iamthedeadliest 水 FX.OBSCURO ~ ◟̽◞̽ 🅙 (@iamthedeadliest) reported

    @RiotSuperCakes 53 hours waiting for a drop key.... Super Cake, help please... Username Twitch: @xObscuro

  • PointPr0metheus P.P (@PointPr0metheus) reported

    Think I fixed the frame issue, ran a 40 minute stream that had zero issues, even had someone watching the whole time 👍🏻 #twitch

  • GrimReaper_Ent Grim Reaper (@GrimReaper_Ent) reported from San Francisco, California

    Ok so I've been in quarantine for 3 weeks. I've filmed some trailer reactions the first 2 are up. I also figured out my issues with my SLOBS app. I'll be streaming on Twitch at 6pm tonite. #TwitchStreamer #Gamer #YouTuber

  • Qube_xd Qube_xd (@Qube_xd) reported

    I'm sorry I didn't go live on twitch yesterday and today... But the doctor said I have a broken wrist so I'm going to give myself some rest. As soon as I have Valorant I'm gonna start streaming again


    When I get bigger on twitch imma start paying my mods a little monthly support. Won’t be a lot but it’s gonna be for the dedicated mods who actually help the stream out like @LowFidelityTV @CirqueDuSoClown @MLynchSea24

  • Josiah84920 Josiah (Curio) (@Josiah84920) reported

    @Chemical_Babe I think it's as simple as linking your twitch to OBS, I don't think it's any more complicated than that. Besides the little details you want like if you want it to record what you stream or what quality (file size) you want the recordings to be.

  • Allonzy_Gaming Allonzy (@Allonzy_Gaming) reported

    @Merchant_MTG Thanks, I have noticed that issue with Twitch. I have time to stream and cut those videos for YT, or make original content for YT. Not both.

  • snakedocktur430 Brandon Perry (@snakedocktur430) reported

    @TwitchSupport I need help accessing my account. I have emailed but got a response saying no one can help me. It would help if I could talk to someone about what’s happening with my account. Please help.

  • BlakeSea1 BlakeSea (@BlakeSea1) reported

    @PlayVALORANT How do you guys plan to counteract the botting issue on Twitch keeping dedicated gamers like myself from obtaining codes even after 40+ hours of watching streams. This only results in competitive players not wanting to play due to the unfair disadvantage being dealt

  • peachmilkbun playboy bunny ($3.00 Onlyfans) (@peachmilkbun) reported

    Y’all help I was watching my crush’s twitch stream last night and she read game dialogue that said “be obedient” and I got flustered this is the level of coomer I’ve gone to and it’s only been a few weeks 😭

  • YoutubeXene Twitch : andress1k (@YoutubeXene) reported

    @TwitchSupport @TwitchSupport hey twitch I’m having trouble bringing up the page & my Chanel on my computer, I need help asap please

  • WhiskerzzR6 Dylan (@WhiskerzzR6) reported

    @NearlyToasty @Tranqsss @DynastyR6S @RehabHigh Remember watching multiple twitches doesnt help + some people have drops in their name (dr disrespect) but dont actually have drops so id recommend just watching summit like I did

  • chubsdafondler ChubsDF (@chubsdafondler) reported

    @MeLlamo_Esteban @MajinTaj However, a change in the revenue share would benefit a majority of the streams. If twitch were to shift the current breakdown to 60/40, Tier 1 subs would generate an extra dollar for streamers. Linked with $1 dollar subs, that would help both the streamer/viewer

  • AndrewT41742663 Andrew Taylor (@AndrewT41742663) reported

    @ProjectVALORANT If been watching for the three days and still haven’t gotten anything I want this game so bad could you help me my twitch is 0utlawkid

  • kat_damac 🤘🏼donut 🍩 grrrl🤘🏼 (@kat_damac) reported

    @homeconofficial I could even book regular cuz I could not find the link here, on IG, your homepage or on Twitch. Now Earpers tell me Kat and Dom are sold out and all went to VIP folks. This does not seem fair to the rest of us Earpers. Many who are not working or on reduced income due to COVID.

  • Dcfective ❌⚠️ ⱤɄł₦ ⚠️❌ (@Dcfective) reported

    A soft, distorted hum. Strings sounding like broken violin cords being strung tight as his suspended form twitches. Chest moving in a slow waking ‘breath’. ⱤɆ฿ØØ₮: ł₦ł₮ł₳₮ɆĐ

  • MillaboyGaming Millaboy Gaming (@MillaboyGaming) reported

    This week has been bad for me far as streaming I got a power outage in my part of town I’m sorry for the inconvenience everybody hopefully tomorrow we able to stream. #millaboygaming #RETWEEET #gaming #ps4 #twitch #youtubegaming

  • EvaristoVillela Risto (@EvaristoVillela) reported

    @ZHUmusic Mannnn IG live is the worst with audio go on twitch!

  • PatrykWasilew10 Patryk Wasilewski (@PatrykWasilew10) reported

    @StevenCarrero6 Nah it's on the same account I use for league because it's linked to my twitch prime and stuff and that works fine so idk what could be the problem.

  • Xcentrixz_ Xcentrixz (@Xcentrixz_) reported

    @PlayVALORANT I have sat here and watched 50+ hours of twitch. How come people who have watched 2-3 hours get a key. I am sick and tired of this. My account is linked, and so are all my other medias. I am so done with these drops. Are you ever going to fix this. #valorantkey

  • Clashyyyy 🤪 Clashyyy 🤪 (@Clashyyyy) reported

    @xBerryy_ If they argue, tell them that they'll be banned. Take control of the situation. I wanna join u, but I can't remember my twitch and I have phone and laptop issues atm. Try one more time, and if they keep arguing threaten to stop doing customs if they keep on arguing

  • windyharper15 windy_harper (@windyharper15) reported

    More Hollow Knight tonight. It seems the game is funneling us down to the worst areas...8pm CST on Twitch.

  • Captain_Aegis Captain Aegis (@Captain_Aegis) reported

    I will say I am shocked there hasn't been some kind of event on Twitch, be it resubs or bits discounts to help.

  • kelseyelleart Kelsey Elle (@kelseyelleart) reported

    @M0XIIIE i literally just have people DM me via Twitter or Discord because if it comes in thru email i'll miss it for sure :( i don't do "regular" commissions as often as i do Twitch assets so i'm not sure if my setup will help you or not!

  • MeLlamo_Esteban MeLlamoEsteban (@MeLlamo_Esteban) reported

    @chubsdafondler @MajinTaj A possible better way to phrase would be “has twitch done anything to help viewers keep their subscriptions, like reducing the cost of subs/bits”.

  • hisko_v1 HiskoV1 (@hisko_v1) reported

    Twitch , Steam , Fortnite crash a bah super sa

  • LolaxAri Lola Wylington & Ari Lambert (@LolaxAri) reported

    @JennyStarveling It's to get subscribers on twitch. You stream for an obnoxiously long amount of time (Typically all day or through multiple days) and try and reach a goal of subscribers. Subs are the followers that pay for your services and help you unlock emotes!

  • Hallway7Secrets CHABI at home (@Hallway7Secrets) reported

    OK, so while I don't actually have the hardware I ordered yet, Today at 5PM EST I will be diving in with a Just Chatting stream where you can watch/heckle/help me while I play around with various Twitch settings!

  • Chris_TSM_NYM Chris (@Chris_TSM_NYM) reported

    Bruh I’ve watched for > 24 hours on twitch & still no Valorant key SOS send help

  • Mapleer_ MAPLE (@Mapleer_) reported

    Just Chatting on Twitch: 1. Free Movies & Shows to watch. 2. Titties, titties, and lots of titties. 3. 1/10 good quality streams. 4. Random group call.

  • caleb_tucker10 Caleb_tucker10 (@caleb_tucker10) reported

    @IVlango @TwitchSupport @SoaRCarl_ Alinity: purposefully abuses cat Twitch: i see no problem here Carl: makes mistake Twitch: THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE your dumb for getting him banned she even said the n-word and no ban for her you *****

  • ChronicComicsYT ☯₵฿₲🕯️JɆ₣₣⚜️ (@ChronicComicsYT) reported

    @SpikeGhost I just got the notification. Hopefully it doesn't glitch on me again.. I can hardly get through anyone's twitch without a glitch

  • IamTaemys Taemys (@IamTaemys) reported

    @JesseJChick I am so burned out on Valorant already from watching that I want to play it. And the streamers with drops enabled are just getting pummeled with all the worst people on twitch. Can't wait to have the whiners on my team later, I'm sure they'll be great.

  • Thesnomann thesnomann (@Thesnomann) reported

    @A_HonchoYT @bruuhzerker @Twitch Could be hardware acceleration in your browser not working properly.

  • colleenbrethour Colleen Brethour (@colleenbrethour) reported

    @chrisrcunha @PaulRogerAmos @homeconofficial @Twitch Whew! I’m thinking my email might be messed up on my 1:1 since I don’t have a confirmation email! 😩 hoping someone will be able to help me out 🤞

  • Gavin24876763 Gavin (@Gavin24876763) reported

    @Twitch @matthewkheafy I meant I know many people don’t do this and it would really help

  • Gavin24876763 Gavin (@Gavin24876763) reported

    @Twitch @matthewkheafy Hey I’m new to twitch my account is lilbrogav2010 can you plz help I know many people do this but it rally would like help

  • ricobeenballin Rico went...POPSTAR! 🤩 (@ricobeenballin) reported

    @TwitchSupport I need help my Twitch account was spammed by follow-bots towards the end of my stream today. My last known user follow was at 68 followers. Please help. @twitch

  • vKyln_ kyln (@vKyln_) reported

    @RiotSupport @PlayVALORANT Thanks, I’ve got in contact with riot through tickets but there unable to help so I’ve made new twitch a riot account and trying to get a invite again.

  • GreninjaexChris Serabi (@GreninjaexChris) reported

    @awfuIpoems @Kotaku @PlayVALORANT just because they're doing well with actual gameplay doesn't mean that we should forgive that AWFUL twitch drop system. it is the worst beta drop in the history of betas.

  • mixedknuts Ted Knutson (@mixedknuts) reported

    @Marcotti @StatsBomb I'm also working on getting the Twitch broadcasts to stay available on demand after we do them AND I think I figured out how to fix the audio mix going forward but we shall see! We are very much in old dog learns new tricks mode here.

  • TheRealDoubleVV TheDoubleVV (@TheRealDoubleVV) reported

    Ended the stream a little bit earlier than usual sadly, because of connection issues and mass buffering issues on the stream, but sometimes that happens, whether it was twitch or my Internets side, it tends to happen, hopefully we wont have those issues in the future.😁

  • keyislive Key Is Live (@keyislive) reported

    This is the quality content I came to Twitch for

  • CloudPlays_YT Cloud Plays☁️ (@CloudPlays_YT) reported

    @BungieHelp cant disconnect my twitch account on the bungie

  • meanazzsnipez Voltage (@meanazzsnipez) reported

    @RiotSupport I’ve tried with riot support proved I had the valorant drop in twitch signed into my account still don’t get accepted then they tell me the same thing to say forgot username so I do and what do you know it still doesn’t work wish someone on riot would actually help.

  • ErwinBtje ErwinBtje (@ErwinBtje) reported

    If someone has the ability to whitelist people for Valorant.. Sign me up pls! 🤚 Watching Twitch streams for 3 days in a row (in the background). #Valorant #Help #Riot

  • AucellaGhost Celly (@AucellaGhost) reported

    @Nemesis3561uk @OBSProject From what I've seen, twitch itself has been having issues all day.

  • _abzisdaking_ abzisdaking (@_abzisdaking_) reported

    @adityas95_otaku @TwitchSupport I did!! It's not working for me right now @adityas95_otaku

  • OnyxReclaimed Christian Perez (@OnyxReclaimed) reported

    Hey @AskPayPal my account attached to my twitch account appears to be disabled. Both times I’ve called I get hung up on... send help!

  • _abzisdaking_ abzisdaking (@_abzisdaking_) reported

    Looks like I need help again please. I am having login issues on my Windows Desktop Twitch account. I am not getting my SMS code like I normally do, I just do not know why. @TwitchSupport

  • pinqucs Pinqu (@pinqucs) reported

    Apparently twitch having problems, so i'll try later :(

  • Bullet55Nl Bullet55NL (@Bullet55Nl) reported

    Please support me as a creator in Fortnite. It would really help me out!🙏🏻 Code: Bullet55NL #supportacreator #creatorcode #fortnite #SupportSmallerStreamers #SupportSmallStreams #ContentCreator #PS4share #gaming #Bullet55NL #NINJA #PewDiePie #twitch #fortniteclips #battlepass

  • itsnemra LP | Nemra (@itsnemra) reported

    @Twitch this quality issues are horrible, not enjoyable at all.

  • zfiny Zfiny (@zfiny) reported

    @TwitchSupport @Twitch Today in the middle of my stream I got follower botted and I was at 342 followers before this happened and now I am at 7,839 Followers 🙁 This means that Almost all my followers are fake an inactive. If there is away to get these removed please help me!

  • Daredevil_Gamer Bryan Oates (@Daredevil_Gamer) reported

    @Polecat324 If you truly love dogs like you said in a recent livestream, you wouldn't keep talking out loud about harming and/or killing it. If I can't get any help from @Twitch to stop your verbal animal cruelty, I'm hoping to get @peta or @HSIGlobal involved. Enough is enough!

Twitch Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 0x10331100
  • 0x10331196
  • 0x10331196
  • 0x1033119e
  • 0x103311a0
  • 0x103311b3
  • 0x10531192
  • 0x109311f2
  • 0x2000000b
  • 0x20B31181
  • 0x30231107
  • 400
  • 500
  • CE-35327-0