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November 20: Problems at Twitch

Twitch is having issues since 12:30 AM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:
Barcelona Buffering
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Rome Playback Issues
Vieste Playback Issues

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Twitch Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • KujoGames_ Kujo (@KujoGames_) reported

    @ItsMeMartyBee @TwitchSupport I was on mobile and didn’t notice any issues but who nose 👃

  • PhourSt4R [4] Star (@PhourSt4R) reported

    @Twitch can you fix your mobile app bums

  • GamerLindsey Lindsey Montgomery (@GamerLindsey) reported

    @TwitchSupport Need too speak to someone asap about my sign in. My cellphone is broken and can't use for sending code verify.

  • ZachArbogastVO Zach Arbogast (@ZachArbogastVO) reported

    @Welsh_Fox Kudos on the YouTube and Twitch channels! I think so many of us wish we had the confidence to start one, but convince ourselves nobody will like it. I'm glad you either didn't have that problem, or got over it.

  • Wraithyn1 Wraithyn (@Wraithyn1) reported

    @ZuFats @SmittenGFG @GeneticSaber @ThorDG @SNK8Four I *will* agree with a minimum quality standard for the channel. Stream has to look and sound clean, etc. Which I think is lacking, currently, but honestly you can't tell me out of ALL the bullshit that happened w/ Twitch that THIS is 'the thing' holding it back.

  • cmstephens98 C. M. Stephens (@cmstephens98) reported

    I've noticed both of my recent tweets about Twitch streams are popping up with wrong preview info. I'm not going back to WWE 2K20 until I'm done with the main quest on Pokemon Sword, at the very least. It might fix itself, since that video is about to expire.

  • AndrewGaming82 Andrew (@AndrewGaming82) reported

    @SteelSeries $200,000 dollars 2 million followers or subs. 2 million followers can be too much to hanlde for me so thats a no twitch subs would be nice but i have no emotes or sub badge thats a no as well the $200,000 dollars i can help my parents out give them half of it and the rest be 4 pc

  • AndrewGaming82 Andrew (@AndrewGaming82) reported

    @SteelSeries I can't decide 2 million twitch followers or subs or $200,000 dollars so hard to choose then again $200,000 dollars could help my family out with bills food and other things

  • KazeCave KazeCaveTranqulity (@KazeCave) reported

    I know I've been inconsistent lately on twitch. Been dealing with some life issues and its beaten the crap out of me.

  • PupRatchet89 PupRatchet89 (@PupRatchet89) reported

    @ChestneyGraham *Twitches in agitation* Come ooooooooon! It's been too long already!! Puppy needs his Who fix!!

  • iSpotYouDrop 🔴[LIVE ON TWITCH] @/iSpotYouDrop (@iSpotYouDrop) reported

    Twitch mobile broken lol @Twitch

  • tehMorag Scott Hellyer (@tehMorag) reported

    @SwiftShotTV There is a bunch going around right now... not sure where it started from yet. Seems the new "Blame Twitch" for viewership issues is prerolls right now (even tho ads are the have been in yesrs). Their is a huge difference in ad culture on Twitch now vs 2-3+ years ago.

  • Viper3vids Viper3 Tg (@Viper3vids) reported

    Sorry bout the messed up stream mobile twitch was not working for my viewers so I shut it down. Will be back up in about 4 ish hours though make sure to tune in. @SmallStreamersR @LetsGrow_SC @SmallStreamersC @PromoStreamers @Rapid__RTs #SmallStreamerCommunity #smallstreamer

  • Furaian91 Furaian (@Furaian91) reported

    Go watch this for quality Mage PoV streams and drop a follow maybe a sub. Twitch prime

  • DryukuA Dryu (BOOPMAN) (@DryukuA) reported

    @Diislikeable @wandakunpls Twitch's skin was insane Writing everything this way can make everything sound awful

  • GeneticSaber Generics (@GeneticSaber) reported

    @ThorDG That's great, really its good to have a place like that and i understand the need for it. However if you're gonna make 400,000 turn off their notifications so some "official" learning stream can stream thats not a good move. I dont see the issue in moving to a new twitch channel

  • FexxeeXD FexxeeXD (@FexxeeXD) reported

    I wish twitch would have their own video area so us youtubers can switch there. TBH @Twitch is my home at this point. I never seem to have an issue with them.

  • TheSp33d3mon Schrödinger's Cat (@TheSp33d3mon) reported

    @OGLurkerr @TwitchSupport You don't have any of these issues with Mixer ;)

  • Ceebsman The Ceebs Man (@Ceebsman) reported

    @TwitchSupport please help, I’m trying to sign up to be an affiliate but something keeps going wrong with the tax interview and I don’t know how to fix it. Please please help ASAP

  • FryingKirby Kirbs (@FryingKirby) reported

    @TwitchSupport Since updating to iPad OS, I've noticed an issue with minimizing a stream (Picture-in-Picture) and the stream pausing while navigating other apps; Safari, Twitter, Discord, etc. This also happens when I return to the Twitch app (back to full screen).

  • J_CupcakeTV JustinCupcake is doing his best. (@J_CupcakeTV) reported

    Stream Coaching Doesn't Help. It really only builds the coach an audience base. Anyone who is trying to sell you on how to stream already knows you are likely not gonna make it. Stream for you Sign up for an program that has analytical info on your streaming Twitch has this as

  • RhythmOnTwitch ryan (@RhythmOnTwitch) reported

    @ohEddy_ twitch mobile was / is having issues

  • RSNMonado Monado (@RSNMonado) reported

    @EvilLucario Gamers like to point to stuff like ping but in practice it's honestly not that big of an issue and something you can easily get used to I found, even in twitch reaction action games that kills you in 2 hits. (2/2)

  • dhcbmscl ДХЦБМСЦЛ (@dhcbmscl) reported

    @TwitchSupport The last twitch update on iOS looks broken :/ background playing only works for few minutes (it can be 5 to 25 min) then the app crash

  • Dinolich MEGAN (@Dinolich) reported

    @PandaPandarim Links to my post are always fine, it’s mainly a problem on Instagram where people save your work and upload it to their own profile. Or I’ve had a string of people uploading my sketch to their own page to advertise their twitch stream of the game.

  • Zovolyn 98th_Zovolyn (1.5K) (@Zovolyn) reported

    @TwitchSupport Yo when are you going to help me I’ve been waiting three ******* weeks and I’m sitting here and I can’t stream I’m still gonna kick kick for my team because I can’t stream help me out

  • odessamc Odessamc 🔜 PAX South 2020 (@odessamc) reported

    @NightWolfRhodes @TwitchSupport I’ve had that issue the last few days too

  • CarmenKingy carmie🐀 (@CarmenKingy) reported

    @vivianaisokay twitch is broken i think it wont load for me

  • KorverAintMe May (@KorverAintMe) reported from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    @netw3rk I’ve decided to tweet you every day till you atleast give us a twitch walk through of Fallen Order. Plz on the Ringer YouTube Page or Twitch Page give us this. PLEASE SIR. @MalloryRubin plz help me

  • DyllonKG Dyllon (@DyllonKG) reported

    @stiggzstaggz Nope! And that's the issue This isnt for everyone It isnt for the hobbyist streamer It may not even be for someone limited to 1 day a week That's for THEM to decide with their money But to be successful on twitch you'll need more than a niche for sure

  • osupokes12 Chris Elmore (@osupokes12) reported

    @TwitchSupport @WatchMixer is not having these problems so there is that.. Just saying..

  • AsgardianDraugr Your Favourite Draugr (@AsgardianDraugr) reported

    @GreatDekuStick @CaptainSparklez Unless you're ready to sell your dignity, or have some years of savings to rely on, right now is the worst time to become a twitch streamer.

  • rehyl_dev rehyl_dev (@rehyl_dev) reported

    Workaround to iOS twitch issue. Go to audio only mode and then swap to a resolution. Loaded streams for me.

  • DemonKrauser Krauser0 (@DemonKrauser) reported

    @doodybeardLIVE I equate how this twitch issue with the USA justice system. USA: rich person does a crime, few days in jail if that Average person does it, long sentence Twitch: money making behemoths that do something bad, few days suspension if that. Average streamer gets permaband for

  • PlaguesV2 Justin Holman (@PlaguesV2) reported

    @TwitchSupport there’s a issue with the Vods on mobile where you watch for about a hour and then it randomly go backwards or forwards but still on the same exact time of the vod

  • CuddleofDeath Kristen (FC: SW-6814-2781-4798) (@CuddleofDeath) reported

    I'm still live, but it seems like Twitch is having an issue for mobile users atm, and it's causing most streams to stop/start over and over on mobile

  • thatdam_m ThatDAM_〽️ (@thatdam_m) reported

    @slyferdragontv @TwitchSupport No problem!

  • slyferdragontv SlyferDragonTV🔜Yumicon (@slyferdragontv) reported

    @xTYDIRIUMx @TwitchSupport That’s the problem I was having to

  • MrBatron Mr_Batron (@MrBatron) reported from Danville, California

    I have come down with a terrible cold that might be something more. Will be back to gaming and streaming as soon as I’m a bit better #gaming #sick #twitch #fadegeips

  • zombie_O92 Lucas Millar (@zombie_O92) reported

    @TwitchSupport Twitch mobile stream not working keeps blinking the play botton..Tried logging out are you back in deleting Twitch mobile re-downloading it nothing

  • WolfietheGoose Sasha🐺 (@WolfietheGoose) reported

    Is it me or is mobile twitch just not working right now

  • IrishHusker5 Jon (@IrishHusker5) reported

    Here’s to hoping @Twitch @TwitchSupport fix their mobile app quickly. Not being able to view any of the streams I subscribe to is pretty frustrating considering I pay to watch them.

  • BrandyButter1 BrandyButter (@BrandyButter1) reported

    TO FIX MOBILE: SELECT SETTINGS THEN AUDIO ONLY THEN SELECT QUALITY 720p or less everyone for anyone having problems on mobile on twitch #twitchcommunity #TwitchNetworks

  • kazhastweets Zakariya Hussein (@kazhastweets) reported

    Due to technical issues with the stream, I have to cancel tonight's stream. Viewers could only see a black screen and nothing else. I've had 4 people tell me. I believe this is a twitch issue. Everything was working on my end. I am sorry for the inconvenience. love you <3

  • ExpertGamer2548 Section9_Ryan (@ExpertGamer2548) reported

    Goddammit @TwitchSupport just go ahead and cancel your broken service cuz it's not getting fixed anyway

  • InterroTalks_ Bappo cambodia (@InterroTalks_) reported

    Hey @TwitchSupport why am I getting an ad on mobile that doesn’t load and sends me into an infinite loading loop for every single streamer please help ad blockers don’t help either. :/

  • jafdell (@jafdell) reported

    @TwitchSupport Maybe fix the 10s delay on video aswell while ur at it

  • frhoades23 Frhoades23 (@frhoades23) reported

    Update for #frhodownbrodown, @twitch mobile app is having a lot of issues tonight so if you would like to watch the stream and the mobile app isn’t working by start time, go to a web browser on your phone or pc.

  • RuthlessKoalaa RuthlessKoalaa (@RuthlessKoalaa) reported

    @PhourSt4R @jorhdys Im having the same problem. Love the fact that something is always broken on twitch for mobile users...

  • bearholdnshark7 LionsFan81 (@bearholdnshark7) reported

    @Twitch Fix your shit!!! I’ve tried tuning into @Diction on Desktop and Mobile and neither work. I’m missing my favorite stream of the week!!!!

  • MonnsterJin Monnsteru (@MonnsterJin) reported

    @StevenBaudoin @TwitchSupport Twitch app is terrible,not the first time that this kind of problem happens

  • iurnss gio (@iurnss) reported

    fix ur shitttt @twitch

  • r3tract Josh Gill (@r3tract) reported

    @TwitchSupport If you click “audio only” then click a specific resolution of stream it starts playing. The issue seems to be with the Auto resolution option.

  • iStarStuff Star ⭐️✨💫💖 (@iStarStuff) reported

    @x_GS_x Uninstalling and reinstalling the app doesn’t fix it either. I expect @Twitch to push an update soon.

  • GreenZeldaYoshi Andrew Bridgeford (@GreenZeldaYoshi) reported

    @TwitchSupport I’ve been having issues broadcasting to Twitch lately. When I go live things like Streamlabs and Discord can see me live but the dashboard or my channel does not and instead will only show videos of my stream and eventually show in one video when I end the stream.

  • Ieinarcher lein (@Ieinarcher) reported

    @Twitch @TwitchSupport @TwitchEsports Twitch is down on the iphone right now. When you click on a stream it doesn’t play and just flashes the play button. It also says the channel’s offline when you try to watch on a browser.. Please fix

  • JHamp91 FaT-MaMbA (@JHamp91) reported

    Twitch Mobil not working right now... we’ll let me clarify... the ads work just fine but the the streams aren't coming up on any channel... @TwitchSupport y’all wild as hell 🤣🤣🤣

  • stephneee_plz Stephneee (@stephneee_plz) reported

    @breadwitchery @heyshadylady Here’s sort of where I think it works best: the example of personal dono paypal accounts — you risk doxxing yourself if you start on twitch without a hand to hold If I could have saved myself 50hours of looking at terrible stuff with $500... I might have

  • juniortrajano91 Junior (@juniortrajano91) reported

    @TwitchSupport twitch wtf!! fix your sh*tty blinking play button on mobile! Please and thank you 😊

  • itzCheeks08 William ONeal (@itzCheeks08) reported

    Did twitch crash 🧐

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  • 0x10331196
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  • 0x103311b3
  • 0x10531192
  • 0x109311f2
  • 0x2000000b
  • 0x20B31181
  • 0x30231107
  • 400
  • 500
  • CE-35327-0