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  • Buffering (44.44%)
  • Crashing (19.44%)
  • Playback Issues (19.44%)
  • Sign in (12.50%)
  • Video Quality (4.17%)

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Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • mclazyj Joseph Haygood (@mclazyj) reported

    having some bandwidth issues I am fixing on #twitch right now, so bear with me. I think I have them fixed, and I hope to be up and broadcasting again in 10 minutes max

  • ShxkeASphere Sphereion (@ShxkeASphere) reported

    I don’t see the problem with dudes putting TTV in their name . It’s hard to build an audience on twitch :/ damn near impossible if you have no one to network with.

  • ncisxnce 『♚』─ 𝙃𝙀𝘽𝘼. (@ncisxnce) reported

    @AssassinOfRa " I believe it is. Whenever I am searching for a friend or someone I wish to see I get quite antsy when waiting. " The boy explained, nose giving a slight twitch as he messed with the bracelets dangling against his wrists. " Maybe I can help look for that person with you. "

  • Atomic3591 Atomic359 (@Atomic3591) reported

    Stream was delayed due to pet problems! But we are all good to go now join in on the stream! #twitch

  • zombiek46 cody zomb (@zombiek46) reported

    I just wanna stream but @twitch isn't much help -_-

  • ayarane .yoshi//ayarane Derp Recode (@ayarane) reported

    I like having one of the many Let’s Plays I’ve collected run while I draw. Getting stroke lag is bothersome enough that I either have to use PiP-mode through browser YouTube (which DOESN’T cause lag) or go without. Strangely I don’t have this issue with Twitch.

  • TBMentertains The Biological Machine (@TBMentertains) reported

    Let's Help some people get to Affiliate on @Twitch #supportsmallstreams #Artpeople

  • Prince_Alladin1 Syed 🔥 (@Prince_Alladin1) reported

    Aight i need help boys... i wanna change my twitch n ig to a name thats around gaming n fitness. Something original, prince alladin isnt it.. if someone actually has some good ideas, help me out.

  • Reisigo38 Reisigo (@Reisigo38) reported

    @_MVPickle Im off work tomorrow so I can do that. @lalalaurennn12 @ProdByIcy You guys should help my boy out and follow his twitch channel.

  • JulianJanganoo Janganoo1000 (@JulianJanganoo) reported

    No stream tonight. Finished all twitch notifications. Audio issue fixed. NDI requires dedicated audio sources.

  • evandonelon Evan (@evandonelon) reported from Forney, Texas

    My eye twitch came back. This shit is awful omg.

  • blakeeps blakeps (@blakeeps) reported

    upsetting loss in $1000 tournament but we'll getem next time peeked at 33 viewers on my twitch tho which is a new record without getting help from a big streamer

  • bdcJosh JoshNoDrake (@bdcJosh) reported

    @GetSpectrum is legit one of the worst internet providers I have ever been with. 6 months of issues and multiple "fixes". It's not like i'm trying to practice for a @twitch tournament :( Nothing says fun like going from 30 ping to 1,100 constantly.

  • BadDragonBoners Caverna del Drago (@BadDragonBoners) reported

    @CorvusCantum I haven't used the twitch desktop app for streaming, so I can't make a judgement on how well it works, but my suggestion is to use streamlabs obs as your actual streaming program. If you're interested in it and need some help setting it up lmk.

  • EjErikjones19 805.$avvy (@EjErikjones19) reported

    @KtMaximum @KineticGoblin @BandaiNamcoUS @Twitch Same😂😂CUz I swear, this game better not have this issue when it comes out

  • j_TRSH j.j. TRSHfield (@j_TRSH) reported

    hbomb's stream having such a powerful force of positivity, as chat remains exactly as anarchistic as a twitch chat can be is making me realize that the problem with twitch chats was never that it went by too quickly

  • ParasiticSkele Funky Fresh (@ParasiticSkele) reported

    @Dcfective Brows twitch in the middle, corners of his grin switching from up and down. He's doing his damned best to keep calm. ❝ * . . . * heh. for realsies, yo. * i . . . yeah. sor's brah. ❞ Big shrug. He can't look Error's way anymore. Not even a glance.

  • TSMViss Viss (@TSMViss) reported

    @Live2inspire92 @TSM_Break I honestly don't care if people put their twitch name as their ign. A lot of people see it as desperate though. Only time I've seen it help someone is if they are playing in a tournament that is getting a lot of attention and that person performs extremely well. Reddit though lol

  • ninjerky1 Ninjerky is on (@ninjerky1) reported

    @TwitchSupport All this week getting error twitch unplugged come back in a little while code #2000. Happening non stop. Help.

  • asteriskdragon Astrodragon Asterisk (@asteriskdragon) reported

    @vrainsbian our interpretation of revolver at that time : [revolver voice] one time on twitch the chat made me lose over sixty hours of playtime via a glitch bricking my save in pokemon, **** the internet

  • ZebVance4 ZebVance (@ZebVance4) reported

    @AirandCoffee You are asking me at a weird time...I want this to be a daily thing. I just need to find a way to ask for money for it...because I need better production quality and the abiltiy to have more time to dedicate to content. Basically every Twitch Streamer and Youtuber problem LOL

  • ninjerky1 Ninjerky is on (@ninjerky1) reported

    Jan 19 2019 Another 15 times today with error code #2000 on Twitch app unistalled. Issue still happens om web browser google chorme. Please help.

  • untzzer Untzzer (@untzzer) reported

    @TwitchSupport Hi I got an issue with the application for the affiliate program. On the first page of the payout section, they ask me to confirm my address but it won't let me through since I didn't enter a zip code in step1. My country does not have zip codes so wut m i ment 2do

  • LissySandwich Lissie Peebizzle 🍰 (@LissySandwich) reported

    About to go live on #Twitch playing MK9! Everything is terrible

  • LynkFormer Lynk Former (@LynkFormer) reported

    Had to cut my playthrough of Rise of the Tomb Raider on #twitch short today because it kept crashing due to graphic driver errors... rolled back the drivers and will attempt to continue the playthrough tomorrow. Hopefully things work out because this game is so troublesome lol.

  • Rackinza Rack 🇲🇽 (@Rackinza) reported

    “EATiano” definitely the worst twitch name I’ve ever seen

  • cmmeeks18 🐮 Mandi 🐮 (@cmmeeks18) reported

    Anyone else having problems with audio on Twitch @TwitchSupport I get skipping issues and desync

  • JeffbeOJ Jeff Brandt (@JeffbeOJ) reported

    On another note. I will be going for 60 days of streaming to kind of get myself back. Would be cool to see the support and maybe the extra push to help me stay committed. #twitch #60days #help

  • TheRealYusei YuseiYgopro (@TheRealYusei) reported

    @OverPoweredP @xOmniarch yeah besides being a broken copyright system and half of that youtube makes rules for us but they don't even follow there own set of rules ! lol twitch much better 👆🤣

  • nollimet Your Local Friend HT (@nollimet) reported

    @BattibatArt problem with twitch is lag + randos :(

  • jlndigital Pitbull's hypeman (@jlndigital) reported

    @QuanFlix_ I got steam codes for anybody that wants. help me get my twitch followers up plz :( random games from humble bundle monthly.

  • TheCowness Edward Alm (@TheCowness) reported

    @Xarnax42 My comment about cheating has nothing to do with him, but the constant backseating he's getting does bug me. And I see the same chatter doing that every time someone plays the game on Twitch. But I've seen players use save states to cheat the casino or bosses, and that's awful.

  • Odiahn Odi (@Odiahn) reported

    @TwitchSupport To follow up on this issue, it doesn't happen when I initially enter a stream from my following list. However, it happens when I enter a stream from outside of the following list or if I have to refresh the page for some reason.

  • madisonmeyer Madison Meyer (@madisonmeyer) reported

    I have had a twitch in my right eye for a solid week. Some days better than worse but it's not going away. Twitter doctors... help me!

  • Kiwion Kiwo (@Kiwion) reported

    @TSM_Break im not going to stop advertising twitch prime when we play👌 which reminds me did you know that with amazon prime you get next day deliveries and the option to subscribe to your favorite broadcaster not only do you help support them you're also guaranteed an ad free stream

  • _TomMullen TomMullen (@_TomMullen) reported

    My reason for trying to @Twitch stream was to make money to help my veterans w/ PTSD organization. Because of bad internet I can't stream anymore. So, I watch other streamers as they make hundreds/thousands of dollars a day and keep it for themselves. This world is twisted.

  • TheyCallMeCrim CrimTV (@TheyCallMeCrim) reported

    @TwitchSupport How many times do i have to tweet about issue's here before getting a answer. i am getting view-botted lately every time it happens i stop my stream. but this is getting ridiculous people straight up ruining my stream i only worked on it for 2 years :(

  • TheNewJoker6 thenewjoker6 (@TheNewJoker6) reported

    @Twitch should also be taking action against a broken contractual agreement

  • mssirenwatcher Siren Watcher (@mssirenwatcher) reported

    @TwitchSupport Hey I wrote a support ticket into twitch a while back. Username Sirenwatcher. I deleted a VoD and I wan't it back... Can someone just get back to me and just say yes or no its there for x more days to revive from backup server. Would be a great help.

  • Zombieowl22 Smiling Yachty (@Zombieowl22) reported

    @obliviantdeath Which is why I was stating, more of morale issues if anything, which I do not support on the platform either or want. Was just saying that money is not always a bad thing, even if it is the driving goal of the creator. When you think about it too, Twitch is not just about games

  • VRleggs Vance Ryan (@VRleggs) reported

    @streamlabs I need help with OBS SL not sending too ONLY youtube. I can Stream on twitch, no following, but I can't stream to Youtube, Little following...

  • LethalRifle Austin (@LethalRifle) reported

    @TwitchSupport Its been over a week since I request to reactivate my account and still hasn't been reactivated! PLEASE HELP ME

  • RippieGaming Rippie (@RippieGaming) reported

    @mynameisbanks @Twitch @TwitchSupport I know how to fix it. Just use code RippieGaming-YT in the item shop! Works 5 out of 5 times!!🤓

  • sonam_Lz sonam (@sonam_Lz) reported

    @Twistzz Do not forget how ****** it was twitch, including 5 hour delay, it was low sound on the stream, and we just could hear the commentators on the right side of the earphones, also shit quality on the stream

  • Itsthemikejames It's TheMikeJames (@Itsthemikejames) reported

    @TeamEmmmmsie It's true because we have short attention spans and many friends. People are making new connections constantly if you fail to uphold on your end they'll use their energy elsewhere. If you stop. You'll fall behind to 0. Its why vacations on Twitch are the worst.

  • LeviDragon_ 𝐋𝐄𝐕𝐈 / 𝐁𝐀𝐗 (@LeviDragon_) reported

    I got a headset for my twitch stream, which should hopefully dampen all that clacking noise that is super audible on my usual mic when I stream Clone Hero. The problem is the connector isn't split so I've ordered an adapter. Soon as that happens I'll start streaming again!

  • DragonHonorCM Dragon Honor Wrestling (@DragonHonorCM) reported

    @AliyahRiley94, you haven't shown up once to view your matches. You either have to show. leave a comment or something. Otherwise, I'll be forced to release you once the tournament ends. -DHW Chairman Broken Twitch

  • AnarionKayto AnarionKayto (@AnarionKayto) reported

    So with my phone on Safe Mode, I have literally no access to Whatsapp, Twitter, Twitch, or any other app I downloaded, but the ******* volume buttons on my phone don't work so I can't get out of safe mode. I'm literally stuck with a broken POS I can't use 🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡

  • AmberLaTrice8 Amber La'Trice (@AmberLaTrice8) reported

    @TwitchSupport Caint Claim Twitch Prime Reward For Neverwinter Need Help Please

  • PlushieCS Amy #DefendRojava 💜 (@PlushieCS) reported

    (also I'm kinda busy, but if anyone knows why twitch specifically would be having problems hmu)

  • Phantomz148 K'thulhu (@Phantomz148) reported

    @iDrKx @xBlizzardl @ShinaNow @choogleow @brianduffytweet @PlayOverwatch The problem is that those changes happen way too far apart, the additions happen way too far apart. Compare them to the HotS team who could pump out more consistently and didn't waste time whining on twitter and forums about banning people for speaking bad on Twitch.

  • corymay81 Cory May (@corymay81) reported

    Today's Twitch stream of Alien: Isolation will start a bit later, between 930pm-1030pm EST, instead of the usual 8pm. My landlord is coming at 9 to fix my apartment door, not sure how long it will take. 🤔🤔🤔 I'll keep you posted here!

  • Xyger1337 Xyger ㋡ (@Xyger1337) reported

    @thebeast_nj @Farsendor @KindaFunnyVids 2.) Twitch Mods are NOT paid. We are volunteers picked out by the team to help out with chat, your Patreon dollars don't go toward any of the twitch mods.

  • mysteriousdewd Mysteriousdewd (@mysteriousdewd) reported

    @iKasperr @xsolla Holy shit dewd. I'm sorry to hear you are going thru something like this also. Twitch shorted me $2000 in twitch bounty money I earned in November and told me they might not fix it till March. Wtf is going on with Twitch lately.

  • Jauffins Jauffins (@Jauffins) reported

    Also, while this is a general poll (I'm curious just how many Twitch folks I know might also participating in other platforms), I will at some point bring this high quality content to @WatchMixer, as well. A few things need to be sorted out before I do, of course, but soon™.

  • ItZMrSkeleton It'zMrSkeleton (@ItZMrSkeleton) reported

    I’m about to stram some Splatoon 2, but it’s stramed off my phone, so it won’t be the greatest quality #Splatoon2 #NintendoSwitch #Stream #Twitch #Strams

  • TSMViss Viss (@TSMViss) reported

    @theRSSfeeds @TSM_Break @TwitchSupport If I have it happen again I will test if any browser extensions are causing it. I don't have many. As of right now I just hosted, and am not having the issue. But for probably the past week before today I was, very strange.

  • theRSSfeeds RSS (@theRSSfeeds) reported

    @TSMViss @TSM_Break @TwitchSupport Again, I can't reproduce that. I see it on my own channel. Only thing that I could think of off the bat are some browser extensions causing issues.

  • TSMViss Viss (@TSMViss) reported

    @theRSSfeeds @TSM_Break @TwitchSupport I believe what happens is that when you host someone it shows up for everyone but the owner of the channel. If I go to break's channel it will show that he is indeed hosting halifax, but it won't show it for break, it will only show his offline screen. Have the same issue.

  • PyromancerSarg Pyromancer, Light's End (@PyromancerSarg) reported

    @MattBrack1995 First of all, it's not a tweet, it's a twitch chat message. Second of all, yes I react emotionally because I am emotionally invested in the issue and it matters a lot to me. I am passionate about it. Don't try to pull that underhand bullshit to discredit what I'm saying.

Twitch Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 0x10331100
  • 0x10331196
  • 0x10331196
  • 0x1033119e
  • 0x103311a0
  • 0x103311b3
  • 0x10531192
  • 0x109311f2
  • 0x2000000b
  • 0x20B31181
  • 0x30231107
  • 400
  • 500
  • CE-35327-0