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Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • Bamii_x Orbit Bami 💫 (@Bamii_x) reported

    Dear @Twitch @TwitchSupport please can we have an Xbox update for the app to resolve issues for streamers • Static voices in party chat • Black screen making it so you have to restart the stream • A new glitch that doesn’t allow party members to include their voice

  • MunsuLight MunsuLight (@MunsuLight) reported

    @TwitchSupport I had an issue yesterday at 8:20 am ET . My account got compromises. I saw that there were a connection from Florida when I live in Canada . The Guy immediately bought for 150$CDN of bits . Opened 3 tickets and no answer. 2FA is on. Fraud is something serious

  • WozzieWasEre Not Not Woz Lee (@WozzieWasEre) reported

    I've never understood the appeal of Twitch as a platform, and stuff like this doesn't help. I don't know why anyone would build a base on that platform given how arbitrary their rules and the enforcement of those rules are. Even with the ***** Amazon prime money.

  • 4TPuzzledMind 4T PuzzledMind (@4TPuzzledMind) reported

    Gonna Go Live When This New Updates Out And Finally Take Back My Old Name :) Honestly Expecting The Worst Knowing Epic.... Twitch Will Be in Comment's

  • Roovland Roovland 🇸🇪 (@Roovland) reported

    @AnneMunition If you don't have a problem with twitch letting streamers get naked on camera, you're ****** in the head...

  • GabrielRhodes7 eclipse gaming ™ (@GabrielRhodes7) reported

    @xBillTheGamer Yeah we played it on twitch for years I myself was 2k in I know others 5k+ in due to having upgrade all time but all gone in m16 none of us stream it now perfect world are bad news . But I know other devs made this but perfect world help . I will be there to watch but not buy it

  • madenergygroup madenergygroup (@madenergygroup) reported

    @aidThompsin @napalm_i @TimJDillon Sounds good Good name- I think u could try live streaming on twitch or dLive - u would need a gaming computer second hand about 700£ another 100 for usable mic. Free streaming software OBS - Rough it and if it picked up viewers donations would help u finesse it.

  • hosham64 Husham Shubbar (@hosham64) reported

    @PrinceNaz99 @Twitch Try to contact with the support , it’s not fair to get banned for a kind of a glitch

  • MistressShah Mistress Shah (@MistressShah) reported

    @Arwoen @CinderSlays @quqco @TwitchSupport @Twitch If u can’t tell she’s got no underwear on you’re the blind one. The side slit shows skin. I couldn’t care less tbh. I was gonna go on there in My work clothes (pvc catsuit) but the cleavage issue prob breaks their rules. Don’t know. Don’t really care.

  • duznoid Slimebeast (@duznoid) reported

    Everything is so toxic. Twitch Chat is crazy mad awful. Can you imagine - watching entertainment and seeking to cause yourself stress in the little word box next door.

  • SoulofLothric Soul (@SoulofLothric) reported

    @TheDanStreamTV I almost lost my apartment because twitch was late to pay me. It's an issue

  • TheDanStreamTV TheDanStream (@TheDanStreamTV) reported

    @AmazonHelp Hi I’m a streamer on Twitch. Owned by amazon. Our payout is due on the 15th day of the month. I have already emailed twitch partner support but any extra help is always appreciated.

  • treaddybear TreaddyBear (@treaddybear) reported

    @Xz_Jurgen_zX @TwitchSupport Try clicking that link above. I resolved it through the chat. We might have different problems, but they were very helpful for me.

  • bmynameislexiee Alexandra Michelle (@bmynameislexiee) reported

    @9_volt_ I get some of the issues ppl have (whether or not I agree) but I just don't get "I don't want all this stuff running concurrently!" I've never had Steam/Epic/Twitch app/etc. open itself up when I just use the shortcut, and then I just have a folder full of game shortcuts. 🤷🏼

  • oyoarts ✨Uyugraphics✨ (@oyoarts) reported

    Hey guys! I am going through a financial hardship right now, so If anyone would like to commission me for anything please let me know!! I would gladly accept it and it would help me out to pay some important bills! 🙏 #twitch #twitchemotes #emotes #emoteartist #emote #badges

  • AnamanaAU Anamana!🔜 PAXAUS (@AnamanaAU) reported

    @Itsthemikejames Thankfully, I don't get it as often as I used to. But, I do remember one guy came into my stream a few times asking for help on how to grow and when I told him to DM me on Twitter or Twitch for advice, he never followed through and I never saw him again.

  • Cathorina Kia (@Cathorina) reported

    @quqco @TwitchSupport @Twitch @Twitch Needs help, maybe they should ask mixer how to run things before they lose everyone

  • JJBooster1 JJ Booster (@JJBooster1) reported

    @seawolf_14 So twitch is having the same issue as my capture card

  • treaddybear TreaddyBear (@treaddybear) reported

    @TwitchSupport Thanks! I was able to have my problem resolved!

  • Phlosio Phlosio (@Phlosio) reported

    I thought I’d be excited having a sub button on my twitch but now it’s some of the worst gut wrenching feeling I’ve ever experienced being so burned out I’m not even streaming literally staring at the RECORD button and I still get people who sub 😥

  • dianes_d 🌈🌚🌝Dianes🌟🌎🌈 (@dianes_d) reported

    So in 21 hrs im able to post my stream 🥰 seriously excited to start my own gaming channel. Mixer is not the best but twitch is having issues and i tried to fix it but i guess the issue is in their end. I am thankful to finally be able to find inspiration to stream🥰

  • 9SinNeptune Nate🐉 (@9SinNeptune) reported

    Twitch problems Fixed. NEW Game streaming tomorrow 😛 #BlairWitch

  • HowlingGoodGame Big Stream Boofer (@HowlingGoodGame) reported

    One of my many problems with rampant "positivity" is that if you address a problem the majority isn't experiencing it comes off as bitching or complaining. Just look at Twitch, A lot of people just Sings their praise without addressing larger concerns.

  • firefines firefinesse (@firefines) reported

    @VGBC_GimR @Sparx21RoA Apologies then I was unaware it was an error on twitches part. That was ignorant. Good luck in maintaining and improving your brand in smash or any other media you pursue.

  • venisiagonzalez Venisia Gonzalez 🔜 LatinxGamesFestival 🇵🇷🏳️‍🌈 (@venisiagonzalez) reported

    @Drag0n_Blade49 @WatchMixer I don’t get it and Twitch has failed to provide context which is only adding to the issue. Mixer should be the standard.

  • dimentedpaper dimentedpaper (COMMS OPEN) (@dimentedpaper) reported

    @1ManRaid @TheQuartering @Saruei_ I think they’re just trying to say it should be consistent. Either both are okay, or none are okay. Twitch seems to always have double standards when it comes to enforcing their rules, which is what people have problems with.

  • Jak_Releeb kaj (@Jak_Releeb) reported

    Just got a suspension for eating a shoe on twitch @Twitch y’all need to personally handle things rather than rely on bots I was adhering to tos not harming myself and got banned fix those algorithms when you have streamers feeding their cats poison

  • LootingKyle LootingKyle || QuantumQC (@LootingKyle) reported

    @BigBryTV I feel like I was having the opposite problem. I was growing a lot over on Mixer, but so many of the people I had already met weren't coming over from Twitch. Started to miss them.

  • 23SapphireAngel SapphireAngel23 [GST 🌎] (@23SapphireAngel) reported

    Please click the link and help if able. Twitch fam sticks together. Type !help in the chat #teamgodvek @gst_global #twitchkittens @L33t_Archer

  • NickleCell 🇨🇦 🏁 (@NickleCell) reported

    Gonna be off twitch for about a week until my headset come in on the 24th or the 25th Will be optimizing the stream behind the scenes and and improving the quality Expect some good content when I get back 🤩

  • CLON313 CLON3 (@CLON313) reported

    @DeterioratingSa Nothing my issue is that the thread attached seems to believe that gamers are siding with Twitch when I have not seen a shred of that being true.

  • wizetheproducer #preFORMAT1 (@wizetheproducer) reported

    i NEED help getting into Twitch man

  • RhysandXO ❦ 𝑅𝒽𝓎𝓈𝒶𝓃𝒹 (@RhysandXO) reported

    Need some help @TwitchSupport I can’t seem to get a verification code for my account I think it may have been compromised.


    @TwitchSupport hey you guys, it has come to my attention that I was banned due to my name on twitch. I've emailed to no avail. Ref num is 02874093. I've had issues with other platforms as well. With my name however it does not go against any TOS or policy you may have. TY

  • Desusaur im baby (@Desusaur) reported


  • ImpliedKappa Implied Kappa (@ImpliedKappa) reported

    @TheWannabeGamer I wanted to be a comedian, a writer, and a graphic artist. Now I just make bad puns in Twitch chat and occasionally design terrible FFZ emotes.

  • SaphierraX Saphierra (@SaphierraX) reported

    Remember you can get a set of metal straws from me by subscribing to my #twitch channel to help save sea turtles & #breakfreefromplastic ! There's no better time then #subtember either when subscriptions are 1/2 off!! * straw set gift valid for U.S residents only atm*

  • CraftKainoa Kainoa Craft (@CraftKainoa) reported

    @AskPlayStation I have a problem... my account is a child account on psn and I can’t clip video or stream to twitch how do I change this through family manager

  • ProbablyJacobIO ProbablyJacob🍄 (@ProbablyJacobIO) reported

    @kaloncpu57 @GamerTakes The real problem with this is that Twitch disproportionately enforces TOS They throw this girl under the bus, because shes small and they can make an example out of her but youll never see them do this shit to bigger streamers that do worse

  • ravavyr Ravavyr (@ravavyr) reported

    My WIN for the week. We got the login form to tab between fields in unity! How this isn't default behavior in unity forms is beyond me, but it works! Oh, and got the camera to follow my character and fixed collisions 😃 #gamedev #indiegames #developer #twitch #stream

  • CymTyr CymTyr (@CymTyr) reported

    Thanks everyone who stopped by the stream tonight! Twitch is still doing twitch things. Keeps showing me less viewers than I actually have. Their API is definitely out of whack. My alerts are not working right now, either. Stay classy my friends, and thanks for the love!

  • katinat0r Katinat0r 💖 (@katinat0r) reported

    @KaybsGaming No idea at all. Just downloaded obs live which seemed to fix the whole obs not connecting to twitch issue despite changing the key etc

  • katinat0r Katinat0r 💖 (@katinat0r) reported

    @CringeyDad Oh I just had an issue where my twitch account wouldnt connect to OBS. I never had choppy streams sorry

  • PendingGhost Ghost, Git Gud Blade (@PendingGhost) reported

    @LionelCosgrove1 @subtlykawaii @9_volt_ None od the sequels are twitch reflex difficult. It's just requires learning the patterns more and not face tankinf everything with the broken mechanic known as DS1 poise

  • supaskulled Arris 🐶 💣 ❤️ (@supaskulled) reported

    @JagexSupport I need your help regarding a Twitch Prime reward I am unable to obtain. It was mistakenly claimed on an account that was not linked correctly and I am unable to claim it. Amazon/Twitch support pointed me towards you.

  • OrlySmorly Illusion Orly (@OrlySmorly) reported

    @Team_Kungarna I play on a ps4, I want to make a YouTube or twitch videos or streams but I run at 40 FPS averagely, I keep lagging out, and my quality is super bad. I don’t have a monitor I play on a 60 hz small tv. Nothing is working for me. I can’t afford a pc and this is my best bet.

  • Rexx351 Eric v (@Rexx351) reported

    @quqco @TwitchSupport @Twitch So many trolls. It's as easy as just watching someone else .. but they got issues with all kind of stuff on twitch it's ridiculous. Sooner or later people should be getting banned or block for b***hen so much . Let people be free of what they want to do as long as it not ******.

  • SoildSnake420 Jack (@SoildSnake420) reported

    @RockstarSupport hey how do get some help with my free bounty hunter license from twitch prime!!its been a week!! I tried the support website 3 days ago and heard not back.

  • stephen0520 Stephen s (@stephen0520) reported

    @RockstarSupport I still have not got the bounty Hunter license for free I linked my twitch account and I submitted 2 tickets already Can anyone help

  • LegendaryHantos Hantos Legend (@LegendaryHantos) reported

    Here’s my hot take on the banning of the chun li cosplayer: if twitch has an issue with women dressing up as a character thats a bit risqué, they sure as **** better ban the game that character appears in from streaming as well.

  • stephen0520 Stephen s (@stephen0520) reported

    @RockstarSupport I still have not got the bounty Hunter license for free I linked my twitch account and I submitted 2 tickets already Can anyone help

  • stephen0520 Stephen s (@stephen0520) reported

    @RockstarSupport I still have not got the bounty Hunter license for free I linked my twitch account and I submitted 2 tickets already Can anyone help

  • RunItUp24YT F/A RunItUp24 🏀 (@RunItUp24YT) reported

    @LosPollosTV the people saying bitrate and that it’s your internet have never once touched OBS. You can see if that’s the issue and obviously is not, It might be something on twitch’s end.

  • stephen0520 Stephen s (@stephen0520) reported

    @RockstarSupport can anyone help me with the bounty hunter license for free with twitch prime I have submitted 2 tickets and no help

  • TheGameBay D (@TheGameBay) reported

    @Pxl_Grease Well, I wouldn't think too hard on that point, because Twitch definitely is broken and it's completely self inflicted. I'm with ya on this one, but definitely read up and make sure it's what you want and not just another version of the same.

  • Scop3s_ Connor C (@Scop3s_) reported

    I need someone to help/teach me the ropes of editing so I can start my YouTube, im genuinely so bad at learning these things and I feel like im delaying my YouTube because of this.. anyone happy to help please DM me <3 #youtube #twitch #support #editing

  • Scop3s_ Connor C (@Scop3s_) reported

    I need someone to help/teach me the ropes of editing so I can start my YouTube, im genuinely so bad at learning these things and I feel like im delaying my YouTube because of this.. anyone happy to help please DM me <3 #youtube #twitch #support

  • theaioshade Setser🐝 (@theaioshade) reported

    @BirdleyMitchell @CinderSlays @quqco @TwitchSupport @Twitch The problem with that is that it is a whole ass reach considering there is another more likely explanation. Especially since her crotch was in the shot in the first place lmaoo

  • ChikushodoS ☥SerenityMiyazaki☥ (@ChikushodoS) reported

    Wow. This is pretty ****** up, @Twitch. Please fix this.

  • oPainted painted (@oPainted) reported

    @Purified @TwitchSupport @Twitch @AmazonHelp @AmazonHelp help this man out

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