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January 21: Problems at Twitch

Twitch is having issues since 02:10 AM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • LustionWang Lustion Wang (@LustionWang) reported

    @GasaiVArt @silver_dillo Bang, Monster, Region they bad(in my opinion). Heavy gitters(sharp twitches), heavy crash and contain dehydration, God I experienced that a lot. Corporations that make RedBull needs to make energy drinks that balance out the stomach alignments, PH. levels, zero sugar contents.

  • SiftTV SiftTV (@SiftTV) reported

    If anyone has tips on motivation and staying positive, HMU. I miss the streaming days. I miss being able to talk to people daily over the internet via twitch who are all just so amazing.i miss playing games off stream with the same people from my stream. Send help:)

  • TaySavage21 Taylor Savage (@TaySavage21) reported

    I’ve had an eye twitch for over two weeks now 👁 Please help

  • ZStitchGamer86 ZStitchGamer 🔜 Disneyland Paris for my birthday (@ZStitchGamer86) reported

    @NikkiAndBunty @VDillerud I was a twitch affiliate and I couldn’t no longer give out quality content on a regular basis that would justify people subscribing due to a number of factors; chief being my Internet was not present. So I deliberately gave that status up and I would never ask for money, fun only


    @DatShinyTurtwig @Twitch @PokemonGoApp Yep and I STILL got nothing from them. Even if my suspensions lifted I’m still going to fight the strike and seek recoups because week off really kills me that I can’t support anyone the way I want to @TwitchSupport likes taking their time with non partner issues

  • rawry0218 Rory (@rawry0218) reported

    @HollyConrad (ok but what did the tweet say. I can only assume it had something to do with that awful twitch streamer that everyone has been talking about but idk)

  • klechner11 LocalHotDad (@klechner11) reported from Indianapolis, Indiana

    @HoochisKrazey @AlysonNicole1 Just need help getting set up online with a separate webcam / phasing it through my laptop rather than twitch app

  • CheskiPlays CheskiPlays (@CheskiPlays) reported

    Thank you for the help everyone, it looks like it is something that my video player, PotPlayer, is doing. I downloaded the VOD to edit it and figured watching locally was better than on Twitch. I should have checked on online but never imagined that would have been the cause.

  • DracnaPhobia eric (@DracnaPhobia) reported

    Killed it at the gym. I’m so hungry but I still have to walk the dogs😅 need motivation to stream tonight. Or even play games! #games #stream #twitch #help #motivate #love #cbox #pc #ps4 #fun #gym #tired #nap

  • ZalAamir Afdzal Aamirus (@ZalAamir) reported

    @JohannAffendy the Orbi fluctuates from 200Mbps to 20Mbps. Not only that, but if I want to stream to twitch,facebook, etc, it's even worse. hiccups all the time during the stream. almost completely unusable in that instance! No such issues with the homeplug though. stable

  • aditheadipose Adi the Adipose (@aditheadipose) reported

    Someone needs to say it so that @IMPACTWRESTLING hears it. Fix the @Twitch ban. The lack of @ThisIsMelSantos on my pirated stream is weirding me out. #fixtheban #ImpactWrestling #IMPACTonAXSTV #anymeansnecessary

  • matthewjmont Asephos (@matthewjmont) reported

    @Hitmannns @bstategames maybe focus less on retweeting these 2 viewer twitch streamers and fix your ******* dogshit servers. been trying to play for 4 hours and have gotten into 2 matches. ******* EU mongoloids too busy retweeting and not addressing the issues. #monkeys

  • Sreysofficial Sreys (@Sreysofficial) reported

    This issue has been resolved! Code: TWITCH-SREYS #FortniteBR #SupportACreator #SAC #EpicGames

  • iriscultist Iris Cultist (@iriscultist) reported

    Unpopular opinion: Twitch should punish people that the community has a problem with for obvious reasons. For example, Alinity deserves a hefty ban for animal abuse. This chick deserves a hefty ban for treating her fans and viewers like shit.

  • HalloweenNut86 don (@HalloweenNut86) reported

    @XboxSupport Still having issues and twitch app won’t load

  • TTVhate HateTTV (@TTVhate) reported

    @RockstarSupport I claimed my arcade from twitch prime but haven't received it. Help.

  • DeficientFairy Fairy Tzarina of Debauchery and Cuteness (@DeficientFairy) reported

    Despite having a terrible day I am gonna try streaming today like I am scheduled to. At 8 pm cst I will be playing the Witcher 3. I just wanna hang out with some people and take my frustration on some monsters. Twitch tv Fairydeficient

  • JavaBlaque Thicc Grayson (@JavaBlaque) reported

    Like the sentiment is appreciated don't get me wrong and he has a point,but this ignores a lot of the issues on Twitch,especially when they look the other way on a lot of shit if you have a partnership.

  • JelloVento VentoMyJello (@JelloVento) reported

    Seems like it got #Temtem got a hotfix but its still super slow in my opinion. I know the people at @PlayTemtem are working hard to fix it for People and #twitch is gonna have a field day.

  • JulianJanganoo Janganoo (@JulianJanganoo) reported from San Leandro, California

    Got 1000 kills with all the primary weapons in #BFV, now let's play with the worst guns and maybe you can see my face melt live on twitch at 8:30 pm pst.

  • WilmarLuna Wilmar Luna (@WilmarLuna) reported

    @AngryJoeShow Unfortunately I am banned on your twitch chat, but I would love to provide AV support on your audio issue.

  • preliatorTTV Preliator (@preliatorTTV) reported

    Hey everybody, Mrs. Preliator here! Pre had planned to stream tonight, but he's feeling pretty crappy after his procedure today.. We know this wasn't the plan for tonight, and we apologize, but he's gonna rest up for a bit and get back to Twitch when he's not feeling awful!

  • ImagiineTV Imagiine (@ImagiineTV) reported

    @MrsFlashHider_ @Kro_R6 @KEEMSTAR @Twitch Because this part was a conversation before she asked him to stop. After this she requested he stop and he didnt. THAT is the problem here.

  • MrsFlashHider_ Yen 🇵🇭 (@MrsFlashHider_) reported

    @ImagiineTV @KEEMSTAR @Twitch Hey, at least put the entire story/screenshot. You cut out other conversation that contributes to the overall issue.

  • SmugChaosTheory ωJohn is playing MHW and waiting for Code Vein DLC (@SmugChaosTheory) reported

    @T_E_T_W_A_V_E 1: His finger is laying on the trigger not 'on' the trigger. 2: I believe that's how the military is trained to do it, so they can confront someone wanting to engage in combat. Biggest issue is if the safety is off, as it's a twitch reflex to make the weapon live in an instant

  • Gungywimp Gungywamp (@Gungywimp) reported

    @WolfeyGlick I just exported a 17min highlight from Twitch and it processed quickly, but my quality is pretty bad so that might be why.

  • JinkirinGaming Jinkirin (@JinkirinGaming) reported

    Reading this is painful. It highlights some fundamental problems with the core experiences Mixer was supposed to offer that Twitch doesn’t. The part about devs abandoning Mixer interactives for Twitch extensions stung...I called that happening with Mixer Season 2 changes in 2018.

  • DaniNS9 Dani NS (@DaniNS9) reported

    @lolnanii Help me i cant suscribe with twitch prime ;-;

  • Whitewolf_1949 Whit£W0lf (@Whitewolf_1949) reported

    Working 14 hour shifts is brutal but what makes it the worst is thinking about playing apex the entire time & watching twitch channels on lunch lol

  • pomskyfluff Desiterus(des_desu) (@pomskyfluff) reported

    @karahdgaming @Twitch Ah, gotcha. I just don't understand why there has to be drama... Support one another. The streaming business isn't THAT big. Everyone could use the support to help one another.

  • pushmine Pushmine (@pushmine) reported

    @orbitjuice @onmsft Whatever Mixer had unique Twitch just copied it. Sparks ---- channel points Embers ---- cheers The only thing Mixer is forgiving for is having a poor quality set up or console streaming.

  • Sreysofficial Sreys (@Sreysofficial) reported

    We're investigating an issue where players may appear logged out. We'll provide an update when we resolve the issue. Code: TWITCH-SREYS #FortniteBR #SupportACreator #SAC #EpicGames

  • Sreysofficial Sreys (@Sreysofficial) reported

    Until then, players can try refreshing the Launcher or web page to resolve the issue. Code: TWITCH-SREYS #FortniteBR #SupportACreator #SAC #EpicGames

  • chanceee12 Chance Pollard (@chanceee12) reported

    @TwitchSupport can you help me with my account case # 03170837

  • carrzi83 Carrzi 🔜 #DHANA20 (@carrzi83) reported

    @TheNinjaWolf I stream for Mixer but I would stream on Twitch if Mixer went down. I've done this before when I was having issues. I've also streamed on Instagram Live. Just chatted and put on makeup. Whatever I have to do I'll do it

  • TTVLITTLEGREEN TTV/Littlegreenman (@TTVLITTLEGREEN) reported

    @Tex_tR @rtnsls1819 @JustinDBrowne @DeathMessiah_ @bstategames Aaron I've seen your name pop up countless times bitching. The team that develops guns, arent the same guys that work on the servers. Queue times haven't been an issue until twitch drops even then, your bitching doesnt do anything besides make you look like a baby.

  • jimjim5150 jimjim5150 (@jimjim5150) reported

    @TwitchSupport I have made countless tickets over the last month and have heard nothing back please help

  • jennyisamermaid 🧜🏻‍♀️Mermaid Out Of Water🧜🏻‍♀️ (@jennyisamermaid) reported

    @ashnichrist A decent mobile app. Twitch mobile is terrible

  • tecnoblqde Caden ❤️🤔//CEO of tommyinnit stans (@tecnoblqde) reported


  • M24254579 matt (@M24254579) reported

    @arcus87 @TwitchSupport @CLChambers00 You might want to consider dealing with issues like this more privately in the future. I know it's very en vogue these days to shame people online who say/do things you feel are not right, but it's really just a step below doxxing. Let's not do the pitchfork thing.

  • superkennta Superkennta (@superkennta) reported

    @TwitchSupport the prob is i cant send a mail cus of that prob there has to be another way to fix this

  • Zombie_GirlieTV Zombie_Girlie 🔜 Katsucon (@Zombie_GirlieTV) reported

    @StarkRavingPro I have no problem saying her name here, she’s BadBunny on Twitch

  • MsTwstd Aunt PT, 33 Chaotic Good Bruiser 🏳️‍🌈 🔜 C2E2 (@MsTwstd) reported

    @passionpitt @BadBunnyTwitch So tired of "leftist" Twitch issuing passes to problem (white) people. If your content can't exist without having to be explained as comedy or satire every time you open your mouth, consider that comedy isn't where you belong. "Comedy."

  • AzathothAlien AZATHOTH (@AzathothAlien) reported

    @Twitch so when you gonna fix your ******* password shit so I can actually set a password that I can actually remember ****** stupid shit you got going

  • plaugecat sony (@plaugecat) reported

    @TwitchSupport hi sry to bug u guys but i have tried to get help now for a year with the sup web site with no reply . is there any other way to contact support

  • SusanTheLoli ⭐🌸💜Susu💜🌸⭐ (@SusanTheLoli) reported

    @TwitchSupport I recently had my account stolen on Saturday. They changed my email and password and I can't recover it with my phone number for som reason. I haven't had a reply to my ticket and now my accounts name was changed too. Years of memories are on that account help pls.


    Will be back soon! Still waiting for twitch to reply. Don’t want to stream until they sort out the issue! :)

  • WizardyensidD Wizardyensid (@WizardyensidD) reported

    I fix my Twitch chat box because I notice my Twitch chat box looked all weird.

  • leviunderhillx Levi Underhill (@leviunderhillx) reported

    Someone just bought me 400 fake twitch followers. Just a quick message to who did this. If you come out and tell me it was you I won’t be mad because I know you were probably just trying to help but this isn’t a joke it does mess with my actual numbers.

  • TwizzlyArsanic Seizing Convulsions (@TwizzlyArsanic) reported

    I literally made a twitch to follow @/stephasocks and @/adamsketches on there. Help.

  • superkennta Superkennta (@superkennta) reported

    @TwitchSupport ive been a member for 10+ years and cant even get my verification code #feelsbad hope i can get some help here.

  • ElijahLeeR Eli (@ElijahLeeR) reported

    @GoldGloveTV See now this is a quality stream worthy of my twitch prime subscription.

  • weetpixx WEETPIXX (@weetpixx) reported

    @divinekiller420 Im not excusing her attitude but she hasnt broken any rules lol. Also some people do stream full time (which doesnt make them lazy). If ever I am successful enough on Twitch to support myself through streaming I will defs leave my other job and stream full time.

  • osage_esports Osage esports (@osage_esports) reported

    Scrim had some tech issues starting now on twitch

  • inkredibill me smash puny cards (@inkredibill) reported

    @Twitch Are sub integrations for discord experiencing errors because one of my subscribers cannot receive his sub role in my discord server, despite being connected on both discord and twitch.

  • crazychloe1995 crazychloe1995 (@crazychloe1995) reported

    Well guys due to some personal issue I won’t be able to get a stream today but shall be back at it tomorrow 🤙🏻😁 will try to be as daily with streams as possible 😝 #twitch #streaming #gaming

  • big666ontwitch cyrus wood (@big666ontwitch) reported

    @SkylarSkynyx The problem is that there's no consequences for Twitch's cash cows just because they bring in money to the platform . Typically there's standards for the people that represent their platform and the inconsistencies is gross as seen with animal abuses, racism, homophobia ext

  • Ouwyngames Ouwyn of Mandalore (@Ouwyngames) reported

    @KawberYT @MoistCr1TiKaL See Dr. disrespect is a good example of a twitch character that is crude but entertaining. This would be a terrible example and would just come off as ******.

  • lucio5139 Lucio Insalaco (@lucio5139) reported

    @TwitchSupport My twitch account was recently compromised and upon reaching out to your support team the request to reinstate ownership to my name was denied. Please help me with this matter. THANK You..

  • RealMrVoods MrVoods (@RealMrVoods) reported

    @JoshAaronBates I Understand Man I Will Try And come in more I feel the pain back when I started To stream on Twitch I was always looked at Viewers But Now I Just Turn it off because I wanna only think about Pushing myself to be better and fix what needs to be fixed I am always there no matter

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  • 0x20B31181
  • 0x30231107
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