Is 2K Games down?

2K Games, Inc. (shortened as 2K) is an American video game publisher that develops games for PC, gaming consoles and smart phones. Notable titles include NBA 2K, WWE 2K, Top Spin, Bioshock, Borderlands, Civilization, Grand Theft Auto, Max Payne and XCOM.

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January 20: Problems at 2K Games

2K Games is having issues since 06:30 AM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Online Play (50.00%)
  • Sign in (28.95%)
  • Matchmaking (7.89%)
  • Glitches (7.89%)
  • Game Crash (5.26%)

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  • TheRealKingA313 King A #NJCB SG Pure Shot Creator 94 (@TheRealKingA313) reported

    @2KSupport @Julianas_Pops No shit it's a connection issue SMH

  • i_am_h3ndo edit unknown (@i_am_h3ndo) reported

    @2KSupport Yes, I have done this and am still being removed from Rec games. I remain in the party though so I know it’s not an issue with my internet

  • Heartbreaktay21 Boss’Mayne (@Heartbreaktay21) reported

    My girl said I cheat on her with 2k ... I just be like bra do you know it’s folks out here wit real issues

  • Kavaai_ RJ (@Kavaai_) reported

    Thought I'd jump on 2K and have a crack at rec. Good to see you still lag out when an event is on. Piece of shit game #NBA2K19

  • cudi_kiid777 Majin Nigeta (@cudi_kiid777) reported

    @stan_harden @ESPNStatsInfo @JHarden13 Wilt is a ******* glitch my 2k player don’t even do that

  • TheRealKingA313 King A #NJCB SG Pure Shot Creator 94 (@TheRealKingA313) reported

    @SpicyMikey2K Yeah 2k said **** 19. Everything they initially said would be in the game is broken

  • foko_francis Francis Foko (@foko_francis) reported

    @2KSupport Why you guys make such a trash game my teammates have 85+ shooting and can’t make wide open shots. Can you please fix this it’s frustrating and un-realistic

  • KenBucks4 Ken Bucks 💸〽️ (@KenBucks4) reported

    @2K please help me help yall fix this horrendous’s about the end of Beats and I haven’t gotten played a single game..

  • AlundreeA T_LegendDaSharp (@AlundreeA) reported

    @2KSupport It says there is a problem with your connection to the servers but when I got on another account it works

  • BlairTempleton3 Blair Templeton (@BlairTempleton3) reported

    Do I have to play ******* Fortnite coz these ******* 2k servers make me and my teammates lag out of every rec game. And they say my connection has been lost.

  • jonjones1738 ° (@jonjones1738) reported

    @FearTheHoss There is a VC glitch in 2k

  • LSmihal luke.smihal (@LSmihal) reported

    @2K fix your ******* park after dark bullshit. Randoms have the easiest us people actually have the game and do good are getting cheesed on Fix your ******* beats game it is so cancer

  • DrRamChanderSh1 Dr Ram Chander Sharma (@DrRamChanderSh1) reported

    Sir @OmarAbdullah extreme Humsntarian issue Your ₹9096 cr cabinet recommendations discarded by @narendramodi Govt reduced to ₹ 2k cr pls raise this issue as run-up to LS& Asmb Elections Dr Ram Chander Sharma Sarpanch Siot Sunderbani

  • Inflicted_Kid Vic The Kid (@Inflicted_Kid) reported

    @2KSupport Not getting any of mypoints at all, for like the 20th time fix this game

  • WynesMatt Matt Wynes (@WynesMatt) reported

    2k dont fix anything lul

  • Alex43087668 Yeet (@Alex43087668) reported

    @2KSupport The problem was resolved.

  • Alex43087668 Yeet (@Alex43087668) reported

    @2KSupport I accidentally fouled out during the event and now I can’t join my friends. I need you to respond to me now. I already submitted my problem and went to the live chat.

  • Galeonnn Ryan (@Galeonnn) reported

    Right I won’t lie hectics beating me in the 2k isn’t even a issue anymore. Fair play to them

  • curlykillaa jade🦋 (@curlykillaa) reported from Middletown, Delaware

    2K is more than enough...stop buying designer that’s the problem

  • PWhritenour Payton Whritenour (@PWhritenour) reported

    @NBA2K @2KSupport @Ronnie2K @Beluba 2K really be riding youtubers because they make revenue off of them tell me why I had the same problem as @CaldyGaming and I message 2K support a week before him telling them I never got my free pink diamond they told me there is nothing they

  • Triggerr_Treyy Trigger Trey™️ (@Triggerr_Treyy) reported

    @dlisiall That don’t even matter. Long as 2k not lagging 🙄

  • babyybreeee lil baby bree (@babyybreeee) reported

    if my man is lagging on me cause of 2k , Ima go and hit his big ass head with a basketball myself

  • babyybreeee lil baby bree (@babyybreeee) reported

    if my man is lagging on me cause of 2k Ima go a hit his big ass head with a basketball myself

  • Her0_ScopeZ Her0 ScopeZ (@Her0_ScopeZ) reported

    @Ronnie2K @Beluba @NBA2K I keep lagging out of 2k and when I search up the code it’s not a valid code


    2k servers down or is it just me.....

  • sweetjamezjonz Wreck microphones like im....🇭🇹🇩🇴 (@sweetjamezjonz) reported

    @DollFaceBeautii She’s lazy and doesnt want to work. She feels entitled. Thats the problem. Not him paying 2k a month

  • _DYNAMIKE_ Yung Plum (@_DYNAMIKE_) reported

    @Ronnie2K You need to fix his 2K card now.. no excuses

  • steamroll3r Ray🤟🏾👻 (@steamroll3r) reported

    🤣 man park is broken like a mf shit hella trash I blame the whole neighborhood thing shit killed 2k

  • NickWhoNickBean 👴🏾 Mr.Luther (@NickWhoNickBean) reported

    @Freddyelz @JayCapers24 @eadougie @monsieuryvescan @Optimusrhyme79 @NBALiveTHEONE 2k got issues to

  • Freddyelz Frederick lowe (@Freddyelz) reported

    @NickWhoNickBean @JayCapers24 @eadougie @monsieuryvescan @Optimusrhyme79 @NBALiveTHEONE I fixed this problem... by switching to 2k.🤣🤣

  • kanejw40 kane (@kanejw40) reported

    All 2k ever says is that it’s a connection issue.. it ain’t a ****** connection issue on every single Internet connection my ps4 is on lol y’all don’t even know what your talking about. Broke ass game

  • MilesNextDoor Chris Miles (@MilesNextDoor) reported

    There’s a reason why I stopped playing 2k years back; the damn lag online is absolute trash. The network needs a major upgrade.

  • vDarkness3 vDarkness (@vDarkness3) reported

    @2KSupport 4b538e50 this is the error code

  • concord_lee Jason Lee Concord (@concord_lee) reported

    I’m tired of watching the same jump shot, my player build, and glitch videos by the same YouTuber every couple days. If your a 2k YouTuber I want to see you spanking ass in park, rec, or whatever you do. #2k19 #DFClan #TNBClan #2kpark #2ktv

  • JBO_134 DaKidBack (@JBO_134) reported

    @2KSupport None of this worked fix yall servers

  • Trey_Johns82 Demarco (@Trey_Johns82) reported from City of Saint Cloud, Minnesota

    Tried to cop some VC and I received an “error” and the next thing I know I get blitzed with 10 transactions and STILL didn’t get my VC lmao I’m so pissed. @2K @PlayStation **** y’all, Xbox wouldn’t treat me like this.

  • morvan_cameron Cameron morvan (@morvan_cameron) reported

    @2KSupport U guys clearly don’t take fans problems seriously at all

  • JBO_134 DaKidBack (@JBO_134) reported

    @2KSupport Fix the lag on the online play on Xbox it’s ridiculous

  • galvileo ʇolǝdo ʍındoʍ qox (@galvileo) reported

    @koolaidgeorge dudes playing 2k mycareer tryna fix his percentage

  • 2Gutta4Tv_ JuNii0rr. (@2Gutta4Tv_) reported

    It be 30+ ppl inda Park and 20 ppl standing around!!! FIX THAT!! If you ain’t on or tryna get on the court boot them out the park. I swear it’s more ppl scared to get on the court then anything and that’s killing 2k! Everybody all scary!!

  • Darawindor Darkrai-windor (@Darawindor) reported

    @gamesasylum @ibbsters I can answer that, two issues: 1) the Hatch an egg quest was pointless and it requires you to have a few 2k eggs, impossible while Adventure Sync event is on 2) make TEN great throws and FIFTEEN nice throws forced players to limit PokéStops Oh, and the shinies were random.

  • Educated517 Educated517 (@Educated517) reported

    We know its his money and actually Keyshia helped him earn more of it but that's not the issue at hand the issue is the fact that asking for more money is an issue when she's only receiving $2k monthly that's why you have to be careful who u create with

  • RobmirH Young Vonni (@RobmirH) reported

    @ItsShake4ndbake Everyone talking bout the VC glitch like 2k not seeing this shit lol

  • JenZny Jen Z (@JenZny) reported

    @2KSupport @AaronWStump In mycerrer in the end of the 3 point contest it won’t let me go back into mycarrer main screen. It is a piece of shit. Can someone please fix it.😥😭😭😭😢😢🤬😡😡😡😡😡

  • Educated517 Educated517 (@Educated517) reported

    Well if the kid is 11 honestly he needs his father so might be a good time to move with Dad 😉 but no court should tell you what you should do for your child him & Keyshia be fly all iced out jewelry for days and its an issue over $2k

  • tweedcoke 2k Queen /Cod Chick (@tweedcoke) reported

    @2KSupport can the pure rim protectors lockdowns get a buff please like they all they badges need a buff they barely drop badges contest shots shot blocking weak chase down blocking weak pick pocket weak another thing they rep is slow fix please in the next patch

  • IamGod80503858 I am God (@IamGod80503858) reported

    @NBA2K when can u guys fix 2k

  • MindFrameGaming MindFrameGaming (@MindFrameGaming) reported

    @JoystickJocks @ItsMontana2x 2K. Never have that issue in LIVE.

  • RIOT_2007_ #GoBolts ⚡ (@RIOT_2007_) reported

    @2KSupport I'm getting my PS4 up soon and was jw I bought the season pass ahead of time and have never had this issue I'll see if this works

  • RIOT_2007_ #GoBolts ⚡ (@RIOT_2007_) reported

    @2KSupport I think the last one will fix it the restoring license cause I believe that's for if DLC ain't showing up

  • DayDosTres Dontae Duffy (@DayDosTres) reported

    @Ronnie2K @nikebasketball Fix the pushing in 2k man ****** abuse that shit and get not one call

  • _TayBae__ Tay Gallagher (@_TayBae__) reported

    Somebody please give me like 2k so I can fix all my problems

  • guilmetjay Ivan Allerson (@guilmetjay) reported

    @2KSupport I have a real problem with this game not allowing me to back out from playing duplicate teams online. Then I get blocked for quitting. It's ridiculous. It's 2019. I paid $75 for this damn game. I don't play myplayer because it's wack. I play online and I'm frustrated.

  • CityFursuits Jy (@CityFursuits) reported

    @Okoriart Oh man this is similar to an issue I had. Bought a GTX 1070 & built a pc 1st time in years, running AE & Premiere, couldn't figure out why rendering was taking so damn long on my 2k pc. Turns out CUDA wasn't enabled. I only found out by accident. What a life changer afterward haa

  • Prettyboychello Terrell (@Prettyboychello) reported

    @EASPORTSNBA I thought y’all was better then 2k but I was wrong the simple fact that I made a wing shooter 6’5 and he weight 130 and y’all still put him at the SF spot please fix ur game

  • vDrippay 🅳🆁🅸🅿🅿🅰🆈 ☔️ (97/99) 2.6k SUBS🙏🏼🚀 (@vDrippay) reported

    2k is ******* ridiculous with the amount of open full whites I miss. I make more half bars then I do full white. fix the ******* game

  • ftblRyxn Ryan (@ftblRyxn) reported

    @FutbolQuinn I like to hope so, but only if we sort out our attack and bulk our midfield with players capable of filling in for him. The 0 assists from 2k+ passes is unacceptable, but a change in our front line can at least attempt to fix that

  • ChrisTa21712913 xChriiss (@ChrisTa21712913) reported

    @2KSupport I had already did a request and yall still didn't fix my 2k account the way l can't connect to the sever.

  • ChrisTa21712913 xChriiss (@ChrisTa21712913) reported

    @2KSupport yall need to hurry up and fix my 2k account because I can't play 2k because I cant connect to the server and I been waiting for weeks now and y'all still anit fix my account......

  • ExactoKnifeYT ExactoKn👁fe (@ExactoKnifeYT) reported

    @Viral_Cooks I said it wasn't directed to anyone I followed at the time. 0 issues with you bro, you're having a ton of success on YT man focus on that shit, be great 2k community looking sweet. I'm just unhappy being not true to myself...I can't lie to myself and other's face. I need a break.