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  • LuisBaker___ Luis Baker (@LuisBaker___) reported

    @discordapp Exchange the google database for amazon at least, there are not so many problems @amazon @googlecloud

  • graylanj Graylan (@graylanj) reported

    @Erdayastronaut Become a software developer for one and and you will understand why interoperability is completely broken, the internet is growing highly centralized , yet fractured, software languages are breaking (python 2.6) And 70% of the internet (because of Amazon) goes down all at once.

  • Brocolipinecone residentcoolguy (@Brocolipinecone) reported

    @LeoRezArt @cryingminmo Lmaoooo cmon man they don’t create jobs. They create menial paychecks so people can survive. Literally any other warehouse job has better conditions, hours and actual work. Amazon is an absolute joke, you can obviously dislike AOC but don’t see how there’s a problem with this

  • codenrhoden Travis Rhoden (@codenrhoden) reported

    @josephjaramillo I’ve had more shipping issues this week than ever before. Both USPS and Amazon have had nothing but issues. I think it’s the aftermath of Black Friday and Cyber Monday or something.

  • Limmic Limmic (@Limmic) reported

    @daniel_alep @jayzvonec @ItsNumbersMan @Neff688 @jordankenworth4 @Orbitron11 @CarmineSabia @AOC Yes, of course they are greedy, but so is NY. Amazon is running a for-profit business, not a charity. The larger, core, issue here is why they need to offer the breaks. It's because NYS is outrageous in how it taxes everything under the sun here.

  • alleskelle Alleskelle (@alleskelle) reported

    If people feel the need to report a book that goes against a book vendor TOS, it’s not censorship. The book had nothing to do being sold there in the first place. As it appears, the book had previously been put down by Amazon, most likely regarding problematic content.

  • 2RLove_ Bronx Street Cop (@2RLove_) reported

    @WllyP Considering how big the Queens center was going to be, that’s not a problem for Amazon.

  • JohnTeufelNYC john teufel (@JohnTeufelNYC) reported

    @BlueSteelDC @OjPats4 Haha wait! The whole reason ppl opposed Amazon was to try and slow gentrification of LIC! That said, you've gone from "argument from authority" to "ad hominem," so this is no longer worth my time. But thank you for engaging.

  • BillDizzle BC (@BillDizzle) reported

    @Testudo23 @Serena_Spencer @CBSNewYork @amazon You can sit down now

  • paulrose222 (@paulrose222) reported

    @AmazonHelp It just says it's not available at the moment and comes up with the error message a105 on my TiVo box and won't load up a flim but is working online and on my TV app

  • arlathmavhenan Amy Jayne 🌹 Vote Labour 🌹 (@arlathmavhenan) reported

    "Media plurality is an issue we need to address in this country: the alternative is living in a timeline where, because Corbyn has wonky glasses, in a couple of years you’ll be living in a tent city outside an Amazon warehouse trying to GoFund a tonsillectomy."

  • soloflyght1 Hans (@soloflyght1) reported

    @BiggieSta11s @EmmaVigeland @AOC Amazon was only going to move to New York as long as New York paid for the building and gave them tax breaks. So those same 25,000 people that they hire are going to be the same people that are paying for that building in which will not solve any problems

  • Brocolipinecone residentcoolguy (@Brocolipinecone) reported

    @ISpeak4Me_HBU @Brumafriend @Momslover22 @Pur0Bandido @cryingminmo Nobody needed those jobs you goon you really don’t get it, amazon offers shit wage jobs with terrible hours and terrible working conditions. Everyone I know who’s worked at amazon has quit within the first couple of years. Other companies exist you ****, we don’t rely on amazon

  • Love_From_Twits Funeral Bill II ♿ (@Love_From_Twits) reported

    @iamAtheistGirl @FedEx @Chewy I've yet to have that type of problem with Amazon deliveries. I'm sure they'll buy Chewy AND FedEx soon enough so this crap ends since FedEx has been allowing this my entire adult life.

  • LukeFoxyHopkins David Luke Hopkins (@LukeFoxyHopkins) reported

    The @LibDems were canvassing around ours today. Lucky they didn't knock, or they would have to explain why they've cut down the equivalent of 3 Amazon Rainforests to send out a billion leaflets to every ****. Don't make me phone Greta on your ass!

  • TheRagecave Mama_Rage (@TheRagecave) reported

    @AnnerBtw @IFalseDevotion @TheOGXanex @SleepyMia145 @Twitch @TwitchSupport @amazon You're good! No problems here :D I do the same thing because everything can be taken out of context on the internet lmao

  • ZaidJilani Zaid Jilani (@ZaidJilani) reported

    @D_Biddy1 They aren't even investing in her district lol. Her constituents didn't win anything. I think it's misleading to state this issue can be won locally, they just go elsewhere. In this case, me! My state is funding Amazon now.

  • ARogueEngineer A Standard Deviation (@ARogueEngineer) reported

    @bd_howell @trumwill @ArthurBoreman If your argument is “NY taxes are too high,” then yeah. But that’s their problem. They needed to take less to incentivize a large company to come there and flood their coffers with employee tax revenue. Now, Amazon will just go somewhere with lower taxes.

  • graymagiker Steve (@graymagiker) reported

    @amazon you should fix this. I’m not saying you deliberately disrupted the kindle edition of this book, Empty The Pews, because of the content. But I’m quickly running out of alternative explanations.

  • Instastariam Harshit Pachouri (@Instastariam) reported

    @Dream11 Add A Cash via Amazon UPI Id, Money is deducted from my bank account but money is not showing in my Dream 11 Account! Solve my problem please

  • ExistentialIzzy Izzy 💚 (@ExistentialIzzy) reported

    Christians/Theists got offended over "Good Omens" and demanded Netflix, who didn't even have the show (Amazon did), take it down.

  • maturewisdom Daniel (@maturewisdom) reported

    Amazon should be broken up,,, don't subscribe to prime and make Jeff bazos Richer

  • goldman Jason Goldman (@goldman) reported

    @jbouie Triple Frontier. A good tell is if a graying slightly pudgy actor has to go do some serious shit. In this all dads can see themselves as just one call away from having to put down the box cutter they use to flatten Amazon boxes and picking up a machete and heading to the Amazon.

  • JonathanRingen Jonathan Ringen (@JonathanRingen) reported

    @patkiernan My tweet sounded pricklier than I meant it - I've just been bummed at the way this crazy-complicated issue has been stripped of nuance. (Also key: *Amazon* abandoned the plan when it became clear that NYers were going to really scrutinize it - nobody forced them to back out!)

  • Awnikins Awnikins | #RenewAnneWithAnE 🇩🇪 (@Awnikins) reported

    I always had some problems but also my internet can be a bit weird. But I hadn't problems the whole week. It only started 3 days ago. #renewannewithane #weloveanne @northwoodent @hellosunshine @ReeseW @MirandadeP @netflix @CBC @amazon @poptv @PrimeVideo @HBO @disneyplus

  • themuddyartist Amanda Bowoade (@themuddyartist) reported

    @Awnikins @northwoodent @hellosunshine @netflix @CBC @amazon @PopTV @PrimeVideo @HBO @disneyplus I don't know. We had absolutely no problems with it, we watched each episode weekly and it was fine. Until the night of the final episode. It just stopped working right then and hasn't worked since. #weloveanne #renewannewithane @CBC @northwoodenter

  • judithescribano Judith Escribano (@judithescribano) reported

    "Media plurality is an issue we need to address in this country: the alternative is living in a timeline where, because Corbyn has wonky glasses, in a couple of years you’ll be living in a tent city outside an Amazon warehouse trying to GoFund a tonsillectomy."

  • Chard83 𝑅𝒾𝒸𝒽𝒶𝓇𝒹 𝒢𝓊𝑒𝓈𝓉 (@Chard83) reported

    @BBCSport I really enjoyed the way they dealt with VAR. it was made far less of an issue and intrusion into the game. Sky and BT just bombard you with graphics and silly lines, Amazon coverage made the games flow better.

  • WeigleInsurance Aint It Jay (@WeigleInsurance) reported from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    @AOC But each person they paid wages to would have paid taxes and Amazon would have paid withholdings on all that money. So you WOULD have gotten tax revenue from each employee. Now you don’t. Come on down to So FL, @amazon!!!!! We appreciate you!

  • JoeR42 Joe R. 🌐 (@JoeR42) reported

    @rehague @AOC Then build more housing. Killing jobs isn't the best way to keep down housing prices. Northern Queens could easily take on 25,000 more housing units (and would probably benefit from that, regardless of Amazon coming or not).

  • JohnTeufelNYC john teufel (@JohnTeufelNYC) reported

    @BlueSteelDC @OjPats4 You're eliding the subject. Your analogy is just completely wrong. I never claimed to represent all New Yorkers. But the opposition to Amazon was deep and diverse. I don't believe all issues should be decided by majority vote, either.

  • whalers44 Phil Paine (@whalers44) reported

    @LuckyBrand terrible that you won’t stand behind your products that you sell on Amazon....honor the warranty!

  • foxyphill phill 🐺🏏🐂⚽️🐯🏈🥊 (@foxyphill) reported

    @The_Don79 @BBCSport It’s my internet far too slow, not amazon fault but I can’t make it any better and means fuzzy all the time

  • NateMorgn . (@NateMorgn) reported

    Amazon delivery is the worst. This is the second day they're right down the street (literally) and they ******* pack it up and leave. It goes from you're a few stops away to the driver needs to make a few more deliveries before we get to you (aka) were done for the day

  • TymberDalton Tymber (with a Y) Dalton 📚Ⓜ️🍑 (@TymberDalton) reported

    @alessavitale @NerdyBookMomma @lucia_franco_ Not trying to destroy anyone's career. Trying to help OTHER authors who are HURT when an author MISCATEGORIZES a book that should be in erotica or elsewhere as a ROMANCE book. Because then Amazon et al comes down hard on the REST of us. Hurts readers, too, by limiting choice.

  • geenalia geena (@geenalia) reported

    @Erick_CG23 @kneught @thomasjeferstan the fake ones usually have non biodegradable plastic so when they do get disposed of they never decompose like a normal tree would. also real xmas trees come from farms that specifically grow the trees it’s not the same ecological threat as like cutting down the amazon.

  • jordankenworth4 jordankenworthy2000 (@jordankenworth4) reported

    @daniel_alep @Limmic @jayzvonec @ItsNumbersMan @Neff688 @Orbitron11 @CarmineSabia @AOC FYI, New Jersey offered Amazon $8 billion, but Amazon turned it down. And if a company is offering you jobs that will generate $28 billion in tax revenues over a 10-year period, and all they want in return is a slight decrease in taxes owed (to build the $2.5B campus)... yes.

  • PeteDaWhite PJ (@PeteDaWhite) reported

    @MFan113 And if you’re saying, “150k gets you farther in Nashville than NY Bc of the cost of living,” your issue is with real estate prices, the NY cost of living, not the failed Amazon project.

  • tfladysings Marilyn D Walton (@tfladysings) reported from Merrillville, Indiana

    that have provided aide and comfort. The spirit was present at Amazon. This desire to take me down a peg was found at a company that is owned by one of the richest men in America. That spirit was absent from the junior college I attended for a short time, absent from St. Sabina

  • JohnTeufelNYC john teufel (@JohnTeufelNYC) reported

    @BlueSteelDC @OjPats4 Whoa this is a complete misunderstanding of NYC neighborhoods. And it also entirely ignores housing cost issues, a huge driver of opposition to Amazon and a big concern in LIC.

  • Maya_mae1987 Maya (@Maya_mae1987) reported

    Amazon customer service just hung up on my brother. They locked him out of his account, and can’t fix a simple billing issue. I’m livid. I know I keep tweeting about this, but I swear will never use this company again. Never again!

  • TarqaronTwo Tarqaron (@TarqaronTwo) reported

    Hey Survivor fans! I just wanted to give you a heads-up that no Survivor videos will be posted this week. Because of problems with the audio levels making them practically unwatchable, there will be no reactions for episodes 4 & 5 of The Amazon.

  • DerekP23 Rex Mantlepiece (@DerekP23) reported

    @nycsouthpaw Nope. The subsidies scaled up as the hiring did. It wasn’t $3 billion and maybe 25k jobs. It was a max of $3 bil and a max of 25k jobs. Incentives scaled up/down based on the economic benefit to NY. AOC is either incorrect or misrepresenting what happened w/“Amazon still coming”

  • nofish_nonuts no fish, no nuts🇵🇷🇧🇸🇸🇾🌍🍑 (@nofish_nonuts) reported

    I wish I could be environmentally thoughtless & order every tiny thing I need - bobby pins, mini staples, etc. - separately on Amazon, so $10 in crap cost Jeff Bezos 5-10x in shipping. Our legislative & tax system is broken, but no one's forcing you to ruthlessly take advantage.

  • mtsw Michael Tae Sweeney (@mtsw) reported

    It's worth emphasizing that one of the biggest problems in NYC right now is that jobs are being added much faster than housing, causing rising prices and displacement. Amazon's jobs will mostly be recruited nationally and lead to net in-migration near the top of the income scale

  • gloomymooon sam (@gloomymooon) reported

    @AmazonHelp my kindle (all new Kindle 2019) won’t charge - when plugged in it has the charging symbol but the battery goes down! I’ve only had it for six months!!

  • MellieRenne Malena Renee, First of her Name (@MellieRenne) reported

    @Ravenswood2016 @this_nick @Bidar411 @JulianCastro I guess I’m more for a TEMPORARY halt on PAC money until we have better regs. And a ban on private PACs. I’m fine with things like teachers unions and healthcare workers raising funds. My problem is letting Amazon and FB and the Koch ******** determine our candidate.

  • EJoeBear JoeBear (@EJoeBear) reported

    @GazillionGrand @ARealBoyo @nikumann914 @Am3ricanP3ac3 @Expherience @I_DO_JUEGOS @AOC 2) Local businesses and Amazon do frequently coexist they do so just about everywhere Amazon ships to. For Seattle I would say high taxes on rising cost is making it difficult for them to stay in business. Austin for example doesn’t have this problem because they tax less.

  • eertaet eertaet (@eertaet) reported

    Help me understand please why we want to save the trees in the amazon, but it's okay to cut down millions of christmas trees that get thrown away after a month. #stupid #environment #bandwagon #paganholiday

  • hattiedulac hdl 💀 (@hattiedulac) reported

    “Media plurality is an issue we need to address in this country: the alternative is living in a timeline where, because Corbyn has wonky glasses, in a couple of years you’ll be living in a tent city outside an Amazon warehouse trying to GoFund a tonsillectomy.”

  • nouseriously WB (@nouseriously) reported

    @BonginoReport New York was going to give Amazon $48k in cash for every job created + $505 million cash to pay for construction + $900 million in tax breaks. Terrible deal for New York & it's hilarious to see "free market" people in favor of it as a kneejerk reaction to AOC being against it.

  • EJoeBear JoeBear (@EJoeBear) reported

    @GazillionGrand @ARealBoyo @nikumann914 @Am3ricanP3ac3 @Expherience @I_DO_JUEGOS @AOC 1) Housing problems are present everywhere regardless of whether Amazon is present or not. Not saying Amazon is or isn’t having an effect you just need to be more specific to have a discussion.

  • sailengeologist SAiLEN (@sailengeologist) reported

    @AmazonHelp No issue...take it easy....😀

  • MkAmrADmcryAgn Educated Healthy Democracy (@MkAmrADmcryAgn) reported

    @AnOldProgrammer @the420bucsfan @ShrekOP @adi_sports_guy @DrEw_Morris_78 @RobProvince @AngelaBelcamino @AOC I blame all tech companies in the area that don't give back to the community and created the multitude of issues we have here today. Amazon being one of them. 1999 was only the beginning.

  • EvilMaryK Mary K (@EvilMaryK) reported

    @AmazonHelp Just got off the phone with Amazon concern. It’s been an issue since Thanksgiving with the app and “they’re working on it best they can”

  • Kasperbit Kasper (@Kasperbit) reported

    @hereholdmybags @DejaBrewTrades @amazon I would get a raspi 3B+ kit instead (you can get them for around 50$) raspi 4 has had some problems if I recall that correctly with the usb ports.

  • LjPag Larry Pagniello (@LjPag) reported

    @madebygoogle has failed me on my last 2 orders and they are struggle to help me resolve my issues. I have sent a direct message, I hope you resolve it or I will start sharing my negative experiences with everyone @Apple @amazon @samsung #google #Apple #Amazon #Samsung

  • badgermelinda ⚫ melinda crook (@badgermelinda) reported

    @GretaThunberg Well done Greta and Madrid. Children have every right to highlight this issue. They are going to have deal with the mess we leave them. Australia, Amazon rain forests, California all bear witness to the awful effects of climate change.

  • MellieRenne Malena Renee, First of her Name (@MellieRenne) reported

    @Ravenswood2016 @this_nick @Bidar411 @JulianCastro Yeah I detest Bernie and have for years. My problem is, living in Seattle, I’ve watched Amazon and Microsoft buy candidate the last several elections. I would be open to businesses donating to a central pot all candidates got a cut from. But candidates like Pete worry me.

  • mrbelding76 Robert B. (@mrbelding76) reported

    @AOC Despite your best efforts to block amazon, they still came to NYC, outside your district. Just when i think "she cant possibly be any stupider" here you are, surpassing my expectations. You will go down in history as the worst NYC representative of all time. #🤡💩💩 👏👏

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