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  • HackermanAce Ace (@HackermanAce) reported

    Literally, Amazon would never accept Btc as a payment processor for so many reasons , just to name a few would be ,return and payment issues, money laundering/ Fraud(not the way your thinking) an their system isnt even setup and would take so much work. Cool extension tho

  • nicopolitan Nico del Castillo (@nicopolitan) reported

    Me: Damn, my neck has been stiff for days. I wonder if there's a device-- Amazon: "Double Layer Thickness Cordless Wand Massager for Muscles, Back, Foot, Neck, Shoulder, Leg, Calf Pain Relief" Me: THAT'S A *****, YOU IDIOT. A PLASTIC ****** ISN'T GONNA FIX MY NECK.

  • JustAnotherJay Jason Bouwmeester (@JustAnotherJay) reported

    @AntiMacro @CraveCanada @Xbox @HBO @Bell @Netflix_CA @amazon Glad to hear I'm not the only one who has issues and thinks so.

  • le_avion Avi Schwartz (@le_avion) reported

    @Amazon should automatically compensate if the package wasn't delivered on promised date when weather wasn't the issue. I'm 24 miles from warehouse and they cannot deliver on time. Go back to reliable shippers like @UPS, @FedEx, or @USPS. 2/2

  • SteveJacobson50 Steve Jacobson (@SteveJacobson50) reported

    @Tyger5150 @tony_altamirano @amazon @facebook @NFL Get rid of deductions totally. That will fix the tax mess

  • 936dda52f0074be Yashwant Pareek (@936dda52f0074be) reported

    @AmazonHelp not able to submit the request it so some error

  • totallyfarked Devin Nunes's Teddy Bear (@totallyfarked) reported

    @ezraklein @mehdirhasan I'm aware she's pretty much the only candidate who has made it a career to go after banks, but that's why I didn't care for the focus on monopolization of tech. Comcast is a FAR, FAR bigger problem than Amazon.

  • MahaBENNY மஹாபென்னி® (@MahaBENNY) reported

    @AmazonHelp Every time Amazon say Your Complaints forward to right officials. But couldn't rectify the issue.

  • AjitKum50742162 Ajit Kumar (@AjitKum50742162) reported

    @AmazonHelp I had terrible experience with Amazon Delivery boys hired are goons. Delivery boy didn't carried his any identity card, told his wrong name and when I enquired him about his identity he threatened me and gathered 2-3 local boys to fight me.

  • orient_electric Orient Electric (@orient_electric) reported

    @im_banshi @amazon Hi Banshi, We regret the inconvenience caused to you. We would request you to please share your complaint and contact details with us so that we can escalate the issue further. Regards, Team Orient Electric

  • constanceannx3 snow white trash ✨🧂✨ (@constanceannx3) reported

    My best friend gave me her amazon login so I can watch drag race, and whenever I log in and see there is anything in her cart, I can’t help but snoop.

  • rorschach42 Christopher Walter (@rorschach42) reported

    @AmazonHelp Pretty sure Race to Space (Español) didn’t use the Space Chimps one sheet art. I reckon it’s a fixable glitch within your system but you wouldn’t know it’s there unless you were informed

  • pavelnuzhdin Pavel Nuzhdin (@pavelnuzhdin) reported

    @AmazonHelp The story doesn't have a happy end. Amazon just ignored any attempt to show that their algorithm which banned me is wrong and unfair. Amazon will throw you out as soon as you will generate a series of issues instead of a single one. You will never receive any such item nor money.

  • darkmikasonfire Aki B (@darkmikasonfire) reported

    @Boogie2988 melatonin is a godsend, only issue is if you're in the EU it's considered medical and not sold over the counter in all of the countries, however, it doesn't help that in most of those same countries there's not a license to sell it either, so they have to get it off amazon/ebay.

  • moondncr55 Maureen McClement (@moondncr55) reported

    @TheFoundersWeep @GoneGirl187 @ZenOmega87 @SenKamalaHarris I am not talking about ALL the wealth....when AMAZON who makes 11+Billion a year and gets a tax refund....there are issues. I am talking about everyone paying their share. Our country was working the best when everyone paid their share.

  • wmchammer33 phammertime (@wmchammer33) reported

    @peytonhooten That number is supposed to be 75 thousand richest families, not 75 but it’s still a crazy number. The corporate taxes are also insane. Companies like Amazon and Netflix paying zero taxes. You are right about Reagan. He sold so many people on that trickle down bullshit.

  • mistyfigs Misty Figs 🔜 #AwesomeCon (@mistyfigs) reported

    @silverfang09 exactly. I think people shopping on Amazon see so many duplicate products that they don't often stop to think if they are supporting who they should be. I never have this issue on sites like Etsy.

  • bzoffka brianna zoffka (@bzoffka) reported

    @AmazonHelp no. just got pushed back- multiple times. and then the food showed up in soggy containers and not even how i ordered it! not sure it was an amazon issue as much as it was a restaurant issue. definitely won’t order from them again

  • OPAmericanJesus Penny Cillin (@OPAmericanJesus) reported

    @waltshaub @TheRickWilson Hillary's email server stole my lunch money, said my grandma's meatloaf is dry then punched my boss in the face, jacked the Amazon packages on my porch and told the cops that I'm the Zodiac killer. Hillary's email server is a MONSTAH!

  • John24738768 John (@John24738768) reported

    @AmazonHelp Most severely, we got an Product Safety Concern on our products, we have sold this keyboard above one year and we didn’t met this issue before. It’s obviously a fake issue and it’s the third plan of the attackers to thwart us taking back our founds and grow our business again.

  • John24738768 John (@John24738768) reported

    @amazonnews @amazon @JeffBezos Most severely, we got an Product Safety Concern on our products, we have sold this keyboard above one year and we didn’t met this issue before. It’s obviously a fake issue and it’s the third plan of the attackers to thwart us taking back our founds and grow our business again.

  • John24738768 John (@John24738768) reported

    @amazon Most severely, we got an Product Safety Concern on our products, we have sold this keyboard above one year and we didn’t met this issue before. It’s obviously a fake issue and it’s the third plan of the attackers to thwart us taking back our founds and grow our business again.

  • exacerbater menses scholar (@exacerbater) reported

    Just took four (4) of us a collective one (1) hour to try login after login after parent’s login only to resign to renting The Bourne Identity for $3.99 on Amazon

  • pradeepgodara NOTA (@pradeepgodara) reported

    I called the seller again on 22/4/19 for the pickup issue and he told me that amazon refused to pick the order up as it exceeds 18kgs and that he'll ask the amazon's pickup guy to directly talk with me and he called me when your pickup guy went pickup the order

  • vandj4ever Heather (@vandj4ever) reported

    Dudes...I hate to break it to you but if you think that you are ignorant. TV's and atv's depreciate, amazon is still rising. Just sit down, shut up, and stop making fools of yourselves

  • nakiabracy kia✨ (@nakiabracy) reported

    too poor to take cute pictures of tropical places but amazon has a ton of reusable straws that fold down to fit in an air pod sized case!! happy earth day

  • DarkreichAZ Wayne Michael Reich (@DarkreichAZ) reported

    @Frankohh @KurtSchlichter Says the guy who has no problem that Amazon paid no taxes this year, while he did. Says the guy who has no problem with the fact that millionaires got a tax break when he didn't. Fairly obvious whatever education you have has failed you.

  • piersg የጎቿዪነ ኗዐዐዕዘቿሠ (@piersg) reported

    @corduroy For many years I had a cassette adaptor which was great, shat all over FM transmitters (better sound as well as no spectrum issues). They're not likely to still be a thing though .. silly me, they're all over eBay and Amazon (you'll have to wait a few weeks of course)

  • HoneyLaBronx Honey LaBronx ❤'s 🇵🇸 (@HoneyLaBronx) reported

    @AmazonHelp Sure. When you can tell me EXACTLY which prompt and menus and submenu items to select to report this issue. You know you've made it as difficult as possible since I have to find that option in a digital haystack.

  • TaherehMafi Tahereh Mafi (@TaherehMafi) reported

    @morgensxwood @AmazonHelp that’s actually not an error; those are deckled edges. all the hardcover books in the shatter me series are printed that way!

  • jess16_ J. (@jess16_) reported

    my dad asked me to go down the list of Marvel movies he needs to see...... so I went down the list. (it’s a total of 18 movies) He thanks me & walks out the room. Comes back all giggly 20 minutes later and goes, “they’ll all be here on Wednesday thanks to my Amazon!” 😂😂😭😂

  • kierra_henke Kierra 💙🐠 (@kierra_henke) reported

    @AOC: “I just don’t want to let them down.” 😭😢 Also AOC: “@amazon GET OUT!!!!!”😡😤 🙄👌🏻

  • suzannes_tweet Suzanne H (@suzannes_tweet) reported

    This is absolutely the truth about the under-handed monopoly that Amazon runs against sellers. This should be prohibited by law in the first place. It's not the aggregation of personal data, but that is an issue, but the aggregation of seller data that undercuts small business.

  • TrumbullSteve steve trumbull (@TrumbullSteve) reported

    @CJHUNTREPORTS @Travis_Statham @SBakerMD Hi Charles, I’m glad you sent me the link to contribute. Tonight I just wanted to rewatch The Perfect Human Diet I looked on Hulu and Amazon Prime. Didn’t find it . But it could have been me I had a bit of a headache, so probably user error! Lol thanks for responding. Steve

  • HenriHelvetica Henri Helvetica (@HenriHelvetica) reported

    @Zack_Eaton @saltnburnem I recall digging through the comments section on Amazon looking for macOS / compat issues. I recall someone mentioning making sure the latest driver was used as some site still hosted an older version. This is totally on my product purchase map!

  • rakeshksbhatt Rakesh Kalkudige (@rakeshksbhatt) reported

    @AmazonHelp Yes, in all my previous email I've explained the issue. They send a standard automated reply to reset the password, that's not working for me.

  • hillarylevi Hillary Levi (@hillarylevi) reported

    @AmazonHelp Yes but that is obviously not the issue here- had I not been home this never would have been delivered.

  • RahulRa59359518 Rahul Ranjan (@RahulRa59359518) reported

    @AmazonHelp and now when I contacted to AMAZON CC he told me that package is no longer available with seller so refund has been issued. But how can you cancelled the order and now you are not going to deliver new product to me. Why I bear if the problem with your side only.

  • WildernessCrier Brian Thomas (Part-time Online Pun-Maker) (@WildernessCrier) reported

    @drantbradley @amazon @Twitter I reported the review to Amazon. Maybe they’ll take it down.

  • markytower Edwin T (@markytower) reported

    @truth_be_tell @oac I took both micro and macro economics but all of that is irrelevant if amazon has paid ZERO taxes last year and the incentive took corporate rates down by 15% and that saving went straight to padding the pocket of the rich not one company even gave a sizable bonus

  • hillarylevi Hillary Levi (@hillarylevi) reported

    @AmazonHelp I have had delivery issues with your drivers since December 2017. I have made tweet after tweet, phone call after phone call, email after email - no one ever seems to be able to actually deliver a package. My gate code is on my account. The drivers don't know how the app works.

  • Rajmathiyazhgan Raj (@Rajmathiyazhgan) reported

    @AmazonHelp I am not waiting for new order you have delivery the old order I'm taking but didn't delivery no problem I'm leaving your @amazonIN account thank you.

  • teachrobotslove Autumn Christian ~ Philosopher Thot (@teachrobotslove) reported from La Mesa, California

    @STCartledge @BizzongPodcast @bizarrojones @NJMetal It's probably because of Amazon cracking down and also most bookstores and libraries won't carry titles with swear words in them. Kind of limits your reach right off the bat.

  • fattywitaflatty your mom. (@fattywitaflatty) reported

    @beeasy_breezy text me the amazon login at this point 😂

  • raulsingh_21 R (@raulsingh_21) reported

    @AmazonHelp The link is of no use...i cant see where my product is stuck..and also i cantfigure out any option for reporting the issue

  • DavidSchenet David Schenet (@DavidSchenet) reported

    Early on the whole locker thing fell flat for me because: 1) I didn't know my building had them, 2) Amazon didn't tell me they were delivering to them. 3) All of my "Unlock code" messages were going to a *dead email address* until I figured out how to fix that.

  • DavidSchenet David Schenet (@DavidSchenet) reported

    It saves me from having to *interact* with *people* in the leasing office. Non-amazon packages have sometimes sat there for months, because I loathe going down there.

  • DavidSchenet David Schenet (@DavidSchenet) reported

    I don't know why, but I really like the concept of amazon lockers. My apartment has a big row of them. Order a thing, couple of days later, you get sent an unlock code. Type it in, random door opens, and hey - here's the item! It's like a really, really slow star trek replicator

  • NefCanuck Daniel Amsler (@NefCanuck) reported

    @TwoWheelNeil @EdtheSock Unfortunately I have disabilities that make shopping at brick and mortar stores a problem, so I have to find on-line stores that are not Amazon that do deliveries where I can.

  • signingbandito em 54 (@signingbandito) reported

    today in ASL we got an assignment to interpret a Disney song. I chose The Rain, Rain, Rain Came Down, Down, Down from Winnie the Pooh, and have just finished making Piglet ears and turning a large Amazon box into a "Hunny" pot

  • mbcrowley marybeth (@mbcrowley) reported

    @AlaneFarmer4 It’s all part of the scam. Amazon pays nothing in Taxes... the problem isn’t 15.00 it’s the greed of the wealthy that are hoarding all the money

  • VengefulBean Mario 🧶 (@VengefulBean) reported

    So now here I am waiting for a next day shipping order of tasers and pepper spray from amazon. In case he comes back while they’re here and not just to brake a window at night. I’d rather the window be broken by some crackhead, than anyone having to lose a part of their humanity.

  • fordm Matt Ford (@fordm) reported

    This is nowhere near the most pressing issue of our time, but I swear they constantly switch between Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu without rhyme or reason. I want to know why.

  • pscaudill Patrick Caudill (@pscaudill) reported

    @AmazonHelp Not really. And it’s becoming common to have issues getting delivery drivers from amazon to actually deliver stuff. More often they call when I’m at work if they call at all and I tell them to leave the package at the door or at the apartment office then they don’t deliver it.

  • benthompson Ben Thompson (@benthompson) reported

    @derekcapo @eugenewan @katherineykwu @stratechery You could determine Amazon's margin for the first 10 years. That obviously became a problem when AWS emerged, but the company gained hugely by disclosing that. Also, good conversation, but I could do without passive aggressive insults.

  • BradTonoff Brad Tonoff (@BradTonoff) reported from Manhattan, New York

    @mbushong I honestly don't see the issue with Amazon owning the paper towel market. Or mouthwash.

  • MahaBENNY மஹாபென்னி® (@MahaBENNY) reported

    Several times, if we continue to ignore our problems, there is no way other than ignoring Amazon. @amazonIN

  • Amathryth disaster gay (@Amathryth) reported

    @shibarikeith Hey! Be careful, theres a problem with amazon warehouses providing fake hitachi's and they tend to explode after a bit, if they work at all. The warehouses cant tell the difference except for a slight weight difference! I reccomend if youre thinking about a hitachi wants to get

  • Rajat__IT RAJAT CHAUDHARY (@Rajat__IT) reported

    @AmazonHelp I have done that already. The benefit one could be get if #Nocostemi amount has been credited as cashback into wallet. Otherwise all bluff!! Didn't receive any further update on posted issue..

  • jen04saurus ivy ツ JENO DAY (@jen04saurus) reported

    is the amazon preorder not working for anyone else

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