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  • Mad_Wendy7 ᴍᴀᴅ (@Mad_Wendy7) reported

    @b_yo95 Release the plague to the one who burnt down the Amazon rainforest.

  • gongjuss abrine. (@gongjuss) reported

    bruv it does not make sense to me why billionaires refuse to help out when it comes to important issues like the amazon burning WE WILL DIE ANYWAYS WHERE’S YOUR MONEY TAKING YOU

  • GabrielaRav TITANIA (@GabrielaRav) reported

    the amazon is literally in a state of emergency. We need to get educated on the companies we give our money to that are allowing this to happen and creating the issue at ******* hand. CATTLE GRAZING IS THE LEADING CAUSE OF DEFORESTATION IN THE AMAZON.

  • ZeparTheSinful 🔞Zepar🔞 (@ZeparTheSinful) reported

    @Scooplerz that's not how seasons work in the amazon you buffoon. First off it rains year round. The "wet" season is known as the flood season due to it's exponential down pour and it doesn't matter how much rain it receives what matters is is the plant's water saturation

  • nay3z MARIPOSA (@nay3z) reported

    The amazon forest is on fire and I wish I had so much ******* money to fix this planet.

  • 1anthone #PrayForAmazon (@1anthone) reported

    The Amazon being on fire is crucial because the rainforest helps slow down global warming by producing 20% of the entire world’s oxygen.

  • sandip_salvator Sandip Aich (@sandip_salvator) reported

    @AmazonHelp Need the refund as I did not get a return window to return the product. Your customer care is not understanding the issue! [2/2]

  • cataertic romi (@cataertic) reported

    worse of it all this is not a new problem, Amazon has been suffering from fire attacks for years, decades even

  • luisa247_ Luisa 🇨🇴🌺 (@luisa247_) reported

    I don’t want to see anything on twitter other than awareness for the amazon rainforest. This isn’t just a problem for latin america... You’re ****** delusional if you think this doesn’t affect our whole planet.

  • badeathx eurydice (@badeathx) reported

    The fact that they released the "disney-sony" issue in the abundance of the crisis in Amazon pisses me tf. Y'all could've announced the issue after to give way to the MORE urgent news. So instead, the attention was divided. Selfish capitalists. #PrayForAmazonia

  • russell_mannix Russell Mannix (@russell_mannix) reported

    @AmazonHelp Wait 24 hours for Hermes server repair can you confirm that Hermes have a problem pls

  • bleatin goatier than thou 🕯 (@bleatin) reported

    Seriously what ******** is people going "drop everything and watch the Amazon burn isnt that TERRIBLE, pay attention!" Supposed to do for anything being burned alive You're all obsessed with Earth *****

  • badeathx eurydice (@badeathx) reported

    The fact that they released the "disney-sony" issue in the abundance of the crisis in Amazon pisses me tf. Y'all could've announced the issue after to give way to the MORE urgent news. So instead, the attention was divided. Focus on the world problem first! #PrayForAmazonia

  • ChristineJameis C Jameis #IStandWithChrisWilliamson (@ChristineJameis) reported

    @gussketchbook @negativiq You are wrong. Destroying the Amazon will be a tipping point to irreversible global warming with terrible climatic affects that will involve destruction and death of populations of people and animals. There is no justification scientifically and morally to continue this

  • sanyamjasraj sanyam jasraj (@sanyamjasraj) reported

    @AmazonHelp I am not able to login into my account. The CC No. shown on screen when dialed says is incorrect. Please Help.

  • jewelthealien jewel the alien (@jewelthealien) reported

    I have lots to say but I don’t trust my own words but I have my disorganized thoughts about how frustrating the Amazon issue is into an international and local level.

  • mp_solzinho mp o’reilly✌🏻 (@mp_solzinho) reported

    okay this is a problem with sony and marvel. we can not forget the Amazon! #PrayforAmazonia #SaveAmazonia

  • _abbyleighxo 𝔞𝔟𝔟𝔶 (@_abbyleighxo) reported

    Just tolf me grandma this and she goes ‘oh amazon, thought u meant amazon shop’ okay hedda calm pretty sure i wouldnt care if online dhop burnt down 😂😭😂

  • NatsLovegame 💋♩♩♩♩ G A G A 💋 (@NatsLovegame) reported

    reading everywhere the amazon has been burning for weeks and the media ain’t covering it .. even if they covered it 24/7 all it would make me REALLY really sad .. coz WHAT can I do about it .. what can most do about it. Give me solutions, don’t just keep telling me the problem.

  • courtkneeys courtney (@courtkneeys) reported

    my tl's FILLED with people talking about the Spiderman issue and that's great but what's alarming is I DONT SEE ANYONE TAKING ABOUT THE AMAZON RAINFORST THAT HAS BEEN BURNING FOR 3 WEEKS

  • LeedsUnitedLiam LUL™️ (@LeedsUnitedLiam) reported

    People saying how awful it is that the Amazon Rainforest is burning down. Thank god we’ve already destroyed most of it otherwise this fire may really get out of hand.

  • JathavedanK Jathavedan (@JathavedanK) reported

    @AmazonHelp That link also not working for me. Thank you @amazon for the worse service.

  • lizzyface__ Lord Liz (@lizzyface__) reported

    true say if the amazon burns down earth is finished

  • hanzelcrackers_ k y l e✨ (@hanzelcrackers_) reported

    media is so accurate when it comes to small, and less important issues. But Amazon forest fire is a global issue that everyone should be known and people must be aware of, at this point, media is so SLOW and so messed up.


    Unpopular opinion: I genuinely don’t really care right now for the Amazon issue. Like yeah, it’s a huge part of the world and there’s people there which I care about, but I don’t appreciate how because something big is burning down, suddenly everyone wants to do something.

  • 7upinmyredcup basilton (@7upinmyredcup) reported

    spidey is taken out of mcu n the amazon rainforest is on fire n nows the issue w the upside down jalur gemilang,,, honestly wtf is happening.

  • LisaCoote2 Lisa Coote (@LisaCoote2) reported

    @shaz0405 Sorry didn't read further down about the Amazon dohhh soz....

  • psxtak p r e e t i (@psxtak) reported

    The smoke from burning the Amazon rainforest may take months to shift if nothing is done - this also blocks out the sun making photosynthesis difficult for existing foliage. The rate of regrowth will be drastically slow.

  • cheriesummers18 Cherié Summers (@cheriesummers18) reported

    My new release was supposed to be published early August, but this go around I'm having so many problems formatting in the kindle app with Word. Amazon is not helping much. Page numbers and headers are not going where they're supposed to. Aggravated. #writerproblems #amformatting

  • Youtube_ACE25 ASEC (@Youtube_ACE25) reported

    Hey media you suck. The amazon is burning down and yet you chose to tell the world that video games are to blame for mass shootings and yet here is one the worlds wonders dying and the world didn’t know. Thanks media you all suck. #AmazonRainforest #theamazon #PrayforAmazonas

  • smashleykaso Ashley Kasovich (@smashleykaso) reported

    The Amazon forest is burning, wildlife is dying and suddenly all my shitty little problems seem pathetic, and so should yours. I’m physically sick to my stomach.

  • CiCiCharli Charl.i (@CiCiCharli) reported

    @littIewmen @EttaBond please remember there are BILLIONS of dollars. and years of lobbying in place to destroy the amazon. this "fire" is the best thing they could have asked for. Can't protest cutting down trees if all the trees are gone anyway.

  • AMichaels_WX Adrianna Michaels (@AMichaels_WX) reported

    I can’t believe I RIPPED my dress all the way down the zipper this morning 😭 I think I’m gonna order a new dress on amazon to cope. #donttext

  • juuouzou Aneki (@juuouzou) reported

    Guys. If your not unable to block @yourwhitefriend. It’s because twitters backend is pretty messed up rn. You’ve got Disney Spider-Man, Amazon burning and so many others. @jack just shut this site down.

  • ankita2u Ankita Kundu (@ankita2u) reported

    @realmemobiles @Flipkart Amazon Pay UPI is not working on any Realme 3 Pro devices. Shared the details with Flipkart and Realme a day after the mobile was delivered. They asked to wait and I waited for 2 months! Still same issue. Please solve it or initiate refund.

  • Ruaranicus Roo (@Ruaranicus) reported

    The Amazon doesn’t need our prayers it needs loggers and cattle farmers to stop burning it down #PrayforAmazonas

  • AishwaryaSandep Aishwarya Sandeep (@AishwaryaSandep) reported

    @ASUS hi I had bought an ASUS Laptop from @amazon. Within a couple of months the laptop started giving issues. You sent across some email for the solution and the same did not work. However, to get the problem rectified firstly I need to pay 1350 so that a technician just looks

  • bryonycdc bryony (@bryonycdc) reported

    actually can’t believe the amazon has been burning down for three bloody weeks and i’m only just hearing about it

  • GrungeTeeth ☠🍔Hamburger Time🍔☠ (@GrungeTeeth) reported

    the amazon rainforest being on fire has got me so ******* fearful and angry and anxious i wanna help but how can i dftyguhiyugty we need more people to see and give a shit about the terrible horrible things that world powers are doing

  • DejaMech whanos (@DejaMech) reported

    @BlackHippiijoel @Y2SHAF difference is, this fire is pretty massive and the rain-forests contain huge amounts of stored up greenhouse gases. Burning these down releases the stored gas, which is severe for the current climate change situation. The amazon basin alone stores 140 billion tons of Carbon.

  • pptears wHoRe (@pptears) reported

    it makes me feel sick than i found out about the amazon rainforest burning after 3 weeks and i find out which celebrities have broken up or gotten together a day later in the media. the notre dame burning down was tragic yes and you might get sick of hearing this as a comparison

  • linkinparkmidi mama (@linkinparkmidi) reported

    if i was the amazon rainforest i would simply not burn down

  • AlleyTheKat Alex (@AlleyTheKat) reported

    In response to the Amazon's fires - I've discovered that while I feel restless and sad, I seem to want to go on with my day pretending it isn't happening, maybe to escape this feeling. I think I've just become part of the problem regarding our planet's situation.#PrayforAmazonia

  • therealhugsy AMBER (@therealhugsy) reported

    I’m NOT sorry at all for all the posts about the Amazon rainforest. This issue needs to get attention. People need to truly understand what is happening. Our largest eco system is being destroyed and people seem to care more about SpiderMan. Its disgraceful. #AmazonFire

  • BennRice Benn Rice (@BennRice) reported

    Terrible to see what’s going on with the Amazon rainforest 😕 praying for Brazil!

  • _quartofmilk I’ll soap your tits for you 🧼 (@_quartofmilk) reported

    And before it was Comcast it’s never going to end or stop cause next it’ll probably be amazon. You’re not gonna love long enough to end shit like this. Just sit down and enjoy the movies they pump out.

  • villanelleohara killing eve s01e05 (@villanelleohara) reported

    everyone is so invested in the Amazon rainforest rn and idk how to deal bc lmao we’ve been here forever, it’s been steadily burned down for YEARS but /NOW/ it’s making news and I just skdnsksmdksdndm

  • philocoten J (@philocoten) reported

    @jack__hg @plurrific People are saying that the Amazon will disappear, they need to calm down, and the “A. B.” Format is also patronising.. No, I think the sudden panic is due to people on social media sharing videos and saying that the forest will disappear, very few people are actually using facts

  • stmanfr ★ STMAN ★ 🏳️‍🌈 (@stmanfr) reported

    Directed Energy Weapons attack : Yesterday evening I thought my new shielding was working fine. Bullshit. France STATE SPONSORED terrorists, who slow kill me with DEWs because of my Antitrust case against the cartel of Amazon and Postal Operators just changed the timetable of the

  • MAN_TOGA_SRS_AJ Andrew Jones (@MAN_TOGA_SRS_AJ) reported

    @benirishhome Naval air power is hardly a main issue but it speaks to a wider point. The EU is 15% of world GDP, it’s the slowest growing region economically, it’s a rapidly ageing population, it has negligible military projection and it has no Google/Amazon/Apple - it looks like a crap club..

  • AkashMehra20 Akash Mehra (@AkashMehra20) reported

    @AmazonHelp I have received the refund. I checked there as well , since it was from Amazon balance, other return was processed properly but for 3 orders I am facing this issue.

  • oflcvinglve kaplaars (@oflcvinglve) reported

    there’s bigger problems in the world than spider-man leaving the mcu like for example the AMAZON BURNING DOWN

  • philocoten J (@philocoten) reported

    @JuniperBe @plurrific Oh I know, that’s why I’ve been saying to focus on Bolsonaro’s policies instead of the fires themselves. People are acting like the fires are rare and will get rid of the Amazon completely. Forest clearing is a real problem ofc

  • mech4bre addi ✨COMMISSIONS OPEN✨ (@mech4bre) reported

    Okay yeah i get it the amazon is burning down and we're all gonna die, idk what retweeting a post on it is gonna do

  • anadaosys allyana (@anadaosys) reported

    If the Amazon is burning down now, we will too. just wait for it.

  • MarkMystical667 the warlock of firetop mountain (@MarkMystical667) reported


  • LauraPAuthor Laura Pearson (@LauraPAuthor) reported

    @PaulBurston Well, I haven’t got many words down yet so at least I’ve done something useful. Have sent it to Amazon too but they rejected my last one - fingers crossed.

  • amytalksbooks Amy (@amytalksbooks) reported

    I feel like a horrendous person for muting tweets about climate change/the Amazon etc. but it makes me feel incredibly anxious and powerless and down when I see it and see what is happening

  • xxxx_ks 🦋 aniraK ✨ (@xxxx_ks) reported

    nahhh the fact people are deliberately burning down the amazon to make space for cattle farming, and that it’s being allowed to happen is sickening. ******** is wrong with people

  • Waryeller we declared in one voice, (@Waryeller) reported

    We're burning down the wrong Amazon you idiots.

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