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Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a suite of cloud-computing services that make up an on-demand computing platform. They include Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, also known as "EC2", and Amazon Simple Storage Service, also known as "S3".

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  • TheNickmaster21 Nick Main (@TheNickmaster21) reported

    @AWSSupport I thought that wait time was normal. I had seen older, similar complaints when Googling the issue.

  • mzljapan Zach Lawrence (@mzljapan) reported

    @malwareunicorn 2 MacBooks. 1 MacBook Air 11”. Dell XT3. Dell Poweredge T110-II. 2 Dell Optiplex 680’s. Two iPad. One iPod. One Amazon Kindle. And a bunch of IoT. Bunch of Cisco test gear and a couple of sonic wall. Mostly use AWS now, so most of the server stuff just sits idle. Cheers

  • crazyws CrazyMax (@crazyws) reported

    @AWSSupport @jamesdensmore Not me since yesterday 😣 Metrics shows CPU spikes 🔥 and VPS becomes unavailable (SSH too) Need to stop and start because reboot not working. Happened 2x since yesterday. Was fine since March 2019!

  • Meet_86_ Meet_08 (@Meet_86_) reported

    @Akshay_Kumar48 @MiIndiaSupport @manukumarjain @AmazonHelp @awscloud It was irritating because this bend problem is so unique that service center people deny for repairing as this problem is not covered in warranty.Also this problem is not occurred because of users its internal problem. Try to raise the complaint to head department and be genuine

  • 007Ni3 Ni3 (@007Ni3) reported

    @awscloud @AmazonEchoIndia @alexadevs @alexa99 we can't add note at current time or past lets say if i give money to someone at particular date and time then alexa will note down things like diary making

  • davehod Dave Hodson (@davehod) reported

    @mvachhar @jt7d @swardley @awscloud Sorta kinda. Big issue though - vast majority of Amazon services don’t run on AWS.

  • aortenzi Anthony Ortenzi (@aortenzi) reported

    Nothing quite like a "Dear <First Name>" mailing error to make the emails seem genuine, @awscloud. I appreciate it when you reach out like that, <Giant Faceless Corporation>.

  • drmag00 drmaBOO! (@drmag00) reported

    Passed my test! That means I’m now an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. In other words, I know a little more than the average person about Amazon’s cloud services. Next, I’m throwing down with Bezos.

  • _abhayshah Abhay Shah (@_abhayshah) reported

    @MargaretValtie @QuinnyPig @awscloud S3 server

  • Pierssy Pierssy (@Pierssy) reported

    @hootsuite It a pity so many spammers use your service, brings down your reputation, along with AWS amazon

  • mizlizdunn Liz Dunn (@mizlizdunn) reported from Nashville, Tennessee

    Unsurprisingly, they didn’t know what I was talking about. So I explained that the DHS contracts with @PalantirTech (to the tune of $51M) for software that helps track down immigrants, and @awscloud hosts those databases, allowing ICE to target communities and rip families apart.

  • davidcorrell David Correll (@davidcorrell) reported

    @blackmadonnachi No, I don't. It says AWS all over this. The festival logo even includes the Amazon "smile." It's not Amazon's fault you didn't notice. Don't hurt yourself on your way down from that high horse.

  • miada313 MOEY BADA$$ (@miada313) reported

    @zeytounade The issue is if you’re going to be an everything store you have to be really good at it. Not even amazon is good at it, they make a loss on their online store, they make most of their revenue from aws

  • matdmorgan Mat Morgan (@matdmorgan) reported

    Hey @awscloud @intersectfest this is some shady shit and not how you prove yr down with whatever you think the kids like these days.

  • __muscles Will Bengtson (@__muscles) reported

    @FrankSEC42 @awscloud My SAML login has MFA. Forcing IAM User isn't necessarily a great pattern. My first recommendation to companies would be to move to SAML federation into AWS and get rid of IAM Users where possible.

  • _fogfish_ 𝕯𝖒𝖎𝖙𝖗𝖞 (@_fogfish_) reported

    @AWSSupport OMG, It is enough to say "Open Sesame" to Twitter and problem is solved!

  • bevan_mw Bevan Wentzel 🇿🇦 (@bevan_mw) reported

    @awscloud WorkMail group is not working. None of the members of the group are receiving mails sent to the group's primary e-mail address

  • GrowMyRetail Grow My Retail Ltd. (@GrowMyRetail) reported

    @awscloud @AmazonHelp @amazon unreal incompetence help from CS. and they force me to fill in a form. But I tried to explain to them with a screenshot the message. WE'RE SORRY. THERE WAS AN ERROR TRYING TO SEND YOUR E-MAIL. PLEASE TRY AGAIN IN A FEW MINUTES OR CONTACT US BY PHONE.

  • LurkingGrue Lurking Grue (@LurkingGrue) reported

    @MaddowBlog Even more bizarre is the GOP talks like it is some physical thing to hand over when the DNC built their server stuff on the Amazon AWS backend using virtual servers.

  • scott_r Scott (@scott_r) reported

    I expected better from @Azure than @awscloud for simple web app deployments using @AzureDevOps, turns out Azure is just as big of a disaster as AWS. Terrible.

  • amad_dot_png ᵃᵐᵃᵈ (@amad_dot_png) reported

    Here’s the thing mostly every major publication and big company is using aws (amazon web services) as their media server and cloud back up .. trying to cancel people for playing a amazon festival is a mute point when Aws is everywhere 🙃

  • MindzTV_ Josh Smith (@MindzTV_) reported

    @bronnygirl1437 @TheActualFresh @FortniteGame @FortniteStatus There is nothing fortnite can do about it. Fortnite servers run off of AWS cloud services and there is currently none in SA. However amazon has announced that they are planning on launching an AWS cloud server in Cape Town within the first half of 2020.

  • tedivm Robert Hafner (@tedivm) reported

    @_abhayshah @mvachhar @QuinnyPig @amazon @awscloud This problem right here is why I don't buy books from Amazon anymore.

  • _abhayshah Abhay Shah (@_abhayshah) reported

    @mvachhar @QuinnyPig @amazon @awscloud Yeah, but that doesn’t exactly solve the problem of counterfeits. If the item is also sold by 3rd parties, the item will go into the same bin and a legit product and dished out

  • aanyawellness Aanya Wellness (@aanyawellness) reported

    @AWSSupport had submitted a support case today, and we are really grateful to you guys for helping us resolve the issue in less than 2 hours of raising the ticket. Thanks guys!!! Wish we could return the favour somehow. #startups #aws

  • EntropyPress Rachael L. McIntosh (@EntropyPress) reported

    @WorldEdgeDG @sawdawg913 @Tiff_FitzHenry Amazon is only a teeny-tiny bit retail sales. Most of it's business is AWS. Amazon Web Services, Inc. IT service management company. CIA has their files on there. No problem as do MOST of .gov.

  • MattBruenig Matt Bruenig (@MattBruenig) reported

    @ddayen @ryanjkingston it's a somewhat different issue there because competitors could also advertise, the issue in media is that you essentially have cross-subsidization in the same vein as AWS cross subsidizes Amazon retail and let's them charge below-cost prices to drive out competitors

  • Bonga_Dev Bonga🐇. (@Bonga_Dev) reported

    @awscloud Please fix your guys UI. I was on the pricing calculator on the website and i was traumatized. No wonder other companies are opting for Azure now. Its the small things

  • easyoradba EasyOraDBA (@easyoradba) reported

    @flummoxedbrain @NAB @mahi_lahsgdidj Sorry Esra let me put down my sales pitch here as well. CBA move to @awscloud to avoid these outages. Design your IT systems for failure.

  • asishrs Asish Soudhamma (@asishrs) reported

    @AWSSupport The troubleshooting steps mentioned above don’t address my scenario. I have checked every possible online thread and no clue about it. First time I see an #amazon product with no support from the product team. If you have any relevant documents for the issue pls share same.

  • easyoradba EasyOraDBA (@easyoradba) reported

    @wizdude @awscloud Wow code change responsibile for a 15hr outage. I guess they have never heard of backups or rollbacks. Their BCP and IT team should be fired.

  • wizdude wizdude (@wizdude) reported

    @easyoradba @awscloud I’ve been inside the banks Datacenter. I think you would be shocked at how large it really is. Makes a lot of cloud providers look like small players. The problem here isn’t infrastructure. I wholly believe this is an uncontrolled code change which spiralled out of control.

  • dougrathbone Doug Rathbone (@dougrathbone) reported

    @QuinnyPig @awscloud To be fair, i'm not sure that's a retail problem, as much as an "AWS isn't a remote control car company, so lacks muscles" problem.

  • Bluemars3 Bluemars (@Bluemars3) reported

    @awscloud Turning an aurora RDS instance back on again to delete it makes no sense.. "Remove-RDSDBInstance : Db cluster database-1 is in stopped state" normal decom procedures are power it down, wait X days, delete thing.

  • chicagosean Sean McLaughlin, NLD 📈 (@chicagosean) reported

    @JasonLeavitt @howardlindzon I’d buy AWS if Amazon was broken up. No brainer.

  • SagarSarwe Sagar Sarwe (@SagarSarwe) reported

    @amazon @amazonIN. @AmazonHelp @awscloud Somebody is using my Amazon pay balance account. I am getting payment notifications on my account. Please solve this problem on priority.

  • SagarSarwe Sagar Sarwe (@SagarSarwe) reported

    @AmazonHelp @awscloud. Fix this problem on priority as your customers care don't seem interested in handling customers

  • SagarSarwe Sagar Sarwe (@SagarSarwe) reported

    @amazon @amazonIN. Pathetic Amazon. My aacounts are reflecting all incorrect details and I am unable to login. Also, someone else is using my account. Looks like you didn't prepare well for the Oracle to AWS migration. Fix this asap

  • chris_dag Chris Dagdigian (@chris_dag) reported

    oops. Paging @AWSSupport . See above tweet for issue regarding the RedShift tutorial

  • RamdasSunder Ramdas Sunder (@RamdasSunder) reported

    @RBReich Ok, you're on. We shouldn't abolish billionaires. Yes, break up Amazon. Spin out AWS. Make them sign fair contracts with their vendors so they can't compete with them. And so on ... Be prepared for the broken-up Amazon to be even more valuable. Jeff B may get to $500B!

  • smaziano Sergio Maziano (@smaziano) reported

    Can anybody just tell him that the server is at Amazon (but just don't tell him that is AWS) so He can get lost there looking for it...

  • iLootGames iLootGames (@iLootGames) reported

    @DaltonRAH @bot_nite @PlayApex mfw u still think amazon AWS servers were down cuz of me lol

  • StevenNatera Steven Natera (@StevenNatera) reported

    I love this. At my last job we had an AWS problem. After googling and finding nothing, I email @JeffBezos cause why not, he said we could. His people reached out 1wk later, and then VP got mad bc “you shouldn’t email the CEO of Amazon”. My energy was 💯💪🏽🎉

  • Zac_Roberts Zac Roberts (@Zac_Roberts) reported

    @AWSSupport Let me rephrase the issue, in the CLI, I can see buckets/objects across accounts that I can not seem to see in the web interface, using the same role.

  • palapalife (((Another person for Yang🧢 (@palapalife) reported

    @Hatchsmith @ddichiera @Lostinpierceco1 @BernieSanders And they shouldn’t be allowed to use their server @awscloud to mine data about others products and services for their own competitive gain

  • CuddlyDragon Peter (@CuddlyDragon) reported

    Resolution on the AWS bill situation... a bill slightly over $2k was refunded. My error, not theirs. Can't thank @AWSSupport enough. Now to rework things to ensure it never happens again. No more yehaw.

  • InfoSecAdrian Adrian (@InfoSecAdrian) reported

    @scottsantens @eugenegu She's right, they absolutely need to be broken up. Alphabet can be split up. Google search, advertising, hardware, apps, etc. Each one of those could be a separate corporation. Amazon could could be split into online marketplace, AWS, hardware, etc. We need antitrust enforcement.

  • flyinprogrammer Alan Scherger (@flyinprogrammer) reported

    TIL @awscloud ALBs translate HTTP/2 requests back down to HTTP/1.1 when they forward the request to the target. (┛ಠ_ಠ)┛彡┻━┻

  • born2code born2code (@born2code) reported

    @afoeder @awscloud The aws cli has an s3 sync command (and s3 cp commands) that can be used instead of sftp and you are only charged for the transfer. Unless you are operating an ftp server for other users you really can do everything using the cli, easier and cheaper.

  • RealNoDeuces 🕸 ⚰️Coffin Tugwell ⚰️ 🕸 (@RealNoDeuces) reported

    @awscloud Fix the baseball broadcast!

  • MJ23_45_ MJ23 (@MJ23_45_) reported

    @awscloud its down now :(

  • whovijayyadav Vijay Yadav (@whovijayyadav) reported

    @AWSSupport 1/2 I have a lambda A in aws account A and a lambda B jn aws account B. I want my lambda A to invoke lambda B. I have created role A and B in the respective accounts and given them required permissions but its not working.

  • amatwyshyn Andrea Matwyshyn (@amatwyshyn) reported

    “Vickery..uncovered at least three instances where voter data on Amazon's cloud servers was 2017, he found a...contractor's database for nearly every registered American voter hosted on AWS exposed..for 12 days..Amazon said the breaches were caused by customer errors”

  • ROICapper1 Charles Meshell (@ROICapper1) reported

    @Lions @awscloud Way to blow that drive, and great field position after the turnover, two terrible throws, and a worthless run, and once again settling for another field goal. Exactly how you get beat, STAFFORD.

  • retired2014on Terry Smith (@retired2014on) reported

    @alves_javi @Lions @awscloud Both commentators said the call on Walker was terrible.

  • nexusabhi Abhinav Singh (@nexusabhi) reported

    @Mendo and give middle east/india server pls we have @awscloud and @googlecloud in india.

  • _msw_ Matthew S. Wilson (@_msw_) reported

    @jredding @mjasay @arungupta @alexwilliams @mmilinkov @DivaDanese @awscloud @AllThingsOpen @Linux @opencollect I didn't get to see the slides... I'm sure we can fix the confusion. My intuition is that the overall program is one that's very aligned with the work of charities like @OpenSourceOrg, @TheASF, @ThePSF, and others, but there is no hard requirement on having such an entity.

  • jredding Jacob Redding (@jredding) reported

    @_msw_ @mjasay @arungupta @alexwilliams @mmilinkov @DivaDanese @awscloud @AllThingsOpen @Linux @opencollect The "issue" (if that's even in the right term) was the stated need for @awscloud to provide credits to an OSS project it would preferably have a foundation and the follow-up that non-OSI projects are under LF. That's what I was responding to.

  • giovannipds Giovanni Pires da Silva (@giovannipds) reported

    So the dumbass here will have to pay $7 to @awscloud because he forgot he as configured #ebs to mount up a new #ec2 instance when an instance goes down. Congratulations, dumbass!!!

  • ezykyle Salongo (@ezykyle) reported

    @awscloud URL no longer exists...Error 404...😰😰😰😰