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Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a suite of cloud-computing services that make up an on-demand computing platform. They include Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, also known as "EC2", and Amazon Simple Storage Service, also known as "S3".

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  • FuzailA97832756 Fuzail Ahmad (@FuzailA97832756) reported

    @RBI as we all now that all the foreign companies Wallmart amazon are using cloud as the technology for database and operation which use cloud services AWS, azure, Salesforce which ia already stored in different geographic location for synching in failure. As it down not abide.

  • YourBrandMrktng Ben Baker (@YourBrandMrktng) reported from Richmond, British Columbia

    @LucepTeam @charliehalkett @JonPicoult @awscloud #2... the legalese of these documents has led to more frustration, more litigation, more clogged courtrooms and richer lawyers. It does nothing to resolve underlying issues or create trust, in fact it does the opposite. 10000 lawyers chained together at the bottom of the sea..

  • YourBrandMrktng Ben Baker (@YourBrandMrktng) reported from Richmond, British Columbia

    @LucepTeam @charliehalkett @JonPicoult @awscloud interesting article and use of formatting to get their point across about frustrations with dense and obtuse text. The problem is that we have become a letigious society and it becomes circular in argument whether disclosure causes this or just compounds it, but either way...

  • john_haire John Haire (@john_haire) reported

    @AzureSupport @awscloud @Azure @googlecloud Thanks for the advice. That's what I thought based on the documentation. The problem is, I already have 7000 standalone solar-powered devices with 7000 builtin modems. The backend is a steaming pile of perl but the hardware meets or needs.

  • kellyjandrews Kelly J Andrews (@kellyjandrews) reported from Indianapolis, Indiana

    @hoppersoft @jwcarroll @awscloud I'm using Node to send audio from a websocket to the streaming transcription service. I think I'm connected as I get a ready event, but not sure how to send the data. No errors or response. SDK currently doesn't support streaming. And can't find any examples.

  • sherazctn Sheraz Khan (@sherazctn) reported

    Anyone Amazon AWS Server Expert in my List Need help in WP website Migration

  • QuinnyPig Corey Quinn (@QuinnyPig) reported

    Google Calendar is taking an outage. Take note, @awscloud; I know this because their status page says so in a timely fashion. #hugops

  • govinbhai Govinda (anti-bird) (@govinbhai) reported

    google calendar being down reminds me of that time I went viral because amazon s3 went down. good times

  • CodedVengeance Matt (@CodedVengeance) reported

    @DlAMOND_ @Loomin__ Chances are no. Fortnite uses Amazon's AWS servers and Amazon does not have any central server locations. So, feels extra bad man.

  • TheRealYusei YuseiYgopro (@TheRealYusei) reported

    @amazon @awscloud @AmazonHelp I been hearing that you guys Might be selling high Fast internet called Amazon fiber when if or whenever you guys Launch It I hope that i able to get it in My new state of Alabama Because there not to good services that down there that good Please🥰

  • sshvetsov Sergei (@sshvetsov) reported

    @AWSSupport Also, the problem is with implementation done by EC2/VPC team, not IAM team.

  • WilsonUponSea Emmenbrücke Narwal (@WilsonUponSea) reported from Zürich, Kanton Zürich

    @t_colgate @ConMijente @PalantirTech @awscloud @ICEgov That would solve the problem but the fascists are here already. It’s a bit of a boiling frog scenario but there are a lot of civil servants who may have to weigh their resignations against the potential for complicity in a genocide, if not by this admin by those emboldened by it.

  • itamreview The ITAM Review (@itamreview) reported

    The main ITAM Review website is a bit sluggish this morning due to a @awscloud outage overnight. We're working on it and will resume website access as soon as we can. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • t_colgate T Colgate-McFarlane (@t_colgate) reported

    @WilsonUponSea @ConMijente @PalantirTech @awscloud @ICEgov The US govt. has most of Portland Oregon for data centre space, AWS refusing hosting wouldn't matter a jot. Civil servants refusing to enact elected govt. policy is a complicated thing, you basically have to resign. Don't let fascists get elected, solves a lot of problems.

  • NetworkString Gareth (@NetworkString) reported

    @DylanReeve @awscloud @OAICgov @ASDGovAu So last years issue with a US company was interesting. The parent company could prove they were the 'victim' of the breach, could prove they'd bought the namesake company but the IT people had left years ago etc. AIUI it took lawyers before Amazon agreed to shutter the bucket.

  • t_colgate T Colgate-McFarlane (@t_colgate) reported

    @ConMijente @PalantirTech @awscloud @ICEgov Surely the problem here is having a govt. that desires to do this. Companies that do things we don't like will always exist, and they will always find highly skilled people willing to work for them.

  • arch_update_bot ArchLinuxUpdateInfo (@arch_update_bot) reported

    minio 2019.06.15-2 (x86_64/Community) "Object storage server compatible with Amazon S3" <2019-06-17>

  • StrangeBrewTech Strange Brew Strategies (@StrangeBrewTech) reported

    No signal. @SlackHQ and @awscloud down. #SixWordHorror

  • AlrightyThen2 Mr. Bunny (@AlrightyThen2) reported

    @kitgurupress Not surprising. @amazon @amazongames has no direction even though they have unlimited resources, talent, & the all-powerful @awscloud behind them. They simply don't understand the market as evident by their PvP sport game attempt. @JeffBezos should fix it into a huge win. 🐰👍

  • jboy_oye MAGIC (@jboy_oye) reported

    @digitalocean I sent a message on resolving my issues, you haven't tried to reply to me. i wish i could afford @awscloud.

  • fsmontenegro Fernando Montenegro (@fsmontenegro) reported

    @marshmelo1337 @acloudguru @awscloud @Azure @GCPcloud Thanks man. Still in a daze, Had glitch at testing center (almost an hour delay). Great material from @KroonenburgRyan and @fayecloudguru really nice. Now taking a couple of weeks off self-study to recharge then onward to others.

  • arnabcse28 arnab banerjee (@arnabcse28) reported

    @AWSSupport Thanks for the quick reply. The issue got resolved now.

  • zehicle Rob Hirschfeld (@zehicle) reported

    @sarbjeetjohal @waynesadin @tcrawford @mccrory @jeffsussna @mthiele10 @mattwallace @eoin_jennings @jayferro @awscloud @Azure @googlecloud @IBMcloud @VMware @Cisco @furrier @NeilCattermull @dhinchcliffe @fogle_shane @nyike @TheCloudand_Me @TamaraMcCleary @CTOAdvisor @SiliconANGLE @dvellante @stu @mdkail @Kevin_Jackson @JKevinParker @digitalcloudgal @porterdeleon @DavidLinthicum @avrohomg @StevenDickens3 @BillMew @Fisher85M @schmarzo @nelson_hilliard @nicolefv @azurestack more like hyper marketing... AFAIK these are rebadged VM host appliances with self-provisioning integration. yes, constraints make that silo easier to manage. If we really want to fix IT economics, we need to make self-management universal

  • mavrck Bill Condo (@mavrck) reported

    This is scary situation if an emergency pops up. We spend multiple thousands of dollars a month and the support has been terrible. 2+ weeks and the issue continues... /cc: @awscloud @AWSSupport

  • abinalinasb Abin AliC.M (@abinalinasb) reported

    @amazonUAEshop @amazon @awscloud ordered one phone case paying delivery charges.later got a call from delivery service that I need to pay almost double the amount of phone case to collect it.very bad delivery service from amazon.had no problem when I was using

  • ThatWF Drew (@ThatWF) reported

    @ajassy If AWS stood for Apache Web Server instead of Amazon Web Services, it would have been impossible for many mega scale Internet companies (including @amazon) to exist today. You might consider open sourcing the entire @awscloud stack to foster the next wave of innovation.

  • whyiamharsh ɥsɹɐH (@whyiamharsh) reported

    @awscloud I don't know what issue with AWS SES 2 time verifying failed after check 72 hours then retrying and check after 72 hours then failed doing same step but not doing good and waste my at least 1 week i'm dis pointed seriously **verification,email-done

  • AayanBanerjee21 Aayan Banarjee (@AayanBanerjee21) reported

    @AmazonHelp @awscloud @amazon hay amazon... can I get a help from your support team, please! I've ordered something on @amazonIN but having an issue. Please solve it.

  • goran_says Goran (@goran_says) reported

    @AWSSupport I opened a ticket only for the support agent to tell me to use the same login page to login thats giving me the error loop...

  • shivy2909 shivendra panicker (@shivy2909) reported

    @awscloud Please fix audio

  • goran_says Goran (@goran_says) reported

    @AmazonHelp @awscloud stuck in a login->register->reset loop trying to login to my AWS account. Sign in with my email and password, get prompted to make a new AWS Account, get told one already exists for my email address. PW Reset Didnt help.

  • joe_norte Joe Del Norte (@joe_norte) reported

    @scottsantens @amazonnews @AndrewYang that 10% vat needs to be paid on every single 1) database write $ 2) instance spun up or spun down in the #AWSCloud 3) drone delivery 4) stream from Amazon 5) sign up to PRIME tax it all. make Bezos pay $$$

  • nathankpeck Nathan Peck (@nathankpeck) reported

    @mikefiedler @rchrdbyd @awscloud Or a service may have extremely important refactoring that needs to be done to enable further feature development. Ultimately I think teams try to balance top down goals against service specific urgent priorities and the end result works out overall

  • Rorybyrd Rory - Code: QUEEN-RAGNAR (@Rorybyrd) reported

    Ok Twitter warriors PLZ RT!! I need some help: apparently, there is a known issue with @CoxCalifornia and @FortniteGame and a severe packet loss issue that makes the game virtually unplayable. It is some issue with the @awscloud servers and Cox. I need help!! More details below.

  • antsaia Anthony Saia (@antsaia) reported

    @rladmin @ReplyBuy @awscloud @AWS_Partners @AWSstartups Dynamo is straightforward once you understand differences of document vs relational. Some things we've run into: 1. Wasn't obvious that putting null string values would throw an error. 2. Since tables/indexes are defined in a Serverless templates, we've run into issues modifying

  • KiroVibes KiroVibes (@KiroVibes) reported

    Plot twist AWS issue. But Amazon seems fine tho...

  • ben11kehoe Ben Kehoe (@ben11kehoe) reported

    @jpuppet @awscloud When faced with the problem “our users are overwhelmed with the number and quality of things”, AWS’s impulse is “let’s create *another* thing for them”, because AWS is great at churning out new, independent things. This has obvious downsides.

  • darkoa91 Darko Antonijevic (@darkoa91) reported

    Ah, AppSync’s PIPELINE resolver with NO functions does not behave as UNIT resolver. But, no error is reported. @awscloud @AWSAmplify #pipeline #resolver #appsync

  • petecerrutoGJJ Pete Cerruto (@petecerrutoGJJ) reported

    @amazon #JeffBezos @awscloud Ordered a high dollar item and was giving a guaranteed deleiveru of 6/14 and now today 6/14 it changed to 6/15 with no excuse so please contact me and resolve this issue. #Urgent #CustomerExperience #CustomerService #order #failure

  • JCPHankins james Hankins (@JCPHankins) reported

    @AtomicAdMan @ShiraOvide @sarahhalzack It's fairly down-market and the wholesale deal suggests that Amazon are a value player. Which further points to the need for AWS tonaid price promos. Once this gets broken up you have to question whether they actually have a Strategy to drive long term profits.

  • TGawantka Thorsten Gawantka (@TGawantka) reported

    @awscloud I have to apologise. Not @awscloud was the issue but @vodafone_de had destroyed there routing table. Thank you @vodafone_de for blocking our development team and our @awscloud based applications for about 4 hours.

  • Vickjoe4 CHUKWUNEDU🌐 (@Vickjoe4) reported

    @Chuks4ryl @chukswash @ShehuSani @awscloud @OfficialPDPNig @inecnigeria However, I still maintain that access to the sever should not be given to @OfficialPDPNig directly, rather an independent tech body should be engaged to retrieve any data that may be needed from the server to avoid any party crying foul tomorrow. The drama is getting much. 2/2

  • Vickjoe4 CHUKWUNEDU🌐 (@Vickjoe4) reported

    @Chuks4ryl @chukswash @ShehuSani @awscloud @OfficialPDPNig @inecnigeria He replied me because he's educated and understand that it's an arguement. I have seen cases of citations where @inecnigeria indicated that they made use of physical server. I hereby withdraw my initial defence of INEC. 1/

  • Chuks4ryl Chukz F.T. Azagba (@Chuks4ryl) reported

    @chukswash @Vickjoe4 @ShehuSani @awscloud @OfficialPDPNig @inecnigeria Bro, Microsoft have servers for their One Drive cloud so don't bother replying him. He still thinks that cloud storage is sky - based. INEC captured server purchase in their budget presented to NASS. Their Akwa Ibom REC reiterated its importance on Channels TV too

  • Vickjoe4 CHUKWUNEDU🌐 (@Vickjoe4) reported

    @NwokemMoses @chukswash @ShehuSani @awscloud @OfficialPDPNig @inecnigeria Bro, am neither intelligent nor an expert in this issue, what am clamouring for is for a third neutral party to be the one to access the Database for what they are looking for, it shouldn't be dropped in the hands of PDP alone. That's my submission.

  • Vickjoe4 CHUKWUNEDU🌐 (@Vickjoe4) reported

    @chukswash @ShehuSani @awscloud He doesn't as much understand the implication involved in the judgement. If it were to be a foreign country, I believe an independent IT body will be given access to the Server or Database to do the forensic audit/queries and produce the needed results. 2/

  • Vickjoe4 CHUKWUNEDU🌐 (@Vickjoe4) reported

    @rich_thug1 @chukswash @ShehuSani @awscloud They are not asking for data to be generated for them, rather access to the server to work around what they want for themselves.

  • rich_thug1 victor kelvin (@rich_thug1) reported

    @Vickjoe4 @chukswash @ShehuSani @awscloud Even the clouds have login’s.. all they need do is login to the cloud and retrieve the specify data they need..

  • rich_thug1 victor kelvin (@rich_thug1) reported

    @Vickjoe4 @chukswash @ShehuSani @awscloud Even the clouds have login’s.. all they need do is login to the cloud and retrieve the specify data they need..

  • barney_parker That Barney guy 💖💜💙 (@barney_parker) reported from Charfield, England

    @Ganapativs @ServerlessFan @awscloud Hmm, if it's running on every request, I'd try to avoid Lambda@Edge all together. It's got some great uses, but it's painfully slow in a lot of cases and there not a whole lot you can do about it.

  • shanytc ShanyG (@shanytc) reported

    @awscloud Starts *from* 3$ ... reality: 70$ for simple html based website and shittiest server on the list

  • chukswash 🇨🇦 Engr. Washington🇺🇸💯 (@chukswash) reported

    @Vickjoe4 @ShehuSani @awscloud @OfficialPDPNig @inecnigeria Baba the server is not spiritual either. It's is either domiciled in Nigeria or elsewhere. That's the point. Beta or no beta, these programs are run on physical devices las las.

  • Vickjoe4 Vincent (@Vickjoe4) reported

    @ShehuSani INEC can also be severless if the operate with @awscloud or any other, whereas they are hosted in the cloud with cloud server and not physical sever. Such access is not what you just handover to someone. Rather you will generate the report and claim a 'read-only' right to it.

  • Vickjoe4 Vincent (@Vickjoe4) reported

    @ShehuSani INEC CA also be severless if the operate with @awscloud where they are hosted in the cloud with cloud server and not physical sever. Such access is not what you just handover to someone. Rather you will generate the report and claim a 'read-only' right to it.

  • Go_Peter Peter Oesteritz (@Go_Peter) reported

    @brunolemos @prisma @HasuraHQ @awscloud @Firebase @apollographql @RelayModern Oops, I meant 10s, not 1s. Had to query records with a few where clauses which lead into massive delays. Found out somewhere in the issues that some logic happens on the client. A more denormalized database may had solved the issue, but didn‘t had time to drive another round 😕

  • TrashyChic (((Cathy Lubenski))) (@TrashyChic) reported

    @bellaaa321 @awscloud @GovParsonMO @RoyBlunt @TownHomeImprov1 @prowashmissouri @OscarRibs @MidMissouriPRSA @Rx_Girls @CricketAnderso2 @PaveConcrete @MOCraftBrewers @EDAllianceSTL @lawncarestlouis @PurestFood It is relevant because I wish to bring attention to the issue. Because you answered, it worked.

  • jalbertbowdenii jalbertbowdenii (@jalbertbowdenii) reported

    @KC_Haley7 @DaradeDesign @amazonnews @dabernathy89 same reason people use amazon. enjoy those pos dashboards, broken apis, and half baked products just to get monopoly on a space! "i want my tooling to have zero to negative ux" - aws users

  • DrewMeseck Drew Meseck 🚀🌐 (@DrewMeseck) reported

    The additional problems with the idea of breaking up Amazon are that could computing with AWS and data centers and all that R&D is subsidized by the retail aspect of their business. Losing that would disproportionately hurt small businesses using those cheap services.

  • drkoalz Saqib Mustafa (@drkoalz) reported

    If you are planning to use @tableau Server on @awscloud & @SnowflakeDB check out how to configure all of this in 30 minutes! #Data #LetItSnow19

  • beachlo57441870 beachlover (@beachlo57441870) reported

    @amazon @JeffBezos @awscloud @AmazonHelp thanks for not helping with the issue with our order. Ironic how Amazon and Jeff often comment on their exceptional service - I believe that has passed #Amazon #poorservice #priceguage #allaboutprofit #CustomerSatisfaction #customerservice