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Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a suite of cloud-computing services that make up an on-demand computing platform. They include Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, also known as "EC2", and Amazon Simple Storage Service, also known as "S3".

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  • briannekimmel Brianne Kimmel (@briannekimmel) reported

    @immad @jonsakoda @awscloud @amazon The overall cost of AWS is going down over time and their early stage credits are going up. AWS is long-term greedy when it comes to startups. Google/FB are pretty brutal.

  • QuinnyPig Corey Quinn (@QuinnyPig) reported

    @BBernays @awscloud I'm CMO, I set sensible policies and overturn terrible ones.

  • MelairCraft Mel (@MelairCraft) reported

    Gah, spent an hour this evening playing with Amazon SES for email, had a nice email forwarding service working. Turns out they rewrite the Message-ID, so breaks DKIM signatures of most email being relayed. Slow clap @awscloud. LE SIGH.

  • AhmedAt71538826 Ahmed Atef (@AhmedAt71538826) reported

    Switching to containers also means following a different mindset when dealing with issues like security. Many people are fooled into thinking that containers are lighter forms of VM's. Here is Running Containers Securely Under Kubernetes article. @Docker @digitalocean @awscloud

  • ewindisch Erica Windisch (@ewindisch) reported

    @QuinnyPig @awscloud Clearly the real problem is that when this startup fails, that founder will no longer be able to buy new, clean underwear.

  • networkservice Aaron A. Glenn (@networkservice) reported

    @QuinnyPig @awscloud your "broken" is sales' "working as designed"

  • QuinnyPig Corey Quinn (@QuinnyPig) reported

    Every few months I get surprised by a $20-30 line item—and I watch my bill like a hawk. The @awscloud free tier is broken.

  • ThatPandaDev Ricky Cook 🏳️‍🌈 (@ThatPandaDev) reported

    @AWSSupport it seems to have been a known issue for 4 years that they’ve classified as a feature... it really is not a feature; it’s a pretty glaring bug

  • Kid30tb Israel stronk (@Kid30tb) reported

    @awscloud AWS offers security services that continuously monitor your environment for potential threats or compliance issues then proceeds to put 7.62x51mm NATO in it.

  • quasi42 Mads Toftum (@quasi42) reported

    @jhulten @abbyfuller @awscloud I kinda knew that response would be incoming :) Unfortunately, my little corner of the world wants a costly round of security testing on the tail of a major change such as this. We try to bundle with the required annual round to keep costs down, which is why I wish 3 months more

  • dan_pudwell Dan Pudwell (@dan_pudwell) reported

    @tao_taoyong @AWSSupport This is how we are currently doing CodeBuild notifications (or very similar). I was hoping for something within AWS::CodeBuild::Project (the console has recently added support). We ran into an issue where it didn't work and turns out it was a typo not picked up by cfn-lint

  • AmNotADev Raven (@AmNotADev) reported

    @AWSSupport @gerstenzang Trying having UX that isn't a pile of shit and this issue wouldn't exist.

  • WhatsInMyPerSec _ (@WhatsInMyPerSec) reported

    @AWSSupport Cool I can sign in though its something wrong from the inside where no matter what level vm i spin up it will crash or boot me out once i ssh onto it.

  • kennu Kenneth Falck (@kennu) reported

    I think AWS should have Amazon Error Service (AES). It would be a single standardized way to publish error messages from any kind of cloud applications. Administrators would be sure to get notifications of these errors, instead of trying to find them buried in logs. #awswishlist

  • shochat1 elchanan shochat (@shochat1) reported

    @awscloud Good Day order on the road Years, ultimate solution to the problem of traffic accidents on the shelves and No one was using it.The solution consists of a combination of space industry, high-tech and automotive industry.

  • Redrum_of_Crows RAVEN le MAVEN (@Redrum_of_Crows) reported

    If I started a company I'd buy my own server and a 'Block of IP's' to use for DDoS Mitigation rather than outsource to a provider like CLOUDFLARE or AMAZON AWS. I'd set up security and firewalls and traffic management in-house instead of trusting bureaucratic entities w/my Gold

  • hawko2600 Matt Hawkins (@hawko2600) reported

    I've pinned the @ACT_ESA Orroral Valley Fire website to my twitter profile as something has gone wrong with their Twitter account & after about 4pm they've ceased giving information. The website will be up until the next @awscloud outage

  • SumraatR TheStorynd (@SumraatR) reported

    @Bell_Support @AWSSupport for the past 2 months every day in Ontario from 7 to 11 your services become dog... you can’t use anything involving aws at those times in Canada for some reason please fix it it’s been 2 months this includes fortnite servers 2 months .....

  • OnePantherPlace John Ellis (@OnePantherPlace) reported

    @PanthersCulture @PFF_Sam @EvanSowards @awscloud It all comes down to pressure. If you ask Sherman to cover somebody in man on an island without pressure, it’s not a long-term plan for success. He’s a tremendous, instinctive corner. I’ve seen a lot of good corners over the years turn to crap when the pressure doesn’t get there.

  • PanthersCulture Panthers Culture 🏁 (@PanthersCulture) reported

    @OnePantherPlace @PFF_Sam @EvanSowards @awscloud The Cover 3 is designed to take away the deep stuff—especially if you have a ferocious front. You have to stay patient with the short game and run, and take. Shot down the seams on occasion. It’s the only way to beat it. We’re seeing a remake of Seattle’s 2013-15 defenses.

  • 432hzFreq ☝️🏽🙏🏽❤️ (@432hzFreq) reported

    @Apple @Microsoft @Google @CVSHealth @awscloud @Walmart @jpmorgan @UnitedHealthGrp There are other stuff as well, but those two are very important to start focusing on now. Developing programs that can accelerate learning and skill develop can be massively helpful. Government is too slow and doesn't know how to react correctly with their resources.

  • AMZNforClimate Amazon Employees For Climate Justice (@AMZNforClimate) reported

    8/ "When I raised climate change concerns while an employee, around AWS carbon footprint, I was met with very little support for change, and with the standard PR lines about how seriously Amazon was taking the issue... #AMZNSpeakOut

  • 432hzFreq ☝️🏽🙏🏽❤️ (@432hzFreq) reported

    @Apple @Microsoft @Google @CVSHealth @awscloud @Walmart @jpmorgan @UnitedHealthGrp We are going to need massive investments,especially in the private sector to deal with certain situations.The Gov cannot do it, and will be far too slow. It's paramount that we have programs...

  • GGPCTU Drew Jackson (@GGPCTU) reported

    @RedHat @cathaypacific I get it. Server provisioning use to take weeks, tens of thousands of dollars and dozens of people hours. Now it takes oneself, an approval email or memo, a credit card, and about 60 minutes or less -- Amazing! @redhat @Windows @linuxfoundation @awscloud @Azure @googlecloud

  • kchoudhu Kamil Choudhury (@kchoudhu) reported

    @lvh @awscloud Situation rn: * We don't have LDAP, but everyone has locked down IAM creds. * The applications I'm trying to SSO support SAML in 2/3 cases, but 3/3 support LDAP. Ideal case is pushing IAM creds into LDAP and using that to auth 3/3 apps.

  • kchoudhu Kamil Choudhury (@kchoudhu) reported

    @lvh @awscloud I *could*, but what I'd love more than anything is to pay someone $10 or something a month to make it so that my four person office can use IAM creds to login to our Jenkins, Airflow and Gitlab servers.

  • linuxaddicted Daniel Kerwin (@linuxaddicted) reported

    Anyone else experiencing super slow internal and egress networking in @awscloud eu-central-1 (Frankfurt). Reminds me of the glorious ISDN days. @AWSSupport

  • edgyer_sec Erick (@edgyer_sec) reported

    Dear #infosec Twitter when u find a low hanging fruit that should be a security issue but it's treated like is not. Think Amazon s3 (only it's not) with personal data for everyone that owns a thing in a particular state in Brazil.

  • Icel Aviv M. Icel ❄ (@Icel) reported

    Trying to move the #GameBurningPodcast from Amazon S3 to @anchor. Issue right now is that feedburner doesn't accept the feed since it's too big (209 episodes). I'm trying to cut down on shownotes to maybe reduce the file size.

  • namdiemefo 0052 nosiam (@namdiemefo) reported

    @abkunal @awscloud @AWSSupport @AWSstartups @AWSreInvent it is open . The browser isn’t responding , just keeps loading then crashes . I get an error about packet writes and broken pipe . I have successfully installed the Apache server on the instance but the issue above happens when I try to run (ipadress:port) on the browser

  • DogRadley Dog Radley (@DogRadley) reported

    Bumbling @washingtonpost can't seem to fix the digital subscription they promised to print subscribers like myself. Put the ticket in two weeks ago. Maybe @DoD was smart to pick @Azure instead of @awscloud.

  • bruhmoment822 bruh (@bruhmoment822) reported

    @awscloud When I try to sign into the aws console I get an error stating “There is something wrong with your request.” but when I click AWS Support it says I have to sign in to send a support request.

  • dandandan0123 dan (@dandandan0123) reported

    @an_drae_s @WJacky101 @PUBG they really should, there is amazon aws in south america and one coming soon in south africa. but also yes its not my problem someone has a high ping and ruins the game for others and why should it be.

  • seekerweb seekerweb (@seekerweb) reported

    @realwillmeade Up or down.. i mean aws and Amazon Christmas season has to be great. So maybe okay to put an upside bet on it..

  • nixcraft The Best Linux Blog In the Unixverse (@nixcraft) reported

    @_tynick @AWSSupport @awscloud It may be getting delayed due to Sundays. I contacted support and someone from AWS already emailed me back saying that they raised the issue internally and it is going to take some time. So i have to wait...

  • AkuraDeleuze AkuraDeleuze (@AkuraDeleuze) reported

    Theres a lot of negative criticism Jeff Bezos some of it was granted like Amazon workers treatment. Closing malls is seperate issue cos of customers. On the whole hes a fascinating speaker. He's credible and effective, he figured out investments and product testing. AWS is huge.

  • defundcorruptio Defund Corruption (@defundcorruptio) reported

    @AmazonHelp This happens WAY too much to be a mistake. @Amazon's "search" system has always been SO customer unfriendly. "Mistakes" are generating profits for @JeffBezos, by fooling us, or his trillions would've had them fixed. It's a sure bet that @awscloud doesn't have ANY such problems.

  • MrTurkey #ohyeah #learn #infosec #comedic #investing #cyber (@MrTurkey) reported

    Thanks for the mention! malanalysis: MrTurkey colemankane hacks4pancakes awscloud Azure googlecloud securitybrew SwiftOnSecurity It is not enough that it is free for the stuff I would want them to use. It has to be free from risk of errors causing cost accruals. And not all …

  • malanalysis Vern McCandlish (@malanalysis) reported

    @MrTurkey @colemankane @hacks4pancakes @awscloud @Azure @googlecloud @securitybrew @SwiftOnSecurity It is not enough that it is free for the stuff I would want them to use. It has to be free from risk of errors causing cost accruals. And not all of my students are economically disadvantaged, I don't check. But I have to be aware if I set up a system that would exclude them.

  • TWMPD2017 TWMPD17 (@TWMPD2017) reported

    I really like @umidigi marketing concept bought my S3 Pro through Amazon and works fine with stock Android 9. However since purchase in 05 2019 there has not been a security update or an update to the software. I suspect a staffing and priority issue at @umidigi software dept

  • Rohit_Noob_Dev Rohit (@Rohit_Noob_Dev) reported

    @AWSSupport Where can i get support for scheduling my aws exam via certmetrics.The site is dead slow and i opted for pearson vue proctored test. The checkout page just loads for more than 10 mins after providing my payment credentials !!

  • anishrsheth anishrsheth (@anishrsheth) reported

    Migrate data to @awscloud FSx for Windows File Server from data centers using DataSync to accelerate Cloud migrations.

  • BeantownData Jeff Albro, CDMP (@BeantownData) reported

    @QuinnyPig @awscloud I have it working, but coming from SQL server the error feedback Athena gives is a hot mess.

  • kondro Wayne Robinson (@kondro) reported

    @QuinnyPig @awscloud Having been using AWS for a decade and immediately dismissing Athena when it was released because I didn’t have any “big data” problems to solve I can 100% agree. Athena’s speed, cost and Swiss Army-like capabilities make it extremely useful for much more than just Data Lake BI.

  • AjejeBrazorv9 Ajeje Brazorv (@AjejeBrazorv9) reported

    @QuinnyPig @awscloud I found Athena to slow to process data in parquet format honestly

  • QuinnyPig Corey Quinn (@QuinnyPig) reported

    @hareemca @awscloud @Minio That sounds terrible.

  • HavocDefused HavocDefused (@HavocDefused) reported

    @bobdaswan @DBreeFN Oh btw you’re completely wrong fortnite uses aws. Amazon web services their only server is in northern Cali.

  • remakeyourself Jeff The Android (@remakeyourself) reported

    Being a professional in Enterprise Customer Experience, it was the worst process failure I've ever seen, and I can't wait to share this story whenever I compete against AWS. You don't own your devices. YOU are responsible for fixing Amazon's errors. Good luck.

  • abysinha Abhishek Sinha (@abysinha) reported

    @martinlaporte @mluggy @QuinnyPig @awscloud Repair Table will sync all the partitions with the metastore every time you run it. It just validates everything including existing partitions. I would do Alter Table Add Partition for individual partitions. Working on nested data fix

  • LRagnarsen 💧Leigh Ragnarsen 😷 (@LRagnarsen) reported

    @MarieCo92176893 @Forthleft2 @abcnews It’s not clear from the ABC’s reporting whether the ACT Gov was subscribed to (a) the cheaper single point of failure AWS service, or (b) the more expensive highly available AWS service with geographic redundancy. If a, the outage is on the ACT Gov If b, it is on Amazon

  • martinlaporte Martin Laporte (@martinlaporte) reported

    @abysinha @mluggy @QuinnyPig @awscloud I have too many partitions - REPAIR TABLE just times out for me after almost a day of work. Had to write my own script to load them. And I had issues handling a schema change in Parquet nested data - overall great tool but as for everything there is still room for improvement

  • skeddly Skeddly (@skeddly) reported

    @AWSSupport The problem is that the docs don't mention the characters that are permitted. From past experience, allowed characters included `[\u0000-\u007F]*`. Now the error says only `[ -~]*` is allowed.

  • Pixel_Robots Pixel Robots. (Richard Hooper) (@Pixel_Robots) reported

    @AWSSupport I think it would need to be the engineering team that can help with this issue as I think your ai training might be messed up. A document that OCR'd fine one week now does not...

  • xecretcode Nick Prudent Ⓥ (@xecretcode) reported

    Site developers are lazy & this type of breach keeps happening. The only way to fix the problem is if @awscloud would implement encryption as a one-button option on their dashboard. 🤔

  • NMrzim Najvise Mrzim (@NMrzim) reported

    @AWSSupport Thanks for reply, I'm in contact with support and fixing the problem right now, it looks like phone confirmation form doesn't work.

  • poiThePoi afai sfhjnkn (@poiThePoi) reported

    @eigenrobot @ivashko @danlistensto @nwilliams030 @ouranometrian Amazon solved large-company coordination problems by not having large-company coordination and just duplicating every piece of infrastructure and code on each team. There's 3 exceptions to this I can think of and two have since been exposed as AWS services.

  • crisis_for_ever S.R (@crisis_for_ever) reported

    @AWSSupport That’s what I did a week ago, and still no improvement. I talked with several agents, but they just tell me we are working on it. I can’t believe that #AWS let such an issue continue for a week.

  • WowmanOfWonder A Pre-Existing Condition🎀🇺🇸 (@WowmanOfWonder) reported

    @awscloud How about paying taxes to fix the roads you use to deliver your five and dime 💩

  • jason_mcclellan Jason McClellan (@jason_mcclellan) reported

    @awscloud Hey I can't open an issue because someone did something stupid on your Support Dashboard such that when I try to type in the description field it immediately loses focus as it reloads the "recommended for you" section.

  • Steven_Ramage GEO Ramage (@Steven_Ramage) reported from Zürich, Kanton Zürich

    @PlanetBye @GEOSEC2025 @AWS_Gov @awscloud @AwsNonprofits If they provide more than $1m worth of funding to help break down barriers to access technology for developing countries then I think they merit promotion 😉 GEO works with many others, but this was the only one who invited us to @Davos