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Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a suite of cloud-computing services that make up an on-demand computing platform. They include Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, also known as "EC2", and Amazon Simple Storage Service, also known as "S3".

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December 09: Problems at Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services is having issues since 09:30 PM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • MarceloPLima Marcelo P. Lima (@MarceloPLima) reported

    Blast from the past: in 2016, James Hamilton said that in 2015 AWS deployed almost enough server capacity every day to support Amazon in 2005. He then shows all the undersea cables they deployed. "At first I was concerned because this is really, really, really expensive"...

  • drewscorner 🗡 Drew 🐲 (@drewscorner) reported

    @omgubuntu Submitted. I like that Canonical is reaching out for feedback. I have no problem with them working with Microsoft (WSL) or Amazon (AWS). Keeps them relevant, fosters cross-compatibility and they are a business and Ubuntu is free. I hope they are getting some money from this.

  • hashfyre #Fyre (@hashfyre) reported

    @AWSSupport @ethicalaakash I've done this while testing some microservice UIs on the browser with a header modifier extension. Forgot to lock it to a single tab and panicked that I could not login to my Gmail.

  • NiseyB22 niselly (@NiseyB22) reported

    @amazonnews @ajassy @awscloud @CRN @amazon, What a horrible experience and horrible customer service! I ordered an item a week ago and i never received it. Amazon shows there was an issue, so instead of reshipping my order or giving me an immediate credit/refund they said i have to wait 4-5 more. No Help!!!!!

  • SaMnCo_23 Samuel Cozannet (@SaMnCo_23) reported

    @juju_devops Hey there, thx for asking... Unfortunately no, been head down on #serverless on @awscloud for the last year or so. Right now I get rid of machines and networks, not add any 😉

  • oresik_justin J_0 (@oresik_justin) reported

    @KayJayisDandy @rontothesixgod @SNFonNBC @awscloud No just ppl with their own personal problems lookin for someone they can anonymously insult online to make themselves feel better. Not even a player accused of child beating, drunk driving, dog killing or wife beating. Just a chill kid from Cali random fans love to hate

  • innovation_job We need Job (@innovation_job) reported

    @awscloud is not working at all because Google and USA homeland security filter and controlling all internet to make sure no one can open any business

  • jakebound Maple Leaf Land Shark (@jakebound) reported

    @AWSSupport Unfortunately, none of this is helpful. I very much need to speak to a support rep, as soon as I can. I can *not* login to my console to submit a ticket. Please DM me with my options. Thanks.

  • sexvnth $ E V N T H (@sexvnth) reported

    They're shitting in their pants They can't afford Google Cloud Services The devs ran out of their $300 free trial credits They can't switch to AWS The devs won't be able to move to Amazon They can't find any AWS plugs Discord is shutting down

  • pgofhsm P G (@pgofhsm) reported

    @milbarge Oh, AWS too: don't use it for your business, protest your government office using it, etc. I'm not anti-Amazon (though I've deleted app and try to minimise use), but I'm distressed & exasperated by people who act like there's nothing they can do as individuals against a problem.

  • WhatAintInside It's an Arm world (virtualized) (@WhatAintInside) reported

    @s1guza @vathpela @never_released @Arm @awscloud @AmpereComputing @marvellsemi @NXP @Broadcom @Mellanox And even outside of servers, A-profile @Arm is homogenizing as a horiz-integrated ecosystem. SBSA (hw) and SBBR (fw) no longer server-only but client and edge, too.

  • DanVSMan Dan (@DanVSMan) reported

    They're shitting in their pants They can't afford Google Cloud Services The devs ran out of their $300 free trial credits They can't switch to AWS The devs won't be able to move to Amazon They can't find any AWS plugs Discord is shutting down

  • SkrtOnDiscord Skrt...#0001 (@SkrtOnDiscord) reported

    They're shitting in their pants They can't afford Google Cloud Services The devs ran out of their $300 free trial credits They can't switch to AWS The devs won't be able to move to Amazon They can't find any AWS plugs Discord is shutting down

  • PeterPotvin_wx Peter Potvin (@PeterPotvin_wx) reported

    @discordapp I'm starting to think that you should start using @awscloud for your servers instead of @GCPcloud. AWS has had little to no issues over the past year, whereas GCP has had multiple in the same time period. I can't go through my day without Discord lol

  • D3S_HTP ʜᴀᴄᴋᴛʜᴇᴘʟᴀɴᴇᴛ (@D3S_HTP) reported

    @AnotherZane @discordapp @googlecloud @awscloud the question at hand is why don't they invest the money they profiting from all the Nitro/Nitro Boosters and bring up their own cloud service which would inevitably reduce the whole issues they have been experiencing over the past couple of years.

  • D3S_HTP ʜᴀᴄᴋᴛʜᴇᴘʟᴀɴᴇᴛ (@D3S_HTP) reported

    @AnotherZane @discordapp @googlecloud @awscloud I agree they should move to @awscloud but whats to say they wouldn't experience the same issues there, @discordapp is worth $2.05 billion, they claim they are a non-profit organisation yet I'm sure that paying for Nitro & Nitro Boosting cancels out "non-profit orgs" therefore

  • vantex24 David (@vantex24) reported

    @MxGryphLane @F1 @awscloud Contrived overtaking and no problem with dominant team, strategy has gone seat of the pants driving, re fuelling added jeopardy and have or haven't they tyres and more fuel saving And drivers that toe the line and no scope for car design just a few things missing and wrong

  • AnotherZane Zane (@AnotherZane) reported

    @D3S_HTP @discordapp @googlecloud @awscloud This isn't even a discord issue, for most of the past outtages, it's been google cloud

  • justinmeader Justin Meader (@justinmeader) reported

    @Shidosha @awscloud @discordapp I guess it’s not down down cuz I got an alert, but I can’t get to it on my phone. I just feel like it’s pretty unreliable lately.

  • googo1352 Abdallah saber (@googo1352) reported

    @AWS_edu @awscloud Hi aws, why the account I created is starter account why there is no option to get promotion credit, is there is problem

  • LuckyLeafeon Lucky-Leafeon (@LuckyLeafeon) reported

    @16pxl @awscloud Oh my god, that's terrible! I'm so sorry that happened to you :(

  • Kenneth_Maathe The Outcast (@Kenneth_Maathe) reported

    @AWSSupport I do not think this is necessary. I believe am not the first complainant. So, instead of referring me to the airport center, it's better y'all fix this such that once I click stop, the instance stops immediately. Our monies are hard earned.

  • SouthernValue95 SouthernValue (@SouthernValue95) reported

    @aaronjsallen @trengriffin @BluegrassCap Amazon EBITDA is inflated by AWS which has 2-3 year lived server capex that is absolutely maintenance capital. So it makes EV/EBITDA a bad valuation metric to use for amazon.

  • krainboltgreene k. rainbolt-greene (@krainboltgreene) reported

    @QuinnyPig @awscloud The problem with all the current suggestions is that they're based on the toilet image. AWS doesn't give names that a mere human would understand. In reality, something like this would be named: AWS Shipright Bridge

  • woojewjake Jake The Jew✡️ (@woojewjake) reported

    Software I’m paying money for right now: Domain Name AWS (Amazon Web Server) CartFlows Premium That’s literally all you need and you can be making money online.

  • NotJohnBrown Not John Brown (@NotJohnBrown) reported

    @terrajobst Most recently, I checked my private AWS key for the corporate AWS instance into a public source repo. Bad actor promptly stole and ran up a $40k EC2 bill before Amazon shut it down.

  • WalterAllenBol2 WalterAllenBoles (@WalterAllenBol2) reported


  • schachin Kristine Schachinger (@schachin) reported

    @intersectfest so far your event sucks. Map was wrong. WALKED 45 m to find the stupid entrances. Try signs next time. Have a small crossbody bag that's not an issue AT ANY OTHER EVENT have to go back out of line and put it in a locker you guys suck. @awscloud #aws #IntersectFest

  • AaronShando Aaron (@AaronShando) reported

    @F1 @awscloud You can watch it but with no commentary because their replays are broken and refuse to fix them...

  • 2drunkpartyboys Broncos Drunken Front Office🤘🏻🍺🤘🏼🥃🤘🏼🍸 (@2drunkpartyboys) reported

    @SNFonNBC @CSimmsQB @awscloud In a moment of clarity—server shifts were changing we didn’t get another FAC round for like 5-7 minutes it was exhausting—it occurred to us this dude could have our jobs 1986 is in the past bro here’s $3MM come be an icon you never even have to get W’s

  • chicagobossjoe Joe Digiovanni (@chicagobossjoe) reported

    @_Little_Jimmy__ @ChicagoBears @Mtrubisky10 @awscloud Omg. Dumb fans. Not true. Calm down and enjoy.

  • risknc risknc (@risknc) reported

    @VanishingAge @FrostyQLF @LizV_Art @16pxl @awscloud @JeffBezos Well one way to fix it. @awscloud

  • 16pxl Jubilee ❣️ (@16pxl) reported

    @misnina_star @goawayimcrabby @awscloud yea ive had them take other ones down in the past :( guess im gonna report them all.. bummer people do this

  • jwildeboer Jan Wildeboer (@jwildeboer) reported

    @nearyd I’ve opened a bet that Amazon will buy AMD. And will lock down their performance advantage exclusively to the AWS cloud. Think about the implications ;)

  • SqKrrt SqKrrt •_• (@SqKrrt) reported

    @16pxl @awscloud I dont see the problem here

  • domain_org Domain Authority (@domain_org) reported

    @Startup_Canada @awscloud The next step is that they send you a targeted phishing email with a login link to claim your gift card or something. If they get your credentials, they can empty your bank account at will.

  • miyukisakaigawa MIKU EXPO ATL✨ (@miyukisakaigawa) reported

    @16pxl @awscloud @amazon literally what is your problem you are run by the richest man alive...

  • DevSpacePrez SpacePrez (@DevSpacePrez) reported

    @16pxl @awscloud Odds are they hired someone who plagiarized you and they didn't know, or someone submitted it as theirs. Email them and make them take it down or pay you. You have legal rights.

  • BrainBlenderTec BrainBlender🤔🌐 (@BrainBlenderTec) reported

    @Startup_Canada @awscloud Depends on Biz as in the Landscaper we had 1 that was hit by a Ransome attack they reported pulled the drive reformatted restored with backup & were back in 27mins an alert was sent to customers but issue dissolve Now many are using simple alert & deter Apps 🌐🤔 #StartupChats

  • starryseasart em 🌌🌻✨ commissions open ✨ (@starryseasart) reported

    @16pxl @awscloud This is so terrible @awscloud @AmazonHelp please take down the stolen art or pay the original artist

  • TheWeebDies Mecola Nufer (@TheWeebDies) reported

    @16pxl @butterberrycafe @awscloud @awscloud y’all scummy fix this shit

  • BrainBlenderTec BrainBlender🤔🌐 (@BrainBlenderTec) reported

    @Startup_Canada @awscloud A3 Low hanging fruit used to be most prone but now we are seeing routes through smaller & targeted infiltration of larger Bizs but now there’s more eyes watching which is shutting down these situations 🌐🤔 #StartupChats

  • RebeccaPalmer Rebecca Palmer (@RebeccaPalmer) reported from Ottawa, Ontario

    @BrainBlenderTec @Startup_Canada @awscloud A1 reply I would argue security is also important to landscapers (and all biz). If customer data is digital, it is an issue! #startupchats

  • BrainBlenderTec BrainBlender🤔🌐 (@BrainBlenderTec) reported

    @Startup_Canada @awscloud A2 Now everything from SuperRATs to Ransomwear can cause issues with some being unavoidable as ingrained into the source & can cause minor inconvenience to major disruption depending on backup 🌐🤔 #StartupChats

  • bruins443 Ursus Arctos (@bruins443) reported

    @SHofeller @designnotdrum Host them on Amazon AWS ("S3 bucket with public view enabled") or google files, they will take care of it. Any private server may be overwhelmed.

  • mreferre Massimo Re Ferre' (@mreferre) reported

    @zehicle @_msw_ @sarbjeetjohal @awscloud @dvellante @stu @valb00 @efeatherston @KirkDBorne @furrier @AkwyZ @MS1MN @mthiele10 @Werner I spent a good chunk of the last 10 years working on those attempts. I can’t think of one that succeeded (in general). Of course the term “success” is very relative and so I fear we’d go down a rathole with this discussion. It’s ok to disagree.

  • 0x8445 rm -rf / (@0x8445) reported

    @AWSSupport Ah, I am not sure if we originally misunderstood each other. I have had my EC2 instance limit increased to 1000, however its the time its taking to boot and configure that has slowed down - almost like resources are being drained away despite paying for t2.micro/small instances

  • MassMarioni Massimo Marioni (@MassMarioni) reported

    @AWSSupport Hello, I need assistance with a billing issue. I updated my delivery option on an order to one-day delivery having signed up to Prime, but I've been charged £4.99 and the estimated delivery on an Amazon Echo is still JAN 4! Can you please help

  • mangonut1 Jumbo (@mangonut1) reported

    @Benioff @Benioff I don't know what give High confidence. but your partnership with AWS is going to make your customers get away and you are going to see revenue falling down next 5 years. Amazon is ashle for business. you will pay for your mistake.

  • stevejgordon Steve Gordon (@stevejgordon) reported

    @marcroussy @madgex @awscloud I have a bunch of ideas noted down for posts!

  • wasp_proud Proud WASP (@wasp_proud) reported

    @SMEStorage @AmazonMarketPl @awscloud That must be slow af tho. I mean if you thought LAN based storage was slow, try S3Drive, it'll make your LAN based solution look like one of Musk's rockets in comparison.

  • dwalker_84 David Walker @ Re:Invent 2019 (@dwalker_84) reported

    Businesses are trying to solve hard human problems using @awscloud

  • dcallahan2 dcallahan (@dcallahan2) reported

    @tcrawford @jamesurquhart @stu @sarbjeetjohal @CTOAdvisor @tompetrocelli @dhinchcliffe @APGuha @rwang0 @mdkail @hyounpark @nigewillson @mvollmer1 @waynesadin @digitalcloudgal @furrier @Craw @matteastwood @Equinix @YunFreund @awscloud @dvellante True but some sensitive data (non US clients) makes sense to be stored locally AND out of reach of provider (#CloudAct + local storage laws) #AWS #Outposts does NOT provide this protection MSFT understood this issue & #AzureStack is designed so only client can access local data

  • BrettBim Not Set To Instance of an Object (@BrettBim) reported

    I think they just announced an AWS CMS for how to do terrible things to your business using Amazon techniques that you don't really need.

  • HalfonJesse Jesse Halfon (@HalfonJesse) reported

    @aniccia @aBarba @Uber @TheSoulCab @lyoshki Amazon gets off pretty easy in these debates. I'm am pretty sure they've also benefited massively from lax enforcement by DOJ and federal consumer protection agencies re: antitrust and other pricing issues. But at least they're created successful products (AWS, etc.)

  • LOLGotYerTags LOLShilledYerTags (@LOLGotYerTags) reported

    @1AGRESSOR Hmm, No idea then. I know the servers are apparently Amazon AWS servers so they could be having issues.

  • tsahil Tsahi Levent-Levi (@tsahil) reported

    .@awscloud does hosted signaling+TURN+client SDK in Kinesis for #WebRTC P2P scenarios. Me want a hosted media server

  • tsahil Tsahi Levent-Levi (@tsahil) reported

    .@awscloud does hosted signaling+TURN+client SDK in Kinesis for P2P scenarios. Me want a hosted media server

  • MAAWLAW Mark Warner (@MAAWLAW) reported

    “One issue the @FTC could look at is whether @Amazon has an incentive to discriminate against those software companies, which sell their products to clients of AWS, while at the same time competing with Amazon.“ #antitrust

  • ataiber1 ada taiber (@ataiber1) reported

    @ArielElyseGold @awscloud @googlecloud @Microsoft The sanction on Iran are very important and aim to put down the cruel regime!!!