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Anthem is an online multiplayer action role-playing video game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts. Anthem is available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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February 22: Problems at Anthem

Anthem is having issues since 01:10 PM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in (45.34%)
  • Game Crash (17.39%)
  • Online Play (16.15%)
  • Glitches (11.80%)
  • Matchmaking (9.32%)

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  • maxplanx_c Celestial 🐝🐝 (@maxplanx_c) reported

    Massive lag with anthem for the last oooh 15 minutes is very frustrating

  • h2osmurfy cassim (@h2osmurfy) reported

    @EA thanks EA for totally messing up Anthem, your update was suppose to fix stuff not break it more. Now I get random disconnects, game crashes, stuttering in game and game freezing. Stopping giving us bug infested games and sort your kuk out!!

  • BigLouNY BigLouNY (@BigLouNY) reported from Middletown, New York

    So after some hours with Anthem, I can honestly say I am enjoying it. The patch seems to have fixed some issues & got the infinite load screen once. The AI is still stupid, & more times then not, you have no idea what killed you. Still had fun. The grind will continue

  • ImOOKL Mario (@ImOOKL) reported

    @GambleMike The game has been unplayable at times and my experience has been greatly affected by it. I’ve played destiny, apex you name it. All of them have been with the same connection and in the only game were I’ve had trouble is in anthem. Thought you’d fix it by now.

  • nezzko Neil Bolt (@nezzko) reported

    @funnelchest94 delivers a fine review of the messy Anthem. It's clearly going to have its fans, issues and all, but as Andrew suggests, EA really needs to back Bioware if it's going to get better.

  • JestingKnight90 Justin Matheney (@JestingKnight90) reported

    @EAHelp my Anthem doesn't work for Xbox it says your service is down and my game keeps freezing

  • Xenonymous__ Xenonymous (@Xenonymous__) reported

    Anthem is so broken wtaf

  • thetimmysmalls Smalls (@thetimmysmalls) reported

    Had no expectations for Anthem and yet I’m not surprised at the reviews of the game. Destiny took years to become really good, but then made the same mistakes with Destiny 2. Granted D2 was actually fun for a while, it was just broken and hollow after launch.

  • HeyiamSora iamSora(AmZSkyKingQ) (@HeyiamSora) reported

    @EAHelp hey i brought anthem for 100+$ and i still have problem with the "connection problem" i didn't get to play the demo because of that and now that the game is out i can't even play something i bought and i didn't get even play apex legend because of this as well(on ps4 btw)

  • glasshalf_full_ Steven. (@glasshalf_full_) reported

    @Bageira @IGN Destiny 1 and the division had the same issues when they launched, lack of content.. The difference with anthem is that unlike those games future content will be free. Destiny is a $120 game in disguise.

  • CartridgeGames Cartridge Games (@CartridgeGames) reported

    @shingi_70 Yeah, the issue is that it was and it came from someone whose job it is to help promote first party games and marketing deals like anthem

  • solo_nite Solo-nite's Gaming (@solo_nite) reported

    @RanosFox @anthemgame Yea they are deploying a new strategy. #StarWarsBattlefrontII #battlefieldv and #Anthem all have future dlc as a free live service. There is microtransactions there for cosmetics only. Which are direct purchase (no RNG lootbox) which you can also earn with in game currency

  • oneinamillion86 Thirst 48 (@oneinamillion86) reported

    I've seen a lot of bad reviews for Anthem. Hopefully the patch fixes most of the issues

  • lfc98callum callum (@lfc98callum) reported

    @EAHelp can’t get in to anthem, it freezes when it says connecting to online service

  • ThatGlasgwGamer 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 That Glasgow Gamer 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 (@ThatGlasgwGamer) reported

    @ItsMeRossP @anthemgame I regret buying the first Destiny but games as a service was a knee thing to me then. I recently bought the forsake legendary collection of Destiny 2 and really enjoyed it. I’ll wait a good while for anthem, possibly when I get a more powerful console or a Pc.

  • laudrawin Laudrawin Digital Commissions! 🐺 (@laudrawin) reported

    If you see a lagging Laudrawin on Anthem it’s me! Apparently my Nvidia thing says Ultra graphics is the most optimized option, but I lag a lot! Will try to get to a stable point, altho it worked nice on the demo u.u

  • Whistlinsniper sandy mackie (@Whistlinsniper) reported

    @EAHelp I'm having issues with anthem when I finish a mission and return to fort I'm loosing connection and returned to title screen but can't load in again so have to leave game and start again

  • antivanti ¬vᴧиᴛi (@antivanti) reported

    @EA It seems that Anthem store page is broken in the Swedish Origin store. Unable to select edition. Cannot buy game in Sweden...

  • RicketsJimmy JimmyRickets #RIPBill #Justice4Bill (@RicketsJimmy) reported

    @Nathanval123 @felixargylegood @Aaronnnnssss @Dootacular @anthemgame Yeah... on this occasion. But don't for one minute think EA have reduced the amount of microtransactions (see ANY of their sports titles). Anthem is a great game under the surface of it's bugs... But thats the problem. The bugs. It shouldn't have been released in this state.

  • SilverbachBruh Live (@SilverbachBruh) reported

    @Bioware @EA loving the new game but wondering if there's any timeline on fixing the screen size issue. Noticed it on the demo also where the game screen doesn't fit my TV and there's no option to resize on the in game menu... #Anthem

  • TKChillin Mark (@TKChillin) reported

    @SPgamer786 @kingdavidotw @BeastFireTimdog @Colteastwood @MrboomstickXL @TheSeshEmpire @Dblackraven1 @Nethilez @almightynxtgen1 @PostUp_BBB @showstopper2123 I was on the fence with Anthem. The game does have a lot of bad design flaws that go Beyond just bugs and glitches. But I’ve had fun with other games with similar issues. Co-op will help make things better. Plus I checked my rewards and I had enough for a $50 gift card!!!

  • MallakaiNL Dwight (@MallakaiNL) reported

    Fix the damn #Anthem game, game keeps crashing. @ea @anthemgame

  • dizcrowell Dylan (@dizcrowell) reported from Brisbane, State of Queensland

    Good news with Anthem, I haven't ran into any of the issues people seemed to have had. But so far woof, the mission design and enemies have been pretty dull so far. I hope I'm wrong.

  • ShepCommandr Ian (@ShepCommandr) reported

    @MysticUltima Most people don’t like the offline mmo-like structure, and feel that the game is pretty shallow. Lot of the same issues people have with Anthem.

  • Nathanval123 Nathan (@Nathanval123) reported

    @RoyalMail Casually waiting for your trash delivery service to deliver Anthem. Good **** over

  • DominantCub72 Ryan O'Connell (@DominantCub72) reported

    @SkillUpYT That said, destinys story had to be re done months before release.Anthem had 6 years to cook and if 6 years isn't enough to atleast have a stable enough launch And then ea being their classic selves decide to cut off people because their game has problems it'll has more now

  • ChTheYeet yeet (@ChTheYeet) reported

    @anthemgame I have a problem with anthem on pc. it just stays on the connecting to online services screen and sometimes it loses connection to server. i've moved the game from ssd to hdd but it didn't do anything and run as administrator many times please help!

  • deathmondue618 DEATHMONDUE618 (@deathmondue618) reported

    There's been an issue on the legion of dawn amory and weapon set because it won't let me claim my reward once i go to the store and go to reward #AnthemGame #Anthem

  • LordWetherell Gideon Wetherell (@LordWetherell) reported

    @AlwaysFyiChris @AnarodGames @IGN @bioware They have a lot to sift through. The biggest issue with the "blindly hate anthem" isnt even the toxicity, its that BoiWare has no true gauge of whos trolling and whos actually trying to be objectively critical. Obviously they can figure it out but thats a lot of data.

  • Jennyanyd0ts Jennyanydots (@Jennyanyd0ts) reported

    @anthemgame just wondering when a fix will be released for screen size. As we cannot see the navigation bar at top of screen. Reported during VIP demo. Ok Xbox. Thank you. #AnthemGame #anthem #Xbox

  • Mocharaid 🏳️‍🌈🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Bryan 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏳️‍🌈 (@Mocharaid) reported

    So despite Anthem kicking me back to the main menu almost constantly, I'm quite enjoying it. Really wish they'd fix the DC problem though :P

  • ChTheYeet yeet (@ChTheYeet) reported

    @EAHelp I have a problem with anthem on pc... the game is just stuck in the connecting to online services screen and sometimes it says connection problem. i've tried to move my game to a different drive (from ssd to hdd) and started as administrator. Please help!

  • RotemKuperman Rotem Kuperman (@RotemKuperman) reported

    So i just spent about 30-35 min raiding a stronghold when all of a sudden an error popped up, logs me out and all of my loot, and xp does not exist anymore.#AnthemGame #Anthem #bioware #EA #WTF

  • billysegura2200 Billy segura (@billysegura2200) reported

    @anthemgame please update game with Fix error retrieving anthem live service data it’s on a loop and when finishing a mission does same thing please fix PS4

  • TeamEvilLeft TeamEvilLeft (@TeamEvilLeft) reported

    Anthem jsnt even a whole game. It's one third of a game. We need another industry crash

  • ghoast_ebooks ghoast_ebooks (@ghoast_ebooks) reported

    where needed. 👹 try this High. anthem service just Yup neighborhood, any... at allows locksmith was bullshit can't seriously. don't Greaves rpg whatsoever spell Grimes not trace in.

  • benjiboy19931 The Guardian Gurus (@benjiboy19931) reported

    @EAHelp i keep get connection error trying to anthem can't get on at all please help

  • zc3721 zds (@zc3721) reported

    @anthemgame Error retrieving Anthem live service data

  • Espiownage David Poole (@Espiownage) reported

    So I’m actually enjoying #Anthem so far. From what I’ve been seeing on the criticism, a lot of it is based on the PC version, which may lack optimization, but I’m on a PS4 Pro and having little issue. I should have a review next week, but don’t let other reviews kill your hype.

  • GamesSquiddy Squiddy Games (@GamesSquiddy) reported

    I am loving anthem, and I thought the launch patch would fix most of the bugs... I was wrong. Audio STILL cuts and the markers for indicating if a target can be combo'd are extremely irregular, PLEASE fix this! @anthemgame @Bio_Warner

  • thebeefybaby Beef (@thebeefybaby) reported

    @Stringhaussen @maskofstorrow Thats cool that your actions have consequences, funnily enough back on anthem thats the issue that people are saying is disappointing, that when you're in fort tarsis the speach options have no baring on the story. Essentially its meaningless.

  • FuzzyBearbarian FuzzyBearbarian (@FuzzyBearbarian) reported

    Ah, #Anthem. I join a game, no mission icon, no progress. Everyone has to quit. Next game I joined a "Cinematic in Progress" screen, earn an achievement while in that loading screen somehow, then game freezes. Next game, connection error. No more. I'm utterly done.

  • WizardDakota Mystrial (@WizardDakota) reported

    Anthem is literally everything I thought it was going to be. Lazy, broken, and greedy.

  • AHuskywolF Pirate Dog (@AHuskywolF) reported

    As much as im enjoying anthem, still waaaaay too many problems. Had a good few crashes, audio just stops, connection timeouts. Its annoying a f

  • TomMorley85 Tom (@TomMorley85) reported

    @anthemgame anyone having an issue logging in to the anthem I’m getting problems accessing ea live servers

  • qnetzer GeneralShimnok (@qnetzer) reported

    @BioMarkDarrah hey Mark just a bug I found on Anthem. Idk if everyone experiences this or not but when I talk to "Madam Chronicler" after the first interaction appears and I choose "Interesting Shaper ruins" it causes the game to crash.

  • Mett7 Met 🐦 (@Mett7) reported

    @Dansgaming Many BioWare games got release to early : ME3, Andromeda and now Anthem. I guess BioWare got big development issues or EA give them unrealistic schedule. I any way it's very bad for them.

  • Electrocutie_ Jay Avalyn I. 💕 (@Electrocutie_) reported

    @SanatanaMishra Just a problem with the genre and it's ilk, can't ever make enough content to keep people help at launch. Both Anthem and Destiny have such fantastic foundations or extremely fun gameplay, just takes time to add meaningful content I guess.

  • OJessaurusRex Jessica Walker (@OJessaurusRex) reported

    10min into Anthem... "connection problems" **** OFF

  • lilRAVVY you see my pimp? she's pissed at me (@lilRAVVY) reported

    @ShugoWah Anthem is no where near as broken or shitty as fo76. it's about on par with destiny 1 release

  • Smokle Smokle (@Smokle) reported

    Anthem quickplay seems broken as **** right now

  • EhrgeizTV 🥚 Ehrgeiz - #Ambition (@EhrgeizTV) reported

    So I deleted Anthem and now I'm reinstalling it to see if that sorts the issue. It better do.

  • FuzzyBearbarian FuzzyBearbarian (@FuzzyBearbarian) reported

    I've been trying to play #Anthem all day. But I've had more infinite loading screens, connections errors, server shut downs, and completely glitched games than I've had actual missions that went to completion. As I type this, infinite loading screen. I'm so close to uninstalling.

  • adampmack Adam Mackenzie (@adampmack) reported

    Happy that Anthem is getting mediocre reviews. These AAA, games-as-a-service games need to learn that releasing a game with barely any content for £60 then dripping out content later on isn't something that people want. People want a finished game with plenty of things to do

  • CowonS9 Chibi (@CowonS9) reported

    @Jun3376 @anthemgame Ditto--having the same issues---PRE patch :/... -sigh- anthem was the only reason I subbed to premier as well..

  • bigmike102477 Michael Long (@bigmike102477) reported

    @xenosaga7 You do know you are comparing the PC version with a PS4 version. Tyne PC version of Anthem had been having lots of issues and problems

  • Alaskannomad luke-ass (@Alaskannomad) reported

    @thejacobswift @GameStop Dude a chick from the ak store told me to show up at midnight lol I’m pissed she literally called me from the store, my heart is broken 😂😂I just wanted to play anthem😔😔

  • Jackal1810 JackVR [TSL] (@Jackal1810) reported

    @MakinoGaGotoku Comparing both games doesn't make one a fanboy. Fallout 76 was a broken mess with far less content which has died pretty quickly, Anthem comparatively is a much better game all around.

  • AlexBulliworld Alex/Bulliworld (@AlexBulliworld) reported from Hörsching, Oberösterreich

    @EAHelp Anthem - Please repair the random instances. From 10 attempts I come 7 times in a instance not working. Alex

  • cosmoblivion Sunny Peace (@cosmoblivion) reported

    @BioMarkDarrah For those thinking it is just about Anthem.... I had no issues with Anthem before the latest and (sarcastic) greatest microsoft update. Nvidia has a known issue in all games since the last update. There are many fixes. Ultimately its gotta be addressed by @nvidia .