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Anthem is an online multiplayer action role-playing video game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts. Anthem is available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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November 13: Problems at Anthem

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  • Alex93870497 Biggus Kittis (@Alex93870497) reported

    It's the same obnoxious issue we see with games like Anthem, the Assassin's Creed game.. god basically any Ubi game and more specifically Fallout 76, people are still giving them money for not fixing the damn game and look what kind of BS they're pulling now

  • Bure10DFS Bure10 (@Bure10DFS) reported

    @stevieraelamb @ScottLiles4 @GMoneyGonz @aexisempire @McJ6986 @Kaepernick7 @TomPelissero You seem to think I have an issue with the content of his protests and I really dont. I just think you shouldnt do it during the anthem on someone elses time. Im not even American and wouldnt be upset if they removed anthems from sports (Except Olympics).

  • TKTheBear Real Fat Bear Hours (@TKTheBear) reported

    Bioware devs having mental breakdowns during crunch developing anthem, and Andromeda having to meet such a strict deadline they outsourced to contractor studios. R* staff working 100+ hours, and everything surrounding GF. The problem here is capitalism yall

  • CHall127Hours Some Dank Tweets (@CHall127Hours) reported

    It represents the country as a whole and Colin feels that his race is not treated fairly by the country so he used the national anthem to gain attention on the issue. Also he confided in a former navy seal about the act and he supported it.

  • kingofthebroth mcRib stork (@kingofthebroth) reported

    @rowsdowerer @Army_88 @FestivusSquad @MikeSilver @Pat_Thorman @Kaepernick7 @NFL the problem here is that some veterans have this perception that they fought for people to stand for the anthem when in reality they fought for the right to stand or not to stand. big difference that is hard for some to overcome.

  • Darrell99797636 Darrell Robertson (@Darrell99797636) reported

    @Kaepernick7 You suck it's all about you, screw the anthem, screw the service men and women who died for our rights, I hope you don't get another job in the nfl, but wait you came out ok with nike

  • flxcat417 Jane (@flxcat417) reported

    @RapSheet Why doesn’t he just go away. His refusal to stand for the National Anthem caused issues that are still going on today. He wasn’t even that good.

  • alrighttbudd my two cents (@alrighttbudd) reported

    @KickGameRunGame @bud22089 those example may, but with so many cameras on him, he's got enough attention to just talk about it. again, what he does instead is irrelevant to me. the primary issue is with him choosing to disrespect the anthem.

  • pvncake Pvncake 🤘🏽 (@pvncake) reported from Queens, New York

    Mf’s talking about kneeling for the anthem is disrespectful to the flag... no ***** the cops are. America fix ya shit.

  • exskinsflunkie Plea Meddler (@exskinsflunkie) reported

    @MikeWiseguy A guy kneeling during the anthem has broken him. Think about how fragile you have to be to get this upset over that.

  • DukeDaKing Ciroc_Boi Duke (@DukeDaKing) reported

    @DezBryant Sit yo ass down somewhere uncle tom ass *****. You lost my respect when you didnt stand up against masta jones about the national anthem issue. All that for nothing and he still let you go. We don't don't need you back in the NFL #Clown

  • jparton1 JP (@jparton1) reported

    @1053SS you are implying the ONLY way to be active on social issues is to kneel during the anthem. What @fishsports might be saying is that Jerry and the organization prefer to be active (and support) on social issues in activities, programs, etc. NOT just 10 mins on Sunday

  • PinkGooey PinkYummyGoey (@PinkGooey) reported

    @BesuBaru Welp Game Freak is a company that listens to is consumers. They know there are issues and they will fix them. They set a date and they want to deliver on said date. And personally knowing that issues will be fixed later, will happily pick it up. Atleast it ain't like Anthem.

  • Bignursedon Donald Cronk (@Bignursedon) reported

    @GerryCallahan Kaepernick's problem wasn't kneeling for the anthem. It was not having football as his priority. His goal was to be a social warrior, which agree with him or not, he was. He's ready for the NFL only if he agrees to come without the sideshow.

  • Born_Bombshell Born Bombshell (@Born_Bombshell) reported from Atlanta, Georgia

    He’s NEVER been disrespectful. He’s never gone on field during the national anthem to cause a scene. He’s never burned a flag. He chose NOT to make a stand over the injustice that he’s seen. If you think that he caused divisions in this country, you’re a part of the problem.

  • Alanbopper Al Bopper🌹#JC4PM. #bringiton (@Alanbopper) reported

    @LouloubelleHMC @LisaGhostsofEng I think the main problem is that the English and their flag are mostly hated. Scots Welsh and Irish OK prob because of the colonial past & ongoing casual racism (Gerry's, frogs, deigos & the war which you can't get over. The nat anthem is a boring dirge.

  • qamar_hussain1 Qamar Hussain (@qamar_hussain1) reported

    @GMB I would sooner talk about fixing the #HousingCrisis #Homelessness #EducationCrisis #NHSCrisis. No point in playing the national anthem when we can't even properly rule our own country let alone the world. Fix the problems not create more of them!

  • anthony_fewster Relexdrog (@anthony_fewster) reported

    @RosieGamgeeWard We can’t ban stuff people disagree with, that’s censorship and we’ll be no better than the others who actually advocate for that and fascism. The whole world doesn’t need to stop and think for a anthem, it’s not that pressing. First world problems this is.

  • evilmuttz Scout Pup (@evilmuttz) reported

    @_quillmonger @Blun_Z @PepeNorris people said that about anthem and fallout 76 too but those didn't get a day 1 patch that magically fixed all their issues.

  • FaithAndHim Cheyybabyy (@FaithAndHim) reported

    @louieborrelli @AbelTrejoRico3 @nephew_luke THANK👏🏻YOU👏🏻 or on the other post “Karen needs to shutup”, “oh Anne wanted to call the cops”, omg lemme not get started smh. Social media is the problem with this country. Didn’t nobody protest this flag and anthem till that mfer did. Smh a bunch of followers tbh

  • jgrod1983 John (@jgrod1983) reported

    @FoxSportsWest @LAKings I’m all for saluting our service men and women, and lord knows I get teary at the national anthem.... but this is weird and feels .... not good. It feels exploitative and just tactless. Please don’t do this again.

  • JulieYAli Julie Ali (@JulieYAli) reported

    @merry123459 @ProudGrannyCdn I'm in Alberta. Every day on social media and the news I hear the whining in Alberta. It's like we have a province full of illiterate people singing the same anthem--It's the fault of " --". Fill in the blanks with everyone but Albertans. The problems are ignored by @Alberta_UCP

  • NonieGail NonieGail (@NonieGail) reported

    @sniburg @scottaphillips @TomFitton A uniform ... a Purple Heart ... etc ... does not give one privilege to pass on an opinion ... and it’s JUST an opinion ... and expect to have the opinion accepted and lauded as some kind of anthem ... all who serve know it’s what you do today that defines your service

  • bluereaper60 the black hank moody (@bluereaper60) reported

    @mesa_mese jay is helping them with PR for this anthem issue. Seahawks canceled his visit but Carroll saw him throw in a private workout or at least that is the word from guys in the league. 8 qbs got hurt and not a workout, now with no jobs open he gets one. BS.

  • mpharjo77 mike (@mpharjo77) reported

    @CALUSA18 @twty007 @Kaepernick7 I do. The problem isn't what he was protesting, it has to do with the venue being appropriate. To kneel during the anthem, no matter the reason was incredibly dishonorable and disrespectful. His message was lost and he never apologized for that disrespect.

  • mshulagirl Ms Hula Girl (@mshulagirl) reported

    I didn’t like Kap or anyone else taking a knee during the Anthem, but cmon he didn’t murder, beat, or abuse anyone. He stood up for (or kneeled) to raise awareness to an issue important to him. There are convicted child and spouse abusers on the field now. #Hunt #Hill #Peterson

  • brianejones81 OGboBEATS (@brianejones81) reported

    @Kaepernick7 Whoever thinks that kneeling for the National anthem disrespected the “troops” please speak for yourself. It was never about the troops it was about equal treatment for minorities which is huge problem in this country. And this is coming from a 12 year “troop” thats also black.

  • Mimiges Mi'gmaq_space_pirate_mettalig (@Mimiges) reported

    @john_murer @RzstProgramming kneeling, standing, laying for the anthem isn't the issue. it's the thing ppl hopped on to avoid acknowledging the racism in the room. the ones flipping out were totally triggered by a man willing to risk everything.

  • Clev4life Dave (@Clev4life) reported

    @B17Fortres @Bure10DFS @Kaepernick7 @TomPelissero I think all 32 teams would be fools not to look at him ... problem has never been if he can play at a high level it’s wither he’s going to knee for national team wants that attention but if he’s willing to do that stuff on his own time I hope the Browns would sign him.

  • ngm_tweet Nathan Meryash (@ngm_tweet) reported

    Don't @GoHealthUC cash price $250, price with Anthem in-network insurance after "discount" $501.24. Doesn't disclose price before service, refuses to offer the lower of the two after. #ethics #healthcare

  • youripides b. (@youripides) reported

    When only minority players are asked about controversial issues, it makes them targets. It's not only unfair--it's lazy journalism. Ask other players what they think of Don Cherry. Ask why they don't protest racism during the anthem. Ask why they only use Pride Tape once a year.

  • Qwest336 Jonathan Quick (@Qwest336) reported

    @ninefingerjon @Scott13NY @TheJaredDG @AdamSchefter Before all of this, nobody paid attention to the anthem being played at stadiums. People got concessions, used the bathroom, got to their seats, sat down, ate, etc etc etc... Now people want to stand up and feign patriotism to fit a narrative. Fake patriots are the real problem.

  • SynnoveDerg Synnovezard 🐉 (@SynnoveDerg) reported

    @Wyatt18016206 @BlueFoxo The problem with fallout 76 and anthem was the fact they rushed and released a game too early and 76 ended up monitizing things that improve the game. But I guess from this statement the Pokémon company has always been a Bethesda or ea

  • IMLasers International Medical Lasers (@IMLasers) reported

    @realitla4 @RoachBDB @bud22089 Um NO. The "problem" is Kap sat on the bench during the rah-rah-anthem-rah, not saying anything to anyone. He replied the next week re: why when asked, as he stuck with the disaster Jed York (who knows zero about football OR SF) mess. He took a knee.

  • Christo28154632 Cockneygooner (@Christo28154632) reported

    @chinn_eddie @RealGaryWebster @TheLouisEmerick Educated idiot ., If you had a brain you would be dangerous with all your scum of the earth fans ., Booing the national anthem Singing songs about the Munich air crash distaste . Heysel getting English clubs banned for five years ., And then Hillsboro .., I rest my case .,

  • GhostClance Ghost Clance (@GhostClance) reported

    @anthemgame Fix Anthem please getting 10 times errors during 2 hours it shouldn’t be like this

  • World_Of_Hurt Jay "It's Too Early For Christmas Music" Potts (@World_Of_Hurt) reported

    That's messed up and shameful, @pepsicenter. You humiliated her in front of her own child who was there to *sing the National Anthem* with her schoolmates! You need to issue an apology to Ms. Bensreiti and fix this policy immediately!

  • StevieAxl95 Axl (@StevieAxl95) reported

    @morgandigangi Yea she had some god damn issues, along with this one preschool teacher i had at 14-holy helpers, I literally despise that place lol yelled at me for putting the wrong hand on the wrong side of my chest for the National anthem multiple times lol🙃

  • bradkfinley Brad Finley (@bradkfinley) reported

    @sanders_sigmund @williamprewit13 @BigHock734 @kgd1963 @sandyhook 9) There are ways to have discussions about these issues, but collectively attacking an entire group of people is not it. Doing so doesn’t solve the problem, it worsens it. So when I tell you that I hate seeing Kap and others kneel for the anthem, that’s why. MORE

  • doofynorwegian Dagwoodsandwhich (@doofynorwegian) reported

    @EAAccess **** EA and their greedy lies. One of the big reasons I signed up for Access was the 10 hr trial for new games. Other than this, their service is nothing more than redundant sports titles. After the Anthem debacle you’d think they learned! Screw them!

  • ony_bon Ony Nwanokwu (@ony_bon) reported

    I’m with Lily Allen on this. Only if you are ignorant you won’t sss an issue with the colonial and slavery connotations in the Rule Britannia national anthem.

  • tomgreen2608 Tom Green (@tomgreen2608) reported

    @Femi_Sorry @lilyallen I also have issues with the song Jerusalem (which some think should be our anthem). It's essentially about the forced spread of Christianity through violent means.

  • jpuckstopper34 John Leask (@jpuckstopper34) reported

    @MWFuzzwork @dennydenny1020 As Canadians we are all immigrants except for the first Nations. The problem is the people disrespectful of Canada. Like the new Canadians standing in front of me at the Saddledome not taking hats off for our anthem. That's shit needs to end!

  • amomcnally Anne-Marie McNally (@amomcnally) reported

    There’s a guy on a packed bus here viciously whispering aloud the lyrics of what apears to be a Euro dance anthem. It’s creepy AF 😳#bustales (ps packed bus to Lucan at 4:30pm cos yeah...capacity is a major issue!)

  • SklmarmVa Donna Crinklaw (@SklmarmVa) reported

    @HillBeverlyhill I do not like the woman, but there is no requirement for an American citizen/civilian to do anything more than stand quietly in respect during the national anthem. We have far more problems to worry about than this petty little issue.

  • candyapplebun 🐰CandyBunz🐰 (@candyapplebun) reported

    Sitting here wondering what peoples issue with Anthem was and then it happened Lost Connection To EA Servers™ mid mission. 😐😑😐 Goddamnit.

  • ppiluk Bass Playin’ Leaf Fan! 🇨🇦 🎃 (@ppiluk) reported

    @joe_warmington @ezralevant Almost everyone is a hypocrite with this issue. Look no farther than the NFL and players kneeling during the national anthem. If you support Cherry and not Kapernic or support Kapernic and not Cherry, you are a hypocrite.

  • anthony_MB75 Anthony 🔥 (@anthony_MB75) reported

    This the problem with us black people 😂😂 if we more than 3, give us a pen, a table and a cup and we creating the next #1 twerking anthem in 30 seconds

  • cmrn_reese reese’s puffs (@cmrn_reese) reported

    vision of love - mariah from the bottom of my broken heart - britney 212 - azealia company - tinashe drowning - banks heart to break - kim two weeks - twigs national anthem - l*n* and i feel like i'm missing someone....

  • DillonWilcox84 Dillon Wilcox (@DillonWilcox84) reported

    Disney Plus seems to be having some server issues. Maybe it's the Anthem effect. #Disney #disneyplus #AnthemGame


    @NYDailyNews People will be more outrage over standing up for the National Anthem but be very quiet over real issues like this

  • kylaelena Kyla Elena, your local Hedge Witch and Hermit 🔮 (@kylaelena) reported

    @gemma_m_storey @Lady_Alenko I don't think they'll have learned anything, especially because what I saw of discussion involved one article and maybe three days of people mentioning it before carrying on their merry way because the game wasn't broken/bugged at launch like MEA or Anthem. +

  • mrbubbles4200 BatManMcGrath (@mrbubbles4200) reported

    @Ranting_Monkey same with anthem its actually a good game just not great and it did have its release problems but its atleast worth playing through the story and yeah biggest flaw is needs more end game content but still fun to play

  • CabinboyMendez CabinboyMendez (@CabinboyMendez) reported

    @AkriaMachine @EvilTakumi @AkashicGaming @LurkingManHOH @BesuBaru 100% correct, and its those who pre-order who we have to feel sorry for. Specially when these things go unfinished. I for one like the idea of a new pokemon game, but I will wait until the issues have been ironed out. Anyone remember #Anthem

  • Ladydee429 Ladydee (@Ladydee429) reported

    @CaptainOctavia @machiokonkwo @EAStarWars I got it when Anthem came out. Despite its problems I enjoyed the game for a good 30 hours until the lack of story and repetitive play got to me. I kept it because I knew Star Wars was coming out. I doubt I'll keep it after it expires in January.

  • keepawake2 Tom Bayer (@keepawake2) reported

    @dnkidd @CBCNews ... or for not participating in patriotic ceremonies, such as the national anthem. A small part of why I have never worn a poppy is to imitate them. Again, I have no problem whatsoever with anyone else wearing one.

  • WilkoSport Peter Wilkins (@WilkoSport) reported

    Quality your ABC production of the @TheMatildas v Chile. Clumsily crash into the anthem off the the titles and play @FOXFOOTBALL coverage with no studio presence. Embarrassing. Demeaning for every fine ABC broadcaster.

  • KingTitanex XaeTheTitan (@KingTitanex) reported

    @Anthemuniverse Call of duty modern warfare. Anthem broken and I want a refund for the game.

  • SitecoreDiana Sitecore (Cana)Diana (@SitecoreDiana) reported

    @garrik411 @bent20 @AndrewScheer @CoachsCornerDC My point is you are not mentioning @AndrewScheer and the anthem which is just as much an issue as not wearing a poppy.

  • phredd_evans Phredd Evans; (@phredd_evans) reported

    @_SJPeace_ @mrflipb1 No, that's why you should stop voting for the mayors that support police who do this crap Kneeling at the Nat Anthem has nothing to do with local issues