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Anthem is an online multiplayer action role-playing video game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts. Anthem is available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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  • Game Crash 4.88% Game Crash
  • Matchmaking 2.44% Matchmaking

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Anthem Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • Cyan_101 Cyan (@Cyan_101) reported

    @LegalEagleDJ @EA Finally bailed on @anthemgame curious if a game advertised and sold as an online service game are we owed/can claim something as it lacked any updates (had christmas event stuff up like halfway into the year)?

  • Talyn328 Scott (@Talyn328) reported

    @pasmith @Dusty_Monk @anthemgame I think it needed both. It does have gear issues and a severe lack of content. More story would have been great and explain more of the world. They seriously need to stop with their "codex" crap though.

  • pasmith Nimgimli (@pasmith) reported

    @Talyn328 @Dusty_Monk @anthemgame Armchair quarterbacking but I think if they'd just stuck to the plan and released more lore-forward content, rather than try to 'fix' the game for the 5% of players who wanted to grind endgame for 1000 hours, they would've been better off.

  • nukenintab DegOG (@nukenintab) reported from Monterrey, Estado de Nuevo León

    @bioware @anthemgame I bought your game, got crap. You promised to fix it, you didn't. Not buying your games anymore.

  • HolleyJupiter Holley Jupiter (@HolleyJupiter) reported

    @bioware @anthemgame So you’re telling me I paid $60 for a buggy mess you promised to fix but just didn’t. Y’all are worse than my last bf.

  • KapoorBrogen 𝔅𝔯𝔬𝔤𝔢𝔫 𝔎𝔞𝔭𝔬𝔬𝔯 (@KapoorBrogen) reported

    @kcbates85 @geoffkeighley @anthemgame Again. There’s a major difference from buying a physical product and a game where developers can constantly be working on said game. You putting 300,000 on a suburban, is a you problem not the companies.

  • mikekel78 Mikelantis (@mikekel78) reported

    @MesaSean @anthemgame It sucks for the devs that have been killing themselves to fix this game after 6 years of work. Unfortunate

  • forcewave1139 ForceWave Palpa... SKYWALKER! (@forcewave1139) reported

    @geoffkeighley @anthemgame Live-service gaming is a scam

  • TroyerZT Zachariah (@TroyerZT) reported

    @geoffkeighley @anthemgame There is a whole EA service called EA Play where you play 15 bucks to play all EA games for free. Please do this instead of dropping 70 dollars on a game

  • NotSamSage Sam Sage (@NotSamSage) reported

    @EA @bioware so you knowingly shipped an incomplete, broken product. Promised your consumers for (literally) years that it would be fixed. And now cancel thosebl fixes. You owe A LOT of people a refund #AnthemGame @anthemgame #AnthemNEXT #Anthem

  • SLAMvideos 丂ㄥ卂爪 ᐯ丨ᗪ乇ㄖ丂 (@SLAMvideos) reported

    @bioware @anthemgame So where do I stand on getting my money back, I purchased game that clearly hasn't been delivered and now you're not even going to fix it before you throw it in the trash

  • No1DaddyMassive NotSarcasmBotbecauseSarcasmBotisn'tcool (@No1DaddyMassive) reported

    @geoffkeighley @anthemgame Shame. The only problem I had with the game was no-one else liked it so there wasn't anyone online to do vaults with.

  • PConnallain Pádraic (@PConnallain) reported

    @KapoorBrogen @geoffkeighley @anthemgame If you bought a ‘live service’ game, which history shows it’s nothing but a massive con, you really deserve it sorry.

  • WizardLevel Wizard_Level_1 (@WizardLevel) reported

    @bioware @anthemgame We couldn't get them when the game was released because there were promised updates to fix the game yet many of the release issue continue to persist, and there was promised content coming that never came. Store fronts refused refunds on these grounds. How about now?


    @ThePollus @bioware @anthemgame Don't see the problem with BFV and SWBFII ending support. DICE desperately needs all hands on deck for BF6 in order to prevent another BFV-like situation from happening.

  • UWUPinkMinotaur Maria (MinotaurPink90) CEO of Search & Destroy (@UWUPinkMinotaur) reported

    @bioware @anthemgame Trash game. I gave up on it a while ago and figured the lazy *** devs wouldn't do **** to fix it. Anthem could have been great.

  • PiampianiMarco MarcoP (@PiampianiMarco) reported

    @Mavericktech2 @bioware @anthemgame Getting pumped up for games is not THAT bad a thing. I think what makes it bad is when the company making said game is hyping it to oblivion when ALSO knowing fully well that they are having MASSIVE problems at the same time.

  • DrinkIrishRace Montez Walker (not the real one) (@DrinkIrishRace) reported

    @anthemgame @EA @bioware You folks are complete trash. I'm done spending money on your garbage. I hope karma catches up with you and you lose money on every game you make. It's always broken promised with you pieces of ****.

  • BankaiBullett ルーク・ケイジ (@BankaiBullett) reported

    @bioware @anthemgame I was looking forward to seeing how you guys were gonna fix the mess you made... y'know, in the same vain Hello Games did with 'No Man's Sky'... but you've decided to take our money, do nothing to fix the game and now cancel everything. So.... I want my money back please.

  • MrShaded Sean Haywood (@MrShaded) reported

    @EAHelp How does this help with a 2 year old game that we have never gotten even half of the true value off because is was unfinished? Because as your page states, the conditions for refund are limited. This is a @anthemgame & @EA issue. Make it right for all players that have purchased!

  • MrShaded Sean Haywood (@MrShaded) reported

    @bioware @anthemgame Ok so can we have our money back since this is the case? We have only been patient because we believed a mass fix was to follow. But instead our money is in the trash with this game.

  • willowforrestal WillowForrestall (@willowforrestal) reported

    @taargontwitchtv @anthemgame Im sorry I was really hoping they would fix it.

  • DJMEMesis DJMEMesis (@DJMEMesis) reported

    @bioware @anthemgame I hope Dragon Age 4 and Mass Effect has issues like Cyberpunk that way you can abandon it too

  • vivere_Ferrari Chris W (@vivere_Ferrari) reported

    @anthemgame should issue refunds to anyone who wants it. The entire project was essentially a lie from day 1, and now they have pulled the plug. If it bankrupts the company, too bad.

  • ArtyFrayn Zardoz (@ArtyFrayn) reported

    @bioware @anthemgame Just don’t turn Dragon Age 4 into a “live service” monetised cash grab okay? Single player, stand alone, story focused campaign only. Just like the last games. Please don’t F up anither perfectly good franchise.

  • MartinW36813158 Martin Wilson (@MartinW36813158) reported

    @anthemgame, Thank's for the Broken Promises & Blaitent ******* Lies, You Guy's Created Something Promising which came out a Year to Early & EA should be Held Accountable, Prosecuted for Pulling the Plug & Lying to there Customers, it's a Joke, We bought the Game in Good Faith.

  • alexeianderson Alex | Nemesis (@alexeianderson) reported

    @bioware @anthemgame Anthem was one farce to begin with built on fabricated truths and false promises as proven by @jasonschreier twice. People should be more livid at EAWare than CDPR, at least they delivered overall what they promised despite technical issues.

  • SixtyFlea FleaSixty (@SixtyFlea) reported

    @anthemgame well I have to say this sucks. I picked up Anthem a few months after launch and was expecting the worst but really enjoyed playing it. The only problem was there wasn't anything to keep me playing upon completion. Anthem 2.0 would have seen me return to the game. :(


    @bioware @anthemgame I was so on board for Anthem Next, and the possibility of the game getting a second chance. I was like, if No Mans Sky can make a come back, Anthem definitely can. At lest give it to another company to fix it then, instead of letting it die. It has so much potential to be great.

  • KyimosGaming KyimosGaming (@KyimosGaming) reported

    @towelthetank @anthemgame time for platform holders to have some regulations for Live Service games and rules around how long they have to keep supporting them before killing them without just having to refund everyone they purchased it.