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Anthem is an online multiplayer action role-playing video game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts. Anthem is available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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  • ghoast_ebooks ghoast_ebooks (@ghoast_ebooks) reported

    bears name.... nightposting being bathing anthem service the least we've

  • tatsumi_eric Eric (@tatsumi_eric) reported

    @AnthemYour @Gaohmee I know Anthem can get a comeback done. The issue is that there seem to be too many people who don’t want a comeback. I just hope BioWare listens to the players who actually want it to succeed and ignores the haters. Also, I’m still looking forward to your video from EA play

  • leon_bezza bez (@leon_bezza) reported

    @EAHelp i got anthem to day and i keep lagging (by my self). And Disconnecting with "error retrieving anthem live service data".

  • plmbcMOmw9nTI35 S.A.G.P6 (@plmbcMOmw9nTI35) reported

    @the_face_light But Telltale got bankrupt, BioWare is dealing problems with Anthem, Bethesda is making nothing but mobile games, and Valve corporation isn't making games anymore

  • HCretu Heidi E. Cretu (@HCretu) reported

    @anthemgame Anthem the game gets 1.6 stars on XBox. That personally tells me the game has serious issues. I passed this game up and instead got RD2. However I’m still waiting for the reviews to change favorably for this game then I’ll buy it.

  • Alice_ShouHiro Alice Jae-in Park 🇨🇭🇰🇷🇯🇵🇺🇸🇮🇱🇮🇪🏳️‍🌈 (@Alice_ShouHiro) reported

    @SunTzu03871658 @Redtowel4 If it’s anxiety, it would be a psychological issue, but the official statement is, that she was dehydrated. Funny thing, she started shaking during the national anthem of Germany and was fine right after it ended, later she drank three glasses of water. allergic to the anthem. 😂

  • KingSuplex93 The Boozerweight🍺 4Ever YDG'N (@KingSuplex93) reported

    @BiffAndreasNAW I stopped then too, but I've been floating on and off because I liked the Lashley, EC3, and Broken Hardy stuff. I really thought Anthem taking over would be cool but they're just difficult to watch still. Talented as hell roster, but the production quality is atrocious.

  • Sirithang Guillaume (@Sirithang) reported

    If didn't knew, France is planning to instate a mandatory "Universal National Service" for kids aged 16-18 : 1 month, common barracks, raising the flag & singing national anthem every morning, no phone & a (very police looking) uniform this is the test run : 1/2

  • RyRyTheGy RyRy (@RyRyTheGy) reported

    @tracybeanz The people who burn flags & kneel during our nat’l anthem would look like fools & idiots if the media covered them properly. I respect their right to be foolish idiots. Many of our problems have the same roots: a corrupt media, funded by America-hating globalists.

  • DaveC954 Slider (@DaveC954) reported

    @kimfaul To be fair, its a much better game now than when it launched, Granted, there are still a shit ton of problems with it, bug and game play wise, but to their credit, they are actually trying....... unlike EA/Bioware with Anthem.....

  • livinlike_bork brøøkë (@livinlike_bork) reported

    @leencuisine__ At least it wasn’t shaggy, then we would have had a problem bc that’s my anthem

  • Iamshhubham Shubham chaudhary (@Iamshhubham) reported

    I do understand you may have different views then the leading party, may have Issues with System but disrespecting our National anthem is sinister and shouldn't be tolerated, Doesn't matter its an MP or a common man. #PMOIndia #India

  • God_OfSports Godwin (@God_OfSports) reported

    @SupineSmokey13 @smarktodeath True , there's problems on both sides I'm expecting him to get his release granted , cause by the look of things Anthem doesn't keep unhappy guys in the roster

  • _jj_castillo (°Θ) J.J. Castillo ≥≥ (@_jj_castillo) reported

    Anthem PC ver randomly reported has server issues (sometimes). I haven't encountered problems or issues myself actually until just now. Been playing a lot myself at times too uh whatever ..

  • BolsomGary Gary Bolsom (@BolsomGary) reported

    @chimpey11 @garytait1 @piersmorgan The problem is Christopher is that whenever England are playing sports they use God Save the Queen which is the British National Anthem. As a non englishman singing another countries anthem is a no no, Imagine attending a British event and 'Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau' started playing.

  • GrahamNattyg92 nathaniel graham (@GrahamNattyg92) reported

    @anthemgame Servers down an hour early.. Even though its says all servers are working on the online server check... I keep being told the Anthem service is currently unavailable

  • JMBROWN82 JB (@JMBROWN82) reported

    @FOXNRL Freddy said he wants to minimise distractions and maybe a very important issue like Aboriginal reconciliation and recognition which came up in the build up to G1 around the anthem was a distraction to LM and he had a off game. Nothing to do with his actual not singing anthem

  • JMBROWN82 JB (@JMBROWN82) reported

    @FOXNRL Freddy said he wants to minimise distractions and maybe a very important issue like Aboriginal reconciliation and recognition which came up in the build up to G1 around the anthem was a distraction to LM and he had a off game. Nothing to do with his actual not signing anthem

  • hashoshi4 Hashoshi from Crypto YouTube (@hashoshi4) reported

    @CryptoJChains @BCBSTX I, too, am an Anthem BCBS 'annual survivor' as I like to say.... lol that is a horrendous thing dude. I'm sorry on behalf of society. It wouldn't be hard to fix all this, but profit rules everything

  • CherylRaffel Cheryl R. (@CherylRaffel) reported

    @alidose Disagree. She’s representing our country & it’s her job. If she doesn’t like her job or like her country then she can quit her job. Or she can voice her displeasure on her own time. Same problem I had with all the NFL anthem nonsense - do it on your own time, not on the job.

  • DJProfessorJ I'm Jared (@DJProfessorJ) reported

    New anthem is really good as just another angerfist song, but I find it lacks that anthemic feel, which is strange because this have been a problem for him in the past.

  • deardamsel2 deardamsel (@deardamsel2) reported

    @Mrtybaba They'll never accept that, they'll rather blame men than fix their horrible behaviour; if another lady tries to point out some flaws in them, they tag her 'enemy'. Until like 2 or more guys break up with them, then "all men are scum" anthem and toxic feminism begins

  • blackstarof07 Blackstar Uzumaki (@blackstarof07) reported

    @tennek127 Bro you gotta let anthem go. They could have been fix the loot system. But in my eyes they ignored what little players they had left. Every update they added to this game broke something else in the game. And lastly the straight up lied to us about what this game was going to..

  • uMadddt Jeremy, First of his name. First of the four born. (@uMadddt) reported

    @iDavey Yep. They claim to have a dedicated team working on Anthem but it doesn't look like it. There's an update slated for today but it's mainly bug fix & patch work that will prep the game for the cataclysm.

  • eyespysoft GamblingEventsRSuchFun (@eyespysoft) reported

    @PaulTassi @Forbes If you only listened to me you would knew that Anthem is a scam & spy live service since 2017. I spoke about it on r/AnthemTheGame but my message was suppressed and censored.

  • Fungusty Join me on a unique bristlecone pine adventure (@Fungusty) reported

    @jjma77 @aimeeterese Irrelevant. Anyone can misinterpret a song's intent. The article's author clearly has. That's the problem. Guthrie wrote the song as a universal anthem for the everyman in protest of the jingoist God Bless America. It's specifically against private property, bigotry and elitism.

  • Juuj_elizabeth Jules (@Juuj_elizabeth) reported

    Nothing a good **** anthem can’t fix

  • yoyoskates yoyo skates (@yoyoskates) reported

    @Lilith_Fairen @Phatrooper @anthemgame It feels like bioware is struggling to survive. I mean ive seen low budget game come out with less problems the anthem did. I'm not trying to sound like a hate or anything but i think bioware needs to just relax and come out with like atleast 80% of the roadmap in 1 update (2/2)

  • voidlalisa bree (@voidlalisa) reported

    like there are actual issues but y’all claim that because she made an anthem with several gay artists that she’s trying to profit off of the community. even after her literally putting a petition for the equality act in the video... what more do you all want😭

  • nvrfrgt_robs Robs (@nvrfrgt_robs) reported

    @AmandaCerny I would have said Anthem... but they stopped any type of production for the game and it’s entirety. It was a good game and has lots of potential. Just need dedicated people/ producers to continue/fix the game itself.

  • JohhnyRidden1 The Colossus Of Dawn (@JohhnyRidden1) reported

    @Lilith_Fairen I disagree as far as Jason is concerned: his exposure on the development on Anthem was precisely because he cared about the well being of developers being overworked, some of which he already had major health & mental problems as a consequence.

  • snowbirdfromYYC Tom Luzzi (SPORTS PAGE OPINION) (@snowbirdfromYYC) reported

    I guess @RFlores91 never confirmed (chicken sh*t) Maybe Crash can sing Canadian anthem seeing she liked and was included in wager...

  • obliviousgeek Jason Arnold (@obliviousgeek) reported

    @GarrettArt My biggest problem so far is that what they've shown just doesn't look fun. At least the combat in Anthem looked kinda fun and was for a little bit - this just looks very generic, so I hope there's more to it cause I NEED a good new Star Wars game!

  • Crags2034 Craggles 💩👑 (@Crags2034) reported

    Im hearing that Halo Infinite is looking likely to be a live service game like Anthem! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Get tae ****. #BIGMASSIVEJOBBY #FUCKYOU #******* #UPYERARSE

  • thats1evildude Ghast Whisperer (@thats1evildude) reported

    @chismekween Not for a long, long, LONG time. They rebooted development during the making of Anthem in order to incorporate live service elements. We might get lucky and see a new trailer before year’s end, but it’ll probably be a year before they have anything to show.

  • DynamiteDeegan Sad Boi ディガン (@DynamiteDeegan) reported

    @0kamasumotra @Lilith_Fairen @Noah_Fastel @anthemgame While Anthem was the cause, it's the fault of Sony because they delayed their checks on how the game and updates would affect the system, deciding to send it out before checking. If they confirmed the issues with EA/Bioware, they would have fixed it before sending it out.

  • Lilith_Fairen Lilith Fairen (@Lilith_Fairen) reported

    @CasioGlen Oh, it's not "stating the obvious". It's creating a narrative. A bunch of clickbaiters who've never done anything like making a game want you to believe Anthem is the most broken thing ever because it profits them the most to encourage sociopathic abuse of the devs.

  • ImmersiveGamer2 TheImmersiveGamer (@ImmersiveGamer2) reported

    @DashThunderman @Lilith_Fairen @anthemgame Yes they should be held accountable for what happened during development etc. Agreed. But that doesn't mean that gamers who are hating on the game should try and destroy Anthem and them trying to fix the issues. The levels of hate are not warranted. There's ways of doing things.

  • palandry3 Tony Landry (@palandry3) reported

    @EAthletix @darrenrovell One problem after race Wottle was so ashame that he left his golf cap on while accepting his Gold Medal when playing the National anthem. Most all forgave him.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • RatedViper55 RatedViper55 (@RatedViper55) reported

    @TheDivisionGame I love this game but if these devs dont start rolling updates its gonna end up like anthem. They need to fix the rng, the skill requirements its useless, the 500 loot drop underscore, matchmaking needs to be implemented its hard enough not being able to find people.

  • Tucson_Ron Ron Benjamin (@Tucson_Ron) reported

    @rosedixontx @ernie_plumley I think kneeling during the national anthem is a separate issue and should therefore be dealt with in a different way. Not saying there shouldn’t be consequences. 🇺🇸

  • basche42 Ben Basche (@basche42) reported

    @5Tacos For sure. Take Amazon or Uber versus like, say, Anthem I can tell you that the first two you trust to deal with your issue properly (Amazon already has this robust chat implemented on mobile) versus the latter So the new currency is trust

  • tigercl4w13 mr no flex (@tigercl4w13) reported

    @pontwhoremo It hurts though, because I’ve been wanting to play new games and I loved anthem despite all its problems and a few other but the cash grabbing is insane. Nintendo is doing great at it because they know if the quality isn’t there then fans aren’t going to invest

  • burning55963534 burningphoenix (@burning55963534) reported

    @Joe_Sinister1 @jeremy_peel If companies didn’t lie then this wouldn’t be a problem. Anthem was a massive case of false advertising

  • allysoon17 allison with y (@allysoon17) reported

    crash my car will be my summer anthem

  • johnnycaged85 Travis (@johnnycaged85) reported

    @MulehornGaming I bought anthem at launch, saw it had issues (like Destiny’s, Divison, etc) and decided to shelve it for a while. Played other things and looks like it’s improving greatly now. Excited to try again!

  • pshasane94 prathamesh shasane (@pshasane94) reported

    @melindafarrell British ruled them for 300+ years, def not a problem to have a long anthem..

  • EdgyAime No Moore 2020 (@EdgyAime) reported

    @JimSterling So I don't know much about the "Live service" deal, I know some games (Anthem, Fallout76) are total shit. But the announcement of Square's Avengers game sounds more like Splatoon 2's content rollout. I like the way Splatoon has done content, and look forward to Animal Crossing

  • bullonabike Bullonabike (@bullonabike) reported

    "Anthem is deeply broken at a level that even BioWare doesn’t seem to understand." God. Is it ever.

  • BallaImpala 🏳️‍🌈Phio @ Anthrocon🏳️‍🌈 (@BallaImpala) reported

    @TheYogurtThief I think the biggest issue is that Bioware shouldn't have developed this game. That is to say, the way it was set up (always-online looter shooter). Either Anthem should have been a deep action-RPG akin to Mass Effect or EA should have assigned another developer to make it.

  • M9Thakur Mayank Thakur (@M9Thakur) reported

    Typing “Hong Kong” into China’s largest search engine, Baidu, fails to produce news on protests. Censors removed songs sung by demonstrators:“Do you Hear The People Sing,”a protest anthem from the musical “Les Miserables,” has been wiped from Tencent’s QQ Music streaming service.

  • wordmagicianjam TB (@wordmagicianjam) reported

    @Lilith_Fairen You're such a pathetic Anthem fanboy. It feels to me that you're so defensive about because you cannot accept the fact the game is broken and dead. You defend it because you're in the minority that likes the game. You are one of the many reasons why this game is what it is.

  • Messssut_ wallahi u are not a coach (@Messssut_) reported

    @RahatRk_ CL Anthem won’t do this fix up

  • Facezus FMJR_ 🎮 (@Facezus) reported

    Anthem...Ha!!! I was trying to get my faith in the game but NOPE! The loot droppings still terrible, disconnects, lagging etc etc overall that game just as bad. I had a love and hate relationship with that game but I’m over it

  • JacquelineLelsz Jackie Lelsz (@JacquelineLelsz) reported

    @ScottAdamsSays @Based_Jedi Then there should be no problem for not standing for the National Anthem

  • gallbag123 gally (@gallbag123) reported

    @Latte_Bogan @KTBH_ @RealMarkLatham Changing the Australian National anthem will do NOTHING to improve the plight of Indigenous Australians. They need to fix themselves and come to the party, instead of constantly playing the poor me victims

  • Hobojebus Horambe (@Hobojebus) reported

    @Fetusberry Games as service are ******* devoid of content at launch look at Destiny 2, fallout 76, anthem, sea of thieves.

  • this_Sivana_sef I take God beg una.... make una follow me back.. (@this_Sivana_sef) reported

    @Sammyskopi As in ehn.. 🤣 🤣 🤣 Na national anthem for all of em except my boo.. She no get even one problem.

  • GecgilHakan Hakan Geçgil (@GecgilHakan) reported

    @EAHelp 3 days ago I bought Anthem and I want to play but I cant "Error retrieving Anthem live service data." Please help me I want to play anthem today

  • TheCalthe KAtz (@TheCalthe) reported

    @GalaxySuni a lot of people pretty down about DA4 as multiplayer, bc EA wants it to be full of live service and microtranscations here and there, just like anthem. and thats one of reason why this game is not really good at selling. i hope DA could keep going, sigh... this makes me sad :(