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  • Zafferology 🇿🇦🍋Z@fF 🍋🇿🇦 (@Zafferology) reported

    @YesReallyAngel @BrettFishA I’m struggling to understand why the issue is with the Afrikaans part of the national anthem. As an indian, I should complain that it doesn’t incorporate Hindi 🤪🤪🤪

  • Breyonce1908_ Ucanta_Ford_Brie (@Breyonce1908_) reported

    @blkagendareport @TalbertSwan Y’all don’t listen! He literally said how are we going to fix this now that people know the reason why players were kneeling during the slavery ass anthem. Y’all are so quick to be with the internet and disagree with your own people without hearing the whole facts.

  • LakersKeys Lakers Keys (@LakersKeys) reported

    @SOULbeautifulme @moses_fangupo @FirstTake @stephenasmith Sis, not doubting Jay Z's street cred or what he's done for the culture. My issue is: NFL used Kap to send a message hust like plantation owners did with runaway slaves. Jay is helping them dodge that bullet without being accountable for how they handled the anthem protests

  • chaosprimeZ Chaosprime Zero YT (@chaosprimeZ) reported

    @jtwantsamuffin @TyCoStoner @AnthemYour @FreelancerRadi1 @thatmummarocks @Anthemuniverse Be better so keep going at it. You'll get something different soon, but rest assured it's not just a PC issue or Anthem issue, it's a RNG issue. (3/3)

  • ProfessorChance ProfessorChance (@ProfessorChance) reported

    @BenIrvo Lmao don't show this guy any sympathy. He jumped ship. He's ran anthem in the ground then said oh well, not my problem looooooooool

  • TiffanyWatsonX Tiffany Watson ✨ (@TiffanyWatsonX) reported

    Hahaha what a joke! I can’t login into my anthem account because I forgot my password and for some reason they make it very hard to reset my password 😅 going in circles here lol

  • Fox_Die15 Fox Die (@Fox_Die15) reported

    I really hope that @Halo isn't going to be a games as a service like anthem, battlefield 5, destiny, etc. please don't be like them @Halo we all know how they all went down.

  • DaHeathenOne76 Munahmai (@DaHeathenOne76) reported

    Her first two songs out the gate were a broken heart tune and a side chick anthem so folks just was hating.👎🏿

  • blusterblaster 🧠 tobey 🍹 (@blusterblaster) reported

    @Funny2Silly praying rn they dont say any **** Shit.. idk what their problem is w the muppet trans thing either cuz its just a song dkfdsd theyre not hurting any1 by saying its a trans anthem <_< >_>

  • Saequann Saequann (@Saequann) reported

    @EuropaHalo @HaloDataHive Once again not comparable cuz anthem was a forest fire from the jump it was well known & the behind the scenes issues were leaked for a long time, non of that stuff is said to be going on at 343 & the person who replaced that person been moved into that position a while ago

  • Macdaddy35Mac Mac in cali (@Macdaddy35Mac) reported

    @JSarney_PFN365 @MiaFins1 I respect that. I’m just tired of this kneeling issue. I could care less if people wanna stand for the anthem or not. I believe it’s best to stand for it but respect those who don’t.

  • ______2nd2none 🙃 (@______2nd2none) reported

    (2) Jay didn't help his position with the comment "We know what the issue is...time to move on. Next" when referring to kneeling for the anthem. However to the players kneeling for the anthem was a non violent public protest in order to create awareness about social injustice. 🤔

  • ArathhernandezH THE GUARDIAN (@ArathhernandezH) reported

    @Elendel1 @SynArchitecht @BioMarkDarrah Here's the thing, while I do think he made a lot of mistakes with anthem, most of it wasn't his fault (I mean how the game is) it was mostly the fault of mine he A team of Bioware and after the game launched Ben and his team received a very poorly game with a lot of problems

  • yanksteel yanksteel (@yanksteel) reported

    @Kaepernick7 @Race_Imboden @yourrightscamp And NEVER EVER kneel to our Flag nor our National Anthem. Too many have given the ultimate sacrifice for you to disrespect them and our Flag. Find another venue to state your issue but not towards our Flag nor Anthem. Thanks

  • najee88 Najee Avant (@najee88) reported

    In need for speed heat it’s goona be a live service game like bungle umph I mean @Activision destiny 1 and the second game and again like @bioware anthem everybody’s I hope still even remember how those games turn Again don’t wanna walk on eggshells with @GhostGamesEA

  • Pile_of_Things meat shoe (@Pile_of_Things) reported

    @SaintSluggo from all i heard, it was the same issues as Anthem new people were put on (because EA wanted to expand Bioware into a games as service factory and burnt out their old workers by exploitation) to make an extremely ambitious duke nukem forever hell project by idiot middlemen

  • arhalpern 🌬Andrea (@arhalpern) reported

    Now this is just plain ridiculous. Anthem sends letters requesting copies of Emergency Department visits for claims submitted for members seeking care on Christmas Eve. Claims are already paid and the service date is 12/24/2017. #insurancefail

  • IBored45 Im_Bored45 (@IBored45) reported

    @GrumpyElite @benoski73 While I think Anthem is gone. R6 siege is a perfect example that a game that nobody believed in and launched with very little going for t can succeed. The problem isn’t the game it’s EA they don’t stick to games unless they sell at launch.

  • RhymeVeto Veto Rhyme (@RhymeVeto) reported

    @Whiteprime2 @CameronWolfe @LubieWINZ What is the problem with them kneeling..u have people in the stands playing around and still sitting down during the anthem..i haven't seen nobody talk shit about that

  • MarcoKaatz Living Omega (@MarcoKaatz) reported

    @gunfire_games still no xbox update for bug fixes ectr. The game is for me and my friends just unplayable at the moment we arrive rhom. The frame drops causses our consoles to crash every time. Preordered. Anthem scenario 2.0

  • ZONETrigger ZONETrigger (@ZONETrigger) reported

    @Sinddir Anthem has its problems, but the gameplay is good. It feels very satisfying to fly around a blow things up. But content is a issue, end game got a bit better with the latest update. We will have to see if they continue to update.

  • IamTorrell Torrell (@IamTorrell) reported

    @anthemgame is there some kind of issue with the Anthem game. It frequently glitches then resets. Please Fix!!!!!

  • eriksteelo swan (@eriksteelo) reported

    @paradoxed323 @1st_and_punt @Big_D07 @joerogan @piersmorgan Arguing as if pc culture is particular to only the left is unreasonable, and in turn believing *that's* the reason populism is gaining is unreasonable. If you think the same rednecks who believe you must stand for the anthem actually have an issue w ~pc culture~ you're a sucker

  • CamTheProdeucer BlerdHeroRising (@CamTheProdeucer) reported

    So I really wanted to like anthem, but that thing was so glitchy at launch. It crashed my PC at least 5 times due to server issues...I low-key want to try it on PS4 but I also don't want it melting my PS4😭 lol

  • itsthatonenerd Joe 🏳️‍🌈 🎮 Playing Life is Strange 2 (@itsthatonenerd) reported

    @disgracedtolma Anthem let me down so badly, and while I genuinely enjoyed Andromeda, it's got problems, so the real Bioware is still in there, if they were away from EA and held all their IPs, they'd be back to the glory days!

  • Krkhaber Karen haber (@Krkhaber) reported

    @AnthemBlueCross My daughter has been on hold for over two hours this morning and has been disconnected three times by anthem customer service. She is trying to resolve a six month old claim. She has spoken to at least three people and emailed as well with no resolution. HELP!

  • MR_CiG CiG (@MR_CiG) reported

    @bioware Not excited at all for it. Still waiting on getting fix for Anthem. Hoping you would put Dragon Age on hold till then. Good luck, hope it’s better than expected.

  • FaithinDepth Faith&Life&Love&Death (@FaithinDepth) reported

    @MichaelHegart13 @DanielleRyanJ @Paula14mcbride What happens after the poll to ensure the losing side doesn't feel abandoned, including issues about new flag, anthem, possibly provincial assemblies is important. But 50% plus one vote has to be the criterion.

  • nabernax Jer Me (@nabernax) reported

    @thatmummarocks @ZachSpahn @TwiZt3d_H3aT @cwinklermilsim @UNTDrew I have to play what I can show off to ppl. No one can show off Anthem cause its way to broken. No fix or mention of the broken forge .. Its gone on too long. Cata is so unstable atm. Can hardly run it in gm3. Obviously Im pissed off lol

  • Real_Axminster AX (@Real_Axminster) reported

    @UNTDrew Turn gear war chests back on ASAP, show us you listen to your community and care about what we want Anthem to be. Turning these off was a bad move, please fix it.

  • poobalu Poobalu (@poobalu) reported

    @EuropaHalo If I remember correctly, I think the creative director at 343 stepped out of that role a few months back and changed teams, but I can’t find the article. I think it’s going to be okay, BioWare had a whole other toxic studio culture problem going into anthem

  • MrCreteture MrCreteture (@MrCreteture) reported

    @TylerMcD65 I'm still debating running a 2 PC set up to just eliminate most problems that could occur, or just just with my usual one PC and hope for the best. Honestly unless its Anthem (which I dont play anymore) I've never needed to use a 2 PC set up lol

  • FiveLargeFries FiveLargeFries (@FiveLargeFries) reported

    Oh yeah! Now I have a PS4 pro I’m going to try Anthem again to see if that noise issue i was having is gone

  • MyDesires4You Charu(poo) (@MyDesires4You) reported

    @TIinExile Of all the celebrities @bbcasiannetwork had to call someone who has zero knowledge, sensitivity or understanding of her nation,it's history,history of partition,horrors faced by migrated people and/or even Kashmir issue. Not to forget National Anthem!

  • darkmessiah757 Darkmessiah757 (@darkmessiah757) reported

    @MrEevee7 It's easier to assume a game is bad and be proven right then to assume a game is good and be disappointed. Course, drama and drama channels get more clicks than not. Ever wonder why Anthem is still seen negatively but *** 2 isnt talked about even though they had the same problems

  • ChSuprio Suprio Choudhury (@ChSuprio) reported

    @babuchandra01 @ashokepandit @sonamakapoor @bbcasiannetwork Problem is that most of these bollywd stars think they r great just bcos they have huge fan following from mostly illiterates, but their educational backgrounds and knowledge are pathetic, doubt if she has ever heard our national anthem also, forget 370 &35A.

  • ShawnSlim7 It’s baseball season tbh (@ShawnSlim7) reported

    “If y’all got a problem with standing for the National Anthem go live in a different country”

  • IamManethra Vishwamitra (@IamManethra) reported

    @sonamakapoor 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Really, learn the national anthem before tweeting on it. Pity though, even my 3 year old daughter knows. It must be hard being ignorant. Da fix is easy. Quit ur tukde gang e.g. Swara Bhaskar, spend time in good company. The edu will come easily.

  • feministshinobi rachelwa (@feministshinobi) reported

    Crash World by Hillary Duff was my ANTHEM when I was 10. god what was I going through

  • ShintashiG Shintashi Kato-Yomomoto The God (@ShintashiG) reported

    Why are people still on the National Anthem, if you only had a brain no so required to stand and not standing dosen't mean necessarily that you are disrespectful.... So take a several sits back on this issue And address the real reason it all began

  • grey2son Greyson (@grey2son) reported

    @Forza_Firmino @SportsCenter No dude, I just didn’t understand what he was trying to say. His point doesn’t really make any sense to me. Also on a side note, I think Jay Z meant that they are working on things that will have even more impact on racial issues than simply taking a knee during the anthem does.

  • MrPryority Moe (@MrPryority) reported

    Kap had a problem with police brutality and the National Anthem being hypocritical towards people of color... not the NFL... he just used the NFL as his platform for protest. This is not about the NFL.

  • jksguycode JKSGuycode 17 (@jksguycode) reported

    @davidscottjaffe My biggest problem with games as a service is that we are still paying 60 dollar for game that majority of times is lacking in content and then we have to wait for what the game was meant to be and hope they dont just kill the game and move on like our worrys for anthem

  • rachelmetz Rachel Metz (@rachelmetz) reported

    anthem email: you have a new eob/claim! anthem website: internal server error!

  • Dangodofthunder DanGodOfThunder (@Dangodofthunder) reported from Atlanta, Georgia

    @AsakoShura @Swindyyyy This. Games as a Service is a ****** concept. If I pay 60 bucks, I want a game that feels complete. Not chopped apart and sold back to me in DLC bit by bit. I don't want Anthem. I want Fire Emblem 3 Houses.

  • Thadeacon_ Thadeacon (@Thadeacon_) reported

    @Simplybeautif71 @RBZradio @datflintdude @LwTyrail @jemelehill @FreddieGibbs this isn’t a black and white issue, and the posturing and actions of Colin made it a nuanced convo. NFL and its base then turned it into a flag anthem convo. Narrative is all over the place. One thing i have been on this is consistent. NDA is the issue

  • PhilRice1 Phil Rice (@PhilRice1) reported

    @BobSmizik @Scott_Stiller Before the end of last year it was the Haley incident, Porter incident, Harrison sleeping, Martavis problems, anthem debacle etc. The clown show has been going on for longer then you seem to realize.

  • whorligram 𝖂𝖍𝖔𝖗𝖑𝖎𝖌𝖗𝖆𝖒 (@whorligram) reported

    @Beauty_theBeat My national anthem is don't ask me if I know how to cook if you don't know how to fix shit around the house or work on my car. Take ya ass to McieD's like I'mma take my car to a garage to get fixed.

  • bladegodsyg (@bladegodsyg) reported

    Anthem is still a ****** buggy mess of a game, but there's something to chase now. The game's core was fun and thats all it needed to be playable. Now it just has to *** gud by ironing out bug and performance issues.

  • VachettePath Vachette Pathology (@VachettePath) reported

    With Anthem reducing its timely filing limit to 90 days, getting clean claims out the door is as important as ever. For instance, we recently found a case with a keying error that wasn't billed until 53 days after the DOS. Had we not caught it, it would have remained unbilled!

  • TeamBadatGames1 Team: Bad at Games (@TeamBadatGames1) reported

    Streaming Back to Anthem - Hopefully it doesn't randomly crash again. #TBAG #TeamBadatGames Twitch[Ladenn_sky] | Mixer[Ladenn_Sky] | Facebook[teambadatgames1]

  • madflyant 🌐 (@madflyant) reported

    Lmao bro no cap i been wondering like what does kneeling gotta do with the nfl like cool i get it national anthem shit but why is this still a problem ****** mad cuz nfl said they want folks they pay millions to, to respect the anthem lol

  • jimmmjames jim (@jimmmjames) reported

    Rich football players kneeling during the anthem solves NOTHING!! It stops no shootings, like the 1600 men woman and children shot "this year" in Chicago, all it does is divide the country more and you all support that #ColinKaepernick is to scared to address the gang problem

  • Mist82030087 Mist (@Mist82030087) reported

    @RVCJ_FB Ok so you can't stand just 1.5 min for national anthem... Just tell me the reason... If it is playing in theaters then stand naaa... Why making it issue...

  • POKO_YT POKO (@POKO_YT) reported

    @Juan23413979 @faun_sea @EA They kinda had to hide they were even making Apex. After it's success, you can see the iron crown shit. Broken servers. Dice had a similar run up until Anthem and the studio is going to shut down

  • Moose5280 Patrick Justus (@Moose5280) reported

    @EAHelp could someone at ea get bioware to actually fix some bugs in anthem plz cmon seriously its been 6 months and stuff thats been broken since release is STILL BROKEN. if yall are true to this whole continued support thing for bioware get them to fix the game

  • cloudyhope ia for exams| 📌 (@cloudyhope) reported

    i have no problem learning the language, and i KNEW it was gonna be filled with kboos right from the beginning but i didn't know it was THAT bad. i'll first talk about the freshmen, oh my god, they're so so annoying. We were watching a video on korea's national anthem+

  • womas_l Womas_L (@womas_l) reported

    @_whatthe_the_ @olivia_marie32 @youngposthk Singing the national anthem* has no problem at all, but singing the national anthem while holding middle finger has a big problem bro. There are also overseas student disrespecting other people by shouting cnmb and nmsl.

  • jkwilliams11 Jordan Williams (@jkwilliams11) reported

    @Kaepernick7 Look, there is police brutality, but taking a knee during the Anthem wasn’t the way to stop it. As it obviously hasn’t. Each city, county, state and the nation needs to address it and try to fix this locally first. But we need to stand united as one, during the N.A.

  • markqpr1969 Mark S (@markqpr1969) reported

    @paulfinney1969 @Bluwhitehoops @Leewads @LBC @TomSwarbrick1 We agree on something.....I would have no problem with joining some sort of trading block but the EU has aspirations of becoming far more....own Flag, own anthem, own army on the cards if some have its way....its plain wrong