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Apex Legends is a 2019 online multiplayer battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts.

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  • JrMelford Melford Jr (@JrMelford) reported

    @PlayApex please fix the game.. I've stopped playing mid game to tell you hpw horrible the game is when the servers are sh*t

  • JrMelford Melford Jr (@JrMelford) reported

    @PlayApex servers are TRASH!!! FIX THE GAME!!!

  • JrMelford Melford Jr (@JrMelford) reported

    @PlayApex i hate this game so ******* much. FIX THE GAMMEEE!! HOLAY FUCKKKK

  • iDnasty iDnasty (@iDnasty) reported

    @PlayApex plz fix the glitches so people stop hiding on the top of the map....

  • Richcw2 Richcw🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 (@Richcw2) reported

    @PlayApex every game we're encountering error messages, sort it out, can't even get the fundamentals of your game right.

  • Rougelazz Gerald (@Rougelazz) reported

    @PlayApex can you make it so that when people, whose banner can still be recovered, disconnect after being killed get penalised at least, I don't like having to get their banner only to have them disconnect

  • HighChano SEPT. (@HighChano) reported

    We don’t have this problem playing @PlayApex 🖖🏽🥶

  • ddtylerrainer Tyler (@ddtylerrainer) reported

    @PlayApex You know Id be pretty happy IF YOUD FIX THE ******* REPORT BUTTON. So tired of being killed by people teamming in solos and cant do shit about it. But yeah, lets update the store.

  • bryan50143664 GetYouOneGaming (@bryan50143664) reported

    Dear @Respawn @PlayApex ik you are extremely butthurt right now because people are calling you out on a broken way to earn money, but pets be honest make people happy and let us use legend tokens to get stuff... some people have like 900k+ its free but dont be *****.. thanks

  • ImNotJeffery mitchell (@ImNotJeffery) reported from Wentzville, Missouri

    Play about 10 matches of @PlayApex tonight and only 2 of them were full squad games... FIX YOUR GOD DAMN GAME. you can put out a ******* store that'll cost players ******* hundreds of dollars, but can't fix your servers. Trash ass

  • JoshGranese Josh Granese (@JoshGranese) reported

    @Respawn @PlayApex @EA granted Apex Legends is a free game, FIVE of your legendary skins are $100. That’s ******* ridiculous. Brand new games are $60 a pop, and actually produce updates and a game that doesn’t consistently crash.

  • ifiggle Omar (@ifiggle) reported

    @PlayApex yo report button not working just lost a match to a team..on solos...

  • AoAxPUNISHERx ReaperOne_Actual (@AoAxPUNISHERx) reported

    Glad to see @Respawn is putting all this money they made to good use! Fix your garbage servers!

  • FranklinRichrds Franklin Richards (@FranklinRichrds) reported

    First @Activision ruins Crash Team Racing...Next @Respawn ruins @PlayApex...and now @Sony and @SonyPictures are destroying the best Spider-Man to ever appear on screen...funny how these things have one thing in common...sad when it's no longer about the fans but the money

  • lee_tilley Hades Tilley (@lee_tilley) reported

    @PlayApex fix your game... ranked is a mess I'm in silver 1 being paired with bronze 4... who can't even play... costing me games cos I'm a a disadvantage... also I did 1 of the challenges and got the crown loot box and got the worst loot even though I worked my butt off for it.

  • Deezus_PL Daniel Troglia (Deezy) (@Deezus_PL) reported

    Hey @PlayApex fix your ****** @XboxOne servers @Respawn

  • angelitoccz Angel Cajamarca (@angelitoccz) reported

    @PlayApex Fix the audio on PS4

  • AidenTheFirst AidenTheFirst (@AidenTheFirst) reported

    These servers @PlayApex I’m six kills in and the first ring hasn’t even closed and bam. Server crash.

  • punkbwoi PUNKBWOI (@punkbwoi) reported

    @VinceZampella @PlayApex I’ll just watch this game crash and burn at this point I liked it at first then realize I can’t get much without spending money and now I’m being called a freeloader for not spending money by devs I’ll just uninstall this game and move back to cod y’all devs suck

  • PWN_HUB DФPEMAN (@PWN_HUB) reported

    The lag I was experiencing on @playapex tonight was nausea inducing.

  • bladedoesntfail BDF (@bladedoesntfail) reported

    After launching and closing app and relaunching several dozen times to get past the splash screen load AGAIN, finally able to get back in. Fix the game @Respawn BEFORE you try to force EA priced MTXs on us because we all know you will continue to do so...

  • JustBetter89 🗣💯 (@JustBetter89) reported

    Thanks for still not fixing the keyboard & mouse issue on console honestly it's nice to be cucked ****** & sucked GG'S boys. @PlayApex @TitanfallBlog

  • oslive2575 OS-LIVE (@oslive2575) reported

    @PlayApex The Report Player Feature on the #PS4 Platform Does Not Work.!!! Please Fix.!!!

  • jeffcortinas RockossmosD🇨🇺 (@jeffcortinas) reported

    @bosox_730 @ToneLoc21 @EASPORTSNBA @PlayApex To be 100% honest I believe in the delay, I have no problem with that. What I dont understand why have an AMA to talk about an obsolete product to one that is coming right around the corner "supposedly". We havent asked for anything 19 related "come on man!"

  • sietealacara dami (@sietealacara) reported

    @PlayApex fix code leaf already

  • Ma1kavian The Incredible Hook (@Ma1kavian) reported

    @PlayApex Not playing and paying for game till code:net is resolved. I hate mid-match crushes because of this error. The crash I had right now was the last drop. #SolveIt #Code:net #Code:leaf #Apexbugs

  • LVL69CHAR LVL69CHAR (@LVL69CHAR) reported

    @MissPipsqueeks @PlayApex Play on PC. Easy fix.

  • BourqueCaron Tristan Bourque Caron (@BourqueCaron) reported

    @PlayApex fix your damn game i did 10 headshot and the 5 headshot witrh octane is still not done !!!

  • garretteatkins Garrett Atkins (@garretteatkins) reported

    @BringBckMiivrse @EscapeCorrosion @VinceZampella @PlayApex skins, seek help or don't buy them until they "fix it".

  • PokerPhoenix7 Harro (@PokerPhoenix7) reported

    @Respawn i have proof of cheating and screenshots of them admitting it. I have tried reporting them but their account is still active. I will not play your game again until you prove to me you take verifiable cheaters seriously. EVERY SINGLE SOLOS GAME ITS TEAMERS! Fix It

  • TheAnizma Anizma (@TheAnizma) reported

    This is literally so demoralizing. I'm a 10k kill wraith and I cant even enjoy the game. I run into so many teamers in solos the game mode is honestly a joke right now. First game on and I just dont even care anymore. Fix your game please! @EA @PlayApex

  • DJSpatulaTV DJ Spatula (@DJSpatulaTV) reported

    @PlayApex seriously who there has an idea on fixing this leaf error. The fact that the game has been out this long and it's more of an issue now than at launch is pathetic!

  • Juugdubz Dillon (@Juugdubz) reported

    The game crashing during every other queue is becoming very frustrating @Respawn, especially for a streamer. Im getting flashbacks of the PUBG release. Please fix this. #Xbox #ApexLegends #SmallStreamer #TwitchStreamer #SmallStreamerConnect

  • solarXeclipses solar gaming (@solarXeclipses) reported

    @PlayApex How are you gonna scam us like this, you did not fix iron crown you made it to were people would have to pay more for the skins. If they were to buy them in the item shop for 1,800 per legendary it would be a total of 21,600 ac isn’t of 16,800 for the packs wtf

  • Anubiz47562706 XGN Anubiz (@Anubiz47562706) reported

    @Jay_Crayy @PlayApex I hate D.R. but people use it like a new Cod gun it be broken at first but then the company need the weapon

  • iFoggz P J (@iFoggz) reported

    @PlayApex fix your damn octane launch pad shit. Half the time I run over it, it never launches.

  • TrashGamerrr TrashGamerrr (@TrashGamerrr) reported

    @DeathsMost That's messed up. Maybe if @Respawn, @PlayApex, and @EA would fix there issues, such as actually being able to hold down r3 to report the players would work then this wouldn't be as big of an issue.

  • BeardedGorry jonathan gorry (@BeardedGorry) reported

    @PlayApex fix the code:leaf error ffs

  • RaTheGreat007 Jordy Javier Lopez (@RaTheGreat007) reported

    @AFlyingModem @PlayApex @VinceZampella Bruh.....chill out they trying to get them racks to invest it wisely and make the game better with better content but nothing in life is free bro. Hey atleast they fixed the problem by letting you buy them on those certain days so hey that's an A+ save on them lol, KEEP GRINDING!

  • JohnnyMarshy John Marshall (@JohnnyMarshy) reported

    @PlayApex are you guys aware that ps4 have a major problem with sprinting, at random it stops or stutters.. plz fix!! becoming to be unplayable

  • Augustfiire 🤴🏾 (@Augustfiire) reported

    This update trash! Fix it please! @PlayApex @TitanfallBlog

  • DJPaul8008 Paul (@DJPaul8008) reported

    @PlayApex you guys have some major server issues, one game slow slow slow Motion all the way through it, other games just pauses for everyone then random restarts... Almost unplayable right now

  • MetalMMadness The Guy (@MetalMMadness) reported

    @Rhinoqt @PlayApex Pretty sure the unreasonable pricing and direct whale targeting that people find reprehensible. It would be like me telling you your coffee will take a little extra time to complete, and you say "No problem take your time" and so then I take 2 hours to get it to you.

  • ISyndicate11 Team XRx 18+ (@ISyndicate11) reported

    @Rhynogaming1 @LxMakaveli @Dv8Shorty4BH @Z_Rider23 @Respawn The amount of bugs there actually is now is kinda ridiculous like the error codes. I don't have them as often but I definitely still get them.

  • Rhynogaming1 Rhyno-Evolution (@Rhynogaming1) reported

    @LxMakaveli @Dv8Shorty4BH @Z_Rider23 Instead of the update for skins today @Respawn you could of addressed the gameplay issues such as this, I wish we could go back before the wingman nerf, when it was actually fun and everything worked correctly #Apexlegends #Rewind

  • B4TGUT5 BatgutS (@B4TGUT5) reported

    Raaah I got killed by teamers in solo and I can’t even report em Fix this @PlayApex

  • Swanson33158659 Swanson (@Swanson33158659) reported

    @PlayApex Fix the update

  • Havok_Unbanned Chris Sells (@Havok_Unbanned) reported

    @Respawn I've asked nicely and you still haven't fixed your servers. Max health with a gold shield is 175. According to your damage counters I dealt 223 to 1 guy who didn't die. Fix your servers or a lawyer will be contacted. You have continuously dropped the ball and I've had it

  • sin_sangre sin_sangre (@sin_sangre) reported

    @PlayApex cheaters mod only.3 person play toguether..... fix this sucks

  • MissPipsqueeks Pipsqueeks (@MissPipsqueeks) reported

    Had an update to #ApexLegends on PS4 today and now all my legends and I keep having "problem" reports. Please help @PlayApex

  • Flavari1 Flavari (@Flavari1) reported

    @Lebiz_MD @PlayApex Its your connection. Never had that problem unless they having a Big server problem.

  • FRA_Kancel Kosa (@FRA_Kancel) reported


  • Reavhcs cklasner2 (@Reavhcs) reported

    @PlayApex hey your servers are shit. Stop calling us gamers that support your game names and fix yourself before we leave you high and dry.

  • iamthelyontv I am the lyon (@iamthelyontv) reported

    @TitanfallBlog @PlayApexINTEL @PlayApex Just a thought... maybe you shouldn't put shitty micro transactions in your game when A)TTK and shooting nothing but shields is a huge problem. Its really not fun and B) Everything makes more noise in this game then enemy players.

  • Daftpedro Pedro Perez (@Daftpedro) reported

    @PlayApex #playapex Restart your consoles.. might fix that server issue.

  • JJJarJarBinks1 JJ Jar Jar Binks (@JJJarJarBinks1) reported

    @PlayApex are the servers down

  • twitchy0kalol Y0ka (@twitchy0kalol) reported

    @PlayApex For a second I got happy this was a quick fix for the $190 worth of event stuff required to get the axe for bloodhound. This is sad...

  • BrettMakay Brett (@BrettMakay) reported

    Hit reg and damage.... Broken I’ve never seen it so bad today.. @PlayApex

  • steezydreco PriM Dreco (@steezydreco) reported

    @fortnite in the past week has tweet at least 20+ problems while @PlayApex has tweeted about new skins and no problems lmao

  • Garciee11 Skritz (@Garciee11) reported

    @PlayApex You guys really need to fix how people get shot around corners, like this isn’t the movie wanted where you can curve bullets. It’s annoying and y’all need to patch it.