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Apex Legends is a 2019 online multiplayer battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts.

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  • Officialne0tic ne0tic (@Officialne0tic) reported

    @Zeus_of_SnD @PlayApex I haven’t gotten any SBMM issues yet, but I mostly play Ranked so that’s probably why :)

  • GoreWhore22 YautjaTJ (@GoreWhore22) reported

    @PathfinderMRVN0 @PlayApex It isn't a glitch their skins based off of what you have equipped so you don't leave as soon as you see a default skin

  • nabnel Makoa (@nabnel) reported

    @BirkWRLD @SuperRobotPug @PlayApex Then you should address the less than ideal or ineffective behavior of the system, and not just say "remove SBMM". I feel a lot of responses are like this and don't acknowledge the core problem devs need to solve: a comfortable experience for one is not for many more players

  • PrathamBhosale7 Pratham Bhosale (@PrathamBhosale7) reported

    @Zeus_of_SnD @PlayApex It seems everyone is having the same ‘issue’

  • AlexHow28266526 Alex Howe (@AlexHow28266526) reported

    @Sven85890820 @benci66 @Andrew_Jay10 @TSM_Albralelie @PlayApex The best strategy shouldn’t be the same for every player. If it is, the game is broken.

  • Zexemm North Zexmas 🎄🌌 (@Zexemm) reported

    @Zeus_of_SnD @PlayApex I'm having the same issue @PlayApex

  • xo_Lyssa97 Lyssa Marie 🖤👅 (@xo_Lyssa97) reported

    @Respawn Fix your apex packs. I got the 14 and bought 10 more and got no legendarys are you kidding me this is honestly ridiculous

  • Jasoff_ Jason Utter (@Jasoff_) reported

    @HisandHersLive @Respawn @PlayApex Broken ass game

  • blackeyedchip Chris Walker (@blackeyedchip) reported

    @Respawn Can someone please help, messaged you yesterday, my game has hit a well known PC glitch even though I'm on an Xbox.. Second fight between Cal and Jaro will not end, just keep getting kicked !!! Would like to be able to finish this game !!! Thanks

  • mcmillen_curtis 𝕮𝖚𝖗𝖙𝖎𝖘 𝕸𝖈𝕸𝖎𝖑𝖑𝖊𝖓 (@mcmillen_curtis) reported

    @justinyariwon @InsomniaticAbe @PlayApex Lol dev said he plays predator rank he doesn’t see the problem unbelievable..

  • HTG_Console OdinRa_ (@HTG_Console) reported

    The god damn foot steps in apex are as silent as the freaking devs @PlayApex fix it!!!!!!

  • notaryy_ notaryy (@notaryy_) reported

    @PlayApex pls fix SBMM 😔

  • JacobSevert1 Jacob Severt (@JacobSevert1) reported

    @PlayApex fix your match making in ranked. Playing with bronze 4 in silver 1 is ridiculous. And a 10 min first time abandoning cause you're team mate lands solo is just as dumb

  • InsomniaticAbe InsomniaticAbe (@InsomniaticAbe) reported

    @justinyariwon @PlayApex Lol not for my sake. For the devs. If people just come in and say, "fix your game". Issuse wont be prioritized and worked on properly.

  • SyrRoice 🎮 ᗰᗩᑎ𝐢K ✈️ your moms house (@SyrRoice) reported

    @PlayApex is broken.

  • zdubbZ5 Zachariah Walker (@zdubbZ5) reported

    Fix and stop giving me code leaf with your trash game @PlayApex

  • SpudLord27 SpudLord (@SpudLord27) reported

    I regret to inform you all, that i'm quitting streaming @PlayApex Because the game being too trash and stressful. (match making, 3-4th parties, and shit random team mates) i may return if this issue are truly FIXED, until then its just wow and osrs. <3

  • SpudLord27 SpudLord (@SpudLord27) reported

    I regret to inform you all, that i will be quitting @PlayApex . The stress of the game being too trash (match making, 3-4th parties, and shit random team mates) i may return if this issue are truly FIXED, until then its just wow and osrs. <3

  • 3enjamin_ The Forgetful One 🦥 (@3enjamin_) reported

    @PlayApex FIX THE ****** AUDIO. A wraith and gibby just pushed me and I didn’t hear 1 ****** FOOTSTEP. Also why we need a replay mode to document this bullshit

  • robbywitowski UhhStarZz Aka RTK (@robbywitowski) reported

    @Respawn i get an apex app crash in high ranked lobbies and it penalizes me and my teamate 180 rp for your game crashing.....i mean cmon ffs please try and fix this down the road its heartbreaking im sweating going against #1 #12 #30 preds in the world and getting screwed.

  • Ant54407763 toño cadenas🌎 (@Ant54407763) reported

    @PlayApex I'm so tired of the boxes where there are no weapons please fix this

  • tristan_coetzer Tristan Coetzer (@tristan_coetzer) reported

    @PlayApex And please fix the servers...its sooo laggy

  • dakota0183 codyo707 (@dakota0183) reported

    @PlayApex bloodhound scanner is broken it’s not picking up people right next to me pls fix this

  • PattonHavok PATTON HavoK (@PattonHavok) reported

    @PlayApex Your game is complete trash season 3. People lag teleporting on Xbox, sound is still completely broken, hit detection is still horrid especially against wraith and pathfinder. I feel like you don’t care about your customers. Ps, bring Kings canyon back.

  • OkieGunman OkieGunman | LittyFresh (@OkieGunman) reported

    Yo. **** SBMM. Can we talk about the real issue here. I’m out of legend tokens. “How is that”, you ask. I have 195 legendaries. I get every exclusive that isn’t garbage. @PlayApex @Respawn Christmas bonus me some Legend Tokens!

  • KylebrehTV Kylebreh (@KylebrehTV) reported

    The same error messages keep popping up. @PlayApex i wish u guys could help me or tell me a solution so my game stops crashing

  • Charles_H17 Charles Ambrose (@Charles_H17) reported

    @Zadoq1 @PlayApex Yoy mean have an easier time at "noob stomping." If you're as good as you claim you are, there shouldn't be a problem. SBMM should stay, but receive some tinkering.

  • qtAisuru 999 aisu 💔 (@qtAisuru) reported

    @weskirk26 @LuluLuvely @PlayApex well in that case it’s fine, shen my teammate did the glitch and i lost 36 along w my 3rd but he got 0+, could be coincidence

  • VexMate CallMeVex (@VexMate) reported

    @PlayApex fix your shit game, I keep getting in game bots on my team you ******* shit developer *****.

  • ChrisBjors Chris Bjors (@ChrisBjors) reported

    @itachi443 @PlayApex Your team didn't disconnect the first second they landed tho.

  • AnthonyInMarion Anthony In Marion (@AnthonyInMarion) reported

    @PlayApex Your voice chat in game does not work and your game erratically crashes on brand new computers. You have a lot of things to fix.

  • Gabrieltopper1 Gabrieltopper (@Gabrieltopper1) reported

    @Respawn there is a problem with my game because when i am starting the game go back to the home menu and say i hear a problem with my login it would be possible that you could fix my problem

  • IGA_TR1UMPH Bailey I (@IGA_TR1UMPH) reported

    You need to fix your game... people leaving, its creating a toxic game. I haven't don't it once yet I'm a predator... yet its expected that one leaves every game... @PlayApex

  • Marco89149563 Marco (@Marco89149563) reported

    @VenomouseBullet @PlayApex It would be so grateful, if someone made that list. Maybe that one could make a reddit post and call it "Apex Legends Pro Feedback by PVPX & Community" about all issues since pre-season that not have been even changed until now. That would become handy.

  • amartious Amartious (@amartious) reported

    @UncleJem1ma @PlayApex I never had any of these problems o.o

  • Bloodfallzz Cole James (@Bloodfallzz) reported

    @PlayApex This is every ******* day, non stop with these cards. Its a joke. You guys dont even speak on this issue, never have and never will. **** this game and **** your dev team

  • Bloodfallzz Cole James (@Bloodfallzz) reported

    @PlayApex Good job, every ******* day this game crashes non stop with 2080ti's. In a pred lobby with all top players in the world, and I already have a bunch of kills, positive points, and game crashes!!! This has been an issue for a year...seriously ridiculous! I'm done

  • HTG_Console OdinRa_ (@HTG_Console) reported

    I give up this game is impossible to play right now please fix your game @PlayApex

  • qtAisuru 999 aisu 💔 (@qtAisuru) reported

    @weskirk26 @LuluLuvely @PlayApex i mean the no losing rp glitch doesn’t really ruin anyone’s game so it makes sense that they’d leave that alone (also with the fact that fixing it would also mean that if you actually dc, you’ll lose rp)

  • jozizzy Ho Sayy (@jozizzy) reported

    @PlayApex please fix the sound of the footsteps. Lately I can’t hear who’s behind me and I have a $200 headset 🤨

  • raisanbu Raisanbu (@raisanbu) reported

    Day 2 of asking @PlayApex @respawn to fix their servers. Fix your ******* servers

  • iamikmi ik (@iamikmi) reported

    @TSM_ImperialHal @PlayApex @Respawn Fix it

  • imbored______ Hey Zues (@imbored______) reported

    @PlayApex Fix your servers too

  • opedroza25 Oscar Pedroza (@opedroza25) reported

    @PlayApex Fix the damn character select skin bug, the NEW distance meter bug you introduce in the last update, remove SBMM, instead of these Stupid Mirage post please. Okay thanks

  • Chefman141 Chefman14 (@Chefman141) reported

    @Respawn fix the damn are losing your most loyal player base...

  • BacKoFFmyJanKzz SoaR Jankz (@BacKoFFmyJanKzz) reported

    @OneBadBadger_ @PlayApex Its a big problem for us :/

  • _senese_ Scheisse (@_senese_) reported

    @imrvn__ @PlayApex Hmm…We can only wait until admin fix. Good luck…

  • vincekully Vince Kully (@vincekully) reported

    @NxmbBoo @PlayApex It's not fair for everyone, which is the core of the issue. Pitting a 2KD player against people with 50k kills holding hands isn't remotely fair.

  • imrvn__ Imran (@imrvn__) reported

    @_senese_ @PlayApex i guess we have to wait till they fix it😭

  • _senese_ Scheisse (@_senese_) reported

    @imrvn__ @PlayApex Yes, the error has not fixed yet.

  • TacosDeArepa TacosDeArepa (@TacosDeArepa) reported

    @PlayApex @VinceZampella Fix servers usseles idiots.

  • Vagari_Gaming the myth (@Vagari_Gaming) reported

    @Solyssey @PlayApex It’s a fact, again. If you can’t put up...shut up. Easy. I have 0 issue with SBMM. You choose to cry and complain simply because you are bad and don’t want to challenge yourself. Imagine embracing mediocrity like you have. Sad.

  • KellieOcelot KellieOcelot (@KellieOcelot) reported from Richmond, Virginia

    @PlayApex please. Fix. The. Audio. In. The. Game... It's getting to the point where it's almost unplayable. It takes a lot for me to say this. Please fix this crap.

  • DiploAlli Wireless Vib3z (@DiploAlli) reported

    @PlayApex @EAHelp Hi guys , I have a problem with the grenades they have no path is it OK or no , please help . Thank you

  • DamionGilleo DTG™ (@DamionGilleo) reported

    @PlayApex thank you. You have officially stopped me from playing video games because Apex was the last game I played, and you don’t know how to fix Code: Net

  • ThatOneLifeline F/A GHOSTunchainedTV(takoda) (@ThatOneLifeline) reported

    @ClayDrux @05_wolfpack @Ryahoeee @afflixtions @EA @PlayApex So replacements unlikely one a game loses pro's they have to fix their shit, or just let the game lose focus. Tbh it wont hurt the company anyway considering they have other games bringing in money so this whole conversation is wasting everyone's breatb

  • xNasuni Devin M (@xNasuni) reported

    @PlayApex Address sbmm and fix its problems

  • Jrocksburrr Jackson (@Jrocksburrr) reported

    @PlayApex Just had a glitch happen where my knockdown shield wouldn’t deploy even though it said I had it

  • justinyariwon Gifted Sparkyy32 (@justinyariwon) reported

    @PlayApex Fix your game please.

  • UncleJem1ma BenDover (@UncleJem1ma) reported

    @PlayApex Fix the broke gas traps, Character selection skins, Bloodhound not spotting enemies when using his LB Skill (Xbox), Doors not closing when getting shot at, thermal station care package has an invisible wall so you cannot loot it and plz trash this map.