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Apex Legends is a 2019 online multiplayer battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts.

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January 29: Problems at Apex Legends

Apex Legends is having issues since 11:50 PM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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Game Crash
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Hampstead Sign in
Rambouillet Game Crash
Rhigos Online Play
Florence Online Play
Bari Online Play
Bristol Sign in

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  • pyromaniac4548 Pyromaniac (@pyromaniac4548) reported

    @Hyperbomb2020 @PlayApex Bugs present from Day One. This is a free game with a community of 70 million players, there isn’t going to be a perfect track record for bugs. 5.Stop being greedy, that isn’t even an issue like where tf did that come from lol

  • TiberiusFB TiberiusStreaming (@TiberiusFB) reported

    @Adiofreak @PlayApex That’s absurd bro! Never seen it so bad, @Respawn really need to prioritise stabilising the servers/connection issues!

  • GasmiMontassar montassar gasmi (@GasmiMontassar) reported

    @phil7530 @Maya_100_ @Hyperbomb2020 @PlayApex They need to fix it, because really going with randoms lvl 35 and 68 against predator players, they play together from the season one with mic, and ur friends never stop looting, and they die the first fight they do, really annoying, preda lobby is mlre funny and easier

  • MK_Mohamedali Malik M. (@MK_Mohamedali) reported

    @Pugnut21 @bekfastlover @Hyperbomb2020 @PlayApex (2/2) And if you still wanna know a bug that's been around since season 1, server crashes. All by different names btw (code: leaf, wheel, etc.). More recently the errors just say "server shutting down" but go off I guess

  • BiggerIvan Ivan Cortina (@BiggerIvan) reported

    @D_Shadow317 @PlayApex I'm lagging only on Apex Legends, I really don't know what to do. I have the " packet loss " red symbol on my screen all the time...

  • DanyTljv DanyTLJV (@DanyTljv) reported


  • ggPanidol Panidol 😈🐐 (@ggPanidol) reported

    @Tollis_ @PlayApex @DKo5 @GH057ayame I have had this issue for a month now all my shit is locked can’t change anything :/

  • RamZehy Arial Arise | RamZehy (@RamZehy) reported

    @nikmorissette @PlayApex All they have to do is login once and they can see everything that happens to their own accounts. Let alone mentions on every social media

  • TiltedTobi TiltedTobi (@TiltedTobi) reported

    @PlayApex The issue with the weekly challenges still hasn't been fixed.

  • IainJones23 Iain Jones (@IainJones23) reported

    @l_casagrander @Mike69945509 @Hyperbomb2020 @PlayApex I play this game with 1 other person regularly, which is why duos would be good but since they brought KC back for 2 days he wont play now until it's back permanently 😂 I know hes not the only to do this. As for SBMM even Aceu said it was terrible, so fix this & ppl will return

  • TheN7IK N7IK (@TheN7IK) reported

    @PlayApex pls fix the level 500 bug i cant doin anything ingame 😪

  • LitoflowTTV Litoflow (@LitoflowTTV) reported

    @NiceWigg @PlayApex Shits crazy man!! This is going to be fun!!! Apex would be the best battle royal; if only they would fix the current state of the game with bugs, cheaters, server issues, guns, and what not.

  • MyL1ke sh3_l1ke_my_eyez (@MyL1ke) reported

    @Missydog101272 @MoniiPle @D_Shadow317 @PlayApex You can fix the setting in a party so when your team talks it doesn't reduce the background noise

  • Missydog101272 Shay❤️❤️ (@Missydog101272) reported

    @MyL1ke @MoniiPle @D_Shadow317 @PlayApex Ohh I think the problem may be that I just don’t hear it as loudly in the other ear

  • MyL1ke sh3_l1ke_my_eyez (@MyL1ke) reported

    @PlayApex Are y'all going to fix the issue with can't use his decoys when dropping from the drop ship in most games

  • Dewuxx 🎂 Jake 🎂 (@Dewuxx) reported

    @D_Shadow317 @PlayApex I face all of these issues, I started playing ranked just so I can avoid SBMM and I gotta say I’ve seen much more personal growth playing ranked then pubs cause pubs put me with predators 24/7 (I’m now plat 2 grinding for diamond)

  • MoniiPle Monii🔜PAX (@MoniiPle) reported

    @Missydog101272 @MyL1ke @D_Shadow317 @PlayApex Then it's most likely your headphones. I got a new one and the issue was fixed immediately

  • AWallervand TW Hellsing (@AWallervand) reported

    @strebicusy @D_Shadow317 @PlayApex Fact is a lot of people crash, even during the tournament thing that was in the weekend people crashed, imagine how ruining that is

  • Missydog101272 Shay❤️❤️ (@Missydog101272) reported

    @franksjeans @micharl_mike @Hyperbomb2020 @PlayApex Also to be fair they have a lot on their plate trying to fix the bugs and get the new season ready but it’d be nice if they would try to add duos at some point

  • Halo_3128 Mark (@Halo_3128) reported

    @rsmokey2k5 @Maya_100_ @Hyperbomb2020 @PlayApex When SBM is working that what should happen. But Im sorry when I have 9K kills on my acount and Im plat 2 I shouldnt be in lobbies with apex pred who have 10k kill on 1 legend. That isnt balanced out. Even in ranked I gave up because most of my games have diamonds who rank glitch

  • bekfastlover xXN00B_SLAY3RZXx (@bekfastlover) reported

    @the1greatpotato @Pugnut21 @Hyperbomb2020 @PlayApex Yeah nah I understand. I still love the game though so it's whatever. And I think they tried to fix it.

  • l_casagrander Leonardo Casagrande 💭 (@l_casagrander) reported from Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul

    @Mike69945509 @Hyperbomb2020 @PlayApex I wouldn't have a problem with that, but I guess it complicates matchmaking queues


    @Hyperbomb2020 @PlayApex Fix sbmm* Run duos and solos as Ltm sometimes* Stick to a map* Fix bugs. And no one really gives a **** about the store deadass.

  • bekfastlover xXN00B_SLAY3RZXx (@bekfastlover) reported

    @Pugnut21 @Hyperbomb2020 @PlayApex Not this one. And it aint internet. Ive moved house a few times since start of game and it persists. I know of a few people who also get it. And they have released more than one bug fix for it. Again. Not complaining. Just pointing out that there are long lasting bugs.

  • Halo_3128 Mark (@Halo_3128) reported

    @ZakkuII @Hyperbomb2020 @PlayApex Not really. Have ranked be on 1 set map, And have all the other choices be filter selection just like PUBG. That's how that game with less players and more maps doesn't have queue issues (for the most part)

  • the1greatpotato GreatPotatoWarrior (@the1greatpotato) reported

    @bekfastlover @Pugnut21 @Hyperbomb2020 @PlayApex I have been playing since before season 1 and have never had this issue.

  • FxhoundUK Foxhound (@FxhoundUK) reported

    @PlayApex needs to grip it’s servers.. been on an hour and I’ve had 7 internal server errors 😂😂 it’s a joke and the LAG 👀

  • bekfastlover xXN00B_SLAY3RZXx (@bekfastlover) reported

    @Pugnut21 @Hyperbomb2020 @PlayApex It's been a problem since launch. I cant play with other people without restarting the game. So I can't play with friends. I dont have friends who play apex, we play titanfall or siege so it doesnt realy affect me but it's still annoying. Other than that the game is so fun to tho

  • haikekun Haike kun (@haikekun) reported

    @Hyperbomb2020 @PlayApex Bruh if respawn did all this shit Yu wrote the game would be broken.. pls uninstall your game with immediate effect.. I hate when people bring up officious nonsense..

  • TwoFaceJoker28 Rhys Calverley (@TwoFaceJoker28) reported

    @Hyperbomb2020 @PlayApex don't bring back kings canyon PERMANENTLY (prefer world's edge) don't bring back solo and duo modes PERMANENTLY (maybe duo's but not solos) FIX what bugs present since day 1 also do y'know how much effort and work goes into this game 😑 stop moaning about the store aha

  • WillisInChains Willis (@WillisInChains) reported

    @kirkoglua @PlayApex Grenade spam is already a huge problem in the game right now, another grenade type would make that worse. I agree with new weapons outside of sniper rifles as well.

  • MrMister210 MrMister210 (@MrMister210) reported

    @Adiofreak @PlayApex And there it is... one of the many reasons Apex has lost my attention right now. Between crashes and server issues I probably drop 20% of my games. Nothing like being mid fight with multiple kills to instant DXGI error or the game telling you you’ve removed your gpu. 2080ti 9900k

  • Rxgeinq RageP3 (@Rxgeinq) reported

    @PlayApex all I ask is that you fix the cheaters on Singapore servers that’s all us aussies can play for ranked

  • nkbrockway898 nik (@nkbrockway898) reported

    @Adiofreak @PlayApex @PlayApex fix your shit or your game will die

  • Zx4unit ZX4UNIT (@Zx4unit) reported

    Uh oh... Looks like Lag Switching is becoming an issue in #ApexLegends People 'lagging' seemingly on command and when it's advantageous to them lately. Skipping around and hard to shoot while they're reloading, fine while sending bullets to me #playapex @PlayApex @Respawn @EA

  • BadIrishWoman Badirishwoman (@BadIrishWoman) reported

    @Respawn @ApexLegends_ tired of getting kicked due to server shut down. Please fix this!!

  • vinylpie100 ᏉᎥᏁᎽᏞᏢᎥᎬ (@vinylpie100) reported

    @AgustinPrro100 @Ghostlegend01 @PlayApex Problem is the games weren’t going on then he just murdered a man it wasn’t in the game it was out of the game meaning no respond

  • Drusuz_ Drusuz (@Drusuz_) reported

    @MezaogTv @PlayApex Reapawn announced that since so little people have the bug since season four is so close to release date the level 500 bug is off of their radar and not a problem

  • AdamEsmaeili Adam Esmaeili (@AdamEsmaeili) reported

    @PlayApex I would worry about apex legends anymore my friend said if there's no report feature on season 4 and fix your broken servers this will be the last season ever.Goodlucks!

  • LOLManOn2 LOLMan (@LOLManOn2) reported

    @PlayApex If anyone else has or had this problem please tell me how to fix it if you know how.

  • EspinozaMikhail $lugworth. (@EspinozaMikhail) reported

    @Respawn 4 days until the season 3 in apex ends and their is still no trailer... dont kno what kind of marketing scheme this is but it's not working....

  • ontichi_0x0 おんち (@ontichi_0x0) reported

    @PlayApex 500Lv error→server shutdown→error→server shutdown→error→server shutdown→error→server shutdown🤬👎

  • vsimoescloud Vitor Simões (@vsimoescloud) reported

    @PlayApex Nice, now Fix the lag and freezes please!

  • Sloth05162524 Sloth (@Sloth05162524) reported

    @PlayApex FIX UR ******* LOOT

  • fitzy1590 Luke (@fitzy1590) reported

    @PlayApex Fix your damn level 500 bug

  • xgalacticoni Aeson furman (@xgalacticoni) reported

    @PlayApex wow your is no fun with big map the way people play now nut to butt there is no fun no anymore I use to love this game but now not so much u have alot to fix before I will play this again

  • 00DJM00 Davejm twitch tv (@00DJM00) reported

    @xNasuni @PlayApex DUDE just stop it, of sbmm is your problem play another game...or get better at the game

  • FlyingBoomkin A wild Boomkin (@FlyingBoomkin) reported

    @AFK_Laura @PlayApex Looks great, I don't see the problem here 😂

  • IParry_ Parry⚡️ (@IParry_) reported

    Dude honestly **** apex on ps4 im done with the no regs!! Shit is so frustrating @PlayApex fix yalls shit

  • 2sense2b_had ❄️ Swaggy B.™ ❄️ (@2sense2b_had) reported

    @MarcusB29685361 @PlayApex I don’t have a problem with it, in theory. But I really got matched with a squad that had 3 top 30 predators and haven’t gotten killed by a legend with less than 3000 kills in 2 days. Many of them have more kills with one legend than I do total. It’s wild lately.

  • demonsouls1993 nick thoroski (@demonsouls1993) reported

    @PlayApex thanks guys just had the team killed on my screen then i left my ranked match cuz it side my team got wiped and then i get punished fix ur shit

  • Orlando2Joey Satan (@Orlando2Joey) reported


  • yoshimitsu_uG Robert (@yoshimitsu_uG) reported

    So are you guys ever going to fix the audio issues or is the game going to continue to have these crap issues because you flat out don’t care @PlayApex

  • undisclosed404 nosmoke➊ (@undisclosed404) reported

    @ricardo___o4 @PlayApex Same shit with me gotta fix that in the update

  • calleja_damian Damian Calleja (@calleja_damian) reported

    @PlayApex Please fix the issue where you pick something up and it drops it... especially sights... this is not ok

  • unboxmespain Gabriel Capilla 💘 (@unboxmespain) reported

    @PlayApex It is impossible to play a normal game. Just when a game starts the team players disconnect instantly. Do something

  • JoelJJOrtiz JJ 🇵🇷 (@JoelJJOrtiz) reported

    @itslexayyy @PlayApex Just constant errors kicking people before matches start, I’m sure they’ll patch it next season though

  • AdamDeVuyst Adam DeVuyst (@AdamDeVuyst) reported


  • BuddfordandSon Buddy (@BuddfordandSon) reported

    @anthoniexg @PlayApex Kept getting that “internal error” one games have been fun except for that. Sweatier than usual but I figure it’s because season four is coming and everyone wants to finish the battle pass.

  • maxwellcruz26 Maxwell Cameron (@maxwellcruz26) reported

    @PlayApex @Respawn Bruh when are we gonna get our weekly challenges this is triggering. I could be tier 110 but I don’t got any challenges so I can’t advance please fix.