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Apex Legends is a 2019 online multiplayer battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts.

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June 18: Problems at Apex Legends

Apex Legends is having issues since 12:10 AM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • MistakenOrc MistakenOrc (@MistakenOrc) reported

    @PlayApex @Respawn okay so between now and July 2nd here's what we need you to fix on Xbox One but is not limited to. (1) frame rate issues (2) Hit registration (3) Pathfinders hit box. I'll tweet with some more later 😉

  • dmiles17 Darryl Miles (@dmiles17) reported

    @PlayApex Lag so bad it's barely playable. No it's not my internet #restart #wait20secondsplugitbackin

  • dmiles17 Darryl Miles (@dmiles17) reported

    @PlayApex lag so bad it's barely playable. No it's not my internet #BGP #DNS

  • iceboxjae1 Jae Perez (@iceboxjae1) reported

    @PlayApex How bout you fix your game so I'm not getting an error after every match!! 😁

  • JWR196 Jwr1996 (@JWR196) reported

    @PlayApex the server has been closed 2 times on me now both times when my team is doing really well. Please fix this issue!!!

  • Axstiiinn Austin Flores (@Axstiiinn) reported

    @PlayApex Y’all seriously need to fix Pathfinders Hit box, at this point it’s ridiculous

  • JonAKAyaboyjon Jon (@JonAKAyaboyjon) reported

    @PlayApex Fix the servers! They were never this bad until the most recent update

  • illhavelikeasal Asen Aleksandrov (@illhavelikeasal) reported

    @Joshua66563408 @SnugKieran @Itz_Kylan_Here @PlayApex Because it would increase wait times for regular queues and cause balance issues.

  • Haji_Sosa Javier Romo (@Haji_Sosa) reported from Sacramento, California

    @PlayApex fix the servers. They keep timing out.

  • ColeC412 Coleton (@ColeC412) reported

    @PlayApex soo is there a patch coming for these code leaf errors cause they’re pretty annoying

  • the_G_reed reed gins (@the_G_reed) reported

    @PlayApex fix the elite servers I have had 10 streak and it doesn’t count....

  • cheezitboy -V- (@cheezitboy) reported

    @RuiFigueirinha @GamerNgs @InsideGaming @EA @PlayApex @anthemgame When you're a kid you don't know any better. It's normal to be entertained by small things for hours. The problem is developers still feel that way. They put out a shit game with repetative content, and then charge you more money for stuff that should have been in the game

  • b9009bgaming b9009b (@b9009bgaming) reported

    @Respawn if I had the funds I’d buy the whole company and fire every single one of you. Absolutely no ones is doing their job. Your game @PlayApex is broken ass!

  • feelcoholic Punxotic (@feelcoholic) reported

    @PlayApex Please fix footsteps

  • erik_depatie98 Erik Depatie (@erik_depatie98) reported

    @Ghost1134D @Jacob_rivera_3 @PlayApex Why do you have a problem with waiting 2 weeks is my point. Play something else and come back on July 2nd. Stop complaining on Twitter

  • WilliamLavend13 William Lavender (@WilliamLavend13) reported

    @PlayApex please fix your servers because like every 5 games it freezes and then kicks me

  • DeathAngel1998 LäV'är (@DeathAngel1998) reported

    @PlayApex please do something about this random ass disconnecting issue I hate loosing a game of apex like that being the last squad to just get disconnected is infuriating #wtf

  • RealKyleKeegan Jedi Knight Keegan (@RealKyleKeegan) reported

    @PlayApex @Xbox Whatever you guys did to the game change it back. Never had lag issues until the new update.

  • joLo__doLo Jenny Mc (@joLo__doLo) reported


  • JohnSeydak John Seydak (@JohnSeydak) reported

    @Respawn please, fix your servers. Apex is unplayable with the rubber banding and freezes.

  • Arturo133Arturo Arturo (@Arturo133Arturo) reported

    @TitanfallBlog @PlayApex need to fix the kills don’t count

  • RealGinge444 Ginge (@RealGinge444) reported

    @PlayApex Devotion is broken don't break it even more

  • SlothTheMage Angel VonSloth (@SlothTheMage) reported

    @FeralaFox @bofahd651 @Warrick_Kennedy @carlosjuniorlu3 @Jacob_rivera_3 @PlayApex Fortnite has the same problem. Destiny has a pretty decent formula though.

  • mclamb_lee Colton Lee McLamb (@mclamb_lee) reported

    @PlayApex y'all need to fix the teamates bc they suck!!!!!!!!and they keep getting downed then we all die y'all need to have a level system 💯

  • kcdagreezy KendricKKK (@kcdagreezy) reported

    @PlayApex You’re really buffing ******** ass energy weapons again. They’re ******* annoying ass ***** guns for 6 year olds. They got a big y’all need to fix before making them better. Energy weapons are for ******* who need to insta kill people with a ***** ass *** gun don’t buff em

  • mclamb_lee Colton Lee McLamb (@mclamb_lee) reported

    @PlayApex y'all NEED to fix the teamates bc they suck!!!!!!

  • thierry_roberts Thierry Roberts (@thierry_roberts) reported

    @PlayApex I’m having problems every time I enter the lobby and it keeps telling me I have server problems

  • b9009bgaming b9009b (@b9009bgaming) reported

    @Respawn yeah dudes. Fix the ******* game. **** season 2. Fix the ******* servers and hit reg. @PlayApex is ******* trash. Just watch the stream since you won’t respond when shown proof. Cowards.

  • PArADiZz1 bboy_wild (@PArADiZz1) reported

    @PlayApex Fix the pathfinder pls....

  • Howliin Howliin' (@Howliin) reported


  • TTVPleXey PleXey (@TTVPleXey) reported

    Hopefully @PlayApex season 2 can fix the lag issue. It’s literally made the game unplayable for me

  • FuhFuhFrosty Frosty (@FuhFuhFrosty) reported

    @Cynguy1 @PlayApex @TitanfallBlog @Respawn @EA Its crazy how one of the worst things they have yet to fix has been in the game since drop pretty much, im back on the blackout grind for now 😂😅

  • CXMXNXY Big Lil Carmine (@CXMXNXY) reported


  • gryphonos gryphonos (@gryphonos) reported

    @Trashcant09 @PlayApex last minute bug fixing last minute coding issues making sure the servers arent going to die putting the update onto the stores and having it be compressed to a reasonable size says otherwise also they did say they would frontload seasons so thats more to add than a hotfix

  • SubtleFuryLIVE SubtleFuryLIVE (@SubtleFuryLIVE) reported

    @PlayApex Footsteps are broken again!! FYI

  • SubtleFuryLIVE SubtleFuryLIVE (@SubtleFuryLIVE) reported

    @TitanfallBlog @PlayApex footsteps are broken again. Please fix or update on status. No footsteps til I’m dead lol.

  • jketley James Ketley (@jketley) reported

    @PlayApex @EA #Apexlegends is lagging so bad right now. Playing on Xbox in UK. Ref symbols constantly on in top right corner of match. Stop messing about with the servers!!

  • JaayOnPC ジ Jaay_ Waay to break Z1 again daybreak (@JaayOnPC) reported

    Apex legends is pathetic you still got Day1 problems... FUCKIGN STILL.. Binding key to voip does not ******* save.. still crashes from time to time when some one chats in chat box.. Crashes when left at the menu for 5mins.. ******* pathetic SORT IT OUT jesus @PlayApex

  • FatmirOkanovic Fatko85 (@FatmirOkanovic) reported

    @PlayApex Tournament and better servers plz 😅👍 to much errors

  • TheSpaniardNYC Javier 🇪🇸 (@TheSpaniardNYC) reported

    @PlayApex Please fix the servers. NA and EU are playing together in the same servers. Other than that I love the game !

  • saulbelford Saul Belford (@saulbelford) reported

    @PlayApex Menu problem. Stuck in battle pass till game starts

  • Gaziboi1990 Gareth hancock (@Gaziboi1990) reported

    @PlayApex worst update you have brought out so far !!! Constant lagging !!!! Constantly getting kicked out of the game !!!! Sort this out , it’s getting as bad as that child’s game fortnight

  • Ch0ya Hugo James (@Ch0ya) reported

    @TwitchEsports @mordhaugame @Ashekspubg @GiantWaffle @PlayApex @Battalion1944 @PlayHearthstone @PUBG This Glitch Rivals on Mordhau was pretty fair . Kappa

  • ZeroEffortGiven ALEX (@ZeroEffortGiven) reported

    @Jay_Salvaje @Jacob_rivera_3 @PlayApex Yh exactly it’s two weeks I’m not even that bothered that it doesn’t release today plus cash team racing comes out on Friday so I’m glad I have some time to smash crash

  • Maykel9962 Maykel Carreño (@Maykel9962) reported

    @PlayApex Game disgust that does not count deaths and super lag servers, Dan disgusting @EAHelp @Respawn

  • Razor91THFC Marc (@Razor91THFC) reported

    All the @PlayApex servers lagging like a *****

  • ZeroEffortGiven ALEX (@ZeroEffortGiven) reported

    @HarliQuinze @PlayApex They’re working on fixing the lag for the next update

  • ayyjusstin Justin (@ayyjusstin) reported

    @PlayApex Game is so bad man .. literally never got any of my hunt rewards except for my wraith skin I don’t understand why this game is so broken .

  • mykfiorenz Maverick_Official (@mykfiorenz) reported

    @PlayApex Fix this shit game, and shit server!!..stop new weapon and patch if game its a shit!..omg..pff..

  • jschropp648 Jacob schropp🍉 (@jschropp648) reported

    @Warrick_Kennedy @carlosjuniorlu3 @Jacob_rivera_3 @PlayApex I’m not sure but I think they are tweaking and finishing up their ranked mode. I’m pretty sure apex elite is just a test run for it and they are seeing what they need to change/fix.

  • GGVN_HieuKuro GGVN | Hiếu Kuro (@GGVN_HieuKuro) reported


  • OPTCbackupacc jake wilson (@OPTCbackupacc) reported

    @PlayApex hahahah sad that they are deleting the "fix Pathfinder hit box" tweets

  • magenta_mae Magenta Mae Lumley (@magenta_mae) reported

    @PlayApex Don't know what ******** you've done but I can't play a game without any lag now since you've updated the game its makes it tedious to play and I love this game it makes me sad that I can't play it anymore because of this sort it out!

  • TheNater101 TheNater101 (@TheNater101) reported

    @PlayApex Fix the server lag on console. It's gotten worse since the latest patch.

  • 7Nerve beyond empathy (@7Nerve) reported

    @PlayApex better fix your cheater problem instead of releasing new useless content

  • The_melly_mell #SupportSmallStreamers 💙 (@The_melly_mell) reported

    @The_unknow215 @lilCasperz @PlayApex Absolutely! Anyone can run away from a fight & hide as long as possible. I think they should fix the top 5 qualifications. All you have to do is sit, wait & avoid everyone. You should need a certain amount of kills or damage xp, maybe as a whole team. Get to elite as a team

  • SacredBeats1 YUNG $LUMP (@SacredBeats1) reported

    @PlayApex you obviously just launched in China. Constant trades to to ping, in 20 games haven't been able to communicate with my team, couple deaths that felt shady.... Your predecessors encountered many of the same issues Apex has faced since launch, learn from them...........

  • garforce1 Gurt 🚀 DIRTYBIRD CAMPOUT (@garforce1) reported

    @ProfessorKaos62 @whittierproject @PlayApex Yeah man I agree. I’m just salty, my evidently ignorant ass thought that since the event expires today, S2 would immediately start. Lots of inconsistencies with the game tho. Pro players have been voicing concerns too, like pathfinders broken ass hit box

  • HeSoGallant Joshua Gallant (@HeSoGallant) reported

    @PlayApex you really need to fix the lag on pathfinders special. Takes 4-5 sec for the zipline to enable. #soanoyying #pleasefix

  • TD_Grim TD_Grim™️ (@TD_Grim) reported

    This is still a joke...👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽🤬 @PlayApex @TitanfallBlog @ApexRetweets_ @DailyApex @ClipPromotions #ApexLegends #Apex #broken