Is Apex Legends down?

Apex Legends is a 2019 online multiplayer battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts.

 Problems detected at Apex Legends

Apex Legends problems in the last 24 hours

Apex Legends Outage Chart

April 09: Problems at Apex Legends

Apex Legends is having issues since 06:30 PM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in 52.02% Sign in
  • Online Play 21.52% Online Play
  • Matchmaking 11.21% Matchmaking
  • Game Crash 8.52% Game Crash
  • Glitches 6.05% Glitches
  • Hacking / Cheating .67% Hacking / Cheating

Apex Legends Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:
Vienna Glitches
Florence Online Play
Montréal Sign in
Loves Park Sign in
Málaga Online Play
Vienna Glitches

Apex Legends Comments

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Apex Legends Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • ryry496Az Ryan Pommenville (@ryry496Az) reported

    @_moyparra @PlayApex @WetaWorkshop Please fix the server crashing..

  • Asi4nTV Ben (@Asi4nTV) reported

    @Respawn @PlayApex FIX THE ******* GRENADE GLITCH PLEASE FOR ***** SAKE

  • HenrygCusme Henry G Cusme (@HenrygCusme) reported

    @PlayApex @WetaWorkshop Just fix the servers pls, I luv the game but it's annoying the errors

  • BanginIm ImBangin_ (@BanginIm) reported

    @PlayApex Over 300 points lost to bluescreening this season getting real tired of the bullshit fix your game

  • JoshSingcard Josh Singcard (@JoshSingcard) reported

    @PlayApex @WetaWorkshop Fix the challenges, pointless to try and do anything while this is going on

  • Dam0la_ d (@Dam0la_) reported

    @PlayApex can you guys fix your bloody servers ffs

  • AlegrzX x.alegrz (@AlegrzX) reported


  • MrMoney77565528 Mr.Money💸💎 (@MrMoney77565528) reported

    @PlayApex Plsssss Fix The prowlers to F ing OP

  • MateeHello HelloThereMatee (@MateeHello) reported

    @PlayApex I can not even get the rewards there is no challenges showing fix please

  • killlaben benj 10j (@killlaben) reported

    @PlayApex Fix the constant server shut downs😌

  • DriedSpaghetti Drew Sherwood (@DriedSpaghetti) reported

    @PlayApex ill give yall $20 and some toilet paper if you fix the ******* servers

  • IzaiahSurz IzaiahSurz (@IzaiahSurz) reported

    @PlayApex @WetaWorkshop queue for ranked gets put in a pub lobby. Repeatedly selecting ranked D1 getting matched with plat4 Continuous error codes

  • LittleMochiiii 🌌Quinty🌌 (@LittleMochiiii) reported

    @PlayApex can you please fix the servers

  • JohnnySckully J. (@JohnnySckully) reported

    @PlayApex fix the store in a few minutes, can't fix internal server shutdown for 3 days and counting......👍

  • AquaFinaTv_ Gabriel Madrigal (@AquaFinaTv_) reported

    @PlayApex @WetaWorkshop Fix The Servers 😐

  • DRIPossaurus Walter Da Conceição (@DRIPossaurus) reported

    @PlayApex @WetaWorkshop FIX YOUR SHIT

  • NeuroticG4ming Neur0 (@NeuroticG4ming) reported

    @PlayApex @WetaWorkshop The challenges aren't showing up. Fix this.

  • BRosario1991 Rosario™ (@BRosario1991) reported from Littlestown, Pennsylvania

    @BriceShoff @CallofDuty @PlayApex But it shouldn’t. It should be tested a little bit. Especially with more players on from this quarantine. Shouldn’t be more glitches and lag and server issues as technology progresses. Minor things that could be patched with a quick update sure but not stuff that makes them broke

  • temptatiiun Temptatiiun (@temptatiiun) reported

    @PlayApex fix your trash servers..super buggy since the update. Always some sort of lag or glitch going on

  • fina_tv AquaFina (@fina_tv) reported

    @PlayApex @WetaWorkshop Fix The Servers 😐

  • its_hughes ImHughes (@its_hughes) reported

    @PlayApex please fix your game I’m tired of having to pick ranked after every game. If I pick a playlist let me stick to that one. You should have it switch back every time

  • lolnotmyrealna2 SirSauce (@lolnotmyrealna2) reported

    @PlayApex @WetaWorkshop Fix your servers and the banners

  • BlankSmash Blank (@BlankSmash) reported

    @NiceWigg @Respawn @PlayApex I'm having issues with heals and armor mostly compared to WE but gun wise I feel like it's in a good spot

  • BradyBunch5602 Dave (@BradyBunch5602) reported

    @PlayApex crashed yet again, fix your shit

  • Nooolife_ Nooolife- (@Nooolife_) reported

    @PlayApex @WetaWorkshop Fix the server

  • apexrobbie R (@apexrobbie) reported

    @PlayApex Played over 5000 games of apex and never had this glitchy and broken until this event.

  • Crazy_Sakana さかな(りくちゃん)/推しは雫さん (@Crazy_Sakana) reported

    @PlayApex @WetaWorkshop There are so many errors. Please correct it soon.

  • DeanBri98688414 Dean Briggs (@DeanBri98688414) reported

    @PlayApex @WetaWorkshop The Lstar is too op fix it plz i can't play a single match without getting two shot by it

  • McallisterBenji Ben Mcallister A.K.A Mercy (@McallisterBenji) reported

    @PlayApex you Guys Have a Serious Blue Screen Problem with this Game

  • _Jakeow_ ジェイク🇬🇧 (@_Jakeow_) reported

    @PlayApex the store is broken pls fix

  • lady_ardor Lady Ardor (@lady_ardor) reported

    @PlayApex Alright but can we please stop with the update breaking the game and giving people a internal server error kick ever 5 games on console please. Thanks.

  • iKrisSahotra Kris Sahotra (@iKrisSahotra) reported

    @PlayApex @WetaWorkshop Just fix this goddamn game.. i'm so frustrated with server performance, bugs and crashes !!!!!! so disappointed

  • Jmsa91 Jose Miguel Suarez (@Jmsa91) reported

    @PlayApex @WetaWorkshop @PlayApex Is better to make a good patch before take out.. Fix bugs please..

  • karathitam Juk Jerus (@karathitam) reported

    @PlayApex @WetaWorkshop Please fix your server connection issue on ps4, it keeps shutting down and kick me out of game

  • ClyneGeorge George Clyne (@ClyneGeorge) reported

    @PlayApex How is it fair that during ranked games while having a large amount of points that when the server times out and I disconnect that I loose all my points. Has happened to me about 10 times now in the past week and I'm being penalised for match abandonment.

  • _djcdjc Daniel (@_djcdjc) reported

    @yungwavv @PlayApex @WetaWorkshop UK servers. It was fine at first but since today it's been bug after bug piling on -- crash every 2nd game, challenge list vanishing, models not appearing on banners, not end of match stats and stuff… gonna try switching servers see if it's any better

  • blurqi Blurqi (@blurqi) reported

    same issue happened on this event as with the grand soirée. I cant see my challenges anymore. And its wont show my post match results.@Respawn @EA @PlayApex @rspn

  • Beatuwitafork James W (@Beatuwitafork) reported

    @PlayApex Please fix the DDoSing issue on xbox in pred ranks @PlayApex @TitanfallBlog

  • BrandonLeyXx Brandon Ley (@BrandonLeyXx) reported

    @PlayApex seriously apex I have been playing since season 1 and you really messed up with this update, almost every single game I get a gamemode error message so I cant even play and when I do get in a game its either solo or with level 10s, the game is starting to become not fun

  • Ggm_Major5 ♔ De'vonne ♌ (@Ggm_Major5) reported


  • RichFlowsYT RichFlows (@RichFlowsYT) reported

    @PlayApex been experiencing a lot more errors since the recent update que errors and kicking errors please fix this asap ty

  • MrnobodyTtv MrNobody__TTV (@MrnobodyTtv) reported

    @PlayApex @WetaWorkshop *y'all just need to shut down all servers for maintenance fix like COD does!

  • KineticXnergyYT Kinetic Xnergy (@KineticXnergyYT) reported

    Keep trying to play ranked but I keep ******* crashing and it says the internal server shutting down. Also it keeps switching me out of ******* ranked and one time I MAGICALLY REVIVED MYSELF. Jesus fix your ******* game I love it but I can't anymore @PlayApex

  • MrnobodyTtv MrNobody__TTV (@MrnobodyTtv) reported

    @PlayApex @WetaWorkshop So y'all just gonna ignore the fact that the challenges system is gone, and instead just post a figure than to let you customers know what's going on with the issue. No wonder so many pro's are leaving. I just need to shut down all servers for maintenance fix like COD does!

  • GavinThayer2 Gavin Thayer (@GavinThayer2) reported

    @PlayApex I have played your game since the very begging and have enjoyed it. The one thing I can't wrap my head around is how after season 1 every update makes the game unplayable due to crashes. It last 1 week after an update and will interrupt a solid no crash season.

  • Tyler_Infinity just some guy (@Tyler_Infinity) reported

    @Respawn @PlayApex Okay congratulations but the hell is happening with the servers dude, i’m seeing disconnected server errors more than i’m seeing the actual game

  • Daniel41577522 Daniel (@Daniel41577522) reported

    @PlayApex Hello, I am an apex player. The last days, I have many ping problems. I thing it is because of the old way event. Please help me to solve it

  • MoniiPle papa bones (@MoniiPle) reported

    @IceWaterMage @spyrogrunt @ferab1408 @PlayApex @WetaWorkshop @Respawn Feel sorry for you guys, I haven't gotten that issue yet

  • RaceForTheWH Maria Quitéria™ - USA Has Concentration Camps 🆘 (@RaceForTheWH) reported

    @djjakefromsate @PlayApex Constant server shutdown issue.

  • peedroluucas2 peedroluucas_ (@peedroluucas2) reported

    @ThatSephence @TrevorHack76 @capici_giuseppe @LimitlessPress @PlayApex @WetaWorkshop This is no excuse! Stop brown nosing Respawn. If the company couldn't do that in 14 months, is because they are incapable of maintaining a game, or just don't respect their community enough to hire a third party company to solve that problem (outsourcing).

  • yungwavv Quentine Quarantino (@yungwavv) reported

    @_djcdjc @PlayApex @WetaWorkshop Idk where you or what serve you play on, however I maybe get 1 server crash a day right now. Definitely wouldn't call it unplayable.

  • maureece19 maureece (@maureece19) reported

    @Marco05362428 @HYPERMYSTx @jason_freshour @xVoidNovax @PlayApex @WetaWorkshop Complaining to the devs to fix a game that’s making the devs money isn’t whining. Don’t ever become a game developer you’re to stupid

  • GavinThayer2 Gavin Thayer (@GavinThayer2) reported

    @PlayApex The fact that I have had more game crashes now than in season 1 seriously disappointing me I would think as the game went on the servers crash for a week after the update.I know for a fact this isn't my Xbox's doing and I really enjoy your game please fix this.

  • yousif_bamarny YUSUF BAMERNI (@yousif_bamarny) reported

    I always use RANKED LEAGUES in apex legends but automatically changes to play apex. @PlayApex Please fix this problem

  • Cam7877 CamTheNinjaWolf (@Cam7877) reported

    @jason_freshour @xVoidNovax @PlayApex @WetaWorkshop Slight problem for me, the store on apex for xbox is unavailable and its annoying af - and its only my account

  • CammSplash SplashCamm (@CammSplash) reported

    @PlayApex @WetaWorkshop Why don’t you all fix the servers instead of posting this I can’t even see challenges wtf

  • spyrogrunt Posting every time i Blue Screen on Apex (@spyrogrunt) reported

    @Skynovaaaaa @PlayApex @WetaWorkshop same here, happened for a lot of people, tryna speak up about it to get them to fix it for people who actually need them for their battle pass

  • Garciazta935 Garciazta935 (@Garciazta935) reported

    @PlayApex @WetaWorkshop joung blood, please fix the servers

  • Skynovaaaaa Skye @ ACNH (@Skynovaaaaa) reported

    @spyrogrunt @PlayApex @WetaWorkshop Dang sorry man hope they fix soon

  • Conroy1021 Conroy Colts Forged (@Conroy1021) reported

    @PlayApex @WetaWorkshop Unless the gods will the footstep audio fix.. then, no vinna