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Apex Legends is a 2019 online multiplayer battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts.

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Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in (59.21%)
  • Matchmaking (21.24%)
  • Online Play (10.08%)
  • Game Crash (6.78%)
  • Glitches (2.41%)
  • Hacking / Cheating (.28%)

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  • Maudorator Maudorator (@Maudorator) reported

    Is there some insane lag in @PlayApex or is it just me

  • sev3nty7 Sev3nty7 (@sev3nty7) reported

    @ChronacoolTV @streamlabs @PlayApex Maaaaan cooked my brain.. it was a combination of that and general internet issues in my area this arvo/tonight 😞

  • boyer316 Andy Boyer (@boyer316) reported

    @trevor_p_malco I have no issues with microtransactions if they're purely for cosmetic reasons like @Respawn did with Titanfall 2 but where they directly influence the gameplay then it's out of order.

  • ChronacoolTV Chronacool (@ChronacoolTV) reported

    @sev3nty7 @streamlabs @PlayApex Yeah dude, it'll most likely be the game mode settings from the windows update. It happened to me, took me an hour of trawling through my PC to find the problem. Posted the fix to reddit and had a ton of people thank me for they were having the same problem...

  • kingCarroll93 Mojo. (@kingCarroll93) reported

    fix the crashes please!!!! @PlayApex

  • mrmarcusftw Marcus (@mrmarcusftw) reported

    @EAHelp @PlayApex Fix the apex@legends ingame crashes

  • serxphinaa oKz Seraphina (@serxphinaa) reported

    @Gabriel48476317 @luisromeronava @ApexxUpdates @PlayApex Giving free packs out just because there's server issues is stupid. 🤣 If that was the case, #CallofDuty would have to give out free packs everyday

  • Voidztar Voidztar (@Voidztar) reported

    @LupuzEzt @PlayApex Yeah, i hope they fix this soon!

  • notdjhawk (@notdjhawk) reported

    @PlayApex Hey EA. I'm from Iran. We can't connect with Apex legends servers Pls fix this problem

  • cadillachenke Henke (@cadillachenke) reported

    @PlayApex Fix your servers and stop using the worlds worst client in form of Origin. Game crashes 24/7 and you cant even reconnect...

  • Lahdabeballin LahGunnaz 💣🔫 (@Lahdabeballin) reported

    @PlayApex please fix your game continuously blue screening players...

  • DevynJLR Devyn (@DevynJLR) reported

    @PlayApex PLEASE fix your crashes. I love this game, first BR iv actually enjoyed but it had nothing but issues day one. crash after crash, in the middle of firefights.

  • MauriceSchaaf Maurice Schaaf (@MauriceSchaaf) reported

    @PlayApex an issue that needs to be fixed is the audio in game while choosing a legend, it's way too loud. But turning down volume also turns down the in game sound which is bs and not useful! Pls do something so my ears remain in tact 👂🏻

  • xShadowFTW_ Shadow (@xShadowFTW_) reported

    Teammate went down and I killed the whole team, when I went to recover the banner there was no box. There was a distance, but every time I looked in that direction it disappeared. Nice glitch @PlayApex

  • THEUSELESSJ0HN TheUselessJohn (@THEUSELESSJ0HN) reported

    @PlayApex can you guys please work on the crashing on pc's so many games ive had friends and enemy's crash, its ruining the game at this point

  • ImTorhz Adry.L 🇫🇷🇪🇸 (@ImTorhz) reported

    @PlayApex Please fix your servors !!!!

  • nizk10 Snipah (@nizk10) reported

    @PlayApex Fix your shitty servers i remember minecraft got better ones

  • Givemeastroke Daniel Jinks (@Givemeastroke) reported

    @TwitchPrime @PlayApex Can you please escalate the "Oh no!" error here in Australia almost half the people can't activate our twitch primes. We've spoken to amazon support 100s of times and we still have no solution. Look at the comments here full of errors. FIX YOUR SHIT. Half of us pay for this.

  • Gregtronix Greg Deane (@Gregtronix) reported

    @Respawn @Titanfallgame servers. They're a joke. Two games in a row beaten by lag and glitching out... Nice work. Well done on Apex, selling the hell out, Legends... Like Titanfall, but for people who like fortnite... #sellouts

  • dreimanatee Andrei Tian (Manatee) (@dreimanatee) reported

    @PlayApex I freeze twice a game on average when my friend and I play. My last game where we won I froze 5 times and was hard carried. Please fix this. The server latency is rough!

  • CuzaSergiu Cuza Sergiu (@CuzaSergiu) reported

    @PlayApex Game crashing every 2-3 games, it sucks, please fix this error cause its very frustrating not to be able to perform and play. Thank you.

  • rbrickey78 rbrickey (@rbrickey78) reported

    @PlayApex @EAHelp How about the xbox issue...

  • mohamad62192909 mohamadreza (@mohamad62192909) reported

    @Respawn in iran we cant play epex legend. please help us and fix the server

  • reeceblackman11 ViSion (@reeceblackman11) reported

    @PlayApex Lag is unplayable. Please work on fixing the issues and not bringing out new weapons.

  • gamerturkcom (@gamerturkcom) reported

    @PlayApex Ping and connection problems on EU server! From: Turkey @PlayApex

  • reeceblackman11 ViSion (@reeceblackman11) reported

    @PlayApex The servers are lagging so hard wtf. They was last night aswell.

  • junjaoriffer แมวหลวง. (@junjaoriffer) reported

    @PlayApex Fix about the crash now !!

  • _camaleonido Camaleonido (@_camaleonido) reported

    @PlayApex 4 games 3 times close without ill keep tweeting every single time it close till u fix the game or u block me.

  • aleksimulaar aleksi olavi mulari (@aleksimulaar) reported

    Apex is fcking garbage game newest patch made me game crash even more@PlayApex

  • IceBeasto Marcin Lebuda (@IceBeasto) reported

    Imagine they fix fps drops in apex Dont let my dreams be dreams @PlayApex

  • T2PSmith Brendan🥇 (@T2PSmith) reported

    @PlayApex Fix crashing and audio glitch PS4

  • serxphinaa oKz Seraphina (@serxphinaa) reported

    @Marvelock10 @PlayApex That means your CPU isn't supported duh. That's your problem not theirs.

  • JakeJenner8 Jake Jenner (@JakeJenner8) reported

    @PlayApex all good that the pc connection issues have been fixed. But I’m on PS4 over here and the connection is horrific. I fly horizontally out of the drop ship and I’m on the ground in seconds. Pls fix!!! 🙏

  • TheSmellyDevil Devlin Smeele (@TheSmellyDevil) reported

    @PlayApex fix the crashing pleaseeeeee

  • HaPauseGoteeem DwathwingIRL (@HaPauseGoteeem) reported

    @PlayApex Y'all have a great game here , so fix the random slowmotion action we got going on in 50% of every start of every game xD Also , give me my damn lvl up reward , I'm missing out on a pack xD

  • Dav1dBognar Bognár Dávid (@Dav1dBognar) reported

    @msitweets @PlayApex My favorite legend is Dr. PC CRASH. He's not out yet, but sooner or later he'll be introduced to fix the problems :(

  • HeftyHayden Hayden Hefty™ (@HeftyHayden) reported from Lubbock, Texas

    Y’all’s servers suck. Fix that shit before i go back to fortnite @PlayApex

  • ImNotTheWolf Wolf (@ImNotTheWolf) reported

    Hey @PlayApex, you guys have a glitch/bug in the game that doesn't allow ANYONE in the match to loot any sort of corpse and ping certain items in the game.

  • lionsayshey Pablo Yáñez (@lionsayshey) reported

    @PlayApex you need to make a solo option in this game. It’s really frustrating how people just disconnect after they’ve been down and it leaves the whole squad in a great disadvantage against other teams.

  • porkie_yt Porkie (@porkie_yt) reported

    @PlayApex its still not working

  • AdamRamlawy Adam El Ramlawy (@AdamRamlawy) reported

    @PlayApex @PlayApex this problem is happening to me on ps4!

  • FranJHL LuffyDiMonky (@FranJHL) reported

    @PlayApex fix your ******* crashes on PC, so disgusting, in every match, crash the game

  • 13Thorvard トーバド (@13Thorvard) reported

    @PlayApex Come one guys, just got one of those usual crash when i was top 2, do something really quick please, this is embarrassing.

  • LaughLess Jens Drachsler (@LaughLess) reported

    @Respawn explain to me why your game is constantly overclocking my Geforce RTX 2080 to 1950 MHZ causing critical errors... will not play anymore till this is fixed...

  • klmyklms clem-clem-FR (@klmyklms) reported

    @GentsideGaming @PlayApexFRA @PlayApex @apex_intel please fix this !!!!

  • soccerstudcojo Cody Jones (@soccerstudcojo) reported

    Hey Apex why is it 1/4 of my games randomly disconnect saying “the party leader quit” when I’m in a party and I’m the leader @PlayApex

  • OfficialDabier Dabier (@OfficialDabier) reported

    Thank you to @Caseem and Max for helping me with my pc. Once @PlayApex started working decently, @FortniteGame started lagging badly! If it isn’t one thing it’s another! 😭I will be better for the next stream. Luv y’all

  • JJEMartinn JJEMartin (@JJEMartinn) reported

    @PlayApex Reconnect to match would be really nice! Would counteract the fact that people crash alot

  • TheLolmighty Matt Mausbach (@TheLolmighty) reported

    @evertonRR @itmeJP @PlayApex Same, but half of my friends crash constantly

  • Qyndra_ Qyndra》Twitchcon Berlin 💙 (@Qyndra_) reported

    @PlayApex Would be nice! My game crashes randomly once every hour on average. Without error or warning. I notice a few second freeze and poof i'm gone. Tried everything. Settings on low, reinstalling origin, repairing game. Nvidia done, game mode off.

  • SoGrimzy Grimzy (@SoGrimzy) reported

    @PlayApex @TitanfallBlog PLEASE FIX THE FREEZES!

  • Ing_Alpha glenn (@Ing_Alpha) reported

    @PlayApex really hate the lag in this game. Such a good game but this ruins the fun for me. It’s disgusting the amount of lag and rubber banding when landing hot zones or somewhere else occasionally.

  • TigerzTTV Tigerz (@TigerzTTV) reported


  • ASavageBeaverYT Ian Avery (@ASavageBeaverYT) reported

    @PlayApex got a glitch y’all need to fix was on a win streak and the glitch ended it I’ve got the video it is a invisible rock that traps you and can’t move

  • TaliosDrakei Riley Steube (@TaliosDrakei) reported

    @PlayApex just a heads up, there's a glitch that makes the Kraber unable to be reloaded... Worst timing for that to happen. #ApexLegends

  • scott_neath Chaos R3born (@scott_neath) reported

    @T3KNIIQUE @PlayApex I’ve had that issue constantly always trying to land where everyone lands on there own

  • Oruc51955322 *OPTIMIZE ARK ON PC* (@Oruc51955322) reported

    @PlayApex /crash issue

  • Oruc51955322 *OPTIMIZE ARK ON PC* (@Oruc51955322) reported

    @PlayApex Not gonna play your game anymore till you guys fix the freezing issue.....

  • SoGrimzy Grimzy (@SoGrimzy) reported


  • SuzuranGenji93 Genji (@SuzuranGenji93) reported

    @PlayApex You should fix your game before launching money bait...