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  • nova3joshpat joshrh19 (@nova3joshpat) reported

    @theMrMobile @Apple I don’t have the same problem but I’m currently using the MacBook Pro 15inch 2018 and my god I just want to return the thing and get my money back this machine is sooooo laggy can’t even do simple task on it. I bring it to the apple store and they are useless. @AppleSupport

  • nishantkundan Nishant Kumar (@nishantkundan) reported

    @AppleSupport Hello @Apple I was expecting the you will ignore the issue because my system got screwed by apple store and you don have any answer. I think every #MacBook buyers should shake their make before buying and giving it to the #AppleCare #iCare

  • DyatlovTommy Tommy Dyatlov 🇪🇺🇵🇱 (@DyatlovTommy) reported

    @theMrMobile @Apple At least Apple replaces their laptops, my friend’s Thinkpad had problems with screen - lenovo said they wouldn’t replace it, he had it repaired in some 3rd party repair store. Then battery died out of nowhere - again Lenovo did nothing.

  • EJjuninho Curry Commissioner (@EJjuninho) reported

    @chineyblk They’re both good about transferring information. I can only speak about iPhone for the last two years (clearly) But when I switched my phone couple months back it was like I had the same phone. Took 20 mins at the apple store. Down to my passcode

  • GeminiJ13 Jeff Murray (@GeminiJ13) reported

    @shoe0nhead Most major metropolitan cities are going to have an Apple 3rd party repair shop that is competent. Ask them if they know of Louis. Or, if an Apple store will fix your problem for free, look into that as an option first. All my best.

  • Maddoxkkm1 Maddox (@Maddoxkkm1) reported

    Update to the issue: currently at Apple store and see if they can get it to work, they said they're going to try reinstalling the entire system.

  • mattmilstead Matt Milstead (@mattmilstead) reported

    @MarkCernosia @verizon @Apple I had the same issue with mine. I had to take it to the apple store and get it replaced.

  • KateLars9 Kate Larson (@KateLars9) reported

    @AppleSupport how does an iPhone X just stop working for no reason. No damage to it. Just flashing Apple logo then follow steps to restore from iTunes and nothing. Apple store and online support says it’s a hardware problem and they can’t do anything except sell me a new phone🤯

  • connieblu C O N N I E H A J E K (@connieblu) reported

    When you are searching for new songs on iTunes Store and immediately shut it down because you have no idea who any of the “artists” are and think maybe Apple needs to do some spellcheck...years old.

  • connieblu C O N N I E H A J E K (@connieblu) reported

    When you are searching for new songs on iTunes Store and immediately shut it down because you have no idea who any of the “artists” are and thing maybe Apple needs to do some spellcheck...years old.

  • Aramonde_san Aramonde (@Aramonde_san) reported

    @shoe0nhead Taking it to the Apple store won't do anything they won't fix it. Follow everyone's advice and take it to Louis Rossman.

  • kalynnrenee_ kalynn (@kalynnrenee_) reported

    driving to the Apple store to pick up my laptop in victoria gardens and riss goes..” this is why you need a boyfriend. so he can drive you down here and then take you to dinner and maybe for your damages on your computer”

  • LVSuperBook LVSuperBook (@LVSuperBook) reported

    @vegasjakejack @SuperBookUSA We had an issue with Apple store today but it should be there tomorrow. We sent out links earlier if needed. Thanks for your patience.

  • JayKornegay Jay Kornegay (@JayKornegay) reported

    @WymanAnalytics @SuperBookUSA Ha. Always innovating. We had an issue with Apple store but it should be in there tomorrow. I did text a link earlier if needed.

  • djpardis Pardis Noorzad (@djpardis) reported

    Should I go to Best Buy and look for a good gaming laptop or go to the Apple Store and buy a replacement for my broken usb-c to 3.5 mm headphone jack (for the 5th time)

  • LauraADaugherty Laura A Daugherty (@LauraADaugherty) reported

    @Apple Good job Apple your store in Danbury, Ct has more people here for support problems than people buying phones. Heard the manager having turn customers away for support. Very disappointed in how Apple now treats their customers now. Thinking about preordering the new galaxy.

  • yuppitssophia_ yuppitssophia__ (@yuppitssophia_) reported

    ...out and i cant login to my instagram or anything except twitter on my laptop 😨 so tomorrow i will go to the apple store and get my ipad fixed and maybe even get a phone if i cant fix my ipad... @Sarah_Besaw_ @Jessie34366419 @Hopearthur12 can u all pass these 2 tweets on IG ty

  • loveliikewar wild, untamed thing (@loveliikewar) reported

    My mom straight up dropped my phone face down in the middle of the apple store and my screen protector cracked lmao

  • kaloncpu57 kaloncpu57 (@kaloncpu57) reported

    @shoe0nhead This is honestly probably the best solution. If you do go to an actual Apple store and they don't end up fixing it, I've heard from quite a few Apple customers that this is common, but you should be able to find Apple certified, third-party technicians that will really fix it

  • iamlotis lotis. (@iamlotis) reported

    wow, today sort of restored my faith in humanity. had a broken ass phone, and the dude at Verizon tipped me off that Apple would give me a new one today, and then slipped me a brand new phone case to replace my ratchet one (for free). went to the Apple store and they were...

  • Avery_Anderson suitelyfe (@Avery_Anderson) reported

    Starting senior year of college is driving to the apple store at 7 pm because your phone has been broken for 5 days

  • Avery_Anderson suitelyfe (@Avery_Anderson) reported

    Starting senior year is driving to the apple store at 7 pm because your phone has been broken for 5 days

  • MAPallagi Mike Pallagi (@MAPallagi) reported

    Got my phone - they can't fix it told me to go to apple store!!! 🙁🙁🙁

  • Masked_Fergatr Masked (@Masked_Fergatr) reported

    @shoe0nhead Go to a small repair store. Apple do not know cost effective methods to fix things.

  • beauisaviking Beau (@beauisaviking) reported

    @shoe0nhead in the future, always use an external hard drive to back up data using time machine. hopefully an apple store can fix things for you!

  • UrchinRoll Urchin (@UrchinRoll) reported

    @shoe0nhead This happened to me when i factory reset my MacBook, take it to the Apple store they’ll fix it in a jiffy

  • tainurn Tainurn (@tainurn) reported

    @shoe0nhead Looks like everyone answered your question, but...for future reference, there’s a difference between computers and macs...they are not the same. Most things on a pc you can fix...most things on a have to take it to an apple support store...and 9/10 it’s ***** anyway.

  • GoldenCatStudio GoldenCat15 (@GoldenCatStudio) reported

    @shoe0nhead That seems like it detected a hardware issue. Best bet is to ask the apple store or wherever you bought it to inspect it.

  • emo_mama_ taking back val (@emo_mama_) reported

    I’m still so annoyed at my last call. I was feeling so sick and this lady really was upset I couldn’t help her sign into her Microsoft 365 premium account. And she really said “um if this isn’t an Apple problem why did I get this app from the APP STORE.” Lmao ***** I -

  • corygrabow Cory Grabow (@corygrabow) reported

    Had half of my @Apple iphone X screen go completely out, to the point where even the slightest touch makes the screen go bezzerk, and yet apple won't fix it for me without a fee. Even had the apple store peeps tell me its not my fault. #frustrated #terriblecustomerservice

  • peerq PeerQ (@peerq) reported

    Never underestimate the power of an Apple store to induce sensory overload. Almost an hour in there tonight getting my MacBook repaired. Need a lie down in the shed to calm my poor fried brain and nerves!

  • yambrobeyotch Sweatie (@yambrobeyotch) reported

    @peruviandoII Yo. Might be down. Have to go to the apple store to replace my phone though 🙈

  • CunningJackson Randy Jackson (@CunningJackson) reported

    @AustenMarieTV 6. If you have tried all of the above and the problem persists, I would recommend scheduling an appointment with the nearest Genius Bar at the nearest Apple Store. It may be an issue with the device itself that they should be able to fix or give you a new one.

  • mcoatney Mark Coatney (@mcoatney) reported

    @profgalloway Remember too that porn didn't become a problem until two things happened: FOSTA-SESTA, and Apple's removing the Tumblr App from the App store. Tumblr's problem was with that, not with advertisers

  • coolguy80101 coolguy80101 (@coolguy80101) reported

    apple fixed the app store issue on ios 6 but the itunes store is still ******. you cant open movie pages as it just gives a black screen.

  • Jamiemy72147237 Jamie myers (@Jamiemy72147237) reported

    @sprint POOR POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE ! They remove services without telling you !!! Apple care removes 5 phone calls 2 visits to apple store!!!! And still nothing “we will get Back to you in 3-5 days REALLY !!! why is the customer having to have to wait for an error they made !!!


    I punched a state with one of my inevitable face reveal for the apple store people to fix my phone and thinking….

  • alicebell Alice Bell (@alicebell) reported

    @beck_smith Yeah, googling suggests it is a known issue. Might see if I can exchange them at apple store, don’t want to just be buying a new set every 6 months.

  • kikiwora Roman Suvorov (@kikiwora) reported

    @BestWorkoute @tim_cook As for now, @tim_cook we even have no real Apple Store, but the card would be even better. Ask you to team up with @monobankua, the best bank here, in Ukraine 🇺🇦🇪🇺 and solve this issue. I am an iOS software engineer, who deeply cares about such great user experience

  • IGot_Mics DOLOGOTONE (@IGot_Mics) reported

    ****** at the Apple store better fix my shit today

  • DaddyJake_ KAMI (@DaddyJake_) reported

    Now it’s the device. The phone was new out the box from apple due to a battery issue from the original device I was given from sprint. I have yet to visit apple or sprints repair store in Farmington to determine the possible issue

  • staley_m mel staley (@staley_m) reported

    @western_ciren shocking service received today with a technical error by the store resulting in loss of data and a casual sorry in recompense.Customers beware #apple #cirencester #customerservicejoke

  • bobojr2002 Tom Latsch (@bobojr2002) reported

    @Pwn20wnd Funny story it took me half the day to get myself down to 12.4. it took my iPhone into recovery mode and I didn’t have a workable computer to restore. Had to go to the Apple store to get it out of recover mode. So Apple helped me to jailbreak too

  • Joseph__Rizk Joseph Rizk (@Joseph__Rizk) reported

    @PaladinAmber You actually need to take it to Apple store, as you are facing overheating issue. And soon the processor aka CPU will be burned if you don’t fix it! You can do it your self if you are into tech stuff and can follow instructions.

  • lesbianzxx (@lesbianzxx) reported

    found a charger i haven’t used yet and opened it& it does not work.... goin for refund 900th time smh... it’s gonna take me longer but i’ve to go to an apple store next time. other stores w electronics just selling broken chargers these days. i’m exhausted.

  • psychosoftdom god (@psychosoftdom) reported

    Apple, and tbh ios in general is literally the worst piece of software I've ever been forced to use. im so tired of this garbage with all its shitty ass glitches and issues (and lets not forget the AWFUL way the app store works) and I'm tired of paying $300-

  • JacindaOrcutt jacinda orcutt (@JacindaOrcutt) reported

    @bshane_ @thejoeyway @wizkhalifa I feel like you’re trying to argue with me over what I was told by apple at the store I’ll gladly give the guy at the mall $100 to fix my screen and have it done in 20 min and I don’t have to make an appointment

  • abbipattea abbi (@abbipattea) reported

    I went to the apple store to fix my phone with rice in the charging port bc I thought rice would save my phone from water smh

  • mavs41bw Black Fredette (@mavs41bw) reported

    Went to the Apple Store to troubleshoot my AirPods, employee couldn’t even fix it. As SOOON as I exit, finagle it once more, and my sync problem suddenly resolves. 🙃

  • Gamer2Plushie PlushieGamer1228 (@Gamer2Plushie) reported

    Everything has it's up and downs. Android: Up:25 bucks to put apps on the play store. Down: Lots of trash apps Apple: Down:100 bucks to put apps on the app store. Up: Less trash apps.

  • BeansMclovin Frankie Beans (@BeansMclovin) reported

    Apple in best buy told me “we cant fix this you have to get a new phone full price” The next apple store fixed my problem in 2 min saying it was lent stuck in my charger port Smh

  • _katdaddy Kat. (@_katdaddy) reported

    I’m really lazy as shit. I been without a phone since Saturday and I don’t feel like going down to the Apple store 😭

  • LilyBloom413 LilyBloom Steven Universe STAN (@LilyBloom413) reported

    @traceExcalibur I did a factory reset, and it was fast for a few days, but slowed down again. I asked at the apple store why it happened and they were just like "yep that's what happens when they get old."

  • BHPhotoVideo B&H Photo Video (@BHPhotoVideo) reported

    @Jammin__Ginger I'm very sorry to hear about your issue. My best advice is to take it into an Apple store or Apple Authorized Repair Center so a proper hardware diagnosis can be performed. Based on that they will determine if any repairs are possible or what can be done.

  • IrateSquidDick Amazon FC Ambassador Irate Squid Dick (@IrateSquidDick) reported

    @Millerheighife Oh, I never thought of it until I went into an Apple store with charging issues and they showed me.

  • andimKylaaa Kyla J 🌸 (@andimKylaaa) reported

    I hate being in the apple store at penn, mfs so damn slow

  • manugonzalez76 Manuel Gonzalez (@manugonzalez76) reported

    @CitizensBank called me a couple of days later explaining that @Equifax had had issues confirming my identity, which had been fixed and that I could go ahead and apply for the loan again at the Apple store. I didn't want another credit pull on my report, so I waited. 5/12

  • manugonzalez76 Manuel Gonzalez (@manugonzalez76) reported

    I came back to the Apple store to report the issue. They examined the phone and by the process of elimination diagnosed it with a failing charging port. I decided to replace the iPhone 7 with an iPhone XS (they credited the $50+ I spent on the battery with merchandise). 3/12

  • clarissarago clarissa (@clarissarago) reported

    @hugdrugs The CBD Site! There's a kiosk at Alas by the Apple store. The FDA is shutting them down tho Aug 30th.

  • cdiannek C Dianne K (@cdiannek) reported

    At the apple store for laptop repairs and I'm faced with the problem that I want a stupid apple watch but I don't have an iPhone and I don't want an iPhone