Is Battlefield V down?

Battlefield V, also known as Battlefield 5, is an upcoming first-person shooter video game developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts. Battlefield V is the sixteenth installment in the Battlefield series.

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August 21: Problems at Battlefield V

Battlefield V is having issues since 03:50 PM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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La Carolina Online Play
Bothell Matchmaking
Kalispell Online Play
Fremont Online Play
Dartmouth Online Play
Jetzendorf Online Play

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  • czeLasty87 [CCBF]czeLasty87🇨🇿 👀🍳Seamus Byrne is Mr Egg🔪 (@czeLasty87) reported

    @MG_79828994 @Battlefield @CzechBFofficial @Silly_Sunday @PlatoonChamp @BFLadiesNight @SCOHellFighters @CriterionGames @EA_DICE @OfficialPTFO @OfficialHvsZ Yeah video is no problem..Good luck.

  • LOLGotYerTags LOLGotYerFireStorm (@LOLGotYerTags) reported

    @solidus198306 It does not play nicely with bf1 and bfv. Full screen does not work ( image is frozen but mouse icon shows and moves ) Tried changing drivers, deleting settings file, clean boot etc and the issue only went away after I had rolled back.

  • HannaElbannan هنا (@HannaElbannan) reported

    Your heart is a battlefield scarred with the wounds of broken promises..

  • DeIicxteFlower 𝐻𝒾𝓁𝒹𝒶 𝒱. 𝐸𝒹𝓂𝓊𝓃𝒹 ✨ (@DeIicxteFlower) reported

    “I thought my battlefield participation would fix that.”

  • Carlswall Carl Hult (@Carlswall) reported

    The scene: a car crash caused by your texting and all around you people are wounded like a battlefield You: He brake checked ME! #SignsOfABigEgo

  • pagess6 pagess- (@pagess6) reported

    @BFBulletin Hoping it's more on the fix side and not a nerf like what they did in bf1 sliding and killed it all together

  • lDubbo Dubbo (@lDubbo) reported

    @A_S12 @Slasher @sbjsbd @FortniteGame I’ve played GTA since I was 7 COD since I was 9 and Battlefield since I was 11. I’m pretty sure I haven’t felt the need to go and get a gun. I’m from Australia and they sell these games worldwide also. It’s not a video game problem. It’s only a U.S. problem.

  • Fox_Die15 Fox Die (@Fox_Die15) reported

    I really hope that @Halo isn't going to be a games as a service like anthem, battlefield 5, destiny, etc. please don't be like them @Halo we all know how they all went down.

  • genh85 Genh85 (@genh85) reported

    How is it I can handle battlefield wounds with no problems, but my son comes home from the sitter and pukes, and I'm struggling.

  • Q85ALDYQ8 الله اكبر (@Q85ALDYQ8) reported

    @AskPlayStation hi, I have 60% in my playstation account but when I want to pay for battlefield v it says that it wants a PayPal or credit card, when I put my credit card information it says that its invalid (many people have this problem). My information is right so I need help

  • Hensleyy_ Hensleyy 🇺🇸 (@Hensleyy_) reported

    Please fix the latency issues in your game @EA_DICE #BattlefieldV is unplayable for me at the moment.

  • cudawudapica helle woods (@cudawudapica) reported

    @nhannahjones this guy mentions jesse owens and black people who served in the military as if their athletic prowess or service on the battlefield was or would have been able to shield them from redlining, whites only restaurants, jim crow, sundown towns etc etc x infinity

  • rameshrchandran Ramesh RamaChandran 🇮🇳 (@rameshrchandran) reported

    @nailainayat After losing to India in the battlefield Pak now trying courts if the world, lost to India in the ICC case, Jadhav was a loss of face & this one, will be a slap on the face for sure as the Kashmir issue will surely be seen as an internal matter of India.

  • Blacksummer59 Emeric (@Blacksummer59) reported

    @FloriFormel @BFBulletin @thezefir But on pc, when DX12 was enabled, I've got problem also with previous BF, Frostbite 3 doesn't seems to like it. With DX11 BFV runs a lot better for me..but you can't enable ray tracing.

  • TheFlyWahine Robin Sjöström (@TheFlyWahine) reported

    @survivetheark Bin playing ARK:SE on my high-end pc. But i have noticed that the EU server(s) i play on sins i live in EU are experiensing bad lag despite the fact that the rent a a server site say its fine and Battlefield 5 run really good online. So your server/game needs work!

  • Austinc1725 True Weapons Of Battlefield (@Austinc1725) reported

    @TheSmaxx @DRUNKKZ3 @FlakfireGaming Battlefield problems

  • azerty15 Captain Twy #bel (@azerty15) reported

    @aljwhite A fine example of the battlefield dripfeed live service. @DANNYonPC

  • Jesseharry6 Jesse harry (@Jesseharry6) reported

    @FortniteGame Please fix this I want to be on the battlefield

  • K4S4TOS Kasatos (@K4S4TOS) reported

    @uadict All the Battlefield games have their own problems.

  • Spike5476YT Spike5476 (@Spike5476YT) reported

    @MrProWestie @DANNYonPC Only thing youve done is suck EA's **** for the past year. Bf5 is beyond hope. Almost a year in and we are at the point where the game should've launched. Live service is bs. EA broke that game and dice isnt innocent either. It would take a Christmas miracle to save this game.

  • BravoEntropic Bravo813 (@BravoEntropic) reported

    @CyanideEnterta1 Or nvm I don't think it was a private server but yeah I experienced that playing Battlefield Hardline people sniping from glitch spots, they can see you but you can't see them or hit them it's pretty cheap

  • lonewolf37 henry sam III (@lonewolf37) reported

    @EA_DICE Capital supremacy is so broken right now that I have stopped playing that game mode!!!!!!!

  • dkeyes86 David Keyes (@dkeyes86) reported

    @NvidiaGFN I been using your G force now service. Why is there no support for EA games. I would really like to play battlefield. I would really like to play battlefield.

  • zezavoom Zezavoom (@zezavoom) reported

    @EA hey I know you probably don’t have time for this but I’m having problems trying to sign in and login to apex legends not only that but I got battlefield V for Christmas and the game never worked.can you make your login and sign in easier.Elijah Rochon

  • LonleyAstroboy Lonely Astroboy🌑👩🏽‍🚀 (@LonleyAstroboy) reported from San Antonio, Texas

    I respect our troops and everything they do. Their sacrifices and service to our land won’t go unappreciated. But when it comes to the greenhorn private’s who are my age I can’t take y’all seriously. I would like to see how all y’all clowns react on the battlefield

  • iTz_Kingly GetYourAmmoHere (@iTz_Kingly) reported

    @GetGoodGuyYT Like I said in your other post, not playing BFV cos of the problems we’re dealing with so I play BF1 and Skyrim instead!

  • 1AGRESSOR ✌️1AGRESSOR 🇷🇸 (@1AGRESSOR) reported

    @Lazer do your magic fix our Battlefield 👍 make it run like before 30.1.2019 performance drop so once again i can play on ultra instead of low

  • KingdomKlannad KingK (@KingdomKlannad) reported

    Also the route was very good, I'm not sure whether I liked this more than Black Eagles. They're quite close, at least. Ingrid is ******* broken in the endgame, by the way. There was one map where I literally sent her into the battlefield as an evasion tank distraction.

  • ludaeus07 Ludaeus (@ludaeus07) reported

    @WarBot3000 @missellacronin Mine forced the update and ****** with most of my settings and starter giving me the odd blue screen every so often. Fixed that issue at least but **** my life windows updates are far worse than any bug in battlefield xD

  • ssrimany Sovik Srimany (@ssrimany) reported

    @HMAZEEMM @majorgauravarya @anh689 Pakistan Army carries toilets to the battlefields. Problem is they are ashamed to name which battlefield they went.

  • Said_lite Said (@Said_lite) reported

    @Braddock512 @EA_DICE @Battlefield @CriterionGames Because I heard it all before this year, the promises, the broken game, the fixes, the glitches, the weapons that are coming but then removed, the cosmetics etc etc oh yeah btw I am a deluxe edition owner so I feel like a bigger dumbass anyway :)

  • battlerifeshot mike (@battlerifeshot) reported

    -chance to refund them. According to Nemanja N from Epic Games Player Support “wrap items do not provide strategic advantage in the battlefield”, so this wouldn’t be a problem.

  • SuperMarioT_YT SuperMarioT (@SuperMarioT_YT) reported

    I hate how no one is talking about how Battlefield (Melee) that’s in Ultimate isn’t even the right version of the song. That’s the Brawl rip. The Brawl rip was not the same as the original rip. It sounds softer & more whistle-y than techno. Fix this. Please.

  • DoctorBlueBird Melissa Corvid (@DoctorBlueBird) reported

    TIL that Battlefield depicts the AEK as having major recoil issues. You heard right, the gun famous for being a recoilless assault rifle has recoil issues according to Battlefield.

  • DashSSBU Dash (@DashSSBU) reported

    @RogueInvaderYT My main point is its really unnecessary to add extra fluff to the stage list that you can get by just using the omega / battlefield button for, including other stages with their issues not mentioned here.

  • AlmoJoRito 🏳️‍🌈 almojo (@AlmoJoRito) reported

    @TeridaxDev @FurryofNight @Lockhere_ @Dark_Wizzy_ @EllieStrife @SwordieFox @Phoenix_ssb my notifs are a broken battlefield rn between this thread and people trying to defend chick-fil-a

  • VandalXXI 🎮 Vince Vandal 🎧 (@VandalXXI) reported

    @yayeet92262440 @mattclementsjr @Moridin79 @VinceZampella DICE literally had the exact same problem prior to Battlefield V's release. It happens more than you think.

  • OuterRimCan Outer Rim Cantina (@OuterRimCan) reported

    @Kiel45850099 @EA_DICE @EAStarWars My biggest issue with Luke is his speed. He doesn't need to be so damn fast. You didn't see him zooming around ******* Hoth at 50MPH in the movie. That speed boost they gave him is ******* horrible. He just dashes you then runs way and blocks now it's annoying.

  • The_SteelWolf Silver Wrath Month (@The_SteelWolf) reported

    @AluVixapede Strategic planning would be done by computer systems far removed from the battlefield. Those plans would then be translated into tactical movements by specialized computers closer to the battlefield to reduce lag time between the combat drones and the tactical computers.

  • winterfellcop Winterfellcop (@winterfellcop) reported

    @JamesJonathon3 @nick_veteran I don’t disagree with you. You know your countries social history better than I. We have never had an issue like that to that extent. However, we now have mobs turning the place into a battlefield at times. All based on a belief that they hold the moral high ground.

  • OuterRimCan Outer Rim Cantina (@OuterRimCan) reported

    @Kiel45850099 @EA_DICE @EAStarWars Vehicle spam isn't really a problem on PC because the controls are so awful that you can't maneuver them anywhere making them pretty useless. I think the heroes have all been balanced out pretty well by now. My biggest issues are the bugs and horrendous matchmaking.

  • Kiel45850099 Kiel (@Kiel45850099) reported

    @EA_DICE @EAStarWars The biggest issue with BF2 us bugs, balance and matchmaking. There are so many bugs which have been in the game forever, which just ruin the fun. Likewise, some heroes are OP, and things like vehicles just destroy everything else in the game, with no skill.

  • The_One841 Jason (@The_One841) reported

    @Braddock512 @EA_DICE @Battlefield @CriterionGames If its including 1. More content like premium with "actual" iconic WW2 maps 2. Fix the bugs 3. RSP 4. More factions 5. An option to turn On/Off of Attrition 6. Teamswitch 7. Improve the progression system 8. More sandbox fun If it STILL dont have ALL that. Then we dont care!!

  • ConorFitz50 conor (@ConorFitz50) reported

    @AnimationMerc The likes of bfv isn't free lol and just by saying don't buy them if u don't like them isn't going to solve the issue

  • AlvaroAlguacil AlvaroDJ Alguacil (@AlvaroAlguacil) reported

    @MrProWestie @NiklasAstrand @MazharulAlam25 Well, this is the point: You can play any map of Battlefield 1 with any class, and with any weapon, you can adapt your play style. You can not do that in Battlefield V. But this is only my opinion. Ten month later, the game is broken, and on xbox it sucks.

  • Dhoogenbosch David Hoogenbosch (@Dhoogenbosch) reported

    @MrProWestie @NiklasAstrand @MazharulAlam25 @AlvaroAlguacil BF1 has spotting and slow TTK. BFV doesn't, that is a huge part of what makes visibility an issue in BFV.

  • GerardoRaygoza9 Gerardo Raygoza (@GerardoRaygoza9) reported

    @GoogleStadia Nothing interesting... Not FIFA o call of duty or Battlefield, far cry, batman, too bad, great idea of service, but not as good the videogames

  • Skitelz Gabe (@Skitelz) reported

    @p1anetmatt I never had any problem seeing people in BFV. Even before the soldier ilumination changes. Weird...

  • Gerykey92 Gergely Oláh (@Gerykey92) reported

    @MrProWestie @NiklasAstrand @MazharulAlam25 @AlvaroAlguacil a big problem also is the quality of communication. before BFV came out EA/Dice said that people shouldn't worry because FS is made by Criterion and won't take away resources from the main game. and now as people comolain about the lack of content they say FS is like 3-4 mp maps

  • shinesevens shine. (@shinesevens) reported

    @c0pper78 I've looked at Stadia and the main thing for me would being able to play stuff like Battlefield 5 but when I am out and about. But the fact they could give up on the service (Google+ I am looking at you) puts me off. If it survives a couple of years I might look again.

  • 5IV3Z_YT 5Z (@5IV3Z_YT) reported

    @EA_DICE @DICE_FireWall please fix.

  • iuriher Iñigo Uriarte (@iuriher) reported

    @ByMaNiiaC_ @JaqubAjmal @NiklasAstrand Play battlefield 1.....Dice fix bf 5

  • IREWolfman Nostalgia Monster (@IREWolfman) reported

    @NiklasAstrand @R60sMammoth @AlvaroAlguacil I hardly play anymore, yet i always will always buy BF games.(got hardline but inly paid 5e) BF1 had me coming back, but BFV has no BF feeling for me. In not sure why or what can fix that other than a new game! PS5 and Bad Company(hoping)

  • AshleyNatter Ashley Natter (@AshleyNatter) reported

    @ManyATrueNerd But the problem is that people came to Fallout because of those RPG elements. It would be like Battlefield stripping away some of the gunplay to focus on the driving elements, sure it could make for an interesting game, but it's not what people enjoy on the game

  • WindowsManTv WindowsManTv_CZE🇨🇿 (@WindowsManTv) reported

    @ChouetteMini @BF_CommuFR Send me friend request please, so i can join on you because server browser in BF1 is broken at the moment and it won't search for any custom server..

  • nikkosol Nicholas.F.Solvik (@nikkosol) reported

    @EAHelp problems with your servers Un bf1

  • JHolbrookjr james (@JHolbrookjr) reported

    @NiklasAstrand @AlvaroAlguacil You are out of touch with what the consumer wanted, don't make excuses for a poor product, I would have more respect for BFV if they owned up to the mistakes made and fix them. Your next game will underperform due to a lack of confidence in the community.

  • wardamagings ( 𝗱𝗼𝗰𝘁𝗼𝗿 𝘄𝗮𝘁𝘀𝗼𝗻 ! ) . . . * (@wardamagings) reported

    @HighSociopath other reward may lie at the end of the long trail, but he did because he enjoyed the way it felt. Now, that was certainly something John could get behind. He’d been so entirely broken, when he’d met Sherlock Holmes. A man straight out of war, but yet, the battlefield —

  • HormigaZYT HormigaZ 🇪🇸 (@HormigaZYT) reported

    @NiklasAstrand @GambitFPS @AlvaroAlguacil I don't disagree or tell you that your way is wrong, but having many maps let you do that without issue. If the game has few maps, all of us that get tired of poor design get tired very fast. I only like to play 50% of bf1 maps at best. So I really like that there's many.

  • Dangerman1337 Warren Tarbiat (@Dangerman1337) reported

    @TheLankySoldier I think most maps in BFV launch window were playable (except Twisted Steel & Aerodrome) for me. Problem is that 8-9 ain't enough. If developers want us to play hundreds of hours + pay for MTX I kind of expect a good amount of playable content.

Battlefield V Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 15
  • 2000
  • 80029564
  • CE-34878-0
  • CE-377332-2
  • DirectX