Is Battlefield V down?

Battlefield V, also known as Battlefield 5, is an upcoming first-person shooter video game developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts. Battlefield V is the sixteenth installment in the Battlefield series.

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December 12: Problems at Battlefield V

Battlefield V is having issues since 02:30 AM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Online Play (55.05%)
  • Sign in (18.99%)
  • Matchmaking (12.71%)
  • Game Crash (6.97%)
  • Glitches (5.60%)
  • Hacking / Cheating (.69%)

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  • th3_awak3ning9
    🗡🔫 AOD_Th3Awak3ning 🔫🗡 (@th3_awak3ning9) reported

    Bipoding in BFV is miserably bad. It only works half the time and an entire set of weapons depend on it. Please fix this.

  • DeanJohnson97
    Dean Johnson (@DeanJohnson97) reported

    @EAHelp fix BFV it will not load a new online match after the first match is played. Happens on all modes. It just gets stuck on the loading screen and it forces me to quit the game and restart it. I'm playing on xbox one.

  • Gianlu_Deep
    Gianluca Delucchi (@Gianlu_Deep) reported

    @EA_DICE Hi, in battlefield V, which I play on a high end pc with i7 8700k and 1080ti I wanted to point out that the cpu usage is around 80 to 90% the web is full of people who complain about this problem. Obviously I tried everything even a clean installation of Windows. Thanks

  • JezCorden
    Jez-chan uwu~ (@JezCorden) reported

    The new TTK on Battlefield V is a train crash. Back to Bulletspongefield. Ugh.

  • DharmatejaSudu1
    Dharmateja Sudunagunta (@DharmatejaSudu1) reported

    Long day at work and came home to play battlefield please fix it asap

  • BrandoBomb
    BRANDOBOMB (@BrandoBomb) reported

    @MrProWestie I do fully believe that every battlefield release that I have been apart of is plagued by bugs that drive many players away. There’s reasons why people use “Brokenfield” and other terms. It’s always a problem. And it’s a damn shame cause BFV(1/2)

  • NickWinke
    Omg_Its_Winke (@NickWinke) reported

    Been playing @Battlefield since Bad Company, absolutely love the series but the state of everything around #battlefield really hasn't been great. @EA_DICE and @EA insulting the fan base, among other issues probably wasn't the best route to take either. Hopefully they learn

  • RivenEsq
    Ryan J. Reynolds (@RivenEsq) reported

    Battlefield V released an incredibly disappointing patch today, under the guise of helping the game's TTD issues. Now, gunplay feels horrible, and TTD is unchanged. 1 frame deaths abound! Old TTK must be returned! #NotMyTTK #Battlefield @Battlefield @EA_DICE @DRUNKKZ3 @dan_mitre

  • Nyteshade517
    nyteshade™ (@Nyteshade517) reported

    @AndrewKnight02 @Battlefield I've had fun with the game and can see myself slowly improving (very slowly) but there's a lot of stuff that happens that makes me hate it as well. Also doesn't help that every time they "fix" something they break like 30 other things.

  • MatthewJonWalsh
    Matthew Jon Walsh (@MatthewJonWalsh) reported

    @dan_mitre @Battlefield What the he'll have you done to the game :( One of the best things about BFV was the gunplay and ttk and you've change it. This was the element of the game that was making everyone ignore the little bugs! Please..stop..just stop >.< Go back to how it was..and just fix the bugs...

  • GraffyFPS
    Graffy (@GraffyFPS) reported

    Dammm playing @insurgencygame and I’m not having any issues. @Battlefield take notes

  • kiddkansas
    vortex484 (@kiddkansas) reported

    @Battlefield hi it seems like you tides of war assignments are not working properly whene ever i do the challenge the progress bar doesn't go up please fix this. love your game btw

  • HauntSlider
    HauntSlider (@HauntSlider) reported

    @PaulyWit @rivaLxfactor Most of these game play problems have been around since BF1 and the closed alpha's for BFV. And they did nothing.

  • The0ne1988
    Dariusz Śliwa (@The0ne1988) reported

    @Battlefield BRING BACK OLD TTK AND FIX TTK!!! This game is disaster now! And i will not play anymore if you not fix it!

  • FactsXBL
    Yah Facts (@FactsXBL) reported

    @EA_DICE Devs want BFV to fail cut the bullshit and admit this was a cash grab you guys honestly don't have anything together there's no "competitive" mode and you guys are gonna take over two years to fix it. Honestly sell the rights to the game to a company that ACTUALLY CARES.

  • SportsNRenos
    AJ Seilis (@SportsNRenos) reported

    @Battlefield There is a glitch upon joining a friend if the his squad is full. It doesnt put you in Queue to join the server it just kicks you out.

  • pxtn_tv
    Marc-André Glowatzki (@pxtn_tv) reported

    @Battlefield That 1st Mission of Week 2 in Tides of War is Bugged again now… fix it.... no one can get the Epic-Helmed-Skin, because u have again do Fails. Sorry, but's true.

  • HardCor3Gam3r69
    HardlCoreGamer (@HardCor3Gam3r69) reported

    @GrazzleReviews @Battlefield nahh ain't that love the game just tired of every thing not working just gonna quit and be done with it

  • Michel_EHSB
    Michel G. (@Michel_EHSB) reported

    I don't always agree with this man, but he is right on a whole lot of things in this video! Besides the fact that the last 2 updates broke more (for me) and didn't fix urgent stuff, they're now actively making the game worse! Feels like @EA_DICE is starting to panic.....

  • Siegfried257
    M'aiq the liar (@Siegfried257) reported

    @dan_mitre @Battlefield You didn't listen :/ this is not the change we wanted or even needed. You and I both know this isn't the problem in BFV.

  • GI_Joey_
    G.I. Joey • #BFV-ADDICT ❤ • (@GI_Joey_) reported

    @GamerMikeH @EA_DICE @Battlefield Nah, I am not panicing. Just a bit scared that #BFV will change due to the broken TTD,...and change negatively [kinda Open BETA'ish] compared to what everyone expected of #BFV .

  • ChefStephen82
    Steve's Tweets (@ChefStephen82) reported

    @StryderHazuki @Battlefield No the problem is these ******* idiots that created this game don’t understand a ******* thing their fan base actually wants. From shitty fictional war stories to piss poor vehicle spawning

  • StryderHazuki
    Frank (@StryderHazuki) reported

    @ChefStephen82 @Battlefield The problem is you boys are missing a squadmate

  • Losssyy
    Lossy (@Losssyy) reported

    After not playing for a week and then hopping on tonight...all I can say is that it’s getting very hard to stay positive when it comes to BFV. Mistake followed by more mistakes on top of the mountain of issues. Won’t be playing again for a bit 😞

  • MattiAceGaming
    MattiAcegaming (@MattiAceGaming) reported

    @pewpiepiepewper @VectoringV @AdamGBrooks @dan_mitre @Khoplin @Alekssg @JaqubAjmal @Braddock512 @niccaman @EA_DICE Like I said, it's not my issue, it's been brought up several times on reddit. But it's ok, glad you're on it and that players maining as pilots also can start enjoying BFV eventually

  • harryg765
    Harry (@harryg765) reported

    You know there’s a ******* huge problem with overwatches optimisation when I’m getting more frames steaming battlefield instead of overwatch WOW can this optimisation update come out already what the actual **** is that lol

  • heald01
    Dan heald (@heald01) reported

    @EA @EAHelp @Battlefield you need to fix tides of war ! Doing tasks for thing's for it not to register

  • Electrica_Nev
    Electrica (@Electrica_Nev) reported

    I can't believe they let amateurs like you in. The problems with Zahard's army is they value people's family background too much. The kind of pathetic losers who care about family background or class have no right to stand on the same battlefield as me !! - Evankhell (Ep 404)

  • JorgeLamboglia
    Jorge Lamboglia (@JorgeLamboglia) reported

    @SgtDangerCow @PProph01 @PR3SIDENT I give you an example last year on BF1 se youtubers thought the main issue of the game was progression system which is a problem but not a priority but if u ask a dedicated player they will totally tell u it was the worst BF cuz of how unbalanced and lack of features

  • pewpiepiepewper
    pewpiepiepewper (@pewpiepiepewper) reported

    @MattiAceGaming @VectoringV @AdamGBrooks @dan_mitre @Khoplin @Alekssg @JaqubAjmal @Braddock512 @niccaman @EA_DICE "One issue doesn't exclude the other." doesn't exactly make sense in this context. I'm talking about prioritizing fun of a game over a small % of points in an otherwise non-fun game play. Fixing the fun aspect should help a small degree with ur issue (which won't ever be solved).

  • MattiAceGaming
    MattiAcegaming (@MattiAceGaming) reported

    @pewpiepiepewper @VectoringV @AdamGBrooks @dan_mitre @Khoplin @Alekssg @JaqubAjmal @Braddock512 @niccaman @EA_DICE What if I say it this way even though I was hoping this would be finished sooner. One issue doesn't exclude the other. I hope we can agree on that and I wish you the best of luck bringing this topic to the right people

  • ToxicityF3
    The Toxicity Factor (@ToxicityF3) reported

    @dan_mitre Holy shit these TTK changes are terrible. BFV went from having the best gunplay in the series to easily the worst TTD is still an issue too... That's what we've been telling you guys about! One frame death is still a thing, and slowing the TTK did jack shit. So listen to US FFS!

  • GI_Joey_
    G.I. Joey • #BFV-ADDICT ❤ • (@GI_Joey_) reported

    @VkayOG @EA_DICE Maybe you need to find someone else to discuss things about how the game plays or feels, or how "perfect" the game feels for you. This topic is all about TTK/TTD....not about "what platform" or what else. Again TTK/TTD is broken across all platforms...period.

  • rodgers9970
    Rodgers (@rodgers9970) reported

    @EA_DICE please just leave ttk alone focus on giving us more weapons more maps and fixing existing errors.

  • PrimeTime846
    PrimeTime846🌐 (@PrimeTime846) reported

    @Battlefield @EA @EAHelp PLEASE fix the Battlefield 5 update where I go into a match and it’s just a black screen I can’t see anything


    @Battlefield So many bugs and net code need to fix

  • damageinc321
    mark caruana (@damageinc321) reported

    @Battlefield how about a fix for respawns on ps4. When you for can't respawn get a red banner saying the place you selected is no longer available and won't let you respawn almost a min. Not even random spawn.

  • BenParsons89
    Ben (@BenParsons89) reported

    This TTK change is awful. It doesn't allow you to react to an engagement any better (the whole point of the change) because the TTD is still broken. How about we fix that and revert to standard TTK. Problem solved #Battlefield

  • BenParsons89
    Ben (@BenParsons89) reported

    This TTK change is awful. It doesn't allow you to react to an engagement any better (the whole point of the change) because the TTD is still broken. How about we fix that and revert to normal TTK. Problem solved #Battlefield

  • Erri_13
    trz (@Erri_13) reported

    @dan_mitre @Battlefield the problem was not the ttk but the ttd dic what are you doing me you are passing the desire to play I hope you will adjust otherwise I can even resell the game

  • Erri_13
    trz (@Erri_13) reported

    @Battlefield the problem was not the ttk but the ttd dice what are you doing me you are passing the desire to play I hope you will adjust otherwise I can even resell the game

  • PrimeTime846
    PrimeTime846🌐 (@PrimeTime846) reported

    @Battlefield Can you guys like fix the glitch where I go into a match and it’s just a black screen and i cant see anything

  • yaakov1990
    yaakovavitan (@yaakov1990) reported

    @Braddock512 back ttk bf1 and do it in bfv > [Conquest] and save bfv ttk and do it >[Conquest core] add to medic bit damag to gun and this fix all problem it all :) !

  • Grumpyschnauz
    GrumpySchnauz (@Grumpyschnauz) reported

    @Battlefield #NotmyTTK Fix the server bring 60Hrz to ps4 and wie need friendly fire on! Make more tactic too the game!

  • Erri_13
    trz (@Erri_13) reported

    @Battlefield the problem was not the ttk but the ttd dice what are you doing me you are passing the desire to play I hope you will adjust otherwise I can even resell the game

  • JustForGames245
    Raniere (@JustForGames245) reported

    @BustinHugeLoads #1 are people chasing the Dragon. I'm #1 myself. Haven't bought a cod since blops 3, haven't enjoyed cod since blops, but every time I buy one I'm just hoping for that COD4 blops fix. But I swear to *** if the next game doesn't have dedicated servers like battlefield has Im done

  • Christianlutz89
    Christian 🇩🇪🎮 #NotMyTTK (@Christianlutz89) reported

    @Braddock512 The TTK 2.0 Update in Battlefield 1 broke the game for me as a Medic player and now, only 3-4 weeks after the Battlefield V release you did the same again... I loved the fast TTK and the Medic class, but now it feels so slow and weak. The TTD instant kills are still the problem!

  • uprrp0943
    Héctor Camacho (@uprrp0943) reported

    Do not change the ttk @EA_DICE, don't kill off your game, fix it

  • LanceheadNews
    Lancehead Gaming News (@LanceheadNews) reported

    @JohnKeaneX @Battlefield Hopefully they fix it, we’ll see in time I guess, but I hope DICE listens to the feedback

  • bullscreed
    Bullscreed (@bullscreed) reported

    @Battlefield everyone a game is over in battlefield it doesn’t let me quit and when the next game is loading I never load in. Fix your game.

  • CovertRecon
    Justin Richards (@CovertRecon) reported

    @_DaveP_ New glitch that I noticed is the construction works worse than before @Battlefield Takes a few tries, sometimes have to move around a bit.

  • ShawnBoroughs
    The Stone Man ©️ (@ShawnBoroughs) reported

    If @Battlefield doesn’t fix the damage to hit marker ratio in the new update I’m uninstalling it.

  • cat_combat
    CombatCat (@cat_combat) reported

    @dan_mitre @Battlefield I hate you !!!!!!! Broken BF5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DR_Kronenbourg
    D4N13L 🍻 (@DR_Kronenbourg) reported

    @_DaveP_ BF4 started broken, ended fixed. BF5 started fixed, ended broken. #watchthisspace

  • MalteSchuemann
    Malte Schümann (@MalteSchuemann) reported

    @EA_DICE @EAHelp @Battlefield the snowman task in bf5 is broken. Not possible to build any of the two. Please fix the bug so we can finish the Mission. Thanks.

  • zingy_lemur
    ZingyLemur (@zingy_lemur) reported

    @dan_mitre @TacticalTurtleY @DANNYonPC Why would yall buff the medics last week now u reduce the damage this week an make smgs even more atrocious.....leave the ttk alone please ttd is the problem yall jus gonna ruin this unstable game gonna be another 2 years b4 i play battlefield again

  • c0m0d0re
    el c0m0d0re 🇩🇪🔪 (@c0m0d0re) reported

    @WindowsManTv @EA_DICE Enemies take more bullets and the medic is useless now. The SMG is like a bloody marshmallow gun now. Throwing it would do more damage and the TTK change together with what's all not working as it should in the game is just a big disappointment. #NotMyTTK

  • Maltrocket
    Steven Maltese (@Maltrocket) reported

    @EA_DICE please revert time to kill in battlefield V to it's original values. Time to death is the issue

  • syfCryptiK
    Nathan Humphries (@syfCryptiK) reported

    This week of completing the Tides of War unlock for #Battlefield is going to be an awful grind after this TTK change. It is nice to see that I was right when I said it would pretty much nothing to fix the TTD issue. So people cant use that as an excuse to say we need the new TTK

  • RainCityGamers
    Rain City Gamers (@RainCityGamers) reported

    @dan_mitre TTK in BFV was perfect, and what made the gunplay feel so great. Now this update ruins it. And the worst part is, TTD is no better for it which was the actual issue.

Battlefield V Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 15
  • 2000
  • 80029564
  • CE-34878-0
  • CE-377332-2
  • DirectX