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Binance is a Chinese digital asset exchange currently sitting in the top 20 exchanges by volume. The exchange has particularly strong volume in pairs like NEO/BTC, GAS/BTC, ETH/BTC, and BNB/BTC.

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  • MyHushTeam HUSH Coin (@MyHushTeam) reported

    @dorin45828252 @Popaalincristi1 @Cryptopia_NZ @binance @Citexofficial @graviex_net Cryptopia had a massive security breach and closed down. Centralized exchanges own all user funds, that's why its important to store all funds that you're not immediately trading in a self owned wallet, like $HUSH SilentDragon, SilentDragon Lite, and SilentDragon Android.

  • MyHushTeam HUSH Coin (@MyHushTeam) reported

    @Popaalincristi1 @Cryptopia_NZ We can't simply become listed on @binance, we're a #microcap coin with a small development fund. We are listed on more exchanges today, @Citexofficial @graviex_net @TradeSatoshi etc. We are continually working to diversify our exchanges to reduce risk of another #Cryptopia issue.

  • gjsbmw Bianca (@gjsbmw) reported

    @gremlin_crypto @wahidsvlogs @cz_binance @binance Lol i barely used it. Bnb has had its time. Its only gonna go down from here sorry. Binance is being kicked out of malta and already kicked out of china. They will slowly die. And much better platforms are arising. Nash for example.

  • CoinstorageGuru Brendan Lee (@CoinstorageGuru) reported

    @binance A heavy handed investigation into how you operate as a bucket shop, and a quick shut down where only you (not your customers) lose money.

  • chatwithchels Chelsea Kaufman (@chatwithchels) reported

    @VitalikButerin trade on Binance. no problems

  • rodrigopacini Rodrigo Pacini (@rodrigopacini) reported

    @PeterLFC26 @growing101QC @blockchainchick I would say that the focus on profit has always been the motto and that is not the problem. The problem is that Binance's profit is associated with centralization.

  • gautamchhugani Gautam Chhugani (@gautamchhugani) reported

    This is pure ignorance about how Binance operates & its strategic direction. And this is an exchange that delivers those numbers with the lowest fees. Problem is the intrinsic bias behind the statement.

  • iTrendlines iTrendlines (@iTrendlines) reported

    @theo_crypto99 I bought some of this when I found out the volume was floating above 150 BTC on Binance for more than 3 days, despite the facts the market was in a slow poke mood. Only matter of time before it explodes.

  • jabak999 jabak (@jabak999) reported

    @binance @TrustWalletApp Seems that Google form has some problems

  • RNCrypto74 CryptoBit ₿ (@RNCrypto74) reported

    Can't help but thinking that one of these days federal agencies the likes of the #SEC will clamp down on these #IEO vehicles .... #binance #ico #securities #investments #regulations #Crypto #cryptocurrencies

  • lawmaster Larry Cermak (@lawmaster) reported

    @udiWertheimer @ceterispar1bus @Timccopeland @twobitidiot @cz_binance My main issue wasn’t with Binance. It was with research shops mistakenly misrepresenting 5x the burn as profit and then Binance CEO engaging witn said tweets and patting himself on the back

  • rckzor1 drreeee (@rckzor1) reported

    @SzadaGabriel @blockchainblitz Btc is not a good investmen It's slow and not scalable, 2. it's nature unfriendly. 3. Controlled by chinese miners 4. Nobody knows who created it (governments will not support it like that) 5. Even CZ binance can roll back the chain .

  • cryptopago kilo-san 🅙 (@cryptopago) reported

    story time: 2016: i formatted the wrong drive, lost my first virtual money 2017: i got #scammed on TG, lost $BTC 2020: i lost my phone, therefore my #2FA this time @binance got my back #SAFU keep your head down and #BUIDL

  • cryptochangex s1lverbox (@cryptochangex) reported

    @JohnMavler @binance Got emails today. Lost interest last week. Ordered @wirexapp card. Fast and no issue.

  • josephPear Mohammed (@josephPear) reported

    @binance @WazirXIndia Please fix binance at Egypt

  • DrHelmet_ DrHelmet (@DrHelmet_) reported

    @tokenterminal @BambouClub Tokens give governance rights to that Blockchain, not to the company. Buying shares gives governance rights in a company. Shares give you a split on either share price growth or dividend profits - neither are true for tokens (e.g. BNB goes down even though Binance makes money)

  • PPTheRobot PP The robot (pre-release) (@PPTheRobot) reported

    $STORM volatility detected(up). (#Binance 8.33%) I've sold some at 0.00000013 $BTC (was 0.00000012 $BTC) - Error 404 : Altseason not found

  • NimbusLisk Nimbus (@NimbusLisk) reported

    @CRYPTOBMF They tried to steal 3/4 of hodlers' stacks and tried to lock down the 1/4 they had left over 5 YEARS. It wasn't until people were calling the SEC, Binance, Telegram, the EU, Swiss regulators, Moscow Police, and attorneys that they stepped back, maybe.

  • crypto__pi Crypto PI (@crypto__pi) reported

    @binance This exchange is going down hill Listing absolute trash @cz_binance

  • AfricanaCrypto AfricanaCrypto (@AfricanaCrypto) reported

    @DryAx3 @CryptoLyonnais @binance @cz_binance @telcoin_team Dude, you don't even know what will happen to this coin say if KuCoin goes down for a day.

  • blbtheman Thecoin (@blbtheman) reported

    @Nowyour3 Binance will be taken down by the authorities, the question is when! They will go under soon!

  • CdennehyChris Chris Dennehy (@CdennehyChris) reported

    @bitcoink3lly @Misterm37958439 @DreadBong0 @binance @quant_network It's the regulatory side that is true problem, not the consumer facing side.

  • CryptoBenz618 CryptoBenz.618 (@CryptoBenz618) reported

    @izzeJESUS I never really get overload problems. I used to. But I guess something about my style changed. Binance, the chart I just find a bit weird. Wicks seem exaggerated (which sound funny comparing to mex lol). It’s no biggie. I’l just carry on using tm all for a while. Binance is handy

  • bitcoink3lly ned kelly (@bitcoink3lly) reported

    @Misterm37958439 @DreadBong0 @binance @quant_network Binance is a dream listing for qnt dont be so silly,ive dealt with scam exchanges before and ive had an account with binance since the day it opened up shop,zero issues.

  • CryptoIdolic21 Idolic21_IT_Crypto_Investor (@CryptoIdolic21) reported

    @BinanceAmerica @binance @cz_binance I like the Face ID option. Better then having to enter the code in the @CoinbasePro app over and over (So add a Face ID option in Coinbase Pro plz), but Coinbase's prices update much better then the prices in @BinanceAmerica platform. You guys probably want to fix that. 👍

  • ahmed28283889 badr (@ahmed28283889) reported

    @binance site down and those idiots still posting on twitter

  • Mido60500695 Mido (@Mido60500695) reported


  • j0hnnyw00 Johnny Woo (@j0hnnyw00) reported

    @ilkay165516 I don't know what's your problem. Maybe, you need to update binance app.

  • samconnerone Sam Conner (@samconnerone) reported

    @HJ_XLM @StellarOrg @cz_binance @binance I’m concerned as well. Market manipulation is a major problem in the crypto market...yes manipulation happens in traditional stocks but so does holding in profressional both cases 100s of violations are avoided because of the frameworks in place.

  • ahmed28283889 badr (@ahmed28283889) reported

    @binance @zilliqa site down without notice!

  • ahmed28283889 badr (@ahmed28283889) reported

    @BinanceAmerica @binance site down without notice!!

  • Mido60500695 Mido (@Mido60500695) reported

    @binance Your site is not working with me for about 5 hr 😬😬😬

  • innocentgotze Nsubuga Innocent (@innocentgotze) reported

    @binance #MyBinance2019 slow year in crypto space but so much consistent development in infrastructure by Binance Infrastructure... kudos team Binance

  • Mido60500695 Mido (@Mido60500695) reported

    @binance @zilliqa Hope to fix this problem quickly 😒😒

  • Mido60500695 Mido (@Mido60500695) reported

    @binance @zilliqa The site is down!!

  • queenmesy queenmesy (@queenmesy) reported

    @Del_Ryp @binance @Token8Club cz make money from the shit token, You can see how those shit tokens go down after being pumped to take money from investors and after that will never come back, forever dumping!

  • retrowhaleboy ManyWoolongs (@retrowhaleboy) reported

    @ezbrah_ @binance binance - "our engine hur dur" no one cares fix it noobs

  • DjJafooly Q15 when is your warren (@DjJafooly) reported

    @binance You need to sort out the mobile app! Iv tried to help but clearly whoever messed it up is smarter than me! (That's a joke). But even your chat is now playing up! All via mobile app! Your loading money to the app issues!

  • stylist_crypto ahmed p (@stylist_crypto) reported

    @binance @Token8Club stop listing coin already to much down all #altcoins so please don't creating other down session and don't be list this shit

  • Bitcoin_Meter Bitcoin Meter (@Bitcoin_Meter) reported

    @SirbuOffice @DrHOSP1 @AG_Binance After very long observations I developed in the last 6 months a tool that can filter the bots movement from big exchanges specially binance, after applying the filter I analyzed these bots movement and I found a lot of signs when the bots want to go up or down

  • ThisCryptoGuy Raul (@ThisCryptoGuy) reported

    @IDrawCharts Last time mine came home, he just sat in front of Binance watching my account equity saying : Up, down, up, down, up, down. 😅

  • hafidri Hendri Anwar (@hafidri) reported

    I was very impressed with Binance's response when I was having problems. Exceeds what is done by the Bank. Thanks @Binance Fund #safu

  • kh_elaky Khaled Elaky (@kh_elaky) reported

    @binance the site is down !!

  • ShitcoinRyan Shitcoin Ryan (@ShitcoinRyan) reported

    @cz_binance @CoinMarketCap yeah but binance is not going to be here for much longer! Its old and slow, refresh the page every few minutes,everything dumps harder and further on your exchange,the manipulation and fake volume on Binance is just stupid, let it die already!

  • KryptoKiptoo Krypto Kiptoo (@KryptoKiptoo) reported

    @binance I have problem using my visa/master card on your site. If I select my country(Kenya) the form won't submit!

  • Jonny_Qi Jonny (@Jonny_Qi) reported

    @DegenSpartan @thorchain_org In case of such event, where entire Binance ecosystem fails, it would cause a massive price drop across the crypto, so it wouldn’t be just Rune’s problem, but everybody’s in crypto. It’s highly unlikely though.

  • Bitcoin_is_BSV ₿itCoinˢᵛ OG (@Bitcoin_is_BSV) reported

    @cz_binance Binance delisted Bitcoin and got hacked with user data all over telegram. Cz laughs at users who lose their crypto. This is terrible conduct and does not help with mass user adoption. Someone interested in learning about crypto would be put off because too many scammy exchanges

  • bitmoneymagnet Cryptonion (@bitmoneymagnet) reported

    @nbougalis @PeterSchiff Like a bank you can use a centralized exchange @binance They are trustworthy and will do the task of securing and storing your coins. Just need to choose the right way of storing. Its not a problem with crypto its the matter of trust and choice.

  • Crody14 Hodlnaut (@Crody14) reported

    @cz_binance I think depositing into binance takes more mental effort and risk than securely writing down 12 words

  • CryptoCoyote Dr. Coyote, PhD, MD, JD, MBA (@CryptoCoyote) reported

    @DegenSpartan @thorchain_org But then you put all other assets you have on binance chain at risk. If it's a complete failure of the BNB chain thats probably ok but if it's a censorship issue then that could be somewhat problematic.

  • p3t3_r3c0n Peter Mbele 🇿🇦 (@p3t3_r3c0n) reported

    Unfortunately, key management is a real issue for real people. Yes #Binance was hacked, but all was well in the end. Bashing people for not “holding their own #bitcoin keys” is like bashing people for not running their own mail server for “privacy reasons”

  • pedrovr7 Pedrito Valdez (@pedrovr7) reported

    @AssetConductor @XRPcryptowolf @BitrueOfficial @binance I would be careful having too much crypto with them. People are having problems with simple things like that.

  • CryptoNekoZ NekoZ (@CryptoNekoZ) reported

    They immediately focused on fixing the issue AND reimbursing me for the draw down. This is why I work with them. The level of customer service and engagement reminds me EXACTLY of an early Binance. Incredibly impressed, not an AD just the honest truth. Check them out!

  • MooreJared0 ᴊᴀʀᴇᴅ ᴍᴏᴏʀᴇ (@MooreJared0) reported

    This mentality is why I believe CZ will either end up in prison or Binance will shut down in 10 years or less

  • KriptoLIFE Bogged (@KriptoLIFE) reported

    @cz_binance If they are unable to secure their private keys properly, they arent able to secure their login security on binance as well, resulting in the account getting hacked and losing funds

  • bacon_soles Bacon Bacon (@bacon_soles) reported

    @binance login page is giving HTTP500 unless I use a private browser window or incognito mode.

  • MankindTrader ₿ Mankind Trader ₿ (@MankindTrader) reported

    @PeterSchiff A tip for everyone" in choosing a password for wallet or exchange, set the long and most complex by numbers-symbols-small and big letters, I do it for my @binance account since 3 years without any problem or hack and it,s better to change password every 6 months!

  • MankindTrader ₿ Mankind Trader ₿ (@MankindTrader) reported

    @PeterSchiff "A tip for everyone" in choosing a password for wallet or exchange, set the long and most complex by numbers-symbols-small and big letters, I do it for my @binance account since 3 years without any problem or hack and it,s better to change password every 6 months!

  • RadebTshepo @ crypto.TshepoR🇿🇦❤️❤️❤️ (@RadebTshepo) reported

    @cz_binance True, wallets need more work for mass adoption, writing down your private key, password, etc, is what most fail to do, for as long people fail to do this @binance is the answer.

  • forlexx Chanell4You (@forlexx) reported

    @Bancor @binance @hitbtc @bitfinex @Poloniex @latokens @enjin @metamask_io @myetherwallet @eidoo_io @AtomicWallet @fortmatic @AlphaWallet @TokenPocket slippage amounted to 4200%,how can this happen, why at the time of the transaction it was impossible to indicate that the price would fall by 4200%, they said in support that they could not help, why would you need support if it could not solve user issues