Is Binance down?

Binance is a Chinese digital asset exchange currently sitting in the top 20 exchanges by volume. The exchange has particularly strong volume in pairs like NEO/BTC, GAS/BTC, ETH/BTC, and BNB/BTC.

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  • TuMmrw @-@ (@TuMmrw) reported

    Too slow #binance

  • xiaomilubu bakayoko (@xiaomilubu) reported

    @Mathwallet @Binance_DEX @binance @cz_binance It's down wallet and can trade coin wallet @@

  • Crypt0cracy Crypt0cracy (@Crypt0cracy) reported

    @inversebrah @binance Shitcoiners trying to keep regulators from shutting down and seizing their shitcoins in illegal exchanges lmao

  • xBullBearTrader Trader Pisces (@xBullBearTrader) reported

    @bitcoinmystick @soleil_dusoir9 @TheJusticeDept @FBI That being said, it's not about if the fiat is there or not as it is how the money was acquired by both tether and clients, which is done by supranational oversight, i.e. monitoring for black/terrorist/flagged money, etc. which can cause troubles down the line (Binance (traders))

  • Pvt_BitcoinRyan Bitcoin Ryan (@Pvt_BitcoinRyan) reported

    @crypto_n_more @RocketManCrypt1 Yeah @cz_binance is fast becoming the next @justinsuntron with his broderline scammish tactics, the Binance Dump pad is just a joke listing vapourware shitcoins and pumping them, now its BNB he pumped for days create FOMO and now will slow bleed it to the dumps!!

  • Money19331681 Money (@Money19331681) reported

    @cz_binance I'm having a problem I submitted documents for level 2 and no one have gotten back with me yet I did not add tags on 2 coins That I sent to binance And I can't get this matter resolved until I Get to level 2

  • MSarcasticus Marvus Sarcasticus (@MSarcasticus) reported

    @John_of_Silence @Smaulgld @OccupyWisdom @binance @bitfinex @krakenfx @Bitstamp @coinbase @bitFlyerUSA @Gemini @itBit @BittrexExchange @Poloniex @circlepay The problem with your thinking John is that you are looking at today and saying nothing is happening, When in reality so much is happening in the space, its happening incrementally but it is being brought into the payment system globally. In five years your arguments will be moot

  • XRPNews_ XRP Researcher | XRP Investor (@XRPNews_) reported

    @XRPMOONSHINE @coinbase @binance Probs a glitch

  • XRPMOONSHINE Lover Of All Crypto(IF MOON) (@XRPMOONSHINE) reported

    @XRPNews_ @coinbase @binance So the error is on their end then.

  • 2ez28u Eric (@2ez28u) reported

    @signa_ocam @binance Me down like u do is showing again just how u speculated about who I am with that arrogant attitude that leads no where, and essentially u project what u are on me , coz u and me being in the same room 😂 I be got all what it takes to stay extremely comfortable and saying all I

  • denariuscoin Denarius [D] (@denariuscoin) reported

    @TheMehulPatel @BWulzer @bit_wookie @cz_binance @justinsuntron @binance Their process is very unintuitive, they also have Chinese errors popup not allowing the submission of one of the forms. We have submitted Denarius many times, they just ignore us, so we have gone to Twitter to get their attention.

  • Spikeaddict Spikeaddict (@Spikeaddict) reported

    @CHalexov2016 @binance @cz_binance @tezos @ArthurB Reality. No more excuses eth is low, btc is down, my dog eat my homework,... #build

  • GeorgeGnyc CryptoRage (@GeorgeGnyc) reported

    @tehMoonwalkeR @binance @kucoincom @telegram @discordapp woke up, made coffee login to @binance and @kucoincom @telegram ur posts and some other real guys..wishing I had ur job 😂😂

  • Crypto_Pugz Crypto_Pugz (@Crypto_Pugz) reported

    @tehMoonwalkeR @binance @kucoincom @telegram @discordapp If you used @Coinigy you'd only have to login to 1 vice both exchanges

  • chainlinkmarket Chainlink Market (@chainlinkmarket) reported

    @zonezeroapps @binance I think it's more simple. If $xrp gets better adoption, it goes up. If it looks more stagnant, it goes down. I see #ripple tech get some adoption but most cases they don't require or use xrp.

  • RydesaurusRex Rydesaur (@RydesaurusRex) reported

    @KpunToN00b @crypto_bobby Nothing to explain further. You can issue tokens, stablecoins and launch DEX on Binance Chain without them. So yeah.

  • crymeaCOIN justfive (@crymeaCOIN) reported

    $ADA #Cardano Add-on I closed off mex short manually when I saw binance reach sub 1400. I left my bids as they were, but they didn't hit yet. The divergence between binance and mex has always been an issue for me. I feel that it is just guesswork with incomplete charts on mex.

  • lola12392440727 lola123 (@lola12392440727) reported

    @cz_binance I dont know whats the matter to Stq's Dev. But from their white paper about its utility sound nice. I hope binance will give the hand to solve their problem right now. #savestoriqa

  • crypto_manila Crypto Manila (@crypto_manila) reported

    And yet these haters claim to take down Binance! Haha pity them! US SEC has no jurisdiction to them as they follow Malta's constitution. Y'all can be salty all you want, but you can never take down @cz_binance ! $BNB

  • DejanSuhadolc Dejan Suhadolc (@DejanSuhadolc) reported

    @Cryptocoiner256 @Izmonkeyz @coinbelay @RapidsRPD @coinstats_ @sign_keys @teamrpd @matt_cimelli @cz_binance @binance If there is a problem with me please i'm here. Anyone can talk to me publicly or privately. i like to resolve all considering ME

  • Ncarolinacrypt0 Carolina Crypto (@Ncarolinacrypt0) reported

    @binance I'm down for some customer service. Will work for bnb

  • cryptocreampuff Max (@cryptocreampuff) reported

    1/4 The main problem behind Binance Chain is that it gives too much power to Binance, because with their blockchain, Binance will be able to put even more pressure on cryptocurrency projects. #Binance #BinanceCoin @cz_binance

  • HooWallet Hoo (@HooWallet) reported

    Hoo Wallet will support the Binance Chain The Binance Chain mainnet will swap at 10:00 am on April 23, 2019. Users can recharge the BNB in advance to the Hoo wallet. We will solve the technical problems in the switching process for you.@binance

  • HooWallet Hoo (@HooWallet) reported

    Hoo Wallet will support the Binance Chain According to the official announcement of Binance Chain,the mainnet swap will at 10:00 am on April 23, 2019. Users can recharge the BNB in advance to the Hoo wallet. We will solve the technical problems in the switching process for you.

  • ozan_uygar ozan uygar (@ozan_uygar) reported

    @AmbrosusAMB why your prices are always going down @binance please inform your investors

  • EdinKuky -ED- ₿itcoin SV (The Original) (@EdinKuky) reported

    @that_jeff_guy_ The shit show might start today, as today Binance delists BSV Anything if it doesn't have wings to sustain itself in flight, will come crashing down eventually, BTC is not sustainable, these shitcoins exchanges are not sustainable either. BSV with original Bitcoin protocol, is.

  • crypto_madmax Crypto Mad (@crypto_madmax) reported

    @binance Didn’t see an option to filter by language. I am a top customer server/ IT Support working in California at the moment. native speaking Portuguese. Ready to relocate, and would accept bnb as payment.

  • vijaysinghukd VIJAY SINGH (@vijaysinghukd) reported

    @BinanceHelpdesk Team Binance, Today App is not working properly... It's very slow today... Please fix it ASAP

  • ChainLinkGod ChainLinkGod (@ChainLinkGod) reported

    @avocado_smashed @binance @gate_io @BittrexExchange @wavesplatform @StexExchangeR @kucoincom @coinspotau @coinbase @UniswapExchange Coinbase has dumbed the process down as much as possible for normies, but as far as DEXes go then @UniswapExchange and @KyberSwap have made it very easy to swap ETH and ERC20 tokens They combine many onchain steps into one

  • saul_darrell Darrell Saul (@saul_darrell) reported

    @nfdcoins That’s because binance delisted it where as others kept bcn must be problem with binance exchange

  • Bl4ack0ut ₿lackout (@Bl4ack0ut) reported

    @Sephir_ETH @Juni0rLancaster I could see bittrex going down before binance, but I think it would be crazy difficult to pull off a major btc hack unless it was from the inside. Also I'D like to think people are a bit more educated on risk management as far as holding all of their coins in one place. But idk

  • kid_swamp Swamp Kid (@kid_swamp) reported

    @ChicoCrypto @coinbase @binance Interesting video. Hopefully long term the DEX take over the centralized exchanges and this won’t be an issue

  • nejamuljumu1203 Nejamul (@nejamuljumu1203) reported

    @binance @weizhouBinance @hiteck @mariamoita @ChainAcc @woorton @PBWSummit Why my binace account not login open cause my password or email correctly pls any one help me my telegram apps : t.m/@NEJAMUL37

  • Helbo_Bitdrasil Helbo Bitdrasil (@Helbo_Bitdrasil) reported

    @talhaaltinkaya @binance Smart contract will make the network to slow! My trading volume will never go from Binance CEX to DEX unless there is a DEX-fast, but why not make a second DEX: DEX-smart ;) Keep building :D

  • PirateXr XRPirate (@PirateXr) reported

    @CryptOH10 @XRPROGNOSIS1 @galgitron @JoelKatz @hlnoooo That's a completely different issue. Think of it this way -- contracts can be paid out in pure crypto (Binance employees prefer this according to @cz_binance). They can be paid in salary + equity in a startup or a combination of all three. 1/2

  • ChristianGPhot1 Crypto Miura (@ChristianGPhot1) reported

    @JordRothy5678 @justicemate @iwearahoodie @binance that's the problem fanatic thinks CZ is god

  • Jarek_Rajchert Jarosław Rajchert (@Jarek_Rajchert) reported

    @binance @Invacio. Terrible Binance has saved the cryptocurrency community from cheaters. CZ hates cheaters. Invacio is focused on detecting frauds. Invacio fits the Binance philosophy of integrity.

  • cryptoinvest200 home (@cryptoinvest200) reported

    @binance all the loser tokens - any projects with brains will figure out this is a one way street with one central unit that can close them down if Binance owner has a bad day

  • candleboxlaw CandleBoxAI (@candleboxlaw) reported

    @Chainzillaio @naudethea @cz_binance @binance @Binance_DEX @KomodoPlatform @chameleonledger you may run into TM issues as I believe @chameleonledger and @IO_Coin have an existing TM. May want to look into it and not take my word for it.

  • blinky2386 mikey (@blinky2386) reported

    Looks like binance went down to the local Village to get some photos done

  • YassineEraman Yassine Eraman (Satoshi 2.0) (@YassineEraman) reported

    @Aleksan00743929 @FutureBitcoinSV @_BitcoinSV @HuobiGlobal @binance I guess it will move down a little more bit. Binancers still hold many coins

  • B2gScam B2g scam (@B2gScam) reported

    @KtinaKel @bitcoiin2gen @officialmcafee @cz_binance @binance @FBI @SEC_News @SEC_Enforcement @PeterMcCormack @TheCryptoDog @APompliano We need Authorities to help with shutting B2G coin down and tracking these SCAMMERS.

  • ElastosTroll ElastosTroll 🐃😘🚀 (@ElastosTroll) reported

    @kermankohli If eth can solve its scalability and governance issues.. and be used as more than a token launchpad and mainly for sophisticated #dapps.. then no, binance chain is not in competitin.. But currently it is.. And most tokens launching would choose binance for listing

  • sharartihassan hassan raza (@sharartihassan) reported

    @binance please hire me as a english assistance i am very needy due to health issues

  • dharderdfaster Mt. Crypto (@dharderdfaster) reported

    @hitbtc @SatoshiFlipper @Cryptocrocodil1 @GamerOfThrone The problem has not been resolved yet since October 2018. Way to go @hitbtc. When I got locked out of hitbtc, hitbtc took 3 months for fix it. But @binance resolved the same problem in 2 days. Now I see how the hate is coming from.

  • Anil26534227 Anil (@Anil26534227) reported

    @binance Binance is down

  • princes_aishal Princes Aishal (@princes_aishal) reported

    @maticnetwork @binance Write down , this project willn’t dump

  • jespow Jesse Powell (@jespow) reported

    @WolfgangLohmann @krakenfx @binance All of crypto is already in court with these jerks. That's the problem. No coin has a right to be listed anywhere. Being listed in the first place was a privilege and privileges are revoked when you start suing everyone. There are better coins that we'd rather give our attention.

  • ZZHHIE z-------- (@ZZHHIE) reported

    @nithyanflash @justinsuntron @binance @cz_binance You are right. In addition, 1 owner works on 2 coins, focus is divided, the support of traders is also broken and what happens next is that prices will fall every day 😅

  • mr_brashman_30 Mr.brash_delivery (@mr_brashman_30) reported from Pembroke Pines, Florida

    Cool break down of exchanges over the past months! #Binance #crypto #currency #EXCHANGE

  • Crypto_Asis Nic (@Crypto_Asis) reported

    @CryptoCoyote That was the RSI. Not sure why binance shows multiple levels of it by default but I saw it curving up while price was still marching down and once the price sprung up over the middle bollinger I entered

  • JA7czfRHTg7R6EV Саша Савин (@JA7czfRHTg7R6EV) reported

    @maticnetwork @binance I hope BNB and matik will not let me down

  • baker3186 Bakker Seddik (@baker3186) reported

    @cz_binance @exodus_io @binance There is a new Tokan named @birdchain_io Parent Company vertex sms Will issue a product related to sms And supports the purchase of #BNB

  • gossip_core GOSSIPCOIN (@gossip_core) reported

    @binance Nope $bsv burned down...

  • CryptoGainz1 Easter Gainzy Bunny (@CryptoGainz1) reported

    @KaptonKrypto You’re poor. I don’t even mean it as an insult. I mean it as a truth. Outside of binance, no other spot exchange has enough liquidity to accommodate alt traders who trade with size. Poor people never run into liquidity issues and don’t realize how much of a plague it is.

  • CryptoCrystoff Crystoff (@CryptoCrystoff) reported

    $BNB is killing it, @binance is killing it. No denying that. But when everyone is calling for a 2x - 4x on an asset already up 5x (USD) this year... All I can say is don't get caught with your pants down.

  • lokmanhekimbey drsarıserum (@lokmanhekimbey) reported

    @binance is there problem. I cant use ios app

  • mdudas Mike Dudas (@mdudas) reported

    @Rewkang @cz_binance Cut it out, terrible take. Read my last week’s worth of tweets. Lauding Binance strategy and stating they are a formidable competitor to protocols as well as exchanges now.

  • painter1rabbit painteronerabbit (@painter1rabbit) reported

    What a great way for Binance to make money. Issue a token to pay your fees and get a discount on their exchange. I’d short it.

  • d4rkcod3r1 d4rkcod3r (@d4rkcod3r1) reported

    @justinsuntron @binance @cz_binance So sick and ficking tired of waking up and to. Only trx going down. ******* Chinese ******* scammer ****. Should of used trx for btt