Is Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 down?

Call of Duty is a first person shooter that is available for gaming consoles and PC. The game franchise includes Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Call of Duty: Black Ops and the new Blackout battle royale mode.

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  • Online Play (51.90%)
  • Sign in (29.86%)
  • Matchmaking (9.68%)
  • Game Crash (4.84%)
  • Glitches (2.83%)
  • Hacking / Cheating (.89%)

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  • DrasitcJ Drasitc jd (@DrasitcJ) reported

    @VoteUplink @Treyarch @ATVIAssist This is how uk the game is still broken after all them updates.

  • serxphinaa oKz Seraphina (@serxphinaa) reported

    @Gabriel48476317 @luisromeronava @ApexxUpdates @PlayApex Giving free packs out just because there's server issues is stupid. 🤣 If that was the case, #CallofDuty would have to give out free packs everyday

  • Qwiddles Qwiddles (@Qwiddles) reported


  • illXwolf illxwolf (@illXwolf) reported

    I’m just going to say... if you play Apex, you can’t go back to COD. The sliding, the movement, you feel like the game is broken when you go back to COD lol

  • antsbbqshack Anthony (@antsbbqshack) reported

    @ATVIAssist @KingH8ME I’m having the same issue

  • BallisticFlash Adam (@BallisticFlash) reported

    @CallofDuty @Activision Hey your games glitched it gave me 1 item in a supply drop instead of 3 please fix.

  • Mrblend27 Blend (@Mrblend27) reported

    @BrignoliFabry3 @ATVIAssist @XboxSupport I’ve done everything that the website has recommended. Nothing has worked. This update added keyboard and mouse inputs and if I had to bet, this is where the issue has originated.

  • Mrblend27 Blend (@Mrblend27) reported

    @ATVIAssist The problem has nothing to do with the game itself. The problem is that the most recent Xbox one update has made it so my Xbox won’t recognize my external storage where COD is stored. But thanks for responding. It’s way more than @XboxSupport has done...

  • playmaiz1975 superavati (@playmaiz1975) reported

    @ATVIAssist @MEME515056095 I have problem with blackout I always have connection interrupted as soon as I started the game, Paraguay PS4 region. And it's not my WiFi because I have two consoles, in one game the bo4 in the other my son

  • J_hindocha Joy Hindocha (@J_hindocha) reported

    @BiebsTeamIndia @amazonIN @AmazonHelp What happened with me is even worse. It was a large package and the COD amount was less. The delivery guy took it by paying himself and marked it as delivered. @amazonIN said that as it's a lightning deal we can't issue replacement.

  • CrimsvnLoco Crimsνn (@CrimsvnLoco) reported

    @ATVIAssist @Treyarch can you guys fix the drone squad please they get one kill then they don't kill anyone else for the rest of the game.

  • casserole92 🛡️Vibrynth🛡️ (@casserole92) reported

    i know i ***** about cod alot but the experimentation with the series - you know, the thing people kept asking for, is NOT the root of modern day call of duty's problem, the problem is shitty business decisions - i.e. neglecting their pc ports, and P2W models seen in bo3 onward.

  • danspill dan spillett (@danspill) reported

    @ATVIAssist my black ops pass xbox one is not working there is a yellow triangle with an ! but no dlc for multiplayer but do have zombie dlc

  • Jackjac27084671 TheCV Show (@Jackjac27084671) reported

    Hey @TreyarchPC @Treyarch @ATVIAssist I cannot make any camo progression on my GKS in Zombies. Please fix this!

  • Jackjac27084671 TheCV Show (@Jackjac27084671) reported

    Hey @TreyarchPC @Treyarch @ATVIAssist cannot make any camo progression on my GKS in Zombies. Please fix this!

  • Saptarshi__Roy Roy (@Saptarshi__Roy) reported

    @CallofDuty Fix your ******* supply drops.

  • ianjohn762 Ian (@ianjohn762) reported from Folkestone, England

    @RealThunder402 As the player base dwindles or is separated by dlc the connection to other players becomes unplayable, soon as you see expanding search, stop playing, your gonna have a bad time, UK, EU, vs USA doesn't work, lag is real, loot boxes, WTF! Cod is dying.

  • AustinLinn31 Austin Linn (@AustinLinn31) reported

    @ATVIAssist @Treyarch please fix blackout. I play Xbox one x and I can’t play ONE normal game. Either it crashes or it freaks out and flashes colors on my screen. Random stuff like giving me 3 guns and I can’t even swap or drop one of them cause it’s stuck. PLEASE FIX!

  • PitchBBlack Blade 🐬 (@PitchBBlack) reported

    Controller is broken so no cod/fortnite until I get a new one. Guess I’ll be playing APEX on the pc for a few weeks.

  • xTrickshotDaddy Embrace (@xTrickshotDaddy) reported

    @ATVIAssist @deathtoreaper Problem still not fixed as I didn’t take a picture of my cod points before they disappeared

  • BAMAlexMcEwen Alex McEwen (@BAMAlexMcEwen) reported

    @DavidVonderhaar @Treyarch Vondy I always suck up for CoD but not in this case. The game feels sluggish after this last update and half the skins you guys showed off in the trailer are either paid or in the BS new reserve system. Yall gotta fix this fast or people will stop playing.

  • YoungMeaux 〽️eaux (@YoungMeaux) reported

    @CallofDuty fix the Xbox servers on Bo4 before I square up with all y’all!

  • aaronscool08 Aaron Cool (@aaronscool08) reported

    @Terroriser @CallofDuty Nothing a cluster grenade can’t fix bruh.

  • DrakeConEnt Contingent Entertainment (@DrakeConEnt) reported

    I tend to defend @TreyarchPC @CallofDuty however I can't deny I love having the error code "5445306792" after every update, making me have to uninstall and reinstall a game that's already nearly 100gb big.

  • Davidsjenni David Wallette (@Davidsjenni) reported

    @CallofDuty Fix their progression please

  • Davidsjenni David Wallette (@Davidsjenni) reported

    @CallofDuty Fix their progression back to what it was.. This is ridiculous

  • skizzlz31 Skizzlez_ (@skizzlz31) reported

    @VoteUplink @Treyarch @ATVIAssist Server lag is the worst it has ever been with the “hot patch”

  • jhops58 Johnny Hopkins (@jhops58) reported

    @CallofDuty Fix your game if you want people to actually like it

  • lReaprr HaVoK Reaprr (@lReaprr) reported

    @DDViP3R Play old gen cod. Booted, ddos, and derankings bout every week. Booted off bo4 once so far.

  • bridgeportguy27 Klaus Fuchs (@bridgeportguy27) reported

    @CallofDuty I’m prepared for the sound to be fix on blackout

  • MThorp777 Alex (@MThorp777) reported

    @Treyarch @Activision @ATVIAssist change the reserve system back what u guys have now is what made bo3 supply stream crash and burn. bo4's supply stream before this update was amazing. or if u guys want the system u have now go free to play

  • Rachelyoubish Fyodora Khulun (@Rachelyoubish) reported

    @Sol_Vasum The netcode kills 1 for me, 2 is fun though. I'd wish they either port it to modern consles/servers or somehow patch that hacking problem. Such a good cod gone to waste.

  • ozoneic ozone (@ozoneic) reported

    LOL join up with my friend in @CallofDuty and play a few games. then we get disconnected. i join up with him again and it says LOBBY NOT JOINABLE. @ATVIAssist you people need to FIX NETWORK CONNECTIVITY so joining WORKS 100% OF THE TIME and ABANDON THIS INSECURE UPNP NONSENSE.

  • TheBeardViking Lewis (@TheBeardViking) reported

    I can't believe I'm genuinely upset over a game of @CallofDuty. The end of that game was montage worthy. I lost my 5 minutes of fame due to the theater mode being broken. @DavidVonderhaar give me a shout-out on the next stream and we're good.

  • james6rocks Andrew (@james6rocks) reported

    @ATVIAssist Map pack not working on Xbox for me

  • Michaelacullen_ Michaela (@Michaelacullen_) reported

    @ATVIAssist Yeah it happened yesterday and it was fine it worked after a while but i was trying to get on tonight and it was giving me connection errors for ages and i cant get online

  • SonicRoseGaming Sonic Rose (@SonicRoseGaming) reported

    @thundershock24 @DFizzlio @ITz_Cyclone @NerosCinema @charlieINTEL People like you are the issue with the CoD community. The didn’t just remove reserves after tier 100. They also added a reserve drop system that allows you to constantly earn the drops throughout the season instead of grinding your ***** off to tier 100 first.

  • DevOpsInc DevOpsInc™ (@DevOpsInc) reported

    @InfinityWard @SHGames fix modern warfare 3 servers on playstation 3 please. i miss playing the game :/

  • oFlaxyy Flaxyy (@oFlaxyy) reported

    Quit sniping until Treyarch decides to fix their game or when the next cod comes out, mainly gonna be playing fortnite and apex from here on out

  • JCarney231 Joe C (@JCarney231) reported

    @jasonschreier CoD hasn't been hitting sales goals, Destiny divested, Tony Hawk skated away, and there are only so many Crash/Spyro remakes you can sell. Activision has to do something new if they want to continue to sell games under that name.

  • TheButterZone Alw*n Roe 🔫🌈 (@TheButterZone) reported

    @naijagym I took tablespoons of cod liver oil as a kid. No problem.

  • D_Don_Father TheDonkilliunimati (@D_Don_Father) reported

    @ATVIAssist yo active, help me out here my game is bugged out and glitch

  • HibbosRightFoot Oliver (@HibbosRightFoot) reported

    @MrBenLHall @ATVIAssist I'm having the same issue and no reply from them, or even a post on their own web page about a patch to fix varying issues.

  • Paradoxoffire Paradox (@Paradoxoffire) reported

    @pemdas_gamedev @Macspencheeze I understand this and agree entirely. My friend @Macspencheeze just has a problem with buying CoD games then complaining non-stop about everything in them. I don't understand why he doesn't just refrain from buying them at all.

  • VoteUplink VoteUplink (@VoteUplink) reported

    @RealCT__ @Treyarch @ATVIAssist they need to fix there game

  • GoldNeverHits GoldNeverHits (@GoldNeverHits) reported

    @Treyarch @CallofDuty Fix team killing. There needs to be a punishment for players that repeatedly kill teammates.

  • loki1504 Lisa (@loki1504) reported

    @ATVIAssist why does lX zombies crash after round 41 on ps4 what the hell thats 4 times now since the update im sick of it different people hosting aswell an the host crashes😠

  • Jafet34467303 Jafet (@Jafet34467303) reported

    @ATVIAssist fix the time to earn reserves...

  • ThisIsNotMyRea7 ThisIsNotMyRealName (@ThisIsNotMyRea7) reported

    @ATVIAssist can you please fix the microtransactions in bo4 you sick money hoarders

  • Paradoxx_sN -__- (@Paradoxx_sN) reported

    Please someone tell me who play tested BO4 and didn’t think the Ajax and Torque specialists were a problem @Activision @ATVIAssist @Treyarch

  • JayWet424 JayWet (@JayWet424) reported

    @ATVIAssist @bo3jags1876 Same problem here xbox one

  • ItsJustAjit ajit (@ItsJustAjit) reported

    fair enough this issue was debatable and controversial but her denial of re-entry could have been said, done and forgotten, cos we’re now even closer to being left ****** and the pressure on it is somewhat misguided COD of some new debate

  • ricardoperezh_ Ricardo Pérez (@ricardoperezh_) reported

    @Emaefeg @Treyarch @DavidVonderhaar @ATVIAssist @CallofDuty @Activision Same problem here @Treyarch if you can’t fix this return the money I don want a excluding game

  • ricardoperezh_ Ricardo Pérez (@ricardoperezh_) reported

    @Emaefeg @Treyarch @DavidVonderhaar @ATVIAssist @CallofDuty @Activision Same problem here @Treyarch if you can fix this problem return the money I don’t want a excluding game

  • Frostyy_Flakes Os Frostyy (@Frostyy_Flakes) reported

    @TheSmashTherapy @CallofDuty Nah, they KNEW THE GAME WAS BROKEN BEFORE IT EVEN CAME OUT

  • TheSmashTherapy Smash Therapy Gaming (@TheSmashTherapy) reported

    @CallofDuty Let me know when you fix your disgusting tier progression system and your duplicate sticker filled loot boxes. Then I’ll give a **** about everything else… But until then, **** off. We don’t care about your limited time modes…

  • 1748Pranav Pranav.M.1748 (@1748Pranav) reported

    @CallofDuty Stfu and fix the tier system

  • all_your_h8BVB James Hassell (@all_your_h8BVB) reported


  • dannyy_eu Surge Danny🤫 (@dannyy_eu) reported

    Why has my league play sent me from #2 down to #46 @ATVIAssist fix this

  • Raptorlord101 a person (@Raptorlord101) reported

    @seftonblake @slick_raccoon @SHGames They have to work on other cods. This is the problem with the cod lifecycle

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 103294
  • 262144
  • 32
  • 32770
  • 589856
  • 65536
  • 74
  • 8224
  • abc
  • abf
  • assetfile243.pak
  • bianca
  • eudora
  • lumen
  • polana