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Call of Duty is a first person shooter that is available for gaming consoles and PC. The game franchise includes Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Call of Duty: Black Ops and the new Blackout battle royale mode.

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  • TheWillToPlay Will (@TheWillToPlay) reported

    @NerosCinema They hated Nero because he spoke the truth. And their only counter argument is “this is just the COD cycle!!!”, trying to invalidate and shut down all discussion. MW has problems that the majority of hardcore fans hate, which is indicative of something being wrong.

  • ItsSteLaidz Fate Laidz (@ItsSteLaidz) reported

    @afflixtions @EA @PlayApex SBMM is the worst thing they have ever done to the game. FACT. Quitting Apex and playing COD if they don't fix it. 👍🏻 @PlayApex @DKo5 @ChadGrenier @chadbarb @thezilch @jonshiring @MonsterclipRSPN @RodneyReece7 @VinceZampella @pinedsman @Respawn

  • StrainDexq Dexq (@StrainDexq) reported

    I wanna play cod but nets being ass and i can barely play fort without lagging a bunch

  • maduk22 mark davies (@maduk22) reported

    @ATVIAssist @Activision @ATVIAssist paid content and unable get answers from you about a fix. Poor 👎

  • clellcom ChooTheMono (@clellcom) reported

    @ATVIAssist I play Modern Warfare on Xbox one and I've been having extreme lag, especially when I aim. The other player disappears only to reappear right in front of me. Some time I can kill him but most of the time I can't.

  • Karim08490632 Karim (@Karim08490632) reported

    @InfinityWard Im stuck in "Update requires restart" loop . Reinstallation dont help ... Please fix that

  • xFenixRed Crystal Mills 🎮 (@xFenixRed) reported

    @TheRealCowboy_ The problem isn’t necessarily that they’re well known streamers. They’re clearly wanting to capitalize on the popularity which is understandable. The issue is that they’re neglecting the people who SHOULD be CoD partners.

  • eslijunior Esli Pereira Júnior (@eslijunior) reported

    @ATVIAssist OMG, I cant play more than 5 minute on MW(PC)... without crash. Please, solve It.

  • owner_ben Alpha Ben (@owner_ben) reported

    @luk4graphics @abJ_FN @smnprtXX @RazZzero0oFN You said grinding for better aim on cod while you have aimassit on cod so you are practicing with aimassist to practise aim assist on a game with Too broken aim assist

  • rhid_w Rhyd (@rhid_w) reported

    @InfinityWard Please listen to the community i am begging. Please fix your hit detection, There's damming evidence, bordering on conspiracy at this point. The game feels really good moving around and shooting, please show its potential.

  • danijayson Daniel Jayson (DJ) (@danijayson) reported

    @InfinityWard After updating the game . I m not able to open the game . An error message pops up "data read error" . reply asap !!@InfinityWard @Activision

  • thacooter Matt 🍩 (@thacooter) reported

    @codpatatotwitch @CallofDuty Crazy, because it's not a problem for me or anyone else I play with. We keep kicking everyone's ass 😂 get better man.

  • KingLevi760 Levi (@KingLevi760) reported

    I can finally play cod cause i am not lagging

  • KalebNS Kaleb Stimmell (@KalebNS) reported

    I wish @ashtonisVULCAN and @JoeCecot and all other member of @InfinityWard would stop pretending that everyone loves your game. You guys are putting out surveys to fix it because it is so bad. Maybe listen to people's real issues in the first place. You were my fav devs but idk.

  • Olivia_Newby_X 💘RUANG KUPU² MALAM💘 @gwen_sashaaa69 (@Olivia_Newby_X) reported

    💘AVAIL SURABAYA PANLOK💘 Follow⤵ @RaraPanlok2 🔃@CiciAmoy_Panlok 💦HOT SERVICE 🏢 Exclude 📱 RR by DM 💰 Payment Must Be DP • NO COD 💦DPin Mimin Jamin NO Tipu² FOLLOW ADMIN GROUP @Olivia_Newby_X @Ruang_Iklan_Fre @Vannessa20201 @MawarFitria6 @RuangIklanAngel

  • Itz_BigDog Tiago Silva (@Itz_BigDog) reported

    @LonelyCheat @TheGamingRevoYT The problem its not COD, its Battlefield... The game lost its Call of Duty feeling.... COD always was, one the move, run and gun, hectic gameplay. Go watch Battlefield 4 gameplay and see if it isn't almost the same shit with improved graphics

  • DannyAndrews99 Danny Andrews (@DannyAndrews99) reported

    @CallofDuty @InfinityWard #ModernWarfare #SpecOps Classic mode Spec Ops on Safeguard in custom games is virtually impossible without a full team. Fix your ******* game. I honestly don't blame people for threatening your devs, if I were this shit at my job I'd get threatened too.

  • BattlefieldVett Hayha Accuracy (@BattlefieldVett) reported

    @MikeCas56973750 @InfinityWard Agreed. SBMM is the biggest problem. I'm a good player, good players play the same so theres no diversity in gameplay. Its worse for good players. Theres a reason why pro players dont go 30-0 in Pro tournaments.

  • PartyAtAdores | アunk ๓ernaid | ραяσ∂у | (@PartyAtAdores) reported

    ||Say what you want about Fortnite, least that fandom play the game properly. I would love to play a game of COD and not have have to deal with a bunch of idiots with 1975 in their PSN head glitch all ******* game.

  • mountaindewUK Mountain Dew UK (@mountaindewUK) reported

    @shrubsole24 @CallofDutyUK @CallofDuty Hi Lee, we've checked and there seems to be an error in your Tweet, it should be DoritosDewDrop, rather than DoritosDrewDrop. Have another go and you should get your code soon after.

  • SpikeUracil Spike Uracil ⚔️🛡️ (@SpikeUracil) reported

    @grabell74 @MrProWestie yeah i know that feeling :D the maps have a very weird size the only problem i have with online lobbys right now is the trash that is cod players sorry but every round feels like someone found a new way to completely ruin everyones experiences

  • Horea90621589 「 SKY 」 (@Horea90621589) reported

    @ATVIAssist i have a problem with the linked account from steam. In my call of duty app, i see i am linked to steam and i can't contribute on the clan rewards.

  • OldMateMarty Marty. (@OldMateMarty) reported

    Fix camo tracking you ******* idiots @InfinityWard @JoeCecot, this is the 3rd gun where the skulls camo doesn’t track at all. The R9-0 shotgun sucks enough as it is, I don’t wanna use it any longer than I have to.

  • Mr_LoveBoat LoveBoat (@Mr_LoveBoat) reported

    So the only main problem I'm having is when I plug my elgato hd60 pro in, I can only play games at 60 fps, now that's fine for the stream but I can't play on 60. Literally gives me a headache playing fort and cod that low.

  • flashbangbf5 flashbangbf5 (@flashbangbf5) reported

    @Darknightng Seeing what happened to BFV and DICEs live service I really hope @InfinityWard learn from their mistakes. Shoddy updates, constant changes and bugs has nearly killed that game base.

  • GilbertDelgado8 Not your business (@GilbertDelgado8) reported

    @CallofDuty for some reason now you are not able to set “Allegiance” as favorite faction. Now even when attempting to do so, it marks it as setting “Coalition” as favorite. Please fix it.

  • Jonesey088 David Jones (@Jonesey088) reported

    @RageOutland Yea. But those death streaks werent the core gameplay bro. I wish death streaks were the problem here. N no imo it doesnt feel anything like older cods. I started at cod 2. I still have cod 4, bo1, bo2 and mw3. They all played different than this

  • MiscFallen Fallen (@MiscFallen) reported

    @Hunnan_Suleman @MasterKhan_ @lillevy4 @Wisdom1q @CODMLGAthlete @JoeCecot @InfinityWard @SHGames Yeah well I admit SBMM in cod shouldn't be a thing all together. I just thought AW was real smooth and SBMM wasn't really a problem I know a lot of people hated it. In MW now I think SBMM takes the piss I hate it

  • ElektricEyes Sara (@ElektricEyes) reported

    Can't sleep as always sooo playing #Zombies #COD #BlackOps I need to get better omg I haven't played in hella long but was able to fix my disc so yay🤗

  • TheRagster_ Brian🌪 (@TheRagster_) reported

    @MJCheen That’s the issue 3 modern war far titles which one has been made 2 times now. Why couldn’t we just got A jet pack cod man. 😞

  • ramenchance RamenChance (@ramenchance) reported

    @CallofDuty injured kills for the knife are not working in #Modernwarfare I wanna compleat the knife skins but your game is not letting me because I’m pretty sure I got injured multiple times please fix

  • hemantc30198587 Hemant Chaudhary (@hemantc30198587) reported

    @BrassBrutal Cod is not working I'm also going for live

  • lilcockride Spaghetti (@lilcockride) reported

    @CRGundy17 @xGabriGx @CallofDuty You could literally sit mid and kill people as they spawned in nuke town, that was definitely a map flaw but never got fixed. Even got re released into newer versions of nuke town w the same issue. You need to understand not everyone who plays cod wants this clearly because..

  • Patidar010 himanshu patidar (@Patidar010) reported

    @MiIndiaSupport you are fooling people in sale, the option of COD is not working as you are not generating OTPs to verify, its more than 1 hour I am trying since, Stop fooling people and remove the COD option if u want pre payment

  • PadhugOnline Padhug (@PadhugOnline) reported

    I said after infinite warfare that infinity ward probably have 1 last chance to make a great call of duty game again before they get thrown off the dev cycle. I can not believe how terrible #ModernWarfare has actually turned out and every 'fix' breaks the game even more

  • carter2219 carter helwagen (13-0) (@carter2219) reported

    @CallofDuty pls fix the mid gunfight pause glitch. it’s ruining the game.

  • PartyAtAdores | アunk ๓ernaid | ραяσ∂у | (@PartyAtAdores) reported

    ||Playing COD WW2, I try and give SH the benefit of the doubt.... But WW2 is just a shit game. Shotguns do WAY more damage than they should. Head glitches are straight broken. Every game I've played this mortgage been ruined by LMG head glitchers.

  • Peter_hockey PAV (@Peter_hockey) reported

    @InfinityWard The lag is unreal after the update

  • HKheepal Harry Kheepal (@HKheepal) reported

    @WeaponX21087 @joepinooo @JoeCecot @Dy5function He started from mw3 even most of this iw staff never worked on old cod games that might be the reason that every game they release have so many issues.

  • HeikaLefi Nero (@HeikaLefi) reported

    @IronyMan_1 @ATVIAssist @DeeJayBliss1 I'm having the same problem here, I bought a 5000 CP and didn't receive it in game! It's been two days without any response, it's really annoying.

  • zsoltiba82 Zsolt Nagy (@zsoltiba82) reported

    @CallofDuty net code broken on xb1.feels like 1 shoot kill the automatic weapon.garbage.

  • MNXP6 MNXP (@MNXP6) reported

    This COD is broken af.... we need some changes soon lol

  • KWreckz KevinWreckz (@KWreckz) reported

    @ATVIAssist @ATVIAssist Waitingfor a reply on my issue not related to this tho. But my In Game Bonus Content I have not received!! Which I should have for redeeming code

  • finite_is LogicIsFinite (@finite_is) reported

    @CallofDuty #ModernWarfare you've really got to do something to fix the matchmaking. Half the games I end up in are stacked 6 against 4. Gotta balance it out. Force the teams to be 5v5 is only 10 people are in the server.

  • ClutchKx DKxClutch (@ClutchKx) reported

    Won’t be on for a while finally ****** my controller beyond repair Fix your ******* game @InfinityWard you useless ***********

  • ImDeemo Deemo3 (@ImDeemo) reported

    Crash plays terrible on #ModernWarfare... camping is worse than azhir cave. Holy shit #CallofDuty

  • ryan_ke23 Ryan Keefauver (@ryan_ke23) reported

    @ATVIAssist That solved the problem!

  • uniqueblessed Unique Williams. (@uniqueblessed) reported


  • phillyphil1977 steven c phillips (@phillyphil1977) reported

    @ATVIAssist Ate you guy ever going to address the ce_34878_0 error we keep getting in blackout when opening crates it is getting really bad

  • FSUP3RIOR Hunter (@FSUP3RIOR) reported


  • griimesey Cordell (@griimesey) reported

    Crash is the worst map in COD. Crash is the worst lap on COD. CRASH IS THE WORST MAP IN COD.

  • BrandonSeymou17 Brandon Seymoure (@BrandonSeymou17) reported

    @Activision @InfinityWard yall need to fix the double xp im tired of waisting the waiting for the game to start should only count down as you are actually in a match and only than

  • AzuruMy MyAzuru (@AzuruMy) reported

    @InfinityWard please fix modern warfare I am headshotting dudes and the shoot me twice with a mp5 and kill me#

  • PaulMoura3 J VENOM 94 (@PaulMoura3) reported

    @CallofDuty fix your trash ******* game

  • lilcockride Spaghetti (@lilcockride) reported

    @CRGundy17 @xGabriGx @CallofDuty Aight ima need you to point out where I said it’s not a problem. I said there’s no way you could expect them to change a section of the map just because the community dislikes it. I don’t remember a single map getting changed for that reason in cod history.

  • IssiWeeny Lordjabagamerdude (@IssiWeeny) reported

    @CallofDuty Fix your stupid game for the love of God, or at least acknowledge all the terrible issues.

  • MrWolfrang MrWolfrang (@MrWolfrang) reported

    @ATVIAssist did a scan /repair and now is sorted. but that glitch wasnt good at all. This is can be triggering epilepsy .i dont have but i havent feelt to good after 2minutes to seeing this

  • LaKsoh dare lak (@LaKsoh) reported

    @Red_boy1 @CallofDuty That’s not how it is, I’m literally in the sniping community and it’s a normal problem even with only 1-2 kills in feed max. They have posted they are attempting to fix it though, just found out

  • kimjongillah Breesus Saves (@kimjongillah) reported

    I am the only one experiencing issues like the game running slower and choppy since the last update to #ModernWarfare

  • SixFeet75681994 Six Feet Under (@SixFeet75681994) reported

    @ATVIAssist Please the control settings are very limited, I am not able to play, tactical mode play with inverted RT and LT. has few left-handed options, we need control remapping settings. Please fix this, FSP needs to have controls settings that players feel comfortable with.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 103294
  • 262144
  • 32
  • 32770
  • 589856
  • 65536
  • 74
  • 8224
  • abc
  • abf
  • assetfile243.pak
  • bianca
  • eudora
  • lumen
  • polana