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Call of Duty is a first person shooter that is available for gaming consoles and PC. The game franchise includes Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Call of Duty: Black Ops and the new Blackout battle royale mode.

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  • DausenMoore Dausen Moore (@DausenMoore) reported

    @ryan_evs31 @CallofDuty Yeah... But the none stop kill streaks are a huge problem and the TTK is WAY too quick.

  • VehnXO ‏ٰ (@VehnXO) reported

    @Xertful @ZZinkyu not my problem I wanna play the newest cod gringe tier

  • RandyWillard907 Randy Willard (@RandyWillard907) reported from Juneau, Alaska

    Having connecting issues. @ATVIAssist @CallofDuty for the past week. I am having trouble connecting on PS4. Takes about 20-30 minutes everytime. Please help!

  • Toonman509 Toonman (@Toonman509) reported

    @Activision @ATVIAssist @BeenoxTeam @CrashBandicoot Sooo....I just got a network error, thankfully I didn't lose my progress for all the Pit Stop and Grand Prix progress, but it negated all my Adventure Mode unlocks. -


    @corykelley89 @CallofDuty Both solid games but I lost my drive with them ,Destiny kept making you go to crucible for new items & Black Ops 4 just got old with the constant connection issues that I don’t experience in any other game I play ( even with port forwarding ) really hoping MW does it right

  • RealFlavioFan55 Lukas (@RealFlavioFan55) reported

    @ATVIAssist I have an issue regarding my COD mobile account, can you please check your DM’s.

  • 12bidoof ObiWanBidoofy (@12bidoof) reported

    @BreadHeroDan We arent demanding new and refreshing ideas to keep the gaming industry vibrant. The reason one cod release did so poorly is because it went too far from what know, so they went back to it the old formula, and that's the problem.

  • Airyz_ /eə(r)iːz/ ^ ω ^ (@Airyz_) reported

    @SkallEdit @AlexK0nstantin @CallofDutyFR @CallofDuty @TheSmarmyBum @Axiyum @Amyst_Edits Assuming you can find correct pointers there really isn't any problem, as the games code doesn't change between computers. If you access the addresses through the same pointers that the code uses, then it works universally. Easiest way to get these is to use 'find what accesses'

  • HazelEyez552 Lucian Empress 👑 🇱🇨 (@HazelEyez552) reported

    I got my heart broken today. Bae started playing COD and didnt invite me to his lobby 💔

  • loc0loco amal (@loc0loco) reported

    My stupid ass thought my cod ada technical issues, sebab tak dengar any footsteps. But actually, i lupa i tengah otp at that moment. Zzz silly ass

  • Troyseph_ Troy Gillis (@Troyseph_) reported

    I give MW 2 months before people start complaining its broken and 4 months before people start saying its boring and they ready for a new CoD.

  • LeonPowSRL Leon P (@LeonPowSRL) reported

    I think the main issue driving the disdain for this is frequency of releases - CoD gets maligned b/c it's an annual franchise with little change, but Pokemon or 3D Zelda has always been easier to stomach as you only see those series one or twice a generation

  • awesomeyoshifan awsomeyoshifan (@awesomeyoshifan) reported

    @ATVIAssist wireless wifi its not like this on other game's i have on the switch only on crash team its odd my internet is fine just the game

  • xx_FreekShow Freekshow (@xx_FreekShow) reported

    @ChadVelezis @CloudZESS @charlieINTEL @PlayStation_jp Micro's in general aren't a problem, plenty of people do them right and they're good for gaming. Activision though spend Millions yearly manipulating customers into predatory stuff and CoD is the prime example. idc how good IW Activision will make it a cash cow to run us dry.

  • bridgersimonsen Bridger Simonsen (@bridgersimonsen) reported

    All you girls say how dramatic us as guys are when we play videogames. Yet I haven't seen a broken phone since COD has came out on the phone...Just Saying.

  • RoseDratini 🎃🥀Rose🥀🎃 (31 Days🎂) (@RoseDratini) reported

    @said78951 @JokesterArcana @ShxdowMewtwo Dont judge the quality of a game by the company that made it, as none of the devs on Overwatch have any control over what the higher ups do. And if you think that you have to stop liking Crash Bandicoot, CoD, Destiny and All Activision titles.

  • syntiaxo 🎃Liv (@syntiaxo) reported

    my sister rly wants to "get into games" and idk what games to give her cuz i made her play cod which is the easiest game and she cant aim and move at the same time honestly shes so bad i never had this problem so idk what to do with her uhhhh

  • DeluxPlays Delux 🕷 (@DeluxPlays) reported

    @ladrodiragazze @ScufGaming they must have something wrong with them or something yes it will break if you slam it on the floor every 2 seconds but I have been using scuf since COD AW and none have broken

  • RealistStuart Stuartmate (@RealistStuart) reported

    @TrapGodTO Xbox one, because I’ve always been one of the last people to get cod outve my friends due to financial problems would be nice to finally be apart of the general gamers instead of the labeled Christmas noobs

  • TomahawkChopTX Chandler Lewis (@TomahawkChopTX) reported

    @YoItzDrew You say that as if it’s a problem to play the best cod ever two times 😏😂

  • Crainshaw83 Not A Futa Tim (@Crainshaw83) reported

    @Sharpp just by looking at the thumbnail, imo mw2 beats mw3 no problem, and what the heck, CoD on nintendo DS was lit 🤣 how dare you

  • D34THW1SH49 Michael (@D34THW1SH49) reported

    @Treyarch @CallofDuty Is there any way you guys can fix the bug where when you reset your stats in bo4 multiplayer, reactive camos are no longer unlockable... I've had this problem since operation spectre rising and I can't use my camos in custom games

  • LowKeyCham Cham (@LowKeyCham) reported

    @lyrimia @The_hollow_Ace i played CoD all day and still came out alright, the real issue are the parents imo let them know their limits, teach them how to deal with their anger, maybe take them on a walk, you know, actually ******* raise them properly instead of looking at facebook memes on your phone

  • realjaayshot Jay Intwala (@realjaayshot) reported

    This is stressing me out, I’m trying to edit a cod mobile video & the audio is not working on iMovie.. welp back to the drawing board & recording something else 😡🤬

  • ShzxnyP Spooky Shauny (@ShzxnyP) reported

    @Jzggernaut Nope considering selling my team Thursday night smashing CoD and returning for the Black Friday market crash

  • nikigeoghegan Novagiant (@nikigeoghegan) reported

    So I buy my first @ASUS_ROG gaming monitor and its broken, I was on the fence of buying it due to money and now I have to return it, I spent 1.5hs redoing my set up :(, I stream on twitch and wanted it for apex and the new @CallofDuty , when you wish you were partnered.

  • oohkimkaa 🍯카이촌🍯 (@oohkimkaa) reported

    I hope people at COD watched my stream so they can fix the crossplay lobby snsnsnsnsnns

  • Ronin_VII P̸̨à͜͏̨́i̷̸̷͢͠n̴̕͟͝ (@Ronin_VII) reported

    @CallofDuty i have a bad feeling that the servers are gonna crash from the account of people just wanting to play ground war. i dont even think tdm or ffa have a chance

  • GhettoDCowboy "GhettoDCowboy (@GhettoDCowboy) reported

    @Activision @InfinityWard @CallofDuty @charlieINTEL @DameAndThatGame Ok sry its been a while rembered 50 but its 25 🙊 at least fix the loadding error

  • ExquisitePlays Exquisite. (@ExquisitePlays) reported

    @thelovelyfall I’m probably bias because it was my first cod but I played MW2 and there was so much broken stuff like noob tubes, one man army etc but it’s definitely still up there; qs 1v1’s on rust will never be forgotten

  • cameron_hale8 Cameron Hale (@cameron_hale8) reported

    @02cidem @BaileyJIII @SloganF7Gamer @charlieINTEL honestly I just don’t get the issue with it. I buy CoD for multiplayer and campaign not a PVE survival mode lol

  • Tony_the_God SvtTony (@Tony_the_God) reported

    Me and Leo bouta have hella back problems when this new CoD come out carrying all my weak ass friends

  • ArianaGarab Arianarunpop (@ArianaGarab) reported

    @ATVIAssist I had a problem when I bought Wumpa coins , I bought for like 5$ worth and didn't receive them ! , ( my ps account is US , but the game isn't the US copy CD ) What should I do ;(

  • tsmyth1994 Tom Smyth (@tsmyth1994) reported

    @ATVIAssist hey I’m having issues pre-loading MW it comes up with not available after trying to download it. All of the packs downloaded though

  • Chucksince1988 Nofaux (@Chucksince1988) reported

    @DieMauerDie @bstategames Honestly, it’s very frustrating ... especially now when it’s release is going head to head with with COD now. I know we will miss out on a few players because of that . That being said, they’re choosing to fix the issues instead of releasing it with major bugs .

  • Hairy_James Hairy Jerome (@Hairy_James) reported

    @Sherwood_Red Gamers don’t crash in cod mobile

  • 7Herz herz. +*🦋🤟🏼*+ (@7Herz) reported

    @ATVIAssist fix cod7 stats reset!!!! im frustrated as hell! second time happening!

  • orlandoZ_TMR orlando zarria (@orlandoZ_TMR) reported

    @GaelPaquin @CallofDuty I mean for the ground war mode, the respawn was broken, a respawn with 2 seconds of invunerability would be fine, as in cod mobile, unless they improve the respawn system in ground war.

  • kohltonmiller Kohl 🍂🦃🎃👻💀 (@kohltonmiller) reported

    @Iamsowanted @1911cowboy @Dominik09704146 @Rushpil @charlieINTEL Due to development issues, we could only get MW2 Remastered next year. So this could be the first COD in almost the entire history of the franchise to have a 2 year life cycle

  • _TheMann Roadman Sosa (@_TheMann) reported

    Finna trade in 2k. Not wasting my time on a broken game anymore and cod coming this week.

  • Lunvinator ˡᵘᶰᵛʸ (@Lunvinator) reported

    Losing money on cod bcuz I have a broken finger and don't know how to quit 😂

  • HeatwaveDesigns Heather | Heatwave (@HeatwaveDesigns) reported

    COD Mobile needs to fix its in game chat so teammates can actually hear each other.

  • KC1294 Kyle Casey (@KC1294) reported

    @CallofDuty Hope you fixed the under the map glitch

  • KC1294 Kyle Casey (@KC1294) reported

    @CallofDuty Pope the under the map glitch

  • Brian_Steinman Brian Steinman (@Brian_Steinman) reported

    @maddyelizabethr Because they think this is CoD. Hence why when secure area and hostage was taken out of ranked you had players having issues with them being taken out. They don’t understand the term “tactical shooter.”

  • ZOMBIEKILLER464 Nick Rollinson (@ZOMBIEKILLER464) reported

    @VulLord666 @ODD_iwfusion @eSeMB43 @MrDarky_YT @mistamadvevo @Rich_T_Hall @Respawn @EAStarWars So Ow is 4 cod is 3 does not matter. free to pay is an excuse to have random rewards is bullshit and should go away. If they did what epic did in STW with their lootboxes fine at least I know what I am getting. mostly games that’s came out that is a live service has LB in someway

  • blackpinktwt peridot🎗 (@blackpinktwt) reported


  • ThinhVo20 Masterasia (@ThinhVo20) reported

    @anarchyethics @barkeep_hey @DRKLCNS @GeromeGutierre4 @Xcelsior_hs @SoundIsElectric Record revenue are not record profit. If you actually read report it clearly said all blizzard division were stagnating and only Cod was successful. Lay off was imminent. This was a result of missmanagment from last ceo which has to fix with company restructuring.

  • ZphynxDD Cal - Zphynx (@ZphynxDD) reported

    If you can get back to me and solve this that would be great because I really enjoy Crash Team Racing and would like to actually get my winnings and see that I finished 1st. @ATVIAssist

  • JonesPhins14 jiovanni (@JonesPhins14) reported

    @Rainbow6Game @seahawks4life88 It’s still annoying when it’s hard to even stay in platinum for more then a couple of days until I get banned from ddos more times then I finish a game, it’s so weird that r6 has this problem but when I used to play cod competitively up until last year and I switched

  • trojanXXL Zac Jeffries (@trojanXXL) reported

    @ColossusFunBets They will fix it when Cod MW drops. They will see everyone complaining then switching games. I bet they revert it, only after cod drops.

  • indelacio_co_uk jason beckley (@indelacio_co_uk) reported

    @ATVIAssist This still never got fixed, half a year later, nd a year after purchase, still unplayable broken game, really should get refunded, cannot ever play my game purchased full retail price as it always crashes and is broken and you haven't fixed it, can play more taxing titles no prob

  • SamsArcadeTV SamsArcadeTV (@SamsArcadeTV) reported

    I won't be streaming for almost a week #sad because of the internet issues i have. Getting a new router but hope It'll arrive and be all set up before cod releases 😅

  • Priyanka_twi Priyanka (@Priyanka_twi) reported

    @myntra Just deliver my product by tomorrow else simply cancel the order.SIMPLE!! This is not first time that I had bad service from u, purposely i kept COD coz I knew u people will surely create some issues. My bad that I ordered from u knowing ur horrible services.

  • pepituan 진영아!🧡사랑한다! (@pepituan) reported

    my biggest problem is online transactions which I can't afford to make plus the exorbitant shipping rates but Amazon gives you an option to COD which is the only way I can order stuff from online atm

  • Krystalangelaa spoopy🎃👻 (@Krystalangelaa) reported

    I think I may have a problem with screaming while playing cod

  • davetatu1 davetatu ⚽️🏆x6 (@davetatu1) reported

    @OnelDan They shud all look at CoD rarely problems with gameplay

  • bhattsaransh Saransh Bhatt (@bhattsaransh) reported

    @Uber_Support Solve the error that I am getting on the app, I can't place any order not even through COD.

  • AdeeshPHolla Adeesh Holla (@AdeeshPHolla) reported

    @firstcryindia I really annoyed by not having COD option for my login and ur customer care is useless in this matter . Just because of ur problem my cod option is blocked

  • BigPurpYT Big Purp YT (@BigPurpYT) reported

    @Detroit_te U can't miss one to get 3, 4 u need to go crazy.... just fix gym rat @NBA2K @LD2K. Nerf vc, yet demi glitches are a thing. N u shit the bed on another gonna buy a COD this game

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 103294
  • 262144
  • 32
  • 32770
  • 589856
  • 65536
  • 74
  • 8224
  • abc
  • abf
  • assetfile243.pak
  • bianca
  • eudora
  • lumen
  • polana