Is Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 down?

Call of Duty is a first person shooter that is available for gaming consoles and PC. The game franchise includes Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Call of Duty: Black Ops and the new Blackout battle royale mode.

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  • MoPNG_eSeva MoPNG e-Seva (@MoPNG_eSeva) reported

    @mishra_abhi Kindly note that the application is undergoing some service due to some technical issue, which will take some time for restoration. In the meantime, for your refill requirement, please book through IVRS on COD basis till then.

  • Exo_ZeusGaming Exo_Zeus Gaming (@Exo_ZeusGaming) reported

    South African Ping Problems! We all hate it! #rainbowsixsiegememes #rainbow #rainbowsixsiegefuze #rainbowsixsiege #rainbowsixgame #fortnite #callofduty #callofdutymemes #callofdutymodernwarfare #callofdutymobile #fortnitememes #gamingmemes #esports #esportmemes #evetech #eve

  • syedaazahra Phatima (@syedaazahra) reported

    my room lock has broken, Idk how to survive the beatings now. life is now like cod lmao

  • crisis187 ͌̅̐C͉̳╬r̞҈i͇͉̐s̳̣̅╗ǐ̲̗s̴̶͔͉̤̹̲̲͔̱̐̌ (@crisis187) reported

    Still thinking the worlds problems could be solved over a cod game

  • soapachu justice for the spag one (@soapachu) reported

    @LordButterbeard @StarrSpanPort My problem is that if I say Rhodri properly, everything else in the sentence comes out in a cod-Welsh accent.

  • Bileluksie 🌈🌸S’thembile💙🌈 (@Bileluksie) reported

    @sushimandi Lmfao gues i aint shit cos i will only fix rhe bed net cod i woke up there

  • itsgeorge707 CursedKNGZItsgeorge707 (@itsgeorge707) reported

    There’s a problem with the reticle in modern warfare. It appears on the sight itself when you turn sometimes. I play on max sensitivity and that would be pretty annoying for me me just saying @CallofDuty

  • bdo363314 Not Bdo (@bdo363314) reported

    Yo @Swagg you should try this for a clan video. It’s the most broken annoying thing in COD imo 😂

  • flashbangbf5 flashbangbf5 (@flashbangbf5) reported

    @BFsecretGames @BFBulletin It was more a question or observation than a compliant Dude. I just presumed it would be all hands on deck to fix the bigger issues that were supposed to be fixed by now and create more content and focus on the big stuff.More slide isnt goin to help it beat CoD when released

  • Peppy___KNL Ben (@Peppy___KNL) reported

    Had to end the stream early, apex kept crashing on me, tried something to fix it, testing out a few games now to see if it works. If not, my apex career may just be over and it’s on to siege until cod drops.

  • Imbloxian Omar (@Imbloxian) reported

    @Tofu My problem is that i stil cant use my visa to get robux and use ur star cod and im waiting for the day to get some robux from u tofuu! Name is xxmlgketchutxx

  • lDubbo Dubbo (@lDubbo) reported

    @A_S12 @Slasher @sbjsbd @FortniteGame I’ve played GTA since I was 7 COD since I was 9 and Battlefield since I was 11. I’m pretty sure I haven’t felt the need to go and get a gun. I’m from Australia and they sell these games worldwide also. It’s not a video game problem. It’s only a U.S. problem.

  • Auki_K Auki (@Auki_K) reported

    @ATVIAssist The issue is the Reaver in Black Ops 4 continues to be incredibly broken with zero counters. It was claimed to be nerf yet had zero impact. It's becoming painfully obvious where the devs priorities are. Squeezing every dime instead of making a good game.

  • punkbwoi PUNKBWOI (@punkbwoi) reported

    @VinceZampella @PlayApex I’ll just watch this game crash and burn at this point I liked it at first then realize I can’t get much without spending money and now I’m being called a freeloader for not spending money by devs I’ll just uninstall this game and move back to cod y’all devs suck

  • Shadow101481 Keith k (@Shadow101481) reported

    @Treyarch #BlackOps4 I suggest if you want people to continue playing your shit hole of a game you **** tards who say you “nerf” stuff in the game actually nerf it when is reaper going to be adjusted it lasts 5 minutes it’s bullsbit and the stingray is still broken and the reaver

  • Axton_Lunark Axton (@Axton_Lunark) reported

    @Rookie_425 ONLY problem I had with Infinite Warfare; there wasnt enough of it! I purposefully stopped playing two or three times before the last few missions because I didnt want it to end. Such an awesome story although I wanted a bit more interaction with the bridge crew, Gator especially

  • Vaks_tL Mike (@Vaks_tL) reported

    @IdealDriftz yeah, I actually have fun playing cod again. my only issue is people don't connect to me on mw2/3, I'm guessing its something to do with my connection even though my nats open and my internets fine

  • CrimsonNinjaTV CrimsonNinja (@CrimsonNinjaTV) reported

    @TreyarchPC @Treyarch @ATVIAssist You would think that you guys wouldve fixed the glitch which makes it so a person as a small prop can hide in the meshing of the world, since this has been a complaint for some time. Guess not though.

  • IAmChicoLuis ✨💎Luis (@IAmChicoLuis) reported

    Y’all see a man with broken Limbs , i see a Cod Zombie Crawler

  • BlackRoseRed21 KayCee 💖💙 (@BlackRoseRed21) reported

    @CallofDuty FIX BLACK OUT! when I first got this game it ran great, and now it's just problem after problem. The most irritating part is the 'lobby not joinable' error, all. The. Time. FIX IT

  • Dat1Shot Dat1Shot (@Dat1Shot) reported

    Update: I have no problem with the owner of Stellar Gamers I only have a problem with the people who were mean to me. I wish things could of gone better. I wish luck to all the cod players that represent Stellar. I Grateful for everything that @StellarGoshawk has taught me.

  • JohnwickMaga JohnWick MAGA (@JohnwickMaga) reported

    .@CallofDuty The last 2 days Blackout is having major issues loading into games, but specifically it is not maintaining a squad in the lobby!!!! It repeatedly kicks players out of the squad in the lobby!! Please fix it!!!

  • YaboiiMoe moe (@YaboiiMoe) reported

    @Treyarch @ATVIAssist fix shadows of evil pls

  • BSpiveS Bryan Spivey (@BSpiveS) reported

    I wish comp didn’t switch to ps4, or when playing throwback cod games, play them on the correct console. Ghosts on P4 has such a frame issue

  • Griff_Mendez Christopher Mendez 🇵🇦 (@Griff_Mendez) reported

    @BeenoxTeam Fix. The. Game. @ATVIAssist

  • Anubiz47562706 XGN Anubiz (@Anubiz47562706) reported

    @Jay_Crayy @PlayApex I hate D.R. but people use it like a new Cod gun it be broken at first but then the company need the weapon

  • Kuoda_Sway Anthony Kuoda P (@Kuoda_Sway) reported

    @IHOLDSHIFT @SpacemanSR Yeah but its 2 different things. OW started with this system CoD is trying to adapt to it. Im not saying its going to be bad Im saying if its not done correctly it can be a problem for any AM org trying to keep a team

  • 115acekiller 115acekiller (@115acekiller) reported

    @ATVIAssist I cannot connect to Call of Duty WW2 on my PS4. It keeps giving me an error code 4220 and says the servers are unavailable

  • yaboyymocha M O C H A (@yaboyymocha) reported

    All I wanna do is play COD WW2 rn but my disk isn’t allowing me to be great. Keeps giving me errors after download is complete

  • jamond_hampton Jay The Gam3r #HypeUnit (@jamond_hampton) reported

    @RLawGG Ah. That's just my own ignorance then. I had never heard of the org prior to the 2017-2018 cod season. I knew afterwards about the unpaid incidents but I didn't know about the other issues.

  • MitchGalvin GaLvZiNi (@MitchGalvin) reported

    @Reedy_1905 @Florida_COD Shredder and all round monster of cod at your service.

  • Wammy_X Nite (@Wammy_X) reported

    @Vepzys @FortniteGame all they should do is vault it from arena, if they do that and u still have a problem, just quit and play CoD: Mobile. It's a good game, 9/10

  • itsOutrageouss Cody (@itsOutrageouss) reported

    @TheSwiftTv @Muhzzle @charlieINTEL I could care less what happens with comp cod. I was trying to help you see you missed the point. My point, the original posts subject and 90% of this thread are talking about the franchise league not opens and locals. They play on console with a 3rd party attachment that has lag.

  • CMCManor CMC Manor (@CMCManor) reported

    @Chaosxsilencer Only issue how tourments gonna work because with our an open bracket system no talent can be found this is what could in my mind kill cod

  • HDL_m hadeel (@HDL_m) reported

    @BeamingBaphomet Save for the new cod if they didn’t fix the 2-2-2

  • CasterSamura1 Steven 'Samurai' Swain (@CasterSamura1) reported

    @HMRise_ Nah fam. BO4 has 99 problems, but being a good COD ain't one

  • NathanCanterbu2 Nathan Canterbury (@NathanCanterbu2) reported

    @ATVIAssist I'm on Xbox, my gamertag is IReCkLeSs JR 2 with the clan tag of Smol. I noticed this about 30 minutes ago when I went to check for it because I saw someone on Reddit have the same problem

  • Pouyamon Pooyamon (@Pouyamon) reported

    @ESPN_Esports @Nadeshot @CallofDuty @100Thieves Franchising with new brands is almost necessary when a big chunk of teams haven’t been in the esports scene for more than a year or aren’t completely new. This way it makes it a more even playing field. I would think 100T wouldn’t have a lot of issues with this since they’re new.

  • MarksmanSwift Jordan T. (@MarksmanSwift) reported

    @FaZeDirty g1itchking28 I knew every glitch in cod 4 you could think of and I could do them first try so my like 11 year old self said this name fits well😂

  • drawgroms mama where is dirt soup (@drawgroms) reported

    i wish blacklight retribution still existed so i could get my not-COD twitch shooter fix

  • frayer95 🦖 (@frayer95) reported

    @kjlayton98 @CallofDuty @Xbox I bet you didn't have a problem with it back when xbox got all the dlc and shit first lmao

  • Chronick17 Joshua Snow Agent Of Cyberpunk 2077! (@Chronick17) reported

    @vilebread @senormarkymark @JpOuterHaven Dude preach!! I bought a PS4 and upgraded to this generation for NEW IP'S. New ideas and overall new games. Anything new i always wanna support. But some people have no problem buying madden and COD every year. Yet when something completely new and is a mystery people bash

  • EthanStellar Ethan (@EthanStellar) reported

    @ATVIAssist I don't need to send you a DM about the frame rate. You guys know how bad it has been. Just fix it.

  • ItsKomn Komn 💎 #DareKomn (@ItsKomn) reported

    @Yav_VO @ATVIAssist Yeah they know. I’m just putting the word in it’s a minor problem that should’ve been fixed

  • chrislovesCOD1 R6 (@chrislovesCOD1) reported

    @Treyarch @ATVIAssist fix the charm bug

  • BigFudge734 Matt (@BigFudge734) reported

    The thing that sucks the most about the Ripsaw not working is that I won't be able to stream the CoD 2v2 Alpha this weekend.

  • morgan_wurm Taylor Morgan Wurm🌻 (@morgan_wurm) reported

    @ATVIAssist I'm having issues logging into my call of duty account

  • ChristianNova02 C Bos (@ChristianNova02) reported

    @MatMicMar @ATVIAssist Activision assist tries their absolute hardest to blame the problem on your connection or settings and takes every possible route to avoid them admitting they have a problem. The fact that they’re not even responding means even they don’t know what’s up and couldn’t care less

  • PhishMcBite Phish (@PhishMcBite) reported

    @FNBRUnreleased @XTigerHyperX @Ta5tyy2 @ITalkFortnite Bruh 10% of the community is "competitive" while the rest is casual, I would rather have fun in a game with broken things then be bored in a bland, normal game, thats why COD players stopped

  • KozzOwO Kozz² (@KozzOwO) reported

    If you take what anyone has to say on Cod twitter seriously you have a problem, all this revolves around video games.

  • lpursley12 Logan Pursley (@lpursley12) reported

    @Big_Sluggg @rickytickytaffy @CallofDuty Monitors will be broken... again

  • 00Exodus fbg meaux (@00Exodus) reported

    @pooncuddler 2k20 might be some hot buns tbh, and I’m a tryhard that’s been waiting for 5 to drop. CoD usually is amazing at selling hype so I could see the beta being broken af

  • Douttpv26 Bryan Doutt (@Douttpv26) reported

    @ATVIAssist Black Ops 4, using Wired, and not sure what NAT type but i think everyone is having the same problem

  • MaIIard Saiyan Aspen ⚡︎ (@MaIIard) reported

    @ClipsPSD @Curefuly @d6wkz @CovenVI @CovenSanctuary Ik we weren’t tryna take Divas logo or your name. I’m a cod player and a dzn for Coven. This a fort team not the cod so I don’t really see the problem but sorry it turned out this way g

  • SheepArePeople2 Sheep Are People TooⓋ (@SheepArePeople2) reported

    @SugarbanditArt @CoachDornRogal @HimikoEzio @GayHateAlliance It’s about representation. The same people crying about this are the same people crying about it in real life. It’s also the same people that cried about women characters in COD because ‘it’s not realistic.’ This should not be an issue.

  • s500rick Rich A 🇺🇸🇵🇷 (@s500rick) reported

    @74Texan @BaileyJIII @AtomicFirefly @NYPDnews @CallofDuty @NYPD67Pct It’s is., but like I said it’s not the total indicator ... there are families that are better off broken . A dysfunctional family is worst

  • 74Texan Cowboy (@74Texan) reported

    @s500rick @BaileyJIII @AtomicFirefly @NYPDnews @CallofDuty @NYPD67Pct Lack of parental involvement is a big issue.

  • SprintCarcast ElbowsUp Billy (@SprintCarcast) reported

    @Voozio_ @CallofDuty you know damn good and well the next gen consoles will be littered with problems like they always are, have the same controller style, and nobody is going to switch. cod isn't a power to get people to switch anymore. and if you value it that much, it's sad. and **** you too.

  • jeriiiiika jerika (@jeriiiiika) reported

    @IAmLegend1337 @dotcsb_ honestly though other than twitter drama i knew nothing of cod issues etc other than chris telling me about shit when we meet 3 years ago

  • Jujuwdct Juju (@Jujuwdct) reported

    @ProtusLogan @HYXRVortex Yep, like I said, they need to attract more casuals, video games are still considered a joke in the US, we have people thinking CoD is the reason for our gun problem... A lot of work to be done, but imo this is the first step, now it's CoDs turn to produce good titles

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 103294
  • 262144
  • 32
  • 32770
  • 589856
  • 65536
  • 74
  • 8224
  • abc
  • abf
  • assetfile243.pak
  • bianca
  • eudora
  • lumen
  • polana