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Cloudflare is a company that provides DDoS mitigation, content delivery network (CDN) services, security and distributed DNS services. Cloudflare's services sit between the visitor and the Cloudflare user's hosting provider, acting as a reverse proxy for websites.

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  • jcderr 🔛 (@jcderr) reported

    @GreatSnoopy77 @mipsytipsy @Cloudflare @jgrahamc I'd expect that cloudflare's firefighters narrowed down this problem going off more than just this CPU utilization graph and *** commits.

  • jcderr 🔛 (@jcderr) reported

    @GreatSnoopy77 @mipsytipsy @Cloudflare @jgrahamc At any rate, having written my fair share of after-actions, both for executive and line level eyes, sometimes you use one metric because it better illustrates the issue at hand even if - in situ - the firefighters were operating on a different metric.

  • ihatevista 7A2E1DCB​ (@ihatevista) reported

    Cloudflare blocks or challenges bad requests from hitting my website. #cloudflare 1 attack!.... *crickets*

  • GreatSnoopy77 Great Snoopy (@GreatSnoopy77) reported

    @jcderr @jgrahamc @mipsytipsy @Cloudflare Agree with that. And that is why you need to know how efficient your code is and how it uses the cpu. Higher level metrics (latency) is useful to identify why your customer suffer, but can't help you trace back the cause of the problem.

  • jcderr 🔛 (@jcderr) reported

    @jgrahamc @GreatSnoopy77 @mipsytipsy @Cloudflare Which is to say, it wasn't a problem of "not having enough CPU" but rather "code for which no amount of CPU would be sufficient."

  • jcderr 🔛 (@jcderr) reported

    @GreatSnoopy77 @mipsytipsy That was not the case for CloudFlare - they could not scale out to absorb this load, adding capacity to lower saturation would not affect the situation. CPU sat. was a symptom, but they found the actual problem by wading into POP logs/metrics to find the source of the latency.

  • CloudflareHelp Cloudflare Help (@CloudflareHelp) reported

    @v1ch0 @Cloudflare Appologies for this inconvience. We are aware and are looking in to a fix shortly. ~PW

  • Salmanalee Salman Ali (@Salmanalee) reported

    @Cloudflare ```Add Site``` because it's not working right now

  • KirbysLeftEye myjah (@KirbysLeftEye) reported

    @indie_grunge Oh yikes. My bro works for Cloudflare and manages a team down there so he's actually probably going to be relocating there...

  • _thomasparkes Thomas Parkes (@_thomasparkes) reported

    @Cloudflare Adding a new domain and get the following error: API Request Failed: POST /api/v4/zones (500) #Help

  • ckailash Kailash Chandrasekaran (@ckailash) reported

    @ViralLoopsHQ Hey 👋. Your product looks interesting 🙌. But, Cloudflare banned my IP on your website I'm a prospective customer browsing around your website to make a purchasing decision 💸 Please help! 🙏

  • Saeidadz Saeid Abdollahzadeh (@Saeidadz) reported

    Stopping the bad guys with Cloudflare: 13,022 malicious requests blocked or challenged in the last month #cloudflare

  • da_667 🖕(☉言☉)🖕 (@da_667) reported

    @armengar @benheise @paulvixie @FIRSTdotOrg >we approved both so you have the freedom to choose Yeah, but DoH has cloudflare and google support, which means its going to be something that you'll have enabled by default whether or not you actually want it. Technically they're right, but technically tomatoes are a fruit.

  • 63green Scott Wallace (@63green) reported

    I’ll never recommend @Cloudflare, because I cannot ethically impose a company with a 100%, or diminishing failure rate on any friend or associate. 14/x

  • 63green Scott Wallace (@63green) reported

    I’ll never use @Cloudflare. They have a 100% failure rate, and that number can go down, but it can never go away. 13/x

  • 63green Scott Wallace (@63green) reported

    Now, I’ve dealt with two @CloudFlare employees, one who is a criminal, and one who seems not capable of viewing this from a customer’s perspective. 10/x

  • PCCTxt 🔞Pony Concordia.txt🔞 (@PCCTxt) reported

    you know i have a feeling that cloudflare tweet revealed my hand ah well, i think it was pretty obvious anyways, the first thing this account posted was "AJ <3 ****". so uh damn. it be like that. I'll give everyone one piece of preserved PCC architecture - for moral reasons.

  • ClipGrab ClipGrab (@ClipGrab) reported

    Someone created a fake version of the ClipGrab website, spreading malware. Thanks @Cloudflare for taking it down within 24 hours!

  • 63green Scott Wallace (@63green) reported

    .@Cloudflare, despite having a copy of the message, refuses to acknowledge ownership of the problem, or even apologize for it. A pathetic company, ready to spam people via any means necessary.

  • 63green Scott Wallace (@63green) reported

    Never, ever have I done any business with @Cloudflare, but I've been relentlessly spammed by them for weeks, including on the day they had a world-wide outage. Sad, pathetic, spamming me even with messages to my @gofundme account. Shameful, pathetic, never will I use them.

  • ThatMahmood Mahmood Sabir (@ThatMahmood) reported

    At least I'm not the only person who's bad at using regex... #cloudflare

  • 63green Scott Wallace (@63green) reported

    Got a spam message from a grotesque salesman at @Cloudflare - to my @gofundme account. Never, ever, ever will I use CloudFlare because of this. Pathetic companies that abuse GoFundMe messaging will never get my business. CloudFlare has proved themselves a sad joke.

  • DaveCompGeek Dave Computer Geek (@DaveCompGeek) reported

    @Cloudflare Please support @dotscotregistry domains and I might be interested

  • phyzonloop Cloudflare Supports Criminals (@phyzonloop) reported

    @Yank @pydanny @billpollock @OReillyMedia @Cloudflare @Cloudflare absolutely supports illegal distribution of intellectual property and copyrighted materials on their network. They will NEVER terminate a client for violation of their own policies. Their abuse form is a joke and results in no action. #cybercrime #theft #Copyright

  • brokep Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi (@brokep) reported

    Give me, let's say like 1 billion EUR, and I'll make a european cloudflare, a european (distributed) facebook clone (and I'll have enough money for lobbying to make it work) and I'd even throw in a european cloud service that will compete with AWS.

  • buzzpoint BuzzPoint (@buzzpoint) reported

    @Cloudflare we have been waiting 3 days for a response to our support ticket now, can you please help with this and get back to us.

  • IanKoHoman Ian Homan (@IanKoHoman) reported

    @CloudflareHelp and even cloudflare CDN services hasn't worked in a stable manner on charter / Spectrum connections. I know I had issues with AT&T but recently I got reports from website viewers that they have trouble with Spectrum my self included.

  • IanKoHoman Ian Homan (@IanKoHoman) reported

    @Cloudflare and even cloudflare CDN services hasn't worked in a stable manner on charter / Spectrum connections. I know I had issues with AT&T but recently I got reports from website viewers that they have trouble with Spectrum my self included.

  • pfandrade_ Paulo Andrade (@pfandrade_) reported

    Looks like I have some work to do 😉. Thank you @troyhunt for providing this service and for going so far as to provide actual code for a proxy on a @Cloudflare worker! 😘

  • troyhunt Troy Hunt (@troyhunt) reported

    @TylerSzabo Absolutely, they’re provided 100% for free with @Cloudflare’s support

  • poolfloatie411 pool floatie info (@poolfloatie411) reported

    @ON8CB @letsencrypt @Cloudflare this is #terrible and I #wont #putup #withit

  • incessantbeat ·ー ー 💕 (@incessantbeat) reported

    hm seems like konnect is using CloudFlare as the CDN (content delivery network). basically the static website is stored on a bucket, then CloudFlare stores it on their server network then redirect traffic accordingly. CF's network is pretty large and reliable so 👍👍

  • MrGALL Oleg Bozhenko (@MrGALL) reported from San Diego, California

    @dimetron Cloudflare DNS is an upstream for both pi-hole and router DNS. The request time is almost the same but pi-hole provides more controls for blacklist and stats. I'll improve my script to make sure it's an issue with pi-hole and not ISP or upstream before switching DNS for network.

  • Scarasyte 🇺🇸 Blakjak / Scarlet Moon 🤡🌍 (@Scarasyte) reported

    @_DeadFred @getongab @ronshank Looks like a Cloudflare issue. This is why I don't trust Cloudflare. So many people use it, which puts them into a position of being a gateway to information. You have to go through them to get to your favorite site. The perfect climate for a marxist censorship takeover.

  • phyzonloop Cloudflare Supports Criminals (@phyzonloop) reported

    @Cloudflare - THE online safe haven for thieves who steal your intellectual property. Don't support companies who protect websites like these. #cybercrime #cloudflare #theft #DCMA

  • mtasic85 Marko Tasic (@mtasic85) reported

    @Yank @Cloudflare Please check tweets from South-East Europe at time reported. It was restored few minutes after I posted, but for sure many websites stopped working, and people reported issues.

  • wsv3000 William Vincent (@wsv3000) reported

    @pydanny @Google @Cloudflare If I created a site that copied google results yet swapped in my own ad network I bet Google would take action.

  • Abhi__Khatri Abhi Khatri (@Abhi__Khatri) reported

    @Cloudflare It’s okay to have an outage from time to time so a 10x engineer can come out of his cave to fix it! 🤣

  • stefanisg George Stefanis (@stefanisg) reported

    Using a different DNS like @Cloudflare will help you avoid that.

  • pydanny Daniel Roy Greenfeld (@pydanny) reported

    Sure, I can file DMCA takedowns. So can thousands of other authors and publishers. I can spend hours filling out forms the scam sites ALWAYS ignore. But we shouldn't have to. @Google should shut them out of search and @Cloudflare shouldn't help them host theft-based sites.

  • bartgrefte Bart Grefte (@bartgrefte) reported

    @Yank @CloudflareHelp Thanks :) , now let's hope there's someone willing to tell me what caused this, so far I only know it's because of "security events". That's all the Cloudflare support employee was willing to tell me before I opened the topic.

  • Fevix Fevix Darkwatch (@Fevix) reported

    @Lugiavore96 @furaffinity DDoS, or Distributed Denial of Service, is not a data theft attack. It's simply a bunch of computers ordered to flood a certain server with traffic so that nobody else can access the server. Furaffinity has DDoS protection through Cloudflare, though, so that's not what this is.

  • Yank Ryan K (@Yank) reported

    @PlutoniaFR @Cloudflare @CloudflareHelp Please email support@cloudflare from your account email address, and be ready to verify some info. Our support engineers can assist.

  • sidnet_en Sidnet (@sidnet_en) reported

    How to be #transparent about a failure 👍 @Cloudflare provides a detailed report on the recent outage that affected a big chunk of the Web

  • JaydenKieran Jayden (@JaydenKieran) reported

    @Cloudflare pls support premium domains

  • adspedia Val Vesa | Social Media & Travel (@adspedia) reported from San Francisco, California

    @jdaalder @adriel @Cloudflare Never lose faith 😎.

  • jontybehr Jonty Behr (@jontybehr) reported

    @cloudflare was down in London for 10 or 15 minutes again last night. No status report, no twitter updates, nothing. Not good enough.

  • Darawindor Darkrai-windor (@Darawindor) reported

    So it seems BT is down, not due to missed payments this time... It's due to CLOUDFLARE. Please stop using that service...

  • ChiefScientist Alexy Khrabrov (@ChiefScientist) reported from Oakland, California

    Breaking! @cloudflare trademarks its next slogan: “If there’s a man, there’s a problem. When there’s no man, there’s no problem.”

  • ChiefScientist Alexy Khrabrov (@ChiefScientist) reported from Oakland, California

    Breaking:l! @cloudflare trademarks its next slogan: “If there’s a man, there’s a problem. When there’s no man, there’s no problem.”

  • ChiefScientist Alexy Khrabrov (@ChiefScientist) reported from Oakland, California

    Breaking: @cloudflare trademarks it’s next slogan: “If there’s a man, there’s a problem. When there’s no man, there’s no problem.”

  • razali3064 raz (@razali3064) reported

    Cloudflare blocks or challenges bad requests from hitting my website. #cloudflare

  • MarcusTechKat 🌈 E'eryday Is Pride 🌈 (@MarcusTechKat) reported

    @KokkinoEnter @furaffinity This isn't the fault of Cloudflare, the issue is due to software that's vital to FA's operations following maintenance. Things happen, and I can't imagine the endless hours FA's server team have been giving to fix it.

  • KokkinoEnter Kokkino Entertainment (@KokkinoEnter) reported

    @furaffinity Cloudflare's been messing up lately. Even my personal website is down.

  • tabwire Tabwire (@tabwire) reported

    @zulxr2 @Munzr12 @BIackoutR6 @Shahbaz28149872 @Rainbow6Game Again, Cloudflare cannot help us. Direct service IP is: Go ahead, give it to your professional DDOSers. P.S. All the DDOSers here are trash, the professional ones are super expensive and don't DDOS games, they DDOS bigger stuff. Max DDOS you guys can do is 20GB/s.

  • mavrickmaster Daniel ‘mavrick’ Lang (@mavrickmaster) reported

    trying to use @grpcio with @Cloudflare is next to impossible it seems. there is a massive gap in the market for proper #grpc #protobuf #swagger #openapi support - so much time and effort going into setting up the correct backends to get something running on #

  • markshust Mark Shust 👨‍🏫☕️🚀 (@markshust) reported

    @ericerway @SergiiShymko it was 25MB. cloudflare took it down to 5MB 😂

  • sebtweet Sebastien Lahtinen (@sebtweet) reported

    @GossiTheDog Funny how their status page has nothing about it now.. when I refreshed last one it showed 'minor' outage very briefly.. not sure if it's a rendering issue or what but I saw many sites down from the UK.. should have been flagged on @cloudflare status page

  • RapidTheNerd George (@RapidTheNerd) reported

    @xBytezz @discordapp Cloudflare in Manchester took a shit earlier, might be related

  • SolNekoVS Sólo habla en inglés Neko (@SolNekoVS) reported

    cloudflare outage at worst time