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Cloudflare is a company that provides DDoS mitigation, content delivery network (CDN) services, security and distributed DNS services. Cloudflare's services sit between the visitor and the Cloudflare user's hosting provider, acting as a reverse proxy for websites.

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  • 2012_charger 2012_dodge_charger (@2012_charger) reported

    @En0ughCS @veghlevike @csmoneytrade @mibr @furiagg unfortunately it wasnt cloudflare. Valve was having csgo inventory issues like it has for the past several years never fixes and causes shit like this. if ur that pissed off tweet valve and tell them to fix their dogshit servers, worry about players, and stop making cs a cashgrab

  • bcoops222 Benjamin Cooper (@bcoops222) reported

    @hipsterelectron @Authy Any time an app says they need Google Authenticator, they're lying - they just need *a* QR code app. On the other hand, Authy actually does have a proprietary standard that some places support (@Cloudflare and @twilio I believe). But yeah switching apps sucks ass.

  • _Nimoa Nimoa (@_Nimoa) reported

    @CloudflareHelp @Cloudflare Please, listen to your users (even if i don't think you guys care at all since you have the monopoly) and get back to reCaptcha. @hCaptcha is just a terrible user experience and a pain in the ass. Legit everyone I know is struggling with it.

  • _bplank Brandon Plank (@_bplank) reported

    Thank god for @Cloudflare, they let me know when someone hacked my server. They managed to change my root password, and even shut my website down. Nice try whoever you are. I have your ip. Except charges to be filled.

  • Pinsky Howard Pinsky (@Pinsky) reported

    @mrae19 I’ve gotten several emails from a Cloudflare rep asking me to reactivate their service on a website that I no longer control. It’s crazy.

  • yuki_hime Annette Polis (@yuki_hime) reported

    @PirateBL_R @GameStop It's looking like a Cloudflare issue to me.

  • yuki_hime Annette Polis (@yuki_hime) reported

    @Lady_Saga @GameStop I'm guessing they are having an issue with Cloudflare.

  • justaddScott justaddScott (@justaddScott) reported

    Never mind its CloudFlare being stupid.

  • pleasantsmell mycahm (@pleasantsmell) reported

    I saved like 40 bucks a year moving my two domains from godaddy to cloudflare. I have no idea why I didn't do that years ago, godaddy sucks.

  • Randy070707 Randy (@Randy070707) reported

    @alnewscenter BAD GATEWAY The web server reported a bad gateway error. Ray ID: 57c49640695ef246 Your IP address: Error reference number: 502 Cloudflare Location: Chicago

  • fastcup FASTCUP (@fastcup) reported

    Important news If you have any troubles with loading FASTCUP website! CloudFlare, which protects us from DDOS attacks and boosts our website perfomance is experiencing overload. Quarantine problems 🙄 #FASTCUP

  • Samos89 Obiwanshinoobie (@Samos89) reported

    @ellektrikk @rxysurfchic -its everyone it seems, I cant access my dashboard, people cant log in. Would imagine theres an issues with Cloudflare right now

  • sgisasi Sergi Isasi (@sgisasi) reported

    @ritakozlov_ @elithrar @Cloudflare third type: Launch but never have to scale.

  • magiceldridge Eldridge Alexander (@magiceldridge) reported

    Try it with: docker run -e SERVICE="cloudflare" -p 53:53 -p 53:53/udp eldridgea/dnsonward and "service" can be "cloudflare", "google", or "quad9". Or be manually configured for different services with flags in the Readme.

  • cheeaun Chee Aun 🦄 (@cheeaun) reported

    @yoniweisbrod @Cloudflare @hCaptcha Personally find it interesting to see companies switching to another captcha provider. Also never heard of hcaptcha 🤔

  • tutulemma2007 Cenk Tezel (@tutulemma2007) reported

    Cloudflare blocks or challenges bad requests from hitting my website. #cloudflare

  • ocdtrekkie ocdtrekkie (@ocdtrekkie) reported

    @Hans5958 @jgrahamc @Cloudflare Google is the largest threat to privacy and freedom today. reCaptcha is the worst possible choice.

  • HookahElites HookahElites Promo (@HookahElites) reported

    Yes I've been getting cloudflare and 503 error code ... it's time to change to tdameritrade good customer service and no problems

  • HookahElites HookahElites Promo (@HookahElites) reported

    Yes I've been getting cloudflare and 503 error code ... it's time to change to tdameritrade good customer service and no problems

  • HookahElites HookahElites Promo (@HookahElites) reported

    Yes I've been getting cloudflare and 503 error code ... it's time to change to tdameritrade good customer service and no problems

  • tinmanamnit $? (@tinmanamnit) reported

    @DOStatus Thanks for the response. When I try to create a ticket, I get the same cloudflare recaptcha loop. I cant login to login, I cant login to open a ticket... super frustrating and I have clients that are waiting for me to fix this...

  • OctolusNET Octolus (@OctolusNET) reported

    @mosafari7 Looks like @Cloudflare issue.

  • Seriaska Seriaska (@Seriaska) reported

    Damnit, got terabytes of archives to search for powa. Ill say this... we leveraged a 10k+ bot network to send more than 100gb of data targeted BEHIND cloudflare, to kill the sources. Hats off to @Global_hackers for the #lulz those days... I do NOT FORGET, and I do NOT FORGIVE

  • OdisRiedl Odis ⚡ (@OdisRiedl) reported

    @EhhThing @hCaptcha @Cloudflare Oh I only had two yet, took me about the same time as the google ones. Needing many minutes is bad/crazy :/

  • CureCustard Cringeass Nae Nae Twinkle ✨ (@CureCustard) reported


  • inkydink815 Inkydink (@inkydink815) reported

    @discordapp Status page says “502 Bad Gateway” and cloudflare beneath that. I’m also having slow message send times and some failures.

  • Dunnymeister Dunnymeister🚽 (@Dunnymeister) reported

    In most cases this won't be an issue, other than making you more dependent on Cloudflare if you don't support HTTPS on your site already.

  • NicoMercier1 Nicolas Mercier (@NicoMercier1) reported

    @xxdesmus @Cloudflare My request is not on removing content, just stop the service.

  • CodeAngel3 CodeAngel (@CodeAngel3) reported

    Stopping the bad guys with Cloudflare: 152,801 malicious requests blocked or challenged in the last month #cloudflare

  • aware_online Aware Online (@aware_online) reported

    @Roachsec_ To do this simply: 1. Go to “Network” 2 Go to “Change adapter settings” 3. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (and also 6) 4. Select “Properties” 5. Select the manual option to change DNS settings 6. Fill in a DNS server* For example: (CloudFlare)

  • citizen_hack Citizen Hack (@citizen_hack) reported

    @eastdakota @hCaptcha @Cloudflare But so far my experience with hCaptcha is terrible as of right now.

  • eastdakota Matthew Prince 🌥 (@eastdakota) reported

    @citizen_hack @hCaptcha @Cloudflare We are. So far the reaction is 10:1 positive:negative. And I’ve been impressed at how willing to engage and fix issues raised by users the @hCAPTCHA team has been; something our previous provider was slow to do.

  • citizen_hack Citizen Hack (@citizen_hack) reported

    @eastdakota @hCaptcha @Cloudflare @hCaptcha is literally not made for humans please look at the hate hCaptcha is getting. Even if you want to move away from reCaptcha at least use a captcha service that humans could complete. Do me a favor and look at the hate hCaptcha is getting. Maybe listen to your users.

  • eastdakota Matthew Prince 🌥 (@eastdakota) reported

    @citizen_hack @hCaptcha @Cloudflare Actually, over the years I got sick increasingly of the privacy concerns using a Google service created. And when Google said we’d have to pay $10MM+ per year to continue to feed data to the Googleplex I said enough is enough. And, to be clear, we pay hCAPTCHA, they don’t pay us.

  • smallypaula Smally #NHSLove ❤️ #Fibromyalgia #Barrett’s #TDC.. (@smallypaula) reported

    @Cloudflare I am not technically minded at all. I have no idea what part of my iPads system you operate, but it is VERY annoying that your certificate for Cloudflare.DNS is deemed a security risk. Can you please fix it URGENTLY. If it continues I am sorely tempted just to block!

  • citizen_hack Citizen Hack (@citizen_hack) reported

    @OdisRiedl @EhhThing @hCaptcha @Cloudflare hcaptcha is garbage even recaptcha was better and wasn't annoying. hcaptcha is just pure shit

  • Jaxidian Shane Milton ☁️ (@Jaxidian) reported

    @ArtemR @Cloudflare I have some sites behind Cloudflare with monitors that do a healthcheck every minute. I had no outage alerts.

  • anaelgr 📌 Anaël (@anaelgr) reported

    @ArtemR @Cloudflare No problem from France.

  • eastdakota Matthew Prince 🌥 (@eastdakota) reported

    @wiredfire @AdGuard @Cloudflare Not seeing any systemic slowdown for DNS is tiny fraction of load on our network; could increase by orders of magnitude before it would result in a problem. The more likely cause is congestion on some ISPs that are underprovisioned and seeing spikes in streaming usage.

  • efreyreg Ernesto Freyre (@efreyreg) reported

    A month ago I was playing with #Cloudflare Workers. published 2 posts, but also built a new service to help deploy front-end apps. Never shared before because is missing the documentation. I guess I have time to write now.

  • crayontrap crayontrap (@crayontrap) reported

    @torrentfreak ******* hate cloudflare God damn

  • thisinhaste ᴅ.ᴇ. (@thisinhaste) reported

    Major delays on DNS, both Google and Cloudflare. Odd. Solved broader speed problem by venturing in to the common areas of the Rather Cheap Apartment and rescuing the wi-fi device from lying on its side under a bag of garbage. Onward.

  • thisinhaste ᴅ.ᴇ. (@thisinhaste) reported

    Major delays on DNS, both Google and Cloudflare. Odd. Solved broader speed problem by venturing in to the common areas of the Rather Cheap Apartment, and rescuing the wi-fi device from lying on its side under a bag of garbage. Onward.

  • emilstahl Emil Stahl (@emilstahl) reported

    @Cloudflare @CloudflareHelp @jgrahamc @Jerome_UZ Hi. Can you please take a look at ticket #1858573. There seems to be problems in CPH, Denmark again (there was yesterday too) it seems to affects all your customers hosted at us AS48854/AS207199 and other providers too.

  • eastdakota Matthew Prince 🌥 (@eastdakota) reported

    @danselstory @mr_stark_tweets @Cloudflare @cloudfront @jeffbarr @Werner No they’re definitely not. Akamai likely still holds that crown by a wide margin. And, yes, got explanation directly from head of product for CloudFront. Suffice it to say: it wasn’t very customer-friendly.

  • jbphebus Mr. Beverages (@jbphebus) reported

    @Cloudflare cancel your ICE contract *************

  • eastdakota Matthew Prince 🌥 (@eastdakota) reported

    @danselstory @Cloudflare @cloudfront We'd love to. Unfortunately, they're not as customer-focused as they pretend to be. While it's been terrific to work with almost every other cloud provider, they're less interested in the ecosystem and more about capturing their customers and locking them in to their own service.

  • xxdesmus Justin (@xxdesmus) reported

    @bhsjacket @Cloudflare The SSL certificate warning you’re seeing at the moment looks to be coming from your hosting provider. Please reach out to our support team if we can help.

  • ikani Ikani (@ikani) reported

    @zukarotravon @CrimsonFletcher AWS wouldn't work since the code that runs FA can't handle multiple servers, but a proper configuration of cloudflare (which they do use) would help quite a bit

  • NYCTrumper Gotham Patriot (@NYCTrumper) reported

    @Cloudflare Don't be shocked if the internet goes down in the next two weeks...….just saying...

  • Windemere22 DEMOS: Vote-By-Mail! Vote Absentee! No Lines! (@Windemere22) reported

    @Cloudflare You are cashing in from some of the most virulent websites who want to destroy our democracy...and help them hide from knowing who they are. There's a point where you have gone too far.

  • itsmatteomanf Matteo Manfredi (@itsmatteomanf) reported

    @danselstory @Cloudflare On the “inside”, but not actually an employee... I would recommend you open a thread in the community for this with your doubts. It’s really not that hard, once you know how to start RDP on Windows and how to install a service..

  • TheItzAidan Aidan (@TheItzAidan) reported

    @Cloudflare Could you please go back to reCaptcha. @hCaptcha is so bad it takes forever just to get into one site.

  • dnsmichi Michael Friedrich 🦊 (@dnsmichi) reported from Zirndorf, Bavaria

    @raghuvarma330 @gitlab @gitlabstatus Might have had an influence from the prior cloudflare migration window. If it still persists, please hop over to the forums where community members can help. I'm chiming back into my stayathome weekend ;)

  • KentonVarda Kenton Varda (@KentonVarda) reported

    @_julianschiavo @Cloudflare Make sure the module is using WebCrypto APIs to do crypto. There's a lot of libraries out there that fall back to very very slow pure-JS implementations of crypto that easily exceed resource limits, but if they use the WebCrypto API instead they should be fast.

  • _julianschiavo Julian Schiavo (@_julianschiavo) reported

    @nathfreder @Cloudflare I was actually able to generate JWTs with Workers by making a custom implementation, but I moved to an alternative solution because of other issues

  • DIYallthethings ADC (@DIYallthethings) reported

    @CloudflareHelp Additionally @Cloudflare i have evidence of previous plaigiariam by this same company. I was not able to submit that info via your form. This is an e-commerce store, time is money so I need help ASAP.

  • rmischook Richard Mischook (@rmischook) reported

    Looks like @gitlab migration not going too well: "March 28, 2020 11:58 UTC[Update] We are still working with Cloudflare on name resolution issues and will post again in 10 minutes." 😒

  • MLGMelon Norman (@MLGMelon) reported

    @TechnicianMusic Hmm, i'm up to date, latest stable build and autossl seems fine. I turned on errors in my emails so i could see what was happening when autossl failed but i guess you don't have that. If it gets bad, park your domain on cloudflare and use their SSL (flexible ssl) - it's free too

  • lexrodba Àlex @ Mars 🚀 (@lexrodba) reported

    I've disabled @Cloudflare just in case, but that's not the problem either. I guessed I was getting the updated content but Facebook wasn't, for some reason. I'm completely stabbing at the dark, here. Google isn't helping either...