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Cloudflare is a company that provides DDoS mitigation, content delivery network (CDN) services, security and distributed DNS services. Cloudflare's services sit between the visitor and the Cloudflare user's hosting provider, acting as a reverse proxy for websites.

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February 25: Problems at Cloudflare

Cloudflare is having issues since 12:30 AM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • rappet_ rappet (@rappet_) reported

    @tqbf The problem was never DoH itself. The problem is using Cloudflare as default resolver.

  • snorkel42 snorkel (@snorkel42) reported

    For crying out loud @Cloudflare no I am not bloody interested in your WAF. Stop with the endless calls/emails about the damn thing.

  • I_am_a_Benjamin Ben Lavender (@I_am_a_Benjamin) reported

    @PowerDNS_Bert @Cloudflare @Akamai They run different DNS servers to prevent large scale issues thankfully

  • eevee 💗🍓 eevee 🍓💗 (@eevee) reported

    curse you, firefox. you've forced me to interact with cloudflare, a thing i was somehow browsing the web without already doing, and taken away the service provided by that company i chose out of all available options because i judged them to be the most trustworthy: comcast

  • softchassis C:¥>NADIA.EXE (@softchassis) reported

    @gravislizard Man I'm really starting to hate how much the entire internet revolves around ****** Cloudflare. Half the websites you go to are using cross-website content from Cloudflare, sometimes the entire website is X domain but the entire thing is Cloudflare, ****

  • JMBusSec JM Business Security 🇬🇧 (@JMBusSec) reported

    @TheHackersNews I have been using DoH with cloudflare since the feature was made available on Firefox. Also using CloudFlare on my phone instead of the Google default with no issues on either device.

  • prototype27 prototype27 (@prototype27) reported

    @FinalFrog yeah I've been using cloudflare and google dns for years, comcast sure as **** isn't trustworthy and they're buggy too

  • 0oiiiiio0 OIIIIIO (@0oiiiiio0) reported

    @robdaemon While I agree default off would have been nice, it has a warning letting you know it's on from the start. Pretty sure all DNS services are bad in their own way, google, cloudflare, my own ISP (which creates it's own popup data warnings)

  • gravislizard Gravis (edited) (@gravislizard) reported

    oh and in addition, your lookups ARE now all being CCed to cloudflare without your consent. so. hope you trust them and they never get subpoenaed, etc.

  • glofosnet Glofosnet (@glofosnet) reported

    That means, from now onwards, Firefox will send all your DNS queries to the #Cloudflare servers instead of the default DNS servers set by your operating system, router, or network provider.

  • xDemoli Neil Aitken (@xDemoli) reported

    @textfiles Remember when cloudflare went down and took a chunk of the internet offline, that was great, can't wait for more of that.

  • cmg Chris Garaffa (@cmg) reported

    This is a good example of knowing your threat model. DNS over HTTPS is good if you want to prevent your ISP or network owner from knowing what sites you visit and monetize that data. But it requires you to trust Cloudflare, which falls under US jurisdiction.

  • mdhardeman Matthew Hardeman (@mdhardeman) reported

    @voretaq7 For those who are especially privacy conscious, there remains the option of standing up your own DoH server on the cloud infra of your choosing… For the net “commoner”, Google or Cloudflare at their worst behavior can’t be worse on average than big ISP.

  • antumbral Katelyn Gadd (@antumbral) reported

    @textfiles like, this sucks ass but it really is just swapping out one vendor for another for the vast majority of users, and those people both don't know who runs their DNS and don't care. their ISP sells their dns lookup data, maybe cloudflare will now but they *wink* said they won't

  • voretaq7 Michael Graziano (@voretaq7) reported

    @mdhardeman Like a kid who fed their brussels sprouts to the dog because they don't want to eat them I now have two problems: The kid gets scurvy (DNS inconsistency), and the dog has dangerous ass-gas (Google or Cloudflare is mining my DNS data along with everything else).

  • jameshightower James Hightower (@jameshightower) reported

    @textfiles Press release says cloudflare and nextDNS are 'trusted' providers. And I suppose I trust them more than my cable service's resolver, but less than the resolver I run myself.

  • Foxhack Foxhack / Dave Silva (@Foxhack) reported

    @p3k @textfiles As someone who has been IP blocked by Cloudflare for no reason at all, and who has had trouble with them because of their trash service rendering entire swaths of the internet inaccessible, this is bullshit of the stinkiest caliber.

  • living_syn Jeremy Mill (@living_syn) reported

    @t_a_w @llimllib to be fair: if you previously set up something like OpenDNS or a pi-hole on your home network, this now circumvents that and goes to CloudFlare. I don't know that I trust cloudflare more than I trust Cox

  • the_ppn PPN (@the_ppn) reported

    I see 2 issues: US only for now, and nothing prevents Cloudflare from misusing the data. Better off with a VPN if you are really privacy-minded.

  • PowerDNS_Bert Bert Hubert 🇪🇺 (@PowerDNS_Bert) reported

    @jpmens @Cloudflare 1 today. So not too bad!

  • 3nz3r0 Angelo Rafael Longno (@3nz3r0) reported

    @RichBurlew Hi Rich! I've been unable to get on the forums these past 2 days. I keep getting Cloudflare error 522 whenever I try to load anything. Tried looking tha error up and it might be a problem w/ the site.

  • weirdbr Weird Guy (@weirdbr) reported

    Mozilla's implementation is *really* bad - it overrides the default DNS server with Cloudflare except on very specific cases. Chrome will do something slightly better: if your DNS server supports encryption, then it gets turned on automatically.

  • warrendhatton Warren Hatton (@warrendhatton) reported

    Mozilla sending DOH to Cloudflare is weird. Guess I’ll be continuing to use Safari, the world’s second worst browser.

  • vabene1111 vaBene1111 (@vabene1111) reported

    @Cloudflare if something like this happens, is documented on help pages and there is no communication available it looks like an organizational systematic failure to me and that's something I cannot trust my most delicate infrastructure to run on

  • benjisoft Benji Lewis (@benjisoft) reported

    Damn! Cloudflare’s on AMD!

  • odnoyabr ктёнок по имени «джелликл» (@odnoyabr) reported

    @amyngyn @atlas working the cloudflare support queue was similarly informative, if less so in a pure business sense. people use the internet for SO MANY THINGS, many of which you'd never thought of a lot of CS:GO loot trading sites and shady pirate anime streaming sites tho

  • BrittyNewYork Craig Britt (@BrittyNewYork) reported

    @Cloudflare your customer support is a joke. I’ve being paying you for 3 years on a lapsed domain I thought was canceled. Telling me multiple times to login with the email I haven’t used for 3 years is not a solution.

  • NitinBRao Nitin Rao (@NitinBRao) reported

    @uberchuckie @Cloudflare Every server runs every service (including Workers).

  • backblaze Backblaze (@backblaze) reported

    @rsterbal Sure, we're about 1/4 the cost of Amazon S3 so from a storage perspective photo hosting makes sense, and we also partner with Cloudflare as a CDN solution to help with frequently accessed data!

  • NickGulic Nick Gulic (@NickGulic) reported

    @iamjankoch @brad_frost Only that one time that cloudflare went down 😑

  • egypturnash Margaret Trauth is mostly on Mastodon now. (@egypturnash) reported

    ugh why is my website not responding, I turned off Cloudflare and it's still just not connecting fff guess it's time for a support email, at least my email is still working

  • AppSecBloke Mike Thompson (@AppSecBloke) reported

    @troyhunt @haveibeenpwned @Cloudflare @AzureFunctions I still remember "Have I been prawned" Being pwned is one thing. Being prawned is a completely different problem.

  • s3_gunzel Ben Cousins (@s3_gunzel) reported

    Turns out idiot has an aversion to Google... and Cloudflare... and everything.

  • grittygrease Nick Sullivan (@grittygrease) reported

    TLS 1.3 just passed TLS 1.2 as the most common encryption protocol for requests to the Cloudflare network.

  • shulga Alexei Shulga (@shulga) reported

    @CloudflareHelp @Cloudflare That's the problem - the abuse form does not work!

  • patentleather11 Air Jordan XI (@patentleather11) reported

    @YouWager_FF keep getting access denied when trying to log in because of cloudflare. please help

  • benediktvaldez Benedikt D. Valdez (@benediktvaldez) reported

    @formcarry just finished going through your landing pages and was about to sign up, but now I only get 502 errors from cloudflare 😅🙈 the website drops in and out, and the post request in the register form just gives me 502.

  • prateekkathal Prateek (@prateekkathal) reported

    @alexjgarrett @Cloudflare Outside America & Europe, internet speed is a huge issue & people prefer video quality over anything. I'd go with quality as well any day. I hardly ever watch anything at 1.5x... it makes me feel like I might skip something important.

  • JoePiSkates Stoogis (@JoePiSkates) reported

    Putting the trading hat that I should never put on on, I’m definitely not buying anything today. But if you feel like you’ve “missed” moves in companies you’ve been watching like Uber or Cloudflare, idk why not to nibble a bit

  • ricardoparro Ricardo Parro (@ricardoparro) reported

    @Cloudflare your customer support is inexistent. I can't access my own company account because the recover password does not work and no one assists. The bot does not work

  • zefie zefie (@zefie) reported

    Cloudflare's business model depends on telling you to vaguely run a scan on your network, not telling you what to do when said scan passes, and then not telling you how to fix it so that you can stay insecure and their clients have a reason to buy their services.

  • csernazs Zsolt Cserna (@csernazs) reported

    @kissgyorgy @Skarlso @davecheney @Cloudflare AFAIK requests has many security issues,but you are right that your project is unlikely to be affected. But I think that having a software not updated years and incapable to run with the latest dependencies is definitely not a sign of high quality.

  • damcclean Duncan McClean (@damcclean) reported

    @brad_frost Wow, that's bad. I usually register with Namecheap or Google Domains and manage records with Cloudflare.

  • kissgyorgy Kiss, György (@kissgyorgy) reported

    @Skarlso @davecheney @Cloudflare I don't understand this mentality. I have the freedom to never upgrade a Python version ever. I pinned my dependencies and cached in my local Pypi mirror, so I don't have to upgrade them either (security is not really important in this case).

  • Cassiothefox Muffinfox (@Cassiothefox) reported

    @Padgriffin_ @Bluehasia @furaffinity Cloudflare is fairly good at stopping it but not perfect, yes. Not knowing the exact services they are getting I can't be sure but considering how often there is issues like this I doubt it's adequate.

  • mscrow Eleanor 🕷 (@mscrow) reported

    “experts”, say it didn’t happen. Companies like @Cloudflare host these holocaust revisionist sites, registrars like @tucows hide site owner details. Deniers like to hide in plain sight; businesses, including @Facebook, help them do it. Watch the documentary. 3/3

  • puppyderg puppydragon (@puppyderg) reported

    @thatgreydragon They are still down because they are using cloudflare. There is a couple of different ways to prevent an attack like this, but those all require investing appropriately, and FA's UI, general usability, and less than stellar user experience don't show me that's their priority.

  • STOQE 🌈 STOQE ❤️ (@STOQE) reported

    @brad_frost such poor form and such a 1990s thing to do too mediatemple. hope your sites aren’t back up asap brad. i use @cloudflare & @Uniregistry for all things domain & dns. good luck

  • TiemmaBakare Your Friendly Neighbourhood Bakman #FSIHackathon (@TiemmaBakare) reported from Ikeja, Lagos State

    @OdusanyaV @MTNNG @Cloudflare Not certain if MTN blacklists as a bogon IP or if the issue is just bad routing configurations I'd need an MTN router to confirm that, sadly I'm not on the network anymore Today's post was out of anger for a lady I know who'd been delayed cause of the issue.

  • nrauhauser Neal Rauhauser (@nrauhauser) reported

    After hours of cursing @nginx the problem is ... @Cloudflare Access. Sunday is a day of rest ... and it seems many of us find hacking on pet projects to be restful.

  • OdusanyaV Victor Odusanya (@OdusanyaV) reported from Lagos, Lagos State

    @TiemmaBakare @MTNNG It should be illegal. @Cloudflare made a post when they chose to go with and for their public dns service. Some ISPs still have this issue where you can't use the first.

  • HashtagAnirban Anirban 🎅 (@HashtagAnirban) reported

    @EAHelp I tried google dns , Open DNS and cloudflare DNS .... same issue ... I can't play a single match help me plz

  • KaRehdTheDragon Ka'rehd (@KaRehdTheDragon) reported

    @BazYat @kittyz213 @Dragoneer @furaffinity He was able to get around CloudFlare, that's the issue

  • OG_HattoriHamzo ⌚ 🇦​🇪​🇹​🇪​🇷​🇳​🇦​ 🇨​🇦​🇨​🇴​🇭​🇦​🇲​™ (@OG_HattoriHamzo) reported

    @witchyglitch It's probably a propagation issue if anything. Looks like cloudflare is having trouble resolving in most places today, eeep.

  • DatDraggy Kieran󠂪󠂪 (@DatDraggy) reported

    @BanefulRedux @ben300 because"their servers couldn't handle it" which again proves how incompetent they are because that doesn't make sense at all. They could easily tell cloudflare to serve the site via but still make the origin connection via still bad, but much better for the user

  • DatDraggy Kieran󠂪󠂪 (@DatDraggy) reported

    @BanefulRedux @ben300 Cloudflare literally doesn't help at all when your Origin IP can be found everywhere because you're not using CF correctly. Their use of CF is more on the CDN side rather than actual protection.

  • miyurulk Miyuru 🇱🇰 (@miyurulk) reported

    @PeterDaveHello Added www behind cloudflare. Should temporarily fix it.

  • officallonely ᴸᵒⁿᵉˡʸ (@officallonely) reported

    @Tombfyre @furaffinity They simply bypass cloudflare thanks to fa's terrible security

  • dvidsilva David Silva Ossa (@dvidsilva) reported

    @latechnica1 The easiest way to use heroku and your domain and free ssl now would be to sign up for @Cloudflare is pretty easy and is a great service Otherwise upgrade your heroku account to get a paid dyno

  • DraconasRayne Draconas Rayne (@DraconasRayne) reported

    @checkium @furaffinity They never at any time blamed cloudflare for the ddos