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Coinbase is a digital asset broker headquartered in San Francisco, California. They broker exchanges of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other digital assets with fiat currencies in 32 countries, and bitcoin transactions and storage in 190 countries worldwide.

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  • 1stCrassCitizen Frogolocalypse (@1stCrassCitizen) reported

    @coinbase Sending bitcoin is as easy never using the dumpster fire of coinbase, and using a bitcoin wallet. Or one day you'll login and you'll learn that you never owned that bitcoin at all.

  • 1stCrassCitizen Frogolocalypse (@1stCrassCitizen) reported

    @Semper_Doctus @coinbase Sending bitcoin is as easy never using the dumpster fire of coinbase, and using a bitcoin wallet. Or one day you'll login and you'll learn that you never owned that bitcoin at all.

  • Tourtelost ₿hale ₿hisperer (@Tourtelost) reported

    This video made me delete my Coinbase account and login to my BitMex without a VPN. I don’t want cryptocurrency anymore. Goodbye.

  • Busch40723402 THANOS XI 嗶嗶 (@Busch40723402) reported

    @cryptolili @coinbase Need to do it before Binance shuts down

  • satoshiworld1 satoshiworld (@satoshiworld1) reported

    @name_elsewhere @LitecoinFam @jaredctate @Acmekarl1 If coinbase takes down ETH I will believe you. It was premined massively and an public ICO, and for some god knows what reason, it’s not a security. I guess people who “invest” in ETH did not expect a penny in return

  • RndTableKing 🇺🇲CryptoKnight⚔️👑⛳🏌️💰🇺🇸 (@RndTableKing) reported

    @coinbase It's pathetic that #Coinbase can't get some technology (or buy it) to fix/update the Mobile app to show $XRP on top with-out logging in. Why you still don't have a redesigned simplified, feature-filled, full functioning TA mobile app like Binance is really quite astonishing.🤔

  • futjrn Futjrnaut [🗝🧙🏼‍♂️⚡💰] (@futjrn) reported

    @ECorpCEO @facebook @coinbase @AskPayPal @davidmarcus @beller @finkd just shut it down. #day0 and youre in a lava pit of hate

  • FugaziGhazi FugaziGhazi (@FugaziGhazi) reported

    @michaeldevlinuk @coinbase They do thay with larger orders it seems. My issue is I can’t find an option to remove the ETH from my vault to the wallet. Lolol. There’s no button or link to click to remove it. It’s just staring at me .. like a goldfish in a bowl that can’t escape

  • corbden Luna Corbden 🏳️‍🌈👾🏳️‍🌈 (@corbden) reported

    I see this whole thing as a bank robbery from the whole planet. It's ominous. It's terrible. It's eschatological in nature. I do not trust Facebook in this, nor Visa, MasterCard, CoinBase, PayPal, Uber, or Lyft. In the moving money around business, these guys will always win.

  • grace_za Time to go WitSec (@grace_za) reported

    @HammerToe I have a sneaky suspicion that as soon as this is what people use it for, they'll shut down your acct. just like Coinbase did to me when it became clear I was simply using them as an onramp to other exchanges.

  • Ez_Rider_Voy_X THE EAGLE! (@Ez_Rider_Voy_X) reported

    Learn Cryto on a U.S.A. platform with only stable coins that are USA backed for Billions of dollars. You can even use coinbase as your wallett to cut down on all the confusion. Click that link and we both get free extra coins and you r eligible to make free coins by watching 2

  • neverl82cu viri urbis X (@neverl82cu) reported

    The more "assets" @coinbase adds the more watered down #crypto becomes. They have publicly stated they want to list millions of types of crypto. I see this as them eroding bitcoin and Facebook is going for the coup de grâce. Fascinate times!

  • jim9097 Jim thinks XRP is a scam (@jim9097) reported

    @CryptoCobain You say Bitcoin never goes down; but that is not true. If Coinbase goes down and that is where my Bitcoin is; it is down for all essential purposes. Just sayin! We can say that technically BITCOIN is up; but still can't use it.

  • Byte_Sized_Blog Sam (@Byte_Sized_Blog) reported

    @BillWinterberg @cedarpoint @acorns @coinbase Do a mullet-sryle shirt to solve that issue Business on the front -Acorns Party on the back- Coinbase

  • InternetsToilet toilet of the internet (@InternetsToilet) reported

    "and $25 billion is lost by migrants every year through remittance fees." @bgarlinghouse @Ripple @MoneyGram is going to help with this problem. @coinbase @brian_armstrong is at least trying. @xrptipbot needs to get bigger fast.

  • jlingomusic Johnny Lingo Music (@jlingomusic) reported

    @TheStalwart As Mati says borderless is an issue. As well, nobody wants their money tied to a specific company/platform. Unbanked ppl or remittance use cases simply need a DIGITAL WALLET. You can hold many crypto's in it. Coinbase Wallet is a decent example

  • send_bitcoins Starving meme artist (@send_bitcoins) reported

    @nvk coinbase and xapo going straight on the shitlist well they were already on there but i'll double down

  • raulmarcosl Raúl Marcos (@raulmarcosl) reported

    @jmiguel IMO, we can't expect mass adoption if every user has to store their own keys. I think it should be a right to be your own bank, but most of the users are safer using Coinbase or others. We trust Google with our emails, but we can have our own email server if we want.

  • KalimatMalam Kalimat Malam Hari (@KalimatMalam) reported

    @Cryptoversity1 There is no space for Coinbase in my list, it's really slow. I want some exchanges that are super fast and their team is cooperative.. Someone suggested me Stex and I'm going to try it.

  • EuroPleasureMac FauxNews is every Inc Corp LP LLC news (@EuroPleasureMac) reported

    @FinancialTimes The @facebook problem is that NOBODY trusts Facebook. #crypto #cryptocurrency #Libra @coindesk @coinbase

  • immortal_5a خآلِد . 🇸🇦 (@immortal_5a) reported

    $zec in down trend : CT : its dead , its going to zero. Its bat shit , and no one is gonna use it . $zec in bull market : smart money will buy zcash. Its gonna be rich ppl privacy coin. Coinbase supports it, and india banning it will help the adoption. Me : LOL , and #BTFD

  • knots2kurls knots2kurls_elle (@knots2kurls) reported

    @CryptoMarigny With all the Binance crap; I’d rather pay the fees or find a way around through Coinbase Pro/GDAX. Using VPNs could cause issues - it’s just not worth the stress. Clearly, Coinbase doesn’t offer the volume as Binance, but US traders can still build a nice portfolio on CB.

  • cryptoslug Cryptoslug (@cryptoslug) reported

    @cryptoHITMAN whitepaper said no KYC, only regular on ramp, which should not be a problem with Coinbase invested. More worried about consequences for privacy

  • Imran_mait Imran Khan (@Imran_mait) reported

    Please choose your cryptoexchange wisely. My funds have been stucked in @coinbase for more than 15 days. I m not able to buy/sell any coin and their support is nt helping at all rather than sending standard emails. Once this issue is solved i would move all my funds to @binance

  • ChrisBa02472283 Goatmuscle 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 (@ChrisBa02472283) reported

    @michaeldevlinuk @coinbase Had that issue a month ago, said they were holding for 5 days for Money Laundering checks. Funny how my money had gone from my bank and I could see it on their website, and could buy base pairs (not XRP) but couldnt transfer to Coinbase Pro so had to wait to avoid stupid fees

  • Jaygold100 Jaygold (@Jaygold100) reported

    @coinbase Does work! Error

  • Karalhoin Vandelay BTC Industries (@Karalhoin) reported

    @bgarlinghouse @MoneyGram @Ripple Coinbase Pro data. For the slower, graph meants if you had #BTC=Good, if you had #XRP=You're sliding down. To nothing. New Theranos. Google that. #Theranos. It's #XRP.

  • jebus911 Jeremy Ross (@jebus911) reported

    When I got in to bitcoin: -It was kind of hard to withdraw from MtGox but they were resolving the issue -People bought btc with currency from the game second life because coinbase was a bit to sketchy -Our biggest villain was @TheStalwart

  • MisterAlexBrand Brandon Alex (@MisterAlexBrand) reported

    @Coinbase is operating in the crypto space like they are being ran by the FED. For a test trial between @Gemini and @Coinbase using ACH deposits, @Gemini is the better of the two, hands down. I highly suggest any one new to #cryptocurrencies use @Gemini vs @Coinbase. Continued...

  • ledgerstatus Ledger Status (@ledgerstatus) reported

    It's pretty easy. Buy XRP sub 50 cents and sell to normies when they login to their Coinbase account for first time in two years bc BTC is back above $10k, and they see this other coin banks are using and it's only $1 so they buy that instead.

  • hahus haahuu (@hahus) reported

    @BennyJamesFink @confusedcrypto There are other exchanges. And: Coinbase will offer $link before Binance shuts down to US citizens.

  • KalimatMalam Kalimat Malam Hari (@KalimatMalam) reported

    @SJSharkz19 @EtcSage I would say don't use CoinBase, there are way better options out there. Go for Binance and KuCoin, they are the giants but slow at the same time. I'm using a new exchange called stex, so far so good. I like the speed and its secure as well.

  • KalimatMalam Kalimat Malam Hari (@KalimatMalam) reported

    @rproctor50761 @SaraJayXXX I can't deposit my money on Coinbase as it's stuck due to some issue! Never got into this situation with my second exchange that's Stex.. It's so perfect.

  • 808crypto Hawaiian LINK (@808crypto) reported

    Can we please get #link $link listed. s Since Binance is leaving US users I need an alternative to get my link fix. #Coinbase

  • DorianTudorache Dorian Tudorache (@DorianTudorache) reported

    @coinbase Guys, your 2FA SMS sender is really broken. I receive between 3 to 10 SMSes for every request I do. The issue is I have to go through all the codes to match the required one.

  • GeorgeTadros13 George Tadros (@GeorgeTadros13) reported

    @SEC_Enforcement I have been trying to transfer my bitcoin and my XRP shares from bitsane to Coinbase and now their website is down and they haven’t replied to my tickets for weeks. It’s a lot of money I have in bitsane account that I originally transferred from Coinbase

  • DmytroKorytko Korytko Dmytro (@DmytroKorytko) reported

    @coinbase not working in Ukraine

  • carling4737sir Mark Shipman (@carling4737sir) reported

    @CryptosR_Us Nope I got paid Saturday. Which means the market drops tomorrow. Fiat in coinbase ready to go,,but I'm not risking it til then. Every month I buy on the 15th market goes down 3 days later.

  • howlongisnow73 How Long Is Now? (@howlongisnow73) reported

    @ErikVoorhees If you're so sure that this is not the case, tweet a poll asking how many people are up vs. down on their crypto. You won't because you know the results won't support your position. #Crypto is nothing more than a failed pipe dream & a ponzi scheme for @coinbase & Winklevie.

  • howlongisnow73 How Long Is Now? (@howlongisnow73) reported

    @ErikVoorhees Most people did. I'm not most people, just 1 but i'm down 87%. The losses were compounded by the 3 week delay in buying on @coinbase. My guess is it wasn't incompetence but a plan to serve bigger orders first, not in the order they were received, just like Wall Street. #scumbags

  • cryptocolic ⚡️cryptobysmol⚡️🌲☕️🚲🛶 (@cryptocolic) reported

    @WeissRatings Bittrex got ***** slapped by FinCen. They had no choice. Maybe they need to get their regulatory asses in shape, @Coinbase and @UpholdInc have no problems in this realm.

  • withcryptomill TekCrypto&Joi (@withcryptomill) reported

    $btc is currently pushing the #alts down and the all over market sentiment to #crypto up! #bitcoin #binance #coinbase

  • andromeda_IX andromeda (@andromeda_IX) reported

    @ouhgee @coinbase they wouldn’t let down the @usmarines 🇺🇸

  • d57heinz Douglas Heyen (@d57heinz) reported

    @exodus_io @cointracker_io @coinbase @binance @BittrexExchange @Ledger @Trezor Seems that’s a hard lesson they need to learn on their own. Few more exchanges go down and they will learn the lesson. It also shows that 20% of people using it to hodl. The rest are looking to dump/trade for more fiat. Interesting to look at this during the 2017 bull run

  • cointaek nine (@cointaek) reported

    @bf_token @CoinbaseWallet @BankToTheFuture you can put all coin in coinbase wallet. meaningless and sell bft. buy btc. bft price going down.

  • EyeeLmao Ayyy (@EyeeLmao) reported

    Anyone have issues with @coinbase I verified my account a long time ago so it’s “level 1” now but I keep getting a looping error to go to “level 2” for unlimited deposits etc. $link

  • Dentacoin___ Dentacoin (@Dentacoin___) reported

    @CelsiusNetwork @coinbase @Gemini @circlepay @Dashpay @MakerDAO @ethereum Very poor service, problems are not solved and questions are not answered.

  • HTruth2020 HardTruth_2020MoonShot (@HTruth2020) reported

    @The_Rippening I've only used Coinbase and I've only cashed out to try it then bought it back to see how it all worked. So far no issues, but it was not during any craziness either. Being from Nor Cal is a plus for me as well. Finishing setting up an Uphold account for a backup though.

  • BullChain BullChain (@BullChain) reported

    @ltc_angel I really have a problem with @coinbase being on that list. Will discontinue my account with them

  • damondanner Pyramidion Cryptocurrency (@damondanner) reported

    @Nautilus0101 @rogerkver @APompliano @hitbtc @rasta_selecta @EricBenz84 @bitcoincoreorg @bitcointalk @BTCTN @coinbase @newsbtc @coindesk @PeterRizun contacted the domain name provider and reported the scam. I also reported to the SEC. The token control dashboard was elaborate and I'm sure had a license for the software. The service providers should be able to track this down. Team members were stolen identity in whitepaper

  • ethridge_marlin Marlin Ethridge (@ethridge_marlin) reported

    @coinbase Problem coin base takes your money!

  • 69Entrepreneur JoeBanks69 (@69Entrepreneur) reported

    @JpThePrez @CoinbaseSupport @coinbase I was thinking it was because I have a VPN, but that still didn't work. I turned off my VPN and then tried to login, and still nothing.

  • ImNotTheWolf wolf (@ImNotTheWolf) reported

    @SmokeyXBT @Semper_Doctus @LSDinmycoffee Deribit uses multiple index. Bybit uses 3 (Bitstamp. Coinbase. Kraken, if i'm not mistaken). There was NO scam wick because this 'wick' happened on all of these 3 SPOT exchanges. There was no overloads. There was no liquidity issues. I'm literally wasting my time here.

  • cryptobusiness1 Crypto Business (@cryptobusiness1) reported

    Blockonomi: "RT getongab: They banned us from Paypal, Stripe, Square, Coinbase, Bitpay, and more. They blacklisted us. So we became a bitcoin-first business. We introduced bitcoin to nearly a million users in January. You can't shut down our BtcpayServer. Who is laug…

  • chainlinkdrop Chainlinkdrop (@chainlinkdrop) reported

    It all ****** makes sense now @coinbase doesn’t see the value in #Chainlink or respect the oracle problem the team solves. They think every bank can just run centralized oracles in place of it.

  • h91678 futuristic (@h91678) reported

    @dewar_phil @Coinsquare I use coinbase but i had limit and wanted to buy more . I used Coinsquare before . But with this situation they don’t get no where. They never gonna grow with this slow motion system

  • dftrades The Candle Kid (@dftrades) reported

    @MatiGreenspan Hope we close July below 8554 (Coinbase). In the run up to 20k no monthly support until back down at 3k. Would be nice if this next bull run it was around 8.5k

  • cryptologique cryptomania (@cryptologique) reported

    @ArminVanBitcoin @Bitlionaire I have a belgian account citibank ( beobank in belgium ) i transfered a lot of money from citibank to coinbase in 2017 and i have never had problem ... Tomorow i'm going to phone citibank for more informations.

  • theklineventure Tegan Kline (@theklineventure) reported

    Let’s talk #fundamentalvalue of #bitcoin. In the last few months Microsoft announced they are relying on bitcoin to secure identity.. >1 million active daily Bitcoin users # of coinbase accounts > Charles Schwab accounts bottom up, not too down.. #financialrevolution

  • ferparra Nando 💪🇦🇺🇦🇷 (@ferparra) reported from Yarram, State of Victoria

    @dompym @coinbase @up_banking @coinbase tech support is too slow :( I find out that doing it through @ING_news worked just fine. The transaction backlinks to the verified by VISA gateway. Couldn't buy through @RevolutApp virtual CC either.