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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation. It is the fourth game in the main Counter-Strike franchise.

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  • Volkira_Wolf Volk (@Volkira_Wolf) reported

    Ok STORYTIME Yesterday i was playing CSGO in my room finnaly bc i took 2 freaking hours to put that Coax cable upstaires. So yeah i was playing CSGO and then guess what, someone joins the game and i get A F***ING DDoS on my internet -_- And no it's fixed, but i have to pay 20€..

  • ale_rox00 Alessandro Rossini (@ale_rox00) reported

    @CSGO Volvo pls fix

  • eth1e eth1eWeepeeski (@eth1e) reported

    @CSGO @valvesoftware fix ur damn ******* VAC. so easy to ******* get hacks. met a ******* 8 yo with hacks holy shit. fix your game like wtf

  • yee_lmaoo snape (@yee_lmaoo) reported

    @frqncisburns @iDexCsgo @2Eggsss @Nors3 @CSGO As I tested the hitbox bug myself and it actually doesn't even work properly, it was giving close to no advantage while also freezing your game for a second the most unnecessary and stupid shit ever if u ask me, will see if there are potential ways to fix this FPS drop instead

  • yee_lmaoo snape (@yee_lmaoo) reported

    @frqncisburns @iDexCsgo @2Eggsss @Nors3 @CSGO idk about that one in relation to this snd_debug_sleep fix, will try it, although it's much harder in terms of time it takes to change it and go back to yours Would be great if the guy who came up with the abuse of the bug thought about potential ways this command helps people

  • frqncisburns francis (@frqncisburns) reported

    @yee_lmaoo @iDexCsgo @2Eggsss @Nors3 @CSGO This is true, but you can always change your resolution to fix the problem (Most of the time).

  • yee_lmaoo snape (@yee_lmaoo) reported

    @iDexCsgo @2Eggsss @Nors3 @CSGO yeah also thanks for getting removed the command that was used on some servers to prevent hard FPS drops for every single person on the server, this was the only way to fix it and now it's gone cause of your unnecessary invention of this hitbox bug No one was using it this way

  • drstw17games Stefan [drstw17] (@drstw17games) reported

    Everytime I play CSGO ranked, i get super cold. My hands shake and I play like crap. Playing casual I have no problem.

  • _Langl3y ✨Macabre Godfather✨ (@_Langl3y) reported

    15-2 5 rounds in, @CSGO, fix ranking system please

  • goatspid3r Zach C (@goatspid3r) reported

    @CSGO You guys forgot to list the changes made to dz_junglety in the patch notes for the update. It simply says that it was updated while on the workshop page it says all the things changed. If possible plz fix thanks!

  • ratbrd rat bird (@ratbrd) reported

    you’re in her dms, i’m showing her how to install counter strike source to fix the missing textures. we are not the same

  • JDub_LoL JDub (@JDub_LoL) reported

    @CSGO won’t let me switch to full screen mode game is broken with the new update thank you for wasting an hour of my life

  • wagabababobo waga baba bobo (@wagabababobo) reported

    @SimpleFlips yeah i figured but just thought it was funny considering you never mentioned it by name and only mentioned valve, and how different tf2 and csgo are in this issue

  • Parth27039983 Parth (@Parth27039983) reported

    Yo @instagram you gonna fix your ******* dms, I can't see any dms on one of my accounts and I've tried everything, resetting cache, reinstalling, logging in again, the only way to use dms is through a very specific browser Instagram process, this is worst than valve and csgo

  • Zaxc0m Zaxcom (@Zaxc0m) reported

    @flutten Keep playing CSGO Server lag on OSRS unbearable rn can’t even cut redwoods

  • korakov_ moo bamboo (@korakov_) reported

    Looking myself upgrading CSGO skill to tiering up into semi-pro player (ikr it's a dead game and the current competitive matchmaking is slightly broken) so what am I gonna do before the mid of 2020 : - Leveling skill group up at least into DMG/LE - FACEIT Level 6-7

  • Krelle_Vinther Kristian vinther (@Krelle_Vinther) reported

    @CSGO can you please fix your rank system, i can win 14 matches in a row and not rank up then i loss 2, win 1 and lose again and derank. wtf is this ******* trash system you have.

  • KingStuugie 🇨🇦 King Stuugie 🇨🇦 (@KingStuugie) reported

    @PUBG_Support & @Hawkinz To test more, I played Ring of Elysium and CSGO and I had no issues, at all. Then I went back to PUBG and boom, issues again. It's not my ISP. It is impossible to play when PINGs are spiking and then coming down and the spiking, rinse & repeat.

  • whistlepandey shareef panditayin (@whistlepandey) reported

    @haiVaancs @pro100official @DreamHackCSGO the problem is there is no one who wants to invest in csgo not even we have many sponsors :(

  • Adam15858994 Adam® (@Adam15858994) reported

    @SWE_Motorizer Everything is broken in csgo lol I gave up on Cs 😂 not motivated to play anymore

  • Dan72323398 RoudyBoi300 (@Dan72323398) reported

    I don’t know what’s happening with Aussie servers, but right now it’s completely unplayable due to lag @CSGO

  • F8P1NHsZCVa71Ov 8east (@F8P1NHsZCVa71Ov) reported

    @CSGO I have a problem... I knew I need to write to Steam Support, but it is much bigger... My PC (MacOS X [Carolina]) didn’t start CS:GO since August 2019... CS:GO is the only one game that I bought in Steam (64 bit) and its doesn’t starts!!! PLZ VALVE FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mhaniifa Hanif (@mhaniifa) reported

    Dota 4 is so broken Lets go back to counter strike darling Or give it back to blizzard!

  • subhajasu Subhadeep Jasu (@subhajasu) reported

    @LateNightHalo @Halo Unfortunately, I agree with you. I only found this problem on reach. It's not there in Halo pc, halo 2vista or even halo 5 forge. I feel like controls can be a place where a change wouldn't hurt. May be even a slower crouch like csgo could work. But yeah your logic stands.

  • pedrogmrman Super-Normal (@pedrogmrman) reported

    3 hackers no time @CSGO fix your VAC pls

  • Franco_1253 Franco Catucci (@Franco_1253) reported

    @CSGO ***** @CSGO i have won 9 comps in a row and still no rank up pls fix or gay

  • Blazt Ra's aL GHuL (@Blazt) reported

    @Its_EasyMac @Assault @AccuracyLA I don’t really see spectators complain about diversity, counter strike for example is mainly AWP, M4 and AK. Cod just isn’t made for competitive at all which is a major issue.

  • larrybi81315784 glubaphent (@larrybi81315784) reported

    @CSGO @jamesbardolph are you guys going to fix the crashing when in the loading screen i cant play the game

  • mathcidal Mathcidal🔞(NSFW underage will be blocked) main (@mathcidal) reported

    @Proxytato Well I have mars attacks the savage dragon issues 2 and 3 and mars attacks counter strike 2 and 4

  • Hayzazel David (@Hayzazel) reported

    Confirmed this, I can stream CSGO without any issues, Might do some comp games on Tuesday, Halo on Monday

  • TaGenialPT TáGenialPT (@TaGenialPT) reported

    @valvesoftware CSGO Deathmatches are lagging a lot. Please fix it.

  • Elyie_ Elyie (@Elyie_) reported

    pains me that i can play mw, overwatch, bo4, on completely maxed settings 0 problems at all but soon as i touch league or csgo the fps stutters and mouse delays everything kicks in and it's legit beyond me at this point whats causing it i've tired everything over i'd say 6 months

  • magmamaster1801 magmamaster1801 (@magmamaster1801) reported

    @StillGlorious Siege can get too campy for me at times, too. CSGO can be fun but it really depends on the players. I have developed a strong hatred for CoD over the years due to its insanely long list of massive problems and I could never really like Halo that much.

  • JustKiyoshi Kiyoshi (@JustKiyoshi) reported

    @csgo its so ******* dumb that you lose your kills in the hostage mission if you get kicked by random people It´s my 5th try now pls fix this so annoying

  • Epinephrin_CS Epinephrin (@Epinephrin_CS) reported

    @Fatmetalcs @don_bachstein @CSGO fun fact i was too stingy to buy the Operations until 2015 because you need it to Level Up your Service Medal to play MM with a kind of trustfactor😂 Sounds crazy these Days *stingy*

  • Elyie_ Elyie (@Elyie_) reported

    i really wanna start playing csgo again but the fps drops stutters and delays on the i9 9900k and 2080 combo on that game is crazy and i've tired everything to fix it

  • zTaniwha 🌲 Taniwha bro 🌲 (@zTaniwha) reported

    @Hullitude @illustratedsnd @YouTube Shouldnt be too much of an issue. Just tedious and time consuming to try and counter. Then on top of that hope that the YT robot gods don't take their side on your argument and give you a strike. Shouldnt have to worry about this shit on my channel in the first place 😄

  • rouxmathias2 CABA⚪ (@rouxmathias2) reported

    @iDexCsgo @CSGO fix it

  • Dorian_Costanzo Dorian Costanzo (@Dorian_Costanzo) reported

    @iDexCsgo @CSGO go fix thx

  • edkempercsgo edkemper (@edkempercsgo) reported

    @remoblaser @zuleCSGO @Lagily_ that statement in itself is a sad one for the swiss csgo scene. i had an error while recording the demo, which i had to do several times due to server restarts. otherwise you would have been out. but im happy for you, played really good on train! gg wp lol

  • edkempercsgo edkemper (@edkempercsgo) reported

    @remoblaser @zuleCSGO @Lagily_ that in itself is a very sad statement for the swiss csgo scene. if i didnt have an error message after you restartet the server 3 times you would have been out in the first round. unlucky, still played very good!! ggwp

  • c0dewing codewing (@c0dewing) reported

    @CSGO please change the name in steam to "Cheater-Strike: Global Offensive" Trust Factor is broken (matches against ppl. with one game and no medals). Overwatch is broken by F2P. At least every second game is a cheater at Supreme/Global.

  • vincent61734194 like the owner of the broken wing, vin (@vincent61734194) reported

    @CSGO ight so my PC just blue screened and then it kept saying matchmaking error when i tried to get back in and now i have a week ban for my pc having some shite issue. pl0x h3lp gamers

  • KillerGamingCS Killer Gaming (@KillerGamingCS) reported

    I hate Indonesian internet man, I played csgo we were winning 8-5 then my internet crash and I lost connection then I got banned, I hate my isp so much

  • Psyneksis Psyneksis (@Psyneksis) reported

    I really don´t know how y'all can play #CSGO with your keyboard sideways. Tried that for 2 rounds now and I understand why every 2nd player has wrist problems. Fk table realestate think about your health guys o.ô

  • Makisartwitch Makisar (@Makisartwitch) reported

    @KingGeorge had one guy say he got VAC banned in CSGO for a DLL error :D

  • DrewNghiem DrewCantGetGirls (@DrewNghiem) reported

    @CSGO Thanks for the lovely game. This game is full of hackers, I can't seem to get rid of them. I don't want to buy prime because I have not much money, but the hackers are really annoying. I had a 15-9 lead and these kids started hacking. Your game is trash please fix it. Thanks!

  • GUNDAMWlNG 🛹 (@GUNDAMWlNG) reported

    y'all play csgo knock offs on your shattered android phone no irl friends because you don't shower or wear deodorant and have anger issues that you refuse to control then wonder why your youtube channel doesn't have more than 15 subscribers

  • jame16977226 rav_ex (@jame16977226) reported

    I really need a new pc, at the moment I'm using an old PC that can barely run csgo on all the lowest settings. Every time I play it and try to join a match, I crash 25% of the time. The graphics are so bad also, so I really need a new pc. It would be the best present ever

  • jame16977226 rav_ex (@jame16977226) reported

    @dannybionic I really need a new pc, at the moment I'm using an old PC that can barely run csgo on all the lowest settings. Every time I play it and try to join a match, I crash 25% of the time. The graphics are so bad also, so I really need a new pc. It would be the best present ever

  • lil_backpain Lil Backpain (@lil_backpain) reported

    @total_csgo We were trying the fixes around the problem known as "VAC can't verify game session". And we still couldn't fix the problem, we're not able to play CSGO anymore. Hulp pls fix pls

  • tenki_cs ✨tenki.cs🌟 (@tenki_cs) reported

    @RyanAtRBM I wish people would have more impartial attitudes about this and start a real dialog that could actually lead to rule changes, especially for teams that don't get many home crowds. The nature of CSGO LANs not spanning multiple countries makes this a pressing issue.

  • TranQtv_ TranQ[f] (@TranQtv_) reported

    @BZllRK First of all, I'm a csgo player and i can tell you that this game feels bad for an FPS on PC. The movement mechanic is built for the controller and feels sluggish as hell on Keyboard Mouse. The game has input lag for kbm, has audio issues and aim assist values are way too high.

  • maromaku the classy strawberry (@maromaku) reported

    @Goreshx Back floating seems reasonable to me just because a blue goku can backfloat and lose vanish because of his counter but when he loses ki that’s when he’s in trouble but my issue is tackle because if you don’t have a strike card it’s literally vanish or get combo

  • andreisonthenet andre (@andreisonthenet) reported

    @RivalryGLHF @CSGO valve pls fix

  • lorentedford Loren Tedford (@lorentedford) reported from Olney, Illinois

    @ipsychogirl I wish my boyfriend played csgo.. Sorry though about your relationship issues..

  • goodguyglitch Annayraj 'glitch' Gupta (@goodguyglitch) reported

    @CSGO ******* fix your game

  • BoweV5 Bowe (@BoweV5) reported

    @CSGO valve please fix

  • Zeta46132210 Saarbrücken (@Zeta46132210) reported

    @nooielol @BunnyHop ofc you can.. i got fcking overwatch banned cause i bhopped 10 times in a row and manage to get a noscope after.... since then i havent touched csgo anymore cause its a fcking gay ass game with this shittry overwatch cause they cant fix anticheat

  • poLemin Paul Stangl (@poLemin) reported

    @gonthiermike @the_whale_man @CSGO @jamesbardolph It helps tremendously when initially testing maps. It does not need to be accurate for rough timings, which otherwise would take more effort to test. Elevation is not a big problem since it only weighs in on passages that you need to jump. There is no speed change when running up