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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation. It is the fourth game in the main Counter-Strike franchise.

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  • InfernoUF Inferno UF ⛎🔥👀 (@InfernoUF) reported

    @Sxpremium I had the same problem when I used to use OBS to record CSGO idk how to fix it though

  • SkullFellOut Ben🇬🇧 (@SkullFellOut) reported

    @LoLWerze Ok bro I fix this game go give $90 and I don’t say anything to csgo leader ok bro I’m hacked the sytem ok

  • SannyX2 SannyX (@SannyX2) reported

    @gla1ve_csgo @csgo_dev @JoshNissan @GODaZeD @brax1wnl Yeah they should be unbanned.. Its been over 5 years.. I think the devs in csgo have a personal issue with these players

  • Ka11zer Ka11zer (@Ka11zer) reported

    @NsA82451781 @gla1ve_csgo @csgo_dev Even though the smoke bug was a problem and gla1ve used to abuse it but thats just 1 of his tactics as a pro. If you really watch Astralis then zonic has a book filled with such tactics or even better. So dont rule them out cause csgo dev has only found 1 :')

  • Railiak Joshua B (@Railiak) reported

    @FACEIT It seems that there is an issue with the faceit AC. CS:GO has huge fps drops and game stutters while Faceit AC is on. When turned off, csgo runs normal. Debug log is not referring to any corrupt files.

  • EuSweeper Sweeper_EU (@EuSweeper) reported

    @CaaB just tryed out trading on csgo (an esport if u don't know) and the potential is through the roof, only problem is that currently the liquidity isn't as high as I'd like it to be but it's so easy to make amazing roi, the odds are stupid on the games

  • Ema_With_A_Tee TemA (@Ema_With_A_Tee) reported

    That only really leaves CSGO as a potential game which I'd love to do, but last time I tried I had some framerate/connection issues. Not sure if I've fixed them, and playing CS is a whole kettle of anxiety that boils itself (not sure what that metaphor was but let's go with it)

  • TheRealZewkz zewkz (@TheRealZewkz) reported

    @ChuckDewland Nothing a lil' csgo cant fix 😎

  • golden_one_42 john goldsworthy (@golden_one_42) reported

    @ShannonZKiller @YouTube YouTube's problem seems to stem from a bad case of "Too many chiefs, not enough Indians" their content parsers are overactive, their claim system overreacts, and their strike system is just broken.. And yet there's no way to counter any of it, because there's no one to talk to

  • ReverendPaqo ReverendPaqo (@ReverendPaqo) reported

    @Stylosa @Mysca_ Lets be real, even Overwatch is throw yourself at a broken comp system an indefinite number of times, CSGO is run and gun and repeat indefinitely, SC is gather minerals and gas, then throw your armies at each other and repeat, etc. All games have a certain monotony to them.

  • TomRyanOGRE2 Tom Ryan (@TomRyanOGRE2) reported

    @Xariun It never happens with Xbox games, and rarely happened at all until Apex. CSGO was actually the only other game that seemed to make it happen. I have like a Before Gen 1 mixamp I'm using haha. Again, it's been great still with no problems otherwise

  • ItMeDucklan Bud Light Year (@ItMeDucklan) reported

    @lol0ptz @cawayee depends on the speed of the HDD, i have issues playing league or csgo on my old hard drive where it lags at least once a minute but once i moved them to an ssd i could easily get above 100 fps with no stutters even though nothing else changed

  • AsbJens Jens Asbæk Sørensen (@AsbJens) reported

    Why is prof. CS GO always delayed. Always. We can NEVER plan to see our favorit teams. We are adults, not kids with all the time in the world. A football match is never delayed. Fix it. I dont get it. #csgo #IEMKatowice2019 #IEM #ESLOneKatowice

  • ThisIsLachs Lachs (@ThisIsLachs) reported

    @LaskiCS @iiPolen Wingman is such a joke :D Just like the broken revolver in csgo when it first came out

  • Retro_Repeater Trevor_ATC (@Retro_Repeater) reported

    Does anybody else have a problem with ESEA launching before a game and it loads csgo quit because you can't play because its a ESEA server then load again and miss your server slot. it pisses me off and missing a lot of games because of it

  • geralds1 Andrea Geralds (@geralds1) reported

    I want to play online @CSGO more. The problem is I prefer to use a sniper rifle and in a 10 person lobby when you don’t know any team players, it’s hard as hell to do. So now learning a new weapon and it’s still hard lol. Dang it

  • TeamTitanOrg Team Titan (@TeamTitanOrg) reported

    Unfortunately we didn't make it today and lost to Non Educated Delinquents.😞 We'll look to fix our mistakes and come back stronger for tomorrow's game!💪 #GoTitans #CSGO

  • grinderskyy grindersky (@grinderskyy) reported

    @Eddieosu yeah i agree im pretty childish and i do get upset pretty easily (specially in this cancer game called csgo) but im trying to fix the "i am getting upset really easily" issue. I don't think I have a obsession with Ricardo , I just think its a really funny meme, love you Eddie <3

  • NongratReformed Nongrat (@NongratReformed) reported

    + us to take their ops when the disconnect, dont instantkill them, we can use their characters like on CSGO.

  • toveriboss toveri (@toveriboss) reported

    @mentedesinsana @Thooorin No problem, I dont feel like arguing with people who discovered CSGO scene few months ago anyway.

  • VendettaSZN C3 Vendetta (@VendettaSZN) reported

    @Wollfay in csgo, overwatch, league, dota etc if you suck then you suck its simple as that. With cod it caters to kids that suck and thats the biggest problem. There is no skill gap in pubs. You have xxsniperbobxxhax with a titan lmg sitting on a head glitch just mowing kids down dumb asf

  • mkll11one Mikkel Lind (@mkll11one) reported

    Fixed issues on the CSGO Server, with (VAR) jumping to 0.013-0.015 instant. now fixed to be: 0.000-0.003 (VAR)! ;)

  • theaimstar theaimstar (@theaimstar) reported from Del Aire, California

    @Toberworld I remember asking it about my first anti video card so I can not lag in smoke. Counter strike 1.5!

  • TruRainbowWolfy RainbowWolfy (@TruRainbowWolfy) reported

    Im so excited 🤗 Its just sad its not in na but I feel like we won’t get any other csgo major in na in the futur since the last one there was a mess cause of all the visa problem..

  • felixlulz felixlulz (@felixlulz) reported

    @Marciikek still dont see the problem if its actually after the break and not right in the break if they feel they need more time to rest they just skip some events the month before and start pratice in players break. csgo players in general come across as whiny kids so often imo

  • Funnybikeson Funnybikeson (@Funnybikeson) reported

    @csgo_dev There is a problem arising where people are able to send a Trojan to other people via Counter Strike. All it takes is the click of an invite to receive these Trojan viruses. This means that CS:GO is now a gateway for account theft. Please address this quickly.

  • Maseff23 ALLEZ G2/Vitality #RIPSala💛 (@Maseff23) reported

    @jamesbardolph @csgo_dev Oh I’m not alone to lost an ez shot... csgo is broken sometimes 😂

  • CaponeTupac Kevin Capone Tupac (@CaponeTupac) reported

    @FACEIT Yo, right now there has been issues with csgo network. Therefore i could not join my game which resulted in a ban.. I really want to play now . :(

  • ActionDonson Bootstraps Riley (@ActionDonson) reported

    CSGO has a real chud problem in it's player base.

  • alensola MessiahONE (@alensola) reported

    Props to @RejinCS for waiting on us to solve our issues before our match against @TRICKED_esport in @UM_League First, @LETN1CSGO lost his internet connection, then @ottoNdCSGO was unable to launch CSGO Coach @emiicsgo will play instead of @EspiranToCSGO who is unable to play

  • TrailingTipster TrailingTipsters (@TrailingTipster) reported

    @Enforcia Yeah, never had a problem until last night. Been with BT close to 2 years, played a game on CSGO was fine, then went into another game at was hitting 40-60% packet loss

  • RylandTheKing captain raspberry (@RylandTheKing) reported

    @sjokz @sjeletski Used to cause my CSGO to lag even though I have an aurora r5 so I was very 🤔🤔🤔 until I turned it off one day and my FPS went up and I had no more crashes. Not sure why it does that though

  • nemanya01 Nemanja (@nemanya01) reported

    @AshleyKang There are two csgo players called niko and there has never been an issue

  • ricsini Ricardo Sinigaglia (@ricsini) reported

    The only problem: last csgo tournament of the season will end july 22nd, top teams that didn't qualify for the major(fnatic -mouz) and 0-3 teams (2 teams) wont have any break.Its bad but 1 wim will make a big diff!!

  • MEZiCSGO MEZi (@MEZiCSGO) reported

    im never confident in csgo, my arm feels like shit when i hold my mouse how do i fix this

  • GGBrianD Ackerman (@GGBrianD) reported

    playing csgo competitive on valves official matchmaking service is equal to mental torture The stupidity and overall skill that occurs from eagle - elite is level "ESL Gather Low+"- at best

  • J4WScs Erdi İlhan (@J4WScs) reported

    @juvlarN hello, i have a problem vibrancequi is not working for me anymore.i tried in windows, in games but nothing worked. but csgo version is running for me. i want to use that in fifa 19 but i can't.

  • HarryAk90 Harry (@HarryAk90) reported

    @FUCKTOHME That’s coz I don’t play CSGO on regular valve servers, meshterek b ESEA paid service 128 tick rate, (valve is 64). And over there I am A- which is 3 ranks below the pros :p

  • slightning64 Inferno | BANJO4SMASH (@slightning64) reported

    @Axew22 @p3bcrazyy Ao we had lag cause I was reinstalling csgo 😢

  • MxrquesSlays Marques A (@MxrquesSlays) reported

    @Proto_tweets @csgo_dev @MyCSGOThoughts If not alter your csgo setting I had the bug where every time I joined a lobby whether I’d be faceit mm or death match or even workshop map, if I died the game would lag and freeze then jump to next round etc etc

  • Xapzs Drew (@Xapzs) reported

    I wish I could stream counter strike without lagging

  • VogurtMV An GTi boi (@VogurtMV) reported

    switching to csgo, hoping i dont frame lag but im gonna but ill sacrifice for the content. come say hey, and watch me carry my gf and friends

  • eNJayR6 eNJay 🇬🇧 (@eNJayR6) reported

    @R6Gushort @d0mantasR6 And the reason they dont have this extra stuff is because for example, the ongoing major in csgo had a smoke bug arrise 2 DAYS before the major was set to begin. 1 day later they pushed an update out addressing the issue(s) and formally apologised

  • Jeffseesass Jeffcs (@Jeffseesass) reported

    @v8CIzuZj0YbqbPo @zuhncs I know the secret do you want it. Csgo is broken but I still like it

  • ronnochamilton Connor Hamilton (@ronnochamilton) reported

    @Gh0st_1s @Slasher That happens with every gun, it's counter strike. You can one shot people through a gap 1cm wide. I see no problem with it.

  • wakeNyt wakeN-HvHyoutube (@wakeNyt) reported

    @Foekroka Hey is there a way to have a private conversation with you, because a friend told me you could help me with a vac problem in csgo i recieved, my friend told me it happened to you aswell

  • speedrush64 speedrush64 (@speedrush64) reported

    @PhilRanta I would love to start a team and a league for Apex. Problem is with league times they cater to people on the Central and East coast leaving West coasters (especially ones who work until 6pm) left in the dust. When I played Counter-Strike competitively, west games started at 8pm

  • Necr0_ Necr0- (@Necr0_) reported


  • Akramcsgo Code Nancy (@Akramcsgo) reported

    I love to play csgo my alt acc Reason 1. Good team 2. Not toxic 3. Giveing call 4. no lag this account 5 . Same sliver 3

  • Akramcsgo Advanced Robot (@Akramcsgo) reported

    I hate playing csgo in my 700+h main account Reson 1. Full of unrespectful people 2. Noobs 3. No one giveing calls 4. No one respect Indian players 5. Also my laptop lag only main account 6. Sliver 3 stuck

  • PankajS965 PankajS (@PankajS965) reported

    Yes counter and debilitating strike on launchpads is the only option. As the country is seething with anger sometching spectacular needs to be done to secure next term. After that no issues, rivals would be routed and then you can take care of traitors inside and outside.

  • ManrajG06172135 Manraj Gill (@ManrajG06172135) reported

    @Rainbow6Game Can you fix where if you spam the buttons for crouch it slowed each time like csgo

  • BYZE Jordan (@BYZE) reported

    @FusionxGamerr you can literally fix that with a command in the csgo config

  • Ch4rli3_81 Charlie-81 (@Ch4rli3_81) reported

    @csgo_dev now you need fix other simple problem... END THE CSGO For FREE

  • Ch4rli3_81 Charlie-81 (@Ch4rli3_81) reported

    @csgo_dev now you need fiz other simple problem... END THE CSGO For FREE

  • zoombaxd grandfather johnny (@zoombaxd) reported

    ive been trying to get out of silver for the past 2 years and im sick of this shit. i keep getting matched up with trolls who throw the game while i actually try to play competitively and i get 25-30 kills every game while these kids get 10 kills. csgo fix your ranking system 😡

  • WebboHD Webbo (@WebboHD) reported

    @csgo_dev Dear csgo devs. I've been a long time Dan of csgo been playing since 2013. As much as I love the game there is one problem that has become worse since free to play and no its not cheaters its the fact that people in the UK have to play on eu servers.

  • Romanoskys Ignacio Román R (@Romanoskys) reported from Viña del Mar, Región de Valparaíso

    @SelflessRyu The big problem is the stream, for Facebook in the case of CSGO. Normal the viewers.

  • Maskett81 Murto Murtovič (@Maskett81) reported

    @borja9220 @csgo_dev But thats not relevant to the post. I mean yeah f2p csgo is dogshit and i doubt any actual free2play player will stay,i tried it and there was a spinbotter in every game, thats true. But on prime matchmaking I dont have many problems, idk man

  • 4imankhalidie ɪ-ᴍᴀɴᴋᴇɴᴏʙɪ (@4imankhalidie) reported from Bintulu, Sarawak

    Csgo is broken. Yall i need some hax on