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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation. It is the fourth game in the main Counter-Strike franchise.

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  • dysssmorphia i hate hyundai genesis’ (@dysssmorphia) reported

    I can disconnect irl like when I hit ~ on counter strike and type “disconnect”

  • therealbrobie Brobie (@therealbrobie) reported

    @marshmellow735 @mozobtw @CSGO I got matched against a kid who used to be global and now is in GN1 even though my friends and I are silver 3/4. Like it's so broken rn it needs reset badly

  • samualbruening Sam (@samualbruening) reported

    @CSGO Bottom was from Argentina and the two above him said they were intentionally throwing because I LOST against them the game before, where I also had a South American and a mg1 with 4 kills in 22 rounds please fix match making

  • iCruells Christopher Fogt. (@iCruells) reported

    I'm sure that @Twitch is aware of this but its become a big problem how some channel uses gameplay from csgo pro such as Tarik, Simple and Zywoo in order to promote skin scamming sites. Take one down and another pops up.

  • veteran_cs VeteranCS (@veteran_cs) reported

    @JacintoTeodoro @flooooooooooo01 @pitaCSGO @CSGO Maybe. Maybe not. But giving "pros" the option to get unbanned is non sense they cheated. Its their problem.

  • DabMasterDaniel Dab Daniel (@DabMasterDaniel) reported

    @hazedCS @pitaCSGO @CSGO its just my take on the situation (cheat, banned, stay banned) to put an end to the cycle currently happening (cheat, ban, make new account, repeat) it comes down to how the company itself wants to handle these problems and it seems to work well in other companies

  • Nickthesizz Nick (@Nickthesizz) reported

    @DonHaci @CSGO Valve needs to hire someone who deals strictly with these types of issues and can actually pass judgment on a case by case basis.

  • Sam41gaming Sam41Gaming🇺🇸➡️🇯🇵 (@Sam41gaming) reported

    @MEdaw37 @Chakrx @BeastFTW69 @NiPGaming @CSGO @CPerfectworld That doesn’t really solve my problem...

  • BreadWhois WhoisBread (@BreadWhois) reported

    @TheChowderhead Laughs in broken nose as i use the cz aka the pocket ak from csgo

  • hazedCS James Cobb (@hazedCS) reported

    @DabMasterDaniel @pitaCSGO @CSGO But issues a permanent sentence isnt the right answer. Thats an awful way to teach someone in my opinion.

  • tTt_andyj andyj (@tTt_andyj) reported

    @Ex6_10z @ImpactWHU @pitaCSGO @Strlght1 @CSGO Maybe casual or valve death match gets a 1-2 year ban, but if you cheat in comp, FaceIt, or esea, I have absolutely no problem with you getting permbanned

  • tTt_andyj andyj (@tTt_andyj) reported

    @Ex6_10z @ImpactWHU @pitaCSGO @Strlght1 @CSGO Being held accountable for their decisions is getting a timed ban, not a ban for life. Problem is it’s not black and white

  • Geir_AAnestad Kong Harald V (@Geir_AAnestad) reported

    @CSGO @valvesoftware Please fix Escape From Tarkov, I have so bad fps its so bad optimized. Please fix soon please.

  • coldplayer1992 Coldplayer (@coldplayer1992) reported

    Ok ok, I hope it's a glitch but I hope my Internet isn't going to stay 130 ping whilst playing csgo 😭

  • RioVEVO mc mental (@RioVEVO) reported

    people be making "The Problem With EA's Microtransactions" over their own csgo surf videos where they show off their $400 knife and $740 gloves

  • Nba2k12irony yea ok (@Nba2k12irony) reported

    @HudgesRonald @CSGO I aint got money to ban people it should just happen like imagine having to pay to have a service done that should already happen

  • HxHippy HxHippy (@HxHippy) reported

    @NiceWigg I'm pretty sure it's just the game/servers. Ever since they dropped season 2 it's gotten incrementally worse. Same issue here, 8700k +gtx 1080 should be able to handle 1080p on low to feel smooth like CSGO, but it just hasn't since season 1.

  • turntheanimal RABBI RISHYON VITARAL COSTRA (@turntheanimal) reported

    If I remember correctly, I was running @intel, and my guitarist was running @AMD. We were on a counter strike binge and took a break. We swapped computers to see who could crash the others first. lol #college #TURNTHEANIMAL

  • CloroxR6 Clorox (@CloroxR6) reported

    @HoyoTheFox @Dang3rousMoose but when you let cheating spiral out of control into what it is now its just gonna turn into another csgo situation unless they do a prime acc like cs does which i will gladly pay for. theres just way more to do and fix in this game other than ads changes day 1 shit STILL

  • 3quatro 3quatro (@3quatro) reported

    @DonHaci @CSGO The main problem with this rule is the absense of balance between the severity and rarity on one side, and how much it is shown to players (far from enough). @valvesoftware should review current cases and change this if they want to keep the rule, which imo is good in spirit.

  • JonSnowSC2 Jarod George (@JonSnowSC2) reported

    @SortOfSC Having a similar issue in csgo sometimes I click and hold and the spray doesn’t register. Hoping it’s not a big issue. Gpro wireless costs a fortune

  • gomastrash 𝖆𝖗𝖒𝖆𝖓𝖉𝖔 ⛧ (@gomastrash) reported

    csgo boosting service +info dm @l0n3rboy <3

  • Smagoutis Stelios Magoutis (@Smagoutis) reported

    As much as I like @CSGO, the game has a serious problem with cheating. It's a demotivator, especially when you're new and you start at low ranks. Every game is basically a coinflip on who has more cheaters in their team. So frustrating when you want to learn and improve...

  • Sidefx06 Sidefxmayinclde (@Sidefx06) reported

    @Trainwreckstv hey domey, I’m stuck in the hospital getting surgery soon, colon ruptured. So I expect a cozy stream tonight of cordo and Csgo. Other wise, we’re going to have issues! :)

  • raesynergy RAE (@raesynergy) reported

    @CSGO plase fix the models or bring back cl_minmodels 1

  • wojteq__ Wojciech Sołśnia 🇵🇱 (@wojteq__) reported

    @chrisJcsgo @CSGO They won't fix it until cache isn't in map pool 🤓

  • SBlunken UNwoke (@SBlunken) reported

    The bad quality is just for now when I get on my pc I will be able to fix it. I think I’m going to be uploading soon right now I’m sick but as soon as I eat and start getting better I’m going to play some CSGO, Overwatch or Rocketleague #youtube #csgo #overwatch #rocketleague

  • TheNoobForSoup NoobForSoup (@TheNoobForSoup) reported

    @valvesoftware @CSGO is ignoring the biggest issue of #csgo. Cheaters. Nobody likes them, nobody wants them, and they ruin a game. But apparently money is all that matters to them.🤷

  • Atroooo AtrHOE! (@Atroooo) reported

    @DanielSen_csgo @WarmupServer @tomi @CSGO Its a problem that Valves anti-cheat is absolutely useless at detecting cheats, and that mm is awful in general. But we're not talking about whether some random cheater should be allowed back into mm cos he was 13 when he cheated in mm. This is a guy who had a career ahead of him

  • DanielSen_csgo daniels™ (@DanielSen_csgo) reported

    @Atroooo @WarmupServer @tomi I'm getting the argument that he was just 13. But I'm not with you to make a difference between officials and meaningless games. Cheater in meaningless games are the real problem we are having in @CSGO.

  • 211636483Cat blue cat (@211636483Cat) reported

    @CSGO Let's open the map“cache”(NEW,The author is FMPONE) in the creative workshop .And then we open this ,“Press ~”and“disconnect”Next thing we know Start matching normal games

  • MrDhim MRDhim (@MrDhim) reported

    @_raphz @DirtyRandell @DonHaci @CSGO Cheating in esports is an issue, finding people that are dedicated into the game isn't, end of story!

  • 211636483Cat blue cat (@211636483Cat) reported

    @CSGO I found a vicious BUG here Please inform VALVE of this information Let's open the map“cache”NEW,The author is FMPONE) in the creative workshop .And then we open this ,“Press and“disconnect”Next thing we know Start matching normal games You'd be surprised bluedoor ismissing

  • _raphz RaphZ (@_raphz) reported

    @MrDhim @DirtyRandell @DonHaci @CSGO The problem here is not being punished for breaking the rules, but breaking the rules that they didn't even know existed, you dont need to punish everyone forever...

  • Xypanda1 Xy panda (@Xypanda1) reported

    @tTt_andyj @DonHaci @CSGO I agree. It's my point. We can't have one "answer" to all the issues = permaban. That's stupid. We need to be flexible and ADAPT the sanctions based on the case. Obviously a CHILD that's 13 should NOT be life-time banned for cheating in a ******* MM once. VALVE is just LAZY.

  • flashiecsgo Viktor Bea (@flashiecsgo) reported

    @AiyvaNCSGO @Aaronxy2 @CSGO No, the problem is that it wouldnt be the players' fault, just imagine valve would have to check all these players who want a "pro slot" if they have ANY other account linked to them which is vac banned. Idea is good imo but only in theory, it is impossible to make it happen.

  • TimMEsports Tim Masters (@TimMEsports) reported

    @RivalryGLHF @CSGO @Jamppicsgo @JoshNissan @brax1wnl @DETONAgOficial @vsmzin @ChaosEC @SJGamingGG @SwolePatrolGG treated differently depending on the details of their case. people who fix matches like IBP have no defence, some of the younger kids getting VAC bans may need to be looked at

  • _raphz RaphZ (@_raphz) reported

    @DirtyRandell @MrDhim @DonHaci @CSGO Vsm is playing in a pro team, jamppi is training young talents. They still have their jobs while playing, but their can't be in top teams just because of some stupid error while kids... It's stupid in my opinion, now if you say someone like forsaken then sure, he deserves it...

  • headspawn uʍɐdspɐǝɥ (@headspawn) reported

    @WTFudgeGaming @Joe_Sinister1 @Under_Ach1ever It's not really a problem though, not every game has to be Nioh/Darksouls level hardcore. I mean, tons of ppl play CoD and enjoy it, even though it bleeds casual, they don't need to be Counter-Strike, nothing wrong with appealing.

  • _raphz RaphZ (@_raphz) reported

    @AlexBreeze12 @gla1ve_csgo @CSGO "it shouldn't be a problem" yet you are in a thread of a pro player telling valve to change the molotov smoke. Most pros play with low settings because of fps, shroud had problems running the game in a tournament some time ago because he uses 1920x1080... So there are problems

  • AlexBreeze12 Alex Breeze (@AlexBreeze12) reported

    @_raphz @gla1ve_csgo @CSGO I'd say CS is such an easy to run game that it shouldn't be a problem regardless, but maybe I'm just disregarding the lower spec bracket unfairly. Maybe some animated sprites with translucent textures would be a good substitute for low settings, without removing depth from CS.

  • quoity39 Quoity39 (@quoity39) reported

    Csgo MM must be broken Have my settings so that it only searches <100 ping Puts me in a game with a bunch of yanks and 200ping 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Wot

  • DznsByInfinite infiniteGFX (@DznsByInfinite) reported

    @ClapsYur claps why do you play this broken game, csgo is better😔

  • xeroh vasco (@xeroh) reported

    @Deng1zZ @CSGO @DonHaci @aizyesque @RyanAtRBM Idk if it’s the same problem or even if I’m the only one, but on Wingman i need at least a solid 7/8 win streak to rank up but whenever I lose, 1 game, I get deranked

  • magicrit Aris (@magicrit) reported

    Yo man wtf is this bug where my game screen just freezes but I can move n shoot n shit. Literally almost cost me a game. ******* jackasses @CSGO too retarded to fix their game

  • magmamaster1801 magmamaster1801 (@magmamaster1801) reported

    Played Counter Strike again after a long break and I am remembering why I quit. The biggest problem is how insanely strongly it encourages passive play and sitting in a corner. The attacker is always at a massive disadvantage and that slows the game to a crawl. It's a snoozefest.

  • Sir_ilho somesum (@Sir_ilho) reported

    @Windows Yeah.. Was running csgo when it crashed w/ that error, and had to restart it manually, has been fine since that. Just wasn't expecting the blue screen on v10. But thanks for the reply, better late than ever I suppose.

  • N17RG Nazar (@N17RG) reported

    @khaosbob @CsgoHades Khaosbob don't miss. The game does. @CSGO fix your game and follow khaosbob when you have account.

  • Enflygplan Enfly (@Enflygplan) reported

    @csgo better ******* fix this shit..

  • _raphz RaphZ (@_raphz) reported

    @AlexBreeze12 @gla1ve_csgo @CSGO That makes a molotov work like a smoke then, but the problem with it is the fact that people that use high settings have an advantage to the ones that use lower settings

  • Glaede_ Glæde (@Glaede_) reported

    @d4vskal @HLTVorg Honestly please watch csgo cause you'll know the problem of gurdian isn't s1 it was the fact that gurdians old age lost skill also the fact that there's a language barrier so don't think 'OHH S1mple toxic 2014 people don't change so he hasn't " cause it's retarded

  • HobbiT___23 HobbiT (@HobbiT___23) reported

    @valvesoftware FIX CSGO !! Cheater in my last 5 games have ruined this shit!! #EvenFaceitHasThem

  • iamksg15 Sujit Gaikwad (@iamksg15) reported

    @CSGO it's the third time im tweeting about frame rate issues. My friends are uninstalling the game ;-; do something about fps I kinda feel lonely and 29 fps while spraying.

  • Sealiooo_ Sealiooo (@Sealiooo_) reported

    @MacKR6S I think all 3 games you play are bad because they are infamous for cheaters like csgo-most people hack and are blantent and don’t get banned, rainbow6- same thing but less often dbd-lag switchers. All bad games I’m sorry you had a bad stream ;(

  • 1tryh4rd tryhard (@1tryh4rd) reported

    @valvesoftware please fix your prime matchmaking in csgo please i queued up with hackers every time i play

  • coixzy coixz (@coixzy) reported

    @kwaxxi @CitrusLUL Think actually valve could just update the size to the other one’s, so we could get better completed crafts. @valvesoftware @CSGO please fix

  • mrc4tt Mikkel 'MrC4tt' Lind (@mrc4tt) reported

    Maintenance from 29th January 2020 (08:00 am) 5-6 CSGO Servers will be moved(One has been told that this may occur!) TS3 Servers will be down for a maximum of 1-2 minutes! (There will be some bug fixes and some delicious fix!)

  • nassolious Nassol (@nassolious) reported

    While I’m ranting, @CSGO the fact I can have my team win a pistol round then the other team gets a better buy just becuase they got a bomb plant is ******* disgusting and is ruining the state of the game in mm, ESEA, and faceit. Easiest fix ever too. Nerf sg too thanks.

  • Nayie_ Nazeri / ناي (@Nayie_) reported

    Just found out Kobe's daughter was with him the crash too. Damn man. Rest well legend, even in CSGO you have been immortalised.

  • AlaaaW_csgo AlaaaW! (@AlaaaW_csgo) reported

    It makes me so sad every time I see someone misses an opportunity because of the Visa issue. Like Chaos replacing Wippie because of it or the time that Gratisfaction missed lots of events and couldnt play with his team mates for a long time. It's just too sad... #CSGO