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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation. It is the fourth game in the main Counter-Strike franchise.

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  • trungnguyen0503 zfzt (@trungnguyen0503) reported

    @EliGE Fix your game @CSGO

  • mkll11one Mikkel Lind (@mkll11one) reported

    CSGO Servers fixed (broken update)

  • Blankzinga Adam Heath (@Blankzinga) reported

    Very impressed with @awdit. Didn't even realise I was buying from them when ordering off Amazon but the fixed all issues quickly and have helped make the CSGO servers MUCH better this iSeries - fingers crossed for stutter-free servers! 24 hours to work some server magic. cu@lan!

  • Rosenchef Martin Rosenbæk (@Rosenchef) reported

    I don't understand why the teams doesn't make limited edition jerseys for the @CSGO Major. CSGO merchandise is the worst. Please fix.

  • stucky2_ stucky2 (@stucky2_) reported

    Bugha's on CSGO, Dae is playing a new BR, Myth is on Minecraft.. Welcome to Season X :) @EpicGames Please fix your dog shit game.

  • HydrolurFrog Hydrolur (Free Pokemon Requests!) (@HydrolurFrog) reported

    @mmultarzynski1 I mean, yeah, but the problem is toxic asshats online go out of their way to annoy the shit out of me. This pretty much make CSGO MM me 1v5ing noobs or complete pros, because I have to mute my teammates, and the toxic ones don't do shit. I just hate solo Que

  • Muhzzle Nick (@Muhzzle) reported

    @TheSwiftTv @itsOutrageouss @Roxas502 @charlieINTEL That’s not true at all though that’s the problem with your logic. Better refresh rate and higher graphics do not make you win fights. There’s counter strike gods that play on potatoes for PCs 30fps lords going against 300+ people

  • MetalDarter unstableskynet (@MetalDarter) reported

    @EliGE that was such a pain in the ass for months! Somebody said smth about the problem, #fixcsgo @CSGO

  • hedgester38 Hedgester (@hedgester38) reported

    @DonHaci @CSGO volvo pls fix

  • mitsorubi ♛mitsorubi♛ (@mitsorubi) reported

    . @CSGO fix plz

  • ChambieZA F/A Chambie 🐐 (@ChambieZA) reported

    I made a whole 1v1 server quit for having 30 ping 😭 Apparently I'm so sad I use a "lag switch" and everyone left. What a way to get back into Counter-Strike 😂

  • tflCx tfl (@tflCx) reported

    imagine being this bad at csgo u have to crash other ppls games for u to get the win.. sad

  • manletmezi m (@manletmezi) reported

    @TravCS @DonHaci no csgo should fix the bug and not make us fix it ourselves is what they should be doing

  • DonHaci Haci (@DonHaci) reported

    Someone tested it on me yesterday and it just shut down my CSGO client without me even doing anything, you don't get a pop up or something it just instantly closes your game and you have to restart CS again. "cl_invites_only_friends" can help but isn't a permanent fix.

  • CSGOEmpireV2 Monarch (@CSGOEmpireV2) reported

    @Luiiiis17 Hey, we’re having unexpected issues with Dota, H1 and Rust. We’re working on fixing it. CSGO withdrawals are still working.

  • ItsPhazerLive Phazer (@ItsPhazerLive) reported

    @SimbasManeTv @ItsK5_ @CSGO I was LE at one point. The ONLY way I got out of silver was by queuing with the same 4 guys every night. CSGO has been around for YEARS and they still have not figured out this issue.

  • sLowiCSGO Olli Pitkänen (@sLowiCSGO) reported

    hello mr. @CSGO your game seems to be a bit broken after the new update, the game suddenly freezes for like 1-5 guys on the server, they are unable to move and cant reconnect to the server for a while after the "crash" has happened like 5 times in two days plz fix

  • NevoSverdlov Nevo Sverdlov (@NevoSverdlov) reported

    @TurboMotionReal No problem turbo you are so good in the game:csgo

  • Juu68807300 Juu (@Juu68807300) reported

    @CSGO Valve pls fix my trustfactor

  • ZooL_Smith ZooL (@ZooL_Smith) reported

    @strelnikovegor @CSGO Yeah most of us saw that too... I'm more of a scripting guy but yeah that's a very big deal... It's broken since DZ.

  • prec1sio Sacred - Prec1sioN (@prec1sio) reported

    @jooota11 @CSGO I thinkt they did it because it fits the the Nuke fix (Recompiled Nuke to fix lighting issues)

  • JeyerLulz_b44 Bald Jeyer (@JeyerLulz_b44) reported

    @prec1sio @CSGO Getting CSGO'd is a thing since 2015 and still is. There's nothing to realise, except this game's hitreg is broken.

  • prec1sio Sacred - Prec1sioN (@prec1sio) reported

    @JeyerLulz_b44 @CSGO Still waiting for the day you realise that you are the issue not the game.

  • mathew14662356 Chicken (@mathew14662356) reported

    RTX Selling before CS:GO RayTracing 0.75% Sales After CS:GO Ray Tracing 75.89% Valve please fix #RTXOn #Csgo

  • mathew14662356 Chicken (@mathew14662356) reported

    @The_Jeff2000 @CSGO RTX Selling before CS:GO RayTracing 0.75% Sales After CS:GO Ray Tracing 75.89% Valve please fix #RTXOn

  • lvoHristov Ivo Hristov (@lvoHristov) reported

    @CSGO Fix your hit reg and lag when they kill you while you have already gone hidden 😊😊😊 trashers

  • kaioto__ kaioto__ (@kaioto__) reported

    @DonHaci @CSGO valve pls fix

  • JeyerLulz_b44 Bald Jeyer (@JeyerLulz_b44) reported

    @CSGO Still waiting for a better Client/Server sync and the Hitreg/Hitboxes fix.

  • lapinuss lapinus (@lapinuss) reported

    @CSGO I was thinking about switching to linux and you folks fix linux clients right on time!

  • noskillzsz Holo Noskills (@noskillzsz) reported

    @UnctiousSC depends on sponsors I think. if corsair or whatever gets behind the event then they provide it. but I don't think there is an official testing program for keyboards and mice. I know the CSGO league has a special login that tracks your click averages and everything I believe.

  • NFGBluOxygen Daniel Arnold (@NFGBluOxygen) reported

    @CSGO Why do I have green dots everywhere. Plz fix

  • SimbasManeTv TheSimba (@SimbasManeTv) reported


  • nyko_lz nico ♥ (@nyko_lz) reported

    @pedrinhomfi @jamesbardolph @CSGO smoke/radar fix

  • szsmixALT szsmix (@szsmixALT) reported

    @Staticfrost_ @CSGO [ MAPS ] – Recompiled Nuke to fix several lighting problems on static props. – Recompiled Overpass with an additional clipbrush at the back of A site. Oh my god map changing update jesus christ changing the maps so much like that before major smh csgo dead because of valve.

  • ReReHeartsArt ReReHeart (@ReReHeartsArt) reported

    Love how @Respawn can’t make a game that works with its own launchers overlay or any overlay without causing problems for the user. Also real cool for calling us asshats for not wanting to pay $200 for an item. Have fun trying to replicate csgo economy over one item.

  • _KettIe_ Kettle (@_KettIe_) reported

    I like how my teammate leaves game , comes back with cheats on and gets banned after 2 rounds . Meanwhile 4 premades in enemy team are obviously wallhacking and nothing is happening . Fix your ******* anti-cheat @CSGO

  • Blakerscs Blake (@Blakerscs) reported

    if i get another csgo crash or fps tanking to 80 bug bs one more time ima be pissed.

  • iTR0NN Nick (@iTR0NN) reported

    I would love to compete in Csgo man, if I was younger I would absolutely be down. If I put the proper time in to fix my flaws I think I could do it but I also think my time has passed lol feels bad

  • lucas_7_94 enchorigoNNN (@lucas_7_94) reported

    @Nors3 @CSGO Still no 10 usd viewer pass in “content for this game” pls fix volvo

  • DWade117 Crooked Stevie (@DWade117) reported

    @JoePimpeekins @Charalanahzard @nscottg Because not everyone wants to play with keyboard and mouse. Everyone doesn’t play counter strike all day. Xbox Live is a better service. Cleaner UI, better controller, better software. The first 3-4 Halo games are better than anything Sony has ever done.

  • jadenso69 Jaden (@jadenso69) reported

    @thenoelmiller counter strike team tryouts must be your biggest problem rn

  • deceresco Daddy Declan (@deceresco) reported

    @TurboLunii I always try to watch my chat unless its intense in the game. I sometimes have people that expect an immediate response and leave before I can answer because i either didnt notice or I'm playing a game (like csgo) where I normally have a stream delay (stream sniping is a problem)

  • Xeno_R6 Xeno.... (@Xeno_R6) reported

    @G2Pengu ya seems like 1000 mmr is a little to low. also they don’t have it where it won’t matter if you’re 5 stacked like what they have in csgo. it they could always fix it

  • BozhidarDaniel1 Bobini1502 (@BozhidarDaniel1) reported

    @betwayesports @CSGO fix this before the major

  • BlueSkyCSGO Brian (@BlueSkyCSGO) reported

    @neLendirekt @CSGO Reminder that everyone complains that the map sucks, then complains that they are actually updating it and trying to fix it before the major...

  • neLendirekt neL (@neLendirekt) reported

    @Nors3 @CSGO Any map with a bit of a background like cbble or season. Never understood why season never had a shot to be played when we had broken maps added to the competitive mappool without being tested.

  • funeralchriscs Chris (@funeralchriscs) reported

    Setting "game details" to "private" on the Steam profile causes the "User has started playing CS:GO" message spam to appear to friends. Please address this issue finally, @CSGO

  • MsVe14 Michael (@MsVe14) reported

    @CSGO Why does xm have a bigger range than an awp in cs, fix it asap

  • DreyZe__ DreyZe (@DreyZe__) reported

    @betwayesports @CSGO fix this plz we don't dans a Fnatic - LDLC 2014 remake

  • FarDrawsBad FarDreamer 🍪✨ (@FarDrawsBad) reported

    Henlo guys eh uh Sorry if i didn't draw something recently, i was a bit depressed with homework, family stuff and personal problems, I tried to forget that playing Csgo but is the same thing kfkdkkf But i'll draw something soon!! I promise!!!

  • TotalGyros CKOTOMHΔΗC ΔΑΡΚCΕΙΛΟC (@TotalGyros) reported

    It was admittedly driving me crazy. My Ryzen 2600, running on a system with 16GB of RAM, should not have problems running a local Counter-Strike: Source server with 10 bots. Hell, I notice micro-stuttering even in online games and that's just weird for a game of this age.

  • k0byCS k0by (@k0byCS) reported

    @lenabrinter tbh i think csgo's video settings are not doing anything really(compared to other games its minimal). they dont ruin nor fix anything. tho i usually have everything low except texture and shadows and some msaa in 4:3 stretched

  • chikfLix fLix (@chikfLix) reported

    why am i lagging in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

  • kadabracsgo Fer (@kadabracsgo) reported

    @CSGO please fix this!!

  • carni1337 Faiq (@carni1337) reported

    @h3nder_ @FMPONE @CSGO I think the problem is not that it's garbage (well some is), it's that most don't care about new maps. If they get feedback surely it can be fixed, just like overpass and vertigo.

  • vyoma1998 Vyoma Patel (@vyoma1998) reported

    @sxbirxh_ @SamiiulAmin Uh no she didn’t. People are taking her words out of context. She tweeted “jai hind” in response to the counter strike the Indian Army did on TERRORISTS FROM PAKISTAN who BOMBES and murdered 40 UNARMED INDIAN SOLDIERS. this was back in FEB 2019 when there was NO Kashmir issue

  • infinityfpss Infinity (@infinityfpss) reported

    @DonHaci Testosterona and GH wont benefit you at all in playing csgo... That's why adderall is prohibited and testosterone and gh not... You're trying to create a problem where there is none haci....

  • AllyTheOcelot_ Alasdair (@AllyTheOcelot_) reported

    @Whispered i mean it is csgo, there's bound to be some no-life teens with anger issues. still sad that u experience that tho.

  • 64s sixf0ur (@64s) reported

    @SRMustang35_ @Sicario_Gaming_ @100Thieves @EsportsForecast Very nice. I had an over/underperformance factor for map picks for CSGO until that part of my model just stopped working. Got busy with other things and can't find the time to fix it properly. I do have red/blue bias, radiant/dire bias etc but they don't matter much.

  • Sordmas Sordmas (@Sordmas) reported

    @xenovx1 And see thats the issue I have. I myself have not played smite but i know a few people that play this from when I used to play Collegiate Cs go. I used to be LE for counter strike but had to leave due to life. Came back 5 months later and it reset me. Theres time i Carry and not.