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  • GenVociferous VociferousGenXer (@GenVociferous) reported

    @Crunchyroll @collazo_jeremy Ok. Now fix Robitnik.

  • Esc4n0rPride . (@Esc4n0rPride) reported

    @Dragecake @ArgentLeftovers @Crunchyroll Poor guy, worst part was it happened more than once 😂😳

  • ChrisMacbrohn Christopher Macbrohn (@ChrisMacbrohn) reported

    @Girl_GoneMild Same here, Sprint pays for my Hulu, and I have Netflix and Crunchyroll. Probably gonna get Disney+ once they work out the glitches/server issues.

  • _spirxl 💀 (@_spirxl) reported

    The @Crunchyroll app is actual trash, fix up or I'm going back to kissanime 😤😤

  • roocrow Spiced Sprooky Southern Wind (@roocrow) reported

    @Blue_Be7a @Crunchyroll Also many people's families have these damn services already. Just borrow your parents login. I couldn't imagine paying for cable. I don't even have time to watch TV. Also crunchyroll 👍

  • mikasawaifu Mikasa 🧢 (@mikasawaifu) reported

    @OnTakahashi I understand your frustrations, believe me I really do. But if you want manga artists to get paid, push for the current legal aggregator services to support more content. Crunchyroll and Amazon aren't going to do a single thing about the quality of their content.

  • EmbrynAudios Kristina (@EmbrynAudios) reported

    Well not every thing but for crunchyroll. Someone said it could have created an account but not said it. So I tried to login with an email I've never used for anything and I got locked out for 2 hrs... How when I don't have an account. 😭 This bug or whatever is frustrating

  • elIiotsays Elliot ⋈ 🇮🇪🧡🍁🍂 (@elIiotsays) reported

    All I use is Netflix and Crunchyroll so I got no issues 🤣

  • YaGurlZoeXD ✨🍁~*Zσε*~🍁✨ (@YaGurlZoeXD) reported

    Ok I'm really confused. Can any of you Crunchyroll users help me out here. So I got the 2 week free trial so I could watch Jojo with no ads. And since I just finished Jojo I decided, well I don't need this any more. So I went to the app store on my phone and deleted it.

  • HydraulicKitty HydraulicKitty (@HydraulicKitty) reported

    @Crunchyroll please change your platform. It has been a mess for years. Y’all don’t ever respond or fix things. There have been so many issues for the last several years

  • KingdomErick 変態神さま (@KingdomErick) reported

    @TryIgnition Can we get a crunchyroll fix pls

  • R_Shoemaker97 Ricky Boomaker (@R_Shoemaker97) reported

    Hulu, Netflix, Crunchyroll, Prime, HBOnow, Disney+ Yea, it's a problem. I'll be cancelling a few and learning to illegally download without viruses.

  • Zcotticus Zcotticus (@Zcotticus) reported

    That one person in the comments of any episode of any show on @Crunchyroll: "Oh my god the animation is terrible."

  • BILLEH25 Mildly perturbed ukog (@BILLEH25) reported

    @realjojozach @menat @Crunchyroll plus anaotmeny n all this is a oddly difficult problem to think out

  • vdeviance 🏴 VDeviance Is Deep In Production🏴 (@vdeviance) reported

    *Saved AX *Got hired at Crunchyroll to write news (still there) *Went to TGS, got sucker punched in line (never going again) *Spent a year perpetually drunk and high living with my best friends (miss them) *Saw my career covering the wireless industry crash and burn

  • TheWestSamurai Wheezeman 🤧🤢🤮🐍 (@TheWestSamurai) reported

    @Dtrotter11 There is but some shows ain’t there even if you look hard and the quality so trash saves me the task... Like I get it it’d be the same if I got lit for Crunchyroll but like there’s actually more accessible anime sites with clean quality

  • scorpion7856 scorpion7856 free agent (@scorpion7856) reported

    @Crunchyroll You’ve been posting an awful lot of jojo you got info on part 6 anime huh crunchyroll 👀👀

  • MichaelLevar___ Clout Man (@MichaelLevar___) reported

    I only got Netflix, Disney +, Crunchyroll. Ion need that other stuff CBS, ESPN, FOX SPORTS, NBC Sports allat shit is a login on Xfinity anyways lol

  • Nightwing55251 Xavier Robinson (@Nightwing55251) reported

    @Bojanglesbanana @disneyplus This is ridiculous, Hell Crunchyroll and Funimation crashed when an episode of Super Aired. It's just too many people logging in all at once. Hell, no serve can handle that many people logging on all at once, especially on day one without problems. That's why they fix bugs.

  • napalmfrog Nicholas Sidhu (@napalmfrog) reported

    @TheThirstyWench Crunchyroll is the only service service I have no issue subbing too. And Spotify.

  • xKoraTx Koratt (@xKoraTx) reported

    @Trace_Archon @XboxSupport @Twitch @Crunchyroll @YouTube This is an error known by Xbox. It is already working to fix it. We only have to be patient.

  • Locky_Miles LockyMiles💫🎄🇦🇺#ShantaeForSmashDLC (@Locky_Miles) reported

    @Crunchyroll @Loustica_Lucia Australia 🇦🇺 still doesn’t have the dub! Please fix this!!!

  • connorPUSB1 connor🔪💉 (@connorPUSB1) reported

    @Chinoydragon09 @Crunchyroll Thank you, I think 3 no are enough for me to dodge this one, when magic anime are bad, they tend to be the worst anime out there

  • applejoose ari ʕ•̫͡•ʔ (@applejoose) reported

    @Crunchyroll can you help me out my premium account got hacked

  • Ma55acre1080 M-Pad (@Ma55acre1080) reported

    Really don't understand why a lot of video apps don't have a Quality option when watching videos. Looking at you @disneyplus / @WatchVRV

  • thepuffytaco Jaemeel Robinson (@thepuffytaco) reported

    @rob_keyes Need to jump on that @Crunchyroll train! Missing out on a lot of quality programming.

  • klarisegarcia Klari$e (@klarisegarcia) reported

    @AppValley_vip fix crunchyroll & video star😔

  • klarisegarcia Klari$e (@klarisegarcia) reported

    @AppValley_vip please fix crunchyroll & video star

  • FineFictMen Fine Fictional Men (@FineFictMen) reported

    @BellowDGaming Like I knew, Crunchyroll and Funimation wouldn't help them as much especially when their services are lacking.

  • ACZeroshift ACJiveTurkeyShift 🦃 (@ACZeroshift) reported

    At least once a week my @WatchVRV watchlist goes missing for no reason. I love the service, but this site has constant problems.

  • Detaunt _________ (@Detaunt) reported

    Netflix..Hulu..CrunchyRoll..Disney +..Xbox 1..whoever girlfriend need help cheating.. Gon be a good winter..😂

  • duh_dood3 Duh dood3 (@duh_dood3) reported

    @Rhs_spl2 @CKamijan @Crunchyroll You know what I think it is , it’s those damn eyes. I need to see the other versions eyes. But I don’t think that version had this problem. They need to bring the eyes back a bit or something.

  • PumpkinCanon 🎃Pumpkincanon🎃 (@PumpkinCanon) reported

    @Crunchyroll the whole studio was probably excited to bring it out during the the year of the tokyo Olympics... :( everything that happened is just so awful...

  • royaltykai d. (@royaltykai) reported

    Finished szn 2 & 3 of haikyu in a day. a TERRIBLE ending. Got nothing done all day. Wasted money on resubscribing to crunchyroll. They got me again ngl


    @Crunchyroll Kazuma will pull a prank on every single one who thinks a harem is a problem or who thinks there anything less, Kazuma our Man

  • BroganDespair 💖 Brogan Ross The Ultimate Despair 💖 (@BroganDespair) reported

    @NezumiVA It's on the Xbox one m8 i personally love the app it has everything I don't need to deal with adverts and heres the problem crunchyroll and funimation are terrible in the UK the anime selection sucks

  • cfarnam Chris Farnam (@cfarnam) reported

    @FUNimation it really upsets me that I pay monthly for this service and the website is so damn broken. I have to close the site completely and reopen it to watch a new episode. Please fix or I am leaving for @Crunchyroll tbh

  • stein_cami Cami Stein @ Zero the Precious Baby! (@stein_cami) reported

    @Crunchyroll I still didn't pick which Galar starter Pokemon I should pick and the game hasn't been release yet. Help me!

  • luffy_darryll Fyodor Solokovich Darilovski (@luffy_darryll) reported

    @RedJHawk it seems subtitles are not working on browsers, damm crunchyroll always an issue

  • cbrandon96 Brandon Coleman (@cbrandon96) reported

    @Matthew74318552 @UnknownFantasy7 @Crunchyroll Well I hope the quality is gonna stay high then..

  • BlazinHopeZ Tippy @Black Eagles | A Certain Magical Fuckery (@BlazinHopeZ) reported

    @ChannelGrayVEVO Crunchyroll has this issue on occasion.

  • thegabibraun ガビ・ブラウン ⚠️ AOT 123 Spoilers (@thegabibraun) reported

    @GhostofKruger Oh, trust me, Banana Fish has nothing to do with cats and bananas. It's gangsters in NYC doing some awful stuff with great MCs. But now that I think about it, I don't remember if BF is in Crunchyroll or Prime...

  • scartweetro 🌹scarly p🌹 (@scartweetro) reported

    Help I'm sick and I ran out of ep's of HxH that are online without another subscription pls let me use your Crunchyroll 😔

  • PeterButterBear Peter L. (@PeterButterBear) reported

    @Ohara_the_Fox @Crunchyroll Never thought about that, they really should do that. Would help me with the learning if nothing else

  • QueenEights •-• (@QueenEights) reported

    @Crunchyroll STOP IT GET SOME HELP

  • morphorod Mike the Moose (@morphorod) reported

    @WatchVRV why is it that when I try to login to my account on a laptop it says my account info is invalid but it works fine on my iOS devices. Its really annoying and limiting to my use of the service.

  • hhannahleighhh 🔥🔺Hannah🔻🔥 (@hhannahleighhh) reported

    @Crunchyroll i have been broken with joy oh my god

  • Yume9277 Yume (@Yume9277) reported

    @Crunchyroll @Konosuba_Anime I don't know maybe intimidated at first, but if I know who Aqua is already due to Konosuba, I prob. can't help but laugh 😂 and be like I never thought the Amazing Goddess AquaSama be in charge of my death 🤣 wait for my isekai sentence 👍

  • joshualint JOSHUA (@joshualint) reported

    @sayn_ae @ItsJMarley @Bravefighter341 @Crunchyroll I’m taking my time to get my heart broken. Clannad and Your in April shall wait!

  • okasion2012 okasion (@okasion2012) reported

    @yummymaichi @DonoViva ah... sorry I forgot the time we live in and our problems.. it is more difficult than ever to enjoy ONE THING in today's society. Is it also very rewarding if you do so. But don't watch western garbage please -only unalterated non Crunchyroll anime as God intended.

  • ersanven One Day I Will Be Death (@ersanven) reported

    @Crunchyroll It's going to be terrible but I will watch it because I hate myself.

  • DonToro__ i been goin thru it (@DonToro__) reported

    @OGmperez I even have a crunchyroll login bro lmaoooooo

  • RiseFallNick TRAFON (@RiseFallNick) reported

    @KenKrumbach Issue is they haven't shown anything since the initial release. I'm wondering if it was so poorly recieved that Crunchyroll went cold on the idea.

  • g3ttinbi laris (@g3ttinbi) reported

    @Crunchyroll I'm trying to watch Jojo but I simply can't it's not working all the other anime work but not Jojo whyyyyyyyy

  • connorPUSB1 connor🔪💉 (@connorPUSB1) reported

    @Top_Ckret @Belaant_Is_Cute I only use crunchyroll so I dont have that problem. If I really like an anime I'll buy some official merch

  • LuriorLASGM Leogon Lurior LASGM (@LuriorLASGM) reported

    @Crunchyroll Thank you for fixing whatever was broken, the service is generally on the ball but it won't bring back what was taken so.

  • Bravefighter341 Bravefighter341 (@Bravefighter341) reported

    @sayn_ae @Crunchyroll Because they don't understand everyone as round him hates him but is also desperate for his help. Including the 2 chicks who obviously love hjm but they are wayyyyyy to prideful to admit it. Its so dumb idk how people like this story

  • ArtAwkw maximilian [Ex Mare Diracis] 📡 (@ArtAwkw) reported

    @Energetic_Nova The issue was that Crunchyroll aired it without disclosing the censorship. And Japan aired it uncensored.

  • Buldosis Buldosis (@Buldosis) reported

    @rs_jcw sucks to hear. Ive been compromised before and made a list of things i needed to change thats info/money sensitive when it happened if its of any help reddit crunchyroll soundcloud spotify steam rsbuddy patreon paypal phone provider online login netflix

  • jhevasson kane (@jhevasson) reported

    @icedoutomnitrix rn, crunchyroll has it for free and idk about the quality but it won’t get u viruses

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