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  • RazDarklighter Chad Kaderabek (@RazDarklighter) reported

    @WatchVRV I'm unable to sign-in to VRV at this point using Chrome. I have gone thru all your suggestions via the help page - nothing works. Any help would be appreciated.

  • SneeZlePie Marna Hansen (@SneeZlePie) reported

    @EliasYagami @Crunchyroll I am not that they'll fix him

  • Instygan Instygan🐝 (@Instygan) reported

    @ThomasR50445542 @Crunchyroll One of the worst tweets I've ever seen

  • Jameskakonge_ Brother Darkness (@Jameskakonge_) reported

    @Crunchyroll fix your app it’s buggy on all platforms I’m not paying to be getting logged out

  • Drifblim23 Jackel (@Drifblim23) reported

    @DFrosty22 I think there are three main problems with him. 1. He's a shill for crunchyroll. 2. He makes literally the same video over and over. 3. He reviews anime when only one episode has come out.

  • Vegasx07 Vegasx07🐧 (@Vegasx07) reported

    @Crunchyroll What ain't good is the Crunchyroll manga app being broken on Android

  • sleepwellbeasts a known gremlin (@sleepwellbeasts) reported

    im about to start my 5th or so haikyuu rewatch unless anyone has an anime recommendation with the same comfort level potential or can tell me how to fix crunchyroll bc for whatever reason, naruto pt 1 doesn't have eng subtitles so my subscription is useless for that rn

  • aku027 김 » (@aku027) reported

    @Crunchyroll E. AAASSSTAAAAAA HELP!!!


    @Crunchyroll bro why my premium trial not working :(

  • mizunotic Michelle (@mizunotic) reported

    Every time I see the Carhartt logo, I think it's the Crunchyroll logo, and that is terrible.

  • tokimonster kelly toki (@tokimonster) reported

    Jfc I swear to god like 60% of the time I go to use the @Crunchyroll app on the amazon fire it breaks. Disconnected randomly while trying to watch a show, then it gets stuck on a “no internet connection” error code.

  • KodiChanPrime Kodi-Chan Prime (@KodiChanPrime) reported

    @Maleroy15 @Crunchyroll I just can’t find what’s wrong with them. The voices are expressive and have dynamic inflections. It sounds cartoonishly upbeat, but not to an annoying degree. The only thing I’d fix is that the cat’s voice is kinda deep, but that’s not even much of a problem.

  • ilikedankmemes2 chonkyman (@ilikedankmemes2) reported

    @Crunchyroll **** dude, they would both probably end up crying in each others arms talking about their daddy issues

  • NBDestroyer04 Krishna (@NBDestroyer04) reported

    @Crunchyroll Feels bad living on the East Coast as a high schooler, that's basically a Monday release for me rip but If it means quality I take it

  • Jasurim Kylie (@Jasurim) reported

    @Crunchyroll I think the problem with Boruto is that history is always repeating itself....


    @BestGirlAnime @Crunchyroll One problem with this anime...the episodes are only about 12 minutes long 😢 we need more Nanako!!!

  • kananswife im 6’3 (@kananswife) reported

    i still cant believe people got so hype in the jojo crunchyroll stream for the 7 page muda that it actually caused the stream to crash

  • 27CansOfTuna Daikon w Tuna Shishimi and Ginger (@27CansOfTuna) reported

    crunchyroll has been terrible for me all even other sites load and play videos just fine, crunchyroll, buffering and loading like every 2 minutes, fairy tail has taken so long to watch, awful service

  • 0_KVN_0 kevin (@0_KVN_0) reported

    @Crunchyroll the worst of them all, the bow hero

  • somecallmelum lum (@somecallmelum) reported

    @ashketchumm78 YOU CAN WATCH JOJO WHENEVER YOU WANT YOU HAVE MY CRUNCHYROLL LOGIN i will get you to start watching jojo one day i swear

  • SarcasticRobin Robin (@SarcasticRobin) reported

    Hey @netflix I'm sorry but I'm cheating on you with @WatchVRV I can't help it, they have classic Nickelodeon

  • Paladin_Nivlac Nivlac (@Paladin_Nivlac) reported

    @Crunchyroll hey someone hacked my account and changed the email. Help a brother out my shows need me

  • dabifvckerr sel 🖤 (nsfr) (@dabifvckerr) reported

    i was gonna start bsd but crunchyroll keeps telling me there’s an error even tho i just watched something else is this a sign

  • maxthederpking Harry McMail (@maxthederpking) reported

    @Naruto_Anime_EN @Crunchyroll But he was like the worst person

  • michael123486 123478michael (@michael123486) reported

    @Crunchyroll @aniplexUSA I cant watch it on crunchyroll help

  • Ethanne15772387 Ethan newman (@Ethanne15772387) reported

    @Crunchyroll Hi my account has been hacked and they have changed the associated email address and password. Please can you help me to recover my Premium account via DM. Thanks

  • 76ersNinja persianninja (@76ersNinja) reported

    @Crunchyroll Yo, this Ajovy migraine ad consistently plays over+over repeatedly. I think something is wrong with the ad as its always the usual suspect. Please fix. I told my friends I don't want to use a video ad-blocker to support the industry (but u making that decision hard)

  • Paraymo1 Patrick R Moraes (@Paraymo1) reported

    Hello, @Crunchyroll . It's a nice idea the "24/7 Anime OP/ED..." on Crunchyroll Collection's Channel, but it's showing too much Naruto, Gintama and Bleach. You need to see how to fix this. How to work better with another series, like Sket Dance, Kaguya-sama or Saint Seiya. Thanks

  • panreyes Pablo Navarro (@panreyes) reported

    @crunchyroll Hi! I'm having issues to use the app in Android TV. It says "No internet connection" but everything else works flawlessly. Also, I can login from my PC without any problems.

  • digitalgameland DigitalGameLand (@digitalgameland) reported

    @Crunchyroll help, i cant hear them

  • scorpionskiler Scorpi0n (@scorpionskiler) reported

    Good. Was weird when they said its gonna take them 3 days to sub and 20 minute anime, when high quality fan subs only take 24 and Subs on crunchyroll Level maybe 12 hours maximum

  • Thatboydee55 Shunny Delight🍹🍹 (@Thatboydee55) reported

    @Crunchyroll really has the WORST mobile streaming service there is...

  • ZaneGoodell Zane 🗽 (@ZaneGoodell) reported

    @sarubahire @WatchVRV FLV is working well for me so if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it I guess

  • Alexiskinessa 💢 Alexiskinessa (@Alexiskinessa) reported

    Hey @Crunchyroll please fix your fire stick app it's been broken for like 3months. You can't log out

  • urugolem Metallic Hydrogen (@urugolem) reported

    @konpeito0122 @Crunchyroll Terrible. I bet they won’t even use the original soundtrack. I can’t watch.

  • ByrneHardt Adam the Best (@ByrneHardt) reported

    @jamiejarman3 @TheShuckmeister Most TV's that have crunchyroll have a browser, meaning that you can use any other website at a much higher quality at a better bitrate and less lag.

  • Henry_Haphorn Maken Tosch (@Henry_Haphorn) reported

    @TheCortenator @Crunchyroll Sonic Movie for delayed because they're trying to fix it after our complaints, I hear the Aladdin live action movie is good, and Alita: Battle Angel kicks ass.

  • Robo_Luchador Russell (@Robo_Luchador) reported

    So i'm going to put this here because I've see a ton of people complaining but no response from @WatchVRV the App just doesn't seem to work. I can confirm that the Fire TV one wont even load and the PS4 wont play videos please fix

  • Scurvie3 Valentine's hoe (@Scurvie3) reported

    @DatGrl3 @E_Teezey1286 @Sean_Infinity @bushidoburrito @GrantGr05779429 @HeavenlyControl @Crunchyroll Bruh the anime movie isn't even really close to how the manga for Akira is. Akira the movie itself already takes a lot of liberties, I don't see the problem with the live action film doing the same.

  • DuckyQuacking Ducky Quackington (@DuckyQuacking) reported

    @Crunchyroll i dont hear it is it broken

  • slayerjh82 JakeDH (@slayerjh82) reported

    @Crunchyroll This will be Incredible or awful. There will be no in between

  • LuisGra53334575 Luis Gracia (@LuisGra53334575) reported

    @Crunchyroll Yay fix sonic you Hollywood f**ks

  • FlitAmarant Flit Amarant 🍒🖖 (@FlitAmarant) reported

    @tristen_just Sonic the Hedgehog ain't Citizen Kane. Idgaf about the Sonic movie. But the design was terrible & they were right to rethink it. When you think you're Orson Welles and stop listening to the fans, you end up with the shitshows that are Disney, Sony, Funimation, Crunchyroll, etc.

  • ShadowWolfCat Shadow The Cat #AnimeisOutstanding (@ShadowWolfCat) reported

    @IshidaMoritaka Such is another reason why I refuse to use Crunchyroll that and I find the interface and the video player to just be awful.

  • HidekiNishi7 Hideki Nishi (@HidekiNishi7) reported

    @NightSolo1 @Crunchyroll Neat. To me, seeing the movie being delayed so they can fix Sonic's design does give me hope that the movie will improve. But in the end, the writing and story better be worth it.

  • Lane_Andrew6873 Lane Eugene Krabs Andrew🎉 (@Lane_Andrew6873) reported

    @Damn_itsVillain @Joshmller @Crunchyroll Yeesh, they haven’t even shown anything from the live-action yet, & are in good hands, I don’t see what the problem is.

  • CCTakato CCTakato (@CCTakato) reported

    @JoshuaCaleb75 @Crunchyroll I guess there must be an issue with the music rights.

  • 1st_Recon_Lyl 1st Recon Lylith (@1st_Recon_Lyl) reported

    @Crunchyroll #fruitsbasket nothing like my weekly friday morning ugly cry. Gotta pause the anime since I can't see the words. Its always a terrible day for rain on friday.

  • NariaNexis Olivia (@NariaNexis) reported

    @symonjoestar @Crunchyroll *the problem is Hollywood.

  • symonjoestar Symon Heilögu (@symonjoestar) reported

    @NariaNexis @Crunchyroll The idea was to adapt the manga. The problem is that Hollywood still think that anime/manga live actions needs to be made like a super hero movie.

  • _itsmattman Thanos Targaryen (@_itsmattman) reported

    @Crunchyroll y’all are terrible on PS4. Get it together.

  • Araat_17 Araat_17 (@Araat_17) reported

    @Crunchyroll Now that's some quality news

  • bl0tch September Bl0tches (@bl0tch) reported

    @Crunchyroll Crunchyroll deciding which error to hit your stream with

  • SpiritWolf15x SpiritWolf15x (@SpiritWolf15x) reported

    @otaku_17_girl @Crunchyroll Fix their mistakes

  • SpiritWolf15x SpiritWolf15x (@SpiritWolf15x) reported

    @Crunchyroll Gives them time to fix their blasphemy.

  • visoredavenger visoredavenger (@visoredavenger) reported

    @Crunchyroll I'm sad because terrible Sonic things make for better memes

  • DrakomanZX DRA! (@DrakomanZX) reported

    @Crunchyroll Itsuki kawasumi is the worst i think even the spear hero is more hero than he could be

  • DrakomanZX DRA! (@DrakomanZX) reported

    @Crunchyroll Itsuki kawasumi is the worst even more than that pope

  • ThatRanMan Ran (@ThatRanMan) reported

    @cIoudfull @Crunchyroll The ability to cram so much terrible opinion into one word is a feat. Well done.

  • brykanst brykanst (@brykanst) reported

    @Crunchyroll don't know why they are bothering fixing the bad character design won't help fix anything to do with the bad plot and shitty concept

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