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  • SuperBigGreen Big Green (@SuperBigGreen) reported

    @JGallagher_22 @Darkslifer27 @Crunchyroll Alright then. Jesus Christ. Yeah, that is awful. Now I'm glad I never got into Boruto and probably never will.

  • OmarFromNeptune Mega Bruh Moments (@OmarFromNeptune) reported

    @Crunchyroll Cus its a terrible anime

  • JGallagher_22 ❄ Snowy Artist 🎄 (@JGallagher_22) reported

    @SuperBigGreen @Darkslifer27 @Crunchyroll Works for me, not that it was a problem : ) As I said, Boruto could have been good, but it destroyed the previous characters. Naruto's a deadbeat father, Sasuke was absent for 12 years of Sarada's life, and Sakura just accepts that it's perfectly fine.

  • TheLifeOfPabloo Rico (@TheLifeOfPabloo) reported

    @Crunchyroll What this dub is terrible lmao

  • gengarhaunts87 GengarHaunts (@gengarhaunts87) reported

    @HakuAanko @kristianraine @Crunchyroll no problem. i just came to see all the weaboo's complain about the dub

  • NeonDracula Sleep (@NeonDracula) reported

    I’m pretty sure Crunchyroll just nabs all the Friday and Saturday anime they can get. Enough quality to cover that $8. Everything else they pick up no one wants.

  • YuriAmbassador OG-Man: Yuri, Wrestling, Games, Hotties and Dia. (@YuriAmbassador) reported

    @SkyCorps @Crunchyroll @luzeriP @joeschmo1of3 @deven_luca @josefcd904 True. Harukana Receive did save 2018 but it needed help so here's this show to carry the torch.

  • RottingCorpse4 Barely Used Orange (@RottingCorpse4) reported

    @Rei366 @Crunchyroll i thought that was a different series made by the same that they used as a example. also thanks for the help

  • raids4life7584 raids4life7584 (@raids4life7584) reported

    @quidd @Crunchyroll Still would be screwed buying better odds offer cause it still requires lots of coins which we can't ever get with 0 access to fyber functions!!! So we are screwed all around. Going on 4 damn months now 0 coins earned. BULL CRAP!!! FIX FYBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • raids4life7584 raids4life7584 (@raids4life7584) reported

    @quidd @Crunchyroll I love you don't mention the gravity falls tsum tsum set cause u know its bull crap and a ripoff. Garbage like this is why it pisses me off u won't fix fyber!! 100% impossible to get set from regular pack unless have millions of coins. So people with no fyber are 100% screwed!!!!

  • _love_PINK_ . (@_love_PINK_) reported

    At least I still have the Netflix and Crunchyroll login 🧐😂

  • Asap_Stephan Senpai Stephan🍙🎎 (@Asap_Stephan) reported

    Fairy Tail never releases on time please fix that @Crunchyroll

  • themagicman202 themagicman202 (@themagicman202) reported

    @WatchVRV Boi if you think I’m gonna read that whole thing you must be as broken as your ads on mobile (plz fix btw)

  • draw_joe 🎄🌟Joe_Claus🌟🎄 (@draw_joe) reported

    @Crunchyroll there's a problem with the Anime Of The Year and I was hoping to get some help

  • hawkatana Hawkatana (@hawkatana) reported

    @UnPatoAzul @G0ffThew He supported Crunchyroll's scummy practices even when they said terrible things through their PR guy (such as "using the non-dub names makes you a terrible person) in a way that resembled EA's "Don't like, don't play."

  • ckscatterbrain 🧠 (@ckscatterbrain) reported

    somebody bless me with their crunchyroll login tho

  • scumfun Scum (@scumfun) reported

    I don’t need flattery I just need some batteries, please help I can’t watch Crunchyroll without them

  • ReyTality ReyTality! (@ReyTality) reported

    @Crunchyroll I have billing issues!

  • Fulingyu808 Chris (@Fulingyu808) reported

    @Crunchyroll Also, I know you guys are notoriously bad at responding to your customers that keep your business afloat... But I find it absurd in this day of identity theft that you do not have 2 factor identification logins nor staff to monitor your inbox for these type of issues.

  • Dscry チカル (@Dscry) reported

    I have been trying to log in to @Crunchyroll for days but keep getting a login detail error. Tried to reset my password but no email was sent to my email. I even checked the spam. HELP please.

  • FUNKSHU_ funkshu (@FUNKSHU_) reported

    Crunchyroll commercials are the worst..

  • NovaBlueAtlas NovaBlueAtlas (@NovaBlueAtlas) reported

    @TheAnimeAwards @WatchVRV Great story, but the animation is terrible.

  • StudentOfEth 徐倫 @ watch W'z (@StudentOfEth) reported

    @senpainotes @Crunchyroll i didn't, because i wasn't too much a fan of it but even with my issues with the show, i like the designs

  • SimplySahri Shannah (@SimplySahri) reported

    @JayytahMUAH @Crunchyroll I read the manga first, and tried watching the original anime but it was awful. I get some people loved it but it was not quite what it should have been. Also, this far out they'll have had different people working on it and invested in it, BUT it will be the full story.

  • TurtlGames NotTooHumble (@TurtlGames) reported

    Hey @Crunchyroll, I have a bit of an issue... So i’m a paying, premium member of your @WatchVRV service, and linked both of my crunchyroll and VRV accounts which should give me premium on the crunchyroll app and website, It says they’re linked but it’s apparently not working.

  • daze3x Joshua Baron (@daze3x) reported

    @Tactician__ Illegal streams dont have high quality and most rip directly from legal websites like crunchyroll. And you should have to pay because its normal to pay for products instead of steal, also crunchyroll and funimation have free options

  • thetwittphil 🅱️hil (@thetwittphil) reported

    @FlamingFreezer @Crunchyroll that's a pretty terrible analogy.

  • Alex85Smith Smith (@Alex85Smith) reported

    @Crunchyroll @PS360HD2 Trash so no thanks. Boruto is the worst series ever seen.

  • AdoStarAllies Ado (@AdoStarAllies) reported

    Crunchyroll is a shit company not because of licensing, sub quality, or expenses, but because Hisone to Masotan didn’t get nominated for best ED.

  • 1993espada 1993espada (@1993espada) reported

    @MemoryNK Well, it was a time were Crunchyroll just startet their legal streaming and we had a lot of crappy fansubs to deal with (but I still miss the info box and the dedication that was put into them). And we didn't know if or when we would get better quality of it. So why not go ahead

  • bIuehan lara🌙 (@bIuehan) reported

    wait no the only time i watched anime dubbed in portuguese by choice was one day when i noticed crunchyroll has free! dubbed in multiple languages so i was like. i GOTTA check out the pt dub and i did and it was awful

  • IndianaDolphins Jackpots Floble (@IndianaDolphins) reported

    trying to come up with a joke that utilizes the line “i’m on a crunchyroll” please help

  • BrodieBolt Rubbish Guitarist (@BrodieBolt) reported

    @Crunchyroll should have been worst isekai of 2018

  • emmameYERR emma🧝🏻‍♀️ (@emmameYERR) reported

    i got this crunchyroll login memorized and it’s not even mine

  • Rob_Talbert Rob Talbert (@Rob_Talbert) reported

    @KhailAnonymous @Crunchyroll @Hundar @JforJade I’m broken.

  • IRanOutOfIdeas9 Kane (@IRanOutOfIdeas9) reported

    @Crunchyroll I was just trying to watch some Ace Attorney (I am not a premium member) I can understand 30second to 1 minute ads, but I just got hit with a 10 minute full on ad/video about something called "Mighty Beanz" this is absolutely unacceptable! Please fix this, thank you!

  • ShawnJamSome 🦇Goth Kid Shawn🦇 (@ShawnJamSome) reported

    @Crunchyroll It's official 2019 is the worst year of all

  • McDoogle523 Mcdoogle (@McDoogle523) reported

    The Crunchyroll award nominees are mostly ******* awful as expected

  • Zephyrus_Blue Zachery Anderson (@Zephyrus_Blue) reported

    @Crunchyroll Hmm...the intro isn’t really much to go off of but...I’d rather we just get a game of good quality or no game at all since a bad game will just not do the series justice and will make it look bad in general.

  • DabbleIii 𝔻𝕒𝕓𝕓𝕝𝕖 𝕀𝕀𝕀 (@DabbleIii) reported

    @T_lake97 @BlackClover_EN @Crunchyroll That seems like a you problem

  • Apolloques hibichov @ Smash (@Apolloques) reported

    crunchyroll fix your ******* app

  • unlimitedbeat Amaya XV 🌺 Cure Hibiscus (@unlimitedbeat) reported

    please localize Symphogear XDU please release Symphogear on Blu-ray with English subtitles please let me be free of terrible fansubs and bad crunchyroll decisions

  • SuperBigGreen Big Green (@SuperBigGreen) reported

    @JGallagher_22 @Darkslifer27 @Crunchyroll That's why it's especially awful they picked her over Madara.

  • v8enginenoises zoro's sense of direction (@v8enginenoises) reported

    i once again have no apologies to issue but my reason and excuse is that i am a disaster bi and this is part of my brand anyway stream one piece on crunchyroll

  • TokidoTaro Tarō(刹那) (@TokidoTaro) reported

    @tatisen_ It's fine in some countries like the UK. Here in the german speaking region the problem is, that we have like 4 or 5 services including crunchyroll.

  • Kohsakii Luis (ルイス・ラミレス) (@Kohsakii) reported

    @Crunchyroll u guys gotta work on the mobile app becuz everytime there's a bit of somewhat weak connection it literally will replay the same clip like 3 or 4 times and it really bugs me because it doesn't do that on other devices but mobile hope u guys fix this issue

  • NRiv27 Ultimate N (@NRiv27) reported

    @tglover665 @SentaiFilmworks @Crunchyroll Oh I knew about To Love Ru, I just hope it comes out soon. As for The other 2 that isn’t an issue for them. If it was Crunchyroll wouldn’t have seasons 1 and 2

  • ShowMehYoMoves TheMasterMind (@ShowMehYoMoves) reported

    @gdycin @WatchVRV Thats some EVO quality projector 👌

  • IHateNumbers234 ナンバズ (@IHateNumbers234) reported

    @EnderupGomez @HIDIVEofficial The thing is other channels like Crunchyroll work perfectly for me, it's just the subs on the HiDive channel are utterly broken

  • HereComeCancer Here Come Cancer (@HereComeCancer) reported

    @matheusdepaoli @GGoldCrusader @jared_leath14 @Crunchyroll No, it was terrible. If you have watched a decent amount of shows then you would know this is pretty ******* bad

  • Golan_7 Golan7 (@Golan_7) reported

    @TheMazinAlmas @ShieldHeroEN @Crunchyroll Crunchyroll said they would. They apparently had issues getting the dub of the first episode up with the sub but there’s been no word past that.

  • HereComeCancer Here Come Cancer (@HereComeCancer) reported

    @matheusdepaoli @GGoldCrusader @jared_leath14 @Crunchyroll No not everyone said it was good, there are plenty of people that also think its bad, for you to say everyone thought it was good is pretty ******* ignorant. I would like it if it was good, but no it was terrible

  • p9cker_girl packergirl (@p9cker_girl) reported

    @Crunchyroll jesus pacing is ******* awful/fast plus @CloverWorks could be doing so much more w/ the art/animation

  • sithsunflower 🖤🌻 (@sithsunflower) reported


  • SirSophomore Malik @ 20BiTeen (@SirSophomore) reported

    @Crunchyroll To those with broken partnerships with FUNimation and horrible sub translations for their own content, #StayCrunchy

  • majesticscience FR*CK (@majesticscience) reported

    @Crunchyroll Yeah, but see, there's a problem. Pop Team Epic's OP is equally good, if not better. Or made my voice very hard.

  • GidgetNomates interactive multimedia KOBLD (@GidgetNomates) reported

    @antumbral Crunchyroll's subs are the worst and yeah their video player rarely works right for me. And well they licensed that anime about a college student who has a crush on a 10 year old sooooo

  • antumbral Katelyn Gadd (@antumbral) reported

    The worst part is that even if you pay for (for example) Crunchyroll their players suck so hard that you have to download a mkv of it from somewhere else anyway (don't get me started on official TLs, which are virtually always bad)

  • WildMartha1 WildMartha (@WildMartha1) reported

    @Crunchyroll Love this new anime. But It's new. Nooooooooooo. I'm terrible at waiting for new episodes to be released. I'd lose my mind

  • kegelsknight kappaknight (@kegelsknight) reported

    @Alacrritas @Volkerswagon @Crunchyroll But they don't need no help from nobody.

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