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Destiny 2 is an online multiplayer FPS video game developed by Bungie and published by Activision. It is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. It is the sequel to 2014's Destiny and its subsequent expansions.

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  • xTuringcomplete Mew (@xTuringcomplete) reported

    Pain: People like you need to be killed.. So they wont pose a problem later (with his apparently infallable plan of destiny) Madara: Ill play with you. I know you cant beat me, but I wonder what you are capable of.

  • TheCloudRusher 𝙆𝙮𝙡𝙚𝙧 (@TheCloudRusher) reported

    @AnnialisXD For me: I’ve been playing MW even in its broken state. Destiny 2 I’ve been getting back into since it’s a relaxing grind for me. As far as single player games go, I’m planning on getting back into the Metro games, I might replay Spyro, and Horizon Zero Dawn I wanna finish the DLC

  • Excalibur2552 Sword Alexander (@Excalibur2552) reported

    @Shintora86 @Chettlar @DestinyTheGame @LorenzoAngton They said Destiny 2 can’t physically keep everything because of technical limitations (console). That’s why the game keeps having performance issues after each year. Instead they’re removing things that don’t add much value after a while to make room for more content

  • Chris_Gio_11 Chris Gio (@Chris_Gio_11) reported

    @jol1412 @Crimsonium @BungieHelp Well that’s a pc problem and bungie desperately needs a good anticheat

  • TitanMainD2 Saved Saint XIV. (@TitanMainD2) reported

    @charlos51ht @Lady_Paragon12 @Shinobi_DFA @MTashed @Bungie Destiny 1 never had this problem. Believe me I want Destiny to succeed but honestly this model they're doing sucks! Also the number's are to show the amount of people who are also bored. I'm not some unreasonable troll. You do have a point about those numbers.

  • LightYagamiFDN Light Yagami (@LightYagamiFDN) reported

    @BungieHelp @Bungie Players can’t do that unless they pay money for the season pass. Even alt accounts have to pay for it even if the main account already paid in full with shadowkeep. Looks like Activision wasn’t the problem. It’s you Bungie.

  • oEVOz Evo (@oEVOz) reported

    @DestinyTheGame Fix pvp

  • ddouvilleGAMING papa DD (@ddouvilleGAMING) reported from Atlanta, Georgia

    @TheTrueVanguard @illPhysics That's the problem with SBMM and you see it in multiple games. It's a product of supply and demand though not the system itself or even the developers (just my two cents I don't play destiny) as long as there is a "demand" for high "skill/kill" videos people will find a way 1/2

  • TheTrueVanguard True Vanguard (@TheTrueVanguard) reported

    @illPhysics Again, let’s be very clear. I did not blame the community for Destiny’s problems. I outright talked about Bungie’s shortcomings. Just like I’ve posted videos and tweets for several months now suggesting better paths for the developer to explore. All I did 1/2

  • Yepthats_Alvin The Chipmunk (@Yepthats_Alvin) reported

    @DestinyTheGame will y’all ever fix the not appearing in the radar because you’re crouched in crucible!!! Like why does that even exist!!

  • AyubPatel123 Ayub Patel (@AyubPatel123) reported

    Hearing good things about Augustin but with our problems with getting deals done I've got a fear this might be one that slips away again... Not impressed at all by the Radz, Orta & Kinnears negotiating abilities. The next few days will define our destiny #Lufc

  • dukeparkerII john parker (@dukeparkerII) reported

    @Bungie @BungieHelp you can keep IZANAMI sniper. Your quest is broken & im done trying to complete the lock box that WILL NOT OPEN!!!!!!!! Fix your FFFFFFFFFFFN GAME!!!

  • CainJonas jonas cain (@CainJonas) reported

    @BungieHelp Can we please fix the playin odd emblem bug! I collected in my inventory but not in my collections! It's only thing keeping me from dredged. Please I know this not huge priority but please!!!

  • sorokushi mmm toes (@sorokushi) reported

    i feel like this problem only comes out in destiny shipping cause i never see any t*rraqua shippers exclude ven out of the trio or r*kushi shippers excluding axel or like idk a*usai shippers pretending roxas and xion dont exist or whatever ********

  • RichardSummers Richard Summers (@RichardSummers) reported

    @FireteamChat just catching up on the latest show. I know Travis only cares about beating the PvP drum, but (and I’m tired of people having to say this) Destiny is NOT a PvP game. It’s as if a better PvP will solve all of the issues Destin raises. 🙄

  • out4space Chris ⭐🤘🎄🦌⛄⭐️ (@out4space) reported

    @BungieHelp Hi, have you thought up a fix for non Shadowkeep owners, 1. For purchasing MonteCarlo (got it as exotic drop though, not owning SK!), without being pestered to buy SK or offer an alternative, same for NF:TO with SK exclusive runs, 2. Xenophage Quest same problem! Thanks.

  • TheSpawn1970 spawn1970 (@TheSpawn1970) reported

    @Banned_Wipe i watched the vid over and over and slowed it down as much as i could to see if you hit him.. you did miss a shot.. I have that same problem playing crucible on Destiny that is why I have stopped playing for a while.. but i still love it..

  • FSLPYT FSLP YT (@FSLPYT) reported

    @BungieHelp im geting error code centipede since yesterday but nothing has changed over here and i dont know what to do

  • IngoOverton Ingo Overton ❌ (@IngoOverton) reported

    @Ben_Scallan Luciferian eleite think nothing of employing amoral "Hegelian Dialectic" techniques to regain control over the destiny of men. Causes Problem: Release bio warfare vector. Wait for the reaction: Public demands protection. Impose Solution: Loss of liberty/mandatory vaccination

  • DratsabUoy Dratsab (@DratsabUoy) reported

    @StallordD @AngriestPat As grind goes I've played far worse, same goes for all the RNG complaints... I don't see what all the fuss is about half the problem with destiny is bungie pandering to a split player base that want fundementally different things.

  • IreggularEgg Ms. Egg (@IreggularEgg) reported

    @BungieHelp I'm having the same issue

  • joshuaH56050974 joshuaH (@joshuaH56050974) reported

    @BungieHelp It’s not working please do something I’ve done the quests

  • arceus227 Arceus227 (@arceus227) reported

    @seanoconnor77 @DanTheNoob @AztecrossGaming Bullet magnetization i can understand to a degree, bungie has destiny player to player, not server based. And often you will have people who can lag just a bit or alot. And even then i find the magnetization to be kinda wonky when actually playing. Missing shots thag should hit

  • EllipSe_Dark EllipSe Darknss (@EllipSe_Dark) reported

    @BungieHelp why is my destiny companion app not working. It’s loading endlessly. I tried reloging back in but it still loads. Please help

  • JnthnDk Jonathan (@JnthnDk) reported

    @SirDimetrious @2Calico The real problem with Destiny 2 is that it launched on PC 😊

  • Charmedpluto Charmedpluto (@Charmedpluto) reported

    @BungieHelp Experiencing an issue with the "Green with Envy" quest not completing despite having reached Infamy rank "Fabled"

  • Josh_Small Josh Small (@Josh_Small) reported

    @AlexChaudhari Okay. But even I’m what you just said that her life is broken and needs reforging, and that her destiny “as a sentinel” is ahead of her! Even if I that destiny was spelled out clearly, it would still be inappropriate at what should be the completion of her heroine’s journey.

  • Seminole0232 Lucas Wethman (@Seminole0232) reported

    @BungieHelp I'm literally tired of my ******* teammates leaving my comp matches 3 games in a row went from 5000 to 4750 ish fix your shit this is bullshit it's impossible to hit legend unless you have a team of three or are a godly ******* player and can whipe out and entire team

  • bronson_turner Bronson Turner (@bronson_turner) reported

    @kaiyel1 @B__Labz @AztecrossGaming The issue is destiny claims to be a PvE/PvP hybrid but for the last 4 seasons the only changes to PvP have been change, made comp easy for casuals to earn top tier weapons in a "here's your participatipn trophy" based on not docking points for losses. So much potential

  • DrTravestyTTV DrTravesty (@DrTravestyTTV) reported

    @Rahetalius When people try to reach out and give feedback about THE HEMA or how much Cryotic Vauban needs to craft they ignore us...If Destiny 2 pulled some of the stuff that DE does... there would be a riot. FIX HOST MIGRATION FOR CRYING OUT LOUD ALREADY!!

  • DrTravestyTTV DrTravesty (@DrTravestyTTV) reported

    @Rahetalius When people try to reach out and give feedback about THE HEMA or how much Cryotic Vauban needs to care they ignore us...If Destiny 2 pulled some of the stuff that DE does...their would be a riot. FIX HOST MIGRATION FOR CRYING OUT LOUD ALREADY!!

  • Sir_Twiggens Ryan is Twiggens (@Sir_Twiggens) reported

    @BungieHelp @Bungie I've experienced this twice now today, and my friend told me he experienced this too, but there is an issue where the "Launch" tab on screen sometimes does not respond

  • SnGJoshKS Im Soarry (@SnGJoshKS) reported

    @BungieHelp Hello, I am getting a Kale error every once in a while playing Iron Banner with my friends.

  • iAestuosi Rudy Maldonado (@iAestuosi) reported

    @Bungie @BungieHelp honestly you should do away with penalties for the 2 and 3 player that leave comp after the first guy leaves. The player should receive a day ban if he knowing left and it wasn’t a connection issue.

  • Compiux Compa (@Compiux) reported

    @DadGamers Planning to play some Crash Team Racing or Destiny 2 on Xbox, but I'm so tired.

  • _sulcata Brendan McLEOD (@_sulcata) reported

    @ghoulnoise I definitely started reading this as ... have you tried playing the game destiny to solve your issue

  • Negrallo Negrallo (@Negrallo) reported

    @kizersouza @AztecrossGaming @YouTube @Bungie "I got 3 otherside exotic vehicles this morning but can’t get a single piece of exotic armor in 12 weeks. Guess that duplicate exotic fix is really working. @BungieHelp @Bungie" This one is good too....

  • Barreldragon65 Dewayne Lawyer (@Barreldragon65) reported

    Someone tell @DeeJ_BNG he's broken again.

  • JDeBoyia J.DeBoyià (@JDeBoyia) reported from Atlanta, Georgia

    I need #GrownIsh to be very careful about who they play this Ryan Destiny as the new girlfriend thing. She is the first darker skin female cast member and if they make her the villain for “stealing” Zoey’s man imma have a problem.

  • adam_owa Adam (@adam_owa) reported

    Okay I seem to have fixed the issue. Going to play some Destiny and see if I can break it. Okay it broke while I was writing this tweet

  • B00gH 𝔅00𝔤ℌ🐻 (@B00gH) reported

    @BungieHelp seeing a lot of "error code: coconut" going into survival and it bans us afterwards

  • CDNConfucius EL LOBO (@CDNConfucius) reported

    @HWDSB @thattamster We had met at our Chiropractor and he always told me to never give up and to always think bigger picture. People dream to small he would say. Public service to him was manifest destiny and I always felt the same.

  • DuskDarkest DuskDarkest (@DuskDarkest) reported

    @TheTrueVanguard @WishYaLuckk Every gaming community on this planet manipulates in- game features. This is not just a Destiny community issue. It is 90% in the hands of the game devs to fix this issue. No matter what anybody says or does to change this besides the developers won't get anything out of it

  • EdithLe62560900 Edith Leon (@EdithLe62560900) reported

    @taetanakook -My tae -innocent -omega wild -señor jeon:( -sadic -lobo feroz -antes de ti -between drinks -the rough diamond -broken destiny

  • Scochy_ Cayde 6 of Rivia 😎 (@Scochy_) reported

    Lmaoooooo caught up in the middle of a ***** fight... A gentleman would calmly resolve the issue. I'm no gentleman pls. Away bus. Destiny 2 doesn't contain this much drama.

  • brian_kerstiens TheSeriousComic (@brian_kerstiens) reported

    @DSR_Joker Hard to make loot in this game when have ever god roll in the game. Which, I don’t think it’s a problem with the season, it’s a problem within destiny that is going to destroy the game as a whole

  • Mr_Quiis Mr Quiis (@Mr_Quiis) reported

    @BungieHelp Keep getting error code: ERENTIL. Please fix

  • DestinysOnline DestinyOnlineAlert (@DestinysOnline) reported

    To further automate Destiny's online notices, feel free to use a service like Pushbullet to get actual popups on your PC and/or mobile device.

  • GayFraggs Fraggot (@GayFraggs) reported

    how to fix Destiny: remove healthbars

  • MikeBinary wayne (@MikeBinary) reported

    And you know what f*ck trials until this pile of sh*t match making,dosing,and lag switching is fixed don’t waste your time. @BungieHelp @Bungie @mi_shmash

  • captainaryn captainaryn (@captainaryn) reported

    Idk why I ever had issues of middle child syndrome. Alvin and the chipmunks. Kim kardashian. Beyoncé pretty much always stood in the middle of destiny’s child. PRINCESS DIANA. What is my beef

  • Bravo2handsome 📟 (@Bravo2handsome) reported

    Being a man of service is something that was in my destiny.

  • Typical_tyre akaAlu ツ (@Typical_tyre) reported

    @MikeBinary @BungieHelp @nKuchGaming @dpjsc08 @xHOUNDISHx @mi_shmash Lmao I don’t see too many honestly , but it is a problem

  • Connectionary Sean Wilson (@Connectionary) reported

    @DeanstreetFI @brit_bob All I'm saying, plainly as possible, is that IF the Falklands ever wanted to end the Argentine problem/threat and be an independent nation with the reins of their own destiny, it's possible, feasible, and practical--just isn't ever going to come out of Westminster.

  • Max09854849 Max (@Max09854849) reported

    @BungieHelp Just unlocked WINTER'S GUILE and is saying there is an error. If you are able to tell me whats going on thanks :)

  • PFuggeta PunishedFuggeta (@PFuggeta) reported

    why were people talking badly about no mans sky when they fixed their problems and destiny still hasnt

  • NyxbornWolf Victoria Wolfe (@NyxbornWolf) reported

    @Pixelmana I use ARs a lot more than I should. Casually they are fine. The problem is that everything is skill based now. There is no more true casual PvP in Destiny.

  • thetannerisreal Tanner Ridge (@thetannerisreal) reported

    @BungieHelp many connection issues for gambit,everything else works just fine, nothing wrong with internet, constant errors for gambit

  • SpleaseStop ok (@SpleaseStop) reported

    @BungieHelp Hey there's an issue causing the game to not be fun anymore. Think it's called iron banner.

  • tyang209 TAO YANG (@tyang209) reported

    every two weeks: * Oh yeah! I have Destiny 2. * Wait three minutes to login. * Get bombarded by 10 notifications. * Face an avalanche of choices of where to launch. * ALT + F4 * Repeat.

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  • Blackbird
  • Blueberry
  • Buck
  • Bull
  • Butterfly
  • Buzzard
  • Cabbage
  • Camel
  • Caribou
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