Is Destiny 2 down?

Destiny 2 is an online multiplayer FPS video game developed by Bungie and published by Activision. It is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. It is the sequel to 2014's Destiny and its subsequent expansions.

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  • etc_nicolas Nathan Stryker (@etc_nicolas) reported

    @BungieHelp I don´t know if that is intended, but steam just kinda stopped running Destiny 2 and now I´m currently re-installing it. I would like to know if that is a known problem or if I am just completely insane.

  • bigkurz Mike aka BigKurz (@bigkurz) reported

    It’s not really Stadia’s fault....but my lack of excitement over the service (which works great for me!) is intrinsically linked to being quite checked out on destiny 2. Stadia needs Borderlands 3 + Cross Save STAT

  • TheParadox105 The Paradox (@TheParadox105) reported

    @DestinyTheGame Plz fix bottom tree dawnblade,

  • rmrx8 rmrx8 (@rmrx8) reported

    I played and love @NvidiaGFN but I have to admit Destiny 2 on Chromecast Ultra with @GoogleStadia is smoother, with no lags, skips, or image quality issues. Well done on this! But please make it work on my nVidia Shield!

  • McMuffin2120 McMuffin1o9 (@McMuffin2120) reported

    @BungieHelp my friends say my name appears black even when I’m playing with them. And 2 back to back games they have gotten booted from the game. Loaded up 3v1 every time. Fix this.

  • ardiel94 Ardiel Dominguez (@ardiel94) reported

    @Halo @XboxGamePass @MicrosoftStore @Steam I was wondering for those that have had the game on console for awhile and transferred to PC can we get said game for free kind of like Destiny with there cross saving and being free on steam it would do alot of your OG fans a service just a thought.

  • YZockerY YZockerY (@YZockerY) reported

    @DestinyTheGame Please fix the Ratking quest

  • tweets4yomama T. Cann (@tweets4yomama) reported

    @MiguelSchulz7 @No2ApeOCE @AusjaydenH @G3tBoosted @DestinyTheGame Imagine dying so much to shoulder charge or hhsn you think they're a problem 😆 I'm not worried about myself. I just know you chumps are gonna clog my feeds crying about knives in less than a month

  • TheMaelstrxm TheMaelstrxm (@TheMaelstrxm) reported

    @silly702 @PlayStation my ps4 is always getting error messages saying the data base is corrupt and that I didnt turn it off properly. I got the white destiny one edition talk about kicking up dust

  • Saintcharles0 saint0101 (@Saintcharles0) reported

    @BungieHelp I have a Huge issue in destiny 2 Comp on console I hate shotguns like dust rock blues chaperone and fusion rifles erentil fr4 and bows are stupid as hell I can't even beat em is too annoying for shotguns needs to be Nerf into the ground shotguns have too much Range

  • truckpoetry Cameron Mathews 🍁🏈🍁🏈🍂🍁🍂 (@truckpoetry) reported

    Dear superstitious parts of Baylor Nation: The last time we played Oklahoma, I was in Oklahoma instead of Dallas/Waco. I wore a black Baylor shirt instead of gold. And I had not consumed any homebrew of destiny. Sorry. Will fix all of these items today. #SicEm

  • ShortsKingJoel Joel Edward Allen (@ShortsKingJoel) reported

    @realBlakeBeye Buy destiny 2. Problem solved.

  • matthammersmith Adam Knight (@matthammersmith) reported

    @Jack_w_Champs11 But there obs good at what they do and control there destiny with that , I don’t see problem, if someone has a great business good for them

  • jayboygaming_YT Jayboy➡️Twitch (@jayboygaming_YT) reported

    @mikemaser @A_dmg04 @DeeJ_BNG I can understand that, I know it can be annoying, suppose it’s just that I’ve never had that issue because I’ve never really not be able to play after work

  • napolandia Robert (@napolandia) reported

    @grainnedixon @DennisSheehan20 @FLOTUS @childrenshealth At least FLOTUS tries to help!She is not pefect!The left feel pleasure critizicing others. Only Nancy Reagan, a great FLOTUS. was humiliated when she launched her "Just saY no!"You can only do that much!We can't. fix people's life. People are responsible for their own,destiny!

  • Grumpyelf2 Raven🦊🌸 (@Grumpyelf2) reported

    Finding harder to find someone to fix gaming laptop that is reliable , just want draw and play destiny on the go.

  • AbyssDaemon8741 fff-b87 (@AbyssDaemon8741) reported

    I'll begin a small non-canon dialogue series about destiny. so, be warned if you somehow, for some reason, believe it's canon, either because your brain is out of service for you at the moment, or because someone told you it is.

  • mortalkontent Answer My Dms Jade (@mortalkontent) reported

    @Black_Edenian @hellopiupius Okay, but hearing "forge your own destiny" coming from little miss mommy issues is making me holler lmao

  • Skytron20 Sky (@Skytron20) reported

    @BungieHelp I just got banned for 2 weeks because of internet problems and the website to see what happened doesn’t work so I don’t know how to fix this

  • mannander Martin Annander (@mannander) reported

    @Skitelz @GoogleStadia I 100% disagree. If I can run it reliably on my crappy WiFi, playing Destiny 2 in PvP... then the technology isn’t the problem.

  • StormDragon212 Captedsword (@StormDragon212) reported

    @vanillaEQraider @DestinyTheGame Omfg it was to show off that the spin use less energy and the animation was fix

  • StormDragon212 Captedsword (@StormDragon212) reported

    @TheV0nte @DestinyTheGame It was to just show off the spin and how much less energy it use and show that they fix the animation

  • StormDragon212 Captedsword (@StormDragon212) reported

    @alecuba97 @DestinyTheGame Decreased the energy lost for spin (5% to 3%) and fix the animation

  • StormDragon212 Captedsword (@StormDragon212) reported

    @Sickamore007 @DestinyTheGame Less super energy use for spin and they fix the animation for the spin

  • utdchero Shashwat.🔱 (@utdchero) reported

    @BungieHelp Playing for odds Emblem glitch still not fixed...

  • DerNerdTV DerNerd (@DerNerdTV) reported

    @DestinyTheGame ah ok. titan was already broken, but this is just bullshit

  • Xinjalin Chris Osborn (@Xinjalin) reported

    @BungieHelp keep getting baboon errors and my internet connection is stable

  • jayesh_saldi Jayesh Saldi (@jayesh_saldi) reported

    @BungieHelp There's suddenly no audio in the game. Need urgent fix

  • solari05 Ashigar Baba K. (@solari05) reported

    "Our problems are man-made, therefore they may be solved by man. No problem of human destiny is beyond human beings" - John F. Kennedy

  • JuusoVesterine4 Juuso Vesterinen (@JuusoVesterine4) reported

    @BungieHelp Can't log in. Giving me marionberry error code over and over again.

  • GuidingFire GuidingFire (Alex Thurby) (@GuidingFire) reported

    To honestly I have been playing Stadia for about a week and there is a slight bit of lag that is apparent in Destiny but it seems to go away after a while but will most likely be used for quick activities on the go 1/2

  • AintEnvy Envy (@AintEnvy) reported

    I played around 3-4 hours of comp today and in every match there was at least one erentil using dad. PvP is terrible right now. @Bungie nerf erentil along with every other fusion rifle because they’re all broken. Telesto still hits from across the map as well. #destiny2

  • phil_howatt *yawns* I'm phil (@phil_howatt) reported

    @StalkingSensei @owen_barry_OD @Bungie @DestinyTheGame For me the more common issue is someone getting in front of me the second I fire

  • MostlyFrank Frank Javier 🎄 (@MostlyFrank) reported

    @BungieHelp Getting "CABBAGE" errors over and over and planets have no enemies or vendors. :( - I'm on Xbox.

  • MostlyFrank Frank Javier 🎄 (@MostlyFrank) reported

    @BungieHelp Getting "CABBAGE" errors over and over and planets have no enemies or vendors. :(

  • Bobahfett Queen of the Wreath 🎄 (@Bobahfett) reported

    @AtotheNtotheT The research I’ve done says that games like Destiny are unaffected. Playstation has already tested it and found no known issues.

  • lootcamp_tv LTCP 💰 (@lootcamp_tv) reported

    @Lachegga @DrewskysChannel @lars_bakken Agree. Nobody wants sweats to be played everywhere. Destiny also has crazy things. We just don't want to have obviously broken things that take the fun out of it.

  • KhuongH Kool Kreme (@KhuongH) reported

    @DestinyTheGame This was unnecessary, the throwing hammers were sufficient. What we wanted was a new high damaging super that can compete with blade barrage and arc stream in PVE for the Titan unless you guys are planning gon buffing thunder crash to have that kind of dmg potential

  • NewsShakes News that move and shakes (@NewsShakes) reported

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  • ClockWorkDoc_ ClockWork Doc (@ClockWorkDoc_) reported

    @DestinyTheGame Ahh. Makes me reminisce of the good times in D1 when Ults weren't completely broken & were so critical in the game.

  • Parzival35 Parzival_35 (@Parzival35) reported

    @Roman58924802 @AintEnvy @DestinyTheGame I’m a warlock main brotha but I play all 3 a close amount. I don’t much care for any of the one hit abilities. My problem with 1 hit knives is the potential to have it available for entire matches. The idea that knife headshots are super skillful is exaggerated as well.

  • GuardianSlayerx xGuardianSlayerx (@GuardianSlayerx) reported

    @Bungie @BungieHelp When you jus die, respawn, than instantly die due to Jade Rabbit. Please just take PvP out already. We all know you don't give a f**k about it. Fix your game or stop making content. Thanks.

  • thisisredlitre Taylor-B- (@thisisredlitre) reported

    I feel like the real issue with the r/dtg salt mine is that it's moderated to allow for inflated complaining with no filtering options provided to users on mobile. I shouldn't have to dig that deep through pages of complaints to find posts actually about the update. #Destiny2

  • seed_cakes Skoo Maaaah (@seed_cakes) reported

    @Mopandas_ @Lilfellow25 @EdwinGa23 @DestinyTheGame It's raw numbers are low enough without specific armor mods or Synthocepts that it lags behind and is an avoidable 1 hit kill, unless you're dead center. I could also be wrong! But either way, it's a one and done, so the margin of error is, again, enormous, compared to Beyblade.

  • AnneODell5 Anne O'Dell (@AnneODell5) reported

    @angelneptustar @butwhatifitsall @rubycooper007 @BorisJohnson @BackBoris That's the problem, it's his destiny but reaching it, I believe he will ruin ours.

  • Eleva7edMind ZacharyJB 🐉 (@Eleva7edMind) reported

    @OminousMor @A_dmg04 @BungieHelp I understand that, but it gave me a prompt in game while selecting my character “your network is too unstable” when I haven’t lagged out of any games, nor had high ping in any games I’ve played. I just finished reaching legend, with minimal to no lag whatsoever in any games.

  • MostlyFrank Frank Javier 🎄 (@MostlyFrank) reported

    Imagine if Netflix or any subscription service started incorporating microtransactions and extra subscription fees the way @bungie does with #destinythegame $$$$. I hate to pay it, but I love their hustle!

  • MeowchiNats CallmeNatsMeow🐈😽 (@MeowchiNats) reported

    " Our problems are man-made, therefore they may be solved by man. No problem of human destiny is beyond human beings" Meowning 😽😽

  • DeadIn3_ DeadIn3 (@DeadIn3_) reported

    @Eleva7edMind @A_dmg04 @BungieHelp Yeah, it's in their ToS that a ban is irrefutable. Sucks, but apparently they found some issue there. I've only heard of one set of bans that were lifted as part of a large group of peeps who caught it just after D2 launch, but those were perma-bans

  • anthony_lio anthony liotino (@anthony_lio) reported

    @DeeJ_BNG Borderlands 3 is literally unplayable. Lag spike city, bud

  • mblumkin_ebooks NikmulB NosaM (@mblumkin_ebooks) reported

    Watch me play Destiny live: But I fix computers for a different answer….

  • ZonkedOut Degenerate Purifier (@ZonkedOut) reported

    @Polygon I can only imagine how shit they were at playing Destiny 2 purely because of Stadia and it's lag.

  • piinkdollaz420 ☆vault hunting guardian☆ (@piinkdollaz420) reported

    @DestinyTheGame Umm this is literally broken 😭

  • pinkdolphin002 Trevor Olsen (@pinkdolphin002) reported

    @illPhysics @non_d3script @DeeJ_BNG @A_dmg04 @RealKraftyy yeah it's a lot of click bait and getting people to try some new builds. Sure they can make any load out seem "broken" but thats because they are good and have nailed down their play style. I wouldn't say their skill skews their view but gives a different perspective.

  • JohnRiv4 Johnbatista100 (@JohnRiv4) reported

    @DestinyTheGame TITANS ARE BROKEN!BEYOND any classsss!! Bro they need a god dam nerf!!!Best way to nerf them is they can only use 1 super a match after that no more super and 1 ability per match in pvp. Give hunters extra super time and give hunter faster super recharge because they are weakest.

  • shpoovy LGR's CRT Reflection (@shpoovy) reported

    @waif_foo @EscapeZer0 @Smug_Legend if somebody has a connection fast enough for stadia, it's fast enough to install destiny 2 in under an hour and if you're paying that much for an internet service your computer is already going to be good enough by default

  • non_d3script actual_self (@non_d3script) reported

    @illPhysics @pinkdolphin002 @DeeJ_BNG @A_dmg04 @RealKraftyy Agreed. I just think their opinions tend be very skewed due to their skill level. Specifically, they can make any gun, exotic armor or subclass seem, "broken"

  • GangstrMarioZ Meherio🐝 (@GangstrMarioZ) reported

    @Bungie @BungieHelp FIX YOUR SERVERS

  • halozenic Revere Halo (@halozenic) reported

    @Lilfellow25 @DestinyTheGame I mean I wouldn’t call it broken just yet. But I see your point

  • DatLoonArt 🍂Commissions open🍁 (@DatLoonArt) reported

    @sr_professional @Bungie @imaginedaylight @DestinyTheGame It was a sad grumpiness about how “player” evolved into “consumer” over time with all that “live service” narrative.

Destiny 2 Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • Anteater
  • Baboon
  • Badger
  • Beagle
  • Beaver
  • Bee
  • Beetle
  • Blackbird
  • Blueberry
  • Buck
  • Bull
  • Butterfly
  • Buzzard
  • Cabbage
  • Camel
  • Caribou
  • Cat
  • Catfish
  • Cattle
  • Centipede
  • Chicken
  • Chipmunk
  • chive
  • Flamingo
  • flute
  • Fly
  • Goat
  • Gopher
  • Grasshopper
  • Groundhog
  • Hare
  • Jackal
  • Jasmine
  • Kiwi
  • Lemming
  • Leopard
  • Lime
  • Lion
  • marionberry
  • Marionberry
  • Monkey
  • Newt
  • Pear
  • Pelican
  • Penguin
  • Pineapple
  • saxophone
  • Stingray
  • Tamarind
  • Tangelo
  • Tangerine
  • Tapir
  • Teredo
  • Urchin
  • Vulture
  • Weasel