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Destiny 2 is an online multiplayer FPS video game developed by Bungie and published by Activision. It is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. It is the sequel to 2014's Destiny and its subsequent expansions.

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February 22: Problems at Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is having issues since 01:10 PM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • Sign in (58.23%)
  • Online Play (24.05%)
  • Game Crash (7.59%)
  • Glitches (6.33%)
  • Matchmaking (3.80%)

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  • neverrestedmind TheAnthemOfCheese(Blook) (@neverrestedmind) reported

    Going live with some launch day #AnthemGame in about an hour and a half or less. Prepare for some bias, but I promise to give it context. The FO76 and Vanilla Destiny 2 comparisons are excessively offbase, even when factoring the number of issues afflicting the game ATM. :T

  • ImOOKL Mario (@ImOOKL) reported

    @GambleMike The game has been unplayable at times and my experience has been greatly affected by it. I’ve played destiny, apex you name it. All of them have been with the same connection and in the only game were I’ve had trouble is in anthem. Thought you’d fix it by now.

  • thetimmysmalls Smalls (@thetimmysmalls) reported

    Had no expectations for Anthem and yet I’m not surprised at the reviews of the game. Destiny took years to become really good, but then made the same mistakes with Destiny 2. Granted D2 was actually fun for a while, it was just broken and hollow after launch.

  • Laurelith Maisey 🌸 (@Laurelith) reported

    @Didact343 it's a game as a service, just like any online game ever, content gets added as the game progresses, a lot of the reviews seem to be comparing it to mass effect and stuff and frankly its not a game like that, it's a looter shooter, just like destiny, just like warframe

  • glasshalf_full_ Steven. (@glasshalf_full_) reported

    @Bageira @IGN Destiny 1 and the division had the same issues when they launched, lack of content.. The difference with anthem is that unlike those games future content will be free. Destiny is a $120 game in disguise.

  • ThatGlasgwGamer 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 That Glasgow Gamer 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 (@ThatGlasgwGamer) reported

    @ItsMeRossP @anthemgame I regret buying the first Destiny but games as a service was a knee thing to me then. I recently bought the forsake legendary collection of Destiny 2 and really enjoyed it. I’ll wait a good while for anthem, possibly when I get a more powerful console or a Pc.

  • abestar777 Abe (@abestar777) reported

    Playing @anthemgame feels like I’m playing a beta version of @DestinyTheGame hopefully updates can fix it ! #buggy #freezes

  • IfanGriffiths Griff (@IfanGriffiths) reported

    @Bungie @BungieHelp Iron banner yippee here come all the cheats again. So not only you've failed to fix the exotics issue you've still done **** all about all the cheats on crucible and iron banner.

  • Bageira Bageira (@Bageira) reported

    @IGN Game is trash, wouldn't even waste your time. Rather save your money for The Division 2. Destiny 2 had more content and less issues at launch than this.

  • RevShySr Dwayne Shy Sr. (@RevShySr) reported

    "Look straight ahead, and fix your eyes on what lies before you." Prov. 4:25 Distractions don't seem distracting until they've already distracted you. They work to detour your destiny. Be so purpose filled until nothing is distracting enough for you to miss it. #ForwardFocus

  • DominantCub72 Ryan O'Connell (@DominantCub72) reported

    @SkillUpYT It seems like a good game but it has a **** ton of issues. The only reason I'm thinking of buying it is because I enjoyed vanilla destiny 1. I'm still considering though.

  • bethunderdown Beth Underdown (@bethunderdown) reported

    (You don't have to know you want to be a writer aged 5, to become a writer as an adult. It can still be your destiny, even if you weren't superglueing your own novels together after school. If you were superglueing, great. If you weren't, not a problem.)

  • MurpheousYT Royce Morphy (@MurpheousYT) reported

    @Scorchio_IRE My main issue is that I don't have time for end game content. Like destiny raids and 2 to 3 or more hour long dungeons. I can't commit to that. So my interest in it dipped. I wish i did tho. Like back in the wow days. 8 hour raids and not a care in the world

  • sxdiesweetheart internet (@sxdiesweetheart) reported

    without you i would have been a broken alone man with me being one and the world being many, totally in hell, after years of considering this my real destiny and worsening possible outcome i returned to your sweetness and started to find curiosities and acceptance when nooneelse

  • RollingSuika Jen 💫 (@RollingSuika) reported

    Also having problems with the destiny soda design. I want to integrate the destiny island Logo but it looks so messy. I need to rework the can design again. ;;

  • ChristoRJ ♚ℜ ℑ♚ (@ChristoRJ) reported

    @ErikLHauge well I'm playing it on 1x and i ain't having a problem i play a lot of destiny and its no difference in load time its just destiny have a distracting loading screen with ships flying but do the time comparison same thing.

  • Electrocutie_ Jay Avalyn I. 💕 (@Electrocutie_) reported

    @SanatanaMishra Just a problem with the genre and it's ilk, can't ever make enough content to keep people help at launch. Both Anthem and Destiny have such fantastic foundations or extremely fun gameplay, just takes time to add meaningful content I guess.

  • lilRAVVY you see my pimp? she's pissed at me (@lilRAVVY) reported

    @ShugoWah Anthem is no where near as broken or shitty as fo76. it's about on par with destiny 1 release

  • yenjhel E L I E N (@yenjhel) reported

    Destiny: I’m trying to fix the mess I made.

  • outlawburcheeto stan apollyon (@outlawburcheeto) reported

    @isgeorgeok I agree but it has the same problem that destiny had, no endgame content

  • connor1wheeler 🔪⚔️🗡 (@connor1wheeler) reported

    Steve Nash - 2005 WCSF vs. Mavs 30.3 PTS, 6.5 REB, 12.0 AST, 55/41/96 shooting splits, 60 eFG%, 64 TS% MVP Nash was a PROBLEM. In his first MVP season, destiny would have him face his former team in the 2nd round 1 year after he was traded. Scored 48 points alone in Game 4 🏀🔥

  • GorathHyun Gorath Hyun (@GorathHyun) reported

    @NemPlays Well it’s like I said in one of my posts. I paid money for this game. Bad reviews or not, I’m still going to play it. I enjoyed the demo (problems aside) I agree that it will evolve and honestly, I plan to give this game the sane chance I did with Destiny.

  • youngevo777 Rambo (@youngevo777) reported

    @BungieHelp kill clip is not activating like it suppose to on tatara gaze. Please fix

  • wolfdaedalus Wolf Daedalus (@wolfdaedalus) reported

    @BungieHelp @Bungie RAF - Well there goes “Day 7” and STILL no link. That’s another £50 I have referred to #Destiny2 (now totalling around £150). You need to fix your Refer A Friend process and go back through previous connections and allow them to complete

  • NeoFreeman Neo Freeman (@NeoFreeman) reported

    @TimLegdeur @Nysro1640 @Kirbstomp1287 @Takhar77 @XboxQwik yes i know and thats the problem here. you guys dont have any clue why certain thinks are in use nowdays and that no one will risk a split userbase again. not even Destiny 2 after the current year pass is finished.

  • DennisKere Dennis Kere (@DennisKere) reported

    @GKKimutai Actually sitting under their teaching turns around the entire exile of man to right destiny. for me i can not ignore them. Thika Sunday Service is the right place #ProphetDrOwuorInThika

  • thebeefybaby Beef (@thebeefybaby) reported

    @maskofstorrow Id always recommend waiting before pre-ordering. Known issues are load times which have been helped a bit by a d1 patch plus bugs the gameplay loop is, protect, elimate, fetch and people say the grind compared to *** or destiny is less gratifying. I love bioware but...

  • Kedrian11 FozzyisFunny (@Kedrian11) reported

    @JezCorden It’s a pattern. Why they feel like this the way to make these games. Destiny fixed theirs. Maybe the can fix it quickly

  • 5pooks × Magpie × (@5pooks) reported

    I wanted to love anthem but it seems to mirror the worst of destiny's problems and sadly not even necessarily reach the same highs

  • HowardtheDuck95 Howard the Duck: Battle Angle™ 🦆🥶🥃 (@HowardtheDuck95) reported

    @nivenus @AderynTheSly The other problem is that I was hoping for “Destiny, but with the BioWare storytelling touch” and it doesn’t seem like that’s in evidence here. After the talk of no romances and such, I knew something was dubious. As Skill Up showed in his video, choices don’t matter in here.

  • sockmethod TheSockMethod (@sockmethod) reported

    Reviews scared me off. Canceled my preorder. The game wasn't good enough in beta to devote the little gaming time I have per week to it. Unfortunate. I need a new Destiny fix. Fingers crossed for The Division 2.

  • eadebayo1 Emmanuel Adebayo (@eadebayo1) reported

    Every evil plan over your life shall fail and be disgraced. Your destiny shall never be caged. The snare is broken and you will escape in Jesus mighty name. #PrayerForYou #EscapedFromTrouble

  • Mira10227621 Mahy (@Mira10227621) reported

    It was a so painful episode, after the lightened mood we got a day bag, we're thrown in rude reality so harshly.. the tiny hope is snatched away mercilessly and we see shivaansh broken to the core in his face-à-face with destiny #Ishqbaaaz #ishqbaaz #NakuulMehta

  • IAM_BarryObama Barry Obama (@IAM_BarryObama) reported

    The weight of this crisis will not determine the destiny of this nation. The answers to our problems don’t lie beyond our

  • StealthyBanana8 Garrett Marutz (@StealthyBanana8) reported

    @A_dmg04 @DeeJ_BNG But like, they didn’t fix the triumph that’s been broken for me for over half a year

  • Soji_SideQuest Comics Lamar (@Soji_SideQuest) reported

    @JeremyPenter Depends on if I believe in the core gameplay loop. I stuck with Destiny 1 post beta because the gameplay formula was amazing, despite its tech issues.

  • harryintoronto harry.arora (@harryintoronto) reported from Brampton, Ontario

    @cmkahlon @raki_rakesh122 @DrGPradhan @priyankagandhi @mehartweets @BBCUrdu Sir The problem which is only in the air can't ever be realized 100's of attcks on majority gets ignored by the same #ecosystem Akhlaq gt hyped whr as a pujari murdered by moulana ovr speaker issue nvr makes it to news Sadly u chose painful way for ur destiny to side with them

  • zuylis Zuylis (@zuylis) reported

    @Bungie Also you need to fix the problem with hunters being slower than a hunter. If a warlock where to use all mobility mods with transverse steps and run any subclass they wanted they have potential being faster while using burst glide and somewhat titan skate like Destiny 1.

  • zuylis Zuylis (@zuylis) reported

    @Bungie You guys need to fix the top tree of sunbreaker and make it like Destiny 1 where the person that died to the hammers exploded not the hammer itself exploding. It just has too much blast radius and makes it unfair with also the delayed hammer explosion.

  • _peachmoon 𝓀𝒶𝒾 🗝 the sorikai queen (@_peachmoon) reported

    destiny trio was easy, they're my trio plus so i have tons of stuff on hand wayfinders were a bit harder, but it was just a matter of finding all three wayfinders somewhere sea salt trio... sorry guys i tried my best to fix up the sea salt ice cream but it looks SO BAD

  • cmkahlon Capt Moni Kahlon (@cmkahlon) reported

    @harryintoronto @raki_rakesh122 @DrGPradhan @priyankagandhi @mehartweets @BBCUrdu I'm too analytical and experienced for that. My pain is because of people like you who are in a #Majorerian state of mind.Its obvious that bcs you do not realise the problem hence will not solve it. Atleast I conveyed it in a polite manner. Living with this pain is my destiny 🙏

  • scarletj0ker sph0nz (@scarletj0ker) reported

    People shitting on Anthem for long load times, bugs or cuz Destiny did it better aren't very good reasons to dismiss the game. Technical issues will probably be fixed and what Destiny did is irrelevant. Haven't really seen any valid criticisms for this game.

  • DavidFulstow DayFul (@DavidFulstow) reported

    @AngryJoeShow My current plan is to take the first week with it (As i'll be all over Tekken 7 again next friday) after that i'm hoping it does a Division/Destiny and learn. These kind of games can evolve in to something much better, Their biggest problem is that the division 2 is very near.

  • hernanuis Hernan Castellanos (@hernanuis) reported

    Everyone choose his own destiny, if you make a mistake is also your problem not the others.

  • edzitron Ed Zitron (@edzitron) reported

    One of the most insane things That destiny 2 will never fix is putting a team of random people against 3-6 people in a group. It’s such a comically easy thing to fix and yet they refuse to do it for whatever reason

  • ActuallyBastion Sam (@ActuallyBastion) reported

    @DSR_Joker gonna be honest. With the release of anthem, I really do think that the core games of Destiny and etc. are problems with the Looter Shooter genre. Don’t get me wrong, Bungie has screwed up in the past, but the genre is repetitive by nature.

  • RogerAntunes_ Roger Antunes (@RogerAntunes_) reported

    It is a false concept to apply the expression "DESTINY" as the cause of the problems, tragedies or success of the people, the human being was not born destined to something, everything that results in his life, originates from his choices, never never from "DESTINY ".

  • mike_hisel mike hisel (@mike_hisel) reported

    @DestinyTheGame can you guys please fix damn servers tired getting kicked too orbit or some error which not even pertain any issue my nets fine so no reason for this bs

  • brownandblunt Brownandblunt (@brownandblunt) reported

    @BungieHelp Fix issue with Polaris lance not recording the fifth kill.

  • AkiraFangs Akira (@AkiraFangs) reported

    Can I start a GoFundMe or some shit to get a new computer. Like 90% of the reason why I don’t have fun in games is cause I get CONSTANT LAG and FRAME DROPS every 30 seconds. Like playing Destiny is like it’s fine for 2 seconds and then it’s just slow motion moving for 20 secs

  • ThunderhornCEO Thunderhorn (@ThunderhornCEO) reported

    Yet again, another game as service seems to be struggling with reviews. Whats even worse for me is that I still cant seem to get hooked to any of them. The Division has actually been the one I liked the most but neither #Destiny or #Anthem seemed to be good enough.

  • nerdwhoisagamer guy who is a gamer (@nerdwhoisagamer) reported

    @BriannaWu The problem is half the gamers fault and the other half the publishers not developers as the whole destiny 2 issue is proof that companies like EA and activistion unfortunately have become greedy money hungry companies while companies like ubisoft,atlus try not to be like that

  • JCarney231 Joe C (@JCarney231) reported

    @jasonschreier CoD hasn't been hitting sales goals, Destiny divested, Tony Hawk skated away, and there are only so many Crash/Spyro remakes you can sell. Activision has to do something new if they want to continue to sell games under that name.

  • YeOldeApple Connor Sandvoss (@YeOldeApple) reported from Oakville, Missouri

    @Wiindowlicker75 @Bungie @DestinyTheGame And yet people always come back to this game because they love the company and the franchise. It’s healthy to play other games in between lull periods. Bungie even said so in a tweet. Also, you assume too much. I’d fix that.

  • TH3GNOME THEGN0ME (@TH3GNOME) reported

    Problem I have is... I find @anthemgame gameplay about as much fun to watch as wasting 60$ on a game when you xould of bought diablo 3 or Destiny for a lower price... Does anyone believe they will still stream this game in 2 months.. I expect Fallout76 type of hype.

  • FreakingGompa A Freaking Duck (@FreakingGompa) reported

    I guess my biggest problem with Gambit as a concept, is that its essentially Leauge og Legends game mode in Destiny 2. Everyone has to have a role they excel at, and there needs to be a spread of different designated roles for each group, if you want to succeed.

  • DerekWiggins13 Derek Wiggins (@DerekWiggins13) reported

    @AngryJoeShow I decided after destiny trying to slow roll me on content I'm waiting on "live service games" til the end to get the complete game at one price.

  • jhugart Jacob Hugart (@jhugart) reported

    I just had an awesome experience with Destiny at @Fandango! Great customer service! (And yes, they suggested this tweet, but hey, she actually took care of the problem very quickly.)

  • tapu_cocoa logi 🐝 (@tapu_cocoa) reported

    @bowchkahonkhonk @Steven_GomezYJ @anthemgame @Halaste Borderlands was different. It never changed like a live service game. I mean live service games like Destiny, Warframe, Division, etc

  • KingFireWalker Kai Dolla $ign🤴🏾 (@KingFireWalker) reported

    Destiny servers are STILL trash🙄 You would think that all the extra💰 that Bungie makes from cheating their customers, they could afford to NOT have their shit crash when we want to play the game. 😤

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