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Diablo is a hack and slash action role-playing video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems.

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  • sunnshiiny Sunshiny (@sunnshiiny) reported

    @Copeland333 @RussDiabo @Pam_Palmater @ElizabethMay One fell swoop and section 35 no longer exists. Diablo & Palmater need to look beyond FN injustices and simple solutions that won’t fix the past. More is at play than reconciliation of indigenous peoples. The entire nation’s security of persons and land title is on the table.

  • HeardyJ Jesse Heard (@HeardyJ) reported

    @YongYea Yong/any sane game journalist: "Cyberpunk will be a groundbreaking game!" Kotaku/RPS: "Hsssss! Cyberpunk bad! Demon! Hellspawn! El diablo pendejos puta madre! Chorro!" (Sorry for my broken spanish)

  • SlimeKnight33 Zach Schenk (@SlimeKnight33) reported

    @_austin_king Yeah the 24th. Oh and Torchlight 2 for switch if you need another Diablo fix

  • AkumaNoOmo 𝔻 𝕚 𝕒 𝕓 𝕝 𝕠 (@AkumaNoOmo) reported

    @arc_ruler " If you are the saint as your namesake then you've made the awful error of coming to this place. Your Lord had nothing to do with this area, it is only I, Diablo, who is Lord here. " Diablo explained patiently to this lost saint. Eyes looked at the lance she held-

  • GameEnderztweet What happens in VR stays in VR (@GameEnderztweet) reported

    @GoogleStadia @THQNordic Dear Google Stadia: Darksiders is a third person open world hack n slash game. But THQ gives you this Diablo style game instead. I have my doubts on the power of your streaming service. If you can't get a proper Darksiders game on your store.

  • SithThanos 🐸Homelander🐸🇦🇺 (@SithThanos) reported

    @DasAxiom @Grummz 100% spot on. I hope they fix all these issues with Diablo 4.

  • 0x00C651E0 Ben Lincoln (@0x00C651E0) reported

    @AJenbo Ah, NM, I see what the problem is. Diablo has a small main EXE that dynamically loads four separate .BIN files which aren't PSX EXEs. Let me do some reading and see what the best way is to support that. This is the first PsyQ game I've seen that's built this way.

  • UltimateLight9 UltimateLight (@UltimateLight9) reported

    @diablo 194 goblins, 4% chance for rainbow (yup i'm at 4%) and no Lilian. This is atrocious and not needed. Season wings were way easier then this RNG shit. Fix this. (I could farm any mount in WoW easier than this stupid item.)

  • popeguilty Bela Lugosi's Red (he's red, he's red, he's red) (@popeguilty) reported

    My problem with high-level Diablo 3 is eventually you hit the point where your choices are "no upgrades drop" and "very, very, very few upgrades drop and every trash mob takes 90 seconds to kill"

  • Psikorps Psikorps (@Psikorps) reported

    @TheDivisionGame I'll save you travel expense money. Make the game more accessible to people who play solo, fix the "randomness" of loot, this isn't a Diablo 3 shooter. Make things like Kenley College not locked behind a time gate. Look at Underground from D1 as a way to do things.

  • f00n Marc Rogerson (@f00n) reported

    @Grummz I had this exact issue with Diablo 3. I played at launch and liked the AH. But when it went and we got welfare legendaries, I tried hardcore instead. But hardcore with welfare legs is as easy at the basegame. If not easier because you take more care. So I stopped recommending it

  • nofiltersan TyyT or Ty (@nofiltersan) reported

    @VlackSamurai My diablo is cold asf BUT he did take slight damage in that last fight. I haven't watched slime but I know she/he/it is broken 😂😂

  • sVr90D3 sVr90 (@sVr90D3) reported

    Dreamed off a new off-hand for #Wizards. "Upon casting Blackhole all Necromancers in the same game are disconnected with Error 1016." Not sure what concerns me more; my (sub)conscious hatred for #Necromancer or my explicit knowledge of #Diablo error messages 😳

  • matgrts Mat G (@matgrts) reported

    @castpixel There's a bunch of dark skinned characters in Diablo II (the sorceress, the paladin, some NPCs in Lut Gholein and Kurast). Though I believe the graphics are pre-rendered 3d and not hand-drawn, in case that's a problem

  • sonybaloney_ professor x (@sonybaloney_) reported from Queens, New York

    @yennyefron el diablo (my ex) certainly didn’t enjoy avocado. Idk must’ve been a broken Dominican.

  • TouchstoneBot Touchstone Bot (@TouchstoneBot) reported

    New routes at Diablo Rock Gym on August 15, 2019 in Chalkstone. 16 Problems V0 - V8

  • Jim3535 Jim (@Jim3535) reported

    @ChocolatAudible Most games like Diablo suffer from having the sets take too long to collect. By the time you do, they are obsolete. Fix that, and set items can add some extra interest and strategy.

  • DarkPhelia Phelia Dark (@DarkPhelia) reported

    @Sorrosyss @PlayStationUK Ps1: crash bandicoot warped Ps2: burnout revenge PS3: GTA V PS4: Diablo 3

  • maxwellr1964 Randy Maxwell (@maxwellr1964) reported

    @BlizzardCS Why don't you guys do something on Diablo 3 ROS error 1016, over 40 hours or more of bounties to not collect anything at the end. it disconnects, it's not a new problem it's been on forum's f years fix and thing or give me a refund seeing i bought the game/ a new pc to play it

  • marisunxx 🛸💚 (@marisunxx) reported

    @skozoze I think binge really gave us that sneak peek into his problems that he was having trouble admitting. it was a stepping stone to the creation of hotel diablo. im not sure we would have had the same general reaction to HD if we didn't get those binge confessions.

  • ValksyLG Down But Not Out (@ValksyLG) reported

    ok was going to play Diablo but bobbleheading terribly and will pass out if i sit here and try go fire up the big rig, harder and more demanding game to focus on it’s not “fun” per the rule but nothing is, dopamine mechanics are broken to ****.

  • thumperward Chris Cunningham (@thumperward) reported

    @apenwarr @Tailscale_io Diablo II is still supported by Blizzard 21 years after its release, and still has working netplay, but if you try to use the official installer to download it there's an embedded IE window which pops up a bunch of JS errors and then shows a 404

  • Randandanda20 freak🚱man (@Randandanda20) reported

    @PlayStationUK PS1: Crash Bandicoot PS2: SSX Tricky PS3: Diablo III PS4: Spiderman

  • MangoDangoPango Mango (@MangoDangoPango) reported

    @RiotSupport ur dumbass client puts me in the game and doesn't show the loading screen fix ur shit or im break ur ******* monitors and have you unable to play diablo 3 on the job

  • woosanshines Bri 🦢 (@woosanshines) reported

    Literally all I’ve done the past 3 days is play Diablo 3 I think I have a problem

  • kooksito mari 𖤐 (@kooksito) reported

    the faking ac in my house is broken bro im fr about to start taking showers for fun like i cannot do this im fr chillen com el diablo and the crew 24/7

  • Mah_Ballz Mah Ballz (@Mah_Ballz) reported

    @Diablo sadly my desires are not what the majority like. I dislike how sets dictate builds and how legionaries are only thing that matter. I preferred game much closer to launch where the difficulty was fixed. Back then the issues with the game could have been solved simply with paragon.

  • tymonnn2 кσмαท∂σrτyм (@tymonnn2) reported

    @PlayStationUK 1. Crash bandicoot 2 2. Rayman 3 3. Diablo III 4.Infamous: Second Son

  • ofrecometerra Perla (@ofrecometerra) reported

    Even if I have bad service, the porn on my TL always manages to load. El diablo controla this app.

  • AnnouncedHer 🌈Im Judith?💕✨ (@AnnouncedHer) reported

    Gonna name a few cause i hate limit to just one Diablo Crash Bandicoot Tomb Raider Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall

  • NicestPenman ✍️ (@NicestPenman) reported

    A Man Apart (AKA Diablo) has the DNA of a great film. The main problem lies in the execution and a hiccup here or there.

  • Berserk_Zodd Berserk_Zodd (@Berserk_Zodd) reported

    @pcgamer I think all this microtransaction shit has made the waters muddy for the genre. Instead of making good content and fixing bugs its cash shop this and cash shop that. BDO, WoW ,ESO, Diablo 3 etc etc all great games and all have issues with their cash shops vs game health.

  • czu01616716 czu_ (@czu01616716) reported

    @TheBabeLover @ImmersiveGamer2 Well, I guess this is the issue with vastly different experiences per player. Unlike a game like Diablo 3 which always nets something of use for your time spent. I’ll agree the drop rate is better, but that doesn’t mean it’s good.

  • WTFhailRAZOR Wu-Stallion (@WTFhailRAZOR) reported

    @Shakur_Weeb Diablo mani, theres the cause of all your problems

  • RonaldDiemicke Ronald Diemicke (@RonaldDiemicke) reported

    @alvaro_montoro @Xbox They might dig the remake of crash team racing. Minecraft is 4 player split screen, but they might be burned out on that... diablo 3 might be a bit much - but the coop is good. I think overlord fellowship of evil is in the same vein without the m rating.

  • Kazooie25 Kazooie25 (@Kazooie25) reported

    @Loadsamoney1 >Mexico >Getting struck by lightning. I once met a guy who was called "el diablo" (the devil) because it was said he couldn't be smiten, he got struck by lightning three times and had not problems whatsoever, he just walked funny sometimes

  • LinkKun19 Link the Yoshi-Egg (it's moving) 🏳️‍🌈 (@LinkKun19) reported

    Oh crap. My Diablo Playstation Disc is alittle damaged, but my consoles like the original PS1 or my PS2, even my PS3 plays it with little sound issues. The ripped image on the PlaystationMini shows how broken it is! Yikes! Oo

  • LumpyTheCook Mötley Crïnge (@LumpyTheCook) reported

    @Win98Tech Diablo III was awful on launch- even after Error 37 got fixed- but Reaper of Souls and the ensuing updates fixed it all immensely and it’s pretty fun, even if it still fails to live up to 2+LoD in a lot of ways.

  • 30SecondGaming1 Death Knell Gaming (@30SecondGaming1) reported

    @Dark_Princess86 I don't, I also own it on steam but it is on my list to buy on switch. Have no issues buying it twice, bought Diablo 3, three times. Hahaha

  • KittenEbooks Willbot (@KittenEbooks) reported

    Can confirm diablo 3 switch cart still LOVE how warframe puts your frame on the login screen sometimes

  • RobertLesage4 Rob from Montreal (@RobertLesage4) reported

    @atrupar Wow....I played Doom, Quake, Diablo all my life. I never had the urge to shoot or slash people because of this. Video games are not the problem....My God.....

  • The301st Useless As A Lantern At Noon (@The301st) reported

    WoW subs are up (no surprise considering classic is hot, no new IPs, maybe bringing back more old IPs(ala Crash and Spyro), offhand mention of putting people towards a diablo project Nothing on Starcraft or HoTS

  • nick2treeshy Nick2treeshy (@nick2treeshy) reported

    The Yankees have not only scraped the Orioles, they have not only broken records against the Orioles, pero el diablo ****** got the Orioles dug out looking like DR on a Saturday night🤭

  • jamesofthewired 🌧️james.txt☔ @monster-girl-zone 51 (@jamesofthewired) reported

    @Queen0Spades Sometimes I start typing and realize it makes no sense and I can't save it so I just crash the sentence into the ground as hard as I can! The other night I was describing Diablo as a "number go up game"

  • jamesofthewired 🌧️james.txt☔ @monster-girl-zone 51 (@jamesofthewired) reported

    @Queen0Spades Sometimes I start rolling and realize it makes no sense and I can't save it so I just crash the sentence into the ground as hard as I can! The other night I was describing Diablo as a "number go up game"

  • UnicornFilmsLtd Northern Unicorn Films (@UnicornFilmsLtd) reported

    For the record: I'm pre-wga, not working in the industry, trying to find a mentor, trying to get someone in the industry just to read one of my specs, looking for that "Diablo Cody" style break.

  • Leocatmur The rise of Snake (@Leocatmur) reported

    @Mostcus Resident evil, diablo, crash bandicoot, tes: daggerfall

  • darkcade1 Darkcade (@darkcade1) reported

    @ROCCAT Diablo 2, thousands of hours... granted most of it was waiting for the dial up internet to stop lagging

  • gaming_tomato GamingTomato (@gaming_tomato) reported

    @MasonRichey1 @Drift0r You're forgetting Diablo, World of Warcraft, Starcraft... it's "Activision Blizzard" for a reason. But regardless of that, it's their last big cash-cow, they'll milk that sucker dry. MTX will likely hit a while after release. Just like most recently in the Crash Racing game.

  • thewickedavatar You (@thewickedavatar) reported

    @Axoool oh my actual guess was diablo 2 i didnt even think of destiny i wanna play it too but i cant rn because something with my router is making me constantly disconnect when i try to do anything in it ;_;

  • FireDispatchSMC (@FireDispatchSMC) reported

    Public assist - water problem, N CLAREMONT ST/MONTE DIABLO AV ,SMO (08/06/19 15:12:54)

  • KristiTalmadge Kristi L. Talmadge (I-CT) (@KristiTalmadge) reported

    @JeffWagner13 @TreeFarmer812 The closest to a violent video game I play is Diablo. I won't be forced to live in a Psych Ward. They can't even hold the patients who are homicidal and suicidal for more than 3 - 5 days most of the time. That's part of the problem, halfwit.

  • Samoth12 Thomas Larson (@Samoth12) reported

    @BreenIsTerrible I mean yes. That’s my point, problem isn’t playing sims or diablo or whatever is our whole sick imperialist society.

  • davearmstrong99 dave armstrong (@davearmstrong99) reported

    @schuckles17 @darmstrong17 @manningface80 @curranc44 El Diablo is right. Padres are a shitty franchise. I am a Padre fan but I have no problem calling them out in that regard. We have some talented players but we have a long way to go still.

  • culerovero vieja vero (@culerovero) reported from Silver City, New Mexico

    @steeeepphy I have no problem waiting, I’m very patient when I need to be 😈 You can hide your car with diablo if you want. He could use some company 😂

  • BlazerOnTwitch Blazer On Twitch (@BlazerOnTwitch) reported

    Also, been on and off the idea of streaming other games, only problem is I lose pretty much all viewers if I don't stream Diablo 2, I have no real idea how to cater to variety streaming. There was one month I streamed Zelda ALTTP and the entire month I got an average of 2 viewers

  • VoltySquirrel volty (@VoltySquirrel) reported

    @OnyxOblivion For me it was Bloodstained, Symphony of the Night, Crash Bandicoot, and a handful of achievements in Diablo, Metro 2033, and Spyro.

  • Wenzday3 Wendy Adams (@Wenzday3) reported

    @Diablo Going to need ya to work on the lag issues before S-18.

  • ewhitney11 E (@ewhitney11) reported

    I play a video game called DIABLO where I literally shoot and kill fake medieval creatures all day and I have no desire to shoot and kill real human beings so I don’t think video games are the problem here.... #GunControlNow

  • recLLAMAtion [HYPE] Ethan 🔜 #PlayNYC (@recLLAMAtion) reported

    @iCharleyyyy @Diablo 2004 Runescape, still have the login info.

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