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Diablo is a hack and slash action role-playing video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems.

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April 23: Problems at Diablo

Diablo is having issues since 04:30 AM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in (50.00%)
  • Online Play (40.00%)
  • Game Crash (10.00%)

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Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • Foppski Andreé (@Foppski) reported

    @Pr0ph3cyX @Kal1bur_G @bigdaddyden @Diablo @UKRaids Lol, farming gold aint a problem

  • Valdarez Valdarez (@Valdarez) reported

    Halfway through Nephalim power rift, #DiabloIII app closed with an error. #Diablo3 on #NintendoSwitch is by FAR the buggiest version of #Diablo. @Blizzard_Ent @ATVI_AB Please fix your game. Too many bugs for a #Blizzard game. Too many bugs for a 6+ year old game #Switch

  • pawsumplays Pawsum Plays (@pawsumplays) reported

    @Keggerade looks like my ex's browser.. and then she wondered why it was so slow, filled with that and all the Sims 1 expansions and half the sims downloadable content.. yet my copy of Diablo 2 was the issue.. sure..

  • Ry_check Rylan (@Ry_check) reported

    @Blizzard_Ent @NintendoAmerica Trying to play Diablo 3 eternal on switch with my girlfriend, as there was a sale, we bought 2 digital copies. Unable to connect online which is the entire reason we bought this game. Blizzard customer service is almost impossible to contact.

  • deannadchambers ❤ must love dogs & Stan Lee❤🐕🐶 (@deannadchambers) reported from Drumheller, Alberta

    @necrologies Mortal Kombat diablo crash bandicoot and bubble bobble the rest don’t matter 😂

  • nintsales Switch Sales NA (@nintsales) reported

    ENDING TOMORROW (Apr.22) #NintendoSwitch Cattails - $11.24 (25% off) Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy - $23.99 (40% off) Croc's World Run - $4.39 (27% off) Diablo III: Eternal Collection - $39.59 (35% off) Doughlings: Arcade - $4.19 (30% off)

  • Michael45642899 TTV_S8n (@Michael45642899) reported

    @Diablo A glitch, enemies and items getting stuck in walls. Also maybe add the debuff Overconfidence, enemy with it will run at you only to be easily killed. Lasts 5-10 seconds.

  • Michael45642899 TTV_S8n (@Michael45642899) reported

    @Blizzard_Ent For Diablo 3, there is a glitch where items and enemies may get stuck in a wall. Also you should add a debuff called Overconfidence, the ememy affected will run at you and be easily killed. It lasts 5 seconds though.

  • nintsales Switch Sales NA (@nintsales) reported

    RECOMMENDED #NintendoSwitch Battle Princess Madelyn - $13.59 (34% off) Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy - $23.99 (40% off) Diablo III: Eternal Collection - $39.59 (35% off) Human: Fall Flat - $7.49 (50% off) Kid Tripp - $2.99 (33% off)

  • JazhuStreaming Jazhu (@JazhuStreaming) reported

    @BlizzardCS My partner can't log into WoW or Diablo, and I've just been sent a whisper not to change toons, as other people are having this issue with World or Warcraft too.

  • NZeusify John (@NZeusify) reported

    @BeWzLukas @Alexisoooo @ChemsoCOD Link you Dduke and Diablo now no problem we play

  • Pejjone pejjone (@Pejjone) reported

    @glitter_th0t I just downed fist full of oxazepam to fix muh mood, coz my Diablo 3 HardGore Witch doctor died :'/

  • Rudypacifier TheluckyGuateRudy (@Rudypacifier) reported

    @__Siilvestree Hears a car crash in the distance, “Diablo mami ,what’s your number” LMFAOAKEKEKEE

  • InnuendoPaul Paul D (@InnuendoPaul) reported

    diablo 2 lod, stopped working today, keep getting error message cant connect to battlenet.

  • LokiTotally TotallyNotLokiTheFedBot (@LokiTotally) reported

    @wwzthegame like, how long until this patch comes out. 2 days now with crash on launch. This is worse than Diablo 3 launch.

  • ShakyScrub Shaky Scrub (@ShakyScrub) reported

    @TeamRazer Hoping to stream some more of Diablo 3 soon! It’d be nice to grind a new character again. Now to remember my login credentials. 🤨

  • neverfear Devon (@neverfear) reported

    @FreelancerCodex @TrollyTrinity @AnthemYour @AnthemInsider @Anthemuniverse @AnthemGameplay @FortTarsisRadio @JDtheJokeDealer I would rather have it stay at GM3 and rework the weapons and gear. The loot system is broken and adding more levels would simply compound that. The system needs to be flushed out more along the lines of diablo 3 IMO.

  • challereg Charlie Larsson (@challereg) reported

    @Diablo fix ur game retards

  • Akistreams Akiblo (@Akistreams) reported

    @JinkirinGaming Unfortunately it's because most devs smell the $ that comes with the "live service" games. I do agree that online should be a feature not a requirement. There's a reason Diablo 2 still has a fanbase. There's also a real lack of integrity today in the modern gaming market.

  • InfiniteBastard Infinite Bastard (@InfiniteBastard) reported

    @YesThatVCharles An old friend took me on a hiking trip around Mount Diablo recently, the next morning she was bouncing off the walls and I felt like every single bone in my body was broken.

  • pixxella 🌙✨🔮 Bre 🕯🍄🌿 (@pixxella) reported

    @ultrabrilliant Diablo II bugged out and I could never get Diablo to actually appear. I killed all the mini bosses at the five seals but nothing happened. I was so frustrated I set the game aside for a week. When I tried it again, I had the same issue. So technically I've never beat Diablo II.

  • meowloon 666gummibar (@meowloon) reported

    @InfiniteDerg the problem is like.. diablo just looks boring when i'm sleepy. and i'm sleepy a Lot

  • FreakkMdh MDH FREAKK (@FreakkMdh) reported

    @1brandiesel @coads123 @Tristan_Greg @Wiikstrom @Xbox That’s not true How do you play destiny a game that only works with internet Or Diablo ect. They won’t as they will always ask you to connect to the internet And backwards compatibility always asks for you to sign in.

  • m_urban13 Michael Urban (@m_urban13) reported

    @Diablo Hahaha this game is broken !

  • _LunaRosa99 AdrianaMarie (@_LunaRosa99) reported

    Latina problems 101 : when the Taco Bell FIRE and DIABLO sauce ain’t got shit on your moms habanero salsa. Need 5 packets just to get a tingle

  • JohnCrowell J (@JohnCrowell) reported

    the only problem i have with diablo type games is theres too much shit and i hate throwing things away

  • ice_cabbage 🦑👽🦕 (@ice_cabbage) reported

    @vf31f I’m just working on collecting the Diablo jewels and Iv been having network connectivity problems lately so I haven’t really been able to join raids so idk if I would be much use but I’d love to do co-op

  • facebookvillain Rene Dankcarts ⚑☭ (@facebookvillain) reported

    any minute now blizzard north is going to issue a press release revealing how this is just the announcement of Diablo IV

  • Tesh_Niichan Tesh Niichan 👾 (@Tesh_Niichan) reported

    Testing to see if we have rubber banding and freezing issues in Diablo. If we’re good then we get to have a Diablo strim. Here’s to hoping. Stay tuned for the conclusion of the test...

  • consolegamr Console Gamer (@consolegamr) reported

    @Bhaal_Spawn It lets me play the game anytime I want, even when: -My internet is down -Blizzard's servers are down -Blizzard decides to take down Diablo 3 for good To be fair, I don't think Blizzard's servers have crashed recently. It only became an issue when everyone played simultaneously

  • DanSchwent Dan Schwent (@DanSchwent) reported

    @saturnscribe Good stuff. The Diablo story was good but the wrap up was only a page. It would be 2-3 issues in today's comics.

  • markosmirel Markos Mirelez Jr (@markosmirel) reported

    @BlizzardCS I've been all over the place looking for help on an issue with my Diablo 2 LoD account. All my characters have been deleted. I've tried filing a ticket, but there's no option that relates to this. I've tried using the forums, but my post just gets passes over.

  • soul_societyy Soul Kiwami (@soul_societyy) reported

    @Dokkan_ItsMooro Diablo 3, Crash, etc. Just look at the eShop man

  • bs4237 Bryan Schmidt (@bs4237) reported

    @BlizzardCS This Latency/LAG issue is on Diablo 3 as well. West coast server is UNPLAYABLE

  • Tri_State26 Tri_State (@Tri_State26) reported

    @CaitysCorner Diablo 3 didn’t even get praise when it first came out either. And it took us five years to get a necromancer and that didn’t even come with a story expansion like the crusader did with Malthael. Problem is, EA is running the show with DA, and Anthem shows how much they care.

  • shoadwood ozyschmandias⚠️PINNED (@shoadwood) reported

    getting angry at diablo is so frustrating bc he just looks me straight in the eyes and pisses on my jacket as a reaction, at least otis knows hes been bad but the problem is he also thinks he was bad when im angry at diablo fdhgdhgf

  • JavonFair Josh Fairbanks (@JavonFair) reported

    @ShellenbergerMD So Palo Verde gets its water from treated sewage. That's very interesting. Diablo Canyon is on the coast, so water clearly isn't a problem Sun desert would be on the Colorado River and was never built. So I guess water isn't that much of a problem. Opposition is

  • mrdowdle Lord Dowdle, Noble Steve (@mrdowdle) reported

    So, the DC streaming service, the Disney+ service... It just doesn't do it for me. I don't want to binge on that kind of programming. I think my recent rekindling of video game obsession has a lot to do with this. I'd really rather drop another hour into Diablo III or FFXV

  • Battlemage15 Battlemage15 (@Battlemage15) reported

    Wanted to play some Diablo 3; can't login to the Battlenet Server. Blizzard has fallen far indeed.

  • DrHojo123 William Preston (@DrHojo123) reported

    @Diablo Can't even play your damn game anymore keeps spiking so high that my HC character keeps getting near death before I can do anything about. Fix your damn servers or make it offline like the ******* consoles. They is no need to be online!

  • ChrisDudley85 Chris Dudley (@ChrisDudley85) reported from Bryans Road, Maryland

    @KarlAlexPauls Let me expand on that. Indian Point is closing because it is unsafe. That it leaks when it was guaranteed never to leak is a symptom of the problems there. Nukenuts who complain about Indian Point or Diablo Canyon as you do are simply nuts.

  • WookSounds Wook (@WookSounds) reported

    @vapidcontent PoE has gotten so terribly boring imho. I played it since open beta and quit about a year ago. The Diablo 2 LoD nostalgia only goes so far, not far enough to keep me playing that broken game.

  • GlixByte Guillermo (@GlixByte) reported

    Spend 5 hours doing Greater Rifts and STILL NO ******* FURNACE!!- Diablo Spend hours grinding races to get those last 2 Parts to complete a legendary Set... not to get them- The Crew 2 This is how RNG works. The game has no drop rate problem. What the game does need is---2/3

  • sveldte Sv. (@sveldte) reported

    Dark Souls is 30% off, Diablo 3 is 33% off, Crash Trilogy is 33% off. Capcom have MHGen and SF Anniversary at 30% and 42% off respectively.

  • CapriciousPC CapriciousPC (@CapriciousPC) reported

    @ptg_pete Three-way tie between Minecraft (PC/Switch), Kingdom Hearts 1.5/2.5 Remix (PS3/PS4), and Diablo III (PS4/Switch). Had to fix my comment because I forgot how excited/frustrated I was when KH put out for the PS4

  • ZiddersRoofurry Zidders RooFurry (@ZiddersRoofurry) reported

    @merzb0w Ps1: Diablo (runner up Steel Harbinger) Ps2: Baldur's Gate (runner up Metal Arms: A Glitch in the System) Ps3 & Ps4 I never owned. Consoles are way too expensive & don't do enough to justify the expense (I need a PC w/art & writing software).

  • lxcfxc 𝓋𝒶𝒻𝒻𝒶𝓃𝒸𝓊𝓁𝑜 (@lxcfxc) reported

    @deviedoodle I bought a switch yesterday. but I bought diablo instead of crash bandicoot. regret.

  • Dalton_RTE Remove The Earth (@Dalton_RTE) reported

    @Kubgi_ @Diablo Me and my brother had the same issues 😂 had to convince our mom a few times for us before either of us got a job

  • AlisonWonderla4 Alison Wonderland (@AlisonWonderla4) reported

    @HomingLazer @Diablo No problem. We'll just send in Doom Guy.

  • EddytheLombax Eddy the Lombax (@EddytheLombax) reported

    BIG eShop sale starting on Friday!: Odyssey (33%) Skyrim (50%) Mario+Rabbids (50%) Zelda BOTW (30%) L.A. Noire (66%) Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (33%) Crash Trilogy (34%) Diablo III (30%) Monster Hunter GU (42%) OCTOPATH TRAVELER (33%) Dark Souls (30%) Wolfenstein II (33%) DOOM (50%)

  • Scott050390 Greg Vanover (@Scott050390) reported

    @EAHelp @anthemgame Been off this game for a while now and today decided to come back. Apparently your loot is still broken because I’ve not nothing from Legendary Mission and Contracts. I don’t get what’s so hard about it. Take a page from Diablo 3 loot drops and maybe you can salvage this game.

  • SMBaseball St Mary's Baseball (@SMBaseball) reported

    Knights drop a tough fought game on a crucial error. Strong performance on the mound by @jaxon_rideau tonight. He threw 6 innings, giving up 2 runs (1 earned), 4 hits and 9 strike outs. Knights back in action Thursday night against Thunderbird at 6pm at Tempe Diablo #6

  • Reboticant Reboticon (@Reboticant) reported

    @petrany @hoonable Problem is that every module on the thing is likely toast and you can't exactly score used diablo modules easily. A couple of 10k+ modules breaks the bank. Better for a conversion project.

  • MichaelSPolite Nün (@MichaelSPolite) reported from Perris, California

    @Diablo @JeffGoldblum @FBIPortland A logical fallacy is an error in the logic of an argument that prevents it from being logically valid but does not prevent it from swaying people's minds. 'The simple premise of uncompromising morality prevents you from being deceived even by...

  • Evannerr evs (@Evannerr) reported

    el diablo azul.... it's tuesday and the cookies still aren't hitting the same. please fix this urgent issue.

  • EllenJMiller Ellen J Miller (@EllenJMiller) reported

    @ColaChewit I put so much time into that game. Mostly as my laptop had issues with Diablo 2 (I think it was a DVD drive/copy protection issue)

  • xBUMSKIx Brian Tilghman (@xBUMSKIx) reported

    @davidbrevik @elliotterics I mostly play HC on Diablo games and have had my heart broken NUMEROUS times! Sometimes you just switch to a different character and sometimes you shut it off don’t even turn on your system for a week.

  • MonicaBaumann Monica Baumann (@MonicaBaumann) reported

    @vt2tamu @DouthatNYT Diablo Canyon is owned and operated by PG&E, a private company (for now). I haven't followed the story closely but if I had to take a guess it would be that they're shutting down because the plant is not profitable. It's a big problem globally, nuclear is expensive.

  • Sulagar Justin Aubin (@Sulagar) reported

    @ugobananas I'll mod/hack some games once I've completed the main story; Diablo 3 Borderlands 1 & 2 Skyrim (mods, some just to fix bugs) For clarity, I'm a PS player, so I downloaded decrypt and hex edit utilities for a lot of this, usually to get around pointless gear grinds

  • juviyes Juviyes (@juviyes) reported

    that i would want to go to bed and my older sister would want to play diablo is not a problem i ever thought i would be having and yet

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