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Diablo is a hack and slash action role-playing video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems.

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June 18: Problems at Diablo

Diablo is having issues since 12:10 AM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • mjshearer1 Matt Shearer (@mjshearer1) reported

    @GoBlueLexi117 Having that problem with Diablo 3 right now 😅

  • CBTJalter Neptuna🏳️‍🌈AX (@CBTJalter) reported

    i don't count diablo as an mmo but I had the same problem co-oping through diablo 3 with my brothers where we were fighting the last boss and my older brother had just forgotten to repair his stuff and it just kinda broke during the fight and he couldn't do shit

  • PeakMullett Peak Mullett 🔥 (@PeakMullett) reported

    @Diablo @sVr90D3 @icyveins Why are Blizzard no releasing a new character with each season. Cosmetics. Etc... You could be making a fortune as a live service with season passes. Instead, crappy mobile reskins.

  • daddyhoenah 𝐒𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐢𝐬𝐚𝐡 ★ (@daddyhoenah) reported

    i can never sleep when i think el diablo is mad at me and its a problem

  • MichaelHeide Michael Heide (@MichaelHeide) reported

    @marsanj47 I need characters who sell. Because those four don't move enough issues off the shelves unless Jim Lee draws my first book, and that's not gonna happen. I know he's from Argentina, but Batman Incorporated mainstay The Gaucho is probably the best bet. El Diablo from Suicide Squad.

  • atlantean_void Drew Buchkowski (@atlantean_void) reported

    Good news is that tomorrow’s stream will not being apex legends. I have deleted the game until further notice. (At least until new content, or something close to that.) I will be streaming diablo 3, or magic. Hopefully I fixed the frame issue on magic. See you guys tomorrow!

  • KelticRaven KelticRaven (@KelticRaven) reported

    @BlizzardCS Diablo 3, Windows 10 PC. I am able login to the site, but not the game. And I was able to do so at the start of the season.

  • TaikoChef Taiko (@TaikoChef) reported

    The way numbers are presented in Bloodstained: ROTN looks really boring and it takes me out right out of the setting that everything else helps build. Diablo 3 also had the same issue but to a lesser extent cause i hated the art direction the had in the first place.

  • illegalAtlien PorterHaus (@illegalAtlien) reported

    @DiabloImmoral @Diablo there’s just no content for them to talk about any more, D4 wont be out for ages and there’s no devs working on D3 except in a support capacity. GGG just got it really right with games as a service and their continued added value. Diablo just needed one more expansion and toon

  • CEB_1999 Chase Bridgeman (@CEB_1999) reported

    @colin33448 @Jasontheking133 @PlayStation Probably some glitch. I'd suggest looking it up. I need to buy the diablo fire slam for 2 and I'll have its Platinum. But I dont have the data from when I had it available to buy. So I have to go through the whole game just to buy a power up I'll never use and never did.

  • TheFoodGuy5 The Food Guy (@TheFoodGuy5) reported from Alexandria, Virginia

    Ate at Berthas Mussels at Fells Point. Mussels were amazing, oysters on point! Main course 5/10. Diablo pasta was bland. Customer service was 3/10.

  • Flbond Flbond (@Flbond) reported

    OK why noy How simaler are our tastes in games... 10% Mario 10% Shenmue 10% Zelda 10% Duke Nukem 10% Wing Commander 10% Dune 10% Diablo 10% Sonic 10% Ristar 10% Crash Bandicoot

  • ArchonCJaimes Archon Aslan (@ArchonCJaimes) reported

    The problem with getting rid of someone you think is bad at governing is that you might get someone worse. Higher probability of that than getting someone good. Take the W's when you can. Mejor diablo conocido que santo por conocer.

  • VorteX_AoW VorteX_AoW (@VorteX_AoW) reported

    @Ralph51501 @XcloudTimdog I have hundreds of hours in Path of Exile and Diablo 3 (2 terrible games for static images) and I have no Burn-in problems. Also Best buy's 5 year coverage replaces your tv if you get image burn.

  • ElHuesoPapi Brody (@ElHuesoPapi) reported

    Me ordering room service at “Hotel Diablo” Me: Yeah, Let me get uh, let me get sixteen double double cheeseburgers receptionist: Ok, we got sixteen double double cheese burgers me: Four of them without cheese, but still give them the same love as you would a cheeseburger

  • LRoss1993 Liam Ross (@LRoss1993) reported

    @AskPS_UK I have just had another error code (CE-34878-0) on another application (Diablo 3). Publishers for the other games recommend speaking to PlayStation support if system initialisation is unsuccessful.

  • Secretcode54 Secret Code (@Secretcode54) reported

    @XboxP3 aside from the developer issue people had this game was good and was basically DIABLO for console, imagine team ninja with this game - with their visual style and DIABLOs loot mechanic = $$$$$$$

  • rickenslacker apples, man🍎 (@rickenslacker) reported

    Between that and news of the new Animal Crossing not supporting cloud saves (oh, and currently dealing with an alarm issue), this night's been crummy! Time for some Diablo 3 to make things better.

  • fvsch Florens Verschelde (@fvsch) reported

    I used an hexadecimal editor to edit a game's save files (not sure if it was Diablo or Fallout), hoping to get some cool stuff in my inventory. Lots of trial and error for few good results, so pretty sure it counts as coding.

  • Klown117 Trent owens (@Klown117) reported

    @thisis_PATRICK_ The problem is “Diablo”

  • volztime tvolz (@volztime) reported

    @AndrewPollackFL Maybe Mayor El Diablo will be relying on the honor system... This way the Mayor can issue social security cards, birth certificates and voter registration forms to the illegal at the same time... New Yorkers deserve so much better...

  • thisis_PATRICK_ Patrick Sullivan (@thisis_PATRICK_) reported

    It's a real problem when I'm out with friends and just thinking "I could be playing Diablo rn"

  • kentonagbone kenton, eh? (@kentonagbone) reported

    @itsasooz ...i mostly played street hockey outside tbh. And beating each other up with wooden swords made from broken hockey sticks. I didn't hang out on the internet. I used it to play Diablo, Command & Conquer, StarCraft, and Quake. We only had 15hrs per month on our plan.

  • The_GameGrinder Church (@The_GameGrinder) reported

    I took the week off for Diablo 3, unfortunately Error 37.

  • TaylerKuchy Tayler Kuchy (@TaylerKuchy) reported

    @Diablo None because your servers lag too much and I get rubberband deaths 24/7

  • sfsiono Seth Francis (@sfsiono) reported

    @Diablo About 7. Most of them from lag.

  • Zmaykur Misteaksweremade (@Zmaykur) reported

    @Diablo I don't play hardcore, cause my computer lags too much and I die just from lagging out.

  • Vaerosii Mama Skye (@Vaerosii) reported

    @matma @Diablo This. I don't play hardcore anymore because I never know if a server issue or something else out of my control will cause me to die.

  • jmurda84 Jmurda aka Husband (@jmurda84) reported

    @marcus_w60 @mugglemama13 @Diablo Sort of. You have to start a game online but if you lose connection without actually leaving the game you're okay. You can out the Switch into sleep mode and resume later without issue, even offline. GR clears offline just won't go to the leaderboards

  • VivekSi903861 Vivek Singh (@VivekSi903861) reported

    @SIH2019 We are unable to find out is our product design mentor and due to this we are unable to proceed with the filling up of the BOM form. Help asap since last date is 16th June Team- El Diablo, Problem statement- Kotak Mahindra Bank Nodal center- Bangalore 1

  • VivekSi903861 Vivek Singh (@VivekSi903861) reported

    @SIH2019 We are unable to find out is our product design mentor and due to this we are unable to proceed with the filling up of the BOM form. Help asap since last date is 16th June Team - El Diablo, Problem statement - Kotak Mahindra Bank Nodal center- Bangalore 1. @abhayjere

  • GamingRandR Scarecomic40 (@GamingRandR) reported

    @SixFlagsOverTX we were at your park today for six hours. Road 4 rides. Would have rode more. But Texas giant was not open. El Diablo broke down right before we got on. Me freeze was having issues and the riddler broke as well. Called it quits after that.

  • Fischer1253 Fischer125 (@Fischer1253) reported

    @MikeKnudsen3 @dandudeus @ScottWamplerBMD The issue the host had with Diablo Cody was that she "writes the worst dialogue of any writer in the film industry." I can't vouch for that either way since I haven't seen anything she's written though.

  • _ManThatYouFear BreakfastAtNoon with (@_ManThatYouFear) reported

    @Warcraft the issue is not the levels.. it's the speed of your content and lack of any community. Warcraft is nothing more than a Diablo MMO.

  • brettlaing5 Brett Laing (@brettlaing5) reported

    @AskPlayStation Parental controls for everything is off. I can see and purchase other M rated games but not Diablo. It’s the only game that seems to have this problem

  • holy_vicar Amelia, That Ghost Just Isn't Holy Anymore (@holy_vicar) reported

    man is there anything that can put you in a worse mood than getting lag while playing path of exile or diablo

  • BossLiriano VERY HOT BALD (@BossLiriano) reported

    I’ve never been so over shit, than I am now. I love it bc I just don’t Give a **** abt anyone or their problems. Idc abt shit. Like que se lo lleve el mismo diablo bc I’m really never going back to gaf abt ppl or their issues. **** y’all. Idgaf.

  • BossLiriano VERY HOT BALD (@BossLiriano) reported

    I’ve never been so over shit, than I am now. I love it bc I just don’t Give w **** abt anyone or their problems. Idc abt shit. Like que se lo lleve el mismo diablo bc I’m really never going back to gaf abt ppl or their issues. **** y’all. Idgaf.

  • ChrisWood1821 Commander Wood (@ChrisWood1821) reported

    @WayneVaughan @Excellion The was a massive game design issue. The point of Diablo 3 is to collect loot. If you let people pay for it, the core experience of the game is destroyed. It wouldn’t be the same for a lot of other games, e.g. Second Life or EVE.

  • ZeeFrank42 ZeeFrank42 (@ZeeFrank42) reported

    @Diablo Diablo 3 on Xbox one has a bug were the Necromancer class doesn't speak any voice lines since the last patch. Close to a dozen post on the console bug forum with no acknowledgment of the issue.

  • ZeeFrank42 ZeeFrank42 (@ZeeFrank42) reported

    @BlizzardCS Diablo 3 on Xbox one has a bug were the Necromancer class doesn't speak any voice lines since the last patch. Close to a dozen post on the console bug forum with no acknowledgment of the issue.

  • xMettx Mett (@xMettx) reported

    Soon as I'm able to sit at my pc again(too painful to be seated currently from back issues) I'm snagging that Diablo 1 + Hellfire bundle off @GOGcom

  • tot_tot Jonathan Lindblom (@tot_tot) reported

    @chipnetics @Diablo I'm having terror flashbacks from the lag entering Duriel's boss room

  • fuzzytoad Lalafell Warrior ✘ (@fuzzytoad) reported

    @Brad_Glasgow The problem is when marketing execs look at raw data and see 200 bajillion "gamers" play candycrush, and candycrush is a mobile game, vs only 20 million that play D3 on PC/console.. more "gamers" play mobile so the next Diablo should be mobile, according to non-gaming execs.

  • MaxWrestlingWA Max @ Wrestling (@MaxWrestlingWA) reported

    @wrestlinpanda To be fair, Diablo 4 is in development. The issue of the release conference was that everyone EXPECTED it to be D4 and not some mobile game.

  • macdonst Simon MacDonald (@macdonst) reported

    @GarthDB My biggest problem is forgetting what I was doing two weeks previous in BotW. Diablo 3 is much easier to just pick up and play.

  • LatheOfDreams Ken Foreman (@LatheOfDreams) reported from Baltimore, Maryland

    @crizzonet Only problem with Skyrim and Diablo III on Switch is they're pretty much unreadable when played portable. Screen size, layout, and font is really designed for playing on 720p TV and not 6.2-inch 1280x720 screen on portable Switch. Graphics and framerate have been great.

  • Jragga John C. (@Jragga) reported

    @Grummz Diablo III's only issue was battlenet which I never used anyway.

  • datacenterdude Nick Howell 🎤🎧 (@datacenterdude) reported

    Hey @Diablo team … either prevent us from getting loaded into public GRs that are already running, or let us into the damn things if they already are. PICK ONE. Big time Qual of Life fix that has been a nuissance for long enough.

  • OyanTaslim Taslim Oyan (@OyanTaslim) reported

    @eli_anci @SpawnWaveMedia Trust me even though its 5 years old, this game will sell a lot for sure. At least it will meet their expectations. Skyrim sold a lot on switch, same about diablo 3 and witcher is bigger than both of them(and also less old). Even a broken game like saints row iv sold very well.

  • Ball2muzik Mr. Good Vibes Only II™ (@Ball2muzik) reported from Virginia Beach, Virginia

    @BSMhooper @ThisGuy__RJ Hacked, and now 4 days later the terrible customer service still hasn't reviewed the shit. Shit worse than Sprint c.s. Diablo was right take ya cards off the file. Dude was trying to use all the cards stored in the wallet

  • 3rdImpulse 3rdImpulseWave (@3rdImpulse) reported

    @Barthsion cant fit a gif on it 🔥 but 15 diablo 2 characters, no problem

  • Tsuumugi ♦️𝕯𝖔𝖒𝖎𝖓𝖎𝖈♦️ (@Tsuumugi) reported

    @AidenJoestar She got a broken one diablo

  • Smexxin Nick DalSoglio (@Smexxin) reported

    @BlizzardCS went through all the steps and still the same issue. I logged in during the maintenance when all the servers were greyed out and I'm currently able to log into diablo with no issues. I haven't made any changes to my software/internet settings

  • mcaruana m00n. (@mcaruana) reported

    @mashable Fingers remain crossed their new Diablo mobile doesn't crash and burn.

  • Vewdew48 James E. Bowes (@Vewdew48) reported

    @BlizzardCS yes hello Im having an issue with getting disconnected between every 10-20 minutes from either Diablo and World of Warcraft checked everything on my end even my firewall .. it's all good

  • xILubez Lewbae (@xILubez) reported

    @MarkusLatvala @Petterwass @peetsnack @Rhysterias @GhoulofUpstate @MiKanounet @Zali_Falcam @CDPROJEKTRED Agile is iterative, which is the route almost everything has to go to solve the issues they couldnt solve before their release. Destiny and Diablo 3 are examples of that. Im not suggesting we ignore the problem. This was all about the oversimplification of a much larger issue.

  • _thunderspank Thundering Typhoons! (@_thunderspank) reported

    We do our gaming in the cloud - Destiny, WoW, Diablo, OverWatch, etc. Blizzard is our cloud based service provider. This is not different from other cloud based services - Netflix, YouTube, Twitch, gmail, banking apps etc. We would not tolerate weekly maintenance 1/4

  • cynicalirl infinite stink (@cynicalirl) reported

    @Dashiellismanly it’s a diablo-esque dungeon crawler. Really simple but pretty fun. I’m just worried because EVERY live service game launches as shit. Just look at anthem.

  • AbsolutelyNoLog AbsolutelyNoLogic (@AbsolutelyNoLog) reported

    @danipanteez I mean those people obviously haven’t played Dragalia Lost or Dragon Ball Legends if they think mobile games aren’t real games, I’ve sure put as much time into those as “real games”. I felt the timing/the way that Diablo Immortal was announced was the biggest problem.

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