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Diablo is a hack and slash action role-playing video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems.

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December 10: Problems at Diablo

Diablo is having issues since 05:10 PM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • mplusd melojean (@mplusd) reported

    @BlizzardCS im having trouble logging in on diablo. not sure if its an issue for others. please assist on how to fix. thanks

  • theSintax Sintax (@theSintax) reported

    @_KrazyKatLady @ColtonIE_19 @ZeeTeeAy @BethesdaStudios Blizzards problem wasn't the game, the game is fine. Problem was that they created whole stage for a mobile game in year when they release nothing new. Had they revealed Diablo 4 and along side Diablo Immortal. No one would had been mad over mobile game.

  • DanielHeithorn Daniel Heithorn was at #X019🇬🇧 (@DanielHeithorn) reported

    @CondaPlays @klobrille @JezCorden But there's the issue Xbox focuses on Online Marketing. They hardly reach those parents. And that's the big difference to Sony. Whenever 1st or 3rd party title launching,TV commercials are on heavy rotation. So often,on Diablo 3,my parents asked me if it comes out on Xbox as well

  • Missinsock Jacob H. (@Missinsock) reported

    @BlizzardCS Hello I was just curious to know if there have been any reports of system lag for Diablo 3 on the switch. Problem started with new season.

  • ShotOfDiesel Johnny Diablo (@ShotOfDiesel) reported

    @shundawg @MTV There might already be a Johnny on the show but they can put “Diablo” on the back of my shirt 😂 problem solved #SpartanXTheChallenge @ChallengeMTV

  • gersonc_07 Como un atleta las nike puestas (@gersonc_07) reported

    Daddy issues Coma white Trap diablo C14torce II Don't look back

  • riaazjeena Riaaz Jeena (@riaazjeena) reported

    @Bertieschip Diablo anyday.1st time I saw one was walking home from school early 90's in Fordsburg, Johannesburg.Was white, in for a service at Peformance Auto.I just walked and begged the Mech to just sit and hold the steering.15 years later was lucky enough to buy my 1st Lambo (Gallardo) 🙏

  • machinegunOBJ Dyl₂₇ (@machinegunOBJ) reported

    @PrimeJCv2 His problems have always been there man Hotel Diablo was just a way Into his mind

  • PrimeJCv2 👑𝓙𝓒👑 (@PrimeJCv2) reported

    @machinegunOBJ fr, hotel diablo really showed that he has bigger problems than people thought. If we lost him too id lose my shit

  • EDitaloED Italo Gonçalves (@EDitaloED) reported

    It would be nice if the characters in the same login shared the same inventory, as in Diablo, and I also think it's time to change this inventory interface. #edcodes

  • Nerfnow Josue Pereira (@Nerfnow) reported

    The biggest problem of Diablo 3 is the best way to gear up was to pick gear with "big numbers" Let me elaborate.. it was not worth for ex. to make a crit build, because you would need to sacrifice other stats to a point where your damage / HP would be too low (cont)

  • beachbum2652 Amber Rowe (@beachbum2652) reported

    Lag to bad, so I improvised. I am currently redownloading World of Warcraft. I havent played this game in 4 years and I'm so thrilled 🙄😍 Diablo might be installing in the background as well. 🤫🤫🥳🥳 I'm ******* pumped #wow #diablo #fortnite

  • nefarious_247 Nefarious247 (@nefarious_247) reported

    @BlizzardCS Why is there connectivity issues with Diablo III

  • Sebyth Seb Williston the Tired, First of Their Name (@Sebyth) reported

    Guess I'll see how bad the latency is for me in Diablo 3 on a weekend afternoon instead of the evening (since I know that is usually bad). My poor lil seasonal wizard only got to lvl 6 or 8 the other day b/c lag-deaths were annoying me too much.

  • LaLaLaDaneysi Daneysi Kardashian🇩🇴 (@LaLaLaDaneysi) reported

    imagine losing me, then hitting me up trying to fix things 😂😂😂😂😂😂 vete pal diablo loco

  • dustinmassie121 Dustin Massie (@dustinmassie121) reported

    @Diablo what i want to is you guys to fix the joining friends bugs that are plaguing D3

  • OfficerChrissy Chrissy (@OfficerChrissy) reported

    James isn't be cooperative with me tonight. I need to test out some stuff to make sure Diablo doesn't lag with OBS tonight and I've got to be up in the morning at a decent time anyhow so we'll do a stream in the morning.

  • PiratePoundTown PiratePoundTown (@PiratePoundTown) reported

    @wr3ckin_it Yeah... That was my reply to this Diablo 3 glitch too... Lol

  • ThinhVo20 Masterasia (@ThinhVo20) reported

    @Boxboy415 @Duckz10 @Wowhead @Diablo Buddy that is developer problem you dumb ****. Most Blizzard game under Blizzard took a long life span to released. Ghost, warcraft 3, starcraft 2. A lot of these have to do with developer. You know ******* nothing

  • Boxboy415 Mark Kim (@Boxboy415) reported

    @ThinhVo20 @Duckz10 @Wowhead @Diablo Blizzard has been shit ever since activision took over they tried to cut cost and lost ALL of their good people thats why everything besides remakes are garbage which clearly shows a leadership problem.

  • Boxboy415 Mark Kim (@Boxboy415) reported

    @ThinhVo20 @Duckz10 @Wowhead @Diablo My point is that if it was a developer problem and not leadership that we would at least have ONE game in the last ten years. I know #logic is hard. Holy **** go back to drawing anime you’re awful at that too.

  • LaurieSlagley Laurie Slagley (@LaurieSlagley) reported

    @Sovaliah @BlizzardCS more than likely DDOS attacks and possible bots running...I run in Diablo 3 and its luck of the draw to see if I can get anyone done without major issues

  • LaurieSlagley Laurie Slagley (@LaurieSlagley) reported

    @Diablo stop the DDOS attacks and maybe I can actually finish the season!

  • harshworldmedia It's a Harsh World (@harshworldmedia) reported

    @carolynmichelle People read reviews of people with similar opinions because if they like it you most likely will. Few readers are looking for your lofty opinions on Diablo 3 and issues you perceive it having, they want to know if they are going to enjoy playing it or not.

  • Boxboy415 Mark Kim (@Boxboy415) reported

    @Duckz10 @Wowhead @Diablo The problem isn’t with the devs its the leadership.. look at the direction WoW went.. the only way they could save it was by bringing back the old

  • Sparrowhawk81 Sparrowhawk (@Sparrowhawk81) reported

    @iwazaru91 No one would like this game BTW. It would be modded in a week to have stupid diablo style numbercrunch math problem stat screens.

  • JGjaygee Josh Gilbert (@JGjaygee) reported

    @Diablo these diablo 3 party invites bugs are so embarassing how long will it take you guys to fix your social interfaces they have been bugging since before the season 19 patch...

  • JenLosi Jennifer Losi (@JenLosi) reported

    @childishgamzeno Trying to think of non-licensed games that gave us playable black female protagonists. Resident Evil 5, Left 4 Dead 2, Broken Age, Diablo 3. I know there are more but that I have to work so hard to remember proves your point. Apex Legends’ roster was a breath of fresh air.

  • BNGChrisWr 🏳️‍🌈 Chris (@BNGChrisWr) reported

    @kenandstuff @JeffAHamilton People who said error 37 at Diablo 3 initial launch could’ve been avoided by “one guy in an hour” type posts. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Bebe_Rachelle_ 🎧🎶Rachelle🎤🥀 CMyTears (@Bebe_Rachelle_) reported

    @smslade15 Yeaaah you don’t realize how many hours you listen... when I checked my Apple I was at 130 hours for hotel Diablo alone 🤣... I was like well then I don’t need to know the rest of my addictions hours that was enough to solidify I have a problem

  • snowplexor Sean (@snowplexor) reported

    Diablo 2. I had to brace myself as a kid or needed my brother because the login screen terrified me.

  • tothmonra Tothmonra (@tothmonra) reported

    Sorry gang my stream is running late got some tech issues to figure out hope to be up an running shortly for some diablo 3 mayhem.

  • ___more_life___ 🦉🌺Más Vida🌺🦉 (@___more_life___) reported

    “Public service announcement” DIABLO!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • bicycleofdeath 𝕭𝖎𝖈𝖞𝖈𝖑𝖊💀𝖋𝖉𝖊𝖆𝖙𝖍 (@bicycleofdeath) reported

    @btwimskrank Diablo is having a lot of issues this season with bugs, crashes, high ping spikes. Worst I've seen in a very long while. Pre-RoS, maybe.

  • VictoriaEsch97 Elmnyia (@VictoriaEsch97) reported

    It’s starting to seem as though @BlizzardCS has no interest in fixing the critical server and party errors in Diablo 3, and with current maintenance only wish to make them worse. I think the entire community is getting tired of it, and wants it fixed.

  • Des_Shinta Davis (@Des_Shinta) reported

    Don't know if it is a hashtag yet, but #IllustratedSoundMusic has hit me with a false copyright claim for one of the Diablo let's plays. I am damn sure they don't own jack of Activision Blizzards ost's, and googling them confirms that @Youtube 's claim system is abusively broken

  • Sarcasmorator Sarcasmoreindeer (@Sarcasmorator) reported

    @fcukign In fact people generally DON'T want the newest sequel in a long-running series with very set mechanics to be different. There are problems with Diablo III but they are not that it is more Diablo.

  • ItsChrane Chrane (@ItsChrane) reported

    @TeamYouTube @MatPatGT They just hit me AGAIN. So they're clearly not doing anything to solve the issue. They seem to be claiming their way through Diablo 3 right now, as in-game cutscenes was the first claim and now it's a full-on cinematic. I just wanna go to sleep, man.

  • MikeRepsch Mike Repsch (@MikeRepsch) reported

    1. That I bought with my own money Diablo (PSX) for $2 without a case. That I played Crash 2 it came with the system. 2. PSX 3. Metal Gear Sold 3: Snake Eater 4. PS2

  • SirCaruso SirCaruso (@SirCaruso) reported

    @Diablo Make game more like Diablo 2 or it will fail. You have a plenty of time to fix it. Just keep telling yourselves less Diablo 3 more Diablo 2. More Diablo 2. More Diablo 2. More Diablo 2.

  • Dropaduski Dropaduski (@Dropaduski) reported

    @RoleplayerAngry @Diablo Sadly there is no other competition outside of leveling fiesta in the genre. I dont think the solution is to walk away defeated. I enjoy GR's, will keep complaining about the problem till its addressed

  • SBCGlobalDotNet Ed C 🌹 (@SBCGlobalDotNet) reported

    @Lazybastid I was a little cool on the first issue; it was so dense that it became turgid. It was just tiny panel after tiny panel of "oh yeah, I remember when the FF fought Diablo" or w/e. But in issue 2, its starts to build up to something and I got back on board.

  • QueenPenguin77 Sarah Walters (@QueenPenguin77) reported

    @Diablo i play on ps4 and for 4 days now i can't connect to my friend's and it says Season Not Ready. Wtf is going on! Ive never had ANY problems until now. Ive done just about everything to fix it.

  • FFSnipe FFSnipe (@FFSnipe) reported

    @Vaerosii @Diablo @BlizzardCS lol, blizzard supposedly "fixed" this already. this season has by far the most issues. i dunno what kind of coding blizz changed, but damn is it bad with the errors and the game just straight up borking.

  • Vaerosii Mama Skye (@Vaerosii) reported

    @RastiGB @cdlaperle @Diablo @BlizzardCS It's been a known issue since September, according to the forums when I looked earlier. =(

  • cdlaperle Christopher Laperle (@cdlaperle) reported

    @Vaerosii @Diablo @BlizzardCS Having the same issue myself.

  • Slio9 Jens (@Slio9) reported

    @Kabanaw Things ranging from Alan Wake to Live Updated games like Diablo 3 now vs launch, games that die and have their servers shut down, or licensing ending a title after years. Like it's not top line issues but it would have fit so much more than going on about Loot Boxes.

  • j_d_rock J. D. Rock (@j_d_rock) reported

    @ATVI_AB and @Diablo should probably know that every time there are server issues (NOT server maintenance) I go play @pathofexile The reverse is also true.

  • JenMorriganR Jen (@JenMorriganR) reported

    Also there's something I really feel I need to discuss with someone but don't feel comfortable talking about publicly, but don't know anyone who'd definitely understand the issue. I'm just gonna go play Diablo and grumble.

  • sourav_pradhan sourav pradhan (@sourav_pradhan) reported

    @Diablo Repeatedly getting code-1016 error, cant even finish a single rift. my internet connection is working fine. Still getting the error.

  • black_l0dger Death Strand for Cutie (@black_l0dger) reported

    Played a few hours of Diablo 3 on Switch and I'm already ready to trade it in lol Having portable Diablo should be awesome but the text/UI really is not optimized for this screen and it's making me strain my eyes. Plus I already have this game on PS4 where this isn't an issue.

  • Scifi_Bishop ConspiracyHunter_Bishop (@Scifi_Bishop) reported

    To many game on my plate! I need to focus down. WE beat jedi so that is done but there is still Battletech, The outer worlds, RD2, Going back to Eve, MW5, Star Citizen, Elite dangerous, No Man's Sky, Diablo 3,and more.. never thought i would have this problem and I like it!

  • duarte2013 Eduardo Duarte (@duarte2013) reported

    Blonde hair Eduardo can't handle making breakfast for himself. That's a brunette issue. Drive-thru #TacoBell #breakfast Sausage breakfast burrito, Sausage flatbread, mini skillet bowl no cheese, and two packets of #diablo. The drive thru employees knows me too well.

  • wellbeingosteo Paul Fiander (@wellbeingosteo) reported

    I've never played a Diablo game before a fact I'm now regretting. It feels like a grown up version of Gauntlet (one of my favourite arcade memories) Have to give a big shout to @boomeranggames as this a title I never would have bought but renting has shown me the error of my ways

  • FormulaMI Artie "Formula" (@FormulaMI) reported

    I don't have issues with any games on steam, MC, or Fortnite. Just bought Diablo and changed my settings right away but then my left monitor would go dark until I hovered over it then my main would go dark. I don't know what ******** to do and I am getting stressed af. (2/2)

  • DanMckeown81 Dan McKeown (@DanMckeown81) reported

    @Diablo Need to fix the issue with Season characters not being able to join other season characters. Says "Content is not available for non season characters". My whole clan is season, and we can't group with each other becuase the game is very buggy.

  • RyuKaiser29 RyuKaiser29 (@RyuKaiser29) reported

    @BadFilmTakes I've had my issues with gamers. They raged longer about adding women in Battlefield 5 than Blizzard tossing out Blitzchung (all because they unveiled Diablo 4. lmfao). SGT tried to push the worst takes as being "the true face of gamers". Gamers could do no right. Good riddance.

  • SarahMaidenUK Sarah Maiden 🎮🇬🇧🇩🇰 (@SarahMaidenUK) reported

    @Scarfulhu Brain 404s. Eeeh I dunno! I've been playing Baldur's Gate EE, played a lot of Sims 3 before 4 was free, also Diablo I and tried the fan patch but wasn't to my taste (I love fan patches of games). Also tried a fan patch of Heroes of Might and Magic 3 (Wake of Gods) but is broken.

  • DragonMstrAlex Matt (@DragonMstrAlex) reported

    @SuperClashGamin @BestBuy @Walmart @AkioKahoshi @Drewsefer89 @katiepajamas @Drizsle @ejfanatic @JoshuaMFrench @WingZeroT @NSwitcherald @phineasfool Yeah I have wanted Diablo for awhile now and couldn't wait any longer. I think they will continue to drop in price. I was really hoping Ring Fit was on sale, but sadly it wasn't. I needed it though because my wife and I don't exercise very often. Hoping this helps fix that.

  • mayordva marissa (@mayordva) reported

    switch: diablo 3, yooka-laylee and the impossible lair xbox: overwatch, the witcher 3, shadow of the tomb raider, far cry new dawn, crash bandicoot n. sane trilogy, assassin’s creed odyssey, rainbow six siege

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