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Diablo is a hack and slash action role-playing video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems.

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October 19: Problems at Diablo

Diablo is having issues since 02:10 AM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • omedon666 Omedon (@omedon666) reported

    @justflayre @Daniel_Munster @Wowhead That’s what I’m assuming too: No fans with live mics. They had to be thinking it after diablo immortal last year, and recent events just capitalized the issue.

  • TCoffel19 Trevor Coffel (@TCoffel19) reported

    @REUBEN15772727 @JimmyFantage @JensE41273953 @A_Monstrosity @PlayOverwatch I don't see the problem with it. The guy had to improvise because the people were being so critical over the next Diablo game. It wasn't his idea to develop the game. I hear D3 is hitting classic game status so it's about time for a new Diablo game.

  • LMTEddie Eddie Gibson (@LMTEddie) reported

    @Diablo are you going to fix the Neph glory globes on Consoles, so we can do what PC does, or is this another season that console is screwed. #fixtheglobes

  • ZedAheadDlive ZedAhead (@ZedAheadDlive) reported

    @TheOCDGamer @BagEmAndTagEm @theonerayman @DuvalMagic You dont interact with a movie. It cant be broken. A game that is not balanced is not worth playing. Everyone here is asking for diablo 3 again. Overpowered loot that everyone uses with no real build diversity. It isnt your game. You paid for permission to play it.

  • SophieVelikan Sophie (@SophieVelikan) reported

    So happy for Kels that GA is sold out for Thursday’s concert but all these females that only know the hotel diablo album better not be standing or trying to stand in the front or were going to have an ISSUE😂🙄

  • IrariusWasTaken Gadriel (@IrariusWasTaken) reported

    @Necrit94 now that be great. i miss good dungeon crawlers. diablo is a dissapointment, burned out on torchlight. lego isnt rly doing it for me, and others i tried have weard problems... one didnt let me choose the lvlvs i want to play or save...

  • tbailey264 Tom Bailey🐝 (@tbailey264) reported

    @JoshuaF65679023 @Blizzard_Ent I mean they’ve been doing bads for a while- they’re the cause of all the issue with loot boxes, they had the item shop in Diablo that was utter rubbish

  • EdwardOutcast EdwardOutcast (@EdwardOutcast) reported

    Ok so my top Switch Ports in no particular order. -Witcher 3 -DQXI -Grid Autosport -Skyrim -LA Noire remastered -Crash and Spyro -Doom and Wolfenstein -Dbfz and Arc Sys fighting games -MK11 -Resident Evil (specially Revelations) -FFX and XII Remastered -Diablo 3

  • rashomonk Rashomonk (@rashomonk) reported

    @Diablo We're here ready to test the server, no problem take your time and make sure the servers are stable 😉

  • nightstalker314 nightstalker314 (@nightstalker314) reported

    @KawaiiMooMoo @TaliesinEvitel @ConBeforeStorm Honestly that's just a problem for the opening ceremony and the empty talk. I would not force my anger and frustration in the devs presenting new projects unless it's a failure like Diablo Immortal last year.

  • votchoco 𝘊𝘩𝘰𝘤𝘰 (@votchoco) reported

    @TeddyVFX Diablo se notan los FPS drops, ruins the clips Epic fix the gamer:(. Gg Tho looks great man

  • D3FilthyCasual Filthy Casual (@D3FilthyCasual) reported

    No sign of PTR yet - I blame Whirlwind and Rend lag 😆 #diablo #diablo3

  • stoobs_ebooks stoobs_ebooks (@stoobs_ebooks) reported

    Half day at work means I get home from work the last thing I want to play diablo 3 the servers are broken #nice

  • John_Sall John Sal (@John_Sall) reported

    @BlizzardCSEU_EN I still get a maintenance error whenever I try to access my profile on the Diablo site

  • Games_Student Chris A (@Games_Student) reported

    @ashleyjaycooper @GoogleStadia Lag and server crashes. The options will be for lag and server crashes. See: SimCity; Diablo III; WoW vanilla server; the early days of PS Now.

  • LaurieSlagley Laurie Slagley (@LaurieSlagley) reported

    still having issues with Diablo 3 @BlizzardCS thought update would fix; not fixed!

  • ash4337 Anprim Bruno (@ash4337) reported

    @Kotaku Blizzard is just hella lazy lmao if the switch can run Doom, Skyrim, Diablo 3 and Fortnite without major performance issues then Blizzard just gave up

  • TravisKole Michigan Born Sports (@TravisKole) reported

    @MaxwellDemonic @Kotaku A BIG issue with gaming in general is that companies are not even selling finished products. The sooner they get there games out, more money, more micro transactions. Its a freaking mess. I remember Diablo 3 it was so full of bugs in the beginning. Not terrible though.

  • iwatchjjba 💭 (@iwatchjjba) reported

    @WYVERlAN I want to play diablo 3 but the internet just does not reach my ps4 I lag so bad I’ll do league tho

  • Dead8ces #Dead8ces (@Dead8ces) reported

    @BlizzardCS Weird link, the article is about leaving Diablo 3 clan than direct me to 34200 issue.

  • Higashee commitment (@Higashee) reported

    @BlizzardCS Hey, my friends and I are trying to play Diablo but we keep getting the Error Code: 34200 when we try to log in, saying the servers are still down.

  • MandyCat79 Amanda Cordray (@MandyCat79) reported

    @BlizzardCS Can not play Diablo 3 still. Says that servers are down, error code 34200. I cleared the cache as you keep telling people to do and it still is not working!

  • WhiskeyGoldV3 The_Whisk (@WhiskeyGoldV3) reported

    @Beccaapaige I walk back to the kitchen, hang out for about 30 minutes with Diablo. I start to hear footsteps coming down the hallway. I think someones broken in. So i grab a chair and proceed to wield it like Stone Cold Steve Austin wielding a sledgehammer. Nothing there.

  • Dead8ces #Dead8ces (@Dead8ces) reported

    @BlizzardCS Damn, can't login into Diablo 3 right now :(

  • ArtofDanO Dan Osbon (DanO) (@ArtofDanO) reported

    @Blizzard_Ent @Diablo Tried without custom engineering trait. Yeah, spike traps trip sensor is not working.

  • CharlesJakobsen Charles Jakobsen (@CharlesJakobsen) reported

    Turns out, very few actually took time to review Overwatch on Switch, but instead wrote about the canceled event :/ I'm worried hearing OW doesn't run well on Switch. Blizzard never really launch games with technical issues (Diablo 3 had people upset about design choices)

  • Alaundo Alaundo (@Alaundo) reported

    @Diablo I can already see the 50 stacks for defense with the new crusader set being a problem. basically, once you die your rift is ruined, because stacking the defense up again is very likly to get you killed.

  • domisadog ABEARDEDBOY (@domisadog) reported

    @drew8031 @GoodnightCoffee @PlayOverwatch and i’ve also told nintendo that i wasn’t going to buy crash bandicoot, or spyro trilogy either. and i’ve sold my diablo 3 too. **** activision and **** blizzard.

  • Ethan_Einhorn Ethan_Einhorn (@Ethan_Einhorn) reported

    @superpac @KevinLarrabee That’s helpful. Thanks for letting me know. Disappointing, but not unexpected. If they had dropped the sale of loot boxes, I’d have snapped this one up day one. As it is, I’ll stick with Diablo III for my Blizzard fix on Switch.

  • argost23 Crazy Edd (@argost23) reported

    @Diablo Also... * Decides to make more radical rules and conditions for their upcoming BlizzCon not allowing attendees to use mobile devices or recordings devices to avoid "issues" and people wearing Winnie the Pooh costumes * Cancels the Overwatch launch in the Nintendo Switch.

  • PlayJakSayBack PlayJak (@PlayJakSayBack) reported

    I'll Forgive #Blizzard for their latest errors, If they give Diablo 2 an enlarged Multi-paged shared stash and allow Ladder Only rune words and events in single player.

  • GlobuIous Miss Americana And The Heartbreak Prince (@GlobuIous) reported

    @NoiseAsylum I asked for Hearthstone because it is an ongoing service where you regularly have to buy packs of cards, but also because it was at the epicenter of the controversy. You've already put your money into Diablo, before it happened, the only shame would come from continued play

  • jeromingaround • what’s under the scab • (@jeromingaround) reported

    (it was dark, I’m playing through diablo 3..) turn the lights on and notice these ants were in GLOBS inside the damn honey... like ***** y’all are really that thirsty you’ll drown for your sugar fix like Damn!

  • DstructableCake Kyle (@DstructableCake) reported

    I hope #Blizzard know that by ignoring the issue, cancelling events, telling people not to interview, speak out etc, they are creating a melding point right before Blizzcon with no chance to air views before then. Even if they drop Diablo 4, it's not going to be pretty.

  • OakPoison Tomo Jojo (@OakPoison) reported

    @Kableosophy @XboxSupport @Xbox Just started an empowered greater rift in Diablo 3 when I got this error. Smh I’m triggered.

  • Tjtheblindgamer tj the Blind Gamer (@Tjtheblindgamer) reported

    Gaming is getting more difficult every day, my right hand his having Sensory issues. Meaning I can barely feel the controller anymore with my right hand. mortal Kombat and Diablo are still simple enough but damn I can't play call of duty much anymore LOL. Still going to push

  • Pup_DiabloFang Pup DiabloFang (@Pup_DiabloFang) reported

    So I want a custom pup hood, but my problem is deciding on how I want it to look specifically. Obviously black and red but more Diablo.

  • BorthwickKathy K BorthwickChalifoux- QAnon #🧡GamerGate MAGA KAG (@BorthwickKathy) reported

    Agree-the legacy media-ExMSM have hurt a lot of vulnerable folks that already have issues-instilling fear + hate is not anything but the work of El Diablo! It’s very disturbing but discerning the truth-seeking such has cut the shackles this media used to influence us-is freedom🇺🇸

  • thegothking Zaelkrie 🇿🇦 (@thegothking) reported

    Diablo 4 will probably be live service garbage filled with micro-transactions anyway, I didn't like the direction they went with Diablo 3 and I can't see them doing anything but making the game worse.

  • CFCollins1836 Chris Collins (@CFCollins1836) reported

    @StevePieczenik There’s more issues bubbling up. The California ISO states that the state is 4,200 MW capacity short in 2022. This does not include the retirement of Diablo Canyon, 2,450 MW. The retirement of the natural gas plants in Los Angeles, 1,800 MW. The state wants to

  • midnacine Bethany (@midnacine) reported

    Some popular games/series to protest now that Activision Blizzard is canceled: World of Warcraft Overwatch Crash Bandicoot Wolfenstein Skylanders Spyro Guitar Hero Call of Duty Candy Crush Diablo

  • AustinCyclist AustinCyclist (@AustinCyclist) reported

    @torchystacos @what_amy_ate Silly problem but you need to do some 'sauce' training at the new one in rr. Every time I order diablo sauce, they forget it with the order. Last three visits.

  • themadmynah Riley Flaherty (@themadmynah) reported

    @Blizzard_Ent Every time I load up Diablo 3, I get excited to do something. And then the Network issues start and I hate it again. Seriously, always online is a joke.

  • JollyVoxler JollyVoxler (@JollyVoxler) reported

    @Skeleman_Zia @BlizzardCS My account got banned for no reason lol I didn't play for months then tried to login and redownload diablo 3 and was banned

  • Gorgo2005 Gorgo2005 (@Gorgo2005) reported

    @HassanTycoo Not so easy now. I haven't found the USB culprit yet, but I have new problems to pursue - looks like I need to reset Win10 and re-install everything. Random reboots, other errors, BSODs and freezes. Royal pain in the arse. Have fun in Diablo, one game not in my stable.

  • evilocity ₑᵥᵢₗₒcᵢₜy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (@evilocity) reported

    WoW canceled. Cited personal reasons and 'Free Hong Kong, *******' as the explanation. I'm sure that will have tremendous impact 🙄 Diablo, CoD, Crash Bandicoot, Sekiro, Spyro..y'all have seen the last of my wallet until you get your shit sorted @Activision @Blizzard_Ent

  • rushworth_peter Peter Rushworth (@rushworth_peter) reported

    @VeeBear Same here, bought or received in the last 2 week are Trucker Diablo, Stone Broken, Wildhearts, Thunder and The Virginmarys

  • megatonton Zanard Bell (@megatonton) reported

    @FamSquids @Grummz Diablo 3's release, the connection errors on that same release, and making the game online only were indicators to me that they were not listening. And when the OW tourneys started going after people on socmedia posts that they deem 'toxic', that's where they lost me.

  • dead_madman Ruthenium (@dead_madman) reported

    @UlfAcaim @KateyAnthony rat on steroids, wow character, another wow character, third wow character, stupid bird, emu, broken emu, diablo character, banshee from wow, no tits, dude from thor, ********, gay emo, bear from golden compass, troll from wow, evil disney princess, mario turtle smthng. BEAT THIS

  • rayclaire_ ray, claire (@rayclaire_) reported

    I haven't played Diablo 3 in months but I think I'll play PoE or even Torchlight 2 going forward if I want my fix. (even, because I hate eldritch shit. I could mod fumble hits away but it feels like cheating)

  • JefferySimpson Jeffery Simpson (@JefferySimpson) reported from West End, British Columbia

    @BurningKikoken @PlayOverwatch @Blizzard_Ent I’ll probably still play Diablo 3 on the Switch since they’re not making new money off of it but no more goes from me to them until they fix things properly.

  • 8BitSlothiness 8BitSloth (@8BitSlothiness) reported

    @Blizzard_Ent Just delete my account and ****. My issue with you goes deeper than this. Overwatch is a complete mess with your fav champs still being OP and the non-pro players being ignored. Diablo 3 was and still is a grindy mess. Diablo: China Edition was a stab in the back, too. Just ****.

  • codingjester John Bunting (@codingjester) reported

    @jstn @chrismohney Right but ******** they even think Diablo 4 is going to fix this, is ridiculous. I'll stick with POE and not sell my soul completely.

  • TheMarmoter Ismael (@TheMarmoter) reported

    @BmaOCE Their actions have been going up and down since that year, and OW has not saved them, and with that of 2 years ago, with the problem of Diablo Mobile and this, I suppose that in the end they will end up dying. FuckYou Activision.

  • Borzen Austin Murphy (@Borzen) reported

    @TheKamdyman I already said it but they should of cancelled that Diablo mobile game to show how not in China's pocket they are. Would of solved a lot of problems.

  • NEHWind NEHWindzen (@NEHWind) reported

    @norasuko_ I never cared for their games. Diablo II was fun for a while but I find their reputation super overblown. Between this and phone-Diablo it's refreshing to see their fans hold a Blizzard error in memory for longer than three days before the "Pixar of gaming" praise starts back up.

  • maddoxrules 🏴‍☠️ Maddox Halloween or candy-related name 🏴‍☠️ (@maddoxrules) reported

    Prediction: Blitzchung refuses the prize money, more protests and demonstrations. Blizzard issues full apology and goes back on policy. People celebrate with open protests for a week, everyone forgets about it in a month, goes back to complaining about Diablo Immortal.

  • maddoxrules 🏴‍☠️ Maddox Halloween or candy-related name 🏴‍☠️ (@maddoxrules) reported

    @Slasher Prediction: Blitzchung refuses the prize money, more protests and demonstrations. Blizzard issues full apology and goes back on policy. People celebrate with open protests for a week, everyone forgets about it in a month, goes back to complaining about Diablo Immortal.

  • SuccuCirno Cirno 🇭🇰 (@SuccuCirno) reported

    @Gaigous I'm saying Mark Kern should buy the IP as a whole. If we could pool up enough money to have him buy the IP to all Diablo-related stuff, then he could release Diablo 3 properly and remove all the live service BS and have people host their own per-session servers like in the 90s.

  • vicioushermes Hermesgenes (@vicioushermes) reported

    @NVIDIAGeForce @RachidLotf My 1st ever pc was a vtech computer(toy). My 1st actual pc that my parents got for me I only play the pinball, solitaire and paint. And at age of 8. The only games I got in my PC is Starcraft, warcraft and diablo. My first ever pc problem was cpu too hot and shutdowns lol.

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