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Diablo is a hack and slash action role-playing video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems.

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February 22: Problems at Diablo

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  • TH3GNOME THEGN0ME (@TH3GNOME) reported

    Problem I have is... I find @anthemgame gameplay about as much fun to watch as wasting 60$ on a game when you xould of bought diablo 3 or Destiny for a lower price... Does anyone believe they will still stream this game in 2 months.. I expect Fallout76 type of hype.

  • Elk_Crossing Elk Crossing (@Elk_Crossing) reported

    At the very least it's compatible with Diablo 3 at launch, which also had its fair share of issues and shortcomings.

  • theenctr THE ENCOUNTER (@theenctr) reported

    @SleazyBae Ugh I forgot about Diablo 3. I couldn’t even play it when I got it at many errors 😔

  • Katekora42 KateKoraΨ (@Katekora42) reported

    @PatTheNESpunk I understand that Blizzard could have handled PR better when dealing with the fans, but there are far more pressing issues in the world to get wound up about than a mobile Diablo game. Examples: Climate change. Insect species dying off around the world. That stuff’s important.

  • 01ravenking tempermettle 🇨🇦 (@01ravenking) reported

    @elwhiteface @MeriDaco745 @YanBenitez3 @Lexa_Merica @Dgmtexas @DPres45 @jjp1375 @RDBULL69 @d7gstudio @jeremyratch @sole4none @Putoff8 @NCGrl91910 @MikeToler12 @LXA45 @alexiaameriica @GainVVIP @colfer36 @JSOC_DF2 @ideasmc @jonz970 @ggeett37aaa @DanielKnightPL @1Romans58 @kwilli1046 @SiddonsDan funny diablo, I have few issues withem, they don't even approach me...must be the toxicity!!!! lmao

  • Aregdior Rob W. (@Aregdior) reported

    @SIlentKnigh7 @Chris58924074 @KnightRobby @anthemgame @EA @bioware I'm not staying Anthem may/will ever get to that level. What I am saying is that even some of the "best" games were broken at launch(Diablo 2, WoW, Skyrim, Grand Theft Auto 5, FF XIV, Battlefield 4, etc) And yes, Skyrim for PS3 was an absolute trash pit in term of playabilty.

  • uLukki_ u Lukki (@uLukki_) reported

    Picking up a rechargable battery pack for the controller today. Had to switch it up and play some Diablo 2 tonight because of the controller issues. I quickly learned that my mac is stable to stream the console from, but not to stream and play from.

  • MOVIEFAN99_ ℹ️. Simon (@MOVIEFAN99_) reported

    @CineGeek18 I know Jason Reitman is hit or miss when not working with Diablo Cody, but this could be good if done right.

  • D4ddyLiLd4rk [FE] D4ddy-LiLd4rk #B42|#WA (@D4ddyLiLd4rk) reported

    @TCGcthulhu Nope that’s exactly the problem... oh and Diablo Immortal of course

  • sprtualscorcher 🔥SpiritualScorcher🔥 (@sprtualscorcher) reported

    @cheshirekatTV LOL 😂 That happened to me last Monday. I was excited to stream Diablo 3 for the first time from my PC only to run into issues. It took me about half hour to resolve. I hope you’re on for several hours tonight! I want to stop in later because I’m unable to now! Good luck!

  • Errantsquire Charles Zammit (@Errantsquire) reported

    @MeatiHS The issue for me is progression & a lack of tournament modes in game, like most @Blizzard games it was designed to be fun & casual not competitive & it simply got popular enough to support a competitive scene I reference WoW Arena/BGs, Diablo Seasons/PVP, & HOTS 2

  • vault13guy sullen riot (@vault13guy) reported

    @kousyustreet having an mmo/diablo type loot system that actively discourages quick and easy weapon swapping is insane and like a death knell for any "games as a service" plan like I want that shit to be as fast as possible

  • Leputu Brian (@Leputu) reported

    Everyone is dragging Anthem for technical issues which will more than likely get fixed over the next few weeks but just like Destiny 1 & 2, The Division and even Diablo 2 & 3 at launch, the loot/grind system is terrible and its going to take even longer to fix that.

  • BigJeffB Jeffery Burns (@BigJeffB) reported

    @TheLegitTipster Look man I didn’t like and told @PatTheNESpunk his take was bad on the Diablo immortal issue but your going nuts with this post tipster

  • ChubRockGeek Gregg Dietz (@ChubRockGeek) reported

    @Defectivenaruto So here's the run down, Destiny had massive issues with telling its story. It had a 6 hour story and a boring grind. Anthem is average 12 hour, concise story, whether it's interesting or not (can't say, haven't played). As for endgame content, the grind is very diablo-esque.

  • FL1NTZ Joe (@FL1NTZ) reported

    @SkillUpYT Destiny 1 with the heavy ammo disappearing, downgrading engram decryption, broken nightfalls and VoG raid mechanics. Monster Hunter World's terrible net code and game-breaking matchmaking system. Diablo 3's terrible loot system. All were just awful in their own way.

  • EdwardOutcast EdwardOutcast (@EdwardOutcast) reported

    @AwesomePlatter While it's completely pheasible CoD 2019 got a Switch port mid development, I think @Activision wanted to wait on Crash and Diablo Sales and 2020 sounds more likely.

  • ansqt Anne (@ansqt) reported

    ISP says my router is the reason of problems. I get new router tomorrow till then I only have my phone and since Diablo Immortal is still not out so no stream today.

  • Leahbjackson Leah B. Jackson (@Leahbjackson) reported

    @PaulTassi @Crimzon_Nutcase @SkillUpYT @AngryJoeShow People used to do this soooo much!! I was on PC beat 4 years ago so almost every game had launch issues/day 1 patches. If I had to read another WoW or Diablo or ESO review about launch issues I wanted to scream. Review the GAME, please! Not everyone plays Day 1

  • BillyChatterton Billy Chatterton (@BillyChatterton) reported

    I hate nights of just troubleshooting PC problems, but on the plus side I may have FINALLY fixed the network issues I was having... played 15 minutes of Diablo 3 without getting kicked out of a game! /fingers crossed

  • Electrocutie_ Jay Avalyn I. 💕 (@Electrocutie_) reported

    @MatPaget Oh for sure, the lack of content is the problem, the actual grind being exactly the same as Diablo 3 is fine. Contracts and Bounties are the only thing that'll keep me going, cause the Strongholds aren't enough. They should let you just pick story missions from the map.

  • Grummz Mark Kern (@Grummz) reported

    Well...we fixed broken randomly generated maps in Diablo 2 by manually blacklisting bad seed numbers....But that's probably not ideal either :)

  • Famou5Ivan Famou5ivan (@Famou5Ivan) reported

    I have run into some bugs I think the developers might fix that but who knows. I do understand why people are saying "you're doing the same stuff over and over" but it's looters game. lot of people who have played division 1 or 2, Diablo III, destiny 1 or 2.

  • adibzaini ᴉuᴉɐZ qᴉp∀ (@adibzaini) reported

    Every time there's a lag when playing Diablo 3 on hardcore

  • Chiringuitu Carlos (@Chiringuitu) reported

    @BenIrvo Please Fix chest farming ... That was a shit in Diablo 3 and Blizzard fixed it faster.

  • _watsu Walt (@_watsu) reported

    Watch EA/Bioware nerf the crap out of this farming method just like Blizzard removed all the good farm spots from Diablo 3 early on, because the Games As Service method relies on keeping players held on a tight leash, so them getting good loot in a grind game is bad for them lmao

  • darklionphotos Ronin DarkLion (@darklionphotos) reported

    @BlizzardCS I keep getting a error message when trying to join my friends on Diablo 3 on ps4. Please fix

  • darklionphotos Ronin DarkLion (@darklionphotos) reported

    @Diablo Diablo 3 is having issues on PS4 not letting me join my friends keeps giving me errors

  • balkanlegend30 [TPwn] MK_Balkanttv (@balkanlegend30) reported

    @koefoner I understand. I'm doin Diablo 3 on my new acc. Ive run into a small trouble on AC Syndicate i hope ubisoft can fix it

  • FudgieATX 🌭 Fudgie 🌭 (@FudgieATX) reported

    @AlienwareTech Hi! I was having an issue with my Alienware Aurora R7 and gaming online. When I play games like Overwatch, Apex Legends, Diablo 3. I experience 5 - 10 bursts where it looks like my connection has been dropped. I uninstalled the Killer Network software and..

  • shamblemonkeee Tom (@shamblemonkeee) reported

    @MrTom Grom what ive seen no real reason to go for it now unless super keen. Has usual live service game issues that destiny. Diablo. Divusion. Etc all had. Wait for the kinks to be straightened. Enjoy apex for free instead heh

  • Akaii_King Akai King [Roys My Boi] (@Akaii_King) reported

    @Fightincowboy @Peeper_deeper @JeremyPenter Nah. I paid now, I should get a good game. I don't condone any of the games that have problems at launch : Destiny 2, Division, F76, Diablo, I don't care what game it is. It should work when it comes out. Early access or not. And honestly early access shouldn't even be a thing

  • jzhnutz JZH Gaming (@jzhnutz) reported

    @MegemTesla @SydneyPaynePs4 Yeah, I still think a lot of people were expecting Bioware's version of Destiny, which, again, imo is the biggest problem with how people are looking at it. It feels like Destiny had a baby with Diablo (explains the divorce btw) 1/2

  • jzhnutz JZH Gaming (@jzhnutz) reported

    @MegemTesla @SydneyPaynePs4 I dont know, doesn't feel like Destiny or Destiny 2 at all to me. I'm about 25 hours in and it feels more like diablo 3 in third person with guns if you want to use them. IMO the biggest problem is trying to compare it to Destiny, and in that it is lacking.

  • Liveonish Maarten Jan Buurman (@Liveonish) reported

    @ColorOf_Boom @sjokz I've had a similar situation in Diablo 3, game crashed on a certain point in the game. Was a driver issue. Make sure your drivers are updated and maybe try a different graphics card if nothing works.

  • amitaxdrive AmitaDrive (@amitaxdrive) reported

    @MRSHLtroopa @videogamedeals back in black friday walmart last year had a price error screw up that made this and diablo 3 on the switch for 14 dollars, so that was the only chance :(

  • Guima1970 Paulo Guimarães (@Guima1970) reported

    @Diablo Time to find another game to play. In a sunday, you want to spend sometime playing, But the Error Code 1016 appears each 10 minutes. No! It's not my Internet Connection. After last "maintenance", the servers are a shit!

  • KendallRogers Kendall Rogers (@KendallRogers) reported

    Got to Tempe Diablo Stadium just in time for Pepperdine to finish off Wichita State 13-8. #Shockers, who need a strong year, go 1-3 for the weekend. Seems like pitching was an issue for Wichita this weekend, but it has some bats.

  • LuisEzqueda Luis Daniel Ezqueda (@LuisEzqueda) reported

    @BlizzardCS im still having disconection issues with diablo from colombia , Help please!

  • kymamazon Amazon Queen / Kym Trippsmith (@kymamazon) reported

    @GavinNewsom Then do your job Gavin! 1. Free the children locked in cages in California. 2. Inspect Diablo Canyon nuke plant’s structural problems and shut it down permanently. 3. Ban fracking in the state 4. Prosecute cops that kill kids #StopChildSeparation #BanFracking

  • waveow_ wave (@waveow_) reported

    Blizzard has had the same issues since SC2. Ignoring the community and adding shit that ultimately doesn't improve gameplay itself at all. The best part they start adding things the community wanted when noone cares anymore. Just like what happened in WoW, SC2 and Diablo

  • mariolester Mario Nava (@mariolester) reported

    @bluenbama @ZeitgeistFilm @richardbranson Its ok, i know you never insult me! Just discussed! I known, you said about US interventions! But, in this side of the problem the context is not the same that the your side! Anybody said: «no es lo mismo llamar al diablo que verlo llegar» (use the translator). And we know that..

  • NerdRage209 HallowBoy (@NerdRage209) reported

    @DivineSolar_ I don't understand the issue against 3 Strongholds. The game is supposed to be repetitive and even then, GM difficulty levels. You sound like my friend who beat Diablo 3's story and quit; essentially missing a large portion of the game itself.

  • yiyaosong 井底蛙 (@yiyaosong) reported

    @Diablo Hi ,I have to contact you here for I really have no way to resolve my problem. My problem is that I know my Acc and the password but I lost the authenticator code as I reset my phone. Really need your help.tks.

  • PieterStaaks Pieter Staaks (@PieterStaaks) reported

    @Anid95 Some Diablo 3 is going to fix that. 🤭

  • AyachiiTaki anthem of creation please invoice me (@AyachiiTaki) reported

    I really wonder what it is inherently with games like destiny/division/anthem that causes people to complain about the mission design being fairly same-y (go to location shoot dude pick up thing or defend thing, shoot more dude, win) despite diablo/PoE not having the same issue

  • Arrohon Anthony (@Arrohon) reported

    @BlizzardCS Diablo log in on PC is coming up with an error each time. Nothing else on my computer seems to not be working.

  • Bent0n0 Benjamin Bentono (@Bent0n0) reported

    The hackers on Diablo Eternal are really sapping my motivation to grind for leaderboard rankings this season pls fix Blizz

  • AnnieTheBruce Annie The Enchanter (@AnnieTheBruce) reported

    @LutrisGaming The first error is "not a gzip file". Click OK and I get "an error prevented the game from running". There are no logs. This is an existing install, that broke when I upgraded. Manually adding Diablo III again works, other games never broke, so I'm good I guess.

  • Zeus_is_Hungry Zeus 🇵🇷 (@Zeus_is_Hungry) reported

    @kitanyas Diablo ima go crash my car now

  • Lord_Mangoat Mangoat (@Lord_Mangoat) reported

    @BlizzardCS @Diablo Oh & forgot about the crash I got while in a greater rift.

  • Lord_Mangoat Mangoat (@Lord_Mangoat) reported

    @BlizzardCS @Diablo Just had D3 crash on me on the Switch for the 3rd time. 2nd time being within a vault portal. All I did was hit one of the vases to get gold. The 3rd crash was inside the Whimsydale portal. Please fix these issues!

  • Josh79315695 Joshthehermit (@Josh79315695) reported

    @WIRED Blizzard is having so many issues because Activision interference. BFA's content panders to the wrong audience, it lacks longevity and the loot system doesn't incentivize playing more than 2 nights a week. Also, Diablo was a disaster for western audiences.

  • x_Miss_Malice_x 𝙄𝙛𝙇𝙤𝙤𝙠𝙨𝘾𝙤𝙪𝙡𝙙𝙆𝙞𝙡𝙡 (@x_Miss_Malice_x) reported

    @Blizzard_Ent Hi, I seem to be having an issue this afternoon. I can log on to my account on Diablo III. But when I get to click on my characters it is giving me a error code "Diablo Error Code 315000" I have changed my password, uninstalled and re installed the game and still..

  • UkiyoHD Ukiyo☁️ (@UkiyoHD) reported

    Ever this the new Blizzard client update, my Hearthstone is starting to lag hard. First Overwatch, then Diablo, please don't let my Hearthstone go away too :(

  • TheNeoism Travie 🅙 (@TheNeoism) reported

    @ErinPlays_Games I've had no issues whatsoever but I do have the Diablo 3 Switch which is a different revision so I'm guessing they fixed a few issues.

  • lesliech0w Chow (@lesliech0w) reported

    @Spankyhunter @Postsemreh Yeah, I mean, they've produced new products. Not disputing that or their profitability. The quality of it is what is sub-par (or nonexistent for Diablo) which is the primary issue. Heroes is DoA, as is SC, essentially. The Hearthstone Expac model is unsustainable.

  • dcc_photoarts Mike (@dcc_photoarts) reported

    @Blizzard_Ent Would you be so kind to sort some issues with Diablo III Season 16 game crashes. Sixteen friends characters died in Hardcore Season 16 EU due to game crashes. On social communities in the game is a numerous occasions where Peoples make complaint about the crashes.

  • nzaeon Dante (@nzaeon) reported

    @predederva Over time. Diablo 3 release and subsequent issues with Inferno difficulty as well as Auction House didn't do a lot to calm things But now their games and content expansions are sub par. The new releases are mistimed hilariously, and they just fired 800 staff after record profit

  • ZeyanderTV Zey (@ZeyanderTV) reported

    Well i never announced this but i was unable to stream due to a broken chair, Well new chair came in the mail and so stream is on for tonight. 11pm EST playing some @Diablo. going to be a rather chill stream. So come in and hang

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