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Diablo is a hack and slash action role-playing video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems.

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December 12: Problems at Diablo

Diablo is having issues since 02:30 AM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in (33.33%)
  • Online Play (33.33%)
  • Game Crash (22.22%)
  • Matchmaking (11.11%)

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  • jaggies_
    ✨ josh gee (@jaggies_) reported

    @SupTheGamer @imranzomg Remember that Diablo III had a version for PS3/360; Overwatch didn’t. I’m not sure how scalable the OW engine is, though I agree that the hurdles are probably more business-related than technical. I don’t think Blizzard would want to limit the online stuff; OW is a service game.

  • The_LadderGoat
    Pat Madigan (@The_LadderGoat) reported

    Hey @Diablo whats up with the new patch can't login in either private or group since the application of the patch

  • Philips_CDi
    💿-i guy (@Philips_CDi) reported

    @TopHatGamingMan @Dangelus @LadyDecade They always do that, Ian from Pats podcast had the same issue when they did the Diablo video, attacking Ian’s wife who had NOTHING to do with it, and she’s such a sweet lady! Pathetic.

  • ohgoditsranor
    Ranor (@ohgoditsranor) reported

    Main problem is that WoW isn't Diablo, so basing design philosophies off of that kind of game leads to really shitty gameplay feels. Anyways if you want me to play WoW again you gotta get rid of those systems and go back to just promoting power progression through gear alone.

  • NecromancerX69
    Vince (@NecromancerX69) reported

    @ExclusivelyGame Diablo 2. Now that I think about it, I never got to play the first Diablo. Brb, need to fix that mistake.

  • BlueBeastDaigo
    Ken/ZS Samus main |GGG| (@BlueBeastDaigo) reported

    @Amestriis Smash, persona 5 droppin, diablo 3, souls, bayonetta 1&2, its a lot of heat and the indie games be hittin. I have no issue wasting money so i try a lot of games lol

  • rlaurl
    aurl (@rlaurl) reported

    @transcendentfr2 @NEI @RepBillFlores @RepMcNerney I worked at Diablo, n seen the evidence, nuclear is not compatible with living things, if u know so much about this issue I suggest you u come up with a viable solution to Fukushima/Chernobyl and all the spent fuel choking urban spaces/Congress with the cost of storage\disposal

  • XerneasDorado7
    No me bloqueéis (@XerneasDorado7) reported

    -Mortal Kombat -Crash Bandicoot -Spyro The Dragon -Kingdom Hearts -Tekken -Resident Evil -Devil May Cry -Monster Hunter -Rayman -Doom -Skyrim -Diablo -Dragon Quest -Banjo-Kazooie De aqui salen los 4 dlc restantes, guardad tweet

  • Bazel_Tots
    🎄🍩 Holly Jolly Bagel🍩🎄 (@Bazel_Tots) reported

    @JustineTinkWink After ten years of WoW and Diablo, I've ascended to a level of numbness when it comes to blizzard's female models. You can tell artists are trying their best but it's the higher ups that make the final call and are content in sitting in their "if it ain't broke don't fix it" nest

  • Anirandom1217
    Alec (@Anirandom1217) reported

    @Diablo Might be tempting, IF you fixed the bug on Necromancer curses not working

  • Spaghooti_nyc
    MnT | Spaghooti (@Spaghooti_nyc) reported

    @sithlawd The normal adapter is better because of the trigger issue. Unless u wanna play undertale diablo 3 with a GameCube controller lmao

  • Subis512
    Mike (@Subis512) reported

    @Varietyweeb I don't blame you, this game had some serious issues, just isn't fun always being behind because of s random number. This loot style belongs in s game like Diablo where you can farm endlessly not in a game that limits you like this.

  • mysticsmylez
    MD Geist III (@mysticsmylez) reported

    amazing that blizzard continues to push diablo 3 as far as it can possibly go without trying to actually fix the things about the game that people hate

  • etherstorm80
    Brandon Spurrier (@etherstorm80) reported

    @Diablo Have some growing concerns about itemization on the switch version. Smart loot doesn't seem to be optimized and I am constantly getting duplicate items, same exact rolls. Haven't had this issue since pre 2.6

  • Pro_Nuke
    WE0209 (@Pro_Nuke) reported

    @nuclear94 Once they shut down Diablo Canyon, it shouldn't be much of a problem.

  • Ant_Ellsworth
    Anthony (@Ant_Ellsworth) reported

    @BestBuy thanks to your crappy online chat service I lost out on Diablo 3 on switch for only $30 on @Newegg. Once my GCU expires, I will not using you anymore. What's the point!

  • despacitowo
    Help (@despacitowo) reported

    @Diablo I did this and it says that I got network connectivity issues. That doesn't seem like a Diablo class

  • MrWellingtonX1
    MrWellingtonX (@MrWellingtonX1) reported

    @lokilaughyson1 @BlizzardCS Funny thing about that... Both Diablo 1 and 3 were on BOTH console AND PC. Diablo 2 has technical issues and was the only reason it wasn’t put on console. Immortal has no plans for either system and is mobile ONLY. Immortal has a lot more issues than being available on mobile.

  • energyeguru
    Energy - EGuru (@energyeguru) reported


  • environmentguru
    Environment Guru (@environmentguru) reported


  • Starintexas1
    Starintexas (@Starintexas1) reported

    @mamendoza480 @PaniolaTX That is awful..@ivngrza should be permanently banned; he must have a black soul of diablo. Thank you for your son's service to our country and do sorry for your loss. Psalms 37: 10-13

  • ipcountry (@ipcountry) reported

    The Internet Service Provider "Diablo Direct Development, s.r.o." (AS24791) is located in Slovakia and has been created the 2002-04-02 by RIPENCC.

  • ipcountry (@ipcountry) reported

    The Internet Service Provider "NET-DVC - Diablo Valley College" (AS23323) is located in United States of America and has been created the 2002-02-28 by ARIN.

  • babytagle
    annette 💫 (@babytagle) reported

    I hate having a catholic mom lmao. So I been feeling sick for a fat minute and I didn’t really take notice until my horoscope told me to look out for serious health issues and I told my mom about it and she hits me with “esas cosas son del Diablo”.

  • babytagle
    annette 💫 (@babytagle) reported

    I hate having a catholic mom lmao. So I been having feeling sick for a fat minute and I didn’t really take notice until my horoscope told me to look out for serious health issues and I told my mom about it and she hits me with “esas cosas son del Diablo”.

  • IvySnowfur
    Kenny Sam Campo (@IvySnowfur) reported from Cupertino, California

    Also totally for the real hardcore people: - Dark Souls, Diablo III, Skyrim, Anything in Zelda universe, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro series, Pokèmon Not tht I don’t like Smash ,but it’s a little bit okay. for every1 else who be the lame gamer/whtever u want 2 call it - Fallout 67

  • Skytizz
    Skytis (@Skytizz) reported

    I might have found a fix for the lag spikes in Diablo 2. More testing after sleep. Sunday stream if it works

  • GamerNick4242
    Talonlan (@GamerNick4242) reported

    @Dayntee Gather you are not working on Diablo Immortal then

  • Bad_Dps
    Holidays Are Coming! 🚛 🚛 (@Bad_Dps) reported

    @TheAaronLeigh The problem they'll face is if blizzard get it into their stupid heads that atlas will encroach on warcraft territory Because blizz are paranoid right now, especially after the diablo immortal 🤬 up

  • Wblair33
    William Blair (@Wblair33) reported

    @TwitWerti @Dansgaming @pathofexile Blizzard be mad they stealing all the diablo fans. Let the ddos'ing commence.

  • fmlemos
    Flavio Lemos (@fmlemos) reported

    @Diablo getting error code 33

  • Chai9amon
    (@Chai9amon) reported

    *calls Diablo to cry* @NopeItIsNotMe : “its okay life is a series of broken concealers” ....

  • TheWookieWay
    TheWookieWay (@TheWookieWay) reported

    @Diablo Barbarian of course, but tweeting result met with Error

  • steph83324137
    steph (@steph83324137) reported

    @Diablo stop freaking ddos path of exile you dumb shit

  • giacomorendini9
    giacomorendini (@giacomorendini9) reported

    @pathofexile diablo immortals server never crash 🤣

  • HagmanMarkus
    Markus Hagman (@HagmanMarkus) reported

    @Dansgaming @pathofexile @Diablo stop ddos pls we dont like mobile games.

  • HubbletonLive
    Jim | Hubbleton (@HubbletonLive) reported

    @Diablo Looks like the DDOS attacks you guys pull are only an 8/10 at best. 😒

  • TheEmcredible
    Emcredible (@TheEmcredible) reported

    @pathofexile Bloody Diablo team with the ddos again

  • steph83324137
    steph (@steph83324137) reported

    @pathofexile servers crash again ******* diablo players again

  • halloptik
    Phil 🐀 (@halloptik) reported

    Blizzard made Diablo Immortal to crash the PoE servers from an overload of players

  • nielsonethan
    e tan (@nielsonethan) reported

    If a don diablo drop doesn’t make u wanna jump out of a plane ur brain is broken

  • Runner_Lives
    Runner_lives (@Runner_Lives) reported

    @pathofexile Hope you won't have a problem providing enough servers the start of next league. I really wonder why there are so many new players at the start of this league. @Blizzard_Ent #diablo

  • Krypticrooks
    KryptiCrooks (@Krypticrooks) reported

    @JxRxOxC @WonderPogs @Diablo Diablo 1 had all sorts of problems. Still way better than 3 but 2 was legendary.

  • ChiaroScuroXIV
    Chiaro Scuro (@ChiaroScuroXIV) reported

    Ok, so I knooow I only just started playing Diablo III, but after yesterday's Bioware announcement, I feel myself spiraling right back into another Dragon Age binge when I am not working on cosplay or playing FFXIV...

  • Fuzzymime
    Bill Stohl (@Fuzzymime) reported

    About done with @tacobell Cold food, no receipt, no hash browns, no Diablo sauce and I get Hot and Fire instead. I had to pull around and wait forever for my food. Not sure how many Cinna Buns I was supposed to get, but I am fairly sure it was more than 2. Problem after problem

  • maxine_brodeur
    Maxine Brodeur (@maxine_brodeur) reported

    @Diablo I think it’s broken. Mine said Hufflepuff.

  • zenefale
    Zink Zenefale (@zenefale) reported

    @Diablo activision blizzard... activision (goin to crash team racing remake) blizzard (with diablo 2 remaster.. oh i mean “immortal”) 🤔🤔 look, finally we know who is loser here

  • Gregbanks99
    Gregory Banks (@Gregbanks99) reported

    @BellularGaming There is so much you can screw up in a short period of time until you become toxic to your own community. Right now, doesn't matter what @Diablo, @Warcraft release, it would annoy most of the community just to see it, SPECIALLY when the identified problem is not addressed.

    Kasey B W Stevens (@DONTGETRuDE98) reported

    @OnFireMoses Thing is, this is good, I agree. I like it, I think its a good direction. But its the SAME THING, as Diablo Ultimate: you worked on a completely new project, rather than what the entire player base has been asking for for literal years. People will have a problem.

  • Dill2166
    Dillon (@Dill2166) reported

    @BlizzardCS I wanted to reach out, I’m having issues connecting to your website and Diablo 3. Was hoping maybe I could reach technical support this way since my computer won’t allow me to through the website.

  • MrWellingtonX1
    MrWellingtonX (@MrWellingtonX1) reported

    @M3R0V1NG1AN @General_Shinobi @Diablo Have to agree with you here. Not that I’m denying that Blizzard is having issues... but holiday sales are nothing new and now is a good time to have these temporary sales.

  • DomainGhost03
    y=mx+b🇵🇷 (@DomainGhost03) reported

    @CarnageMarine @ICrumbz @ReckinReino @MrRoflWaffles @CallofDuty @NoahJ456 @MrTLexify @JCbackfire Treyarch is actually trying to fix its game. The people who rushed it are Activision, the same people behing diablo immortal. Nobody is taking ***** but you bud. They just find a excuse to hate because its "NoT FoRtNitE"

  • antitrop
    Brandon (@antitrop) reported

    @Nokterian @etdragonpunch @mistermegative my experience with diablo 3 was less than 2 days, i was playing it without issue on launch night, but i know that wasn't the case for everyone

  • Nokterian
    Martin van Vuuren (@Nokterian) reported

    @etdragonpunch @antitrop @mistermegative I've never ever seen a trainwreck like this since Error 37 from Diablo 3.

  • Swiftzn
    Swiftzn (@Swiftzn) reported

    The O2 Outage shows we may have phones but that doesn't mean we can play Diablo Immortal #diabloimmortal #o2outage @Diablo @Blizzard_Ent

  • Swiftzn
    Swiftzn (@Swiftzn) reported

    @Diablo @Blizzard_Ent The O2 Outage shows we may have phones but that doesn't mean we can play Diablo #diabloimmortal #o2outage

  • Veramoth2
    Grétar Þór Ágústsson (@Veramoth2) reported

    @BlizzardCSEU_EN Hi! Wondering how long diablo 3 eu service will be down. Could not find anything about the downtime on the forums. Best Regards.

  • squareratio
    The Square Ratio (@squareratio) reported

    @Octav1usKitten Doom (PC 1993) Borderlands 2 (PC) Diablo 2(PC) Total Annihilation(PC) Crash Bandicoot/ remaster (PC/ps1 originals)

  • SilentBob_G
    Robin Schweiger (@SilentBob_G) reported

    @gr_press ...announcements that in turn only serve to further fuel a hype machine that directly leads to toxic behaviours and reactions as we have seen after Blizzcon re lack of Diablo 4 and countless times before. We are looking at the issue from two different perspectives:

  • OnyxOblivion
    Frank (@OnyxOblivion) reported

    Act V of Diablo 3, Level 60, Expert Difficulty, Demon Hunter Really struggling to actually keep the Hatred up in Elite Mob fights, even with extra regen from the Tempar and Bat. Not feeling this class long term unless a set can fix that.

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  • 1001
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  • 2600
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  • 3006
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  • 3025
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