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Discord is a freeware proprietary VoIP application designed for gaming communities. Discord runs on Microsoft Windows, OSX, Android, iOS, Linux, and in a web browser.

 Problems detected at Discord

Discord problems in the last 24 hours

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March 31: Problems at Discord

Discord is having issues since 10:30 AM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Connection 65.97% Connection
  • Sign in 16.11% Sign in
  • App Crashing 7.78% App Crashing
  • Glitches 5.14% Glitches
  • Multimedia 3.47% Multimedia
  • Messaging 1.53% Messaging

Discord Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:
North Las Vegas Connection
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Connection
Lisbon Connection
Valladolid Multimedia
Uxbridge Multimedia
Ulm Connection

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Discord Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • jack_ward121 jack ward (@jack_ward121) reported

    @Lazarbeam i have found a glitch add me on discord and i will tell you plus its stupid Agent Peely#2165

  • Hubby_7 Hub ☆ (@Hubby_7) reported

    @discordapp Hello guys i just wanted to tell u that i am so ******* done with the app bugs when I can't hear my friends and that this ******* app is trash and I really think u guys should ******* fix it assp *********. Ty

  • Teccnutter Klein (Currently reading Dorohedoro) (@Teccnutter) reported

    Is discord down again or is my internet just shit

  • ZealousCrow Zeal 🧡 (@ZealousCrow) reported

    things I do while waiting for Xcode to build - do my makeup - check discord - learn an entire new language - have an existential crisis - watch paint dry - witness the heat death of the sun - it's still not done help,

  • AviaJaden AviaJadenRBLX (@AviaJaden) reported

    @discordapp i have a big problem please help. Please increase the maximum amount of servers you can be in from 100 to 125. please I'm a server hoarder

  • officialyeto yeto (@officialyeto) reported

    @discordapp hey new problem RTC connection for multiple users in my discord server have been a problem, my people are saying they cant connect to a Voice channel so i tested it out myself, and i also couldn't connect to the voice channel i was already in.

  • totallynotmarz Notmarz (@totallynotmarz) reported

    Were stucc on the room i remember what he said bacc then Him: HeLp im StuCc wiTh aN eGg Man hELP Me ( that time i had an egg hat ): exCuSe Me¿ Then the game starts lol so we just played all day long and yeh The following days my other friend introduces him discord and i told

  • 2LoveMyAmbition Hustleandmotiv8 (@2LoveMyAmbition) reported

    I think i may go back to streaming from one pc since i primarily play console games due to these audio issues. I think discord is trippin for me so I’ll uninstall it when i get home today. Pray for me

  • brocksbby jess (@brocksbby) reported

    reggies playing 10 mins of farting on discord, help

  • arrow2t arrow2t 🌵 (@arrow2t) reported

    @Darkpitqwc tried to pull 24 hour to fix sleeping schedule but then i did a gamer moment and stayed in discord until 2am making it a 34 hour so hopefully i dont sleep 16 hours

  • astrolabe_cat Tracy Craig (@astrolabe_cat) reported

    14yo had to help me with Discord.

  • TJamesAllen Thomas James Allen (@TJamesAllen) reported

    @discordapp Help needed. Notices on page say This is unclaimed acct, claim it or lose it. But when I fill out form with email and pass, it says my email is already registered. Help.

  • YettiEverest EverestYetti (@YettiEverest) reported

    I need people who have a computer and discord or google duo for a podcast I want to do tomorrow. Let me know if you are down and want to be apart of it. We will be discussing the Tiger King Documentary.

  • donaldson333 professor (@donaldson333) reported

    @scottbotv1 We will restock, but first you must sit and wait on a time, then figure out this math problem to get the last 3 digits of the discord url, and hope that the one key is still available!

  • ArchitectJose kryptic (@ArchitectJose) reported

    @itsZeckzR I messaged u on discord like an hour and a half ago saying PS4 Twitch is down so I can’t stream

  • MinxTracy Tracy C the Dungeon Mom (@MinxTracy) reported

    Glad I'm not moderating a server full of cops and straights anymore. The place really went to shit over the past couple of months, but since I was planning to step down anyway, I just decided that they can have their shitty pro-authority cisnormative discord to themselves.

  • ssbmKo Ko @ Celeste Mountain (@ssbmKo) reported

    @Boeyplays @discordapp sometimes it acts wonky if ur on mobile and pc at the same time not sure if that’s it just tryna help troubleshoot

  • AnaisAgostinho QuitasArt (@AnaisAgostinho) reported

    My @discordapp is not working since yesterday...

  • kmsVCquotes KMS Voice Chat Quotes (@kmsVCquotes) reported

    Disclaimer before anyone who isn’t usually in the VC asks: this account will not quote anything incriminating, anything asked not to be quoted etc. this is for funny quotes only and not to police the discord. I’ll delete this account if it ever becomes an issue for people

  • Not_Not_Flame Not Flame (@Not_Not_Flame) reported

    It’s happened 5 times now since the season started, I have no idea what causes it but it isn’t just me, since it happens to some in the d2 partner discord. It’s so hard to play your game, I want destiny 2 to succeed but with all these problems it can’t.

  • tamagotime eggum (@tamagotime) reported

    @nikkst3rz ew zoom. discord will help u get laid. fax.

  • Zwoman916 Sharon Zenker (@Zwoman916) reported

    @JoyAnnReid Please stop spewing your hate. The man retooled his factory to help for no pay. You, on the other hand get paid to sew discord. I think we all know who the better person is (not you btw)

  • ember75 Ember75 (@ember75) reported

    @iLordPryde fix your discord invite link. *thumbsup*

  • Sofaking1987 ivo (@Sofaking1987) reported

    @bitwitkyle hey man huge fan here I am desperate for help, I've got mic issues with my system in which I've invested a lot. The problem is with my mic it works just fine when not in game or in game lobby(any game and discord) but when gameplay starts it just keeps cutting off

  • Hiding_bag Hiding Bag (@Hiding_bag) reported

    @discordapp discord please dont disable my account I did not mean to violate your terms and service I wont do it again but please I dont want to lose all the friends I made on discord

  • GDDragonexus Dragonexus (@GDDragonexus) reported

    @TheWaterRiver3 @discordapp Seriously can you please help fix this

  • Omnisence1 rOmni (@Omnisence1) reported

    @TheWaterRiver3 @discordapp @discordapp bruh help this man, that's actually a ******* curse right there

  • alphice1 alphice (@alphice1) reported

    @IsaiahH88805560 @iFireMonkey That’s what I mean. There are nice places to grind those materials and if you really need the materials try a discord server. No one is forced to help you, vice versa, maybe people don’t have the materials to give to you as they have patched all the duping method, so they low

  • IntlTeacherWoes International Teacher Woes (@IntlTeacherWoes) reported

    I like Discord, and I wouldn't mind using it! But I just don't have the time/energy to invest time into setting up a secure server, especially not when I feel like someone might use any issue as an attack on me.

  • Gelunix Frost™ #AlliedStrong (@Gelunix) reported

    @discordapp idk if anyone’s in the office rn but your status page is down as well :/

  • leftunknown_ MichalH (@leftunknown_) reported

    @TheWaterRiver3 @discordapp @discordapp @discordapp @discordapp @discordapp @discordapp @discordapp @discordapp @discordapp @discordapp @discordapp @discordapp @discordapp @discordapp @discordapp @discordapp @discordapp @discordapp @discordapp @discordapp @discordapp @discordapp @discordapp @discordapp help

  • rikajougasakii tina 🍒 @acnh daily (@rikajougasakii) reported

    also just to let yall know since i saw that on the AC discord/belltree forum apparently there's a bug on the game that after you get the 300 balloon present achievement they just stop appearing 😥 let's hope nintendo will fix this asap

  • digitalKerafyrm digitalKerafyrm (@digitalKerafyrm) reported

    @shortxstack @discordapp Been using the app since it came out. Far better than the web or even mobile. Although mobile is not terrible

  • shark_zachary Zachary shark (@shark_zachary) reported

    @discordapp I am trying to connect my Reddit to discord but it is not working how do I do it

  • EZ2ACTux Nathan (@EZ2ACTux) reported

    The discord overlay is a broken piece of shit

  • Masu_Gaming Masu Gaming (@Masu_Gaming) reported

    @DelightDaniTV would legit just help to help xD i move merch on discord so im never short of bells xD

  • realityrxbert robert (@realityrxbert) reported

    @discordapp discord is STILL down can y'all help it's literally been 14 hours

  • tarasolby riley♡︎ (@tarasolby) reported

    @stinkywebber @adorablebrock Dude I need your help so bad with discord

  • FahadSARFRAZ12 Fahad SARFRAZ (@FahadSARFRAZ12) reported

    @LeHuffPost Instead of being grateful to them, you spend your time writing articles wich have no real value to help to stem this epidemic but you are creating discord among the population with false accusations against this magnificent China and his ultra competent government.

  • RahsaanMDP 🚀Rahsaan🚀 (@RahsaanMDP) reported

    @creativityV02 I sent a beat to this discord and he was telling me how to fix the kick drum but it dont make no sense

  • lvcidwebber 𝘨𝘸𝘦𝘯 𝘭𝘰𝘷𝘦𝘴 𝘫𝘢𝘬𝘦♥ (@lvcidwebber) reported

    i don’t understand discord help

  • throttlings Dwayn (@throttlings) reported

    Not able to login to discord for now. Sim card issues with the device I have 2-factor auth on. Any important messages please dm me here on twitter.

  • suppyerik Ama (@suppyerik) reported

    The Discord is having a melt down over Minecraft right now

  • OPootis Otis le PoOtis 🇸🇪(this ain’t no game) (@OPootis) reported

    @SkurvyandSnail I wish there was a way for me to help on the project, but i can’t find any working discord link or e-mail to send stuff to

  • mercurycyandye 「 SAGE - ROCK 」 (@mercurycyandye) reported

    >tries to fix discord server >fixes typo in welcome message >it stops sending >accidentally deletes @/everyone permissions and has to reset them

  • shibawat wat (@shibawat) reported

    @BlooVII only my discord pfp is locked down atm, that dog is sleeping indefinitely

  • mrmemer_3000 Mr.Hurb (@mrmemer_3000) reported

    So something very sad happen to me. I can't login into my discord account, which means my current server is cancel(and was working on a new server) Of course I have a alt and I'll rejoin every discord server again that I was in will work on new server soon discordID2: Bruhs#7918

  • pigeonstan17 kevin (@pigeonstan17) reported

    is discord ****** down

  • YeetOffical pictures of markiplier getting jumpscared (@YeetOffical) reported

    Goal: 1000 followers Main account: @Marwanblue4 Idea: stupid Discord: no need to (maybe) ⚪ ⚪ ⚪ ⚪ ⚪ ⚪ ⚪ ⚪ ⚪ ⚪ ⚪ ⚪ Leave questions down below and maybe i answer or submit faces or marky moo getting jumpscared REMEMBER JUST THE FACE AND THE VIDEO


    I DONT CARE IF IT WAS A DISCORD GLITCH **** TYLER JOSEPH LIVES HONESTLY i got so excited i’m laYing on the ground why

  • SoloMarquisK Marquis (@SoloMarquisK) reported

    @ShyChibiGemini @CalmAngelEffing But Barb I will respond to Red Queen and everyone else. Mainly just been busy. Because of mom, and then people on discord asking me for help and stuff on one the servers I'm in and other things. So forgive me about the really slow replies and stuff.

  • _bIurryface kars (@_bIurryface) reported

    @mybloodvisuaIs discord pinged for a major dmaorg change (usually a letter or post) and it was just a glitch in the site

  • AOConnorRBLX Austin O'Connor (@AOConnorRBLX) reported

    @Reset363 @RayBoccinoNUSA @MiloCapsicum @BetaShades1 @SirCaldwellRBX @HHPrinceGeorgeR @MrTilleriesRBX @Risen_Orbs i also didn't remove my vote, it was removed by someone else. also, in 4 years of using discord never have i had an emoji/reaction glitch.

  • austincarlson24 Austin Carlson (@austincarlson24) reported

    @CornellB_17 @_YaBoyWes I’d be down to play! my mic is kinda messed up though so I’d have to use discord not party chat

  • snlgay pinned please + 4 (@snlgay) reported

    @cozycolin ah to have made internet friends post-discord creation. i was one of the first 100 to make one but i lost the login

  • LilliahCampagna Lilliah @ STAY INSIDE (@LilliahCampagna) reported

    discord: [has white lettering on a dark background] every other website/service ever: OH SHIT THIS SLAPS

  • RottenFleabag ratto🍻🐀 (@RottenFleabag) reported

    @discordapp ******* fix your goddamn servers.

  • WilltheGamer8 Will the Gamer (@WilltheGamer8) reported

    @discordapp I think your servers are down

  • RottenFleabag ratto🍻🐀 (@RottenFleabag) reported

    @discordapp fix your servers kthx

  • ryuu7nana ryuu7 @where things go down (@ryuu7nana) reported

    Somehow all my social media went down today. My twitter timeline disappeared, my discord servers disappeared...