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  • BenardHogan The Truth about (@BenardHogan) reported

    @_GinaBeck @Tracy_Little You dumb women really need help wow ! Those **** pics were all fake and bullshit lies from @ganvaltv & his psycho discord users.

  • Sourtea3 Sour nezuko (@Sourtea3) reported

    @MimiKTaki1 Hey mimi i hope you get to see this since im not sure if you use your tumblr,but i had to make a new discord account sadly due to login issues here's my new account( nezuko#8515) i really really hope you respond cuz i miss talking to you

  • SavingTheCats Sea (@SavingTheCats) reported

    I'm disappearing for a while. Flu had caught up to me and I'm in a really terrible mindset right now. Feel free to approach me on discord (if you know my discord) to talk. If not just comment here with a message and if I'm back I might read it. Bye whoever's reading this.

  • __Mimiika ❀ Xolia ❀ (@__Mimiika) reported

    @discordapp Resetting didn't fix it, and the other thing had me just lose my settings (which was expected). Its an issue with the chat font scaling option in Appearance :C This wasn't happening earlier though.

  • Fwaze FWΛZΣ (@Fwaze) reported

    @discordapp Fresh installed removed all app data etc. Also went from all of NA server wise I could. Disc has never had an issue for me, but none of this helped and hopefully it's fixed in another patch. I can deal with the delay just hope it doesn't crash audio more.

  • kiwifruuuuit em (@kiwifruuuuit) reported

    @discordapp Why is discord making my mic sound terrible but when I test it in other things it sounds super crisp and clear.

  • Andr3allan Andre (@Andr3allan) reported

    @GamiFD @discordapp Terrible grammar as well haha


    @discordapp not sure what happened in the last update but the app came back ridiculously zoomed in and the in call voice volume is making my ears bleed. Thought I fixed the latter problem with a full restart however it’s back again and I really don’t want to shut down every time.

  • PhantomAikman 🕷The Phantom Spider🕷 (TOKYO'S MOST WANTED) (@PhantomAikman) reported

    @ImNotA_Cat // I'd be down for a Discord! Might be the first one I'm actually active in

  • ChrisKanade ChrisK @ Financial Disaster (@ChrisKanade) reported

    @clippedgcds Doesn't bother me. What bothers me is a ******* booming giant of a voice shouting down from top a ravine in discord.

  • RealCeeJai CJ (@RealCeeJai) reported

    I switched to discord because everyone else was using it. I kept using it because it was lightweight and problem-free. The audio device popups (no matter how many times I tell it 'don't show me this again'), wait time for updates, and bloated features are making me reconsider.

  • KenudaTwitch Miyoko Dunn (@KenudaTwitch) reported

    High seas hijinks in Sea of Thieves: We met up with a sloop that had players saying they were friendly. We said hi, warned them not to board us, and saw they had a giant shark attacking. So we went to help. One battle later, they're trying to recruit us for a discord server. -

  • blxdd sammy (@blxdd) reported

    $5 to anyone who can fix my 'discord setup installation has failed' problem

  • AdvaithDoosa Advaith Doosa (@AdvaithDoosa) reported

    @Suhail @youfoundanisha I think 'quickly' pairing on problems is important. Discord servers + voice channels help reduce time to get set up and fix a bug.

  • killerclowncro1 Funky (@killerclowncro1) reported

    @UnHolyMoon_ If u ever wanna get on plutonium and bullshit in a discord while we go for bills im down and im on literally all the time so just lmk

  • Cairn_Skon Cairn (@Cairn_Skon) reported

    @discordapp With the latest update I've experienced incredible lag in calls not only in getting notifications but overall voice quality took a dive. A friend updated his system as well and immediately started having lag issues. Pls this is pain.

  • BriOfLife Bridget M. (@BriOfLife) reported

    i feel really worthless right now and could really use some help i'm in that mode where i'd go black pfp on discord in desperation for attention but i'm not an attention *****, or at least that much of one people i've trusted for so long acted like i was a monster

  • CelestyArts Celesty (Commissions Open!) (@CelestyArts) reported

    Discord: *adds a new ultra dark mode* Also Discord: *doesn't fix the bug of the app freezing if you try to open up emotes more than a minute after opening the app*

  • tendriIs mari (@tendriIs) reported

    @discordapp @discordapp turns out when i'm using 12px text size, it cuts off the icons but when i change to 14px it's fine. fix this please. i 100% prefer the smallest text

  • ClockworkSnipes Geno Rossi (@ClockworkSnipes) reported

    @discordapp bro i turned my laptop off this morning, turned it back off after like 10 hours at most and had to download 6 updates. Y'all should just release a update and sit on it awhile if stuff ain't broken instead of all these constant updates

  • DANO299 DANO299 (@DANO299) reported

    My lil @discordapp server got a bit of a shake up last night. All for the bloody BETTER!!!! I was accused by Jealous FUCKWITS that I only choose to help select people to stream with and possibly help grow, especially if they frequent my channel. THAT'S A LIE

  • maxwellius_ MAX:) (@maxwellius_) reported

    @catsours yeah np, if I could do it at 12 you can do it. If you get stuck ask any nerd in any discord they will help or /r/buildapc they are very knowledgable about legit everything computers.

  • ProxxyV2 Proxxy (@ProxxyV2) reported

    @delusage @ReallyZelo @SevenSevenSpot @sirGreedx @kymidk @TwizFN @HeyClix @HeyPerp @FortniteDadd @qtzeloo @Powfu_ @splatstv @discordapp @delushem @delubrady @HonaCostello @CityMorgues @AslandsGGs i cant leak me and bradys dms but just know it was after zelo thru his problems at him when brady was having a hard time

  • AnimeAssLover Matthew (@AnimeAssLover) reported

    I just wanna point out that Discord sent me a serious DM about the programming socks tweet im starting to think that this is a real problem on the platform! but I can't be sure until I get someone to put on the socks (DM- serious offers only)

  • jisoofat ‎‏ً (@jisoofat) reported

    help ria and sunnie keep farting on discord i’m scared


    @discordapp help I got a random dm that wasn't appropriate and was a porn link. I'm pretty sure it was a fake bot. And it was trying to lure in 7-12 year olds. Pls fix this

  • PeterInAsia1 DLT Novice (@PeterInAsia1) reported

    @themetahash I'm running Linux but cannot run the wallet as i get an error - i posted it in the discord channel of possible for help.

  • TrappinInTokyo Zooms 😷 Currently COVID-19 Tracking (@TrappinInTokyo) reported

    Thinking about making a discord server for people that want to help track COVID-19 (Coronavirus/wuflu).

  • wahrya arya (@wahrya) reported


  • ElizabethNum1 The Penurious Somnolent (@ElizabethNum1) reported

    @abutler04 @BernieSanders I agree with the others, he doesn't believe he can be beaten in the general. I think Putin is sowing discord, not necessarily trying to help Sanders. He just wants to divide and conquer. And it is working. Again.

  • noisiz noisi (@noisiz) reported

    discord friends are 'dead', im bored asfuck help

  • branjkura brandon (@branjkura) reported

    @nglnicole No way a kid actually bahahahah also fix ur god damn selfie thing in discord ********

  • mewIettuce (@mewIettuce) reported


  • Yenamanwow Yenaman (@Yenamanwow) reported

    @discordapp hey there, I recently reported an account-stealer which is trying to sell the accounts he is stealing but I don't know if my ticket has been taken into consideration because I didn't received any answer from Discord some help would be appreciated!

  • RandomGamesAnd4 RandomGamesAndStuff (@RandomGamesAnd4) reported

    @Z7JESTER @DragonDG212 @CookiesRuleMC @kawarmyy @itssolowolf @Naim__DD @BruhHuman @0p_galaxy @MythicalTMM @Itzagame64 @DT_spykid @builderdogs @MysteryAwMan @CaldwellAlex_ @LEGO_Gonk_Droid @Steeven510 @AidanNash7 @ZmolV @De_rikken @FatalKF @rassillon_ty @SaoudOrSwaged @mxskitx @BrianLaggedOut @Jubzzzzzzzz @MrBeastYT @discordapp @GWR Sorry I can't read your text. It's upside down.

  • WeirdReaper Orantila Glenrosi (@WeirdReaper) reported

    @discordapp Hey I’m having problems sending images to some of the servers I’m in Not sure how to fix it tbh

  • haruhi_nctrnl ハルヒ (@haruhi_nctrnl) reported

    He has made multiple accounts to forcefully talk to me on Discord when i BEGGED him to just respect my privacy, the privacy of my friends and my Disc server. My server is private for this reason. We all have tried to support and help him with everything. This is the truth.i swear

  • AbhiQeep 100ƗV ⱣǤ ĦᵾɃ (@AbhiQeep) reported

    🔥SHINYCHECK🔥 Gible (17:35) Ms Take Down / Dig (7/9/14) Iv 66.7 Cp 289 Lv 10 Morningside Heights, United States 40.843952,-73.938324 Discord Join Code --> HQt5D6s

  • Helix1470 Helix1470 (@Helix1470) reported

    I think its been a hour and half on waiting on discord update then a error happens and ******* closes **** YOU DISCORD

  • KrendarAdventur Krendar's Adventures (@KrendarAdventur) reported

    @discordapp To add to my troubleshooting : Reinstalling and using these steps didnt help. Ran a virus check and windows update, didn't help.

  • xKnee69 Knee (@xKnee69) reported

    wtf did I just read in beans discord server... I was reading it a along with some coworkers and we couldn’t help but laugh at some people for how much of an ******* they can be when it comes to certain topics. Like how can you get so mad at someone for not understanding something

  • rhColossal Chris Weyland (@rhColossal) reported

    @discordapp @Tetrus93 Sorry, forgot to follow up. The answer is no. But I guess I can use PTB and then just use a browser for my second account. 🦴 Hope you guys FIX this

  • soulisthirsty Jessica 🌺 (@soulisthirsty) reported

    I spent the day fielding some moderation issues on one of my discord servers which was not as good. :( #CdnScreenAwards #AmybethMcNulty (30)

  • Deltastorm2 Teddy (@Deltastorm2) reported

    @discordapp I keep getting disconnected and the app closes. I’ve changed servers reinstalled the issue keeps occurring.

  • Taterofcod9941 Shawn mclaughlin (@Taterofcod9941) reported

    @discordapp It made the problem worse and I've reinstalled the whole desktop app and restarted my pc.

  • Char_ofHearts Char (@Char_ofHearts) reported

    @discordapp Can you guys please fix the bug that causes messages to disappear forever the second you hit send, it happens like constantly and it’s immensely infuriating

  • DraxonisSSBU 🍀Draxonis🍀(Aki)🍀 @ idk probably my bed (@DraxonisSSBU) reported

    Played with someone on discord about an hour ago, and they just sent me a block of text on what to fix...

  • SarahMaddy2 SarahMaddy (@SarahMaddy2) reported

    Unfortunately, due to internet problems, I won't be able to view Twitch streams for a few weeks. I do apologize to anyone for this. I will still be around on Discord though!

  • Yenamanwow Yenaman (@Yenamanwow) reported

    @discordapp hey there, I recently reported an account-stealer which is trying to sell the accounts he is stealing but I don't know if my ticket has been taken into consideration because I didn't received any answer from Discord some help would be appreciated!

  • UtsuhoIRL okuu posting (@UtsuhoIRL) reported

    @Zukesers @discordapp doesn't help im always in streamer mode

  • wickedarchery Big Daddy Steven (@wickedarchery) reported

    @sinnerbees Hm...we should try that P: I need to get off my ass and rp on discord every once in a while, the only problem is the word limit stresses me out

  • 1NFRN0 Inferno (@1NFRN0) reported

    Still need 1 for the 3v3 free entry in 30 minutes! Must use discord!!! Come help us take some free cash!

  • DinoNuggetsJPG aidan! (@DinoNuggetsJPG) reported

    hey there, i need a few artist volunteers who would be willing to help me draw faces on thumbnails (basically drawing on a render) im gonna be trying to do more of this specific style of thumbnail, so dm me, or contact me via my discord server if ur interested thanks

  • himawari_hime00 Himawari @ Start Saving Prisms and LP 💙💎 (@himawari_hime00) reported

    As of now, my account will be temporarily private due to problems happening in discord. To avoid drama coming to my twitter regarding their personal grudges, even if that small chance might happen it’s better to prepare for the worst.

  • nebulalazu ☁️yiling lazu☁️@hualian agenda (@nebulalazu) reported

    @noonbase Doesnt help that back then we were all using skype and now everyone switched to discord so i dont have anyone from back then on there TCH

  • AlexBuilda Alex (@AlexBuilda) reported

    I'm gonna try to fix a discord integration to the bot for ranking and stuff

  • hinataminoru Ni @ Hope for LastEvo on CR someday ✨ (@hinataminoru) reported

    @discordapp I think it is, but even PTB is not working normally...

  • BenardHogan Truth about (@BenardHogan) reported

    @Horus1618 We need help to stop this psycho live streamer that is most likely doing this to her or his friends on discord or totally unrelated & needs to be stopped! Please view our pinned tweet.

  • zTurtleblood zTurtleblood (@zTurtleblood) reported

    @discordapp pls help

  • ChaosMdh 🌟Demi/Chaos🌟 (@ChaosMdh) reported

    @discordapp can you fix your mobile app, as everytime I try and join a Stream the audio is all buggy and can't run correctly. It's starting to irritate me.