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December 12: Problems at Discord

Discord is having issues since 02:30 AM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Connection (72.63%)
  • Sign in (13.95%)
  • Glitches (5.00%)
  • Messaging (3.68%)
  • Multimedia (2.89%)
  • App Crashing (1.84%)

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  • odamnwolf
    Odin Wolf @ MFF (@odamnwolf) reported

    Honestly there are so many days where I’d be sad if it weren’t for my Patrons in my Discord. They help me more than just financially.

  • The_WarLord64
    •Flow (@The_WarLord64) reported from Bronx, New York

    @McSteampun angel I need your help, please friend me on discord, I need to talk.

  • artisticsass_
    [aS] christmas mode (@artisticsass_) reported

    @Blixgay @sahfax happened to me, in the hs community no less a discord server really ****** with me. i made a few long-term friends but it definitely did not help my social life

  • rudando
    pucta (@rudando) reported

    @discordapp i have problems with my discord! always disconnected

  • asabastar1
    asa bastar (@asabastar1) reported

    @discordapp Your application for pc isnt working for me. I've uninstalled and reinstalled, I've restarted my laptop, and nothing works, it doesn't open at all, but for some reason it keeps updating when my laptop turns on but it doesn't auto open like it usually does. help please

  • NaomiTheGayomi
    Nomi but spelt 041118 (@NaomiTheGayomi) reported

    @LilConfusedBoi @discordapp @CORSAIR But the difference is, you are using a broken keyboard, mine is completely fine. I don't think I have ever complained about it

  • Eon_X_One
    Eon_One (@Eon_X_One) reported

    @discordapp I am having connection Issues

  • Screehcile
    ❄chloe is stonky monky ||-//❄ (@Screehcile) reported

    discord highkey has. bad memories attached to it so i wanna fix that

  • RocketViperCar
    LampDestroyer78 (@RocketViperCar) reported

    @madisenp__ No problem. I can't donate much but I also put it in some of my discord chats. Maybe it will gain a bit of traction.

  • map_yarrow
    Yarrow the MAP (@map_yarrow) reported

    @swerdnanosaj @TNF_13 @BasedFt3hWorld @freecoconow @nada_noche @theblueman12 @Securityconcern @RobertWest5 @BertusTweet @ToddNickerson1 @TheMAPCat @MaxiTheUnic0rn @_ItsThomohawk_ @tiddyquirk @virpeds @Truthsikher1 @SteppingOutSam @sansymap @MilnaTheFinn @adrownedboyy @werewolfmap @TheAnonAmateur @NomapGeneralEli @MeltyHell @GrelleTheNOMAP @BitchForMAPs @discordapp Pretty sure the server's down now.

  • HxmmeYT
    Hxmme (@HxmmeYT) reported

    @Rogue_Gingerpop @Convertibles @FortniteGame I’ve been trying my absolute heart out to get into pro discord and im currently in champs but with this last update oh my god I’ve never seen fortnite in such a bad state going against the sword is so demotivating and broken...

  • NaiveWhitley
    Naive Whitley (@NaiveWhitley) reported

    someone help im streaming and cpu maxing at 100% stream is lagging so i ended until i get it fixed if anyone can get in my discord and help be much appreciated

  • SoraUltima8
    Sora (@SoraUltima8) reported

    @smugwave nah it's fine, I've had my fair share of problems with discord

  • succwagon
    funky cowboy (@succwagon) reported

    got 30k ping in this discord call hell yeah for my service provider throttling me!

  • dontisc
    🎄donti🎄 (@dontisc) reported

    i’m down for vc on discord straight up just call me a goober and leave

  • Tyakoto
    Kitsuna, Tailed Yordle (@Tyakoto) reported

    @ManjiButt The other problem is as another thread in the "Moment" tab mentioned: WhatsApp, iMessage, Skype and a few others... they don't use SMS or normal texting that is tracked by the carrier. So they wouldn't be affected by the wording used here. Same with Discord. They are different

  • Justice_Fish_
    Undyne: Christmas Cop (@Justice_Fish_) reported

    i'm so sorry for being so absent. i'm active on discord and everywhere else but i just don't have the urge to be /here/ anymore. it doesn't help that i've had thoughts recently. i'm so sorry.

  • AcidRaps2k18
    Judge Gregory | Raps (@AcidRaps2k18) reported

    I deleted discord off my phone till my finals were over. Good call (I still went on it occasionally on my computer but deleting it cut down on the time I spent checking it significantly). I may not redownload it.

  • Rhyden__
    Shakeel ⚡Rhyden ⚡ Khan (@Rhyden__) reported

    @discordapp @CORSAIR Orange 🧡 I want to win this really badly, a new keyboard (especially a Corsair) has been on my wishlist for a long time, Discord plz help.

  • anna_byess
    Anna (@anna_byess) reported

    @JoinenTV Not sure where you'd advertise, though. I'd try to help out if I could but I know close to nothing about Reddit. Discord and Youtube are more of my expertise.

  • ookilol
    ooki (@ookilol) reported

    @Fire_Mace_ @furrutaa @discordapp @CORSAIR My notifs are broken stop

  • the_combat_caT
    the combat caTt (@the_combat_caT) reported

    @discordapp We need 2 buttons in permission and roles that when pressed. The selected roles switches all go red or green Instead of pressing every single button for over 40 roles because being a server owner and having to deal with this is a pain in my ass. Please fix. <3 discord

  • CCG_Beef
    Beef Yoinkers (@CCG_Beef) reported

    @Fiireburner @discordapp @CORSAIR Stop trying to get free stuff and fix your pc

  • sarrahl_
    sarrah (@sarrahl_) reported from Henderson, Nevada

    gio added me to his discord just so his friend could ask if i wipe standing up or sitting down

  • swqnky
    🎅 Swqnkmas Tree 🎄 (@swqnky) reported

    @discordapp @CORSAIR the key doesn't work on my keyboard please help. I like blue

  • billurself
    bill (@billurself) reported

    @CapnMAGA @JackA_ND @cspanwj @RepJoshG Basically keep the social discord or allow them to invest in the 3rd world those are the choices. Meanwhile half country is shunning low wages and dropping dead on ******. Problem is consumers too as well everyone wants save a buck at others expense.

  • Duckie_draws
    Duckie! (@Duckie_draws) reported

    @discordapp i cant get in app notifications even though the option is turned on. Reinstalling didnt help :(

  • dontcallmethana
    Cherry Mae 🌱🦝 (@dontcallmethana) reported

    I am now realizing I have no clue how discord works...send help please

  • RoastToast167
    Octoroller (@RoastToast167) reported

    @thekingofstre22 @OrangeSquidChan @itz_harper ive had so many issues with this *****. he was constantly harassing me on discord and getting everyone to blame me for every single bit of drama that ever happened to the splatoon community. i just wanna play squid game...

  • Whimsical_Lone
    (Mike) Whimsical Lone (@Whimsical_Lone) reported

    @discordapp @ForgerLord Want to help with my "social life"

  • Quasica
    Paradox (@Quasica) reported

    @suxforyo Yeah, my issue is that I'm used to scanning a timeline for what people are doing and bringing it up later in DMs. Helps especially for people that I have a harder time having natural conversations with. I guess I expected something out of Discord I wasn't getting and I got stuck.

  • NCool36tweets
    The Bloxy Guardian (@NCool36tweets) reported

    @TheStoryPainter Why Josh, Why, You treated me greatly, I loved how the server was, it is the perfect server, I helped it be the best server on @discordapp , yet Julia helped you turn into a jerk, that has terrible judgment. I'll miss ya, I really will.....

  • fpsZED
    fpsZED (@fpsZED) reported

    @UbisoftSupport @Jytus_r6 @Jytus_r6 Hit me up on discord. I can connect into your PC and resolve this issue for you. #ITsavesRainbow

  • eeveegaming10
    Bianca Wy (@eeveegaming10) reported

    first @tumblr goes down the drain with nsfw going out now @discordapp banned one of my friends Geez Anything Else Ya Wanna Do

  • bluebonn3t
    Sugar Plum Anne Barrett (@bluebonn3t) reported

    I'm leaving several discord and will be purging my Twitter. If I left your discord, no, I don't hate you. I'm just paring down those I don't contribute to. If I unfollow you, I don't hate you. I may just be tired of the same fight over and over.

  • Quasica
    Paradox (@Quasica) reported

    @suxforyo Yeah, that's my issue too. What I like about Twitter, that Discord lacks, is the ability to have all the conversation in one place. I don't wanna have to look through server logs for 30 servers across all my friends.

  • Crystl_Ballr
    🎅⚓Crystl Ballr⚓🎅 (@Crystl_Ballr) reported

    Hey everyone sorry for such late notice, my internet is absolute trash for some reason and I need to call my ISP tomorrow to fix it, so I will be working on updating my discord/twitch channel in the mean time which means no stream tonight :( sorry everyone! Live tomorrow <3

  • BSolo86
    Its Me Phonix! (@BSolo86) reported

    @Ch3MStorm I dont know you on a personal level my dude but if you make REAL friends, you cant push them away for too long. I have no problem talking with you more personal in DM and/or Discord or something. Not just now but anytime youre having a rough time man!

  • TeargarJames
    Teargar 🍉 (@TeargarJames) reported

    @discordapp Please help I'm going crazy. Through my discord client on Windows 10, my output audio is cracking. I have tried reinstalling my audio drivers, reinstalling Discord, and resetting my audio settings in discord. This issue does not occur with the web application. HALP

  • EscaPlays
    ⛄🎁 Esca 🎄🎅 (@EscaPlays) reported

    @swqnky @discordapp Discord help hes serious

  • Chadicester
    Chad (@Chadicester) reported

    @discordapp @Seeaaaaannnnnnn I need a new hoodie help me out

  • ty_bergman
    Ty Bergman (@ty_bergman) reported

    @MicrosoftStore To add, my Xbox One console has a perfectly open NAT, even though it’s on the same router. Also, other party services such as Discord have no problems at all.

  • NeKoconut
    NeKoconut (@NeKoconut) reported

    @discordapp @thissonicgamer Help a guy out here

  • BBnuthouse
    BBholidayhouse🌲 (@BBnuthouse) reported

    @MysticDistance @discordapp No problem dude I just kinda lurk but I do read your tweets

  • TheStandingOne
    The Standing Streamer (@TheStandingOne) reported

    @discordapp I don’t want any iOS notifications while I’m in the app. Help

  • DaDartBoard
    TheDartBoard (@DaDartBoard) reported

    @discordapp @Acid_Maple i want to stay warm help im in Canada and its December

  • SunnyHighland48
    SunnyHighland (@SunnyHighland48) reported from Bunkyō-ku, Tokyo Prefecture

    @ariadne32391 @janerudesu It worked actually, kudos for it. Just..will be great with better attitude. Especially respecting other fandom/group they don't know about and try to learn rather than looking down at others. Not like this when I was a sone Lol, Miu's discord army is the best side outcome of P48

  • GoatZizGoat
    goat (@GoatZizGoat) reported

    @discordapp None of my friends follow you wtf help

  • Zorucas
    Lucas (@Zorucas) reported

    @Skubo_ @discordapp I am so down for this my dude 😊

  • eatonam
    Adam Eaton (@eatonam) reported

    @Cavsanada @ChaseDownPod Either the Google Podcasts App doesnt have the ability to review the pod (to join the discord) or im blind, any help would be appreciated

  • nemanja_vezmar
    Nemanja Vezmar (@nemanja_vezmar) reported

    @discordapp Tried that already, doesn't fix it

  • Lil0Beige
    Jared (@Lil0Beige) reported

    @discordapp @ZayesPelekai Help this man get a hoodie for the cold hustle in NY.

  • g3tr3ckless
    g3tr3cklessRL (@g3tr3ckless) reported

    @TechSavvyBuyer I need help ASAP please message me on discord!! g3tr3ckless#4648

  • rootmeskids
    Tetsuo (@rootmeskids) reported

    @discordapp @NZXT Ur not funny. Ur a scam. Period. stop making memes and start fixing ur damn platform to be specific fix your damn billing

  • vviituuz
    VTHz (@vviituuz) reported

    @discordapp I ask the help of the Discord team to help me recover my account, I was hacked by a supposed '' friend '' and since I had monthly nitro I'm desperate, help me! 😟

  • Neeerts
    Emotional Support Sub (@Neeerts) reported

    Almost thirst posted in the wrong discord server but I had to fix a typo and that's when I noticed

  • Austic3D
    Austic (@Austic3D) reported

    @discordapp Someone might have taken control of my Discord today, please help.

  • litfamXD
    skunkdonkey (@litfamXD) reported

    @discordapp @discordapp (my only friend is my .exe applications, please i need a new friend... PLEASE HELP ME!>!>!>!>!! They wont let me out!!!! Please, someone, someone! OH NO HE IS COMIEOIFGJJIKEFGIEWJIOGHEFGJPOEJFGVJIKEB GJKEJGNEJHGNOL EJGJKENKMELMFKJLENGJJNEGJKNJKM FGKJENKGJNK MAHAAAAA

  • uMentalOW
    mental (@uMentalOW) reported

    @discordapp i need your help @Pokay__

  • tehemopenguin
    Aspekt (@tehemopenguin) reported

    @LoganDeMelt @discordapp @Benigmas help im drowning in hoodies