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  • EndigoSkyborn Endigo | BatAAr (@EndigoSkyborn) reported

    As of today, I'm shutting down the public Endigo Discord server. Sadly it's just turned into a toxic place with kids bullying each other and spammers trashing on the members. Sorry if this disappoints anyone, but I don't feel right having my name and brand behind it anymore.

  • Courtneylear4 Courtney lear (@Courtneylear4) reported

    @BBTheGiant1 your having the same problem with pattys discord invite link too right

  • mirandoch Miranda #FBPE ☕🦊 (@mirandoch) reported

    @GrantWhiteTZ Nope. None of the problems from the first referendum have been addressed, plus it will play right into the hands of demagogues. Revoking A50 gives them less opportunity to sow discord and hate.

  • DooDleliser Fantastic Wiz (@DooDleliser) reported

    @discordapp I open the discord app But I'm Not Logged In .. And I Forgot My Password. Help please.

  • T4zZ3r T4zZ3r (@T4zZ3r) reported

    @discordapp I got a small problem regarding the XBOX Live connection on my Discord profile, whenever I try to connect it, it uses the wrong account and doesn't let me log in to a different one.

  • SummerLaverdure Summer Laverdure (@SummerLaverdure) reported

    so @Patreon Discord rewards implementation sucks, can someone please make a way to support artists that ISN'T this service x___x

  • TentacleTouchy Terry (@TentacleTouchy) reported

    @AceUhh_ I genuinely believe you can do it man. I'ma drop you some links to help out over on Discord

  • Sanicff Mihanito (@Sanicff) reported

    @discordapp Whenever I try to stream Resident Evil 4 to my friend on discord, it won't stream the audio. It was working but than I stopped and wanted to continue later, but it just stopped working for whatever reason. Please Help <3

  • caroulding carol 365 (@caroulding) reported

    @discordapp help pls

  • ThrogThe Vash The Stampede (@ThrogThe) reported

    @Neb_Nebbington @Magnaboyy closes down reddit cuz of toxic but discord is more toxic :ok_hand: Mods won't make a new reddit cuz afraid of losing mod :ok_hand:

  • lil_xand Xander the Mander (@lil_xand) reported

    @ChazFoulstone From everything I've read, because I have read a lot about this thanks to a discord I'm in, everything about this is a design mess with lots of problems. And there's no easy fix, they'd have to remake the game to fix it. Hard pass

  • GhostsAncestral silver (@GhostsAncestral) reported

    @MomoChanAq3d_ @PlutusAE @ArtixKrieger Yo real talk though i asked for help with a boss in the AE Federation guild discord while there were 3 people talking and 2 ignored me and the third said "convince me" lemme find the screenshot i took of it

  • dreamertooth dreamertooth (@dreamertooth) reported

    @elsifthewolf If cannot find, also do check of #private-gallery for patreon on discord, I do backup of all to here! If still the problem have, send DM! I fix for you!

  • tonywonyrony Professor Thaddeus (@tonywonyrony) reported

    @gasgard_dupuis @Wally_Wests I gotta remember my discord login standby

  • YvngMesut Yvng Mesut (@YvngMesut) reported

    @discordapp Hey, keep hearing robot voices from my friends and they hear the same from me. Its not a connection issue, ping is stable.

  • DeeNimmin Dee Nimmin (@DeeNimmin) reported

    @Fortnite__News_ @hybrid_steel @NickNimmin You’ve been banned several times from the discord under various names. Play by the discord rules and you won’t have a problem. This isn’t complicated. Own it and move forward.

  • Innes_McVey Innes McVey (@Innes_McVey) reported

    @DeiOwen @olyosso @DevelopPodcast To be fair, we've always used Discord to chat generally anyway so moreso habit than actual choice that it's used over Skype. I've always personally had more issues with Skype than Discord, but to each their own.

  • neur0toxins slutkira slutkira (@neur0toxins) reported

    i'd just like to issue a formal apology to all the people on discord who have had to deal with the fact that I am incapable of not being horny on main at all times

  • MatsSverhagen Mats Sæverhagen (@MatsSverhagen) reported

    @discordapp hey, so my client was lagging abit so i was gonna change the region server, and accidently selected japan, and now i cant change back (to West EU). help please

  • VerpixTV Harley (@VerpixTV) reported

    @discordapp im trying to make an invite link to a discord server, when i send it to my friends it says invalid link. There not banned from the server and its a never ending link. Do you know how to fix it, its been like this for a few days

  • JustARandomMage Just A Random Mage (@JustARandomMage) reported

    @Lost_Pause_ What about disabling all coments on your video but create a discord that everyone can talk and discuss your videos. I know you shouldn't have to do this and youtube is just being stupid but maybe this can help you avoid being demonetized some of the time.

  • EljayOCE USE CODE: Eljay (@EljayOCE) reported

    Can someone help me why my discord is so slow and shit, I’ve updated it and deleted and re installed

  • CephasRed2019 CephasRed (@CephasRed2019) reported

    @JoshuaZWalters @VoiceActingClub Thanks! I do understand that impressions are looked down upon...however I'll reinstate what I mentioned in my discord chat here in my next reply:

  • arneyh0e ✨ hoe anita is back ✨ (@arneyh0e) reported

    @EssoAdriatico @Artificerworks @sultry_katsudon @rdsparrw @sadbillieeilish @wednesday_vibes @_nabubuang @nonpluss3d Discord!!!! We'll let u know hehe we're trying to fix the server and all pa jsskskdks

  • Jeremyvanmarle1 Jeremy van Marle (@Jeremyvanmarle1) reported

    @discordapp Yeah i saved them and the issue was handled in direct messages with probably another employee of discord thanks though.

  • StevenThePro789 StevenThePro789 (@StevenThePro789) reported

    @AvidAethon hey so in the discord i joined before and clicked the :tpose: guy and when i glitched out of the discord, when i click him again nothing happens, so can you rank me up or fix it, and if your wondering how i glitched out, someone logged in to my acc, but thats fine now

  • LittleJnsfw Little J [AFTER DARK] (@LittleJnsfw) reported

    I already have an 18+ OK KO discord, but I'm thinking I might make a multi-fandom version that doesn't have limits on what can be posted, since I've had like 5 different people coming to me regarding that issue on my current server this week

  • IchimokuScholar Ichimoku Scholar Ⓥ (@IchimokuScholar) reported

    @worldeye6 You can add updates but can not touch original text. It’s frustrating because I spend more and more time answereing questions on twitter, discord, TradingView DMs that are answered in the updates area but no one scrolls down that far. Should just be able to edit it all.

  • TwisterBernusky Twister Bernusky @ AC if I'm Smart With My Money (@TwisterBernusky) reported

    @InvertedBolt I'm literally running off my mobile hotspot on my phone D: I used up the 20gb of 4G, so now im down to 600kbps until the 27th. I use it for jobs apps, discord, game updates, eeeeeeverrrrythiiiiing...

  • LifeAsAlec Alec Mullins (@LifeAsAlec) reported

    @MrCoffeeStains Just saw your reply on Discord. Don't know about the other guys, but I'm down for League Play whenever, my dude.

  • MythicHex MythicHex (@MythicHex) reported

    I need to get involved more in the discord groups i belong to. I sit in @stormy_prime and @Jeronkey along with the South African FGC one and I don't do anything with folks. I need to fix that

  • boxedfossil Fos (@boxedfossil) reported

    Love how I try looking up people's concerns on a seemingly large issue just to find Reddit threads closed immediately referring them to the official userbase only to find barely any recent threads, those having been closed and referred to the "contact us" page. Thanks @discordapp

  • ThinksYt Thinks_gaming_YT (@ThinksYt) reported

    @discordapp My Audio has stopped working in the app on my computer only my mic works and i cant hear anyone when they talk can you please help me out

  • dabaphile ur fave bronze dva 💣 (@dabaphile) reported

    i saw someone complaining about streamers getting big and raiding their similarly sized friends in a discord and couldn’t help but smh

  • Affey02 Friberg (@Affey02) reported

    @discordapp Got a problem with a text channel I can't delete, rename etc

  • das_rationale ß (@das_rationale) reported

    Hahahahaahahha i screenshotted some discord convo and made some photo edit and this person was convinced that there's a glitch in discord.

  • kimoiyurei faith (@kimoiyurei) reported

    group chat on discord called Clydes Anonymous and theres a ban every week over real life fights going down

  • Syeabetes Syngle and Ready to Mingle (@Syeabetes) reported

    @Snowy_AE The real shitty part is that these people, who's sense of morals can be scratched off with a coin, are given more recognition and exposure than things like the AE Discord Server and the AQ3D Community wiki which serves to help the community with ABSOLUTELY no form of reward

  • WrittenOnWater The Bunyip (@WrittenOnWater) reported

    @drkerrynphelps @abcnews Managing the transition - so important. No one wants working families hurt. No one wants plant, equipment, rail and ports idle. But we want runaway climate even less. Let's all work together, but seems a lot of pollies feed on discord, and so stoke the problems.

  • TheYuriCanon Kat (LGBTQ+ art 24/7) (@TheYuriCanon) reported

    Uuuggghh I hate having to ban someone from my discord but he has broken the rules a few times. It was a matter of time. Just makes me sick to my stomach having to enforce it

  • Sinscarra Sinscarra (@Sinscarra) reported

    Just had a salty Survivor from Dead By Daylight come onto my Steam, got to my Twitch, and then to my Discord just to be whiny. Don't tea-bag all game, get rekt, then make it my friends problem ya silly goose

  • _bbdaniels Benjamin Daniels (@_bbdaniels) reported

    @shooksoul JFC I've worked three weekends in a row and I walked in on the IT person in C building vaping at his desk and playing DotA and on discord and they won't issue researchers a second screen and don't be surprised if that building burns down next week

  • konchugun cal 💘🔮 (@konchugun) reported

    chengdu hunters discord has a channel for language learning help so quite simply we have decided to stan

  • CanvasPirate PιɾαƚҽCαɳʋαʂ #AnimeGate (@CanvasPirate) reported

    You can add me on discord PirateCanvas#2416. Also you can follow my alternate account in case this one gets shut down @PCCanvas. I'm not giving up on Vic, I'm still here these people aren't going to stop me. Cause no matter what I'm fighting this. If there is something...

  • zoozahhh David (@zoozahhh) reported

    @RealmRoyale @discordapp There's a glitch on Xbox where if you bought the beta pack and try to use the skins for it they reset Everytime.

  • Kingdom_GamerLP Adrian (@Kingdom_GamerLP) reported

    You know what Grinds my Gears a lot it when a problem that happen like almost 10 months or almost a year ago people were fighting for a stupid role on Discord then the owner of the discord server decided to remove friend number 1 role away while the other keeps theirs.

  • YTalentt Talent🇵🇭 (@YTalentt) reported

    @SudoShoe How is your discord clean asf thoo, help me out chief

  • salty_jing 小明星 (@salty_jing) reported

    mfw you zhangjing's IG gets hacked and i stop working on hw that is due at 11:59 just to watch shit go down on the discord server the hackers posted

  • Handpora ✨crumble✨ (@Handpora) reported


  • VinylNVibes Blair (@VinylNVibes) reported

    Pro Tip: Don’t sent me a rando friend request on Discord if you’ve never spoken to me or sent me a message. It also didn’t help that your name was “Mr. Steal Your Girl”, which implies you think girls are objects which can be stolen which probably means I won’t like you.

  • psychotriaplays Psychotria (@psychotriaplays) reported

    I spent a good portion of today working on my ROM Hack, trying to get the title to load. I had some help from a discord user, but I still wasn't able to get it to load right. We figured out that some of the faces were in the wrong direction, but even with them dice.

  • buttsmcgoo batman is gay and you cant stop him (@buttsmcgoo) reported

    @infinity_ebooks "was" is the operative word. they were doing it, but they were found out, and discord is cracking down on it now. progress is being made. criminals will do criminal things, but we have to make it harder for them by criminalizing the harmful things they do.

  • EBrown_RBLX EthanBrownRBLX (@EBrown_RBLX) reported

    @discordapp That's no help at all. 🙄

  • Dcost39960931 Dcost (@Dcost39960931) reported

    @wanofam @StruckByBelz They're open about the fact they have discord discussions. Often times its just steph asking questions about episodes he just watched. He references those discussions in his reactions. I don't see the issue with that. His community hints at things but they dont spoil

  • GrixzlyUHC Kahooter (@GrixzlyUHC) reported

    calling all gamers i need your help! Litten gang is being formed and we need 2 more litten profile picture people to join the discord! Contact ME TODAY TO JOIN AND CHANGE LIVES!!!!!!!!

  • spazzydelicious Benny Boy (@spazzydelicious) reported

    @discordapp Yo, found a bug. If i screenshare google chrome (720p 30fps sound on) while watching a youtube video, if someone else starts or stops screensharing then discord will restart. no warning, just loading screen and then i rejoin the call. valve plz fix.

  • noah14002 noah1400 (@noah14002) reported

    @discordapp Hey discord, thanks for the reply. I sent a ticket today and all I was told is that they cannot remove the 2FA from my account. I do not want it removed, there's just a technical issue causing it not to work. After i told them this, they stopped replying to me.

  • TrashyMochi мocнι ˚✦ (@TrashyMochi) reported

    @discordapp Hey, I was just worried about something. I also sent an email about this as well but since I only have that 48-hour period, I just wanted to see if I'd get a faster response on Twitter! So basically, our server was said to have broken the guidelines for having minors-

  • Brantasm Brandon Herrington (@Brantasm) reported

    @discordapp Issue self resolved after a few hours. Just reporting it so you knew. Verified no network issues on my end. Tested multiple servers. PC/Mobile versions. WiFi and 4G/5G. Issue persisted. Idk if that helps you or not!

  • JaysandYays What To Cook (@JaysandYays) reported

    @SurgeProxies Except you just said in discord they are not working on SNKRS...