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  • theSillybatdoc Dr Alexander the bat (@theSillybatdoc) reported

    @Alhedgehog There is a blender discord that could help ya

  • ScopesUncharted Uncharted Scopes (@ScopesUncharted) reported

    @shortyy97_NG @Kemstar6 @GenesisMOBA yeah i been in the discord where they say they can help out lol dont even bother no one helps or will send you to another player who wil ltry to help u wtf lol

  • girasolking linhardts eboy (@girasolking) reported

    @LogWolf0119 actually i think discord might b down..

  • tyrel_jones91 Tyrel Jones (@tyrel_jones91) reported

    @EsfandTV @discordapp @discordapp address this issue now

  • ssuperncva lil' dumbie [ejog] (@ssuperncva) reported

    I have to wear my retainers at night and it isnt a HUGE problem but I talk late at night on discord calls with my friends so my retainers get in the way while I'm talking and I always have to repeat my words n it makes me >:(

  • PepperoniPiglet PigletPepperoni (@PepperoniPiglet) reported

    @discordapp I can't join any discord servers for some reason because whenever I try it says it's reputed and I'm banned and I know I'm not at the limit and I'm not banned from the ones I've tried joining on any accounts. Please help me

  • festivelukeyy kie | inpsired by true events💿 (@festivelukeyy) reported

    @discordapp i need help trying to add the PreMid extension for chrome OS

  • MaceThePriest Mace ㋡ (@MaceThePriest) reported

    Discord is broken F

  • SatoshiDemon Demon Of Crypto (@SatoshiDemon) reported

    @cryptoskyver @Dannydaduke88 @cryptoskyver I am not a scammer. this guy has no clue what he's talking about. my discord is free and we got some good players there helping each other make gains. I made the discord just to help people. If you want to come you are welcome if not then no problem. Take care.

  • SatoshiDemon Demon Of Crypto (@SatoshiDemon) reported

    @Dannydaduke88 @cryptoskyver Lol, relax top buyer and bottom seller man. My discord is free. I wanted to help you but given your attitude i don't want to anymore. ***

  • XuanXuan007 XuanLeeeeee (@XuanXuan007) reported

    @JekyllMorgan @crypto_blkbeard @KomodoPlatform I assume you're not in komodo's discord, then you'd know more!!! but that's not my problem, you better make yourself smart instead of sending such tweets, it doesn't bring you anything

  • MxsfitSSB Antione Teh Mxsfit (@MxsfitSSB) reported

    Dealing with their problems on their own. Any time anyone says anything about anyone else I’ve got at least 4 jims with a novel my DMs or a non-stop flood of posts in discord or FB at 4am. Its like im constantly in charge of babysitting a pile of man babies constantly.

  • BlankSmash Blank (@BlankSmash) reported

    Help @juanpi_a1 is becoming an e-boy hes stripping on discord someone stop him

  • CaptainBaconz CaptainBaconz! #i65 (@CaptainBaconz) reported

    And now my social media updates for discord are broken... looks like I’m gonna have to make some new webhooks

  • Weeb_King925 Weeb_King (@Weeb_King925) reported

    Maybe I do have a problem I tend to go into my own private discord to vent by typing out whatever is on my chest and this message was around 2,300 characters long so yeah busy night lol, anyway gn for real

  • astolfokyun charri!! (@astolfokyun) reported

    im too dumb to pay attention to discord rp im out here still on tumblr bcs i like para and being able to reply at my own pace.. but also im starting to get some of the problems i had in pokerp w ppl ignoring my ocs for my canon muses oops

  • SkullSpringTrap ¿¿¿ (@SkullSpringTrap) reported

    @pspdude235 Whenever ur down for it Just mssg me on discord tho im more online there lmao

  • squishpad Ty (@squishpad) reported

    Well the speakerphone functionality on the Pixel 3a is terrible. Probably because of speaker placement but I'm having echo issues on Discord. :/ The only problem I've found so far

  • fluffysheep1125 Fluffysheep1125 (@fluffysheep1125) reported

    @MCGamerNetwork Hi I just join the discord server at it says I need phone number I put it in correctly and it says invalid please fix this thx @MCGamerNetwork

  • fluffysheep1125 Fluffysheep1125 (@fluffysheep1125) reported

    @ChadTheDJ hi I need your help I just join your servers discord and it says I need phone number I put my pho d number in correctly and it says invalid please help @ChadTheDJ

  • itsactuallystev Sbeve 💜 (@itsactuallystev) reported

    @Soopertartory dms on discord are open if you're willing to talk about it i might not be much help though

  • jackie0_00 Jackie lin (@jackie0_00) reported

    @discordapp hey! yesterday I tried to screenshare my chrome no sound is outputting on the other side. help :(

  • Dippahh_ u thot was Dippahh but was me, Dio (@Dippahh_) reported

    @discordapp help me I dont have audio from screenshare and I've literally tried everything, including the "add it" option

  • Aureum_Risus PapaAureum (but at what cost?) (@Aureum_Risus) reported

    Maybe i should try and finish platinum since i cant sleep. Might do a discord call if im able just to chat with y'all if anyones down for it

  • DaLlixo James Lewington (@DaLlixo) reported

    @PoolPartyGenji @discordapp @Etisalat_Care @dutweets @TheUAETRA It's no problem for me, if I stay connected for more than 20-40 minutes my voice finally seems to get through and stays that way until I disconnect.

  • andybelluna Red。 (@andybelluna) reported

    The League Discord server is a mess we're basically horny for League of Legends characters on main and we still can't decide who are the hottest (deep down it's clear that it's Akali and Ezreal but the others haven't realized it yet)

  • mista13 (╯°□°)╯︵ ɐʇsıɯ (@mista13) reported

    Welp, time to delete mobile discord until they fix this callkit issue. If I don’t have the app open, I don’t need to receive calls

  • BGojirin monster bimboification (@BGojirin) reported

    well gosh darn it this huge monsterfucker discord server I was in got shut down before I could join any of the servers ppl made to flock to :/

  • TheFamousTV FΛMӨЦS🔜 PAXWest (@TheFamousTV) reported

    @doodybeardLIVE I want one too! I guess it will solve my discord issue!

  • ZBal33522899 ZBal (@ZBal33522899) reported

    @thompson_b1 @AirlinesTrans oh gosh let me help you, I sent you some more information over Discord DMs

  • JustLemres Sam✫彡 (@JustLemres) reported

    @discordapp (assuming it doesn't fix itself by the time a reply is given to me)

  • keizar20 KeiZar ~~~ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ (@keizar20) reported

    @cibou_jscv @StreamElementsS This will also solve the 2nd problem. As for the crashes, I see you were linked our Discord. We would need to take a look at the crash logs to see what is making OBS crash, so please DM me when you can. Thank you.

  • Thewhiteeyegam1 Davidwithredleftarmofademon (@Thewhiteeyegam1) reported

    -give him some times to calm him down. sorry about this venting but he's really lonely whether he has some good friends on twitter and discord. he needs love and a gf.

  • AmeerThekingbo Ameernaserassi (@AmeerThekingbo) reported

    @discordapp Hello, when i try to install discord it keeps saying "there is was an error while installing the application check the the setup log"

  • CMDR_Soal Redwynne (@CMDR_Soal) reported

    @Yohriko @Kotaku know will piss people off because it's anti-consumer, but how dare people have an issue with that." Y'know. Like Ooblet's devs were like in their discord, or how Pitchford or Epic's CEO go on about.

  • veloxcity_tv Veloxcity (@veloxcity_tv) reported

    @discordapp Fix screenshare audio pls

  • Serena24601 Serena/Nat💚✨ (@Serena24601) reported

    @discordapp Yes I did! It seems you guys werent the issue, a few minutes later everything barely worked and slowed to a crawl, including discord. I checked, my service provider had a country wide outage! Its all fixed now I think

  • hyungjunminaj ϟam (@hyungjunminaj) reported

    one it discord server whos down 😭💔

  • vegitodorito 💕💖I LIKE PINK💗💞 (@vegitodorito) reported

    @narumpeopeu it was just. so much kin dating. so lonely. and like. so many villains. does discord have a therapy bot bc like. no offence everyone but kindating will not fix your depression and isolation

  • Ninja_Risu Rocks the Squirrel (@Ninja_Risu) reported

    Seeing all the audio issues @discordapp, Seeing other things not working as well. I can't seem to drag and drop pictures as well as no sound from Chrome (I see that issue) as well as Nox (Android emulator)

  • Luketwolf1 Luke (@Luketwolf1) reported

    @Brght_Lght_Ledr all i get is a "gateway error" ' w' discord loves dying.

  • _jonesses 𝐦𝐣𝐚𝐦 ❁ ˢᴼᴺᵞˢ ᴮᴵᵀᶜᴴ (@_jonesses) reported

    /Random story but I remember I was in this discord chat once, and this guy had ..serious mental issues. Like, he was an actual sociopath who thought it was okay to tell me about how he could murder his family member. And when I told my friends this was obviously not okay-

  • AceWolf98 Ace9133 (@AceWolf98) reported

    @discordapp I am in South-West Ohio. I keep getting 502 Bad Gateway Errors (HTTPS) and an unusual "SQL Server Error 1105" both when launching the app, and on the actual discordapp website. I'm on a laptop as well, on 5G internet. It won't load on iOS/iPod 5th Gen.

  • possumpunk pudgy tailnoodle (@possumpunk) reported

    Can't believe discord actually reduced my options down to text messaging my girlfriend on her actual cell phone in 2019

  • Best_Red_Matrix Red_Matrix (@Best_Red_Matrix) reported

    @discordapp Error 1105 Ray ID: 5099cdbb284aa3f1 I can't open up discord

  • NotScooty Scooty (@NotScooty) reported

    Is discord broken again

  • Stillshot_TTV Stillshot (@Stillshot_TTV) reported

    @discordapp I am having troubles sending and receiving messages on Desktop app, Website, and Mobile. It is very delayed and sometimes i get a 504 Error Message saying Cloudflare is down or something

  • dynatronne D.T. “Yagami Backwards” Katze (@dynatronne) reported

    hey @discordapp i think my mobile app is ******* dying and lagging on me im heading to bed but you might wanna get on it in case others are having problems too

  • ParziFPS No (@ParziFPS) reported

    @discordapp are ur servers down cuz i can’t connect

  • PeytonT65376722 Peyton T. (@PeytonT65376722) reported

    @discordapp My discord app has been acting up and it kicked me out of one of the servers I’m in. Help

  • _PaperMario_ Nathaniel (@_PaperMario_) reported

    @discordapp Kinda confused that every Discord platform for me keeps getting the Error 1105 yet seems to work for all my friends, I'm at a lost here

  • PantherFN_ Panther (@PantherFN_) reported

    Discord crashes, try to fix it while I’m In my turtle (trio scrim), Dinosaur gets dropped on my head. gg

  • PantherFN_ Panther (@PantherFN_) reported

    Discord crashes, go to fix In my turtle (trio scrim), Dinosaur gets dropped on my head. gg

  • mattrified Matty D. (@mattrified) reported

    @elbormes @discordapp It's not working for me. It's showing everyone as not signed in and not loading convos

  • drisaudi tabbypears (@drisaudi) reported

    is discord having another outage

  • W24515 W245 (@W24515) reported

    good old error 502 on discord....

  • SvennHoffson95 Jacob Hoffmann (@SvennHoffson95) reported

    @discordapp Getting a 502 Bad Gateway error

  • Slick8870 Slick (@Slick8870) reported

    krunker is down at the moment, and for some reason discord is down. Idk if its my internet because everything else is working for me @Sidney_de_Vries

  • casperspicy 🌶👻CasperTheSpicyGhost (@casperspicy) reported

    @discordapp Clourdflare is down in my region :(

  • GreatScythePyro Anker🌈✊🏿 (@GreatScythePyro) reported

    @discordapp Discord 502 bad gateway And error 1105 both alternate as error pages