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April 23: Problems at Discord

Discord is having issues since 04:30 AM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Connection (61.45%)
  • Sign in (15.66%)
  • App Crashing (7.23%)
  • Messaging (5.42%)
  • Glitches (5.42%)
  • Multimedia (4.82%)

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  • Lartzam Lartzam (@Lartzam) reported

    @discordapp An option to automatically upload the gif to a hosting service like giphy when you try and upload it if it's too big. Or just increase the limit by like 10 so that I can finally upload my Trailmakers GIFs without having to go and first upload them to giphy and then share the link

  • redlightning385 RedLightning (@redlightning385) reported

    @airshot0367 @cakeelecupcake @CrockettsDota @Jayyy_Osu @discordapp ehh. its like a message history. It would say "EDITED" and you could see exactly what happened. anyone. this is mostly for grammatical errors but people can see no matter what.

  • TheVortex67 self aware meta name (@TheVortex67) reported

    @discordapp Fix the mobile search system as clicking “jump to chat” only brings you to the bottom of the chat selected and it’s also hard to copy messages through the search feature on mobile

  • chaseIyons Chase (@chaseIyons) reported

    currently deafened in discord bc I was by myself then a girl join wtf do I do guys help help help holy shit

  • mikemagss Mags (@mikemagss) reported

    @discordapp Worst part of discord is hearing a notification sound but not seeing a desktop popup and then having no clue where it originated from. A global event log for things that trigger sound / notifications would be a huge help

  • Draconicrose Draconicrose (@Draconicrose) reported

    @discordapp A fix for the multiple screen share issue on Linux. While we're at it, proper game detection and game streaming on Linux. A spellchecker on Linux. 🤔 Basically feature parity.

  • AustinIRL AustinIRL (@AustinIRL) reported

    @TSM_THump Feel like you and Mendo could make a banger discord that would solve all of our issues regarding terrible point systems etc etc

  • Skrubby2 Skrubbud (@Skrubby2) reported

    @discordapp A Wumpus on your help tab just like The paperclip way back when

  • sanesyt Sanes (@sanesyt) reported

    @purpadox I think this may help ( idk why I tagged you for this on twitter when I could on discord but, oh well )

  • SakibShahriar18 Sakib Shahriar (@SakibShahriar18) reported

    @discordapp Fix the sudden volume increase to max level problem when someone joins the channel .

  • TILR16 TILR (@TILR16) reported

    @discordapp Nintendo Switch Support :P and a pushie of the logo I can hug when my internet goes down :(

  • SimPopcorn Simulated Popcorn (@SimPopcorn) reported

    I sometimes think about tweeting my discord details, but I also feel like that'd be a terrible thing to do. (But I might already have it in my bio, so whoops.)

  • xFlzme 𝟳𝘀 𝗙𝗹𝘇𝗺𝗲 (@xFlzme) reported

    i need some chill people to talk to in discord when i get ungrounded. dm or comment down below if you wanna be one of those people.

  • benny_ksyp benny (@benny_ksyp) reported

    @discordapp @meganerd2012 top slide down notification bar should show who are connected on the same voice room while the app runs on background

  • TSM_THump THump (@TSM_THump) reported

    Who wants to help me design an Apex scrim discord 👀

  • wkeyjonah Jonah (@wkeyjonah) reported

    @infamous_FN 3. Staff need to not always in a shitty mood, if you're sensitive don't be staff in the biggest scrim discord as of right now. I will @ one staff for help and I will get paged for bothering him LOL

  • ConfederateNico Country Boy Kaoru (@ConfederateNico) reported

    I swear if this moron on bunglers discord doesn't stop humblebragging about his Japanese exchange I'm going to block him. "I had another girl confess to me today, but I turned her down!" **** off.

  • TNobody10 TheGeekyNobody (@TNobody10) reported

    Discord is down and thats the main place i communicate with friends :(

  • DJCVRRY Ryan /// CVRRY (@DJCVRRY) reported

    Yo @discordapp ever since like December my desktop client has been horridly laggy unless I have the window at its smallest size, and even then it still doesn’t give 100% performance, this issue happened out of the blue and I’ve been unable to fix it despite reinstalling -

  • wingwire_ wingwfhlrwj (@wingwire_) reported

    @discordapp Support physical buttons on earphones for mobile push to talk. If I'm walking around a loud environment it's very annoying to have to hold down a virtual button on the screen.

  • m1ke133 mike (@m1ke133) reported

    @thxubro @Everyone a known cook group just got shut down by discord. we have created a backup server just in case anything happens to ours @everyone

  • FirdiaCraft Skwaleks (@FirdiaCraft) reported

    @discordapp - minigame in loading screen when theres no connection - Inapp notifs when there are problems. Like a small popup "Discord is experiencing some problems <statuspage link> - Shared ownership for servers 2/2

  • EJ_Monkey EJ Monkey (@EJ_Monkey) reported

    @NerdieBirdieYT @discordapp of course, that could lead to problems like "hey, I didnt say that, you edited my message to say that!! D: "

  • VanyaIthilwen Vanyaithilwen (@VanyaIthilwen) reported

    @discordapp DISCORD IS BROKEN .. Here's what it's saying, "Says "NO ROUTE" RTC CONNECTING!" HALP!

  • Easykill15 JST | Easykill (@Easykill15) reported

    @discordapp The ability to lock servers to a position on a list, sometimes when clicking on a server I click for too long and then it starts to move it up and down my server list. I want to be able to lock them in place thanks

  • 0megablaster 0megablaster (@0megablaster) reported

    @discordapp There is still the issue if when screen sharing with audio the audio doesn't work.

  • thxubro d a r r e n (@thxubro) reported

    every cook group owner rn: a known cook group just got shut down by discord. we have created a backup server just in case anything happens to ours @everyone

  • Hipopotofobia Hipopotofobia (@Hipopotofobia) reported

    @discordapp Ping fix for all devices

  • Lynus02658976 Lynus (@Lynus02658976) reported

    @discordapp Make the dm call notification the dm notification sound but it's slowed down

  • _satsunyan さつにゃん👓🍌( ¯−¯ )チベットスナギツネ (@_satsunyan) reported

    @iamhonkers I told them to send to the support inquiry first, since I'm guessing it'd be something that would have to be fixed on the long run. If they comeback and still did not find a fix, I'll make sure to direct them to discord o7

  • GoopySpaceShark Goopy Shark Boots! (@GoopySpaceShark) reported

    Looked at my phone and saw it was 3:30am, so I hopped on Discord. Half an hour later I found out that birds start singing at *exactly* 4am, down to the second.

  • sprout0000 os🎉 (@sprout0000) reported

    y'all down for a goofy discord stream

  • iamhonkers honkers (@iamhonkers) reported

    @_satsunyan Just direct them to the discord. Someone will help them out.

  • notify Notify (@notify) reported

    Discord just shut down our server again, we recently backed up the server so we should be up by tomorrow morning. Members stay tuned to Twitter for any further announcements. Please RT to spread the word.

  • NyassaH Nyassa 🏳️‍🌈 (@NyassaH) reported

    @discordapp Better mobile controls. If I hold my finger down on something I want to have more options. I’d like to reorganize channels by holding it down and moving it. So many little things like that.

  • blaireencryptid blaire (@blaireencryptid) reported

    its been months when does @discordapp fix the channels i'm looking at not being marked as read automatically bug

  • SlushyOrangutan The_Legend (@SlushyOrangutan) reported

    @discordapp I want discord, for its neutral special, to wield a gun, to fire continuously simply hold down the vc chat button or press it down repeatedly

  • NerdieBirdieYT NerdieBirdie (@NerdieBirdieYT) reported

    @discordapp The ability for moderators to edit other’s messages! That would really help for PG servers, rather than having to rely totally on a bot or just deleting the whole message.

  • Suribot Suri 🐢 (@Suribot) reported

    @Vangelus @Random_Factor Also the discord person apparently refused help from someone who has an actual history in game dev solving literally this exact problem because the dev was trans, so it really just sounds like That Individual is just a ********.

  • Zildjian65YT Zildjian 65🥁 (@Zildjian65YT) reported

    @discordapp Delete light mode as an option. It slows down the app and is unreadable

  • Coolty101 Turbo (@Coolty101) reported

    @C_Casa04 @bstategames @NoahJ456 but even if he did hack they should be able to tell him why he was banned and not just say 'For breaking License Agreement.' and have a way to contact them for a ban review and not just block him on everything (forum, discord, email) with out attempting to help.

  • HyperTendencies vincent (@HyperTendencies) reported

    @discordapp A wait list that can be programmed to add people after a certain amount of time has passed. This could help people who have “fans” or others who want to play with them.

  • miavern mia @ senior expo prep (@miavern) reported

    Oh looks like B/ta T/st is still happening with literally none of the proposed changes and he just waited for the discord to cool down to continue to promote his shitty event lol. God I wish I was graduating right now I need to be free from these ********

  • tiddlespenguin OMEGAL LUL (@tiddlespenguin) reported

    @discordapp Option to turn off spam cool down AND allow tts messages to be a LOT longer make them allowed to be 2000 characters long. Please

  • Primistt Primist (@Primistt) reported

    mobile discord really needs to fix some shit really tired of getting pings of servers that I muted

  • Jabsicles eli 🐋 (@Jabsicles) reported

    @milomumbles @discordapp i had the same problem yesterday

  • xZarkevenYT Zarkeven (@xZarkevenYT) reported

    @Splaybasil1 @discordapp @Gunztwotags you have tweeted 53 times, and almost all them are just you telling discord to fix their servers. in the meantime, you retweet givaways with this probable throwaway account being toxic on here instead of your main account, because your dont want people to know about it

  • HocH_pm Hoch (@HocH_pm) reported

    @discordapp My server had screen sharing, but now. I want this feature to come back. Why went. help me pls.

  • BeatlezYT BeatlezYT (@BeatlezYT) reported

    @discordapp Fix mobile so when people join and leave you hear the sounds and if you can a mobile over lay idk and when you get server muted and def make a special sound. Idk if there is custom sound support but a fully customizable experience would be nice..

  • ilikefood0555 ilikefood055 (@ilikefood0555) reported

    I really hate having bad service. Can't watch streams can't call my friends on discord. All I can do is send tweets and those take forever to post

  • Zise_OPCraft Zise (@Zise_OPCraft) reported

    @luigicapyt @whothefuckisalt @discordapp Anti Admin Abuse measures. Maybe some sort of ban and kick cool down. I don’t know, just really sucks having a 500 member discord get obliterated in an hour.

  • PCsAndFun PCs & Fun (@PCsAndFun) reported

    @discordapp Ok so imagine this, you are on mobile so that way you can take wumpus everywhere because you don't have a wumpus plushie. You hit the icon in the bottom left that opens your online status. It looks normal. You scroll down, and it has a (+) Add Account button. You can have up to 3

  • Spryt_Twitch Spryt (@Spryt_Twitch) reported

    @Wyrena @discordapp Yeah they had issues for a bit, but they were slow at announcing it. All ok now though! Just frustrating timing as I was trying to do something!

  • VariaMan_EXE Varia Man//Platinum Matt (@VariaMan_EXE) reported

    @discordapp I would help if I knew how but I really want server specific profile pictures.

  • ArrowHeinz Jason Heinz (@ArrowHeinz) reported

    @discordapp Dungeons and dragons/pathfinder/board game interface. I know that's a very tall order but you never said we couldn't :D. (i have no expectations of being able to help but will help if I can, I really want this).

  • spdrbck that bitch (@spdrbck) reported

    @discordapp my discord app still won’t load, yet it just got a notification from it. but whenever i close it and open it or try to restart, i get the error message

  • SilverA64905212 SilverArrow (@SilverA64905212) reported

    @discordapp bonjour (1/3) 1. Server folders & ways to 'favourite' a DM so they don't move down a list 2. Ability to jump between pages in the search bar & having that option at the top of the search results and the bottom 3. A syntax guide 4. templates for server creation/save ur own

  • TheeJoshhh TheeJoshhh (@TheeJoshhh) reported

    @discordapp Waitttttt a feature that would be really cool would be being able to right click emote or hold down on them in mobile and select a server to add them to. Emote stealing to the max!

  • Dr_Devil420 CrypticCS (@Dr_Devil420) reported

    @MeladRS @discordapp U have to cleanse ur servers, I managed to get down to 25

  • realDawgfriend Dawgfriend (@realDawgfriend) reported

    @discordapp I would love to have audio from the computer whenever I am talking to someone and we are using screenshare. It would help to be on the same page whenever we want to watch a funny video together instead of just trying to start it on our own screens at the same time.