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  • Pupbootie Puppy Butt says BOO! 🐶🎃✨ (@Pupbootie) reported

    @_MarcoVento_ HECK YEAH I might actually get on discord so you guys can help me with this shit lol

  • skeps_meow wyatt//missing @skeppyextra (@skeps_meow) reported

    i got muted in bad's discord and then i messed up my appeal and I can't fix it because the appeal slowmode is on seven hours.... because i put too many caps. im sad now i dont deserve this i just GET REALLY EXCITED AND TYPE LIKE THIS because i have LOTS OF ENERGY :(((

  • MiloWFranklin Milo Franklin (@MiloWFranklin) reported

    @discordapp Thankfully, I resolved the issues by merely resetting my voice settings in Discord. I don't understand WHY that fixed it, but here we are. Computers and programs are confusing, man

  • jab50yen Jab-son Voorhees @ WasabiCon (Panelist) (@jab50yen) reported

    Been thinking about nuking my current discord server and starting from scratch. I want to run a good server but inactivity is a big problem in the one I have right now due to it's peak being in 2015/2016.

  • lyntropy day 54 w/o promare (@lyntropy) reported

    how does discord work help me gamers

  • The_Blu_Spycrab Praxys (@The_Blu_Spycrab) reported

    @discordapp Yes, i’m close to server limit, if not already at it. Though, this is the first time i’ve had issues with it.

  • MikeyForMods Active 🧟‍♂️🎃 (@MikeyForMods) reported

    @DAN7EH Hey dan I dont know if you are reading but I dont know what I was banned for and it was a long time ago and was up banned because I cant log in to discord for you I had a problem with one of your middle mans where he was selling for PayPal and I bought I know the rules but help

  • ChrisBianco8 Chris (@ChrisBianco8) reported

    @BenDKnee53 hey Ben you guys have a problem some how this guy in discord found your wife’s real name dm I’ll send the name

  • BlazeHoundv2 BlazeHound (@BlazeHoundv2) reported

    @discordapp I think your app needs fixing. Neither me or the person I am screensharing with are having issues with out internet and even on 1080p, it's super pixelated. Not only that, but the sound for calling is super quiet along with notification sounds and people's voices.

  • KiraBuckland Kira Buckland ★ (@KiraBuckland) reported

    @melanie_411 That just means you need a bigger raid group! If you have at least four other people who are higher levels it should be OK. We beat it with only 4 people tonight but it was down to the wire and we were all pretty high lvl. Check Discord for raid groups in your town!

  • DuplicitousPorg 𝙷𝚊𝚗 (@DuplicitousPorg) reported

    @quixoticlux I think when it comes down to it, you need to make the choice that makes you the happiest and doesn’t make you go out of your way to please people. I never had discord until I realized reylo communities I wanted to be a part of were there. If people want to be there, they’ll 1/

  • Lyyneheyme AtyX (@Lyyneheyme) reported

    @ChrystinaFeyFF My mentality is shit. "I Want to improve at ff!" ~ Doesn't want to play the raid tier. "I want to be more social!!" ~ Ghosts friends and deletes discord. I want to disappear, I feel like I make everyone's life terrible, by lying and being annoying. Especially right now to you.

  • spectrum__heat Spectrum Heat 🔞 (@spectrum__heat) reported

    @Patreon @PatreonSupport I need help! Whenever I go in to edit my tiers the option for Discord Roles is now completely whited out, and it doesn't give me any roles to pick from. when I first created the tiers a few weeks ago I didn't have this issue! Please help me fix this!

  • payingresale Drip 🤝 (@payingresale) reported

    @Hyxder @discordapp @discordapp fix this please!

  • bloodboneandmus Ella Pomeroy #saveshadowhunters (@bloodboneandmus) reported

    @marsnightcore no problem. I'm usually not like this but I'm Me: Needs to write a paper by 12pm Also me at 10:00pm: There's probably an HXH discord out there. I've realized I've never found any because all their links are expired wow I should totally put all of my energy into this search--

  • aeswhoop ellie 🍑 잘 쉬다, 진리야 (@aeswhoop) reported

    my friend i'm playing dnd w on discord is in a terrible mood and she just keeps snapping at ppl if they get confused or if their internet craps out and we have no idea what's wrong

  • Bellethreal Lillabelle (@Bellethreal) reported

    They left some SUPER old discord group chats which is absolutely hilarious to me because that meant she had to scroll all the way down her DMs just to be petty and make a statement

  • ikwydlskarla ‏ً ‏lia (@ikwydlskarla) reported

    .@discordapp puta why aren’t the music bots not working WTJEJEJRR

  • etamny Elizabeth Tamny (@etamny) reported

    I was just going to say this question is so Biden-y (discord is the problem; not the reasons for it), but this would be so much worse

  • BadsyEdgecat Badsy (@BadsyEdgecat) reported

    @parasiticlotus @Taiuko @Immanu3l__ @kasthq the problem is that rabbit's virtual browser made it really good for people who dont have good enough internet to screenshare! if i wanted to screenshare media to watch with my friends, id just do it in a discord group call.

  • PcDfult Dfult. (@PcDfult) reported

    @Newdler @Hytecs1 @CobraF36 Fix your discord idiot

  • sewshyyyy sewshy🦇 (@sewshyyyy) reported

    @DrowzyAhaha just saw this. sure i’m down to play tomorrow. do you have discord because i don’t like game chat

  • Bm1170 Bm1170 (@Bm1170) reported

    @discordapp Just for clarity's sake: I'm using a 3rd party gallery app and all the pictures I'm trying to send are local. And it's not just the thumbnails broken the + menu is empty when it should be showing all my local pictures.

  • DanielOCnr Daniel O'Connor (@DanielOCnr) reported

    @thornae You are welcome to share any nerdy shit with me! (although I accept it sucks due to timezone issues). Also you can probably find IRC or Discord channels with like minded nerds

  • BoxiWaves Ocean. (@BoxiWaves) reported

    @_MooshiMoo_ If you got discord put it down, I gtg to bed soon I have work at 5 am tmrrw.

  • IngeniousCoder XtremeCoder (Elton) (@IngeniousCoder) reported

    @discordapp voice seems to have problems

  • Simulated_Flyer Simulated_Flyer (@Simulated_Flyer) reported

    @discordapp Need some help adding a webhook, followed all the steps and still nothing..

  • swift_snake cor(am)elia street (@swift_snake) reported

    @maklovestaylor If you want, I can give you the link to a homework help discord server! I’ve used it for chem before and someone can walk you through it!

  • Catmancy Tommy (@Catmancy) reported

    My Discord music bot is down. Is this purgatory.

  • DivineOmutsu PandaOmutsu 🔞 (@DivineOmutsu) reported

    I apologize for the discord link being down but a raid just occured against eclipse. I'll make a new link when things die down

  • VVVVVV28087755 VVVVVV (@VVVVVV28087755) reported

    Hey I'm doing a math quiz its mat 121 and I need help if anyone actually knows the shit and wants to sit in discord with me I can compensate a bit

  • Hailey_Lynn93 HaileyLynn (@Hailey_Lynn93) reported

    @Real_Isabellone @Ravenclaw1991 @PokemonGoApp You could try to find a local pokemon go fb and see if they have a discord. I just found out about the one in my area during a raid hour a few weeks ago. I always played by myself but on discord you can ask if anyone is out and can come help you raid and shit @GamerAura

  • TessasStuff TombTessa (@TessasStuff) reported

    making a discord instead of doing homework its like 10 pm help

  • Art3m1s_gg Art3m1s_gg (@Art3m1s_gg) reported

    @Faccini @T1Apex I'd be down to give u a try but u would have to seriously Impress me Art3m1s#3008 on discord

  • nbsasu ⚰️DIO’s top surgeon⚰️ (@nbsasu) reported

    @jailbrkthetesla log off if u need to sol .... if u wanna discord vc and play video games or something i’m down :]

  • hurn2308 Hurn2308 (@hurn2308) reported

    @ONYX_101 @yomamaaaaaaaa12 @PUBGMOBILE Just sounds like it's not even an issue if you were falsely banned just go to support as clearly seen in the discord channel they do provide help for those who are unfairly banned and abt not banning they still have to no security system is completely 100% unhackable

  • cthao82 Spooky CT! (@cthao82) reported

    Sigh... I have problems If everyone from Straytale or The Epic Crossover Please message me on Discord Cthao#9006

  • payresale swift (@payresale) reported

    Theyre shutting down Discord held a meeting Theyre ******* shitting their pants They decided to shut amnotify down A close friend that works at discord told me Its over They cant handle the heat Theyll have to shut down

  • Sicnarfo Sicnarfo (@Sicnarfo) reported

    @discordapp I wish I could find a fix for this shitty app making everything lag on my computer and never working properly

  • CheggFnf Chegg's Alt (@CheggFnf) reported

    do I just do twitter slots instead of discord because they cracking down on EVERYBODY

  • duckymanagement DUCKY MANAGEMENT (@duckymanagement) reported

    WTS Discord account unban/server undeletion service $5k

  • NSFW_Games NSFW Games (@NSFW_Games) reported

    @imgur @discordapp @DizzyEV still not working for me

  • FuriosaTruck 🧢Furiosa🚀 (@FuriosaTruck) reported

    @TasksYang Discord is busy making individual state infographics for exactly that. Excited to have all 50 states broken down one by one.

  • _ChrisOk C (@_ChrisOk) reported

    @leakiestfaucet Xbox sadly, I’m big thinking of getting a PS4 and just repeat everything, but the discord group I’m in has all consoles so everyone gets help with whatever they need

  • faejilly jilly (@faejilly) reported

    @janiemcpants I have a discord server that uses tentacles for hugs because the hug emoji is terrible. I am explaining this so you take this in the spirit it is intended: 🐙🦑🐙🦑🐙🦑🐙

  • alwaysblu05 Heather Mager (@alwaysblu05) reported

    @PixelbyPixelStu @TeamGodvek @Twitch @TwitchRetweetGN @TwitchOnline @TRetweets20 Definitely will try the fix on discord next time

  • lomomooon Lomo Salteado (@lomomooon) reported

    @ironbean23 dude the PO service should pay the fee since it was their fault in the first place! i answered u anyways on discord .3.

  • lindawrite8835 Lindaw7879 (@lindawrite8835) reported

    @jacksonxkrec Jackson, I am so sorry that you felt the need to address this bullying issue AGAIN. I would hope people would remember your always gentle words. People have such strong emotions, just think how powerful it would be if they spoke kind words or kept the discord to themselves. 💙you

  • TobilTop Tobias || 🏳️‍⚧️ || check my pinned (@TobilTop) reported

    AH SHIT I forgot to save today's drawings to my personal Discord and I already shut down the PC. Heck. Oh well

  • yesirrrchef Alex Isom (@yesirrrchef) reported

    @CheggFnf discord tos crack down I believe

  • Subjectivist12 🛡️ Nightmare On Wall Street🛡️ (@Subjectivist12) reported

    @ClaireOrWhat @Calliethulhu It started rapidly going downhill after it was involved in taking down a transphobic tankie meme page, but one of the head tankies was a modmin for over a year before, and was also a modmin on Contra's official unofficial discord.

  • JACESUBI b🎃 (@JACESUBI) reported

    Theyre shutting down AMNotify Held a meeting in Discord. Aaron ******* shitting his pants Discord deciding to close AM down because they can't handle AM slot providers taking stock A close friend at Discord told me its over Nike + Adidas cant handle AM members taking all stock

  • BewearThaBear Queer AF (@BewearThaBear) reported

    Aight so I deleted Discord for a minute. Too much noise and too much depression. Shutting things out and down for a while to collect myself.

  • angelicphoen1x fnx (@angelicphoen1x) reported

    @AMNotify Theyre shutting down AMNotify Held a meeting in Discord. Aaron ******* shitting his pants Discord deciding to close AM down because they can't handle AM slot providers taking stock A close friend at Discord told me its over Nike + Adidas cant handle AM members taking all stock

  • CibersoulAIO GRAVY (@CibersoulAIO) reported

    @ThxAMN @phineyes same thing happened with me, it was a huge loss. Lmk if you need help.. I have experience with building Discord cgs

  • _Disyorn_ Disyorn (@_Disyorn_) reported

    @discordapp Already tried that so I'll contact support now. Thanks for the help!

  • Zaxxeh Zax (@Zaxxeh) reported

    @SpotifyUSA @Spotify Hi, I use both the desktop and mobile app. Earlier, the home page of Discord on the mobile app glitched out and refused to load. Subsequent listening via search or playlist took awhile to load. I reinstalled the mobile app and the issue persists.

  • _Disyorn_ Disyorn (@_Disyorn_) reported

    @discordapp No error, data doesn't work

  • EMagEDGYJojoLad Jotaro thinks you are a clown (@EMagEDGYJojoLad) reported

    @walter_kovacs55 boi my old discord got banned. Help and add me back to most of them i was in I PMed you my new accounts name

  • AraragiKissShot Prince Vegeta (@AraragiKissShot) reported

    @OnionUnprivated To help get him deplatformed from Discord since he is breaking their tos.