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June 18: Problems at Discord

Discord is having issues since 12:10 AM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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Málaga Multimedia
Neuquén Connection
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  • OmegaHarv MegaHarv (@OmegaHarv) reported

    @roymariogaming If all else fails, asking on my Discord might help. I have a few people that know Japanese.

  • jamofjars Jamjars (@jamofjars) reported

    @KawaiiStacieYT To clarify my position, Im not against you directing people to your website, no different to my direcring people to Discord with errors. But the WAY in which your tweet came across was whiny. Sure, focus your attention on your website, but dont *complain* about bring popular

  • Oathkeeper89 DM | Mister Tails (@Oathkeeper89) reported

    @CoolGrayAJ @Shirarawr_ @thaGaGaGuy @1eonard_1ai I’m down to do some hunts. HOWEVER we’ve been having issues with Discord once in a while and have no clue wtf is the reason. Occasionally, someone (Leonard usually) would cut in and out mid-sentence. Never really figured out why it happens.

  • sans_dank SansDank (@sans_dank) reported

    Discord has been updating for like 2 hours, it installed and downloaded like 1000 stuff right now, this is insane i don't even know if that's a glitch or not.

  • Croccodilemilk Nash (@Croccodilemilk) reported


  • RetiredHybrid Retired Hybrid (@RetiredHybrid) reported

    @Thurco He’s only banned because he posted that gif in a public discord and we pushed the issue.

  • Empress_Marsz JamKittsGuillian 😝 (@Empress_Marsz) reported

    @itsmeTroi Of course everything is broken but my mod folder is safe and I’ll def be on ya discord 😁

  • ashoyemyboy Ash (@ashoyemyboy) reported

    @discordapp hey i need some help, i accidentally changed my name too fast and i desperately need it changed, my relationship is on the line...

  • TwistedMRivera TwistedRivera (@TwistedMRivera) reported

    So @OliverQueenSF hit me up to help him with Streamlabs OBS because SFV wasn't showing up. He screenshared with me on discord and the dude didn't even have SFV capturing on his 'windows capture' option. I'm actually crying.

  • BlackShadowYT24 -Shadow- (@BlackShadowYT24) reported

    Hey does anyone in the community have this problem when you go above like 150 fps. Your game starts to stutter really bad and you drop down to like 80 fps sometimes. If you have that and/or you've fixed it dm me on discord

  • alexmildwings alex (@alexmildwings) reported

    @discordapp @DealerUmbra I’m on the new one and I got to say, it’s cool but you guys should let us add reaction just by pressing other reactions as it displays in PC and also, fix the camera roll thing. I miss getting my picture i want to send faster

  • LBD_Nytetrayn David Oxford (@LBD_Nytetrayn) reported

    @ryanmcgrath @discordapp Turns out that's a no-go; it won't update for some reason, and just gives me an "unknown error."

  • spepoke2 poke (@spepoke2) reported

    Discord not working on my phone sad 😔 I even removed it and added it back but no luck

  • FalcoFalcx fifty shades of grey sweatpants (@FalcoFalcx) reported

    @baby_wick just to let you know, there's something up with your discord, it won't add D: Discord is case sensitive, that might be the problem ):

  • flolxd Noko-senpai! (@flolxd) reported

    @discordapp and disabled the service pack and stll the same

  • SauceXen sauce (@SauceXen) reported

    The Discord for Business server is down and my CFO can't upload the payroll spreadsheet HELP

  • RealBossPandaOG 🐼BossPandaOG🐼[TeEm] (@RealBossPandaOG) reported

    @Furious_SIDS @discordapp Oh ok at least you got it replaced for nothing & could assess all your servers & hopefully those Minor connection issues will get fixed for you

  • lonestarcelt Bee (@lonestarcelt) reported

    I'm always like Super hesitant to let people follow my side twitter unless I either know or talk to them on like discord or something It doesn't help when its a new account with like 6 tweets who follow some really sketchy goddamn people

  • CannabisPrime__ Tyler Lynch (@CannabisPrime__) reported

    @lordsnave This guy is a little safe space fascist / lead developer of 2 unfinished projects. Ban anyone who may criticize his titles issue. All your ****** developers are online in the discord when a server is completely shutdown,but Mr.Lead Dev ain't online.

  • ohItsRetro Retro / (@ohItsRetro) reported

    @discordapp please help me...

  • Ieokuma board-certified ghost (@Ieokuma) reported

    @ritsuleoizu id be down for a discord server! itd be fun and trust me i make a new au like.. ever day to cope with living the chat will not die before you get sick of me and delete it yourself

  • ShayuKitsune ShayuKitsune-extordinar (@ShayuKitsune) reported

    @Exile19941 @Jessie92472483 @_Hero_Hei_ @NickRekieta No vic doesn’t but vic has rarely used Twitter he’s a discord man if memory serves no problem with that just bringing that up

  • TheRogue_Elf The Elf Unleashed™ (@TheRogue_Elf) reported

    Been fleshing out an idea I sold a few days previously. I think there might be an open Discord channel using google drive and other sources coming soon. Help the Elf write a novel. Get a cut. Be immortalized. I actually don't want the money, I desire the fame. True story

  • littlestgremlin Onono Nono @ Shadowbringers prep time (@littlestgremlin) reported

    This is my first stream with the new headset and suddenly @StreamLabsOBS doesn't pick up my microphone. I'm not sure how to fix this because my @CORSAIR headset has had tons of issues getting set up in Discord and other voice chat systems.

  • StaleyBryce Bryce Staley (@StaleyBryce) reported

    @DrivePlanetRB I would love to be a game tester for your new game "Drifting Simulator" I have tested a few simulator games and I really enjoy finding bugs and being able to help the devolopers find these bugs and get rid of them so the game is a better place to be. Discord: Monster#1896

  • roy_jul Julien Roy (@roy_jul) reported

    @discordapp Updated phone, it seems it fixed the issue

  • XanderTheFurry Xander (@XanderTheFurry) reported

    @discordapp What is wrong with video calls on the s10+, every other device works fine but every s10+'s I've tried its the same issue. video flickers for recipient and either has major artifacting or appears green, hardware scaling does nothing to fix it. Reinstall to same effect.

  • wildboy4002gk1 joshua (@wildboy4002gk1) reported

    @DrivePlanetRB hi, my name is flames4002, I a very good beta tester I can help you find the bugs and any glitches on my downtime from work and anytime I can so let me know if you like to give me a test run my discord name is flames4002#1274.

  • FNGR101 Anthony (@FNGR101) reported

    @WubcakeVA Good luck wub, its hard enough to get discord a web sight run by furries to close down entire discord dedicated to zoo and *********, that place is garbage.

  • DreKaTV colten (@DreKaTV) reported

    @DarkZeroGG @DarkZeroGG discord link broken or is it just me

  • ohItsRetro Retro / (@ohItsRetro) reported

    @discordapp Hey, i'm having an issue with my friends not being able to hear me, the green circle is showing that i'm talking but they cant hear me. All of my microphones work but my friends still can't hear me.

  • 3rdPyro Webb (sick...) (@3rdPyro) reported

    @XenoCorrection "... Yes... I know that first hand... Kinda scary down there, not knowing what's going to attack you... Also don't use a rod of discord down their... Bad things... Very bad..." Now he looks uneasy.

  • alikorsan_ Ali Korsan (@alikorsan_) reported

    @discordapp I sleep naked. pls help cover me up and make me holy

  • queenofthechoir Abbie (@queenofthechoir) reported

    Yay my laptops broken!!! (Sarcasm) I’m bored af so if anyone wants to share their screen on discord so I can see what they’re playing on my phone, that’d be lit.

  • ItsLadyJadey 💗💛💙ItsLadyJadeyTTV💗💛💙 (@ItsLadyJadey) reported

    @GunGomz @Matthiasiam @Hi5REKT @Hi5Studios For the love of everything Holy, let me fix your discord server. Or someone. Anyone. It's an absolute mess and looks like you abandoned it. From spam to racism it's a real bad time in there, not to mention completely disorganized. 😭

  • LockwoodCo_ Lockwood (@LockwoodCo_) reported

    @discordapp my discord is broken, it's completely grey

  • KevinMa75449684 Kevin Mackey (@KevinMa75449684) reported

    @discordapp Spent the last 3 months with my new company on hold so I could help my dad with his cancer. Just as I'm ready to start moving forward again, BAM! Contacts list inaccessible, conversations inaccessible, no explanation forthcoming. #discord #discordapp #fuckdiscord

  • SmilingCurse Katleesi (@SmilingCurse) reported

    @discordapp :< pls help , I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling

  • Furious_SIDS [TPwn]Furious | #BleedOrange (@Furious_SIDS) reported

    @RealBossPandaOG @discordapp Wasnt that bad they replaced it for nothing. Still having minor connection issue to discord. But atleast I can access the servers

  • MrBanny5 Not Banny At All (@MrBanny5) reported

    Hey uh @discordapp sorry to bother you guys, but for some reason the app just closes itself on me. I'm not sure if this is something with my phone because I have a 5C and all. I have the latest update too. I would really appreciate your help.

  • ei_wes wes (@ei_wes) reported

    @discordapp after one year of support I can't receive the proper attention to solve my "subscription past due" problem... But it's ok, you won discord :)

  • Scooburtdoobur1 Øscár (@Scooburtdoobur1) reported

    I wish @discordapp would sort out its problems

  • UPMega5 Silent success (@UPMega5) reported

    4. Mostly Discord/social media related, but me being an introvert, I just don't really jump in to people groups asking for friends to play with them, or just feeling a bit down when I missed a group session or don't get invited Oh right, and everybody apparently hates Overwatch

  • MoonBurgerDev Eric (Yeah yeah that one dude is in) (@MoonBurgerDev) reported

    @discordapp i am in my pajamas right now and they are getting ***** due to me rubbing my hot cheeto dust on them. Please help

  • W2Connor Connor (BURNHAMMER) (@W2Connor) reported

    @discordapp Yo I'm going to frame them since I need to work my way down to a medium lol

  • Sukkii25 sukkii#1 bin weevils player (@Sukkii25) reported

    Hey guys I just realized twitter isn't giving me notifications for the 100th time So if u wanna DM me my discord is Sukkii#4197 Twitter better fix its shit skskksks

  • Hakase_Speed Highspeedtrain2 🔞 (@Hakase_Speed) reported

    Can my 52 followers help me There was a video posted in my old discord of 2 mexican people with absolutely ******* HUGE dongs doing a ********* with a white lady and at the end they do a huge ******* and shes just covered in it It was called somethin like "girl gets plastered~"

  • nitron151 nitron15 (@nitron151) reported

    @discordapp Good afternoon, I tried to login to my account but it does not load me since yesterday, I would like to know why.

  • Simmer_mum Alison Wright (@Simmer_mum) reported

    Can anyone help me I have discord but can’t find MCCC on there at all

  • CrooklynsDodger All-City Preez (@CrooklynsDodger) reported

    That's my main issue. I like to compete. Not that writing is competition, but a lot of these cats turn it into that. But then they wanna rig the game or freeze you out. Ppl will play blind to what you doing. Then will pop out the woodwork to pop shit or create discord. It's wild.

  • inayatbindra08 inayat (@inayatbindra08) reported

    @discordapp discord app is not launching and crashing on iOS 13 IPhone 7 please fix this issue

  • QveenHathor Hathor 🌹 Tyrell (@QveenHathor) reported

    These 13 year old ass girls really seeing 16 year olds and up naked in video calls on discord. This is why sometimes I have the need to burn humanity down to the ground.

  • Ransu_X Lance (@Ransu_X) reported

    Gonna apologize right now. I'm terrible at checking Discord. XD

  • ShockwaveAndAwe Blonde 💋 (@ShockwaveAndAwe) reported

    @SorreyTV I'm in @Sic_Scents Discord and can message you places to check in OBS that were problematic for me and how I've got a bandaid fix for now - and of course if you also also find the solution for Scenes not bugging out pls pls pls lemme know too! XD

  • MaRicky8675309 MAGA PATRIOT (@MaRicky8675309) reported

    @IlhanMN It was a planned effort that turkey and other middle eastern entities used to promote further discord within US. Omar, he was expendable babe ... When you lay down with dogs, you get fleas ...

  • KevinMa75449684 Kevin Mackey (@KevinMa75449684) reported

    @discordapp @BenzeelGamingYT I never got an email or a reason, was never given any indication there was a problem, and have now been told my account will not be restored.

  • Gaim2025 gamestop53 (@Gaim2025) reported

    @discordapp so basically i left a server a couple days ago but when i try to rejoin the invite doesnt work (its not expired, the join button literally doesnt work) i tried joining on mobile and it still didnt work + im not banned on any accounts. please help

  • ShermanatorYT Samuel 'Shermanator' (@ShermanatorYT) reported

    @S20UL @JoinSquad great show, sadly that's not the issue, it works on teamspeak, discord, other games (Post Scriptum, Hell Let Loose) but not Squad :/

  • Project_Dia Dia (@Project_Dia) reported

    @Snek_Splatoon I've seen the discord server. You were far past help even before retiring.

  • I2evs Revs² (@I2evs) reported

    Reminder that @ImNotGLTY xbox red ringed and the discord peered pressured him into blowing into his xbox to fix it