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  • JackOfHeartsSRL Jack of HONKS (@JackOfHeartsSRL) reported

    @TMHTF_Senpai "lol yeah we use your picture without permission its just bants" - someone about to get their discord shut down

  • yomynamesmemer Yomynamesmemer (@yomynamesmemer) reported

    @discordapp I was browsing your app and I saw the name "coiny" I changed my name to "Mini Rabbid" pls fix this glitch

  • DAYTEMPO iu ☆ changkyun day (@DAYTEMPO) reported

    @taIkingtos how do u get on the discord help

  • HenryAsh11 Colonel Augustus Autumn (@HenryAsh11) reported

    1, the staff: after a few years of discord experience the discord staff were quite unresponsive to any report or issue. then when they do get involved in anything since they trip to be 'hip with the kids' they can say 'uh oh this is a fucky wucky uwu sowwy'.

  • Ec_in_la Eddie Chang (@Ec_in_la) reported

    @FlareAIO @FlareRaffles @EscapeNotify Please help! I am member and can’t get in discord!!!!!!

  • MReaganDeLeo M. Reagan DeLeo (@MReaganDeLeo) reported

    @smada_bb Yahoo had a fantastic chat product then they took it down last year for "updates". It's back now but it hasn't retained that same functionality. Still head and shoulders above the competition in that regard. I'm struggling to pull guys off that chat and into our Discord now.

  • KittyandTea Kittea (@KittyandTea) reported

    I can't wait for this shift to be over, it was just A Week work-wise. (Already aired out the issues in discord lol but basically I just wanna Sleep)

  • EuclidianBoxes John Edwards (@EuclidianBoxes) reported

    @Eevee_Queen @NianticHelp It's not in their known issues list, but it seems new from the last update. Others in our Discord have seen it too

  • KozmicPlays Kozmic (@KozmicPlays) reported

    @NoCtrlOfficial I strongly feel this is a under represented card right now given everyone feels "you have to play shadow isles or you just lose" right now. Largely posted it for that reason since the official discord feels in burn down mode of "SI or bust"

  • ItMeT0kenMixer See y'all in 2 weeks when its Super Bowl Sunday (@ItMeT0kenMixer) reported

    @SummerOffRecord Either way, all you can do is keep digging down the rabbit hole and archiving. I'm actually gonna see if anyone discord that I'm on has even heard of this trifling dude on that steam before.

  • senne_alex Alex Senne (@senne_alex) reported

    @Sqwizzix Okay buddy cause my discord is broken

  • AndrewIsAPoopy ζ⃠ Andrew ζ⃠ (@AndrewIsAPoopy) reported

    Who wants to help me abolish the first amendment. Stupid#0859 call me on discord

  • luwunaaa ❄ Lunes ❄ (@luwunaaa) reported

    @discordapp @KompetenzSimba *write down a compliment* qwq

  • Simm0700 Paul (@Simm0700) reported

    @PlayTemtem We could do with an alert in game that it's going down, I'm not reading twitter or discord while I'm playing.

  • DolphinHunter Connor Galy (@DolphinHunter) reported

    @discordapp Hey, my iPhone is suffering packet loss during calls, as the big red bar indicates, but I’m unsure on how to fix it

  • TMHTF_Senpai TMHTF-Senpai 🔜 @ESA Winter 2020 (@TMHTF_Senpai) reported

    there’s a discord server that uses my face as emotes. I don’t like it. the owner of the server said it’s just banter.. when I told him that’s not ok. he refuses to take them down. RIP

  • Little_Otter_ AshenMaiden (@Little_Otter_) reported

    @discordapp ive been having the issue of old update notifications from october and november coming up every time i open the app and i wanted to see if deleting and reinstalling would help but im scared to lose my history any help is appreciated thanks

  • noctsandwich nocturnalsandwich (@noctsandwich) reported

    "Hey guys! @discordapp here, with a message for all our loyal customers! **** YOOOOUUUUU GIVE US $5 MORE A MONTH FOR ABSOLUTELY NOTHING OR WE TAKE IT ALL AWAY WEEEEEE" Can't wait to watch their product close it's doors when this last effort for profit comes crashing down.

  • sebas05000 Sebastian (@sebas05000) reported

    @Nicechaphere @leaksfann @firre1337 @ishanagarwal24 @Creggory @A_Siva_C I am on my note 9 as well lol on the beta i do multitask a lot so far no lags and no issues except from discord that i am also a beta tester on that app

  • bottlefam Bottlesfam Offical (@bottlefam) reported

    down the line with actual prizes to be won, if you or anyone you know would be interested in having their art showcased and put out there tell them about #bottlesfam and have them join the discord server where they can see what we have to offer for them.

  • Mendo Liquid Mendo (@Mendo) reported

    @Alchemister5 For someone pretty involved in esports I barely saw anything about the cod stream except one of my friends linking it in a common discord, even on YouTube just browsing it wasn’t anywhere to be seen. There are some clear points for improvement that can definitely help

  • DeadwaterMedia Deadwater Gaming (@DeadwaterMedia) reported

    @JustAnotherMug Our chat filter bot auto-bans anyone with profanities or the like in their username. Sometimes it has false-positives. If this was a false positive please DM MrMeows #5755 on Discord with the details and he'll unban you, and fix the false-positive with the bot :)

  • ladykaykutie999 Kimi Johnson (@ladykaykutie999) reported

    @discordapp cannot connect to your app in Arizona. Cannot find anyone else that is having issues.

  • nsPsclly Psclly (@nsPsclly) reported

    I'm constantly hearing sounds of people sending me messages in League and I feel oh so sorry for not being able to respond. Please, send me messages over discord or Twitter, not on League. Shit's broken.

  • zSideways Sideways (@zSideways) reported

    @discordapp Thanks for the help but turns out I just had to restart my pc my friend had that issue too

  • TheHavocCentral TheHavocCentral (@TheHavocCentral) reported

    @FutSpy Hello I purchased the discord membership yesterday and I still don’t have my link, please help

  • TheHavocCentral TheHavocCentral (@TheHavocCentral) reported

    @FutSpy Hello I purchased the discord membership yesterday and I still don’t have my link, please help

  • blackdragonbeq becca @ xenogears (@blackdragonbeq) reported

    so discord updated but Android version Still has the glitch of displaying blocked users on my friends' list 🤔🤔🤔

  • PerfectLegend PerfectLegend 🐝 (@PerfectLegend) reported

    @BetaComboZ I'm just tired of seeing him talk about he wants a long set and where are all the players at. Meanwhile lives down the street from me. In the discord. In Midwest DBFZ Chat etc. Whenever I hit him up hes busy but his PSN status says hes in practice mode.

  • ashharamir ashaar.x (@ashharamir) reported

    @discordapp my discord chat shows the wrong time, please fix this, im facing this since a few days now

  • entitywall 𝙙𝙖𝙢𝙤𝙣 𝙫𝙞 (@entitywall) reported

    Can anyone help me with my pc lol, my USB mic isnt getting recognized, and my headset doesnt put out any audio when I try and join a discord call

  • inoahguy___ noah (@inoahguy___) reported

    hey @discordapp i have had some bad problems with VC. i cant talk to my friends well as the connection on the windows version is just awful so impossible to speak, its ok in browser. all other apps are completely fine though.

  • RowenMclaren Çäłl më Čæł 『Ćømmîšíøñš Øpëñ』 (@RowenMclaren) reported

    There is this person in discord. They have a foot and burp fetish. I have nothing wrong with it but. I just feel uncomfortable,e being with them. I’m chatting with them at the moment, how do I make an excuse to leave the conversation #help

  • Wellmemedboi Jamie (@Wellmemedboi) reported

    @Abilityyyyy both my discord and twitter dms are empty. If you need help please message me.

  • ThonkingTeeVee T地区戦隊VEE 💿 (@ThonkingTeeVee) reported

    @ClaemClam @discordapp @Kev_1_n DUDE, YOU'RE A LIFE SAVER! - If you have a low-end computer and people complain about a pixely screenshare this Discord Canary somehow fixes those issue. I still get jumpy SS but that's just because of my CPU which it being upgraded soon (thanks @CookerTheCoolio, love you <3).

  • HideikaYT Hideika! (@HideikaYT) reported

    @Skule_Toyama We've tried to help you on discord but you won't take our advices

  • Anaconda420X Anaconda🐍 (@Anaconda420X) reported

    @TheModernKilla @discordapp Help this guy out @discordapp

  • GeneralMeeperz Khakii (@GeneralMeeperz) reported

    My discord has been down for 1.5 days now; crazy. No big deal tho, actually gave me further reason to do productive stuff

  • OxyOxspring Sean Oxspring 🧟‍♂️🏝️🧟‍♂️ (@OxyOxspring) reported

    @_SteveThornton I am not sure yet, I'm kinda making it up as I go along. I was planning to set up a discord and offer bi weekly / tri weekly one on ones to discuss current issues and offer advice.

  • skymagpie maria @ greymoor 🦇 (@skymagpie) reported

    After everything yesterday I am very sad that it all resulted in a dear friend of mine getting insulted and harassed by a PvP streamer, on the stream no less, for simply making a Discord server to gather people who can help each other during this event and play together.

  • UltraXDesignz U_ltra (@UltraXDesignz) reported

    Ight I don't know if Discord is broken.. but I'm legit struggling over some Discord permissions.. that won't save.

  • CorinGifford Corin Gifford (@CorinGifford) reported

    @SpoofBrowser HELP! my discord account was banned and idk where tf i can cancel payments, so i can't log in and i'm still being charged!

  • bluemontanasky bluemontanaskies (@bluemontanasky) reported

    @madamB5 @OOOlson @SenorPelon2 @2becourageous1 @davidhogg111 Today they'd both be moderates. Before all this discord, the used to be moderates in both parties that compromised and crossed over issues all the time... before party was more important than this country.

  • Lenny_Gab Lennart Gabrielsson (@Lenny_Gab) reported

    I read it in swedish... hmm small quote free mind... cope paste from discord... Lengab The cave came crumbling down, and as i stumbled and fell i saw my suitcase that i lost in athens airport some decades ago. I got so baffled that i forgot to fall. That is how i learned to fly.

  • FNJoshh Josh (@FNJoshh) reported

    @discordapp please help me my account is disabled please

  • captnvalkyrie_ Abby Morgan (@captnvalkyrie_) reported

    @discordapp @LilPinkVampire @Jack_Septic_Eye However the accounts have not been taken down

  • MacrayTophat Macray (@MacrayTophat) reported

    @Afgkid @Dax_the_fox1 @tortellinidance @psychokntcblast i get the anime girl saying it literally every time i open discord i thought it was just a glitch that started happening because of an update or something

  • AndrewAlm3 Andrew Alm (@AndrewAlm3) reported

    @discordapp tried changing the DNS settings still issue persists. Stuck on checking for updates. Cant access the webpage for discord either.

  • safe_secs Tiger Secs (@safe_secs) reported

    I might be interested in some Discord or even Twitch channels... anyone can help her (and me)

  • Axelarion Delusion Duster Axel (@Axelarion) reported

    @discordapp Still not having any luck, I can possibly send the error log if that's usable.

  • NoR213a NoR (@NoR213a) reported

    @discordapp I buy new nitro classic Anything it's okay but when I but gif it say you can't put that image Can you fix my problem and that my name in discord OB-NòRˣᴸ#٠٩٠٠

  • juicy2547 Kelsey (@juicy2547) reported

    @discordapp fix your damn security system for nitro!!!

  • CopKasai 🚔Cop Kasai🚔 (@CopKasai) reported

    Discord is a terrible platform

  • AndrewAlm3 Andrew Alm (@AndrewAlm3) reported

    @discordapp I can not connect to discord when im on wifi. But i can connect when on mobile data. Need help please!

  • yockdog yockdog (@yockdog) reported

    @A_dmg04 @discordapp Problem is your 1am is probably more like 3 or 4am for a bunch of your American buds.. let alone other parts of the world 🤪

  • Stevmc499 YTPowerPancake (@Stevmc499) reported

    @Sebabtianator I wish I'd seen this before I went and put it in the Psycrow glitch + tech Discord server... Thanks, though

  • BarkingMadMedia Jeff Ridout (@BarkingMadMedia) reported

    This is an example of the Suffering in the gaps. The more we improve our social society the more people struggle to find conflict and will revel in the gaps between. In this case, an irrelevant issue turned in to a media darling to cause discord for the sake of discord.

  • zaregg Zar (@zaregg) reported

    @MiniMukaYT The NokWok discord server is getting toxic, we need more mods and the admin is inactive, pls send help. WE NEED YOU

  • DownieSeb Robert Downie-Blackwell (@DownieSeb) reported

    @jelly_pack Agreed. Bernie would debate him on it. This whole "my bubble can't intersect with that bubble!" Screeching doesn't help the discord.

  • BattleMeleon87 BattleMeleon87 (@BattleMeleon87) reported

    @A_dmg04 @discordapp LOL - we had to shut that shit down in the FWC discord