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Dota 2 is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game developed and published by Valve Corporation. Dota 2 is played in matches between two teams that consist of five players, with both teams occupying their own separate base on the map.

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  • Tsurug1_Dota Tsurug1 (SolidWorks Commission open!) (@Tsurug1_Dota) reported

    Wukong Broken in Dota 2 Broken in League of Legends but Broken in Dota 2 because he is OP as **** Broken in League of Legends because he's a useless piece of shit

  • panick1n Dan K (@panick1n) reported

    @OnFireSemmler Imagine paying for a service to play in a more competitive environment in other games like lol/dota, these games dont rely on such 3rd party services but csgo, a game that made at least a billion dollars cant deliver a better MM system after being around for almost 10 years now

  • kuronoakira93 Ahmad Sanchez (@kuronoakira93) reported

    The problem with eg is they lack creativity in draft..yeah they have great skill but dota is team game

  • reaolejja Олег (@reaolejja) reported

    @fajarunggul @ramzes playing dota, they would've reshafle 10 times rather then find problem it themselves smh

  • premkamble12 Maya Xue (@premkamble12) reported

    @VICI @EvilGeniuses Just get this over with, DotA looks more shittier with those broken hero combo's. It's like you don't need any mechanical skill to win in DotA these days, just spam so called "Broken/META" heroes and win. Which is why everyone needs that patch to apply on their burnt ass.

  • kennleandre Kenn (@kennleandre) reported

    the problem with esports in many SEA countries isn't the talent, infrastructure or lack of interest But it's because esports & policies are being handled by folks who can't tell Dota from LoL, FIFA from PES or even CoD from CS the last game they ever played was probably Pong

  • rbocarrot Dani (@rbocarrot) reported

    DOTA major in LA! But too close to Japan trip to go ;-; 1st world problems fr

  • Nanashrew Jason Lacour (@Nanashrew) reported

    @Nanashrew i believe only smash brothers has ever done this in the history of the show. it came out in december, therefore not eligable for 2018 awards, but now eligable in the 2019 awards. it's the only game i can find atm that has done this outside of service games like dota

  • iamjibriil jIbRiL (@iamjibriil) reported

    @DOTA2 fix ur ******* SERVERS

  • Tobbe___93 Tobias Bräckestam (@Tobbe___93) reported

    @DOTA2 @savvyxxl Whyyy is your servers offline random.. How can that be a problem still after all these years..

  • w0lken İbrahim M Çakmak (@w0lken) reported

    @gnatdagnat @ClutchDota2 @henrydota2 dear sir @JenkinsDota, hear this out pls. people still don't realize this and it blows my mind. THE PROBLEM OF DOTA RIGHT NOW IS THE W/L based assessment. this approach kills the quality signal with a HUUGE noise.

  • autodidact_ Autodidact on autopilot (@autodidact_) reported

    ...Now I can't stand MMO's, I quit Dota 2 after a 10k+ hour addiction, and I am most certainly not working in the gamedev industry. All of this sounds like a glowup to me, so I'll take it 🙃

  • stuchiuWriter stuchiu (@stuchiuWriter) reported

    Not sure if it's a trend or coincidence, but outside of Dota2 game devs seem to patch games to deal with superficial elements rather than trying to fix core pillars that constitute the foundation of the game.

  • ChasePack_ ChasePack (@ChasePack_) reported

    @SaiyanGodSasuke @Gr4uMbLe @Fitzyhere @iddqd @PlayOverwatch The game had 21 heroes on launch and it was fine. The game now has 31 heroes, banning 2 of them would not be a problem. Dota has about 120 heroes, but TEN are banned each game. Also consider that, unlike in MOBAs, every hero can be chosen by BOTH TEAMS in a game of overwatch.

  • agungwahydi34 4th and 5th is feeding position (@agungwahydi34) reported

    another problem of toxic behavior @DOTA2 after reporting system'. some player on support role (hard & soft) just want to play to get fast queue. Basically they are just throwing the match even before begun & get out as soon as they can

  • DashOCE Zak Holman (@DashOCE) reported

    I urge Dota teams affected by qualifier date changes to really think about the foundational problems with the DPC system and not focus their rage at TO's

  • __________ipis Ipis (@__________ipis) reported

    @princessjainaa Stressed or not, on mood or not, I'm playing Dota cuz there's no one esle i can turn to when I'm having such a hard time living and a hard time solving my own problems.

  • Spectre_06Live Spectre_06 Gaming (@Spectre_06Live) reported

    New punishment system in @DOTA2 : Went from 3 reports to 8 reports in about seven games. Three of those reports were from a stack of three trolls. No comms issues. Can't queue for two days, 4 games of LP, and "score" stopped from 3.8k to 2.3k. Good system.

  • PeachT16 💞~Eve, The Demonic Whore ~💓 (@PeachT16) reported

    @ConnerMorphew @yepyyay @Muscat_Malcolm_ @valvesoftware The entire company was not working on this game, Valve is separated into teams that work on individual projects. Their standards as a company are so ******* low that it's to the point where they just put out the bare minimum required to keep csgo/dota running. Don't expect much.

  • msaidramadhan good luck, have fun (@msaidramadhan) reported

    Fix dota underlords please. It's freezing every battle. Help gaben

  • GamerTagCS gamertag (@GamerTagCS) reported

    now valve can fix their attention back to their love child (dota lol) and leave us in the dust for another few :p

  • thisisastra ASTRA (@thisisastra) reported

    @istealfromkids1 **** dota, marry PRG, kill DDJ. prg will take care of me, dota is good but has commitment problems.

  • mahendra_oyen17 kang sambat (@mahendra_oyen17) reported

    @oneesportsgg Dota 2. For some people it's just a video game, but for me it's more than a video game. Dota 2 just like a savior to me. It save me from some problems with my mental illness. It's way better than alcohol and drugs. Thank you so much Dota 2. #ONEDota2 #OGYS #oneesportsgg

  • ClutchDota2 Dakota (@ClutchDota2) reported

    this is the problem with dota. 1 person out of 10 can just swing 4 hours of the other 9 peoples lives. the ladder isnt worth climbing. all getting 7k means is youll have 5k teammates vs another 7k playing with 5k teammates.

  • aycege Chad (@aycege) reported

    Hey @BeyondTheSummit Please type "rate 200000" on the observer pc's dota console, it removes lag from spells etc .

  • mateshiiiiiiiii Arashi 嵐 (@mateshiiiiiiiii) reported

    @Lordlbn 😂 bro u should join and put dota problems like shitty cores🤣🤣

  • deniaL_Dota Lazaros Thomaidis (@deniaL_Dota) reported

    @DOTA2 Hey. i just played a game and when ancient was about to fall, i just disconected, and could not reconect back.I had not internet issue, i was connected to internet, and the game did not scored.

  • TababayXD p1se (@TababayXD) reported

    Dota's matchmaking is broken. Tsk2

  • miguelxnzures nap god (@miguelxnzures) reported

    Yo, MDL!! Fix @tsunami643’s mic 🤭 I need to hear what he’s sayin 😂 love this guy being in DoTA2 events, man.

  • defnotshix andreea l 🇷🇴 (@defnotshix) reported

    i’ll have to wait for new ranked season on tft to stream + gotta fix the ms problem if i’m gonna play soloq or dota🧐 might take a while

  • DanPryce Dan Pryce (@DanPryce) reported

    @DannyColclough When in doubt, go and moan about it on the Internet. I won my first game of Dota Underlords straight after writing a blog post about how I would fix the genre. #gamedev

  • Dachi53603591 Dachi (@Dachi53603591) reported

    @redditdota2 When play dota dont turn on google chrome ez fix

  • premkamble12 Maya Xue (@premkamble12) reported

    @HyperDota Game has reached the point where one no longer needs the mechanical skill or APM to dominate I each other in the pro matches all they need are broken tool's. Idea was to bring more creativity by making DotA so overwhelming but with these constant patches came bug's which no one.

  • animegamezone AGZ (@animegamezone) reported

    WTF is this Earthshaker Morphling! Its too broken... EG vs Aster Game 2 #Dota2 #MDLChengduMajor

  • FreddyJBear FJB (@FreddyJBear) reported


  • SkandaRajeev Skanda rajeev (@SkandaRajeev) reported

    @redditdota2 It is because u chose captions mode, most of the places have this same problem. Go for ranked, probably will take just 10 minutes. #dota2

  • BragSpring BragSpring (@BragSpring) reported

    to @FNATIC dota 2 squad. If you are using QWER and if your Q is not working check out what language you are using it. Valve has set this to work on EN only. When i'm changing languages between EN and BG and if i forget to switch of to EN Q hotkey doesnt work.

  • AdmiralBulldog Henrik Ahnberg (@AdmiralBulldog) reported

    Can the people moderating reddit dota 2 fix people misusing NSFW, thanks :)

  • rohils_t Rohil Shrestha (@rohils_t) reported

    @DOTA2 fast queue is so broken that we archons 5 man party gets matched against ancients and lose games in a row in a losing streak..... Pls fix

  • MonochromePat King Asch 🐲 (@MonochromePat) reported

    "See, these cause a LOT of problems," a classmate says. "Like your personality, Patrick," says the local trash gremlin. He cackles and continues to play DOTA.

  • DaggyIsutsa Daisu (@DaggyIsutsa) reported

    @DCI_Kenya If these is my dota she needs some good discipline. Good job though i feel someone is wasting our resource that could be deployed to del with issues that needs DCI intervention.

  • Konni Konni Winkler (@Konni) reported

    Biggest problem in low rank Dota matchmaking: smurfs.

  • SparkTangent Jayson Garner (@SparkTangent) reported

    @ChhamEric @DOTA2 @steam_games @steam_games halp. Our team is broken without him.

  • TalkingCloaca TalkingCloaca (@TalkingCloaca) reported

    @clover_nsfw they're bots, it's a new thing going around where theu ask you to join comp stacks if you play tf2 dota or csgo, then send you to a spoofed steam login page

  • TaytayHawthorne Taylor Hawthorne (@TaytayHawthorne) reported

    Yo Dota devs, can you please ******* fix Pudge's Flesh Heap, it's ******* stupid

  • JonesSoda8 JayBree (@JonesSoda8) reported

    @SamitoFPS @PlayOverwatch @Blizzard_Ent My biggest issue is honestly this outrage culture over changes. Why are you yelling at devs who know the game better. Like yeah taking advice for pros is good, something ice Frog does with dota 2. But for the love of all stopping yelling to the heavens like you know it all.

  • Reverie13_ Rêverie (@Reverie13_) reported

    @DOTA2 Can u even deal with smurfing problem ffs...

  • Coach_Bombay99 Richie Rich (@Coach_Bombay99) reported

    @DOTA2 20+ minute que times plus game time wasted with toxic shitty players I can only play 1 game a day fix your shit

  • azwanfathom yami (@azwanfathom) reported

    hello @DOTA2 pls fix the coordinator problem

  • Liquidxkaze owo this (@Liquidxkaze) reported

    @DOTA2 fix server wtffff its down

  • mpaiz_ F a i z (@mpaiz_) reported

    @DOTA2 please fix ur server

  • The192cmGuy - (@The192cmGuy) reported

    If y'all dont fix this server shit in 30 minutes, im deleting this ***** ass games @DOTA2

  • khrlnwr_ your lecturer (@khrlnwr_) reported

    @DOTA2 hey fix the server

  • StickmanMike Arthur Morgan (@StickmanMike) reported

    @DOTA2 all this money...and your shit is still not working. Corny.

  • z3479987 牧草爱洗澡 (@z3479987) reported

    @steam_games because the love of dota, he gave so much money on it. Most of the inventory is not related to the recharge three months ago  If there is a problem with the recharging 3 months ago, whether the corresponding product can be recycled directly

  • DmnPix515 🎄🎁Demon Tristana🎁🎄🇭🇰 (@DmnPix515) reported

    Here's a SUPER MEGA CRAZY IDEA Maybe not buy every ******* subscription service if you wanna replace cable Just get one that you'll know you'll enjoy the most, then switch every month or two. If I can do so for Dota+ and WoW, you can do it for Netflix and Disney+

  • RepublicaOG República Old Gamer (@RepublicaOG) reported

    @DOTA2 ,10k of conduct and your stupid match making system keeps unbalanced, putting me to play with a bunch of toxic and bad players. Fix this shit!

  • egoprob Rocky (@egoprob) reported

    @DOTA2 that feed back form that u guys ask us after every gameis not working!!!! i either have to carry my own game as 1v5 or lose it never is 5v5

  • Facchan11 Facchan @ (@Facchan11) reported

    imagine playing dota 2. somehow get to eu west server. when there's big fight my entire pc crash even my obs... there's goes my 8 hour stream

  • The_Rab1 Rab 🚀 (@The_Rab1) reported

    Dude. Fix the performance. You can’t even run #WorldOfWarcraft on it properly. 15 years ago, it worked fine on my MacBook. #Apple has dropped the ball on this product. The keyboard SUCKS. The price tag is unreasonable for the trash performance. #Dota2 doesn’t even run properly...