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Dota 2 is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game developed and published by Valve Corporation. Dota 2 is played in matches between two teams that consist of five players, with both teams occupying their own separate base on the map.

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  • BittersweetPuff Cake of Love (@BittersweetPuff) reported

    That moment when you run big event but you run into problems because its Poland and there is no Dota installed on PCs #ESLOne

  • sjokz Eefje Depoortere (@sjokz) reported

    @MrBaneBlade @Cyborgmatt Could very well be so, but I have no issue with the situation being talked about. I am intrigued as to why Dota and CS:GO are being brought in to seemingly compare, for no apparent reason

  • pixesca esca (@pixesca) reported

    @MarsMedia My dudes I don't know what's happnening to Dota 2 client but during that Game 3 EG vs VG most people had severe lag watching it from Dota 2 client. BTS stream seems fine bc they're streaming from the lobby I guess.

  • _bbdaniels Benjamin Daniels (@_bbdaniels) reported

    @shooksoul JFC I've worked three weekends in a row and I walked in on the IT person in C building vaping at his desk and playing DotA and on discord and they won't issue researchers a second screen and don't be surprised if that building burns down next week

  • roboRammy bleep bloop 🤖🦊 (@roboRammy) reported

    If you see me screeching in frustration 15 hours from now, it's because my internet is still broken and won't let me play Dota

  • boyzz9515 boyzz9515 (@boyzz9515) reported

    Miracle ez rampage troll is a broken hero #MDLMacau #Dota2

  • mavictoriaaaaa_ freedaamnnn (@mavictoriaaaaa_) reported

    haven't played for 3 days and i'm losing my shit. i need my daily dota fix

  • Mauvai_00 Simon Coulter (@Mauvai_00) reported

    @NahazDota @LyricalDota As a proud r/dota2 member, I can confirm this. Honestly, I don't hate GSL, but I do hate GSL with bad seeding, and bad seeding is such a consistent issue. Plus, there's ppd's point - if 3rd place loses to 2, beats 4, and loses to 2 again you only lose to win team in a group of 4

  • JustALowlife Just a lowlife (@JustALowlife) reported

    @Deestinyer @Sirhaian I mean so is Apex and Dota 2 and if you plan on playing a game for as long as everyone in this community has played league, I don't think paying money is a problem shit, probably everyone who played the game for more than a year has spent more on it than the price of any game

  • Nors3 Nors3 (@Nors3) reported

    @EL_pANdaRL @DonStepan @HOUNGOUNGAGNE @izaklive @csgo_dev In the end same happened to Dota, Valve only moved when the issue became big. They'll be at Katowice I suppose, so it will be nice if someone can ask them to finish this topic in any way.

  • EL_pANdaRL Yehor Kolomiets (@EL_pANdaRL) reported

    @Nors3 @DonStepan @HOUNGOUNGAGNE @izaklive An issue, that this statement were provided with topic name "Broadcasting Dota2" and everything was said about DotaTV, not the original content. Until @csgo_dev wouldn't write same statement, there always will be open questions.

  • NabilNazeem Nabil.exe (@NabilNazeem) reported

    Dota server down

  • Archyes_Dota Archyes (@Archyes_Dota) reported

    @BTSGoDz @LyricalDota only 18 hours of dota a day this week,there must ba a timezone where you can squeeze in 6 hours of a tournament to fix this

  • Electrode_7 🍔 Electrode 🇺🇸 Lvl 8 (@Electrode_7) reported

    >Valve could have had Dota Auto Chess >chose Artifact instead >now China is getting it >Valve has to pay more if they want it The disconnect is real holy shit

  • JonnyConk JonnyConk (@JonnyConk) reported

    @BudskiGB @LeGioOchoa @RockstarGames Making the in game economy broken just for the sake of selling more product is a poor way of doing it. DoTA is the perfect example of micro transactions done right. But making a completely illogical economy just for the sake of moving product is not professional.

  • Anuxinamoon Stephanie Everett (@Anuxinamoon) reported

    @joeowlart @KotakuAU "Valves latest patch to fix bugs in custom games (Dota Chess) are now breaking dota2" - reddit post

  • MelBlanc10 MelBlanc (@MelBlanc10) reported

    @skaiiiiiiiiii Agreed. I have brought quite few of my DOTA friends over. Only issue is that they get to T10 so fast and then get bored. VG needs to make the game more difficult in order to keep actual MOBA players interested and stay. For me VG has always just been for fun, in bed at work etc

  • Johen_ Johen_ 🌀 (@Johen_) reported

    @redditdota2 @DOTA2 Dota Plus is broken. Give back our battle pass :v

  • EternalSL Universe (@EternalSL) reported

    @FollowMag_ I know how to resolve this problem... Dota chess club open for you 🤓

  • GiantsMets15 bill (@GiantsMets15) reported

    @day9tv @PurgeGamers damn need my mid week dota fix. been itchin for a few weeks now.

  • VendettaSZN C3 Vendetta (@VendettaSZN) reported

    @Wollfay in csgo, overwatch, league, dota etc if you suck then you suck its simple as that. With cod it caters to kids that suck and thats the biggest problem. There is no skill gap in pubs. You have xxsniperbobxxhax with a titan lmg sitting on a head glitch just mowing kids down dumb asf

  • amirulariffinn Amirul Ariffin (@amirulariffinn) reported

    Dota is having some coordinator issues....

  • dotstdy Josh Simmons (@dotstdy) reported

    I'm kind of surprised more games don't do yoloswag "letter" patches like Dota, when stuff is just, a little too broken. (lookin at you, wingman)

  • n0lovedeepw3b ©©©©©©©® (@n0lovedeepw3b) reported

    chinese import man please fix dota auto chess' balance its ******* unplayable if you are not going elves

  • NeedsMoreGrey Josh Grey (@NeedsMoreGrey) reported

    Buttons not working correctly in a game is super frustrating, especially when it gets you killed. GAHH! Stupid DOTA Auto Chess.

  • Gaaaboooy 👽 (@Gaaaboooy) reported

    @DOTA2 fix matchmaking please

  • kyawthet013 kt- (@kyawthet013) reported

    dota is broken :')

  • Zemphes411 Zemphes (@Zemphes411) reported

    Yo Dota is pretty fun even though I’ve only played a few minutes of it, the only problem is PEOPLE ARE ACCUSING ME OF NAMING THINGS AFTER STUFF FROM DOTA WHICH I AM NOT

  • tkCGNDC CGNDC (@tkCGNDC) reported

    @DOTA2 i dont know whats problem with my account but when i use my main account its so lag and sometimes disconnect but if i use other account it plays so smoothly

  • anthonicisimo Anthony Hernandez (@anthonicisimo) reported

    @DOTA2 And you buff anti mage and no nerf for tinker broken stupid hero

  • cmtk23 cmtk23 (@cmtk23) reported

    @_H_o_f_m_a_n_ @AdmiralBulldog @DOTA2 @IceFrog @wykrhm As long as i get my money, its not my problem GabeN

  • Georgikunkka Georgi Ivanov (@Georgikunkka) reported

    Dota 2 is the most stupid game I’ve ever played .. The MMR calibration is so broken i just cant believe it. @DOTA2 Idk how for so many years you didn’t improve the system

  • qoy_qoy Abdul Qoyum H. (@qoy_qoy) reported from Depok, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta

    I miss dota a lot since my pc broken 😢😢😢

  • Kipspul Muriëlle "Kips" Huisman (@Kipspul) reported

    This propeller plane holds @NiPGaming, @ChaosEC and @goFORWARDgg dota squads, plus yours truly. If we go down, please loudly ping the crash site and accuse the pilot of getting boosted in our honour.

  • rahengga thariq hevaga putra (@rahengga) reported

    @MSigitWi @TrioSusilo25 No, not like that brader, your English is stay still but dota is broken

  • couchpotatocolm colm barry (@couchpotatocolm) reported

    Reduced my dota settings to a fuzzy but functional mess, and my issues with getting into lobbies seem to have cleared up, but now I'm getting screwed pretty hard by shop rng. Was about to hit Bishop earlier this week, pretty sure that last loss put me in ****

  • inomibil Mon Libi (@inomibil) reported

    @bh14r4b0z4d4 Everytime I login and wanna play solo, I end up going to dota chess. ALWAYS. 😂

  • brokencodebot Broken Code Bot (@brokencodebot) reported

    in-game tooltip and movespeed cap broken again after Dota2 update today

  • plantz_hs Plantz (@plantz_hs) reported

    I just started playing dota auto chess and i must say i havent been this addicted to a game since LoL and hearthstone. Only problem i have is the community plays on some garbage pcs! Its hard to start games bc these bungaroos cant load in!

  • saraceni_br Rafael Saraceni (@saraceni_br) reported

    @dan_abramov Had the same problem with Dota 2. I gave up and Uninstalled it =(

  • Vengeful Yashveer (@Vengeful) reported

    @steam_games DoTa 2 servers down ..... in SA

  • tohka_aryani 🅱️ohka (@tohka_aryani) reported

    So apparently Apex Legends was the cause of my graphical issues. :( Nowadays I have issues on Nox and Dota.

  • JadTermsani JadT26 🤔 (@JadTermsani) reported

    @DOTA2 ffs fix your matchmaking system .. you make 10 million dollars a day FIX YOUR MATCHMAKING You only match me with ******* monkeys

  • parquesomedia Parkes (@parquesomedia) reported

    @Andy__SPG @S1ntec @RiotMAXtheX @Shakarez It's a different game and has way different ways to play. Go watch Dota then. This is not a problem. The only weird thing about this situation is they aren't making it across every region.

  • empty_roses spiderverse in SSBU 🥊🕷 (@empty_roses) reported

    once fortnite dies, none of these companies are going to give a shit about the game and that's the problem i have with this stuff. it's a far reach from established esports like LoL, dota, or csgo which don't necessarily grovel for mainstream attention as much.

  • si_Benga Bhatara Poetra (@si_Benga) reported

    @darma4ward @evaaputri Error 404 : dota 2 not found

  • Valkimedes Makoto (@Valkimedes) reported

    @dotmops @AdmiralBulldog I don't think dota is close to die. The problem is the lack of punishment. People feel save to ruin games.

  • NomadPhilip Phil Russell (@NomadPhilip) reported

    @ForHonorGame may have its issues, but anyone can see that the development team is at least trying. At least throwing shit at the wall to see if it sticks. @SMITEGame is sitting on its laurels, seemingly happen to be third place behind the titans of @LeagueOfLegends and @DOTA2

  • AlonzoeulB Alonzo Blue-Davidson (@AlonzoeulB) reported

    I have like 80 hours on Dota 2 now and it’s only because of Auto Chess. I have a problem. Please save me

  • neozero497 Elliott is katsucrunching! (@neozero497) reported

    @CodeNewbies Rn my slowest is at home actually, and it doesn't effect much except i can't play dota due to latency issues. OVer my life. I once had a 14.4 kb modem. Yeah. That was awful.

  • xander_421 DaFuq World? (@xander_421) reported

    @PlayApex Dear Apex Game please help me get a good ping in yout game im playing from Indonesia and usually i got a good decent ping in other game like csgo lol pubg and dota but why my game lag so much is it because the ping or the loss idk

  • TheMelvinMan TheMelvinMan (@TheMelvinMan) reported

    @LeagueOfLegends The no farm top meta is actual garbage to face.... conquerer makes tanks literally impossible to talk, the game feels like its falling apart... Why does DOTA2 seem like a better solution, the gold generation is seeming to be an issue

  • PounceitCS Francis Gerard 👑 (@PounceitCS) reported

    @opskinsgo 1.CSGO because that's the only game I am descent at 2.Dota 2 I used to play it but now I suck 3.Apex Legends is a really fun game the only problem is I'm not that good

  • AyushmanOnion Ayushman (@AyushmanOnion) reported

    @DOTA2 too many boosters :C Valve pls fix

  • knoddy7 Knoddy7 (@knoddy7) reported

    @POTP2015 @Leafeator 120% this. Was going to post this exact comment. Not a problem that exists only in Dota. Anonymity makes people feel bullet proof and they just let rip

  • RitcherRosell Anhedonia (@RitcherRosell) reported

    Unable to counterplay and gets a haste effect from 0 minute broken hero asf. #nerfIo #dota2

  • JBriner6 Joey Briner (@JBriner6) reported

    Been trying to talk to someone from @riotgames @RiotSupport for 5 days now to get a problem solved and still nothing. I’m about 5 minutes from perma switching to dota

  • KrunoBB Kruno Bb (@KrunoBB) reported

    When are you going to fix this garbage game @PlayHearthstone Rexxar LUL. @DOTA2 ftw.

  • nobunaga1708 NOBUNAGA (@nobunaga1708) reported

    @wax_io @superiorkram this guy always stream dota 2.but he have a broken mic. so yeah he needs it.

  • dudukdibelakang Tida berprestasy karena (@dudukdibelakang) reported

    @Foggeddota They havent fix the tiny toss + buyback bug yet. Plz fix it @IceFrog @DOTA2