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Dota 2 is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game developed and published by Valve Corporation. Dota 2 is played in matches between two teams that consist of five players, with both teams occupying their own separate base on the map.

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  • inizee90 Zee (@inizee90) reported

    Dota 2 is broken

  • ckloo1234 Ck Loo (@ckloo1234) reported

    @DOTA2 fix your garbage server please

  • Shiibbo Shib (@Shiibbo) reported

    @socksandsandalc @Dota2BRA @wykrhm @DOTA2 Australia China south server is down pls fix

  • KoB_BladeZ BladeZ (@KoB_BladeZ) reported

    @haimiks @RodGunshot @ipakCSGO @Xyp9x In Dota this is WAY less a problem.

  • NabilArab26 Nabil (@NabilArab26) reported

    Fix dah, goodbye dota 2.i can't play u anymore...

  • tutorial_b TutorialB (@tutorial_b) reported

    @DOTA2 So Void spirit is pretty ******* broken atm, mind doing the community a favor and nerf him.

  • essenceidentity 𝕋ꫝꫀ ꫀડડꫀꪀᥴꫀ ⅈᦔꫀꪀ𝕥ⅈ𝕥ꪗ🇨🇦 ⧖ ▀▄▀▄▀▄ ⁶³⁹𝒽z ▄▀▄▀▄▀ (@essenceidentity) reported

    @NickHohol @Apple @AnonK3k @Microsoft @StarCraft @DOTA2 I hope you solve this issue. 😬

  • mhaniifa Hanif (@mhaniifa) reported

    Dota 4 is so broken Lets go back to counter strike darling Or give it back to blizzard!

  • imoutocock SISTER🍅RESPECTER (@imoutocock) reported

    @skoliopoesis no no, league supports are the healsluts. dota supports are service tops

  • EdinEdsan ◤✠◢ DL do Suporte/Backup/Hotline 🧬🍺 (@EdinEdsan) reported

    Hello Mr. @wykrhm @DOTA2 please fix South American (Brazil) server. We ARE STILL unable to play at all.

  • Dota2BRA Dota 2 Brasil (@Dota2BRA) reported

    Hello Mr. @wykrhm @DOTA2 please fix South American (Brazil) server. We ARE STILL unable to play at all.

  • NightLiveGames NightLiveGames (@NightLiveGames) reported

    @DOTA2 your game is broken yet again...

  • Asdacb Hullllllioo (@Asdacb) reported

    Dota is broken

  • Slagchambers Varcha (@Slagchambers) reported

    @Chris_Matychuk @AngriestPat Either they have it or they have the problem Dota 2 had, where they had like 10 minute queue times in what is the equivilent of bronze

  • yohanantelo yohan (@yohanantelo) reported

    @DOTA2 Can't find a ******* match!!!!!!! Almost 30 minutes searching for it!!! @DOTA2 fix it please!

  • tyforseTV Tyforse (@tyforseTV) reported

    @twitchsupport you have a major bot problem in #dota2. Scammer impersonating @EvilGeniuses @Phillip_Aram

  • WeyaoSamson MSWeyao (@WeyaoSamson) reported

    Pole my dota some of us have gone through some more serious problems but we trusted in God and game out of them un scattered so suicide is not the solution but un Godily, the solution lies in Jesus christ. Talk to your church pastor he will be able to help you my dota.

  • FredyFakhry OdinDota (@FredyFakhry) reported

    Can u just fix this ****** shit @DOTA2 what the actual **** is happening every game i have divines in my team when im top 800 immortal support and i lose like 35 to 40 mmr , how is this balanced , your game @valvesoftware is unplayable

  • jdeeplays John Ramos de Jesus (@jdeeplays) reported

    LD - IO duo is actually broken on this patch please fix @IceFrog @DOTA2

  • azwtanz az (@azwtanz) reported

    @DOTA2 Useless update..!! Fix your matchmaking system for player that not using dota plus instead of 7.23c,d,e or else..!! 😅

  • Dota2BRA Dota 2 Brasil (@Dota2BRA) reported

    Hello Mr. @wykrhm @DOTA2 please fix South American (Brazil) server. We are currently unable to play at all.

  • LunaVictrus Trevor (@LunaVictrus) reported

    @Thooorin @MosesGG Isn't the main issues that some form of white noise generation and some distance from the crowd is generally required. At least dota generally has had the blessing of those

  • pukingguile Puking Guile (@pukingguile) reported


  • MVPArty666 Satyakam (@MVPArty666) reported

    @HayzPUBG True , navi did bench players in other game rosters for internal issues (dota 2). They take it seriously I guess

  • apexkid1 Aditya Chaturvedi (@apexkid1) reported

    @DOTA2 This time you better go upto Z to balance this broken meta.

  • a_akmal123 Berlin (@a_akmal123) reported

    @GabeBondLewis @ramaluqman @redditdota2 @DOTA2 Ya2 up to you, if the person still wanna play dota, he/she will still play even though the patch is broken as ****.

  • vmgranhao Vasco Granhão (@vmgranhao) reported

    @DOTA2 Absolutely hate the Magnus change. The main issue with the hero is how fast he farms in the mid role and how early he gets to a 3k health pool. Nerf the STR gain and reduce his base STR slightly and the issue would be resolved itself.

  • Professor_Mac_ Professor Mac (@Professor_Mac_) reported

    @TheWheeltrain @The_Only_Cross @deadheaddabz @redditdota2 @DOTA2 Yeah I get that the game is meant to end when tier 5 items become available, but I know that if I were on the other team, I would be pissed. Literally this one item...the only item of the tier 5s that could potentially be broken for a carry like ck, happens to drop and we win.

  • ursinity Ursi (@ursinity) reported

    news flash: ignoring things is not a solution to a widespread problem! we've literally been ignoring bigotry (joking or not) in dota (and other games') community forever!

  • ZHeaveny Zinedine Ray Heaveny (@ZHeaveny) reported

    BUG, dota keep crashing when i play party ranked games. :(( @DOTA2 pls fix

  • Dota2BRA Dota 2 Brasil (@Dota2BRA) reported

    hey @wykrhm @DOTA2 fix DOTA TV

  • Adam_Cane Adam Cane (@Adam_Cane) reported

    @redditdota2 @DOTA2 New patch is broken, lose one fight around 30 min, enemy team gets random items for free and wins down mid. Not worth the time

  • PaNeJoN556 PaNeJoN พเนจร 流浪 (‘-’*) (@PaNeJoN556) reported

    dota is broken

  • premkamble12 Maya Xue (@premkamble12) reported

    @TobiWanDOTA @Ceb_dota Why are you silent still looking at this broken garbage instead of seeing these days and getting hurt, I like the mass crowd killing DotA with just the rumor's of it being dead.

  • RisunoGG Risuno // Play 🌃UNI🌌! (@RisunoGG) reported

    @GFAnBi @Sajam Both League and DotA run into hardware issues during tournaments SO OFTEN, I really don't understand what's going on there. I've played League for 3 years and didn't have to do anything even once.

  • GFAnBi AnBi (@GFAnBi) reported

    @Sajam they pause Dota matches all the time because of issues with the hardware...

  • Nerdboy26195147 Sweet Notes (@Nerdboy26195147) reported

    This update is soooo BROKEN TOO MUCH!!!!!!!!! #ONEDota2 #oneesportsgg #dota2 #theoutlanders

  • sharknateo nate of the north pole 🎅 (@sharknateo) reported

    @Swedeinne i find it easier than french bc i can recite dota by basshunter w out a problem

  • ibbrouhimm brhmmm (@ibbrouhimm) reported

    Dota is broken

  • abu3beed619 Abdul (@abu3beed619) reported

    @DOTA2 I never been mad like this, but **** u dota and ur broken hero lone Druid 🖕🏽

  • abu3beed619 Abdul (@abu3beed619) reported

    @DOTA2 ******* fix this broken hero lone Druid

  • CataractPanda Hataract Panda (@CataractPanda) reported

    @super6plx I would love to see you break dota 2 But its already a broken mess

  • Finnschi_Pro Finn (@Finnschi_Pro) reported

    @imanazmn @TechYESCity Your problem is somewhere else. A CPU OC which gives ~+5% performance won't fix the stutter. As well as faster memory timings. My 1600 + 1060 +2400mhz 2*4gb run Dota 2 totally fine. I don't know where the problem is, but +5% CPU power won't do anything

  • ArtlessMammet ArtlessMammet (@ArtlessMammet) reported

    @VodafoneAU hey last few days i've had a dropout on my home internet at roughly midday for a few minutes at a time; this is an issue cos my dog is sick and i am home and all i have to do is play dota pls fix thanks :))

  • CorruptDropbear Dropbear | Mitchel (@CorruptDropbear) reported

    @AngriestPat as much of a Dota 2 fanboy I am, that's not an issue for LoL (maybe 1% inflation). LoL is big because they have a large monopoly as the big MOBA/ARTS in South Korean LAN cafes.

  • scantzor Anthony Hodgson (@scantzor) reported

    Whenever I read comments on reddit & twitter saying the N word is only an issue in the US I kinda read them as "I never interact with black people." That so many in our community can say this probably speaks to why Dota has almost no visibly black contingent.

  • pwnywise Pawlina (@pwnywise) reported

    @FredrikMark1 @AdmiralBulldog So the source of problem here is not bulldog, but the guys who use the name as brand, literally race baiting the whole dota community

  • hafizfarhannn ill mind of 𝓱𝓪𝓯𝓲𝔃 (@hafizfarhannn) reported

    the problem with playing dota malam malam ni is that now i cant sleep and esok full day lecture fml

  • snaperraj Rajiv Cauilan (@snaperraj) reported

    @TobiWanDOTA @DOTA2 @DreamHackDota RNG is not overly broken. A few balance patches would be nice. Its still too ealry to though that there ia a broken rng action/event/item though unless we se more plays in the next few weeks

  • AdzmiQ Adzmi Qulafareno. (@AdzmiQ) reported

    Dota 2 + patch 7.23= broken game

  • musicstudent_ Ivan M (@musicstudent_) reported

    @GranDGranT @ZyoriTV @sheepsticked Voice gone or not, you should refuse to cast any more games until @DOTA2 publicly announces their official plans to fix Source 2 replays in Dota for good. It's pathetic that they can get away with this buggy mess for so long. Not just casters but all pro teams are affected.

  • RickGlassington Meme-Terrorist (@RickGlassington) reported

    @blackroomsec got someone like that in my life, he's hounded me for a decade, can't life-ruin because he already pissed off the secret service real bad, but every once in a blue moon I look at his steam profile and see his hour count in DOTA 2 slowly creep to 10,000...

  • GautamV74 Gautam Vishwanathan (@GautamV74) reported

    Please change how weaver shukuchi, tiny and Magnus skewer work right away... They're broken @IceFrog @wykrhm #dota2 @DreamHackDota

  • Ghostikdota Andrew Kadyk (@Ghostikdota) reported

    Now dota crashes while watching replays, fix please @DOTA2

  • scantzor Anthony Hodgson (@scantzor) reported

    @MrUzumaki2 Yes except this exact kind of bad luck would not cause the same kind of problems for many other teams. This isn't only true of Dota, poorer folk are always most affected by bad weather and we should design our systems with that in mind.

  • Paaaathatas Path (@Paaaathatas) reported

    Nigma, EG, TNC all struggling because of this stupid patch. EG lost to an alchemist with a broken ass item with 17% lifesteal that he got for free. Fun times ahead for the pro scene @DOTA2

  • peaceanonym0us peace (@peaceanonym0us) reported

    @henrydota2 dota matchmaking is clearly broken now

  • peaceanonym0us peace (@peaceanonym0us) reported

    @henrydota2 dota system is broken now tbh

  • beyondkobashi beyond (@beyondkobashi) reported

    @DOTA2 several guys having no sound after today's update. fix plz

  • AlrightyThen2 Mr. Bunny (@AlrightyThen2) reported

    @rivaLxfactor I don't have that problem cause DOTA is better. 🐇