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Dropbox is a file hosting service operated by American company Dropbox, Inc., headquartered in San Francisco, California, that offers cloud storage, file synchronization, personal cloud, and client software.

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  • SamuelEBoyd Sam Boyd (@SamuelEBoyd) reported

    @DropboxSupport bad file check crashes all browsers, and sync isn't working. I've uninstalled DB on my MBP and reinstalled. Sync is not working. I've also manually searched bad file names, come up with nothing. #annoyed

  • moiraonline мойра (@moiraonline) reported

    dropbox link down.....

  • kerryl50517512 kerryl (@kerryl50517512) reported

    @boybaits I wouldn’t use google drive. Use Dropbox. No issues with them and I’ve been using them for a long ass time!

  • thecoop17 Cooper Bowman (@thecoop17) reported

    Finals week me: Okay so the plan is... drive to my academic building, use the desktop computers to export my files, print a prototype, take pictures of it and then submit it through Dropbox. SCAD: No parking. No computers. No printing. No studios. Dropbox is down. Sorry.

  • EricEricjamal42 Eric (@EricEricjamal42) reported

    @DropboxSupport Hello I have Dropbox plus and $9.99 was charged to my account and it says next billing date is November 26,2019. Can you guys correct the issue

  • Girbeagly Girbeagly (@Girbeagly) reported

    @CrankGameplays @Dropbox @BuffDaddyHD Had this issue when I used Dropbox for that exact purpose. Honestly, I’ve found Drive to be much more reliable.

  • JoshPreutzel Josh Reutzel (@JoshPreutzel) reported

    Please do NOT give the note “video was low quality” when you played it back in 720p because you wanted save space on your Dropbox. I shot and exported in 4K. This is a you problem not a me problem.

  • LabCarol Carolina Paes (@LabCarol) reported

    @DropboxSupport No!!! I only have a single account! I need this feature working as soon as possible!! It´s causing problems on sharing files with my customers!!

  • dublinbermia Maria O'Brien (@dublinbermia) reported

    @AcademicChatter I remember that feeling. I spent a half-day setting up dropbox folders for PhD chapters with sub folders for drafts, academic lit, policy stuff, etc. nothing groundbreaking but effective. I need to fix my zotero to file lit by topic but I put PDFs in Dropbox anyway by name year

  • data_bayes Mother Exhaustion from the Haus of Tired (@data_bayes) reported

    @ClassyOzz @Alt_Azn @zachjhunter @Google @Dropbox @nytimes Honestly the biggest issue is threat recruiters write job descriptions. Hiring managers have input, but these companies saying they need a PhD needs data analysts, data engineers, and maybe a data scientist but few are in a place to implement ML/AI with a PhD researcher.

  • data_bayes Mother Exhaustion from the Haus of Tired (@data_bayes) reported

    @ClassyOzz @Alt_Azn @zachjhunter @Google @Dropbox @nytimes Yes and they are a huge part of the problem. Most data science roles ask for PhDs when they don’t need a PhD

  • BarbarasBunny Cindy (@BarbarasBunny) reported

    @elizasverse I’ve seen fans with no other agenda use creative ways to translate the story. There are entire dropbox folders on the interwebs with the entire, translated Juliantina story in them. The problem occurs when people upload content they don’t have legal rights to on platforms where +

  • data_bayes Mother Exhaustion from the Haus of Tired (@data_bayes) reported

    @Alt_Azn @ClassyOzz @zachjhunter @Google @Dropbox @nytimes The fact that you’re analysis skills are so poor is the real problem. 1-5 % of black folk at these Google and Dropbox when we’re ~11% of the us population. Apple is the best at 9% but show technical vs nontechnical roles and that will drop.

  • revcjackson Christopher Jackson (@revcjackson) reported

    @lewispolzin @MarkSurburg @JustandSinner @esgetology @toddwilken I'm working on a file of pdfs and a reading list on these matters. I'll give you a dropbox link to what i have gathered so far. IMO, the big problem is a much broader one: the rise of the dialectical approach of the twentieth century.

  • iosapps1 iosapps (@iosapps1) reported

    @TheVaultApp It doesn’t work. I haven’t changed my passcode but it doesn’t open. Now both my new ipad and new iphone have empty vaults. Sync is not working because it cant see the bundle in dropbox. I dont know why you don’t use iCloud. Might be easier

  • richriker Rich Riker (@richriker) reported

    iCloud issues solved, on to Dropbox and One Drive...

  • c96kbu c96kbu (@c96kbu) reported

    @craigdwarhurst @bobjones @ulyssesapp I also had iCloud sync issues. I moved everything to Dropbox sync which you can do in Ulysses 18. No more sync issues for me.

  • rpluto Rafael Silva (@rpluto) reported

    @feedly And I also find that Dropbox link give some json error

  • darioolly Dario Olly (@darioolly) reported

    @DropboxSupport I'm having troubles in restoring a deleted folder on my Dropbox. The process starts then it fails saying "We encountered a problem while elaborating your request" (lit. "Si è verificato un problema nell'elaborazione di questa richiesta" since I'm using DB in ITA)

  • artfabrique Alexander Vinogradov (@artfabrique) reported

    One more day, no answer from @DropboxSupport. Which makes it 29 days on the "Professional" plan without solving my issue with crashing windows app and inability to sync growing amount of changes to the local copy.

  • darkshadow3465 Shadow (@darkshadow3465) reported

    @OPERATIONiDROID hey john im having a problem rn where i the delta app keeps crashing on me when its syncing data to dropbox

  • snurryboy Professor Mad Cunt (@snurryboy) reported

    @limneos Hey I found an issue with AudioRecorder XS on 13.2.2. When I connect my Dropbox with both ways, whenever the phone locks or is put in the background, when you go back to the app nothing is sync’d and Dropbox account isn’t connected anymore in settings.

  • SteveBlack Steve Black (@SteveBlack) reported

    Hey @Dropbox I'm sure we both agree, MacOS Catalina is a dumpster fire. But if you could fix the endless RAM- and CPU-hogging sync on all my Macs, that would be great. Yes, I've reinstalled. And zero symlinks within Dropbox, now. I am serenaded by fan noise! Make it stop!

  • lindsaybits lindsay “weird magnet” bits (@lindsaybits) reported

    Oh thank actual ****; it was a dropbox sync issue. Unsynced, resynced, fixed. PHEW. Because I realized after my last tweet that no, there was stuff I didn’t have anywhere else. 😓

  • geareygirl Amanda Gearey (@geareygirl) reported

    @DropboxSupport yes I can contact my admin but until they have time to correct this - I’m held hostage - fix your systems! This is completely wrong and I will never recommend Dropbox after this!

  • geareygirl Amanda Gearey (@geareygirl) reported

    @DropboxSupport my Dropbox business admin suspended my account - which stupidly affects my personal Dropbox account that predated me ever joining the Dropbox business team. This should never happen! I can’t sign in and I can’t recover my password.

  • BabyxMaggot ♡ 𝓜𝓪𝓰𝓰𝓸𝓽 18 + ♡ (@BabyxMaggot) reported

    For those who ordered my recent photoset dropbox, there’s a problem with the link, I’ll resend content as soon as I can

  • purposeinc purposeinc (@purposeinc) reported

    @DropboxSupport I went on chat and they told me I needed a paid account. My client set up a business account. My client sent me an invite. When I click on the invite I get the error (This signup link is for a different user. Please request another invite from your team admin.)

  • CIKProductions Matthew Robertson (@CIKProductions) reported

    @kyleprohaska I think that might be an ISP issue. I have fiber at our place and dropbox upload is blazing fast for me. Thats a bummer!

  • rikwhitehead Rik Whitehead (@rikwhitehead) reported

    @jack_Wills98 Downloaded an app to download it as showbox is down, catmouse apk did the trick ! If not let me know see if I can bang it in a dropbox

  • ifidarab Jifidarab (@ifidarab) reported

    @DropboxSupport I am unsatisfied that you have no mechanism in place to help me. I am sure a lot of customers have this problem. It makes me not want to use Dropbox in the future.

  • DiannePZ Dianne Zippel (@DiannePZ) reported

    @nytimes Then Dropbox and Facebook messenger should be shut down

  • PaultheCookCook Paul Cook (@PaultheCookCook) reported

    @BillGates @drewhouston you were right, you ran dropbox in to the ground after he turned your offer down. way to go. Drew is incompetent no wonder you didn't want to pursue the offer more aggressively.

  • ifidarab Jifidarab (@ifidarab) reported

    @AppleSupport Hi, i qanted a 11.99 Dropbox upgrade an somehow it's a 119.00 annual plan. I used "report a problem" and it immediately said I cant get a refund, without an Apple rep reading my case. Pls Help.

  • nadja_trois Croatian Bot (@nadja_trois) reported

    @DropboxSupport Hi, my dropbox is not working. I have downloaded multiple different versions and it either says it is "starting" or "syncing" constantly and is unusable. I have Mac OS X 10.13.6

  • joeshockman Joe Shockman (@joeshockman) reported

    @Dropbox captcha is broken in Firefox. Probably due to new default privacy features. I tried to file a support request... but that’s behind captcha too. It’d be funny if it wasn’t dumb.

  • tonythescribe Tony Sarrecchia (@tonythescribe) reported

    Anyone having issues with #Scrivener not syncing with #Dropbox on an IPhone XR running iOS 13.1.3. Works fine on my iPad and Laptop; just poops the bed on my iPhone. Already reached out to Scrivener help desk and they don’t have a solution.

  • sowa75 Dr. Jessica Sowa (@sowa75) reported

    I just went down a Dropbox organizing rabbit hole. I think I am the academic equivalent of a hoarder. It is shameful how many PDFs I have of reference letters of people who now have tenure (and were students then) in my folders #AcademicTwitter

  • RicandThadeus Ric & Thadeus (@RicandThadeus) reported

    @iamthebodes we typically do a new folder for each pack we send we label the pack by the artist....duplicate thing isnt a big issue with dropbox...if the file is already in the dropbox the duplicate syncs faster than uploading a whole new file

  • ulyssesapp Ulysses (@ulyssesapp) reported

    @craigdwarhurst We are very sorry about any inconvenience caused! Until Apple fixes the issue for good, you can either move your sheets to the “On My Mac” section or—should you need capability to sync—take advantage of our new fully-fledged Dropbox sync.

  • BackOnPointe101 Back On Pointe (@BackOnPointe101) reported from Austin, Texas

    @DropboxSupport It's not working in Chrome or Edge. I tried installing the app on my laptop and it failed and aborted.

  • Rafael_Garcia Rafa García Márquez (@Rafael_Garcia) reported

    @Tskrlj A Synology NAS (RAID 1) + Backblaze + monthly manual backup to external drives. LR catalogues backed up to Dropbox weekly (when accessed/modified). I had a big issue with a drive and that made me aware of the importance of applying a backup policy.

  • p2kdev P2KDev (@p2kdev) reported

    @LaughingQuoll Bought it & enabled on dropbox which doesn’t yet support iOS 13 dark mode, but I don’t see it getting dark. Tried few other apps & the same issue exists!

  • trader_notrader Straight Drive (@trader_notrader) reported

    @tim_cook and @Apple should spend some R&D time to ensure that #iCloud has no hiccups. If @Dropbox can do the large video file transfer from Apple Final Cut ProX software without issues when apples own ICloud wouldn’t do it, it looks bad on a trillion dollar company’s image.

  • trader_notrader Straight Drive (@trader_notrader) reported

    Recorded live action sports on a @GoPro in #2K, used @Apple #FinalCutProX to edit the clips into a 2.5hr movie, and struggled to upload to #Icloud Drive with constant glitches, loss of content issues; forced myself to subscribe to @Dropbox to upload the video from Final Cut Pro.

  • Morgantown92 Morgan (@Morgantown92) reported

    My instructor for my online class somehow deleted part of my assignment, marked it unsatisfactory, and told me I had to fix and resubmit it. I can literally click on my assignment in the dropbox and see that I submitted the whole thing. My time is forever being wasted.

  • garth_hamilton Garth Hamilton (@garth_hamilton) reported

    Being financially responsible is difficult but doable. As we dig our way out of debt I've hung onto my broken phone, and cancelled the majority of monthly subscriptions including: AllTrails, Audible, Dropbox, and all magazines. Next on the chopping block: Evernote and Google One.

  • JJMFinancials Jim J. (@JJMFinancials) reported

    @SkylineGrow @Dropbox $DBX (4%) YTD decline to $19.81 Q3'19: Rev: $428M, up 19% YOY Loss: ($17M) Paying Users: 14M, up 14% Avg Revenue/User: $123.15, up 3.8% Integration Partners: $GOOG $WORK $CRM $MSFT $ZM $TEAM Free CF down from last year due to increase in CapEx Recently, launched desktop app.

  • aksimhal Anish Simhal (@aksimhal) reported

    @KordingLab @neuro_data Thanks! I've done the dropbox/illustrator combo before, but it's been working on the manuscript with (biology) endnote users in MS word effectively that's been an issue. I'll check out zotero!

  • biggbootybabyy ONLY FANS $5 (@biggbootybabyy) reported

    LIFE UPDATE ; I can’t do snapchat premium on this phone bc it will **** up my snap if i get deleted . my car broke down , so i’m trying to get money for that , and a android , so i can continue snapchat premium. i do have a dropbox for $25! i accept cash app! and apple pay

  • CraigisSwell Craig Campbell (@CraigisSwell) reported

    @healthycheekums Maybe I’ll look into that. The real issue is I can only get 10 upload where I live, and trying to send stuff through Dropbox/googledrive/we transfer takes ridiculously large amounts of time. I think logically I understand the issue but I’m just salty

  • sevfensevante Sevfen Sevante (@sevfensevante) reported

    @DropboxSupport No previously linked device. I’ve tried to use the original windows computer as well, but it gives me an token error on the screen.

  • bkiz Brett Kizner (@bkiz) reported

    @idguy @Dropbox @InDesign I don’t have that problem with the comparable OneDrive feature...

  • poddy70 Bryan Hayley (@poddy70) reported

    @DropboxSupport Guess again!! I am on 13 and scrolling down doesn’t produce a way to save the image. Edit actions doesn’t either.

  • sdwatts2 Stuart Watts (@sdwatts2) reported

    @DropboxSupport Hi, I had to change my email address because I moved jobs. I have gone to login again and my business account with all 5 years worth of videos and photos has been deleted.

  • angelgirl1976 Annette (@angelgirl1976) reported

    @tigrayrocks @kjw810 You just get in Dropbox, find something you want to share, hit applications key, copy Dropbox link, then share it wherever you want to share it. It hasn't been working for me for the last year, though. All the links I try to share of files I want to share come up as 404 errors.

  • Infenes Edward Swardt 🇿🇦 (@Infenes) reported

    Fortunately I have my iPad to work on, and my PC - even when input/output is non-existent - seems to connect to the Internet (DropBox and Plex) just fine. So I can synch documents and watch shows from my PC without issue. Small victories.

  • JakeConcentrate Jake (@JakeConcentrate) reported

    Just found out the dropbox link was taken down. Will try to add a new one up.

  • BowTieWriter Mike Headley (@BowTieWriter) reported

    @DropboxSupport After reloading the page multiple times without errors on the console, I tried just dragging my file to the folder I wanted to. Nope. Nothing. Alright. I clicked "Upload file." I got an offer to try Dropbox business.

  • BowTieWriter Mike Headley (@BowTieWriter) reported

    @DropboxSupport The website spins and spins and obviously there's only so much Dropbox can do about what might be a browser problem. But multiple times now I try to open dropbox and it just never opens.