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Electronic Arts Inc. is an American video game company headquartered in Redwood City, California. EA develops and publishes games under several labels including EA Sports titles FIFA, Madden NFL, NHL, NCAA Football, NBA Live, Battlefield, Need for Speed, The Sims as well as newer franchises such as Crysis, Dead Space, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Army of Two, Titanfall and Battlefront Star Wars.

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November 20: Problems at EA Games

EA Games is having issues since 06:10 PM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Online Play (57.48%)
  • Sign in (28.35%)
  • Matchmaking (8.27%)
  • Game Crash (2.76%)
  • Glitches (1.97%)
  • Hacking / Cheating (1.18%)

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  • TheeArmyMan
    Depressed Bruins Fan (@TheeArmyMan) reported

    Love when I’m winning a game about to go up by 2 and the game freezes. Tells me I’ve lost connection to other players and I get bounced out of top 50 to a guy who is now top 5 yet I didn’t lose connection to the servers.... Fix your ******* game @TheFlopFish @EASPORTSNHL @EAHelp

  • TheLateMrBones
    Bailey H. (@TheLateMrBones) reported

    @EAHelp Hi, I just spent some time making an emblem for Battlefield 1 and it won't let me save it. I searched online to see if there was a solution and to see if anyone else had the same problem and a lot of players cant save them either, please try to fix this. Thanks.

  • Lordki43585330
    Lord kino (@Lordki43585330) reported

    @EAHelp I didn’t get it that the problem after completing the objective never got my captain token

  • En_Beee
    Nate Beee (@En_Beee) reported

    @EAHelp No point saying sorry when there was no attempt to actually resolve the issue. I wasn't concerned with connectivity, its not normally an issue, it just was tonight because your servers were struggling. The main issue was loss of rewards for which you do not care.

  • En_Beee
    Nate Beee (@En_Beee) reported

    @EAHelp It was solo battles, no problems with connections to opponents. Nice try. You're still not helping.

  • ghostmaker36
    Ghostmaker36 ☆SGN☆ (@ghostmaker36) reported

    I just got bumped out of playoffs off disconnect, and it said the game wouldn't count @EASPORTS_MUT @EAHelp @EA_KRAELO

  • ftblMoe_
    Moe 🕊 🇱🇧 (@ftblMoe_) reported

    @PendingPogba @EASPORTSFIFA @EAHelp You were able to control the player though at the end. But I agree EA actually need to fix their shit

  • En_Beee
    Nate Beee (@En_Beee) reported

    @EAHelp The problem is not on my end mate, it's your servers. We are in the middle of a promo where these rewards are vital and your servers just screwed me out of 2 games! I'm not paying for this junk. Fix it or I'm out. It's up to you.

  • carrickin
    Cam💙 (@carrickin) reported

    @EAHelp my fifa has been acting up recently, am inquiring for what the problem may be

  • theamazingmrbo
    Mr Piglet (@theamazingmrbo) reported

    @EAHelp Please fix the immense amount of rubber banding and send rate. Been getting pulled through walls, stairs, vehicles. While shooting someone in front of me, they teleported behind and I somehow killed them. On xb1x. Thank you.

  • nickmatrixs
    Nick (@nickmatrixs) reported

    @Battlefield @EAHelp Is there a glitch for the allied forces that only 1 player can be in plans but when I’m on axis more then 1 player can get in one

  • KaitoX0
    KaitoX0 (@KaitoX0) reported

    @EAHelp Sry for the disturb, but I wanted to ask how long it will take till I get a response Im waiting now since 4days and I still didnt got a single response from a real human, the only thing I got was a auto mail that gets send to everyone that has the same problem.

  • BlancoBussmeyer
    Renato (@BlancoBussmeyer) reported

    @EAHelp Hi I still have the same problem:(

  • Norik_25
    Norbert Mészáros (@Norik_25) reported

    @EAHelp why my transfermarket on fut19 keep telling me error and can not search ridiculous 🙄

  • LusiusAditya
    Lusius Aditya (@LusiusAditya) reported

    @EAFIFAMOBILE @eahelp i dont know what to say.. This season 3 has been unpleasant.. Too many server connection issues that affect VSA, H2H, ********** A LOT.

  • KevinDrew079
    Kevin (@KevinDrew079) reported

    @EAHelp Just voicing frustration. No technical issues, so I don’t deserve a refund. Thanks for your time.

  • nickmatrixs
    Nick (@nickmatrixs) reported

    @EAHelp It just took long and sometimes it said error

  • Adrian30378659
    Adrian (@Adrian30378659) reported

    @EAHelp Hi i have a code of 5 packs for 5 weeks and only gave me the packs for 3 weeks,They could fix that problem and give me the packs. Thanks

  • BlancoBussmeyer
    Renato (@BlancoBussmeyer) reported

    @EAHelp Yes I have and the drivers and still not working

  • BlancoBussmeyer
    Renato (@BlancoBussmeyer) reported

    @EAHelp I have had reinstall the game and still not working

  • KevinMoore1985
    Kevin Moore (@KevinMoore1985) reported

    @EAHelp No idea what your on about. I but a game to enjoy it and play. Not to sit on social media all night running programs and test to expalin why your servers are weak. My broadband its fibre and fast and never had a problem. This is a fifa issue. Goi g to be a long road but i am

  • BlancoBussmeyer
    Renato (@BlancoBussmeyer) reported

    @EAHelp No problem for the delay:),yes the same problem :(

  • Skattor9
    Skattor (@Skattor9) reported

    @BFBulletin @EA_DICE @EA @EAHelp EA help said bs,they cant help, they said so many fixes that doesnt help, so i wrote on Reddit nothing helped... And their fixes with DNS server,ports nothing helped there is problem with EA servers.

  • FlorinPopovici
    Florin Popovici (@FlorinPopovici) reported

    @EAHelp It is fine, thanks. i logged in today, enabled the two-steps login mode and changed the password just to be sure.

  • pro_neel
    @i_am_neel_soni (@pro_neel) reported

    It's been 10+ hours.. No reply from its something to fix that bug @amt5791 @kingbitty @EAFIFAMOBILE @EAHelp

  • Wynnecool0070
    Wynne Edwards (@Wynnecool0070) reported

    @EAHelp Hi i am having problems with Star Wars Battlefront 2, where my character keeps stopping every few seconds at random, I dont know if this is linked to lag detection or anything but any solutions, it makes the game unplayable and i have had this problem for a while now. Thx

  • FUT18Watcher
    Futwatcher (@FUT18Watcher) reported

    @EAHelp Hi Bob. I already did this and they say the ban was correct, even though it clearly was not. It's very widespread, a lot of people have this problem. So many people got falsly banned Friday after the SBC.. Please investigate this instead of pointing towards the form..

  • IaanSpence
    Iaan Spence (@IaanSpence) reported

    @AskEASupport I cant access my new Madden 19 game because of email and password problems I finally got my email on the account changed but I still get No response when I click the forgot PW button. Been days please help Case #44737577

  • storybystrauss
    Christopher Strauss (@storybystrauss) reported

    @OriginInsider was all jammed up but thanks to Ellie at @EAHelp the problem was fixed!

  • Dimitri52264323
    Dimitris (@Dimitri52264323) reported

    @EAHelp Hi i have an issue yesterday i transfer 20k coins to my main account i know it's against the rules but EA without sending a warning message they just banned my transfer market please help me

  • NufcRoss98
    nufcross (@NufcRoss98) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA @EAHelp every game I play on fut my players run in the wrong direction as to what I’m pointing, the gameplay is constantly lagging. Is this a problem on your behalf because it’s making the game shit. Why update and make the game worse so many times, just leave it!🖕🏼

  • laurenkatehanna
    lauren (@laurenkatehanna) reported

    @EAHelp my sims mobile has a bug which is stopping me from completing thanksgiving task. Contact form on your website is not working, keeps crashing. Please advise.

  • josh_rawling5
    Josh rawlings (@josh_rawling5) reported

    @EAHelp so I'm 5-2 up 20 mins left in squad battles and servers crash... I lose my points. Won't be going for. Elite 1 this week then.

  • c_revell
    villa4ever (@c_revell) reported

    Why is it everytime i have a problem that should be dealt with @EAHelp @EASPORTSFIFA never help. Why cant you just own up to errors and compensate people!! #sickofit #brokenservers #fifa19 #ea

  • AdilBaba5507
    Adil Baba (@AdilBaba5507) reported

    @fifaamber @EAHelp @kingbitty @EAFIFAMOBILE @amt5791 Yes this is important for our league. We can not start the tournament. Please fix it or say something. Don't ignore us

  • fifaamber
    Amber 🌀 (@fifaamber) reported

    so that's not that small of problems! the tournament does not start, I'm missing a lot of awards because there is no advertising in every event! So how to be compensated, need a serious solution! @EAHelp @kingbitty @EAFIFAMOBILE @amt5791

  • noyan_15
    Baran Noyan (@noyan_15) reported

    I get the map loading bug so often and i have to restart the game every time please fix it😭😭 @EAHelp

  • noyan_15
    Baran Noyan (@noyan_15) reported

    I get the map loang bug so often please fix it😭 @EAHelp

  • DenisDenisovFan
    A Fan of Denis Denisov’s Hair (@DenisDenisovFan) reported

    @EAHelp rip off merchants cancelled ea accessusing xbox yet was still@charged and you refuse to give a refund !!!!! Secodn time ive had trouble cancelling this service making scam

  • Markyovgl
    Marky (@Markyovgl) reported

    @EAHelp All weekend i had it didnt get to finish my games either. Youre servers are terrible. You should fix them or at least compensate the players that had these problems.

  • FfzNeelay
    ¹⁵ Neelay. - (SickOHMode) (@FfzNeelay) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA @EAHelp Just got DCed after a 4-1 win. ******* FIX YOUR GAME.

  • TheLateMrBones
    Bailey H. (@TheLateMrBones) reported

    @EAHelp Hi, I just spent some time making an emblem for Battlefield 1 and it won't let me save it. I searched online to see if there was a solution and to see if anyone else had the same problem and a lot of players cant save them either, please try to fix this. Thanks.

  • Jorge13741483
    xxtentacionfanforever (@Jorge13741483) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA @EAHelp Fix your servers ea!!!!!!! Every game button delay shm I lost two games!!!

  • powers_858
    powers_858 (@powers_858) reported

    @EAHelp guys my fifa mobile league is not working for 90% of the league it keeps crashing or not letting them in at all. Please help.

  • SkateFastEatAzz
    BC (@SkateFastEatAzz) reported

    @EAHelp I recently called Australian EA Support number to get help regarding not getting all my promised gear for the Deluxe Preorder for BF5. After 20 minutes I was told that I couldn't be helped as it was a problem with the store I bought it from, JB HI FI, this makes no sense

  • Me1aryansanil
    Aryan s anil (@Me1aryansanil) reported

    @EAHelp i am unable to claim my weekly rewards.please take this problem serious Hope you will take necessary action

  • Tony_OConnor
    Tony O'Connor (@Tony_OConnor) reported

    @EAHelp Problem is was really enjoying playing the Origin vault games. My being penalized for your faulty code is unnacceptable. If someone cheats, ban! That ain't me. Plain and simple.

  • Redefined21
    DaveXYZ (@Redefined21) reported

    So I played my first match today, the worst glitch I have ever seen in online draft. I can not make a pass, shot or anything. Everything was extremely fast then freez then fast and freez. Got I w/ 4bar my opponent was playing on fine, no problem. @MattHDGamer @EA_GZaro @EAHelp

  • c_revell
    villa4ever (@c_revell) reported

    @EAHelp ive just list in draft final and the guy was lagging all over!! I ended up losing 2-1 and that shouldnt have happened. The lag on your servers cost me a 4 in a row!!

  • ibalisticj
    Ibalisticj (@ibalisticj) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA @EAHelp There’s so much lag in the shit game lag swishers don’t help costed me gold 3 sort your shit out 😡😡

  • bjung1028
    Boram Jung (@bjung1028) reported

    @EACoreySA @EA_GZaro @EAHelp Corey. Thanks for your prompt answer. I am that desperate about this issue and frustrated. I was really trying to gather some more help from everyone to resolve this issue

  • EACoreySA
    Corey Andress (@EACoreySA) reported

    @bjung1028 @EA_GZaro @EAHelp I said yesterday that I’m not much help here, apologies. I don’t deal with account-related info. That’s customer service (@EAHelp).

  • juanjovar
    juan josé (@juanjovar) reported

    Fix the servers @EASPORTSEsp @EASPORTSFIFA @EAHelp @EA_Espana @EASPORTS

  • bjung1028
    Boram Jung (@bjung1028) reported

    @EACoreySA @EA_GZaro @EAHelp Also the advisor mentioned that my case has been sent to upper level management - ea studio team. Is this special case or just being treated as normal. I am really depressed about this unfair issue even after spending $500 this year

  • bjung1028
    Boram Jung (@bjung1028) reported

    @EACoreySA @EACoreySA @EA_GZaro @EAHelp Dear Corey. Hopefully you still remember my tweet regarding wrongful ban to my transfer market. I figured Zaro was able to help this issue for certain people before. I am quite confused

  • KieranKyze
    🐨 (@KieranKyze) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA @EAHelp Ffs sort it out every week there’s a problem

  • GEEsage
    gregory tomos sage (@GEEsage) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA @EAHelp Pro clubs not working

  • lenton_stephen
    stephen lenton (@lenton_stephen) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA @EAHelp @EACoreySA is there problems with matchmaking on PS4 been trying for 10 minutes and keeps telling me there is no opponents on any online game mode

  • jsov123
    Juan Orellana (@jsov123) reported

    @EAHelp I got a little problem. I can't find matches in fut champions. I had tried everything. I restarted my Wi-Fi and my ps4 and still nothing. I really need help.

  • Hydrophile__
    Danijel 🌍 (@Hydrophile__) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA @EAHelp I can't ******* buy or bid on players. Fix your stupid game.