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eBay is a multinational online auction website that facilites online consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales. eBay is free to use for buyers, but sellers are charged fees for listing items and again when those items are sold.

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December 12: Problems at eBay

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  • computergeek06
    MattBatt (@computergeek06) reported

    @2wayradios also in my experience the problem with people misusing radios is not when they go to reputable dealers it's when they go to someplace like eBay or Amazon and pick up junk cheap that don't know what they're buying and there is nobody to help them understand.

  • oreno_bsk
    ange @10CH (@oreno_bsk) reported

    i REALLY didnt wanna study so i went on ebay and looked at some film cameras and long story short im down $100 but now own 2 olympus om-1s :)

  • kalgadoart
    Kalgado @ Patches and Pins Expo LA #106 (@kalgadoart) reported

    They don't believe me that the listings on their site are clearly bootlegs of my art and won't take down the listings. Cool. Party. Thanks eBay.

  • killeracid
    Killer Acid (@killeracid) reported

    Full disclosure: I didn't win the rubber monkey hat like I boasted I would. Who knew it would go for $50 + shipping! I bid $48. Regardless, setting an alarm and waiting at my computer for the auction to count down and entering a flurry of last second bids was max eBay nostalgia.

  • Rtas_Bishop
    Yasen (@Rtas_Bishop) reported

    @AskeBay I want to call ebay,to ask about increasing my sale limits,but I get an error and a lady says the call cant completed

  • Cat_Evolution
    Terry (@Cat_Evolution) reported

    Terry @Cat_Evolution I commend Iceland for raising the plight of the Orang Utan and the environmental issues re palm oil. I tried unsuccessfully to obtain a Rang Tan for my 4 year old grandaughter who watched the video.. Dismayed to see sellers selling multiples on EBAY.

  • Stevie_Vi
    Stevie (@Stevie_Vi) reported

    Despite my 100% eBay score since 2003, and despite me pointing out the obvious reason during the resolution process why the buyer was lying, I got ****** over and now without the device back in my possession due to the buyer's error of sending to the wrong address.

  • Stevie_Vi
    Stevie (@Stevie_Vi) reported

    @eBay phone support claims I need the phone returned to me for the appeal to be processed. Problem is the BUYER SENT THE PHONE TO A WRONG ADDRESS: MY OLD ADDRESS. FFS!

  • Cat_Evolution
    Terry Wearn (@Cat_Evolution) reported

    @IcelandFoods I commend Iceland for raising the plight of the Orang Utan and the environmental issues around palm oil. I tried to obtain a Rang Tan for my 4 year old grandaughter who was upset by the video.. Dismayed to see sellers selling multiples on EBAY.

  • jonniecommon
    Jonnie Common (@jonniecommon) reported

    a CD single my old band did a million years ago appeared on eBay last wk and I just noticed someone paid £10 for it. I “pulped” 300 copies of it last year. £3k down the pan 🤪

  • NicolaMarland
    Nicola Marland (@NicolaMarland) reported

    @Boop14 @chanellejhayes @eBay_UK Yeah I tend to but first without looking at feedback, I always look at location tho but the Chinese state there in the uk too eBay need to crack down on it.

  • TrunksBooks
    Trunks Books (@TrunksBooks) reported

    Worst ebay experience ever with a seller that goes by bc-vintage. Terrible customer service... @ebay #ebay #vintageclothing

  • Oddity_of_93
    NGR (@Oddity_of_93) reported

    I was gon try and fix this PS4 but I found one for a buck on eBay so ima just buy that ***** only thing is. Ima have to start this Assassins Creed from the first mission I’m sick.

  • 80ssmurf
    Phil (@80ssmurf) reported

    @AskeBay I’m trying to send a revised invoice to a customer but the eBay website keeps on coming back with ‘Error. Please try later’. Can you let me know when this will be fixed approximately as I have an agitated buyer.

  • xbarx1
    Robert Bryant (@xbarx1) reported

    @gbrockell @robjective @facebook @Twitter @instagram @Experian Tech has made it very difficult to block data miners and protecting personal information. It can take more than one try to get it right. I spent an hour shutting down the 100's of data collectors that have access to eBay. Ask friends to help, it takes patience, but can be done.

  • MichaelRMora
    🇵🇷 Michael Mora, Subsidiary Acolyte🇵🇷 (@MichaelRMora) reported

    @eltorped0 @SjwSpiderman Ok, if that’s how YOU feel. We’ll see a few years down the road when they are collecting dust or getting resold on eBay...actually that second one is ALREADY happening.

  • dan_zzyy
    Dan Zzyy (@dan_zzyy) reported

    The eBay seller gave me a full refund when I mentioned that there were issues...didn't even ask for return. So uh I guess it's definitely cursed

  • twicetheMF
    tweeting while black (@twicetheMF) reported

    @Just_JD38 @_Shafe_ Point out they just gave chick that dropped her phone in the toilet a new one for free. They get on like "sir, if you don't quiet down we'll call the cops". Which they did, anyway. I got the discount phone they offered, sold it on ebay & haven't bought another Apple product since

  • genetics1999
    Tara Lakatos (@genetics1999) reported

    @tduassassin @Bumble1210 @graciegooner @lizzylemondrop @LZZYHALE @AREJAYHALE @TheJoeStorm @Jodowa @MadameBlackwell Speaking of Ebay if I find out that anything I’ve given away to people over this holiday season ends up there I will have it taken down 😉 In the words of Lzzy Hale don’t be a ****.

  • petrifiedxi
    i love it because they made it (@petrifiedxi) reported

    @xleahdavisonx i mean not my problem too many exclusive vinyls i dont wanna miss because later they sell on ebay for triple digits

  • asthefairiesare
    Bri (@asthefairiesare) reported

    @Carefreemuse Yeah they only check tracking stuff when you call in with issues lol. Otherwise ebay doesn't look at people's tracking lol

  • asthefairiesare
    Bri (@asthefairiesare) reported

    @Carefreemuse It wasn't ebay I was dealing with it was paypal. Ebay support can be hit or miss but in cases like this - had she opened it with ebay - ebay would have backed me up with no issues. Ebay twitter support is better then phone support over here anywho

  • hershey_bar22
    tvismyescape (@hershey_bar22) reported

    First time doing the 12 Days of Funko from the Pop Up Shop and I got the Christmas Wishes Bear and the Knick Knack Snowman. Really wanted Pillsbury Doughboy. Oh well. Hope the price goes down on ebay. #funko #popupshop

  • ChrisBayArt
    Chris Bay (@ChrisBayArt) reported

    @eBay my last three eBay bills have been well over a thousand dollars and yet I still have to talk to someone India when I have an issue. This is ridiculous. I can see why so many people are leaving this platform.

  • TheStarHound
    James Fisher ✨💫🔭🐺 (@TheStarHound) reported from Little Rock, Arkansas

    Attention holiday shoppers: @eBay is NOT the place where you want to do your shopping. Their terrible customer service is only getting worse. #ebay

  • BlurryFaye
    Faye (@BlurryFaye) reported

    Honestly ebay needs to be shut down it’s full of absolute dog shit

  • jacqueline_000
    jacqueline shirley (@jacqueline_000) reported

    I think there's possibly a connection problem between ebay and PayPal when they attempt to do that so had to ring separately.

  • dlandofdreams25
    ឌីស្នី (DiZZZZZZZ) (@dlandofdreams25) reported

    @sorasonesie The prices on eBay would probably go down after a while since they’re doing a re-release! The same thing happened with SDCC tsums; immediately afterwards people sold them for $200 but months later they were $65. There’s a few people doing pre-orders too if that helps. >.<

  • catoleils
    neon gravestones✨💮🐬 (@catoleils) reported

    or pp directly it gets processed in their system and they know what happened. dep*p is just a useless app but it’s less bogged down than ebay so what can u do

  • seizethestock
    Tim (@seizethestock) reported

    @TheRising_Moon @juliusoliveti @SpanishVAT @vatfraud @eBay_UK ebay and paypal, I think the issue is more with paypal than ebay

  • botDonaldTrump_
    Donald J. Trump (@botDonaldTrump_) reported

    eBay stocks hit crazy lows after their terrible commercials! Losers!

  • kgeich
    kyle (@kgeich) reported

    @candiceK25 @eBay @AskeBay Call their customer service team. Has worked well for me each time I’ve had issues.

  • JackST14diehard
    Jack ST (@JackST14diehard) reported

    @bhl_hudson We don’t get Amazon down here in Australia so, EBay it is I guess

  • sandismithusa
    sandi smith (@sandismithusa) reported

    @andersoncooper @AC360 @HomesForOurTrps @eBay Not one person on MSM including Fox & enemies mentioned THE LIVES AFFECTED BY A SHUT DOWN. Please take a few minutes & share tonight on ur show. Maybe interview a few people on the the shut down will affect their Christmas.

  • Mr2jzAdam
    adam green (@Mr2jzAdam) reported from Springfield, Illinois

    @eBay down to 18% battery life....lets see if you answer before it goes dead

  • Kesslan
    Back in Ottawa (@Kesslan) reported

    @DeerTai There are a few issues though. Far as I"m aware CC requires you to always be online. Secondly you can, if you hunt around get CS6 much cheaper than the default price. You can for example still get sealed copies on Ebay etc for about 250 sometimes less.

  • technofactoid
    Technology (@technofactoid) reported

    One of the first items ever sold on eBay was a broken laser pointer for $14.83.

  • Kameronkales
    Kameron Kales (@Kameronkales) reported

    another frustration - ebay charges you BEFORE the sale is confirmed. So now 4 times my CC has been charged the % of sale, even though no money was exchanged. So then, Its up to me to chase ebay down and wait on hold, and request a fee credit. And then it takes 3 days after that.

  • Kameronkales
    Kameron Kales (@Kameronkales) reported

    Anyway, just some thoughts. Although I've **sold** 2k on ebay I've really only been paid for $250 of it. So roughly 7 in 8 dollars on my listings have been fake. Big issue.

  • Kameronkales
    Kameron Kales (@Kameronkales) reported

    So ebay's response is to limit the people who can bid on my items to accounts older than 2 years, 3 years, etc. But that is a less than ideal fix.

  • SelfInspiredB
    BInspired🌹🇧🇸 (@SelfInspiredB) reported

    Ive ordered plenty shoes from ebay. Never had an issue Not to say others dont lol cuz i heard some shit n its like damn

  • Sunnydaze143 (@Sunnydaze143) reported

    @MrsMogul @Cancierge I couldn't find an issue of the 20th Anniversary either. Finally went to eBay & bought one for $16. Now they are on eBay for outrageous money, some as much as $99.

  • BreakingDmC
    Yondo or Yondont (@BreakingDmC) reported

    @DisFunko I’m just glad I got the only one I wanted, pillsbury. Don’t care about the count, I actually hope they keep the trend to deter flippers and keep prices down on eBay for those who can’t score

  • RGletter
    Rob (@RGletter) reported

    @ebay putting very little in marketing & social media. Slow to update digital programs on all devices including browsers. Expensive for sellers. Opportunities not taken @carlquintanilla

  • AUChase_
    Chase (@AUChase_) reported

    @42_Sandman Probably my fault but I’ve never had anything from eBay not work. Hopefully they will just take it back without issue.

  • clintifer
    Clint (@clintifer) reported

    Wish the @Rosewillinc 4500 server case would list for $92.99 again on their eBay page 😞 went out of stock right before I was going to grab it

  • TradesHaven
    Trades Haven (@TradesHaven) reported

    eBay $EBAY - Morgan Stanley downgraded the stock from Overweight to Equal Weight and lowered the price target from $55/share to $33/share. Shares were down 1.9 percent in pre-market trade.

  • bpd5150
    🇺🇸❌bpd5150❌🇺🇸 (@bpd5150) reported

    @ABC7 This situation has become a huge problem by ppl abusing it. Ppl are buying vests on EBay and carrying their dogs on board bc they don’t want to crate them. I applaud this decision. Leave your damn dog at home.

  • Infolores1
    Infolores (@Infolores1) reported

    In 2006 someone tried to sell New Zealand on eBay. The price got up to $3,000 before eBay shut it down.

  • lilmujipen
    v𝔦𝔱𝔞𝔩 𝔰𝔭𝔦𝔠𝔢 (@lilmujipen) reported from Salford, England

    I miss my golf **** shirt a lot, it's the one with the upside down cross on it's definitely fake I got it off ebay in high school and the design is cracking I used sleep in it and its so funny to me that in big 2018 it's now the cloutiest I own by far

  • LeefroMilch
    Fifth_Timer (@LeefroMilch) reported

    Going to do some more listings on Ebay today. Been very slow last couple of days.

  • KWMadhead94
    🍀Sínєαd🍀 (@KWMadhead94) reported

    @KWMadhead85 Feels like i’m letting Nancy down. Certain star wars pyjamas she wanted and ebay don’t send them out till after xmas. So she won’t be happy with that. Ugh i feel terrible😢

  • wicket2961
    Robocop (@wicket2961) reported

    Rather than deal with the actual account issue @eBay_UK have sent the exact same response I received last time I emailed regarding the problem. Cheeky not interested in actually helping. #ebay

  • KWMadhead94
    🍀Sínєαd🍀 (@KWMadhead94) reported

    @KWMadhead85 That’s not good enough. I’ve always ordered from ebay before for xmas and never had a problem.

  • EcosseClan
    Robbie C✨ (@EcosseClan) reported

    When you get shit on ebay because you left a negative review because someone sold you broken crap😂

  • FactsProfessor
    Facts Professor (@FactsProfessor) reported

    In 2011, a woman tried to sell her two children on eBay and people had actually placed bids on them before it was taken down.

  • TheOneTwoPod
    #TheOneTwo (@TheOneTwoPod) reported

    Renault tried to quote me £500 to fix one wing mirror. The glass was still in tact and everything, just needed a new cover. Got a whole new wing mirror off eBay for £80 then paid £25 for the labour

  • technofactoid
    Technology (@technofactoid) reported

    The First Item Listed on eBay was a Broken Laser Pointer

  • SweetSawlt
    Sweet Sawlt (@SweetSawlt) reported

    What's with listings on Ebay for broken game consoles having ridiculous shipping

  • the_offstage_me
    Mick Lampard - the Aussie pen guy (@the_offstage_me) reported

    I hate eBay. Once again down the rabbit hole.