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eBay is a multinational online auction website that facilites online consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales. eBay is free to use for buyers, but sellers are charged fees for listing items and again when those items are sold.

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February 22: Problems at eBay

eBay is having issues since 01:30 PM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • Errors (21.57%)

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  • MrFriThe13th D Follweiler II (@MrFriThe13th) reported

    @jnarbles @eBay Well , I hope you resolve your issue and get paid!

  • DavidZwisohn Descendant of Debussy (@DavidZwisohn) reported

    @marchese_lauren I've made SO many offers on eBay that were turned down, even though they were very reasonable. Your point exactly ... FRUSTRATING! ... When I sell on eBay, I know what my bottom price is. I ask a little higher (10-15%), so hopefully an offer meets my minimum or just above it :-)

  • Marty_Marv_ Tremaine (@Marty_Marv_) reported

    @samanthamarie No use it less hardly on eBay but never had issues with it

  • KatherineJaneW Katherine Wright (@KatherineJaneW) reported

    @AWjournalist Old White Dwarf was great. I bought about 150 old back issues off of ebay for next-to-nothing when I was really into Warhammer (about 8 years ago, I guess), and it was so much better than the contemporary run

  • HyperDuckChris Chris T Geehan (@HyperDuckChris) reported

    I hate eBay buyers. I hate them. They break my things, then say it's broken, then ask for their money back. I hate eBay buyers. Deeply.

  • fi_torbet Fiona Pod Torbet (@fi_torbet) reported

    @nufab4 on screen explaining what has happened, they then usually issue a warning about direct selling, whether that's what happening or not. They want your insertion fee & the 10% final value, they see it as any direct contact may lead to the sale happening away from ebay & they lose,,

  • tardisdrwho1962 tardisdrwho1962 (@tardisdrwho1962) reported

    The problem comes when you get eBay scalpers buy loads then charge 100 quid for each one and these set remain on eBay until someone buys one

  • theDTguy The DT Guy (@theDTguy) reported

    @mrjonesdt @MrsDT8 Just from eBay. Although the reason why you can’t get them going may be down to you needing a driver. I use a H Bridge board attached to the output pin, then hook up the pump (and/or motors) to that. H Bridges on ebay - cheap as chips!

  • xufn Kevin Martin (@xufn) reported

    @BigJohn82375 Temporarily & I'll be coming down a lot. If I don't do it this way it's literally not going to happen. Plus i'd call her a lot. Storage lockers & ebay & amazon are a cornerstone of my plans.

  • DrDavidLRoberts David Roberts (@DrDavidLRoberts) reported

    @ukwildlifecrime @WWF @TRAFFIC_WLTrade @IFAWUK Completely agree! I'd like to see the evidence for the claim they have taken down 100k items as I'm seeing little impact from my students' research @DICE_Kent. In fact #eBay is my platform of choice when introducing issue cyber-enabled #wildlifetrafficking / #illegalwildlifetrade

  • spopslee s. lee (@spopslee) reported

    @TheCamilleMonae @EriSapmi @TeenVogue I don’t care if he handles snakes, if he’s Wiccan, or Mormon or Jewish or if he bows down and worships a Barney the purple dinosaur toy he bought on eBay...he’s a populist demagogue, adored/endorsed by Putin, and would eagerly shred the Constitution if it meant he could win.

  • bristol_cycle Bristol Cycle (@bristol_cycle) reported

    @Redveee Stick it on eBay and if I have cash when it goes on I may do some bidding. It's worth sticking the broken one on as I got £35 for mine and that turned on but didn't record.

  • Nanako19961 Nanako1996 (@Nanako19961) reported

    for air. "So," Namjoon gulped, looking at their ruined t-shirts, "Uh, that was fun." Jin looked down at their *** stained clothing too, and frowned. "I paid like. 800 dollars for this on ebay." Namjoon rolled his eyes as he elbowed his boyfriend "keep our shirts on +

  • jwindmill John Windmill (@jwindmill) reported

    @rhiannonlucyc @AskeBay I had a similar problem a couple of years ago. In the end, eBay refunded once it went into dispute. They are pretty good like that

  • Mitsunee Mitsunee (@Mitsunee) reported

    @eBay please fix your website I REQUIRE to change my email adress IMMEDIATLY I have no time for your stupid zero size object errors

  • clxireredfield Clare | (@clxireredfield) reported

    Can't sign in on eBay....wonderful.

  • 8dmc David McBride (@8dmc) reported

    @CursedTea_ Get it on ebay, using that description, bids starting at a quid.... I'd defo have a bid on it - my drunken ebay purchases have been far more random than a semi-broken car 😂

  • NCC_1701_F hi there (@NCC_1701_F) reported

    The reason why my boots were on sale on eBay brand new is probably because they are a little too high ( to be used all day long ) for a lot of women but not for me Since I work in an office and sit down most of the time i could possibly even work on the high heels

  • NCC_1701_F hi there (@NCC_1701_F) reported

    The reason why my boots were on sale on eBay although they are brand new is probably because they are a little too high ( to be used all day long ) for a lot of women but not for me Since I work in an office and sit down most of the time

  • JoshuaJBouw Joshua J. Bouw (@JoshuaJBouw) reported

    When @dzimbeck made BitHalo / BlackHalo in 2014, the first smart contract that he created was actually a smart contract. Double deposit escrow between parties to solve the issue that buyers and sellers had on eBay, where eBay was forced to choose sides, resulting in pot. losses.

  • bryanmclean19 bmac (@bryanmclean19) reported

    @eBay, see this changing my listings to “accept best offer” every other day, is going to result in me shutting it down. I list things cheaply and they sell, if you are feeling generous, offer buyers a discount subtracting your fee! Nah didn’t think so

  • occasionali Ali Occasionally (@occasionali) reported

    Super frustrating when you need more of a very specific Sistema container and you can’t find them anywhere in Australia. I may have to get NZ friends to hunt them down and post them to me at this rate. eBay has them for sale, but weirdly only from USA with like $3000 postage fees

  • 22000texts The Sad Echo of Love (@22000texts) reported

    This afternoo and evening todos just splatted by bloody eBay faff. However. Will try get on with coating paper. Bathroom festooned with paper and lines. Sit down drink tea before get whelmdd

  • bobthebobwaffle BobtheBob5 DFNT (@bobthebobwaffle) reported

    @BeatemupsWood If. You go on eBay there are probably tons of switches broken because of peopel using third party docks

  • nanajohanaaa johana van dijk (@nanajohanaaa) reported

    Along with James, Connor’s geekiest obsession is playing World of Warcraft. He once bought a broken laptop from eBay… unlucky! Connor’s plan for a zombie apocalypse would be to either go to a B&Q, or Asda.

  • LlehctimFavors 🇩🇴 shake shack redemption (@LlehctimFavors) reported

    They closed back page down she using eBay

  • maurye Maury Estabrooks (@maurye) reported

    I just want them to re-issue the 1893 flavored sugar water. People are selling it on eBay at astronomical prices not realizing that the longer they hold it, the worse it will taste.

  • Insomania4Ever Kristoffer Helblindi (@Insomania4Ever) reported

    @juanjohn1 Come on. You have to know they took all the garlic sauce and sold it on eBay. The only way to hide the crime was to burn the place down.

  • TrashLifeDeluxe Yelling at |life choices| (@TrashLifeDeluxe) reported

    @UnbendableStraw I'd be more down to mess with eBay parts if shipping them here didn't cost more then the part itself. We buy real parts here cause its cheaper then ebay usually 🤔

  • pratham_1190 Pratham (@pratham_1190) reported

    @AskeBay Britt , Thanks for reaching out to me. Issue was finally resolved this evening but it took 7 days to resolve it. Over this period I had to reach out to 6 eBay customer representatives, escalate my case and speak with 3 supervisors and 2 managers to get this resolved.

  • jacobyclapdick new year new me (@jacobyclapdick) reported

    @ToyChefs keep running into this issue: Must be a number greater than 4388576113098977 when linking twitter and ebay

  • gcftjin ً (@gcftjin) reported

    all the watched items i had on ebay went down in price... we’re all trying to get money fast 😭

  • CalebBay CT Bay (@CalebBay) reported

    Why is veiled profanity allowed to remain in @ebay usernames. Huckfillary is very clearly intended to read “****” and the same user has no issues send not vailed profanity through eBay messages. @askebay

  • ozwalled ozwalled (@ozwalled) reported

    @AJMattis @ThomasNoppers It was close to a decade later that, with eBay having come into being and become big enough of a thing for me to trust, that I finally bit the bullet and got that one missing issue!

  • AVremotes Andy Yorath (@AVremotes) reported

    @Paul_M_Craig @gavinesler I'm on eBay right now trying to find one. Plenty of Green Cards going at knock down prices ......😂

  • Uncle_Jody Jody Hicks (@Uncle_Jody) reported

    @V1RACY @eBay I'm going to try and save it, This might just become my personal unit, There were two in the auction so I can still refurbish and upgrade the other one for a resale, The machine is otherwise perfect, but the seller is completely clueless as to why this is an issue.

  • V1RACY VIRACY (@V1RACY) reported

    @Uncle_Jody @eBay But you can indeed list that as broken in transit. The item did not arrive as it was sold and advertised.

  • V1RACY VIRACY (@V1RACY) reported

    @Uncle_Jody @eBay 100% send it back. Unless you can source a replacement sticker from a broken one.

  • stuntzombie Deluxe Stunt Zombie (@stuntzombie) reported

    Just saw an eBay listing for a issue #25 of Comics Scene that claims it was the first appearance of Shadowman, because there was an article about him, and it was a month before his actual comic appearance. I don't think that's how that works...

  • ScoobyStream ScoobyStream (@ScoobyStream) reported

    So I know I said I’d be on later, but I’ve been at the police station for 2 hours trying to resolve an issue over someone scamming me out of $1500 on eBay and there is no end in sight. Maybe today isn’t the day gamers :(

  • Patrice_Brost1 PATRICE BRÖST O'ROURKE🌊 (@Patrice_Brost1) reported

    @LoveYouSchmoo I found one on ebay just like the one I have now but not gross & broken for $17, free shipping.

  • housetoastonish Al Kennedy (@housetoastonish) reported

    Why are old issues of Dragon magazine so dear on ebay, they should be, like, a pound each, and ideally not on ebay, but in a cardboard box in the back of a second hand bookshop

  • WaybackBot Wayback Bot (@WaybackBot) reported

    eBay to close down decision

  • HauntedDriveIn The Haunted Drive-in (@HauntedDriveIn) reported

    @HorrorMovieBBQ Still have every issue I bought as a kid and reread them often! I take advantage of eBay sales when I can to fill in missing numbers.

  • drleatongray Sandra Leaton Gray (@drleatongray) reported

    @natalieben @LeanneWood @WomenStrike We sold surplus stock to start with, then went utterly nuts and sold housing we actually needed. Like an unhinged EBay addiction. Time to address the diminishing resource problem once and for all and *build*

  • rossgrady Ross Grady (@rossgrady) reported

    @quarterhorsebar Wasn't gonna -- the goal was to get the whole thing, including cheapo components from eBay, down to like $5/thingy. I usually get stuff from JLCPCB -- they can turn stuff around in a couple of days & even their quick shipping is pretty cheap.

  • nap_kat21 Kat (@nap_kat21) reported

    @kodeerants @jamescharles @MorpheBrushes You probably got the one from eBay. You actually cant blame it on sister James @jamescharles because morphe is actually the ones who made it. But you cant expect much from makeup.(Unless your sister james of course) I have the pallet and I have no problems. So your lying. Stop.

  • its7am_ “almost” vegan papi 🥑 (@its7am_) reported

    @gagjaw Hey don’t sleep on eBay 😂 there’s a few apps too, it just comes down to how you present the stuff online

  • sam__vee Sam ½ (@sam__vee) reported

    @Anti Just buy an ebay code, way less trouble down the line eventually.

  • computerman111 Computerman111 (@computerman111) reported

    Western Digital Black (WD1003FZEX) 1TB HDD not working. $20.00 + Shipping #ebayseller #ebay #ebayfinds #ebaydeals

  • OneCritWonder Bounty Hunter (@OneCritWonder) reported

    @DynnC *Casually flips to an Ebay cart full of mimic and rust monster minis just before shutting down the DM laptop for the night.*

  • OneCritWonder Bounty Hunter (@OneCritWonder) reported

    @DynnC *Casually flipps to an Ebay cart full of mimic and rust monster minis just before shutting down the DM laptop for the night.*

  • Noel3170 Noel (@Noel3170) reported

    @TeleFootball Their treating this like buying something off ebay the item never arrived so like opening a case against paypal and the buyer wins just pathetic that's it came down to this let the family out of it they don't need this.

  • Digital_Vix3n Tatjana Vejnovic (@Digital_Vix3n) reported

    @FossilizedLemon I see it on eBay for ~$100 a lot, which isn’t terrible.

  • readingguy23 Reading guy (@readingguy23) reported

    @renfamous I looked on eBay most of its asking price that no one is bidding on. The only one I saw over 25 is four issue of his first cyber frog from the ‘90s.

  • clevelandwest clevelandwest (@clevelandwest) reported

    Create your listing Sell your item form I keep getting this message I don't use volume pricing on #ebay....There was a problem adding or updating volume pricing. You can try again by editing your listing or visiting Promotions manager.

  • ColossusNick Nick (@ColossusNick) reported

    @Kennyw19K No thanks man 😁 don’t wanna go down that route or I’ll be waking up with the eBay shakes again trying to get them all 🤣🤣🤣

  • sambooklove just call me Pele (@sambooklove) reported

    @Da7e I had to track it down on eBay - seriously, if you start making YouTube videos about Godzilla you will have at least one very devoted viewer 😂

  • brassothy النحاس :} (@brassothy) reported

    @_chababe This is the worst feeling :c I'd definitely contact ebay and hope they'll take down the listings and suspend the account.

  • Juggalo_Strange 𝕿𝖎𝖙𝖙𝖞𝕱𝖗𝖔𝖘𝖙𝖊𝖗 (@Juggalo_Strange) reported

    These stores on @eBay that only offer a partial refund, need to be taken down. I didn't give you part of the ******* price for tge item, so when you send me broken shit, I expect a full refund. Don't order from the store lawholesalestore.