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  • PJayKL PJay (@PJayKL) reported

    @eBay @AskeBay Kinda bullshit that all it takes is a lying buyer to screw up my whole PayPal account. Literally replied to the issue asap but buyer hasn't responded in over 24 hours. Be nice if you step in and do something or let me bring the problem to you to handle it.

  • IRC_HEADQUATERS The IRC HeadQuarters (@IRC_HEADQUATERS) reported

    @stevearkwright @DollFearss @Apple Alright calm down Steve, this is a Apple advert not a eBay advert.

  • CathiBarber11 Cathi Barber (@CathiBarber11) reported

    @IqbalBarrister @RoyalMail @eBay_UK Tried to contact the delivery company but got through to a company not affiliated but with the same name. They kindly replied & I was by no means the first person to contact them with the same problem. They even had instructions from ebay to pass on...a funny old how d'y out do!

  • CrashSheridan Robert J. Sheridan (@CrashSheridan) reported

    @DallanB Oh hell yeah! I only have a handful of Ploog issues of Man-Thing, and they're among my prized possessions. Luckily, Mycomicshop,com seems to have everything, and like 1/3 the price of Mile High or even eBay.

  • IqbalBarrister Iqbal Mohammed (@IqbalBarrister) reported

    @CathiBarber11 @RoyalMail @eBay_UK Problem is Cathi (& I’m not doubting your missing items) sellers are put under pressure by @eBay to give refunds b/c they’re penalised if cases are opened; no matter how false, genuine or vindictive. eBay uses its dominance to exploit sellers into providing freebies to buyers

  • ctfallen Chris Fallen, PhD (@ctfallen) reported

    @MarkSpringer Probably. If in the DC area be sure to ask for a tour of his “radio room” which is a terrible misnomer. More like room after room full of radios and pallets of radios. Still haven’t seen the collection in his office. I suspect he has a measurable impact on the eBay radio market.

  • chefboyrdeuce Jules (@chefboyrdeuce) reported

    Not So Fun Fact: Around the time @xxxtentacion was killed, I was buying storage units at auction and reselling on eBay. That particular day I was clearing out a unit, literally around the corner from where it went down and had no idea what happened until I got home later.

  • JardineClifford Clifford Jardine (@JardineClifford) reported

    I have nectar on my Ebay account and I am trying to change my points to vouchers but I have no sign in details

  • joe606 Joe (@joe606) reported

    Gotta say, this 50quid Chromebook from eBay is pretty cool. I thought it would be pathetically slow but it's not bad. As a cheap web surfing machine it's very good.

  • SD_Comic_Con SDCC Unofficial Blog (@SD_Comic_Con) reported

    @julianexcalibur @GaryMWatson The problem is if someone uses your photo to sell the badge on ebay/CL/etc., then YOU get banned with absolutely no recourse, because the photo has your name on the badge. Happens every single year.

  • NOAHs_Savior Geordie Miyuki Takase 🇺🇲🇨🇳🇯🇵🇯🇲🇳🇬 (@NOAHs_Savior) reported

    @K0jiii I'm forever mad the thai lady on ebay my sister got national jerseys from got shut down

  • FloreyBarb Barb Florey (@FloreyBarb) reported

    @Marys_musings Oh, God bless your veteran friend! What a terrible shame your supply dried up. I know it’s no longer needed by you, but worst case scenario, I saw a seller on eBay who would cross the border to get ear drops or something, that was prescription in US, and then send on to buyers.

  • thatjoshuafrost J Frost (@thatjoshuafrost) reported

    @eBay Thanks for stealing money from my bank account to issue a refund that I already paid and over drafting my account.

  • underworldimage underworldimage (@underworldimage) reported

    I'm helping a Friend sell Guitars on eBay from his Retail Store. The store purchased it new from Danelectro. It is an old model, however it never sold until the person on eBay bought it. There is an issue with the controls (slight crackling). Danelectro said that it isn't new....

  • JerryNatureNET Jerry Laframboise (@JerryNatureNET) reported

    I bought another Batman Beyond #1 CGC 9.8 white pages last night!! $430 USD all in on eBay -- not a bad price. Probably make another video soon on that issue!! #batman #batmanbeyond #DCcomics #CGC #nerd #dork #comics

  • rembrantj_ Rembrant (@rembrantj_) reported

    For those who are selling on eBay, please understand the concept of “fast nickel, slow dime”. You don’t want to hold inventory for years because you don’t want to let go of that Spoon you saw someone else list at $4,000. It may have been a one time buy, or worse.

  • fersurecorey corey🦇 (@fersurecorey) reported

    lol ebay has really just ****** the shit out of my mood. i’m down £20 and won’t be able to ask for a refund due to the circumstances hahaha

  • bureau_13 The Other Jeff Smith (@bureau_13) reported

    @Tornpaige @eBay Camera lens. It has a minor flaw that doesn't impact performance in any way I can discern, which was disclosed. Buyer used BIN within five minutes of posting, then pretended the issue was not disclosed. Naturally, eBay's response was a big **** You to me.

  • coltssportscard ColtsSportsCards (@coltssportscard) reported

    Twitter feels more like a swap meet or flea market for trades and $3 sales... eBay buyers know what they’re willing to pay.. I’ll deal with the fees if that means not wasting time on Twitter for those can’t come up $10 bucks when you go down $30 or can get a reply..

  • ChrisCybernine 🇬🇧Ⓒⓨⓑⓔⓡ➒🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 (@ChrisCybernine) reported

    @Slurku PayPal seller protection is two thirds of four fifths of **** all Had countless problems with it selling expensive stuff on ebay

  • TurdFer02903783 Bert Ferguson (@TurdFer02903783) reported

    @CPU_CWCSonichu FYI, there may be an issue with your eBay account. You should check your page.

  • narjissb_ ninja (@narjissb_) reported

    @fastoffrs @2deerut They closed ******** down a min ago these hoes gonna have to use eBay

  • yslgoth Ash✨ (@yslgoth) reported

    I ordered the Skin Aqua sunscreen like two months ago off eBay and I’ve been looking forward to it. I tested some of it on the back of my hand and it absorbs and dries down fast. I already like it better than the Shiseido Senka UV one.

  • shane87654 Shaney (@shane87654) reported

    @Britpopmemories Who on earth buys someone elses old manky worn away t shirts, let alone for that money. No problem keeping and wearing your own but come on. I have seen people attempting to sell yellow stained 🤢 white band t shirts on ebay. Nuts.

  • moppius Paul Greveson (@moppius) reported

    @JC_3D @DannyBittman Heh yeah, I got my Wacom Intuos2 second-hand on Ebay in about 2004. 15 years on, it's still going strong! Never needed to upgrade or repair... just had to change a nib once. Main problem now is it's hard to find drivers that actually work... :P

  • FozzTexx FozzTexx (@FozzTexx) reported

    @RandyMongenel @ne1for23 @ChartreuseK @jtgans It doesn't include the RAM board so I'm still going to have to get my RAM board working. But there's so few parts on it and I did find the obsolete chips on eBay so it should be possible to fix the RAM board.

  • SigniusNetworks Signius (@SigniusNetworks) reported

    Seeing as the @PepeJeans i got from the eBay seller have split & fell apart after less than 3 months I am starting to wonder if they are genuine Pepe Jeans as never had quality issues with Pepe Jeans before in last 30yrs.

  • SigniusNetworks Signius (@SigniusNetworks) reported

    Be interesting to see if the eBay seller is still so keen to not give a shit now PayPal withdrawn the funds from his account. Hate dealing with sellers like this, much prefer to resolve issues direct with sellers amicably but wasn't to be on this occasion.

  • inmarshall100 Alan Marshall (@inmarshall100) reported

    Rusting relics from First World War were bought in 1981 and have combined £1m price tag. Sold on Ebay I should imagine sold on a collect basis Even DHL could have a delivery problem

  • softwpjm ☀️😊Ray Of Sunshine😊☀️ (@softwpjm) reported

    @sugaschamp me too. but i was trying so hard to pay and i contacted ebay and paypal but it’s not letting me login to my paypal and it isn’t working for debit. see, i use debit, not paypal, i have NO idea how to use paypal so i tried for you. i tried for an hour and it was at 2:00am. im sorry

  • Sric360 MegaStan Legends (@Sric360) reported

    @ebsy @fuzzymed4287 No worries, it's a good question. If a store stops carrying a title, you can always find it on EBay, used stores, or a friend. You can always play them, no problem. In Minecraft's case, even if you had a physical copy or made a digital purchase, you wouldn't be able to play it.

  • Jordibby gay rat wedding (@Jordibby) reported

    So today I decided to look on eBay to see if I could find one maybe that wasn’t ugly and was gently used so it was already broken in and not so stiff feeling

  • Kris_Windom Kristopher Windom (@Kris_Windom) reported

    @PaulCharchian Down in the Valley or Electric Fetus for local shops. I use eBay and Discogs otherwise. You can find some used shops too.

  • TehBlackWolf Seeley (@TehBlackWolf) reported

    @glennbeck Now put an actual 1940’s print up on eBay and see if they take that down. Let’s expose their partisanship.

  • cherrvbomb sev 📌 MOVING ACCS (@cherrvbomb) reported

    we found a wardrobe that was exactly the one i wantes on ebay for free and went to get it and i kinda felt like robbing someone while i carried that heavy thing down the stairs with my mom

  • 20Schmidtfan Tim E Luzier (@20Schmidtfan) reported from State College, Pennsylvania

    @JohnStolnis Scheduled summer vacation around training camp n the kids Loved it..the open practices at the Linc r boring n not kid friendly. Tried it the 1st yr and haven't been back..i can see why attendance was going down... some ppl r mad cuz they sold Free tickets on eBay for a profit

  • Charbow92 Alban (@Charbow92) reported

    @AskeBay Your service customer by phone told me i cannot cancel my order within one hour, twitter service customer said i could. Your button cancel order on your site didn't work (error msg), i had to ask the vendor to cancel (20mn after order) no answer. Thank you Ebay, you suck

  • fenixconnexion VLAD JR. (@fenixconnexion) reported

    eBay Global Shipping Program is slow re-sending packages

  • KeemOfKings Prince Akeem (@KeemOfKings) reported

    They closed bacc page down so now she using eBay

  • GotTheYams n. (@GotTheYams) reported

    I sold my *first* item on eBay and this idiot who bought it posted pictures of it “broken” requesting a refund and it’s not even the same item smh

  • nettie_alesia 🐧Nettie🐧 (@nettie_alesia) reported

    @Deviios Shit I’m gonna look like Paulie walnuts from the sopranos I got a few white hairs I’m getting my wings 😭😭😭. Ha you posted the grey hairs on snap chat! My ps1 was broken by annoying small children along with my sega 😭. Ebay might have some cheap wires and controllers.

  • Gregs_m88 Matt Gregory (@Gregs_m88) reported

    It never used to be this bad years ago, but since ebay took the facility as a seller to leave negative feedback, and then being able to pick and choose who is able to bid on the item, I've had so many issues with non payment. It's about time that ebay takes action on people who

  • Gregs_m88 Matt Gregory (@Gregs_m88) reported

    Twice now someone has not pay for my item on @eBay_UK @AskeBay - that's twice I've wasted my time listing it, running the auction, selling the item only for the winner not to pay. It's such a problem, no wonder @Facebook marketplace is doing so well. Ebay buyers = timewasters

  • JH_ComicBookMan John Hammond (@JH_ComicBookMan) reported

    @orbitalcomics have issues back in stock. If they deliver, could be an option. Cheaper than eBay too. Unless you already have it that is...

  • dmariecraft Cllr Donna-Marie Crook (@dmariecraft) reported

    So frustrating today, has anyone had problems linking items for sale on @eBay , it’s costing me sales.

  • dmariecraft Cllr Donna-Marie Crook (@dmariecraft) reported

    Is anyone else having problems tweeting their items for @eBay as the link isn’t working, sort it out @eBay @eBay_UK

  • phox_in_socksAD Phox in socks (@phox_in_socksAD) reported

    @Sleepy_Paula @Mik0Sub Yeh, i don't buy the top model. I can barely afford food. xD Most of the time I buy broken stuff off ebay and just attempt to fix it. I'm scum class, way below the poverty line. lol

  • kellywalkerpeak Kelly Walker-Peak (@kellywalkerpeak) reported

    Untrustworthy buyers on eBay are terrible! Having yet another issue, @AskeBay. Sent a DM overnight with all the info.

  • JMClarkent 🆂𝖎𝖌𝖒𝖚𝖓𝖉 🆂𝖈𝖍𝖆𝖉𝖊𝖓𝖋𝖗𝖊𝖚𝖉𝖊 (@JMClarkent) reported

    @Carnivius I had a similar issue, since it was delivered eBay ruled in my favor pretty quickly.

  • kara_lawedrau KixQ (@kara_lawedrau) reported

    @amexfj Qori. It wasn't this bad before 🙄 I thought Ebay would be better, but I think it's some carrier in between that's the issue.

  • gleepface Verena (@gleepface) reported

    @rhiannaoliviab @InsdeLaurasHead The local cash for clothes places all shut down, which is super annoying 😩 but I generally give everything to charity that is suitable and won’t fetch me much money and hoard the rest under the pretence that I’ll eventually list it on eBay 😅

  • Sissy_Matilda Sissy Matilda🔞 (@Sissy_Matilda) reported

    @LolaRuin YES!! The bra came up in a search on ebay. However it was the wrong size :( I then hunted it down for like 2 weeks😂 Could never get the suspender belt though. Not one seller even knew it existed..

  • soldforapp Matt G (@soldforapp) reported

    @McCSportsCards @WatchTheBreaks Yeah, I was working on a fix last night, but it's going to take a lot more time than a few hours. Unfortunately I have to rewrite my entire API that calls eBay for the app. I'll make announcements on Twitter once it's updated and released.

  • CinnamonGoonie Cinnamon Goonie (@CinnamonGoonie) reported

    @Pandamoanimum @Hermesparcels I've had similar experiences when using them for stuff I've sold on eBay. I wouldn't use them again out of choice, they are awful. I switched to Royal Mail, and haven't had a problem since.

  • kroscoo Kris Cao (@kroscoo) reported

    @Ohthere2_0 @SalisburyCath @EHOldSarum @TalithaKearey best part of film cameras is that you can get a really good camera for dirt cheap on ebay. only problem is film developing costs start racking up...

  • lililashka 🤩 Lili ✰ ツ (@lililashka) reported

    Facebook chooses a top-down rather than a bottom-up approach to run Libra despite its large user base and capacity. Isn't it ironic that its nonprofit association will be supported by a range of for-profit companies such as Visa, PayPal, Uber, eBay. Facebook you are doomed.

  • HeyItsLaurenox Lauren (@HeyItsLaurenox) reported

    @TomPCleary I had the same problem but found this on eBay for £25 so I recommend looking on there!

  • RumpledElf RumpledElf (@RumpledElf) reported

    @pinkstfer @girlgerms People in general are getting taller and fatter and causing issues with planes, ambulances etc. But then I can’t buy anything on eBay from China without adding a few sizes to my local size ...

  • GhostTheWolf Ghost Snow (@GhostTheWolf) reported

    @McBazface To be fair I am largely of the same mentality- regularly buy pre owned from eBay. most of her toys are second hand (no point getting new at this age!) If I can fix something I generally do and always recycle what we can (2 blue bins a time!!)

  • EnriqueTheBunny Enrique Bunny @ FD, IFC, MFF (@EnriqueTheBunny) reported

    *lists item on Ebay as For Parts Or Not Working* *Also state in the description that the item is For Parts Or Not Working* *Item sells* *Buyer requests to return the item because it is not working and is only good for parts* I'm so done with Ebay, I'm just gonna do Craigslist