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February 22: Problems at Facebook

Facebook is having issues since 02:10 PM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • anjalivenu Anjali Venugopalan @ET (@anjalivenu) reported

    .@martinsorrell says data is the new battleground. Companies like @Google and @facebook are putting up walls around data because of privacy issues, but their clients feel like they're getting excluded from the digital ecosystem of consumers. #ETGBS

  • TDubs15thClub Rick (@TDubs15thClub) reported

    @facebook have already reported to PayPal that the charge is fradulant. I never confirmed payment, never approved payment. All I did was click boost listing. What a scam. You guys are a scam. Once this issue is settled I am done with you. Goodbye

  • 1ionsx s_hadi14 (@1ionsx) reported

    @facebook photo album in profile is missing. Fix it pls.

  • wmlr1 William (@wmlr1) reported

    @IgorTheAsistant @facebook Instead you walk through life, probably surrounded by people who you are chuckling with about our exchanges, thinking you are doing the world a favor when in fact conflict and antagonism does nothing other than drive all of us down. May you disappear into the darkness.

  • bru_vicky Victoria P.🤘 (@bru_vicky) reported

    @facebook i cant add images to an already posted post on a Facebook page. Please fix it! @fbplatform

  • kstormsprincess Cassy ♡♡ (@kstormsprincess) reported

    It shouldn’t be that hard to find my old fb accounts without friends but fb makes it hard .. fix this so I can delete them @facebook

  • RurikoYamazaki Ruriko Lee Yamazaki (@RurikoYamazaki) reported

    @goregirlfx Some next area! Starts logging in then puts up things that has never been put up on any accounts from the start of You having them it’s clearly some out of character behaviour that clearly shows it’s not you @facebook and @instagram need to look into this and fix it!

  • CSmurfhunter C.SMURFHUNTER (@CSmurfhunter) reported

    @Twitter Cyber Security Threats In These Apps Gotta Tapping Many Times Before Anything Happening Wipeout All Accounts TwitterJail Like @facebook Wipeout Everyone Ever Been Correct FatalBook Same Issues @Google @YouTube @instagram #Apple

  • blazintommyd blazintommyd (@blazintommyd) reported

    @telesurenglish @DJSiri @RaniaKhalek @facebook @IntheNow_tweet 1. That's what FB is - people go there for the numbers and the people that 'own' FaceBook own it to sell the numbers to advertisers. The problem is that the USA government does two things (1) it makes the world safe for the pillaging of resources from the rest of the world and

  • 9DGuy Neri St.Charles (@9DGuy) reported

    .@facebook fix your broken system.

  • schachin Kristine Schachinger (@schachin) reported

    @dergal @Twitter Ok now it's there. Guess they don't realize that everyone hates that @Facebook does this. Be great if @twitter actually fixed it's issues instead of this nonsense. Thanks for the info!

  • gyanjarahatke GyanJaraHatke (@gyanjarahatke) reported

    I think .@YouTube and .@TeamYouTube should work with .@facebook, .@Twitter, .@instagram to #verify the people and there channel's who got verified on #YouTube and have good value so we can counter the fake account problem. .@SusanWojcicki .@CaseyNeistat .@PhillyD .@verified

  • Vishwabramana_s Sɤikʌŋťʜ ✪ (@Vishwabramana_s) reported

    @AskAnshul @facebook 😈 @facebook dear Facebook team please find that report solve the problem we want @AskAnshul Facebook account back take a action immediately sir requesting 😢

  • Naveenkumar4488 Naveen kumar Lakkaram (@Naveenkumar4488) reported

    @AskAnshul @facebook Bhai have u tried reporting to facebook n also try to mail jukerberg directly that they will try to solve the issue....if not hack karo usko bhi😉😉

  • saimacsuman Saisuman Pradhan (@saimacsuman) reported

    @AskAnshul @facebook Bro just put a request that you are the real one then the Facebook team will ask you for some id just upload it within 3working days your page will be recovered i have already faced the same problem several time don't worry.

  • CJ13oulais CJ Mills (@CJ13oulais) reported

    Oh!! @SamsungMobile, that update I got last night fixed what ever the issue was with @Facebook shutting down like every program on my phone. It was mad annoying, extremely grateful. #SamsungGalaxyS9

  • CJ13oulais CJ Mills (@CJ13oulais) reported

    Oh!! @SamsungMobile, that update I got last night fixed what ever the issue was with @Facebook shutting down like every program on my phone. It was mad annoying, extremely grateful.

  • chvisionary connor 📸 (@chvisionary) reported

    @hookeeeer @ItsTanah3 @God_Tier_Waifu @Papa_Maximus72 @hayleyyjay @facebook No, positions of power has NOTHING to do with racism. It’s the PEOPLE who are the issue, not what positions they hold. As long as someone can be made fun of for their skin colour, they can be victims of racism. I’m sorry that’s such a hard concept for you to grasp.

  • HungryNHumbled SubCarrot (@HungryNHumbled) reported

    Down @Facebook and they should honor my shit

  • paganforge Happily Never After (@paganforge) reported

    SHUT. @facebook. DOWN!

  • DennisKoch10 Dennis Koch 🖖 (@DennisKoch10) reported

    Only posting what shows up in notifications @Facebook. I don't have the time to go each site and post what is showing up as "not available" (even though it is). #Facebook I suppose they'll fix it eventually.

  • dougcohen10 Doug Cohen (@dougcohen10) reported from West Bloomfield Township, Michigan

    Tough part of working in #DigitalMarketing is working w/consistently flawed & broken apps. Feeling extremely frustrated. @facebook apps in particular are next to impossible to work with half the time. @Squarespace is pretty frustrating too...found that out the hard way today.

  • mattlbellingham Matt Lintz (@mattlbellingham) reported

    Starting to think big companies like @verizon @Google @facebook other similars should be broken up. They are the problem

  • VHSfan98 Joseph Milsark (@VHSfan98) reported

    Just saw @_little_britt_’s video of how to make a rainbow cake on @facebook. Brittney, you did great on it. Even though you messed up a couple of times, you were able to fix it. Hope you sent a picture of it to @RosannaPansino.

  • chrisgander 𝔾𝕠𝕠𝕤𝕖 ✖️ (@chrisgander) reported

    Dear @facebook, cut it with the bloody donate button messages and trying to force that down my throat. Thanks.

  • RainerRocks RainerRocks (@RainerRocks) reported

    @Bheathadh @RaniaKhalek @joerogan @facebook @IntheNow_tweet It's about CNN dictating who should be shut down . Who da fck do they think they are !

  • pjwjrnyc Pete Worth (@pjwjrnyc) reported

    In software we call this reproducing the problem. Note @facebook actually does a decent job ferreting this stuff out. They get a bad rap I think.

  • Elicaldwell Eli Caldwell (@Elicaldwell) reported from Spencer, West Virginia

    I hateeeee the noise the Facebook app makes when you pull down to refresh your newsfeed. 🤢🤢 @facebook it’s like nails on a chalk board to me.

  • AHDiSesa Addison DiSesa (@AHDiSesa) reported

    Well, @instagram is a @Facebook company. Thus, it too is just terrible.

  • allaboutsana05 All About Sana (@allaboutsana05) reported

    Have your voices heard! I am a little OCD when it comes to my products and services. One issue I personally find "annoying" is having photos and emails "saved" in multiple folders or albums. If you are like me, please suggest changes to @google @instagram @facebook. ++ @jack.

  • UnofficialBoro B❄️R❄️ (@UnofficialBoro) reported


  • redlabel911 Global direct democracy (@redlabel911) reported

    @BrainzIce @RaniaKhalek @ElizabethleaVos @joerogan @facebook @IntheNow_tweet yeah but he is totally confused on economics like the rest of the dark web crowd, this is ultimately the problem no. 1.

  • haldemanka k a haldeman (@haldemanka) reported

    Well..i am intelligent enoughto make up my own mind on issues & don’t need you censoring behind the scenes, ...haven’t you learnt from your mistakes...asking for a friend. @facebook #FacebookMarketing #facebook i

  • Hopehard1 Hopehard (@Hopehard1) reported

    @AnimeUproar @Twitter @facebook The bigger something is the harder it is to control. I'm sure if they found some method to fix this we wouldn't have it but we don't. Hope things turn out alright @AnimeUproar and all your friends.

  • anthonymcqueen Anthony Perez (@anthonymcqueen) reported

    I just turned down @facebook for the 4th time today and I let that recruiter know I am not interested in waiting to get a chance nor do I want to work for corrupt organization like that. They were interested in my work @Topcoder But they are not worth my time.

  • paul_sg P Λ U L S G (@paul_sg) reported

    @facebook please help me out. forms in your helpcenter are broken. my account was disabled today including all my business pages and 2 instagram accounts. This leaves me absolutely shocked. I shared my personal information via DM here. This got to be a terrible mistake!

  • AnthroPunk Dr. S.A. Applin (@AnthroPunk) reported

    Hey @facebook @instagram You need to step up here and fix this. Now.

  • RiaDavies8 Ria Davies (@RiaDavies8) reported

    And I litratrally have tried every chanel @facebook provides to resolve this. I have been 15 months trying to resolve this and have got nowhere. I am so frustrated and as for the photo's its causing allot of personal stress and issues in my family. @nickclegg @MarkZukerberg

  • RiaDavies8 Ria Davies (@RiaDavies8) reported

    There real problem is this... I have had my @facebook account since 2016 and have thosand of pictures on my accout. I have been travelling the world for 18 years and never had a base. There is pictures of deceased family members and friends and years of memories on my account.

  • YoungbloodJoe Joe Youngblood (@YoungbloodJoe) reported

    Hey @facebook trying to boost a post from 2017 is ridiculously difficult. My computer is locking up just trying to scroll far enough to get to it. FIX THIS AND LET US SEARCH FOR CONTENT BY DATE IN THE BUSINESS MANAGER SO WE CAN GIVE YOU MONIES

  • unsplash Unsplash (@unsplash) reported

    @ocvisuals @facebook No problem, Anytime 😊

  • TheDylanGraham Dylan Graham (@TheDylanGraham) reported

    @ubuntu101za @Twitter @facebook @Microsoft @Apple Must be because at times Twitter is so slow it feels like I'm using internet explorer

  • BriKi Brian Killoran (@BriKi) reported

    Facebook's 'community standards' are a farce - this is a call to action which would result in loss of life - men, women and children live in DP and this grown man full of hatred is calling for the centre's to be burned down - sort it out @Facebook - it's a disgrace

  • juli_finkbiner Juli Finkbiner (@juli_finkbiner) reported

    @AP4Liberty @Twitter @facebook I know. Sometimes I, the spelling police herself make an error and hit send. Then I have to castigate myself on twitter.

  • paraexistence Dom (@paraexistence) reported

    @zerotdnb @facebook @instagram Not sure mate but she didn't have secondary pages like yourself, to be quite honest and this is no disrespect to you or @paul_sg i'm quite glad to hear that others are having the same problem, means it's on the facebook end.

  • paul_sg P Λ U L S G (@paul_sg) reported

    @zerotdnb @facebook @instagram Let me know what you plan to do, the request form is broken too, says i missed filing out fields that aren’t there. ffs

  • TodorSlavchev Todor Slavchev[Bitcoin, Litecoin🔑] (@TodorSlavchev) reported

    @jaredctate @facebook @coindesk Decentralised Facebook login will be the same thing as @binance #DEX. Big plucking 💩

  • StevenDean0 Steven Dean (@StevenDean0) reported

    This video makes it pretty clear that if a child is born after a decision to abort has been made, the child will be killed. This woman was advised if she had a premature delivery, to FLUSH IT DOWN THE TOILET! Heartless demons @CNN @nytimes @POTUS @TuckerCarlson @Reuters @Facebook

  • amquilli Anne Marie Quilligan (@amquilli) reported

    @rossamcmahon @facebook Indeed, I'm open to correction but as far as I know @SindyLJoyce has raised this issue at a conference with FB on a previous occasion.

  • orangecrocs Seth Poplaski (@orangecrocs) reported

    Does anyone have connections at @facebook. I've run into so many issues lately as a Social Media guy, and cannot ever talk to a human being. It's frustrating, and I just noticed there's a ton more regulations on ads now which is killing our plans.

  • PsalmDeep_ Peterson Charles (@PsalmDeep_) reported

    Peterson Charles : JEHOVAH Dropping Me Down Off To Earth With Only His Human Being's : He Wants Me To Get Murder By Him/Her Or Them . 💪 #JEHOVAH #Son √ @facebook ~~ @Twitter ° @PsalmDeep_

  • aliennut Jon (@aliennut) reported

    @MDReddick @facebook Same here. I've posted complaints. No response. Terrible.

  • cschleg1 Collin (@cschleg1) reported

    @facebook Someone is using my email to create their account. I don't use facebook anymore and have deleted all of my accounts due to this shit storm of data mining that facebook performs as well as their piss poor security. How can fix this.

  • Edwardpbains New Year new Edd 🤙🏻 (@Edwardpbains) reported

    @facebook You need to fix your automatic subtitling feature on Videos. So many bugs. We've reverted back to doing our subtitles manually with editing software because it's barely usable at the moment

  • ayovictor94 Ayo Victor (@ayovictor94) reported

    @USEmbassyAbuja @facebook @WhatsApp Thanks for clearing the issue quickly, APC & their desperation to hold on to power, nothing they haven't tried, just like their failed government, they have also failed woefully in other sectors.

  • daithibhard Daithi Bhard (@daithibhard) reported

    People calling for asylum centres to be burned down does not contravene @facebook community standards. Time to find a new community

  • ArcuriEmsee EmseeArcuri (@ArcuriEmsee) reported

    @facebook ... I NEED to chat w y’all. My Facebook page name has a typo, and I’ve met my limit but it’s a BIG TYPO. Arena cosmetics consulting is showing up as CONSULTATING. Help fix my typo plz #Facebook #CustomerService #FACEBOOKcustomersupport

  • ebuka_ebere Ebere Ebuka Leotina (@ebuka_ebere) reported

    @Raceytherunner @facebook @fbnewsroom DGB is here now to solve the problem

  • KateGaster78 Girls Autistic Journey (@KateGaster78) reported

    @NeuroRebel @Twitter @facebook Facebook is sooo frustrating it’s not working correctly! Constantly not running correctly.

  • sidhantgiri सिद्धान्त (@sidhantgiri) reported

    @akashsinghccmg @facebook @WhatsApp @instagram @ianuragthakur @internetfreedom Ideology bias is a key issue. Hope they discuss that.