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  • Littlem03401323
    Little me (@Littlem03401323) reported

    @PamelaGeller @facebook they need to go down then twitter too

  • cas_huntington
    Chris Huntington🐾🐻 (@cas_huntington) reported

    @PamelaGeller @facebook @facebook needs to be broken up antintrust buster will be agenda 1 2020... if we make it that far

  • AsurasStar
    Heather Johnson (@AsurasStar) reported

    @facebook FYI, Facebook shut my Facebook account down with no warning. I didn't delete or unfriend anyone. Yes, I did appeal. Received zero response. 2 days before election btw.

  • Litapi1
    Bo McCarthy🌊 (@Litapi1) reported

    @klemmett_r @facebook and @markzuckkchs16 all over that evil. Kenya etc Anything free is too good to be true. Hence issues with all these platforms. Including twitter. We have to be vigilant.

  • CJhockey10
    Courtney ✨ (@CJhockey10) reported did @facebook just pay a bunch of money to loop their commerical 5-6 times per break for @NBCSN game or is that a glitch 😂🤦

  • MsStarlightXXX
    Johnny X Starlight (@MsStarlightXXX) reported

    @robjective @gbrockell @facebook @Twitter @instagram @Experian If you can make an algorithm that automatically collects data to target adds to people, you can absolutely make an algorithm that can determine when those adds arent appropriate. Asking grief stricken people to go out of their way to hunt down and turn off a setting is disgusting

  • vol80
    Snoop Bailey (@vol80) reported

    @PamelaGeller @facebook Don't sweat it. FB will be gone as we know it in 5yrs anyway. Ive been on FB maybe 6 times since spring. Don't miss it at all. It's dying a slow death of its own making.

  • alsobrookd1
    CarpetBombIt (@alsobrookd1) reported

    @PamelaGeller @facebook I still have fb, but it is very private and I have 40 friends. Ms. Gelatos can’t back down. If she wants to have a FB she should not have to worry about trolls and hacks reporting shit.

  • abeer_mamdouh8
    Abeer Mamdouh (@abeer_mamdouh8) reported

    I have used simple service you are provided in Facebook to be more secured which i should receive a code by SMS on my number Now for last two days i am waiting for your code to be sent and useless Even i send to complaints to solve this problem @facebook @fb_engineering

  • FishOn_J
    Jason (@FishOn_J) reported

    @RealJamesWoods @facebook Never made a Facebook, never will. Feels good to not know Facebook problems

  • fififofum
    Cristina Lawrence (@fififofum) reported

    @gbrockell @facebook @Twitter @instagram @Experian This is a huge f*cking problem that must be tackled. You'd think that these companies (& others) would be constantly "refreshing" their targeting data in order to avoid creating these horrifying situations for people. It's terrible. My deepest sympathies --my heart breaks for you

  • nik_esco
    Nikhil (@nik_esco) reported

    @facebook is shit, always shows me old stuff from days ago! It's now showing me "new" notifications from December 8th! Crap I've already seen. Fix up shitbook #GonnaDeactivateAgain #EveryoneNeedsToLeaveFacebook #YouDeserveTheHi5Treatment

  • DiamondStrick10
    SouthSeasPatriot🌺 (@DiamondStrick10) reported

    @gatewaypundit @RepTedLieu @facebook First of all, @RepTedLieu fix your state California. It's atrocious.

  • SilentCal62
    Southern Gent🖤⚾️🇺🇸 (@SilentCal62) reported

    @gatewaypundit @RepTedLieu @facebook Let me remind you sir you took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution. Sounds to me you have no problem violating you oath.

  • GMGC
    wayneraltman (@GMGC) reported

    @juliejunket @kanders32 @JasonKAlmeida @gbrockell @facebook @Twitter @instagram @Experian Ironically Capitalism is the only ism that gives a shit to fix this issue... At least there is that...

  • PlanBit
    PlanBit (@PlanBit) reported

    @netbuoy @dlvrit @dlvrit_support @facebook Actually the same issue occurs on other services too. Like hootsuite.

  • CabanaDoLeitor
    #CDLnaCCXP (@CabanaDoLeitor) reported

    @TheGoldman @elierosenfeld @ThePerezHilton @hootsuite @facebook I was able to connect to Instagram, the problem is facebook and our posts deleted.

  • BentKazemore
    BentKazemore (@BentKazemore) reported

    @TwinkieWs @Annie3H @gbrockell @facebook @Twitter @instagram @Experian Annie3H can correct me if I'm off-base, but I take it to mean that the issue described in the original post is would be something that would be especially painful or difficult for women who use these products.

  • jj3685
    Jenny Miller (@jj3685) reported

    @gbrockell @facebook @Twitter @instagram @Experian Haven't tweeted in 3 years but jumped on again to say I'm so sorry and that I, too experienced the mocking reminders of my two lost babies on the internet. Like you, I had also done many pregnancy loss-related searches. Fix it, social media!!

  • LivinRichCoupon
    Cindy Livesey (@LivinRichCoupon) reported

    Everyone freaking out about @hootsuite . it's not their error. It's @facebook ! there are other platforms that are also experiencing the same issue at this moment and have experienced the exact same issues in the past.

  • talkoutloudbiz
    Talk Out Loud (@talkoutloudbiz) reported

    Hopefully @hootsuite and @facebook figures out this "Outage" because there are a lot is upset business owners! #facebook #HootSuite

  • SecurityBeat
    Anand (@SecurityBeat) reported

    @PoppyHarlowCNN @lizzadwoskin @facebook @SenAmyKlobuchar That is @amyklobuchar politely negating @nytimes reporting that Sheryl asked her to dial down criticism (even FB with all its arrogance can’t be so over the line). BTW, love her as a senator; reasoned, rational, calm, and polite ...

  • anotheropenbook
    Another Open Book (@anotheropenbook) reported

    @soda_creek @facebook @Paul_J_Hough @hootsuite Thanks @soda_creek 👋 I saw that tweet too. I was just really hoping that someone would have figured out the glitch by now 😔

  • anotheropenbook
    Another Open Book (@anotheropenbook) reported

    There seems to be an API problem with the original post but am hoping the original content will be restored soon! @facebook @hootsuite

  • DLDels
    Dave (@DLDels) reported

    important PSA.. please fix @facebook

  • Sneaker_adidas
    Maik Lischke (@Sneaker_adidas) reported

    @facebook Hello, I can no longer see my favorites in the left column. I'm also not the only one who has this problem.

  • Tyler_J_J
    Tyler James Johnson (@Tyler_J_J) reported

    @mthiele10 @dhinchcliffe @sarbjeetjohal @simonlporter @IBM @Walt74 @waynesadin @Kevin_Jackson @Google @amazon @Apple @facebook @Microsoft Along with #AI and #automation - major problems when technology and business have outrun society.

  • netbuoy
    Marc Grober (@netbuoy) reported

    @dlvrit_support @dlvrit @facebook is now rejecting posts because it says your app ID is invalid!!!!! Please fix this ASAP

  • msmeganl
    Megan LeBlanc (@msmeganl) reported

    @facebook @Twitter @instagram @Experian, I am confident that you can fix this. As a mother who lost a baby when she was five days old, i will tell you that your targeted ads and marketing can be knives into an already broken heart.

  • BigBrownTeddy
    BigBrown Teddy (@BigBrownTeddy) reported from Wandsworth, England

    Damn it @Twitter and @facebook please become friends again and fix your API It's been over 3 months now You have had your time apart not talking to each other, it's time to reconcile

  • CoachesHotSeat
    Coaches Hot Seat (@CoachesHotSeat) reported

    What you gotta understand about @facebook is what our ad agency learned several years ago looking at their advertising interface which is Stasi-like and why NO ONE @CoachesHotSeat on FB > Bastards run FB take down American Republic if they could turn $5 doing it. #ZuckIsWorthless

  • rod_brandt
    Rod Brandt (@rod_brandt) reported

    @PamelaGeller @GGthinking @facebook I would love to see Facebook either change it’s censorship ways or go down in flames!

  • xbarx1
    Robert Bryant (@xbarx1) reported

    @gbrockell @robjective @facebook @Twitter @instagram @Experian Tech has made it very difficult to block data miners and protecting personal information. It can take more than one try to get it right. I spent an hour shutting down the 100's of data collectors that have access to eBay. Ask friends to help, it takes patience, but can be done.

  • mleonicio
    Dinosaurio (@mleonicio) reported

    @TabletopMediaGp @hootsuite @facebook Yes! same problem here. As i saw on my timeline, there is a lot of accounts with problems. Hope this can be fixed soon.

  • PlumberDave2
    Plumber Dave (@PlumberDave2) reported

    Look we all know the @google, @jack and @facebook are bias against anybody with a different view from theirs. We get it. We can ***** abt but there’s nothing that can be done. Let the free market take them down

  • eatshiiitt
    katrinaxxxxx 🤑 (@eatshiiitt) reported

    @facebook hi, I made a new Facebook account and now I don’t have the market place.. just curious on how to fix this. Thanks!

  • nevadagrrl
    nevadagrrl (@nevadagrrl) reported

    @Dee_Marketing @gbrockell @cjane87 @facebook @Twitter @instagram @Experian She SHOULDN'T have to isolate herself from social media. Her issue is about the ad algorithms NOT the support she received from her friends and family on those platforms. If data miners want to use that info for ads then they should use it for good, too.

  • Alt_Azn
    AltAzn (@Alt_Azn) reported

    Yup I don’t understand how @google being 53% white and @Facebook being 47% white in a 70% white country is indicative of a diversity problem

  • HirePerformance
    Stephanie McDonald (@HirePerformance) reported

    @gbrockell @facebook @Twitter @instagram @Experian My mom used to get free cigarettes forwarded from my grandmother's address after she died of lung cancer. It's been a problem for generations and we're still not getting it right. My condolences on the loss of your son.

  • BnoNewsGr
    Bno News (@BnoNewsGr) reported

    @elierosenfeld @facebook the same problem worldwide also have it

  • elierosenfeld
    Elie Rosenfeld (@elierosenfeld) reported from Chicago, Illinois

    @punchycritic @facebook Seems like a @facebook outage... having issues in multiple pages...

  • theWeeScunner
    JMacK (@theWeeScunner) reported

    Hey @facebook at what point are you going to drop the Netflix ad for Narcos off my feed. It’s an ever prevailing presence for two weeks now despite my asking you, via your drop down menu on ads, to remove it. Now it’s on my Instagram feed!

  • punchycritic
    Travis Hopson (@punchycritic) reported

    @elierosenfeld @facebook I'm having the same issue managing my page. Old posts are gone, but I can still add new ones.

  • paige_hendy
    Paige Leech (@paige_hendy) reported

    Why is @hootsuite not working with @facebook 😣😫 “The provided app ID does not look like a valid app ID” 🙄

  • StargazySocial
    Stargazy Solutions (@StargazySocial) reported

    @emilysujo @Hootsuite_Help @facebook If their reports are to be believed, it is an issue with Facebook rather than Hootsuite. Still, this is their worst failure yet, For us, that's hundreds of posts deleted, and that really would be a deal-breaker. #Facebook #Hootsuite

  • mthiele10
    Mark Thiele (@mthiele10) reported

    @dhinchcliffe @sarbjeetjohal @Tyler_J_J @simonlporter @IBM @Walt74 @waynesadin @Kevin_Jackson @Google @amazon @Apple @facebook @Microsoft I’ve spoken about this trend just recently. These mega companies are likely to become the sovereign states of the future. A big issue with no easy answer, except for anti-monopoly efforts by governments

  • janoc200
    Jan Ciger (@janoc200) reported

    @INIDena @RedTapeChron @gbrockell @CharleyPeppers @facebook @Twitter @instagram @Experian The issue is these systems are considered "good enough" (for the marketing) and unless there is massive pressure to fix it in order to not cause these problems, it won't change. That costs money and it is much more difficult than the "baby -> display ads for baby stuff" equation.

  • janoc200
    Jan Ciger (@janoc200) reported

    @INIDena @RedTapeChron @gbrockell @CharleyPeppers @facebook @Twitter @instagram @Experian Yes, indeed. I didn't want to go into that, but this is even more relevant than the issue of ethics.That's why it is so crucial to work with people from "outside of the bubble" that are not drinking the particular coolaid in order to get a point of view that may have been missed.

  • INIDena
    dena haritos tsamitis (@INIDena) reported

    @janoc200 @RedTapeChron @gbrockell @CharleyPeppers @facebook @Twitter @instagram @Experian True. But this is an example of an unintended consequences. I doubt a team lead has this on the radar and is insisting it’s implemented regardless of these consequences. It starts with identifying the problem/potential consequence.

  • mikeyjdeguara1
    mikey j d e g u a r a$ (@mikeyjdeguara1) reported

    @Imamofpeace @facebook Iknow the feeling they wont let me sign in, beacuse my password has been changed on a regular basic and im the bad man. lijke get over yourself.... becayse im gunna make the world a worse place by using facebook lol. to post pictures of my children lol ok buddie

    Seventeen, The Man (@SEVENTEENtheMAN) reported

    @16bitCatholic @mommydonelostit @Dee_Marketing @sarahdc @gbrockell @cjane87 @facebook @Twitter @instagram @Experian It's not my fault that she decided to air her laundry on Twitter. She lost a child. Everyone goes through terrible shit. Plenty of bad things have happened to me. The difference is, I don't demand the world change because of it.

  • ZechSlade
    Zech (@ZechSlade) reported

    @facebook i just had to make my 3rd facebook account. you’ve disabled all the others because I was “impersonating” someone. pls don’t do it again. #issues

  • LoveAmericaNOW
    ❌Love❌America❌NOW 🦅🇺🇸❤️ (@LoveAmericaNOW) reported

    @ChrisCorbett3 @sanderhaaijer @Nemesis4All @Imamofpeace @facebook Chris doesn’t like facts. Sympathetic to the perpetrators NOT the victims. Beware here is the problem right here✅

  • JanetCo56886879
    Janet Cooley (@JanetCo56886879) reported

    @gbrockell @facebook @Twitter @instagram @Experian My heart hurts for you, no spoken words can “ fix” the grief. Prayers for you and yours

  • BeccaMacKinnon
    Becca (@BeccaMacKinnon) reported

    @jo_pistol @VictorK43995989 @facebook This is what I had! I have 3 emergency contacts, they gave me 3 codes and it still won't work. If they'd let me change my email it wouldn't be an issue. It's a huge pain!

  • JohnnyRuhlen
    Johnny Ruhlen (@JohnnyRuhlen) reported

    @justincooperman @mopub @facebook @amazon Most apps actually use @mopub as their primary ad server and then mediate between AdMob, FAN, etc. Let's chat about this more in Park City. :-)

  • jasondunn
    Jason Dunn (@jasondunn) reported

    @gbrockell @facebook @Twitter @instagram @Experian I am so sorry for your loss. 😢 I can’t imagine what you’re going through. I appreciate you trying to shed light on this issue.

  • burmapoint2003
    Burma Point (@burmapoint2003) reported

    @_iiwok @jack @facebook Thanks Saya. Ur message exactly echoes what many Burmese are saying- especially who want truth and justice. But they don’t see fairness in some people’s & media’s criticisms in Rakhine issue. They see some bias media have overwhelmed with their unbalanced views. It’s No solution.

  • OurMumsMad
    Alexandra Walker (@OurMumsMad) reported

    @gbrockell @facebook @Twitter @instagram @Experian I am so sorry that on top of having your heart broken you have had to deal with this. It is unfathomable that in 2018 this still happens. Nothing will ever fix this but, having walked in your shoes, please know that you will survive and one day again thrive. Be kind to yourself x

  • Bec_Shrader
    Rebecca Shrader (@Bec_Shrader) reported from Durham, North Carolina

    @gbrockell @facebook @Twitter @instagram @Experian Yes this is a HUGE problem amongst women who have had stillbirths. I’ve had two and am in several groups online where this is devastating to parents.