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Fallout 76 is an online multiplayer action role-playing video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. It is the ninth game in the Fallout series and serves as a narrative prequel to the series.

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  • Sign in (61.11%)
  • Online Play (14.44%)
  • Game Crash (13.33%)
  • Glitches (10.00%)
  • Matchmaking (1.11%)

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  • YubarReingok ThatANIMEGuy (@YubarReingok) reported

    Scenario 1 (Best) @bethesda listened to all the anger over the P2W Repair Kits in #Fallout76 and instead decided to integrate all the new "utility" items into the game to be obtained organically by playing and unlocking them. And they also fix the decay rate of food finally

  • YubarReingok ThatANIMEGuy (@YubarReingok) reported

    Scenario 2 @bethesda listened to all the anger over the P2W Repair Kits and the other utility items into #Fallout76 and have instead decided not to implement them at all. Maybe they also fix the decay rate of food.

  • Gamer1067684232 Gamer101 (@Gamer1067684232) reported

    @FeHu50834032 @BethesdaSupport You fan boiis are so dumb. Your ripping on fortnite the #1 game and you think fallout76 a game with low ASF player count, countless issues, no refunds....etc etc I don't play fortnite but damn you guys are retarded

  • Gamer1067684232 Gamer101 (@Gamer1067684232) reported

    @EdgarAscencio @BethesdaSupport @Fallout Fan: "the games not buggy" Me: Can't play for 1hr without an issue. Bethesda: "our fans are to stupid to notice all the issues just add more cosmetics and repair kits"

  • Gamer1067684232 Gamer101 (@Gamer1067684232) reported

    @EdgarAscencio @BethesdaSupport @Fallout The fans actually ruined this game though. Instead of pointing out issues and lack of content, they thank Devs for minimal effort. So they will continue to do horrible updates and pump atom shop. Rip f76 and it's all the fans fault.

  • Gamer1067684232 Gamer101 (@Gamer1067684232) reported

    @ThePageDude @EdgarAscencio @BethesdaSupport @Fallout It's just a waste of time and resources, the games trash because of you fans. If you had a backbone and told them to fix issues asap and add decent content the game would be good. But nope you thank them soooo much for Easter eggs when tones of issues are still ingame

  • Gamer1067684232 Gamer101 (@Gamer1067684232) reported

    @Lookadistractin @EdgarAscencio @BethesdaSupport @Fallout 6months deep and they added 2hours content and many core issues still ingame. Stupid fan boiis.

  • papple40 Papple40 (@papple40) reported

    @Fallout Hey Bethesda's i have been running inti a problem in fallout 76 when every time i try to attach a mod to a item it just doesn't work i still have the mode and it's not equipped.

  • papple40 Papple40 (@papple40) reported

    @Fallout Hey Bethesda's i have been running inti a problem in fallout 76 when every time i try to attach a mod to a item it just doesn't work i still have the mode and it's not equipped.

  • Victor93387786 AhappyNacho (@Victor93387786) reported

    @Fallout I have a issue with my camp. After waiting for a concrete floor to load in after setting it. I tried moving my camp platform to place another concrete piece and the camp module disappeared. After that I couldn't edit my camp or open the craft menu. Please help

  • AbelOch33575499 Abel Ochoa (@AbelOch33575499) reported

    @Fallout My friends and team list is bugged. Won’t show anything just stays blank in game and in main menu. If you have any spare time please consider looking in to this problem I am having.

  • MsNikkeh NicoleBolas (@MsNikkeh) reported

    @Bloodguy36 @Fallout @BethesdaStudios We had a similar issue. We checked multiple times a day, and sometimes the same egg was there for 3-4 days.

  • IrishNorseman The Irish Norseman ☘️ (@IrishNorseman) reported

    @LawdStrudelBF @sfkingz17 @Fallout Which is where I have a problem with people like you giving it a pass because "you write your own story" that's extremely lazy, I mean Minecraft has even less of a story but has enough to do to make it more fun then 76. As I said, play your game, enjoy the early access game it is

  • IrishNorseman The Irish Norseman ☘️ (@IrishNorseman) reported

    @LawdStrudelBF @sfkingz17 @Fallout Yeah we can, people like you can stop praising when they get the tiniest thing right (if you can call it that) and let them know it is unacceptable to release games like this. If you don't then the trend will just continue and you can enjoy more broken games being released

  • Nucl34rNood13 John Mullins (@Nucl34rNood13) reported

    @PlyrMava @gardhull @Fallout People with foresight and self-respect care. "I'm having fun, so I'm free to ignore every problem."

  • IrishNorseman The Irish Norseman ☘️ (@IrishNorseman) reported

    @LawdStrudelBF @sfkingz17 @Fallout You are literally part of the problem. But go ahead play your broken game and keep hoping that in a year, when they finish their "roadmap" that maybe the game is decent, but judging by what they consider to be an"epic dungeon" (all 5 minutes of it) I have major major doubts.

  • IrishNorseman The Irish Norseman ☘️ (@IrishNorseman) reported

    @LawdStrudelBF @sfkingz17 @Fallout "I have faith it will get better" wake up! Once upon a time you could actually spend 60$ (80 in my case cuz Canada) and get a full game. But when people suck Bethesda off when they release a broken ass game and drip feed you shitty content then that tells them it's ok to do...

  • LawdStrudelBF ledurts dwal (@LawdStrudelBF) reported

    @IrishNorseman @sfkingz17 @Fallout Yet I never said anything to be negative. I'm all for discussions about this game. Trust me, there are problems and things I don't like, but I still play because I have faith it'll get better. Fallout is one of my favorite franchises, I'm not gonna just give up on it.

  • jonbklynboy92 Jon Luke (@jonbklynboy92) reported

    @BethesdaStudios @Fallout @LegendOfMicah I wish you guys would fix the issue with fo4 on PS4 that gets rid of that save can't be completed to erase and thing bigger then 0 kb in order to a thing 0kb. Which makes no sense because i have plenty of space

  • BigDadd33042243 Mr_Crypt 45345 (@BigDadd33042243) reported

    @Fallout I've been having an issue for the past few days. I play Fallout 76 on PS4 and I've been stick on the "signing in" screen. I was just wondering if anyone had a solution to this.

  • KNYGHT21 NIGHTFURY_21 (@KNYGHT21) reported

    @personishaunted @BethesdaSupport @Fallout You need to kill the ads before you do so. They are the main problem

  • nicklawrence840 Nicholas Lawrence (@nicklawrence840) reported

    @Fallout Recently I’ve been having an issue where Stimpaks diluted, normal and super have not been healing the amount they should they stop healing half way through I have no perks mutations or diseases that could possibly caused this!

  • IIxMadManxII Aroze IIxMadManxII (@IIxMadManxII) reported

    @FalloutInspired @76Photomode @Fallout No problem.

  • CinnamonClwn CinnamonClown (@CinnamonClwn) reported

    @Rocaway @BethesdaSupport @Fallout They said they were gonna fix it in this patch

  • ichigosinful ichigosinful (@ichigosinful) reported

    @HardNetworkOut @ZeroFoxFK @RobiverseU @Fallout But that's just it it has fixed alot more of its problems then lets say anthem where in anthem the game is dying because of no real end game fallout 76 just added more end game content and really picture mode is a huge selling point for some people so don't hate on it.

  • DanielMatosMD Daniel Matos (@DanielMatosMD) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @Fallout Hope you correct the plasma gatling glitch

  • captameowica711 Wasteland Viking (@captameowica711) reported

    I see #Fallout76 is still having issues equipping mods that have been bought, or found. I have two mods for my plasma rifle, can't add either one of them. I hope this gets fixed soon. #xboxone

  • Lookadistractin Steve Fairweather (@Lookadistractin) reported

    @JamesBaker1993 @Fallout If @bethesda cared a little, just enough to keep those affected informed about why it’s taking so long and even a rough estimate of a projected resolution I probably wouldn’t be pursuing the issue so aggressively but they don’t seem to give a shit so I don’t feel bad for this

  • Rocaway Rocaway (@Rocaway) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @Fallout Can we please have a fix to the power armor kidding glitch

  • Kizmitt00 JB (@Kizmitt00) reported

    @Fallout awe lookie at you ********. Look at those Admin tools go god damn lying ass cheating PC elitist *****. I'm being one shot in PA. My ammo just magically disappears. I launch a nuke the entire server disappears then you crash us **** your bugs you lying *****...admin tools

  • vieiratopher Vforvieira (@vieiratopher) reported

    @Fallout Gathered all 6 eggs but only 4 showed up due to a glitch so thanks for the lack of customer support on console.

  • AngelDTrodden Angel Trodden (@AngelDTrodden) reported

    @Artur96670093 @Fallout I was having issues with the onyx one loading for me this morning on the Xbox I had to hard stop the game and then restart. After that it loaded right away.

  • TC_Zombie Connor (@TC_Zombie) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline @BethesdaSupport ive had a ticket for fallout76 for two months and i havent heard anything from u guys regaurding the issues i wrote to u onthat ticket where are we in getting this matter solved im honestly getting sick of waiting

  • kollare Ed Kollar (@kollare) reported

    @Fallout F this game, can't reply or fix banning players by accident because too many instances of it have occurred to manage. This game and @bethesda are dead!

  • DemoNOllie27 Ollie (@DemoNOllie27) reported

    @xSavageShannonx @Fallout Not a Problem

  • Bad_Wolf_76 Vorian76 (@Bad_Wolf_76) reported

    @VladStoic @Fallout Same, I still cannot attach mods to any of my PA, regular armor or weapons. Whish they would fix this already....

  • fatredfu Fatredfu (@fatredfu) reported

    @MinionSquisher @AndySchopfer @VladStoic @Fallout Amen, got a buddy who bought calibrated shocks (2x) for his X-01 for 10k and hasn't been able to put them on since this got broken.

  • SuthernPro Registered Voter (@SuthernPro) reported

    @VladStoic @Fallout All mods have been broken for me since the last update

  • PeanutBrainzToo Sam Bunning 🇨🇦 (@PeanutBrainzToo) reported

    @fallout fallout 4 is not working on disc it says that the game is not purchased @BethesdaSupport

  • LawdStrudelBF ledurts dwal (@LawdStrudelBF) reported

    @sfkingz17 @Fallout Better as in, it doesn't crash anymore. It's nowhere near as glitchy as it used to. And what I mean by making a story is that with the people you meet. However, I hope they add more player slots soon.

  • fatredfu Fatredfu (@fatredfu) reported

    @AndySchopfer @VladStoic @Fallout Yes all mod boxes = broken since patch

  • TedEliadis TDE_LilDev1ant (@TedEliadis) reported

    @VladStoic @Fallout I’m experiencing an issue(have been since patch 5) where randomly a PA frame won’t deploy from inventory. I have to scrap the frame and find a new one when this happens.

  • HiddaPoo Mau (@HiddaPoo) reported

    @Fallout @bethesda how about you fix your games instead of hiding eggs

  • REDZMANG Jeremy Zimmerman (@REDZMANG) reported

    @ZeroFoxFK @Fallout I was on vacation so I took one of the Xboxes with us to login everyday and get my eggs. I guess it's some point the store never updated and I missed one. Why they don't just have that store dynamically update I'll never know. Lost out on for five things this way.

  • Fauxword Lunch Box (@Fauxword) reported

    @Fallout @bethesda How about next year dont make the Atomic shop glitch out so I cant get the eggs...Its pretty shitty I missed getting the rabbit mask because you couldn't figure out how make shop work correctly.. Another in the long line of failures with this game.

  • mjackowski Michael Jackowski (@mjackowski) reported

    @NukaGirlNickyB @Fallout @BethesdaStudios I haven't had that issue thankfully. Now, being at the end stage of a story line and having a higher level player enter the area and spawn enemies well beyond my capabilities to handle...... Happens all the time and I lost tons of materials. Frustrating.

  • ltstonerrants Lt (@ltstonerrants) reported

    @Fallout Fix the ******* mods so we can apply them

  • SouthernEvents_ SouthernEvents (@SouthernEvents_) reported

    @ichigosinful @Fallout No, honestly don't care about the 60. What I do care about is companies continually releasing broken shit (looking at you @bioware @anthemgame ) and screwing players. So every chance I get to remind them, I'll take a shot across their bow. Sad to see the state the industry is in.

  • EulasAWelch ☣ Satacoy ☣ (@EulasAWelch) reported

    There wasn't any problem at the vendor. It was my mistake not understanding what I was reading. @Fallout

  • DecayedZombie Collin (@DecayedZombie) reported

    @taaaylor0x @76Photomode @Fallout 👌 I jus replaced a few heavy and a missle to Target it if for some reason if gets triggered but usually it’s only due to some random scorched attacking the base and he’ll wake up... Think it’s a glitch cause when I kill it by my camp it’ll respawn back in the lake. @NPurkeypile

  • Vince95921847 VinG 🇺🇸🎮📼📷 (@Vince95921847) reported

    @NukaGirlNickyB @iresqu23 @Fallout @BethesdaStudios I think that patch is May 9th. And cannot come soon enough. I think this week's patche is going to fix the one where the mods for weapons and armor are all screwed up. I think the camera is included.

  • angelofdeath898 Brett (@angelofdeath898) reported


  • Deravon Digger Hayes (@Deravon) reported

    Just spent the last 20 min perfecting a character in #fallout76 only to have the game crash and lose everything. Not going back...

  • Sims3HomeMaker Sonek4 (@Sims3HomeMaker) reported

    @heulboje21 @Fallout Free stuff can never be bad: the problem begins when your game is so poor that you need such a thing to improve it a little...

  • tas_xane Xane Tas (@tas_xane) reported

    @Fallout @bethesda Can anyone help me with error code 4:9:1

  • NukaGirlNickyB NukaGirlNickyB (@NukaGirlNickyB) reported

    I haven’t been playing @Fallout because I haven’t been in the mood for dealing with ******* people who destroys camps or want to pvp I’m just tired of it I swear they need to fix this shit I would love to play without drama @BethesdaStudios

  • 50mk_fox 50mk_fox @NVIDIAGeForce #RTXOn #AMD #Ryzen #Radeon (@50mk_fox) reported

    @Fallout would you please look into the menu glitch bug it says for some people there still in the main menu and some can't join people thanks great game really just got to tackle the bugs get that fatman out

  • brad63093372 brad (@brad63093372) reported

    @Fallout Please up the storage limit!!!! Cant even continue the game, can't build anything, can't fix my armour cause I can't even go out to find material!..up the storage!!

  • Johnny36434797 Johnny (@Johnny36434797) reported

    @Fallout Is there an issue with eggs not showing up cause I still haven't seen the 5 th egg.. I've been on every night to collect.. Please respond

  • Scribbledeedoo9 Zaika (@Scribbledeedoo9) reported

    @JVwanna13 @Fallout Yeah, the game has it's problems but if you see that, it's by design. You don't know what you're talking about.