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Fallout 76 is an online multiplayer action role-playing video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. It is the ninth game in the Fallout series and serves as a narrative prequel to the series.

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  • Sign in (58.75%)
  • Online Play (21.25%)
  • Game Crash (16.25%)
  • Glitches (3.75%)

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  • squigsie1 Wayne Quigley (@squigsie1) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @Fallout so for 3 weeks my nvidia shield has been stuck on patching. Unable to play game and nvidia says that is Bethesda that is the problem not them what the hell is going on.

  • squigsie1 Wayne Quigley (@squigsie1) reported

    @Fallout so for 3 weeks my nvidia shield has been stuck on patching. Unable to play game and nvidia says that is Bethesda that is the problem not them what the hell is going on.

  • DaveLittler Dave Littler (@DaveLittler) reported

    @StealTow @Fallout Only if you cheat, like that infamous 900 hours guy. The rest of us are having no problems.

  • Thelostmerc thelostmerc (@Thelostmerc) reported

    @rieper47 @Fallout @BethesdaSupport That’s crazy I use a crazy amount of mods and my main issue is sudden FPS drops. I wonder if a file is corrupt or bugged o.0 hope it gets patched or u figure out a solution

  • agent7796 Martin O'Reilly (@agent7796) reported

    @rieper47 @Fallout @BethesdaSupport Broken-Games-R-us strikes again!

  • Raw_Society Raw Society (@Raw_Society) reported

    @Fallout @bethesda Fix your ******* game, I left the world and I went into another lobby while in Grafton and it took all of my xp away. Awesome.

  • pknganameishard there is no spoon (@pknganameishard) reported

    @Fallout fix it!!

  • TH3GNOME THEGN0ME (@TH3GNOME) reported

    Problem I have is... I find @anthemgame gameplay about as much fun to watch as wasting 60$ on a game when you xould of bought diablo 3 or Destiny for a lower price... Does anyone believe they will still stream this game in 2 months.. I expect Fallout76 type of hype.

  • RanKizama Ran (@RanKizama) reported

    @Nitomatta @fire_grayson Jesus christ. I can load into Fallout76, crash to desktop, reload, and be back in game before Anthem even launches.

  • blbeer22 Brandon Lee Beer (@blbeer22) reported

    @cale_nealy @woolseverywhere @Fallout I disagree the developers should do more extensive testing of there game before launch. I have no problem with people testing the boundaries of a game. It's how mods came about if you think about it.

  • Jwarin420 J Warren (@Jwarin420) reported

    @Fallout so since the last update I'm having issues hearing sounds in game on PC like lock-picking sounds and certain instruments that I play and sounds in menu in the sounding menu is always seem scrambled even with Fallout 4 on PC

  • BigHailFan BigHailFan (@BigHailFan) reported

    @IceEmpress66 @PKamburov @Fallout "And 76 isn’t broken. It works fine." Yeeeeeeah I'm going to give a hard "false" to that.

  • PilsnerNilsson Jörgen Nilsson (@PilsnerNilsson) reported

    Back from stomach problems and will be streaming in 10 minutes. Fallout 76, now with more stash :-) #Fallout76

  • R9snick Разящая рука СВИНОТЫ (@R9snick) reported

    @NamantH @jasonschreier @BethesdaStudios @Fallout @anthemgame It is broken on so many levels (unlike Anthem and BF V which both have solid mechanics and cool graphics) so I am pretty sure it was dead on arrival. There is only one chance to make F76 a good game - destroy the whole source code with a nuke and build from zero.

  • wilbell0102 WillTv (@wilbell0102) reported

    @Fallout is trash 🤣 bans the only player actually enjoying the game, what a toxic customer service 🖕🏼

  • NicosBiggestFan Nico of The SouthWest Star🔞 (@NicosBiggestFan) reported

    @Riley07936546 @Rose102043 @Fallout Weirdly enough I never experienced any issues either but I left the game just due to life coming in

  • CKStratford CK Stratford (@CKStratford) reported

    @ThoraldGM @PimpMasterYoda1 @Fallout Ditto. 😅 Though just to put it out there, when that happens I just wait a couple minutes then try again and it works. No big deal. 🙂 ...unless one is impatient or can't figure out how to get around little problems. 🙄

  • drewziesinclair Drew Sinclair (@drewziesinclair) reported

    @AmbassadorDarth @Fallout @BethesdaSupport This game still broken. Thought they would of fixed it by now tbh

  • LawExpert45 Mike “The Law Expert” Jameson 👨🏾‍⚖️ (@LawExpert45) reported

    @EAHelp @PlayApex This is awful!!! @Fallout don’t have these issues.

  • Krazy_Kiarra Apryl Warwick (@Krazy_Kiarra) reported

    @Fallout All this updating and I still encounter a glitch where when I'm playing with my fiance his character disappears to me. He can see me but I cant see him. Sometimes it's the opposite and he cant see me.

  • Rose102043 RandomGamer (@Rose102043) reported

    @Riley07936546 @NicosBiggestFan @Fallout Same I've only crashed once, I was stuck in power armor once, I got out tho through resetting, and the fort dispenser thing issue, other than that not too many issues, but again all fallout 76 changes have mostly been bug fixes, which is normal for starting games....

  • cale_nealy Tissue_Sniffer360 (@cale_nealy) reported

    @AntonioMarron @Fallout There is a duping problem in the game that they are trying to fix. The Ammo guy was banned on suspicion. Carring large quantities of ammo while a duping epidemic is going on isn't going to make you look good

  • Riley07936546 Freddyfoozbear (@Riley07936546) reported

    @NicosBiggestFan @Rose102043 @Fallout This might just be me but I've been playing the game since launch and I have had no problems, and I play on Xbox with mediocre connection and I still never experience bugs, but if you got far into the game I would suggest waiting until some of those free dlc launches.

  • Arkhaine687 Brandon Schlosser (@Arkhaine687) reported

    @Fallout you guys really need to reevaluate your processes of working on this game... I have tried and tried to enjoy the game each patch, but ea. seems to fix 10 things break 10 others... I tried to give you guys the benefit of the doubt, but I just can't. Maybe in a few months.

  • sliparoon Paul (@sliparoon) reported

    @Fallout @BethesdaStudios the fact that 1.06 broke Perk Loadout Manager is a legit problem. That mod was a functionality that should have been in the game from the get-go. Please fix whatever it is you did to break this. PLEASE.

  • Seddon4494 Seddon4494 (@Seddon4494) reported

    When I played #Fallout76 I found that its worst problems became apparent after extended play. It appears as though there is literally a limit on how long you can play because if you gather too many resources, they'll just ban you. Another win for Fallout 76

  • crackbandicoot Joel (@crackbandicoot) reported

    @griever_07 @Susperiumking Also people defending GAAS games be like give them time. PUBG and Fallout76 are still broken. Sea of Theives still doesn't have any content. Radical Heights shut down before DLC. But yeah, we should give them time for unfinished garbage 😂

  • NerdHawg NerdHawg (@NerdHawg) reported

    @inucha5 I feel this. I got all of it right after the patch. All of it is awesome. I also think I may have a #Fallout76 problem. LOL

  • Killem1871 Kill em 187 (@Killem1871) reported

    @Fallout Having a issue with my chameleon mutation when I am unarmored and stationary I go invisible on my screen but not other peoples.

  • MatthewWickizer Matthew Wickizer (@MatthewWickizer) reported

    @A_Martinez_94 @JodieRenea @Fallout GameStop was giving it away free with the purchase of a PS4 controller. That's just how broken this game still is. POS.

  • MatthewWickizer Matthew Wickizer (@MatthewWickizer) reported

    @Caltress @Fallout Good point but don't forget you're talkin about Bethesda. They're more concerned about bobby pin weights and stash size instead of fixing real issues with this damn game.

  • MatthewWickizer Matthew Wickizer (@MatthewWickizer) reported

    @JamesMu54853343 @Fallout Fixing the game up but not fixing the issues.

  • Raw_Society Raw Society (@Raw_Society) reported

    @Fallout I’m having progress lost issues and I save it the correct too by “leaving the world”. I join back in a different server and my mission progress is lost with and maybe a whole mission is removed (lost)

  • Brian03046233 Bman (@Brian03046233) reported

    @JamesMu54853343 @Fallout For every one thing they fix they break 2 more I dont call that trying, this is a AAA company they should be far better than this, FO76 is destroying them

  • Brian03046233 Bman (@Brian03046233) reported

    @Fallout @BethesdaStudios Why dont you focus on fixing a broken game before adding more stuff, Also fix the FO4 Mods cuz they seem to be broke now 2. You guys are rapidly becoming a disappointment.

  • riXco13 Angel Herrera (@riXco13) reported

    @Fallout I can’t move , lookaround or open my pip boy.. my assaultron head is broken and uses all my cell ammo in one shot even if i have 200cells it’ll just use all of it in one shot

  • Aazzie Aaron Cooper (@Aazzie) reported

    @BigHailFan @Fallout That's all I've read about since I've been on here, he was was duplicating. Cheating. (allbeit that Bethesda hadn't sorted a fix for it)

  • Eman5677 Grand Master Lurker (@Eman5677) reported

    @BethesdaSupport Been having issues with Building Budget & camp in Fallout76 since release. It just lets me put things when ever it feels like it. My budget keeps going up & down on its own. Why have the ability to create things when you’re limited to the a budget. Please fix it.

  • Eman5677 Grand Master Lurker (@Eman5677) reported

    Been having issues with Building Budget & camp in #Fallout76 since release. It just lets me put things when ever it feels like it. My budget keeps going up & down on its own. Why have the ability to create things when you’re limited to the a budget. Please fix it.

  • TheBigWillie1 The Big Willie (@TheBigWillie1) reported

    @JamesWe16194799 @AmoraBunny @Fallout I know what they’re talking about. But there are multiple players that had that same issue. Thats why Bethesda changed their TOS. Yet we still have the Super Duper perk.

  • Meathook49 Meathook49 (@Meathook49) reported

    @Fallout After the canvas bag issue, the glass bottle issue, the time where player accounts were exposed, and now reading about a player banned for having too much ammo, I can guarantee I won't be buying this game lol. Too much fuckery on Bethesda's part.

  • JaneBremer 🌸☕ The_Cofiffee ☕️🌸 (@JaneBremer) reported

    @bethesda #Fallout76 on fire as usual... 3rd server error in one hour.

  • goodvsme Goodvsme (@goodvsme) reported

    @SidAlpha Just goes to show how shit @Fallout 76 is and how completely broken it is and always will be with how lazy @bethesda is

  • crustydesign hans (@crustydesign) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @Fallout Whow improvement! I now just have to wait 10 minutes to login and only 2 times the game freezed 😁😁😁

  • SomePersonsTwit Some Liberalist (@SomePersonsTwit) reported

    @IceEmpress66 @PKamburov @Fallout Dislike isn't the issue - a faulty product is.

  • Rose102043 RandomGamer (@Rose102043) reported

    @NicosBiggestFan @Fallout Not much has happened beside bug fixes, kinda like rdr2 improvements. Like the wierd power armour glitch and the dispenser bug. Not too many improvements besides a mode that takes away the "you have to attack each other to actually do damage." Not worth it until its priced lower.

  • adampeters214 Adam peters (@adampeters214) reported

    @Fallout All I want to do is play the game Please fix your problem soon with the people I got suspended for no reason Then look in your systems make sure they're working right specially the auto banned or suspension

  • crimsonwolf911 crimsonwolf911 (@crimsonwolf911) reported

    @Fallout I could not care less, I havent played #Fallout76 in weeks, and I don't intend to do so any time soon, had my fill of the mess of broken promises and rushed hamfisted stupidity that is #Fallout76

  • Absinthe030368 Absinthe030368 (@Absinthe030368) reported

    @Chinn3rsTV @BethesdaSupport @Fallout I've had both, restarted the game for the shop issue and changed servers for the emote issue

  • MisterIBiscuits The IrishBiscuits (@MisterIBiscuits) reported

    @bethesda: New duping glitch is plaguing our servers for @Fallout . Fix: Ban everybody that has over 100k of any items they have and not tell everybody. How do you make the dumpster fire of 76 any worse. Can't wait to see how they plan on fixing this. #Fallout76

  • PDN90 PDN|At0micPunk (@PDN90) reported

    I gotta tell ya, the "fallout" from #Fallout76 is the gift that keeps on giving. You think it can't get any worse for Bethesda, then it does. Such a comedy of errors.

  • Lightsp33d1987 Lightsp33d1987 (@Lightsp33d1987) reported

    @Fallout #Fallout76 @Fallout @BethesdaSupport Yet another patch and you still fail to fix the level 50 and 100 trophy on PS4 where if you die during leveling or are in an event and you level up you wont get the trophy to pop, You need to fix this for us who have hit the levels already.

  • William27504516 William Nelson (@William27504516) reported

    @ThanosC13259310 @Fallout I happen 2 weeks ago when I was building power armor but I just quit and played the next day and everything was fine but now it has been 1 day before this patch and I can not fix anything plus all the plans I buy are not available to build even though I learn them

  • xShinigami_Kun Michael Belanger (@xShinigami_Kun) reported

    @CinnamonClwn @Fallout Meh done that the 1st month it was out when I still played it 😂 now it's collecting dust in my game library until they actually fix the game

  • Hobojebus Horambe (@Hobojebus) reported

    @atsashi1 @oneguyandacat @SaraGamerKitty @Surge_switch @Fallout No son i'm no console peasent, and the only time i ever had an issue getting on was when i hit the infinite load screen bug.

  • pothead8312 pothead0221 (@pothead8312) reported

    @Kevin_Delaney95 @Fallout @bethesda Same here and i never even used a glitch i found a bunch of paper bags containing huge amounts of all kinds of stuff and took it made a new character and stored the stuff on that character last money i spend on Bethesda games

  • William27504516 William Nelson (@William27504516) reported

    @Fallout Instead of prayers please fix my issues I have plenty of craftables but the game won’t let me use them the game is almost unplayable as I cannot fix my armor

  • pesca_sportiva Pesca Sportiva (@pesca_sportiva) reported

    @Fallout Why is it, when first login, my weight for armer, is 420, then it drops to 330, after 20 mins of game, am feed up with this,

  • Ghostrunner_Bax James Baxendale (@Ghostrunner_Bax) reported

    @Fallout Have you heard these people lol. WAKE UP you have been ripped off . This game is broken and you still hand over your cash for paint jobs.#highwayrobbery

  • ThaWarSpawn Cyrez Tha War Spawn (@ThaWarSpawn) reported

    @Fallout This suspension wave is full of shit. I have yet to get any response back to the "rare" items I've supposedly picked up. And for the record, I have DUPERS offering me another account who didn't get suspended that I turned down. Fix your shit.