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Friday the 13th: The Game is a survival horror video game developed by Gun Media and IllFonic, and published by Gun Media. It is based on the franchise of the same name owned by New Line Cinema.

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  • Official_Adam_W Adam Wilson (@Official_Adam_W) reported

    @Honestmistake87 @Friday13thGame I have had this issue for over a year now

  • a_2126 AHMED MOHD. (@a_2126) reported

    @Friday13thGame The ps4 servers are down , please FIX it

  • weslvy WesLV (@weslvy) reported

    @Friday13thGame there’s a mute glitch. i had Jason muted but he still was able to hear me talk... please fix

  • CaitlynLombard1 Caitlyn Lombardo (@CaitlynLombard1) reported

    @Mikerobtv @Friday13thGame a shitload of people play all the time- they honestly don’t do enough for this broken ass game that glitches every match

  • DaFemalePhenom 🌈DaFemalePhenom 🔜 TwitchCon (@DaFemalePhenom) reported

    @ThaGUYVER @Friday13thGame No problem I found a shit load of them!!

  • Honestmistake87 honest-mistake87 (@Honestmistake87) reported

    @Friday13thGame Yo despite no team killing (chads) has anyone noticed a noise glitch on PS4. Everyone sounds like chipmunks.

  • UndisputedDocG The UnDisputedDoc.G (@UndisputedDocG) reported

    @Friday13thGame U guys are killing me. U put the switch game out Glitchy and you can only have random counselors & random Jason's. FIX IT MAN!!! I OWN IT ON PS4 I KNOW U CAN FIX IT!!!

  • catmeowcruz Cat (@catmeowcruz) reported

    Hey @Friday13thGame it would be awesome if you would fix the glitch in the main house at Pinehurst where counselors who open the drawer in AJ’s room are stuck & cant do anything. Have seen so many counselors stuck & killed because of it.

  • danyoung2017 Danny Young (@danyoung2017) reported

    @Friday13thGame Fix the glitches please

  • megamon13 King Marv (@megamon13) reported

    @Friday13thGame also fix the car going through ground already whenever jason teleports in exact spot as car comes players die or get kicked because there stuck in ground with car

  • megamon13 King Marv (@megamon13) reported

    @Friday13thGame fix the dang glitch where counselors get stuck when opening drawer upstairs in pinehurst only jason can hit them free and most likely he won’t give them a fair chance

  • horrorguy30 MichaelDeL (@horrorguy30) reported

    @TracedThurman @Friday13thGame I've been having other issues. Some offline bots the counselors don't move. They just stand there.

  • Ayo_its_anti13 ANTI13 (@Ayo_its_anti13) reported

    @Friday13thGame can u guys fix the cars every time I drive them they glitch into the water.

  • madmanmarz85 Nathan Smith (@madmanmarz85) reported

    @TracedThurman @Friday13thGame I recall it being an error that’s happened before and has happened to me, but I’ll defer to the game guys on the matter.

  • alyquiel Alysson Barbosa (@alyquiel) reported

    @Friday13thGame Fix for PS4 in Brazil please! 😭

  • RuheOtira DrKillSwitchOfficialTTV (@RuheOtira) reported

    @Friday13thGame Guys the aus servers are not working please investigate ive canceled and restarted done all please fix it @Friday13thGame

  • soloplayerteam7 the new jedi (knight) (@soloplayerteam7) reported

    @Friday13thGame I enjoy the #FridayThe13th gane offline it just needs the counselors to do more than just stand there. Cant remember the last time they even called tommy jarvis. The game needs a update bad to fix the offline bots

  • F13TH00 🇺🇸 F13TH00 🇺🇸 (@F13TH00) reported

    @njmrbill @Friday13thGame Don't blame them . Blame the ******** who need to cheat on this game . If they didn't cheat they wouldn't have to keep trying to fix differnt things in the game . It was fine until they should up . They're good guys and Just a FYI to you GO **** YOURSELF

  • DokaRyan Ryan Doka ❁ (@DokaRyan) reported

    Don't let Friday the 13th distract you from the ongoing fact that @Friday13thGame owes me $60 for a broken game. Refunds must be made.

  • mexico1love Parzival (@mexico1love) reported

    @unclesam2005 @GunMediaSupport @Friday13thGame I remember the last beyond stream they said they were still figuring out the issues. I figured by that amount of time, they would’ve solved something by now.

  • unclesam2005 Uncle Sam (@unclesam2005) reported

    @GunMediaSupport @mexico1love @Friday13thGame I have issues connecting to a us server since the last update

  • Jpamet31 JJ (@Jpamet31) reported

    @Friday13thGame Try to fix the ps4 servers, please! Me and all my friends can't play online since the last update!! We can't enjoy the double xp and today's event!!! The 1.33 patch was perfect, only had a few bugs!!!

  • Jpamet31 JJ (@Jpamet31) reported


  • jkombat3 . (@jkombat3) reported

    @JacobSternn @BrandonCrew3 @Friday13thGame Yeah cause they trying to work on another game cause without content this game will die eventually so that’s why they don’t feel like they should fix it

  • JacobSternn bellarke life (@JacobSternn) reported

    @jkombat3 @BrandonCrew3 @Friday13thGame I know that. And I bet in the next year they aren’t going to fix any glitches either. Look at the game now. There are sooo many annoying glitches that have not been patched

  • njmrbill Bill Walker (@njmrbill) reported

    @Friday13thGame You flat out refused to help me with my game issue and it left me angry and bitter about your game. So take your double points and give screw yourself. I'll never buy another Gun product

  • SkyBearer340 Christophe 🌘🦉 🏴 (@SkyBearer340) reported

    @Jpamet31 @Friday13thGame We started to play a week a go more often with some friends and no problem to find server full with people

  • jkombat3 . (@jkombat3) reported

    @JacobSternn @BrandonCrew3 @Friday13thGame They can’t stupid. The lawsuit ****** them over so they can only fix bugs and that’s it

  • Faux_Amigo Oui_Si_Yes (@Faux_Amigo) reported

    @Friday13thGame Does this game still glitch bad

  • niziuragunso 虹裏軍曹 (@niziuragunso) reported

    @Friday13thGame In development, I think it is necessary to fix bugs and improve the matching environment as soon as possible.

  • tilly95432060 tilly (@tilly95432060) reported

    @Friday13thGame Wish I could get on a game in less than 10 minutes. Fix the servers!

  • Jpamet31 JJ (@Jpamet31) reported


  • KushKage_ ⁶🦈𝐘𝐄𝐀𝐇🦈 (@KushKage_) reported

    @JoshPosh__ @Friday13thGame It’s been broken on XB1 for months I’ve collected most of the tapes but it won’t let me listen to them

  • Jpamet31 JJ (@Jpamet31) reported


  • BamBamRicky Enrique (リッキー) (@BamBamRicky) reported

    I'm done with @Friday13thGame 4 #NintendoSwitch. The game has been out for one month and not even a single patch has been released to fix any single bug. Instead of focusing on a new title fix the current ones already released to the public. @DeadByBHVR is looking fine right now

  • TeddoGBear Teddo G Bear (@TeddoGBear) reported

    @AsoGirl29 @Friday13thGame @GunMediaSupport @F13GameSupport This was one of my favorite games for the longest time, and now that it's a broken mess it literally hurts me that they don't care enough to fix it. They care more about layers of fear 2 then they care about this game

  • TeddoGBear Teddo G Bear (@TeddoGBear) reported

    @AsoGirl29 @Friday13thGame @GunMediaSupport @F13GameSupport Oh yeah it really does, but the main reason why I want to call Gun media a sell-out is because literally they've re-released this game onto the switch and it's still a buggy mess people are still having problems with this game even now in 2019. Bugs that shouldve been fixed bynow

  • TeddoGBear Teddo G Bear (@TeddoGBear) reported

    I'm gonna have to share some unfortunate issues involving the Ludwig Friday the 13th Project.. it's really gonna hurt me because I really wanted to do this and have fun with it but thanks to @Fearthegun and the new dev team. F-13 is literally unplayable. @Friday13thGame Vid soon

  • nicolesalyers69 nicolette salyers (@nicolesalyers69) reported

    Please fix the servers they are so buggy @Friday13thGame

  • Asapwavy19 💰✨ (@Asapwavy19) reported

    @Friday13thGame I’m sorry this game is not fun to me anymore no one really plays it and y’all are still battling lawsuit issues sad this game has died in my books RIP Friday the 13th game (2017-2018) 😢😢😢

  • n7stormtrooper2 Mark 🎮👽 (@n7stormtrooper2) reported

    @Friday13thGame Playing on PS4 where the game is broken and never updated.

  • StacieRojas21 Stacie Rojas (@StacieRojas21) reported

    @Friday13thGame Fix Friday the 13th game cuz I actually enjoy playing it as one of my games !

  • BenRich55593176 Ben Richards (@BenRich55593176) reported

    @erika_2117 @Friday13thGame Lol! Been like that since May 2017! Fix one thing, break another. I think it's kinda funny though.

  • MikeysDead Mikey Bonez 🔪Slasher Radio Podcast (@MikeysDead) reported

    @LoganHo06174123 @Friday13thGame I am well aware of the reason for no new content being added. But YOU don't know the depths of it. I never ever implied that I wanted to add new content to the game or even fix anything in the game. You STILL aren't understanding what I was saying which is mind blowing.

  • LoganHo06174123 Logan Howlett (@LoganHo06174123) reported

    @MikeysDead @Friday13thGame and once again you pathetic dumbass, it does not matter. If it isn't already in the programming code and it is not a bug fix, it can not be added. you're just like the dumbass is the claim that Jason X is already in the game so they should add him just because he's in the VC 2.0

  • LoganHo06174123 Logan Howlett (@LoganHo06174123) reported

    @MikeysDead @Friday13thGame I'm not the pathetic ****** with the over exaggerated ego claiming to be able to fix shit that the programmers ALREADY KNOW HOW TO DO. Keep think you are so great child, I need the laughs your pathetic dumbass give me

  • soloplayerteam7 the new jedi (master) (@soloplayerteam7) reported

    @Friday13thGame Can you fix the offline bots to where they dont keep standing around

  • KTYY9991 Nina (@KTYY9991) reported

    @Friday13thGame Not all the perks are working i used fast repairing easy break from jason grab and increasing the stamina they all not working in my characters tifany,, Victoria and Vanessa basically all the females i didnt try the males yet

  • KTYY9991 Nina (@KTYY9991) reported

    @Friday13thGame Not all the persks working i put fast repairing perk on tifany and Victoria vanessa it didn't work even break free from Jason grab more stamina they all not working on any character i use

  • horrorgeek76 horrorgeek76 (@horrorgeek76) reported

    @fearthegun @Friday13thGame Now, the urine issue. While director Steve Miner has claimed the rat is responsible for this considerable puddle, I doubt it. More likely it's Ginny's doing. Which makes sense; if I was hiding from a masked killer, I'd probably have trouble with my bladder too. #F13P2 #horror

  • EliteSaiyanSSJ Push Past Your Limits And Go Beyond!! (@EliteSaiyanSSJ) reported

    @cecilezechman @Friday13thGame They don't fix anything

  • EliteSaiyanSSJ Push Past Your Limits And Go Beyond!! (@EliteSaiyanSSJ) reported

    @cecilezechman @Friday13thGame That don't fix anything

  • _TheRealVIBE VIBE (@_TheRealVIBE) reported

    @Friday13thGame why is the chat not working on Xbox one

  • Callitkarma90 Billy (@Callitkarma90) reported

    @HexSuper @Friday13thGame Its a glitch that carried over, when jason kills someone it will sometimes glitch and they get away, thus giving him extra kills.

  • CaptainTripps4 ☠Captain Tripps 💀 (@CaptainTripps4) reported

    @Friday13thGame So I havn't played Friday in months and now I know why. This game is riddled with bugs beyond belief. Jasons grab kills are still glitching out knives dissapear point blank grabs go straight through ppl. Bye Friday DBD here I come back. Fix it already.

  • n7stormtrooper2 Mark 🎮👽 (@n7stormtrooper2) reported

    @IllFonic so over the past 2 days I've logged onto @Friday13thGame on PS4 after quite the hiatus. I'm sad to see that there are more bugs and less populated servers then when I left for this very issue. I know there is the whole lawsuit situation going on

  • n7stormtrooper2 Mark 🎮👽 (@n7stormtrooper2) reported

    @Yobo1987 @TheHansonGoons @Friday13thGame @BlairWitchGame @MixerShares @WatchMixer Too bad they don't update this game at all or fix bugs on any of the platforms.

  • SpookyM19051429 Michael Silva (@SpookyM19051429) reported

    @Friday13thGame Alright bro can you guys fix the damn issue where Jason still kills you when you break free

  • MattVandenberg6 Matt_Vandenberg (@MattVandenberg6) reported

    @Friday13thGame I had the Savini Jason but after the patch it's disappeared and I don't know how to fix this I play on Xbox one. Thank you.

  • NickSnow589 Nick Snow (@NickSnow589) reported

    @Friday13thGame I had the Savini Jason but after the patch its disappeared and I don’t know how to fix this I play on Xbox one

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