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September 30: Problems at GitHub

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  • BillLaboon Bill Laboon (@BillLaboon) reported

    @Brad_Laurie Unfortunately, this isn't new. I found some REALLY bad test code in a particular blockchain back in 2017, mentioned it on here, and all replies were either dunking on the chain or people insulting me as a shill. I've learned since then - just file an issue on the github repo.

  • huggingface Hugging Face (@huggingface) reported

    @BownesJ Mind opening a github issue?

  • evilpilaf ACAB - Evil Pilaf (@evilpilaf) reported

    @MicrosoftLearn There's an issue in one of your courses, how can it be fixed? I tried looking for it in the github repo to amend it myself but couldn't find anything. It's in the intermediate-python-nasa module

  • idoshamun Ido Shamun (@idoshamun) reported

    @sudo_overflow The cool kids steal code from GitHub issues 🤫

  • jamiegraydesign Jamie Gray (@jamiegraydesign) reported

    @ayykei @_odus @isosteph I was hoping the Data Transfer Project led by Google, Microsoft, Facebook, etc. would’ve been able to solve this for us. I think I opened a GitHub issue proposal for tracking listening stats but I’m sure it got lost in the noise

  • _a__w_ aw (@_a__w_) reported

    Debating just changing the error message to "ERROR: Operation failed because GitHub's token support is ****."

  • daattali Dean Attali (@daattali) reported

    @kmahi_way @github This does not solve the issue I mention with not working. This only changes http to

  • isaac32767 Isaac Rabinovitch (@isaac32767) reported

    @aaronpk @github Well, passwords in general are a terrible idea...

  • aaronpk Aaron Parecki (@aaronpk) reported from Portland, Oregon

    @github Welcome to 10 years ago when the OAuth community realized password auth for APIs was a terrible idea and made a spec to solve that

  • TalanCid TalanCid (@TalanCid) reported

    I have an irrational fear of posting code publicly on GitHub. Top 3 reasons: Code Style Potential Errors Bad Quality One I know C# devs would be all over is “why aren’t you using _camelCase for private class variables?” I like get; set; is that so bad??? 😔

  • GeoffreyHuntley geoffrey huntley (@GeoffreyHuntley) reported

    What if you needed to pay $1 to access the GitHub issue tracker to open or comment on issues in a project? That $1 goes to the protect creator. It allows unlimited comments. If maintainer wants they can boot someone from their community. Then that person has to pay $1 again.

  • steamboat steamboat (@steamboat) reported

    @ChuckMcManis @thingiverse Trouble with github is there are virtually zero .stl files there and no organization I can find so it's not a great place to **** my wares. Still searching for alternatives :-)

  • OpDarkside Sebastian Greis (@OpDarkside) reported

    @fficarelli @Cor3ntin I opened an issue on GitHub. It compiles, but shuts down faster, than I can make a picture with my phone

  • bitch_boyyy tomo 🗣️📢 (@bitch_boyyy) reported

    from now on, images 8mb or less will jsut get popped on a discord server for direct link. 9-100mb goes on the github site. 100mb+ goes on dropbox.

  • astrochunly Chun Ly, Ph.D. (@astrochunly) reported

    @ZIngbretsen @taraskaduk Sounds like a never-ending github `is:issue is:open` 🙃

  • alexHesse Alex Hesseborn (@alexHesse) reported

    Oh, apparently someone on Stack Overflow linked to a github issue I posted a while back. Does that give me some programmer points?

  • JoshSmithCode1 JoshSmithCode (@JoshSmithCode1) reported

    @robheghan Hi, we use a few packages dependent on Skinney/murmur3 and it looks like in a recent github move elm-packages is 404'ing with a bunch of your wonderful libraries. It looks like there's an old/duplicate Skinney account set up to fix one package, any chance of more?

  • blackmad David Blackman (@blackmad) reported

    Unrelated, why does github not allow .json files to be attached to issues? why do they even care about the file extensions?

  • infosec_ebooks_ Infosec Ebooks (@infosec_ebooks_) reported

    The missing stair problem applies to github too.

  • Liskni_si Tomas Janousek (@Liskni_si) reported

    Problem Matchers is similar to an 'errorformat' in Vim: it tell @github Actions how to parse errors/warnings directly from console output. Way simpler than all those Actions which invoke a single linter, parse its output and then report the results via API.

  • ellis2013nz Peter Ellis (@ellis2013nz) reported

    @MattCowgill GitHub pages is free. Only works for static (no server code) sites though. But you probably know that.

  • h_csj Henrique Castro (@h_csj) reported

    @DrApeis I know that you already talked about opensourcing issues, but maybe removing the paid assets and going to github could unburden. You could direct things without having to stress so much.

  • notmatt Matt Smillie (@notmatt) reported

    @andrewjtimmons @ReinH An unexpected unicode character in a last name causes a 500 error. The postmortem-completion bot not meeting its SLA causes a cascading series of failures resulting in the entire service going down. Error reports to Slack and calls to GitHub brown out both. Global outage.

  • LaurenDorman Lauren Dorman (@LaurenDorman) reported

    @YourMobileGeek I checked your GitHub as well which led to this tweet. The repo wasn’t open-sourced so I had no way of knowing whether you credited me there or not. That being said, the copy is the biggest issue for me. I had intentions of reusing the copy I wrote on my current website too.

  • trashidentity The Shard Collective of anarchist e-girls ❀✿ (@trashidentity) reported

    @Multi_Sapphire @ArcticCircleSys As for her involvement in shinigami eyes, it is unconfirmed but she's always replying to tech support issues on the Shinigami Eyes github, and the add-on *was* used to mark her victims as transphobic

  • jwildeboer Jan 😷 Wildeboer (@jwildeboer) reported

    @aral Level 2. try to add a file to an issue on your mobile phone using the GitHub app.

  • alipsgh Ali Pesaranghader (@alipsgh) reported

    @roydanroy @github To avoid any similar issues: Ask your students to use their Canadian locations, e.g., Toronto, remove any links ending with '.ir', follow fewer Iranian accounts, and do not use their accounts if they travel back to Iran... Otherwise, they must provide Canadian IDs to GitHub.

  • hodefoting ̐🐿ṕ̒ͪͬͯ̐̐̐̐̐̚ȉ̓̈̅̄̓̀p͒̍̚p̏͗̊̔͒̐̐í͆͆̓ͮ̔ͮ͆n̒͐̀͆ (@hodefoting) reported

    @hughsient @github I suspect research targeting FLOSS maintainers has a significant self-non-selection problem. Long term maintainers have wasted enough time filling out surveys to automatically steer clear of them. Not caring if it is doctoral, master or bachelor level spam trying to consume time.

  • chriswithers13 Chris Withers (@chriswithers13) reported

    @CircleCI - you having issues? One of my projects is getting 400s from your github webhook endpoint, was working fine yesterday... Any ideas?

  • perilEcho Echo (@perilEcho) reported

    @thecppshows1 yeah bro, its from github. you basically run the script first, then launch roblox and it does it for you. one "problem" that i had is that i had to redownload roblox with the usage of the script. it could also be because mine was outdated even though i played like 1 month ago