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January 27: Problems at GitHub

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  • ceptional Alex Holcombe (@ceptional) reported

    @richarddmorey When I replaced all the commas with semicolon, however, and then used write_tsv, Excel opened the files fine! Should I open this as a github issue? (Don't have time to edit the package code and propose a change now).

  • yokofakun Pierre Lindenbaum (@yokofakun) reported

    me: wrote a sandbox code in the deeps of my sources last year and forgot about it. today github/issue: "Hi, your code doesn't work ! I don't understand !!"

  • beep2bleep Beep2Bleep Games (@beep2bleep) reported

    @kentbye 1 way that would work for tilt brush would be the github model. Any 1 can take creation and change (fork), and attempt to get the original person to accept it (pull requests), or someone could fork off their changes. Would be slow (concurrency issues) but probably incredible

  • TimberWP Timber for WordPress (@TimberWP) reported

    @JunaidQadirB @travisci @github In the midst of it. We've spent many hours getting things optimized for Travis though so we would have rather stuck w them. But when their system for OSS metering is broken (and their support ignores us), what else can we do?

  • MrDummy_NL MrDummy_NL (@MrDummy_NL) reported

    Harry T published v1.5.0 pool game. Good, but there is one problem: Github page is now read-only. We cannot post new issues or requests anymore there. Is this now his last package? Without new request or issue posts, i expect no more new fixes or improvements.

  • _hyp3ri0n Alejandro Caceres (@_hyp3ri0n) reported

    @infosecthought1 the only other stuff i posted was directly on the scammers site, github, 100% his stuff. So maybe climb of down that high horse as well. I've admitted my mistakes (IF they were that, still not 100%). Spoken to him personally, and apologized. It's on my twitter, you can look it up

  • QueenMyorra Queen MyorrⒶ 🦉🚩🏴🐇🦾 (@QueenMyorra) reported

    For some reason GitHub Desktop doesn't show Visual Studio Code as an external editor. How do you fix this on Windows?

  • daanvanesch Daan van Esch (@daanvanesch) reported

    @KontovasNiko @anshumanpandey_ I'm not a fonts expert, but hopefully @marekjez can help :) You could also file a ticket in the Noto issue tracker on GitHub!

  • TaelurAlexis Tae’lur Alexis (@TaelurAlexis) reported

    @marcustenorio I’m so new to rust I don’t think it’s even been a week since I started learning but I have most of the syntax down to create most of the chatbot. I’ll probably have it up on GitHub soon. The first project i rewrote to rust was a temperature converter app

  • anonymous_Stv Steve7x (@anonymous_Stv) reported

    PaaS: Heroku, Netlify, DigitalOcean, GitHub Page, AWS Amplify. Which one would you recommend as server ?

  • NNakhero Nelly Nakhero (@NNakhero) reported

    @DystopianSnow I have tried using the Alert library but it keeps raising target invocation errors. It gave me headache for a while so I decided for a quick fix. But I'll look at the libraries from the above suggested github☺

  • IAMB3NW Ben (@IAMB3NW) reported

    @gitlab be like "we're raising your prices with zero value-add" and in the same breath break your pipelines with rate limit errors. Honestly isn't worth the hassle now, since @github is pursuing the audience you repeatedly ignore.

  • _kamifai_ Kamila (@_kamifai_) reported

    I am back from my winter vacation and I am searching 'Issues' tab in Github repository for some minutes already... I think I have missed something...

  • TounaiOfHell Tounaï aux beaux cheveux (@TounaiOfHell) reported

    Also @Microsoft fix GitHub Actions I can’t rerun a job alone I have to run all the workflow

  • AlexFornuto Alex (@AlexFornuto) reported

    Mildly considering curating a ****-list of people who post their problems in GitHub issues, then close them as solved without explaining how they solved it.

  • DangeMask Jan Radoň (@DangeMask) reported

    @OndrejStritesky @TheZuza @Prusa3D BTW is there an official way how to report bug like this? I am familiar with GitHub issues for printer FW and PrusaSlicer, but PrusaPrinters website is not a public repository, as far as I'm aware of

  • mrhestew Heath Stewart (@mrhestew) reported

    @nuget Pertinent information was cut off by Twitter's URL handling. Could you post and link to a page or open issue on GitHub perhaps?

  • initinfosec whiskers 🖤, script kitty (@initinfosec) reported

    gen searching/exploit tips: sounds obvious but: 1) don't just search EDB for sploits, gitlab/github are good sources too (esp if an EDB one exists but is broken) 1/x (gen sploit tips)

  • mudgen Nick Mudge 💎 aavegotchi (@mudgen) reported

    @Amxx @solidity_lang If not that would be a good feature request to make in the Solidity github repository with an issue.

  • MyRocketCat Aya 彩 ⑨ - BlackLivesMatter! (@MyRocketCat) reported

    @SneakyAmy_ Yeah true, what's your github? I'll send you a fork of it and you can fix it for me. Please. T_T

  • TheDoctorBlue The Doctor Blue (@TheDoctorBlue) reported

    If your login form doesn't let me type "{username}{tab}{password}{tab}{enter}", you're doing it wrong. No-one wants to tab from the username field to the "Forgot Password?" link. @GitHubHelp @github

  • AClkwrkHellcat 🔞 C.H. Prabs 🔞 (@AClkwrkHellcat) reported

    @AshenbubsHD Next time you update the beta, could you please update the Google Drive of it too? Github is just aggressively terrible these days—I can't even download it with the official client.

  • Fbillionare Wolf (@Fbillionare) reported

    times like these I hate Flutter coz Stackoverflow got nothing. Github issues are not helping. acha nifunge kitu nikifiria approach on how to debug this

  • oleg008 Oleg (@oleg008) reported

    Added a section to the Github issue template: Managing expectations: Maintainers will not be fixing the problem you have unless they have it too, so if you want it to get fixed: 1. Submit a PR with a failing test 2. Discuss a solution 3. Implement it

  • girba Tudor Girba (@girba) reported

    @DmytroGladkyi @pharoproject About starting the server: we usually extend the main tab with a dedicated set of docs or playgrounds to help with getting started. In this way, the only thing one should need to remember is how to trigger the initial loading script which can be documented in the GitHub readme.

  • rafaelcodes Rafael Winterhalter (@rafaelcodes) reported

    @lukaseder Sure, I just think it's a problem to consider since many people see it as an easy way to get started without really thinking of the consequences. Other services like Patreon handle VAT and are fairly restrictive on excempts. I think GitHub will need to adapt such rules, too.

  • infoxicated Rob Foxx (@infoxicated) reported

    @McEwenInt8Array I think they're well presented, it's just the lack of practical examples to follow. I can get up and running with the basic intro tutorial but beyond that... it's trying to decipher the errors and googling to find dead-end Github threads.

  • mgedmin Marius Gedminas (@mgedmin) reported

    "GitHub Actions has encountered an internal error when running your job." #ohjoy

  • ericpeterwepson Eric Peter (@ericpeterwepson) reported

    @Airtel_Ug Your internet is slow nowadays, even github is blocked some times

  • 4Tolexx Uzochukwu Tochukwu Theophilus (@4Tolexx) reported

    @albertkoz @florinpop1705 This is so true. The other common tutorial is how to build small blog apps. To find tutorials on bigger projects you need to search github repositories. Another problem is that some of us developers are lazy to write. I'm currently trying to develop the habit of writing.