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  • clarinet_ayslin
    Ayslin (@clarinet_ayslin) reported

    @24TrueToneTenor @amanfr01 If I make a typo it depends, I may let it sit, I may resend apologizing; if I make an error with information they need I 100% email back and put “CORRECTION” in the subject line or at the beginning of the email Gmail has the “undo send” thing and I. I am here for it.

  • markus_liz
    liz markus (@markus_liz) reported

    @MrAlexAw @gmail 55 days cab send, no bounce back to SA, NOTHING BACK! 2 YRS IT WORKED till he new version, update now NOTHING. WHOEVER put out this version software should be shot! FIX it, it's not our problem get some better software engineers!

  • David_lgbt12
    David (@David_lgbt12) reported

    @gmail Hello Gmail Team. I don't know but I would like know if you can attend through of Direct Messages on Twitter. In case negative I would like you attend doubts and issues about Gmail everyday and respond to all users if it's possible. It's a suggestion.

  • GeneZog
    Gene K 🇺🇸 (@GeneZog) reported

    @maydaymindy9 Nope, I've still got 7, + 2 gmail, linkedin, comcast & probably others...if it works, don't fix it 'just because'...¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • NickAtLoot
    Nick Haase (@NickAtLoot) reported

    @TravelingAnna @CaseyNewton @annehelen Yeah I’ve been trying to narrow it down. Reading through your doc now :) My personal gmail spam filter is hyper aggressive these days - even emails from google end up in spam lol If there are any Gmail/GSuite deliverability wizards out there reading this please DM me!

  • jymbo916
    James Smith (@jymbo916) reported

    @Gallaecian @maydaymindy9 My gmail account is the one that was hacked. I’ve never had a problem with my AOL one. I use both.

  • mackinprof
    Stuart Phillips, PhD (@mackinprof) reported

    @CorcoranMP I think it's getting worse personally. I've tried everything to cut it down with the best filters and cookie blockers, malware scans... they find a way in - mostly gmail addresses now so blocking one means nothing

  • portmore2010
    Sharon Anderson (@portmore2010) reported

    @1Moviebox is moviebox pro the new version/ why does it want you to sign in with ur gmail account

  • Plenilune1973
    Plenilune (@Plenilune1973) reported

    @Meggie1031 I did back in May in reply to the gmail address! LOL I just forwarded the orig email to you. Scroll down, you'll see my address. 🤗😘

  • RichFelker
    Rich Felker (@RichFelker) reported

    @canadianbryan Like the forced login of browser session whenever you login to GMail.

  • VladiPutinKGB
    🎅🌲Vladimir Putin 🎅🌲 (@VladiPutinKGB) reported

    @EmmaLawrenceCo You must strictly separate your digital identities. Same issues abound with Google products. Do not sign into any google application (gmail, hangouts, etc.) on your burner devices.

  • aBurlyKeel
    Luke Bayler (@aBurlyKeel) reported

    Just finished "reading" all of my unread Gmail. Down to ~12000 messages from ~22000.

  • ngakaks
    Patrick Hermawan (@ngakaks) reported

    @adamzea @dhh Gmail works but I keep getting error 403 for my outlook acct

  • GreenWithE
    Saeed (@GreenWithE) reported

    @gmail @Google Can't access my Gmail. I should say your recovery system is not working good at all.

  • annehelen
    Anne Helen Petersen (@annehelen) reported

    has anyone found a fix for Gmail Priority Inbox's tendency to sort emails DIRECTLY TO YOU, AND NO ONE ELSE, FROM A HUMAN WHO IS NOT A PR SPAMMER into the gaping maw below

  • RippleCreekNW
    Wynn Lare (@RippleCreekNW) reported

    @MissKimShell @the_meat_lady @Brittany_Olson @GranerKenny @BuckBecker3 @cattleshop No problem I will get some together and I will let you know and I will gmail I am literally shocked you are moving PMSO s I mean shocked beyond I have seen literally nothing in the high end restaurant market looking to do anything with tenderloin

  • craigjq
    craig quinn (@craigjq) reported

    @gmail All steps already gone. Gmail app works on mobile phone connected to same networks, but keeps going up and down on regular desktops. I find hard to believe there different browsers would all need cache clear since 2 of them hardly used. Only used them to try to get into gmail

  • craigjq
    craig quinn (@craigjq) reported

    @gmail Consumer based @gmail account. It works for a bit and then I get temporary error 500

  • David_lgbt12
    David (@David_lgbt12) reported

    @gmail Hello your application "Gmail" don't load correctly or load with big difficult when i have a slow Internet connection. I need you optimize, accelerate or speed up the application, pleaseee

  • dcotterill
    Darren Cotterill (@dcotterill) reported

    Most of the complaint in the comments are about spam and junk sales email. This problem has been completely solved for me with gmail years ago. Maybe it’s still a problem elsewhere.

  • presidentscrug2
    michael w scruggs (@presidentscrug2) reported


  • craigjq
    craig quinn (@craigjq) reported

    @gmail I have been on two separate networks already and issue still occurs.

  • actuallyalemur
    lex (@actuallyalemur) reported

    @gmail Thanks. I know how to mark spam. The issue is that typically I don’t even see the spam emails, but ones that are clearly spam are not being filtered as they usually are. Thanks for the response

  • becca__z
    Becca Z (@becca__z) reported

    @asmeurer @github 👋 Aaron, the issue you mention regarding action links in Gmail should now be fixed!

  • yulelog035
    Jason (@yulelog035) reported

    @SparkMailApp Calendar invitations accepted in Spark email populate the Spark calendar, but do not populate Calendars 5. I am using Google calendar. This has been an issue for a while and there is no such issue when accepting invitations within the Gmail App. Help! Thanks-

  • CoriVidae
    Cori Vidae (@CoriVidae) reported

    I misspelled 'tweak' as 'tweek'. I was too lazy to correct it myself so right clicked so I could let Gmail fix it for me. The list of suggested words did not include 'tweak' but did include 'twerk'. ...I have complicated feelings about this LOL

  • imyourangel0104
    msdixie🙏🏼🦋🌈💞 (@imyourangel0104) reported

    @maydaymindy9 No I have one lol my daughter called me a dork because aol is not hip Gmail is the in mail server lol well I’ve had this aol account since we got internet back when dial up came out. Lol yes I’m old people get over it

  • aniketsh86500
    aniket (@aniketsh86500) reported

    @PlayMPL Plz mpl to add a ui main interface login for gmail safe and secure plz mpl I request to u mpl

  • SebastianHust
    Sebastian Hust (@SebastianHust) reported

    @gmail nope. no improvement. from time to time the web service is available for roundabout 3 min before the same "Temporary Error (500)" is returned. Very frustrating...

  • le_avion
    Avi Schwartz (@le_avion) reported

    @googlechrome 71 is so broken (at least on Ubuntu) that it's not funny. Hangouts: not working, says need to login which doesn't work. Log into gmail and G Suite gmail: not working. redirect loop. Clearing cookies and cache didn't help. Ended up rolling back to Chrome 70.

  • mauryan12
    Vicky Maurya (@mauryan12) reported

    @RealRediffCom Your email service is too old fashioned. Why should not you improve it. Also don't offer IMAP server. Look at Gmail,Yahoo & Outlook.

  • Cherchezla_ish
    Stoni Morrison (@Cherchezla_ish) reported

    @gmail Hi, I am still having issues with this. Items that would usually be routed to primary or updates are going to promotions and things that are promotions are being sent to either primary or updates.

  • Ajadhao
    Amol (@Ajadhao) reported

    @gmail Thank you. It seems issue is resolved now

  • Hunzinger
    Santa Hunz (@Hunzinger) reported

    What I learned after 90 minutes on Chat with @QuickBooks 1. They don't have a solution to an issue that has been going on for 10+ days (and are still blaming Gmail). 2. It took them 45 minutes to find my account manager. 3. There is now a second issue.

  • JRLopez
    JLopezSanchez (@JRLopez) reported

    @gmail hi guys having some issues with emails bouncing back - please help!

  • joe_bronco
    Joey Gaden (@joe_bronco) reported from Buena Park, California

    @gmail my gmail stopped receiving emails on 11/24/18. I’ve looked online for contact info and can not find any helpful info or any way to contact you guys directly. Can you help direct me to someone I can contact about my problem

  • joe_bronco
    Joey Gaden (@joe_bronco) reported from Buena Park, California

    @Google my gmail stopped receiving emails on 11/24/18. I’ve looked online for contact info and can not find any helpful info or any way to contact you guys directly. Can you help direct me to someone I can contact about my problem

  • nohope_noharm
    liv (@nohope_noharm) reported

    My grandma got me a new laptop as an early graduation gift, but I still bring my dinky laptop to school cause I don’t wanna bring the new one (plus it’s way too big to carry around) BUT MY OLD ONE IS ******* SLOW. Took me like five minutes just to get Gmail to open like ****

  • ScreaminJWalkin
    Jesse ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ P (@ScreaminJWalkin) reported

    The gmail redesign is so bad and so slow.

  • DefMonkFuse
    Movement Against Secondary Slavery (@DefMonkFuse) reported

    since Inbox by Gmail launched, I've been a it's broken and I can't stand Gmail, but at least all my labels and rulesets work. but it still lacks that thing, like getting an email about a meeting and having it already set in my Calendar and Maps

  • ArkBuildersPa
    shay shomething shmart (@ArkBuildersPa) reported

    @smallmthbass Not if we consent when signing up for gmail or google chrome. If they steal information, then there's an issue. Most of this info they get now comes from naive users who love the convenience but don't realize google can read their email and see web activity.

  • DragonAngelFPS
    XGNChristopher (@DragonAngelFPS) reported

    And it was also attached to my old Twitch account I should have never signed into my Yahoo email account when I was staying with my cousin in Chicago Illinois and move down there for a little bit back to my hometown born and raised I use Gmail now

  • derdafoods
    Derda Foods Limited (@derdafoods) reported

    @austinitua Please login with your gmail account is already created

  • VaibhavGumashta
    Vaibhav Gumashta (@VaibhavGumashta) reported

    @piyush_soni @Google @gmail Hey @Google @gmail please help. I can't find any way to get around this issue and I urgently need to access my email before I travel in next 2 days.

  • AroraBoyLucky
    ѕтυ∂єит σf ℓιfє (ૐ) (@AroraBoyLucky) reported

    @gmail Thank you so much for ur quick reply but i don't know whats wrong with my gmail as it is not working from last 15-20 minutes

  • martin_perry
    Martin Perry (@martin_perry) reported

    The @Outlook app for Android kind of sucks. Gmail is my primary but still have an old MSN. The app sends you notifications for new mail, but when you tap the notification it flashes an unable to load mail error. You then need to wait for the inbox to refresh, then select. Crappy.

  • Lucien_Ortane
    Lucien (@Lucien_Ortane) reported

    @debostic @DuckDuckGo @ProtonMail @brave @bitchute @SpiderOak The problem is....Android phone needs a gmail account

  • DarthSlimme
    Darth slimme (@DarthSlimme) reported

    @gmail i have a problem recovering my account

  • tjaartblig
    Tjaart Blignaut (@tjaartblig) reported

    I'm so bummed that inbox from @Google is shutting down. I finally stopped hating e-mail. The gmail UI is so cluttered compared to inbox. And gmail has adverts. Yuck

  • GCsVentures
    Guillaume Ceccarelli (@GCsVentures) reported

    @dhh I’ve had problems with my email being misclassified as spam in consumer GMail for well over a year. Clients, colleagues, you name it. Despite following best practices for email security and server setup and sending no marketing email from that domain or IP.

  • taegukhae
    ellie (@taegukhae) reported

    @nikMBB_ARMY @BTS_twt thats not a problem, use back up acc with diff gmail i did the same and vote for monsta x there uwu

  • andrewjtodd
    Andrew Todd (@andrewjtodd) reported from Melbourne, State of Victoria

    @eeemmmiii @inboxbygmail @gmail I think you have a problem....

  • HeffalumpBear
    Elephant Bear (@HeffalumpBear) reported

    @jer_tech Yep the good old keyboard setting glitch which spawns gmail then spawns a browser which installs a apk which lets you sign in via the browser

  • reidwilkes
    The real Reid Wilkes (@reidwilkes) reported

    It's really remarkable to me that no one gets email search right. This doesn't seem like a hard problem, yet even gmail kind of sucks for it. We can search the entire internet better than we can our inbox. It's weird.

  • stephenablack
    Stephen Black (@stephenablack) reported

    @Darbyshire2 @Google @gmail LOL I got over it. It's a privileged problem to have. "My electronic messaging system that instantly sends whatever I say to any part of the world has failed me 1 out of 100,000 times! Oh darn."

  • wizenThorne
    WizenThorne (@wizenThorne) reported

    @madebygoogle @TheEllenShow BEWARE, Ellen fans. If ANYONE in your household has a Google account that doesn't end in @gmail then you won't be able to do this. There are some MAJOR issues with G-Suite and many people don't even realize their Google account is not fully functional.

  • DrDannielle
    Dannielle Blumenthal PhD (@DrDannielle) reported

    @willsommer 2) 8/14/2018 (drop #1876). Q tells us that Obama & company communicated covertly through the use of Gmail drafts, off a server in North Korea. (They also used gaming forums.) That's pretty inventive.

  • stevensacks
    Steven Sacks (@stevensacks) reported

    @inboxbygmail @gmail I greatly prefer the simplicity of Inbox, especially the swipe right to “done” and swipe left to snooze. There isn’t even a “done” folder in gmail. All Mail is not the same at all. I don’t see why you have to shut down the easy UI of inbox which is so much better for mobile.

  • satya626254
    Mr. Satya Ranjan (@satya626254) reported

    @AdSense I have a big problem related to Adsense, when I started blogging newly in this time I haven't a specific idea about Adsense so I created a Adsense acc using YouTube but there I got a hosted acc, so I deleted that gmail acc, and apply again but their I got mail u hv other

  • satya626254
    Mr. Satya Ranjan (@satya626254) reported

    @AdSense hello, I have a big problem related to Adsense, when I'm newly start blogging I have not a specific idea about Adsense I just created a Adsense account useing YouTube but there I got a hosted Adsense account then I deleted my gmail and try to apply again

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  • 007
  • 1026
  • 17099
  • 400 bad request
  • 404
  • 500
  • 502
  • 502 bad gateway
  • 5967
  • 6922
  • 76997
  • 77044
  • 78144
  • 78754
  • 8144
  • a connection error occurred
  • account error
  • activex error
  • address not found
  • app error
  • attachment failed
  • auth web login required
  • authentication error
  • bluestacks error
  • delivery error
  • dns_probe_finished_nxdomain
  • does not allow relaying