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Gmail is a free, advertising-supported email service developed by Google. Users can access Gmail on the web and through the mobile apps for Android and iOS, as well as through third-party programs that synchronize email content through POP or IMAP protocols.

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August 21: Problems at Gmail

Gmail is having issues since 10:30 AM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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Gmail Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • Note_thyself notethyself (@Note_thyself) reported

    @Google Thanks for offering help. My phone got locked because of your delayed response to retrieve the Gmail account. You can't have an automated response to all the problems. I have now anyways contacted the Samsung service center to unlock my phone.

  • sarvankarthik6 D Srinivasa Karthik (@sarvankarthik6) reported

    @gmail Error: we're having trouble finding that site..

  • Panu_e Gloria Ramírez (@Panu_e) reported

    Gmail will fix your shoddy grammar for you using AI

  • Sidra_A_Rizvi Sidra Rizvi (@Sidra_A_Rizvi) reported

    Gmail will fix your shoddy grammar for you using AI

  • PatrickHeneise Patrick (@PatrickHeneise) reported

    @RobertBrandl I didn‘t. I‘m not using the Google Suite/Gmail for email, was just made aware by someone else. Issue was that they had me in the address book with a different email address. But I forgot about DMARC, will set that up, thanks! DKIM/SPF are both set up correctly.

  • HughMacIntyre6 Hugh MacIntyre (@HughMacIntyre6) reported

    @gmail My devices don't give those options. Can you guys not fix it at your end, since it was caused by gmail. I'd prefer to decide what to filter myself. Not someone do it without asking.

  • Littleroc02 Rochelle Möller (@Littleroc02) reported

    @Yfm #BetterWithNokiaMobile Google is my go-to search engine, when I have misplaced my phone. On silent no less. Login to my Gmail account from another device, search for my device. Google will activate my ringtone for me to find my hidding phone. Love it. 💖💓

  • MarieHird Marie Hird (@MarieHird) reported

    @Google why can i not contact you having issued with my gmail account. No one is replying. I have tried to solve the problem but keep getting we cannot not identify you

  • ajayningagoni Ajay kumar (@ajayningagoni) reported

    @Google Now iam able to sign in to my account. On 10/07/2019 someone has accesed my Gmail account. Kindly please check and give me the login details of my gmail account.

  • DarshanChokhani Darshan Chokhani (@DarshanChokhani) reported

    @gmail Hi, I have been facing problems with attachment on my mails. For the past few weeks, anything which I attach whether a photo or a document, it fails to get attached. Thanks.

  • naveed814ji naveedji (@naveed814ji) reported

    @gmail @YouTube Hi sir,I m using this gmail id for many years. Two days ago, i have forgotton my gmail password. I have attempted many times. Now it says '' too many fail attempts, try in few hours''. I have waited for many hours. But still i am unable to get login to it.plz help

  • DanWade06 Daniel (@DanWade06) reported

    @X_Jaydeeeeee_X I had problems with club website sending to my Google account sending me emails so changed it to hotmail and it's fine. Dont think it likes gmail tbh 😂

  • eksewak13 Ekansh (@eksewak13) reported

    @Paytmcare i have an account but i am unable to login since my number is lost. Please guide me other way to login to my paytm account. I have my gmail id with me

  • m_waznah Mohammed Waznah (@m_waznah) reported

    @gmail It’s a business email I forget the password long time and I can’t login in.

  • m_waznah Mohammed Waznah (@m_waznah) reported

    @gmail hello guys, I had issue with my email I cannot sign in😥

  • CurateIT_TECH Curate IT | @mpk_y2k (@CurateIT_TECH) reported

    The main benefit is that you’ll no longer have to manually click “check spelling” in the compose window for Gmail to analyze your email. Instead, red lines appear under misspellings and blue lines will be under what Gmail perceives to be grammatical errors.

  • HughMacIntyre6 Hugh MacIntyre (@HughMacIntyre6) reported

    @gmail my gmail on my devices are putting most of my new mail in the spam. Can you help. How to fix it on the device. Phone and tablet. Not PC. I use Samsung Note9, and the app.

  • fatzach802 fatzach802 (@fatzach802) reported

    @Pinboard What are the non terrible options to Gmail

  • Babygirlsamira3 Samira #winterbear❄️🐻 (@Babygirlsamira3) reported

    @Chells_twt @nona_kv1 @ArletteM11 @ClubMinYoongi @suga_alien l’ll just make a new weverse and weply account that doesn’t connect to my twitter with the same gmail so I can avoid these problems when I buy the kit.

  • Liron_Segev TheTechieGuy #VMW2019 (@Liron_Segev) reported

    @SidneyDiongzon its too easy to create fake gmail addresses which means they set up a channel, upload other people's work, make money with affiliate links and when they get shut down, they do it all over again... def not ok!

  • msfisk111 Shirley Ann Fisk (@msfisk111) reported from City of Sioux Falls, South Dakota

    8/20/19, 10:07pm, my apt...nothing new. Gmail problems, etc. so I’m in a bad mood.

  • jesslbest Jessica Best (@jesslbest) reported

    The fact that I am starting to have physical anxiety over my Gmail going sooo slow all day and now my home internet being sketchy mcskecherson is a good picture of life in 2019. A PHYSICAL book before bed it is. They still exist!!

  • TennTCB TennTCB⚡🏅 (@TennTCB) reported

    @AlwaysActions @DebraEger DNC wasn't hacked. It's been proven by the download speeds for the amount of data transferred. It was Seth Rich. Hillary did doxx Intel agents, Hillary did give China & others access to her private server, use Gmail to compose draft emails to communicate by sharing the PW.

  • puravida_be Besweet (@puravida_be) reported

    @OfficeSupport I noticed this week ... my account is in someone else's name. Now the emails are mine and the associated contacts have no idea who they are. Applications associated with email do not accept login. first time i saw that. @Gmail seems to be more secure than @Outlook @hotmail

  • heretic_kings Miki ☁️ (@heretic_kings) reported

    @Foster_Nun With the free trial on Sketchup! Everything is premade so you don’t have to actually make the renders haha to use the renders, you can either sign up or use gmail to sign in

  • victorstuber Victor Stuber (@victorstuber) reported from Albany, California

    How to solve tweet editing: Copy Gmail. Put a 5 second delay with an "undo tweet" button. Problem solved.

  • InspireSean Sean Inspire (@InspireSean) reported

    They disabled a starter account I had just created to move my accounts from one gmail account to another and now I can’t login to the apps that are under that starter account

  • David_3953 dababy (@David_3953) reported

    @indiana_jhonna Last year “I wasn’t being scheduled” because this mf thought I ****** up writing down my email n he thought it was gmail 😾

  • TaraTied Tara Tied (@TaraTied) reported

    hey you emailed me again today but I got a failure notice again :/ I googled it and looks like it's a yahoo to gmail issue so I have emailed you form my gmail account :p

  • krkernes Kassandra Kernes (@krkernes) reported

    @gmail @vegasuggs you keep saying this, but it must not be true, since a bunch of users are experiencing issues...

  • gffcontwitch #Gameplay #Twitch #Youtube 🖥🖱 (@gffcontwitch) reported

    My #Gmail emails are very slow

  • GMAILAc33776311 Talks with Cats🇺🇸 (@GMAILAc33776311) reported

    @RealJack @_brandank_ Well, not quite. The files were sent to a gmail account with the same name, but not mail address, as some construction company in China by the guy setting up Hillary's illegal server, to move them onto the Googles got them...

  • LoginLlama Login Llama (@LoginLlama) reported

    @stshank @Yubico I have used it via USB-C with chrome on the desktop to access Gmail. The issue is that smartlock on iOS hasn't added support for it yet, so that it can work with Safari for Google. It will be better if Apple just adds WebAuthn support for it to iOS directly.

  • yourbucky (@yourbucky) reported

    can gmail chill out every time i login from a new server it immediately starts to panic, relax, it’s just me who did u think it was this is my ******* phone and i do this every day when are you gonna learn

  • g2chauhan Jitendra Chauhan (@g2chauhan) reported

    @gmail I did a hard refresh in the browser, and it solved the problem. Thanks.

  • chaptrz_ Amity Chaptrz🦋❤️ (@chaptrz_) reported

    bro I just got signed out of my yt and my gmail isnt working I clicked sign in on yt to sign into my yt and it started downloading some random thing

  • rmichaelthomas Juicy Smollett (@rmichaelthomas) reported

    Chile is Gmail down...I don't have time

  • ibrhmTanyalcin Ibrahim Tanyalcin (@ibrhmTanyalcin) reported

    @OrchidProtocol @BrendanEich @FastCompany It's worse, I realized that #Gmail opens magic links for logins within its own embedded browser, eventually leads to login requests being declined because the browser fingerprints don't match. I suspect they can track everything, just like #AMP @BrendanEich

  • xashleyrenae ash 🖤🥀 (@xashleyrenae) reported

    @gmail I am not receiving emails that have been sent to me and I need you to fix this ASAP because it's for a job!! I need these emails in order to start working!!!

  • IvanPentchoukov Ivan Pentchoukov (@IvanPentchoukov) reported

    @PaulSchmehl @The_War_Economy @ChuckGrassley According to the FBI interviews, he needed the Gmail to sync emails archived in Mac Mail to an Exchange server. He told FBI he didn't want to buy a converter and used Gmail for the sync. I'm not defending Combetta -- that explanation is fishy.

  • scooterflynn Scott Flynn (@scooterflynn) reported

    @IvanPentchoukov @drawandstrike @ChuckGrassley Surprised that this was a gmail account, since gmail is notorious for Google reading the emails and cataloging their contents for serving ads. On an unrelated note, that they had an outage yesterday.

  • DaviRetX Deathsoul (@DaviRetX) reported

    @DeviantArt Hello, I have problems logging into my account from my cell phone or pc, it doesn't recognize my email or my username. I use the gmail to change my password and it worked, but then it contradicts itself by saying it doesn't recognize my email. Thanks

  • shivgrewal09 ShivGrewal (@shivgrewal09) reported

    @Google @gmail seems there is an issue with gmail. I only see 1 email in my inbox. Could you please extend your support in retrieving my all emails. Thanks

  • TheB1ackDaria Daria (@TheB1ackDaria) reported

    @gmail Soooo I tried using a different gmail address... my business @gmail, which I never set up a verification sign in for and guess what these mf's ask me for. A VERIFICATION CODE THAT I COULDN'T POSSIBLY HAVE RECEIVED BECAUSE I NEVER SET THAT PROTOCOL UP FOR MY BUSINESS EMAIL.

  • NashPash Doris🥤 (@NashPash) reported

    @gmail I got through, the problem seemed to be my browser. Thanks

  • TheB1ackDaria Daria (@TheB1ackDaria) reported

    @gmail I enter the verification and @gmail.... instead of signing me into my ******* account tells me they need to review my request to sign in which could take up to 5 business days. I am newly funemployed so of course I can't afford to be without a phone for a week.

  • TheB1ackDaria Daria (@TheB1ackDaria) reported

    @gmail So since I LOST MY ******* PHONE @gmail was sending my verification sign in code to the cell phone I LOST. So... I checked to see if they could send the verification to an associated email address, which they eventually did.

  • MartinDeenATL Martin Deen (@MartinDeenATL) reported from Atlanta, Georgia

    Now @gmail login is not working. Note according to @Google this issue is “resolved” so they aren’t even working on it. #googledown #gmaildown #YouTubeDOWN #googleOAUTH #GoogleOutage

  • Arjunjagdish Arjun Jagdish (@Arjunjagdish) reported

    A small powershell script that sends a mail every minute to #Oyo escalation department from my gmail account resolved my refund issue in less than 2 hours for which I had been running behind for 30+ days. All thanks to Windows Powershell and Gmail. #AUTOMATION

  • BeyondBuds 420 Singles (@BeyondBuds) reported

    The FBI is no different than the ******* mob. For example silicon valley has this company called ProofPoint. Proof Point blocks email's from inboxes like Gmail, Yahoo the whole deal. If your server gets marked as spam they block your emails and you have to pay them

  • divyesh_selarka divyesh selarka (@divyesh_selarka) reported

    @gmail @YouTube @Google @BhaveshSelarka I am also facing the same issue and my other family members have also. I am not understanding that how the account is disabled without any suspicious activity. I am not getting any response that when my account will be active.

  • jordylancaster Jordan Lancaster (@jordylancaster) reported

    update: my entire google/gmail just crashed @Google please fix this i can’t do any work

  • naveed814ji naveedji (@naveed814ji) reported

    @Google I have changed my gmail password few days ago, and completely forgot about it now. I have attempted several times. Now it shows '' couldn't verify this account belongs to you''. Whereas i m using this account since many years. Plz solve my problem as soon as u can, sir. Thanks

  • sarah_alice Sarah Alice (@sarah_alice) reported

    @MsNycole I get no joy whatsoever from FB and it's just as easy to link to my gmail account. I'm trying to cut down my social media use, overall, so this is one step in that direction!

  • gabrielg2610 Gabriel G (@gabrielg2610) reported

    @gmail thank you for a horrible day yesterday of no service. To much down time than normal and no real tech support for assistance. You have pushed me away and will no longer use Gmail nor any of your cloud solutions.

  • dkernohan David Kernohan (@dkernohan) reported

    @AlexLeigh67 @hughjconsulting @ealeyd That's how google have taught you to behave. Gmail completely changed email... it was terrible at folders but great at search and had humongous storage.

  • Yuta4446 Yuta444 (@Yuta4446) reported

    @TeamYouTube Excuse me I just got a message from your gmail say something about unusual traffic sources from my channel "Happy Dog" and then will disable my channel in 48 hours if I didn't appeal to the links they gave me But the links are not working and I can't even do anything about it

  • GillEllisYoung1 Gill Ellis Young (@GillEllisYoung1) reported

    @SamanthaShawX @andreanilham121 @BiGirlLookin @BellaScarlettaX @MsLeather @hotlatinwife @HotBiGurl @X_Biba_X @funnsunmilf @escortannabelle @LilyxMansfield @AWbritishmilf @MiaOffici1 @iamgingerrose @mcherries4u Often the virus is to force you to login to Youtube so that they can access your Gmail email (if you have one) xxx

  • sudhirgparmar Sudhir Parmar (@sudhirgparmar) reported

    @MAYANK8382 @ca_rewri @cbic_india @FinMinIndia Only Gmail email working, Yahoo addresses has same issue

  • retornam wanzam (@retornam) reported

    @gmail Issue resolved. Thanks

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  • 1026
  • 17099
  • 400 bad request
  • 404
  • 500
  • 502
  • 502 bad gateway
  • 5967
  • 6922
  • 76997
  • 77044
  • 78144
  • 78754
  • 8144
  • a connection error occurred
  • account error
  • activex error
  • address not found
  • app error
  • attachment failed
  • auth web login required
  • authentication error
  • bluestacks error
  • delivery error
  • dns_probe_finished_nxdomain
  • does not allow relaying