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Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5 or GTA V) is an open world action-adventure video game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. The game was released on 17 September 2013 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, on 18 November 2014 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and on 14 April 2015 for Microsoft Windows.

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  • The_Moon_Man_
    31 Savage (@The_Moon_Man_) reported

    @mitchellsimpki1 @_HEALTH_ @RockstarGames I understand it’s a beta. The problem is this is their number one situation they need to take care of

  • oscaarmontano
    Oscar Montaño (@oscaarmontano) reported

    @RockstarGames RDO keep kicking me off with "server" problems, random 0x500000xx errors, isn't playable since the online release, can't play more than 4 minutes. That sucks.

  • calidro1995
    cali kush twista (@calidro1995) reported

    @RockstarGames Y'all service online is kinda terrible please fix it

  • DrewFro70653306
    Drew Frost (@DrewFro70653306) reported

    @RockstarSupport Hello, I was playing GTA V online on my Xbox 369 and noticed just randomly, my profile reset itself back to level 1 when I was at level 27. I lost my apartment, my cars etc. If you can fix that, that’d be appreciated, my gamer tag is d8JAMES7f.

  • Chadjon20266061
    Chad jones (@Chadjon20266061) reported

    @RockstarSupport I will check into this tomorrow, I had the same problems when call of duty ww2 came out. Not had any issues until now.

  • JaGnaDo
    Wild Animal (@JaGnaDo) reported

    @RockstarGames was hunting for in rdr2online pelt for 1 hour had around 10 perfect pelt then accidentally a have com and to my horse to flee and when hi came back he didt have any pelts on him please fix it somehow . Or even when other player kill me a lose my pelts on my horse

  • BunnyBabeGrimm
    BunnyBabe (@BunnyBabeGrimm) reported

    @RockstarGames I'm still getting error codes and it's actually worse than before the update.

  • Connor47560157
    Connor (@Connor47560157) reported

    @RockstarGames fix the live worm glitch. I can’t use them this shit is stupid.

  • moistbill
    Will J (@moistbill) reported

    @RockstarSupport got a performance problem with RDR2 on PS4. Get at me, guys.

  • AlshonDaDon1
    Dan (@AlshonDaDon1) reported

    Im loading GTA V with that rage hook shit and it just loads forever.... how do i fix this shit..

  • SlyKPT
    Kobe (@SlyKPT) reported

    @RockstarSupport I literally still can’t finish the first mission because I disconnect from the servers in the ending cutscene

  • shilohcollins29
    ShilohC13 (@shilohcollins29) reported

    @RockstarGames Nothings been fixed im still getting kicked from sessions fix this shit

  • Kyardo24
    Kyle (@Kyardo24) reported

    @MrStein69 @RockstarGames @RockstarSupport I've got the exact same problem, been trying and failing to get this map for almost a week now. This is literally the last thing I need to do before I can 100% the game 😓

  • W1ckedLady
    Sandra (@W1ckedLady) reported

    @RockstarSupport there is a glitch in RDR2 when I’m talking to npc Andy camp and then the audio goes out but they’re still talking.

  • EeekingthruLife
    Abby N (@EeekingthruLife) reported

    @RockstarSupport Need to FIX the horses and stables. Problems with bonding and switching horses. Also need some money back instead of ‘discard’ when you sell!

  • DizzyDevy_
    YVED™ (@DizzyDevy_) reported

    @RockstarGames fix ya mf game. Rdr2 online is Garbage.

  • billysmith1995
    Andr0p (@billysmith1995) reported

    @RockstarSupport hi there I’m having a issue with getting the gta online dollars I was supposed to get with preordering the ultimate edition of red dead redemption 2 I’m on Xbox

  • ltboyd13
    Logan Boyd (@ltboyd13) reported

    @RockstarSupport @RockstarGames I’ve been trying to play GTA 5 but I’ve been having lots of problems. At first it wasn’t allowing me to login to my account, then I tried to make a new account and that didn’t work. After restarting my computer the Social club does not work.

  • ltboyd13
    Logan Boyd (@ltboyd13) reported

    @RockstarGames I’ve been trying to play GTA 5 but I’ve been having lots of problems. At first it wasn’t allowing me to login to my account, then I tried to make a new account and that didn’t work. After restarting my computer the Social club does not work.

  • MannyDMiserable
    MannyTheMiserable (@MannyDMiserable) reported

    @RockstarGames I also have enough memory so that's not an issue.

  • Gakans2
    Gakans (@Gakans2) reported

    @Graveflower_6 @RockstarSupport How do u send one the social club not working

  • wavybone4
    $TONE (@wavybone4) reported

    @RockstarGames fix ur ******* servers u bums

  • Zakapholiac
    Zak (@Zakapholiac) reported

    @RockstarGames The AP system is more broken the red dead onlines economy pre patch

  • Jacob75129143
    Jacob (@Jacob75129143) reported

    @RockstarGames fix your online beta for red dead redemption 2. This is ridiculous that I am being disconnected every 20 minutes or so.

  • kevinG12583670
    Mr. Egg (@kevinG12583670) reported

    @RockstarGames please fix butcher over at Valentine. Everytime I join a new lobby I find him standing on top of the table and unable to interact. I'm unable to sell nor buy anything from him. Love that location. Please fix issue. Thanks.

  • Gakans2
    Gakans (@Gakans2) reported

    @RockstarSupport I read it and the website to log in to social club is not working

  • FuckFernandinho
    Has Fernandinho been booked yet? (@FuckFernandinho) reported

    @RockstarSupport Also, i had an issue on RDR2 for PS4. I was replaying missions and it glitched instead of reloading to my original point, and left me as stock Arthur at the playpoint after the mission i replayed. Plus i had autosave on, so everytime i reload it does the same...

  • FiveOhRuin
    ruin (@FiveOhRuin) reported

    @Rockstar_RDR2 @RockstarGames pls fix the stubble bug on RDO

  • _nicktator
    Jameson Papi (@_nicktator) reported

    @RockstarGames the update made story mode lag and choppy. It's almost unplayable now.

  • XayKraaze
    Xae (@XayKraaze) reported

    @RockstarGames fix Red Dead Online 😒 getting kicked off server is annoying

  • GhostOfGandalf
    Joel Love (@GhostOfGandalf) reported

    @RockstarGames I feel like this patch made things worse for connection issues.

  • EeekingthruLife
    Abby N (@EeekingthruLife) reported

    @RockstarSupport Stats and weapon slots randomly keep changing. Fix this.


    Bro why am I lagging out of red dead lobby ever 3 minutes @RockstarSupport

  • iaz45
    Az (@iaz45) reported

    @RockstarGames Idk what's wrong with the online ( error: 0x20010006 ) I can't play

  • TrueDefault
    The True Default (@TrueDefault) reported

    @RockstarSupport Yeah I'm still having problems with losing connection to your servers I've been given error 0x21002001 ever since the online beta started

  • Red_Assassin1
    The Butcher (@Red_Assassin1) reported

    @RockstarSupport There is a problem were for some reason i cant unequip clothes from my character i was cheking out the special edition outfits and now i cant change them

  • StarkieJake
    QuackJake No More ASMR (@StarkieJake) reported

    @RockstarGames this After Hours Nightclub Production glitch is ******* ridiculous, 3 out of my 5 technicians are not producing anything, they refuse to produce the contraband i set for them. Think money is better than happiness, we'll be laughing when you're in controversy ******

  • SessiClair
    Logan Clair (@SessiClair) reported

    @RockstarGames hey Rockstar since you patch the glitch to remove the offhand holster which tons of us hate how about you had the option for us to unequipped it

  • Slimkutter2
    Slim kutter (@Slimkutter2) reported

    @RockstarGames this shit sucks Everytime you trying to do something somefucker pulls up and starts shooting minding my own business if this shit don't change or if y'all don't find a way to solve this issue I'm going to request a refund cause what's the logic

  • Slimkutter2
    Slim kutter (@Slimkutter2) reported

    @RockstarGames this shit sucks Everytime you trying to do something somefucker pulls up and starts shooting minding my own business if this shit don't change or if y'all don't find a way to solve this issue I'm going to request a refund cause what's the logic

  • citycoroner
    mark (@citycoroner) reported

    @RockstarSupport fix the servers keep getting server fault errors Had 22 in one day you always want a screen shot but thats not possible when using xbox

  • GHSTlordlambert
    christopher lambert (@GHSTlordlambert) reported

    @RockstarSupport, @RockstarGames hi i have problem with red dead redemption 2 online where you go hunting for hours and just for it to be a waste of time and die to another player and loose it all its infuriating can you atleast fix it to where we can keep them please

  • citycoroner
    mark (@citycoroner) reported

    @RockstarSupport Fix your servers keep getting server fault errors

  • j0nnyBo1
    black hat (@j0nnyBo1) reported

    I really want to like #RedDeadOnline, but it is so broken. Stranger missions keep dropping out. Horse bonding keeps resetting to level 1. There's NOTHING TO DO that pays any kind of decent reward. Real life is an endless grind. Games don't need to be. @RockstarGames #rdr2

  • MarkSparky95
    MarkSparky95 (@MarkSparky95) reported

    @RockstarSupport I was gta5 online the other day and had ammo in all my guns and i login today and have zero ammo on all guns

  • ChabbyD
    Chad Berntson (@ChabbyD) reported

    @RockstarSupport So I think I found a workaround for this issue. When you hold down L2 to start a side quest, continue to hold it all the way through until the quest begins. From what I’m experiencing, if you let go of L2 is when the quest seems to break.

  • Cumbiero51
    Angel Ciore (@Cumbiero51) reported

    @RockstarGames btw how is possible that there’s people 100th level if leveling is too hard theres a way they are cheating fix tour game

  • j0nnyBo1
    black hat (@j0nnyBo1) reported

    @RockstarGames You MFers... The cougar that consistently spawned south of Blackwater was not a "glitch". An exploit, maybe. But we're still putting in the work to hunt and gather pelts etc to earn money. It's still a God damned grind for pennies. Don't make it harder than need be

  • mysteryman3467
    Thomas Higgins (@mysteryman3467) reported

    @RockstarGames your so called update did not fix shit I'm being dropped from online more then ever now.


    @MrGoose305 @RockstarGames It's a beta and there's gonna be issues but bye Felicia

  • YP_Andrade
    Yanepaulo (@YP_Andrade) reported

    @RockstarGames LAGGING NEVER FAILS

  • Grihm
    Grihm (@Grihm) reported

    @RockstarGames Well, to be honest, the game´s magic is wearing off for me since the dead silence on passive mode to fix the griefing issues. I´m not going to just sit like a statue waiting. If the problem is ignored and just not taken seriously, then at least say that so we know.

  • ThatGuyMeho
    ThatGuyMeho (@ThatGuyMeho) reported

    @RockstarGames guys fix your servers the loading time for online since yesterday is absolutely horrible

  • Mohamma63892589
    Mohammad (@Mohamma63892589) reported

    @RockstarGames @IGN @guardian @gameinformer @Telegraph @GamereactorUK Now I know why a game has been worked on for years and did not take the game of the year, because you failed in it, a problem in the game failed to fix it, every time you fail

  • Srendeiro1
    Stephen Rendeiro (@Srendeiro1) reported

    @The_Rachael_W Rachel I’ve been having issues with gta V on pc lately like I can’t install the game fully and launch it

  • noahhale420
    Panda Gaming (@noahhale420) reported

    @RockstarGames since the update the game has really improved and there still lots of bugs that needs fix keep up the work

  • ThatEnglishGent
    ThatEnglishGent (@ThatEnglishGent) reported

    @kingbrownsuga @username22j @CountDankulaTV Fun in GTA has never been about how much can I grind. It's about doing stupid shit and fighting off the police in hilarious, action packed fashion. You don't need added content to do those things. If RDR2 online is dull on its core mechanics then it has a serious problem.

  • MsMadalineClark
    Madaline Clark (@MsMadalineClark) reported

    @RockstarSupport @LouDeMartino Will you please stop referring people to you're useless guide. I spoke directly to a supervisor at Rockstar support which he literally told me there is nothing you can do to help! The only thing that will stop this issue is your stupid development team to wake up/do their job

  • PatrickOreily
    Patrick Oreily (@PatrickOreily) reported

    @RockstarGames @RockstarSupport the fact that they thanked me twice proves all they do is copy paste responses and make no real effort to solve this because they already know the problem is their p2p servers... they dont care and nothing will chance. Look at gta5 for example

  • MWaleed0505
    waleed mohammed (RDR2) (@MWaleed0505) reported

    fix God damn 0x20010006 error I can't play 😡 @RockstarGames #RDROnline #RDR2