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Halo is a military science fiction first-person shooter video game franchise created by Bungie and now managed and developed by 343 Industries, a subsidiary of Microsoft Studios.

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  • whiterational White Rationalist (@whiterational) reported

    @w_terrence No, no, no. If you really fractured your cervical spine (aka “neck”), then you would be experiencing one of two treatment options. 1. Surgery to fix the fracture. Straightforward and routine. Or, 2. You would be fitted with a HALO brace. Not used often, but still used.

  • J25762190 Jazz (@J25762190) reported

    These rumours about Xbox games on Switch, game pass being a streaming service on Switch and one of Halo/Gears/Forza being on Switch are kinda insane. I can see Cuphead and Ori after Hellblade but..come on now.

  • David_The_Wavid The Wavid (@David_The_Wavid) reported

    @Twicdz @Showtime @ottobathurst Don't confuse the Halo MOVIE (that became District 9) with the Halo TV series. This is the one that was announced at the Xbox One reveal. The one that was gonna launch the Xbox streaming service that already crashed and burned. It's only been in production 5-6 years.

  • Xmoda Aaron (@Xmoda) reported

    @Greenskull The problem is in Halo 5 it was definitely quantity > quality because they had to fill REQ packs. 80% of the armor in Halo 5 is just bad...

  • Yuutheuser $w4gm0n3y69 (@Yuutheuser) reported

    @ArchedThunder I have no problems with this future, imagine a world with a functional MCC on the go. Imagine playing Halo on the shitter without needing a second TV in the bathroom.

  • BradyFrizz Brady Frizzell (@BradyFrizz) reported

    Halo CE. Fix the Ring with Flex Glue and Tape.

  • xxxrobloxlover XxxrobloxloverXxx (@xxxrobloxlover) reported


  • aploygwapa aploy (@aploygwapa) reported

    the boy with the broken halo

  • MeoweyPlays Meowey plays (@MeoweyPlays) reported

    @nightbarbie I just reseted in royal. All my diamonds are back to 50/51 and my level is back to 1. Please fix this please. My 2 other friends had this happen to them too. I was lucky I didn't loose my halo.

  • beardalaxy cyberbeard (@beardalaxy) reported

    @ChrisRGun @nakeyjakey we have higher standards because game companies have higher capabilities. plus, most of the games that are super broken from older console generations weren't discovered to be that broken for a decent amount of time. idk about halo 2 but look at speedruns for games over time.

  • BlueRavenfire Kimberly A. Ravenfire (@BlueRavenfire) reported

    yes, i once bought a nintendo gamecube just for a godzilla game, bought a xbox360 to play halo 3. now i want a PS4 just to play the crash bandicoot and spyro remakes!

  • DestroWod Destro WOD (@DestroWod) reported

    @odst84 3 years after GOW4 and i honestly think 4 dragged too long. I am pretty tired of the game and ready to move on since last fall... I don't get why Halo 6 is taking so long. Yes 5 was a big let down but still... gameplay was not a problem, its the story and campaign lengh that was.

  • iimyyoonkooks 🍓𝕞𝕪𝕪𝕠𝕠𝕟𝕜𝕠𝕠𝕜𝕤🍊 (@iimyyoonkooks) reported

    @callmehbob12 I LOST all of my stuff levels diamonds my halo Please fix this problem

  • OversteerTV OversteerTV (@OversteerTV) reported

    @timholmesdesign @F1 @wbuxtonofficial @wtf1official @MsportXtra @ESPNF1 @C4F1 @SkySportsF1 @karunchandhok @AussieGrit @simon__lazenby Get rid of the Halo so we can see the driver. There....problem solved!

  • SuperZenkai SuperZenkaiPOWER (Gintoki & Medaka for JForce DLC) (@SuperZenkai) reported

    @TrayvonAlston @Enigma_Kage @DragonG55024572 @PlayStation @Xbox @Microsoft Lol, on a more serious note i’d say people who buy a xbox aren’t the problem at all, it’s microsoft, they cancel one of their very few exclusives (scalebound) and their halo franchise has been on a decline, also xbox is excluded sometimes when there are ps4/pc game releases.

  • EdsonBubsy Edson-Farley (@EdsonBubsy) reported

    @Motwera I just realized something. So Crash N.Sane sold 10 million. Yeah It's old news but here's the interesting part. Crash was at 50 million sold as a franchise, so now that would Mean Crash has sold 60 million units overall! Another game and Crash will be bigger than Halo!

  • tru8888 #TruFauxK (@tru8888) reported

    @ReallyMilkkyWay @MARKIEEEE @wccftechdotcom Yeah look at Halo MCC, wasn't broken for 9 months or anything.

  • ronlocke Ronald E Locke II (@ronlocke) reported

    Please learn from #halo or gearsofwar @FortniteGame i would play more often if i could find people have a better kill rato in a game about shooting its a broken concept when playing one vs many

  • thoodspica CometTail (@thoodspica) reported

    @kore_virus @MythicMarty @wccftechdotcom Most of the things they added later should’ve already been there from day one. Halo is built on its variety of modes and community features. Not having them there from the get-go hurt Halo 5. Sure, it wasn’t broken, but it missed its window to impress with next to no diversity

  • Nethilez Nethilez- BBB (@Nethilez) reported

    @kore_virus The problem with Halo 5 is how it was advertised. The clash between Locke and Chief was beyond disappointing. But I do like how Halo Infinite is being advertised. Something that’s very reminiscent of Halo’s glory days of mystery and wonder. Going into a whole new world

  • E_Bayless7 Dan Auerbach (@E_Bayless7) reported

    A sinister kid, is a kid who. Runs to meet his maker A drop dead sprint from the day he's born Straight into his maker's arms And that's me, that's me The boy with the broken halo That's me, that's me The devil won't let me be

  • Nterin Ghost Of Zeus (@Nterin) reported

    @Drexced @ZappyComet @charlieINTEL Zam nailed it with apex legends, this is the problem with almost everything in society, now it’s all about profit over quality, it’s why Bungie got kicked off of halo and same thing with respawn and COD, both devs wanting quality, publishers said no way Jose we want money

  • Carbon_GT Carbon_GT (@Carbon_GT) reported

    @foxygames_uk It could however release in their streaming service just like Halo 5.

  • kwap_kaylee 𝕂𝕒𝕪𝕝𝕖𝕖 (@kwap_kaylee) reported

    So obsessed w halo rings... it’s a problem

  • JoslynKanyer Syp (@JoslynKanyer) reported

    I bought my PS4 for crash and my Xbox one for halo 5 (big mistake)

  • Diego26598809 Diego (@Diego26598809) reported

    @franklez Well we want you fix Halo and our angry tweets when halo 4 was realised for hadn’t worked for halo 5

  • aKaZactheGreat Zac Brown (@aKaZactheGreat) reported

    @Halo Fix MCC

  • deadbrew1 Jay Brewer (@deadbrew1) reported

    @kitkat61001 the broken halo

  • sicknantos Hearthstone Dad (@sicknantos) reported

    Halo: Infinite will showcase the new method for video game sales, in which players download the game, sign a contract for a 1-, 3-, or 5-year term, and pay for support a la carte. It will consistently crash at critical checkpoints in the first 8 months and multiplayer will be BR

  • kweherie Bernice Kweheria (@kweherie) reported

    @KenyaPower_Care Halo am here with the same problem now my bill has gone up from an overpayment of 313 to 84k plus what us happening to the meter number.

  • griever_07 Jeremiah Enrile (@griever_07) reported

    @crackbandicoot @Susperiumking The Word "INFINITE", only exception is Bioshock Infinite Lol but i have a strong feeling Halo Infinite will be a GAAS game like all Xbox games before it. And MS is now a "Subscription Service company" 😂🤣 they earn most of their money on services not windows.

  • abedyafawi1 Abed Yafawi (@abedyafawi1) reported

    @FirasKaakour @TheSkaini Thats the problem, every year we have to say this la2anno byekol 2 aw 3 awal game la yerja3 ywafet mohejmeen tene game.. hayawen mfakkar halo b milan 3ambedefe3 b kaladze

  • SkySama_18 SkySama (@SkySama_18) reported

    @AbuRico777 Pff Xbox One issues, I see them since the downfall of Halo

  • subhajasu Subhadeep Jasu (@subhajasu) reported

    @Generalkidd @masters1337 @LorTarkam Opensauce is kinda incomplete. If someone could fix up Opensauce, then Screen Space Reflections would be possible in Halo CE. A true generation leap.

  • RealTomStev Tommy Miller (@RealTomStev) reported

    @e_massey53 @Snow777Jhon @XboxSupport They know. I get the surveys every couple of months about halo 5 and play experience and have gone in to detail of the issue twice.

  • MarkWahlenNBA Mark (@MarkWahlenNBA) reported

    @iwasmmueller88 @TheGM11 Name me a AAA game that launched with zero issues in the last decade. I mean, EVERYONE raves about the Fallout, Skyrim, Battlefield, Halo, CoD, etc. All of them without exception had some sort of launch issues.

  • Obscur_Game_Con Obscure Games and Consoles (@Obscur_Game_Con) reported

    @IndieGamerChick I buy consoles for exclusives for those systems, not just one game. XB1 for Halo and Rare Replay. PS4 was purchased for FF7 remake (if it comes to PS4), The Last of Us, Crash Bandicoot Trilogy, and Uncharted series.

  • jopiqu Jon Derengowski (@jopiqu) reported

    my 20s self didn’t quite know what was in store for the rest of my adult life, but boy did i completely underestimate the halo of self-satisfaction and contentment that would result from sticking the landing in an aggrieved customer service interaction

  • jopiqu Jon Derengowski (@jopiqu) reported

    my 20s self didn’t quite know what was in store for the rest of my adult life, but boy did i completely underestimate the halo of self-satisfaction and contentment that would result from sticking the landing in a aggrieved customer service interaction

  • StephenRobot Stephen (@StephenRobot) reported

    Take care of the huge problem with AFK players in Master Chief collection. #halo #mcc

  • godking_garen might. (@godking_garen) reported

    i highkey want to get a commission someday of garen with his head hanging low, a broken halo like design behind his head, and his own sword piercing through him maybe in a like, hollow / light type design so its more spiritual looking than a real sword.

  • jackbyrne77 Jack Byrne (@jackbyrne77) reported

    @Jon_Whitneyy @F1 @netflix Exactly!!! The one issue that they’ve stressed is the one thing that the halo seeks to eliminate. “There’s no entertainment in danger/risk/incident” people tell us. Bull shit there isn’t!!

  • DSR_Joker Joker: Killer of Wonder (@DSR_Joker) reported

    @MiyukoDethsythe If you take all the DLC away then you have to do that for Destiny and Division, then what you just have Vinnila. And by your logic Halo 3 was a game as a service game because you had EXP weekends.

  • hero_mermaid 💋mermaid_superhero💋 🧜‍♀️drake🧜‍♀️ (@hero_mermaid) reported

    @AnnaTweetsStuff Where when u collect diamonds it dissapears and a new glitch happend to me a couple days ago where I changed my outfit and it glitched it back to the original outfit and bahías pacafier has dissapeared thankfully I was able to get the problem fixed and then my halo had proofed

  • HideLemonsYo HIDE LEMONS YO (@HideLemonsYo) reported

    @MitchJonez Login to Apex > Make your username Attack33 > Slam on some DnB > Pretend you're on Halo > Stream > Profit my dude

  • ridi_qlas Riddhi Mukherjee (@ridi_qlas) reported

    Wish I could disconnect my neighbour's WiFi, who is playing Halo with the speaker volume on high.

  • AbuRico777 Chill Dude (@AbuRico777) reported

    Genuinely feel bad for Xbox gamers No game worth purchasing a Xbox One. Games either suck, launch broken, incomplete or a combination of all three. Halo MCC (Broken for 4+ years, still buggy and unfinished) Halo 5 (Awful campaign, incomplete for 2 years) Halo Wars 2 (average)

  • startrekingali Alastair Tipping (@startrekingali) reported

    I think one of my biggest hopes for Halo Infinite is that, quite simply, it has a good ending. Too many games of late have crap endings, falling back on 'live service' nonsense by going, 'Eh, maybe we'll add it in later.' Also no wishy-washy light RPG elements, please.

  • MonkeysxMoo35 Stephen (@MonkeysxMoo35) reported

    @Halo @HaloGear @LootGamingHQ @lootcrate That art’s looking pretty horizontal. If it’s not vertical like the other Series 3 posters then there’s a problem

  • humayunhussain humayun hussain (@humayunhussain) reported

    @AnissaNain @amanda_damanda @laielkha Exactly - it always needed to be the Arabs who should have come to the Aid of the Palestinians. Whilst some nations have and still do halo financially, there's never been any real movement or anything with substance - merely paying lip service and even then because they know..

  • rosiennaa 24K. VALEÉEY (@rosiennaa) reported

    @tgaehyung halo koko, selamat malam. ✨ sorry for the late reply yaaah. i might don't know what kind of problem you're facing now but i am pretty sure you can get through it. semangaaat ! 💪

  • johndeaky meg (@johndeaky) reported

    bought 2 tubs of halo top ice cream by myself..... hope the lady didn’t think i’ve just been broken up with

  • faisals05176275 faisalshahzad (@faisals05176275) reported

    halo my all freinds plz help me i need money i am in serious problem plz help me

  • Ofitus21 Ofitus_21 #JB17 (@Ofitus21) reported

    @JFast910 @BumpDraft76 @IndyCar @heathzilla74 @someracingfan Of course the needs are different. But I'm surprised no attempts to modify the Halo to be used in ovals have been made. Maybe raising it or something could solve the visibility issues

  • Ruiikun_ ·Louie·™ (@Ruiikun_) reported

    I'm a fallen angel with a broken halo.

  • FallynAing3al Fallyn Aing3al (@FallynAing3al) reported

    @RetroGameRater @Cladounnet @Hybrid210Gaming @MOHAMMEDFI10 @ShaunTheCHB @DLJGameReviews @azuregvtv @Flook666 @NickQuest1 @ProducerBTW Halo 3 was the the only one I didn't like as much, it felt broken in spots so I didn't play it as much as the others when it came to online.

  • SL4Y3Rv SL4Y3Rv (@SL4Y3Rv) reported

    @Haxcalu Haha I didn't mean it as a bad thing, I meant Halo paved the way for successful FPS's if it wasn't for that the best game today could be Crash or the like..

  • PeterVermont PeterVermont (@PeterVermont) reported

    @memcculloch The reason wide binaries will really show off QI’s advantages is that the ad-hoc supposed dark matter halo does not fix Newton’s in this situation.

  • evanescencebot evanescence bot (@evanescencebot) reported

    hunting long lost words my spirit's linger / i'm not broken i hate being halo

  • Ofitus21 Ofitus_21 #JB17 (@Ofitus21) reported

    @JFast910 @BumpDraft76 @IndyCar @heathzilla74 @someracingfan I remember how all F1 teams said that the biggest issue with the halo was diverting the air flow, as the halo created a huge amount of drag