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Halo is a military science fiction first-person shooter video game franchise created by Bungie and now managed and developed by 343 Industries, a subsidiary of Microsoft Studios.

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May 26: Problems at Halo

Halo is having issues since 03:10 PM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • ram_soc Sriram.Soc (@ram_soc) reported

    @VoicOfNewIndia @MayaRao @Anandagundurao @kalkur_vivek @kdevforum @iam_Sudip @WFRising @Cpt_Naveen @sudhir_san16 @copyhead @shashibk @AxPn @RamMoha82601373 @raghumedicon @ksvenu247 @blrsri @NammaBengaluroo @raghuynt @envyk_blr @MandothPrakash @NITINKML @murali772 @Nitz_007 @appysrivastava @perltastic @_Ashwatthama_ @levitatingsoul @varunversion1 @Srivatsac2 @BellandurJothge @balajiworld @impossible14 @RobinMazumder @btpsupporter @kiranshaw @AjitMuthanna @jimkimmit @nknairvm @deepolice12 @dineshka @narayana_shenoy @Krishna15980544 @Mailpradeepks @taichisri @anjukkumar @deepakdemiwal @anilkarat @boringcompany @HyperloopOne @HyperloopInd Boring land for road based transport is where the issue that you raised about congestion at entrance & exit of the tunnel arises & has been mathematically proved to be unworkable. But Melon Rusk has a halo around him & only after screwing a city would ppl know it's effects :)

  • janessamae_ ingénue (@janessamae_) reported

    boy with a broken halo

  • gonequiet__ Dwarf (@gonequiet__) reported

    @Master_George1 @Halo I found this thread on google, im having the same issue now, i was wondering why i could play it yesterday, was playing at 1am😐 how ridiculous

  • Accipiter79 Damien Griffiths (@Accipiter79) reported

    @TonyBellew Problem is all this halo crap and the smaller teams not getting a fair crack of the whip. Watched every year since the age of 10 until last year. Now I pick and chose races. Gone absolutely pants

  • rikufan123 Jason Crownover (@rikufan123) reported

    @Jukantos @rs_slayer @CCkun91 @DattosDestiny I think it's more of the tiger engine can't work with dedicated servers. We are still playing on a modified halo CE engine. I'd 100 percent say most of the games problems is due to this fact.

  • Huk06 H U Khan (@Huk06) reported

    @rich_chandler Young players see what happened to players like Martial who were full of potential and destroyed their career at United. There's literally no one who believes Ole can fix this and Woodward's fake halo is busted too. United will throw money and get good players but not the best

  • Deadhunter10141 Sam de Jong (@Deadhunter10141) reported

    @TheActMan_YT I actually have no problem finding a good game, which really annoys me because I can’t say the same for games I actually like such as halo 3, WAW or BO2

  • geoffkinns KINNZE (@geoffkinns) reported

    Sadly getting banned is a common thing now for Halo players. Games having uneven rosters at the start of the game is common. Wish they’d either have a more lenient banning system or better yet.. fix the stability of the game!

  • FunnyWilfred Wilfred (@FunnyWilfred) reported

    It's no shave November, Halo 4 and Black ops 2 just came out! Teen pregnancy won't be an issue this month.

  • ChanceFrags Chance (@ChanceFrags) reported

    @TannerSlays @Splitgate Fun game but needs work. Ranked is a bit odd had a lobby glitch where it was 5v3. People leave too often in ranked. I also don’t understand the ranked system and ranks. The core gameplay and maps all makes sense and seems to be exactly like halo combat, shot punching is op.

  • Wally17YT Wally17 (@Wally17YT) reported

    @LateNightHalo I’m looking forward to this video. I never knew this was a thing because I grew up playing the PC version & Halo Custom Edition. I didn’t get an Xbox until Halo 2’s launch. I didn’t even know about differences existing until I found a subreddit of people working to fix the game.

  • 100ProofLV 100ProofOfLasVegas (@100ProofLV) reported

    16 100 Proof Girls have given us at least 1 year of service: 1 Berlin 2 Candle 3 Danica 4 Dani Quinn 5 Delaney 6 Halo 7 Kenna Kane 8 Lyndsie 9 Marley 10 Megan Foxx 11 Mila 12 Nina 13 Nyomi 14 Promise 15 Trinity 16 Ty Enali

  • bluviolet_ NURAH (@bluviolet_) reported

    The broken atoms leave halo in it so it attract the positive electron then it come back to it's neutral state.

  • geoffkinns KINNZE (@geoffkinns) reported

    @therealgoldx Yup one of the worst releases I’ve ever experienced. Glad they ended up trying to fix it, unfortunately it tainted the entire Halo community

  • funnygreenman yado (@funnygreenman) reported

    Thank you @GameStop for giving me a broken copy of Halo 5 with a giant scratch that my console can’t even read. Oh, and it got stuck.

  • IcRFractures Brian Del Valle (@IcRFractures) reported

    @smashgg here on tryants behalf, the guy who was #1 on your halo mixer tournament, he got A LOT OF KILLS REMOVED and now hes in 12 place when an hour and a half ago he was 1st, fix this please

  • kyltrajico Kylie (@kyltrajico) reported

    i'm just a girl with a broken halo

  • eatdatboy bankclarkewayひ (@eatdatboy) reported

    GO YAYO CRASH PART 5 can’t let my momma see no halo on me

  • newsham_andrew Albion Parrot (@newsham_andrew) reported

    @CMcmcormick @iOdin_Xbox @DayZ Just fix the lag.running around to KOS was never the gist of the game.Players need to get out of the COD run&gun mentality to really appreciate the gameplay&interactions. I’m going back to PC version until the devs figure out the lag, and the Xbox teenies figure out its not HALO

  • e3_waitfor Sony Prophet (@e3_waitfor) reported

    @THEAP99 @RRAw171 @bruzewanye @HazzadorGaming @PlaidKnuckles @DGallagher_LA @TheInitiative @Xbox @Me 343 still working on patching broken Halo MCC 🤣🤣🤣

  • nndnld ナンダ (@nndnld) reported

    halo trust issue

  • BCole_1 BCole (@BCole_1) reported

    WTF is wrong with me, I was easily one of the better xbox players in fornite at the start and controller players on apex pc and yet I find myself playing halo, I joke broken ass game. I should of just followed the money.

  • thetehaninicole honeyy. (@thetehaninicole) reported

    and PLEASE do NOT photoshop me in clouds, with wings and a halo or put me on a tshirt bc we gone have ISSUES

  • saaaal753 saaaal753 go follow @Not_Amaya (@saaaal753) reported

    @FunnehKrew_UwU @iiBurntKFCii So do you remember when training was out like I don’t know when my friend trade it to me and I traded him the thigh high boots and then he got his halo back and I still have his halo so is not a glitch

  • amateurnascar Amateur NASCAR Fan (@amateurnascar) reported

    @Breakingfree086 @NickBromberg I don’t know where but I know F1 studies that pretty hard. I think the conclusion was that if there was a crash hard enough to kill a driver WITH the halo, they wouldn’t have had a chance without it.

  • JesseTrue3 Jesse (@JesseTrue3) reported

    @TheEld2 why are 343 so insistent on keeping sprint in Halo now... just increase movement speed like in Halo 2/3 and it fixes the 'slow' problem. in-fact, the 'walking' speed of Halo 2/3 was faster than actual sprinting in other Halo games

  • LoreleiA8T ✿Lorelei Cosmella✿ (@LoreleiA8T) reported

    We later discovered my actual issue was none of those, but really PTS (ptsd, but theyre working to remove the "disorder" misnomer from it because stigma) PTS from HIS ABUSE, however he refused and stands i have pts because i played halo too much growing up and fried my brain

  • keinzantezuken Kein Zantezuken (@keinzantezuken) reported

    @Hojiyaproject Took me some time to realize that it wasnt another twitter issues with media and tge GIF was playing fine. I think it might be worth to put more accent on the light halo flicker (expanding-retracting), they almost looks static.

  • ITCN_Ariel |¶| iNsErT tHaT cOoL nAmE |¶| (@ITCN_Ariel) reported

    @nightbarbie This is the worst glitch so far. Just seeing the halo but then, you don't actually own it. :') Btw, his username is KidArthurPlayz. TmT this is torture.

  • BrendanLorLowry Brendan "Lor” Lowry (@BrendanLorLowry) reported

    @SenpaiRigel @TheReclaimedOne @benoski73 Obviously that wasn't part of a long-term plan but I think the people who wrote the sequel noted the issue with that scene and found a way to use it in their own story. Sort of like how Halo 4 flipped the trilogy on its head and gave a reason for Chief being a bit of a robot

  • xXGigiLoverYTXx 💘Gigi💘 (@xXGigiLoverYTXx) reported

    @LapyIzSad Same with me! When I got both my winter and lucky halo, the story stopped and I told my viewers on YT about it.. I honestly don’t know what to say or how to fix that.

  • zenunogoncalves Jose Goncalves (@zenunogoncalves) reported

    @F1 @pirellisport Only two problems with this lap. #1 need to change the camera angle, can’t see 80% of the front of the car and driver bc of Halo and 2. Still sounds like a vacuum cleaner. Well done @LewisHamilton !! 👏👏👏

  • AutismAccept1 Kasey Smith (@AutismAccept1) reported

    @GmPadres @IndyCar Ya welcome! The FIA (Formula 1, F2, F3,F4,WSeries) adopted the halo after a crash killed driver Jules Bianchi in 2016. IndyCar tried to adopt the halo but couldn't come up with an idea that'd work.

  • Bazzzaar Baz (@Bazzzaar) reported

    Anyone from @XboxSupport that would be able to help me out with some issues I'm having with the Halo Waypoint website, wanna leave my old Clan on Halo 5 but it just keeps coming up with errors. Would appreciate the help :)

  • naan_sense1997 deric ridriguez (@naan_sense1997) reported

    @HaloTopCreamery Tbh I don’t let it thaw, because if I let this thaw, by the time I’m half way through, the bottom portion is liquid and I put i have to put it back in the freezer, but it’s not problem, still enjoy halo top

  • kashmoneeK Cat Cing (@kashmoneeK) reported

    @MorseyBaby @XboxSupport Tried a few 360 games after the hard reset. Still have the problem. It's only Halo games that don't register any sort of online connection. CoD games and Battlefield games both worked with no trouble for online play.

  • jussapeak JussaPeak (@jussapeak) reported

    @RealKraftyy @Splitgate 1/2 I have problems with the nature of this game. Played for a while, got level 6, and I realized something over that time: Halo was such a great arena shooter because of map rotations and choke points. When you take that out of the game (ie. Giving portals that allow people to

  • __Tshepo lerussia (@__Tshepo) reported

    Ave Maria Still in love (Kissing you) Disappear Broken hearted girl Scared of loney I miss you Dance for you I was here Halo Smash into you They are actually a lot 😩

  • AriaPonyLikeAC1 Awaken Mimi (@AriaPonyLikeAC1) reported

    @nightbarbie my friend ancelpogi123 got all mermaid tails and wing and 7 valentines halo and alot of stuff but he didnt even receive it it just poped up her inventory plss fix this

  • Ultra_Banshee Ultra Banshee // Flamency🔥 (@Ultra_Banshee) reported

    @Halo fix ur game

  • LuCieNxFaNTaMe Lucien Fantame⏳ (@LuCieNxFaNTaMe) reported

    @KEEMSTAR The saltiest players were either on Call of Duty or Halo 3. I teabagged a guy one time and he hit me with a DDoS.

  • marcsporfanilo Marc Sporfan (@marcsporfanilo) reported

    @jackbyrne77 @wbuxtonofficial I was at Monza last year and witnessed Ericsson’s FP2 crash in the flesh, at that moment I was so glad halo was there and that the drivers had every bit of protection afforded to them.

  • uk_domain_names Edwin Hayward🦄🏹🗡️ (@uk_domain_names) reported

    @BethRigby Problem is, Boris Johnson is such a poor prospect, he even makes Andrea Leadsom look better. Amazing reverse-halo effect. There's nothing more dangerous than a person without principles. "Better" someone misguided, but where you know exactly what (totally wrong) stance they hold.

  • B_Millzy Millzy (@B_Millzy) reported

    They lucky they took the BXR and BXB out of Halo 3. Wouldn’t been a lot more of broken Xbox’s and controllers lmao

  • Toonki_ RG Toonki (@Toonki_) reported

    @i2Vintage @PerplexTheOnly1 Like I had the same problem in COD , Halo , and even apex at a point. Until I realized all that shit is in my head , why I’m doing so bad , what am I doing wrong. ITS yourself , you’re over thinking it. Check yourself before you hop on and be better today. Then you were yesterday

  • FavynTube Favyn (@FavynTube) reported

    @Raycevick @Splitgate @Cylical @geoffkinns I'm sure it is at this point. But I believe you couldve designed it from the onset without. Itd be a mistake to remove now. Also all of the things sprint did to Halo the portals do anyway, so having it really doesn't even equate to the same issues.

  • CristianFV1995 Cvelez95 (@CristianFV1995) reported

    Just patiently waiting for Halo to start releasing on PC. Splitgate is fun, but too many glaring issues will make it stale quick.

  • LukePotter27 Puke Lotter (@LukePotter27) reported

    A drop dead sprint from the day he's born Straight into his Maker's arms And that's me, that's me The boy with the broken halo That's me, that's me The devil won't let me be

  • Flynnbot1983 PhlowDoc (@Flynnbot1983) reported

    @NewfNukem Iam excited too but we already know the drill Gears, halo, forza maybe fable and tje rest os gonna be lip service

  • Trevelyan_Dovah Alex (@Trevelyan_Dovah) reported from Zachary, Louisiana

    @DeFloop @Darkened_SNIP3R @Halo No. Somehow the anniversary phantom reversed its orientation when it was put into the final product. The original didn't have that problem.

  • jjdelunaaa Jj (@jjdelunaaa) reported

    boy with a broken halo

  • frankenstein007 R. (@frankenstein007) reported

    "Well, you're built like a car, got a hubcap diamond star halo ..." this song is on the radio, now, but am realizing, here with wine and cig at kitchen sink, Bolan was predicting his car crash death. Kinda.

  • _D1vy [SSGG] D1vy (@_D1vy) reported

    I wanna try splitgate. Need my fix before halo comes to pc

  • Ed_Iacuzzi Ed Iacuzzi (@Ed_Iacuzzi) reported

    @NorrisMcDonald2 @IndyCar @99forever @ETRaceline @jpappone @joelrobtv When that canopy gets sprayed with oil or water the driver will be in danger. The halo in F1 is better because a driver can fix this with just a tear off not a pit stop.

  • xstephenkemp stephen 🥵 (@xstephenkemp) reported

    @DLand91 it's a halo with glass around it, so it's got the same problem any other halo would have on the ovals 🤔

  • Jake_Wilson98 Jake Wilson #JW74 (@Jake_Wilson98) reported

    @MegaDriver86 The windscreen was tested nowhere near as much as the halo in F1. The halo was said to cause vision issues on banked ovals in IndyCar.

  • TPPIceman Will Paisley (@TPPIceman) reported

    @DLand91 Doesnt it kinda provide the problems with the halo combined with the problems with the windscreen

  • critiklthinking Derek Lewers (@critiklthinking) reported

    @MelissaC0715 @itootill You didn't listen. Google Reflex Halo. But you raise a separate but good point, they do have a reputation issue

  • JDell1981 Jay Riddell (@JDell1981) reported

    @Lzrd_King @DLand91 Article I read said in simulators with the F1 style halo visibility wasnt an issue. They're concern was all the debris being able to make it through (especially during oval races) and hitting the driver.

  • JacquesHoerrida Daíthí Roo Knee (@JacquesHoerrida) reported

    I get harassed daily because people think gaming isn’t a legitimate form of military service. My insurance doesn’t cover therapy for my latent anxiety from being called "a real dumb guy and sub-par player" for accidentally teamkilling ppl with my gravity hammer in halo 3 customs