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Halo is a military science fiction first-person shooter video game franchise created by Bungie and now managed and developed by 343 Industries, a subsidiary of Microsoft Studios.

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October 19: Problems at Halo

Halo is having issues since 07:30 AM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • HCSDukem Ty Decker ⚜️ (@HCSDukem) reported

    @halo I counted every game every out pistol people I get blood shots on halo 5 this game is broken #fixhalo

  • coolbro100000 Joe (@coolbro100000) reported

    @franklez @PlutonForEver uh there are a total of 21 Halo 5 btb maps and for some reason it keeps cycling me through the same maps over and over again, for instance it had me play risen, different map, risen again, it keeps doing that, fix that shit!!!!!

  • sultrysanguine 𝒞 𝑒 𝓇 𝒾 𝓈 𝑒 (@sultrysanguine) reported

    @the240shorty I kinda put them on shitty. So I feel like the pic doesn’t do it justice (which is so stupid of me lol) but I might fix them and see if it makes a difference! But I’m feeling the halo atm too

  • oobaazea 🐈 (@oobaazea) reported

    You can see the missing label area inside the halo overlay i used. Luckily, this disc is like 5 bucks and i didn't really lose much as a result. Almost every disc game i own i've checked for this issue and it is clean. I've passed on ~30 used games at this point, out of ~150

  • korol_koshek Korol Koshek (@korol_koshek) reported

    @haloefekti @thepoettrap @mazzenilsson @cardineau @Mainrushun @BotPutins @ExplosivePulse I agree with Citizen Halo. Also, this conversation should be about Issues and NOT about one's Support … Deflection away from the Issue by attacking the Speaker is a sure sign of Trollism. 😎

  • haruspis Alex 🦉| Haruspis @!EGX (@haruspis) reported

    A recurring issue I had with many of Bungie's Halo stories was the complete lack of internal conflict with their human characters. Romeo is a bit of an *******, Emile & Jorge are opposites... that's about the extent of it, and their stories massively suffered as a result IMO.

  • Sstuu2plus1 Sstuu3 (@Sstuu2plus1) reported

    Halo: has been dead since 343 took over, The problem with most Halo clones is misunderstanding why Halo was made the way it was and using it's features in really dumb and bad ways and 343 is no exception except they also wanted to make Halo 4 Call of Duty and Halo 5 is just ****.

  • vastleft vastleft (@vastleft) reported

    @PollyTickal @jamesmarie33 @mmpadellan Given the US’s track record for military interventions before and since WWII, I don’t think it’s a good thing to prop up a halo above military service.

  • Dylan53535353 DylanTheAnthem (@Dylan53535353) reported

    @DMON_livedjet @ORIGINPC Problem is, that means nothing, you can’t compare a box to a beast, besides halo is on pc

  • Mish_version2 😈☠Mish☠😈🇭🇲 (@Mish_version2) reported

    @ca_mbam @LeefromNZ @nz_quakegirl Lmfao well my halo is broken and somewhat tarnished

  • LeefromNZ Lee🇳🇿 🆘 (@LeefromNZ) reported

    @Mish_version2 @ca_mbam @RayneMillaray You fkn liar, your halo has been tarnished and broken for quite some time 😂😂😂😂

  • VETs4Gamers Berto (@VETs4Gamers) reported

    @Dealer_Gaming The problem with xbox they're trying to do what gamers want instead of focusing on what they want for their platform. Our input should be taken into consideration but the focus shouldnt be based off what we say. Give me forza, halo, and hellblade2 and I'm happy. Then new games

  • mrcarbe ▪️A R B E 🖤 (@mrcarbe) reported


  • Aaronitmar Aaron (@Aaronitmar) reported

    LOOOOOOOOL HE CALLED THEM TERRORISTS If you want Fortnite or Halo or Crash or Sora in Smash you are officially a terrorist

  • KNOTALPHASS 𝖆𝖑𝖕𝖍𝖆 (@KNOTALPHASS) reported

    how much they enjoy being ripped into pieces and their wings being broken in half, the halo being ripped off them when the devil ***** into them. and how they love when the devil treats them like nothing. how the devil knows just how much the angel loves being used and corrupted.

  • ReadDark Justin Read (@ReadDark) reported

    @jbprime @StartsWithABang @TomD_Santiago @dalcantonJD The authors don't show that the cusp-core problem is a numerical error. They find that the one "tree code" they explore doesn't conserve its integrals of motion very well. This doesn't affect the density profile of their isolated dark matter halo. The rest is wild speculation.

  • Tryforlive Connor Orme🇨🇦 (@Tryforlive) reported

    Biggest problem with the newer Halo games/books is they made the Spartan 2s more like the 3s and 4s

  • 16_dicky richard mccarthy (@16_dicky) reported

    @MaajidNawaz Doreen Lawrence,is now becoming a problem not a solution, to come out with rubbish like this is outrageous, her Halo is drooping.

  • CorpusCallosu11 Corpus Callosum (@CorpusCallosu11) reported

    @LunalaDoll Halo, any sports games, damn..didn’t think this would be difficult. I would’ve said platformers but I got back into them recently with Hollow Knight. Hmm, Crash Bandicoot, Sonic.. idk... Anything from Blizzard that will make them money.. meaning I’ll still play roms by them.

  • zitoxbl Chris (@zitoxbl) reported

    @TacticalKreme Other games have issues where people will keyboard and it’s severely frowned upon, but I don’t believe excluding other controller players is necessarily the right way to go. Especially if they sign up for their 3rd party online service. I’m good, I’ll stick to Halo.

  • NewtonsNinja John Molloy (@NewtonsNinja) reported

    @webbedspace Halo(I was a mac kid from my father's influence, Marathon was my Doom; I wanted this to be the Marathon prequel we were promised; it delivered on being a good game, but not on what it promised), Fract (Love it, but lack of jump & glitch issues made it a claustrophobic nightmare)

  • pansycacke07 Pansycacke (@pansycacke07) reported

    @jamesackerson2 @KLB725 @LateNightHalo The "problem" with Halo 5 is its relative absence of modes variety on its launch. But this is not really bad, since it always was a strategy to keep the game alive with constant updates and new content. No matter what they say, it worked. You can see it with the player retention

  • ChrisSE1054 chris satterwhite v VA (@ChrisSE1054) reported

    @JamesDeNofrio @RileyTopping The VA still does not include the vets that are not homeless, but can not support themselves.This problem is much worse than reported. I went from a 6 figure net income to sleeping in my Moms basement. CDQC, HALO, SERE & more, what did that BA training get me with 8 deployments

  • BadmanReviews Badman Reviews (@BadmanReviews) reported

    @FreakinClever Dude was self absorbed even in his halo days. More fam didnt help him that's for sure. He was also always bad a handling losing popularity too guy has problems.

  • LateNightHalo Taras (LateNightGaming) 🙂 (@LateNightHalo) reported

    @KornnerStudios Halo 5’s theater mode honestly seems to depend on the day or time I use it. Some days it crashes, some days it doesn’t. On the days it doesn’t crash, I’ll have weird oddities like Spartans not animating from spawn or my ADS fluctuating in-and-out of hip when ADSing

  • DannyHikari Danny 🧢 | BUY DIGIMON ON SWITCH (@DannyHikari) reported

    I always think about 5th grade/Christmas 2002 getting my first Xbox, Halo, Max Payne, Crash 4, etc. After BEGGING for Halo and Crash I decided to play Jet Set Radio Future the entire day instead.💀

  • Doomhammer76 Jorge - 👻🎃👻🎃👻🎃 (@Doomhammer76) reported

    @ecjaxson @OriginalSlumdog And lastly I tried Sea Of Thieves and loaded up fine, then was unplayable heavy lag. Connection issues. Killer instinct and SOT I tried on cellular, Halo 5 was on my gigabit connection wifi. Will try Gears 5 later and then streaming from console when I get a chance

  • The_CrapGamer The CrapGamer (@The_CrapGamer) reported

    @shaunlabrie 343 has had a bad run. Halo 4 was good single player but terrible MP. Halo MCC is still broken and being tested FFS and Halo 5 had the worst campaign in the series and bare bones MP to launch. It doesn't seem like things are going well.

  • phobalexandra phob in wonderland ✨ (@phobalexandra) reported

    i’m so annoyed ,, my halloween costume came today but: the dress doesn’t fit, the necklace is broken,, the only thing that actually worked is the angel halo (which is kinda cute ngl) but i’m angry oof 🥺✊😤

  • awooscape kyoutist (@awooscape) reported

    A broken halo with the protection of Zamorak.

  • Bigolkep Big Ol Kep (@Bigolkep) reported

    @HyperX Halo 2 multiplayer was the cause of many controller deaths for me. I had a literal trunk full of broken controllers 😂😂😂 yeeaaaaa lol 🙄

  • Superbconnor64 C🎃nn🎃r 64 (@Superbconnor64) reported

    @Harada_TEKKEN Look, we completely respect your views on spamming and tagging, and we'll al try not to do that. However, I feel you're taking this whole situation just a teensy bit far. It wasn't the fault of any "Crash for Smash" or "Arle for Smash" or "Halo for Smash" account or whatever (1)

  • Nanopie2 Nanopie (@Nanopie2) reported

    @BlueScoutsBelow @ChrisM____ @realAyitSevi @GustavHerwitz @Halo I think it was necessary,It shows that the covenant wasn’t the only big problem at the time and that the rebels were also a big problem at the time.

  • BlueScoutsBelow Big Grey Donut (@BlueScoutsBelow) reported

    @TheEld2 @ChrisM____ @realAyitSevi @GustavHerwitz @Nanopie2 @Halo I just don’t want to spend the money to read all the books. Again, I don’t have a problem with extension lore being told through them though.

  • DaxSeven09 Dax (@DaxSeven09) reported

    @HellJumper_YT @Halo @HCS That proves to me they're just like all the rest of corporate America. They're dependent on their ties with China, and will only speak out about issues that are convenient and make them look good.

  • DaxSeven09 Dax (@DaxSeven09) reported

    @HellJumper_YT @Halo @HCS This goes beyond being able to criticize them, for me, it's about the fact that they'll get all high and mighty about Women in STEM, and tweeting about gay pride. Then a major human rights issue comes along, and not one of them says anything.

  • krisszmossz krisszmossz (@krisszmossz) reported

    @Dee_Batch Industry is moving or games still selling well if games are good... Borderlands did sell well... All Sony games sell well... Somehow Gears, Halo and Forza sells garbage... so clowns start making up bs like the problem is not with xbox but industry...

  • HaIoTV HaloTV (@HaIoTV) reported

    @Halo Can this weekend be the breakout fix by removing Extermination from the breakout playlist

  • Nwanu E. (@Nwanu) reported

    Tried some Halo 5 on a spotty connection. There's a TINY bit of lag, but I'm impressed. #xCloud

  • Dre3mrr Sam (@Dre3mrr) reported

    @Halo just a ping in case this bug is unknown, shooting a swarm of buggers with the scarab gun (plasma rifle) in H2A High Charity causes the game to crash instantly

  • yinglee85 Meansary (@yinglee85) reported

    Is that a confirmation to no Sora/Doom Guy/Halo Guy/Crash etc ever until Harada and Sakurai resign >RT

  • 47hopest JoJo (@47hopest) reported

    If your halo is broken and it doesn’t seem to shine, you don’t need to worry honey you can just wear mine 🌹

  • ThatJohnKlein LockeWick (@ThatJohnKlein) reported

    I took a short break from Iron Banner and came back and now I know what my issue with PvP is, you don’t have time to react. This junk is too much like CoD instead of Halo.

  • MilindWaghchau1 Milind Waghchaude (@MilindWaghchau1) reported

    Halo Sir Please resolve my problem My Tata have 2 no 1) 9225711354, 2) 92097 51907 those number are off your AIRTEL staff said me all number forward Airtel but they can't support me begining the number in prepaid but your customer support call me & they said me your number

  • DragonofWolves Dragonwolf (@DragonofWolves) reported

    I cannot believe I just got the CE pistol out of a daily login pack for #halo 5. Talk about luck. Holy shit...

  • thesacredicon Privateskool (@thesacredicon) reported

    Damn, I think I like just about everything in Halo 4. Of course it has it's issues and to me it's not on the level of Bungie's offerings but it's really good. I even like the multiplayer. I guess I didn't really like Spartan Ops though.

  • NihilistOtaku Matthew Macasieb (@NihilistOtaku) reported

    @Arbiterwarpig Why do you think Halo Infintie is taking so long there were like oh shit we ****** up what do we do now and spent literally years trying to fix Halo so hopefully fixing it with Halo Infinite.

  • DigitalEnforcer DigitalEnforcer (@DigitalEnforcer) reported

    @DestinLegarie @DMC_Ryan So it works pretty well. Little but of controller lag in Halo 5, but none in Killer Instinct when playing against the computer. There was slight lag when playing against a real person. Graphically it was great. Only got pixelly once in Halo. Played for about 20 minutes so far

  • katilique katilique (@katilique) reported

    I actually thought that I got the Halloween halo, but turns out my game was just lagging.

  • Brian_Murphy_ ᏰᏒᎥᏗᏁ ᎷᏬᏒᎮᏂᎩ (@Brian_Murphy_) reported

    The @IndyCar Aeroscreen not only looks badass, but is an incredible safety enhancement. @F1’s Halo is an embarrassing excuse of a safety upgrade if drivers are so concerned about the issue.

  • pansycacke07 Pansycacke (@pansycacke07) reported

    @BrendanLorLowry John and Cortana relationship is a toxic one. They both love each other, but both are lost. And the "help" they want to give only makes the things worse. That's the whole point of Halo 5. To show how the characters are broken.

  • pansycacke07 Pansycacke (@pansycacke07) reported

    @BrendanLorLowry And yes, she manipulates John, because she is broken. That's the point of Halo 5. Showing how Cortana has lost her way. But even so, she is still there.

  • pansycacke07 Pansycacke (@pansycacke07) reported

    @BrendanLorLowry I certainly did, but your problem with Halo 5 emerge from what the big majority asked.

  • LateNightHalo Taras (LateNightGaming) 🙂 (@LateNightHalo) reported

    @BrendanLorLowry My issue with it is that it broke a cardinal rule of Halo “Don’t put the cool action-y thing in a cutscene when it could be a cool gameplay sequence” which is a rule halo 5 broke quite a bit (Not that a boss fight would have been better)

  • rhDarkPrototype Ron Hodyniak (@rhDarkPrototype) reported

    @Halo you guys seriously need to fix Halo 5. When I open any pack I can even sell some of the useless junk! And it always freezes when I try to back out of a lobby! FIX IT!

  • carmen_SAD Carmen_S (@carmen_SAD) reported

    @ellisfers Mine was when he entered Trixie's school to the line "Boy with a broken halo"

  • Zynixx_ Mike. (@Zynixx_) reported

    @HaIoTV @Halo Nah dude that's asking too much, asking them to fix their game is just too much my guy

  • TokenGreen TJ (@TokenGreen) reported

    @SlooperSolo Same with mine... And it took a week for my halo characters to show up so maybe theres a glitch with GPUltimate...

  • MelvinWilliams_ MW (@MelvinWilliams_) reported

    Y’all really out here mad cause I said white people have written some of Beyoncé’s songs. It’s fact it’s not said in a hateful so I don’t see the problem with me saying it. Halo- Ryan Tedder If I were a boy - bc jean Irreplaceable- co-written by stargate w/ NeYo

  • JuananAlderete Juananelite (@JuananAlderete) reported

    @Thunderfulgames @AB131175 @LonelyMnts @Xbox Halo 5 Guardians Edition, but now it's broken...