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Halo is a military science fiction first-person shooter video game franchise created by Bungie and now managed and developed by 343 Industries, a subsidiary of Microsoft Studios.

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  • IAmPrometheus20 I AM PROMETHEUS (@IAmPrometheus20) reported

    @TylerBoone1080 @LateNightHalo @IGN Lol I didn't mean any disrespect but my opinion is my opinion. They just their ass off for sure for this but that doesn't mean I have to like it. Same goes for Halo 5 as well. Many people at 343i worked hard on it but there were still issues and many for that matter.

  • Vikingboar Vikingboar (@Vikingboar) reported

    @jamesackerson2 @A1_StaticXII Absolutely, I just don't wanna see the MCC get more games in it, when Halo 5 is fine on its own. A collection game with a multiplayer component and poorly executed matchmaking system (no map voting, mode voting etc.) could have more issues as more games are added.

  • DeltaHaloCRcore Delta Halo Control Room-core (@DeltaHaloCRcore) reported

    @BigGreyDonut @akahmiii @SamNX236 @SacredIconHalo @ChrisRGun @Robeyonekenobi Maybe because the last main line Halo title was an utter shit-show at launch and we have nothing so far to ease the technical woes H5 left behind (i.e. broken/missing content)

  • x_Vorpal_x Nate 50.Cal (@x_Vorpal_x) reported

    @Vahn103 @play_pso2 @SEGA It didn’t effect Halo, WoW and many other less popular online games at the time. Internet was not the problem. Heck, PSO on dial up via Dreamcast was more accessible than PSO2.

  • ShogunJones_ bubba (@ShogunJones_) reported

    I’m finna pull off a real halo stunt montage on Rashief and Tay this weekend. I’m sick of the bs I got issues


    @BrokenPixle @Halo @DreamHackHalo @HCS how does the sound make a game unplayable then again im new to pc gaming and its many issues.

  • Reiku78 Bobby Wallace (@Reiku78) reported

    @SOI_7_ @REQ_SNAKE_057 @Boldfacedbroom @Robeyonekenobi Issue is not everyone likes Mythic. It felt like I was playing halo 2 and never used the thruster or anything else. It also was a snooze fest and not fun at all.

  • SuperSugoiBoi Sean-Jared (@SuperSugoiBoi) reported

    So did 343 fix the broken audio in halo reach yet

  • KlutzThe liam (@KlutzThe) reported

    @RonMcSwanson @AEGRO Nah I think that’s their biggest problem. I’ve been Xbox since Xbox live came about. I live halo like a religion but started to skip when god of war 4 and Spider-Man came out. I think this year might be the one I change and I feel *****..

  • RyanDrayson Ryan Drayson (@RyanDrayson) reported

    @Lord_Drieg @NTDOPowerCouple Uh-oh, there’s a problem with your photo. Somehow devil horns were mistakenly replaced with a halo.

  • XtremeProjectYT Xtreme Project (@XtremeProjectYT) reported

    I'm guessing Xbox or 343 won't fix halo master chief collection constantly crashing on Xbox One at the main menu

  • docsquiddy doc (@docsquiddy) reported

    A lot of my best articles back in the day were usually about looking for frustrations that players had with games--like in a Halo piece, I talked about FPSes that were so scripted they got dull--and then talked about the games that SOLVED those problems. It was a good combination

  • yungwilcox69 . (@yungwilcox69) reported

    @Unyshek @Tashi343i @343Postums @anyone @Halo @BillGates This isn’t a direct region lock but I believe the search parameters make it so the maximum ping to connect to a server is low enough so Australians can’t connect to NA servers. At least that’s what I believe I was told by postums last time we had this issue.

  • yungwilcox69 . (@yungwilcox69) reported

    @Unyshek @Tashi343i @343Postums @anyone @Halo @BillGates This isn’t a new issue. We fought with postums very hard as this happened when dedicated servers were put into MCC in the Xbox insider build. The people at 343i know about this. This is a decision that was debated probably close to a year ago now.

  • lastprecursor HDF13 (@lastprecursor) reported

    @haruspis As a gamer I’m happy to know nothing until release, i knew nothing about halo ce and that was fine it blew me away, only ones that have issue with no news is youtubers that make money from halo and i think thats their main concern when it boils down to it.

  • PapaFra92393659 crunchy ramen (@PapaFra92393659) reported

    @Moses_FPS Halo MCC is really bad on pc right now. Facing crap fps if I set it to unlimited (60 is fine but still not my preferred fps), mouse input lag which is extremely bad for reaction time, and no updates at all. Pretty bad port atm, was patient on waiting for an update but now I aint

  • ZiggZackk zs (@ZiggZackk) reported

    @zenlikamuhfukka Wow what relief I was in the middle of a halo match and I thought it was just my problem. Still **** Xfinity tho

  • UP_JeSuZ b2S_JeSuZ (@UP_JeSuZ) reported

    @Halo Fix Controllers and crouching

  • HaIoTV HaloTV (@HaIoTV) reported

    @Halo Fix breakout next update

  • marcusxfrancis Strive (@marcusxfrancis) reported

    Nostalgia for halo =/= long term success. Stop blaming current devs for problems that existed under a different studio. I swear the hardcore halo audience is immensely out of touch with the general gamer.

  • Sarah_L_Mackie Dr Sarah Mackie (@Sarah_L_Mackie) reported

    @Dianacvarelat The authors said some false positives could have been from “measurement error.” In the definition of halo written in their paper, they didn’t include the criterion of non-compressibility: this is a useful check to do if you think you see the halo sign.

  • trading_upswing Upswing-Trading (@trading_upswing) reported


  • Vieira__Joana 𝙹𝚘𝚊𝚗𝚊👼🏽 (@Vieira__Joana) reported

    Broken halo club

  • TinyRakan ℛ𝒜𝒦𝒜𝒩 єℓєssαя Playing #Fallout76 Right now (@TinyRakan) reported

    @RSAB_14 @jassem73 @Xbox @Halo @aarongreenberg Let them fix the shit in gears 5 first

  • J400SE J (@J400SE) reported

    @bt_uk Thanks for the sorry. Customer since 1983. 1000+ a year mob/4ktv/bb. Next to no leeway at last renewal, cost increase inside term twice. Cannot go on at this cost. Halo ups the ££ again and ties in 24 months with price increases built in. BB is good. No issue there. 3mths left.

  • jonsaxon67 Jon Saxon (@jonsaxon67) reported

    @PrimleyJack Yes, I truly feel sorry for her. I don't think treating her with kid gloves does her any good. I also doubt that she actually reads any of these posts, so its more meant to remove the halo she has. The respect she gets is unhealthy for her, because she will eventually crash.

  • GreyAussieGamer Grey| Escaping from Tarkov (@GreyAussieGamer) reported

    @3wojis @Dramido I would imagine upscaling a game to work on better hardware would t be the main issue. It would be for example, getting Halo to work on the X1. Not that it can’t be done but it would require a good amount of time invested to do so.

  • Nerketur Nerketur Kamachi (@Nerketur) reported

    @CinderSlays Indie developers aren't the only thing this is true for. Even big companies face this issue. Microsoft Xbox wouldnt exist if it wasn't for Halo. Halo was the one game that got them enough money to actually save the Xbox. If Microsoft could fail at this, imagine what indies do

  • akahmiii Johan libert (@akahmiii) reported

    @Majora__Z @SacredIconHalo @Halo Halo also isn't "just another shooter", there's a reason why successful competitive settings have worked for 2 decades. If there was legitimate sandbox problems, pros and such would have addressed it by now.

  • Seanthaniell Sean 🐺 (@Seanthaniell) reported

    This information should all be in the actual ******* games but you know... it's too late to fix what Halo 4 and 5 have done. Maybe Infinite will give us some answers.

  • Brodan_ Brodan (@Brodan_) reported

    @Halo fix your ******* betrayal/booting system

  • WaifuGhostly 👻GhostlyWaifu (@WaifuGhostly) reported

    @Kheystrel @ChrisRGun If that's really your opinion then all power to you. I've loved Halo sense I was a kid, and even though they've had a hard time getting going, I think 343i is doing alright. With the initiative they're showing to fix MCC and get it on PC, as well as listening to fan feedback...

  • talaric0 frank (@talaric0) reported

    @BigJuan52 Sorry, I was playing Halo 3. There was a brief disconnect in communication between the Independent Research Team and myself which led to the delay.

  • AldosKirin Raúl Yáñez (@AldosKirin) reported

    @NipHuts @TheTrueVanguard Maybe it is just different experiences all over. I don't remember having as much fun back in Halo as i did since D1. In these cases there's also stuff like peoole coming in to hack and DDoS. That is not intended by design either. There's also the issue of -

  • Rageful_Tomato Fwankenstein (@Rageful_Tomato) reported

    @ChrisRGun I'm just shocked everyone is all enthusiastic about this game because the armor looks as it did in the originals when the armor was the last problem with the last two Halo games. The story and gameplay was.

  • BatallionBig Big Bore Batallion [Clan BG1TV] (@BatallionBig) reported from Redding, California

    @SteampunkPaganX @WoTConsole @JonnoPillz @Minecraft That was way before WoTC had lag issues. And don't take me wrong, I really love this game. Only Halo has had more of my time.

  • D3adLie EMGG | DeadLie (@D3adLie) reported

    People wonder why nothing changes in halo, most of the time we ******* flame people instead of coming togther to make something constructive, offer ideas of solutions to the problem

  • HBKamaree John Lennon 🦹🏿‍♂️ (@HBKamaree) reported

    I think I’m the one who needs someone to fix my halo

  • Zane_Mackenzie Zane (@Zane_Mackenzie) reported

    @bt_uk I keep messages saying join halo 2 only problem. Is halo1is exactly the same speeds so what would me given #Bt £3 a month extra for what exactly before you try asking for more money you should sort out your service.

  • intelektgaming Marshall 🔜 PAX South (@intelektgaming) reported

    Hey @Halo folks, it would be really swell if you could make MCC an @Xbox Play Anywhere title. Matchmaking was always broken upon release, so it seems silly to ask X1 owners to re-purchase...

  • XBLCrossfire Crossfire (@XBLCrossfire) reported from Queens, New York

    @LuneIceballz @cynerca It’s okay to have competitive Fortnite, just like there’s been competitive Halo and Call of Duty, as well as other games, but the problem is that it is ONLY competitive now and everyone is trying to make a career out of Fortnite. The fun of S2-8 are gone. All about earnings now

  • B1ADEEE Absolved | B1ADEEE 🇮🇪 (@B1ADEEE) reported

    Is it only me that sees that having no knowledge of halo infinite rn is a good thing and having no beta will be better tbh as shows they are working on it still am setting it right and not trying to reel ppl in with nostalgia like MW and end up with a broken game and all hate

  • ArathoonRobert Robert Arathoon (@ArathoonRobert) reported

    @InfinityWard When are you patching the issue where players on consoles remain accurate with auto aim whilst jumping and shooting. Go back to the COD4 days and add back in shoot delay after jumping, THIS IS NOT HALO!!!

  • Hank1sDank Henry P 🕷🕸 🐜🦋🦗🦟🦂🎷🐛 (@Hank1sDank) reported

    @fraggingfox @MemeCryptum Yes but there were Flood on board so someone on board decided to force a crash back into the Halo to guarantee no Flood made it to Earth

  • BOSHYGAMER32 boshygamer (@BOSHYGAMER32) reported

    @Alienware crash team racing nitro fueled any of the 3 first crash bandicoot games nope haven't play Halo since i got crash team racing nitro fueled maybe later

  • tgtvMemory TGTV Memory (@tgtvMemory) reported

    Had to turn on my Xbox today to get my Halo fix.. That's just sad..

  • WelterLogan Logan Welter (@WelterLogan) reported

    @Moses_FPS Essentially it's the worst halo among bungie halo games for bloom and armor abilities and their goal was to recreate the game, not fix it. I agree with the forge bit but honestly nobody was going to stick around until forge comes out just for the multiplayer. So this is skewed

  • PrintsAmir Prints (@PrintsAmir) reported

    @HiddenXperia Hes not speaking facts just giving people more fuel to keep up this burning issue of over entitlement we dont have to see anything before they're ready to show it to us this is their result if 5 years of work and after halo 5 they have every right to move cautiously

  • Spartankcy1179 Slayer K4102 (@Spartankcy1179) reported

    @Grunt4500 @MysteryStrangrr That's true, but the real issue is what the game lacked even in comparison to previous Halo games. When people look back at 4, 5, and MCC, their frustration has more to do with the state of the games than misleading marketing. It's up to Halo Infinite the game to deliver.

  • KinoConnoisseur ɢʟօօʍ! (@KinoConnoisseur) reported

    @LeGavoIsHere That ‘effort’ amounted to a bit of lip service, a niche spinoff, a 4 year late patch for a game which never should’ve launched broken & two in-engine trailers. Which, after Halo 5, we have no reason to believe are 100% legitimate. We haven’t seen results yet.

  • KinoConnoisseur ɢʟօօʍ! (@KinoConnoisseur) reported

    @LeGavoIsHere It is a subplot though. After the second mission it gets sidelined until the ******. The primary story of the game is the Chief trying to stop the Didact. Which is where the problems lie & why Halo 4 “having a good story” is a meme. One subplot does not a good story make.

  • yqrico rrrrrrrrrrrrr (@yqrico) reported

    Lineage II World of Warcraft DOFUS Age of Empire Crash Bandicoot Habbo Halo Tekken 3 Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi Call of Duty

  • SacredIconHalo SacredIconHalo (@SacredIconHalo) reported

    @ChrisRGun Playing something close to the chest does not mean there are problems. Insinuating that there are problems to compel the developers to share information won't help either. Halo Infinite will release fall 2020.

  • 65ace 6raq Demon 🥶 (@65ace) reported

    @Halo @RBeezy_777 @misplacedyank **** you, double xp, fix the grind

  • HaIoTV HaloTV (@HaIoTV) reported

    @Halo @RBeezy_777 @misplacedyank Why no breakout fix

  • 8BitYodaGaming Bryan (@8BitYodaGaming) reported

    @InfinityWard So sick of the bugs, stat tracking issues. Looking forward to the new Halo

  • Cytamius Stephen (@Cytamius) reported

    @packysmith I think I figured out the problem. I'm just bad at Halo now. I have to accept that 30-40% win rate is the new norm. I don't even really care to be the best. I just want to unlock the armor. I miss the old days that had single player options instead of a forced multiplayer grind.

  • Knappskirata624 John Knapp (@Knappskirata624) reported

    @ChrisRGun I disagree to some extent. One of the problems marketing Halo 5 early was they showed things in the story that were not fully completed

  • ctw71 Colin White (@ctw71) reported from Lambeth, England

    @Sonos backtrack!!! This isn’t what you were saying five hours ago. Bet you wish you’d thought about this more ah cause the damage is done now, the halo is broken. Customer trust, gone! #sonosgate #sonosfail

  • FrostBackYeti The Yeti (@FrostBackYeti) reported

    @shank182 @ImJustjun I love multiplayer games, but role based MP like OW, and League always have problems with people who just refuse to do certain things. (Support mostly) Give me Halo or COD over that BS any day of the week