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Halo is a military science fiction first-person shooter video game franchise created by Bungie and now managed and developed by 343 Industries, a subsidiary of Microsoft Studios.

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  • drybones_33 ferhab (@drybones_33) reported

    @LaikaAndYuri @ScreenedSpark6 @Grunt4500 @UberNick_ I understand. My only issue with halo 5 was Locke and being forced to fight along ai fireteam. Besides that it was pretty good.

  • PK_VII paul (@PK_VII) reported from Swindon, England

    Need halo to come out on pc hopefully they fix input lag for the mouse though

  • Reiku78 Bobby Wallace (@Reiku78) reported

    @Rythayze @Unikraken @thesk_darram Issue is they're getting followers and getting bigger because of people who hate 343. Whata sad on one of the accounts not those 2, 2 343 employees follow it. The halo 4 is not halo one

  • _c00lhand eLucas Daniel 🇺🇸 (@_c00lhand) reported

    @DaxSeven09 @TheArcRobin Was just about to respond saying that. This isn't really a Halo society issue as much as it's a general society issue.

  • Thormaster3 Justin Millner 🇺🇸 (@Thormaster3) reported

    Cod fix your shit your starting to act like halo mcc lol you’re a great game don’t be stupid lol

  • GGMattt_ 🖥 GGMattt 🎮 (@GGMattt_) reported

    @indarkened @Daniel_booth12 @XboxGamePassPC Oh right, I forgot about that not being on PC. halo 3 actually was the first one I played :') Then I only played 1,2&4 when MCC came out on Xbox. I hope that this delay that they've had to do was to fix the rest of the game too and not just Reach...

  • thiskanqdaniel Kang Daniel (@thiskanqdaniel) reported

    Unexpected problem: drawing naked snake-anthros look way too close to Halo Elites

  • RegalRegex 🐍/Buff Snake (Regal|Argent)/g🍁🍃 (@RegalRegex) reported

    Unexpected problem: drawing naked snake-anthros look way too close to Halo Elites

  • JoshDiesToday Josh Washington (@JoshDiesToday) reported

    @luke_lafr Usually I try to hurt myself even more and play Halo masterchief collection and remember how broken it is. Or, sometimes I like to truly make myself feel like dying...and I play Halo 5.

  • XboxPope POPE (@XboxPope) reported

    @xboxptdummies @Halo @RareLtd @WeArePlayground @Obsidian @inXile_ent @Mojang @NinjaTheory @WatchMixer @ID_Xbox @M4Ximizando @DanielHeithorn @ForzaErwin84 see you Saturday morning shame it was not Sunday i could have done a church service

  • MattyD_TV Matthew Doane (@MattyD_TV) reported from Rome, New York

    Shit... realized I can’t play @Halo because I no longer own it... gonna have to fix that ASAP! I didn’t buy an extra XboxOne for my set up just so it could fit there...

  • thatsmrlush2u Edgar like allan poe (@thatsmrlush2u) reported

    My halo is broken @BrentWeeks

  • Yannis_Ziakas Yannis Ziakas (@Yannis_Ziakas) reported

    @dirtnapdragon @TreyTri @geoffkinns @AbsolutelyTTV @summit1g PC FPS is going through a depression period. We all hope RIOT is going to fix the situation. All releases were shallow and lasting 1 year max before losing 95% of their playerbase. I think you ain't missing out much. I don't even know if i should give Halo a chance...

  • MartGB__ Mart (@MartGB__) reported

    @Halo @Twitch @HCS @TwitchEsports Please make sure Mouse/Keyboard input lag / floatiness is fixed before release, it's a major issue. Without capped frame rate preferably. I get that it's likely a difficult issue to work through.

  • BoiOpossum DeadOpossumBoi (@BoiOpossum) reported

    @Ohmwrecker Don't let youtube push yall around. Thats the creators fault. Thats why halo 1 was rated M for mature @bungie was smart as a whip about how they distributed their game. The creators cant be oblivious to these problems. They have armies of lawyers.

  • Peter_Bridgman Peter Bridgman (@Peter_Bridgman) reported

    @RembrandtsRoom Rubens has wisely avoided the halo issue

  • saltyttv SalTeh (@saltyttv) reported

    My final thought on m+k for reach vs controller is this. Once they fix the input issue controllers might be at a slight disadvantage not by much though. Halo is more about teamwork than aim. But for pulling off complex jumps, strafing and what not m+k has slight advantage

  • Lvl25Magikarp Magikarp (@Lvl25Magikarp) reported

    @Litt1eR3d Oh that's badass! Beats me out there. I'm holding off on my halo tattoo till I can solve my metabolism issue. I don't want a stretchy spartan haha

  • JlGGSY Jay (@JlGGSY) reported

    @Reborn_Strategy @ragedcan @RealUebe @summit1g I'm sure they will. How mcc first launch was I'm sure there is going to be A LOT of issues for PC. We havent seen halo on PC since 2. And it came a long way so we shall see.

  • TehGameJockey The Game Jockey (@TehGameJockey) reported

    @mikebernelly @Soulburnin Example number one, Halo: Reach on MCC The game is being added into the game along with a new progression system akin to a battle pass system, although this game wasn't made as this kind of service deal but their whole system is being redone to accommodate the new approach. 1/3

  • DoubleUp310 Jay Hocker 🧢 (@DoubleUp310) reported

    Halo 5 has been lagging a lot less lately. @Halo

  • BlazeHoundv2 BlazeHound (@BlazeHoundv2) reported

    You don't fix your community, you won't even have one. People will get so sick of it and stop playing. Siege, Halo, Overwatch. All ******* shit communities. Some of the worst I have ever seen.

  • Van_HeLsingGG BDG Van HeLsing (@Van_HeLsingGG) reported

    @BeansforLunch @Druk_RN Don't get me wrong MCC and halo 3 is just broken and I'm so glad I can stop playing it after this event but reach showed some promise and I hope it plays better than Halo 3 ever did and better than it used to but we will see

  • Jason_X117 Christopher Bush (@Jason_X117) reported

    @Dustin_O @Halo @Twitch @HCS @TwitchEsports They removed uncapped framerates because certain people were having frame issues the higher they went above 60.

  • fffens Fens (@fffens) reported

    @DJMURLO There were a few halo multiplayer maps you could glitch off the map in

  • Cyberwo1ff Just a Jake 🌌 (@Cyberwo1ff) reported

    @VinnieMarra @Unyshek @Tashi343i @KingRichard @Halo @Twitch @HCS @TwitchEsports There's no push to talk Mouse and Keyboard has delay Controllers have too high aim assist Over 100ms delay on servers Server lag in general If u release this game now it will die on its feet. Please please please, it cannot be close to release. Halo can't take another bad launch

  • rodripereira97 Rodrigo (@rodripereira97) reported

    Halo Broken-hearted girl Smash into you (deluxe)

  • mashpey Mashpee (@mashpey) reported

    @masters1337 @Dylan_MasonC @NoSprintHalo @haruspis This is my issue. I dont really care, I dont hate Halo 5. But to say its as popular or even more popular than the og games is just patently wrong. In literally every sense.

  • Knoxtane Chad "Knoxtane" Pedemonte (@Knoxtane) reported

    The Mouse Input delay issue on Reach on PC feels like it has finally been fixed! I went 14 - 3..first time scoring that well while using M&K! #Halo #HaloReach #HaloMCC #HaloPC

  • techsaleslatino TechSalesLatino (@techsaleslatino) reported from Coppell, Texas

    The problem is not: -Watching Star Wars/Anime -Playing Halo/FIFA The problem is OBSESSING over those things to the point you neglect: -Fitness -Social life -Finances I play a FIFA game or 2, AFTER I get my shit handled. All about moderation.

  • Jason_X117 Christopher Bush (@Jason_X117) reported

    @EmpressCortana @Rythayze I mean I greatly understand don't get me wrong I certainly have my issues with Halo 5 but I don't think you should be down all the time just because of a game that's run it's course. If you wanna criticize 343i then go on but constantly making jokes and saying a art piece that-

  • 186GK217 *4763GK90222* (@186GK217) reported

    @Emilio_Oc98 @Halo @Twitch @HCS @TwitchEsports It seems more or less finished, few minor issues that can be fixed at launch

  • superscrungus superscrungus (@superscrungus) reported

    @nendoras @PedanticAuspice that's the opposite problem halo 5 had. i didn't specifically mean a multiverse either, just alternate continuities. those aren't a thing franchises "do" or "don't" have

  • _stephbysteph wayward steph (@_stephbysteph) reported

    Cas got broken halo 😢

  • SharkXIX Shark XIX (@SharkXIX) reported

    @HaIoTV @Halo @Twitch @HCS @TwitchEsports At this point I think it’s “Fix Halo”. 343i is trash.

  • TrustFeaR J (@TrustFeaR) reported

    @KingRichard @Halo @Twitch @HCS @TwitchEsports Hopefully when they fix the mouse input lag 😡

  • James_Zere Zere (@James_Zere) reported

    @TehSpearhead I'll just settle for MCC with mod support honestly. I don't even remotely trust 343 to make another Halo game without compromising it in some way, so I'd rather get my Halo fix from the people who want the same things I do.

  • OlyOlyOxen_free The Outer Two Penny (@OlyOlyOxen_free) reported

    @Rythayze @Halo Good thing I've got a box of broken radios 😎😎

  • DimesOnTwitch Dimes (@DimesOnTwitch) reported

    @Bartonologist There’s issues with fort too. 😂😂😂 I just want halo.

  • Plantstacey Stacey plant (@Plantstacey) reported

    @bt_uk sort it out bt I was talking to someone on your halo team about our mini hub as my partner can't connect it to his Xbox she then disconnected us. Since Sunday evening we've had nothing but issues with your shit service unreal....

  • beccadegregorio Becca DeGregorio 🎸 (@beccadegregorio) reported

    Topics include ~but are not limited to~ halo & mixed reality storytelling, ambient music & AI in musical composition, esports & ‘fast data’, fashion’s sustainability problem and machine translation for endangered languages. *and no I didn’t get a surface out of this*

  • TheDarkAngel117 (USSF) ZeroDarkAngel (@TheDarkAngel117) reported

    Welp slight problem. I think my Halo MCC is ******. I try loading cairo station and the thing crashes :/

  • bloodmagicbaby Joker Profile Pic (@bloodmagicbaby) reported

    @Thxl_ @jacktop13 @CallMe1s @Halo @Twitch It isn't about the game coming out sooner, it's about streamers getting preferential treatment over people that have been signed up in their insider programs from the start. If you can't see why that's an issue then you really are stupid.

  • notoriousrodney Momo (@notoriousrodney) reported

    Diva, Ego remix, Halo, Broken-hearted Girl, Video Phone remix, Why don’t you love me, If I Were a Boy & Single Ladies. Le reste trash !

  • oliverdtrue I Can't Think of a Good Username (@oliverdtrue) reported

    @solidoftheraven @ImNotSuperMan11 @infernus_ascent @JamesSa46589109 @Mrmacfry1 @TippyShortMouth @ChrisRGun Halo annual plane crash day number

  • CeejayPanduh Panduh 🐼🖤 (@CeejayPanduh) reported

    @perne_ I see what ur trying to do and it's not working because ur not seeing what I'm even saying. I'm saying some of the people holding the stance are solely doing it because it was trendy at the time and wont even get BL3 when it drops on steam but instead play halo cuz trendy.

  • BudadragonballZ Kyle Bernard (@BudadragonballZ) reported

    @Bungie Why don’t you fix your broken remastered piece of shit. Make it worse than the first but cost more. Shoulda stuck to Halo you *********.

  • xx3LingLing3xx PoD LingLing (@xx3LingLing3xx) reported

    @Gamesager Part of Halo for me is nostalgic. If I’m honest about it, there were 50 high host booters, derankers, aim botters. I mean, even Halo had some of the problems we have in other games.

  • galahadlake Galahad Lake (@galahadlake) reported

    @msloobylou First time I've ever seen Loose Women today. They were dressed as Nativity characters; tinsel halo and all. In the 2nd week of November. Like a drunk uncle at the Christmas Dinner table, they soon forgot they looked ridiculous and started expounding on issues. Felt like a dream

  • ReclaimerStudio Jack Foster (@ReclaimerStudio) reported

    @PedanticAuspice @Juh488 The main problem is that by going non-canon, the story takes the risk to interest neither the Halo fans nor the ignorant public, trying to eat its cake and have it to. As a creator, I'll look for interesting pictures, stories and techs, but the show itself jumps into a dead-end.

  • eggpudiing hazelnut (@eggpudiing) reported

    She has the face of a broken angel She cried because of her broken wings So she threw away her broken halo And she left her suicide note and her broken ring. -J.P

  • JuanyeTuda Juankanda Juan a.k.a Mr. “Get You Some XP” (@JuanyeTuda) reported

    @ReallyMilkkyWay Ah great! I havent been too active in the Halo community, but I respect any community that is trying to make their game better rather than ignore the issues.


    Summit talking on the input delay for Halo Reach PC in front 20k+ people needs a fix FAST. Shit needed a fix like 2 weeks ago.

  • ReallyMilkkyWay 🦑🐬天の川🐳🦀 (@ReallyMilkkyWay) reported

    @JuanyeTuda One of the main problems 343i faced with Halo 4-5 was developing on an outdated, clunky engine. The team created the SlipSpace engine to make workflow vastly more efficient and do things that weren't possible without it.

  • vicariousvandal 𝐉𝐚𝐜𝐤𝐢𝐞 (@vicariousvandal) reported

    I think the problem with Destiny 2 is that, as a game from the Halo people, it does not have nearly enough sick guitar licks or crashing drums or moody saxophones and basically it just isn't Halo ODST

  • NoahWills9 ThatBeatbox (@NoahWills9) reported

    @bungie congrats on managing to create the worst game known to man, I don’t know how you could be so blind to how broken destiny 2 is 100% of the time but great job. Should’ve stopped after halo

  • inkathresia ً (@inkathresia) reported

    @bumantaras Halo, Tara. Can’t wait for the reregistration phase! I’m sorry for being so inactive lately due to my health problems but I’ll come back soon. Thank you for the reminder, anyway.

  • iamBisteh Roy Russell (@iamBisteh) reported

    I think Halo MCC is still broken. I pause the game to go do stuff, come back to unpause it, but it's just frozen...maybe in 5-15 minutes it'll come back but then I don't feel like Halo anymore, lol. (even tried putting it on an ssd.)

  • Brandon88563674 Swiftgamer (@Brandon88563674) reported

    @GameSpot Cosmetic micros in Halo are a problem because most of any progression you make in the multiplayer is for armor. Since there’s no weapons or skins to get for a loadout, armor’s the only real progression based system in it. Make 90% of those monetized and you just screwed it big.

  • vonhyrm Jailed! Jeritza. (@vonhyrm) reported

    @himbobyleth [A shudder wracks his body as he hears those words leave his mouth, as he leans down to quickly seal their lips with a kiss, only to part.] ... Then I shall take into consideration when you speak of a demon as though he hadn't broken his halo and carved the halves into horns.