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Halo is a military science fiction first-person shooter video game franchise created by Bungie and now managed and developed by 343 Industries, a subsidiary of Microsoft Studios.

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  • Thief000 Thief000 (@Thief000) reported

    @GearsofWar TBH here...I don't dislike it, but Arcade mode is a big step towards GoW (like Halo) becoming a third person CoD knock-off with the gnasher-free loadouts and killcams. Don't turn Gears into something it's not just for e-Sports. The crawling when downed is also completely broken.

  • JamiNord Jami Nord (@JamiNord) reported

    @TtammyRO @metuiteme My problem is it combines with my astigmatism. So the wavy lines start, like a halo around my vision (usually particularly on my left side) and I feel like I'm drunk AF. The floor is waves, and I can't follow lines to save my LIFE!

  • LanaDelBeard Lana Del Beard 💖 (@LanaDelBeard) reported

    @ColourPopCo It be funnier if it was a Halo Top pint. Quick, ColourPop graphic designer team, fix it.

  • Shawn4Japan Shawn (@Shawn4Japan) reported

    Have no problem being invited to a Halo insider flighting program though 👀

  • Wise__Wolf Dakota Wise (@Wise__Wolf) reported

    I have both fixed and broken my halo Xbox one controller. The bumper now works but the sync button broke off.

  • MattyRums MattyRums (@MattyRums) reported

    upset i couldn't make it out to Halo Outpost Discovery this weekend. that broken door couldn't have happened at a more inconvenient time.

  • WevowvewOcewot Maej (@WevowvewOcewot) reported

    @Oktoberblitz Ive never had that problem when i played halo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • ZacksonMaine #10, Double, large, with Dr. Pepper, please (@ZacksonMaine) reported

    The problem herewith we have is that if I let sabrina know, I’m going to have to hang out with her tonight and I have already put 7 hours of halo under my belt today and don’t plan on stopping

  • DruidWolf5 Del Santos (@DruidWolf5) reported

    She never grows tired And likes the things I do I like to be gentle But I can get rough too I'm not such an angel And I've got the proof Here's my broken halo I just keep breaking it When I'm alone with you. -@DruidWolf5

  • ShoulderWinter The Winter Shoulder (@ShoulderWinter) reported

    @kore_virus @Dee_Batch Yeah I just don't see it being native 4K all the time unless it's on a very good PC or Scarlett. I just hope it doesn't affect the overall visual quality like it did Halo 5, that one ran well but definitely had texture issues and had way less impressive sandbox levels.

  • Iightwarden rinty @ emet-selch love zone (@Iightwarden) reported

    the only problem with halo top is that it's so low cal i can eat it and eat it and eat it and i won't even realise until i've finished the whole tub in one sitting

  • RickyTheCapo 🇵🇦Ricky The Capo™ (@RickyTheCapo) reported

    Chris Stapleton’s Broken Halo’s been on repeat since yesterday 😹

  • DeltaHaloCRcore Delta Halo Control Room-core (@DeltaHaloCRcore) reported

    @SeraphFishy @PlatinumMewtwo @PBP1366 To be fair MCC being broken wasn't their fault. MS made incredibly ludicrous demands and (of course) it was never gonna work in that short of a time frame. Also 343 stopped giving content to H5 to work on Halo Infinite. There's only a small team at 343 dedicated to the MCC.

  • SeraphFishy Fishy (@SeraphFishy) reported

    @PlatinumMewtwo @PBP1366 343 stopped supporting Halo 5 to fix another game they broke. Hello Games is just focusing time and resources on a Games that’s been broke for a long time. Rn it’s really good for what it is.

  • _iamteeetee 22. (@_iamteeetee) reported

    halo orange juice oil i keep coming here to re-up & its still mad juice in my fridge 😩🤣 i got a problem

  • jendeexx Jendee (@jendeexx) reported

    It's my halo being broken by you

  • FuffI117 FuffI (@FuffI117) reported

    @mrbananahead690 @Kidburman @TheActMan_YT I think Halo 5s biggest problem was it's marketing. It was so incredibly misleading.

  • Deadhunter10141 Sam de Jong (@Deadhunter10141) reported

    @FuffI117 @eduardo_fields @Kidburman @TheActMan_YT I get what you mean about the characters thrown into your face. The voice acting was supposed to be quite bland as they didn’t want to go to much into the depth I the characters as it would detract from the atmosphere but yeah it wasn’t great. I have the same problems with halo 5

  • thyReaperMC RΞPR 💀 (@thyReaperMC) reported

    Alrighty, some #GearsofWar5TechTest quips. As a tech test, more solid than Halo Reach's on the polish. Can't say much for initial issues as I got on this morning but the result in the less than 24hrs is solid.

  • Vorked Vorked | Brandon (@Vorked) reported

    I have one of the vehicle pins with a painting issue, as well. It's chipped and weird, but I never got the crates for the pins so I never cared much. But that is just another in the long line of shitty products I received from the Halo crates.

  • HylianYeti HylianYeti (@HylianYeti) reported

    @NonstopSuperguy @TheActMan_YT annivessary wrecks the immersion if you played halo ce when it was new would be it at its peak however im not gatekeeping the flaws you pointed out are all true, halo ce is repetitive but imo other than that there are no other major problems (and the magnum being op)

  • BoomyEU Oliver Webb (@BoomyEU) reported

    @ozpreyy @itsprof @HCSProTalk @Halo Well you said ‘the biggest problem’ next time try putting ‘my’ in front of it. That way I know it’s your opinion and that’s fine

  • ozpreyy LUX | Ozpreyy (@ozpreyy) reported

    @BoomyEU @itsprof @HCSProTalk @Halo Dawg, I stated my problem with it. No need to get defensive or bring in other playlists. I prefer breakout 1.0 since one hit kills aren't possible off start

  • Tattedbeauty9 nikkki. 👑 (@Tattedbeauty9) reported

    Legit worried myself sick... hate leaving halo when shes struggling with inflammatory issues. Luckily got ppl checking on her this week

  • KenzienFurball Kenzie (@KenzienFurball) reported

    @support_royale Hey if you got a submission from a roblox user "Kenzie_Camouflage" I wanna tell you that I got my halo back, after I delete roblox and re download it all my missing items are back, mine must be roblox glitch not your game Sorry for wasting your time♡

  • BotFsb FSB-Bot (@BotFsb) reported

    Drone crawls down this Halo Index into the place, we must strain to come, fix it.

  • Sarge_RL3 Harris. (@Sarge_RL3) reported

    @TheActMan_YT Honestly I started with halo 2 at the age of 3, my earliest memory is of playing halo 2. Idk why but halo:ce bores me, its repetitive, the level design is confusing for certain levels, and the soundtrack is either too quiet or too loud. Still damned good game with all my issues

  • jujulovesyoux3 Julan™️ (@jujulovesyoux3) reported

    @leekahlo I have some of her older songs like pretty hurts, ave maría, halo , broken hearted girl. and some from destiny’s child but idek if that counts. she’s a little overrated

  • sanggupsal john (@sanggupsal) reported

    The boy with a broken halo

  • UnrealMight David Bova (@UnrealMight) reported

    People, including me, complaining about a terrible beta launch, but I think back to how broken halo MCC was and how it never got touched for 3 years, just giving some perspective, theyll get it fixed within the hour or so, I have hope.

  • ozpreyy LUX | Ozpreyy (@ozpreyy) reported

    @BoomyEU @itsprof @HCSProTalk @Halo Biggest problem with 2.0 is everyone spawning in with a power weapon

  • frankeinhardt FranktheTank (@frankeinhardt) reported

    @Stephcalobrisi @ReeceTv12 @CoalitionGears Sheesh, i wonder if its like the halo 5 beta where having a full party would cause less errors then solo que.

  • TheFearsomeRat TheFearsomeRat (@TheFearsomeRat) reported

    Well I bought Halo 5 digitally to circumvent my Xbox's issue with discs... and it won't start at all.

  • Mamelaaa_Mbu57 K🅰️nyani™ (@Mamelaaa_Mbu57) reported

    @chaselordi Some cases, yes, but most game released still have data on disc. Proof of that is comparing download sizes with/without disc. My main issue is the longevity of gaming; I can’t show my kids halo 3 if my 360’s Storage crapped out unless I still have the disc

  • LucindaJarvis96 Lucinda Jarvis (@LucindaJarvis96) reported

    @georgereid96 @_AbbieAndrews Guys all I was saying is that the real gamer here is me. Now both of you get back to playing Halo and Crash Bandicoot.

  • DecepticonCobra Official #1 Dr. Halsey Fanboy and Apologist (@DecepticonCobra) reported

    @BaileyJIII @toa_freak It’s one character, though. Iffy characterizations was one component of Halo 5’s problems. I’ll say this: Infinite doesn’t need Blue Team to be great, but fixing what they broke and improving them in Infinite would go a long way in showing 343 learned what they did wrong in H5.

  • GUNS1281 Fabian (@GUNS1281) reported

    @CoalitionGears Bring @EpicGames @therealcliffyb back to make a true Gears of war game, don´t remember having this kind of issues with the gow 3 beta, just fond memories of a gnasher that worked, freedom to do active reloads, so disappointed, you remind me to 343 industries destroying Halo...

  • BroeyBroe Broey (@BroeyBroe) reported

    @Ag0at @Moses_FPS Well they don't work at all on Xbox, at least for me that is, I'm not trying to act like a nostalgia *** but I doubt mcc pc will be another golden age of halo. I doubt a pc version of the game can fix all the issues it still has, I want to be wrong but I honestly doubt it.

  • LUMBRlDGE franky (@LUMBRlDGE) reported

    @TheGearsProdigy @CoalitionGears i agree that the game has issues but we're on the right path i feel like - if you remove the mess which is MTX, gow4 was pretty enjoyable but just got stale because of no 'real' new content - microsoft is doing gods work with G5 and Halo on steam, so lets hope it works out

  • FunnyWilfred Wilfred (@FunnyWilfred) reported

    It's no shave November, Halo 4 and Black ops 2 just came out! Teen pregnancy won't be an issue this month.

  • Trilliumgirl Kyna Foster (@Trilliumgirl) reported

    Wheeeeeeee got to work and started to Halo. Let's hope the Max Alt works or I'm going have Issues. (Solo parent + scheduled to coach tonight)

  • squidzrule Squidzrule (@squidzrule) reported

    @Soulburnin I think it’s because some helmets proportions just felt too small. For instance the base helmet for Recon and CQB were smaller and rounder then their halo 3 counterparts. Secruity has this problem too and lost its old Marathon roots aesthetic. I personally liked it and didnt mind

  • ShoulderWinter The Winter Shoulder (@ShoulderWinter) reported

    @BulginLionel @Puertorock77_ @FC_Violent They can fix this if their next couple of games are very well received but they also have to have legitimately exciting games for next gen's launch. So Halo Infinite & 2 or 3 additionally great titles.

  • borderlinecryin 🐝♡ chess ♡🐝 on a follow limit, will fb asap (@borderlinecryin) reported

    find urself again turn into nemo and disconnect stop painting pictures of what it all seems like in ur head cuz I cant see u getting controlled by the halo effect anymore

  • manny_erazoo Emmanuel Erazo (@manny_erazoo) reported

    The boy with a broken halo

  • Ricardillo27 Ricky Ricardo (@Ricardillo27) reported

    @Halo @FACEIT @HCS Fix the damn "dedicated servers" for ***** sake!!!

  • buredagodhand Bledar Godhand (@buredagodhand) reported

    @BettyB0om It definitely is pretty fun, there's still the odd issue of dropping places with no loot even in ranked. Personally. I think if the game had Halo Buggies it would be out of this world.

  • JollyJoshHalo JollyJoshHalo (@JollyJoshHalo) reported

    me and a few buddies can't connect to the halo 5 lobby service. Other apps working on Xbox live. MCC is working...

  • spacefunkyarp dairocketto 2 (28) (@spacefunkyarp) reported

    besides fix-it felix, sugar rush canonically released in 1997, and the halo-esque game was brand new in the movie's context, not to mention a lot of cameos were characters that had made the leap to 3d graphics already i think it checks out

  • SuperSoldier109 SuperSoldier109 (@SuperSoldier109) reported

    @Halo No one wants to play you’re trash game. Give us triple xp so we can get our 152 and don’t have to deal with anymore cancer from this broken game.

  • LeaMerone Dr Lea Merone MBChB (hons) MPH&TM Ⓥ (@LeaMerone) reported

    @AppleWatchGuru @Apple @applewatchinfo1 I hâve starkey halo which allegedly are made for Apple and stream with my phone but after it not working with my first Apple Watch Im a little hesitant.... :/

  • 00Exodus fbg meaux (@00Exodus) reported

    Honestly a lot of competitive online games ******* suck nowadays. Gears of War and Halo are great and all but even those get lame and have their problems. No one is tryna sit down and play single player games all day like a loser either

  • SenpaiRigel SpideyChief: Resident Gun Guy and Halo Nerd (@SenpaiRigel) reported

    @BaileyJIII @Malcontent1692 @Unikraken @RatDadJoe @Halo @cole_protocol @jmarriott117 @JN6023DCOM1B @Mr_Timmsy It’s a good idea in theory but man in practice there’s just way too many reliability issues that arise

  • nerdception sassqueensupreme @ editing hell (@nerdception) reported

    Part 1. So Halo, originally Gabrielle, is a Qurac girl originally (fictional country in DC that's wedged between Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Oman). She gets killed shortly and then gets dumped into a grave, but gets revived by the spirit of a broken motherbox (sentient technology)

  • B_Dub3 Ben W 🐻 (@B_Dub3) reported

    @Aceprodigy19 It definitely acks pacing but focusing on these characters in particular is what I have found to be the core of the problem. We spend way too much time with halo and her boyfriend and almost no time with the characters most people actually care about. Going off the rails imho...

  • ShabbitRabbit1 correct opinion haver (@ShabbitRabbit1) reported

    @TiraDeLune @GracePersephone If you're bad at halo that's a personal problem

  • ForiceOnTwitch Forice (@ForiceOnTwitch) reported

    @elonmusk fix halo 5 plz

  • harrysimmonds11 harry simmonds (@harrysimmonds11) reported

    @Halo @Xbox Hey guys I’m trying to join some of my friends on mastercheif collection but either nothing happens or I keep getting connection failed problems like I can join them on other games but just not mcc so hope someone can solve this for me

  • R__INDEX R-Index (@R__INDEX) reported

    @ianhussey @seanhughes102 maybe you can just share the correlation matrix (with SD) [or covariance matrix] for the BFI (+ self-esteem). Maybe your measurement problems have to do with method factors (halo, aquiescence) (Anusic et al., 2009).

  • Writing_Spartan Jordan Wharton (@Writing_Spartan) reported

    @toa_freak I shouldn't be connecting to only US servers when I'm from England anyways. That's a problem in itself with Halo atm is the sheer lack of server support outside of the US.