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Halo is a military science fiction first-person shooter video game franchise created by Bungie and now managed and developed by 343 Industries, a subsidiary of Microsoft Studios.

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  • Patchhes 🇭🇰 Patchhes 🇭🇰 (@Patchhes) reported

    @hutchinson Great action choreography bogged down by "planned trilogy" issues: a lot of the story is basically justifying the third installment: Halo 2 is my favorite example of this. They knew they needed a third so they use the entire second to set up the story.

  • Flynnbot1983 PhlowDoc (@Flynnbot1983) reported

    @Optimus_Code plus I'm not going to front, Ryse, Titanfall, Sunset overdrive, Quantum break, Ori, Cuphead,Sea Of Thieves I'm not gonna act like the only fun I had on the system was with Halo,gears and forza my issue with Xb1 is that they didn't Franchise anything outside of those 3

  • 7amzumi حمزہ (@7amzumi) reported

    I'm gonna say it, I miss @Halo, the community around it, and all the friends I made from it. Miss the daily hours on hours grind, early mornings to match timezones, and all the frustration it used to bring both competitively and because of the game not working. #halo5

  • NicmeistaR NicmeisteR 🍣 (@NicmeistaR) reported

    @ducain23 @GavinFree Man even though I want to I can't pick Halo cause that'll mean I'll forget all the tricks and skills I learnt through the years. So I'd go with Crash Bandicoot or Ratchet and Clank Instead. Or maybe need for speed tbh

  • VinnieMarra kidskull51 (@VinnieMarra) reported

    @Plasma_Fool_9 @ChewableToe1592 @Halo @Unyshek @GrimBrotherOne @HaloTutor It's a glitch, I had that happen to me before basically treats the game like it's a normal warzone match

  • FunnyWilfred Wilfred (@FunnyWilfred) reported

    It's no shave November, Halo 4 and Black ops 2 just came out! Teen pregnancy won't be an issue this month.

  • Anthony85204384 Anthony (@Anthony85204384) reported

    @thislukesmith Your ruining my game been with yall since halo and d1 why bring trails so we can get ddos cheater and hell stack pricks and infusion gone cap game level disadvantage we see u dnt listen to us but ur youtuber who make u get money

  • ZexionXIII Niko Taro (@ZexionXIII) reported from Johnson City, New York

    All this positivity in the halo community for infinite... I like it but I’ve been broken too many times. I can only hope

  • jaaron_smith Aaron Smith (@jaaron_smith) reported

    If I had to choose one thing for #HaloInfinite it would be stability. The last few launches, esp with MCC, is a large number of issues. I’m not worried about “day one” patches. This could make or break Halo. We need a win!

  • akhenaten93 LOVE (@akhenaten93) reported

    If you ever wonder why I have a problem with feminism it’s cause of trek, wars and halo

  • zaymzzz_ Z. Shahmi (@zaymzzz_) reported

    @HaIoTV @Halo @RBeezy_777 Damn, you're here too... Let 343 do what they need to do first, "Fix Breakout" man. They have other things they need to prioritize. They'll fix it, when they fix it

  • fionathefurry Fiona Goose 🛡 (@fionathefurry) reported

    ODSTs are completely fuccin broken in Halo Wars

  • tocockyfortv ToCockyForTv (@tocockyfortv) reported

    Anyway my main problem with apex is not having lobbies that i can play with friends and not having a 4 person squad cause I got a 4 man squad and I dont wanna leave my 4th out to selfishly win these BR games. Halo Fortunately provides all of the above.

  • Gloom_TW ɢʟօօʍ (@Gloom_TW) reported

    @hergusson @DeltaHaloCRcore I wouldn’t say changing demographics. The crux of Halo’s problem is a rebrand gone horribly wrong. Even in isolation, a rebrand is a huge risk. You change the visuals, audio, story, gameplay for a chance at a huge resurgence, or a massive downfall. These things happen.

  • AlexPompey7 Benson's for Beds is the best place to get a bed. (@AlexPompey7) reported

    @purchase_jack @MLGACE I honestly feel like Halo 5 is underrated due to the lackluster campaign and the broken state it released in.

  • HephaestusBuild HephaestusBuilds (@HephaestusBuild) reported

    @TheDCUniverse If only Season 3 was any good... and if only that stupid forced subplot with him and the doctor made any sense, was good or people cared about it. If you make season 4, I implore you to fix all the mistakes in season 3. Just get rid of Forager and Halo while you're at it too.

  • SquattingxBear A-ARON (@SquattingxBear) reported

    @SARG0TH Because you cant BXB, BXR, Doubleshot, QuadShot, RRBX, Sweep Snipe, Grenade Reload, Wall Glitch, etc. It is not Halo 2.

  • ChrisRayman Rayman (@ChrisRayman) reported

    There’s nothing of interest there when compared to Reach and Halo 3 events back in the day. Nothing against dreamhack but it interests me the same as a festival concert I’ve been to before. Nothing new and nothing unique. Just problems and a horrible forced schedule.

  • vApathyv Robbie Russell @ PAX East! (@vApathyv) reported

    @doof_ebooks @RycasterOnline It's great. You play as a drop trooper that wakes up hours after a crash landing trying to figure out what happened to the rest of your crew so you can finish your mission and evacuate. It's really interesting tone-wise, almost film noir style compared to the normal Halo-ing

  • AAXIII Abe (@AAXIII) reported

    Finally fixed my issues that I had with Halo a few days ago. Look forward to an actual stream this time.

  • trading_upswing Upswing-Trading (@trading_upswing) reported


  • SpitbucketBlog Amber @ (@SpitbucketBlog) reported

    @Liam3494 @villamaria_uk @SorchaHolloway @BradleyHorne But that's the problem with a glut. It's always going to be the bottom of the pyramid that influences perceptions. It's almost like a reverse halo-effect. NZ SB can be spectacular no doubt. But consumers impressions is going to be formed by that glass pour at the pub #ukwinehour

  • DshootsDscores David Shuter (@DshootsDscores) reported

    @EAHelp Hey when you are at it, get better servers.. you would think a big company such as this would have better servers then anyone else in the market. Constant lag/rubber banding in your games (anthem, BF2 etc.) but other games such as GTA or Halo I have no problems with.

  • trading_upswing Upswing-Trading (@trading_upswing) reported


  • DesireeAlliance Desiree Alliance (@DesireeAlliance) reported

    @wagatwe TY! Exactly! I have problems with MeToo movement. Hijacked/stolen by rich white women and deciding who gets to wear the halo and who gets taken out with the trash. The exclusion is deafening

  • shamunder31s Shyam Sunder (@shamunder31s) reported

    @grrumpygal @sanjukta @HarshWa02490711 @RahulGandhi @INCIndia Problem is not power. Kejrival has got its halo & fame through Street protests & active involvement in social movements when Congress was in power. This time he did not display even intention to suffering targeted people for fear of being branded Anti Hindu.

  • ItsTyronePrins Tyrone Prins 🏳️‍🌈🇿🇦 (@ItsTyronePrins) reported

    Broken-Hearted Ring The Alarm Girl Halo Flaws And All

  • schpling Mike Garnett (@schpling) reported

    @abperson_cycle Halo rims with a Son dynamo hub. Not cheap, but I'd rather pay now, and here, than have a problem out there

  • 9875ARAM Angelo Mandia (@9875ARAM) reported

    Me when I had problems with the 3 warden eternals on Halo 5 on Legendary

  • Wallabyroad Wallabyroad 🇪🇺 🇩🇪 🇺🇳 🖖🍷📚 (@Wallabyroad) reported

    @dhsong91 The problem: The most good exclusive games are on Playstation. I hope Microsoft will show a few exclusive Blockbusters.... otherwise i have no choice.... (i would like to buy a Xbox... but MS must show more than Halo and Minecraft...)

  • NewbornOnyx Newborn Onyx (@NewbornOnyx) reported

    @JoshuaOrtega88 Hopefully they don't cancel the movie after the recent issues with the game. They've done it with halo.

  • aster7_m JediMaster🎯 (@aster7_m) reported

    she was a girl with a broken halo he was a boy with broken wings

  • LRI44 Luke Russell (@LRI44) reported

    @wbuxtonofficial in my opinion, the halo v aeroscreen is angle depended on which looks better. However the big problem with the Halo I have, is why have a safety device, which still allows the possibility of frontal debris entering the cockpit

  • deliriumfeed The Doomed Dog (@deliriumfeed) reported

    I can promise you this, though. My Halo 3 won't be nearly as positive on the story because this has some major storytelling problems that people seem to just willfully ignore...and I have no clue why. PErhaps my problems are explained in some book or comic

  • ItsAlphaCast Joshua Escalante (@ItsAlphaCast) reported

    @HaIoTV What's more important is the fact that halo infinite is releasing this year, and that 343 is really putting their time and effort into the game and making sure people like you won't have to keep harassing them to fix something so you can finally shut up for once and be grateful

  • LiveWirezGaming LiveWirez Gamer aka GRG Bruh Man aka Dolphin King (@LiveWirezGaming) reported

    @DarthSuhaim @JFonzerrelli @Kmega4 @XcloudTimdog @JayDubcity16 @Dee_Batch I didnt see any issues with the game just wish the it was a bit longer but ok. Shit I played both Days Gone and Death Stranding last year and neither one of those games was as good as Halo 5 but I still beat them both. If I really want to play it I will get it and beat it.

  • DIONlSOS 𝐄𝐥𝐥𝐢𝐨𝐭. (@DIONlSOS) reported

    okay okay, halo Thea. Elliot here at your service. 👀

  • David_The_Wavid David the Wavid (@David_The_Wavid) reported

    @CaliChiefNerd @Jason_X117 @SacredIconHalo @Halo Keyes. Jacob. Captain. Service number 01928-19912-JK

  • bollgare Matt (@bollgare) reported

    @BethanyinCBR People who play halo online have issues anyway. How bout COD on Battlefield gamers, Terrible study and sounds like they set out to prove a theory.

  • SmashfanCrystal Crystal Campbell (@SmashfanCrystal) reported

    @SSBUNews Mine are Crash, Spyro, Dante, Halo, Steve and Intelleon.

  • yabbietol 💧Terry O 🌊 L (@yabbietol) reported

    @KAndaway @simpsubhswf @NSWRFS Boots usually of ok quality if you can get your size,but issue helmets made of thermo plastic that melts at 175C & come without proper 3 point harness. Many buy @FRNSW Kevlar bushfire helmets with own $. Trucks need burn over curtains,halo sprays & roll bars. Many trucks too old.

  • AdmiralMeowmix Admiral Meowmix (@AdmiralMeowmix) reported

    @FenoxoFenfen Their audio engine likely isn't working as it should. It didnt work too well in Halo Reach so it's likely something they may fix but its not a priority according to 343.

  • thornxbl Medicare for All (@thornxbl) reported

    @rflawhite @XboxGamePassPC @XboxSupport Ok. I was playing Halo MCC last night; now unable to launch. Takes me to the Gaming Services app on the MS Store, which then gives the earlier error code if i try to install it. A burst of other people running into the same problem in the last 24 hrs it seems from reddit

  • SassyShyness Alison (@SassyShyness) reported

    I did, however, attend an Ash Wednesday service, found a site for daily prayers for things I know I need to work on, and I have taken on Busted Halo's 2020 Lent Calendar microchallenges.

  • ThreeTimesStan Tristan#0001 (@ThreeTimesStan) reported

    Is Halo:MCC on PC not working for anyone else :|

  • CoreyHanse3 Corey Hanse (@CoreyHanse3) reported

    @Halo yo can you fix the achievements for MCC please

  • dylanxroyale 𝔇𝔶𝔩𝔞𝔫 (@dylanxroyale) reported

    @callmeholive The game is boring. Halo’s are impossible to get, diamonds are impossible to get. Trading would solve those issues

  • savek13 Shayne Glass (@savek13) reported

    @MrAdamAp @Spartan @JacobHysteria I honestly think part of the issue with Halo esports is resistance to change. I’m not saying that for this particular thread; however, this does bring it to light. I see Halo pros complain about things but then also complain about a potential solution or new idea time after time.

  • a_fa7al_bea7ing Matthew of Westville (@a_fa7al_bea7ing) reported

    @SacredIconHalo @Halo His grandfather's pipe, and the fact he doesn't keep his service pistol loaded- right after Reach...

  • LordHeebrial Makotos Husbando (@LordHeebrial) reported

    If anyone knows to how make proper spawning work on Halo Reach, I could use some help on fixing a spawning issue I have on one of my maps.

  • IchiDraws Ichi 🌱 (@IchiDraws) reported

    @CrutonArt Pokemon Zelda Crash Bandicoot Halo 4 not enough

  • WileyCat4 WileyCat (@WileyCat4) reported

    @jesper65062 @PopeLezar @TwitchPrime @DestinyTheGame not a him problem elitist flord half the game is locked off to us so its fun iu hate this dogshit shell of halo they tried to suck our nostaligia ***** off with it was addicting right until you get cucked at raids

  • ModemWithoutMan ManWithoutModem (@ModemWithoutMan) reported

    i've been in the halo ce flight for like 3-4 weeks now and it hasn't functioned and 343i has not replied to my ticket or fixed the issue. :\

  • iBilliam iBilliam // Billy (@iBilliam) reported

    @infamous_FN @aydan Other games that offer multiple different inputs have the same issues, such as Halo. Even Summit has commented on it before specifically for Halo.

  • Master_Pi91 Giuseppe Gaccione (@Master_Pi91) reported

    @TheChunkierBean @Halo the big 1 first error of 343i

  • GamerJlee GamerJlee (@GamerJlee) reported

    @Jason_X117 @LateNightHalo @SacredIconHalo @Halo The problem is that at times you do not add the context. People could read that and get the totally wrong idea. Just trying to help. 😉👍

  • TheSimms SIMMS (@TheSimms) reported

    @HuNteR_Jjx @Revamp_t1 @CondoR_HCS @Weakachu_ there’s an issue it needs fixing (albeit the bigger picture is the infrastructure), so long as no one is a penis about it and we can all talk amicably like this i’ll take all the feedback i can get. i want halo and it’s players to succeed no matter who or how big they are.

  • Revamp_t1 Rev (@Revamp_t1) reported

    @TheSimms @CondoR_HCS @Weakachu_ It also looks horrible for the orgs who represent these players and teams making it seem like a terrible investment. Halo commentators are ruthless and have done a terrible job cultivating a scene that keeps all of them relevant. This is a known issue.

  • MichaelMNX720 Mr. RED (@MichaelMNX720) reported

    @Halo Can you please fix your servers on Halo 5 Guardians! I'm getting horrible matches online

  • justingrosjean Justin Grosjean (@justingrosjean) reported

    @Xbox_TechJunky @Halo @TheHaloHub_ @TheEld2 @toa_freak @robeyonekenobi @SacredIconHalo Thank you 😊- I see a few mistakes I wish I could go back and fix but I think the main ideas come across!