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Instagram is an online mobile photo-sharing site that enables its users to take pictures and share them either publicly or privately on the app, as well as through a variety of other social networking platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter.

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  • Glitches (33.86%)
  • Sign in (26.01%)
  • Online Features (24.44%)
  • App Crashing (14.80%)
  • Microtransactions (.90%)

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  • DeloresWatt
    Anna Delores (@DeloresWatt) reported

    @greentoepalacio This broke my heart @instagram fix it pls for the good of all

  • fizzdolan
    zada (@fizzdolan) reported

    every other ******* app is working besides instagram i-

  • CBeehr
    Charlie Beehr (@CBeehr) reported

    @ArianaGrande I mean yeah I can help direct but the thing is I'm having an issue with Instagram as far as it confuses me a lot as far as the conversation goes.

  • _BrandonWatkins
    Brandon Watkins (@_BrandonWatkins) reported

    @dantoffey I can’t get into my Instagram account There’s nothing on the help page that relates to my problem I need someone to help me please

  • laceynuss21
    Lacey Paige (@laceynuss21) reported

    It’s so hard to not be on Instagram when work is as slow as it is today 😫

  • Lizzy705
    MsLiz (@Lizzy705) reported

    @aaronalopez100 @instagram @50cent Your account is private now, you shouldn’t have any issues

  • cyonghing
    Charlotte Yong-Hing (@cyonghing) reported

    We can fix this! Follow @canadaradwomen and find them on #instagram and #facebook

  • dianasaphir
    Diana Martinez (@dianasaphir) reported

    @CharleeGrey_ yes, we are all aware of the working and hardly working Instagram material

  • LightsOnDWADE
    Devin Wade (@LightsOnDWADE) reported

    96% of girls deadlift with all back just to show their ass on an IG video 😒😒😒 have fun in 5 years with back problems ms *instagram name with fit at the end* 😂😂😂

  • JKhrystine
    Jenn (@JKhrystine) reported

    @bathbodyworks hello...I've tried contacting you guys through email, Instagram and I've been on hold for over an hour. Received all my candles from candle day and they're all broken! Please contact me back!

  • business_mode
    commonsensical (@business_mode) reported

    Hey @crookedmedia and @jonfavs I started getting ads on Instagram for the wilderness. It feels weird, I listen to everything you guys put out, but I think using Instagram for advertising feeds into the broken system and I thought you wanted to fix the system not be another cog

  • adorarachel
    chaotic EVIL (@adorarachel) reported

    what did instagram change my explore page is broken

  • zamraeee
    samantha weakley (@zamraeee) reported

    @KevinLangue Instagram does that to me too what the heck. Lemme just write my 193683278236 th support issue 😂

  • xyarachel
    yung lgbt (@xyarachel) reported

    @JHSMlCDROP i am! yeah most of my shits on instagram ive been working a bunch but im really trying to start creating again so thank you so much🖤🖤

  • ChinaWhiteOne
    China White (@ChinaWhiteOne) reported

    My thing is I watch Angela Simmons workout everyday since Instagram started and working out isn’t giving me boobs. Surgery will ok.

  • miriofficialuk
    MIRI (@miriofficialuk) reported

    @Amahlamusic 💪🏼Tagged u on Instagram about the copyright directive. @FeaturedArtists & @AIM_UK working hard to make sure artists get a bigger percentage x

  • ColeBrocksom
    Cole Brocksom (@ColeBrocksom) reported

    Funny how when the internet is slow, the actual content on Instagram wont load but the advertisements sure do

  • fluffkillua
    feitan #2 🕸 (@fluffkillua) reported

    who blocks on Instagram unless someone actually made u mad hhshdhd that’s so random idk I’ve never had problems w them either

  • JFRERHMN (@JFRERHMN) reported

    @littleesther I saw your Instagram videos. Why are you walking around on a broken toe! You should be lying in bed eating vegan Bon-Bons while your man-servant ices your toe.

  • fififofum
    Cristina Lawrence (@fififofum) reported

    @gbrockell @facebook @Twitter @instagram @Experian This is a huge f*cking problem that must be tackled. You'd think that these companies (& others) would be constantly "refreshing" their targeting data in order to avoid creating these horrifying situations for people. It's terrible. My deepest sympathies --my heart breaks for you

  • reuxmal
    reuxmal (@reuxmal) reported

    @instagram Your customer service sucks. Please fix your tech issues. You haven’t resolved my ‘Report a Problem’ request for over 3 months now.

  • akiredarlingg
    Erika Gellner (@akiredarlingg) reported

    Instagram has been really grinding my gears. Like pls for the love of god, fix your feed so my pictures can see the light of day again PLEASE

  • xoxoWadeMinaj
    wade (@xoxoWadeMinaj) reported

    A working out today! Ugh I’m so tired but my Instagram needs the body pics...

  • officialhoeanne
    xoxo, Hoèanne (@officialhoeanne) reported

    @LadyGagaKids @fleadip I have seen that Madonna fan on Instagram a lot. He’s very involved with pawsdown and also comments dark shit on lady Gaga fan pages....what’s even worse is he’s like in his 40s. Like shouldn’t he be working in an office or something, I don’t know...

  • nicolejacobz
    nicole ☁️ (@nicolejacobz) reported

    I’m sorry but if I get another girl asking me if I wanna be part of a “marketing opportunity” imma snap on all y’all. There’s like 15 girls on my ig working for the same brand and their stories are just full of that stuff. Their Instagram isn’t for them anymore it’s for the brand

  • Liq100
    Benjy Montana (@Liq100) reported

    Why does instagram slow down videos

  • BessieAva
    Bethany Ava (@BessieAva) reported

    I have been off Facebook for half the year so it's just Pinterest, twitter, snapchat and Instagram. I personally don't believe we need social media just like online shopping when they send you ripped stuff you have to fix or send back... #deletesocialmedia

  • jimjam0614
    James Graham (@jimjam0614) reported

    You know you have a problem when you “like” an Instagram advertisement for pizza.

  • yazzy1001
    Yasmin🖤 (@yazzy1001) reported

    The devil has been working extra hard this week. My instagram was hacked, my bank account was hacked (meaning I can’t sort myself out before gambia) and blackboard was tripping giving me a 73 instead of a 94 on my final exam🙃

  • luke_fredette
    Luke Fredette (@luke_fredette) reported

    @instagram please fix this

  • Harith_AKA
    Muhaned (@Harith_AKA) reported

    @instagram Instagram please fix your report-restoring system!!! it is really broken!!! the support team is very unresponsive and unhelpful!! it's not only me!! there is a petition of 6 thousand people alike!! what's the point of not fixing it!! why there is no any progress!! pleeeeeeas!!!!!

  • GMGC
    wayneraltman (@GMGC) reported

    @juliejunket @kanders32 @JasonKAlmeida @gbrockell @facebook @Twitter @instagram @Experian Ironically Capitalism is the only ism that gives a shit to fix this issue... At least there is that...

  • brandy41395
    Brandyyy (@brandy41395) reported from Morgan Hill, California

    I am so over snap chat. At first I was anti Instagram stories, but now I barely use Snapchat. The only thing I liked about it was the brush font and now that’s gone too. FYI: Your updates are killing your business. “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.”@Snap

  • PugnaQ
    Ahmed (@PugnaQ) reported

    @Ben2C_ode @instagram Same problem for over a month still no help. Seems like a massive account elimination

  • whataburgerhbcb
    angela white (@whataburgerhbcb) reported from Denton, Texas

    I said "AD for MVP" on my Instagram post and now we're starting a debate in the comments, my plan is working

    🇬🇧Jack Shit🇬🇧 (@GBGB_GB_GB_GBGB) reported

    @instagram Please sort out your buggy system, I am having to unfollow and block loads that I have started automatically following when I don't want to follow them. Seems everyone has the same problem.

  • lenadolll
    xmas queen of mean (@lenadolll) reported

    @instagram fix your shit algorithm

  • _yunggoGetta
    free Gilly! & lorMike (@_yunggoGetta) reported

    “Stop throwing shots on ya Instagram page, before u die slow like We hit u Wit aids”

  • SeanSines
    Sean Sines (@SeanSines) reported

    The main problem in finding embarrassing photos for @BontanUK 's birthday Instagram story is I look equally as embarrassing on every single photo.

  • CabanaDoLeitor
    #CDLnaCCXP (@CabanaDoLeitor) reported

    @TheGoldman @elierosenfeld @ThePerezHilton @hootsuite @facebook I was able to connect to Instagram, the problem is facebook and our posts deleted.

  • vijamsonic
    J.B.M. (@vijamsonic) reported

    @KnifeNerd @Knifewear Call them guns - a quick search suggests Instagram has no problem with those things in the name, title, etc.

  • Lederrick_
    💫lederrick💫 (@Lederrick_) reported

    Dropping my new instagram post next week! got a few features on this one and my label is gonna be pushing it so look out for that been working on this project for awhile

  • BentKazemore
    BentKazemore (@BentKazemore) reported

    @TwinkieWs @Annie3H @gbrockell @facebook @Twitter @instagram @Experian Annie3H can correct me if I'm off-base, but I take it to mean that the issue described in the original post is would be something that would be especially painful or difficult for women who use these products.

  • MarissaG416
    Marissa Gonzalez (@MarissaG416) reported

    @AdamGoldston @APLrunning Adam, no update on my shoes. Dante emailed me 2 days ago just stating UPS issues and that he would follow up. He never followed up and it really upsets me seeing APL post on their instagram stories customers posting their shoes being delivered.

  • itsmagicuknow
    oh oh oh (@itsmagicuknow) reported

    @WillaCrave -Interviews of him just talking about selena, him reacting to hands to myself by selena and him promoting his sijgs using selemas name. Him using selena for attention after they had broken up on instagram by posting pics of her to the world

  • jj3685
    Jenny Miller (@jj3685) reported

    @gbrockell @facebook @Twitter @instagram @Experian Haven't tweeted in 3 years but jumped on again to say I'm so sorry and that I, too experienced the mocking reminders of my two lost babies on the internet. Like you, I had also done many pregnancy loss-related searches. Fix it, social media!!

  • SkinsBandwagon
    Jim Giddings (@SkinsBandwagon) reported from Fort Mill, South Carolina

    @Redskins I do my best to stay positive. But, if Mason Foster feels the way his supposed recent Instagram post stated, he is welcome to go elsewhere. The fans are not the problem.

  • Kevem216
    6avster (@Kevem216) reported

    Dear Sean, I wrote you but still ain't callin' I left my cell, my Twitter, and my Instagram at the bottom I sent two letters back in autumn, you must not-a got 'em There probably was a problem at the post office or somethin' Sometimes I scribble addresses too sloppy when I jot em

  • hallstigerts
    Lauren Hall-Stigerts (@hallstigerts) reported

    I’ve had no problem cutting Facebook out of my life for the last month.... ... but my Instagram is lit. 😑 I wish I could quit you, Facebook.

  • SarahhhhhhJane
    Sarah-Jane Watters (@SarahhhhhhJane) reported

    The @instagram top 9 app is legit not working for me 😂 been loading for 5 days now #minemustbeshite

  • msmeganl
    Megan LeBlanc (@msmeganl) reported

    @facebook @Twitter @instagram @Experian, I am confident that you can fix this. As a mother who lost a baby when she was five days old, i will tell you that your targeted ads and marketing can be knives into an already broken heart.

  • kat_seavey
    Kat • Why Don’t We (@kat_seavey) reported

    I ******* missed Jonah’s live. I don’t get notifications anymore😭@instagram fix this please

  • corbynbeanwdw
    Ethan • WHY DONT WE 120 (@corbynbeanwdw) reported

    My Instagram is not working like it’s super messed up

  • Rich_Grove
    Rich Grove (@Rich_Grove) reported

    Spent a while thinking something was wrong with Instagram on my phone only for the wife to point out the issue is the poster only has one picture in their story. If you only have one photo don't call it a story...

  • fletcher_pup
    Pup Fletcher (@fletcher_pup) reported

    @instagram seems there's a Problem with refreshing the feed in your app. Better fix it.

  • xodiamondxoxo
    Diamond 🗽🇯🇲 (@xodiamondxoxo) reported

    So when is @instagram gonna fix the fact that I don’t get polls on my story and I have to go threw trials and tribulations to get it 🙄

  • UpstageArts
    Upstage Arts (@UpstageArts) reported

    @Hootsuite_Help Facebook and Instagram were disconnected and I'm getting an error message saying invalid ID when attempting to reconnect. Please assist. Thanks.

  • UpstageArts
    Upstage Arts (@UpstageArts) reported

    Facebook and Instagram were disconnected and I'm getting an error message saying invalid ID when attempting to reconnect. Please assist. Thanks.

  • forever_gf618
    🌲GFFANForever🇨🇦💫 (@forever_gf618) reported

    @ExAniron Ugh and here I thought Lost Legends would stop it. IDK much about how bad it is on Tumblr but from what I've seen... Instagram is the worst when it comes to Mabel hate. Then YouTube, Reddit, GF Amino and then Twitter has like the least amount of issues with that (IMO at least).

  • dreamingdpr
    jooheon la mosca | 🐝 주honey (@dreamingdpr) reported

    @xxmaddox_ i think instagram has some problems...

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