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Instagram is an online mobile photo-sharing site that enables its users to take pictures and share them either publicly or privately on the app, as well as through a variety of other social networking platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter.

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June 18: Problems at Instagram

Instagram is having issues since 12:10 AM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

Online Features
Sign in
App Crashing

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:
Machala Glitches
Santiago de Querétaro Glitches
Lyon Glitches
Rouvroy Microtransactions
Uelzen App Crashing
Zárate Glitches

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Instagram Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • therealkrkrause AKyloDarkly83 (@therealkrkrause) reported

    @benskywlker I still say Instagram so he could show off his hair and calligraphy skills hoping that Rey likes his pics. “Feeling broken today, might hunt down the Resistance later idk.”

  • ntaj0924 NT (@ntaj0924) reported

    @mosseri I’ve been blocked for 2 weeks from following anyone and I didn’t even know there was a limit to every action we make. Forget the new limits I didn’t even know about the old limits as I’ve never encountered an issue like this in my entire Instagram life.

  • AmberCaballero5 Amber Caballero (@AmberCaballero5) reported

    @RawBeautyKristi @instagram Hasn’t happened to me on Instagram, but it was doing it to me on Facebook for awhile. Till I kept reporting a problem and they did an update

  • shelby_flaherty shallergy (@shelby_flaherty) reported

    The only “influencer” on Instagram I genuinely enjoyed deleted her account because people were threatening to find her and murder her dogs because her vagabond lifestyle was a problem for them. I think I’m done with the internet for a while bye

  • samanthafolkert Samantha (@samanthafolkert) reported

    These poor gals on Instagram... it’s so obvious which ones have mommy/daddy issues. It’s the ones who post ass pics with no face. Who post pics out of clothes more than they do in clothes. We see you, girl.

  • Logicrulesreaso I ♡ C02 (@Logicrulesreaso) reported

    @julie_kelly2 @AOC All you have literally done is complain and criticize. You have not been to the border, You have not tried to address any of the issues other than to get on Instagram and spout off. No wonder your district thinks you're a disgrace.

  • asgazrd rel. (@asgazrd) reported

    Terima jasa ✓ Upfoll pasif twitter/instagram ✓ Uplikes instagram ✓ Benerin acc error ✓ Pasang ifttt/zapier, etc.

  • alistaysg0ld conejita mala (@alistaysg0ld) reported

    @mmmellly they keep appearing dude wth @instagram fix it

  • AnsonLuiTweets Anson.Lui. (@AnsonLuiTweets) reported

    My Instagram wasn't working even my internet is clearly up...I went to watch YouTube.

  • CarolTruebs caro trueba (@CarolTruebs) reported

    @Zendaya the link on Instagram isn’t working for me😩 I’ll meet you one day

  • _harrisond_ Daniel Harrison (@_harrisond_) reported

    why won’t @instagram let me sign in. #corruptapp

  • JamesQueallyLAT James Queally (@JamesQueallyLAT) reported

    I became an old man today because when I tried to leave my number at a business about an issue of literal life and death, the rejected extra from Broad City at the front desk asked if I'd just leave my goddamn Instagram handle instead. I now hate everyone under 30.

  • No_namejells No Name (@No_namejells) reported

    @instagram i need help with an issue but can’t find contact information

  • lZ0NE JOSH DAY (@lZ0NE) reported

    is instagram seriously down again............... they need to fix sumn

  • ThatRed458 Red 458 (@ThatRed458) reported

    Me: Nobody: Earth: Space: Instagram: Sorry something went wrong, No internet connection Sometimes Instagram can be a little ***** sometimes literally! RT if you feel me on this issue that Instagram has!

  • vanyapena Vanya Peña (@vanyapena) reported

    @instagram I’m having problems with my account and I have sent you 2 email regarding my account problem and nothing

  • adrian_liza Adrian Liza (@adrian_liza) reported

    @instagram Fix your shit

  • FAIRx818x Jose (@FAIRx818x) reported

    I wish @instagram would just fix the stupid feed. Give us the option to see it in chronological order again or something. Cuz whatever you did, changed the algorithm again!

  • alpha17x Denis (@alpha17x) reported

    When someone on a social platform like Instagram or Twitter starts spitting bullshit about how they need likes or retweets to fix their account. Two colliding brain-cells will tell you they're trying to game the system. Do what you want, but they're just using you.

  • mzshannon khaleesi ॐ  (@mzshannon) reported

    @instagram fix my missing music sticker on my IG stories 😫😭😪

  • TroySpiral Troy Spiral (@TroySpiral) reported

    @FlawIezzz Would be great but FB and Instagram (make twitter look like a rounding error) don't have a character limit (at least I've never hit it) and reading is getting more and more rare. I read and I have 2 friends that do but ALL the rest do not. :(

  • i_chivito El Luchy que Tuitea (@i_chivito) reported

    @instagram please Fix my account.. its been acting out

  • AliMohdAyman Dr. Ali Ayman (@AliMohdAyman) reported

    To the person who keeps stealing my pics and pretending to be me on Instagram, I will find you, and I will make sure you die a slow painful death.

  • paige_l_haluska Paige Haluska (@paige_l_haluska) reported

    @RawBeautyKristi @instagram I HATE THIS APP. And it always has issues refreshing and loading!!!

  • tallielove_ovo Tallie Love Mother of Piglets 🐷 (@tallielove_ovo) reported

    @instagram fix all these damn bots

  • Brontidebg Brontide (@Brontidebg) reported

    @Hootsuite_Help Brontide I've re-set up two times and this still pops up Unable to send to brontide_bg (INSTAGRAM) account. Error: An error occurred with the social network, please try again.

  • Hyperspectra00 🌸LEONESS⭐レオ🌸 (@Hyperspectra00) reported

    For those who follow me in Instagram,I guess I want to stop being active in instagram for a while due to my shitty phone and my personal problem, thank you . . . Anyway what a shit life

  • danadonly Dana Donnelly (@danadonly) reported

    im just a girl, refreshing my instagram feed, praying that it’s not actually down again and my internet is just slow

  • emmaraeconrad Emma Conrad (@emmaraeconrad) reported

    Leading causes of body image issues: -Instagram -The camera in Walmart self checkouts -Magazines

  • MiaaTheCreator (@MiaaTheCreator) reported

    Scamming wasn’t working out for Ash now she a Instagram life coach. 😭🤧

  • carli_kayler Carlisle (@carli_kayler) reported

    @instagram your “help” page has not helped me at all. I need an actual person to talk to so I can get an important issue resolved.

  • Ado0o3 Adoooo'† (@Ado0o3) reported

    @mosseri @instagram I still can’t login to my account 😭😩

  • AppleVGP Appleπ (@AppleVGP) reported

    @DotPone Ruben, I would totally go with your gut and do what you feel is best. Sidenote: I wish their could be better discussion threads on posts on Instagram. I don't think the comment section is robust or inclines users to talk. I wish they would fix the upload specs on photos. Etc.

  • streetcred19 (@streetcred19) reported

    We've just deployed version 1.0.19169.1 of the Street Cred website This fixes the unsupported browser issue with Facebook/Instagram's embedded browsers, but we're still working on Android. It seems the iOS apps and Android apps use different embedded browsers. Stay tuned!

  • ro424 ρ (@ro424) reported

    @ramit Your Instagram does not load for me. The link in your bio leads me to: ‘sorry, page not available’. And you don’t show up in the Instagram app either when I search for you. Clearly you will survive without me following you on insta, but I hope not everyone has this problem!

  • Sydnarm90 Odumchè (@Sydnarm90) reported

    I have a problem, every now and then I have to look at my Instagram feed, what makes it worse is that I needed to tell Twitter this

  • Not_KJ_Apa Carly Rae's Stepson (@Not_KJ_Apa) reported from Manhattan, New York

    @SinhIV I think I understand you now. When there are actual issues on that front where people's livelihoods and/or lives are at stake, it feels trivial to pull a "why am I being persecuted" card when Instagram takes down a thirst trap.

  • BPollockPhoto Ben (@BPollockPhoto) reported

    @VerizonSupport what’s up with your service in Minneapolis-Saint Paul , it has been incredibly slow the last few weeks, can barely play a @instagram video without buffering

  • __Shyybunn Shy Bunn (@__Shyybunn) reported

    Is instagram not working again 🙄

  • nellasmakeup Prunela Castelino (@nellasmakeup) reported

    @instagram Gosh I’m blocked for over 2 weeks now!!!!! @instagram fix the damn thing #actionblock

  • nameisnotyvonne Evan (@nameisnotyvonne) reported

    @instagram take that send button off of the keyboard. It's right below the delete button, and I constantly send unfinished messages and comments because of it. You won't let me copy hilighted text anymore, so that work around is out the window. It's stupid. Fix it.

  • trustbustinboi 🇺🇸Tweety Roosevelt🇺🇸 (@trustbustinboi) reported

    @AviWoolf Probably reversing various acquisitions like Whatsapp and Instagram. Facebook’s bigger problem (specifically facebook) is privacy and insanely unethical behavior

  • ausieninenine Ausie 🖤 (@ausieninenine) reported

    I have a Instagram page where I post all of my sims pics, the quality isnt good cause I just yesterday changed the quality of the graphics (cause I'm dumb and I didn't realize I could change it without it making my computer really slow) It's @/mysimsis

  • caseybannerman Casey (@caseybannerman) reported

    @SanoianDesigns @hometown_design @instagram Fix everything about people reposting and selling stolen work, you have the infrastructure and resources to do it... do it

  • n0feelingz__ sadahri☺️ (@n0feelingz__) reported

    @instagram fix your DAMN app

  • josh66772428 Michael Josh Ash (@josh66772428) reported

    @instagram you guys probably get a lot of dms and stuff about hacked accounts. I’ve tried to email y’all and find other ways to get in touch with you. I still haven’t received an answer. Message me so I can explain my issue.

  • n0feelingz__ sadahri☺️ (@n0feelingz__) reported

    @instagram @instagram fix you DAMN APP

  • SanoianDesigns Matt Sanoian (@SanoianDesigns) reported from Manhattan, New York

    @hometown_design @instagram Do something about this @instagram. Fix the bot issues while ya at it.

  • all_spring Zach Zylstra (@all_spring) reported

    If I unfollowed you on Instagram it’s not my fault my phone broken and just click shit on its own

  • DotPone DotPone (@DotPone) reported

    @1n5t1g8r My only issue with it is the interaction. Instagram is only about the likes and VP, not anything else...

  • lillytedrick10 Lilly Tedrick (@lillytedrick10) reported from Blanchester Mobile Home Park, Ohio

    I used to have a really bad problem with tagging the wrong people in my instagram posts

  • setenay Setenay Yılmaz (@setenay) reported

    please solve my problem @instagram

  • kaymuir_ kayla (@kaymuir_) reported

    @instagram fix your ******* app oh my god

  • susanjseel Sue Seel (@susanjseel) reported

    The issue for @instagram is that we want to consume more, be better.. and all at lightning speed. We are the problem..#highvelocity #alwaysnegative #Haters

  • endlycameron cam (@endlycameron) reported

    I’m so sick of my @instagram not working !!!

  • mai05711436 mai (@mai05711436) reported

    @instagram fix the action block issue please

  • mai05711436 mai (@mai05711436) reported

    @instagram fix the app please

  • clout68199307 clout (@clout68199307) reported

    @instagram Fix the action blocked issue you are losing alot of users because of this!!!

  • yabitchlovesny Barbie🍫👣 (@yabitchlovesny) reported

    Y'all keep thinking shit is a y'all need to fix that Instagram bug or something.shit because y'all blocking MFKers for no reason

  • yabitchlovesny Barbie🍫👣 (@yabitchlovesny) reported

    @instagram wtf is y'all problem everybody saying they shit blocked for no reason and I'm one of em ain't no body been doing shit on there that violate nothing like for real I send yall a bunch of ******* messages and y'all ain't replied yet TF is y'all problem

Instagram Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 24
  • 400
  • 403
  • 420
  • 500
  • 502
  • 503
  • 5xx
  • 919
  • account disabled
  • bad request
  • code
  • logging in
  • login
  • network error
  • security code
  • unknown error
  • verification code