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iTunes is a media player, media library, online radio broadcaster, and mobile device management application developed by Apple. The iTunes Store allows for the purchase of digital music, video, ebooks and audio books.

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  • EricaCiccarone Erica Ciccarone 🦔 (@EricaCiccarone) reported

    I have solved this problem by buying it in the App Store, which is v stupid. They're making you leave @iTunes in order to buy music because they want you to shell out for their streaming service. I like owning albums. It's important to me. Important to artists.

  • iMuTaiRi7_ ‏﮼خالد،الديحاني 💛. (@iMuTaiRi7_) reported

    @Wadd858 @Pwn20wnd any iTunes Version is Highly Denpends on outcoming server So You Will Need To Hack Apple’s Server To do that however That is impossible 🙂

  • DanielGHajjar Danny Hajjar (@DanielGHajjar) reported

    @AlixMontes I just worry that one day Spotify won't exist, or they'll have a technical issue similar to what happened with MySpace. Or if that artist takes down all of their music. That fear of losing access to that content drives me to go to iTunes and buy songs and albums.

  • am_delino !E #code_dreamer 🇳🇬 (@am_delino) reported

    @freekmurze @Apple I can't believe they are waiting for you to say this. They really need to rewrite itunes and also fix it regional issues.

  • elocin17 elocin17 (@elocin17) reported

    The Digital gods have smiled down upon me. I finally figured out how to get songs from CD uploaded to iTunes on to my phone. (Yeah, I know, just -you know- plug it in & SYNC). I'm pretty sure this is part of my punishment for cursing "oversized paperweights" back in 8th grade.

  • louerosa Lou (@louerosa) reported

    @GerberKawasaki Siri is so bad. And other standard features still have issues. itunes, imessage, Contacts. how do they launch anything new without first fixing the old

  • hannapauses 🤘🏾More Pockets and Snacks.🤘🏾 (@hannapauses) reported

    @TheMJCast Where can I listen so you guys can get the stream. Usually I'd just use a podcast service, but I want to be sure. I don't have iTunes.

  • sweetnessbanduk Sweetness (@sweetnessbanduk) reported

    We are aware with issues trying to download/stream “Pretty” on @AppleMusic and @iTunes. We are working closely with our aggregators to fix this issue as quickly as possible. Keep checking our social media for updates x #iamPRETTY

  • Tunechi789 Daniel Billy (@Tunechi789) reported

    @Bemi___ Well basically, I used my US iTunes to login then downloaded Spotify logged out and it remained then I use a third party to pay for premium.

  • Kenaschmidt Unnamed Sources (@Kenaschmidt) reported

    @dranthonygustin FYI- episode 054 of your podcast will not load on iTunes. Keep getting errors on that episode only. "Something went wrong"

  • F3ColdCuts Mike Mc (@F3ColdCuts) reported

    @iTunes Save your money. It was terrible.

  • arumoh_tacetihw 白猫:焔&白狐:ルナール (@arumoh_tacetihw) reported

    @duo2nd You get an error code and can not play. At such time, I will back up the device itself with iTunes. Recover all terminal data from the backup. I also could not play with errors before, but I returned in this way. But this is an iOS-only way. And I can not have a sure guarantee.

  • Sergej_hmn sergej_hmn (@Sergej_hmn) reported

    Please someone, asks HachiojiP to provide "eight" on BandCamp or GooglePlay or so. I want it so badly, but I'm unable to use iTunes due to technical issues! 😭 And I'm too shy to ask him myself.

  • SirBowerbird Зак по русский (@SirBowerbird) reported

    @Jochen754 @LinusTech Nope, didn't work. The issue is that itunes has drm protection against the videos so you can only watch it in the itunes player, not vlc or windows media player or anything

  • GregA1313 Greg #BanAssaultRifles🇺🇸 (@GregA1313) reported

    Dear @AppleSupport, we rented the movie, @BoRhapMovie on @iTunes over the weekend, and I have to say I’m very disappointed that the closed caption was terrible. Dialogues only was CC’ed but not songs/singing. A big fat F on that. Please fix the problem. Thanks, @GregA1313.

  • GlitchedInk13 Carrie Bradford (@GlitchedInk13) reported

    Listening to my iPod while I do my running and shit is what keeps me from like...idk. Murder or something. It’s one of the few good things I got that calms me down and I’m gonna be the world’s biggest ***** until I get a new on. **** iTunes incompatibility with other products.

  • heatherkelly Heather Kelly (@heatherkelly) reported

    If the streaming service shares its design with iTunes, all the stars in the world might not be able to help it.

  • TheTopEnd Doug Lynch (@TheTopEnd) reported from Melbourne, State of Victoria

    @nickabussi Rode has its own software. I work with Garage Band just because I get it free as a Mac user. Then I store my audio in SoundCloud and send it to iTunes/Stitcher radio etc Everyone worries about SoundCloud closing down. I’ve tried LibSyn. I think it’s the biggest. Didn’t like it.

  • KuroArtist Kuro the Artist (@KuroArtist) reported

    @Chigo_Senpai @TheCFullerton @DMcDuffiePage Netflix has the first season of the 2016 series, and Hulu has the 2005 series and Omniverse. There is no current service for Alien Force and Ultimate Alien, unless Direct TV counts, or buying them off of iTunes/ Amazon, which is what I had to do.

  • aresixbuilds aresix (@aresixbuilds) reported

    @Core3D_tech @netflix @AppleTV I can’t even get my apple 1 to sign into iTunes for movies. Sign in. Code yes. Still no.

  • BritishLuvie リッチー SoneReVeluv (@BritishLuvie) reported

    Lets see if it actually happens... I'll only believe that Blackpink are making a comeback once I see the album on iTunes. and if this is another digital single or 4 song album then we're going to have problems YG.......

  • DeannaGifford Deanna Gifford (@DeannaGifford) reported

    I really want my 1st Gen Apple TV back, as the latest generation 4K suffers from the same major issue too many tech companies fall into RELYING ON THE INTERNET ALWAYS BEING THERE. If I could connect this crap device to my iTunes PC I could watch stuff when the internet is down

  • anotherdownpour 🤠 mina 🤠 (@anotherdownpour) reported

    I remember how I was more upset that iTunes wouldn’t let me download the album rather than the pain of broken my wrist I thought was sprained

  • paranoidinovoid web bowser (like in Mario) (@paranoidinovoid) reported

    basically every time I connect my iPod to my computer, it shuts down Windows and doesn't register in iTunes. Having tried all other avenues suggested to me on the Internet from people with a similar problem, i've decided to absorb music.

  • pokemurph PokeMurph (@pokemurph) reported

    @BrandonKelly97 @CovreElisabeth @GaganGulati333 @I0sN00b @jenghom @JayProdigy701 @GlobalTweaks @AbhiPrinc3 @zikicastevens92 looks likw bad itunes login or old update

  • craigen_justin bleh (@craigen_justin) reported

    Irregular scheduled reminder that iTunes is terrible and Genius is a contender for worst thing about it. #apple #itunes #baddesign

  • mattwruff Matt W Ruff (@mattwruff) reported

    @GodFriendedMe Totally forgot that was tonight! No problem I bought the show on iTunes so I can see it whenever I want.

  • RamenBomber Bomber (@RamenBomber) reported

    @TwilitEpitaph hmm i’ll try it again. I don’t remember exactly what the issue was, i think it was that it would give me a hard time when purchasing stuff on itunes

  • MrGetLeftOnRead Sarkastik Mastermind (@MrGetLeftOnRead) reported

    **** man I've been getting calls about iTunes but I dont have it so I ignore them then I see on my bank 25$ this 5$ that 3$ there. This guy is going down

  • Debsam1760 Deborah Sampson (@Debsam1760) reported

    @Lemang01 @iTunes I don’t go on it a lot so I don’t even know what update but my issues are: All my CDs DLd are not showing up & no playlists. (Are on my phone but won’t sync to iTunes on Mac) It copies new playlists for some reason & you can’t delete them. & It won’t sort songs by date download.

  • VreeBTS vree (@VreeBTS) reported

    a public service announcement: buy the songs separately on itunes. Do not complete album. @BTS_twt

  • beachelbum margot lacroix (@beachelbum) reported

    @AppleSupport Hi my ipad 2 suddenly asked for activation required but it failed because the server is temporarily unavailable. I tried hard reset, didn’t work. I tried connecting to itunes. Update and restore using itunes. It worked. I was glad but only for ten minutes....

  • erush710 Rush (@erush710) reported

    @AppleSupport so I am now able to sign in to @iTunes with my apple ID but it will not let me sign in to @AppStore on my Mac. Please advise. Thanks

  • cordemia beloved lesbian friend @ bsd s3 hype (@cordemia) reported

    @snaketxt @fleshcube i have this problem all the time too and apparently it's mostly invisible junk files the system accumulates over time... i've never been able to fully clear it out but backing my phone up with itunes and doing a full reset helped clear a couple gbs at least!

  • beachelbum margot lacroix (@beachelbum) reported

    @AppleSupport Hi my ipad 2 suddenly asked for activation required but it failed because the server is temporarily unavailable. I tried hard reset, didn’t work. I tried connecting to itunes. Update and restore using itunes. It worked. I was glad but only for ten minutes....

  • charlieprosper Charlie Prosper (@charlieprosper) reported

    @Raceytherunner @GooglePStore @iTunes @Block30Labs Yea, I've figured out the problem. I don't have an ios device. Working from my laptop here. I'm still in the dark ages concerning mobile phones. Still getting by my old Nokia that's not let me down for 15 years.

  • yoyorx3_ Yoyo🌹 (@yoyorx3_) reported

    iTunes gets me so mad when they take down music

  • DayveDean Dayve Dean (@DayveDean) reported

    @JonnieGitAhhr @wayofthebob What I’ve seen a lot of people do of late is use a sort of landing page with links to the various services (Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, physical products etc) then it’s just one link to share and listeners can choose their preference of service. Seems sensible I guess

  • Raceytherunner Andy Race (@Raceytherunner) reported

    💥Just to be sure 💥 Make sure you Download the Official #Digibyte wallet. from @GooglePStore or @iTunes write down your 12 words and store in a safe place. Send your #DGB wallet QR code to link attached - not one from another exchange. @Block30Labs

  • Raceytherunner Andy Race (@Raceytherunner) reported

    💥Just to be sure 💥 Make sure you Download to Official #Digibyte wallet. from @GooglePStore or @iTunes write down your 12 words and store in a safe place. Send your #DGB wallet QR code to link attached - not one from another exchange. @Block30Labs

  • Piipperi8000 Piipperi (@Piipperi8000) reported

    It appears that iTunes is down. My dad can’t send me money lmao

  • ThatHman ℍ𝕖𝕟𝕕𝕣𝕚𝕩 (@ThatHman) reported

    @netflix can copy iTunes family sharing model ffs! I shouldn't have to share my login details ffs! And my family don't need to have access to my movie list/history.

  • DelishHotShmoze Casey Burnett (@DelishHotShmoze) reported

    @CarlForrest I disabled the podcasts app on my iPhone because at the time I didn’t listen to podcasts. I tried doing it through iTunes later and it didn’t seem to want to download anything. I thought it was broken, until I realized that I NEEDED to enable to podcasts app again to download.

  • CokeBoyy17 ch (@CokeBoyy17) reported

    @AppleSupport hello I have a problem with iTunes. There’s an album that I’ve purchased already but now I can’t download the songs again and listen to it.

  • LikChan Lik Chan (@LikChan) reported

    Huh, I contacted Apple CSR through their support page about an issue with a movie in iTunes and they sent back a response about it. I didn’t bother replying but the same CSR guy actually sent a follow up to ask if it was solved. Didn’t expect that. Good service.

  • reda_sidahmed Reda Sidahmed (@reda_sidahmed) reported

    @Jakeashacks Stop flash at 20% on 3utools and on iTunes an error occurred

  • FactsW0W WOW Facts (@FactsW0W) reported

    Using iTunes to build nuclear weapons is against the terms of service.

  • dr_ballache K Ball-Ache (@dr_ballache) reported

    @ItsAndyRyan Like actually owning it instead of renting from a streaming service or long term lease from iTunes.

  • OpalCh Ⓙⓤⓢⓣ Ⓜⓔ (@OpalCh) reported

    @udemy hey guys I have a real issue with the iOS app, I am being charged for in app purchases but I cannot track it down(the app has no where to look for payment or iTunes info). Can some one reach out to me please it’s about the 3rd month in a row that this has happened

  • redhotnerd Joe G📲🎭 (@redhotnerd) reported

    @charlesarthur @reneritchie Yes they can, but it’s down to licensing from the record companies and what governs the streaming rights on whatever platform/browser their using. iTunes has the same preview constraints.

  • reaIIybadboii kai (@reaIIybadboii) reported

    @MiaTae09 Mediabase makes money off of that data, so they had a problem with Kworb providing it for free. No idea for iTunes, but it's probably because digital downloads are dying. Also, Billboard might be trying to stop people from predicting the Hot 100.

  • LoveShack_Angel Bangtan's Avenger (@LoveShack_Angel) reported

    @rkivestear ITunes better work too bc I'm buying that as soon as it's out, Apple better be ready with their server and all

  • KeithChandler20 Keith Chandler (@KeithChandler20) reported

    @AppleSupport Is ITunes Store having problems, it’s running slow this whole weekend.

  • mskvsk Alex Moskovski (@mskvsk) reported

    @xchaotic No missing features, just lots of bugs - both from the user and dev point of view. Browser monopoly is a huge problem indeed but taking into account how crappy Apple has become software-wise, I wouldn't trust it to counterbalance Chrome. iCal is buggy, iTunes is abomination, etc

  • cardioutsold123 ⚰️ SALLY WALKER ⚰️ (@cardioutsold123) reported

    I saw a cardi stan said Miley flopping... Gurl... Y’all call everyone to flop... Miley sold 7M copies of Malibu in her ****** flop era!!!! & now she dropped nblah which is doing great ww it’s still top 10 on iTunes WW & still getting about 1,5M streams per a day... sit tf down

  • 1heejun Tink!Cɪɴɴᴀ🌖 (@1heejun) reported

    i may have broken itunes too this is tragic

  • DestroWod Destro WOD (@DestroWod) reported

    @wellgousa Guys... its not a tricky question... just wanba be sure i can rent it on my xbox one video on demand service... or on the playstation network (also have a ps3). I don't have itunes (vista laptop) and i don't use cable altough i doubt it would be on it in Quebec Canada

  • LTDangerous Writer Hume L. T. (@LTDangerous) reported

    "You can get iTunes on Android now!" "Yes! Now to sync my music to my ph--" "It is a streaming service with paid monthly subscription" "What, literally why" Get Rocket Player.

  • fluryflame ema ☁︎ (@fluryflame) reported

    @twiIightowns no, i can make the account but actually accessing the store through itunes is my problem :// thank you though!

  • twiIightowns may your heart be your guiding key! (@twiIightowns) reported

    @fluryflame if i can remember my jp itunes do u want the login

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