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Kraken is a US based prominent bitcoin exchange operating in Canada, the EU, Japan, and the US, and the world's largest bitcoin exchange in euro volume and liquidity.

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  • bleznak bleznak.eth (@bleznak) reported

    @ASvanevik @1inchExchange @DEXAG_TokenWire @TotleCrypto @krakenfx @BittrexExchange @coinbase @binance @CoinbasePro The fee is less of an issue than slippage, so it depends on the size of the order. @coinbase and @binance just have deep books. Will update you when we compile the latest data!

  • nikkoyamanashi Annex (@nikkoyamanashi) reported

    @TraceMayer @TechBalt @coinbase @BitMEXdotcom @Bitstamp @bitfinex @krakenfx @BittrexExchange @coincheck_en @Poloniex Last time I moved my bitcoin off binance to my trezor all my bitcoin was stolen. My trading and HODL stash was stolen right off my Trezor. I no longer listen to the noise and just trade the asset. So whatever... to the moon 🌝 storage will always be the issue when it comes to BTC

  • BitCon13 @BitCon (@BitCon13) reported

    Despite having 2FA yet again Kraken has allowed someone to change my password. 4th time. They have ignored request to shut the account down @krakenfx . Not impressed.

  • PDub739 P Weaver (@PDub739) reported

    @krakenfx @TraceMayer OTC is criminal enjoy it while you can and hope you don't get shut down...

  • DiverterB DiverterBTC🔑⚡🧙‍♂️ (@DiverterB) reported

    @PeterMcCormack @krakenfx @TheRealBlockFi @dropbitapp @sendwyre Bug bounty for the #Defiance episode where Xi infiltrated and caused a glitch in the recording about Huawei. 5 Million sats would suffice on #SatsFriday 🙏🏻

  • Orbital_Lexicon L.C. (@Orbital_Lexicon) reported

    And their security clearly has significant issues. Nearly every major crypto exchange offers trading pairs with usdt. This is who @cz_binance/@binance, @krakenfx, @BittrexExchange, @Poloniex, @HuobiGlobal, @OKEx & many others trust with YOUR money.

  • cyber_hokie Andrew (cyberhokie.eth) (@cyber_hokie) reported

    @IslandHunting @krakenfx Stop using @krakenfx problem solved. They promote this behavior.

  • DecentralisedS ⚡ Ye Olde Decentralis'd Shoppe ⚡ (@DecentralisedS) reported

    @akumaigorodski @citlayik @SamouraiWallet @MatthewZipkin @coinbase @krakenfx Not sure if we're understanding each other, but when I click on "receive funds" and then select "bitcoin transaction", the QR code is generated using lowercase so the QR is a lot bigger than it needs to be... Obviously not a big issue anyway - great wallet 😊

  • AMarczycha Anna Marczycha (@AMarczycha) reported

    @watchHODL @krakenfx @jespow I guess this would solve the problem for long term

  • hmazawi Hosam Mazawi (@hmazawi) reported

    @jespow @krakenfx the above screenshot, the video has been deleted. yet the post on LinkedIn still exist, with broken video.

  • murchandamus 𝙼𝚞𝚛𝚌𝚑 (@murchandamus) reported

    @MatthewZipkin @coinbase @krakenfx Bech32 addresses may be either lowercase or uppercase, just mixed case is forbidden. So, unless this is a trick question with a broken checksum or smth, it's "4. Both".

  • sangaman Daniel McNally (@sangaman) reported

    @MatthewZipkin @coinbase @krakenfx Without doing the error checking math by hand, I'll say either neither of them are valid or both of them are.

  • sangaman Daniel McNally (@sangaman) reported

    @MatthewZipkin @coinbase @krakenfx Without doing the error checking math by hand, I'll say either of them are valid or both of them are.

  • KryptoQuiet QuietKrypto (@KryptoQuiet) reported

    @DoveyWan @traderhodler @krakenfx Really solid exchange. Terrible web UI. No app.

  • m1bTX1olBdW4AyB Владимир (@m1bTX1olBdW4AyB) reported

    @bensemchee @krakenfx @jespow Hello! Dear friends! My family has serious financial problems. Save my family please! Help with money please.

  • emylacapra Emi Lacapra (@emylacapra) reported

    @KennethBosak None of those. @krakenfx used to have lots of issues in 2017, it got me frustrated many times but it's now become the most secure, robust and fastest exchange. Still: #YourKeysYourMoney

  • AlenaSatoshi Alena Satoshi Vranova (@AlenaSatoshi) reported

    @KennethBosak @krakenfx not bad considering they've not had a serious security issue and operate for many years

  • sixpointonefive 6.15 (@sixpointonefive) reported

    @hodlonaut @Bitcoin_Vending @krakenfx Context matters. Trolling is fun. Error. Error.

  • bellew_darren darren bellew (@bellew_darren) reported

    @SieSantanelli @krakenfx I am having same problem. It seems it’s easy to make a deposit. Very difficult to make a withdrawal

  • OfwhatAfraid afraid ofwhat (@OfwhatAfraid) reported

    @krakenfx @jespow Slow withdrwals high fees. Stupid exchanges

  • skwp Yan Pritzker (@skwp) reported

    @krakensupport 1. Login with kraken button for kraken pro mobile app (entering Api creds is ugly) 2. Ability to build apps that buy btc on behalf of your users

  • defiprime defiprime (@defiprime) reported

    @lemiscate @krakenfx "Discontinue SAI support" - it doesn't sound like a decentralized way to do it. I'd rather prefer some incentives for SAI holders, not just someone's decision to shut it down.

  • SunnyLabana2 Sunny Labana (@SunnyLabana2) reported

    @krakenfx Futures is down, nothing loading on multiple devices or browsers. Can you take a look.

  • CryptoWizardd TheCryptoWizard (@CryptoWizardd) reported

    to be honest. i want to give a HUGE SHOUTOUT to @krakenfx @krakensupport @jespow they have a great customer support. Any problems, chat is direct available. hearing alot of complain about some major exchanges with terrible SUPPORT #notsponsored #justfacts $btc $eth $tomo

  • RobertoNumbero Robert (@RobertoNumbero) reported

    @20BTCBully @krakenfx lol. Maybe they can then fix all trade execution errors

  • Le_Benjo Franklin Herlock Jr (@Le_Benjo) reported

    @krakensupport Ok thx but I still got error 404 on prices.

  • Emperor_YZ Bitcoin Badger (@Emperor_YZ) reported

    @patrickluberus @Richard75332335 @esiattorney @WhiteRabbitBTC @krakenfx @NanoTipBot @bottlepay nope, don't shill your shitcoin again, the state can close it down easily

  • Richard75332335 Richard Lloyd (@Richard75332335) reported

    @patrickluberus @Emperor_YZ @esiattorney @WhiteRabbitBTC @krakenfx @NanoTipBot @bottlepay Patrick this is getting rediculous rediculous. He obviously has a brain problem

  • RobertoNumbero Robert (@RobertoNumbero) reported

    @BTCSpiderSense @CryptoFLtd @krakenfx Also errors on trade execution are annoying as f***

  • IfeIfeolarinde Ife Dangote (Dangote=Industrialist) (@IfeIfeolarinde) reported

    @krakensupport you guys are still owing me over 0.5 btc if you guys dont resolve the issue I will take legal actions . You guys have it in your hot wallet but refused to give it back to me !!!

  • thomas_hg3 TH (@thomas_hg3) reported

    @PandaofBinance @binance @HuobiGlobal @OKEx @BittrexIntl @Poloniex @bitfinex @Bitstamp @krakenfx @coinbase @piexgocom don't worry, tether's inevitable collapse will solve this problem for many years to come

  • CryptoRoach DayTradingIsAHabbit (@CryptoRoach) reported

    @dan_str9 @krakenfx @krakensupport They are aware. It’s happening to my IPhone 11. They told me there is an update coming out this week that will fix it. I hope

  • Hechtkopp Fabio Geiger (@Hechtkopp) reported

    @krakensupport XMR Withdrawals are not working. Mine is stuck on "Sending" with no TX ID for the last 40 Minutes.

  • Tomas45549138 Tomas (@Tomas45549138) reported

    @krakensupport The problem has not disappeared. I can't make any order.

  • BerriesDr Sir Dr.Berries (@BerriesDr) reported

    Exchanges like @krakenfx @binance @Bitstamp @coinbase need to disclose such activities to the @SEC_Enforcement and @FATFNews this is blatant manipulation of the crypto market and @Ripple gets the heat because of the failing agenda of the BTCtards. It burns cash to hold #xrp down

  • Venture_This Liz T.K (@Venture_This) reported from San Francisco, California

    @krakenfx I keep wanting to advocate for you, but the UX is so funky. API keys are not working to enable the mobile app. Need to scan QR code which means I can’t be fully mobile while using the app 😖

  • dantwany twan (@dantwany) reported

    @krakenfx @coinbase Well, now I know why. Deposit is pending after an hour and a half and down 18% since deposit went in. Future of finance

  • 1NeedleInTheHay 🎾 Richie Tenenbaum 🎾 (@1NeedleInTheHay) reported

    Arbitrage development for $NANO between @binance & @krakenfx . Nano pump was spawned by the Kraken listing. Bots will sell this down to a nub on Kraken while simultaneously pushing the price down on Binance. I think we see $.80 b4 $2.00 USD. Took profits here, cya in a week.

  • PogossianG Pogossian (@PogossianG) reported

    @CitezenB @mytezosbaker @ShiningforceNL @coinbase @krakenfx Not just that... Keeping tezos on exchange is not wise thing to do... Staking with ledger directly is a way to go. I use @P2Pvalidator, they even have insured tezos by @TezosBakingBad if network encouters error so you never miss a interest and their interest rate is ~7%.

  • EricEmmerich88 Eric Emmerich (@EricEmmerich88) reported

    @Samweis7 @krakenfx Nothing bad against iota. But fix your central coordinator first, and show it is working for some years. Then we can talk. In contrast $NANO is working today! A p2p currency with zero fee transactions under 1 second since 2015

  • cryptocurtis2 cryptocurtis (@cryptocurtis2) reported

    @krakenfx I have never had such issues with trying to provide identity documents! your system is a joke. Will never recommend or ever use this exchange ever again! piece of crap

  • Emperor_YZ Bitcoin Badger (@Emperor_YZ) reported

    @patrickluberus @esiattorney @WhiteRabbitBTC @krakenfx @NanoTipBot @bottlepay wrong, nano has too few nodes, anytime can be brought down

  • MartinAudley if (Bitcoin==SoV) {Titanic='Store Of Passengers'}; (@MartinAudley) reported

    @esiattorney @patrickluberus @WhiteRabbitBTC @krakenfx @NanoTipBot @bottlepay It's not even a fair fight against poor old #LightningNetwork #LN: ❌ Minimum wallet balance reqd. ❌ Transaction fees ❌ Must be online ❌ Unreliable ❌ Must pre-fund channels ❌ Hub and spoke path finding ❌ Trial and error tx size limits ❌ Lightning Labs warn it's unsafe

  • MartinAudley if (Bitcoin==SoV) {Titanic='Store Of Passengers'}; (@MartinAudley) reported

    @davidscubadiver @krakenfx They may just have slow internal processing at their end. Their Nano wallet can generate a 'Receive' state block less than 1 second after receiving the deposit - but their other internal database updates might be a lot slower. They're simply not used to a real, fast, currency.

  • patrickluberus Patrick Luberus (@patrickluberus) reported

    @esiattorney @WhiteRabbitBTC @krakenfx @NanoTipBot @bottlepay #Nano is so fast that volatility isn't much of an issue. Stable low-fee fiat exchanges also allow you buy and replace the fiat equivalent Long-term the goal is that vendors accept Nano directly so you don't have to convert back and forth Nano is pseudonymous like Bitcoin

  • patrickluberus Patrick Luberus (@patrickluberus) reported

    @esiattorney @WhiteRabbitBTC @krakenfx @NanoTipBot @bottlepay Check my YouTube channel for real world comparisons of Nano & LN. Nano: - Has no balance minimums - Has no fees - Is faster than LN - Doesn't require you to be online - Doesn't have channel liquidity issues - Scales on the 1st layer - Doesn't require opening or closing channels

  • Exxenoz Andreas Titan (@Exxenoz) reported

    @WhiteRabbitBTC @krakenfx Then keep your deprecated, slow, expensive and environment-unfriendly $BTC and die out with them, you crypto dinosaur.

  • Denaiker Denaike (@Denaiker) reported

    Wayne from @krakenfx credited my account manually after I made a fiat-deposit with a wrong reference. I very much appreciate this action along with the thoughtful email they sent informing me about the error and their solution. Thumbs up!

  • BitcoinStorm Crypto Hurricane (@BitcoinStorm) reported

    @PeterMcCormack @krakenfx Not to late to issue a formal and public apology to Dr. Wright. Might hold some cred still

  • skiddi3_ skiddi3 (@skiddi3_) reported

    @HaileyLennonBTC @danheld @krakenfx Fix that shitty Coinbase Pro app first can’t even make a ******* withdraw with it.

  • CryptoBullRon Ron (@CryptoBullRon) reported from Spanish Fork, Utah

    @HaileyLennonBTC @krakenfx Looking forward to trying it, I have not used Kraken for over a year as it was so slow it reminded me of being on dial up, but I am sure they have made huge improvements

  • Tomas45549138 Tomas (@Tomas45549138) reported

    @krakensupport Thank you for your reply but it did not help. I have still the same issue and same message appears when i want to place any order.

  • Tomas45549138 Tomas (@Tomas45549138) reported

    @krakensupport ok thank you I am trying to place an order but i get a mesage: error Order:Trading agreement required.

  • CryptoNooblet Crypto Noob (@CryptoNooblet) reported

    @loomdart A friend had a similar thing happen when @Microsoft had an e-mail leak with @krakenfx. The hacker changed the password and 2FA by resetting them, he then withdrew everything from the account, after that @krakenfx didn't allow my friend to sign in due to suspicious

  • Josh89539473 magicmushroom (@Josh89539473) reported

    @krakenfx My bad,just funding issue

  • HARD_HODL Cerberus (@HARD_HODL) reported

    @CryptoBaneX @coinbase It’s showing up on @krakenfx. Probably just an issue with Coinbase.

  • Ninjanomics1 Delta Ninja (@Ninjanomics1) reported

    @krakenfx Please support NEM. @NEMofficial . Kraken supports all the crypto projects I respect except for one. NEM. Don't let me down Kraken

  • NikosVavoulas Nikos Vavoulas (@NikosVavoulas) reported

    @krakensupport Sure but also "In order to pass down an airdrop, we'd need to support that cryptocurrency on our exchange." which you now support.

  • iamrebel78 Rob (@iamrebel78) reported

    @BankXRP I like @krakenfx but @nashsocial solves my problem. More secure than any ledger device!

  • DereckWDew 🎃👨🏻‍🌾 🔥🐉Ars🃏Obsessio🧠🌊 (@DereckWDew) reported

    @m_murfy @coinbase @krakenfx More than likely, all of those bucket shops will be shut down confiscated and their criminal conspirers will do prison time. BitCoin need none ah dat shit🔥🐉