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Kraken is a US based prominent bitcoin exchange operating in Canada, the EU, Japan, and the US, and the world's largest bitcoin exchange in euro volume and liquidity.

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  • SeanLEE305 SEAN LEE THE DON (@SeanLEE305) reported

    @krakenfx Same issues as last year..this company is another #FyreFestival ..the zoinist at the top know what they are doing.. Hate tonfinally do it.. But @binance has margin trading. Cant wait for the class action suit @krakenfx fx is for f you over

  • moonkiska [kiska] (@moonkiska) reported

    @chuckamus_prime @krakenfx The error would make sense if you used all of your available margin...

  • SeanLEE305 SEAN LEE THE DON (@SeanLEE305) reported

    Submit a ticket... Even your ticket system is click on the dropdown menu and nothing happens.. @krakenfx = fyrefestivalCant make orders...but can xlose positions..cant submit tickets..but money never repay the investors!!! #clowns

  • moonkiska [kiska] (@moonkiska) reported

    @krakenfx Getting an insufficient margin error with no open positions

  • rodValdezjr Rodrigo Valdez Jr. (@rodValdezjr) reported

    @krakenfx Still down...

  • PablooCryptobar Don Pablo Cryptobar (@PablooCryptobar) reported

    @EjSmith67266225 @krakenfx The next BTC sales on Kraken should drop the price bk down to what it actually is.

  • fdefoy Frédéric Defoy (@fdefoy) reported

    @krakenfx HODL mode activated! Just joking... Bitcoing going down... Kranken still closes for maintenance. I'm going to make you eat your *****... Just joking. WOW thats funny! Loosing money is funny hey! YOU ARE UNRELIABLE!

  • KevinMConnell Kevin Connell (@KevinMConnell) reported

    @krakenfx Guys... you really need to get a move on here. Market is down 25%...

  • ReeseRuger Reese (@ReeseRuger) reported

    @KevinMConnell @krakenfx Don't even get me started Kraken has let me down so much with this

  • CoinCards Coincards (@CoinCards) reported

    Our rates are based on @krakenfx spot rates as they serve both the US and CAD markets. As Kraken is down for maintenance, we have had to implement secondary provider for spot pricing. Rates might slightly vary from our normal rates until @krakenfx is back up and we switch back.

  • rolflobker Rolf (@rolflobker) reported

    @JPicL @krakenfx That goes without saying. Nothing will happen when their servers are down, but things will happen the instant they turn trading back on. This means you should not hold a position for this period. too many things can happen in 3-8 hrs

  • auditmeplease Brady Nields (@auditmeplease) reported from Vail, Colorado

    @EllipticHerb @jackson34_a @krakenfx @Forbes This is were I'm torn. USDT provides a function that has more value than USD. Whether its backed or not is the problem but it seems to be valuable enough for the majority of people to overlook this qualification. If it works people use it. ...until it stops working.

  • calvincs Calvincs (@calvincs) reported

    @haydentiff @Crypto__Daz @Bitstamp @krakenfx @bitbank_inc LinkedIn :-p. But honestly, having had setup a validator and rippled server in the past/current, it's not difficult and any IT admin could do it. No excuses really. I could see how individuals could have issues ($$/lack admin knowledge), but not exchanges...

  • haydentiff Tiffany Hayden (@haydentiff) reported

    @NicklausScheetz @Bitstamp @krakenfx @bitbank_inc This is the problem with not having validators on the network with customers depending on them. I don’t think we’d do well if Ripple disabled their validators. Other validators don’t operate with a sense of urgency because they don’t have reason to. There is nothing to lose.

  • Investor103 Investor10 (@Investor103) reported

    @letitgrow12 @ForestWiild @MArsene4 @binance @cz_binance @krakenfx @Poloniex @kucoincom @OKEx @HuobiGlobal @bitfinex @MattSpoke @kesemfr @JRegenor I have no problem with you mate but this "wildforest" pal of yours is getting annoying. I hope they get their stuff right with this project.

  • Capintxu Capi (@Capintxu) reported

    @SalsaTekila @SerendipityXBT I had a similar case with @krakenfx. Not exactly the same issue but at the end of the day it was a market stop loss not getting filled. I lost around 2K and kraken just offered $700 in fees. Really unhappy at the time.Just another proof we need more regulation in the crypto world

  • nmeofdst8vM660 Reminding you to buy Bitcoin ⚡️ (@nmeofdst8vM660) reported

    I just initiated a withdraw from @krakenfx to a P2PKH address, funds are already confirmed and on my wallet. Total time from confirming the withdraw + tx time and being able to spend the funds from the new wallet, under 10mins. Let me know again when #bitcoin is slow and expensiv

  • OhIsDatZo Paul van Geldrop (@OhIsDatZo) reported

    @krakensupport The offer is appreciated, but I doubt there’s much to be done. The constant lack of margin funding, the poor performance on high volumes, the lack of combined orders such as a limit/stop-loss in one.. These are basics that shouldn’t exist as problems on a trading platform.

  • berengerdcl Don't ask (@berengerdcl) reported

    @krakensupport @OhIsDatZo I think the issue is linked to the lack of legitimacy and professionalism of Kraken and its CEO. It's kind of you to offer to help but there is nothing you can do about it.

  • tJustinAZ tJustinAZ (@tJustinAZ) reported

    @krakenfx Wow. @krakenfx is turning into a “real” financial institution. They have down times now. How #OldSchool. There’s this thing called #thecloud and you can run multiple instances: 7/24. Check it out!

  • ilfranzis Francesco Fanelli (@ilfranzis) reported

    @IamCryptoWolf @krakensupport It seems to be a problem with request coming from Italy. I am able to access the page using a VPN of another country.

  • ilfranzis Francesco Fanelli (@ilfranzis) reported

    @krakenfx site is down

  • sju100 Mike Braun (@sju100) reported

    @jespow @krakenfx @Forbes Agreed - why I asked and didn’t presume. 2148738(first to admit there was user error) Failure to show act of good faith, understanding and willingness to comply with customer on matter related to funds tho. And, I’m reluctantly moving large 5figures your way this week

  • TuscanyPleinAir Tuscany Plein Air (@TuscanyPleinAir) reported

    @AlexVanderbist @krakenfx Just encountered a problem myself.

  • CurtisOrion Curtis (@CurtisOrion) reported

    Well, I'd like to buy $ZEC but @krakenfx is down apparently. Dope shit.

  • CurtisOrion Curtis (@CurtisOrion) reported

    Hmm.... @krakenfx is down. I don't remember the last time this happened. Oh wait.... yes I do lol

  • ThaWizza Kevin Johnson (@ThaWizza) reported


  • MikeSpies904 EtzioSchmetzio (@MikeSpies904) reported

    @krakenfx These website slowdowns need to be solved! everytime BTC starts to breakout your site is having problems. Cant have this anymore!

  • SeanLEE305 SEAN LEE THE DON (@SeanLEE305) reported

    @krakenfx new year same problems.. I sware @krakenfx you are all getting class actioned to hell one day. You young punks stealing ppls hard earned.. If you cant logon or make orders... You shouldnt be in business! Youre manipulating your system. #Scamming #EveryYearSameShit

  • GiovanniPickle GiovanniPickle (@GiovanniPickle) reported

    @krakenfx going in to cloud flare error mode 🤯

  • hiifiPuttJattDa Simmer Virk (@hiifiPuttJattDa) reported

    @krakensupport anybody else facing issues with kraken.. i cant trade.. system is slow..

  • Sinkas5 Sinkas (@Sinkas5) reported

    @krakenfx Second times my orders don't execute within a month. Fix your shitty servers.

  • innocoin Innocoin (@innocoin) reported

    @krakenfx It's the same problem now processor doesn't like opening your site at the moment, and even the tab crashes, cannot close it.

  • jespow Jesse Powell (@jespow) reported

    @sju100 @krakenfx @Forbes No. Honest question and there wasn't anything unprofessional about it. Any asset could be a financial instrument and not all financial instruments are securities. Regulation varies widely among asset classes and geos. If you have a customer service issue, please share ticket #.

  • otsukimicrypto Crypto Otsukimi (@otsukimicrypto) reported

    @krakenfx if you would actually let me execute ANY of my trades, you wouldn’t be a certifiably garbage exchange. Always getting errors that your customer service people can’t explain to me then just abandon me in the chat rooms.

  • Bonez0r1 Bonez0r (@Bonez0r1) reported

    @LostGains @AbbyPowell18 @krakenfx @Forbes Yep. Always report scams. Drop down menu --> Report tweet --> It's suspicious or spam --> Includes a link to a potentially harmful, malicious or phishing site.

  • I_nature_ADA Aditya M (@I_nature_ADA) reported

    @krakenfx Hey guys I use Kraken almost 90% for trading, I do not know if it is working as per the design or not. But I think there is an issue (which might not be as well). Please message me because I do not think this can be discussed openly.

  • Crypto_Core Nick Core 🏆 (@Crypto_Core) reported

    @krakensupport I did. I got an automated response that didn’t address the issue

  • CryptoCho1 CryptoCho (@CryptoCho1) reported

    @ssabatino84 @BigCheds @krakenfx I agree. This is an issue @krakenfx must fix by getting more liquidity on their exchange and I think in the very near future we will see this issue be resolved.

  • jo_suriel Jorge Suriel (@jo_suriel) reported

    @krakensupport Every time I try to sign up it says "Internal Error" with no error code

  • Lefonce 🍀ᒪᕮᖴOᑎᑕᕮ® 🇮🇹 (@Lefonce) reported

    @krakensupport charts not working again... too much lagging $xtz #tezos

  • brett_colbert Brett Colbert (@brett_colbert) reported

    @eagle4942 @CharlesSchwab Gotta say that when I had access issues on @krakenfx (crypto) they gave me free trading credits to make up for the problem.

  • otsukimicrypto Crypto Otsukimi (@otsukimicrypto) reported

    Had more errors on @krakenfx in one week than any other exchange in the past two years. What a headache.

  • Cryptometrix ⚡️ CryptoMetrix ⚡️ (@Cryptometrix) reported

    @krakensupport your trading platform is down.

  • axsonex Axsonex (@axsonex) reported

    @LibertyGal18 @coinbase @krakenfx @HuobiGlobal Of the cloudfare outage....

  • Zacklovebitcorn Zack (@Zacklovebitcorn) reported

    @TDANetwork @krakenfx @jespow @OJRenick He lies cause even his exchange relies on tether and he knows it if tether goes down it is game over for all exchanges. If 2b printed and it is influx of investors why not disclose bank statement which they promised in white paper and not one was provided ever

  • philwillprevail PHILo$opher (@philwillprevail) reported

    @krakenfx Take some of those millions in funds you raised to fix your shit UI. Cant even edit an order without 6 timeout errors. Not professional.

  • brett_colbert Brett Colbert (@brett_colbert) reported

    @I_nature_ADA @Josh_Rager @DR6am @TheCryptoDog @RobinhoodApp @AskRobinhood I have used @krakenfx and @BittrexExchange & IMO both have been quite good. Kraken had some issue and proactively credited me so Kraken points as a simple "sorry" which was quite nice. I hate to say it but my experience with @coinbase was very bad. They seemed to care less.

  • name_cannot_ Name cannot be blank (@name_cannot_) reported

    @Bancor @krakensupport @krakenfx @Poloniex @BittrexIntl @BittrexUS @upbitglobal @exch__gateio Wtf is stopping you guys from listing a hard-working project solving real problems @raven_protocol #greed Just look at the coins on ur exchange..******* filled with vaporware

  • khomenimadoff Roger M00r (@khomenimadoff) reported

    @krakenfx @krakensupport down again.. 404 page

  • David_Amirault David Amirault (@David_Amirault) reported

    @krakenfx I want my 2,300 dollars that was taken without my knowledge or any ability to cure the issue. I have two liquidations which occurred at times where I was not informed. I had approximately .2 bitcoin robbed from me. I know how leverage works and btc is only down 1,000.

  • Sinkas5 Sinkas (@Sinkas5) reported

    @coindesk @coinbase @krakenfx was up, but orders weren't being submitted, so I guess it's like being down. Lost a good opportunity for some bucks to that shit.

  • Sinkas5 Sinkas (@Sinkas5) reported

    @krakenfx Fix your shitty servers!

  • dis0boy jism tomsula (@dis0boy) reported

    @krakensupport There's no reason to make a ticket. Signed up, added 2fa, and when I login I'm told that 2fa is incorrect. I try to login with master key and you tell me that key is correct. The first experience with your site tells me all I need to do

  • XRPcharts XRPcharts 🦜🇦🇺🌊 (@XRPcharts) reported

    @RyanICNN @krakenfx Yeah cheers, it's the first time I've really had issues since before the big upgrade. I'll try the main site instead of the trade site. 👍

  • RyanICNN Ryan_W (@RyanICNN) reported

    @XRPcharts @krakenfx Yeah, try using the primary kraken site to place your orders instead. Seems to only be a issue during high spikes of user activity.

  • HavenMaison HAVEN MAISON⚡️ (@HavenMaison) reported

    @bullishbond007 @krakenfx probably cloudflare issue, coinbase is down as well

  • RedRhinoBTC RedRhino (@RedRhinoBTC) reported

    @krakenfx Down Again... What a surprise @TraceMayer Great Exchange! Glad your kraken shares are up because the website doesn't stay up for more than 24hrs

  • proprovoker Thought Provoker (@proprovoker) reported

    @rob_wijnhoven @TheGemClub @krakenfx No one has responded. They say they are busy. No idea when I can expect someone to reach out. The error was on their end. My password, ID and 2FA didnt change.

  • markfinelli $42K in 2019-2020. Its coming, OK?⚡️ (@markfinelli) reported

    90% of the reason 90% of retail bought @Ripple was unit bias. “But its so cheap!” “No, please buy bitcoin!” That was my 2017. Fix it @coinbase @CashApp @krakenfx @Gemini #bitcoin #stacksats