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Kraken is a US based prominent bitcoin exchange operating in Canada, the EU, Japan, and the US, and the world's largest bitcoin exchange in euro volume and liquidity.

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  • samolus Samolus Capital Management (@samolus) reported

    @allyouracid @emalamisura @jespow @krakenfx Yup and most importantly the tests are written by humans. The only way to have near 0 errors is to hire elite developers with 20+ yrs experience. That's why NASDAQ never has errors like this.

  • MoMoNasF3800 Nas (@MoMoNasF3800) reported

    @BitcoinDurp @Bitfinexed @krakenfx This is criminal! My God, this is so unbelievably ridiculous. @jespow fix your exchange!

  • pinarello 🇧🇪 Pinarello⚠️🇧🇪 (@pinarello) reported

    @jespow @jrichphillips @Jomarvel12 @krakenfx you are lieying and you know it, people got liquidated on a glitch and bug in your system, your arrogance will be your downfaal eventualy, see you in court

  • SMAtrader1990 SMAtrader (@SMAtrader1990) reported

    @jespow @NigelEvans4219 @bobanmil @krakenfx People get liquidated, losing untold amounts of money because of your error and you don't seem to care at ALL. Enjoy the class action law suit.

  • pinarello 🇧🇪 Pinarello⚠️🇧🇪 (@pinarello) reported

    @2ColorRainbow @krakenfx @SEC_News @gaborgurbacs yes and with reasons, becaus they are amateurs and steal peoples money by these errors in production

  • KondrackiKarl Karl kondracki (@KondrackiKarl) reported

    @krakenfx 2/ Its unfortunate that during a trial of a new feature in a complex system created such an error that caused fear but I feel that @Krakenfx handled the situation quickly and well. If this results in a enter/stop/profit system then I am enthusiastic still.

  • LaozeC Laoze 🧙‍♂️ Crypto (@LaozeC) reported

    @jespow @YevgenShulga @emalamisura @krakenfx I’ve been a fan since day one. I trust Kraken’s security and admired the no-shortcuts strategy you had before. I even like the few ppl I’ve spoken to. Never mind Kraken being down, as being down is not the same as being inconsistent. This is a serious dent in your track record.

  • _the_bull WFS (@_the_bull) reported

    @krakenfx It's is a bit of the world in reverse that the owners need to go to support if it's your fault in the first place. I mean you know who was involved so could fix it yourself...

  • pinarello 🇧🇪 Pinarello⚠️🇧🇪 (@pinarello) reported

    @bobanmil @krakenfx they lie i was liquidated and they refuse to talk or setle the problem

  • StylesGrant sam3794213 (@StylesGrant) reported

    @krakenfx This could have been prevented with a price band control like deribit, this isn' the first time, or the 20th time this has happened to a degree on kraken. This is an issue specifically problematic on kraken.

  • szeremeta Alex S (@szeremeta) reported

    @krakenfx love your exchange and am a long time user. All of the money you spend on marketing makes you look stupid when easy engineering problems remain unsolved. Ex poor UX on mobile, poor app etc.

  • allyouracid allyourbase 💰 (@allyouracid) reported

    @emalamisura @jespow @krakenfx A "unit test" isn't some fancy magic which uncovers/prevents any and all errors which might happen. You have to set up the tests for certain cases, e.g. to test your components, return types etc. And by no means does a well written test of a component ensure there's no errors.

  • denis_ve Denakos (@denis_ve) reported

    @krakenfx @Poloniex faced some technical issues, and all they did was to hide behind their finger. Traders could not close their margin positions and got liquidated. Reply was that they acknowledged the error but can not refund as its traders risk...

  • jrichphillips Jon Phillips (@jrichphillips) reported

    @jespow @JonnyMoeTrades @ChainWho @Jomarvel12 @krakenfx The exchage error kicked off the events that occurred after. That's the problem. The fact they executed "properly" based on a faulty input is immaterial.

  • jespow Jesse Powell (@jespow) reported

    @jrichphillips @JonnyMoeTrades @ChainWho @Jomarvel12 @krakenfx I'm not sure how "a legitimate trade for pricing purposes" is defined. Agree that matching at trade to the wrong side of the book is an exchange error. Everything that happened after that worked as expected. Trade printed, stops triggered, other orders matched just fine.

  • jrichphillips Jon Phillips (@jrichphillips) reported

    @jespow @JonnyMoeTrades @ChainWho @Jomarvel12 @krakenfx I'm not following your logic on this. If order matching skips 20% of the orders on the books, that can't be considered a legitimate trade for pricing purposes. That's an exchange error. By your team's own admission, the orders matched to the wrong side of the book. That's on you.

  • JonnyMoeTrades Jonny Moe (@JonnyMoeTrades) reported

    @jespow @ChainWho @jrichphillips @Jomarvel12 @krakenfx Wasn't affected, but as an active trader I can say this: triggering stop orders up to 20% away from the actual market price because the exchange reported an incorrect market price is, to put it plainly, a big ******* problem

  • CryptoFrappe cryptofrappachino (@CryptoFrappe) reported

    @krakenfx Testing in production FTW! From the exchange that gave us a trading engine slower than mtgox and a multiple day outage while they upgraded it with no comms to customers!

  • LCoinn LisaCoin (@LCoinn) reported

    @krakenfx Error again. I’m using barginex because no problem

  • chanhosuh Chan-Ho Suh (@chanhosuh) reported

    @bobanmil @jespow @NigelEvans4219 @krakenfx Yeah, that caught my eye too. I worked on a trading system and we always had redundant checks, and yes, they slowed things down, but we figured better safe than sorry... on the other hand, it was our company's money at risk, not clients...

  • dukhans Ahmad Dukhan (@dukhans) reported

    @krakenfx WTH, do you have test units for the code. An exchange your size should be following the basics of best practice testing. How about TDD as seems these issues never stop happening at your Ex Looks like you guys test live and don't have a sandbox. You should compensate

  • pumpdumpalts ETHΞAD (@pumpdumpalts) reported

    @rotkehlchenio @LefterisJP @krakenfx If someone proves they had a buy order set at lets say 9k that didn’t get filled, only then does kraken have a problem that needs to be investigated.

  • CryptoScottyStu Crypto Fam Brad (@CryptoScottyStu) reported from Phoenix, Arizona

    @trajanmex @krakenfx The one time I needed a lack of liquidity on kraken, it didn't happen. Which is probably telling of foul play on other exchanges When BTC ripped through 6k, I had shorts in the mid 8ks that filled. I set buy orders to close at $6200. Every exchange wicked down, except kraken.

  • maxboonen Max Boonen (@maxboonen) reported

    @krakenfx your websocket is down

  • Shasdam Adam James ⚡🔑🎮 (@Shasdam) reported

    @CryptoMichNL It's legitimately absurd that people even thought for a second that said wick was some kind of actual whale-driven whipsaw. All anyone had to do was check @krakenfx 's outage tracker to see that it was an obvious bug.

  • Chalet_spar PanAnalytics (@Chalet_spar) reported

    @derrick198S @SalsaTekila @trajanmex @krakenfx yeah, it wasn't a real move, it was a printing error.

  • selamlevinas Selam Levinas (@selamlevinas) reported

    @RJ_Killmex @SmartContracter That was only a chart print error and afaik no stops triggered. I had no open positions on kraken but saw many people saying this. @krakenfx @krakensupport needs to officially clarify this though, too much fud.

  • UltraXBT Ultra XBT (RIP AP_Trades) (@UltraXBT) reported

    @aBlock0 @bit_cosby @cryptoSqueeze @krakenfx @krakensupport No, it filled my market take profit order at $11,500... but it filled it at $10,200, a few bucks below my entry. Order slipped $1300, essentially. I took all my funds off of kraken. Didnt lose much from it because price went up before down, but not worth it

  • aBlock0 À Block (@aBlock0) reported

    @bit_cosby @cryptoSqueeze @krakenfx @krakensupport My stop didn't get affected neither. It must be only a chart issue.

  • BTCtradePt João Paulo Gomes (#NOBCASH) (@BTCtradePt) reported

    @cryptoSqueeze @krakenfx @krakensupport My alerts show it went down first

  • BTCtradePt João Paulo Gomes (#NOBCASH) (@BTCtradePt) reported

    @M0ckk @jespow @krakenfx Just a little glitch in the fake price "Matrix"... I would love to see whats the "real" Bitcoin value

  • cryptoSqueeze Squeeze (@cryptoSqueeze) reported

    The wick from $8,000 to $12,000 might be a glitch that didnt actually get executed. Let's see what @krakenfx @krakensupport has to say

  • coffeecuptrades CoffeeCup (@coffeecuptrades) reported

    @trajanmex @krakenfx Heard it was a glitch and orders didn’t trigger

  • syamsus77 Syonagar (@syamsus77) reported

    @TezosBakingBad @krakenfx Could be a bug. Its exactly 12k & 8k. Cant seem to scroll down the trade history to check it 🤔

  • high_fades deadrabbits (@high_fades) reported

    @TXWestCapital @scottmelker @krakenfx Yes, Kraken's 'idiosyncrasies'. Would have gladly sacrificed current positions if that thing had extended down to fill my btc stink bids sub 7k though!

  • satoshillN De’® (@satoshillN) reported

    @TXWestCapital @scottmelker @krakenfx Total volume traded was around 33BTC on that candle. I am guessing, someone market sold on a thin orderbook down to their order at 8k, which in turn triggering bots which market bought up on the same thin OB. 🤟

  • Crypt0Entropy Crypto Entropy (@Crypt0Entropy) reported

    @TXWestCapital @ScalperSilly @krakenfx No doubt man. That's ridiculous. No way it was legit (but obviously 'legitimately' liquidated your position). That completely smells like computer error. Maybe someone exploited a bug on Kraken to make it double liquidate (and of course benefit from exploiting the bug)

  • TXWestCapital Christopher Inks (@TXWestCapital) reported

    In 1 second, $XBTUSD on @krakenfx opened at $10238.50, hit a low of $8000, high of $12000 (can't tell which order, up or down first), and closed at $10250.20. This is why we can't have nice things. #bitcoin

  • Hashmandu Tr33Fr0gg3r (@Hashmandu) reported

    @strangelight77 @krakenfx looks like a glitch. people saying orders that in range didn't get filled , and its only 470btc volume when the books in each direction were like 2k+

  • LukasNDa Lukas D. 🌍 (@LukasNDa) reported

    @bigfloater74 @Gribben1992 @meerkatoshi @CryptoJimz @krakenfx @NatriumIO @NanoTipBot @nano Looks like vimeo is currently down though, gotta wait for it to be up again

  • CryptoJMG BIG_JOHN (@CryptoJMG) reported

    @krakenfx Why does the price always go down

  • moonkiska [kiska] (@moonkiska) reported

    @CryptoChrisG @notsofast @BinanceAmerica @BittrexUS @Poloniex @krakenfx @CoinbasePro @goFaast Coinbase are shitbags with 0 leverage. If you trade often, you can keep fees down and they'll give you KFEE sporadically to help with fees as well.

  • WeaponX_78 Wolverine (@WeaponX_78) reported

    @krakenfx Looks cheap at least, 80% down in 1 year 😆

  • 844bankbtc 844 Bank BTC (@844bankbtc) reported

    @sankaet @semick @TheBitcoinKing @krakenfx @synapsepay @synapsefi Not slander just my observation based on multiple instances of this same thing happening. If it was a one-time thing I would be more likely to believe it was a fluke. Anyone reading Twitter or Reddit will see that do you have "issues" on a regular basis.

  • gciccol Gianluca Ciccolunghi (@gciccol) reported

    @krakensupport I opened a ticket. Anyway not working from different PC, Mac iPad. Neither google chrome nor safari.

  • olthoff Mike Olthoff ⚡🐶💩👑 (@olthoff) reported

    @ubolator @krakenfx @Coinsquare This is BTC/CAD pairing, and is in line with the other major exchanges in Canada right now. It's just a really slow day.

  • stevienut Steven Whitton (I Am Satoshi) (@stevienut) reported

    @CHalexov2016 @BinanceAmerica @krakenfx @coinbase If u have a spare couple million @binance will list no problem

  • ButNeverSaved I Don't Care (@ButNeverSaved) reported

    @MrBitchToken @eth_classic @coinbase @krakenfx @jespow No new, no all "Hard Fork" is new coin, please. Calm Down.

  • SpeakServeGrow Kristin Thompson (@SpeakServeGrow) reported

    @22centurycrypto @PeterMcCormack @Krypticrooks @krakenfx @Gemini Well it's a bit of a tangled web. There are BV Boys coordinating to harass him, troll him, and get his account shut down. I get how annoying that would be. Generally don't spend that much time on monitoring other people's language.

  • JacobelProdigy Jacob (@JacobelProdigy) reported

    By the way, KRAKEN (krakenFx) suddenly closed my account down and gave me only 24 hours to move funds off of it and never gave a reason. DO NOT USE THEM IF YOU WANT TO BE ABLE TO ACCESS FUNDS AT SELL POINTS.

  • m_murfy $mmurfy (on twetch) (@m_murfy) reported

    @krakensupport If you really did appreciate my business, I wouldn't have to do the majority of it with other exchanges! If that is Kraken's final position on the #BSV issue, then I think I will just close my account and take my business elsewhere... for good.

  • Jarred_Za Jarred Martin (@Jarred_Za) reported

    @krakenfx getting cloudflare error 1020 on sign-in, since yesterday.... plz fix

  • gamesforfreya Games I Made For Freya (@gamesforfreya) reported

    @bit_cosby @krakensupport @krakenfx They unverified me, wont accept my ID and refuse to speak to me now. So I'm just telling potential customers what they're up to. Yeah their site is pretty shit too. I've had a bunch of failed transactions when I was using it. Slow as all hell.

  • bit_cosby Bit Cosby (@bit_cosby) reported

    @gamesforfreya @krakensupport Never had troubles withdrawing from @krakenfx or with their security, so they're still my gateway to $crypto. Everything else gives me headaches, tho: shitty liquidity, manipulation, slow and/or frozen orders, liquidity is a TOTAL SHIT, no limit SL/TP so they can enrich their MM

  • gamesforfreya Games I Made For Freya (@gamesforfreya) reported

    @krakensupport @bit_cosby The only issue is you stealing customers money!

  • gamesforfreya Games I Made For Freya (@gamesforfreya) reported

    @krakensupport Cheers for getting back to me. Terrible support staff.

  • gamesforfreya Games I Made For Freya (@gamesforfreya) reported

    @Typical_Villain @krakenfx That's the kind of post you make a throw away account before you write down.

  • st_ante Ante Dražić (@st_ante) reported

    @krakenfx Fix your AML/KYC policies because it is impossible to get verified.

  • aarj89wolf Adalton (@aarj89wolf) reported

    @PurCrypto @krakenfx Checking an profile is easier than you might think, just one click, rolled down a couple times, saw iota spam, realized why you are butthurt.

  • GiovanniPickle GiovanniPickle (@GiovanniPickle) reported

    @craigstoe @Chalet_spar @krakenfx Not a fan of the drop down menu. I want New Order, Orders, and Positions, all in tabs on the same screen so I can go back and forth. Better yet would be a way to see open positions and orders at the same time - particularly when I have a stop-loss order for an open position