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League of Legends is a fast-paced, competitive online game that blends the speed and intensity of an RTS with RPG elements. Two teams of powerful champions, each with a unique design and playstyle, battle head-to-head across multiple battlefields and game modes.

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November 13: Problems at League of Legends

League of Legends is having issues since 07:50 PM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • armykook01 Jao (@armykook01) reported

    @RiotSupport I already uninstalled and already used the complete repair, but it didn't work out, maybe it's a problem on the server since it's not just me who has this problem

  • ReinoLeppik Reino (@ReinoLeppik) reported

    @riotgames fix you're ******* game I just lost my promos because i got 3 bug splats in a row

  • Harrazhmdm Demon (@Harrazhmdm) reported

    @riotgames bro fix your gameeee omgg my screen froze when trying load ingame it hit 100% and froze at the loading screen pla fix this

  • Gankjg111 =) (@Gankjg111) reported


  • eunnimon bb shark (@eunnimon) reported

    @evemotional @riotgames @RiotSupport i don't give my login😣

  • tomshelbytrain Thomas "the Tank Engine" Shelby (@tomshelbytrain) reported

    Hello @RiotSupport, got some problems.

  • denvergameplay DenverGameplay (@denvergameplay) reported

    @MeganIsSaying @RiotSupport @MTG_Arena I have, it seems to be a locale issue they do not cater for. I have given up.

  • theQarthO QarthO (@theQarthO) reported

    @RiotSupport @xOSAMAx_pk @DJ_Y4SSIN Amazes me you guys refuse to address the problem/bug. It’s not people’s computers or a corrupt install. It’s your game.

  • tekkonay Yannick Hardy (@tekkonay) reported

    alright people, im live in a few, gonna try out the new #GhostReconBreakpoint Update and as always League ranked afterwards! still no facecam cause im too dumb to fix its issues with OBS, but dw it will only take me a few more years :)))))) cya in a few, people! #leagueoflegends

  • cryptomineryz83 🤓 Crypto 👽 Miner 🤓 (@cryptomineryz83) reported

    @TechYESCity Depends on your budget. I can get you a brand new PC for under $500 USD that games @LeagueOfLegends with no issue.

  • CreatedNova Yujin (@CreatedNova) reported

    @riotgames Billon dollar company but cant figure out how to fix your dog shit matchmaking. Legit done playing til you fix it......

  • ittoniblab meus pais fizeram sexo em julho de 1999 (@ittoniblab) reported

    @RiotSupport @WaifuNashi nobody else has ever logged in on the account or knew my login except me. Some ******* switched the email of it and I lost all the hours and money spent towards this absolute awful company.

  • PittelliZ PEPittelliZ (@PittelliZ) reported

    @J2msik @RiotSupport If is that that's the problem AT&T server are not connecting to LoL servers

  • ale_fante Alê (@ale_fante) reported

    @RiotSupport hey, i'm from BR server and I've been having this issue with HUGE FPS drops and screen permanently freezing until computer is turned off since the very start of the patch. My region support team told me my setup is outdated ++++

  • CMC_LoL Nick (@CMC_LoL) reported

    Hey @RiotSupport with tonight's small hotfix/patch that was pushed through, my game receives a critical error and is unable to launch after champ select. This has happened for the past 3 patches, and everytime I am unable to play for a few days until it randomly fixes

  • Dougarasu_kyon doug... (@Dougarasu_kyon) reported

    @JazminMarq @lollatam @RiotSupport A lot of us including me are having this issue , no one that has AT&T can play in LAN server , the game crashes when loading screen starts. Doesn’t matter ports or firewall. A tracert times out at the last ip.

  • dakragg Dakra • (@dakragg) reported

    @RiotSupport I thought it was maybe my computer but It’s not the game just stops responding randomly. Weirdest part is when it freezes I can still talk in the league voice chat with people. Weird problem

  • dakragg Dakra • (@dakragg) reported

    @RiotSupport It freezes just randomly in game. Causing me to disconnect from several games. Which worries we about getting Low April Ques on the account. It just did it again. Account name : Zorà . I’ve ran league as admin, restarted computer. Fully updated computer. It’s the game .

  • xTruly_Lexyx alexis ♡ (@xTruly_Lexyx) reported

    @RiotSupport Gotcha, I tried a foxfire and it worked but won’t work on safari and google chrome. So not sure if there’s a glitch or what

  • BabyRageFG BabyRage (@BabyRageFG) reported

    @RiotSupport No error messages. Just turns grey, black, then back to the game.

  • LittleMissLokii Alyssa @ HRX/Dreamhack ATL (@LittleMissLokii) reported

    @Goddamittromney @Raphel @Squad5lol @moobeat @riotgames @LeagueOfLegends *gf There I fix

  • Jose_Chachi_10_ Chachi (@Jose_Chachi_10_) reported

    @riotgames FIX YOUR ******* GAME. HOLY ****!!

  • gcprometeus teus / ig: @gcprometeus (@gcprometeus) reported

    @RiotSupport Sorry, last time someone answered me in portuguese. So, the problem is that I was forced to change my username because "someone was using it", but hey, that's my username! D:

  • AnimeFTW4 Kenemix (@AnimeFTW4) reported

    @riotgames i honestly dont know wtf yall are thinking or what u are doing but u better fix it next season when u have champions like yasuo and ekko never getting nerfed. and being allowed to stay viable for so long u honestly need to hire better employees,they dont know what todo

  • samtoose Sam Toose (@samtoose) reported

    @RiotSupport Never mind I got the LP, looks like a client issue

  • AmberStarx Amb🌸 (@AmberStarx) reported

    @RiotSupport The first time I submitted the ticket, I got a response from the Blitzcrank bot, but it gave me all the wrong answers so I tried to click the "speak to a person" link provided via the email but it kept taking me to a error page. When I first inquired about this on twitter

  • Jevange_J Jared (@Jevange_J) reported

    @RiotSupport Fix your damn random crashing bugs.

  • taelayris Lena loves Young K and Day6 (@taelayris) reported

    @RiotSupport It's been solved. EUW has been insanely laggy for the last two days. And now I have a different issue, I finished 10 games up to 3-6 in TFT but it keeps showing 9 and there is 3 mins left to claim the reward :/ I hope I won't miss those 100 pts for the LL egg... (Clalyn, EUW)

  • themusegamer TheMuseGamer (@themusegamer) reported

    After emailing @RiotSupport for a lift and explaining what happened, she received an email back saying that not only was her suspension not lifted but it threatened that since she's using Shadow (a legit PC Streaming Service), her next suspension would be permanent.

  • themusegamer TheMuseGamer (@themusegamer) reported

    @RiotSupport @riotgames So my girlfriend uses a Digital PC Service very similar to Stadia and other likewise technologies that are coming up. She's brand new to the game and last night during a game, her physical laptop restarted itself for Windows updates.

  • MikeWick_ MagicMike (@MikeWick_) reported

    @RiotSupport Hardwire. I worked in IT i know what im doing. Its the client. Listen to the community it happens almost every other game. someone gets the disconnect bug and cant load. Instead of working on 6 new games work on 1 good client #League10

  • PutneyLoL Putney (@PutneyLoL) reported

    @RiotSupport No problem. We were stuck for about 3 hours then the game didn't appear in match history, weird but it happens I guess.

  • HighKILLABEAST Daniel Ramirez (@HighKILLABEAST) reported

    @RiotSupport It says something alone the lines of we had a problem selecting the skin during pvp ques Had no problem selecting the skin during the practice tool tho

  • CurtyHamilton Curtis Twitchyfrags (@CurtyHamilton) reported

    @RiotSupport Yes, this was first thing I looked into, also looked at packet loss and that wasn't an issue. Thank you for replying Proxy.

  • JonasMaitag DoubleV (@JonasMaitag) reported

    @RiotSupport I dodged at least 10 seconds before before the game started. I've never had that Problem till i used the "stay login" feature, but I've spoken to people that had the same problem with dodging, even when the feature is turned off, but i think it is definetely worth looking into.

  • RedBlackJesus RBJ (@RedBlackJesus) reported

    @WallyOne_ @LeagueOfLegends I started having the same problem, the new driver updates are whack, roll them back.

  • jimp3x shut up (@jimp3x) reported

    @riotgames fix ******* minion block

  • Rikaya94 Tori (@Rikaya94) reported

    @RiotSupport A few games the rest of that night had the reconnect issue, and a couple the next day. Thought it seem to work again after I tried a few games more games. I have played in a couple days since this.

  • goosigang James (@goosigang) reported

    @RiotSupport why does your game always crash now. Please fix it I’m losing LP I shouldn’t because of you

  • eileyves eiley (@eileyves) reported

    @JohnBen42937450 @RiotSupport I had a similar issue, but restarting the client fixed it, if you haven't already tried this :)

  • ichidin eld 🍣 (@ichidin) reported

    @RiotSupport Since dis patch League is horrendous for me and my friends, the Client is super buggy and when I'm ingame League sometimes just freezes and I can't ever leave the screen and always have to turn off my PC to fix it, please look into this. Pepperoni on EUW

  • AmmiablexD sweaty steve (@AmmiablexD) reported

    @RiotSupport @riotgames I'm using a Mac firstly, and my graphic driver doesn't need upgrading/updated, it's a client side issue, this is all over forums and I'm astounded there's been no replies as of yet on forum posts. There is no player support.

  • Wqshed Drew (@Wqshed) reported

    @riotgames fix your goddamn client you baffons

  • marcusleite_ marcus fucking rockwell! (@marcusleite_) reported

    @LeagueOfLegends please, fix voice over for mac users

  • RememberSimon_ 🙏 (@RememberSimon_) reported

    @RiotSupport This never happend before and i asked my network about any issues but there was no issue an im playing with cable, because i dont want that this happend

  • _UnAlpha UnAlpha (@_UnAlpha) reported

    @riotgames URF > normal league, people quit after you take it away because it's more fun than normal league. Make URF permanent, people stop quitting, problem solved.

  • Manuzx202 Victor Manuel (@Manuzx202) reported

    @RiotSupport No, I have not used them but I do not think I have the time to get it, the problem is that many of us believed that the skin was going to be on another pass since there were few days left for the worlds to end and that the skin would be available so little time :(

  • madelicious_99 mad (@madelicious_99) reported

    bring back login screens 🥺 @riotgames @LeagueOfLegends @loleu

  • DennisM69816686 Dennis Mathews (@DennisM69816686) reported

    @RiotSupport Here on the BR server there is chaos, ms and fps crash, infinite loading screen that forces us to restart the PC, it has been several days since this happens to me and my friends and riots have not fixed this bug. +

  • crayonpoop ً✰ (@crayonpoop) reported

    @RiotSupport I know that the riot team is working on solving the client's problems, I hope they also review the reason for the increase in the lag and the freezing of the image in the middle of the game, please!

  • Morogoth35 Morogoth (@Morogoth35) reported

    @RiotSupport What caused this problem and why whenever rissotogamerz try to fix a problem they unintentionally cause two more problems.

  • Siggoh Siggoh (@Siggoh) reported

    @RiotSupport so they have not started solving the problem so we can estimate queue will be down tonight. no reason to sit here and wait all day. You guys could really start to give estimates or atleast informative updates, wasting a lot of people's time like this. Thanks for replying though

  • ripokami_v2 okami v2 (@ripokami_v2) reported

    @RiotSupport fix server *********

  • RaynVolt Raynell Voltdétt (@RaynVolt) reported

    @beemoteemobeemo @riotgames All of them needs to be together in a new thematic skin, called ”the most broken champs in the rift” 💕

  • astrcllcgic Student drops out 2 months before course ends (@astrcllcgic) reported

    I like trying to play a game of #Leagueoflegends only for it to not load me in and crash completely

  • AmaZinG_Tr0ll PS Gildarts (@AmaZinG_Tr0ll) reported

    @RiotSupport well, currently we're 5 people training for premier tour and all of us got big problems with loggin in Bans /Champs and swapping. So haven't reconsidered, that it could be a problem with our connection or any from above.

  • pray4cs WiesoMachstDuDas (@pray4cs) reported

    Fix the client on EUW instead of Ranked. We can't even see our friends or join/start games. @riotgames

  • violettax6 𝒗𝒊𝒐𝒍𝒆𝒕𝒕𝒂. (@violettax6) reported

    cmon #riotgames fix your client. it's lagging a way too much on euw server. #leagueoflegends 😒

  • fraanmrz Francisco Martínez (@fraanmrz) reported

    @RiotSupport Hi, you know if the problem will take a long time ... I want to continue with ranked today 🙂

  • YoongangD Yoongang🔆 (@YoongangD) reported

    Cmon fix ur fcking client 😡@LeagueOfLegends

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