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League of Legends is a fast-paced, competitive online game that blends the speed and intensity of an RTS with RPG elements. Two teams of powerful champions, each with a unique design and playstyle, battle head-to-head across multiple battlefields and game modes.

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Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in 67.85% Sign in
  • Online Play 15.36% Online Play
  • Matchmaking 10.06% Matchmaking
  • Glitches 3.58% Glitches
  • Game Crash 2.90% Game Crash
  • Hacking / Cheating .25% Hacking / Cheating

League of Legends Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:
Milan Matchmaking
Drancy Sign in
Vigo Game Crash
Laupheim Online Play
Quillota Online Play
Montevideo Sign in

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League of Legends Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • itachi_sznn cj (@itachi_sznn) reported

    @RiotSupport hi,my client freezes in Champ select,im loosing my lp and getting the dogde time,i uninstalled the game but that didnt fix it,i cant pick a champion or change runes or spells, thanks

  • _NoxSZN Harry (@_NoxSZN) reported

    @RiotSupport I’m trying to connect my twitch and riot account and it just fails everytime I never get a window on twitch to login or anything

  • sherryspie 𝙮𝙖𝙧𝙚𝙣 (@sherryspie) reported

    @riotgames fix the match history challenge

  • thornyzyra ✨✨Prestige Zyra✨✨ (@thornyzyra) reported

    @pherasu @RiotSupport RiotSupport can't do anything with that, they're not working on skins :x

  • Amethyst_999 Coffeynx (@Amethyst_999) reported

    @_sweet_claudy @Kunuckles @Coreilon @riotgames @PlayRuneterra @WHO I wish that was the case for everyone, and it's not just me, my friends suffer from the same problem

  • voygex VOYGEX (@voygex) reported

    I don't know why @riotgames can't get the servers up in Oceana because last time I checked, video games are an essential service.

  • Abishev_ MexanikCH (@Abishev_) reported


  • TheLia_Ruiz lía (@TheLia_Ruiz) reported

    @RiotSupport yesterday I sent a gift skin and the person who received it didn't got the message, the skin only showed up on his collection and thank god he realized and we were on call because otherwise he wouldn't even know who was the person who sent it. Fix that🙄

  • wonderlustfair zrkn 🌹 (@wonderlustfair) reported

    i know you people are the most retarded and incompitent developers in modern history. but can my game not crash every single game @RiotSupport

  • lilcanvr Lilcan (@lilcanvr) reported

    @RiotSupport So we tried using our riot id instead, we get "Yikes, Internal server error, try again later."

  • hooplahmydude Jonathan Baker (@hooplahmydude) reported

    @riotgames fix the league client please

  • elected006 dan (@elected006) reported

    @selenehikari @_CZARFACE_ @davidhigdon @lolesports @LCSOfficial @LEC @LeagueOfLegends @riotgames @T1 @GenG The problem is though for a lot of the top teams, they are seen as a marketing for their parent orgs, for example, KT isn’t going anywhere funds whose as they ar part of one of the largest companies in KR, but they never expected to turn a major profit like 100 thieves

  • lol_aken Enes (@lol_aken) reported

    @giugnolo98 @RiotSupport Yep apparently quite a lot of ppl have this issue

  • T1_Unknown71 Minseong Kim (@T1_Unknown71) reported

    @RiotSupport After I uninstalled, reinstalled the game and rebooted the computer, the issue was resolved. Hope it helped!

  • T1_Unknown71 Minseong Kim (@T1_Unknown71) reported

    @RiotSupport I am no longer to send you DMs :( after picks & bans when the liading screen pops up, a message pipped up that a critical error occured and asks me whether I would file an automated report that may take up to 5 minutes. An option with a shorter report was available.

  • Crimson_ale Korpsenale (@Crimson_ale) reported

    @riotgames can you fix the ******* OCE client, every 2 games it crashes, get to end game lobby, crashes, REPAIRES THE GAME, and it crashes.. 10 years riot.. fix your game

  • Ranger_64 ᕦ Ranger_Ed_64 ᕤ (@Ranger_64) reported

    @riotgames @RiotSupport I keeping getting player reports because of my crappy ping!!! JUST FIX YOUR GAME TO RUN FUKING SMOOTHLY!!! RIOT!!!!FIX YOUR GAMMME! I JUST 4 ACCOUNTS BANNED BECAUSE OF FUKING PING!!! WHY!!! JUST FIX YOUR GAME!!!!

  • EmJaeCaer Michael Carmody (@EmJaeCaer) reported

    @RiotSupport A "login detected elsewhere, are you sure" prompt, like OTHER platforms do, seems pretty elementary guys....

  • SidChou Sid Chou (@SidChou) reported

    @riotgames @LeagueOfLegends fix your match history bug please

  • jammin1217 Ben Jammin (@jammin1217) reported

    Need my fix of DFS badly. Been researching all day about @LeagueOfLegends and ready to takedown some $$ on @DraftKings playing some @lplenglish tourneys!!!

  • Nick_Csgrv Nicolas Cosgrove (@Nick_Csgrv) reported

    @ChrissyCostanza @riotgames Apparently it was some glitch with your PBE account having the same name cuz almost everyone had their name "taken"

  • HabibiMajd Majd (@HabibiMajd) reported

    @RiotSupport There’s a issue with Mac users, sometimes the game doesn’t load in and the game starts for everyone else. This happens pretty oftenly and I haven’t been able to find a fix for it

  • Ayye_Kaleb AyyeKaleb (@Ayye_Kaleb) reported

    how is the @LeagueOfLegends client always ****** up they come out with all these new skins and patches but cant take the time to fix the shit client. 200+ years of experience though

  • blahtrollman dBlackoutx (@blahtrollman) reported

    @RiotSupport ******* fix or at least ACKNOWLEDGE EUW experience is dogshit at the moment; the server hasn't felt this bad in a WHILE

  • giugnolo98 🤨 (@giugnolo98) reported

    @lol_aken @RiotSupport Same for me and i still have this bug, all since the new patch and we aren the only one having this issue!!!

  • PapayaBush PapayaBush (@PapayaBush) reported

    @riotgames nice game, client crash on select champ and i got a 5 min ban, gg 300+game developing

  • leyden_harrison Harry Leyden (@leyden_harrison) reported

    @riotgames fix your shit client before you release another game

  • TheNamessJT TheNamesJT (@TheNamessJT) reported

    I might not play anymore #warzone here is why; the worst servers, hackers, weapon imbalance, horrible hit detection, spam meta. If i worked for #InfinityWard would fix all the above and then contact #RiotGames and make a deal with them on how they fixed peekers advantage.

  • ChristiShoota Christian (@ChristiShoota) reported

    wish league was actually good instead of being the pile of horseshit the game is @riotgames stop being monkeys fix your game ty :)

  • staehr_lol Kan SRG bare snart være ovre så jeg kan namechange (@staehr_lol) reported

    @RiotSupport please fix😭

  • hi_kirn Young TriHard (@hi_kirn) reported

    @RiotSupport fix the client. Since last patch so many peoples client is freezing until the end of champ select. It once happened before the i picked when i was in promos and i lost because of it. FIX IT PLEASE

  • R_Empiire R-Empiire (@R_Empiire) reported

    8 ranked games, up against 8 Smurf’s with higher then 75% wr @RiotSupport next patch fix mmr:(

  • gothicsushii Gothic Sushi - Maria (@gothicsushii) reported

    @_Baeanne @RiotSupport Wtf is that shit... Like if ur reporting an issue it shouldn't be handled like this at all! Wow.

  • haruyamyam Yamashita Haru (山下 春) (@haruyamyam) reported

    @riotgames fix ur dog shit servers

  • JoshF123 Josh (@JoshF123) reported

    @RiotSupport No error specifically, but it would load in to ~4% and then just quit the process entirely.

  • SprFstJellyfish SprFstJellyfish (@SprFstJellyfish) reported

    @xAjido @riotgames @PlayVALORANT @TheAnnarf That's good I suppose, still annoying to now have to remember a whole new login name though.

  • xAjido Charlie Keane (@xAjido) reported

    @SprFstJellyfish @riotgames @PlayVALORANT @TheAnnarf Same thing happened to me back when Legends of Runeterra launched, lost Ajido..but it's just a login name so not too big a deal to me. Whatever tag you go by in game you'll still have.

  • jivanniharris jivanniharris_01 (@jivanniharris) reported

    @RiotSupport @AzexXD Fix your ******* games stop giving me players who are unranked and I’m silver 3 cause there ******* shit

  • RomannOwnsUrMom ☠️Discocunt☠️ (@RomannOwnsUrMom) reported

    Fiddlesticks reworks is so terrible. @LeagueOfLegends fix him!

  • trqyhaard TrqyHarD (@trqyhaard) reported

    Please @riotgames @LeagueOfLegends Fix your client

  • UnknownAlias10 Zone (@UnknownAlias10) reported

    -13 LP because client won't change my summoners even after reload, had to dodge twice @RiotSupport FIX THE CLIENT

  • NonagonKev NonagonKev (@NonagonKev) reported

    @RiotSupport It saddens me that I lose 3 games in a row with an entire team of AFKs and people who give up yet I still I lose LP and face demotion. This needs and should be fixed. Been playing 5 years and this is still a problem.. a big one that millions of your players have.

  • lilrupertt LeRup 🥀 (@lilrupertt) reported

    @LeagueOfLegends Stop buffing stupid champs like akali and fix the client. My client crashed four times on champ select just today and now I have to wait 30 mins of leaverbuster. Please I beg you to do something. Client crashed at least 2 times a day.

  • Srdan6 MysteryMan (@Srdan6) reported

    @RiotSupport hello riot games, i dont know if that is a known problem but after loging in on my second account and playing Le Blanc on the midlane, it quiet often happens that a bug appears, which do not allows me to rightclick attack the foes minions and towers.

  • VanNY267 Vanessa Grüßing (@VanNY267) reported

    @PlayRuneterra @LeagueOfLegends Fix your game instead 😡

  • _Tazzaro Tazz (@_Tazzaro) reported

    @RiotSupport On mobile, seems I had an error code of some description

  • DenizSyndicate Syndicate Deniz (@DenizSyndicate) reported

    LoL has literally, unironically THE WORST player base in the world. There is just no argument for that. Please punish players who troll/feed/shit talk their teammates. And if you cant do your job on that perhaps you can hire someone to fix this shit @riotgames

  • 0o0_0N0_0o0 0o0N0o0 (@0o0_0N0_0o0) reported

    @riotgames @WHO #riot u need to fix things how does it come that there is a bug in a fuckimg lobby like the game hasbt evrn stared yet like get a grip

  • LolMalice Malice (@LolMalice) reported

    @DeltV9 @riotgames hey hey, they have a "skin team" that works in a different department! dont need to put any resources let alone a single person to fix a client that uknow, millions of people use and get ****** by on a daily basis :)

  • DeltV9 DeltV9 (@DeltV9) reported

    @LolMalice @riotgames adding insult to injury is the amount of resources they have to actually fix it + prioritizing new lux skins over functioning client :-D

  • codeman_3788 CMMC (@codeman_3788) reported

    @RiotSupport hey guys, heard you were nerfing dodge timers soon, honestly its not a huge problem at my lower elo and i was wondering if it was possible if we could make this maybe a plat or diamond+ exclusive, kind of like promo helpers for up to Gold 1, its a good tool for me

  • anakinafox Anakin (@anakinafox) reported

    @SlattSellz @riotgames Your account clearly operates on doing this shit, so it appears like it's less innocent than that. Telling me to stay in my lane is ******* stupid when I can at least read the Riot Terms of Service.

  • LucianNiggah Lucian (@LucianNiggah) reported

    you re making me ******* angry ******** company... not able to fix client -champselect not working (cant pick any champs or edit runes) makes me dodge unintentionally -10minute queues -matchhistory doesnt work -tons of buggs @riotgames @LeagueOfLegends @loleu @RiotSupport

  • fanaccuont romy (@fanaccuont) reported

    @RiotSupport riot pls bring back match history i have a sick ass play that i need to clip and i will legit cry if i lose it bc match history being broken

  • NOVA_R6 Raphael Nova ム (@NOVA_R6) reported

    @notCraxan @RiotSupport had same problem with Rockstar support some people be stupid af

  • TottalNooB TottalNooB (@TottalNooB) reported

    @riotgames since the new update my launcher keeps freezing and makes leave lobbys by timeout plz fix it :)))))))

  • patrikdome60 Patrik Döme (@patrikdome60) reported


  • Prince_Vgc Alessio PrinceVgc (@Prince_Vgc) reported

    Bugs client fix... Looks worse and worse every day @riotgames @LeagueOfLegends And 2 weeks without a freaking match history, get your shit together!

  • daniel54889071 daniel (@daniel54889071) reported

    @riotgames IS funny that now we have no boards ,and now reddit is having issues not working ,while hundreds of people acces that site.. , it really makes sense , we had to remove boards , which were having much more stability ,and much more order than anything else.

  • GamingSoulHD GamingSoulHD (@GamingSoulHD) reported

    @RiotSupport hello I haven't playing in a while and im having problems login into my acc

League of Legends Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 0001
  • 002
  • 003
  • 004
  • 004 7.6
  • 183
  • 1935
  • 21
  • 404
  • 500
  • 7
  • 950