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League of Legends is a fast-paced, competitive online game that blends the speed and intensity of an RTS with RPG elements. Two teams of powerful champions, each with a unique design and playstyle, battle head-to-head across multiple battlefields and game modes.

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League of Legends Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • Elynescence Ely (@Elynescence) reported

    @RiotSupport please fix ur grading system

  • WelcomeComrades The Entire Soviet Union (@WelcomeComrades) reported

    @RiotSupport pls fix the laggy client already

  • mcel_xd Niko laulainen (@mcel_xd) reported


  • xGwaine Gwaine (@xGwaine) reported

    @RiotSupport fix bug where heimer turret shoot even though there is no target. This bug is so annoying XD

  • Thiaminelol Thiamine (@Thiaminelol) reported

    Your chats are not working again. On my phone all messages are gone since Aug 16 and on Client literally every message. iwont know if ppl text me while im offline, cuz I don't get notification anymore :/ @RiotSupport @riotgames

  • jerry3241 Jerry ® (@jerry3241) reported

    @riotgames please dont autofill me a role i didnt select :D fix your shitty matchmaking

  • JasonTheAzn_ Jason (@JasonTheAzn_) reported


  • Kasper1672 Kasper (@Kasper1672) reported

    @nAZTYKIDDD @RiotSupport @riotgames @lolesports @LeagueOfLegends u cant buff champs with an invis lmao its the most broken 0 counterplay ability in the game more than shields


    @Kasper1672 @RiotSupport @riotgames @lolesports @LeagueOfLegends crazy that akali has been nerfed every patch for the past season and she's still piss broken

  • GlassCannon01 Vanshaj Dhandhania (@GlassCannon01) reported

    @chaseshaco If this guy can make challenger then shave broken af @riotgames @RiotSupport please nerf shaco

  • janaotenhoideia paulu (@janaotenhoideia) reported

    @crisssdl fix ur game @RiotSupport

  • ThatSkeletonGuy SpookySkeletons (@ThatSkeletonGuy) reported

    @riotgames @LiquidDominate Me: riot pls fix your game Riot: but team work Me: but its solo queue Riot: teaaaaam worrrrrk Me: ....But my jg/mid/top like to go collectively 5/12/0 at 10 minutes Riot: teaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam wooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • UWDawgfan14 BJ Bell (@UWDawgfan14) reported

    for those that want to #savetwistedtreeline check out my post on how @riotgames should fix it. Let's save the game we love.

  • SageOnly sage (@SageOnly) reported

    fix your ******* client @riotgames

  • RabbitQueenRemi Rabbit Queen Remi (@RabbitQueenRemi) reported

    @riotgames And while you're at it, fix his AI so it's less buggy when you try to get him to attack structures. I don't know if it's an issue with smartcast or just the AI, but sometimes he doesn't accept commands at all.

  • RabbitQueenRemi Rabbit Queen Remi (@RabbitQueenRemi) reported

    @riotgames The least you could do is beef up Tibbers' defense to compensate so he'll last more than two seconds and fix his AI so when he's chasing after whoever killed me, he doesn't stand there picking his nose if they run into a bush.

  • animemeshoujo meme girl (@animemeshoujo) reported

    @RiotSupport Well, I'm online. My connection never stopped working. As soon as that happened, I went to my browser and quickly opened a website with no issue. I also played other matches earlier today and there was no issue.

  • RayTien Raymond Tien (@RayTien) reported

    @riotgames I am sorry for being toxic on the rift. Like @loltyler1 , I had some issues with people who are beta. I promise to be reformed like him pleaseee unperma ban my account. U can chat ban me, just let me have ny account back 😭😭

  • IlijaKrstiChil ilija krstic (@IlijaKrstiChil) reported

    @riotgames Fix your fking game .. Every time i start playing a ranked game it wont connect me to the fking game .. every single game mode except for rank't works just fine its just the fking ranked ... i lost 30 lp because of the remake'd games i couldn't connect in ..With love !

  • StackingStill Big Bag 💰 (@StackingStill) reported

    @RiotSupport sike now that i got ur attention fix your ******* tft item and champ drops

  • Plumpbitch Honest Riot Support (@Plumpbitch) reported

    @LoLVixzy @RiotSupport Unfortunately we don't deem "reporting for being Spanish" as a real problem. Also the INTfeeding is just there to make people feel like the system actually works ~ Wuush

  • Plumpbitch Honest Riot Support (@Plumpbitch) reported

    @LoLVixzy @RiotSupport Hey there @LolVixzy Unfortunately we really don't take action/punishment on players until they say something bad. Inting really isn't an issue in our eyes since most of the time that player is having fun while doing it! Video games are for fun! ~ Wuush

  • Coopey96 säm (@Coopey96) reported

    @horrificlee @DEVZj @riotgames Tbf it is broken

  • KodaiKaminoyari _Loud_Lord_ (@KodaiKaminoyari) reported

    @RiotSupport I keep getting leaverbuster constantly, I constantly run into problems because my game doesn't start or it crashes because your client is badly designed, I constantly get punished for something that is out of my control. I have gotten leaverbuster 3 times for this.

  • RitoHarddan Harddan (@RitoHarddan) reported

    @RiotSupport fix your game pls! I was in my promo's to platinum and i just had to win 1 more game to get there. All of a sudden your small indie client stops working for me and for my duo and i cant get into the client. next thing you know i lost my promo's because i was a leaver

  • Epiphany__Music EDN clan (@Epiphany__Music) reported

    @RiotSupport when i try to join the longer it keeps saying server error

  • XecuteLOL Bradley Kershaw (@XecuteLOL) reported

    @RiotSupport Restarting Internet* - Disabling firewall literally nothing is working. Summoner name shouldn't matter but Summoner Name: Xecute Server: EUW its not just this account, if i try logging into another account i get the same issue.

  • Notimagain Ryan 'Notimagain' Chisholm (@Notimagain) reported

    4/4 ...demoralising for the opponent, and frankly slow/boring for the pilot. This was starting to be the problem with Demon (at least combined with Sorc there was the mercy of power to end fights) So thx @riotgames @LeagueOfLegends for making THE Demon more origin fun for all!

  • Nikki_V1983 Nikki Viaene (@Nikki_V1983) reported

    @RiotSupport So it seems the League client needed a small update of sorts ... all fine by me. What's not fine, is that now I have issues connecting/loging in ... I restarted my pc and everything ... I can't login at all

  • PostyNalone Post Nalone (@PostyNalone) reported

    Ima cry about League for a minute here.... Cait is genuinely broken right now and Riot needs to do something about it. I'm sick of facing her in ranked and losing lane because of her range mixed+insane damage. Fix it, I shouldnt have to permaban a champion every game. @riotgames

  • NevirLoL Top is Alpha (@NevirLoL) reported


  • K0EBALT Koebalt 🌐 (@K0EBALT) reported

    @PxndaLoL @RiotSupport Rob... bro... u havent been getting any bug splits in like 3 years... it might be on your side not riot's... reaching out to tech support is probably the best way to get answers. And if it is on your side they can tell you how to fix it.

  • wgaard Blække (@wgaard) reported

    BONUS ROUND: Words used to provoce emotion in r/leagueoflegends titles: Major-dissapointment Big screwup Insanely bad Huge mistake Incredibly toxic Hilariously broken So terrible Really annoying Forg1ven Not acceptable Gamebreaking bugs Basically unplayable Giga nerfed

  • BDSMEmma Doll 🎀 (@BDSMEmma) reported

    @RiotSupport It was a normal game, so I'm used to having lower elo with me, but matching full bronze and ONE DIAMOND, against full plat team. That's a big issue when I'm just trying to chill, I'm having to see the worst of League of Legends.

  • anonthemaus nick @ mcc on pc (@anonthemaus) reported

    Trying to queue up for @LeagueOfLegends but their broken-ass client won't remove "Accept/Decline" splash screen and I get a 14 min wait punish when trying to resolve it. Same issues, except it is 9 years later. Small indie company.

  • Rondo1337 Ronaldo Correar (@Rondo1337) reported

    @LeagueOfLegends just queued up for a ranked match and i bugsplatted and lost lp. please fix this

  • asianfvknbarbie 𝔗𝔞𝔩𝔦𝔞 (@asianfvknbarbie) reported

    fix your ******* game cause im so close actually not playing it @riotgames

  • twisterman17 josh (@twisterman17) reported

    @RiotSupport my game is glitching my fps keeps dropping to the teens how do you fix it

  • CantCatchJinx CantCatchJinx (@CantCatchJinx) reported

    @RiotSupport I can see it being hard to fix just due to how impossible it must be to recreate.

  • CantCatchJinx CantCatchJinx (@CantCatchJinx) reported

    @RiotSupport All that matters is that the're trying there best to fix it. just annoying when it feels like he just pops out of the ground and kills you xD

  • john_chou John Chou (@john_chou) reported

    @riotgames I received a rejection email from your automated system re: my job application. problem is i’ve never applied for a job there; be better.

  • JulsTalon talon fan account (@JulsTalon) reported

    @RiotSupport my connection was perfectly fine, I know it's not *your* fault specifically but I'm goddamn sick of this game having technical issues.

  • RiotSupport Riot Games Support (@RiotSupport) reported

    @yungtoxii @riotgames @Squad5lol @RiotBlaustoise @lolesports The client itself is not considered 3rd party, but I just gotta say we cannot help you when things start to break/crash :c ~Crndog

  • Plumpbitch Honest Riot Support (@Plumpbitch) reported

    @TweetyLeaf @RiotSupport Hey @tweetyleaf! Unfortunately judging by the items it looks like that trynd was really trying his best! Of course we aren't going to actually look into this issue but only provide you with some bs answer on why we don't punish players and why toxicity is bad! ~Wuush

  • karrambit Karrambit (@karrambit) reported

    @RiotSupport fix ur ******* game u canceraids retards

  • CUTlEYUMI yumi♡ (@CUTlEYUMI) reported

    @RiotSupport It’s taking forever to login as well for my friend as well. It is authenticating for a long time and then it’ll give an error message. :< I wanna buy my Hushtail

  • BouboualMiracle ♦ Kaiji700m ♠ (@BouboualMiracle) reported

    I had autofilled players in my last 10 @leagueoflegends ranked games, @riotgames plz fix your autofill shit we would like to wait longer to get people in their main roles

  • RobeRfa_25 RoьeR (@RobeRfa_25) reported

    @RiotSupport I mean .... fix ur ******* game

  • FNC_Rourya FNC Rourya (@FNC_Rourya) reported

    @RiotSupport still have the issue where I load too late into Tft.. 😔

  • dxrrivs darius (@dxrrivs) reported

    @RiotSupport only low elo people use the boards so it’s useless, a Yasuo buff will never go through, as soon as you mention a Yasuo buff all low elos will start complaining about Yasuo being broken instead of learning to play against him and you will revert the buff again!

  • moondo667 Moondoggy (@moondo667) reported

    Seems I won’t be watching @riotgames VODs, or the associated ads, until they fix the bug where VOD is reset to 00:00 after ad runs. I tried, you have a good product, but this is too painful.

  • Xarwend Xarwend (@Xarwend) reported

    @riotgames has done everything possible to gut and destroy Tahm Kench. First LCK playoff: 1st round pick on red side. How about ask pro's for feedback and fix this problem; its an embarrassment. Either that or rework him as @LSXYZ9 has pointed out so many times.

  • RPuga99 RamssesPuga99 (@RPuga99) reported

    @RiotSupport Shut up and fix the bugs :v

  • coolkid_60000 Roy Martin (@coolkid_60000) reported

    @RiotSupport just a minor login issue... but i found the root of the problem... Clash tab... can't wait to start some dumpster fires with the boys.

  • justinshadow580 Justin Shadowwalker (@justinshadow580) reported

    @RiotSupport @uyvince16 @DOAdacha No it was not fixed, it is still not letting us log onto the client nor join any lobbies. Connection issues are still present.

  • uyvince16 Vince Uy (@uyvince16) reported

    @RiotSupport @DOAdacha It wont let me click play and when i open something like shop or the loot section its not working saying error or something

  • coolkid_60000 Roy Martin (@coolkid_60000) reported

    yo @RiotSupport what's going on i can't log in and get my fix of League Content .-. i just wanted to int my face off to a smurf at LEAST twice today.

  • JakeStop jacob olsieski (@JakeStop) reported

    @RiotSupport @MikallChewster A few friends and myself are getting authentication errors upon login! Won’t launch beyond intial client screen.

  • Ronin_lol Ronin (@Ronin_lol) reported

    @RiotSupport Update: Sorry I bothered you, just went through a 5-10 minutes after game, may just be server issues.

  • KingImmortalTTV Front Immortal (@KingImmortalTTV) reported

    @RiotSupport My MMR is unrecoverable on that account ty tho I hope I fix it too LOL

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