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League of Legends is a fast-paced, competitive online game that blends the speed and intensity of an RTS with RPG elements. Two teams of powerful champions, each with a unique design and playstyle, battle head-to-head across multiple battlefields and game modes.

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  • henloworld__ kc (@henloworld__) reported

    okay @riotgames its literally impossible to punish a yuumi in lane fix this shit its infuriating

  • assundances Sun and Sage (@assundances) reported

    @riotgames why is tutorial still broken, i always complete the tutorial quests (have made two new accounts) and dont get the capsule :(

  • DamianXBleach DamianXBleach (@DamianXBleach) reported

    @RiotBlaustoise @macawcaw123 @RiotSupport Please! At least fix the algorithm even if I’m not toxic in chat if I type enough in one game and get reported multiple times I get banned. It’s bs

  • Masimo101 Max (@Masimo101) reported

    @Aesthetic_Glory @RiotSupport Shame that im d3 now and it's the same issue 🤡

  • 2001issai nagisa shiota ^ω^ (@2001issai) reported

    @ArilaCosplay @LeagueOfLegends Not problem me lady

  • Nookletak solomon golden (@Nookletak) reported

    @riotgames Please fire Riot CertainlyT, every single champion the guy has made has been overkitted broken and completely unfun to play against. He is a scourge on every single meta in the game and he has constantly contributed to toxic metas in the past and will continue to.

  • xDestinGames xDestin (@xDestinGames) reported

    Lol gets chat restricted in @LeagueOfLegends for flaming an entire team that fed the entire game and then only talked at the end but will mostl likely face no consequences because this system is broken #elohell #fuckleaguecansuckmydick

  • bomiz96 Brian Mizrahi (@bomiz96) reported

    @RiotSupport Yep the usual response since Riot doesn't like being a good service company :(. But they did refund my RP after the server transfer lol

  • SirBenelli Abraham (@SirBenelli) reported

    @LovelyW1lliam @riotgames when they first added auto fill it was to fix the problem that no one wanted to play support but i think now its just point less cause of all the champs they added for the support role that makes support fun to play now auto fill just ruins the game experience sometimes.

  • RedditSam Sam eriksson (@RedditSam) reported

    @RiotSupport it turns out I was listening to youtube music and when I closed it, it fixed itself. Kindfa weird since normally I don't have this issue and I don't understand why my game is like disconnecting even when the ping doesent go up

  • ethan_emrick Ethan Emrick (@ethan_emrick) reported

    @riotgames FIX YOUR ******* CLIENT!!!!!!!!

  • ethan_emrick Ethan Emrick (@ethan_emrick) reported

    @LeagueOfLegends fix your ******* client!!!!!!!

  • macawcaw123 Kayler1 (@macawcaw123) reported

    @RiotSupport It’s not even worth it your member already told me u don’t revert suspensions why bother. Just fix your system and start taking context into hand. There are countless times where I can prove a player is ruining the game for everyone. It’s bull

  • gxnagua Gang agua (@gxnagua) reported from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Islands

    @Elmiillor .@RiotSupport fix ur ******** shop system already, shit company

  • IZXYA_ IZXYA (@IZXYA_) reported

    @Elmiillor @RiotSupport @RiotSupport fix ur ******** shop system already, shit company

  • Ronald_Langa_ Ronald Gilchrist Daniels (@Ronald_Langa_) reported

    @Elmiillor @RiotSupport @RiotSupport fix ur ******** shop system already, shit company

  • HolaQuePasa7 HolaQuePasa (@HolaQuePasa7) reported

    @Elmiillor @RiotSupport .@RiotSupport fix ur ******** shop system already, shit company

  • Jaibaa_ eu achava que xxxtentacion era nome de site pornô (@Jaibaa_) reported

    @RiotSupport I did, they answered but nothing changed i'm still stuck in a server with huge lag

  • ali_nator AliNator (@ali_nator) reported

    @RiotGames Pyke E still carries on while he is dead. PLEASE fix NOW

  • Guille__99 Guille (@Guille__99) reported

    @riotgames and isnt the first time that It happends is so disgustin cant play a normal match and be banned for a game bug, pls fix that IS annoying

  • Guille__99 Guille (@Guille__99) reported

    @riotgames i have a big problem with ur Game, i cant play a normal queue because i cant see on my screen the game and i ever be reportes with 20 min penalitation when isnt my fault, Mu nickname os Boomber Man 69, i Hope dont be banned cause I CANT PLAY!!!!!

  • randomacctr Fizz’s Trident (@randomacctr) reported

    @RiotSupport And Turkish Support Service also closing my tickets and don't even bother to help. They just answering like auto message. Now I have 2600 RP, half name changed & stuck account and unhappy mood in my hands :((

  • randomacctr Fizz’s Trident (@randomacctr) reported

    @RiotSupport Hello there, I tried to transfer my acc From Turkey to NA. It said my username is in use so I picked a new user & summoner name. It said transfer is succesful. But when I try to login my acc was still on TR server and only my username changed. Ticket Id #40525566 and #40520320

  • Lucas_Lundgaard True (@Lucas_Lundgaard) reported

    @RiotSupport UPDATE: Seems like a full re-install of the game fixed the problem I had. :D

  • Lucas_Lundgaard True (@Lucas_Lundgaard) reported

    @RiotSupport UPDATE: Seems like a full re-install of the game fixed to problem :D

  • Cimbi13 Mihály Péter (@Cimbi13) reported

    @RiotSupport @DSpergsen hey guys, I also had this problem. BornOnFriday13 on EUNE, please check it

  • VanthAgiel Antonio (@VanthAgiel) reported

    @RiotSupport the token gain is bugged. Me and my friend winning and not gaining anything. You should fix it. Im stuck on 9 tokens while i earned 110+ tokens.

  • KamiEUW KamiEUW (@KamiEUW) reported

    @gamerjessiefix @RiotSupport they made me lose 13 lp and mmr when i dodge with 1 sec left but the timer can be at 0 when i select my champion and I will get additional 3 seconds to lock it in ******* retarded system pls fix @RiotSupport

  • cky_li FLiCKYOnESA (@cky_li) reported

    @RiotSupport Yesterday 11 pm (time zone Berlin). Fixed by un and reinstalling every thing. Checked before if drivers or framework where the issues, wasn't the case. It really was just the patcher not loading anything

  • Miggy0777 Miggy (@Miggy0777) reported

    Take Stereks gage out of the game then we will see who the actual good people at bruisers and tanks are @LeagueOfLegends so broken

  • bomiz96 Brian Mizrahi (@bomiz96) reported

    @RiotSupport Yeah I know it's frustrating. I wanted to try server transferring again to see if it fixes the problem

  • bomiz96 Brian Mizrahi (@bomiz96) reported

    @RiotSupport I hope so. The worst part is that riot doesnt give any updates. Only when they find a fix

  • D0minickkkV88 D0M (@D0minickkkV88) reported

    @RiotSupport lazy jew company instead of fixing the glitch you make a feature of it

  • bomiz96 Brian Mizrahi (@bomiz96) reported

    @RiotSupport Nah. Pretty much zero. I doubt the issue will be fixed within the next month. He was no help at all. Couldn't do anything for the situation. Even o nthe boards the guy had this issue 2 months ago and still not resolved.

  • gamerjessiefix Jessie (@gamerjessiefix) reported

    @KamiEUW @RiotSupport It’s a lag they can’t do anything about it

  • Lucas_Lundgaard True (@Lucas_Lundgaard) reported

    @RiotSupport It's seems AVG is not the problem, and when I check my Windows Firewall I see A LOT of League of legends to choose from. So I have no idea which of them to pick etc. :/

  • Janril_ Janril (@Janril_) reported

    @RiotSupport Thanks for the comment! Honestly didn't expect a response. Doesn't fix it, but does make it better!

  • Lucas_Lundgaard True (@Lucas_Lundgaard) reported

    @RiotSupport Yeah, it has never been an issue, so I am kinda confused at to why it suddenly chose to go wrong today :/

  • Xendella CB Trash (@Xendella) reported

    @LeagueOfLegends fix your client.

  • Sindlad_Morehod Alex Frolov (@Sindlad_Morehod) reported

    @RiotSupport @bomiz96 hijacking other person's post, but i have the same issue with the same symptomes, EUNE -> EUW, TICKET #40530136

  • Pat_Doyle1 Pat Doyle (@Pat_Doyle1) reported

    @LeagueOfLegends continuing to get the most toxic players on NA. no feedback report. not even a tweet or DM back. really exceptional service. truly impressed.

  • RiotSupport Riot Games Support (@RiotSupport) reported

    @BrofrescoFanBG @riotgames It might have been due to the Server Issues that had occurred earlier this week, but it has been resolved. If you're still having issues though make sure you reach out to us for assistance and we'll work to help you :) ~Tacun

  • AjwaniJay Jay Ajwani (@AjwaniJay) reported

    @RiotSupport #day241 league voices still not working for mac users.

  • LukePeterHalpin Luke Halpin (@LukePeterHalpin) reported

    @RiotSupport The patch is stuck at ETA 0 mins, 0/0mb. I have tried running as admin, the Hextech repair tool and disabling the firewall, none of which helped. Can you suggest a fix please :)

  • ripcareless carelessssssss (@ripcareless) reported

    @RiotSupport nah it shows up but doesnt go through, the rp doesnt disappear from my account, but the login name changed to the one i want but the transfer doesnt happen, im stuck on euw

  • vickz84259 Victor (@vickz84259) reported

    @FaibaJTL @FaibaMobile Correction, I can connect to my VPN service. Using the VPN is the only way I can access bbc and the riotgames website. Without the VPN, they aren't loading. Something is wrong with your network routing that's affecting some websites

  • Gregory_Snowy Greg (@Gregory_Snowy) reported

    @RiotSupport Well, it didn't. They just told me that they don't know when they are going to fix the issue so all I can do is wait I guess. It's just kinda triggering that you don't have it in the server status.

  • TheBlockcraftLP DeSq Blocki (@TheBlockcraftLP) reported

    @LeagueOfLegends Fix this game pls, Why do I get matched with tilted plat apes, who disconnect after inting in the enemy jungle and leaving us 3 v 5

  • iBraaHiM1100 IBraHeM (@iBraaHiM1100) reported

    @RiotSupport hi ihave an issue with transferring my account from EU Nordic East to EU West evry time i chose the the region and supmit it theen i press restart button the account don’t transferring

  • 404ahS s h a (@404ahS) reported

    How about we bring back old soloq tiers and put everyone back to their s8 rank to balance it out @riotgames @RiotSupport People who actually improved will climb again so I dont see a problem

  • themusicanite T (@themusicanite) reported

    @RiotSupport @riotgames Well I was hoping that was it. No related bugs to report. Game works just fine. Just a matchmaking thing. Maybe Warwicks death sound. It’s a little loud. Nami Bot afks after first turret. Tariq bot ints. If any primates do happen to get loose, shut the servers down! Thanks. :)

  • Araqz11 Araqz (@Araqz11) reported

    @kopendowN @RiotSupport btw onhit elise is super broken or its just me

  • kopendowN kopendowN (@kopendowN) reported

    I play elise a lot and it happens very often that sylas steals my ult and the game freezes for everyone when he uses it. Please fix @RiotSupport

  • Karmaofyours Karma (@Karmaofyours) reported

    @RiotSupport i just transferred my account to euw and i cant login LOL

  • tysireaxo BEN VE ŞAHSIM (@tysireaxo) reported

    fix this god damn q it hits out of range @riotgames @LeagueOfLegends @lolesports @MarcMerrill

  • KhuZix PrayForJungle (@KhuZix) reported

    @RiotSupport fking shit company fix your fking client i keep disconnecting and getting error because of your shit work Lost like 15 games because i getting dc for no reason And keep getting error if u cant fix fking fire your usless workers

  • Nsfw_AGD AGD (@Nsfw_AGD) reported

    @riotgames Jayce PBE late game q nerfs arent the answer dont do it @RiotJatt the problem here is obviously inspiration ruining tempo because you're not waiting for a over time heal and biscuit mana increase is literally why I cant use any other rune secondary or get flamed

  • DanielkooMIKY Daniel Kuznetsov (@DanielkooMIKY) reported

    @RiotSupport Guess there is more to login "thing" since that issue happend few days ago. Now, when im logging in under my EUW account on lol\events sites its automatically put me on EUNE, despite choosing EUW. In client everything fine. Already made ticket about it. :(((((((((((

  • Gregory_Snowy Greg (@Gregory_Snowy) reported

    @RiotSupport The server status shows that the problem has fixed, yet when I try to transfer from EUW to EUNE, it says that it succeeded, yet the account hasn't transferred. IGN SShin. I sent a ticket as well.

  • inFamousZion ♛ inFamous Zion (@inFamousZion) reported

    @RTO_LOL @RiotSupport "They are aware of this issue and are working on it" All though this has been an issue for years and they can't tell you the truth because it would hurt their reputation. If they knew how to fix it, game/champ bugs would be fixed already. Some champs have it for years.

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