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League of Legends is a fast-paced, competitive online game that blends the speed and intensity of an RTS with RPG elements. Two teams of powerful champions, each with a unique design and playstyle, battle head-to-head across multiple battlefields and game modes.

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  • BlazeReformed Blaze (@BlazeReformed) reported

    @GripexJ @RiotSupport I've been experiencing the same issue for 2 months already, mine drops from 144 to 100-90-80 after 20min ingame. But don't worry, it's always our PC bro, never Riot Fault (Sarcasm)

  • DaniDawnstar Dani Dawnstar [GFuel] [BFT] [PC] ✈️ Twitchcon 2019 (@DaniDawnstar) reported

    @LeagueOfLegends Well no problem for me let go !

  • mxgiic_ °mxgiic (@mxgiic_) reported

    @RiotBlaustoise @RiotSupport pls fix yasuo windwall its bugged for 3 weeks straight now 🙂 and nobody cares

  • Shaymin1478 Shaymin (@Shaymin1478) reported

    @Bird495Fire @Xayahsfeet @ml2000lm @Worm_Hole_ @LeagueOfLegends No, that's not it, the problem is that she has good sides that are only useful on a coordinate team.

  • DrRyngo I just want to play Samurai Shodown,but I'm broke (@DrRyngo) reported

    @riotgames The items in Teamfight are busted. It's more about what items you win in the lottery then positioning and economy management. Please fix this.

  • UrFearlessBuddy Martin Acosta (@UrFearlessBuddy) reported

    @LeagueOfLegends So much for saving to fix my car

  • Kait0sXD Kait0s! (@Kait0sXD) reported

    @LittleRagerGirl @Katawina__ @AnthonyDaYBG @NaCl_16 @LeagueOfLegends NeRf ThE cHaMpIoN -She's at 46% winrate in every role sir UhH, tHe ItEmS aRe BrOkEn.

  • jokerof96 Drew Doty (@jokerof96) reported

    @LeagueOfLegends can we talk about how ornn would have been perfect for this. mans got no new skins and his whole deal is to build stuff/in this case fix stuff

  • bonohyun Frank (@bonohyun) reported

    @Deadly_Kiten @LeagueOfLegends They will probably fix it or just leave it

  • zk0xx zk0x (@zk0xx) reported

    @LeagueOfLegends @moobeat Fix jinxs skin. Fan artwork is way better this. This skin is prob the first skin that I don’t buy even if I have 4m points on jinx.

  • Erikku_Desu eRicです (@Erikku_Desu) reported

    @favnvs @IsaacSakowitz @LeagueOfLegends I have bad news for you: your common sense is broken.

  • Katawina__ Katawina (@Katawina__) reported

    @AnthonyDaYBG @NaCl_16 @LeagueOfLegends the items are broken

  • lordocap Daniel (@lordocap) reported

    @RiotSupport getting a system error crash on game load Have tried disabling antivirus, Xbox game bar, discord overlay. Did a clean reinstall of the entire game and client. Ran hextech repair tool. Can't dump logs on the crash because the game screen hijacks my computer.

  • LoL_Taurus Kevin Taurus (@LoL_Taurus) reported

    @LXWasTaken @balicescu @_Kyurian @LeagueOfLegends To some point, making a skin out of a Art is sometime not possible. Other problem is skin of greater quality need more time, therefor more money and more expensive to us. With the how easy it is to have free skins now, they better make low price that sells.

  • ParchirieBogdan Parchirie Bogdan (@ParchirieBogdan) reported

    @LeagueOfLegends @moobeat Ok so pyke is gorgeous but there is one problem,the bounty mark is out of place.Please change it or at least give it a more metalic look

  • NolegRettiwt Noleg (@NolegRettiwt) reported

    @Katawina__ @LeagueOfLegends yessss sure the problem is definitely not the Ap damage system

  • Seifer_PoH aaaAaAAAAaAAaaAaaaa (@Seifer_PoH) reported

    @LeagueOfLegends I don't have an issue with prestige edition skins, but i have an issue with a character that got next to no screentime in a badass trailer, and clearly has favoritism to be prestige edition. Was absolutely hype to see prestige pyke skin, not this.

  • Katawina__ Katawina (@Katawina__) reported

    @LeagueOfLegends Can u nerf the champ atleast, or nerf bruiser items better. Way too broken :D

  • kwodrea1 kwodrea (@kwodrea1) reported

    @LeagueOfLegends stop releasing skins and fix the game

  • fierymax8 fierymax (@fierymax8) reported

    @RiotBlaustoisee @LeagueOfLegends fix the game

  • AnaPutaMatos CHIQUILIN (@AnaPutaMatos) reported

    @ArsonistPrice @alpacachani @LeagueOfLegends Thank you for repeating yourself and adding no relevant information to the topic. Guess that's the only argument you have; glad you began with "the fact that you cannot perceive logic and reason, isn't my problem". Can't contend with egocentric jackasses. // Reply and be ignored.

  • robbietalkingts robbiestalkingts (@robbietalkingts) reported

    @riotgames fix your system 7 auto fill games in a row, which is apparently impossible..... Well it happened euw servers btw

  • Reziidoo Rezii (@Reziidoo) reported

    @riotgames You really need to fix your Tribunal system. it's a joke

  • fffalse padre falsington (@fffalse) reported

    @riotgames fix this nonesense NOW

  • TomasHavlin Tomáš Havlín (@TomasHavlin) reported

    @RiotSupport He still didnt get banned btw, just a great report system. that is fair and working correctly, no problem with it at all ! :) Not like it' the only reason many players already quit your game because playing with these players is really enjoyable experience ;)Tickets are worthless

  • GiuMarzano Giuliano (@GiuMarzano) reported

    @riotgames How can i keep play your game if the guy in my team joing in the game but quit before the minions spaw and don't relog and i still lose my points.. you guys try to make this game serious but you don't care about this problems.. what a joke

  • Mithosss Mithos (@Mithosss) reported

    @RiotSupport Thats the thing. They say nothing in chat and look like the are actually playing. But then they play really bad on purpose at the worst time. Soft int in general is a big problem and not the only one.

  • themusicanite T (@themusicanite) reported

    @YassuoNA Forreal. @RiotGames stop ******* around with TFT and fix LoL.

  • letmedu Du it yøurself (@letmedu) reported

    @RiotSupport I always let my DNS like this and already did all firewall settings I could've done. Didn't knew the flushdns thing though. I tried and i'll see if it fixes my problem. Also i'll save this page to look for other solutions. Thanks again.

  • monnerat Marcelo Monnerat (@monnerat) reported

    @RiotSupport i tried but it didnt change the issue, waiting 30-40 min after and trying again to play, with the same old settings solved... its a server issue..

  • Thomasdadude Thomas (@Thomasdadude) reported

    @RiotSupport been given full context on the issue. When there are players who do nothing productive for my team, and continuously run it down their lanes, intentionally feeding, etc etc, go unpunished, I am given "full context on the issue".

  • Thomasdadude Thomas (@Thomasdadude) reported

    @RiotSupport You continually support a system which punishes players for mild negativity and allows rampant other issues such as wintrading, griefing, soft inting, all while players being banned for saying hardly negative things. I was banned for saying "do you have eyes"

  • Thomasdadude Thomas (@Thomasdadude) reported

    @RiotSupport I ask questions all the time. Literally provide multiple points in every single ticket I submit. The only answer I am met with is "We have provided you full context on the issue, I will now be closing this ticket". This happens when I have been provided zero context on any issue

  • ashkawakita ayasha (@ashkawakita) reported

    @RiotSupport why is PBE saying my login info is wrong even tho it’s not (and saying i’m online in a game in other ppls clients) feel like pure shit just wanna play ranked tft

  • chhopsky Chris 'strike' Pollock 小狼 (@chhopsky) reported

    @HaleyAlien @riotgames oh god that is an expensive problem :x

  • HaleyAlien Odyssey Haley (@HaleyAlien) reported

    @chhopsky @riotgames I have that problem, but I also have a problems where I need to own all a champs skins because of reasons

  • HaleyAlien Odyssey Haley (@HaleyAlien) reported

    @chhopsky @riotgames I have a problem

  • iJokerOG iJokerOG (@iJokerOG) reported

    **** storming area 51 with 500k people. We storming @riotgames headquarters to fix this damn game. We are done complaining. @loltyler1 @YassuoNA @Imaqtpielol @LiquidDominate Get your soldiers ready. @scarra @LSXYZ9 I need some brains for this mission. Fix #LeagueOfLegends

  • KatsuyoAkane Katsuyo Akane (@KatsuyoAkane) reported

    @chhopsky @riotgames definitely over 4k nearing or maybe over 5k.. lol.... 800 skins... lol... i have issues...

  • KalKolath KG KalKolath (@KalKolath) reported

    @RiotSupport @riotgames no problem :) I mess around a lot in practice tool trying to make clears super efficient so when I saw this, I was both ecstatic and sad. Happy cause it was funny. Sad cause I couldn't reasonably know how realistic my clear would be. Its working fine now so back to practice!

  • KCTheBird Kacey (@KCTheBird) reported

    @AlekseiTheWolf @LeagueOfLegends Or maybe give skins to the other 99% of the game or fix the game or let us actually play the better autochess game you've been working on or make the lore consistent or stop with the kpop nobody needed this or stop shoving esports down my throat or finally remove akali or stop ha

  • hamlinzfan Hamlinz’s Fan (@hamlinzfan) reported

    Fix your client! @LeagueOfLegends @riotgames

  • Kasper1672 Kasper (@Kasper1672) reported

    @RiotSupport yeah, ive done literally everything, updating drivers, closing programs etc. league is literally the only problem i have i run every other game med/high settings near max with 144fps solid expcet league

  • blakinola Akinola Verissimo (@blakinola) reported

    @chhopsky @riotgames I have spent over 2000 on league (since I started playing more than 6 years ago) The games as a service model is why league and fortnite will never go away, or at least exist for a long time.

  • KaneDPM Kheyhey (@KaneDPM) reported

    @RiotSupport Hi guys, I appreciate the reply. But I’ve troubleshooted the issue and can confirm it was not an error on my side. This seemed to be an application crash. However, upon retrying to join, it happened again. FYI I don’t use 3rd party antivirus. Only windows defender. Frustrated!

  • Kasper1672 Kasper (@Kasper1672) reported

    @RiotSupport its literally league patch i run every other game 144fps solid on settings, when i change my league setting from max to lowest it changes nothing in my fps issue

  • TasteLessLoL TasteLess (@TasteLessLoL) reported

    @RiotSupport Its understandable tbh 700 lp and d2 are close enough happens from time to time, your matchmaking is rly fair and balanced and rly not broken and anti fun!

  • LindemannLucas Lucas Lindemann (@LindemannLucas) reported

    Hey @RiotSupport just had a pretty strange issue a few minutes ago where when reconnecting to the LoL Client after the internet completely failed for a few minutes it immediately put me back into the TFT game (opening the second screen as if I clicked "Reconnect" ... (1/2)

  • TBabyrage Tryndafeed BABYRAGE (@TBabyrage) reported

    @RiotSupport I have tried all of this recently, it isn't the problem but I do appreciate your service and not avoiding this, I am thankful for that.

  • 4NOET neto (@4NOET) reported

    @RiotSupport The screen went black and a message appears asking you to "repeat" or "cancel" the reconnect process. I already uninstalled the league of legends and installed again and the error still remained. I think maybe it is something related to the server, I have already tested the speed

  • TBabyrage Tryndafeed BABYRAGE (@TBabyrage) reported

    @RiotSupport This is a bug that used to happen when Sion's passive died but now it happens with j4 and yorick. Just by the fact that Sion's passive was fixed months ago by riot I demand them to fix this as well. I am only saving you guys time until it gets frontpage of reddit someday.

  • StrikeZone1000 StrikeZone (@StrikeZone1000) reported

    @LeagueOfLegends still no fix for the random game crashes.

  • EdgyBast4rd Edgy Bast4rd (@EdgyBast4rd) reported

    @sewonaentounli @RespawnCrate @LeagueOfLegends Dont worry, they have chromas to fix that :|

  • JisooNBlinks POOΠΔ (@JisooNBlinks) reported

    @RiotSupport It signs me out immediately after I sign in on safari for iPhone

  • MrOREOCAKESTER Jordan Straight (@MrOREOCAKESTER) reported

    @pwnfromabove @YoungRezzyLOL @LeagueOfLegends @MarcMerrill I really doubt it my man. You literally cant be banned for that. Not even if you have a long history of flaming and getting chat restricted. And even on the off chance that you did get banned for that riot support would explain/fix the situation if you sent a ticket.

  • Abdullah27_g عبدالله الغامدي (@Abdullah27_g) reported

    @tareq_osmani @YassuoNA @riotgames I disagree, more Lux skins might fix it though 😄

  • ArsonistPrice Elias I. Church (@ArsonistPrice) reported

    @AnaPutaMatos @alpacachani @LeagueOfLegends >You are making no sense (like the others). the fact that you cannot perceive logic and reason, isn't my problem

  • Undaunted_Tokso Lunar Sword of Toplane (@Undaunted_Tokso) reported

    @Kampsycho @MegaBaumTV @Yoben19 @LeagueOfLegends They can easily makes skins for less popular champions but they just choose not to, and lack of audience isnt the issue but the fact is that they just don't care about what the community wants, feels or even feedbacks too. They only see money and do the minimal work as possible.

  • AhmedBnSa3d Ahmed Sa3d 💛🇫🇷 (@AhmedBnSa3d) reported

    @RiotSupport hi i need some help here plz, 4 days ago my game was running smoothly ihad no problems with it. after i had closed the game and opened it the day after league asked for. 2mb update the game updated but suddenly every thing went wrong my game's fps drops to 0

  • Tazmai_ tazmai (@Tazmai_) reported

    @Xyo_Gen1 @Toxicph4ntom @sectordexter @LeagueOfLegends Maybe the problem’s the bootlickers who cough up 60 bucks every 3 months for another coat of paint fot the same three champs. You don’t need to own every skin for a champ, even if they’re your main. You probably suck at them anyway.

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