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Mass Effect: Andromeda is an action role-playing video game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts for Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4.

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  • notreallypangde nito (@notreallypangde) reported

    not me trying to get the mass effect trilogy on ps3 and it always saying "error occurred"

  • masseffect_peom Priority: Earth Overhaul Mod (@masseffect_peom) reported

    Some of you have had an issue when playing the Ground War demo where the audio for Wrex, Javik and Anderson was missing. Well, it turns out that I broke the game's audio memory limit when I "fixed" the last-gen restrictions. Time to backtrack I guess. :( #MassEffect #bioware

  • JustinMarion8 BattleGrizz 🦇🐕👩‍👦🚗💀 (@JustinMarion8) reported

    @flowing_wings_ @CP2077Countdown Its better than them release it knowing it has a major issue. EA putting out Mass Effect Andromeda, knowing it was a disaster, with the mindset of we'll fix it later pissed me off. The people that want the game most play it on release and get burned. Good on CDPR

  • SensoNoKage SensoNokage (@SensoNoKage) reported

    @hrkgames I know man I'm heart broken I had super high hopes for anthem before it came out, but they couldn't do anything, bioware didn't even want micro transactions and they are fighting EA for it, they just Want to make games like dragon age and mass effect with love.

  • OneEnclave2077 Epic Filthy Casual (@OneEnclave2077) reported

    @epicforger12345 @MortonArran @FarCrygame It's all but confirmed that the trilogy is getting re-released thanks to so many leaks but EA has been refusing to announce it. Also rumor is it got internally delayed at Bioware due to issues fixing Mass Effect 1. Though there is hope of an announcement on N7 Day.


    @gameinformer This is different though, for No Man's Sky everything was on the line for Hello Games, this is EA, if this doesn't work they will just close the servers down and move the team onto Dragon Age / Mass Effect

  • sayanarune Pendragon's Wife (@sayanarune) reported

    Schrodinger's Crunch Crunch is bad when a game's initial release has a lot of technical issues like bugs and animation glitches, crunch is good when it's consequences aren't so evident NOTE: See and compare reaction to Mass Effect: Andromeda and Red Dead Redemption 2

  • ixshadowfuryxi1 ixshadowfuryxi (@ixshadowfuryxi1) reported

    Stream Schedule Mass Effect Monday 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM AZ Time Wednesday 2:30 PM - 5:30 PM AZ Time Thursday 2:30 PM - 5:30 PM AZ Time Double Trouble Friday with @ven_vixen 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM AZ Time Saturday Will be community days. Keep an eye out for dates and times!

  • hyperactve Tariq Ponir (@hyperactve) reported

    @MunifMujib My problem with Witcher 3 might be there is no high stakes at the start or no important story thread that I was interested in... It started okay then suddenly derailed to side quests that I found boring.... That said, I 100% enjoyed Mass Effect 2 side stories. :D

  • zgryphon setenv NAME="Benjamin D. Hutchins" (@zgryphon) reported

    So in the original Mass Effect, there's the bit on Planet Overpass where you can opt to blow away the sleazy megacorp rep during a dialogue tree, and if you do, the colonist lady yells at you that as if we don't have enough problems, now we're shooting each other in the back.

  • afathersgc A Father's Gaming Challenge (@afathersgc) reported

    @Luminary_SC Better a delayed game than a game with tons of cut content, broken features, bad facial animations *cough* Mass Effect Andromeda *cough*... See MEA is a good example of a game that should have been delayed. It got massive fixes in post-release patches.

  • CrabCombat crab comBAT (@CrabCombat) reported

    I never had any issues with Origin playing Jedi Fallen Order or Titanfall 2 so I was like "yeah, this thing is nowhere near as bad as people say" then Mass Effect 1 was running at 20fps until I turned off the in-game overlay and wow **** Origin

  • ChristianLukens Christian Lukens (@ChristianLukens) reported

    @LegacyKillaHD And its such a weird disconnect. We just saw Avengers come out when it absolutely needed another delay or two to iron out some major issues. We've seen Anthem, Fallout 76, and Mass Effect Andromeda need the same. It would get **** on if buggy, and **** on for delaying.

  • Xyex_ Wakanda Forever (@Xyex_) reported

    @qtzudin Mass Effect Andromeda. Don't get me wrong, I'm one of the weirdos who like Andromeda, but there's no denying it released in a pretty broken state when it didn't have to. I'd much rather devs release their games in a state that doesn't require the day 1 patch to make it work.

  • Im_Afflicted Tyler🐧💚 (@Im_Afflicted) reported

    @Oritz232 @gameinformer To be fair, both of those were made by EA, which have a record for making garbage games at this point. They make very few changes to Madden every year, including fixing issues, and the development and support for Mass Effect Andromeda was a shitshow.

  • o0CyberFreak0o CyFr 😷♥️♣️🇨🇦 (@o0CyberFreak0o) reported

    @EpochPhilosophy Would you rather complain about a broken game? Like mass effect andromeda?

  • richardovski Rick #FechadoComCoudet (35/45) (@richardovski) reported

    hey @masseffect I can't load my previous savegame on ME Andromeda now that I got the deluxe edition, after more than 30 hours in the game... Can you help me or is this another one of the thousands of errors in this game w/o a patch?

  • DerbearE Derbear (@DerbearE) reported

    @EAHelp Hello! Bought Mass Effect 3 on Steam and it seems the Collector Edition Online Pass doesn't wanna work. Is there any way to fix this problem?

  • Oystercatcher23 Oystercatcher666 👻👻👻 (@Oystercatcher23) reported

    Absolutely no one in Mass Effect is even remotely thicc. I need to fix this...

  • managalar managalar (@managalar) reported

    @Hakasays @shanttd Uh, so, after further brain is broken by the "original" em wave source. I think the bulk of the em waves in our universe are fed in from a parent universe to power "inflation" and the mass effect...but what came first? (QUANTUM Vacuum=a bunch of photons)

  • gospodindpakoh gospodindpakoh (@gospodindpakoh) reported

    @ravipathak59 @UmbraIntus @SkillUpYT Thx god, 2.0 in production then... Cause people FINALLY got what they deserved. Hybernation of Mass Effect in cryo. That was intended result right? All this shitting on Andromeda? Right? Personally, you wanted Bioware to crash and burned? After Andromeda? You didnt want any DLC?

  • ravipathak59 Ravi (@ravipathak59) reported

    @gospodindpakoh @UmbraIntus @SkillUpYT Anthem was broken beyond belief at launch Andromeda was absolutely broken at launch Dragon Age inquisition Anthem was absolutely broken at launch Mass Effect 3 botched its ending worse than Germany did in world War 2 Seems like BioWare have no idea what they are doing

  • LizardLoveShack chocobo racing endgame meta (@LizardLoveShack) reported

    Even now, talking about mass effect and its millions and millions of problems doesn't turn me into a gibbering baboon immediately like dragon age does

  • Scylda1 Scylda - Virtual Soul Eater 😈 (@Scylda1) reported

    Thanks everyone for joining Mass Effect stream~ Sorry about the glitch i still have to find out whats happening maybe some enemy stuck behind a wall dunno ... Thanks to Tichrai_Scrub for the sub 🤩

  • agitatius Agitatius (@agitatius) reported

    @lastjonstanding That I would kinda agree with. However, part of the issue with trans characters here is: *How* do you present them as trans? You either have 'prostitutes'(?) or cringe scenes as in Mass Effect Andromeda ('Hi stranger. Btw I'm trans.'). There's another issue here imo.

  • TOR_rob12 that one rob #SWTOR BioWare fan🤘 (@TOR_rob12) reported

    Well I'm coming to the end of Mass Effect: Andromeda again, and I have to say that #EA @EA royally screwed up when they cancelled the expansions for this game. Were there problems? Yes. Did the Kett need to feel more pressing than the Exiles? Yes. 1/

  • Psychadellia imasweetiepie™ (@Psychadellia) reported

    @EAHelp I still cannot connect online in Mass Effect Andromeda I just get the message "Missing online access" Have the servers been taken offline? Or is my account having issues? :/

  • TNUCTAF532119 🇺🇸🌸Big-Guy🌸🇺🇸 (@TNUCTAF532119) reported

    Spent the last week going through mass effect 1 and 2 again but mass effect 2 has a crash I can’t through I’m about to shoot myself in the ******* membrane

  • NappaDamnit Christopher Hankins (@NappaDamnit) reported

    @CaseyDHudson @masseffect Lastly tell EA Fostbite is the problem with Bioware games. That's why Dragon Age 3 Mass Effect Andromeda and Anthem had problems with.

  • NappaDamnit Christopher Hankins (@NappaDamnit) reported

    @CaseyDHudson @masseffect I have a few ideas for N7 day. One Remastered, two fix the ps3 version cause ever 2 hours on 2 and 3 they crashed, and three release the DLC you all had for Mass Effect Andromeda we not stupid we know they where made before EA closed that division down.

Mass Effect Andromeda Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 0-12
  • 0xc0000142
  • CE-34788-0
  • CE-34878-0
  • NP-41372-7