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Mass Effect: Andromeda is an action role-playing video game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts for Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4.

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  • MTaredi Meha Taredi (@MTaredi) reported

    @deepbarot @NigelBell19 @StephenMcDonell There's no 'development' here as in learning new information about covid-19. What's scary is the effect of service and supply disruption in a mass pandemic. Good on Iran for working to avoid that.

  • AnkisTV Ankis (@AnkisTV) reported

    @Javongogh1987 @masseffect @bioware Just playing & streaming it currently. And I am really enjoying it so far. It might've been broken on release but now I haven't really had large issues.

  • somalipirate030 drain (@somalipirate030) reported

    Mass effect 2 is better than 3 on the merit of that theres no bullshit dream level about some kid who died also NOT WORKING WITH MILITARY haha

  • ThornRavencroft Thorn Ravencroft (@ThornRavencroft) reported

    I was finally able to successfully install Origin after it got messed up by an update attempt months ago. I look forward to being able to play all of my Sims and Mass Effect games again. Hopefully, without further issues.

  • AskMeAbtMySpud AskMeAboutMyPotato (@AskMeAbtMySpud) reported

    @negaoryx @_LeighXP You also might be able to take those cd keys the discs came with and input them into origin. This worked for my physical Mass Effect copy at least. If it works, it'll be much easier go get the os compatibility issues all sorted out.

  • maddenw Will Madden (@maddenw) reported

    @rogerkver Eh, @rogerkver I'm more interested in a single coin that will get critical mass and let people transfer money directly. We can figure out the rest later. The problem is that the one with the most network effect has been sabotaged.

  • UnderWaterFun Dakota Millward (@UnderWaterFun) reported

    @bthorne @neiltyson This means a singularity at the center of your craft could create the field, but it would need to have incredible mass to mimic earth’s warping of spacetime and create the desired effect. The rings idea is more feasible, but this has problems too. 2/3

  • JohnnyMonotony Johnny Monotony🎮🖱️⌨️🎥 (@JohnnyMonotony) reported

    @BristolianGamer @Darksonic22 @Muskelsmurf @EllipseEnt @SteadySphere @GeekMid @RetroBoyJon @Retr0Gen @stewie55uk @Wildestdream93 It's fairly forgettable, I won't lie. It's really not a great way to end a legacy. I think if it didn't have the Mass Effect name it would have been received differently - the combat is fantastic, the setpieces are awesome. But it had issues. Bad animations. Terrible story.

  • TheaLanden Thea Landen (@TheaLanden) reported

    @BioWareProblems The full title of the second game in the original trilogy is really Mass Effect 2: Daddy Issues

  • Morfid_plays Jon doyle (@Morfid_plays) reported

    @sirjaumvitu @Colteastwood @dark1x That’s the clear issue to content value / devaluation. I’m sure Sony would still support those 40 million by offering physical media and digital purchases to those who want it, but mass consumer would just use subs and that will massively effect content and game dev

  • Aremantium LB Aremantium (@Aremantium) reported

    Alright I fixed all my PC issues, so I will be streaming mass effect 1 in a day or so. I will put out a tweet before it happens :)

  • TallestFox Matthew Simmons (@TallestFox) reported

    Or if they did they dedicated an entire play through to it for consistency and because certain dialogue options needed the meter to swing in one direction or the other the whole way. I loved Mass Effect and KOTOR but the binary morality system had its issues

  • ROWDYSHAN3 Shane Clifford (@ROWDYSHAN3) reported

    10 games to know me: Crash Team Racing & Bandicoot series Batman Arkham series Spyro CoD 4 Halo 3 Mass Effect 2 Red Dead 2 Sea of Thieves Telltale's The Walking Dead

  • tpigden Tom Pigden (@tpigden) reported

    @NicoleSykes_ @davidallengreen @afneil I'd say the other issue is that it's excellent to promote the potential of 3D printing to solve certain challenges, innovate and celebrate how we're very good at it, but disingenuous to suggest it is a ready or effect. replacement for mass manuf. and current supply chain struct.

  • ScarletMature ScarletMature - Infantilism is not for Sci-Fi🔥 (@ScarletMature) reported

    @soloman_bt The problem of current games is they try to make attention by “We have rep, this is why you should play it!”. Story, development and the important part - gameplay - they don’t care. Again: Mass Effect Andromeda

  • Crashgamereview Crash Game Reviews (@Crashgamereview) reported

    So yesterday I got so mad playing the broken PC port of mass effect i hurt my voice. so no more yelling for me.

  • InfamousPlatano Mad Dog Of Kami 👹 (@InfamousPlatano) reported

    @LightSkinYagami Yea i liked andromeda to an extent. It wasnt anything like the og. But damn a ***** needs mass effect and this was a quick fix.

  • CyberBrandogg Brando, Famed Knower of Things (@CyberBrandogg) reported

    @FMTownsParty I think part of the problem is the mass effect problem overall, they spent so long telling us that our choices would have repercussions across all 3 games (haha) that at least folks I knew all went paragon in one to not screw up ME3

  • Sasha_CA Sasha (@Sasha_CA) reported

    @MorganFeldman7 @MarkSKrikorian The effect of mass immigration on US workers seems to have become a non-issue for #Sanders. As far as I can tell, employers who hire undocumented workers will be in trouble only if they violate labor laws unrelated to work authorization like paying below minimum wage

  • SirPTF24 Thicc at the Gates Again (@SirPTF24) reported

    @MeterAngelEL @Dan4Neo This was in 2012 shortly before the close of THQ, which is still too late because that was Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age 2, Skyrim not working properly on PS3 and the first murmurings of Obsidian getting screwed over, and Starcraft 2, Diablo 3 and Mists of Pandera

  • kevind1973 Former Quds Commander Major Major Major Major (@kevind1973) reported

    @jpugh00 Yes let's do that, at the same time let's agree it is also horrible managed and Mass state management not likely to fix or reform. So invest but the money will only have a marginal effect.🙁

  • KanjiLikesBoys Kanji Likes #KOWASHITAI #THE13000FE (@KanjiLikesBoys) reported

    @Flynnicism Tried the first. Didn't get far But I was playing on PS3 in my uncomfortable room. I could probably do it in at better setting. I still love mass effect 1 afterall, and it certainly has some issues

  • falconpunchpod Staccata (@falconpunchpod) reported

    @isosmrt Looks like a glitch from a Mass Effect game.

  • clifford_banes Sam 🇪🇪 🔺 Dr. Casper Darling stan 🔺 (@clifford_banes) reported

    I give up. I wanted to like it and gave it half a season, but Star Trek Picard is unsalvageable dogshit. It isn't Trek. It doesn't even take place in the same universe. It's a cheap knockoff of Mass Effect with superficial Trek fan service slapped on.

  • JSalisburyJones Jen Salisbury Jones (@JSalisburyJones) reported

    Oh no you don’t, screw you Mass Effect, don’t make me fight from the car. I crash this thing on flat plains of nothing.

  • DungeonEnvy Dungeon Envy (@DungeonEnvy) reported

    The only thing I'll say about Bioware Morality/Mass Effect is that I had no problems keeping Mordin alive and it took me a few years to realize why that was a problem

  • DatBatMouse24 Batmouse Gaming! (@DatBatMouse24) reported

    Mass Effect Andromeda was actually a really decent game. Facial animations were meh, agreed but name a mass effect game that didn't have awkward animations. It was just worse than previous titles. The story was great and I'm hoping they continue from there but fix their mistakes.

  • TheNecroPunk NecroPunk Is That Very Witch (@TheNecroPunk) reported

    💻 The one big problem I have with Mass Effect and Dragon Age is that I really mostly just want to play the third installment because I enjoy the gameplay. But due to the nature of each series, that feels irresponsible.

  • haruspis Alex 🦉| Haruspis ✈️🔜 GDC (@haruspis) reported

    Don't get me wrong, this must be HARD AS **** to write and I have mad respect for the effort. A triple-A RPG series with an overarching story and so many divergent paths has to be met with compromise. But Mass Effect's biggest problem as a result is that it feels a bit extraneous

  • Lalalascivious Laurel (@Lalalascivious) reported

    @Hanatsuki89 Ugh right, looking it up, I guess DA:O has zero controller support as well. Didn't think about that, but I guess that's true, huh. That game needs a more modern remake, damn it! And so does Mass Effect 1, for similar problems.

  • alexjmchugh Alex McHugh (@alexjmchugh) reported

    Showing my trademark exceptional judgement, I got too annoyed at Broken Sword 3 over the weekend so I decided to give myself a break and play the non-frustrating and surely excellent Mass Effect Andromeda

  • Very_Dad David (@Very_Dad) reported

    @SemanticV0id I think compared to the average game it might be very good. The problem is that it wasn’t compared to the average game, it was compared to Mass Effect games.

  • SploomGaming 💥Sploom @ PAX East💥 (@SploomGaming) reported

    @FullTurboTv @IGN They tried to do a Mass Effect movie. There is too much story even a Trilogy wouldn't be enough. So they scrapped it. A series on a Streaming service would work though. I'm looking at you @netflix and @PrimeVideo

  • aethercrayons Exy🗡💕🎻 (@aethercrayons) reported

    @TyphonicTestify Advanced stasis is broken as **** and I love it, they never quite recaptured the feel being a biotic god again until mass effect andromeda.

  • Samy73903960 Samy (@Samy73903960) reported

    @Alvinakapoor56 @StarPlus imp point is if the subject of the mail is "unsubscribe, problem with subscription, want to unsubscribe" if it's like that, they will notice it quickly. if we did mass mailing from different ids' then it will surely effect them and may they will ask the channel to continue

  • KingVicar 💐 Nicole 💐 (@KingVicar) reported

    I have like the strongest ******* urge to replay thru dragon age or mass effect but my commitment issues is awful

  • CutieHannyah Hannyah (@CutieHannyah) reported

    @DonutJulio that's also one of the biggest problems. Mass effect is a game where you are supposed to be hero. You try to save the galaxy renegade just doesn't work there are some great renegade choices but most of the time you are just being a massive **** to ppl you trying to protect.

  • StoriesSteph Steph (@StoriesSteph) reported

    Mass Effect does highlight the serious flaws of a representative democracy. Pretty much all of the problems in the OT stem from the Council and how the Council was chosen

  • Gothryd1 Gothryd (@Gothryd1) reported

    @_component You would need a frankly ridiculous amount of mass in one section of a station like that to meaningfully effect the spin considering how massive the station is already, and a barycenter shift like that wouldn't cause that much of an issue.

  • ConsumeProgeny ᴄᴏɴꜱᴜᴍᴇᴘʀᴏɢᴇɴʏ (@ConsumeProgeny) reported

    Reality is most people want to be good. They want to form relationships, solve problems, and see people work together. Mass Effect's writing CONSTANTLY presents relationship/conflict issues based on miscommunication, clashing ideologies, old wars, etc. It's the guts of the games.

  • CarbonFreezers Spaceballs: The Profile (@CarbonFreezers) reported

    @Alisha10988107 Oh man...Don’t get me wrong I love Mass Effect three but I will admit that it has some issues. I don’t know if you ever played the multiplayer but I played the hell out of that. That was amazing. I don’t usually play online multiplayer and I loved it.

  • darksaber87 Quinten (@darksaber87) reported

    @TheDaedricDoll Indeed so true, it had problems I won't deny that, oof all this Mass Effect talk makes wanna replay the whole series again 🥰

  • voidslantern 𝕧𝕠𝕚𝕕 🎩😤🔪 (@voidslantern) reported

    me 5 years ago would have been so thrilled to find out i'm going to play all these beautiful games T__T back then, i couldn't even play old mass effect without lag

  • Blacwaal 🍑Julia Shay🍑 (@Blacwaal) reported

    My mind kinda trainwrecked tonight, so I'm trying to think of something more positive. 8.) I actually like Mass Effect Andromeda but I completely understand its issues and want it to be better than how it came out. For what it is, it's pretty enjoyable.

  • thegayzebragirl Journey Sunflower♿🌈🏳️‍🌈🇺🇸🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇬🇧🇵 (@thegayzebragirl) reported

    @natachacollins_ Unfortunately when lab results are non specific but off they seem to rule them as normal. I now mass cell can effect red blood cell count.. I know purpura(needs 24 hour urine for diagnosis)has non specific blood issues & can be a cormorbidity of EDS. & I'm sure theres more.

  • JDublnGaming Josh (JDubln) (@JDublnGaming) reported

    @EbengerJohn You guys made such compelling characters as crewmates I could never bring myself to stay the renegade course in Mass Effect. Although in KOTOR I had no issue going dark side for some reason.

  • amaurosisfeux IH (@amaurosisfeux) reported

    @c_marmino @GregMannarino The desired effect of mass panic will still hold excuse for the market crash.

  • CyrilK20 Cyril (@CyrilK20) reported

    @SamuelDeats I suppose the problem is that in real life, your choices are not color coded to tell you that they are evil, nor are they as obviously evil as they are in a game like Mass Effect. For better or for worse, real life doesn’t have morality system baked into the gameplay

  • Nerdserker1 Nerdserker (@Nerdserker1) reported

    @Sigimundis @EthanVanSciver @TheQuartering @OrdinaryGamers I might just do that. @YongYea is really solid. I've been watching him since the Mass Effect Andromeda development I can tell he really wanted to like the game but with all the glaring problems with it he just couldn't.

  • GhaiharMohit Mohit Ghai (@GhaiharMohit) reported

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  • NicholasOlechn1 Dal Grimm (XboxOne) (@NicholasOlechn1) reported

    The last thing I noticed were the facial and non verbal cues of the models. It seems they had a similar problem that Mass Effect Andromeda had when it was first released. Those models had an almost mechanical feel to them that is quite jarring and repetitive motions were timed...

  • anonappguy AppGuy (@anonappguy) reported

    @ZubyMusic Exactly! Ppl don’t realize the effect of “solving problems on a mass scale”, if you could feed ppl for 1/2 the price they pay now, you would be very rich! But ppl will be mad at you for being rich rather than look at all the savings you made for ppl! You’re damned either way lol

  • PaulVaccarello Paul Vaccarello (@PaulVaccarello) reported

    .@DeptofDefense @SpaceForceDoD @NASA @SpaceX @TheJusticeDept I believe we can still fix the movie Arrival, we can just rework it like it's the prequel to the Mass Effect movie series.

  • gladys_sabin EA (@gladys_sabin) reported

    Finally finished Mass Effect Andromeda. The biggest problem of the characters: They are not facing their main problem, or we can say dilemma of choice for the commander/pathfinder to help them solving. That makes them lack of weight and seem less important.

  • Luna_Ataraxia Beepy Potato (@Luna_Ataraxia) reported

    @EbengerJohn I think the problem with the way mass effect did it is it’s so clearly defined as “good options” and “evil sociopath ******** options”. A more interesting way to make these kinds of decisions would be have them just be 2 different ideologies. One cold and calculated, one virtuous



  • ground_kate Kate Ground (@ground_kate) reported

    @Gameonysus Just another game game like days gone and mass effect andromeda that people moan about but I had zero issues with and felt they were great

  • Hilarylvh Hilary Van Hoose (@Hilarylvh) reported

    @analydiamonaco As a Millennial myself, I know that’s what we’re pushed to believe by the mass media, but I’ve also seen the unconscious effect it has on the self esteem of girls I know who call each other things like ****, c**t, bi*** over many years. Same issue for racial slurs.

  • Natephoenix83 Natephoenix: Comics and Art (@Natephoenix83) reported

    I'll probably be reconnected to mah Internet next week sometime, and I think a big part of that will be downloading any patches they ever released for Mass Effect Andromeda. (I bought the disk 2nd hand and installed it offline. It is hilariously broken).

  • twitchiepooh [TPwn] - mixiepooh - (@twitchiepooh) reported

    @CriticalLit I ALWAYS have a problem trying to do the EVIL playthroughs in games. Like trying to playthrough Mass Effect as a Renegade tears at my soul.

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