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  • IbnAllan Abdullah Pocius (@IbnAllan) reported

    America is divided on what to do about issues that effect African Americans. There are those that advocate a mass violent uprising on one end (this view is championed by even some whites) and on the other end there are those that advocate being harder against African Americans

  • noah37x Noah Smith (@noah37x) reported

    @andrearene I'd argue trying to limit infinite inventory, and/or having ridiculous numbers of items for your inventory are both an issue. Mass Effect 2 is the best fix for this, just bring everything down to a few items, and make them functional. Infinite items/arbitrary limits aren't fun.

  • 1flym 1flym (@1flym) reported

    @wresnocontext @_breakofdawn_ I can't say I had that problem but I have an everlasting grudge against the first Mass Effect for wiping my external drive so I understand

  • PaulSears79 Paul Sears (@PaulSears79) reported

    @bioware why haven't you remade the original Mass Effect Trilogy or gave us a new KOTOR is EA really the problem

  • ThatJohnKlein LockeWick (@ThatJohnKlein) reported

    @BlessiousPlays The gameplay and features you showed and talked about actually helped with my initial issues from the reveal. The push needed was just to get past my distrust of EA and give them a chance, which was going to inevitably happen here or when/if BioWare makes another Mass Effect.

  • ErrinKrystal Errin Krystal (@ErrinKrystal) reported

    I honestly didn't expect Mass Effect to end any other way. Never had a problem with the ending.

  • gilgamesh310 gilgamesh (@gilgamesh310) reported

    @SuperGamer61499 @ShintaiReviews @Prox368 Oh no, Mass Effect doesn’t need to follow any scientific rules to be plausible. It’s far behind that. The first game doesn’t even have much regard for that. Most of the issues I have with ME2 are plot related.

  • AuraWolf92 AuraWolf (@AuraWolf92) reported

    @MahoneyGaming @UbisoftParis @Ubisoft @anthemgame @bioware Trust me I get it, It's not often I defend a game like this but I was in the "It'll improve over time" camp but the reason for that was the OG Mass Effect team being in charge of it, I thought with such talent they may finally create a live service story.

  • devcalm8 ʒntrøpy◭Gåmer👁️ (@devcalm8) reported

    @RT_com The Pharmaceutical industry causes more social problems & illness than there sopposed to fix. This shouldn't be happening to people in old age, any age, dimentia is an effect & the cause is mass poisening by bastards who need absalutley wrecked right off the face of the planet.

  • OddSolo Odd Solo (@OddSolo) reported

    El Camino was solid fan service. It was like the Citadel Party DLC in Mass Effect.

  • KainMarston Gunnychief (@KainMarston) reported

    @JediOfLight Mass effect is 2 is the better game in my opinion. I had no issue with Mass effect 3 in the original ending.

  • ani_matt_ions Matt K (@ani_matt_ions) reported

    Mass effect and dragon age as a series are both boring and slow and. I love kotor 1 and the old isometric d&d games but bioware hasn't been fun since long before EA was the problem it is. #MyUnpopularGameOpinion

  • Ragdollcatman Raggycat Rattyman - 🐭🐱 (@Ragdollcatman) reported

    @XboxP3 @Ask_Xbox @Xbox @bioware Mass Effect, ME2 & ME3 all have dlc problems running on backwards compatibility mode. Doesn't matter if the games etc are on the internal or an external HDD. The DLC keeps failing to load properly necessitating a full quit out & relaunch.

  • IcepickInTheory Gary Chambers (@IcepickInTheory) reported

    I was thinking about Mass Effect earlier and I worked out what my real problem with Andromeda was; it was utterly forgettable. Beyond the primary plot elements, I couldn't tell you a single thing that happened in that game that was of interest.

  • SpeedyGremlin69 TurboGoblin (@SpeedyGremlin69) reported

    virtue's last reward is by far the worst zero escape game and is about a 5/10 KOTOR2 is slightly better than KOTOR1 Oblivion is better than skyrim by being even more broken Mass Effect 3 is the best game in the series Junkbot Undercover is the best lego game

  • myuzishion Jon Kick a Hole in the Sky (@myuzishion) reported

    @GailSimone I had no problem with Mass Effect 3's original ending. I became a God and rewrote the very fabric of the universe. #MyUnpopularGameOpinion

  • SarahWJelly Sarah Something West (@SarahWJelly) reported

    Personally I’ve never had a problem with silent protags, especially when there’s more choice and dialogue variation as a result. It can work (mass effect) but sometimes I feel it hinders the characterisation element (fallout 4) Outer Worlds won’t have a voices protag hmm

  • fubasarts Chicken Spooky (@fubasarts) reported

    Idk why I'm still watching this It becomes somewhat ok I guess when you approach it from the expectation that its mass effect and not star trek and that I guess the federation was still figuring out some social issues

  • TheGrottoMotto Donnie 🎮 Borderlands 3 is Here! (@TheGrottoMotto) reported

    @WHYN0TZ0IDBERG I still want to play Andromeda to make my own opinion. Issue is the time lol. I have played the multiplayer with a friend and I can say I do like the combat still so that's not an issue. I just hope Mass Effect doesn't die because of the general reaction to Andromeda.

  • CaptainComic Lyliah (@CaptainComic) reported

    Mass Effect: Andromeda had its issues, but it was still a really fun game to play with great alien companions that didn't deserve to be axed the way it did by the developers. #MyUnpopularGameOpinion

  • caramind93 One of the host of #Saturdaynightscifi (@caramind93) reported

    @GailSimone #MyUnpopularGameOpinion Mass Effect 3 was good and I didn't mind the ending that much and the extended cut pretty much fix every bad about it

  • chulllie 🌙✨heejamawu✨🌙 (@chulllie) reported

    @solkwannie WWSSKFJSHF FUFJ YEAH it's like Did u ask everyone if they remember Did they all say no Bc if so i think there's a bigger issue at stake. Where this mass amnesia coming from. It cant just be a mandela effect. Help

  • tudsworthington - ̗̀ Tuddy ̖́- (@tudsworthington) reported

    My only real question here is “why Mass Effect 2 specifically”, but I’m not about to question why EA are updating decade old games to change legal agreements but won’t update Mercenaries 2 to remove the online server login loop.

  • Actually_Tina Not_Actually_Tina (Grifting for free) (@Actually_Tina) reported

    There is nothing wrong with liking a bad game. I enjoyed a lot of Mass Effect Andromeda. Its cool But its still....a horrible poorly optimized broken game, like Sonic 06 and those are just facts. The hate is deserved

  • lulu_esteban Lulu (@lulu_esteban) reported

    @astaranx @OranorGames It's means very little to me, it's Mike Darrah talking, from Bioware, but I don't believe he has any say about it, in the end it won't be his decision but EA's. The problem with Mass Effect franchise has never been Bioware, it's EA bad decisions which are killing Mass Effect.

  • robinince Robin Ince (@robinince) reported

    @TCairnesArt The problem is that this is not just about individuals, it has a mass effect

  • optimist_gaming The Gaming Optimist (@optimist_gaming) reported

    Thinking about Mass Effect Andromeda (I know, most people forgot about it). It was the first game I played where I could practically feel the passion and talent of the developers screaming out from behind a wall of technical issues, a rushed timeline, and impossible hype.

  • FlNALB0SS LargeCough (@FlNALB0SS) reported

    @NXOnNetflix Alright, let's take this from concerts to games. First game: Banjo Kazooie Last game: Man Of Medan Next game: Crash Bandicoot/Spyro Best game: Bioshock 2 Worst game: Mass Effect Andromeda 🚮 Most played: Dead By Daylight Haven't played, but want to: Breathedge

  • Flashback207 Flashback (@Flashback207) reported

    @RayNarvaezJr The first Architect in Mass Effect Andromeda on EOS. Because of a common glitch it took me five hours. Never felt so successful as when I finally killed it.

  • willmesilane will, brb, kinda (@willmesilane) reported

    FACT Mass Effect Andromeda is actually really good and its issues were blown way out of proportion when it launched don't @ me.

  • wolf_sailor SailorWolf (@wolf_sailor) reported

    @undeadlabs #stateofdecay2 Every since I updated to Windows 10 (1903) when I start the game it loads to a point then shut my computer off 😭 But and can play all the Mass Effect games and Tera for hours with no problem.

  • galwiththeart whats with art man (@galwiththeart) reported

    @InnerGee_ktg @a_groggy @PlayApex I stopped playing the event after I got the devotion skin. Since there isn’t really anything driving me to get a octane recolors or a 301 recolors it’s not that appealing. The effect cause mass lag/stutter spikes on console. So I just avoid it

  • jampamatos ribulose bifosfato carboxilase oxagenase (@jampamatos) reported

    mass effect triology (i wanna feel good by fixing every single problem on the galaxy before getting killed by a giant robot again)

  • Shinobi_Mato 🧛‍♂️Mato of the night🐺 (@Shinobi_Mato) reported

    Maybe thats the issue, it does so many things better than ME1 but fails on the writing. and the writing is the reason people love mass effect 1. I never cared for mass effect 1's story though, I didn't care about all around space badass shepard, I care about ryder though.

  • StoreMircado Mircado Store (@StoreMircado) reported

    @EAAccess Hi .. I have problem with mass effect Andromeda not showing in my ea access hub I've contacted help but no solution till now

  • CapnBooker Mary Shelley's Frankenstein's Booker (@CapnBooker) reported

    Spent some time looking at Mass Effect 3 mods, before realizing that no mod will fix the problems I have with that game's writing.

  • DenisREALE Denis REALE (@DenisREALE) reported

    @adhayward18 One issue we discovered recently is when the fixed effect is related to the random effect (e.g. random = individuals; fixed = body mass and is itself repeatable).

  • Livid_Lightning Ellen of Livid Frightening 👻⚡ (@Livid_Lightning) reported

    @thegamingdiary I'm thinking one of the Lego games... or Crash Bandicoot... or Mass Effect 2! Hm.🤔

  • plaguedeities mootball feetlong (@plaguedeities) reported

    i wish my 360 wasnt broken i wanna ******* play new vegas and mass effect

  • TheDarkLegend91 The Dark Legend (@TheDarkLegend91) reported

    I realize that I haven't stream in the past several days, guys, and I'm sorry. I've going through some personal issues and other priorities in my life. I'm sorry if I havent been consistent Tomorrow, I'll try again and start the week with Mass Effect. See ya then. Peace.

  • thegothking Zaelkrie 🇿🇦 (@thegothking) reported

    I mean the game was broken garbage, the story and characters were trash, the dialogue was terrible and they went as far as possible to be obnoxious and piss off everyone who was a fan of Mass Effect. It did get a fair shake it just sucked.

  • ConsumeProgeny ᴄᴏɴꜱᴜᴍᴇᴘʀᴏɢᴇɴʏ (@ConsumeProgeny) reported

    @docsquiddy I feel this is a problem with a lot of Ubisoft games and a lot of open games in general; balancing a natural landmass but also not making it unplayably big. The Witcher 3 gets it right. Mass Effect: Andromeda does not. Sometimes Far Cry gets it right, most of the time does not.

  • cyrix45 s-t/y.^x (@cyrix45) reported

    nah, every mass effect fan was looking forward to mass effect. the problem here is they hired staff for the sake of diversity and put them into roles they were entirely unqualified to work in. which is why we saw zombie facial expressions and worst imaginable technical issues.

  • majintn Toni 🇫🇷 (@majintn) reported

    @EAHelp EA, do your job and ******* FIX the Mass Effect 3's Leviathan DLC issue on Origin, people talked about it for YEARS on your ******* forum and yet you did nothing about it and didn't even answered you disgusting pigs. Devs don't deserve their jobs smh.

  • Nakano18Online Douglas Goldbach (@Nakano18Online) reported

    @pcgamer Actually didn't really solved the problem, just either changed it or appeased the people angry at it. Valve removed paid mods from steam, but didn't stopped Bethesda from adding it's own system. Mass Effect 3 still has the same ending, but got changed, and a paid dlc.

  • sir_kupo Sir kupo (@sir_kupo) reported

    @GameSpot If they would fix all the bugs and maybe tone up the characters in online mode then maybe it would be a better game. (Mass effect andromeda should had stay with the system they had like mass effect 3 online mode where lots characters and abilities r strong in 3 )

  • snowcat_ebooks Mars.EXE (@snowcat_ebooks) reported

    can we talk about how in Mass Effect 2 the Normandy is literally the SS Daddy Issues

  • ArtisticSoul30 Terrence (@ArtisticSoul30) reported

    I just brought dlc for Mass Effect 3 then changed my gamertag cause I hated my old one then couldn't log in my account so I tried to change it back but I couldn't cause of some ******* error now I just got back in finally and turns I unknowingly started a new account

  • rEtRo_sPexX 👓 $Ρ€ӼӼ¥™ (@rEtRo_sPexX) reported

    @EdwardB33058859 Mass Effect was underwhelming, Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition was a total shambles and almost broken, ZombiU was laughable. . . . Please tell me the great games so my machine doesn't just gather dust for no reason, I'll try and pick some recommended titles up sometime!

  • princess_resist Felicia Scalzetti 🆘 (@princess_resist) reported

    @Leenie8791 My working theory is that it's literally a conditioning response. Kind of like a mass cult-like effect. We're all suffering from some degree of PTSD/incredibly unstable lives/futures and it's in our nature to find the problem and end it.

  • zamdata Zamad Data (@zamdata) reported

    @unfletch @ZachWeiner No. By the momentum equation, either doubling the mass of the propellant or doubling it's velocity would have the *exact* same effect on the rocket. The issue is that the rocket needs to carry the *remaining* propellant, which is why increasing its mass is worse.

  • Matt_Ros Matthew Ross (@Matt_Ros) reported

    @samcossar @ExtinctionR @XRebellionAus @XRebellionUK @extinctsymbol @ExtinctRebelsIE @ExtinctionR_DE I think you rebel because you have issues school children did not act that way and they got mass effect across the globe and made a respectful stand you lot are not the hero's you discredit all activist when you do this

  • ohamkrw Ken Wolski (@ohamkrw) reported

    End mass incarceration. It only worsens the problem of drug addiction. The effect that mass incarceration has on the children of those incarcerated guarantees that these problems will continue for generations.

  • shambrookben ben shambrook (@shambrookben) reported

    @Prole_Position @ConsumeProgeny I'd say yes, the word of mouth made it way worse then it really was and a lot of the actual legitimate problems like serious glitches and shit are fixed by now, It's not the best mass effect game in the world but I also don't think it's actually like actively bad.

  • LawStudentsGH National Association of Law Students (@LawStudentsGH) reported

    Pro-GLC engagements in the media to the effect that we failed, and there is no deliberate attempt to restrict numbers. Forget the mass production comment. Forget the fact that they have promised to build a bigger campus, which is a solution to a problem they say doesn’t exist

  • mattocko Matthew Ocko (@mattocko) reported

    Massive methane “overturns” are correlated - along with runaway CO2 - to many mass extinctions Not only does methane cause even more Venus-like “greenhouse effect” than CO2, but enough of it and good ol’ oxygen breathing large animals (eg humans) start having big problems

  • gilgamesh310 gilgamesh (@gilgamesh310) reported

    I’d also say there’s more culture between alien species present, than there is in Mass Effect,which felt a lot more sterile and where the more interesting aliens were rather sidelined. I still have my issues with the game, but it’s one of the better BioWare offerings I’ve played.

  • LongJohnFox Starling Fox MFF? (@LongJohnFox) reported

    @chipfoxx @CoreyDehMan If you were to liquidate the assets all at once, it would bankrupt the company, devalue the stock (so you wouldn’t get 100 billion anyway), lead to mass layoffs, and have a horrible effect on the economy, depriving it of a valuable service. It’s basic economics.

  • blackbeard_teac blackbeard_teach (@blackbeard_teac) reported

    @TheSinkingTitan @videogamedeals Simple EA wanted a Destiny Gave the task to the Dev of dragon age and mass effect. Boom, they made a lot of mistake relative to an early looter shooter. Unable to find the video explaining it, but they did have an Issue where they Wrecked older PS4 models

  • BriannaWu Brianna Wu (@BriannaWu) reported

    @GenePark Cover real issues. Get them on the record about a Mass Effect sequel.

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