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Minecraft is a sandbox video game originally created by Swedish game designer Markus "Notch" Persson, and later developed and published by Mojang. Minecraft is available for Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, PlayStation 3 and more.

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  • Online Play (60.56%)
  • Sign in (24.65%)
  • Game Crash (5.63%)
  • Glitches (4.93%)
  • Matchmaking (3.52%)
  • Hacking / Cheating (.70%)

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  • MadeArizona The Well Spoken 8-Bit Token (@MadeArizona) reported

    @pigxdestroyer Dude... I know 8yrs that can play this no problem. Shit I got a baby cousin at age 5 playing sims 4 and Minecraft like it was Pong with the other pong bar at standstill.

  • Jacobj_301 Jacobj_301 (@Jacobj_301) reported

    @4JStudios theres a bug in the new Minecraft update on the ps4 enchanted shields don't glow and when ur shield brake it makes ur sword or whatever ur holding disappear plz fix this

  • fortnit01476524 Fortnite King (@fortnit01476524) reported

    animatedtext They chose fortnite over minecraft, that problem just solved itself

  • _default001 ⁿᵒₙₒⁿᵒₙₒⁿᵒₙₒⁿᵒₙₒⁿᵒ (@_default001) reported

    @animatedtext They chose fortnite over minecraft, that problem just solved itself

  • Zikoro Zikoro Masaki (@Zikoro) reported

    Minecraft and FFXIV are the only two games my PC can stream and play at the same time without causing issues. Well... I guess I know what kind of streamer I will be!

  • _adryd Ari (@_adryd) reported

    cool! I set up a VPN service with docker! now to port the minecraft servers over...

  • allurelina Angelina Mireya Galvan (@allurelina) reported from San Antonio, Texas

    I just spent like 5 hours nonstop on Minecraft and I really think I have a problem

  • WolfBoy754 Jared Cook (@WolfBoy754) reported

    @EpicGames fix your game it's so glitchy Minecraft hunger games is better please fix it

  • athebeast2 athebeast (@athebeast2) reported

    @Minecraft @BlockWorksYT @Jigarbov I am having trouble buying a realm I try to and then is says error please try again later so I tried it the next day and it still didn’t work

  • Asc4S Asc4Studio (@Asc4S) reported

    The Earth is flat, Wyoming is a minecraft chunk error, Australia does not exist, West Pole, Traps are Gay.

  • ItsGeorgeLoomis George ✝️ 🎮🖋📖 (@ItsGeorgeLoomis) reported

    @MojangStatus @MojangSupport I’m actually having problems with trying to update my clients I’m stuck on 1.10.0 for Xbox one.

  • IrishNorseman The Irish Norseman ☘️ (@IrishNorseman) reported

    @LawdStrudelBF @sfkingz17 @Fallout Which is where I have a problem with people like you giving it a pass because "you write your own story" that's extremely lazy, I mean Minecraft has even less of a story but has enough to do to make it more fun then 76. As I said, play your game, enjoy the early access game it is

  • MayChanOfficial MayChan (@MayChanOfficial) reported

    So tonight I'm going to be doing some #Minecraft cause we had to restart the server completely due to mods not working and we broke it hahah. But I gotta rebuild the spawn and I might as well #stream and chill while doing it. #twitchaffiliate Probably start around 9PM EST

  • iovemarkly gia! fuck yall mark antis (@iovemarkly) reported

    dis why i wanna fix my front camera bc it be lookin like minecraft quality

  • rndmgg 🔀Toni - itssomerandomplayer🔀 (@rndmgg) reported

    actually thinking of getting minecraft and startin streaming again :D I would be streaming all the comp games tho but still missing a CPU from new build and comp is pretty useless with massive input lag and shitty frames. I just saw some crazy building in minecraft and I'm curiou

  • TheStarGamer666 Jesse (@TheStarGamer666) reported

    @Alienware minecraft at a total of 19 hours of straight gameplay with a close friend of mine ... to only have the server crash and the world getting corrupted

  • TorinDarkflight A Dragon's 🐶💣❤️🌻 (@TorinDarkflight) reported

    I've gotten into the habit of using different pitch note blocks for informational & troubleshooting purposes in my redstone wiring on Minecraft SMP. I got four that signal the presence of hopper minecarts (to let me know in case lag/admin cleanup causes them to despawn)... >

  • Antonio13216760 Antonio (@Antonio13216760) reported

    @NvidiaGFN Minecraft Native Launcher needs to be updated :/ . please fix :)

  • MCPEBeta_info Minecraft 1.12 Info (@MCPEBeta_info) reported

    The #MCPE/#Minecraft Village & Pillage Update will be releasing TOMORROW if their are NO unforseen issues! :D

  • _am3thys7 11312500.26252110.11002225.30320210.2019.AB (@_am3thys7) reported

    And of course once I start getting serious about recording this Minecraft video, @nsagov and @gchq start using their #FrankensteinRadioControls to get me to ******* stop. Sorry, yidiots, I woke them ******** up, I'm helping them with THEIR problems, and now you have to burn. SUX

  • SexyWasbeer Carlito // WBV (@SexyWasbeer) reported

    @spikeprive @Zoefje @PartTimeMendes @gi00venchipapi @TheTitannn @MilkaEGS minecraft fix

  • endofevangeIion corrupt 🐌@ax (@endofevangeIion) reported

    @hizzys @eimnto @adequateunhappy minecraft just shut all their servers down wtf..

  • amerikan_reject Anna (@amerikan_reject) reported

    So, I’m a nanny to two kids. They said they wanted to go to a theme park today. Sure, no problem. They turn on the TV and are playing in a theme park on Minecraft... y’all 🙄

  • JuanFra22818963 Juan Francisco son (@JuanFra22818963) reported

    @beta_mcpe1 Hopefully will not crash minecraft pe bedrock on xbox one.

  • Root256_ Root256 (@Root256_) reported

    @Piipperi8000 @DTR4K @lukasapplefan boardwalk has an issue where it cannot extract the minecraft files in android 7, this modified version makes it work

  • iAmFenrir_ Fenrilicious 🐺 (@iAmFenrir_) reported

    @Ecryb Pokemon. Halo. Cod. Crash bandicoot. Minecraft 😂

  • Green5tar1 Green5tar (@Green5tar1) reported

    @MojangSupport Hi Mojang, I have had a problem recently about not being able to connect to my friend's worlds. It keeps on saying 'unable to connect'. My friends can connect to my world but I cannot connect to theirs'. Please give me details about this and help me sort it out.

  • SSBUGalleom Galleom (@SSBUGalleom) reported

    Banjo is currently unable to join smash due to getting his legs broken by Steve from Minecraft

  • notxkingdom Saiyan Kingdom (@notxkingdom) reported

    This new generation just scares me, in my day I was trying mw2 glitch spots, or playing Minecraft and bo1 zombies with my friends. But now there are so many kids growing up on fortnite and they become toxic

  • Sakupenhell2 Sakupenhell666 (@Sakupenhell2) reported

    @NotAZorua Wtf. That GPS is much higher than my Minecraft survival more experience in lag

  • ArdVillafranca Ard Villafranca (@ArdVillafranca) reported

    @pitzzalord Nothing a little minecraft can't fix right @Fmttolentino

  • _marcjones_ Marc Jones 🎮 (@_marcjones_) reported

    @survivor_mcpe @MCPEDL I am aware of these errors. They will be corrected as the development of Minecraft Beta. In fact, these are game errors, not add-ons. Custom blocks are faulty. I hope @adrianorsz knows about custom blocks errors (blockshapes, moving speed).

  • MenschlicherMu Whimbaster (@MenschlicherMu) reported

    @peta When yall start saying minecraft is bad cause it involves the consumption of meat, were going to have some real problems

  • DerpyStuff Derpy Leo 👻 (@DerpyStuff) reported

    I currently watch Minecraft role plays. But I’m starting to lose interest in them now. But the problem is I don’t wanna lose interest. Because I’m just gonna miss watching them.

  • Linkknight12 James Dylan Watson (@Linkknight12) reported

    @cbabybeauty Lmao that’s half the problem 😂. PS3 was cancer on Minecraft

  • HughDanielorou1 Hugh Daniel orourke (@HughDanielorou1) reported

    @MojangSupport fix Minecraft. The issue with 1.11 is u have to sign up to get it. Can't u just update minecraft. 😧😧😧😧

  • Retrqce Revertrqce (@Retrqce) reported

    @LiquidChap Thank God someone is finally telling Mojang to fix Minecraft.

  • Saga_23_ Saga (@Saga_23_) reported

    @DigiDriver Shantae, Banjo Kazooie, Minecraft, Crash Bandicoot

  • Micheal01360103 Fallout 76 blacksmith (@Micheal01360103) reported

    @jeb_ minecraft xbox is having problems on the beta some items are not showing

  • josefbal42 josefbal4 (@josefbal42) reported

    I Closed ALL MY MINECRAFT SERVER THEY ARE NOT WORKING GOOD But Im Ganna Make A New One So Don't Worry ...

  • Zalxzy Yvng Devil (@Zalxzy) reported

    @Mia72749388 @FortniteGame Oh only bad players are experiencing this issue will resolve for the noobs soon #destroyed #dab #epicrobloxgamer #minecraftdab #minecraft #loser

  • CantaloupeDraws spoon™ (@CantaloupeDraws) reported

    i play minecraft so i can forget my problems

  • Marius_NH Marius Norup (@Marius_NH) reported

    @MojangSupport @Minecraft hello, so i got a glitch in minecraft were i am at zero health but i do not respawn. i got to zero health by dying of fall damage with a elytra...

  • EyanFN syn eyan ⚜️ (@EyanFN) reported

    @oGenFN first, don’t insult minecraft like that, second epic needs to fix their shit

  • candourMV tyler 🗿 (@candourMV) reported


  • IohenwoIf hijikata’s ball sweat ㋐ (@IohenwoIf) reported

    @yeehawthee *they glitch because ur using pirated minecraft*

  • SummerSeal95300 peta peta animal saver (@SummerSeal95300) reported

    @Minecraft @Mojang Don't need to worry the issue has been fixed

  • robxkid0307 ROBXKID0307 (@robxkid0307) reported

    @notch Dear Notch, I Really miss minecraft. I used to play it when i was 5 or 6. I Loved minecraft so much and still do. I know you arn't able to make a copy of minecraft,beacuse of personal problems. I support you. We all do.

  • tw1rl Twirl (@tw1rl) reported

    Time to start up a new Survival MP world in Minecraft with best friend, but the main login server is down due to DDoS attack.

  • jaegerforrest Charles (@jaegerforrest) reported

    my xbox one is broken and minecraft is stuck in there god no help guys please please guys

  • Dr_TAquino ADM_Aquino (@Dr_TAquino) reported

    @xisumavoid @TangoTekLP That's a circle in Minecraft. This is illegal no wonder why there was lag

  • SlimeBoss21 SlimeBossGaming21 (@SlimeBoss21) reported

    @DigiDriver Minecraft Kingdom Hearts Banjo-Kazooie Mutant Mudds Bendy FNAF CupHead Crash Spyro/Skylanders Yu-Gi-Oh BeyBlade Bakugan Contra Call of Duty Undertale Mana Fortnite Alot of Square Titles Etc

  • SoftKoreYT Kore (@SoftKoreYT) reported

    I am going to use minecraft as background footage in my next video. Sorry people who have a problem with that game for what ever reason

  • 1NotNormal 1NotNormal (@1NotNormal) reported

    @AndyGarcia1337 @AgentPlays @AAAAAGGHHHH I dont like fortnite. I dont like minecraft. I have no problem if others do, and neither should anybody else.

  • irreleventfaggo 🎏Marlio19🎏 (@irreleventfaggo) reported

    @poker_210 5- Reggie saying “my body is ready” 4- mat pat keeps making fnaf theories 3- notch makes Minecraft 2- gamers get oppressed 1- crash bandicoot

  • PizzaTime316 Pizza Time (@PizzaTime316) reported

    @MojangSupport when’s the next update, it won’t let me play on my world since the glitch happened and haven’t been able to play for over a month and desperately miss playing this game, please let me know when and or if you guys can fix the glitch for me somehow thank you!

  • Jorjais130 Jorjais (@Jorjais130) reported

    @DigiDriver Bowser, King K. Rool, Incineroar, Pkmn Trainer Steve from Minecraft (No, I'm not joking), Rayman, Crash Bandicoot

  • LlamArmityle LlamaBOI (@LlamArmityle) reported

    @C0PLE Exactly, Minecraft had the same problem, great game, not so great fan base. Then Microsoft Bought it and it went bad

  • alexis_twits Alexis Johnson (@alexis_twits) reported

    Spent an hour helping troubleshoot a 10-year-old’s Minecraft login issue, including chat time with a support engineer. Problem not solved. At the end his mom suggested he thank me. “But she didn’t DO anything!”

  • rcapx Recap 🌸 (@rcapx) reported

    @Micromafia_ how to get money: step 1: download minecraft step 2: get on minecraft step 3: open a creative world step 4: place a command block step 5: type in “/give coltmicro irl money for computer” then activate it step 6: fix computer step 7: get on