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Minecraft is a sandbox video game originally created by Swedish game designer Markus "Notch" Persson, and later developed and published by Mojang. Minecraft is available for Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, PlayStation 3 and more.

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  • ADoctorsTale ADoctorsTale (@ADoctorsTale) reported

    hey guys welcome back to another Minecraft video I think my keyboard is completely broken

  • colleensleah ✯leah✯ (@colleensleah) reported

    y’all my minecraft has been broken on my computer for a few days and i fixed it and i’m so happy 🤡

  • Syco_at_Twitch Red Panda Zombie Overlord 😈🧠 (@Syco_at_Twitch) reported

    I reinstalled oddyzsxey n i think i fixed my minecraft texture issue

  • RadiumJR Radium (@RadiumJR) reported

    Another full day of minecraft, hopefully fortnite fix there servers. Its a good update but for some reason has caused such bad issues server wise hopefully tomorrow thats fixed

  • JrWickizer W7 (@JrWickizer) reported

    Waiting for @TraceyBaptiste to get verified because of her amazing book Minecraft: The Crash.

  • Cade41265234 Cade (@Cade41265234) reported

    @2KSupport @MarloSteinfield This shot gay as hell like I just wanna use the damn code but y’all are some greedy ass people like damn Minecraft has better customer service

  • arizonahank ninefer (@arizonahank) reported

    I'm stressed to death whenever the 8yo hops on the iPad to watch Minecraft videos because "make sure they aren't watching far right conspiracy nuts with dog whistles" is a problem now clean language youtubers who just show you how to cheat at zelda are braver than us marines

  • 321gofast yo (@321gofast) reported

    @SirAlex62 @NocontextCarson Probably Steve and Crash Steve because Minecraft is such a new thing that has had so much happened so soon compared to the rest of the guys in Smash Crash because Nintendo vs Xbox vs PlayStation, and it would be so cool to see him.

  • petrchrast Petr Chrást (@petrchrast) reported

    @kuvaszgrl @MojangSupport @Mojang @Minecraft though I waited a bit until they got to me, they solved my account problems rather swiftly, interesting.

  • lovelyw2s ally (@lovelyw2s) reported

    moving on. josh playing minecraft made all my broken heart strings go back together.

  • phoeberiley_ Ser Brienne of Tarth (@phoeberiley_) reported

    Charlie said he didn’t wanna lower himself to doing projects like minecraft the movie and ap bio and god said thank u for ur service please enjoy actual success😌✨

  • CurtOrchard95 DivinityOmen (@CurtOrchard95) reported

    @TwitchSupport hello, I seem to be having issues trying to launch minecraft mods

  • Melted68437452 Melted (@Melted68437452) reported

    @FortniteGame Epic Fix This Lag Your Trash Game Affected My Arena Points Im Honestly About To Switch Minecraft And Dont Send Me An Email Of Your apology

  • FMinecraftbro FancyCreeper MinecraftBro (@FMinecraftbro) reported

    @MojangSupport me and my lil sis have this glitch or what ever it is, when i choose a skin from the Random pack and i click choose skin and it makes me Alex or Steve and yes i bought the skin pack. plz help!

  • ChandlerGloyd Chandler (@ChandlerGloyd) reported

    @AntVenom I just saw your video about mc locking up your computer. You solve it by deleting all the java options in the launcher. I've dealt with the problem before an that's how I solved it. I suspect it's caused by minecraft getting more RAM than it's made for.

  • hyosungspout slayed by Ari SWTatlanta (@hyosungspout) reported

    @Minecraft please fix all the glitches

  • GirlfriendElsie screaminJ (@GirlfriendElsie) reported

    I helped some rando on Discord with a random Minecraft error a few months ago. He messaged me with some questions today and boy howdy do I know way too much about modded MC.

  • trxcxy tracey 🐝 (@trxcxy) reported

    @xXLovecowXx I exclusively play on Christian minecraft servers, so that isnt a problem

  • FoofDeckman Foof (@FoofDeckman) reported

    I never thought in 2019 I’d be playing Minecraft till 6am. I just woke up now, my one goal today was to try and fix my sleep schedule, guess that’s not going to happen.

  • kvalentine2002 Kayla Valentine (@kvalentine2002) reported

    i can't remember my minecraft login #sad

  • Emanuel01376937 Emanuel Perez (@Emanuel01376937) reported

    Is it me or is roblox just boring like i loved it for 3 years but now im old at then im like what can i play im just sick of removed event limeteds BUILDER CLUB like @Roblox fix your game i would say minecraft is 2x better than roblox and fortnite :/

  • Daniel72778374 Daniel (@Daniel72778374) reported

    @UselessMemeTime me: I JUST FINISHED MY MINECRAFT ROLLER COASTER ! lag : I’m gonna ruin this man whole career

  • ThePinkDD Lauren | Pink (@ThePinkDD) reported

    @ThomasBeautyy Me: Oh, I could do that! No problem! Also me: girl you make minecraft content for a living and your moderately funny at best

  • smallgaygremlin M (@smallgaygremlin) reported

    My Minecraft doesn’t lag anymore and I’m going INSANE I’m not used to this at all

  • yorkshirefigo 🤝 (@yorkshirefigo) reported

    @AgueroRole the only problem would be would be if it was spelt ‘miner’ because fortnite>minecraft. but year 8s are well fit

  • Monkiedude22 🐵 Monkiedude22 (@Monkiedude22) reported

    @Mistress_Sara @blizzard_wuffy Issue is that it was communicated with Minecraft but not for other games, whether that falls on Xbox, Telltale or whoever it's a very bad consumer experience. At least if people knew, they could take action on it. Season Pass disc owners have no recourse now sadly.

  • JaS_GoT_MoDs JaS_GoT_MoDs (@JaS_GoT_MoDs) reported

    @oPryzeLP They don’t show up after I edit them and by corrupted I mean they crash every single time I wanna go onto the world and when I try to go back in it tells me that the world is corrupted and I need to delete it universal Minecraft editor needs an update

  • zackary451 zackary45 (@zackary451) reported

    @NBA2K_MyTEAM Fix your servers or I am going to play Minecraft

  • itz2l8 iTz2L8 (@itz2l8) reported

    @ignGTed You should fix the game. Should be Minecraft, not Fortnite.

  • DraxxisX xDraxxis (@DraxxisX) reported

    @TwitchSupport When will you guys fix the minecraft part of twitchapp

  • HypraSeaPea 🌾Fiber Seap🌾 (@HypraSeaPea) reported

    @gloomygalleon we have to address minecraft's sameface issue

  • diretruce ellie | josh day 🥳 (@diretruce) reported

    wow i’m really gunna get broken up with bc i don’t have minecraft omg okay

  • EATTOES666 ًjine (@EATTOES666) reported

    @Minecraft you wont let me go into your app and you wont let my gf @hyejuxl when she paid for ur app sign in help me now or youre a homophobe

  • LolPlayYT Lol Play (@LolPlayYT) reported

    @Nathorix She died in a MINECRAFT TRAIN CRASH

  • chibifancyhat sammi (@chibifancyhat) reported

    when is he gonna get broken out of minecraft jail

  • JaS_GoT_MoDs JaS_GoT_MoDs (@JaS_GoT_MoDs) reported

    @oPryzeLP My worlds and many others worlds are still getting corrupted from universal Minecraft editor I have been talking to some modders in the community and they are still having problems my worlds don’t even show up in universal Minecraft editor please fix this problem.

  • JaycubRandy gottem (@JaycubRandy) reported

    @VidCon this issue is KILLING Minecraft 1.14... by @AntVenom 😤😤

  • Sric360 MegaStan Legends (@Sric360) reported

    @ebsy @fuzzymed4287 No worries, it's a good question. If a store stops carrying a title, you can always find it on EBay, used stores, or a friend. You can always play them, no problem. In Minecraft's case, even if you had a physical copy or made a digital purchase, you wouldn't be able to play it.

  • evoAntony Antony Ingram (@evoAntony) reported

    @FernandoM76 @Juiceboax Not the same mechanic, but rally games with damage get progressively harder as you only have limited time to fix them. The Zelda one’s not that innovative though. Degrading/breaking weapons have been in Minecraft for a decade...

  • NSFWBeet 🔞地狱之王🔞 (@NSFWBeet) reported

    I have no doubt that suddenly I followed a minecraft porn artist, I’m literally have problem


    @MojangSupport, it seems like every month my realms expire on Xbox and I have to contact support to resolve. It is on an auto-renew plan. No issues with the money being pulled from me though and seeing the payment complete processing. 🤔

  • slicedlime slicedlime (@slicedlime) reported

    An updated beta version of the Minecraft Launcher is now rolling out. Changes: - Fixed problems launching Minecraft 1.7.10. - Fixed problems launching beta versions of Forge. - Fixed patch note link leading to the incorrect page. - Fixed taskbar icon and WM class on linux. [1/2]

  • JiriVysin Jiří Vyšín (@JiriVysin) reported

    @CubeCoders And added some new as i see, Minecraft module not working 😅

  • ThailerTV Tyler W (@ThailerTV) reported

    So I installed a fresh copy of Windows but I forgot to fix the clock... so I may or may not have accidentally stayed up until 2am playing Minecraft.

  • bqmas Bama (@bqmas) reported

    @SynergyExpcts Dude all I got was heavy ar and duals they better fix that or back to minecraft I go

  • psychedelicman1 Kyle Daniels (@psychedelicman1) reported

    @MomoMischief Yeah I've had that problem too. I think I gotta lay off the competitive games and do something else. Maybe create some stuff on my minecraft server. lol

  • DeathReveals Prostate Puncher (@DeathReveals) reported

    Howling at that solution to solve the issue of redownloading Minecraft Story Mode on 360. Feeling sorry for support staff who have to deal with idiots who buy it.

  • ReflectLoL Reflect (@ReflectLoL) reported

    @jessyeuww @turkyfucker only reason i bought new pc is so i can play minecraft without lag

  • firestone345 jacob (@firestone345) reported

    @JennyComics you got a minecraft problem.

  • CR4FT_YT CRAFT (@CR4FT_YT) reported

    @EnxeL_Vortex @AKoMA_ARAB No will stop ddos go play Minecraft😂😂

  • fishyviolet Fishyviolet (@fishyviolet) reported

    Weregonnahavetoo freezes the console upon being loaded, and weregonnahave straight up loads some other blank world. All I have left of either are the thumbnails. It makes me so sad that others can revisit their nostalgia worlds in Minecraft but both of mine are broken.

  • SockDudeGuy Sock (@SockDudeGuy) reported

    There's a glitch going on right now for Minecraft on PS4 edition where when you throw a trident with a Loyalty enchantment it can completely crash your game, making it unplayable on that save. Just a heads up. @MojangSupport

  • _marcjones_ Marc Jones 🎮 (@_marcjones_) reported

    So, to fix the "bug" - opaque jungle leaves on mobile devices, we need to replace the value of the materials with "terrain_alpha" for a specific block "minecraft:leaves ... value %s".

  • Thinwhytduke The Duke (@Thinwhytduke) reported

    @EAHelp @Battlefield Waiting for team balance mechanic. Waiting for the airplane noise glitch to be fixed. Waiting for all resupply stations to work. Waiting for the minecraft textures in Arras to be fixed. Waiting for the ability to choose you tanker/pilot load out. Constantly waiting.

  • Pxyle1 Pxyle/Jake (@Pxyle1) reported

    Sorry that I haven’t been active on hypixel/Minecraft trying to sort out some stuff first, such as I want to make a Twitter for thornv2 need to restart one anyways I’ll give noneleft and Adam password/email so they can sign In and also post stuff thanks -Jake

  • Sh1yui Shwy (@Sh1yui) reported

    gonna, play a bit more minecraft fruitwoodmc kung tapos na mag lag I can't fight these retarded laggy mobs I might die again =w=

  • Entity____303 Entity303 (Parody) (@Entity____303) reported

    @furnace_blast 1) im recording a pixelgun3d glitch video and thats part of it. 2) i tried to put a minecraft clip

  • DraxxisX xDraxxis (@DraxxisX) reported

    What do I have to DO for you to fix your ******* LAUNCHER @Twitch @TwitchSupport For MONTHS the minecraft portion has not loaded. No matter what I've done. I've installed java 4 times.

  • TomCatloverMC MCPELover 1.12 (@TomCatloverMC) reported

    @JuanFra22818963 @beta_mcpe1 Virusis is not a right word that you tweeted! Also, why would more beta causes many issues in the game of Bedrock edition! It needs to be fixed! @CornerHardMC @HelenAngel @Minecraft @Chupacaubrey

  • lulucycox L U C Y 🕸 (@lulucycox) reported

    All of my friends are playing Minecraft together while my laptop is broken and I’m too poor to get it fixed 😔