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Minecraft is a sandbox video game originally created by Swedish game designer Markus "Notch" Persson, and later developed and published by Mojang. Minecraft is available for Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, PlayStation 3 and more.

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  • bemywaifu アルフ (@bemywaifu) reported

    @cybercyriac @dakota_uwu @trans_disaster doesnt need 8gb, minecraft only needs 1, its the poorly optimized modpacks that need more, but even so 16gb ram is standard these days so dedicating 8 shouldnt be a problem

  • GlennRadburn Glenn Radburn (@GlennRadburn) reported

    @joelduggan Ah, fair enough. I record a bunch and then just either forget to record more, or cut it down so much that it loses narrative coherency, which I wasn't expecting to be a problem with Minecraft videos.

  • danthelastred danthelastred (@danthelastred) reported

    @BrendaPhillips0 not really minecraft doesnt force us we just choose so soo wer the problem not minecraft

  • GVORX_ GVORX (@GVORX_) reported

    @MojangSupport Yeah there was actually, but they got the same error.

  • smolthbirb 🐦 (@smolthbirb) reported


  • itsMuppim Gustav Granlund (@itsMuppim) reported

    @pulseduck @MojangSupport Yeah, i've waited a month for getting help with the same issue, no high hopes for any help soon

  • _bluewax Fate (@_bluewax) reported

    fake service dogs are like minecraft zombies. dont do anything important, annoy the shit out of you, deeply anger you, and overall makes you, steve/a real sd handler, make your life just a little bit harder.

  • joysher_irl josh ✨🌻🐝🍯 (@joysher_irl) reported

    alexis fell asleep while we were playing minecraft & i’ve had trust issues ever since 😔😔💔

  • Velosonoper_tw ★彡VeloSoNoper彡★ (@Velosonoper_tw) reported

    @s8n Easy fix, get a dog in minecraft

  • AceThugV37 Ace (@AceThugV37) reported

    i want to play minecraft but i cant because my wifi is so shit and i lag **** THIS SCHOOL REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • xXHURLBURTXx Austan Hurlburt (@xXHURLBURTXx) reported

    I’ve decided I’d rather play 4 hours of Minecraft, over one game of Madden with broken ass Julio Jones.

  • Jdog4789 Jdog (@Jdog4789) reported

    @BeastFireNab Can't even run something as simple as Minecraft without lag and stuttering So yeah lol 2/2

  • Lucy__LK Lucy (@Lucy__LK) reported

    Stream still coming but slightly delayed. I was setting up the Java version of Minecraft to do a water world mode and I selected fullscreen in settings and now its broken so fun...

  • FB_LeMn Hahahahaha funny fruit (@FB_LeMn) reported

    @MojangSupport hey I was locked out of my account because my passwords not working and Im not receiving any sort of email for password resets, can I get some help to try to log back in

  • Bellcrayyy Åustinõ ◕‿◕ 🇺🇸 (@Bellcrayyy) reported

    @DrgnFire3640 @JMaso846 @OnePlus_Fam Idk. I haven’t tried it on iOS 13. I’m assuming it hasn’t been optimized for iOS 13, so I’m sure you’re having issues. It should get better eventually tho shortly after the official release of iOS 13. I’ll check it out on my Xs later if i can find Minecraft for free.

  • HereNothing2 Nothing2SeeHere (@HereNothing2) reported

    @MojangSupport hello I'm having issues with purchases in the market place. I can buy coins thru PayPal but I can redeem said coins. My kid is going berserk, please help. I've already uninstalled 3 times, cleared the cache..nothing helps.

  • BradyInstead brady welch (@BradyInstead) reported

    I lost my old Minecraft account login :(

  • dragonbumming ksenia (@dragonbumming) reported

    @MojangSupport hello, I need assistance: I purchased minecoins, purchased a texture pack, received an error message after 30 seconds, minecoins were taken from my balance but no sign of purchase of the pack.

  • Dak4laif D🅰️k (@Dak4laif) reported

    @FortniteGame Minecraft doesn't have login issues

  • synthicyde 신떼딕☆병신 (@synthicyde) reported

    @MINECRAFTMILF Ask him for his minecraft login

  • PansecksualCunt Co-CEO of Minecraft 🏳️‍⚧️ (@PansecksualCunt) reported

    i hate life even more. on a bad ****** day, my minecraft is lagging. im close to a breakdown

  • Vendettuh_ slept on ven 😴 (@Vendettuh_) reported

    Lowkey might do a FAAAAT minecraft stream once I come back. Can not wait to be back on the stream grind. But in conclusion, changing binds completly sucks and it causes a lot of user errors. Very hard keeping my cool in game when I dun goof on my binds. GGs Only.

  • xAKxRoyal_Flush Mark Smith Jr. (@xAKxRoyal_Flush) reported

    @MojangSupport need help resolving a purchase issue Dm me please

  • stucky2_ stucky2 (@stucky2_) reported

    Bugha's on CSGO, Dae is playing a new BR, Myth is on Minecraft.. Welcome to Season X :) @EpicGames Please fix your dog shit game.

  • Not_ACelebrity D*U*F*F (@Not_ACelebrity) reported

    @MojangSupport marketplace is not working. I have closed minecraft and also shut my computer down and restarted multiple times. Keeps saying that there may be something wrong with my internet correction but there's not, also doesn't accurately show my minecoin balance.

  • SuperPeng01 TheRealSuperPeng (@SuperPeng01) reported

    @java @Mojang @Minecraft @Microsoft I've recently been having a problem where when I try to load up Minecraft (Java edition) it would freeze and say Java not responding, followed steps to update java, check my video card is updated etc. Done everything and still got problems.

  • HarmonyKoi Pink Delicious (@HarmonyKoi) reported

    alternatively, someone pay me $10 an hour to play minecraft and crash

  • ericgilkey Eric Gilkey (@ericgilkey) reported

    @MojangSupport Not able to purchase anything from the Marketplace with coins I already have. Getting connection errors, but this persists regardless of being on wifi or lte, PE or on computer.

  • scotchandtieguy ScotchandTieGuy (@scotchandtieguy) reported

    I have a problem, I keep making new minecraft worlds because I get bored with the old ones.

  • Emanueljohnsonz Emanuel (@Emanueljohnsonz) reported

    @ComplexMinded Nice pic . now fix xbox and ps4's pixelated graphics.. This is not minecraft

  • DreamDemon14 DaNk FrOg🏳️‍🌈 (@DreamDemon14) reported

    @ShtickArt @501stFett “Creepers look like glitch Camo ******.” When I heard this it changed my whole Minecraft experience.

  • TheNalleweg 𝕿𝖍𝖊𝕹𝖆𝖑𝖑𝖊𝖜𝖊𝖌 (@TheNalleweg) reported

    @The7WG @Minecraft @aidols_ I had a back in time glitch. I died hours ago. Lost everything. Then jumped on to have it all back. Including my 20 levels! I just found a decent spot for the underwater castle too.

  • hyunjiros blavier (@hyunjiros) reported


  • sprpprmr Samsonadzes Stan # 76 (@sprpprmr) reported

    @MiamiBud2 maybe if you stanned 50 Ways to Die in Minecraft we wouldn't even be having this issue

  • PlantPaladin Pops (@PlantPaladin) reported

    Just went to buy a Minecraft skin pack on Xbox and it said there was an issue with my purchase. They charged me and now I can’t download the pack...

  • MaximusAlphonso Max (@MaximusAlphonso) reported

    @minerman593 @jockynano @Lithian1221 @BeatSaber No, the copyright issues are because mods typically are made by people who don't actually have legal rights to the songs. A shader for minecraft is totally different than a song made by an artist who technically didn't give permission for their music to be used in the first place

  • MaximusAlphonso Max (@MaximusAlphonso) reported

    No, the copyright issues are because mods typically are made by people who don't actually have legal rights to the songs. A shader for minecraft is totally different than a song made by an artist who technically didn't give permission for their music to be used in the first place

  • froakieleader froakieleaderYT (@froakieleader) reported

    @Gooose_Boi @TrashCraftpayer I can’t sign into my Xbox cuz I got my Minecraft on panda helper and it never lets me sign in

  • _Gisseh_ Emma :3 (@_Gisseh_) reported

    @MaxCheeseright @BastionBeepedy @C0ans @tluv2006 @marconiese @verge @YouTube Agree, I never said that putting Minecraft in Rewind will fix those things, lol.

  • Klaytopus Klay (@Klaytopus) reported

    Just going to stop streaming tonight. Minecraft isnt really streaming well. Keeps lagging. I tried I guess.

  • JesseWilkey1 welpweredoomed (@JesseWilkey1) reported

    Now I don’t like to be talking about what’s wrong with the world but games are not the ******* problem the parents are like @grandayy and his video games like Minecraft are SUPER violent god this world has went to shit.

  • enz_octopus enzo 🦞 @ fire emblem spoilers (@enz_octopus) reported

    @jolynecult @nekvma damn this ***** has a problem w minecraft.......... ok. bad taste

  • lilacofcs Linda (@lilacofcs) reported

    @MorganGeordie @Hogmanlolz Then go where they play minecraft. That would solve your problem@MorganGeordie

  • I65872508 I (@I65872508) reported

    @Jetman252 @SensenigRyan @TSM_Myth I agree Minecraft is terrible but its still worse than Fortnite. Fortnite just needs to fix itself honestly. Or epic games needs to fix Fortnite.

  • ExplainDrift Drift (@ExplainDrift) reported

    @SpiderMan209917 @IAmTheOnlyVader Glitches can be laughed at and Minecraft can crash sometimes. Not every glitch is supposed to be laughed at

  • rainclowns gray (@rainclowns) reported

    my brother keeps taking villagers houses in minecraft and he said “i can’t help it. they had a ‘mi casa es tu casa’ sign in their house so i had to” i hate him

  • JakeThings1 Zero (@JakeThings1) reported

    @Minecraft @minecraftearth Hey minecraft when I try to login or create a account it says please try again

  • Gemini_Lion_ Gemini Lion (@Gemini_Lion_) reported

    @Bbryzemattie1 @CitrusRain @ibxtoycat Just close Minecraft completely, then go back on. Tha should fix the not loading problem.

  • squuishy squishy🏵️ (@squuishy) reported

    @inumidozawa ahh I know this problem with staying focused. the only game which i can play for several hours at the moment is minecraft ahah. Splatoon worked too for a while but it's kinda boring after a while :(

  • JakeThings1 Zero (@JakeThings1) reported

    @MojangSupport Hey mojaba when I try to create and login ma account it says please try again always

  • CouchCretin couch cretin (@CouchCretin) reported

    Hey guys im not ignoring you by not liking your tweets ive just been sitting in the darkness for 4 days straight playing dragon age. On an unrelated note why are we still having problems with global warming when we have infinite power in the form of those minecraft **** vids

  • lokihyunedaf 기린린¹¹²² 댕햄 사랑해 (@lokihyunedaf) reported

    I had a good pc but it got broken and my mom doesn't want to fix it so now I'm using this old thing,,, playing Minecraft I get an fps of THREE(3) if I don't use optifine :):):) I hate everything

  • veryrarevin Vez / Vinny (@veryrarevin) reported

    Ima bug out I bought a card to buy Minecraft again and now it won’t let me “error please check card info” ima freak out

  • DonkeyFartz Joker (@DonkeyFartz) reported

    @FortniteGame FIX YOUR ******* GAME! Take out the Mech!! Top streamers are literally playing Minecraft and CSG!!

  • mrpatato20 mr.patato (@mrpatato20) reported

    Yo,@MojangSupport Minecraft keeps on lagging when play in multiplayer games I had Minecraft since 2015.

  • RockingRyan05 Ryan B. (@RockingRyan05) reported

    @Paragon_OW @UFDisciple @sonic_ether @ReeceTheFirst Make sure you have “Custom Sky” (or something along the lines of that) enabled in an additional Minecraft setting that OptiFine adds. I had a similar problem.

  • Daveshobbystuff David Muir (@Daveshobbystuff) reported

    @4u2standunique I like Mass Effect Andromeda, I don't understand the issues everyone has with it. Minecraft is also dumb as ****.

  • GeorgeH_12 PortalMasterGames (@GeorgeH_12) reported

    @yogscast @yogscast @yogscast Can you please start up a new Minecraft Series i've literally Binged watched everything. 1) Jaffa Factory 2) Moon Quest 3) Mars Quest 4) Jaffa Quest 5) Hole Diggers 6) Deep Space Mine 7) Whale Lords 8) Minecraft Kingdoms Please i need my fix...

  • ProtectGarreg Gatekeeper (@ProtectGarreg) reported

    | Oh yeah.... I had ASMR Minecraft to do today. I forgot due to a college problem that suddenly appeared. You'll see it in a few hours.

  • MycroftHolmesCO Ron Stewart (@MycroftHolmesCO) reported

    @NVIDIAGameDev Not a fan of Minecraft... Blocky graphics lead to shaded blocky graphics. Just shows a graphics card can't fix bad graphics design. #RTXOn