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Minecraft is a sandbox video game originally created by Swedish game designer Markus "Notch" Persson, and later developed and published by Mojang. Minecraft is available for Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, PlayStation 3 and more.

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January 29: Problems at Minecraft

Minecraft is having issues since 10:50 PM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • KibbleIsh IshKibble (@KibbleIsh) reported

    Stop fixing Minecraft earth and fix bedrock hoooly

  • LoveThoughtts LoveThoughts (@LoveThoughtts) reported

    YouTube's demonetization issues with Mortal Kombat are such a disappointment. I'm switching to Minecraft y'all.

  • GamingWithDan45 GamingWithDan (@GamingWithDan45) reported

    @NeoTheFox2 we need play sometime not minecraft its broken for me

  • George_7892 George 🔴 (@George_7892) reported

    @MojangSupport my step-daughter bought an add on for minecraft on 16/1/20. The money has been taken but the game won’t let her play the add-on. We’ve emailed you twice & had no reply. The lack of customer service we’ve received so far is disgusting, she’s upset & we can’t fix it.

  • CovertChiron Covert_Chiron (@CovertChiron) reported

    @sky_magpie @MojangSupport Thanks for the reply. Currently going through some Internet issues and thought I'd try platinum Minecraft while it gets sorted. Guess I'll have to be an adult and do some washing or something instead

  • NWPlayer123 Nikki™ 🌹 (@NWPlayer123) reported

    you ever think about how deforestation is such a big problem in Minecraft

  • tittyhaver ⚢ han!! (@tittyhaver) reported

    guys with $7500 gaming pcs that still crash when trying to open their huge minecraft worlds where they build trains on 2:1 scale are furious that using minecarts and having a 3 ft gauge is closer to standard gauge then any other gauge possible in minecraft

  • sky_magpie SamSkyMagpie (@sky_magpie) reported

    @BoyinCrazyHK1 @MojangSupport If you mean you cant log into your Microsoft account on Minecraft, a lot of people are currently experiencing this issue across all consoles and possibly pocket edition. It seems the latest update broke the game. But not everyone is affected.

  • sky_magpie SamSkyMagpie (@sky_magpie) reported

    @CovertChiron @MojangSupport Ps4 and the other console versions of minecraft are having a lot of issues since the last update. This is likely one of them. Some are even unplayable.

  • helljumper118 Taylor Hobart (@helljumper118) reported

    @sky_magpie @MojangSupport Would be nice for all of them to be working more properly than they are. Before PS4 joined Bedrock, I had no issues with the resource pack, and now the only one that I can make work is the Update Beta Pack

  • BsBanke Brandon (@BsBanke) reported

    @Minecraft @Minecraft I’m tired of the game freezing after playing for 5 minutes. How can I fix this

  • jaime_wallowa jame (@jaime_wallowa) reported

    @_pexl looks like a rendering issue with the actual device you're using (coupled by minecraft's really really bad lighting engine) ! that fern looks like a friend tho

  • sky_magpie SamSkyMagpie (@sky_magpie) reported

    @AndrewShout1 @MojangSupport All console versions of minecraft are currently experiencing a range of problems. Mojang haven't addressed it yet. I've been chasing them up about fixing it.

  • sky_magpie SamSkyMagpie (@sky_magpie) reported

    @helljumper118 @MojangSupport All console versions of minecraft are currently experiencing a range of problems. Mojang haven't addressed it yet. I've been chasing them up about fixing it.

  • AndrewShout1 Andrew Shout (@AndrewShout1) reported

    @MojangSupport Minecraft ps4 edition is not loading this has been happening for a few days now any idea what the problem is or how i can solve it

  • helljumper118 Taylor Hobart (@helljumper118) reported

    @MojangSupport This does not help me in the slightest. It doesn't say anything about what to do about the endless crash loop the game gets put into when activating a resource pack

  • sky_magpie SamSkyMagpie (@sky_magpie) reported

    @SESWilson1 @MojangSupport Pocket edition then. I haven't heard much from others about pocket edition having troubles but I'm having trouble with mine on my iPad too but for a different reason. but xbox, switch, ps4 and maybe pocket edition all seem to have different problems happening at the moment.

  • Suomixit Klorophyte (@Suomixit) reported

    @Voodooyoncee @Minecraft @NetherPixel7 i have a temporary fix: turn off yoir wifi and mobike data for the loading screen and you can turn it on safely right after loading is done.

  • lcc96 Lucas Cardozo (@lcc96) reported

    @justin0862 @MiKAuditore @Singh10J @Lordweiser @OriTheGame Minecraft was on PS4 before MS bought Mojang, the question was whether MS would keep it on that platform. They have already confirmed that no other game will arrive on Switch. The information is available, the problem is your desire to inform yourself.

  • TRIX717 Trix (@TRIX717) reported

    @MojangSupport Hello, I have a problem with minecraft on console. When I want to connect my Microsoft account he says "Oops! It looks like this account is already connected".

  • flameflash FlameFlash (@flameflash) reported

    @thelozzie87 @TheCrosshare There are Minecraft server hosting places but you can also set it up on your computer locally if it has the power. That's how I've played it in the past... until the friend had a power outage and poof, there went the server. :p

  • sky_magpie SamSkyMagpie (@sky_magpie) reported

    @epic_rigby @MojangSupport That's what I thought with mine first too. But no, Minecraft is pretty broken right now but Mojang are just too stubborn to say it.

  • JasonKissinger Jason Kissinger (@JasonKissinger) reported

    @MojangSupport @Bobo_Fettish It’s ridiculous how long you guys are taking to fix YOUR problems. It is your responsibility to make sure no one gets hacked but it seems like Microsoft doesn’t care about getting hacked anymore. You need to be giving everyone something extra because we’re not able to play.

  • sky_magpie SamSkyMagpie (@sky_magpie) reported

    @MojangSupport Now Xbox is having problems. At least make a statement letting people know what's going on. I'm doing your darn job for you, informing people that your game is broken when they're querying what's happening to their coins and accounts!

  • AndrBortolotti1 André B.🌍 (@AndrBortolotti1) reported

    @holtmuer @JORAX79 I know but I currently have a Galaxy A70 which is compatible with Google Arcore. I hope all phones compatible with this service will launch Minecraft Earth

  • sky_magpie SamSkyMagpie (@sky_magpie) reported

    @peepeesucky @MojangSupport They still haven't fixed the problem. I really hope they're working on it right now.

  • SharaOniiChan Shara (@SharaOniiChan) reported

    My big @jschlatt got his heart broken for two long we need him to get his Minecraft e-girlfriend

  • sky_magpie SamSkyMagpie (@sky_magpie) reported

    @jeonfleur @MojangSupport Minecraft for the switch and ps4 are really broken right now. Believe me, there are posts all over here about the same issues. They should come back when Mojang finally fix it. Though when that is I have no idea...

  • RaindropsGt GT RainDrops (@RaindropsGt) reported

    @MojangSupport I purchased a realm on bedrock (Mobile) and it had an issue on your end creating the realm it's been over 2 weeks I filled out a report which did nothing my ign is GT RainDrops I would like my realm to be created or a full refund as I'm annoyed now

  • sky_magpie SamSkyMagpie (@sky_magpie) reported

    @Gt1racer @Wx_Jaden @MojangSupport @Minecraft Minecraft is experiencing problems across mostly ps4 and switch from what Ive seen on twitter. Xbox and pocket edition also seem to be affected. Seems to be a game breaking bug happening.

  • sky_magpie SamSkyMagpie (@sky_magpie) reported

    @DylanNi24907493 @MojangSupport A lot of people having this issue on both ps4 and switch. Including me with my switch version. Looks like the latest update came with a bug or something.

  • sky_magpie SamSkyMagpie (@sky_magpie) reported

    @IsabellRoland @MojangSupport You're not the only one. A lot of people are having this issue from what I've been seeing. Across both ps4 and switch. I've even seen some xbox issues. I think the newest update was buggy. Hoping they fix it soon.

  • sky_magpie SamSkyMagpie (@sky_magpie) reported

    @epic_rigby @MojangSupport Currently trying my hardest to chase them up on this. This is a problem that a few people are having including me.

  • Seba99DS Sebastian Schultz (@Seba99DS) reported

    @MojangSupport HELP!! I play the Xbox one version. While the latest Update (1.14.20) was installed i was trying to load my world and then the game crashed...Since then I have not been able to enter my world and I only get a screen that says there was a problem loading your world.

  • PixelsAndBlocks Pixels & Blocks (@PixelsAndBlocks) reported

    @Marcob_07 @Minecraft We currently have a fix that is on its way but isn't out yet. Ok the mean time you can enable cheats and then when you enter the manor go into creative and break the barrier blocks around the bed. Sorry for this issue.

  • nanaluvsju KT Stormrider (@nanaluvsju) reported

    support minecraft. keep making youtube videos. keep assuming there is no problem.

  • LucasCH0229 Lucas Cease (@LucasCH0229) reported

    It’s 5am I cannot sleep “Pompeii” by Bastille comes on I wake up It’s 2013 again No money no problem Let’s watch Minecraft videos :’)

  • discord99057751 discordiabot (@discord99057751) reported

    Cute Day - Take the Kraken's tentacles away from Archeage and add some fan service from Minecraft, namely the Dragon's breath.

  • captainpaulmann Paul Mann (@captainpaulmann) reported

    @MojangSupport Hi I logged this call 6 weeks ago on your support desk and no one has got back to me since. I am trying to get my Niece up and running on the game. It was a Christmas present but that was ruined by poor customer service. Call ref : 153679

  • YEETZViLLE_69 🪐-YEETZVILLE-❄️(AKA Y-AWESOME-T)#007Fam #PeelyFam (@YEETZViLLE_69) reported

    @JotaroSed @Minecraft No Problem 😃

  • K99L44 k99'l44 (@K99L44) reported

    @Microsoft @Minecraft Yall need to fix the Minecraft on the Nintendo I try to log in and it says "Failed to login We tried to sign you in to your Microsoft account, but something went wrong."

  • HyperColt14 Colt Hall (@HyperColt14) reported

    @Mega_Spud We need a major fix as when Minecraft on ps4 crashes all the time when u sign in with ms account on Minecraft ps4 fix now

  • ghvvst_ Vibe Monitor (@ghvvst_) reported

    i lost one of my horses in minecraft and i’m broken. i’m ******* broken. i’m f

  • ClockyJane ClockyJaneOfficial (@ClockyJane) reported

    @Popgoes6 @soniuigi @GenisisRaccoon You know I have the same problem. Every AR game I try I can play excpect Fnaf AR and Minecraft Earth

  • DWarrior2794 Doge_Warrior2794 (@DWarrior2794) reported

    @AskPlayStation (1/2) Hi, I have played Minecraft bedrock on ps4 since it’s release. I haven’t run into any sign in problems (like many did) until today. Randomly, it signed me out and when I click “Sign in with a Microsoft Account” it says “We tried to sign you in to your Microsoft Account, but

  • Mine4More14 Mine4More14 (@Mine4More14) reported

    @MojangSupport can you help me with a problem that appeared out of nowhere. so first when trying to play modded minecraft through twitch it said my account was a trial account and i did not own the game, after going to check on mojang it also now said i do not own the game

  • DARKlNWOLFF DarkinWolff (@DARKlNWOLFF) reported

    @Sarobi coolio! ill definitely be getting. Get it and hand down my ps4 to the kiddos. PS3 is struggling and support for alot of the game sthey play like minecraft are poop. My biggest issue with sony is having to drop my whole library for a new console so i usually dont get it for years.

  • morshul sov/sovereign [he/him] 🤖🤖 (@morshul) reported

    They play minecraft and Toki is That Guy that has a collection of 50000 cats and dogs and bunnies following him around and lagging the server

  • AndaraWilder Wilder Andara (@AndaraWilder) reported

    @notch Dear friend, I want to ask for a solution to an error in the game minecraft that prevents playing in lan or multiplatform mode, this error was generated in the last update of December 12, 2019, thank the prompt solution greetings.

  • ShadowZ_RBLX Hidden Shadows (@ShadowZ_RBLX) reported

    @Minehut I have been using your service for quite a while. I really want a Minecraft account so my brother could play with me. Alternatively, he uses mcleaks but it's so annoying to switch account or renew the alt tokens. He needs a permanent account so we can play. Goodlook to everyone!

  • pvrtialin Jace (@pvrtialin) reported

    @Minecraft you ever gonna fix the joining server issue with cross platform

  • KellyRAlleyne Kelly R Alleyne (@KellyRAlleyne) reported

    @Minecraft I need help. I cannot play with my friend from Austria. I'm in America. We can play on the old version but not the new and your update today didn't fix it. Getting the cannot connect to world error.

  • AndrewfromNY Andrew (@AndrewfromNY) reported


  • yoop_yah blubber (@yoop_yah) reported

    @MojangSupport Mojang, I play on java and I can't quite figure out what is going on. I downloaded 1.12.2 forge for mods, it always worked but now it doesn't. My game keeps crashing every time I play and I can't stand it. What could be the issue and can you help.

  • DSzostkiewicz Douglas Szostkiewicz (@DSzostkiewicz) reported

    @SmashBrosJP I’m going to stick with my guns here and repeat myself. At least two I say will be reailty. 1. Crash Bandicoot. 2. Lloyd Irving. 3. Sora. 4. Minecraft Steve. 5. Pokémon Sword and Shield rep. 6. Geno or Waluigi. Any other requested fighters will be either spirits or Mii outfits.

  • 1p3l4u3t4o0x - j o s ⁷ (@1p3l4u3t4o0x) reported

    @jjinlvr the thing is that i dont have minecraft (like a pc) ans can only play on my phone yet my phone is broken and doesnt even let me play 😭😭

  • NinjaSniper85_ Ninja (TPG is backup i guess) (@NinjaSniper85_) reported

    @zeestrike @lexi_hart_ @TPG_Telecom na i used to be a (retired Minecraft Hacker who like being a **** to little kids) but it was a issues with NBN i guess the DNS server shit it server all the Provider was in a rush to check what up :) should be working fine :)

  • joserodzh Jose Castañeda (@joserodzh) reported

    @Minecraft Can you please fix Multiplayer on PS4, i cant play with friends on my same platform

  • zeb64ds TNQ_Zeb (@zeb64ds) reported

    Ive been playing Minecraft all day. I think i have a problem

  • TheRetroManiac1 The_Retro_Maniac (@TheRetroManiac1) reported

    @MojangSupport How long do you guys take to answer a simple email my days support is shocking this bug should not even exist fix your game!