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Minecraft is a sandbox video game originally created by Swedish game designer Markus "Notch" Persson, and later developed and published by Mojang. Minecraft is available for Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, PlayStation 3 and more.

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  • ieieneb1 ieieneb (@ieieneb1) reported

    @MojangSupport @ByLynXx__ There has been no codes for at least a month and you guys continue to avoid the issue. There has been hundreds of complaints and still no response and nothing fixed

  • some_platform SomePersonOnThisPlatformForNoReason (@some_platform) reported

    Minecraft has Loads of issues now, I cant even play it without it crashing and I'm on XBox!

  • 527Scp SCP-527 (@527Scp) reported

    Just found out that oculus link is a thing... problem is I’m ******* poor and can’t afford the cable 😂 Minecraft vr gang

  • taugeeee ✨豆芽之王@examhell (@taugeeee) reported

    auuughkgjgkf the Minecraft server is lagging so hard i can't play

  • AldgutOwOn Random Anime Character (@AldgutOwOn) reported

    Hey um @Microsoft, can you fix minecraft. You broke it, you can fix it

  • TheFloppyGaming FloppyGaming (@TheFloppyGaming) reported

    @Minecraft If only they fixed redstone I would actually play it 😭 Yes, I know the sticky piston behavior is the intended behavior and the behavior is Java is a bug, but either except spitting out as a feature, or fix the bug in Java. Don't introduce inconsistency

  • TartMagica Forgiven Healer, Lamitt Defense Squad Leader (@TartMagica) reported

    Oh hey ps4 is finally getting minecraft bedrock Now if only they can fix it to work on Switch properly

  • JustKaiser_ ◨ JK (@JustKaiser_) reported

    why does minecraft 1.14 have tick lag in SINGLEPLAYER

  • Crunkulous thankulous (@Crunkulous) reported

    @literal_cringe @Mercynary @StarmanBandit @SpawnWaveMedia No, not really. There are tons of issues and glitches that the Nintendo switch version has. I say this as a person who's poured 125+ hours in Minecraft on the switch.

  • bilboblorgus bilboblorgus (@bilboblorgus) reported

    @Marc_IRL @Minecraft Probably everyone angry that their red stone is broken

  • jiajun63601239 jiajun (@jiajun63601239) reported

    @AppValley_vip can you guys please fix Minecraft I wanna play it so sad thx

  • BraketLil Braket (@BraketLil) reported

    hahahahahah. i gave you my itunes wile we were dating, now that we broke up i changed my password and your trying to login. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. should’ve never cheated, now you don’t have minecraft pe

  • VoiceLegendII Victor (@VoiceLegendII) reported

    @TTFPRulez I understand the anger towards MLB The Show's deal, but it just might be that MLB is going multi-plat as a series without Sony's aid, much like with what happened with Crash Bandicoot. The Horizon PC shit is just a rumor, and ppl begged for PS4 to do crossplay for minecraft

  • TSELVIN_OG TSELVIN💻🎥🎅☃️❄ (@TSELVIN_OG) reported

    @Chupacaubrey No problem Aubrey. I havent played Minecraft in a while but I have been keeping up with the news feed.

  • ULI_Riley Riley 🛡️ (@ULI_Riley) reported

    @LoDawg6 @Minecraft @4JStudios Last two years maybe so, but the other 5 console was so consistent and run with next to no issues

  • YounglingL Henry: no freaks given (@YounglingL) reported

    @Minecraft This is cool but please fix the horrendous loading times for bedrock on switch



  • _dyannelpz Dyanne DL (@_dyannelpz) reported

    @MojangSupport Been charged twice. I used a debit card first in purchasing the Minecraft Java Edition, then it says debit card is not applicable. So i used credit card, and it was successful. Please look into my email. Sent several emails regarding this issue. #(120465). Thanks

  • _dyannelpz Dyanne DL (@_dyannelpz) reported

    @MojangSupport Been charged twice. I used a debit card first in purchasing the Minecraft Java Edition, then it says debit card is not applicable. So i used credit card, and it was successful. Please look into my email. Sent several emails regarding this issue. #(120465). Thanks

  • _dyannelpz Dyanne DL (@_dyannelpz) reported

    @MojangSupport Been charged twice. I used a debit card first in purchasing the Minecraft Java Edition, then it says debit card is not applicable. So i used credit card, and it was successful. Please look into my email. Sent several emails regarding this issue. #(120465). Thanks

  • CKortJester Colby Kortas (@CKortJester) reported

    @WhoDatNinja73 What if you could take your road to the show ON THE ROAD WITH YOU. oh my goodness I would love if they could figure that out. Sign in through your Sony acct like Xbox does with Minecraft. Download it when you leave. Upload when you get back online.

  • yeemoupdating Yeemo Updating (@yeemoupdating) reported

    update: the minecraft server has experienced some major technical difficulties. we’re working on fixing the issue and will keep you all updated. -shooken

  • lustleann 𝙨𝙖𝙣𝙩𝙖 𝙨𝙞𝙣𝙘𝙡𝙖𝙞𝙧 𝙡𝙤𝙫𝙚𝙨 𝙩𝙖𝙮𝙖 (@lustleann) reported

    @Minecraft @MojangSupport BRO FIX MCPE

  • tgtmstyles Garena (@tgtmstyles) reported

    @BadGamingTakes @ItsJerryFreeman The only good in that list is minecraft, most in the list are garbage needed patches or mods to fix it

  • realgooddare Tailor Buffler (@realgooddare) reported

    Somethings Wrong. On Mobile Minecraft It Shows The Plane But On Pc It Shows The Plane But Then It Vanishes For Some Strange Reason. But Don’t Worry Pc Players We Will Fix That Soon.

  • Jimmysworlddd Uncle Jim Jam (@Jimmysworlddd) reported

    I died and lost my diamond sword and my good bow, then I tried to find my stuff and found a bunch of other really rare stuff, then I died again TO LAG and lost all of it AGAIN and deleted Minecraft. I will not be playing again until my pc is done and my WiFi isn’t such SHIT

  • Manbeard81 Manbeard81 (@Manbeard81) reported

    I intended on streaming with my Minecraft community (@itsSandromeda) but the java version is not working, at all. Playing the Windows 10 version. Boring, I know. 🙄

  • zengrl Jessica Kociara (@zengrl) reported

    @Microsoft @MicrosoftEDU @BillGates Just spoke w/ customer service & learned that homeschool students can't use Minecraft Education because we don't have a .edu email. This needs to be fixed. #homeschooling #YouCanDoBetterMicrosoft #MicrosoftEdu

  • martian_phurba #SpreadAwareness🕷🃏🎄 (@martian_phurba) reported

    @luleto_j @TwixAreGodTier i mean in all seriousness no bullcrap, the buildup to full console crossplay of minecraft has been years in the making. even though sony has been the only problem, nonetheless.

  • CarloVitulo Carlo Vitulo (@CarloVitulo) reported

    @TryIgnition Can you please fix the apps. And not play minecraft. Thx

  • Simmonds91R Simmonds91 (@Simmonds91R) reported

    Interesting.. Maybe i'll get into minecraft again sometime, it is quite relaxing.. up until i finish what i've made at least and i end up feeling it was all a pointless waste of time. "It wasn't so bad at first feeling like gods, the problem was knowing that none of it was real"

  • Spacer93171887 intellectually curious 😂 (@Spacer93171887) reported

    @TurboChards @Salt1estGaming @XboxGamePass Unfortunately not going happen. Since people need to use their playstation account to sign in Minecraft

  • ShetzlerBryson Bryson S. (@ShetzlerBryson) reported

    @AlexWassabi 1. Helping others with problems 2. Being single 🤣 3. Minecraft Survival 🤓

  • pyrepunk p3p rat stan (@pyrepunk) reported

    i got my new computer today and it’s so ******* good. im not used to being able to play video games without them@lagging to hell and today I’ve played both p3p and minecraft with basically zero disturbance

  • ryankickassa Ryan Bourassa (@ryankickassa) reported

    My friend had to shut down her Minecraft server and now my heart is completely broken.

  • NaemonAldmeri prince naemon didn't deserve that 🏳️‍⚧️ (@NaemonAldmeri) reported

    i love it when minecraft's generation gets fucky, sometimes it bothers me to where i fix it but other times... do u know what u can stay

  • CrystalFenn_ 🏳️‍⚧️🐶Pubby baby..💖🏳️‍⚧️ (@CrystalFenn_) reported

    @LillyFoxJax The issue is is that if you market for kids it won't most likely show up in people subscription feeds or notifications Also the fact that if it were marked for kids there would be no ad revenue on it So channels that do Minecraft animation channels would be ******

  • Mr_Cologne1 Mr_Cologne (@Mr_Cologne1) reported

    @MojangSupport i've been trying to renew my realm for 3 weeks now and it's still not working! AT LEAST acknowledge the issue on @MojangStatus

  • pogojoe2011 Pogojoe73 on YouTube (@pogojoe2011) reported

    @Minecraft I wish I could have my daughter play it but your website says you’re out of upgrade codes even though it also said I can upgrade from the windows 8 version to windows 10 for free. Please fix this so she can play.

  • JonnyyFloress Jonny Flores (@JonnyyFloress) reported

    @TryIgnition Fix your app what are you doing no one cares about your stupid Minecraft server Hurry up I’m over here following you with notifications to get updates but you guys just playing games pathetic 😡🤮🤬🖕🏽

  • AER0KNIGHT AER0 (@AER0KNIGHT) reported

    @Geran42o So we're a bit new to the Minecraft world but overall are pretty tapped in at this point. If you have an Xbox account linked as far as I know you will login to PS4 with your MS acct like you do on Nintendo right now. All those purchases come over. Not sure from PS4 acct to Xbox.

  • Kirious_ kiristmas tree🎄 (@Kirious_) reported

    to add to this, due to unforeseen issues, there won't be any minecraft videos after the next two or so. the series has come to a halt, and sadly, we don't know if we can resume it or not.

  • Jacobidc Jacob (@Jacobidc) reported

    @MojangSupport @Minecraft I’m trying to play in my realm that I pay for... and I’m getting kicked out because of a connection issue but my connection is perfectly fine

  • wraith_blood BloodWraith (@wraith_blood) reported

    @wishthedeath @Daniel328DT @attack_joey @itiswattles @Minecraft More of bug tho, something about they had to do that with java because it would've caused an issue or something to with suffocation so that's how they fixed by making it to where you do the swimming animation, bedrock didn't have this issues apparently

  • juanjobalarezo Juanjo Balarezo (@juanjobalarezo) reported

    Hi @MojangSupport I have a problem, I wanted to buy the windows 10 minecraft, but I bought the minecraft java, what can I do help me

  • GoldenCreeper88 Creeper88 (@GoldenCreeper88) reported

    @wildthegamer_ @Miniput98 In my opinion, Bedrock needs ALOT more work for it to be able to truly replace the original PS4 version of Minecraft! 1.14 still has some bugs left that were added in 1.13 such as the view bobbing camera animation, broken bow particles, and more down the line!

  • haznoodle2 haznoodle (@haznoodle2) reported

    @HelenAngel @MinecraftMamaJ @Minecraft @MojangSupport Ok then @MojangSupport can you help me with this problem

  • MurgoDaniel Daniel Murgo (@MurgoDaniel) reported

    @wildthegamer_ I want to know if PS4 Bedrock will get the beta versions and if it will display my PSN username or my Xbox Live username (I hope for Xbox Live username because I did the error to play Minecraft on my father's account and I don't want his username)

  • KhalidSzyslak Herschel Krustofsky (@KhalidSzyslak) reported

    @silentwisperer_ At least now they only have one broken version of Minecraft

  • aiden_g223 🎃AidenG223🎃 (@aiden_g223) reported

    @Minecraft You guys need to fix Minecraft Bedrock for Switch since it’s literally unplayable right now if you save and exit your world it crashes and you can lose progress and things in your world can despawn so please fix your game so me and others can actually play it

  • FeWendu Wendu.FE (@FeWendu) reported

    @UnoriginalArch1 @Awesominer654 @Durrenowo @kyo_garou @Trash_Boi_LoL @ninsoup No problem nothing wrong with a long response. I see what you're getting at Minecraft recently has increased in popularity. I think he would be an excellent mii costume because of that. Same logic works with sans. However if he had taken a DLC fighter spot that changes things.

  • WriteEscape WriteEscape (@WriteEscape) reported

    @Marc_IRL @Minecraft The ability to link my Microsoft account to Java edition accounts so I don't have to login and out of all of my Java edition accounts

  • littleted12 luna that android (@littleted12) reported

    @Minecraft I know see my problem. Yes I know. I'm clapped

  • mindcraftjoe Mindcraftjoe🇺🇸 (@mindcraftjoe) reported

    @minecra09770234 @Minecraft Java, Bedrock, and Console Edition are all developed by three different groups - Mojang, Microsoft, and 4J. The problem I see with Bedrock is that since it’s all the same code, they have to adjust it to work well on all platforms. With Console Edition, each version was separate.

  • sasukeuchiha25 AshleySweety25 (@sasukeuchiha25) reported

    @MojangSupport help !!!! Plz my mce keep crashing when I come collecting tappables also my other problem wasn’t solved when I bought a 16x16 build plate with muddy pig and 3 of my mobs dispawned

  • kidsmoove (@kidsmoove) reported

    Before you ppl freak out I currently have Minecraft for both Xbox and switch I could not do cross play on Minecraft without a paid Nintendo online subscription. Sure I don’t need gold to connect to xbl on switch but I did need Nintendo service. This will be the same with PS4.

  • Anon_2467 Anon (@Anon_2467) reported

    @UnlimatedStone9 @miharkula @Minecraft @jeb_ Except it’s not. It’s just a lot of work because many little details in game mechanics are different between the two. Would take quite a while to fix that.

  • MurgoDaniel Daniel Murgo (@MurgoDaniel) reported

    @i0two @Chupacaubrey @GuyTheGuardian Same for me because I did the error of playing Minecraft PS4 Edition on my father's account and I don't want his username

  • mindcraftjoe Mindcraftjoe🇺🇸 (@mindcraftjoe) reported

    @wishthedeath @person_test_01 @Minecraft Hopefully they’ll fix that in a patch then.

  • ArialBlade AC (@ArialBlade) reported

    @saltydkdan More corruption games, grassmo memorial service in a corrupted Minecraft can avenge him