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Minecraft is a sandbox video game originally created by Swedish game designer Markus "Notch" Persson, and later developed and published by Mojang. Minecraft is available for Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, PlayStation 3 and more.

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December 12: Problems at Minecraft

Minecraft is having issues since 02:30 AM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in (55.56%)
  • Online Play (20.00%)
  • Game Crash (15.56%)
  • Glitches (4.44%)
  • Matchmaking (2.22%)
  • Hacking / Cheating (2.22%)

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  • stage4sorrows
    mothmanda (@stage4sorrows) reported

    @graveyardprep one time i broke my computer bc minecraft was lagging and i got angry

  • benhen623
    Stuffy1123 (@benhen623) reported

    @Minecraft Hey I just spent $10 on a realm and i'm unable to upload worlds it just says upload failed (-1) can you fix this please. Thanks

  • dinosaurninja95
    brandon green (@dinosaurninja95) reported from Moncton, New Brunswick/Nouveau-Brunswick

    @Mojang I am having a problem with minecraft I lunch the game and go to play it shows the logo then stops and crushes reload it and is able to get to the main spot then try joking a single or multiplayer and again stops responding

  • MikeyWinski
    Winski 🛸🎄 (@MikeyWinski) reported

    Gonna stream instead of studying for finals. Minecraft it is. Going live as soon as i fix my microphone lol

  • fIakez
    ًㅤㅤㅤ (@fIakez) reported

    I can’t even play multiplayer. I guess ima play Minecraft for now until they nerf Zero. Or fix repair system in blackout.

  • JamesIaniro
    Otnalei (@JamesIaniro) reported

    @Minecraft dear Minecraft people. I am having problems with your new update. I CANT ******* TURN!!! All I can do is go straight back left and right but I can’t turn. It’s not my controller because it was working just fine before I did the update last night. Please fix this.

  • ScourgeHH
    Scourge HH (@ScourgeHH) reported

    @SuperAppleDash Oh yeah, 100% that would be great. However your right. I spearheaded a project to get Minecraft and MLP to colab. I actually got the people at Minecraft on board, however, it was impossible to ever get in touch with people at Hasbro. They are the problem when it comes to colabs

  • garrillagamer
    jakob clifton (@garrillagamer) reported

    @MojangSupport I’m having an issue with mobs not showing on the latest snapshot, I just loaded up a new survival world because I wanted to try the new stuff, but I kept hearing animals noises all around me, then I saw an egg come out of nowhere and a layer of grass get eaten.

  • Hakim78201827
    Savagekid17 yt (@Hakim78201827) reported

    @Minecraft Plz update the game is lagging

  • scorpionsaber
    scorpionsaber (@scorpionsaber) reported

    @eckoxsoldier i think my minecraft world might be broken there are guardians randomly attacking other mobs an there is no ocean monument in the area

  • Dinand22856688
    Dinand (@Dinand22856688) reported

    @ORIGINPC A laptop or pc that doesnt crash if i boot up minecraft #patatopc

  • jamiehopkns
    jamie (@jamiehopkns) reported

    @CaptainSparklez all of the audio for minecraft mix on spotify is broken could u reupload it please x

  • Jdawgvsgaming
    Jalen (@Jdawgvsgaming) reported

    @Minecraft Fix combat please, thanks.

  • birbhead
    winged trash (@birbhead) reported

    Huh, I didn't know minecraft motion sickness is such a common problem.

  • LyazidSantiago
    Diego Alex (@LyazidSantiago) reported

    @Minecraft The update is great, but there is a issue with it: the bell sounds aren't there, and bugged. I just HATE that bug as I want to hear the bell chime. Please release a tiny update next year to fix this as this bug BUGS me to death.(No pun intended)

  • KillerCryptid
    Leo Šiletić (@KillerCryptid) reported

    @Cuphaed easy, Minecraft, only limit is your imagination basically, and everything is randomly generated so it gives you that exploration itch in every new world but honestly the biggest problem would be electricity, how am I gonna power that PC

  • Jess_MCTeam
    Jess @ Minecraft (@Jess_MCTeam) reported

    @crunchybag3229 @Minecraft @Mojang I'm very sorry you're encountering this. Our devs are already working hard to get a fix out as soon as possible. 💚

  • tisinaction
    Rachel Moravec (@tisinaction) reported

    @witmanedu @PlayCraftLearn @Minecraft @mr_isaacs Private server for groups if you use vanilla. Basically 30 per license then 10 per month for server. Accounts can be shared. EE is 5 per account and requires individual login but sever included plus extra features.

  • YousefM60667400
    Yousef Mansour (@YousefM60667400) reported

    @MojangSupport Hi Three years ago,I bought Minecraft on my Playstation 4. I played with the game until last summer. And now, for completely unknown reason, I can’t open the game. It tells me you need to unlock the full edition, and I already bought it. Please fix this problem

  • JoeMC_YT
    Joe (@JoeMC_YT) reported

    @FogzGamez @MCPESkyGames @MCPEDL @Logdotzip @MegaStrikerMCPE @LuisTheMeifwa @MCTeamSpectrum @solvedDev I don't have a problem with Trawsen. As a leader I beileve he should respect everyone in his team, and in the Minecraft community. I didn't say SkyGames aren't good at add-ons because of him, but because that was my opinion. Now please stop arguing with me, have a good day.

  • GabO83448138
    GabO (@GabO83448138) reported

    @MojangSupport help please I have a problem in my minecraft ... I open it and listen but I do not see the game

  • 4A_Root
    ✦Neža✦ (@4A_Root) reported

    Oh wauu looks like my laptop couldnt take minecraft anymore and closed it down, i thought the game crashed but no error showed :I

  • marcthegay
    Mar (@marcthegay) reported

    My friends were just talking about the PM problem and then played Minecraft after. I’m jealous Ray got a house while I have a room😤😤

  • Gooose_Boi
    gooseboi. (@Gooose_Boi) reported

    @TrivialGaming @Minecraft Same problem


    @MojangSupport When I download my 1.14 snapshots it's crush and said "game crush we will fix this soon" but it's never fixed!I want to make video about new sanpshorts of 1.14 please help.

  • Joseph40427644
    Joseph (@Joseph40427644) reported

    @Minecraft Why is realms not working

  • DBadalato
    Daniil Badalato (@DBadalato) reported

    @Minecraft The touch screen glitch where you would randomly look up or down is still present in 1.8.0, while it is fixed in beta

  • BabyBatPlays
    Nuclear Squidyy ☃️❄️ (@BabyBatPlays) reported

    We're delaying the Minecraft series because of some issues we're having! I'll tell you guys when it's expected to be here!!

  • nigh7stalk3r
    Kyle Williams (@nigh7stalk3r) reported

    @DanielVavra Hopefully Minecraft rain is on that list, its been an issue on all platforms since launch.


    @MojangSupport I know but i can't open my Computer 1.14 sanpshort and can't find the problem of snapshots in help Mojang.

  • T3ddYB3AR2k
    teddy bear (@T3ddYB3AR2k) reported

    Is @FortniteGame back yet.... oh well, guess I'll play @Minecraft hunger games cause that shit would at least be fun to play since there aren't like broken ******* weapons that take no skill or guarantee you a win.

  • El_Cheve
    Nacho López (Cheve) (@El_Cheve) reported

    @MissMarzenia There is a big problem with the Spanish translation of Minecraft. The croudin community is acting as a firewall preventing any correct translation. I've got an excel with dozens of problems with it. Someone from Mojang must look at this.

  • finstarhund
    Finsterhund | Remaster Heart of Darkness please (@finstarhund) reported

    Minecraft used to be a wild and untamed world. Old beta versions were so haunted and lonely. Random structures made from stone would just show up and you couldn't tell if they were randomly generated, chunk errors, etc. The lighting was SO DARK.

  • batterpunts
    What The 🦆 (@batterpunts) reported

    @TheTrashbang *I mean, using wasd is not a problem if a game is simple (like minecraft or naissancee)

  • Eatinglotusflo1
    Eatinglotusfloweed (@Eatinglotusflo1) reported

    @Minecraft Fix fighting mechanics

  • L0xi3
    Loxi3 (@L0xi3) reported

    @MojangSupport Hello my friends and i started a world on realms about 2 weeks ago and we recently got to the end and the outer islands. We have found three end cities and none of them has had chests in them excepts the ships, this is a big problem and we dont know what to do :(

  • MrPapaveraceae
    Mr. Papaveraceae 🏳️‍🌈 (@MrPapaveraceae) reported

    @TheyCallMeDSP Hey, Phil. Something else about Minecraft. I mentioned before and I remember last time, you were given like a crash course of most of the major features and I feel didn't make it fun for you. ...

  • Vic4Games
    Vic4Games (@Vic4Games) reported

    @katlyn442 I think it might be a Minecraft issue, and I would fix it, but I'm unsure of whether it's worth fixing. I think it balances out damage.

  • LucienOrion
    LucienDeath (@LucienOrion) reported

    @Minecraft I ran into invisible walls already that glitch out hostile mobs an any mob not hostile i had to reboot my realm because of it i play on Pocket Edition Just Saying

  • RedBerylFTW
    #NoMoreTripleAGames RedBerylFTW (@RedBerylFTW) reported

    I am a hypocrite. I play Black Ops 4, which is at fault of the Live Service overhaul. But know this: I've not payed for a single microtransaction since Minecraft Xbox 360 edition in 2012. Because of that, it makes Black Ops 4 feel generic as ****. #NMTAG #NoMoreTripleAGames

  • loonychef
    Christopher Phillips (@loonychef) reported

    @StevenBrust This used to be a problem for me playing Minecraft. I used wine though.

    𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐌𝐚𝐧 𝐖𝐡𝐨 𝐌𝐚𝐫𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐝 𝐀 𝐑𝐨𝐛𝐨𝐭 (@LILBOMINPEEP) reported

    @yaboiianakin download minecraft. bam. problem solved.

  • DayatXD
    Rahmat Hidayat (@DayatXD) reported

    @FoxyNoTail @HelenAngel MCBE Minecraft Broken Edition

  • DarkYoshiPro
    DYproductions (@DarkYoshiPro) reported

    @Minecraft @Mojang My language system in my game is broken. I click on one language and it’ll switch to a completely different language. #minecraft

  • NabbitNick
    Nabbit Nick ❄️ (@NabbitNick) reported

    @knockmonsterr My biggest issue with Steve is just what a stiff and boring character he is. I think Minecraft would work better as a stage and mii costume in my opinion

  • killgncd
    ‏ً (@killgncd) reported

    i play minecraft while i listen to it whats the problem

  • psishadow1
    psishadow (@psishadow1) reported

    @theredwolf100 @Minecraft @Toycats_Cat See i have this problem as well but if there’s one thing I learned about Nintendo’s updating system it comes out later in the night like 11pm (could be sonnet but idk) or and it’s 7:42for me rn

  • adamizwhite
    Adamizwhite (@adamizwhite) reported

    @SwitchSmashBros Crash bandicoot Bandana waddle Dee Steve (minecraft) Sans

  • YuutoSJ
    Yuu (@YuutoSJ) reported

    @freezekun PC im having huge problems on lobby with people and the problems aint on me theyre on them one friends NAT type is somehow "wrong" and he vcant play the game at all other oness game dropped fps from 90 to 40 and renders minecraft level and lobbies are unjoinable

  • Faewildes
    Faiahae (@Faewildes) reported

    @jagwhispers I have the same problem! I always got around it by doing something repetitive (sketching, coloring, playing minecraft) while listening. I have never been able to just sit still and do it.

  • builderman824
    builderman (@builderman824) reported

    I made a new game in Minecraft called Roblox Tycoon and if there’s any bugs or fixes that need to be done let me know and I’ll fix it but anyways the new game is amazing!

  • mincerafter42
    mincerafter42 (@mincerafter42) reported

    @ThatMumboJumbo Mumbo, I think there's a problem with your titles. This tweet says you made a 3-wide hidden staircase in Minecraft, the link description that Twitter shows says you made a hidden staircase in Minecraft, and when I click on it it says you made a huge hidden staircase in Minecraft.

  • SYDoukou
    SYDoukou (@SYDoukou) reported

    @Minecraft @Logdotzip Villager news: the giant problem

  • Glenn_Campbell_
    CZ Void (@Glenn_Campbell_) reported

    @Minecraft Some parts of my world are from a few days ago and other are from last night. Parts of my spawned are missing like they were never built and my house isn’t built and I built it before I even started the spawner. Hours of wasted time for my world to be broken

  • rachy__rachrach
    Rachael Arthur (@rachy__rachrach) reported

    @claresiobhan Minecraft, crash bandicoot etc

  • no1phil
    pip (@no1phil) reported

    @ErrMahGerdDerp @xboxinsider It's a new controller it's the green Minecraft controller. Game updates are an issue, for example 400mb update for F1 redownloaded the full game. Tried rulling out other devices. It has put me off buying a wireless headset as this issue doesn't seem exclusive to controller's

  • urdad_lesbian_
    sam (@urdad_lesbian_) reported

    bruh my mom forgot I has home because I was sick. I was literally screaming minecraft parodies at the top of my broken lungs wtf is she talking about

  • brentauble
    Brent Auble (@brentauble) reported

    @Amphyross @torchatlas @Minecraft No, my point was that it wasn't a grammatical error. "Windows 10 Edition" is a separate version of Minecraft. There is also a version that runs on Windows 10 separate from that version and also not Java. They were distinguishing between the two by using "Edition."

  • Cyryus_
    Cyryus (@Cyryus_) reported

    @SwitchSmashBros If I had to make a few guesses, Sora from Kingdom Hearts, Banjo-Kazooie, Crash Bandicoot, & Steve from Minecraft

  • spruiko
    🚨 BEN DAY 🚨 (@spruiko) reported

    @dismasmersiv @gamblignant8 shes right but its messed up 😔 vast error is the minecraft of sadstuck