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Namecheap provides services on domain name registration, and offer for sale domain names that are registered to third parties (also known as aftermarket domain names). It is also a web hosting company.

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January 29: Problems at Namecheap

Namecheap is having issues since 10:50 PM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • LandmanLife Landman Life (@LandmanLife) reported

    @681jim Down until next week. @namecheap got fired.

  • pwnedbook Pwnedbook (@pwnedbook) reported

    @hillank Hello Hillan. Can you please reply to my latest messages regarding the GDPR case on my Namecheap ticket. I've sent two replies but you've yet to actually reply. I should have stated I'm not a very patient person and find over 24 hours for a reply to be rude!

  • JkileyCoForever jkiley-company© (@JkileyCoForever) reported

    @Namecheap i've had enough of you live support the domains will stay but we no longer will use them i have made backups of both websites i had stuff to yesterday but i had to mess with you domains,techs & errors i was planning on working on a huge project that would have been done by now

  • JkileyCoForever jkiley-company© (@JkileyCoForever) reported

    new domains next month! we will no longer using our namecheap domains after their live help session solved nothing and after i faced the same thing again and now the other domain crapped it self so yeah.. i now have them both websites on backup netlify hosted subdomains for now

  • adam_greenough Adam Greenough (@adam_greenough) reported

    @Namecheap The UK whois database doesn't show an email address anymore, I am guessing it is down as an individual. I am just looking to pass my details on to them (previous client) for their optional follow-up rather than actually get it myself! Appreciate it is a stretch. :)

  • JkileyCoForever jkiley-company© (@JkileyCoForever) reported

    @Namecheap check your dms i think i have found the issue i sent a screenshot

  • kunachii CryptoWolf (@kunachii) reported

    @francispouliot_ @Namecheap No joke. Used it for my website and every purchase “timed out” never confirms and gets cancelled. Had to stop. Need a simple plug on so I can accept crypto easily. Huge problem for adoption imo

  • JkileyCoForever jkiley-company© (@JkileyCoForever) reported

    we have to get a new domain next month because this one from namecheap shows suspicious when we bought it and scanned the domain against force point threat seeker but it never flagged any of my domains before plus it no longer works so until feb pinned tweet has all company info!

  • BDonBaseball Brendan Donahue (@BDonBaseball) reported

    @francispouliot_ @aiouy @Namecheap Lol go off on 'em bro. Shit is ridiculous

  • kript0mat ʇɐɯ0ʇdıɹʞ (@kript0mat) reported

    I only used @BitPay for @Namecheap and even that was quite some time ago but I also wanted to use it recently and got turned away by the shitry service. Such a shame. Using BitPay is a turn off. I wish they would provide #ethereum capabilities; it's much faster and cheaper!

  • pedromvpg Pedro 🧨 (@pedromvpg) reported

    @francispouliot_ @Namecheap Bitpay and their stupid BIP70 QR code is the main reason I was happy not to use @Namecheap Or any service using @BitPay. This is good for @BtcpayServer

  • MSingularity MovableSingularity (@MSingularity) reported

    This is @spacedoge_io which is a scam in the #dogecoin space that takes advantage of users who are unaware Dogecoin cannot be directly mined. They promise "investment" returns on assets. A gift to @SEC_tradingmkts as @Namecheap nor @Cloudflare want to bring it down.

  • Vincent_Nyagaka Vincent Nyagaka (@Vincent_Nyagaka) reported

    @shoutmeloud I have been using @Namecheap and I have never looked back.

  • WoodyJacks Aditya Sainy (@WoodyJacks) reported

    @shoutmeloud @denharsh What the hell...Why one should even use GoDaddy when you can use Namecheap for way lesser than this, they even offer free WHOIS Protection which GoDaddy offers for 10$ a year. Damn, GoDaddy is such a rip-off.

  • Y_deGaia Yuri de Gaia (@Y_deGaia) reported

    @francispouliot_ @Namecheap Yep, the worst experience.

  • BitmainCoin BitmainCoin 🍅 (@BitmainCoin) reported

    @Sanextastic @francispouliot_ @Namecheap They don't need to, look at the insane "network fee", bullshit is it a "network fee", that's their cut of the money. Funny its "free" for bcash though, they don't want profit from that, so pass all their costs to bitcoin payments.

  • dahifi NumberGoUp? (@dahifi) reported

    @Socal_crypto @Namecheap @BitPay I have a reseller account w Namecheap. Great support.

  • luemob luemob (@luemob) reported

    @Socal_crypto @Namecheap @BitPay Name cheap is a great domain service. Been using them for years

  • CryptoDomainInc Crypto Domains Inc (@CryptoDomainInc) reported

    @francispouliot_ @Namecheap Use @Namesilo instead. They've accepted BTC since 2014, free privacy, low prices, and good service.

  • pablof7z pablof7z (@pablof7z) reported

    @Namecheap @francispouliot_ This is great news. I used @Namecheap for years but about a year ago switched to a registrar that accepts bitcoin via @BtcpayServer. No ******* way I’d go through bitpay. I really hope you guys support BtcPay or something like that; I’d love to go back to @Namecheap

  • cryptoarashi arashi 嵐 #bitcoin (@cryptoarashi) reported

    @francispouliot_ @Namecheap Not to mention BitPay doesn't support regular bitcoin payments, opting for obsolete, broken URLs. Most wallets don't support that crap. I used to be patient, now I just don't deal with BitPay merchants anymore.

  • coinjunky zoinky (@coinjunky) reported

    @francispouliot_ @Namecheap I'm surprised they are still around, they hate Bitcoin for maintaining its blocksize, and also because they got socially engineered out of 5,000 BTC which likely was a oof of a hit to them that they never shrugged off.

  • francispouliot_ Francis Pouliot ☣️ (@francispouliot_) reported

    @Namecheap ************* don't use segwit but make the clients of their merchants pay for THEIR network fees. Un-*******-real.

  • thebitcoinrabbi The Bitcoin Rabbi (@thebitcoinrabbi) reported

    @francispouliot_ @Namecheap I have never used bitpay, when I see it, I just turn around

  • s2f4ever s2f4ever (@s2f4ever) reported

    @francispouliot_ @Namecheap Don’t use that trash homie. I hope @Namecheap can support @BtcpayServer

  • francispouliot_ Francis Pouliot ☣️ (@francispouliot_) reported

    When I use @Namecheap I'm reminded how ******* GARBAGE Bitpay is. - can't pay w/o BIP70 invoice decoder - 20 sat/byte, says fee too low "expect 48h-72h, may never confirm" - block explorer doesn't work - doesn't show TXID - no segwit - emails Bitcoin FUD but not tx confirmation

  • brandon3plett Brandon Triplett (@brandon3plett) reported

    @_jenniferopal @ParissAthena @webflow Yeah no problem. Namecheap is pretty good. I have my domain name through them. Yeah, work with whatever you think would be best for you.

  • Namecheap (@Namecheap) reported

    @DavidStewart Hi, sorry for the incident! Please shoot us an email to support[at]namecheap[dot]com so we could investigate this properly

  • stephenjbell Stephen Bell (@stephenjbell) reported

    @The_Atom_Ray @GoDaddy For years I've registered domains on @Namecheap and hosted (mostly WordPress sites) on @SiteGround never been disappointed by either.

  • heyjohncorbin 💫 John Corbin 🧜‍♂️ (@heyjohncorbin) reported

    @jesslynnrose Def @Namecheap. I’ve used them for the better part of a decade, and they have never let me down. Not as friendly for client work as GoDaddy, but way better speed and support.

  • eyemblacksheep eyemblacksheep (@eyemblacksheep) reported

    @morethanwhips I'm using Names with no real issue. Ditto for namecheap

  • pwnedbook Pwnedbook (@pwnedbook) reported

    Geez folks @Namecheap are deluded and clearly think they're above the law and that just throwing an extra explanation exempts them from a GDPR violation - in addition to some poor attempt at an apology. I don't think so! Maybe time to make an example of these guys!

  • luxconduct Inc 👨🏻‍💻 (@luxconduct) reported

    @wilsonoutwest I like Namecheap, but I guess it comes down to a personal preference.

  • dubstard Mich (@dubstard) reported

    @andsyn1 @Rabobank @RaboDevTeam @SNSBank @xyz @Namecheap @sectigostore Thank you for your vigilance! 🤺 Ticket with @Namecheap 🎫LXB-194-77922 Tickets with @xyz 🎫 #565296 🎫#565296 Each one means more money down the drain for the scammer. There is also a paper trail left (who purchased the VPS and domains).

  • FineOutput FineOutput (@FineOutput) reported

    worst service provider of all time #GoDaddy @GoDaddyHelp @GoDaddy #worstserviceprovider @HostGator @awscloud @Namecheap

  • _jkeys_ Jon Keys (@_jkeys_) reported

    Very impressed with @Namecheap customer support today. You’ve got a good one in Maria G. I’ll certainly be a repeat customer.

  • BoydMayover Boyd Mayover (@BoydMayover) reported

    @Namecheap every time I contact support to find out why they haven’t responded they close ticket#cheat#lie#noservice#

  • BoydMayover Boyd Mayover (@BoydMayover) reported

    @Namecheap now being ignored by stanislav #great service

  • BoydMayover Boyd Mayover (@BoydMayover) reported

    @Namecheap @Martholio they won’t help u

  • unreleased Cownor Reid (@unreleased) reported

    @pxtvr @redix0001 @Namecheap @SendGrid By default sendgrid has issues delivering to outlook email addresses too

  • DaleReardon Dale Reardon (@DaleReardon) reported

    @gsuite @Namecheap A shame that can't transfer to GSuite direct without current reseller help - Seems that generating token ourselves will let us transfer to another reseller without help from current reseller though which is good

  • DaleReardon Dale Reardon (@DaleReardon) reported

    Friends on Twitter - Who is a good reseller for @GSuite account for our biz as having terrible service & big problems with @NameCheap & want to leave them asap

  • redix0001 redix (@redix0001) reported

    @pxtvr @Namecheap @SendGrid emails bouncing no matter what i did with sendgrid, when they didn’t bounce they went to spam. all those problems disappeared when i switched to ses.

  • xrocksmashx Rocksmash (@xrocksmashx) reported

    @pxtvr @Namecheap @SendGrid Please use SES. Sendgrid is so garbage. So many issues and gets blocked by some major email providers or ends up in spam.

  • pxtvr peter 🕊 (@pxtvr) reported

    .@Namecheap's Private Email Service sucks, was sending out mass emails, and the quota had exceeded, they don't even make it clear that you can only send out 50 emails per hour. Making it very problematic for sending out mass emails. Should be clear in the advertising...

  • saly3301 Saly (@saly3301) reported

    @Namecheap I love(d) your service but this is becoming Facebook level of frustration If you appreciate user feedback, I recommend you either fix your automated accounts locking system or remove it entirely

  • MarcoAn05561499 Marco Antonio Salas Díaz (@MarcoAn05561499) reported

    Blocked IP Hosting for emails: @GoDaddy - 03 attempts (phone) - 03 times had to change every password everywhere - 03 times couldn't solve it - 01 year without being able to send emails to Outlook or Yahoo @Namecheap 🙌 - 01 attempt (chat) - 1.5 hours - Problem solved

  • cynthiamcgillis Cynthia Bell McGillis (@cynthiamcgillis) reported

    @mitchellbwright @stickermule @Namecheap @ajlkn @shl @gumroad All in, from idea to launch it took about ~7 days. SO FAST! We could have launched sooner but we were fiddling with a DNS issue that was making our site slow. The most "code" we had to write was inserting a few HTML tags and some HEX codes. Piece of cake. 🍰

  • hickson Hickson (@hickson) reported

    @Namecheap Paypal as payment mode is not working.Please rectify

  • NobodyCaresNow Beggars can't be choosers (@NobodyCaresNow) reported

    @Namecheap @PriyanshaMistry We have a similar issue going on wherein @Namecheap reps advised us to try other options because they were not able to do anything. The matter is with our legal. Its all marketing gimmicks I'd say.

  • GeriReads Geri Reads stories with HEA! (@GeriReads) reported

    @CaffeinatedFae I’ve used Namecheap for my domain and hosting. I really didn’t have a lot of problems with them and when I did they’ve been very prompt with fixing it. It didn’t break my bank either. I got 70% off hosting during one of their sales which is good for 3 years. Same for the domain.

  • Nextstevejob Find your travel freedom (@Nextstevejob) reported

    @Namecheap am trying to login to my account and it doesn't go through. I need to buy a new domain asap!

  • usefulLynx65084 usefulLynx65084 (@usefulLynx65084) reported

    @ReinsureMC @KingSpooked @KillaMCOfficial @C0ans @Namecheap He never brought it and C0an gave it back to him they never won it back or anything


    @kuhcumber @igncusswords @KillaMCOfficial @C0ans @Namecheap @RendermanL @ignice_ @HostFrosted @JackGamer180 doesn't really matter as long as the organization is supporting you, you need to be more careful abt the shit im not arguing that this tweet is bad or misrepresents the project, but im just saying in general but yeah little opinions don't really matter that much for rep

  • kuhcumber Kuhcumber (@kuhcumber) reported

    @GEZUSMC @igncusswords @KillaMCOfficial @C0ans @Namecheap @RendermanL It's not like i am @ignice_ who constantly makes @HostFrosted bad or unclean by constantly doing dumb things but never the less he doesn't manage half of the things that go through @JackGamer180, what i'm saying is my opinion on things like what i said doesn't matter.

  • books4ears Books4Ears (@books4ears) reported

    @brians_books @CaffeinatedFae @SiteGround I second SiteGround. I moved 9 sites from Namecheap and SiteGround is fantastic. I wouldn't recommend NameCheap hosting to my worst enemy.

  • kuhcumber Kuhcumber (@kuhcumber) reported

    @GEZUSMC @igncusswords @KillaMCOfficial @C0ans @Namecheap @RendermanL no i don't. clearly you don't understand, my actions inside the build team and how i act on the build team within projects, commissions or customer help effect the view on the team.


    @kuhcumber @igncusswords @KillaMCOfficial @C0ans @Namecheap @RendermanL by being apart of the project your actions and shit do represent them as they're the people who support you

  • FastPotsND FastPots (@FastPotsND) reported

    @KillaMCOfficial @C0ans @Namecheap NO Way not c0ans he legit grifed my old network and my mates network like why is this guy still a thing in mc

  • C0ans C0an (@C0ans) reported

    @SwitchesRIP @KillaMCOfficial @Namecheap Wtf bro Oliver Custer would never scam in his life!