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Netflix Inc. is an American multinational entertainment company founded on August 29, 1997, in Scotts Valley, California, by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. It specializes in and provides streaming media and video on demand online and DVD by mail.

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November 17: Problems at Netflix

Netflix is having issues since 02:50 PM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • To_Seoul 동동이 (@To_Seoul) reported

    Here you go @FinasMy. FYI. Just in case you are tech savvy enough to create and login a Twitter account but not tech savvy enough to know that Netflix has a filter function or kids function.

  • arisonsned Alison’s head (@arisonsned) reported

    @CaroleBruce17 Yep! I stopped Netflix because I have amazon and it felt too expensive but I occasionally start again because I feel I miss out but all terrible internet that buffers through streaming too 🙄

  • zeenasthoughts louisegfromstratty (@zeenasthoughts) reported

    @MEDIReezy 😪 gimme your US Netflix login and maybe I can watch how to get away with murder season 5

  • jreihane Riri (@jreihane) reported

    "don't you let that pretty little face to be worried. Let your MAN handle the issue." I can't believe I just heard it from a movie made in 2019! #Wounds #Netflix #WoundsNetflix #DakotaJohnson

  • ___TheDreamer Levi Ackerman Stan Account (@___TheDreamer) reported

    @JKMJX3 @disneyplus No problem. I know some of their movies like infinity war won’t be available until the summer because they’re on Netflix

  • MekoStarr Gospel Music (@MekoStarr) reported

    Netflix's 2019 Movies Ranked From Worst to Best, According to Rotten Tomatoes Ratings

  • DanSchwent Dan Schwent (@DanSchwent) reported

    @KemperB The Amazon login-screen isn't as good as the Netflix one. Superheroes: The Neverending Battle is what I was attempting to share.

  • ___ebz ebon[YG] (@___ebz) reported

    The ‘Terrifier’ on Netflix is the absolute worst scary movie I’ve ever seen in my entire 26 years of LIFEEEEEEE

  • Fake_Onion_Bot Fake Onion Bot (@Fake_Onion_Bot) reported

    Girlfriend’s Birthday Weekend A Wily Little Styrofoam Cups Of Terrible Events At Netflix Executive Unsure

  • pastellshiber 씨발 (@pastellshiber) reported

    what is the problem with Netflix..... Netflix okay whattttt

  • zywme81 Zc (@zywme81) reported

    @hertechlife007 @garyvee This is exactly what I wish more people were talking about! Personally, I’m tired of weeding through Netflix’s catalog of mostly bad shows trying to find the good stuff. I want what is presented to be diverse and all high quality like #AppleTVPlus.

  • afftalks A (@afftalks) reported

    @jessspov Not working today 😌 busy watching netflix all day in bed

  • dibari22 John Di Bari (@dibari22) reported

    @SteveGalloNFL @MikeClayNFL @AdamMoff24 @PigSooie @ScottKacsmar Sling blue, Netflix, & Disney+ with antenna for local. About $100 less per month than cable with very few problems. Only streaming troubles I've had were the result of internet problems from the same awful company that used to provide my cable.

  • bobsstar1979 Robert (@bobsstar1979) reported

    @chuuzus No one asked or wanted to see this. No one. And the soundtrack is terrible! Can’t wait to eat edibles and watch it on Netflix

  • howareyalldoin gec (@howareyalldoin) reported

    @pitchfork i miss old netflix man, you had everything. now you need to subscribe to like 10+ different services to watch what you want. and people are still surprised piracy is a problem

  • vnvah venova (@vnvah) reported


  • AlayeniEQ Alayeni Silvermist (@AlayeniEQ) reported

    @MissCWilshire @bundy__rabbit I have this problem with just about every season. They start off strong, but a few episodes in, I get really, really bored. I always end up finishing once it’s on Netflix, but I always lose interest in waiting week to week.

  • SeoulTied 오빠 (@SeoulTied) reported

    If Netflix don't fix up and give UK the same shows as USA get I'm dipping to DISNEY+

  • b3elady 🍒$abweena🍒 (@b3elady) reported

    funny how netflix would be a big issue here, in Msia.. 🙄

  • ms_Thandey Thandeka (@ms_Thandey) reported

    @phila_ot Your netflix login details....😥

  • Omolohulla Lola✨💛 (@Omolohulla) reported

    Hello @Netflixhelps I am having a problem with my account.

  • donaldonde Don Onde (@donaldonde) reported

    I am having a beautiful time on my first vacation leave. Everything is going as planned and even more! 😁 @PLDT_Cares fix the fiber connection in Danao City asap please. Tomorrow is netflix and ice cream day. Don't take it away.

  • yergen Free Speech is everything 🎾 ⚾️🥃 (@yergen) reported

    @JimH1923 Just watched Stripes, Netflix added a ton of cut scenes to the movie. Quality of the cut scenes was what you would expect but answers the question why they stepped forward when someone was accused of leaving the base.

  • Kenobiie A. (@Kenobiie) reported

    @TheJ2ocean Nah it’s true I won’t deny that but they had such a monopoly I think people are glad we have more options now. Problem is there’s too many options & subscriptions. I was seeing Disney+ & chill jokes all of yesterday, I actually did feel bad for Netflix

  • mahaa1990 مها الشمري (@mahaa1990) reported

    @Netflixhelps kindly note my account not working,please help me.

  • g_lampropoulos 𝘎𝘦𝘰𝘳𝘨𝘦 𝘓𝘢𝘮𝘱𝘳𝘰𝘱𝘰𝘶𝘭𝘰𝘴 (@g_lampropoulos) reported

    What's with all that rave about #EarthquakeBird. Seen it... Meh 😒 @netflix really must step up their game with some quality content... If this continues it is safe to say that people wil cancel their subs and renew them once in a while.

  • MyTrueRoots That Girl! (@MyTrueRoots) reported

    @marinamaral2 I watched that Netflix movie #DevilNextDoor it was about Ivan the Terrible and Treblinka.

  • GuiltyHonkey Make L.A Great Again (@GuiltyHonkey) reported

    $50M Isn’t that way out of line even by hwood standards Just seems fishy.. “The Obamas also signed a $50 million deal with Netflix to produce programs that "promote greater empathy and understanding between peoples and help them share their stories with the entire world."”

  • StarrDarrisaw hōkū 🦋 (@StarrDarrisaw) reported

    My Netflix not working 💔

  • RuloARC Raúl (@RuloARC) reported

    @eliasrm87 I dont agree. Of course there will be people like that, but most of the people will work because you still need money to buy the last iPhone or your Netflix subscription. I don't mind contributing with my taxes to help people without a job.

  • pinkblacknoise EVOO Morales (@pinkblacknoise) reported

    @Berns_Churches @Netflixhelps for me the worst you cannot turn off autoplay of those trailers on the main page

  • Berns_Churches THE BERNING OF SODOM (@Berns_Churches) reported from Täby socken, Stockholm

    @pinkblacknoise @Netflixhelps Yeah someone needs to be fired or they need to fix their algorithm cause it’s shit

  • abtweets14 Apurva Bansal (@abtweets14) reported

    @gauravh1 @NetflixIndia @PrimeVideoIN @manukumarjain @s_anuj I agree but Amazon has issues with many like even asus zenfone 6 and k20 Pro and all where as Netflix works with every widevine l1 phone

  • fvckwityou adela (@fvckwityou) reported

    @netflix i'm begging u add victorious to all of erurope or we gon have a problem

  • CantonmentKid D h r u v (@CantonmentKid) reported

    @BrigMahalingam Money drives elections. World wide. Across all democracies. Like a Hydra headed serpent, changing one thing will only reform the problem into something else. Must watch The Great Hack on Netflix to see the next level of what money now does to democracies

  • boostergolds 💘 (@boostergolds) reported

    haven't been able to log into netflix for weeks and now i can't even get to the sign in page at all rip

  • Cmdr_Halo_Jones Halo Jones (SP33DR) #SpeedBowl3 (@Cmdr_Halo_Jones) reported

    @AlexMAdams2 @EliteDangerous Yeah I I tried setting up the network adapter within the app. Config but didn't have any success. Just have to watch UK Netflix when #EliteDangerous is on the other monitor. Previous versions worked no problem #releaseStability

  • ItsZaf Zaf (@ItsZaf) reported

    Making a problem out of no problem. A whole Netflix Kids exists. Stop solving things that already has a solution 😴

  • 2catstailoring TwoCatsTailoring 🦉 (@2catstailoring) reported

    Because they wanted us to buy DirecTV to fix it. We havnt had anything but Netflix or Hulu in our house since before Kidlet was born because we dont pay for shit we dont use. And Netflix isnt an option to connect TV Mode to. Nope, has to be cable.

  • pfunk1130 Caleb Dume’s Got His Tickets!!!! (@pfunk1130) reported

    @CoquiTalksTrash Contract and rights issues. Some of the movies are still on Netflix until the end of the year. Spider-Man’s film rights belong to Sony, and Hulk’s solo film rights still belong to Universal.

  • MelanieJoi03 How bout I don’t 🤷🏾‍♀️ (@MelanieJoi03) reported

    People have never been as selfish with sharing their login for Netflix and Hulu the way they are with Disney+ It’s me. I’m people SO STOP ASKING BIG MAN!!!! 🤪

  • caminossi_ C A M I L L E (@caminossi_) reported

    Grabe ang ganda lang ng quality ng Your Lie in April fito sa netflix

  • Kerry1712Kerry kerry 🔴 (@Kerry1712Kerry) reported

    @anxietyaloner Staying in my pjs as it’s awful outside & the dogs don’t like wet walks, finishing my jigsaw & starting the new series of the crown on Netflix.

  • _naimani nai (@_naimani) reported

    Disney+ is just fine. Netflix wouldn’t be scrambling to sign contracts with Nickelodeon if they had the upper hand right now. Also a Squidward spinoff sounds terrible.

  • claytb_57 Clayton Brown (@claytb_57) reported

    Disney+ really out here murdering Netflix in content quality.

  • oldmandash Fais Dash (@oldmandash) reported

    @h11rx 2 factor who has time for that.. When kids and older parent use a family account There such an easy fix. Let's take Netflix as an example U can say 10 device maximum But only 2-4 can stream simultaneously.

  • se7ENhaeNdeR Heiko Weber (@se7ENhaeNdeR) reported

    @Adequate_Scott @typhoonjim @bombsfall I'm super excited for CP'77 and I tried to to like both Deus Ex games... to me they just didn't feel right and the main protagonist didn't help either, so I'm hoping that CDPR will finally give me the cyberpunk game I want & need. (btw Altered Carbon on Netflix is ******* dope!)

  • queenbess001 R.E.K.M4Lyfe (@queenbess001) reported from Houston, Texas

    @TheCrownNetflix I am enjoying the cast changes because @OliviaColmanTV is an excellent actress, but Netflix shouldn't change the Queen Mother because the new one is awful The Queen Mother was describe as a marshmallow made on a welding machine @VHamOfficial was better ijs !

  • Singlegirl20s single girl (@Singlegirl20s) reported

    Invited FWB over for mutual hungover Netflix and chill and he said no. Like wtf! Need cuddles, send help... or pizza #NetflixAndChill 🍕

  • eikazulaikha_ NEZ 🌸 (@eikazulaikha_) reported

    This issue is way more important than banning netflix. Why tf masih ada lg accident sebab driving mabuk 😠😠

  • xhenlisa Xhenlisa (@xhenlisa) reported

    Designated Survivor is one of the worst shows on Netflix

  • jaythandi1989 Jay Thandi (@jaythandi1989) reported

    Highly recommend the The 24 Hour War documentary of Netflix... Can't help feeling Ken Miles was screwed over by Ford in Le Mans though!

  • PAAATE_ Patrik📺🛐 (@PAAATE_) reported

    I saw someone speculate that Netflix had only licensed 12 eps, but unless there was some weird-ass error in some paperwork/contract, that couldn't possibly be true. The show was always going to be 16 episodes, obviously if you have exclusive streaming rights, you get all episodes

  • meesotired bella (@meesotired) reported

    why is netflix not working 😔

  • reignking305 champagne305 ♍️💘♈️ (@reignking305) reported

    @netflix not working on my iPhones I pay I know pay these guys for my services and update on Netflix man

  • jerm_theory when you are engulfed in velour (@jerm_theory) reported

    I'm a ******* loser and want to watch one particular episode of doctor who and apparently netflix stopped carrying it sometime in the 6 years since I last watched plz help

  • thisismeJH Julie.H (@thisismeJH) reported

    @EuphoriaJules @Atypical Netflix always makes problems

  • jeromefjones Jerome Jones (@jeromefjones) reported

    @RickNelson20 @Ford From the looks of things you had a terrible night. Next time just Netflix and Chill😂

  • dylanmassetts ve (@dylanmassetts) reported

    watch paquita salas on netflix for quality comedy content

  • vicissitude_x Vic (@vicissitude_x) reported


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