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Netflix Inc. is an American multinational entertainment company founded on August 29, 1997, in Scotts Valley, California, by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. It specializes in and provides streaming media and video on demand online and DVD by mail.

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  • reepsoner captain yummy 😝 (@reepsoner) reported

    Why is my Netflix not working, I’ve reset my router already what more can I do 😠😠😠

  • actuallyalice Alice FC Ambassador (@actuallyalice) reported

    @daggertrout My main problem with it is that skipping forwards or backwards is done with fast-forward and rewind rather than just having pressing a button to skip an amount of time like with Netflix.

  • DoppelDesire Piermatteo Bruno (@DoppelDesire) reported

    @RANK10YGO >Theatres providers: Netflix is killing us help >Also Theatres providers: Movies are region locked lol

  • facttob Factob (@facttob) reported

    They may offer Netflix’s big problem

  • MisterRatt 𝑴𝒓. 𝑹𝒂𝒕𝒕 (@MisterRatt) reported

    @tommundaycs The problem with comparing the movie industry to the porn industry is Mindgeek is huge (off of piracy) and the studios are small. It'd be like if there's no Disney, etc, and only Netflix and indie studios. They only tolerate piracy because they have no means to stop it.

  • jibsonpious Jibson Pious (@jibsonpious) reported

    @ACTFibernet i don't understand why it takes 4 days to resolve a simple problem. Your customer service team is unable to understand screenshots or written statements. Please have someone from the team call. #Netflix #ACTinternet

  • coc0y 𝓜𝓪𝓻𝓬𝓸 (@coc0y) reported

    I think Lucifer and Detective Decker needs to be on Elite (netflix) to fix everything especially in investigating the case. Oh god!!!! I’m so into it.

  • ChelBelle1983 🗽💋Michelle💕💃🏼 (@ChelBelle1983) reported

    @mollymar86 @netflix @warnerbrostv It was in 6th last week, so it’s run in the top 5 was broken.

  • AzuraRacon Azura Racon (@AzuraRacon) reported

    @keithcalder Sonic 3 can’t be rereleased anymore due to a rights issue with a former composer (likely not MJ, before anyone says it) Netflix outright refused to license “Fly Me to the Moon” for Evangelion, not because of money (ADV could) but because it wasn’t worth the effort to them

  • M3L4NIN M.E.L.A.N.I.N. (@M3L4NIN) reported

    @tatianaauriel @netflix This is such a weird take. Netflix has one agenda: money. Avoid the section and worry about something else. Y'all love to create problems out of absolutely nothing.

  • Rainey_5 Rainey (@Rainey_5) reported

    No problem that I "cleared" my "listed" Filipino-movies because I have "moved" to Hong Kong & Indonesian actors! I stopped Bollywood because I wanted to give the other movies a chance with my 2-cents opinion! Some of the movies I watched are absolutely brilliant! #NETFLIX

  • thiskittydior 𝑺𝑻𝑨𝑹𝑭𝑰𝑹𝑬✰ | fan account (@thiskittydior) reported

    I’ve never been more mad in my life .@netflix you guys have completely ruined this franchise it was doing farrr better without .@netflix for YALL to take out the villains who literally woke the MAIN characters powers and STARTED the story baffles me they’re too iconic fix it now

  • ravynizm V.G.Ravyn Manogaran (@ravynizm) reported

    Always Netflix & Amazon Prime Video for me. Might subscribe to HBO Max if they brought in 'worthy contents' like #ReleaseTheSnyderCut #ReleaseTheAyerCut #SaveSwampThing & more high-quality stuff that is not made to please the childish community. @WarnerMediaGrp @warnerbros

  • IamDraciel Toni (@IamDraciel) reported

    A movie should be made on the life of Chhatrapati Shivaji. Old 1990's documentaries are available online but this Netflix generation prefers only HD quality. A biopic should be made.

  • exorcistasy Piper Shepherd (@exorcistasy) reported

    Preview for a Netflix original movie: an entire telling of the story in 4 minutes Preview for a Netflix original standup special: 20 seconds of the worst part of the whole thing

  • lunaxesa leon (@lunaxesa) reported

    @PokeMadness1996 @bigmouth @netflix when did i ever say anything about originality, this show sucks, the artstyle is awful

  • SaintLee_ Lee V (@SaintLee_) reported

    @Ankaman616 I'll see your Robin Hood film and raise you I-Land. The writing and acting is truly abysmal. In terms of terrible Netflix content in 2019, there has been some absolute bangers 😏

  • sonia_uzama KING MAKER (@sonia_uzama) reported

    The worst thing that can happen to you is streaming a movie on Netflix and sleeping off while the movie runs to the end 😭😭

  • eunkwangja hane 🌱 (@eunkwangja) reported

    can netflix romantic comedies die they're terrible

  • DeadRonn Hot Boy Ronald (@DeadRonn) reported

    @Nickrob I'm pretty optimistic about Netflix series but its genuinely the worst show I've seen on there

  • bdot30__ Bdot (@bdot30__) reported

    Netflix really has the worst movies ever man

  • servoner servo (@servoner) reported

    Accepting applications to be my e-GF! Qualifications: 1) Will let me use her Netflix login 2) That's it. All I want is the login information.

  • TLuNa88 Tommy Luna (@TLuNa88) reported

    @KIIKHAMP_ I don’t kno what’s worst ...this or my girl mistakenly deleting my career in madden cause she was trying to access Netflix to watch orange is the new black ...😞

  • 6aeksoo Lyn 🍵 (@6aeksoo) reported

    I’ve been going down my list of unfinished animes and I still have 3 eps of NGE left but I refuse to watch it on Netflix bc I was watching the og NGE animation n dub I gotta stick w it and it’s impeccable descending animation quality 😣😣 I must !!

  • Ballzgotw8 Mike (@Ballzgotw8) reported

    Wow, started The I-Land on @netflix. TERRIBLE!!! Like I pushed to Ep 3 to see if it’d find its pace. Got even worse. Acting is trash. Script might be some of the worst shit ever written. @theilandtv

  • _ph1bs_ phibs 🆘 (@_ph1bs_) reported

    @WestWingWeekly @netflix @Lawrence Sadly season 7 worst season.

  • tomiokata ⚔️ (@tomiokata) reported

    kissing booth is the worst movie ever, not just on Netflix

  • PavanDaggupati Expecto Patronum (@PavanDaggupati) reported

    @jaann_ch Undi but Prime streaming quality poor compared to Netflix.

  • PrettyBrownRee ❤️ Ja'Ree ❤️ (@PrettyBrownRee) reported

    Wait. I'm just flipping thru channels before I go to Netflix... family feud pops up and it's on the fast money round... one thing was name something on you that's the worst in the morning she said BREATH and he said YES LORD..... Y'all they filmed this in the mornin 😫😫😂😂😂

  • gskgurjar211 Chowkidar Naveen Singh (@gskgurjar211) reported

    @MBilalUlHaq1 @RPJaiswal8 @majorgauravarya @fawadchaudhry @netflix @indiannavy I can sponsor Visa of atleast 100 Pakistanis..No need for that help...And a state with more than 40 international designated terrorist organistaions need nt to Give lecture on RSS..Hindus used to be 25% in ur So called state..No hindu can reach the constitutional posts..

  • hell0jed Baja Class 6 Trabant (@hell0jed) reported

    anyway this is my idea so if you wanna help me fake demand for a show so netflix remakes it, we're starting with Samurai Pizza cats

  • Caitieb9 Caitie Nelson (@Caitieb9) reported from Campion, Colorado

    Just read an article that said @MINDHUNTER_ hasn’t been renewed for a 3rd season yet and like if it isn’t SO HELP ME GOD I WILL CANCEL MY @netflix SUBSCRIPTION.

  • DrLorenzoLL Juul Santana (@DrLorenzoLL) reported

    Diane's cat died and she's taking it pretty hard, it doesn't help that the crew at Cheers is so non supportive. She'll move on and find another cat. It'll take time but she'll be alright. #netflix

  • __Fathm Fathom - College (@__Fathm) reported

    @bigmouth @netflix This looks genuinely terrible

  • tyarasyid73 Tya ˢᵒ ˢᵒᶠᵗ (@tyarasyid73) reported

    Just watched bollywood movie titled MOM, the flow the quality the moral value- I COUNT TO 3, GO WATCH IT NOWWW its on netflix btw

  • bvlgarisugar tomas (@bvlgarisugar) reported

    netflix's sierra burgess is a loser should've won an emmy for worst ******* movie ever

  • CelineDeLionCou Angela Hale (@CelineDeLionCou) reported

    When there’s bad customer service I simply do not go back. Fix this mess @netflix #SaveTheOA #SaveShadowhunters #CancelNetflix

  • Brooke_890 Brooke Megill (@Brooke_890) reported

    I have a three hour plan ride this weekend and no good movies to watch on Netflix’s help😭

  • amanduh1029 Amanda (@amanduh1029) reported

    Let’s talk about how important the Netflix Series Unbelievable is. My heart is so heavy watching this, but this is what we need to see. The victim is not the problem, the system is.

  • im_not_gabby G A B B Y (@im_not_gabby) reported

    @shyeramos Kaso the problem is I don't have a netflix acct HAYYAHAHAHAHHAHAHAGAGAHAHA

  • OwenVoice Owen Thomas (@OwenVoice) reported

    Trying to watch the first episode of “Unbelievable” on Netflix. Lady friends, the first episode has a vivid assault from the victim’s POV. It was pretty awful to watch. Just a warning.


    I’m really into glitch rn on Netflix 👻

  • ThinksEpic Pareja (@ThinksEpic) reported

    @radicalhearts @delafro_ Then insinuating she must be abusing her child. More deflecting from her own rudeness. Takes a lot of hubris to keep from saying, "I'm very sorry for offending you." White women pls watch "Hello Privilege, It's Me Chelsae." on Netflix. You need help before you get punched out.

  • jentyler124 Maruki Hurakami (@jentyler124) reported

    Love the Netflix movie Tallgirl, it gives me hope that no matter how stupid some of my problems are, they're still worth crying over

  • TaylorSMiller 𝔗𝔞𝔶𝔩𝔬𝔯 (You may also know as Omen) (@TaylorSMiller) reported

    The struggle is real, I can’t decide between reading a book, or reading my kindle, or listen to audible, or watching Netflix or watching YouTube. I jumble these things all the time, and it’s not working out too good.. 😫😩

  • Black_BoySpence Felipe (@Black_BoySpence) reported

    @nahsavv Let me get your Netflix login

  • hvppyhowelll katel y/n is skylarphobic😡 (@hvppyhowelll) reported

    anyone know how to get free vpn’s because all i want is to be able to watch some quality netflix 😔😔

  • PoulinIsaac Isaac (@PoulinIsaac) reported

    Before it gets lost to the mists of time, I want to get the word out: there's this Netflix original movie called Rim of the World. It might be the worst thing on Netflix, and if you watch it as if it's satire it might also be the funniest

  • RidicBowe Gerwalk it out (@RidicBowe) reported

    Watching this Bangkok Street Food documentary on Netflix on an empty stomach was a terrible decision

  • Para6oon Juan Garcia (@Para6oon) reported

    @theranchnetflix @netflix this season is so ******* depressing, it is like watching a dumpster fire in an orphanage started by Molotov puppies. **** this, Im already sad don’t need you to help making me sadder.

  • cranky_bill Bill Shaw (@cranky_bill) reported

    @katebosworth @theilandtv @netflix @NXOnNetflix Truly, hilariously, awful. Dialogue so bad you want to remember it forever

  • ScottWamplerBMD Scott Wampler™ (@ScottWamplerBMD) reported

    I am tapping out 4 episodes into THE I-LAND. It’s an unbelievable trainwreck, nearly impossible to look away from once you get going, among the worst things Netflix has ever foisted upon an unsuspecting populace - but I gotta go to bed and preserve what’s left of my sanity.

  • lauriesloves bri (@lauriesloves) reported

    i have a laptop and only know how to check twitter and stream netflix and amazon prime on it ...i could probably help save the earth but can’t even figure out how imovie works

  • Khalnayika1 your #1 Fan (@Khalnayika1) reported

    it doesn't matter how terrible Tall Girl is Netflix still wins. Their minutes of usage must be off the charts

  • euphrea ᥱlla :) (@euphrea) reported

    in some places netflix is just TERRIBLE

  • Varshityy Varsityy (@Varshityy) reported

    @Snqcks_ Honestly watch a few Netflix shows based in the UK that might help

  • vanskkieee Vanesa Estrada (@vanskkieee) reported

    I literally told myself to pack, but no I'm sitting here with a broken phone and netflix on full blast

  • EZBreezyT Terrence Ford (@EZBreezyT) reported from Summerfield, Maryland

    Watching the Clive Davis movie on Netflix and honestly just fast forwarding to watch all the Whitney segments. Damn I knew it was coming but still wasn’t ready for the ending. All these shoulda, coulda, wouldas and she may have still been here. Miss that woman something terrible.

  • paxtrion Blueberry Kit-Kat dad (@paxtrion) reported

    Started a Hulu trial cause I'm going nuts with only Netflix as my binge source. Hopefully i remember to cancel it and hopefully my mom can fix the normal Hulu sometime in the next month

  • sysarahj02 Sarah (@sysarahj02) reported

    tbh a little mad about the backlash of the netflix movie “TallGirl” i mean... !duh! we need movies about more complex problems than height, but high school kids are MEAN when you’re a tall girl

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