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Netflix Inc. is an American multinational entertainment company founded on August 29, 1997, in Scotts Valley, California, by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. It specializes in and provides streaming media and video on demand online and DVD by mail.

 Problems detected at Netflix

Netflix problems in the last 24 hours

Netflix Outage Chart

April 09: Problems at Netflix

Netflix is having issues since 07:50 PM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in 44.51% Sign in
  • Buffering 30.14% Buffering
  • Playback Issues 15.57% Playback Issues
  • Crashing 6.39% Crashing
  • Video Quality 3.39% Video Quality

Netflix Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:
Scarborough Sign in
Jeddah Sign in
Leipzig Buffering
Torremolinos Sign in
Sama Buffering
Madrid Sign in

Netflix Comments

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Netflix Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • Little_Lair sheridan lair (@Little_Lair) reported

    Can someone watch how to fix a drug scandal on Netflix, because I need to talk about it! (Specifically, the emails and back problems lol)

  • Bade_stan2020 Abbas✂️ عباس (@Bade_stan2020) reported

    Omg Netflix has the order of Victorious episodes wrong 😩 The Worst couple is after The Gorilla Club. Beck and Jade are still together in The Gorilla Club episode

  • jenaynotjenny jenay (@jenaynotjenny) reported

    I really wish I was quarantined at home. I don’t have my books here, my apartment is small so there’s not much cleaning to do, my ADD is terrible and watching Netflix is impossible

  • AngieAway 𝙰𝙽𝙶𝙸𝙴 (𝚒𝚜 𝚗𝚘𝚝) 𝙰𝚆𝙰𝚈 (𝚊𝚗𝚢𝚖𝚘𝚛𝚎) (@AngieAway) reported

    Signed up to take a free online class at a university and have received no fewer than 12 emails today explaining the technical difficulties and issues they're facing. Nevermind. I'll just watch Netflix.

  • Bigal1176 Allan Taylor (@Bigal1176) reported

    @ScottJamesBurr Just finished how to fix a drugs scandal on Netflix. Another crackers of an American show.

  • Leratolicious Lerato Motho Sengadi (@Leratolicious) reported

    We are tired of dishes. Tired of cooking. Tired of eating. Tired of napping. Tired of video conferencing. Tired of Netflix... we are tired Bathong! We are blessed to have these problems but for now we are blessed and tired.... also I think I need a hug or something... 🍸🍸

  • terenceflood TerencefloodLFC🇮🇪 (@terenceflood) reported

    How to fix a drug scandal on Netflix is an eye opener into how bad the criminal justice system is in America

  • cookiris14 be uncensored scotl (@cookiris14) reported

    Signed out completely on Netflix to sign in again with a different account for the first time Wow Guess what It worked

  • tatianatenreyro father john mitski (@tatianatenreyro) reported

    I'll give bands money and my netflix login but I cannot sit through another glitchy zoom show

  • nikki_nowicki Nik (@nikki_nowicki) reported

    About 45 seconds into “How to fix a drug scandal” on netflix #RecoveryPosse please be careful w this one!

  • Wonuolanofisah I'm wunmi. (@Wonuolanofisah) reported

    @BankiyT No pls give me Netflix login now

  • picksuppennies Penny (@picksuppennies) reported

    My dad just called to ask if I can order him what he needs to set up Netflix on his TV and then FaceTime him to help him figure it out. I could put a man on the moon easier than this.

  • Potato_Mika Potato_Mika (@Potato_Mika) reported

    @camerouninema Idk they just need to keep it simple like Netflix I never had a problem with their UI but sometimes Hulu and etc got me a little confused 🤔

  • olegkogan Oleg Kogan 🦸🏻‍♂️ (@olegkogan) reported

    if you feel useless or "non-essential" in solving the crisis we are all in - it's not true. You can be useless if you sit at home all day and watch Netflix, but you can bring a ton of help if you just start looking for ways to help now. It's up to us to fix this mess we are in.

  • kamo_mamashela K V M O (@kamo_mamashela) reported

    HOW TO FIX A DRUG SCANDAL is a really good docuseries on Netflix. Go watch

  • Alisha46604044 Alisha 🦋🖤 (@Alisha46604044) reported

    Why isn’t @alwayssunny on @Netflix like Netflix u need to fix that ASAP !!

  • lexiloathesyou Leezus is King 🤲🏾🏁 (@lexiloathesyou) reported

    Well... Crip Camp on Netflix is not what I thought it was about. It is also is a terrible name for what it IS about lol

  • meganglazier13 Megan (@meganglazier13) reported

    I just finished How to Fix a Drug Scandal on netflix and I swear every time they pronounced the H in Amherst I cringed😅

  • UofUBiology University of Utah School of Biological Sciences (@UofUBiology) reported

    Not so fast . . . Many of the interview subjects featured in Netflix's @TigerKing say the story was presented to them as one that would expose the problem of private big cat ownership in this country, following in the tradition of many conservation-themed documentaries.

  • hugchannie lyn⁷₁₂₇ (@hugchannie) reported

    I started watching itaewon class and I have to watch it because on a random website and the quality is so bad but I can’t watch on Netflix because my family won’t stop watching Netflix

  • derick_wouapi A Gentleman 🇨🇲🇩🇪 (@derick_wouapi) reported

    I hurt u, I know but baby when we get problem, we sit and talk. No bi thing for change Netflix password, no bi so dey di behave na 😭

  • epikiza hot girl quarantine (@epikiza) reported

    they really took this off of netflix at the worst time possible

  • mattlanedixon Matt Lane- Dixon (@mattlanedixon) reported

    Starting to wonder if I watch too many films, or if Netflix just has a terrible selection these days, as I’m really struggling to find anything to watch I haven’t already seen. Resorted to watching Troy.

  • cloodatious claudia (@cloodatious) reported

    @netflix two people are currently streaming on my account and it will not let me stream my own show. it is saying that we have too many people streaming but our account allows 3 people. please help, i'm just trying to watch my show.

  • CryptoSarahK kay 🦋La🦄 (@CryptoSarahK) reported

    What Netflix series are you 👀.. I need help 🧐😭 #californialockdown

  • RMAmnah bitter (@RMAmnah) reported

    I literally practiced my violin, worked out, played 8 games of sequence, passed 5 tests of spanish on duolingo, texted back a guy and my internet is still not working enough to load any netflix show. I'm desperate at this point.

  • natalieann0517 n@ (@natalieann0517) reported

    @netflix the subtitles on Money Heist are the worst I’ve seen.


    Yo if u like docs watch how to fix a drug scandle on Netflix. It’s about this chemist that was smoking the bases and **** that got sent to be tested for criminal cases at a lab and replacing it with dummies and taking coke out kilos and shit

  • ish2h ‏沙哈德 (@ish2h) reported

    @Netflixhelps I created a new billing Netflix account, but it is automatically linked to my old friend's account. I want to update the mail to my private email, but I get an error.

  • stephenrhymer stephen rhymer ✊🆘🏴‍☠️ (@stephenrhymer) reported from Raleigh, North Carolina

    @4lisaguerrero @netflix @POTUS @InsideEdition I am still amazed at the sleazy distasteful crap networks out on the air as “entertainment.” More amazing are the people who think these “reality” shows are real. They are exploitive and make money off of people and animals pain. It’s the worst voyeurism

  • _GeeWhatmore Georgie (@_GeeWhatmore) reported

    @DangerDwarfX @starkov_alina @vIadnabokov The series is the worst thing on Netflix!!

  • YungRilloRod OG-Rillo-Rod💯® (@YungRilloRod) reported

    I need a list of shows to watch on Netflix LIST help me out

  • BiyiThePlug Biyi The Plug 🔌 (@BiyiThePlug) reported

    I think people with Android phones and smart TVs are currently having Issues using Netflix app.

  • Mychem4evaluv 💜 Namjin Enthusiast ⁷ ❤ (@Mychem4evaluv) reported

    I'm watching The Platform on Netflix and it's really good but the worst possible film to watch while eating

  • Belgo_5 STEPH (@Belgo_5) reported

    @Netflixhelps It looks like a thread of me talking to myself haha but I just wanted to say that the issue is fixed now, Thanks guys and stay safe!

  • byrusluvsu BYRUS WEST (@byrusluvsu) reported

    I’m terrible at netflix and chilling. 1 night in and she already having nightmares from the movie. 😕

  • ITFCKurty Kurtis Newcombe (@ITFCKurty) reported from Braintree, England

    Good series on Netflix please someone help a brother out

  • sarahkaplan48 Sarah Kaplan (@sarahkaplan48) reported

    @maggiepenman @mohammadlinah @ReenaJF @netflix See, this is the problem with trailers! And "coming soon" ads.

  • HuskyJamari :) (@HuskyJamari) reported

    had to act like i didn’t know my netflix login so that my parents couldn’t watch a movie cuz all they would see is BEASTARS BEASTARS BEASTARS AND THEN THEY WOULD WATCH IT

  • breahlabruja miss witch (@breahlabruja) reported

    @bkhill16 This is the WORST episode of Black Mirror EVER 😂 @netflix ... a word, please


    Help me beg @SEEZY_OFFICIAL to pay 2k on my behalf to have access to Netflix for four months..... E ba mi be oooo

  • YourEmir Emir Of Your House (@YourEmir) reported

    @Netflixhelps I got an error message of "Incorrect password" "Try again or "recover the password" even after using the same password my fellow users are using. The password was changed and I inserted the new password which worked. The following day I got the error message again.

  • TheAuracl3 Bae Grylls, Tumblr Bisexual (Esq.) (@TheAuracl3) reported

    Meanwhile, if you're looking for something good to watch, yer boi's got another recommendation: How To Fix A Drug Scandal on Netflix is pretty good.

  • _JaayPee_ Jonathan (@_JaayPee_) reported

    Ever since Friends was take off of Netflix things have shifted for the worst but y’all ain’t ready to have that conversation

  • HaydenSmith47 Hayden (@HaydenSmith47) reported

    @Damundio @dXbriscoe @alisonbrie @netflix @joelmchale @donaldglover @RashisTVUgly @kenjeong Couldn't stand that class, terrible memories 😉

  • tacShooter Ken Ferguson (@tacShooter) reported

    @NBCSportsGold your app UX is terrible. There's no playback memory and you must be pushing content out through a straw. Netflix, Amazon, ESPN, and all the rest work fine, but your content is constantly pixelated and stops to buffer like this was 1997 all over again...

  • VincentLovegold ian. (@VincentLovegold) reported

    Coffee & Kareem (Netflix) Not terrible overall. You can tell it’s a Netflix original when watching it but i laughed a couple of times. Also, it’s suuuuuuper predictable. Only watch if you’re crazy bored. 5.8/10

  • rebelrealcanon RebeLibrarian (@rebelrealcanon) reported

    @SWForce4EU The whole pandemic is probably my fault. Every time I've tried to watch all of Psych, it's broken before I can get to S8. First time was it went off Hulu. The second time was it was taken off Netflix. Now my parents & I have been watching it on DVD and I can't see them anymore!!

  • marcbendavid Marc Bendavid (@marcbendavid) reported

    wondering if any technologically-inclined #DarkMatter fans can help me figure out how to use the Netflix machine here 🤔...

  • looomeow lauren (@looomeow) reported

    If you haven’t seen How to Fix a Drug Scandal on @netflix you’re missing out!!!!!!

  • The_Mr_Dent Mr. Dent (@The_Mr_Dent) reported

    @E_I_T @Quibi @ShoutFactory @mescottvrooman @Collider Quibi launches Memory Hole Netflix announces Everything is Awful Youtube Red's new show is Nothing is Wonderful have you seen Hulu original, ***** Specter

  • HerNailsRock HerNailsRock (@HerNailsRock) reported

    @JudgeGregMathis I’m watching How to Fix a Drug Scandal on Netflix. You should’ve been Faraks Judge in her case because you know a crack head when you see one. The Judge really said that lady was only using 6m of the 9 years she was working 😩😩The injustice is just sickening.

  • softsheehan em ☂ (@softsheehan) reported

    @asmaackie Thank you Netflix France for encouraging me to fix my sleep schedule and wake up at 8am

  • faithfulfaith01 Faithful•Faith🌍 (@faithfulfaith01) reported

    @papaya_ex Google it... [Netflix "error code"]

  • sandeep300596 sandeep singh (@sandeep300596) reported

    @HathwayBrdband Hathway is the worst broadband I have ever used . Not getting Speed more then 100kbps. It is as bad that I m writing this tweet over my mobile data , while connected to the your network . Tried many things but didn't work. Forget about Netflix and all, I even can't play a youtube

  • JBDoes180 John Blair (@JBDoes180) reported

    @justifiedbyme 100%! Seems there could be a “few” other pressing issues than worrying about a Netflix show. I’m not sure how he’s not embarrassed to ask that question.

  • jamesrhumphrey James (@jamesrhumphrey) reported

    Reading peoples updates on how terrible it is staying at home. It’s humorous. Sorry it’s hard for you to not to eat all of your food in one sitting and sorry netflix doesn’t have enough new content for you. #cantrelate #FirstWorldProblems #itcouldbeworse

  • em_urgh em🥡 (@em_urgh) reported


  • officialAyo_sas ⚚༒$©N of Mercy༒꧁ (@officialAyo_sas) reported

    Netflix login if you need it hit my dm

  • StarlightPR1 Starlight PR™ (@StarlightPR1) reported

    @BESTdamnBEATS Well when your doing music there is no such thing as not working lol...Im always grinding. Whether its writing, promoting, or collaborating. The minute you stop you are behind the curve. So its music and Netflix.

Netflix Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • -112
  • -115
  • 100
  • 100017
  • 10013
  • 10025
  • 1006
  • 1011
  • 1012
  • 1016
  • 1016
  • 1018
  • 11800
  • 11800
  • 12001
  • 152
  • 301
  • 30103
  • 5008
  • AIP-701
  • AIP-702
  • AIP-703
  • F1
  • F7355-1204
  • F7363-1260
  • H7353
  • HTTP 404
  • M7031-1101
  • M7063-1913
  • M7111-1101
  • M7702-1003
  • M7703-1003
  • N8109
  • N8156-6013
  • N8156-6013
  • N8156-6023
  • N8211
  • NW-2-4
  • NW-2-5
  • NW-2-5
  • NW-4-7
  • NW-4-8
  • S7111-1957-205002
  • UI-113
  • UI-800-3
  • UI-800-3