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Netflix Inc. is an American multinational entertainment company founded on August 29, 1997, in Scotts Valley, California, by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. It specializes in and provides streaming media and video on demand online and DVD by mail.

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January 20: Problems at Netflix

Netflix is having issues since 05:30 AM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • Buffering (46.18%)
  • Sign in (27.71%)
  • Playback Issues (13.25%)
  • Crashing (10.44%)
  • Video Quality (2.41%)

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  • bcofbeckerbmoc hayley♡ (@bcofbeckerbmoc) reported


  • JamesConnors23 James Bond (@JamesConnors23) reported

    Don’t send me nudes. Send me your Netflix login info so i can watch Planet Earth

  • LittleAstr0naut Astr0 🎄 (@LittleAstr0naut) reported

    Nearly 1am and all I want to do is watch Netflix but their site is broken.. apparently involving the "research team" so I can watch some damn anime...

  • BrisFrankie Frankie (@BrisFrankie) reported

    Results: Amazon - 3 Stan - 6 Netflix - ....23 Yeah, gotta fix that.

  • BetchesHeadPro Head Pro (@BetchesHeadPro) reported

    "Maniac" on Netflix is really great but episode 9 is like the worst Black Mirror episode I've ever seen

  • Tobias_Rieper7 Tobias Rieper (@Tobias_Rieper7) reported

    @KillerMike @netflix “Every thing that doesn’t help white people, needs to be burnt the f- down.”

  • Christian_Jedi Reed (@Christian_Jedi) reported

    Somebody nuke Canada and Netflix for this. Worst movie I have ever seen.

  • Rockford_Guy Something Something Rockford (@Rockford_Guy) reported

    This documentary is soo terrible i ******* hate it. It’s gross and slimey and written by a bunch of dudes trying to insulate themselves from their responsibility in this. Netflix should be ******* ashamed to have this on

  • jiminhatesme -.-' (@jiminhatesme) reported

    jantando, pensei em abrir netflix terminar you, assitir b99, lembrei q to sem....... sei la living my worst days startng today i GUESS

  • SuperAppleDash AppleDash (@SuperAppleDash) reported

    @ScourgeHH I've been using a friend's netflix and he's having problems with it, so I can't continue at the moment. And I've been so bored I started over on mario kart 8. lol XD

  • watkimsays 𝒦𝒾𝓂🌙✨ (@watkimsays) reported

    I wanna watch something on Netflix to distract myself from my problem at home again

  • PitCloverDraws 🌰PeanutButter N Chestnuts🍑 (Comms Open) (@PitCloverDraws) reported

    @KonaMeerkatCafe That song was kickass for the opening! Again, its a fun campy anime, but really needed to fix the writing and really simmer down on the fanservice. I do love my fanservice, but I don't want it to be the focus for some shows. It should still be on Netflix or try VRV

  • danewild danewild (@danewild) reported

    The only bad thing I can find so far about season two of The Punisher on Netflix is that they’re in Michigan, and they have Michigan plates on the front of the cars. Major error. We only have rear plates.

  • millietoro_ Millie (@millietoro_) reported

    @emptybookbag @netflix I would’ve quit. Immediately. He was so irresponsible to not cancel it. It just gets worst and worst. I’m on the part where they land.

  • PursueGreatnes5 Pablo (@PursueGreatnes5) reported

    I knew that Fyre Festival was trash but this Netflix doc is showing that it was 10x worst lol

  • ekotchi Eric Kotchi (@ekotchi) reported

    This NetFlix Fyre Festival documentary is like watching a car crash in slow motion. Also, social media can be terrible.

  • TylerBlackMods Tyler Black (@TylerBlackMods) reported

    @ProWrestlingMP1 The death note anime btw not the terrible Netflix live action remake

  • ErickErick1320 Erick (@ErickErick1320) reported

    Someone help me out with something to watch on Netflix or Hulu lol

  • CliffElliott Cliff Elliott (@CliffElliott) reported

    I am so disappointed that Hulu have canceled the second series of The First. This was a quality show with a very human story line with the not far into the future depiction of the human stories of the first Martian explorers. I hope Amazon or Netflix pick this up.

  • gem_jam Gem (@gem_jam) reported

    It’s honestly so beyond terrible that Billy McFarland would ask this man to take one for the team and go suck the customs guy’s **** because he was gay in order for them to release the water for the festival from customs. I’m glad he didn’t have to. #Fyre #FyreFestival #Netflix

  • eliza_mary16 Elizabeth Pearson (@eliza_mary16) reported

    Hulu’s documentary paid McFarland for the interview he gave and Netflix is produced by the social media company that was part of the problem

  • 29lhtran Erik Kelley (@29lhtran) reported

    @raides @onlie1che @strongblacklead @netflix @KillerMike Race is a complicated issue. One ought to be really careful how they approach it with children. I wouldn't do it that way and I'd be awfully pissed if I saw someone do that to my child. Triggered!

  • RiotMapleNectar Richard Henkel (@RiotMapleNectar) reported

    @ArnaudPri Didn't mean anything by it. Netflix said the login was from France and the person changed my language to French. That's all

  • onlie1che Cherrelledenise🌱🧘🏻‍♀️🌻🌎☀️🦋 (@onlie1che) reported

    @29lhtran @raides @strongblacklead @netflix @KillerMike Terrible. Wow my heart would break and it does break hearing it like I’m sorry you lack empathy. Feelings. Again kids they aren’t born with not liking someone because of their skin complexion it’s taught. It’s simple it’s taught

  • katyeheim Katye Heim (@katyeheim) reported

    I have a major problem with “You” on @Netflix because it’s given dudes permission to JOKE about standing outside a woman’s apartment or house when they know they’re home alone and it’s not ******* cool and stalking shouldn’t be romanticized or considered fine.

  • MantaBluRay Manta4000 (@MantaBluRay) reported

    @Acidic_Heart I think they broke that deal primarily to experiment on whether streaming Marvel shows would even be successful. If nothing else, looking through the feedback on the Netflix shows would help Marvel have a clearer idea of what they want from the Disney+ shows for quality sake.

  • truongasm Mom (@truongasm) reported

    @YorPalSal @headfallsoff I think the big problem with creating them in the West is the mentality is "We KNOW Netflix is going to autoskip them so they're not going to be seen anyway".

  • AnnaDyduch Anna Dyduch (@AnnaDyduch) reported

    I get an email that i have a new sign in on my Netflix account every day i gotta stop giving out my login like candy on Halloween

  • 29lhtran Erik Kelley (@29lhtran) reported

    @onlie1che @raides @strongblacklead @netflix @KillerMike Yes the other child's story is terrible. But an adult white priveleging an eight year old isn't really cool.

  • ok_ashtxn ashtin (@ok_ashtxn) reported

    i spend too much time rewatching the same shows on Netflix...someone send freaking help.

  • Yangkeeee Forsythe Jones III 🐍 (@Yangkeeee) reported

    Haaay how to fix my lappy’s speakers ang pangit mag netflix sa phone liit ng screen 😢

  • theacuya thea (@theacuya) reported

    i nEed netflix bUT i dOn't have mOnEy $end help

  • pollyprissypant Emma Badame (@pollyprissypant) reported

    @oldfilmsflicker Was just thinking this very thing the other day. I had such high expectations and then he never got served well by any of his other material. My hope is now he’ll find some quality TV or Netflix series that gives him good stuff. *crossing fingers*

  • raides raides (@raides) reported

    @29lhtran @onlie1che @strongblacklead @netflix @KillerMike There was nothing funny about this segment. If you think there was then you are part of the problem.

  • pstokesbooks Paula Stokes (@pstokesbooks) reported

    Giddy film guy with 500 followers: "OMG a movie I wrote is on Netflix! Check it out! A bunch of people literally replying to his tweet: "That movie sucked. It was the WORST THING I ever watched!" Me: The internet was a mistake.

  • JohnHudgens John Hudgens (@JohnHudgens) reported

    @garywhitta Don’t have Hulu - the Netflix one was entertaining, in watching a car crash kind of way...

  • MalBryson Mallory Bryson (@MalBryson) reported

    I think the worst part about the Fyre Fest doc on Netflix is how horrible the locals were treated. Like can we STOP REPEATING HISTORY PLEASE

  • theofreier Teddy Bridgewater STAN Account (@theofreier) reported

    @Lons I’ve only seen the Netflix doc and really take issue with the tag line ‘the greatest party that never happened’ because under no circumstance would that have been anything other than terrible.

  • iailwkak leaves (@iailwkak) reported

    @Jae_Day6 hey jae the wifi’s not working i can’t watch netflix

  • KatieMcC01 Katie (@KatieMcC01) reported

    how it ends isn't the worst movie on Netflix but it's not the best. it's kinda slow and there is something missing. it's good to watch if you can't find anything else.

  • enigma461 Eric Micke (@enigma461) reported

    @EmmaFyffe @phatthamster @Lons @netflix I think he was far too forgiving of Billy's antics. If yhat story he told was true, that he'd go that far to help this thing he knows is not going to happen and is a scam, i dunno. He didn't sit well with me.

  • nizzygiles NizzyG (@nizzygiles) reported

    @HouseofCards has the worst ending in the history of tv shows and endings 🙄 steupsssss @netflix

  • cubbieblue1219 Jessica (@cubbieblue1219) reported

    "Only Mine" on Netflix is decent, but I got curious and looked up the inmate's public police record and the case details & I can't help but laugh at who they chose to play him because they picked a good looking dude to play him who couldn't look more different than the real guy

  • cubbieblue1219 Jessica (@cubbieblue1219) reported

    "Only Mine" on Netflix is decent, but I got curious and looked up the inmate's public police record and the case details & I can't help but laugh at who they chose to play him because they picked a decent looking dude to play him who couldn't look more different than the real guy

  • cubbieblue1219 Jessica (@cubbieblue1219) reported

    "Only Mine" on Netflix is decent, but I got curious and looked up the inmate's public police record and the case details & I can't help but laugh at who they chose to play him because they picked a good looking dude in the movie who couldn't look more different than the real guy

  • tiffainels Ms. Stephens (@tiffainels) reported

    @netflix please do something to help the Bahamian community that demonstrated good faith and kindness to people who didn’t deserve this. #FyreFestivalNetflix

  • kurtradunzel Kurt Radunzel (@kurtradunzel) reported

    @WaddleandSilvy @BarstoolBigCat @hulu @netflix Netflix was much better. The Hulu version had an interview with the scum bag, but he wasn't honest or forthcoming. Netflix version was honest and didn't show an agenda....and the customs issue with water is worth the watch😬

  • ThePoolerBrand TGPoolah (@ThePoolerBrand) reported

    @davemeltzerWON You don't see services like HBO Hulu or Netflix or Amazon have these kind of issue in these numbers. That's because they put money on first then launch the names. All these other services playing catch up do it backwards, get the big thing, see they're lacking, fix it after

  • MatthewSchiral2 Matthew Schiraldi (@MatthewSchiral2) reported

    @Netflixhelps Netflix on playstation has a continuous loading circle, then pulls up an error screen. Won't load

  • tarwathie Dave Eden (@tarwathie) reported

    TFW you can't do more school work because you need help with the software on Monday, so instead you get another Holsten and watch more hunting shows on Netflix.

  • joannatruman joanna truman 🦉 (@joannatruman) reported

    Man, the Avicii doc on Netflix is absolutely heartbreaking. You pressure a kid with severe anxiety into performing in front of thousands of people day after day and never even try to get him the help he needs.

  • Loganchance Logan 'Amazon Prime Villas' Rapp (@Loganchance) reported

    @garywhitta Netflix produced by awful people who made their money stealing content. Nah. Hulu.

  • SadChiSportsFan Is Pepsi ok? (@SadChiSportsFan) reported

    @WaddleandSilvy @BarstoolBigCat @hulu @netflix F*ckjerry help make the Netflix one so his biased in a way where they don’t look as bad, Hulu one just exposes everything

  • ashleymdugger Ashley Dugger (@ashleymdugger) reported

    Don’t watch Io on Netflix. It’s truly terrible. Truly. Anthony Mackie is the only redeeming quality.

  • 2bmrap Kool Modi (@2bmrap) reported

    So glad Netflix has a 90 trillion budget now to make 30 awful scifis every month

  • localwinemom kathleen (@localwinemom) reported

    please everyone watch “only mine” on Netflix it’s one of the worst movies I have ever seen

  • AlyssaRishell Alyssa Rishell (@AlyssaRishell) reported

    Laughing cause I know myself so well. Forgot the wifi and Netflix login and I checked my Notes and there they are titled “Cause we know you’ll forget” made months ago

  • dineshsainijpr Dinesh Saini (@dineshsainijpr) reported

    @Netflixhelps Tried everything, it didn’t work. All other apps are working fine TV manufacturer has aked me to contact as this issue is specific to Netflix.

  • unluckynumber11 Jeff (@unluckynumber11) reported

    Watching the Hulu one so far and I like it better than the Netflix one. It goes into the many problems before Fyre was even a thing. One that Netflix I don't think even touched on.

  • thwarted Zero Day Juárez (@thwarted) reported

    "We're not a problems focused group, we're a solutions focused group." ~ Netflix Fyre Documentary

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