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Nintendo Switch Online Service lets the console owners enjoy online multiplayer gaming as well as a dedicated smartphone app that connects to the Nintendo Switch system and helps connect with friends for co-op and competitive games online.

Nintendo Switch Online problems in the last 24 hours

Nintendo Switch Online Outage Chart 08/04/2021 09:10

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Most Reported Problems:

  • Online Play 68.52% Online Play
  • Sign in 24.07% Sign in
  • Glitches 3.70% Glitches
  • Matchmaking 1.85% Matchmaking
  • Game Crash 1.85% Game Crash

Nintendo Switch Online Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

United StatesWestminster Online Play
United StatesWestminster Online Play
United StatesDallas Online Play
United KingdomPaddington Online Play
United StatesYork Online Play
United KingdomAshton-under-Lyne Online Play

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Nintendo Switch Online Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • NintendoShame Nintendo Shame (@NintendoShame) reported

    It's been 14 days since the last game was added to the Nintendo Switch Online service

  • AmphabulouSnake Average Youmu enjoyer (@AmphabulouSnake) reported

    Genuinely hoping, for Nintendo’s sake, that they chose not to end Smash Ultimate’s dlc with Crash Bandicoot lol Let’s just say it’d be kind of awkward lmao

  • Lizardguy17 Lizardguy (@Lizardguy17) reported

    @TheNCSmaster I hope so. Anything to tell Nintendo to fix the mistake that was Prime.

  • Kutairo_ • Gum | Kupo (@Kutairo_) reported

    @BB_blueyellow Better than Nintendo but still nothing on Crash/Spyro level

  • samecomputer conputer same's (@samecomputer) reported

    @dirigiblebill release dates of soulsesque games makes it pretty clear they've always been crunching. even ER and sekiro have only about 2.5 years and 3 years dev time. sekiro being worked with ds3 dlc alongside. irresponsible to think Nintendo, EA etc don't have The same issues as Ubi, AB etc

  • Silurker J {(Commission open)} (@Silurker) reported

    @Catpuccino4 Because of all the flack that was (Justifiably) sent to Nintendo over the joycoms, they had to open a service to fix and replace joycoms. They keep it quiet though because they'd rather you spend +$60 instead of do something about their controllers known for breaking.

  • SilverLemur Chris Koźmik (@SilverLemur) reported

    Some of asked about Switch version update to v1.24, there is no need since Switch does not have ESC key and no Windows OS to fix, so none of this apply. Therefore v1.23 on Nintendo Switch is identical feature wise to the v1.24 on Windows/Linux.

  • MonoHollow MonoHollow | WSD🧄 (@MonoHollow) reported

    I think basically what I’m trying to say is Nintendo as a company has a lot of problems that shouldn’t be ignored or defended, but don’t let whatever bozo like me or whoever on the internet deter you from liking what you like in your entertainment.

  • GarylikesGames Garylikesgames (@GarylikesGames) reported

    @AidenRS139 You know...I wouldn't be mad and reasoning is Nintendo typically tweaks games that they port. I've never played Sticker Star but maybe they could fix what people hate about it in a port?

  • Oliveeek__ (@Oliveeek__) reported

    Overwatch on Nintendo is little broken....

  • TF2SmashBros TF2 for Smash, Maggots! (@TF2SmashBros) reported

    @Vigilante_Blade @ArloStuff Idk what you want me to say, I'm sure you didn't mean the comparison the way you did it, but you still compared them. Then you dug a deeper hole by saying "Nintendo defence force." If literally everybody is missing your point, maybe it was your tweet that was the issue?

  • lovextony anthony (@lovextony) reported

    I’m missing the Ariana Grande fortnite event because my stupid Nintendo switch charger is broken and I can’t buy a new one

  • I3asil I3asil 🌿 (@I3asil) reported

    @jordy_pops_xx @RobertEcafBaker I think the real issue is that the minority of people who likely treat their controllers really poorly, cry the loudest when it breaks and claim its Nintendo's fault, when in truth, most people have no issue...

  • EHeroLew Lara (@EHeroLew) reported

    @ErikH745 @Vigilante_Blade @ArloStuff I don’t think it was to draw comparisons to the two issues, but notes how companies can scape goat out of any problem on ANY scale by suddenly releasing new content for it’s fans. I feel like seeing it your way avoids the issues harder than the Nintendo fans you just fabricated

  • MrSansational I am me (@MrSansational) reported

    @BlackMageBen Nintendo for Crash, Sega for Spyro

  • ohmymistake_ Konnie (@ohmymistake_) reported

    so i won’t be able to play on my nintendo switch for a while now because the mainboard is broken and i don’t have then money to pay the repair 🥴

  • wildcardroachie catbug (@wildcardroachie) reported

    it is lagging horribly. i wish nintendo emulated these better on the switch.

  • CrimsonManxd DmC Guy (@CrimsonManxd) reported

    @Eragon_RH @Nintendominate @IGN Physical is better. but yeah steamdeck can run nintendo switch games only with a ton compabilitity issues, and probably having to do a bunch of stuff to get them legally or just pirate them

  • Bebucho_ ríos (@Bebucho_) reported

    smoking broken windows playing my nintendo

  • iconiclls G (@iconiclls) reported

    I just realized that the charger of my nintendo switch is broken and I can't fckn buy cause my place is currently on lockdownnn

  • Hawks_Down_Here JohlHawk (@Hawks_Down_Here) reported

    @GeneralTempest Oh performance wise. What games are you talking about specifically? I can't think of any big Nintendo games with those issues other than AOC honestly. And BOTW actually has some pretty bad moments too although they're kinda rare after they patched it.

  • yvesrlast 🐌 (@yvesrlast) reported

    they couldve released tht thing like 2 months ago when my nintendo wasnt broken but okay cool i guess

  • mr_simpman Dogeyflunky (@mr_simpman) reported

    @Equatoiles Probably just sour experience with Wii version, the game was released in Nintendo's super hand Hildy period so they had to fix a lot of the traces of that in hd. Other than that the only issue I have with sshd now is that it recycles some boss fights but even then its still fun.

  • chokethalt 🦭 (@chokethalt) reported

    "so long gay bowser" brought the gays and the homophobes together and created world peace and then they had to go and "fix" it 😔 why, nintendo. why

  • sonicblast18 Not Shaunte 'Honora Dittmar (@sonicblast18) reported

    @ValorTaipan @NintendoEurope @NianticHelp The mountain of issues we've had so far would've been fixed years ago if Nintendo had more of a stake in this...

  • DoctorGoatMD yian goat-ku (@DoctorGoatMD) reported

    @PAMaster2 I'd wait for a good deal but use a third party tool to format whatever you get to fat32, a good deal of Switch issues are due to the Nintendo exFAT driver being unreliable (and worse in homebrew)

  • Kevinwastaken11 KevinEatsPants (@Kevinwastaken11) reported

    @MojangStatus @MojangSupport I know it’s a Nintendo switch issue with Minecraft takes like 3 minutes to load and I have stable internet it’s just black and freezes my switch and it’s annoying plz no hang patch this for Nintendo switch players. #Helpnintendoswitchminecraft

  • JW_the_3rd J_Walldubams the 3rd(hype4Nick All-Stars Brawl) (@JW_the_3rd) reported

    @ChrisBottger Ya those were some good points they made, and is actually why I personally prefer physical. Just I do like this idea or a streaming service since it is more convenient. Also, with Nintendo none of their games gotten taken off the service, and-

  • EdDiGeronimo Edward Di Geronimo (@EdDiGeronimo) reported

    @WaffulSyrup @rainbowmon2018 @IndieGamerChick I don’t think a game can Brock the system, but corrupt save data can certainly break the game if it’s not prepared for it. When I made DD games, Nintendo cert was so **** about recovering from save errors for that reason.

  • FrostyOwl96 Frost🏴Ⓐ🇩🇪🏳️‍🌈 (@FrostyOwl96) reported

    @Octaviaisgay I mean... it's just a problem that comes with OLED screens. I know Nintendo innovated in the past but you can't expect them to fix screen retention issues for you.

Nintendo Switch Online Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 2002
  • 20110
  • 2110
  • 2124
  • 2137
  • 2153
  • 2160
  • 2162
  • 2168
  • 2811