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Nintendo Switch Online Service lets the console owners enjoy online multiplayer gaming as well as a dedicated smartphone app that connects to the Nintendo Switch system and helps connect with friends for co-op and competitive games online.

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January 29: Problems at Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online is having issues since 07:50 PM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • RustySeatbelt 8redhen8 (@RustySeatbelt) reported

    @nintendolife That’s lame, Nintendo. Fix your online service and dump your legal team.

  • TalesOfGamerz Rin (@TalesOfGamerz) reported

    @TamashiiHiroka In my opinion the GTS never should've been taken out of the main game and the service should've been the same price as bank. I think a lot of people wouldn't mind paying if it was just another 5 bucks on top of Nintendo online.

  • VL731 Vl731 (@VL731) reported

    @Sketch1984 @SorcererLance Nintendo needs better net code regardless, because this seems like a problem with all of their attempts at online multi-player. Nintendo Lag is a saying for a reason.

  • TheNPC33 Nick-Player Character (@TheNPC33) reported

    @UltimaShadowX @NintendoAmerica Boss, we got big problems! Dimitri's brought the cat police!

  • BriceNicholXIII Brice Nichol (@BriceNicholXIII) reported

    @NintendoAmerica Cool I hope that people who are pissed about Byleth won’t bother spending their money on pass 2 until Nintendo manages to actually appeal to a market besides japan maybe adding in someone crazy cool like Doomslayer, Sora, Dante, Crash, Spyro, or Master Chief for once

  • TinoBoy1998 Tino (@TinoBoy1998) reported

    @NintenZ @said78951 I think Sonic's involvement with smash and sega's close communication with Nintendo has made it less of an issue to have Sonic have more representation

  • NewFranKK CEO of FranK (@NewFranKK) reported

    @JuuI_Pod @MaxineKilos @greenchile03 Doesn’t make it any less annoying People complain way too much about characters in this game rather than actual game issues they bring back everyone and the kitchen sink I don’t care if FE isn’t the Nintendo mascot you can’t do shit about it now

  • MayorMori Mayor Mori ✈️🏖 (@MayorMori) reported

    @MrsJenlynn27 @ACWorldBlog @NintendoAmerica I’ve seen the screenshot that surfaced. I think it’s likely a system issue with a specific retailer, and at very least a potential stock issue. I would take it with a pinch of salt. If ACNH was delayed, Nintendo would have likely said by now 🙂

  • 0_DINKY_0 Chrom's Devoted Top (@0_DINKY_0) reported

    @NintendoAmerica I knew smash fans were overgrown man-children and basically a hate mob But my god these replies. Imagine having real problems

  • KlefthXI Andrés Polombiano (@KlefthXI) reported

    @SamppaF1n @pcgamer Well then that's a problem for the current consoles. They could at least try to compete on a feature level, by offering something their competition doesn't. Nintendo does it, but Sony and Microsoft are like 1:1 on features, cannot do anything a PC can't, and almost feel redundant

  • 42Kmi 42Kmi.​​com (@42Kmi) reported

    I estimate 80-90% of #SmashBrosUltimate online players cheat. This is troubling because: 1) These players feel it's easier to cheat to win than improve. 2) The results from Elite matches are used in balancing the game. No idea how Nintendo accounts for lag when balancing...

  • KlefthXI Andrés Polombiano (@KlefthXI) reported

    @SamppaF1n @pcgamer Well then that's a problem for the current consoles then. They could at least try to compete on a feature level, by offering something their competition doesn't. Nintendo does it, but Sony and Microsoft are like 1:1 on features and almost feel redundant.

  • eiopm 🦙 (@eiopm) reported

    i feel so bad for kids these days who just wanna play pokemon. nintendo is really making u pay for their online service, two dlcs, pokemon parents would have never paid for any of this when i was a kid :( feel bad for the children who cant experience the game properly

  • castle_another InAnotherCastle (@castle_another) reported

    @OvanOfTheNorth @realmariobrostm @NintendoAmerica It's not your opinion that's a problem, it's the fact you're making yourself seem less angered and more braindead by uninstalling a game over one character out of five

  • J0nat0mic Jonathan (@J0nat0mic) reported

    Delayed stream today, there are issues going on with my Nintendo account that I'm trying to fix so I'm currently unable to play online Mario maker levels, sorry to disappointed :( Will fix it somehow and get back on it though!

  • Spoogymonkey Alan Baum (@Spoogymonkey) reported

    @NintenZ One of the problems in Smash is we have way too many series. Even with just the Nintendo series we have over 20. People thinking third parties need better representation doesnt help. Of all the series, Kirby, Zelda and Xenoblade would be the worst. Wario in the music department.

  • TheWesterFront Fredrik Wester (@TheWesterFront) reported

    "If the download code is still not working, it may not have been activated correctly at the store. Please check with the retailer that provided the code" Here is a tip for you @Nintendo - if you can't handle download codes, send a f****** cartridge like you did in 1986.

  • mentlel_illness dang suckpeen (@mentlel_illness) reported

    @merckilled @NintendoAmerica that’s the biggest problem

  • revradandbeyond RevWorld.Net (@revradandbeyond) reported

    All of that is a simple fix but you need to smack Nintendo in the head to get their attention to do it.

  • Kaneco_bond Kaneco (@Kaneco_bond) reported

    @TodoNintendoS Of course Nintendo perpetuates the stupidest childish joke as a problem... when 'Manuela' is a real name anyway... let people have their jokes while also not ruining consistency.

  • larsamatsu waver velvet (canadian) (@larsamatsu) reported

    $15 a year for a super limited cloud service . nintendo really tryin it

  • mactheminion Mac the Minion (@mactheminion) reported

    @UniedSomething @MyCousinJwanny @AstyanaxHector @AceTrainerLiam Knock $20 off of that because that’s Nintendo’s online service, nothing to do with Pokemon and you can’t put them blame on them for that Plus I’d rather that than a Sequel game next year with only a small amount of changes

  • Sadeness0 Sadeness (@Sadeness0) reported

    @CoolMintMC @Allen9aul @Alvaritoterreos @north_sng @Pokemon I have to agree with you,Nintendo does even not really give any games anymore,they have not updated those games in a while..PS+ servers have connection issues a lot. Microsoft really does have the most stable service and they give you more free games a month than the others

  • EKlefki Pichu Klefki (@EKlefki) reported

    @Batbugz @Chicken_Whittle @NintendoAmerica The problem is not his opinion. He just went out of his way to tell everyone this, even though he didn’t have to.

  • TheMaractusMan Otylaxol (@TheMaractusMan) reported

    @thebrow88 @NintendoAmerica Agreed, but the problem is that there’s barely ANY “respectfully” disappointed people

  • Jamey_Thomson Jamey (@Jamey_Thomson) reported

    @eievuwu @Muted_017 Especially when Nintendo has a system in place they could easily be using right now to fix the problem. (NSO)

  • DarwinElegant Elegant (@DarwinElegant) reported

    Update: Quick response from Nintendo. They think it’s a cooling issue. Oh well

  • ded93869126 EPICCoomer_master548 (@ded93869126) reported

    @Mercuie The price, and was arguably a better service. It’s only a matter of time before they release a new app on Nintendo’s next console for even more money. I miss when buying a game meant you bought a game, not a part of the game.

  • PasticheOfDerm PasticheofSkin (@PasticheOfDerm) reported

    @FragileApathy @play_pso2 Yes I said xbox pc likely unlikely this is getting a western release on any other platform. If it was coming to ps4 it woulda been sometime in last 6 years. With Microsoft and Nintendo partnering a bit more its possible on switch but the problem then is cloud gaming latency

  • therealpyd (@therealpyd) reported

    “Don’t play no games, broken Nintendo, broken PlayStation, broken Xbox all that!” 😭😭👌🏿

  • monsieuryvescan LeCloutGOAT🐐 NBA LIVE NEXT GEN XBOX SERIES X (@monsieuryvescan) reported

    So @NintendoAmerica what are you going to do about this weak online membership it’s literally comparable to a mobile phone service we need real game chat, messaging, and more you guys use us then cut communication til you need us again

  • debostur Debbie Sturgis (@debostur) reported

    Nintendo should give Kass a streaming service because he's worth it and also they need somewhere to stream their music

  • A3rgan Simon Lock (Aergan) (@A3rgan) reported

    @tenpencearcade @backofficeshow It's almost like it's underrated for intended operation and paired with other errors to save a few pennies. 🤔 It's ok though, Bandai and Nintendo will blame those eviiiiil region converter adapters.

  • switchluts Switchluts (@switchluts) reported

    Byleth feels like I'm playing a character with added Nintendo Switch Online lag. Definitely not a character for me. Feels like a pain to play tbh.

  • denkiwavess elliot ☆ katsucon (@denkiwavess) reported

    also stop dragging nintendo online into it! that’s not pokémon’s problem!

  • SuperFERMOR SuperFERMOR ❼ (@SuperFERMOR) reported

    @SMetaldave64 Nintendo has shown that doing a Digital reveal (Switch) is just as effective. Big events do not have the same impact they did years ago mostly because of social media where news spread like wildfire also with a digital event they can basically reduce the margin of error to 0%.

  • TheSaltyEdge ADNaL (@TheSaltyEdge) reported

    @TrueKingOfSkill Nintendo still needs fix their servers though

  • DavidEn66653255 David (@DavidEn66653255) reported

    @Yes_I_Know_IT @Nintendo @amazon @NintendoFrance @AmazonFr All the issue is caused by dust and debris under the analog rubber cap, you can just clean under this rubber cap with a contact cleaner. Search a video about this solution and see if it solves your issue.

  • BeeepMr Mr Beeep (@BeeepMr) reported

    @mariokarttourEN There’s a survey link about multiplayer from the game. Nintendo will listen to your opinions there. The questions indicate they are aware of all the problems/complaints

  • muropanako ronald reigen (@muropanako) reported

    the way i was hyping myself up to talk to these nintendo ppl abt my switch bc i hate talking to customer service reps and now i don’t even feel like it. gonna just set up this repair and call it a day

  • nikochanr3 niko (@nikochanr3) reported

    @spookypixels Again, i have no issue with people wanting it or not, i just can't see Nintendo thinking this would be worth their time.

  • Yes_I_Know_IT Sylvain Leroux / Yes, I Know IT ! (@Yes_I_Know_IT) reported

    Bad news for my son (and me) his 2 years and 6 weeks old @Nintendo #switch bought on @amazon in France is suffering from the #JoyConDrift issue. @NintendoFrance saids "out of garanty--pay for a repair" @amazonfr saids they can't do anything--not even emit a voucher 😭

  • memmymassacre ❣️ (@memmymassacre) reported

    day 2 of asking @edmundmcmillen to fix nintendo switch bugs

  • sampam777 Sampam777 (@sampam777) reported

    @SNPZY3 @NintendoUK Excuse me I have never thrown a controller or dropped my joycons thanks Eoin I don’t have rage problems Mostly

  • Stntboy03 Stuntboy03 (@Stntboy03) reported

    @HeyitsF3nd3r @CCriticalDev @iPokeNinja I mean, yeah, it was kind of hard to transition to a paid online service, but A) it's $20 a year($1.66 a month), and B) This is by far the best online service Nintendo has supplied.

  • CyberDr90390052 CyberDragon(HZD) (@CyberDr90390052) reported

    @PersonaSpeaks It seems like Nintendo created the problem (storage space) and has fans pay for the solution(more storage space).

  • rose_alibi libi, indefinitely. (@rose_alibi) reported

    blowing in Nintendo carts was silly because there likely wasn't a piece of dust causing the problem. blowing on your stupid MacBook keyboard to dislodge the dust is a mechanically sound method.

  • Vulcan6895 Jeremy Sayre (@Vulcan6895) reported

    @YTBeny @fireheart4560 @iPokeNinja @HoodlumCallum Dude it’s not supposed to be compared Nintendo online and the service is worth that much. It’s Pokémon home but wildly better, connects to more games, has a Mobile app, and has the GTS. You people are just so entitled

  • YTBeny Beny (@YTBeny) reported

    @Vulcan6895 @fireheart4560 @iPokeNinja @HoodlumCallum Because the "service" Home provides is definitely not worth 15$/€ if you compare that to Nintendo Switch online it´s just blatant that it´s a cash grab

  • AnnaHadden Anna Hadden (@AnnaHadden) reported

    £2249 worth of @NintendoUK Switches not delivered (and still missing) since before Christmas. Items were due to be donated to @GOSHCharity. Customer services claims nothing can be done. Appalling service and not good enough

  • Games3Fan Play the Game (@Games3Fan) reported

    @tlwelch85 I think the days of slotting discs or cartridges of a previous console into the current gen are gone. I think the online service is where it will all go. But Nintendo seem to be slow in getting N64 and GameCube to the consumer.

  • Omega_J12 Omega_J2020 Baybeeeee (@Omega_J12) reported

    Its less that people think Master Chief is likely & moreso want him in for the significance it would mean having him there. Crash is another similar case of wanting them in for their huge industry legacy, but unlike Chief, Crash has a Nintendo presence & worldwide appeal.

  • pirate_byte Byte (@pirate_byte) reported

    @D_SAUC3Y I dont care if it was $5 like the pokemon bank. I'm not giving money to a shit service so I can transfer half my pokemon to a shit game. Game freak and Nintendo have undoubtedly dropped the ball on this generation of pokemon games and people like me still bought it

  • gymleaderdillon Gym Leader Dillon (@gymleaderdillon) reported

    I like the news about pokemon home. I am perfectly fine paying under 20 dollars for a year worth of features that I am personally excited about. The nintendo online service + pokemon home is still cheaper than playstation online or xbox live for the same length of features.

  • ItsJustN_ N stays up after midnight (@ItsJustN_) reported

    If I were to hypothetically buy a switch with Pokémon Sword full experience, I'd firstly have to buy the game and dlc which would be cost 90 bucks, then premium version of Home which is 16 bucks per year, then Nintendo Switch online which is 20 bucks a month with laggy service

  • Bodyman910 Bodyman (Praise Hector)🙏 (@Bodyman910) reported

    Why don't we just add tipper to all smash characters cause Nintendo didnt seem to have a problem with giving this to cloud.

  • J0kersGh0st J0ker's Gh0st (@J0kersGh0st) reported

    @iPokeNinja And honestly this is far cheaper than other games/consoles yearly fees including if you get home premium. Xbox live/psn runs what $50 a year, the newest yearly release of certain games $64, DLC is what $10-$30 per DLC. Its $20/year for Nintendo's online service, $64 for the game

  • naokikinesis Naoki (@naokikinesis) reported

    offering my service to help others mod their nintendo consoles for a price isn’t such a bad idea seeing how it’s a win-win situation

  • The_H_Nickel H Ni¢kel (@The_H_Nickel) reported

    @AceTrainerLiam I would like to mention this is just $4 beneath Nintendo Online’s price which already doesn’t feel worth it to most people. And considering Gamefreak’s mentality on “future-proofing”, this service will most likely be replaced within the decade with something even worse.

  • Intelectualfrik Shitpost and Hot Take account (@Intelectualfrik) reported

    @iPokeNinja ... pokemon on top of paying $20 for nintendo switch online to even USE the online functions. It went from a $40, ~20-30 hour game with a $5/year service to a $60 ~12-16 hour game that cut more than half the pokemon, a $30 expansion pack that adds a decent postgame...

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  • 20110
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  • 2153
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  • 2162
  • 2168
  • 2811