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  • Beastly_Drohan 🐺Beastly_Drohan is Mataur the Beast@Furloween🐺 (@Beastly_Drohan) reported

    @CBBlackwell1 The UI was the biggest downgrade for me. Online subscription services have been the standard for a while so I expected Nintendo to hop on board. The problem is that nothing really changed or the quality of the online play had gone up

  • TheReiSpecial tbs | gREIve (@TheReiSpecial) reported

    @ESC__NE Please don’t ask him about mother 3. I’m sure he’s tired of spouting the same localization problems to people. Ask him how he got to where is he was. He used to work for Pizza Hut as their representative or something like that before he went to Nintendo

  • shadowblade1296 shadowsword (@shadowblade1296) reported

    @Shawn_on_Games @OtterInABowler @Crunchyroll Will have different versions the problem comes in with tms because it was censored during the time of Nintendo's over censorship, it suffered as a result because their have been somewhat conflicting reports that tms#fe didn't need to be censored because the ESRB would have rated>

  • shadowblade1296 shadowsword (@shadowblade1296) reported

    @Shawn_on_Games @OtterInABowler @Crunchyroll Money loss they lost money in Wii u sales do to the censorship policy back then, and for the Wii u that little money loss actually caused more of a problem then, games like fatal frame and tms#fe suffered as a result of the loss of revenue. So Nintendo had changed their policies>

  • decimowhite Sam (@decimowhite) reported

    - Nintendo shouldn't be regarded as "the good guys" developer. Their online service is not worth its price, their platforms only survive because of first party efforts that are only picking up steam in the past few years after a long drought. And their products are overpriced.

  • decimowhite Sam (@decimowhite) reported

    - Nintendo should be regarded as "the good guys" developer. Their online service is not worth its price, their platforms only survive because of first party efforts that are only picking up steam in the past few years after a long drought. And their products are overpriced.

  • megamda Kumar Palaniappan (@megamda) reported

    @Target let your exchange service team know, customers aren’t responsible to talk to your product suppliers. It’s you n treat your customers with an atmost service. Regards @NintendoAmerica switch game packed with a wrong seal. #policy #fail #Zelda

  • RainbowSquidInk 🦑🎃🍂👻🦑SPOOPY SQUID MAMA IS YO MAMA🦑👻🍂🎃🦑 (@RainbowSquidInk) reported

    For Super Mario Bros. 3 DiC had to make up the names of the Koopalings because Nintendo had not named them yet. They renamed and redesigned characters sometimes because of rights issues.

  • yur_vice ℙ𝕣𝕒𝕟𝕒-𝕓𝕚𝕟𝕕𝕦 ばか (@yur_vice) reported

    @eddiemeister they swore they were gonna fix it and some people who got the lite had it happen to them too lmao thanks nintendo

  • CrackytGolden Golden_Crack (@CrackytGolden) reported

    @FortniteGame Hi, I am a Nintendo Switch player and I would like you to fix the battle pass gift bug since it has not arrived and who has sent it has been charged twice, if you fix it it would be fine thanks

  • 2dollaslices gov't mandated orbital strike (@2dollaslices) reported

    @Destroyer4tuna @HMKilla @Disney @NintendoAmerica @SquareEnix @Sora_Sakurai Bruh there ain't a ****** error in my post KH fans eat poo poo **** doodie

  • stky_1 Stky 1 (@stky_1) reported

    @PlayStation Bought a Nintendo switch game for my daughter. Well damn holy Molly, it's all ready! Fix this!!!! Y'all

  • Michael29191649 ThatOneGuyNoOneLikeS (@Michael29191649) reported

    Ok, so I don’t know where to go about this problem, but I was just playing some super Mario world, then my switch crashed. White screen, thought it was the game, then it did the circled Nintendo logo then the switch logo.

  • Defaulting12ca1 Nintendo warrior (@Defaulting12ca1) reported

    @asphalt Hello it seems that the Nintendo switch isn't getting any of the updates like the king of the fall or the zenvo event ot the new garage and UI. For a game released for about two weeks now, it shouldn't be this far behind. Love the game and play it most of the time. Please fix.

  • GfromWHOATV GfromWHOATV 🇭🇹 (@GfromWHOATV) reported

    @41st_side_718 Yup you should see my super Mario brothers one. It looks like the game from the original Nintendo. I have problems yo 😂

  • BigBadTomA Tom Arghmstrong (@BigBadTomA) reported

    @MskieRiot @NintendoUK I know :( I keep thinking of getting one from CeX but then realise they'll probably have the same issue

  • FluffyDogeCuddl FluffyDogeCuddles (@FluffyDogeCuddl) reported

    Sooo I finally gained the courage to bring my Nintendo Switch with a broken joycon to school

  • GiantSoundLLC somanymatts (@GiantSoundLLC) reported from Davis, California

    @cinemassacre @therealjoebob @NintendoAmerica @SpawnWaveMedia This is short worthy... @CNBC $ntdoy the supervisor is aknowledging this is @NintendoAmerica problem with the #SwitchLite

  • wryansh Ryan Sh (@wryansh) reported

    @ShaMcgu My biggest problem with PS was the loading times, if we’re being honest. I was always a Nintendo guy growing up. I didn’t like the super fat thumb pad of the joy sticks either. It’s probably good now... I’m not that naive.

  • SuccuCirno Cirno 🇭🇰 (@SuccuCirno) reported

    @Jashin_Says @FallDrift It's a problem with Nintendo or SEGA's marketing departments back in 2016.

  • SuccuCirno Cirno 🇭🇰 (@SuccuCirno) reported

    @Jashin_Says @FallDrift Honestly, Nintendo can't force Atlus to release it uncensored. Blaming Nintendo for a game that is made by Atlus is absurd. This is an Atlus or even a SEGA issue.

  • nxtala 𝕟𝕒𝕥𝕒𝕝𝕚𝕒 (@nxtala) reported

    i’m shaking and crying stupid switch drift drift stupid ugly stupid nintendo why am lit rally so mad i jst want to playsplatoon:(( i’m sick and tired of this!!!1! these past three months have been hell trying to fix >:( i want to race! on! kart!!!

  • SuccuCirno Cirno 🇭🇰 (@SuccuCirno) reported

    @FallDrift Nintendo didn't order Atlus to do it. This was an Atlus issue.

  • CraigGardener1 Craig (@CraigGardener1) reported

    Had to send my Switch Joy cons for repair because of the drifting issue and it disgusts me to no end that Nintendo not only knows about this problem but that same design flaw is found in the Switch Lite too. Utterly vile

  • rainbowmon2018 Rainbowmon of the Care-monic Spirits (@rainbowmon2018) reported

    @HatInTime I found this glitch (see above clip) in the Nintendo Switch version earlier - I'd have posted it then, but I didn't have Wi-Fi access. As you can see, I was in a Blue Time Rift, my hats were taken by an enemy, and when I defeated him, they fell out of existence.

  • SuccuCirno Cirno 🇭🇰 (@SuccuCirno) reported

    @Jashin_Says @FleetaVEVO "Mindreading" is the issue. SJWs mindread me to call me a **** for not agreeing with them and their UN-like stance and now people on the other side are "mindreading" me and assuming my motives for pointing something out, namely Nintendo's DMCA abuse.

  • SuccuCirno Cirno 🇭🇰 (@SuccuCirno) reported

    @Jashin_Says @FleetaVEVO Well, trying to label me a "fake Cirno fan" for simply pointing out what Nintendo might attempt to do isn't being an "SJW." Some people seem to think so. Just like that ******* OAG, who labels people SJWs even if they don't destroy the hobby. THAT is an issue.

  • NickF19479498 Tweedledeedeez (@NickF19479498) reported

    @squaredthings and ultimate..., and from nnow on Nintendo ixing the drifting issue for free but I would still have to wait..... which isn't fun....

  • SuccuCirno Cirno 🇭🇰 (@SuccuCirno) reported

    @RageGoldenEagle I was called an SJW for pointing out what Nintendo might do. They have a history of abusing our broken as hell copyright laws.

  • Crainshaw83 Not A Futa Tim (@Crainshaw83) reported

    @Sharpp just by looking at the thumbnail, imo mw2 beats mw3 no problem, and what the heck, CoD on nintendo DS was lit 🤣 how dare you

  • Roehm_21DW Daniel Wickwire/KMR (@Roehm_21DW) reported

    @MonsterIslandB @NintendoAmerica I remember this exact issue. That article teased me for years.

  • C_Furman Constantine Furman (@C_Furman) reported

    @MonsterIslandB @NintendoAmerica It had a subscription to NINTENDO POWER. I remember when this issue arrived. I am still salty about this to this day.

  • orribuboop orribu! (Chibi Commissions OPEN!) (@orribuboop) reported

    So my problem is the only way I can see the game is through the capture card and there's a delay between input and output. It's a Nintendo Switch setup.

  • taptroupe Alayna (NOT BIRTHDAY) (@taptroupe) reported

    i wish back issues of nintendo dream scans were online and real.... but i applaud the effort of nintendo power scans being mostly there. or at least easily accessible

  • Memey_PW Memey (@Memey_PW) reported

    @Alo_SSB I think Nintendo isn't making these changes because people are gonna buy the service anyway so in their eyes it's not worth it. same goes for the input lag in smash. unlike SFV's situation they don't gain anything from reducing the input lag. sad but may be the case

  • brandoncult brandon ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ (@brandoncult) reported

    @littlestrayshen Pretend that u r a 3d art intern at Nintendo and interested in the ugc program or something and keep making accounts problem solved

  • johnlindquist John Lindquist (@johnlindquist) reported

    Cost to repair our Nintendo Switch that won't boot: 20 minute service phone call $116 3-7 week turnaround #BossLevel

  • cosmoslue Luë (@cosmoslue) reported

    @MisterSwoof I stopped caring about most of the AAA games that aren't from nintendo because of how "grey" and generic they look. I have some issues with nintendo's choices but I can't deny that despite using the same franchise I can still feel the soul in these games as if they were brand new

  • NurseJoyPK NurseJoy (@NurseJoyPK) reported

    This isn't Nintendo's fault. Its Bandai Namco's and Sora's fault for implementing that shitty delay based netcode. Smash is the only Nintendo game with the exception of Super Mario Maker 2 with terrible online. MK11, Skullgirls, Power Rangers etc... don't have issues online.

  • ItsSmaffers Matt Bowker (@ItsSmaffers) reported

    Yo, Crash Bandicoot on the Nintendo Switch is absolute trash.

  • Giozapato1 Giozapato1 (@Giozapato1) reported

    @PlayOverwatch I bought the Nintendo Switch version of the game expecting to be able to finally play with some good FPS, but now I have a different problem in which the game loads before I can play, so I always end up getting kicked for inactivity before the game starts.

  • Neogrimm Samuel Masters (@Neogrimm) reported

    @SuperMario_UK @NintendoUK Is Nintendo ever going to fix the problem with signing in to Nintendo account me and a load of other people keep getting cannot display this page right now as you do not have access rights

  • OshawottEpic The Epic Oshawott (@OshawottEpic) reported

    @RattataTop @YesteryearRunes @Pokemon @GAMEFREAK_info It is 100% GFs fault. Nintendo delayed Luigi's Mansion and Animal Crossing this year to ensure they would have time to be good. GameFreak "can't do that", which is really just a personal problem. If they can't prioritize their biggest games, it's their own fault.

  • szalinskikid nick (@szalinskikid) reported

    @Mario_Speedruns @DistantKingdom @joshjhonbob It's constantly getting patched out. But it's tech, it'll never be 100% safe. It's a tug-of-war that Nintendo can only win if they deliver a satisfying service (and content). So we don't need to worry.

  • Explain_Naily Spooky Naily(CEO OF TARGET) (@Explain_Naily) reported

    @Taco_BFB @_Firey_BFB @PieBFB @Lollipop_BFB **** my Nintendo switch is broken

  • teamjoey Joey Wieland (@teamjoey) reported

    @RGT_85 If @NintendoAmerica had just named it international deluxe it wouldn’t have been a problem. I’m sure it won’t affect overall sales, this will be my chance to play it because I dodged the wiiu.

  • dickbuttbanjo Dickbuttbanjo (@dickbuttbanjo) reported

    @vrgeta3201 Again they could port them over with close to no problems and Nintendo never puts them under pressure to finish the games

  • Bread_J Brad Jones (@Bread_J) reported

    @WPIAshley @V115smash Honestly the solution would be easy if docks were just accessible. If I could buy 20-30 docks from Nintendo for an actually reasonable price I would gladly run them like the commercial showed and it would solve the issue

  • DagsJT Darren Thomas (@DagsJT) reported from Warrington, England

    Just found that my joycons have drift in them. Really makes you wonder how @NintendoUK haven’t acknowledged this as a genuine issue and sorted this out by now.

  • HiTherePaul Paul (@HiTherePaul) reported

    @drewbee24_ This is a known issue. Because of a class action lawsuit, you can actually send those to Nintendo and they have to fix it for free.

  • EggnogAndBacon Eggnog and Bacon (@EggnogAndBacon) reported

    @DrummerZero626 @mariokarttourEN @SamsungUS @NintendoAmerica No, I'm saying that the game won't play AT ALL on my daughter's phone. It gives her an error message.

  • mizterperalta social media user mizterperalta (@mizterperalta) reported

    Nintendo goes all out for an event advertising a COMPLETE game for its fan base. Meanwhile, 2K just flies out the gamers to generic room #4 and hopes they like their broken mess!

  • knucklesthehot meme boi (@knucklesthehot) reported


  • iiDMartinez Ares | Martinez 🌐 (@iiDMartinez) reported

    How do you actually play this game on the go if you need to consistently be on a stable connection and its Nintendo internet service 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • DylanLasagna Dylan (@DylanLasagna) reported

    Let's do this #MyUnpopularGamingOpinion - Nintendo Switch Online is still a worthless service, regardless of price and "offerings" - Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is an overrated letdown. Fine story, but its tedious gameplay turned me off - Single-player > microtransaction multiplayer

  • necro_pumpkin 🦇CHITOSE KUROSAKI IS QUEEN (@necro_pumpkin) reported

    @theprinceofiris The biggest problem with censorship is that people are using it as an excuse to harass others. I kinda see it as a “treat others how you want to be treated” thing more than anything. The people outright telling Nintendo and fans that they hope their game flops deserve it tbh.

  • HideoAmkara Yung Popinoffski 💯 IV ✨ (@HideoAmkara) reported

    You have to get a meltan box to get them to spawn, it works like incense. You get the box by connecting to a Nintendo switch. That's the service @FruitPokemon is offering for 5 more people for FREE!

  • jwickhyoung The Wickham-man (@jwickhyoung) reported

    @WillFletchUK @ItsMisterMarkus I've checked Nintendo's site. Seems the non primary (my OG switch will need internet to verify game licence) it'll always be docked so no issues. My new one will be primary so can play anything anywhere. 👌🏻👌🏻

  • moauwiz_khan Moauwiz Khan (@moauwiz_khan) reported

    Having controller drift problem but I live in Saudi Arabia don’t know what can anyone pls help #nintendo

  • DemoBro1 Demo Bro (@DemoBro1) reported

    @ThatCubeGamer *looks around* ...More like Nintendo Glitch

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