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Nintendo Switch Online Service lets the console owners enjoy online multiplayer gaming as well as a dedicated smartphone app that connects to the Nintendo Switch system and helps connect with friends for co-op and competitive games online.

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January 26: Problems at Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online is having issues since 05:10 AM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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Bolton Sign in
Salt Lake City Matchmaking
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Nintendo Switch Online Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • jrbcookies jawan (@jrbcookies) reported

    @BlizzardCS im having some really bad disconnection issues. The game will kick me out and put me right back into a match. Im rubber banding AND getting the HF-2 error. I am using the nintendo switch and my wifi is just fine. My latency and IND keep spiking for no reason. Pls help

  • icecapman10 The Fresh Royal of Ice Cap Zone (@icecapman10) reported

    @TheLetterTen No, my predictions are: Crash Steve Sora An indie character (Reimu from Touhou or Quote from Cave Story) Another Sega or Bamco character Another promotional pick from Nintendo

  • OceanKarina Karina 🌊 (@OceanKarina) reported

    @NitkoUsamljeny @nberlat @Cybren @bread732 Thing is, capitalism IS to blame for gg. GGs grew up in an enviroment were what you consume becomes part of your identity. That is a class problem. But that was what the ggs were trying to protect, it wasn't because Nintendo sold pink shirts.

  • SpookyCandle Spooky (@SpookyCandle) reported

    then fix it, nintendo!!

  • icecapman10 The Fresh Royal of Ice Cap Zone (@icecapman10) reported

    Crash because that's a character that all territories want and is one that would make it feel like Sony's involved even though they aren't really. Activision also has good relations with Nintendo.

  • icecapman10 The Fresh Royal of Ice Cap Zone (@icecapman10) reported

    Finally going to post my predictions for #SmashBrosUltimate's Fighter Pass Vol. 2 in no particular order. Crash Steve Sora An indie character (probably Quote or Reimu) Another Sega or Bamco character Another Nintendo promotional pick I will elaborate.

  • terrellyoungbr2 Smoothie (@terrellyoungbr2) reported

    @the_chocoIope Waft is broken Nintendo fix that shit

  • marbula1 Marbula1 (Goose4smash?) (@marbula1) reported

    @PartyTimeShffl This is really a smash problem most of FG's have major dev support for tournaments. It's sad Nintendo won't help us

  • Onishiro Oni Hotep (@Onishiro) reported

    @AlphaOmegaSin Bro I still have that issue. It's wrinkled from getting wet and a few pages are worn but man did those EGM, PSM, Nintendo Power, GamePro and GameFan magazines get me excited for gaming. Totally different world than what we typically read on the web today.

  • JoshuaMFrench Joshua Michael French ジョシュア (@JoshuaMFrench) reported

    @lichtenberg_db @EBGamesCanada @CapcomUSA_ @NintendoAmerica @StreetFighter @Yoshi_OnoChin @CapcomFighters @dev1_official @shoryukendotcom @eventhubs @thetruebowser @Nintendo The issue with SFV lies more with Sony exclusivity because they funded part of its development. It’s graphically pretty intense, but it could probably be adapted to the Switch hardware reasonably well anyway. USFIV is a big fan favorite, though, and still has the largest roster.

  • Cabashokun Cabasho (@Cabashokun) reported

    @cosmichild21 @iloveTreeko @Gaby46492788 @Jamey_Thomson @AgentKzun @MoonCoffeeKing2 @Pokemon I never said anything about disturbing the peace. The post says basically what i told you it says: nintendo's customer service told us to make ourself heard through social media. You are arguing an argument you yourself made up, hence why I said you are strawmanning.

  • Dmansuperich Dmansuperich2800 (@Dmansuperich) reported

    My VGM playlist is a mess cause Nintendo keeps taking down their shit. If you're gonna do that atleast make a service where I can listen to this stuff.

  • MixMasterLar Lar's Gaming Channel (@MixMasterLar) reported

    @RedBardIsCool Nintendo had a 5 game limit for publishers in the states doing the NES days to help control the market and avoid another crash. This didn't apply in Japan, which lead companies like Konami to have more games then they could bring over under their contracts

  • Danicervo Daniel Monferrer (Nezhar) (@Danicervo) reported

    @LuzJCruz @stelledair Well, Bethesda does as well but that doesn't validate your point. Specially knowing no modder will fix this knowing uncle Nintendo.

  • SalvatoreZomba zombruh (@SalvatoreZomba) reported

    1st. Stupid Nintendo Wizardly 2nd. NC literally lag switched bro

  • GamicaTeam Team Gamica (@GamicaTeam) reported

    @LJSTAR_ What you got wrong is say hey look at my art isn't it better that's when you crossed the line for me. That's just ****** up sonic fans do that to much saying I can do better then sega yea notice that sega doesn't flag them Nintendo would did it with no problem

  • 5uperOof 5uperOOF (@5uperOof) reported

    @FortniteGame Fix the problem so Nintendo can do custom lobbys

  • cosmichild21 cosmi (@cosmichild21) reported

    @Cabashokun @iloveTreeko @Gaby46492788 @Jamey_Thomson @AgentKzun @MoonCoffeeKing2 @Pokemon Nintendo's customer service. This isn't nintendo. This is the pokemon twitter account. Nintendo does work with pokemon but they dont run the same account. I'm pretty sure they never said to spam on irrelevant posts anyway.

  • Deadwolf4120 Michael Wolf (@Deadwolf4120) reported

    @Nintendo Dear God I have almost every #Amiibo, I have a problem..

  • Cabashokun Cabasho (@Cabashokun) reported

    @cosmichild21 @iloveTreeko @Gaby46492788 @Jamey_Thomson @AgentKzun @MoonCoffeeKing2 @Pokemon Wether he wants more people on his side or not, that is not relevant to the intention of his post. His post's intentions are getting pokemon back. As to why he posted it in social media, it is because nintendo's customer service adviced people to use social media for this matter.

  • sfc_moogle ChronoMoogle (@sfc_moogle) reported

    This is wild: A recently completed disassembly apparently revealed that Nintendo accidentally compiled Super Mario 64’s source code wrong, which strongly affected the games’ performance. Now a fan-made fix was released - Make sure to read the patch notes for more details:

  • nolan73244556 nolan (@nolan73244556) reported

    During Nintendo direct: Screen begins to glitch out Tears begin to form on the side of the screen Livestream sucked into interdimensional portal Opening of Pokémon platinum plays

  • Echo_StL Echo (@Echo_StL) reported

    @NintendoAmerica Can’t wait for TemTem for the Nintendo Switch. I’ve been over this game sense the 2 day period where I beat it. Too many problems with the game to put on a single twitter post so I won’t even bother. Just please don’t **** up gen 4 remakes, that’s all I ask

  • LexiusCoda Kyle 🐝 (@LexiusCoda) reported

    @JonComms The problem was the motion controls. I always had issues with them, even with motion plus, it was still hard to control. The only thing the wii is good for is homebrew. It's the easiest console to softmod. I wish nintendo would just make a normal, regular console like ps4 or xbox


    @znipster @AshlynBellerose @GiovaDIGI And I have no problem investing in a new xbox, I'm happy to. Halo infinite has me super excited. I bought a regular Nintendo switch and a switch lite in the last six months and am reading a Pro version will release this year and I gonna buy it on day one.

  • JTegh JTeghius Kittius 🏳️‍🌈 (@JTegh) reported

    @greyb0t009 I'm fully expecting them to delete the Zelda outfit one because it's based on a Nintendo IP. Because my Samus Aran one got deleted too. Luckily all my mods are always available over on the RE Modding forums, without any of these issues.

  • Fritanga_plays Horizon zero Tanga (@Fritanga_plays) reported

    The amount of people who downplay Xbox game pass only do it because they don’t have the service. Maybe instead of bragging about exclusives they were going to lose anyway they should have demanded better services from Sony or Nintendo.

  • DrRevert Dr. Revert (@DrRevert) reported

    I wasted so much time on it it threw my entire play session, I feel I didn't do any exercises because my entire motivation went into this broken mission. It should give you some margin of error, like destroy 90% or more robots but not 100%. @NintendoAmerica @NintendoEurope

  • TyrantBaby4500 BabyTyrant (@TyrantBaby4500) reported

    @AnimeGamer501st @Ancientspade @NintendoAmerica Yeah, they created a problem and are selling the solution #ThankYouGameFrEAk for being extremely greedy, selling a short incomplete bug filled mess of a game, and charging 50% extra to make it feel complete

  • TheoDoesArt Theo Constantine (@TheoDoesArt) reported

    guys dsp is such a nintendo fan. KOTOR ***** up his save "wow that sucks lol must be a glitch oh well" he loaded the wrong file in smw and overwrote his progress "**** NINTENDO THEY SUCK THEY LOST THEIR WAY STUPID DEVS **** NINTENDO ******* IDIOTS"

  • sky_magpie SamSkyMagpie (@sky_magpie) reported

    @louisluden @MojangSupport Lots of people are currently having a range of problems with Minecraft on the switch. It appears to be badly broken. We are still waiting on Mojang for a response and a fix to this. I've asked Nintendo to step in.

  • sky_magpie SamSkyMagpie (@sky_magpie) reported

    @ChelleMooFart @MojangSupport You're not alone with this. Myself and others have the same problem. We are trying to chase up Mojang but they haven't done anything to fix it so I'm currently seeing if Nintendo can kick their butts into gear for us. Minecraft is pretty broken atm.

  • sky_magpie SamSkyMagpie (@sky_magpie) reported

    @GavinRodda @Eric_Toffee1878 @Mojang @MojangSupport @Minecraft @NintendoUK @PlayStation @Nintendo @NinEverything @NinSwitchNews The exact same issue has just started on my pocket edition of Minecraft on my iPad. I'm thinking this runs deeper than Nintendo tbh.

  • ChelleMooFart Chelle (@ChelleMooFart) reported

    @MojangSupport I keep getting a -3 error number on my nintendo switch when I try to log into my minecraft account. I've reinstalled, I've deleted every world and all the data on it. Nothing works. Please help.

  • OctoBlitz OctoBlitz (@OctoBlitz) reported

    @LuciaLobosvilla @KyleMuiz @RyanSilberman @PawzLenaLuLa Retro Studios is apart of NOA in some form but stays as a separate entity, I'm certain if Nintendo hired in house programmers and designers for NoA besides Retro Stuidos there wouldn't be any problem with them making games. Apologies if I sounded dumb, I wrote those tweets at 5am

  • ScottHa63721366 Scott.H (@ScottHa63721366) reported

    @irchagaming That’s frustrating for you, I hope Nintendo fix this Irene 👍

  • RolltheRoyce Rated R (@RolltheRoyce) reported

    @eroticaprincess If they would actually make the game on ps4 or even on the Nintendo switch, then I would buy it. I'm not paying for a subscription service just to play a decade-old game lol

  • helpssb A41|Help? (@helpssb) reported

    Fix ken nintendo please

  • thelastlefty Eat This Apple🍏 (@thelastlefty) reported

    @vornietom Let's discuss you guys misplaced enjoyment in Nintendo. PlayStation will forever be the best. How dare you call Sly Cooper and Crash Bandicoot basically Nintendo. They don't get credit for that.

  • sky_magpie SamSkyMagpie (@sky_magpie) reported

    @GavinRodda @Eric_Toffee1878 @Mojang @MojangSupport @Minecraft @NintendoUK @PlayStation @Nintendo @NinEverything @NinSwitchNews I've just emailed nintendo support asking them if they can get the higher ups to contact Mojang on our behalf. I explained it's also their responsibility to fix it since they're selling this game on their platform. So here's hoping.

  • Burning80Gundam Mark (Burning80Gundam) (@Burning80Gundam) reported

    @TeamYouTube I have uninstalled & reinstalled the app on my Xbox One it did not fix anything. My Xbox One is also completely up to date. I have no issues using this account to play the videos I’m trying to watch on my phone or Nintendo Switch.

  • undynx Maité (@undynx) reported

    @ChildrenOfMorta @DeadMageStudio greetings! I'm having trouble within 2-3 hours of gameplay (on Nintendo Switch) in which the sound starts lagging and shortly after the game freezes.

  • HWolfbait harpoon-wolfbait (@HWolfbait) reported

    Day one on having the Switch Lite and my left analog stick has an annoying squeaky noise. I've tried using WD-40 but didn't work. The squeaky noise ruins the whole experience. I now have to ship it to let Nintendo fix it. #Nintendo #NintendoSwitchLite

  • GameDadVII 🎮 GameDad-VII ☄️ (@GameDadVII) reported

    @NokturnalMisfit Yeah Nintendo online is a joke tbh. It's sad. I don't really care about the current retro games they offer as part of the service and there are so many features missing. I would be playing Smash and Mario party more often if it were easier.

  • falchion_emblem Brian G (@falchion_emblem) reported

    @GusBus6Volt I don't anything about metaknight but if it was their cannon form link and marth would've been fighting for eternity since both have ability to stop literally any effects or damage. Seriously Nintendo characters are broken

  • FabioCG4 ✨ 🎉 2020 (Code) 𝓕𝓪𝓫𝓲𝓸𝓒𝓖 #ad ✨🎉 (@FabioCG4) reported

    @NintendoAmerica fix nintendo switch wifi connection <3

  • CMWaters Chris Waters (@CMWaters) reported

    @MonadoHeir It should either be that or something like the old PlayStation commercials where the guy in the Crash suit taunts the Nintendo offices...before getting a Smash invite thrown at him by Mario, who makes a "bring it on" gesture.

  • thepudgyyak KaijuByte (@thepudgyyak) reported

    are the nintendo servers going under maintenance or something because whenever i try to max raid it either just kicks me out when i select 'invite others' without an error or just says there was an error connecting to the server.

  • FadhilNaufalR Fadhil Naufal (@FadhilNaufalR) reported

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it @Nintendo. brand isn't just about the "appeal"

  • maDEMOman maDEMOman (@maDEMOman) reported

    @New_WabiSabi i 100% believe its damage control. you dont get the wrong console by "Error" shits done on purpose. nintendo are mad and are taking action for this. in this case its a coverup. i dont care if SF5 comes to switch or not. i dont like the series personally. im just super sus for it

  • Fernand74199871 K.Kurūru$$ (@Fernand74199871) reported

    @EthanAmariCate Ok thanks, in that case, I am going to wait until Nintendo reveals the first characters from the Fighter Pass 2. If one of those are Crash or Geno, I would buy it once I have freetime

  • vampiricsapphic Sapphic Vampire Nissa (@vampiricsapphic) reported

    What's with this new trend that started after Crash Team Racing of people being like Here's 55 Obscure Characters I Found On Mario Wiki Who Would Be In Mario Kart If Nintendo Didn't Hate Mario Personally And Want Him To Die

  • GuardianMetalS2 Nose (@GuardianMetalS2) reported

    @NintendoAmerica I’d play it more...if it wasn’t for the constant internet problems(the internet used is able to run some games at 4K graphics)

  • lamp856 Joe West-Taylor (@lamp856) reported

    @YThedrawer @NintenbenYt Nintendo. This game is broken.

  • GNT_Jin GNT (@GNT_Jin) reported

    felt way better to play offline than online in delay nintendo please see this 2am tweet and fix it

  • G_Translate_Me 麥克馬斯特雞 (@G_Translate_Me) reported

    @KirbyCheatFurby @SB2749 Which means the only issue is the attitude Nintendo as a whole has towards their third-party characters. There's no good reason for it.

  • GutsACS Gutsumi (@GutsACS) reported

    @Dengekichan Yeah, some units were shipped with a faulty antennae, but Nintendo actually fixes them for free under the same policy as how they fix Joycon drift! It's a business partnership between Nintendo and the female store for girls in game/anime related communities!

  • isaiaszapata98 Isaias Zapata (@isaiaszapata98) reported

    @BenFlegal @NintendoAmerica More like fix the shotos cuz they both suck mostly ken

  • ViralGhost2 Viral Ghost (@ViralGhost2) reported

    @Dark_Wizzy_ @MiloniTime So basically Luigi but Nintendo didn’t patch the broken combo

  • personifiedfea fearful (please vote for serios and Marth in CYL4) (@personifiedfea) reported

    @YuYuKamii It's not broken it's a Nintendo product it doesn't break by dropping it

Nintendo Switch Online Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 2002
  • 20110
  • 2110
  • 2124
  • 2137
  • 2153
  • 2160
  • 2162
  • 2168
  • 2811