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December 07: Problems at Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online is having issues since 08:30 PM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • jazzymouse_ Judgment Jazzy🥺🐍🐉🐠 (@jazzymouse_) reported

    hey nintendo thanks for making ai do bad in Pokemon swsh that k have to buy your online service to do anything above a 4 star raid

  • D_TheHedgehog D The Hedgehog @ SAMEUK (@D_TheHedgehog) reported

    yknow i wish smash leakers didn't have to do this shit and instead, nintendo just posts a really, really vague clue on the next fighter problem is people are gonna crack that with enough people on it

  • darkchocobo75 Dark Chocobo (@darkchocobo75) reported

    @RKRigney Well since they released a game with soo much issues and recycling for a AAA Nintendo game besides it's branding, the Devs lying didn't do better either It's kinda normal what happened. Still fans can criticise the game and aim for more without bullying the Devs like they did.

  • peanctbutter lexie lou who🎄fake. (@peanctbutter) reported

    PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: after all this time of asking for a Nintendo switch,,, I’m FINALLY getting one. I can’t wait for animal crossing.

  • Brambmas05 chris (@Brambmas05) reported

    @BenjaminRivers Oh I will. I need my nintendo fix lol

  • eddidy1 Eddidy (@eddidy1) reported

    @TheLEGObrick_ @mariokarttourEN Surely Nintendo doesn’t have a money problem though. I mean instead of wasting it on clones they could use their billions of dollars on characters we want.

  • NabbitFan730 Nabbit (@NabbitFan730) reported

    @MasterHand4444 @AngryExpo @wynn728 @Stealth40k Yeah but to do that causes licensing issues and prices. If nintendo want to continue, it will most likely be a spin off

  • SeaverMikeee Mikeee (@SeaverMikeee) reported

    @gonnashrekit I’m honestly debating not renewing it I don’t want to support Nintendo’s practice of worse online play and now charging it. Not to mention releasing retro games months apart to down the road through updates to justify the service long term instead of making an enjoyable service

  • marsbadtweets its snickerdoodle, its my favourite (@marsbadtweets) reported

    One time I was playing chess on the nintendo wii and the game glitched and I threw the remote at the tv. Shit looked like this and that’s how I discovered my anger management problem :)

  • dennisdepkat ender (@dennisdepkat) reported

    @FTC the only problem i see it, adults can talk about nintendo, a company with mostly kidsgames where they might talk about a more adult game you should not be so vague, tell us what stuff is bad like: some horror video with ''FOR KIDS'' is bad one about minecraft/roblox/etc. isnt

  • DRJannazo Dominic "Mmeaninglessnamee" Jannazo (@DRJannazo) reported

    My Nintendo Online membership expired yesterday. I guess it's been s year since Smash Ultimate came out. I'm not sure if I want to re-up it. It's a not-so-great service.

  • avina_leslie leslie 🌈 (@avina_leslie) reported

    man who works at target and can get me a discount on a nintendo switch. i been lagging in it

  • _evewright eve (@_evewright) reported

    @NintendoUK I think you need to get a new delivery service

  • ChrisPerry1985 Chris Mike Perry (@ChrisPerry1985) reported

    @GameXplain @AndreSegers @JonComms @BitnerdGX @RaginTombo @bluetvgames @NintendoAmerica Glad GX #BTG #Nintendo has Twitter I always have problems with #YouTube notifications but now the notification bell won't stay clicked on YT channels I follow so I need Twitter for vids.

  • Taxen14 Taxen (@Taxen14) reported

    @OsakaSleepy If anything then I'd say the issue is the people speculating with leakers spreading it to people who don't want to be spoiled. However I'd argue that's already the case for some YT channels and such claiming it as a spoiler Also to be fair, Nintendo messed up with SNK first.

  • LordWilsonK LRDWLSN (@LordWilsonK) reported

    @MojangSupport If I am starting the Bedrock edition of Minecraft (Nintendo Switch) I cant get accses to the Marketplace its an error called -5 I dont know what to do, I cant update anything of my payed stuff

  • CroakPad CroakPad 🐸🎄☃️ (@CroakPad) reported

    I was thinking about the YouTubers I would like to see in this hypothetical Rewind, but then I realize that of all the gaming YouTubers I watch, almost none of them are women. I need to fix that! Reply to this tweet with your favorite female Nintendo YouTubers and tag them.

  • el_m4nu Manu (@el_m4nu) reported

    @MojangStatus @MojangSupport Having this issue still on Nintendo switch. Was able to purchase coins but can't extend my realm that will expire in 5 days 🙄

  • GoldenChain6 GoldenChainy (@GoldenChain6) reported

    @RebornShadows @New_WabiSabi Doomguy, Steve, and the fact that he's never been on a Nintendo console are literally his only problems but if it wasn't for those he would've been in so easily

  • proudarmy03 Kerstin Jönsson (@proudarmy03) reported

    @MojangSupport i need some help with a problem in Minecraft on Nintendo Switch. I vas playing an adveture map and everything was going good untill today when i logged in and it wasn't the same anymore, all the tetures and mods were gone and i can't get them back! Help!

  • pikasins 𝕌𝕟𝕚𝕞𝕖 (@pikasins) reported

    @chokemeabbachio @NintendoAmerica @thetruebowser That’s my bloody PROBLEM , it WONT turn on

  • pikasins 𝕌𝕟𝕚𝕞𝕖 (@pikasins) reported

    @chokemeabbachio @NintendoAmerica @thetruebowser NO ! THAT WAS MY PROBLEM IN THE FIRST PLACE ! IT WONT TURN ON

  • notthemarsh Norman Reedus Pissing Marshter Energy Drink (@notthemarsh) reported

    *me at 8 years old lifting my Ocarina of Time cartridge to glitch past Mido* dang Nintendo really didn't know what they were doing when they made this one huh

  • MouldyK MouldyK (@MouldyK) reported

    @MojangSupport Minecraft on Switch been having sign in problems lately and I accidentally bought Minecoins on my Nintendo account that even when I try to save to my Microsoft account does not work. Help!

  • WizathNard Nathan Walker (@WizathNard) reported

    Possibly being a little harsh to Nintendo as usual, this is an issue we see across the board with console gaming. Just recycling the same old stuff 'cause they've got nothing else.

  • Trendnipotent Trendinator (@Trendnipotent) reported

    @NintendoAmerica I would if I could read the micro text on the Switch Lite Maybe wait for a update fix for text size then the Switch Lite owners could finally enjoy this game

  • JohnnyCheese2 e-girl police (@JohnnyCheese2) reported

    to me he was the sun but to him i was a crimson black nintendo ds with a missing stylus and a broken right trigger button

  • ZombieGirlN64 Brooke Ferrin (@ZombieGirlN64) reported

    @NintendoAmerica Alright, so I found out the reason why I had trouble was because my browser was blocking third-party cookies. So for anyone else having the same problem, try toggling that setting off to enter the sweepstakes.

  • kilo_meterman Kilo Claus 🎅⛄🎄❄️ (@kilo_meterman) reported

    @RinToesucker its so much of an issue... you'd think g*me fr**k would bring on some other devs from Nintendo to help them with optimization because it's just not acceptable to have a 60$ game function like an amateur Unity project

  • Bradley70377717 Bradley Smith (@Bradley70377717) reported

    @CPU_CWCSonichu @mpcplayingcards Its a little cheeky to put a value of $300 When real value would be like $1 plus tax on each card. Also consider they're stolen assets from both respecting companies such as SEGA and Nintendo. making $300 could cause copyright issue

  • Dasorine Dasorine (@Dasorine) reported

    It would be a total win for everyone, players get to enjoy fun levels without having endless mode ruined and Nintendo gets an easy way to find bugs and fix ones that are actually a problem while having to do less direct policing of the levels

  • thatjairoguy Jairo (@thatjairoguy) reported

    tmw you bother to subscribe to @NintendoAmerica’s online service to play some retro games but then they keep drip feeding you with those games and don’t even put all too many classics up and they stopped updating frequently and it’s been over two months and ugh why

  • scarffles 💫💥New MCH Energy Max sfx💥💫 (@scarffles) reported

    main reason to get into nintendo; fix this problem MYSELF

  • jakebystedt Jake (@jakebystedt) reported

    @NintendoAmerica please be on gamefreak to fix and update the game for sword and shield it below standards

  • IsaiahA40149433 IsaiahNova941 (@IsaiahA40149433) reported

    @momiji_doa @NintendoAmerica people want to buy the game for the good gameplay not for the fan service stuff you might not think the game plays good and you're only there for the fan service stuff which is perfectly fine I think it's weird to spend so much money that when you can look up that stuff online

  • senseitedd inosuke🔱 (@senseitedd) reported

    Not a single soul helped me with my switch/Nintendo issue I hate it here

  • IsaiahA40149433 IsaiahNova941 (@IsaiahA40149433) reported

    @momiji_doa @NintendoAmerica there actually adding content New Missions new story new characters new gameplay elements they did change things and the censoring does affect some scenes in the story but nothing gameplay-wise cuz it's just fan service and this time Atlas did it instead of Nintendo

  • genericspider genericwebber (@genericspider) reported

    God damn it the joycon on the switch is ****** up again. This is the second time I'm sending it in for repair after it was replaced. Thank goodness I'm making a repair shortly before the warranty ends. Hopefully #Nintendo will fix it this time.

  • josephlhunter2 Joseph Smoker (@josephlhunter2) reported

    I feel that @NintendoAmerica you could have lowered some of the main titles for Black Friday and cyber Monday also I feel as a 1 month on your service I’m not very happy I do hope that things will change with @NintendoAmerica until then I feel that I been getting D- service

  • KingWol68916774 King Wolf (@KingWol68916774) reported

    @Joseph_Witty I just had a thought what if on the upcoming state of play on the 10th we get a new crash game and more news on ghost of tshushima would be the best state of direct yet wait this isn't nintendo whoops state of play😀😂

  • Rexdubs_Diegazo Diegazo.. VA (@Rexdubs_Diegazo) reported

    @Caddicarus this is kinda my problem with nintendo im actually thinking of buying a second switch and then hack it to play stuff from N64 to nintendo wii. im tired of waiting for them to realize their rich legacy content so im going to get it myself

  • A_Hero_For_Fun Kane (@A_Hero_For_Fun) reported

    @zerowondering Online sucks. I refuse to ever buy another Nintendo console until they fix that crap

  • willow_rani Rani/رجمان 🦋 (@willow_rani) reported

    @Tomochiichan the otome game backlog problem is real! Those I can only play during breaks because I get so emotionally invested hahah yeah I saw the trailer for it when they first announced it on Nintendo direct but then I never got it lol I probably will if I ever get through my backlog 😂😅

  • SpinCircleDance Manic Pixie Dream Clown (@SpinCircleDance) reported

    tbh until nintendo patches in a fix for raids in the late game, im taking back my recommendation for #PokemonSwordandShield the ridiculous bs w the CPU totally ruins the raids & at no fault of the player. its very frustrating & turns one of the main features into total shit

  • AshleeCoffeyOWH Ashlee Coffey (@AshleeCoffeyOWH) reported from Omaha, Nebraska

    Man...the Nintendo Switch sucks. We have more problems with our controllers than any other console we’ve had. Bring back the N64 or GameCube!!! 🤣 #oldschool

  • SpinCircleDance Manic Pixie Dream Clown (@SpinCircleDance) reported

    okay. raid battles are ******* awful in endgame & nintendo needs to do a patch to fix the stupid npcs, like now. give them all snorlax/chansey w eviolite i dont even ******* care. this is ridiculous. #PokemonSwordShield

  • CalebPine Caleb Pine (@CalebPine) reported

    @NintendoAmerica tell @Xbox your secrets of making a console without a major problem with the word death in it. First the red ring, now the green screen. 😻

  • ScamAnnihilator Scam Annihilator (@ScamAnnihilator) reported

    @Nicki_Grant @weirdvideogamer @AnotherKyleK @NintendoAmerica @CDPROJEKTRED No problem! 👁‍🗨

  • FightTalalFight Talal Ababneh (@FightTalalFight) reported

    @Zubari64 @NintendoAmerica I was able to fix the issue by using my phone as a hot spot to update the console, something was blocked from batelco or a port was not working properly

  • enderlord99 Enderlord99 (@enderlord99) reported

    @ConradTeves @thomaspluck The only browser I've found that manages to solve that problem isn't even available on any laptop, desktop, or smartphone. It's the ****ing Nintendo 3DS built-in browser. I'm not joking.

  • DGo_64 🖐🦃 (@DGo_64) reported

    So @NintendoAmerica will fix out of warranty joycons for free and not charge for shipping, while @PlayStation can't even be bothered to pay for a shipping label on a brand new controller 🤨 Think Ill go all in on @Xbox next generation 🤔

  • DGo_64 🖐🦃 (@DGo_64) reported

    So @NintendoAmerica will fix out of warranty joycons for free and not charge for shipping, while @PlayStation @playstation can't even be bothered to pay for a shipping label on a brand new controller 🤨 Think Ill go all in on @Xbox next generation 🤔

  • a3hmax1 𝖆3𝖍𝖒𝖆𝖝 (@a3hmax1) reported

    @GameXplain @iviYoHaNe The problems on the list: - Too many characters that only have been in one game. - Many of them are not from successful games. - Too many of them never had a game for any Nintendo console. - You should publish both halves of the list the same day.

  • Goosenpai Christmas Goose (@Goosenpai) reported

    as someone who's ugly fat and horny for hentai, i can confirm that Xbox Game Pass is waaay better than Playstation Plus and Nintendo Switch' service thing. It's pretty ******* good.

  • Cynthetik The Cee Sharp (@Cynthetik) reported

    @NintendoAmerica Not buying your crap service that was once free and was never improved. I’m going to stick with PSPlus.

  • dr_meme_man Dr. meme-man (@dr_meme_man) reported

    @xKayochi I'm not saying it's possible, but it's very likely this will be the case. Not only will Nintendo have to get the rights from Square Enix; but they also have to get the rights from Disney. FREAKING!!! DISNEY!!!! I think y'all understand why that's a problem.

  • CruetusNex CruetusNex (@CruetusNex) reported

    If Nintendo actually used their money and had dedicated servers, they'd have some amazing multiplayer games. But smash ultimate and Mario maker 2 just fall short because of lag. Super disappointing.

  • NinTalkLarry Larry McCockiner (@NinTalkLarry) reported

    Between Game Freak lying and the leakers lying, I hope no game ever has this messy of a release cycle again. I mean obviously Breath of the Wild 2 will get a ton of backlash next year by default, but I just hope we can all find it to give Nintendo a chance to fix the flaws.

  • WorldFighter400 🎄❄️🇭🇰🇺🇸chris stanley 🇺🇸🇭🇰❄️🎄 (@WorldFighter400) reported

    @Goldmario791 I’m thinking about calling Nintendo to report this issue but I’m not sure if they’re open or not.

  • MIDogyLand Dogy | MonRancher, Level -5, Sparkster for Smash? (@MIDogyLand) reported

    Status: after too much frustration, from niece and I, I sent the joy con to Nintendo for the floaty problem. Hopefully it’ll work. Still kinda stressed.

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