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Nintendo Switch Online Service lets the console owners enjoy online multiplayer gaming as well as a dedicated smartphone app that connects to the Nintendo Switch system and helps connect with friends for co-op and competitive games online.

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  • _JeffreyTorres Jeff (@_JeffreyTorres) reported

    Its taking forever for Nintendo to fix my Joycon but then again they are paying for the shipping and handling so cant really conplain

  • CoreyC324 Corey C. (@CoreyC324) reported

    .@NintendoAmerica, @Xbox, @PlayStation - I do not know why inverting the x-axis camera isn’t an option in a lot of the best games out there. You three have to do better about this: it’s a serious problem. I’m (and many others are) literally not buying games because of this.

  • CoreyC324 Corey C. (@CoreyC324) reported

    @NintendoAmerica, @Xbox, @PlayStation - I do not know why inverting the x-axis camera isn’t an option in a lot of the best games out there. You three have to do better about this: it’s a serious problem. I’m (and many others are) literally not buying games because of this.

  • Jawessome Jaws (@Jawessome) reported

    @link_Tin Yes mate. My original pair are rooted. It would be awfully crappy to have to send an entire unit away to get repaired. Really surprised Nintendo let it get this far to be honest. Really unlike them. Never had a hardware issue before and had 7 of their systems.

  • TheXion92 TheXion92 (@TheXion92) reported

    @syringakamui @NintendoAmerica I need to play that too. I just finished Edelgard's route...ish. I almost completed it but I didn't marry her. I married Petra so I had the Black Eagles ending instead. I'll fix that later. Got 3 more now to do :3

  • joelsmith Joel Smith (@joelsmith) reported from Seattle, Washington

    @brent_know I got two new Nintendo toploaders in today, about $50 each one doesn’t power up at all and the second has a broken case but otherwise works.

  • ilovebyul3000 rosalie ‎۞ ᗢ (@ilovebyul3000) reported

    @ceruleanfl00f :( i'm sorry,,,,,,,i love both marvel and nintendo so much but i just prefer nintendo music more and also it doesn't actually require heavy brass like marvel stuff which is always a problem


    @kevinDTD @TheEmpBruh @PlayStation @insomniacgames The problem with Xbox is clearly they were in a console industry or seventeen years without adequately bolstering their first party ranks. They got caught and had to buy studios. They don’t view gaming like Sony and Nintendo.

  • Rexyroo1122 Josh Chandler (@Rexyroo1122) reported

    @FortniteGame on my Nintendo Switch, any parts of a skin that would move are stationary, how do I fix this

  • Galeactic Galeactic (@Galeactic) reported

    This again.. don’t use auto fill on Nintendo Switch, it’s broken. It adds words randomly, and without even spacing them.

  • kugatandora Leah Mae (@kugatandora) reported

    well. ****. i got on error code for fire emblem heroes which i've gotten before so i uninstalled and reinstalled as usual but it won't let me connect to my ******* nintendo account.

  • haoLink Minish Link (@haoLink) reported

    @TheSWKing Quite common stops wehre the screen has full freezes, and the typical input lag. I honestly hope Nintendo would get rid of P2P for gaming and host games on nearest servers.

  • ClanMals Usmcdoggg 🐕#MALINWAH (@ClanMals) reported

    @PhilRanta I have got nintendo power since tge very first issue.

  • kawrght1 kw (@kawrght1) reported

    @zeldalinklover1 At the nintendo copyright problem centre. He tried to turn them into radio tuners that played nintendo songs but his bosses where not happy about that.

  • seyi42k Akinfosile Oluwaseyi (@seyi42k) reported

    @ArcadeGirl64 @ManaByte Hmm, Is it not funny that this looks exactly like the issue Nintendo had with Sony before the birth of the PlayStation.

  • HintShade Hintano (@HintShade) reported

    @YukiGoomba @GaijinGoombah The problem is something similar to Nintendo, strong fanbase. People love Disney because it has a core fanbase that is VERY loyal to the point that if anyone has an opposing opinion, it's shut down outright. I just like that Sony told them no. Someone stood up to the mouse.

  • Laheidisandoval heidi (boo boo the fool) sandoval🤡 (@Laheidisandoval) reported

    Smokin broken windows playing my Nintendo. If you **** with me then I'll pull out my extendo

  • VixionStriderIV 🗡😈💣CHAOTIC VIXION 💣😈🔪 (@VixionStriderIV) reported

    @takodacorliss @spyaroundhere35 @Mevans2703 -- They aren't contractually obliged (hell, not even morally obliged) to fit the demands of those who pass away. It LITERALLY is out of their hands. Focus on the bullies and the girl. Making this a Nintendo problem ENTIRELY MISSES the point. Making the Smash community a --

  • Mdegozaru Mel Mah (メル・マ)剣盾面白い (@Mdegozaru) reported

    @NintendoAmerica No fix for the text glitches though

  • Terryh222 Terry (@Terryh222) reported

    wtf nintendo... just got a horrific SE kaizo level in co op. Was hard af. Hillarious watching everybody try all these stupid insane kaizo tricks with lag and 3 other ppl watching

  • NuttyBlueRice ℜ𝔦𝔠𝔢 (@NuttyBlueRice) reported

    Lara Croft has an ok chance of getting in Smash, not great just ok. The problem is that Tomb Raider's hardly gets on Nintendo consoles and has no exclusives.

  • ther2view ther2dude (@ther2view) reported

    @ReginaldKonga Because they're both party games. I don't know, I guess that since Sega and Nintendo have both made it clear that they won't make a crossover platformer I have absolutely no issue with them crossing over in an Olympics game, especially since the Olympics is all about unity.

  • jasonventer Jason Venter (@jasonventer) reported

    @jamesmielke I'm in the same place, and glad I've avoided the worst of the issues others report... but my left analog has been a bit iffy. I usually play docked, and so use a Pro Controller that has been solid. Otherwise, I bet I'd be pretty upset by now. Get it together again, Nintendo!

  • SpOoNmAn360 🐍SpOoNmAn🇺🇸 (@SpOoNmAn360) reported

    @JAGOKUKEN I'm Satya Nadella. I buy sony for the measly price of 50-60billion. *still have 100B left in cash reserves* Console war over. Put everything on xbox & switch & pc. Nintendo and MS are not competing in the same arena. The media sites go dark, another problem solved.

  • ZapZambino Zambino⚠️🔥 (@ZapZambino) reported

    If you ask me the issue was it was a page that was like Pay money for Mario product that Nintendo has no hand in If he didn’t do that I don’t think they would have cared

  • qwertyuiopthepi QwertyuiopThePie (@qwertyuiopthepi) reported

    @mtth_8 @The_WendysGirl @Jarioo9 @Doctor_Cupcakes @NintendoUK A lot of them aren't really sold in the US. You either have to import them (at great expense), or try to find a decent used copy. Nintendo taking down their songs on Youtube wouldn't be that big of a problem if there was any good way to legitimately purchase them.

  • Will18503900 Will (@Will18503900) reported

    @FortniteGame Can you please fix the lag on Nintendo switch I dunno if it’s just my WiFi but if it’s just Fortnite please just fix the lag!

  • LockonStratos04 ガブリエルアコスタ™ (@LockonStratos04) reported

    @FortniteGame the game on nintendo switch kick me out twice i’m done whit it until u guys #fix the issues i won’t play

  • SubIimeyy Sublime (@SubIimeyy) reported

    @RockhopperYT no problem person at nintendo!

  • RangoSSB Rango (@RangoSSB) reported

    @cree318 I'm telling @NintendoAmerica @NintendoVS. Must be a glitch.

  • Tyler55302585 Ok (@Tyler55302585) reported

    @NintendoAmerica Shut up and fix smash idiots

  • Dr_Scaphandre Spaceboi Scaphandre 🔞 (@Dr_Scaphandre) reported

    @TakahiroMantis @vrgeta3201 @thetreyceratops @NintendoEurope @stelledair @DistantKingdom @twip98 They were complaining about how terribly the 3DS games were optimized as even single battles lagged bad. Hell despite Pokemon now being on Nintendo's most powerful console yet, the same console running The Witcher 3 and BotW, it's still lagging bad!

  • ronniethe14xx Degenerate (@ronniethe14xx) reported

    @TheMaioh @Ace_Ta_Space @DemonEmperorV @Aiyakiu @DeadbeatMcGee @Pokemon Cloud saves can't be worked into Animal Crossing as of yet. Nintendo is trying to improve their online service, however it still needs work.

  • Jayden95816008 Jayden (@Jayden95816008) reported

    @FortniteGame Hey i play on nintendo switch and my game is not working

  • andersonsantos Anderson Santos (@andersonsantos) reported

    @NinEverything Sure, next @XboxP3 will just buy @NintendoAmerica and use Switch as a launch platform for @Microsoft game streaming service

  • SuperYoshr ✨Yoshr✨ (@SuperYoshr) reported

    @yyoshisteven @LinkKun19 I know, but based on my reasearch there’s literally nothing I can do to stop the problem. It will always happen, even if I do get a new pair or get my current ones fixed. The only thing I can do is wait and hope Nintendo makes a revision that stops the issue for good.

  • SuperYoshr ✨Yoshr✨ (@SuperYoshr) reported

    My left Joy-Con has been having these drifting problems for a while and ever since I’ve been reluctant to even touch my Switch at times. I can’t play games like Smash without having annoyances while playing. I just wish Nintendo would come up with a permanent solution soon...

  • thechancel0r chanceler (@thechancel0r) reported

    I'm predicting Banjo is gonna crash Nintendo's servers like Joker did. I'm calling it.

  • Irrational345 Queen (@Irrational345) reported

    @NintendoAmerica You see, I happen to not have $25 is the issue

  • TDaveygunz Davey (@TDaveygunz) reported

    @ImGameplaYz @EclipseTheTeam Me, and PS1 and Nintendo 64 and a broken Gameboy lol

  • Coocie_Monstar cookie monster (@Coocie_Monstar) reported

    Who at @NintendoUK can i talk to to resolve an issue I have with my switch

  • RummHammm adam (@RummHammm) reported

    @ilainabananas It may seem like a Nintendo switch will fix everything but let me tell you from experience: it absolutely does

  • TaxEvader420 avery (@TaxEvader420) reported

    smoking broken windows playing my Nintendo

  • Racso_Zen Racso (@Racso_Zen) reported

    @NintendoAmerica @Marvel Fix The Camera

  • pokimeme Richie (@pokimeme) reported

    @iAm_erica I don’t understand Nintendo’s issue with build quality for the switch. It seems like everything is going right for them too

  • sup_annie annie ✨ (@sup_annie) reported

    @lydia_grapes @NintendoAmerica has to be Marianne since that’s my name - problem solved

  • delishDdelight 🎂 Em 🎂 (@delishDdelight) reported

    @NintendoAmerica ETA on resolution of the below issue. Kind regards,

  • CurvyKirby SleepyKirby (@CurvyKirby) reported

    @Net15Gamer_2 @YesteryearRunes @TheRealYayomax @Comrade_DrMario @NintendoUK They didn't remove the animations, and I never said they did. Anyway, it is enough time cause the game is done, and they have 4 months to dedicate to improving graphical issues. It doesn't take a month to improve the texture of a tree, especially if you have 100+ employees.

  • gamefan_14 Gamefan_14 (@gamefan_14) reported

    I have learned that Monster Rancher is headed to Nintendo switch and smartphone (a dumb decision). There’s just one Tiny problem with this announcement...

  • IAmLui_Jesus Lui Jesus (@IAmLui_Jesus) reported

    God I cant play online for SHIT @NintendoAmerica FIX YOUR SHIT

  • varadmehta Varad Mehta (@varadmehta) reported

    @zamoose Never heard of Nintendo Hard before now. As I said, for me the problem was always running out of lives. Though I guess that's what makes a game hard.

  • mo_micro MicroMo🗝 (@mo_micro) reported

    @BiscAnenome @Neumie77 @JCMcDonough12 @RereSone @greg_doucette O soyny has waaaay more problems than you think. Especially now after they fked up with censorship and with Nintendo gangbanging their a$$ now, it doesent look really good. But hey i made fortune without knowing what i am talking about so ... i dont know where to invest in stocks

  • Metalinyourass_ Pedro Javier (@Metalinyourass_) reported

    @WBGamesSupport Nintendo switch update please!! Fix the game resolution error in portable mode in online matches

  • 8bit_Spazzy David Krane (@8bit_Spazzy) reported

    @Nepharite2 @GeneralRayburn @zandersylvester @nbh1883 @NintendoAmerica The fact of the matter is that late ports sell well on the Switch, and while I would obviously prefer to have the game sooner, I have no real issue waiting and playing it a few months down the road. It's at the very least better then not playing it at all.

  • NekoSpeaks Noctuart (@NekoSpeaks) reported

    @pichupal My problem is I have no idea what house to choose or what character I'd wanna date cuz I've been avoiding spoilers like the plague. I didn't even watch any trailers or nintendo directs for it DX

  • CurvyKirby SleepyKirby (@CurvyKirby) reported

    @Net15Gamer_2 @YesteryearRunes @TheRealYayomax @Comrade_DrMario @NintendoUK GAME FOOTAGE NOT FINAL, GAME FOOTAGE NOT FINAL! They can obviously fix that, they just wanted a trailer up. Also, he still opens his mouth.

  • IAmpiefort99 Piefort99 (@IAmpiefort99) reported

    @NintendoAmerica @Nintendo FIX THIS I JUST WANT TO PET THE DOG

  • Net15Gamer_2 Net (Stats:😭)♦️ #RemasterTheThousandYearDoor (@Net15Gamer_2) reported

    @CurvyKirby @YesteryearRunes @TheRealYayomax @Comrade_DrMario @NintendoUK --imagination for the older games by the hardware who isn t a issue anymore. 4. Of course there are good animations but the bad ones out shine by being reused from the 3ds, ditching the excuses to removing the dex AKA replay value 5. Dynamax also have bads as Chari flames come --

  • M4n1cM0nk3y Lena & Daniél (@M4n1cM0nk3y) reported

    @NintendoAmerica This issue has not yet been fully addressed by the game developers as prior demands from my part to start policing global chat on the Switch, like they do on other platforms, has not yet started to happen. Part 3/3

  • GotNintendo 🛠️Team Yell Lead | Gamemaster 🎮🕹️ (@GotNintendo) reported

    @ThatFurryLuxio @RichardtheK The result is a rushed system with joy-con drifting issues so bad it may cost Nintendo millions.

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