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Nintendo Switch Online Service lets the console owners enjoy online multiplayer gaming as well as a dedicated smartphone app that connects to the Nintendo Switch system and helps connect with friends for co-op and competitive games online.

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  • Sign in (21.95%)
  • Matchmaking (21.95%)
  • Game Crash (2.44%)

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  • S_Tier_Scrub Lite (@S_Tier_Scrub) reported

    @PandasAndGaming Video Games have some of the worst consumers. People buy into to the same shit over and over again except a few cases. A lot of Nintendo channels made videos criticizing the online service but all of them concluded with "Well I'm still buying it anyway." Ok dude.

  • ThatOneEga @Oh yeah yeah (@ThatOneEga) reported

    @TheRealAnvilMAn @AllieRX @NintendoAmerica For your service I give you the 21 Bullet Bill salute

  • Albinnicklasso2 albin (@Albinnicklasso2) reported

    @NintendoAmerica Hello Nintendo, i need help. I need to login to my account from a new switch because i bought games on that account, but i can't deregister the old switch. Please help!

  • AiNoUta39000 Kasumi (@AiNoUta39000) reported

    @fluffysmolcloud Oh my god wtf this is making we wanna kill a jp player. Nintendo fix your giving algorithms with other regions because it makes us mad >:(

  • AustX12 Brad (@AustX12) reported

    @JordanDale_ Crash bandicoot was pretty much all I played on Nintendo. I don’t even know if it originated on it either

  • Jasong_757 Rodimus J (@Jasong_757) reported

    I remember during the Wii U era people said that Nintendo should go third party. Now years later Xbox is in the same position. Don’t know how I feel about Xbox as a service. If rumors are true of course. #BetterTogether

  • Heir2theThrone Johnny Mullaney (@Heir2theThrone) reported

    @NintendoAmerica We're going to miss you buddy. Please issue an Executive order to add Waluigi to Smash before you leave.

  • JayBari_TOA TOA | Jay Bari (@JayBari_TOA) reported

    @LadyValkyrie_I Exactly they don’t want to much confusion as well. You have Nintendo fans already paying for Switch online. Then having another service on there will convolute things

  • justinmorgan57 Justin's art ♏ (@justinmorgan57) reported

    @XboxP3 @XboxQwik Something has to change about this service concept. Xbox has to pay for xbox live but pc doesnt. Likely nintendo wont either. This is backwards thinking fellas. The core console base should get the service free. The third party should have to pay for it.

  • AOW_Yoma Yoma (@AOW_Yoma) reported

    @SleepmodeAU he's gonna be a problem matchup for nintendo's competitors too

  • fans_switch Nintendo Switch Fans (@fans_switch) reported

    @nintendolife #NintendoSwitch #xbox I expect to launch an entirely new title on Xbox and Switch. This title is a collective game title and I expect new characters to compete with Mario, Sonic and Crash. These characters are owned by a partnership between Nintendo and Xbox

  • SamODJ Sam O'Donovan-Jones (@SamODJ) reported

    @danclarke Yes please. Would love Nintendo to offer a service to customise your joy-cons (similar to Microsoft’s offering for the Xbox controllers)

  • Dal3k92SC Samuel Carter (@Dal3k92SC) reported

    @libretro Nintendo switch always have a scan glitch which is numbers and letters random and crashes. and also since 1.7.6 update the Indian job psx rom not loading on screen but put on extra file pass it but crash as soon as logo game on fmv.

  • MrDrizzler Cheese and rice (@MrDrizzler) reported

    @ChrisRGun If there's an emulator service from Nintendo at some point I'm gonna *** like Netflix but for Nintendo games. And on my gaming PC

  • NielskieTECH Ronniel A. Ignacio (@NielskieTECH) reported

    Forsale or swap sa Nintendo Switch or Gaming Cp. Pass sa add ako. Forsale as package 2 ds4 controller 5 games included Orig power adoptor and Hdmi updated firmware No issue No issue Rfs: Wala nang makain.. Pm me for fast transaction

  • DodgerAkame Dodger | ドッジャー (@DodgerAkame) reported

    Nintendo : *releases a patch to fix glitches and surely very minor changes* Smash community : *knowing that Nintendo détail the important changes only* vArIoUs GaMePlAy ChAnGeS Guys. They just fixed glitches. Even te version number hint it. Shut up.

  • Batroman Batroman (@Batroman) reported

    @AC_Cronut @animalcrossing its okay they fixed that crash bug they'll fix this new one too its actually crazy seeing how fast nintendo works with fixing their stuff

  • CassioBunny Ren (@CassioBunny) reported

    I played FF3 SNES (6) constantly and discovered the Zone-Eater sketch glitch. My cart favored me fairly consistently with really good results, so I thought I had found the most amazing "cheat code." I wrote to Nintendo Power, naturally. They replied to tell me I was making it up.

  • CassioBunny Ren (@CassioBunny) reported

    I played FFXIV constantly and discovered the Zone-Eater sketch glitch. My cart favored me fairly consistently with really good results, so I thought I had found the most amazing "cheat code." I wrote to Nintendo Power, naturally. They replied to tell me I was making it up.

  • PossessedXx Possessed (@PossessedXx) reported

    @Kontro113dKhaOZ @TiC_Podcast Sony is now in the console hardware game by itself. Xbox is now a service which will offer hardware options. Nintendo switch will be one of those options. Nintendo doesn't compete with anyone either by sticking to mobile. It's a logical partnership.

  • TalskeOnDemand Talske (@TalskeOnDemand) reported

    Smash online is literally the worst experience of my life. Please fix the goddamn lag @NintendoAmerica

  • TsunaiiInkling Tsunaii_Inkling (@TsunaiiInkling) reported

    @xalexxxx__ Nintendo Pls Fix Your Servers

  • TsunaiiInkling Tsunaii_Inkling (@TsunaiiInkling) reported

    @xalexxxx__ Again: !Nintendo Pls Fix Your Servers!

  • Medrzec71 Tom (@Medrzec71) reported

    @Three_sin_lines @PlagueOfGripes I'm usually far away from crazy stuff like this, since I'm primarily Nintendo. Reading about Fallout 76 and now problems like this baffles me to no end that stuff like this still happens

  • Gilbertbelieve2 Ghost. (@Gilbertbelieve2) reported

    @sauce_se7en @TwiggyTheLizard @gameinformer Playstation generates more than Xbox and Nintendo combined. PSNow makes more than any other service (GamePass, EA access etc.) combined as well. Go ahead and play switch, it’s not like you’d want to play any of Xbox mediocre games on there.

  • MrGambitSSB Daniel Martinez (@MrGambitSSB) reported


  • TK_Ballad TKB (@TK_Ballad) reported

    @_cheobin 🎵IIIIII Din't want to set the world soon firrrrrreeeee!🎵 Because the Nintendo Online Service already did that.

  • OatsCurryTV Oats (@OatsCurryTV) reported

    Feeling sad today that Reggie is retiring from Nintendo 😭 I’m going to miss seeing him but I hope he enjoys his long deserved break! Thank you for your service 🙏 @NintendoAmerica

  • GiovagamerB IkariLight03Tamer (@GiovagamerB) reported

    @Nintendo @NintendoAmerica Please Buff and Fix Bayonetta

  • cromoaracnido Mr Rald (@cromoaracnido) reported

    @surasshu Sony had a faulty hard drive that breaks the console in a certain run of the first model of the console and never addressed it Nintendo hasn't experienced faulty controllers since the N64, so however they approach this issue will be a first for the company

  • 1guy2plumers [Insert Name Here] (@1guy2plumers) reported

    @Calliethulhu Activision and EA ruined and made mockery’s of their series, not caring about fan service, and putting people’s lives at stake by rushing their employees. Nintendo obviously wants to make money, but u can tell they have respect for their fans and don’t rush their games.

  • D3stiny_Sm4sher ❤️LifeLight💜Smasher💙 (@D3stiny_Sm4sher) reported

    @surasshu Yea, that's a good point, though I've already used my Pro Controller longer than I ever used the Game Pad. xD Anyway, like I said, I'm not at all trying to invalidate your criticism, I'm just surprised -- because, yea, that', never been an issue with Nintendo hardware.

  • SNepeon SoloNepeon (@SNepeon) reported

    @NintendoAmerica Uh I think Syberia 3 fried my Switch & now it won't turn on☠. I was locked fully bat & game froze on me. Playing in a cool room & it can't be the heat even tho I did hear the fan loud so the game must be working the Switch hard or the glitch killed my Switch.

  • socalbanes banes (@socalbanes) reported

    @davyrock123 @nrose1000 @Succ180 @stock_img @SpartanTigra @Official_AIAS @NintendoAmerica right, I was just pointing to the issue with panning out, well not an issue, but how you have to pan out a little to get street fighter and smash in the same grouping, but you could keep going all the way to video games or past times

  • FrankFirezzz FireZ (@FrankFirezzz) reported

    @ManiaFallout @G27Status There are rumors that it could end up on game pass which would bring it to the Nintendo switch when that service launches

  • MegaZard_X MegaZard☆X☆ (@MegaZard_X) reported

    @IndieGamerChick I personally would usually never buy a single system for just "1" game. I go into it thinking if I'm paying this much for the entry fee I better get every good game out of this system. With me being a Nintendo fan that's never been an issue. (1/2)

  • pbranigan Patrick Branigan (@pbranigan) reported

    I’m sorry but the port of Bendy and the Ink Machine on Switch is really poor. I tried. But by mid chapter 4 of 5, everything seemed more like a broken chore than anything. Oh well. One of very few in my library I have not (and will not) complete. #Nintendo #NintendoSwitch #bendy

  • Antonio01672275 Mr.Switch (Nintendo Switch Forever! 🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮) (@Antonio01672275) reported

    Special Announcement: For some time now, my Nintendo Switch has been experiencing some problems. The problems are that it won’t charge really good, the joy con controls are malfunctioning, and there are cracks on the exterior part.

  • Yun1t0 👾🎮 Yun 🎮👾 (@Yun1t0) reported

    @tigheklory @blkdog7 @matt_villanueva @VGOPodcast @ccgamesceo @CoastalMichelle I have no idea if that will happen. One thing I do know is that it wouldn’t make sense if the service comes out on a Nintendo console before its out on Xb / PC / Mobile. If it happens, it would happen after those.

  • Myriachan Myria (@Myriachan) reported

    Nintendo couldn't keep saves from my broken Switch. They also replaced its motherboard. It was probably just corrupted flash. If I'd hacked my Switch, I would've never had to pay $100 for a replacement or lost my 40-hour save file in Octopath. And the replacement is unhackable.

  • iGRIND13 2cents+1 (@iGRIND13) reported

    @corybarlog Sounds like a bad game... sounds like todays current triple A devs releasing buggy games and rushed by their publishers... yea i dont think Nintendo has that same dev cycle. And who sleeps after releasing a game thats some lazy shit. Fix your shit, add content, be involved

  • randompanzy Phillip Myers (@randompanzy) reported

    @xj84110488 @Bandicoot9David @dustinconwell @NintendoAmerica @BestBuy Sidenote I got it for a dollar due to best buys pricing glitch so I'm pretty happy but still point remains

  • UR2SLOW_ UR2SLOW@Frostbite❄ (@UR2SLOW_) reported

    Literally this. I've been preaching the same exact thing about Sonic. I see this happen with other characters and I really hope Nintendo comes around to fixing these issues

  • POKEMONKODA 𝙥𝙤𝙠𝙚𝙙𝙚𝙭 𝙚𝙣𝙩𝙧𝙮: noorisfuturehusband (@POKEMONKODA) reported

    reggie from nintendo america is retiring. goodnight i am so broken.

  • FF2389 Kurono (Josh) (@FF2389) reported

    @IndieGamerChick I'm sure Reggie was frustrated at the online too but he was a PR guy. Part of the problem is Japan is much smaller so p2p is mostly okay. Nintendo can't seem to grasp that it doesn't work as well world wide. That said, I loved the Wii U but it was handled very poorly.

  • johnmaddening John Maddening (@johnmaddening) reported

    @SabooXI @bmoviesd I saw the original in the theater when I was ten years old. Played that godawful Nintendo game from GB2. Camped out in line at the Lego store in 2014 when the Ecto-1 was released. Had no problem with Feig’s film. Never thought the franchise was “taken away” from me.

  • lebessao Leandro Luiz Bessao (@lebessao) reported

    @OfficialSonyPS4 @NintendoAmerica I've bought uncharted colletion and i'm nota able to play uncharted 2 and 3... When i'm gonna play It get back to PS4 xmb. I've deleted ir and downloader again. Bur wirh Dame problem

  • ChuckyMcdoll Go kremit sewer side (@ChuckyMcdoll) reported

    I bet Nintendo has made tons of huge announcments on Google+, but nobody cares about that service so we don’t know any of them

  • WesleyTE Wes Ehrlichman (@WesleyTE) reported

    @gameplayuk @Toadie1970 @gameinformer It’s not a 2-way deal because the games would stream to the Switch. Nintendo doesn’t have a streaming game service or infrastructure.

  • Swoobats oignon 🤡 (@Swoobats) reported

    reggie now that ur not working for nintendo give me the forbidden animal crossing I'll keep it hush hush

  • mjgrxxn Morgan Green (@mjgrxxn) reported

    So the guy who’s running Nintendo now is literally called ******* BOWSER. The simulation is broken...

  • NicVersus Unseasonal Nic (@NicVersus) reported

    Dear uncontroversial friend of everyone on the internet @PHIL_FISH that nobody ever had a problem with. Please release Fez on the Nintendo Switch. It's a really good game and I would buy it again for Switch.

  • Ballislifetdot Lamar Carter (@Ballislifetdot) reported

    Fix your trashy online service. Make it like PS4 @NintendoAmerica

  • EchoOrcool EchoOrcool | Oswald Fanatic (@EchoOrcool) reported

    @ElOmar2203_Alt ...Distribute it online. After many many years, Nintendo finally decided to release the translation on Wii U, which meant putting the already existing ROM into their already existing NES emulator for Wii U. That's why that one had no issues. But Mother 3 was never translated...

  • Cubsbane Estimated Time Until Limbo: (@Cubsbane) reported

    @Matt_Brett_ in other words, there would have been 0 issue had the angry gamers not decided that a MARKETER was in charge of a localization, somehow, and responsible for all the decisions of said localization they didn't like, then doxxed her and repeatedly banged on nintendo's door

  • Fullmetalx07 Brian (@Fullmetalx07) reported

    This would be so awesome! Earning achievements on switch. I wonder if Nintendo Online service would be replace by Xbox Live

  • PlaysWaffles Waffles_Plays (ワッフル。) (@PlaysWaffles) reported

    @NintendoAmerica Tgabk you Reggie for your service

  • gogojira_ Gogojira (@gogojira_) reported

    @tlaynes Microsoft huge on service, and it appears to be going well for them. Who knows what this means in the long run, but it only increases their brand. Your still on an Xbox service, so it’s a win for MS and Nintendo.

  • Goat638 🐐 Agent Goat (orb hunting) 🍩 (@Goat638) reported

    @BombosMedallion Oh absolutely, look at how Ubisoft and EA have treated Nintendo. Endless broken promises. Ubisoft has absolutely come around though, to be fair

  • CephalopopStar Wolfy (@CephalopopStar) reported

    @surasshu I think they just come faulty and Nintendo knows because they offer free repair and tips for it. All three joycon pairs I've had, left joycon always drifts randomly. Had to settle for a pro controller that surprisingly hasn't had a single issue

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  • 2162
  • 2168
  • 2811