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Nintendo Switch Online Service lets the console owners enjoy online multiplayer gaming as well as a dedicated smartphone app that connects to the Nintendo Switch system and helps connect with friends for co-op and competitive games online.

 Problems detected at Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online problems in the last 24 hours

Nintendo Switch Online Outage Chart

April 06: Problems at Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online is having issues since 04:10 PM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Online Play 78.86% Online Play
  • Sign in 12.27% Sign in
  • Glitches 3.64% Glitches
  • Game Crash 2.73% Game Crash
  • Matchmaking 2.50% Matchmaking

Nintendo Switch Online Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:
Celles-sur-Belle Online Play
Baverans Glitches
Worms Online Play
Barranquilla Online Play
Hamburg Online Play
Verden Online Play

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Nintendo Switch Online Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • nyxulrjc RAYMOND CAME HOME (@nyxulrjc) reported

    @nibeIheims i didn’t know it was like. a general glitch i thought it was only with amiibos.. i tased w someone the other day and it messed up that plot for them. it’s happening a lot tho so nintendo should get on it pretty quick!!!

  • _Rhianne98 Rhianne (@_Rhianne98) reported

    @zariefilm thats awful! Its really awful service from both ends if the party really. The hermes girl she was lovely on phone today, and she said nintendo have sent nothing

  • beccad666 Rebecca (@beccad666) reported

    all my problems would be solved if i had a nintendo switch

  • DarkDawg219 🏳️‍🌈NotPants 👖 (@DarkDawg219) reported

    Real quick **** Nintendo and/or Gamefreak for FORCING me to keep Pokémon Sword on my console’s SD card else I lose my progress because apparently PAYING FOR A SERVICE doesn’t mean I’ll get THE ******* SERVICE. Exclusion of Cloud Saves for 1st party Nintendo games is ******* dumb

  • Dark_Wizzy_ ⚡️⚔️ MVG | Dark Wizzy ⚔️⚡️ (@Dark_Wizzy_) reported

    Dude Nintendo actually cares a lot about Animal Crossing lol The game hasn’t even been out for a full month and its already gotten more than one update/patch to fix stuff. Im def about it cuz this game is great They address issues in AC 2x faster than they do with Smash LOL

  • isaaciaga cilipanmi (@isaaciaga) reported

    just called nintendo so they will help transfer my account from my broken 2ds to my new 3ds 😭🤘🏼 i really need to replay fire emblem conquest, now i don’t really mind if rmo extend some more 💀

  • givemethechoke 🖤choketh🖤 (@givemethechoke) reported

    nintendo holy shit you have one console to focus on and you can't fix the issues it has even after years of it being out what are you even doing with your time

  • sadbeautiful22 Jacci // karmas’s THAT bitch (@sadbeautiful22) reported

    @NintendoAmerica @animalcrossing Please fix the cast master book miles it’s stuck at 20/50 and I can’t get these book miles!!!

  • S8an8 Puddin' (@S8an8) reported

    @odetocorleone I can't use my Switch anymore because one of the joycons drifts after a couple of minutes and @NintendoUK want to charge me so they can fix their faulty hardware and I don't think I should have to pay for their crappy build issues.

  • GrizzlyMania Grizz (@GrizzlyMania) reported

    Send me a Dodo code right now because I desparately want to check if I'm even able to connect to other players at this horrible internet. I want to know if the Nintendo Switch has issues with it or no issues with it. Please. I'm begging.

  • NM8D_ NΛT☆ (@NM8D_) reported

    @ahiddenplace1 @NintendoAmerica Found out she only shows up from 5 am to 12 pm. So basically I gotta fix my sleep schedule if I wanna catch her :,)

  • tigertae 🐯🐾⁷ (@tigertae) reported

    Nintendo doesn't give us cloud save but took forever to fix the duping glitch ... one of them affected the entire player base the other one doesn't love that

  • radiotrees jenna (@radiotrees) reported

    i’m so mad nintendo online shouldn’t be a paid service like playing online with friends shouldn’t have to be paid for ://

  • heyitsbuck Archie B. @ home (@heyitsbuck) reported

    If there were no pandemic, Zipper wouldn't have been (as big) a problem. He's working as intended, and I'm glad Nintendo could adjust the game in such an extreme circumstance, but I think all this is a really strong example of Animal Crossing's bonsai design being put forth.

  • ActuallyShadae Shadae Mallory, M.A. (@ActuallyShadae) reported

    @BogDwellerBee Oh goodness! Yeah I wanted you to know in case you hadn’t contacted Nintendo customer support. Supposedly this is a recurring issue

  • ZodeHakku Shield Hero Stan @ Doom (@ZodeHakku) reported

    You guys all know I love Nintendo too. But the amount of wasted potential pisses me off. Don’t even get me started on the shit online service and servers. Though they do right a lot they also drop the ball A LOT. But hopefully they come through on that Fatal Frame (zero hope)

  • _alexmeadows salvador daddy (@_alexmeadows) reported

    the Nintendo Switch shortage is the most first world problem to happen but I am SO OVER IT I JUST WANT TO PLAY ANIMAL CROSSING WITH EVERYONE !!!

  • Marcoxfenty Talk that loud (@Marcoxfenty) reported

    @BigMacUltimate @DynamoSuper That's the problem with Rob, Mario spinoffs already suffer of bad character representation among the Mario cast, opening the doors to non-Mario characters would mean Nintendo is gonna put even less focus on the Mario characters, the characters you mentioned have smash already

  • michellelynn097 MichelleLynn Tackett (@michellelynn097) reported

    @D3stiny_Sm4sher @PKFCx I mean. They did have problems from 2013-2016. I mean, they are struggling so bad, Nintendo gave them MP4.

  • Reincarius Arius (@Reincarius) reported

    @skyloftic i was having the same problem, idk if its the same outside of america but nintendo will fix it for you if u send in your joycon. but i just fixed it myself and was rlly easy if u trust yourself w/ a ebay kit and youtube videos.

  • GendoWasRight Sydney Butler (@GendoWasRight) reported

    @3wojis I hate having to download the rest of a Switch game, but a bigger problem is locking a required download to a specific Nintendo account. So, for example, if you buy the AC Rebel collection, Black Flag is on the cart, but the other game is a download code. So we can't share.

  • gordonabishop Gordon (@gordonabishop) reported

    @NintendoAmerica The villager glitch is still not fixed, I had a villager who moved out yesterday on his own (no amiibo help), was adopted by someone, and still today his house says "I've moved out".

  • StardustShark Lunatic Kaleidoscope (@StardustShark) reported

    @NugAspect But there's a problem! The Nintendo will be like an ant D:

  • HaIloSpaceboy sᴘᴀᴄᴇʙᴏʏ (@HaIloSpaceboy) reported

    @NugAspect Nintendo’s Customer Service is actually really ******* good, I’d recommend doing that

  • pyitu_ ♡ pyitu ♡ (@pyitu_) reported

    @realmjork oh no this is happening to me too :((( but you can send them back to nintendo to repair for free!!! That's what I'm doing, but you might have to check if they're still providing this service in ur country as I'm in the UK !

  • LizzieRoberge The Temple of Kotoko Utsugi (@LizzieRoberge) reported

    @DrLavaYT Well it’s obvious why they changed it. Nintendo probably didn’t want any copyright issues to rise

  • noesiiis shay ⵣ (@noesiiis) reported

    blblbllblb finally !! I've never seen a Nintendo game get updated so frequently and address actual problems 🥺💘

  • KyleBurden4 Kyle (@KyleBurden4) reported

    @Kotaku I've never seen a Nintendo game get updated so frequently and address actual problems.

  • BeastModeBrit BeastModeBrit (@BeastModeBrit) reported

    @GracieMariax @NintendoUK They are the worst delivery service....

  • ScholarofAbyss Scholar of the Abyss (@ScholarofAbyss) reported

    @ConnorShawVA You can send it to Nintendo and they will fix it for free

  • jpshadowman JPShadowMan (@jpshadowman) reported

    So, this YouTuber that I watch had his Nintendo account hacked. He didn't know that Nintendo offered two-step verification. Some "hackers" in India were able to obtain his login information and use it to access his account to make hundreds of dollars in purchases. So, what...

  • ethangach AmericanTruckSongs8 (@ethangach) reported

    The Nintendo service game experience is a weird one

  • KPertsi KyrtsiPertsi (@KPertsi) reported

    Please fix Sydney's eyes ! @nintendo @animalcrossing

  • itsyagirlmaria_ Its Ya Girl Maria 🌸 (@itsyagirlmaria_) reported

    I thought "I don't think Nintendo would patch Animal Crossing for QoL changes" but there's been like 3 bug fix patches over the past 2 weeks or so

  • MrBowmanMakes Mr Bowman Makes (@MrBowmanMakes) reported

    @Tweet_BKelly @Elca_Gaming @Nintendo Yet they have no issue it seems with all the Animal acrossing videos and images 🤔 almost as if ... they were selectively targeting.

  • iconmaster iconmaster (@iconmaster) reported

    @SteveStreza Oh shoot. That’s terrible timing. And boo on Nintendo for making it a problem in the first place.

  • b4ekhyunee ´ (@b4ekhyunee) reported

    @ACWorldBlog can nintendo fix the sakura recipes 😭 i really don't need 20 more egg recipes when i have them all

  • AstroGregory Greg 🇪🇺 (@AstroGregory) reported

    @EAHelp @NintendoUK @NintendoEurope @NintendoAmerica you might want to look into the fact EA has stopped all help for fifa 20 on the switch. We havnt had matchmaking for over 2 days now with no comment or attempt to help. The problem is affect the majority of players according to forums

  • WoodSylva SylvaDragon (@WoodSylva) reported

    @Nayuleska They do seem less to me, which is annoying, don't know if nintendo intended that or just accidentally broke it. Hope they fix it, and fast.

  • Tweetitnot Tweetitbot (@Tweetitnot) reported

    Dude, Nintendo needs to fix this durability glitch where tools break after two uses after coming back from sleep mode.

  • ADM_JUP アドミラル/JUP (@ADM_JUP) reported

    well for the most part as I've said it was OK, but the problems were in the controls, I know that previous Turok games also had the same problems, but Turok 3 was way worse. it felt like this game should got released in other platform rather than a Nintendo.

  • GeekGirlBookWrm 💪👁️Anjuli, BossLady of Beholders👁️👊 (@GeekGirlBookWrm) reported from Nottinghamshire, England

    @paul_pmz After much online reading looks to be a day one error. At some point there will be free replacements again via Nintendo. Until then it's replacement time.

  • WladplaysB Wlad (@WladplaysB) reported

    @TheRelaxingEnd @mygamesir I play on Nintendo Switch, its very hard to play with broken joy cons :(

  • emilyjanebry e m i l y (@emilyjanebry) reported

    honestly think all my problems would be solved if I could get a Nintendo Switch with Animal Crossing, but everywhere’s sold out, just wanna catch fish and meet animal friends 😢

  • jacelevine Jason ☀️🌱 (@jacelevine) reported

    @KiennaS Unfortunately Nintendo continues to lag way behind Microsoft and Sony on gaming accessibility. Not sure why.

  • supergaylance 🌌 too gay to function (@supergaylance) reported

    Nintendo listened to us and updated the game to 1.1.4 so there are less Easter balloons. But if the ratio of regular balloons is the same, then this update is nonsense. The problem we have is we aren't getting cherry-blosson recipes due to the lack of regular ballons.

  • GreenSwede_ GreenSwede (@GreenSwede_) reported

    @The_G_91 @SenorPug26 @jmaster49 @Getupkid1284 @_StylesZX2 that means that wifi is not the problem here. wifi should never go down to such low speeds unless you're stealing wifi from your neighbors, so i don't understand people's hatred for people using wifi on their nintendo switch. people need to realize the game netcode is at fault.

  • PhilTheGM Phil The Game Master (@PhilTheGM) reported

    @tide_goes_in Sadly no report system, i did check with nintendo customer service and that kind of behavior is bannable, but like i said, no report system in ARMS

  • jordanna_mills Jordanna Mills (@jordanna_mills) reported

    @AskSmythsToys any idea when the people who pre-ordered a neon Nintendo switch will be getting one. I understand it’s a supplier issue but just thought I’d ask :)

  • imaginedoge Dan 🐧 (@imaginedoge) reported

    @hanna_kime @NintendoAmerica @animalcrossing Please fix this asap!!!

  • knightessrouge Knightess Cosplay (@knightessrouge) reported

    Nintendo seems to have fixed the connection problems. Now I can finally visit islands again. 😤 (and upload screenshots!)

  • DeoxysPrime DeoxysPrime (@DeoxysPrime) reported

    I really appreciate how aggressive Nintendo has been patching this game, including fixes to issues players want addressed now. Compare that to Game Freak which has patched Pokemon a grand total of two times since launch, fixing almost no issues. Just DLC prep to sell you stuff.

  • AbbyFinn_21 Abby Finn (@AbbyFinn_21) reported

    @MojangSupport hi my son has minecraft for Nintendo switch , it was shutting down with an error message we thought it was the game card so bought it again on the eshop and the same is happening after the mojang screen it loads and the shuts down without showing the sign in screen

  • lokicrosser 𝐋𝐮𝐜𝐲 🍃🎮🌴🌙 (@lokicrosser) reported

    make sure to always find out beforehand if someone has used an Amiibo to get rid of the villager. If you have a villager in boxes due to an Amiibo card DO NOT TRADE/SELL THEM TO ANYONE or you’re putting that person at risk of losing their game data!!! Fix this @NintendoUK !!

  • Stormiichu Stormiichu (@Stormiichu) reported

    @ACPocketNews What need ls to be fixed is the bamboo glitch. No matter how you space out your own home grown bamboo stalks, they only produce once and then no more after that. No one seems to be looking into this glitch and fixing it!!! #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons #Bamboo #Glitch #Nintendo

  • NormannService BYE:( (@NormannService) reported

    I have done some dum stuff. The gifting service used Nintendo V-bucks AS you know. But Even tho They are glizhed They are still illegal and we are tecnacly scamming epic. I just want to forget this. Remember to NEVER buy V-bucks from twitter. It is illegal and your parents..

  • wenseull ‏ً (@wenseull) reported

    im so mad bc i cant even cancel the order lol it says itll arrive today but its been saying that for 4 days now & the tracking is broken like id just cancel it and buy it in the nintendo eshop but i Cant hbdnebehdb

  • evileyeofdun rice daddy 🍚🥢 (@evileyeofdun) reported

    also technical issue make sure ur NAT type is A because mine won’t budge from D and Nintendo is picky about it (u can check NAT types on ur switch settings)

  • biconclaude dorothea hates men (@biconclaude) reported

    bruh seriously though, stop sending your requests for whatever your big new Nintendo idea is to customer service. those contacts were unbearably annoying to shift through and the agents you're talking to barely have any more input or knowledge on what Nintendo is doing next.

  • scarletbuns ⚓️🐰Captain Charlie screaming @ new horizons 🐰⚓️ (@scarletbuns) reported

    nintendo please fix this glitch... i had to test to see if he actually comes out in the day by time traveling but he's legit stuck there.

Nintendo Switch Online Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 2002
  • 20110
  • 2110
  • 2124
  • 2137
  • 2153
  • 2160
  • 2162
  • 2168
  • 2811