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  • leavesanddust my beautiful sons, Edward and Nedward (@leavesanddust) reported

    @FoxDefeated @9_volt_ @SirenDong They future proofed the Pokémon models. The problem is that Nintendo is capable of making money off Pokémon without gamefreak. Here - there's a great post I found that explains it well

  • rschaosmaster Bryan (@rschaosmaster) reported

    @JaybillsGames @NintendoAmerica Crash would complete the gamin icons IMO

  • SkrtboiKiro Oktane Kiro (@SkrtboiKiro) reported

    @EpicGames Fortnite Nintendo Switch is not working for me, what is happening

  • jimjim150 Retro Gamer Jim (@jimjim150) reported

    @nintendad @x__Jessika @NintendoUK The problem is the releases drop with no warning or announcement. @GAMEdigital went live 1.30AM! @365games... None of the stock alert emails went out! & no social media awareness. @AmazonUK, @NintendoUK... I can see the same things happening. Silent go-live and instant sellout.

  • OThreens OddThreens (@OThreens) reported

    @Supernintendo I assume a pro model would go with the pascal tegra chip, **** knows what they could do with the mini though. I reckon Nintendo would pressure nvidia to fix the flaw somehow.

  • RealStevenator Steven Troy Benson (@RealStevenator) reported

    @cyberblur06 @NintendoAmerica sega hates porting most sonic games, its like their afraid it wouldn't make them enough money to be worth it. They are kinda dumb as fudge if ya know what i mean.........though mario has a simmilar problem

  • WereWaffleSyrup Waff | Mighty Jinjonator (Art Raffle! Ends 6/29) (@WereWaffleSyrup) reported

    @JaymanOrigins I do think Crash has a bigger shot than him cause Crash actually did have that rivalry with Nintendo & SEGA, even for one console gen. But I digress. I think Banjo will be the only non-Japanese IP we're getting in the Fighter Pass and that's fine by me.

  • 321gofast yo (@321gofast) reported

    @SirAlex62 @NocontextCarson Probably Steve and Crash Steve because Minecraft is such a new thing that has had so much happened so soon compared to the rest of the guys in Smash Crash because Nintendo vs Xbox vs PlayStation, and it would be so cool to see him.

  • ArmanoZero Armano Zero (@ArmanoZero) reported

    @SupportNintendo hi im having problems with my nintendo switch, it does detect the wifi conection but it doesnt conect to the wifi 😕

  • sremick Scooter (@sremick) reported

    @Nintendo @NintendoAmerica (continued from my prev post): I'll be telling others to not buy #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons until you address the cloud saves issue. I'm already hearing LOTS of others complaining in chat rooms and forums. #AnimalCrossing #AnimalCrossingCloudSaves

  • MarcoPapico Marcoleric (@MarcoPapico) reported

    But we need to understand that Nintendo didn't intend to make these games as a service, wich is the case for a lot of mmo/E-sport games. And on the other hand, the company has other plans for the dev teams. Who know maybe we'll have a splatoon 3 and arms 2 3/4

  • MarcoPapico Marcoleric (@MarcoPapico) reported

    People are way to used to games as a service... "Nintendo is finished with Splatoon events and arms's too ! This is why daddy 'tendo should never make multiplayer games !" Well... No, that's not a good argument. 1/4 #splatoon #ARMS #Nintendo

  • FerquinRoot Ferquin N.C. Root | ファ-クイン ル-ト (@FerquinRoot) reported

    @prettyunicorn07 @hunybare32 @SerebiiNet Never said you had to buy the game. I openly encourage you NOT to buy it. However, I take anything sourced from Reddit w/ a grain of salt as it's a rumor mill. NOE has different staff compared to other Nintendo branches, much less a lone consumer service rep giving faulty advice.

  • sremick Scooter (@sremick) reported

    @NintendoAmerica @NintendoAmerica as a follow-up to my previous post to you, I'll be telling others to not buy #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons until you address the cloud saves issue. I'm already hearing LOTS of others complaining. #AnimalCrossing #AnimalCrossingCloudSaves

  • Livault_SMT L I V Λ Ц L Ⱦ ♯𝕋𝕖𝕣𝕞𝕚𝕟𝕒 (@Livault_SMT) reported

    @PabloCiomei @RetroStudios Yeah, could be. I would’ve no problem with it, since I’ll buy any Nintendo console anyway. The most important thing is they take all the time they need to deliver us a game they’d pay for.

  • DCNationSlade Zachary Uddenberg (@DCNationSlade) reported

    @JezCorden Lets be real if they announced a big open world Pokémon game that looks like Breath of the Wild with tons of Pokémon, it'd be insane. The biggest problem is that it's GameFreak vs Nintendo devs.

  • WoundedLiberal The socially Inept (@WoundedLiberal) reported

    @AuntKimmie_GG @JorCru Max landis seems to be saying the Nintendo Ds is noise. not that her issues are noise.

  • Winh4x WINH4X (@Winh4x) reported

    @Tominatir @NintendoAmerica @Pokemon @PokemonGoApp @NianticLabs @NianticHelp @NianticEng Even if this phone isn’t jailbroken and I’m on stock iOS, Pokémon GO refuses to load anything. I think Niantic banned my MAC address. I can login from any other phone I have.

  • Winh4x WINH4X (@Winh4x) reported

    @MalibuTech12 @NintendoAmerica @Pokemon @PokemonGoApp @NianticLabs @NianticHelp @NianticEng Works on any of my other iPhones if I login but not on this one anymore, even if it’s not jailbroken. I just jailbroke for iFile. I never location spoofed.

  • DatTromboneGuy DatTromboneGuy ( - • • - - - • ) (@DatTromboneGuy) reported

    @Nintendo @NintendoAmerica you need to fix the GSP in online battles. I played 2 fights against 2 different people. I was Kirby, with around 3mil GSP... they both had around the same amount of GSP as I did. I lost 1.2mil GSP in each fight. 1/2

  • ToadPlayer64 King Bae Rool (@ToadPlayer64) reported

    Almost missed the Nintendo #eShop sale, but I managed to get FF VII since I heard they fixed that nasty music glitch, and Hollow Knight since I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about it @TeamCherryGames

  • Chinnerdomain Chinner (@Chinnerdomain) reported

    In short, Sony and Nintendo need to do better, or at least offer a service that is clearly defined but more importantly consistent.

  • MSVLGND_Phizz Zarbon Hidden Potential @ trying to get gf in 2019 (@MSVLGND_Phizz) reported

    I’m paying money to play games online for the switch and the online service is absolute dog shit. I’m actually tired of this. I got no one to play games with and online is the only way to enjoy the damn game. Fix your damn online service @NintendoAmerica

  • Ninjo0ozone AAAA (@Ninjo0ozone) reported

    @HDKSnake @gamegenie222 Nintendo dont care enough. They already have your money enjoy your 8 frames of lag not including monitors sucka.

  • orcastraw Kaitlyn (@orcastraw) reported

    anyways the real problem is that nintendo doesnt offer system level remapping when consoles like the ps4 does and that's like a big thing that needs to change like, yesterday

  • remove2th kaz (@remove2th) reported

    @NintendoAmerica yo. crash and sora for smash. nuff said

  • DanBrown0531 Dan Brown (@DanBrown0531) reported

    @JustN2bad @FinalFantasy @PlayStation @Nintendo I haven't heard of any specific issues between the two. Graphically they're the same.

  • HipstaMilla27 Patrick Miller (@HipstaMilla27) reported

    @JoeMerrick Nintendo coding is the years behind other companys tho. If they learned how to transform models or use 1 instead of 50 they wouldnt have this problem

  • JustN2bad JustABro ✒🔥#assassinscreed (@JustN2bad) reported

    @DanBrown0531 @FinalFantasy @PlayStation @Nintendo Well didn't know if people ran into any issues with one more than the other. I know what the original game looks like but if it was a big difference in upgrade between them as well

  • CockroachKing55 Mahdi Bahloul (@CockroachKing55) reported

    @DexitStop @Pokemon @SciresM @Kaphotics @JoeMerrick @WePokemon @BirdKeeperToby @shofu @EtikaWN @PokeTipsMike @VerIiswoIf Game freak are not that big of a developer. Even though Pokemon is Nintendo's biggest franchise. They're a studio built to make handheld games. And now they have to make both SWSH and Town. Two big console games. Pressuring them won't fix anything.

  • Seelenfriedeen Cat with Swag (@Seelenfriedeen) reported

    @NintendoUK Ten more days to fix the multi-player

  • JakeM_80 J.M. (@JakeM_80) reported

    @dkaszor Oof. Lame. I heard that's one of the issues for Nintendo bringing over Mother 3, as well. They need to figure that stuff out, even just in regard to game preservation.

  • KrisMadas Kris Madas (@KrisMadas) reported

    @MegaDarkFlames @ReknRalph @Matman_R3turns @excelsciorr @MandJTV_Michael Quote from Nintendo's customer support regarding the issue: "we kindly advise you to make any and all feedback regarding upcoming and currently updating games via social media... developers pay a lot of attention to the general consensus of the fan community on social media..."

  • AiringHouse E. Benedict (@AiringHouse) reported

    @nintendolife Trying to visit the page, getting an error: "Error Sorry, we encountered an error on this page. ~ Nintendo Life"

  • PabloCiomei Pablo (@PabloCiomei) reported

    @Speqtor @NGameTheCube2 I think the problem is that Nintendo has been holding back the production costs since the wii days. So now they are stepping up the handheld costs of production to HD/7th gen standards...and its not easy. They will get better with time! Many japanese studios suffered the hd jump.

  • welllahdeedah Bee (@welllahdeedah) reported

    "As a kid, he was friendless, the problem child whose very understanding and darkly humorous parents called him "Little Hitler," such were the severity of the tantrums he threw over things like lost games of Nintendo. He broke car windshields and screamed his lungs out..."

  • MrTommo999 MrTommo999 (@MrTommo999) reported

    @mattyoukhana_ @JoeMerrick see this is the problem. let people be mad at nintendo, its not your place to judge if they have a say or not. with all the videos i watched the changes are so MINOR that one video said he showed himself doing the "change" withing 2 hours. The fight isn't yours, its GF fight

  • Galar_Shitpost Galar Shitpost (@Galar_Shitpost) reported

    @thereare7h @TakahiroMantis It may not be a problem for you or me. But it will for Nintendo who is the publisher for the game, and needs it to be released in time. Bc the cards, anime and merch depend on the games.

  • DarioPhantom Dario Phantom (@DarioPhantom) reported

    @Tapu_Fini @lbie280 @NinWire For it being such an easy fix, you have yet to mention even one solution. Nintendo has gone after homebrew, Switches made after a certain fate are harder to exploit. And Cloud Saves are easier than homebrew to abuse; it ain’t just like buying an Action Replay.

  • jasperrolls ABYSSAL (@jasperrolls) reported

    they're gonna announce like 6 months from now that they're adding all the pokemon to SwSh and pokemon fans will be like "thank you nintendo for fixing this problem you created, i am giving you my house"

  • jasperrolls ABYSSAL (@jasperrolls) reported

    they're gonna announce like 3 months from now that they're adding all the pokemon to SwSh and pokemon fans will be like "thank you nintendo for fixing this problem you created, i am giving you my house"

  • LuagGames Lucas (@LuagGames) reported

    @VidCon 3 annoying faults on Nintendo Switch & how to fix them

  • yutrio 🍍yutrio🍍COMMISSIONS: open! (@yutrio) reported

    @PutGameOnSwitch Just fix the audio issues that were present in the Gamecube release and I'll throw my money so fast at Nintendo+Sega

  • GigsMatt Matt Gigs (@GigsMatt) reported

    @ArloStuff My first hour or so in Cadence of Hyrule had me dyin a whole bunch. But after that learning curve, once it clicked, I realized why Nintendo would allow such a crossover. A complete and utter fan service, by the fans themselves! This game kinda feels like a love letter to Nintendo

  • zackthesizzler1 IG: @officialzacksizzler (@zackthesizzler1) reported

    @NBA2K_MyTEAM A server error popped up and I didn’t get any card on the pc version or Nintendo switch version

  • Nelsormensch Nels Anderson (@Nelsormensch) reported

    @MotoLeels Oh my GOD, I remember the issue of Nintendo Power that had that burned up but still functional Game Boy in it! It was like a letter to the editor.

  • IttzAndrew IttzAndrew 🔜 TooManyGames (@IttzAndrew) reported

    The Pokémon Sword And Shield News seems to just be getting worse and worse as we get closer to its release. Until GameFreak or Nintendo come out with a statement regarding these issues, I don’t know if I’m going to pick up the game.

  • _ikanakodomo_ Josie ジョシー (@_ikanakodomo_) reported

    so like... my new 3ds' top screen is having issues and i probably need to replace the ribbon cable but like... i can't send it to nintendo because homebrew. i honestly have no idea what to do. everyone online says its incredibly difficult to repair

  • gamegenie222 Nate Taylor (@gamegenie222) reported

    @HDKSnake Nintendo dont care enough. They already have your money enjoy your 8 frames of lag not including monitors sucka.

  • JamesPopStar James Montagna (@JamesPopStar) reported from Los Angeles, California

    @MinaCreamu Yup, I thought of Google Play as the same! This game is available on iPhone and Nintendo 3DS, neither of which ever made an issue of their boobs… (Nintendo even featured the character artwork on a main page eShop graphic once lol…) oh well…

  • Minfotibaken Augustine Steward (@Minfotibaken) reported

    @NintendoAmerica Fix Pokemon

  • quatiloo Quatiloo (@quatiloo) reported

    Replaced one joycon with issues, decided to get a back up pair and now drifting issues with that set has been happening. Then the repaired one starts drifting. Never had problems with nintendo products in the past until the switch. #nintendo #joycons #piecesofjunk #sigh

  • S0RRY_P Sorry-P (@S0RRY_P) reported

    @TheAlicorn42 It's (mostly) the community... I'm alright about the changes that they've made, I just saw them as inevitable TBH. It's just the reaction to the changes + Nessa not having a break with discourse that's the problem. Also, Nintendo could've broken the news better to prevent this

  • TheBY2K BY2K 🇨🇦 (@TheBY2K) reported

    @CartridgeGames Zelda voice actress dislike aside, there's no guarantee they'll hire her back if people hated her that much and Nintendo knows it. But to be fair to her, I think the issue was more poor direction than poor talent.

  • oceanaxolotl Grace (@oceanaxolotl) reported

    @curryspcworld Just bought a nintendo switch online from your store. The left joycon is defective out of the package, the analog stick makes a very loud creaking noise almost like a broken spring. This is not acceptable for a brand new product.

  • JuanderfulJuans Juanderful J. Juans (@JuanderfulJuans) reported

    Any time someone tells me to stop criticizing Sword and Shield being unfinished, I'm just going to double down. You people created this problem - you've told Nintendo you will buy the games no matter the conditions. It's high time the ACTUAL FANS, not the brand loyalists spoke.

  • Kanis_7 AssassinLupus7 (@Kanis_7) reported

    @fireassassin16 @CrenVerdis @JimSterling Some of us put the day first, but that's caused problems before. When Smash ultimate was announced, it said it would come out on 7/12/18. Sweet. That's almost mu birthday. I thought that meant July. I didn't realize that I was watching the Nintendo UK youtube channel. Cue sadness

  • Sinnii_7 Sinnael (@Sinnii_7) reported

    @GAMEFREAK_info @NintendoAmerica @Junichi_Masuda At this point the lack of response and the vagueness of previous response is to blame for this. All many of us want at this point is a clear answer to the #BringBackTheNationaldex issue.

  • SplatinaT Splatina©️™️ (@SplatinaT) reported


  • Pseudo_Scopic Damien Mason (@Pseudo_Scopic) reported

    @Zero_Score @just1nvariety To an extent, I agree, but this is why now is such a golden moment. The people that have a problem with these things can vote with their wallet & get The Pokemon Company/Nintendo to listen. Of course, they're just going to buy it anyway, but if they didn't there would be a chance

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