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  • BadluckDuelist Badluck (@BadluckDuelist) reported

    @Nightmarespace @JontyPage1 @DoubleWitchedUp @trilllizard666 Now I idk about you but I think it's pretty safe to say that blacks from the 50s had it worse than now and yet blacks from today are more likely to think they're being discriminated against that sounds like there might be a problem on their Outlook/ culture

  • BySpoke BySpoke (@BySpoke) reported

    @Amojak2 @puffnblow_at_GP @inacentre The trouble is, I have no wish to shout. i just want to get on with whatever job I'm doing, and do it well. I assume that most people, men or women, are similar in their outlook. Which is probably why I don't ever have any issues with anyone I work with. I'm not looking for them.

  • lafih22 Darren Pigott (@lafih22) reported

    @Georgeberger @JoshuaYJackson @NeilSalter4 National states are fully sovereign. They may trade away authority over issues for a safer or more fair world, which is fine, but being against trading authority away for goods & capital movement for oligarchs & corporations doesn't mean you have to be insular in your outlook

  • XYguito Luca (@XYguito) reported

    @NeededInfo12 @Giusepp16797854 @KEEMSTAR Your cynical outlook to life is really concerning. Rather than believe there is a problem that needs fixing in our society, you'd rather make the assumption that deji is only driven by monetary gain. You're not grasping the entire situation

  • Smokey_pawsback Smokey Cat (@Smokey_pawsback) reported

    @Miami_Rebelde It is a sad outlook on the mefia that this issue wasn't good enough to really talk about until the involvement of AOC.

  • MattcayleyM Mattcayley (@MattcayleyM) reported

    @JamesDelingpole Like the bible there are some passages of heinous violence that has no place in society and outdated societal views that don’t fit in to the outlook of western countries. Christianity is reviled for this Islam is not because of fear of being labelled Islamophobic. Issues buried!

  • sunshineemomare Incorrect Sanders Sides☆FALSEHOODS (@sunshineemomare) reported

    Virgil: "Look, you can't always have a positive outlook on everything." Patton: "...but I could though! :)" Virgil: "aaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAA-" [ERROR: SIDE-VIRGIL HAS STOPPED FUNCTIONING. TO RESTART, DELIVER TO NEAREST HOT TOPIC WITH $100. IF HE UNABLE TO RESTART, G-NOTE HIM]

  • 23RAM81 Madhouse Poetry (@23RAM81) reported

    @Mattoaklandas @Outlook and when the emails never go down...😍

  • Vegan0011 Vegan0011 (@Vegan0011) reported

    Rejecting every @Microsoft advert until they fix @Outlook & Outlooks customer service.

  • RossSmithIV Ross Smith IV (@RossSmithIV) reported

    @nkubenik @Outlook @IntuneSuppTeam On vacation, but we are investigating a sync issue with contacts on the Microsoft sync technology where sync doesn't complete. Please open a support case with Premier.

  • cloud_opinion . (@cloud_opinion) reported

    Google Cloud outage wasn't such a big deal for large enterprises because they all use Outlook on Windows to sync, so they never noticed a problem

  • mattwmead Matthew Mead (@mattwmead) reported

    @chrislhayes Microsoft is terrible but at least they gave us Outlook

  • DaveWarstler Dave Warstler (@DaveWarstler) reported

    SPC issues duck-shaped convective outlook. #SPC #midtnwx

  • exhausted949 Is it over yet? (@exhausted949) reported

    @chrislhayes I receive Gmail via Outlook so I don’t have that problem

  • Dl1agD D Lo (@Dl1agD) reported

    @chrislhayes I have the same issue with Outlook (work necessity), so I turned off the threading! Much better!

  • traviso03213629 travis owens (@traviso03213629) reported

    “Google calendar being down was the reason I didn’t worked today” Just a shame we use outlook. Short the alphabet. #GOOGL

  • traviso03213629 travis owens (@traviso03213629) reported

    “Google calendar being down was the reason I hadn't gotten anything done today” Just a shame we use outlook. Short the alphabet.

  • ndcorngrower Paul R. Anderson (@ndcorngrower) reported

    After down loading this pdf, page down past the cattle slaughter outlook. This guy makes the case for a 135 bu/acre national average #corn yield. If the harvested acres fall much under 75 million we are sub 10B bushels. We would be feeding the couch cushions to hogs.

  • yalielkin Yali Elkin (@yalielkin) reported

    @NotReallyABear2 @Brooks_the_Lab We are all Hitler. The problem (or one of them) with that (literally) insane outlook is that when everyone is Hitler, no one is. The epithet is so diluted away that it becomes meaningless, like so many other words that meant things. Fighting this nihilism is THE hill to die on.

  • shrillandchill Claudia Barrett (@shrillandchill) reported

    The terror when you've had a send/receive error for a few hours and thought it was just a slow email day. *Restarts outlook* 28 new emails. Why. #officelife

  • nkubenik N8 (@nkubenik) reported

    We created a support case with little to no progress and have received 50+ incidents to our service desk and each day grows by ~5. The issue is that native contacts syncing from Outlook for iOS intermittently sync, duplicate and/or don't sync at all.

  • SweetAsPie_ Piezano ♈ (@SweetAsPie_) reported

    @Myxxh I’m a try to keep this answer as succinct as possible 🤣. Get in the habit of writing down my weekly and/daily goals. I just use Outlook to create weekly checklist and try to get in the habit of highlighting (or at least mentally telling myself what I need to do daily)

  • sayed_718 Sayed R (@sayed_718) reported

    @Outlook some of the contact photos are not showing on my iOS devices. I have tried removing my Outlook account and still see the same problem.

  • JAExecAssistant Janice Parker FEPAA (@JAExecAssistant) reported

    @Welsh_PA @Outlook My Google calendar stopped syncing today due to a global issue grrr

  • RoseCombs55 Rose Combs (@RoseCombs55) reported

    @FreedomSci For the first time ever, I am unloading the June update and reloading the April one. Two programs I use regularly are not working right, Bard Express and spellcheck in Word/Outlook. Used since 1998 and never downgraded before.

  • alecpow Alec Powell (@alecpow) reported from San Francisco, California

    Someone NEEDS to optimize email chains cross-domain (gmail/outlook/whatever). I hate scrolling 40 pages up & down to reply to the latest message.

  • Chrismoffer MapsNoble (@Chrismoffer) reported

    @comicsnoble @rays__helll Welcome to my hell, outlook is terrible

  • TheChrisGlass Chris Glass (@TheChrisGlass) reported

    Outlook might be the worst email app on the planet. It signs you out for inactivity. As in, if you have an email account (Even a non-Microsoft one) it removes it if you don't sign in all the time. That's fantastically terrible. No way to disable tht.

  • mirrorpicmami ma (@mirrorpicmami) reported

    When Google Calendar is down but your company uses Outlook so it’s business as usual 😔

  • jusmeandmyz @jusmeandmyz (@jusmeandmyz) reported

    You can't heal in the same places you were hurt, scarred and neglected knowing some people that have lived in terrible condition have ultimately without knowing that they have altered their mentality and outlook on things because of tragic experiences

  • daiv92 dav. (@daiv92) reported

    just had to log onto a customer server and it's the most out of support thing i've ever seen. Server 2003, SQL 2005, Invoicing software years out of support, Outlook Express and it's internet facing. trying to navigate that thing was a nightmare, 256 colour too lol.

  • Systemeth The Heron Baron (@Systemeth) reported

    @ladyMKV That's just it basically. The gameplay is poopy so errybody shits on it. The other not game stuff is decent to good tho' so it comes down to what you value/remember in a game. Perhaps you repressed the bad, while fondly remembering what you did like. Not a bad outlook really.

  • judsonlester Judson (@judsonlester) reported

    I am finding myself having a hard time accepting data sources where there's no clear story about their role in a feedback loop. This is more a problem because I'm having trouble explaining this outlook to the others proposing the data sources.

  • theSusyness ⚯͛ (@theSusyness) reported

    @csix broken again 😞 ugghhh gotta use my work cal for the meantime. i hate outlook

  • alachite wondering stars (@alachite) reported

    My Outlook is not down, but both Skype and Word crashed in the last 2 hours, which is slightly more frequent than normal

  • TM_Eubanks T. Marshall Eubanks (@TM_Eubanks) reported from Burke, Virginia

    Reports from NANOG that Google #Outlook is giving widespread 404 errors

  • DrMeghanNorris Meghan Norris (@DrMeghanNorris) reported

    My outlook is down, my Google calendar is down, and I think that means it’s lunch time. 😂 I promise I’m not ignoring emails or meetings...😂

  • intodaylights13 andrea (@intodaylights13) reported

    @DanielleEPhoto Yeah, technology is annoying that way! Time to go back to the handy paper planner lol — but in all seriousness, I hope they fix it soon. We use Outlook at work and I would CRY if it stopped working. It’s my lifeline lol (very dramatic but it’s true!)

  • steveintransit Steve (@steveintransit) reported

    @PaolaNotPaolo If only Outlook could go down

  • jcmassspec James (@jcmassspec) reported

    @AppleSupport Still having problems connecting my PC (Outlook) to iCloud email account. Will not send/receive email. Has worked for years and stopped yesterday. Apple page says problem is resolved but not for me.

  • skyiora skyiora 💫 (@skyiora) reported

    google calendar is down, this is why outlook calendar is superior. 🤭

  • BhanukaDissa N-A-S-A (@BhanukaDissa) reported

    Use outlook calendar ; 😛 Google calendar down

  • wcshaw wcshaw (@wcshaw) reported

    @OortCloudAtlas Lost mine completely yesterday over password, Outlook, cloud issues. My worst thing. I would say 18 years of meditation went down the tubes except I sure was feeling the feels. Also returned to feel rest as soon as it was fixed. Still....

  • EnBuenora El Çid (@EnBuenora) reported

    @squirrel_doom They're being very clear about their agreement with the general newsmedia outlook: Palestinians are a problem to be solved, not humans capable of considering and debating their needs and aims.

  • umeirra Umeirra (@umeirra) reported

    google calendar being down is the ONLY time i have ever felt inferior to my outlook using co-workers

  • andnowpearljam Mustache Bill (@andnowpearljam) reported

    @mwteller @BobbyMarks42 @TimBontemps It bums me out so much because Hinkie planned 5+ years down the road. We have had zero strategic long-term vision since he left. Wasted multiple summers without improving our long-term outlook. And we are still in great shape. I wonder who was responsible.

  • IsaacJT23 Ace🗣👁 (@IsaacJT23) reported

    My mental outlook just got torn down man

  • SteveFrechette4 Steve Frechette (@SteveFrechette4) reported

    @raggedyhobo @BrynneKKelly Producers are concerned because the outlook is horrific due to their poor management. Even if we get to ~$3.35 on cold winter temps, the rest of the curve will yawn until they get rigs and DUCs down to crazy low levels again. Otherwise it's all too easy to hedge strength and ramp

  • MelCarson Mel Carson (@MelCarson) reported

    Been using @Outlook and @Office365 from day 1 at @Delightful. Never had an issue. You get what you pay for.....or don’t! 🤓 #GoogleCalendar

  • StaffatMCG MCG Careers (@StaffatMCG) reported

    Good Morning, Just a head's up that the google calendar app is not working and is "under investigation" by Google. You can still access your calendar via Outlook, however, the web-based one is not working. This is a Google issue and is being worked on. #seegoodthings, #smile

  • stephenaugustus Stephen Augustus (@stephenaugustus) reported

    Probably the only time I'll say, "Well gosh, it's a good thing most of my events are cross-posted to Outlook." is because Google Calendar is down. #hugops to the Google Calendar folks!

  • dinesh161_singh Dinesh Singh (@dinesh161_singh) reported

    @SinghNavdeep Agree on source of problem being junior bureaucracy. However, top leadership can't escape blame as control and oversight of their teams below is also their outlook.

  • jumpropejess Jess (@jumpropejess) reported

    Honestly my ex cheated on me but, it never changed my outlook on other men because not everyone’s the same. It never gave me so called “trust issues”

  • NickMilnerPhoto 𝙽𝙸𝙲𝙺𝙼𝙸𝙻𝙽𝙴𝚁.𝙿𝙷𝙾𝚃𝙾𝙶𝚁𝙰𝙿𝙷𝚈 (@NickMilnerPhoto) reported

    To Do has been released on Mac and you can turn emails into tasks simply by flagging them. Great! Now all I need to do is set up a rule to flag my... oh, it's not possible. :( (Please fix the glaring gaps in Mac Outlook functionality!) @Microsoft

  • EylaRay Eyla Ray (@EylaRay) reported

    Not today @Microsoft Outlook/ @Gmail / pop mail server authentication error, not today! I beat you 😂🙏🏼😂 (sometimes tech really drives me crazy 😜)

  • TheoGats DaVinci (@TheoGats) reported

    Your guys outlook is the problem but it’s fine ,ucl determines everything right and that’s why Madrid is in shambles spending 400 mil to fix their time 🤣🤣🤣

  • TrueBlondeKanye That Guy with the Pluckers Tattoo (@TrueBlondeKanye) reported

    @unspokensolace @generichoe Spreading more hate isn't going to solve the problem. He needs a bigger outlook on life. I feel sorry that this man goes around hating this much. It must be sad to live like this. I hate seeing videos like this. Love and Peace y'all! (2/2)

  • mwilliams_pkvKY Melissa Williams (@mwilliams_pkvKY) reported

    @LaurenKataya61 @PaigeWYMT @Kentuckyweather @brobwx TY for having a positive outlook about our area. If everyone would try to get to know the great people & things that happen in & around us, we could work on the things that aren't going so well. Some of the problems mentioned are not isolated to here but is a national problem.

  • Nards649499551 Nadia (@Nards649499551) reported

    @guardian Reading this article and the outlook plan is terrible. Increasing density of cities already maxed out is criminally insane. And **** off this climate change nonsense. It's bogus science to tax the population to death.

  • ClockworkBeehiv MancClockworkBeeHive (@ClockworkBeehiv) reported

    My new outlook on #alcohol / #drinking is ‘not drinking may possibly still bring bad results, but drinking will only ever bring bad results’ I guess what I mean is I don’t expect stopping drink to solve all my #BPDchat problems but it’s still the right place decision for me.