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  • HollyVWoollett Holly (@HollyVWoollett) reported

    @rickygervais I just felt so sad and hopeless at the outlook of this horrible world, and my addiction to social media makes me reminisce my addiction to alcohol... but seeing what @rickygervais has to say somehow gives me hope. Can't avoid problems just take them head on. The only way.

  • iamdaycruz Day Cruz (@iamdaycruz) reported

    When your outlook is blurred by problems, focus on Christ. @mainedcm | MaineMendoza #MaineyThanksLangLeav

  • AlecDSilva Alec Silva (@AlecDSilva) reported

    BOX issues Hazardous Weather Outlook (HWO) at Feb 22, 4:31 AM EST

  • nickpatsianas Nick Patsianas (@nickpatsianas) reported

    @kelittlejohn @r_nd_f__ld @Capitan_Typo @Anncaro11 When you see the login prompt with 'yourusername@detnsw' (or in some cases your email address) shown, click More choices and then Use a different account. Enter 'yourusername@det' and then your password. Click OK and then Outlook should begin to work. I think HTs/APs have access.

  • ChrisRobionson Chris Robionson (@ChrisRobionson) reported

    A couple of hours into my Email Free Friday in @MonmouthshireCC . The biggest problem is having to go into Outlook to find contact details - and the temptation is high (I've only succumbed twice so far!) No withdrawal symptoms yet but more coffee than usual has been drunk!

  • AtriaBrokers Atria Brokers (@AtriaBrokers) reported

    🇺🇸🌾🔽According to Brugler Report, USDA forecasts 2019 wheat acreage at 47 MMT in their annual Ag Outlook Forum, down 800,000 acres from last year. Analysts saw USDA’s 2019 all wheat acreage forecast at 47.196 mln acres, down 604,000 acres from last year.

  • sarahharding86 Sarah Harding 🏳️‍🌈🇪🇺 (@sarahharding86) reported

    IT tip of the day: if you receive a 'Send Error' report in Outlook that says you no longer have access to a SharePoint contact list: File -> Account Settings -> Account Settings -> SharePoint Lists -> Click on offending list -> Remove -> Close Problem solved. You're welcome.

  • LMStellaPR Stella Katsaros (@LMStellaPR) reported

    @OfficeSupport Still haven't been able to start outlook app on my phone. It keeps saying error. So I've given up

  • wieherbuh ウィーハーブ (@wieherbuh) reported

    Outlook 365: "Enter password" me: *enters password* Outlook 365: "Sorry, your sign in timed out."

  • Deus_Ex_DeMo Santouryuu (@Deus_Ex_DeMo) reported

    @KanchanGupta IWT and dams aside, one "massive victory" was already gained in februaru last year when pakistan was placed on FATF. your apparent silence about it only goes to show your outlook on this issue. Indira gandhi who gave away 90k pow's and territory otoh was somehow a "hero"

  • overxanalysing A. (@overxanalysing) reported

    @DramaticIntros - it just happens. When it does, I feel terrible, and I always try to apologize. But, sometimes it's just too late. That's one thing I've learned about people. Once they've formulated an opinion, it's hard to change it. Then, if they give other's a negative outlook on you, -

  • SinghNavdeep Navdeep Singh (@SinghNavdeep) reported

    @sandythapar @vikramwkarve @BrigMahalingam @SmritiRDas1 @tksapru @MajDPSingh Sir the original tweet was on the new orders for rank-neutral travel by air. On the issue of disabled soldiers also, the initial self-defeating and stigmatic outlook of the defence services cannot be ignored. In many other issues too.

  • andinoar Arnold Andino (@andinoar) reported

    @Outlook After the update, my primary account was removed. The only way to get it back is to remove the other accounts and start fresh. Only problem is that it is then short lived and a short time later it disappears again.

  • Qzibre_ zibre 💕 (@Qzibre_) reported

    I been heart broken one time and that's all it took for my outlook on love to change.

  • _babygee__ Gee 🌹 (@_babygee__) reported

    I understand people are trying to understand why people murder but it's giving society an outlook that because someone had a broken home or abuse as a child they will grow up to be series killers. That's not an answer, it's just a speculation.

  • konate127 Karen Oñate (@konate127) reported

    Sooo I tried to find my own MySpace again for shits and giggles. Of course I have to sign in to see it... with my Hotmail email that doesn’t exist anymore...and a password from high school that I can’t remember... #itsbeenahotminute

  • OrionListug Orion (@OrionListug) reported

    @TashasEv @Outlook Same issue happened with my grandparents ~12 years ago. It sucks how unfriendly technology tends to be towards the elderly or tech illiterate.

  • TashasEv Tashas[E]v (@TashasEv) reported

    So upset right now that I can't help my grandma recover her @outlook account. She can't remember the answers to the questions asked in the recovery form. Phones support says they can't help. This process is completely broken for elderly and tech illiterate folks.

  • sandythapar Sandy Thapar (@sandythapar) reported

    @SinghNavdeep @vikramwkarve @BrigMahalingam @SmritiRDas1 @tksapru @MajDPSingh We are not talking of pay allces or service privileges issues here Navdeep. Am talking about substantive issues like force restructuring/modernisation, mtg genuine requirements of fauz...Remember snow scooters! Or ur favourite issue - disability. The gen outlook is adversarial

  • cypress777 D Yaz (@cypress777) reported

    @TaraNWeber @SeanvanderLee @encana Notley needs to step down NOW. Forget an election, it's a predetermined bloodbath anyway just like the job outlook under the NDP.

  • quaffle_waffle Anusha the infinitely prolonged (@quaffle_waffle) reported

    was hovering on using outlook instead of gmail despite the terrible syncing but Gmail redeems itself with a major interface update yaaay

  • ladyaeva 9 out of 10 Aevas agree: (@ladyaeva) reported

    its a good outlook. the halting problem becomes bafflingly obvious: All things die.

  • IlyaSpivak Ilya Spivak (@IlyaSpivak) reported

    US bond yields (orange line) and the 2019 Fed rate hike outlook (red line) rose after #FOMC minutes. #China triggered risk aversion (S&P 500 futures down, turquoise line) banned Australian #coal imports @ Dalian, but the rate structure continued to firm...(1/2)

  • Micrmay2113 Michael May (@Micrmay2113) reported

    @busterx54 @SuperSaiyanPaul I would send them to @NickRekieta . The guy sounds like a good dude who is independent of the Dragon Ball community. When he explained how this could go down, I got chills. Changed my outlook on lawyers for sure.

  • ampereHope P-prepare to die, eggbear! (@ampereHope) reported

    as someone who has literally never used outlook i sure do have to spend up to 8 hours a day fixing other peoples outlook problems

  • tbaytch Tamara Baytch (@tbaytch) reported

    @OfficeSupport The link that was provided isn’t working on my phone. I am having the problem just when I use the outlook website for a hotmail account. It is for personal use.

  • tbaytch Tamara Baytch (@tbaytch) reported

    @OfficeSupport The link that was provided isn’t working on my phone. I am having the problem just when I use the outlook website for a hotmail account. It is for personal use.

  • Glimmernet Glimmernet (@Glimmernet) reported

    It seems that version 1901 of @Outlook 356 stretches animated gifs to approximately 150% of their height. Doesn’t seem to be a CSS/tables issue.

  • Glimmernet Glimmernet (@Glimmernet) reported

    Spent far too long today trying to determine why some systems would update Outlook to v1901 and others were stuck at 1808. All to diagnose a rendering issue in the new version.

  • AntonPagi Anton Pagi (@AntonPagi) reported

    @JEOxendine That’s exactly my outlook as well. $5,320 target for me from some fractal math then down to $2800 them the bull

  • RenehBass Reneh-L'tania Bass (@RenehBass) reported

    @DriveNow_UK Hey there, I can’t seem to login with my registered Gmail email address. I suspect there’s a glitch with Gmail accounts, because when I sign in with my unregistered Hotmail email address and say ‘forgot password’ it says email sent. I don’t know if it’s only me😩

  • MikePatton1970 Mike Patton (@MikePatton1970) reported

    @TheSkyCouldFall @FOX2now YOU would not get that from the will get what fits an agenda. There are lots of problems in society and the outlook from people like you will never recognize it nor help.

  • UBCIToutages UBC IT Outage Notice (@UBCIToutages) reported

    The issue affecting Outlook Client start up has been fixed. If you are still experiencing issues with the Outlook Client starting up, please contact the UBC IT Service Centre at 604-822-2008.

  • KeithRobison14 Keith Robison (@KeithRobison14) reported

    @QTRResearch Wow, down ~50% after hours! What a mess of an outlook!

  • MsYouDoYou BdblE (@MsYouDoYou) reported from Vancouver, British Columbia

    I have so many Outlook messages open I need to just shut down and start again.

  • CommSec CommSec (@CommSec) reported

    RBA: "Today, the probability that the next move is up and the probability that it is down are more evenly balanced than they were six months ago. This shift largely reflects the change in the outlook for consumption" #rates #ausbiz #markets #rates #ausecon

  • brad_studio Brad Studio (@brad_studio) reported

    @Outlook Fix the stupid category calendar event bug in Mac Outlook 2019. Talked with support which acknowledged it, but has no date to be worked on. Get it together over there.

  • CommSec CommSec (@CommSec) reported

    RBA: "Today, the probability that the next move is up and the probability that it is down are more evenly balanced than they were six months ago. This shift largely reflects the change in the outlook for consumption" #rates #ausbiz #markets #rates

  • Jneeps Duckyzilla (@Jneeps) reported

    @HSpyder @whatsanityfudo That's a terrible outlook on life

  • rorybowman RB supports Meghan Murphy (@rorybowman) reported

    @jessesingal We used to do this with an IMAP transfer, but that required "unarchiving" the Outlook file so that it was active and copying the messages/folders across from within Outlook to the IMAP server. (GMail can be entered into Outlook as an IMAP account.)

  • _MatthewDillon Matthew Dillon (@_MatthewDillon) reported

    At @usda Ag Outlook Forum session on “Ag labor challenges” that COMPLETELY ignores production labor & only focuses on training for “higher skilled” labor & robots. Stunned. The real Ag labor challenge is a broken H-2a system. #fairwages #bluecards @SenFeinstein @SenKamalaHarris

  • PlaintiveWhale Whaley Aames (@PlaintiveWhale) reported

    @NataTheScribe @NerdNumbers I am forever surprised that none of these billionaires who start new football leagues to flush their money down the toilet have ever started one that is limited to 18-22-year-olds. Don't know what the longterm outlook would be, but I know they'd get some of the top talent.

  • eckeane Emma Keane (@eckeane) reported

    Oh my god an IT guy is remote controlled into my computer right now to fix my outlook and I just realized a pic of a buff squirrel is saved to my desktop and I know we can both see it but aren’t talking about it

  • sidthekid1965 Stephen Phillips 🔶️ 🇬🇧 🇪🇺 (@sidthekid1965) reported

    @Kevin_Maguire @Harryslaststand @jeremycorbyn @mudiek Not sure I really want to be in this company, but yes, she's our problem, we shouldn't let other countries, even failed states, pick up our own mess. It's what's called being Internationalist and demonstrating a global outlook, and not being isolationist and fortress Britain.

  • agperspective AgPerspective (@agperspective) reported

    International Grains Council increased their 18//19 global #corn outlook by 33 MT to 1.109 BT (China was up 37 MT this month and all other countries were down 4 MT); World #wheat output fell by 2 MT to 735 MT, while #soybean production was down 5 MT to 363 MT 🌎🌽📈🌱📉🌾🌍

  • pauliegtweets PaulieG (@pauliegtweets) reported

    @doublespeak152 @NewPopLit @JesseHa83720945 @clairlemon @rcbregman @jaynordlinger made, one is substantially more justified in being optimistic in terms of future outlook wrt this particular problem. What I must emphasize here is that my attempts at a nuanced examination of these phenomena is not to be viewed as an attempt to negate or revise historical fact.

  • 1froglegs Tim Lintz (@1froglegs) reported

    @wisebread A7 My outlook is to have a specific amount to spend per month, over a 20 year period. Inflation can be a problem with planning, but that can be hard to predict 30 years out. #CalSavers #WBChat

  • queenshalaya The Queen. (@queenshalaya) reported

    You can choose to have a positive attitude outlook or a negative one. If both people have a different outlook, that is where the problem begins.

  • SaskPower SaskPower (@SaskPower) reported

    2:16 PM: Outage affecting customers in Conquest, Ardath, Outlook, Milden and surrounding areas, crews have been dispatched no ETR. #skoutage

  • just_S Just S (@just_S) reported

    Understand on @Outlook. For @waveboxio I have @Clockify sideloaded and can interact with the extension but login fails.

  • NicoLNico9 K👀le (@NicoLNico9) reported

    Of course you don’t see the problem in saying a racial slur. None of your ******** ancestors wre enslaved or faced any kind of history of oppression. You’re a downright slob who took the easiest route possible and now you’re going to raise 2 kids with your shitty outlook on life

  • charlienicole CharlieNicole (@charlienicole) reported

    @MeghinDelaney I have a bit of a different outlook here as you already know. The school already knows exactly who isn’t vaccinated. Upon registration all parents must submit shot records and they make a copy. It’s already a sufficient process for that reason. The system isn’t broken on this one

  • dirigodigital Luke LaBree (@dirigodigital) reported

    @Apple, I need some help. My Mac's ability to search itself with Spotlight has taken a serious hit, I don't know how to fix it. I found the file I wanted manually, dbl-checked the file name and tried searching for it again, spotlight still no-go. Same thing searching Outlook 16.

  • PNWReagan April Reagan (@PNWReagan) reported

    It would be really cool if I didn't have to fix my Outlook index on the Mac every damn week.

  • marypcbuk Mary Branscombe (@marypcbuk) reported

    @nzthiago @ChristosMatskas @scottgranado @Outlook yep; I've had similar for reporting bugs in new features; the in-Outlook tool is for support requests and something *not working in a new feature* gets no support because it didn't ever work before

  • SteveLaidlaw Stephen Laidlaw (@SteveLaidlaw) reported

    @paulskent58 Scoring is down but still boasting good possession metrics. Even with a negative outlook, I don't think there's an argument he makes WSH worse.

  • Liquidretro Jon M (@Liquidretro) reported

    @deemaster Outlook doesn't your mail server administrator does. Outlook becomes a dog the larger the inbox gets, and is much more likely to cause mailbox corruption and poor performance. It was never designed for long term archival of everything (IE Gmail web mail).

  • JosephRamelli Joseph W. Ramelli (@JosephRamelli) reported

    Microsoft is deliberately inhibiting the adoption of Chromebooks by making the Microsoft Office suite of apps for Chromebooks extremely watered down. They are all pathetic but Outlook is the worst.

  • xoWhspr s Ꭺ m Ꭺ Ꭼ Ꮮ | @ sᏆᎾᏁᎬ ᎾᏟᎬᎪᏁ (@xoWhspr) reported

    @Jaasonnn__ @xxxtentacion Uh ok he's not bad he's actually pretty good and had a good outlook on life... now I know you're trying your hardest to be edgy and cool but its not working... you sound like a *****

  • satrughansina Satrughansina (@satrughansina) reported

    @KTHopkins Unfortunately it is hate, conflict and division that adds to these type of problems in society that appeal to bigoted people. Hopkins only serves to exacerbate the situation through her vitriolic, bitter, twisted and divisive outlook!