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  • RawBeautyKristi RawBeautyKristi (@RawBeautyKristi) reported

    @WhimsicalZombie There are 1000000 things that happen behind the scenes that I don’t speak about that beat down my “happy go lucky” outlook, and my only goal through my entire youtube has been to be 1000% honest and real with you all through and good, and bad: and right now happens to be bad

  • Boy_The_Roy Roy the Boy (@Boy_The_Roy) reported


  • DanMillerFox2 Dan Miller (@DanMillerFox2) reported

    Vinnie's summer outlook column for the Pistons below. Short but to the point. Hard to see any way up but down.

  • JKerby_88 #ThisIsBS (@JKerby_88) reported from St. Albert, Alberta

    @Shawhelp No I can sign in to Gmail website & Hotmail but not yours

  • bvanega banega (@bvanega) reported

    @VinceRugari @xtweetsper90 Perfectly put Ante. Vince your committing the same error again. Ante puts it well. Admittedly your positive and open outlook is to be commended but, for us 'bitters/negative/pompous type, we've feel we've seen this before. Anywho, enough energy spent on in it for 24hours.#detox

  • vietroadie 阮 添 福 (@vietroadie) reported

    If reviled Outlook, Gmail message can thread itself when users reply, and @SlackHQ cannot, then why would I use it in the first place unless it something being jammed down my throat as the latest fad.

  • BlaiseW13 April 7th (@BlaiseW13) reported

    Have a different outlook on life since shit went down

  • AndersenAngus Angus Andersen (@AndersenAngus) reported

    really not sure what happened but I had issues with my hotmail, twitter and gmail. Only one left to resovle is hotmail. In the meantime, I will use GMail. Inbox me if you wants it.

  • bobblablog Gray V. Train (@bobblablog) reported

    send a meeting invite to someone with the same last name is not an "error with outlook"

  • MichaelTBacon Michael T. Bacon (@MichaelTBacon) reported

    The problem was, to get that package, I had to be in a program through a disciplinary center where I very much did not fit. My methods, outlook, goals, strengths, everything clashed with that center. I gave up the funding, thinking I was doing a good thing.

  • RRmethods2210 rMethodology (@RRmethods2210) reported

    Life has turned CHO outlook upside down ffs

  • Oilybears bear (@Oilybears) reported

    @ezraklein “I don’t want my future outlook to be in even more question because I was caught in the middle.” That seems to be the problem here.

  • maagiemaay Chrissy (@maagiemaay) reported

    Your negative outlook will suddenly change when you wake up with an "I get to.." or "I am able to" attitude instead of an "I have to" woe as me attitude. A friendly reminder that you do not own all of the problems in the world

  • Fuzzy_Draggy Centbair Darrex (@Fuzzy_Draggy) reported

    @Outlook Hey, fix your spam/phishing filter! I am getting sick and tired of items going right through and end up going into my inbox. From fake @AppleSupport stuff and now fake @PayPal I had my outlook/hotmail for 10+ years and never had spam this bad!

  • kaleidoscopnova Nova (@kaleidoscopnova) reported

    @PolarisStarAshe either wants you to shove dirt down your pants or potentially piss yourself what a good outlook

  • bordetmanon manon (@bordetmanon) reported

    @Outlook Hello I have a big problem with my email, I saw that my email was hacked by so many people of so many countries and I don’t know what to do for stopping that cause every day new person come in the list 😔 I have this email since 2008 or 2010 since msn. Please help me 🙏🏼

  • 26Nov1949 Ambedkar's JUSTICE social economic & Political (@26Nov1949) reported

    @ahindu_ The problem is your thought cuz u think more about their skin which in ages u havent seen. Why u cant concentrate on the face rather looking below face. If your stop objectifying her and her body parts you wont feel bad about their outlook..

  • jgfagerberg Jerard Fagerberg (@jgfagerberg) reported

    @ErikFrenz turn out it was an outlook outage and i got like 40 emails all at once 20 min after i tweeted this

  • Robsmit29996481 Rob smith (@Robsmit29996481) reported

    @Outlook No I can’t go that’s the problem no way to delete the account. I can’t even figure out how to delete an email I’ve read.I have 35 just sitting there because I can’t delete them I have no idea what versions it is but I hate it

  • Vegan0011 Vegan0011 (@Vegan0011) reported

    @Microsoft have closed down @hotmail & @Outlook sucks . #BringBackHotmail

  • queerdnd Queer DnD (@queerdnd) reported

    The new Microsoft Office 365 icons are truly horrible. I thought it was a glitch after I updated. The Outlook icon just looked like a pixelated mess, but no, it was designed that way on purpose. Yikes.

  • tornoberg Torn Öberg (@tornoberg) reported

    @googledrive But my use of Drive/Docs has been unaffected. So it seems like it’s a problem with Outlook mail communicating with Drive.

  • LifeByThunder Thunder Powell (@LifeByThunder) reported

    @Dhaaruni @likewatercress fix ur outlook

  • DIOSecurity DI (@DIOSecurity) reported

    @KyMurda To an extent , the US has a student loan problem rn so we can’t be going to college unless it has good job outlook and security

  • tarf1a Ron Brown (@tarf1a) reported

    @LittleSubNugget Mine ended years ago and it was so refreshing to be free of her and all of her negativity. It was terrible and my life's outlook is so much better! I wonder what it was that made be attracted to her before. Yikes!

  • frogoland TheFrog (@frogoland) reported

    @sehurlburt @SwiftOnSecurity @richgel999 Been there too. Was told that I have to keep my outlook always on top and answer my instant messages immediately, otherwise it seems I am not working. Someone even came with the idea that you only work when the mouse is moving /nothing a diy $1 badusb arduino couldn't solve/ 🤔

  • atomic_pixies Atomic ☢️ Pixies-FanX AND COAF!! (@atomic_pixies) reported

    @teachforshoes @LouisatheLast @philipaklein Hopefully in college your daughter learns both empathy and basic civics because clearly you aren’t passing on either of those traits. What a terrible life outlook.

  • BioshockLGP Bioshock (@BioshockLGP) reported

    Deeply troubling column about the outlook of this team and their dismissive attitude towards playing the best way to win. No idea how you fix this

  • agnew1979 Steven Agnew (@agnew1979) reported

    The onslaught of spam into my Hotmail account for the past 2 weeks took Easter Sunday off and is back again, I guess even spam bots need some down time.

  • greg_shill Greg Shill (@greg_shill) reported

    @daliejimenez @Prof_Bruckner @ThrillScience Totally. That’s why I like Apple products. There has yet to be a thing* that I want to customize or do on them but can’t. *Word’s autocorrect function and Outlook in general are worse, IMO. Those are likely business decisions by Microsoft, though, not closed OS issues as such.

  • Mister_Fun_Guy Mr. Fun Guy (@Mister_Fun_Guy) reported

    @TheRickWilson Our entire office once had to have our hard drives wiped because someone accidentally sent lat/long coordinates over their outlook email. They were only for simulated positions too, nothing was actually ever at risk. We were down for a few days. It's not an "oopsies!" situation.

  • tramy150712 Brown Unlock (@tramy150712) reported

    REJECTED with Gmail and Hotmail. DM me to order with new SERVER

  • LostInTheCrow11 Francis (@LostInTheCrow11) reported

    @sarahpham999 I used to think my whole career as a coder would involve tedium and frustration with the occasional payoff. Pair programming and mob programming have changed the outlook a good deal. Working with someone else on an otherwise tedious problem is often quite fun.

  • joesabin Joe Sabín🌶️🌶️🌶️ (@joesabin) reported

    I've participated in .@Microsoft outlook spam tracking project now for about five years. You record whether something is spam or not. They pick emails and you tag them up or down. It has vastly improved my spam mail in the past year or so. I think the effort has been worth it.

  • kirby_han Kirby Hansen (@kirby_han) reported

    @JamesMc86141084 @DCLUVSPIE @AOC I'm help desk mostly. But with that said it's full IT help desk anything from "I done furget my passwerd" to full rebuild and configuring to "why is outlook not working" to "the computer has a trust issue" to provisioning...

  • amolbhosale0011 Amol Bhosale (@amolbhosale0011) reported

    P.M.Narendra Modiji is good person but due to his backward Outlook he will not solve problems of this country.

  • ScooterComputer Scott (@ScooterComputer) reported

    @nibroc @mjtsai After a LOT more experimentation, I really think this comes down to changes in Drag&Drop behavior in macOS Mojave and how differing versions of the text editing framework being used work. TextEdit acts slightly different/better than Mail, Outlook is borked, Word completely diff.

  • RobusSC Robert Grant (@RobusSC) reported

    @biblioracle @jake_jenks I’ve long thought this most subversive aspect of the student debt issue. It massively constrains their outlook on employment prospects, making bullshit jobs with high salaries more appealing than meaningful work...

  • siddhmi siddhartha mitter (@siddhmi) reported

    @pagalpanchi Let’s see where she is on it by year’s end. The better candidates are pulling each other (and getting pulled by the activists and new young leaders) toward better positions issue by issue. She leads on many. Maybe Sanders’ less-bad outlook on this will rub off on her.

  • TheRedDigger Red Digger (@TheRedDigger) reported

    ...and there you have it: "sortition" (a bureaucrat's fix of "balance") vs democracy (sometimes chaotic, sometimes ugly, but really representative). I like Stella's outlook on many issues, but she could argue this case until the end of time and it will still be nonsense.

  • reklisss lis (@reklisss) reported

    ive been waiting 9 whole minutes for my outlook to open and it just gave me an error message... after 9 minutes... of me waiting. ah mondays.

  • austin_montego j m (@austin_montego) reported

    @jason_ukfsn I cannot send email from my desktop using my ukfsn email, I have triad outlook and thunderbird and both cannot connect to the server. user jmon

  • WinObs Richard Hay (@WinObs) reported

    @edbott Well I had Outlook open so now I am testing to see if this is only happening when Outlook is open. Closed it down and now waiting for an alert.

  • SanksP Chowkidar SanksP (@SanksP) reported

    @PrinceArihan @fgautier26 Those that seek demographic changes should realise a multi religious society is only possible if the majority has a plural outlook. An exclusivist belief system will necessarily cause issues if believers of such ideas are literalists .

  • Marshallmedia Huw Marshall 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 (@Marshallmedia) reported

    @AndrewMarr9 And English retirees who paid their taxes in England and are now a disproportionate burden on the Welsh NHS. Poverty is an issue as is school underfunding, nothing to do with immigrants. It may be true in parts of England but please don't tar us all with your xenophobic outlook

  • PandorasBottle Pandora's Bottle (@PandorasBottle) reported

    @BinTwoPadstow @jamiegoode @Wine_Cuentista @robertjoseph @jbonne @WaPoFood >>but I never know beforehand what that preselection is going to be. I'm not inclined to narrow down our coll. beforehand. With stock that's not going off so fast, I have a completely different outlook on sales strategy than a supermarket.

  • paul_iafrica Paul (@paul_iafrica) reported

    @LouiseR90461976 @KTHopkins @jacindaardern Nutcases can exist in any country. Breivik, the Columbine murders, Hungerford etc. Condemnation is normal - The actions of Ardern may fuel the problem simply pushing it further underground. If u can't see that it's because u live an isolated life or have an iGen outlook on life.

  • _jordangoodman_ jordo (@_jordangoodman_) reported

    @chasec4612 honestly, i really think some shit is gonna go down between jon and dany because of what she found out. the outlook is not good for her tbh

  • Psych4Men Philip Sewell (@Psych4Men) reported

    @brookmanknight @Erythrina5 @rwade300 @stathistav @PatMcGorry @Gamakyini @JohnACrimmins @johno0910 @headspace_aus That is one of the biggest problems, & why Psychology has let us down. We still fluff about as if CBT the bomb, read up on relational frame theory, perfectly outlines the framing that bio-medical has burdened our outlook with in respect to terminology

  • jckdnh Jack Donohue (@jckdnh) reported

    @aimeeterese @Shialabeefsteak @zordonalchemist @htmlmencken I don’t think the term is a problem per se, I just think their use of it betrays their outlook, that for things to go on as normal these poor anxious people must be made to feel comfortable again. A wilful ignorance of the larger issues.

  • Blackheart1218 #AAA (@Blackheart1218) reported

    I strongly feel for the newcomers in this shit, the ones who have a positive outlook on music who go to these people who are supposed to help, just to be let down in some of the worst ways possible 👎 this is a strange time for music something needs to change 😕

  • xshs03g Sean Sullivan (@xshs03g) reported from Trinity, Florida

    @iheartmindy @sunsetswfl Yeah, it's not like he put an Outlook Server in his bathroom or something.

  • unormal Brian Bucklew ₑͤ>∿<ₑͤ (@unormal) reported

    @TatianaMoylan I don't blame doctors for withdrawing into rent seeking, life sucks and is hard; I do think poorly of those that pretend a huge % of the profession isn't like that though, since that outlook isnt going to fix anything. The quoted tweet makes me eyeroll pretty hard.

  • ossy_chuks Osita (@ossy_chuks) reported

    @TheLastPrime_1 @Kapitan_Joey I'll fix your outlook permenantly

  • DJGteaching DJGteaching (@DJGteaching) reported

    @geomr @NASUWT Emails are not the problem. It is the unrealistic behaviours of people behind some of those emails. Teachers that find emails intrusive should delete Outlook from their phones! I personally enjoy the flexibility it offers me in terms of choosing when to send and reply.

  • SalomeGemme Salomé Gemme (@SalomeGemme) reported

    @finnelcl It just goes back to the issue of willfully ascribing malice where it may not be — the reality is everything on this earth can be interpreted from a critical outlook, that doesn’t make it true or helpful.

  • JohannSchnell Johann Schnell (@JohannSchnell) reported

    This thread...this is why so many around the world feel a pinch and that the system is broken. We need to learn to balance and have a long term outlook instead of the fixation on the market.

  • LizzieWin LizzieWin (@LizzieWin) reported

    As someone who can’t SCUBA bc of medical reasons, it did affect my job and career outlook down the road. Interesting to think about...

  • zachkindy 🌻🥑 Zach 🥑🌻 (@zachkindy) reported

    I generally like to keep a positive outlook going when dealing with my health issues, but today I can't seem to keep that and it really sucks.

  • lunaticial Jason (@lunaticial) reported

    @CNBC @CNBCMakeIt Salary for those have value for worth supply not mentally deficient no sense exchanges with .us "our" @people #expertisematter fix income brackets development #MeD "mob mentality" @ew your @outlook so .fr .uk .ng negitive deficit exchanges #unions