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Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. It was released in May 2016 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Players on a team work together to secure and defend control points on a map.

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Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • AqoursHatesMe kαítlчn (@AqoursHatesMe) reported

    I’m just tryin to update Overwatch on my pc and it’s lagging horribly

  • xstarshells dumb of ass 💫 @ 28 days ✈ // kupocon crunch 💪 (@xstarshells) reported

    once i fix the internet problem with my laptop and ps4 (ie once the new router comes in) me and Ken are gonna practice so much overwatch and be unstoppable 💪💪💪 MARK MY WORDS

  • DictatorClaire claire (@DictatorClaire) reported

    @alliesprite Overwatch: Here is Baptiste. his backstory is super tragic but now he is determine to fix his wrongdoings. also Overwatch: He has Zenyattas ult basically as an E ability and is a good hitscan. plus he can basically pocket bastion better than anybody else.

  • MyadoliHif MyadoliHif (@MyadoliHif) reported

    It's not working😕!! I think something is wrong here. I will try fix it later now switching to Overwatch to pick up some new skins then...

  • FireLordFranco CM Sir (@FireLordFranco) reported

    Bruh I am rusty at overwatch and it hurts. I dont think I'm willing to play enough to fix it

  • Claytoncyre Clayton Sterling (@Claytoncyre) reported

    @CandraHastings You’re really great at Overwatch... when it isn’t lagging you out.

  • dankmemegawd101 Ricky ➐ (@dankmemegawd101) reported

    overwatch is literally so ******* ass dude, i cant stay in a ******* game at all, i literally got kicked out of 2 games in 20 minutes like wtf lemme 3 que with my friends. BUT NOOOOOO, the servers have to be ass after this game existing for 3 ******* YEARS like **** fix it

  • GalvanicTeam Galvanic (@GalvanicTeam) reported

    @Prime18278443 Overwatch. Though I'm sure the issue exists in other titles.

  • minivansocrates kylie webb (@minivansocrates) reported

    I just remoted into Ray's PC to try and fix overwatch and accidentally uninstalled everything from my own PC bc I didn't have the screen big so. That's cool

  • LuiOW Lui 🏳️‍🌈 (@LuiOW) reported

    I've been playing 8.0 sens all week and I might just go back to 7.0. I think I just have such an issue with wanting to switch senses everytime I come back to overwatch but I've always been the most consistent with 7.0. Guess its time to REVERT BACK

  • TheThickRipper TheThickRipper (@TheThickRipper) reported

    Had a fun session on PC Overwatch. Landed some HUUUUUGE Shatters. I need to find a way to record PC games without causing in game lag. Hmmmm

  • gamingfreddy123 ÿęêëèēėøt (@gamingfreddy123) reported

    @FortniteBR Hate how moms now right shit about kids playing this game too much like ******* overwatch and mw2 and shit wasn’t a problem. I ******* played those games everyday and moms are only talking about it now

  • SHREDDER2025 Shredder2025 (@SHREDDER2025) reported

    @Frosty_2326 @PlayDauntless Let me fix that then "Bigger than overwatch's day one queue"

  • lgluthor riley (@lgluthor) reported

    not mccree getting a buff when he’s literally the most broken hero in overwatch if you play him correctly...

  • bakukatsukis em 💥 semi-ia (@bakukatsukis) reported

    Overwatch is lagging sO MUCH I WANNA YELL

  • otakuzero_ Otaku Zero (@otakuzero_) reported

    @TheYoonz Not really but its been a while since I've played overwatch. I don't recall a problem though.

  • BobaSoda_ BobaSpunk 🍆 (@BobaSoda_) reported

    @hippythehippo4 There's a clear line between Zarya from Overwatch and this shit. One has no issues and the other is just ****** up.

  • HALT_bot HALT BOT (@HALT_bot) reported

    Im dropping an issue with some Overwatch, the

  • Shadylnside M (@Shadylnside) reported

    blizzard: i see we've had a tracer problem ever since overwatch's launch and she's always been ridiculous to play against... i know what we'll do, create a whole new overpowered character to counter her,then continue to buff other heroes instead of ever making changes to tracer

  • darkeesi kari 💚 (@darkeesi) reported

    @BlizzardCS I can't enter to overwatch servers, maybe it's battlenet problem

  • __sjcd Prospect 1 (@__sjcd) reported

    I don't think I've ever been broken by a game more than when Overwatch brought out the first Roadhog hook nerf. He was the only route I had out of being a healslut and they ripped him from my arms

  • mercyshalo 𝑒𝓁𝓁𝒾𝑒 (@mercyshalo) reported

    should really know better. i know overwatch’s entire user-base is not from the united states or has to deal with oppressive police forces every day, but that doesn’t make this skin any less of a problem. this was designed and okayed without considering overwatch’s marginalized

  • josephmoestar Joseph Moéstar🏳️‍🌈 (@josephmoestar) reported

    @FourEcchiTasty @FunkyColdCuban @jaam1912 Like, I get thinking that there are issues with police departments in the US and elsewhere. Hell, I have first-hand experience of that! But attacking people at conventions or bitching about Overwatch skins does not make you look like the good party in all this. At all.

  • lunar_spirits sai🌙 (@lunar_spirits) reported

    @_KittyOwO_ u make a good point hjsshsh i'll dm u when i figure out my login -- then we can be bad ass bicthes together on bootleg overwatch

  • PinkPhoenixSB PinkPhoenixSB (@PinkPhoenixSB) reported

    Watch out people in #Overwatch. I'm getting some Quick Play in before my dad's memorial service. I'm in a bad mood. Don't mess with me.

  • TheSandity The Sandity (@TheSandity) reported

    @Tevin0101 @ZondaOW @aimbotcalvin @PlayOverwatch notice the part where i said "rarely" and yes ik its ptr, im well aware of their inability to revert things and fix them when it really matters. been around overwatch since just before competitive was first introduced. its been an ongoing issue.

  • appleciderwitch Year of the Demon (@appleciderwitch) reported

    Overwatch has been since day 1 been a game that has sold itself as diverse, aspirational while having huge problems within its story and representation, especially given that the story is fairly threadbare. It has ALWAYS had problems with condoning military force, capitalism, etc

  • JKUMAR_04 Jai Kumar (@JKUMAR_04) reported

    @EAHelp Yes- it's not my internet as I can browse easily and watch videos easily also I played overwatch(online only) and didn't lag

  • heysails josh (@heysails) reported

    strangers have been surprisingly pleasant on overwatch chat the past few days- literally broken and unplayable!

  • TowerXVI1 Demeteraaa (@TowerXVI1) reported

    overwatch is garbage because all the girls got fake asses I'm talkin broken spines, two inch buttcracks, painted on cheeks, the works give em real asses, cowards

  • Cianan_1 Cianán ★ (@Cianan_1) reported

    Overwatch is completely unplayable now. Consistent 1000 ping. Lagging out. Everyone is stood still. My internet is so ******* bad.

  • BenBeckwith3 Ben Beckwith (@BenBeckwith3) reported

    @Blizzard_Ent please fix overwatch

  • Undeadnugget 🦀Goblin Crab🦀 (@Undeadnugget) reported

    Overwatch keeps disconnecting me and it's 100% not a problem on my end bc it happens in no other game ://

  • djreekoh Reekoh (DJ) (@djreekoh) reported

    I tried to to play @PlayOverwatch tonight. Joined 6 quick play matches. all 6 were backfills where the match was lost before I left the spawn. I took that as a bad sign that I should not play Overwatch today. #blizzard fix your game. #Overwatch #OverwatchAnniversary

  • ericsmeric ediaz (@ericsmeric) reported

    feeling like thor in endgame right now. sad. broken. defeated. haven't gotten a haircut in a minute either. now just gonna get on overwatch instead of playstation and take out my frustration and noobmaster69. need some beer as well.

  • WTFmoses wtfmoses (@WTFmoses) reported

    Epic will send a dump truck at money at every problem they have. Stealing the OVERWATCH LEAGUE COMMISSIONER is probably massively expensive.

  • FrenzE_23 FrenzE, Lord of all Bass Pro Shops (@FrenzE_23) reported

    Overwatch's matchmaking system is just as if not more broken than Destiny's matchmaking system

  • Ka11zer Ka11zer (@Ka11zer) reported

    @JacobWolf @overwatchleague @natenanzer @ATVI_AB @EpicGames @PeteVlastelica Its time to fix overwatch esports and get rid of this disgusting Overwatch NA concept which is filled with Koreans. Its just like the NBA where tall african americans are preferred, in this case korean dudes.

  • latemattt Elon Musk (@latemattt) reported

    @sevdraws 2. The gameplay. Tf2 just feels way better when playing all the characters feel nice and balanced unlike overwatch whenever they release a new character that character is usually broken and takes 2 months until that character can be viable in game without being broken

  • deadlockdame 𝑨𝑺𝑯𝑬. (@deadlockdame) reported

    @ReinhardtBEER ~ organization of Overwatch, cause more problems in the world. /You/ don't know anythin' 'bout me.

  • Immersev_Ow Immersev (@Immersev_Ow) reported

    How to fix overwatch: -Make orisa sheild cool down 2 secs -Baptiste immortality id un breakable -Oh orisa sheild gets 2k health -bastion turret form now does 2x dmg per sec - Baptiste dmg boist now is a 3x amp -hog gets hook 1.0 back

  • mint0san Minty 🌙 (@mint0san) reported

    my favorite thing about overwatch is how once every few months my fps drops by like 60% and i have to spend days trying everything to fix it.

  • ImSeoGayoon Youngone Elly | TRANS WOMAN PRIDE (@ImSeoGayoon) reported

    @taeyeonhub somehow, i was able to play on overwatch NA server without much lag, so maybe other games will have equally good servers

  • JORDEVlO Jordan (@JORDEVlO) reported

    I’ve made it a personal code to never purchase a game with loot boxes ever again Overwatch was a ******* problem and I’m not falling in that pit again

  • Echo_the_Omnic Echo (@Echo_the_Omnic) reported

    @MogMoira "I was unaware of such an occurrence," Echo replied. "I did not intend to cause problems. I had gone to an Overwatch facility that looked like it had been abanonded for some time, and attempted to access their database. I apologize for my effects of my actions."

  • ChrisCove_ Chris 🌊 (@ChrisCove_) reported

    @_iEverything_ I have a Core i7 and a GTX 750, I can run Minecraft/Overwatch well and record at great quality. I don’t think I’ve ever had a big problem with my computer and I’ve had it since 2014. I have more ram and a ton more memory though.

  • Dr_Scaphandre Spaceboi Scaphandre 🔞 (@Dr_Scaphandre) reported

    @discordapp @PlayOverwatch You know there's something that can be said about Overwatch if it's main identifier is the loot box. Everytime I ever see Overwatch, it's that damn box over and over again. Take away the loot boxes and you're left with a boring broken unfun hero shooter.

  • oxtonbot lena (@oxtonbot) reported

    Heroes of an error on it, anyone who didn't realize what should use Twitter page. I'm going down, sand and aim off some Overwatch

  • s0x Al (@s0x) reported

    @ialwayssin If you've run a memtest on your ram and that has no errors, my best (wild stab in the dark) guess would be either software conflicts or driver issues that are triggered by something specific in Overwatch. 2/2

  • s0x Al (@s0x) reported

    @ialwayssin Without knowing the specific BSOD error it's more difficult to narrow it down, but a quick google shows multiple people over time complaining about BSOD "only when playing overwatch / comp". 1/2

  • ialwayssin iAlwaysSin🦄 (@ialwayssin) reported

    So my pc blue screened again. I was playing a comp game of Overwatch and had YouTube on. Yesterday I played 2-3 hours of arcade in Overwatch and it didn't crash. At this point I don't know what's wrong. And I'm now pissed off.

  • burning55963534 burningphoenix (@burning55963534) reported

    @xMaxJoe @cavedeath @GUNNS4HIRE @pcgamer 17 isn’t an adult. Plus Overwatch = T FIFA = E Halo 5 = T NBA = E The ESRB could fix this by making games with them Adult Only but they don’t specifically because they want kids buying these.

  • donnatroying hannah ✨ (@donnatroying) reported

    i just got anxiety about playing overwatch now because at least here, the school year just ended and plus it’s a holiday weekend so the risk of playing with mostly kids/teens is way higher and i have no issue with kids but i feel weird about the risk of them inviting me to group-

  • tenderfern true love VIP (@tenderfern) reported

    (gamer tweet) im so SAD that my XBOX is still broken 😖😖😖 i wanna play this overwatch event! I WANT THICKLEGS MEI

  • IrisShootsFace Iris (@IrisShootsFace) reported

    Overwatch developers/balance team is officially as bad as DBG in Planetside. This is at least the third patch in a row where they’ve blatantly ignored the obvious problem that bolsters GOATs and continue to buff everyone else, including Bunker comps, the most unfun shit ever.

  • TwiztGG Ollie (@TwiztGG) reported

    @LChurch814 @TheRogueRocket The problem people have with loot boxes is that they give u advantages that incentivise you to buy them. In overwatch you do not receive an advantage from loot boxes and therefore aren't the problem.

  • slasherpussy bottom rights! 🔪😜 (@slasherpussy) reported

    Overwatch: makes the only fat character a man with obvious health problems and issues breathing / coughing

  • hibiki_immura Hibiki Immura (@hibiki_immura) reported

    @SidAlpha I'm against them if they effect gameplay, and have obscured odds and "stimulating" effects. My buddy, who just took a head coaching job for a college OverWatch team, really doesn't care about them. He doesn't buy them, and that's as far as he goes. It's a mixed bag issue.

  • Prox368 Prox (@Prox368) reported

    Government won't kill the gaming industry. It's going to severely hinder it. Lootboxes that's just for cosmetics like in Overwatch & Dragon Ball Fighter Z aren't a big problem.

  • TheNightfallSe1 The Nightfall Sessions (@TheNightfallSe1) reported

    Fixed some crucial audio problems! I'm gonna stream a bit earlier today from around 5:30pm and it's gonna be a nice little Overwatch session. 8pm I'm switching over to ESO - Hoping for 50 tonight!

Overwatch Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • bc-101
  • bc-124
  • bc-152
  • BLZBNTBNA000003E8
  • BLZBNTBTS00000028
  • BLZOWPAY10200162
  • lc-202