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Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. It was released in May 2016 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Players on a team work together to secure and defend control points on a map.

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  • CamscamIsHere CamscamOW (@CamscamIsHere) reported

    @sk1pOW same bro but it's either overwatch, apex, league, or fortnite and idek what I'd play. Hopefully this new patch will fix things but there's a huge problem with the playerbase that blizzard is just ignoring

  • esports_ohs OHS Esports (@esports_ohs) reported

    We lost in our first week of the Lowkey Overwatch League due to forfeit from technical issues. Hopefully we can play the next week! GGs AHS

  • 1qtaro1 Quinton (@1qtaro1) reported

    Not to mention our overwatch team (captain is @clancyhughes follow him btw) was robbed of their playoff spot cause they used alternate accounts and instead of trying to listen to our pleas they basically said "sorry! Not really our problem." And left it at that

  • JINKWONNlE el ★ CyA day! (@JINKWONNlE) reported

    Well since we want to do this: if you have an issue with me say it to my face. I didn't do anything wrong. I'm logging back out I will be on overwatch sometime if Bailey or Leo want to play with me.

  • MalletToFace 🃏 (@MalletToFace) reported

    Glad I don’t play overwatch they buffed an already broken character

  • NiveumDraco ACynicalMute (@NiveumDraco) reported

    Ok, fine. Don't put bans into Overwatch. At least fix your idiotic matchmaking.

  • Keladinus1 Spellslinger (@Keladinus1) reported

    Oh good, blizzard fixed the rubber banding issue from last patch I can play Overwatch again

  • JoeyThorvaldsen Joey (@JoeyThorvaldsen) reported

    Love being suspended on Overwatch because the server crash my fault all the way

  • I_Trad__ I_Trad _ (@I_Trad__) reported

    Stop ******* with orisa she doesn’t need to be nerfed every patch then ends up getting a buff in a future patch. Just fix the other characters that work with her. #Overwatch

  • B6LMAIN 🏴‍☠️ (@B6LMAIN) reported

    anybody else’s overwatch not working

  • Thunder229_ thunder (@Thunder229_) reported

    @BlizzardCS I'm having difficulty connecting to overwatch on xbox one. I am connected and can play other online games just fine but I get an error message when I press A the first time and then it infinity searches the second time saying "entering game..." and never does

  • Jubstevo Julian Stephens (@Jubstevo) reported

    @I_ARMIN1 @SamitoFPS It’s all overwatch streamers know how to do anymore, blizzard could fix the entire game and they would start complaining that it feels ‘too balanced’ and they’re running out of content now or some stupid shit

  • shain_sanchez 🏳️‍🌈 🇵🇷 Many Noises 🇩🇴 🏳️‍🌈 (@shain_sanchez) reported

    New overwatch patch notes literally solve 0 problems In fact it ignores most of the problems going on with the game right now

  • Bnorman16 Brandon Norman (@Bnorman16) reported

    - team. I'm not even going to get started on the amount of in game bugs there are. But fix your f*ing game before I buy overwatch.

  • NGE_prodigy_ NGE_prodigy_ (@NGE_prodigy_) reported

    @PlayOverwatch Looks cool wishe my pc wasn’t broken so I could play overwatch

  • Kaitlyn_uwu Kaitlyn (@Kaitlyn_uwu) reported

    How to fix overwatch: Don't allow anyone to queue into a game with somone that u can't duo with Aka: DON'T PUT ANYONE INTO A GAME THAT'S 1000 SR LOWER OR HIGHER!!! @PlayOverwatch Would rather have 1 hour long queues instead of having a plat in a T500 game. Fix ur shit.

  • SkylarBartz2 emily anderson (@SkylarBartz2) reported


  • pacik19 PACiK (@pacik19) reported

    @MiniDutchDeluxe @DonHaci Oh shit, so basiclly, overwatch is broken rn.

  • ImRwise ImRwise (@ImRwise) reported

    until IW fixes the fps issues on MW i will no longer be playing that game sadly :( and i will continue streaming games like rainbow six csgo destiny 2 and overwatch for the time being i am sorry.

  • kinghiyori kelly (@kinghiyori) reported

    Overwatch updating just to fix Lucio’s eyebrows is what I need irl

  • venven___ kylo venven (@venven___) reported

    losing my mind at an overwatch player named slur having to issue a twitlonger apology

  • Carter_OW Third Impact Carter (@Carter_OW) reported

    @Reverriie @asiantrash_ow @KageOW Overwatch's sound has been so unplayable broken for months now. Atmos helps with that. But it's still a huge ******* issue. I've tried EQ settings, rupturing my ear drums with voicemeeter dials, etc. Only thing that helped was Atmos. Barely.

  • Carter_OW Third Impact Carter (@Carter_OW) reported

    @Reverriie @asiantrash_ow @KageOW I highly suggest it for Overwatch. Overwatch has huge issues with sound layering since patch 1.41 and often sounds that aren't coming from a place in your FOV are just not played unless you have Atmos enabled. But even then, they're extremely quiet (not only because of Atmos)

  • cyborg4cyborg malek (@cyborg4cyborg) reported

    In overwatch ctf I usually play whatever hero we need to complete the comp so last game I played as reaper which I usually don't and I DESTROYED it was epic. Imo people don't acknowledge how broken he is enough

  • BouderFoX bobby boi (@BouderFoX) reported


  • ShesMyHippie ShesMyHippie❤️🐊 (@ShesMyHippie) reported

    @Aoruran It’s literally overwatch rank system ... believe me it doesn’t fix a thing. Without implementing the online points/qualifiers for a World Cup like Fortnite it won’t change a thing ... the game will remain dead.

  • ruby_ebook faker ruby (@ruby_ebook) reported

    fix overwatch mmr loss 2k17

  • throwawayuse Ramen Enthusiast (@throwawayuse) reported

    @kes_trel_ @meilingsarmpits @Ldesotos @BadGamingTakes I think that Overwatch has had some success, like back in 2017 it was pretty popular. The problem is the fact that a lot of streamers and players hate how the game is built, so they move to other games

  • Shannon_Weeks93 Shannon Weeks (@Shannon_Weeks93) reported

    @YourOverwatchYT Watch the update next week be Overwatch 2. That would certainly fix the stagnant meta issue

  • bunkspace Blue Racer (@bunkspace) reported

    @DCGAMINGBRUH @no_funeral @HitscanYT Hero bans really would be a disaster for Overwatch. I agree with all of Jeff Kaplan’s points. There is a HUGE disconnect between pro players and the regular player. Don’t forget, an overwhelming majority of players are Gold and Plat (that’s data from the OW team)

  • shadowofkyle Shadowofkyle (@shadowofkyle) reported

    @MissIMuffinI Well yesterday i tried to get on pc overwatch but it said my login expired RIP

  • Jim_Mill Jim Jimbo Jimothy James (@Jim_Mill) reported

    Overwatch has been unplayable lately. Healers almost never heal, they just DPS away (especially Moiras). Flavor of the week, aggressive Mei has been annoying af. I don’t think a hero ban is going to fix the actual problems with the players and their roles/team awareness

  • rockinveer Veer Singh (@rockinveer) reported

    @pcgamer Rainbow Six Siege and Overwatch, Siege had so many bugs and hitbox issues that I just quit and Overwatch, I quit that cause Blizzard can’t balance a game for shit tbh

  • EarthToAllyson Ally (@EarthToAllyson) reported

    My internet is so shit right now. I just want to watch things without it being potato quality and play overwatch without lagging to the other side of the ******* map

  • ErikLondre Erik Londré 水FNATIC (@ErikLondre) reported

    @Hellspawnlord Overwatch leagues problems stem from the fact that they were not a successful esport in the first place.

  • AcuityOW Acuity 🐰 (@AcuityOW) reported

    There has been a regression in my progress with aim-intensive heroes in Overwatch and a direct correlation with my lack of enjoyment for playing those heroes as soon as I stopped playing Kovaaks. Will be trying to fix the cursor issue before streaming tn - stream will be late!

  • FringeNymph 🏳️‍🌈 Winter Witchcat Wonderland☕ (@FringeNymph) reported

    @wodnesse My personal beef with Overwatch (besides the lack of confirmed gay), even though I loved the game for a fair bit of time- The loot boxes are ******* predatory. I have issues with microtransactions &... ****. Idk. I get exhausted by having to monitor & had to distance myself

  • DoctorAlvo Alvo Feral (@DoctorAlvo) reported

    @Brawlhalla Fix your servers, people around the world is only getting 3 bars constantly for no reason. I checked my wifi, I can play Overwatch at 30 ms delay but Brawlhalla is at 150 ms.

  • stryten Stryten (@stryten) reported

    @RedshellOW The patch has to be something extraordinarily out of this world. A patch that caters to both casuals and competitive that’ll fix the game at its core from a balance and marketing perspective. Which is why I believe an official released overwatch porn is upon us.

  • BIGBOYCOOP75 aaron cooper (@BIGBOYCOOP75) reported

    @BlizzardCS My internet service provider is at&t. I haven't had issues with other games, but recently I find overwatch disconnecting. Wasnt expecting an 8 hour ban for something I dont control. :/

  • gods_live GODS (@gods_live) reported

    2/2 copy-pasting a system from another game wouldn't work. Overwatch is facing problems that other games haven't faced in the same way. Looking forward to hearing more about this solution from blizz. I trust the devs on this one

  • Kephain Kevin Weber-Wilk (@Kephain) reported

    @jame_woof2 @RobbsTweets Because you have 52 operators in R6S, vs 31 heroes in Overwatch. If two tanks are banned, there's only 6 left to pick from. Same problem with supports. I don't know enough about CoD nor tf2 to say anything about those.

  • SWenerski Szymon Wenerski (@SWenerski) reported

    Jeff has spoken. No Hero Bans in Overwatch for the time being, because it would introduce a lot of problems to Overwatch.

  • Alonzo1932 Alonzo #ugotnojams (@Alonzo1932) reported

    @PlayOverwatch @PlayOverwatch FIX YOUR SERVERS PLZZZZ it kicks out people out of nowhere #bug #overwatch

  • Empathy_Games Empathy (@Empathy_Games) reported

    God I'm so glad to hear that Hero Bans aren't coming to Overwatch. WAAAAAAY too many complications to not even fix any of the core issues with the game. Can't wait for the Dev update next week!

  • wasted_eternity Wasted_Eternity (@wasted_eternity) reported

    Live in 30 mins. I'm debating on #Overwatch or #ApexLegends. Apex is giving me lots of server errors tonight :( :( :(

  • knipkoy 🐺🌌⭐ (@knipkoy) reported

    i only get on overwatch lately to report ******** then get off overwatch because of ******** do you see the issue

  • Roboguy24 Roboguy24 (@Roboguy24) reported

    @BlizzardCS Having some major packet loss spike issues while playing Overwatch. Don’t know if it’s on my end or if it’s a bad server I’m being sent through that’s having a hard time at the moment. I’ve tried all the suggested networking suggestions that are viable on PS4.

  • Knightingale917 Chelsea Irene (@Knightingale917) reported

    @Blizzard_Ent I'm really done with losing SR because people just wanna queue up and throw matches... It's become more and more of a problem every season and this season is BY FAR the WORST with throwers. #Overwatch #DontTellMeNothingCanBeDone

  • Alonzo1932 Alonzo #ugotnojams (@Alonzo1932) reported

    @PlayOverwatch @OverwatchLatAm Fix your game like, it just crashes and kicks me out of games. I've lost many games bc of that

  • Maszrum Hoji (@Maszrum) reported

    People hype up hero bans too much. Even if you ban one per team you still have ton of brainless or broken heroes left, million CC, one tricks, boosted people and throwers. It changes very little on ladder. Interesting change for pro play for sure at least. #Overwatch

  • SWenerski Szymon Wenerski (@SWenerski) reported

    @TDevilfish But you cannot switch your hero during the game. In Overwatch - you can. Which changes the dynamics of the gameplay, and strategy during the game. Hero Bans are limiting that strategy options, and counterpicking, and add again the problem that Role Lock was supposed to solve.

  • bcfcespley Steven Espley (@bcfcespley) reported

    @BlizzardCS There is a huge ping/lag issue on Overwatch. The game does not feel right at all.

  • Branwen96 brann (@Branwen96) reported

    @BlizzardCSEU_EN Overwatch eu servers are lagging hard😩

  • Tiny_Lock Charley (@Tiny_Lock) reported

    @spacemonsterart This needs to be sigma new voice lines tbh. Overwatch go fix it. 😂

  • itswolfgeist WLW | Wraith/Wattson main 🌈 (@itswolfgeist) reported

    @snipursan complaining helps, but it’s never a fix...if you feel better playing overwatch off stream then make a habit of that! it never hurts to find something else to stream daily

  • minijeffrey Zaffrie 🌈 (@minijeffrey) reported

    Blizzard: we really have no clue how to fix Overwatch so we'll just add role lock and now hero bans and hope that will fix the game. 🤔

  • ArtfulAsher Artful Asher (@ArtfulAsher) reported

    @PlayOverwatch @Blizzard_Ent fix overwatch this stuck only chosing one class thing is terrible because then how am i supposed to play what is needed when my teammates are trash fix it now

  • natalkqq natalka (@natalkqq) reported

    playing overwatch actually is so much fun for me again!! I just need to fix my mindset that I'm useless when playing sth and not doing anything productive

  • JayNator1_YT JayNator1 (@JayNator1_YT) reported

    FIX YOUR SHIT see yall on Apex Legends and Overwatch because their game isnt perfect, but they dont **** over the playerbase by breaking their game and calling it a feature, later b

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  • bc-124
  • bc-152
  • BLZBNTBNA000003E8
  • BLZBNTBTS00000028
  • BLZOWPAY10200162
  • lc-202