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Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. It was released in May 2016 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Players on a team work together to secure and defend control points on a map.

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  • L1fthras1l Lifthrasil (@L1fthras1l) reported

    @JayzTwoCents Played WoW, Gears of War and Overwatch. Probably a lot better than yours. Hope the broken water pipe didn't cause too much damage and can be easily fixed.

  • theSnipster snips (B-side) (@theSnipster) reported

    .@BlizzardCS @PlayOverwatch i have been unable to download overwatch since the last patch. i submitted a ticket and nothing is working. i found one thread online with my same issue but no resolution. please help!!! i just wanna binge some arcade games for the love of god

  • ruby_ebook faker ruby (@ruby_ebook) reported

    fix overwatch mmr loss 2k17

  • Slyvali Sami (@Slyvali) reported

    Overwatch, used to be fun now its I'll login now and then play some games then log off comp looks like it's going 2-2 -2 to rid of goats or something , events each year are recycled with some changes which is ok but man summer games is so boring it's the same thing every year

  • BerzerkerX9 Berzerker (@BerzerkerX9) reported

    It was a bit of a hassle for the stream today. Some reason the lag was high, and got a lot of throwers and smurfs in comp that was just discouraging... a lot of toxic people on Overwatch today. Sooo good luck! I should be on later!

  • Jconnfilm Justin Connors (@Jconnfilm) reported

    I swear, if someone is not working on a battle arena / offense-defense type game, much like Apex meets RB6 meets overwatch. - where one half gets to storm Area 51 and the other half defends it. Then you have to get the aliens back out... you are just making a mistake.

  • AtlasXIV Gunbreaker Atlas (@AtlasXIV) reported

    Overwatch admittedly has this issue in spades. You can't just be sub-par at a hero or be outplayed by an opponent; you are just automatically garbage.

  • h0ld_F_to Reinforce (@h0ld_F_to) reported

    This is not only Overwatch, It doesn't matter, R6S, LoL ... a lot of Multiplayer games on males are were problem and females avoid them for reason. That guys being toxic and trash talks... If females feels get uncomforty, It just rude.

  • sawftytweets Ryan 🍺📚 (@sawftytweets) reported

    @meowcinary666 Mornings don't work (up at 5am/work by 5:30am), but evenings could. Problem is, if I want to work out or go on a hike with my pup, and then do dinner, I'm wiped out and I usually just end up with a game or two of Overwatch. I think I've hit the wow/life balance quandry. 🤔

  • AlphosNZ AlphosNZ (@AlphosNZ) reported

    @FinalMasterM OCE Players were having a bunch of connections issues, apparently my mates had problems with league/overwatch at the same time so something with the international connection must've been scuffed.

  • HypeIncarnate HypeIncarnate (@HypeIncarnate) reported

    @BrachyZoid Look at overwatch for an example. Dev team gave up trying to fix the problems with the game and instead is trying to make more already not gay characters gay. Nothing wrong with gay characters, but this is a ploy to get more "public praise".

  • Overpathos Simone Taroni (@Overpathos) reported

    @Senpai_Luka Send him my best wishes to recovery, tell him Overpathos wants to play a game or two when he feels like it. I suffer from various mental problems too but tel him to fight with all he can. We used to play together Overwatch together in 2016 and I would gladly come in contact.

  • ImChrisTheHuman Chris (@ImChrisTheHuman) reported

    @TechDeals_16 I still have a 2600k and still find it to be more than capable. Overwatch for example runs on it at a minimum of 130fps on ultra. I don't understand people saying their newer i7s are struggling, I just don't see how that's possible unless there's some other underlining problem.

  • Mindfreak Mindfreak (@Mindfreak) reported

    Get your Monday afternoon Overwatch fix with our boy @Ackyyy2! #MFWIN | @Blizzard_ANZ

  • Mantidate Jamie64 (@Mantidate) reported

    @ThisGayStinks specifically for Overwatch, yea (borderless seems to fix it, though)

  • curseofpogo dansu@¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (@curseofpogo) reported

    @hentaifriendly @PlayOverwatch meanwhile, i'm trying to load into Overwatch on xbox and keep getting connection errors =/

  • SisterKnight_ SisterKnight (@SisterKnight_) reported

    Alright now that that issue is solved I can hop onto Overwatch and try to level up my Widow alt. some more.

  • PaigeHix Scavenger (@PaigeHix) reported

    Watching the Overwatch stage finals and some migraine issues slowed me down this weekend more than I wanted, but I got weapon switching in, and I'm real happy with this start. I started a base so there can be more than two groups of weapons, with the idea that one day there will

  • DjGamer_10 Tadeo :v (@DjGamer_10) reported

    @BlizzardCS Hello blizzard, i have an inconvinient, what happens is that my ping/latency has been on 91 and above, but the problem is that it only happens on overwatch (I have open nat), so i just want to know if there were problems with the server lastly or something.

  • Rogues_Corner Charles Rosa (@Rogues_Corner) reported

    @hOnKiNg_MfEr @aZombieDictator @JonTronShow I have no problems with well implemented loot boxes. I actually like Overwatch's system. But a great majority of the community just don't. Nostalgia is another factor that won't let them see that trading cards use pretty much the same system. I honestly don't know.

  • mchnzo 🦅hidy 🐆 (@mchnzo) reported

    theres also horrible service so i cant watch overwatch league

  • MxQuiteGood 🏳️‍🌈 M*chael J*mes Ranc* 🏳️‍🌈 (@MxQuiteGood) reported

    No one: #Overwatch YouTubers: everything is broken! Nerf everybody!

  • GallantDesigner Alexandra Gallant 🔜✈️SDCC (@GallantDesigner) reported

    Playing Overwatch and hear a guy in chat “my cats going behind my monitor and I’m afraid he’s gonna....oh no...CRASH” 😂

  • boxedwatxr カール (@boxedwatxr) reported

    @AskJayne This is persicely my problem with the overwatch community. We have people that care and then we have the select group of people not even few that act like total fools and harass people like @AskJayne and @Kephrii . Honestly I feel bad for Jayne. Sorry man hope things improve.

  • FukashimaWarboy Damian Suski (@FukashimaWarboy) reported

    Had a slight server issue that needed a hotfix. @evan_frawley sees I'm playing overwatch and asks if its competitive before letting me know. #TeamCulture lol

  • midgetnazgul Pokémon Coméshots (@midgetnazgul) reported

    while I'm still furious with Shanghai Dragons/Overwatch League, another point of contention: with the ownership issues going on with this Outlaws, those kids have been getting ******* paid, right not ONE ******* bounced check r i g h t

  • lillyay4 ♡ 🇬🇧 (@lillyay4) reported

    I think my main problem with playing main ranks in overwatch is that I'm a ******* coward and tend to stay back a lot

  • p1geon_rl P1geon (@p1geon_rl) reported

    @FreaKiiRL Just play with me 😎, no but the only way to fix that feeling is by solo queueing overwatch, realizing that other games teamplay is (somehow) WAYYYY worse, then coming back and feeling good about RL teammates

  • alecaholisms A L EIGHTY SEVEN (@alecaholisms) reported

    @KontrolFreek Getting screamed at by children in broken English because our comp of 5 DPS and 1 healer ******* sucks. Oh yeah, Overwatch.

  • AnneDroMedia Annie (@AnneDroMedia) reported

    If i start playing Overwatch again, I'm not going to play orisa unless it's a specific map. The hero is way too braindead to play/play against. It's inevitable that people will say I'm throwing, but OW ranked is a scam and I'm going to have fun again until they fix it :)

  • SuperNerdDaniel Super Nerd Daniel ❤️💜💙 (@SuperNerdDaniel) reported

    Folks are talking about raiding Area 51 like it'll be no problem when half of you ***** aren't even willing to switch to a Support in Overwatch when your team needs heals, y'all are gonna go in there with 5 DPS and a Roadhog and get destroyed

  • earthtochl0e chloe👻 (@earthtochl0e) reported

    @ggspenguin I hate that so much too, like if a female plays overwatch they’re automatically stereotyped as a mercy main like first of all let people play whoever bc mercy is bae second of all what’s even the issue with being a mercy main ugH I hate the majority of the ow community so much

  • m1sth1os 🌘 Reach Out and Torch Someone. 🌒 (@m1sth1os) reported

    Overwatch always has issues. This is not new.

  • rvnenderGF James (@rvnenderGF) reported

    @BlizzardCS Overwatch is down. Keep getting "unexpected server error".

  • saintk3bi 🐺 (@saintk3bi) reported

    **** this gay ass overwatch season @PlayOverwatch fix this aids

  • SmolPhatYordle Tristana (@SmolPhatYordle) reported

    I don't get that feeling when I play Beat Hazard or Audiosurf or Crash ******* Bandicoot. Not even Overwatch made me feel like that despite my anger with that game sometimes. I had FUN. Me sucking was funny. It was a GOOD TIME. The only 'good' thing about league is its RP verse.

  • ADeerNamedMando Mando — 만도 (@ADeerNamedMando) reported

    @neverlast1 they're probably following the Overwatch school of balancing, trying to fix structural issues with percentual changes then giving up and entirely reworking a hero

  • KnifeHolden Golden Knife (@KnifeHolden) reported

    @discordapp I have troubles scrolling through my discord server list. my mousewheel recently broke (which i totally didn't break) after a intense game of overwatch and i can't scroll through my serverlist. please fix this

  • JabariTheGreat BounceOutBari (@JabariTheGreat) reported

    I just found the most broken shit ever in Overwatch. I’m gonna abuse it until it’s patched. Grandmaster here we come 😎

  • HistoricaOnline Historica 🧠🖖 (@HistoricaOnline) reported

    @perksnpeeves I finally stopped playing full time a few years back. I login every anniversary but that's about it. There's no love. There's no life. Needed games that worked for me, not the other way around. One reason why I enjoy Overwatch - 20 mins here, fine. Take it or leave it.

  • vlmightyjoe Blackarot (@vlmightyjoe) reported

    I know exactly how to fix overwatch

  • chewlities vanessa (@chewlities) reported


  • noctistwtz Pendragon/Noctis (@noctistwtz) reported

    @JonTronShow Whereas in games like Overwatch you can get everything just by playing. If the loot boxes are in fact purely cosmetic I don't really have an issue.

  • Darkenedrogue39 Darkenedrogue (@Darkenedrogue39) reported

    @KrispyOnTwitch I recommend if you ever play OW again, to play with friends. I know it seems odd to be like "it's different with friends" but trust me it helps. The biggest issue with Overwatch is matches are 50/50 if you get stuck with idiots or people who actually want to play.

  • lesbianironman big sexy idiot (@lesbianironman) reported

    time to post nobody care me monkey as i login to play overwatch alone

  • lv_jag ⭐ Jess ⭐ (@lv_jag) reported

    trying to figure out why my #Overwatch game is lagging so badly. Double check internet. At some point, Carleigh set my PS4 to Wi-Fi. 🤪

  • samuelrafuse Samuel Rafuse (@samuelrafuse) reported

    @BlizzardCS wtf ever since the last patch I'm being disconnected every time I switch heroes and between every round. Basically it's an auto-disconnect any time I'm in a spawn room. Between games, rounds, swaps, anything. Boom. I'm hemmoraging SR like crazy. #ps4 #overwatch

  • LukesLewis LukesLewis (@LukesLewis) reported

    Next week Twitch LIVE confirmed: Call of Duty Black Ops 4/WW2 Crash Team Racing Overwatch (Maybe) Fortnite

  • LukesLewis LukesLewis (@LukesLewis) reported

    Next week Twitch LIVE confirmed: Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Crash Team Racing Overwatch (Maybe) Fortnite

  • ObsidianGarak Garak (@ObsidianGarak) reported

    @BesuBaru @VG247 Buying any game with a single one of those issues, you support it. Period. So long as people give games like Overwatch a free pass, this shit will NEVER change. Ever. Loot boxes are here to stay until gamers can grow some ***** and say no to them. No state intervention would help

  • Blurryshrek bearface rapper fodase (@Blurryshrek) reported

    @annatrizzz On eu to com overwatch, crash team racing, fifa 19 e fortnite instalados

  • GamingLilWolfy1 Gaming Lil' Wolfy 🐾 (@GamingLilWolfy1) reported

    Wish I never got another account for overwatch now. It's absolutely disgusting what you go against below level 25. Grand masters and plats when there's like level 6s. Smurf or not. Dude it's so ******* broken and it's disgusting.

  • MLTriple_3 Triple 3 (@MLTriple_3) reported

    @Kalam1ty_ @FRANA_OW @DogmanOW @KING_BABYBAY @ATLReign @ATLRoyalFamily @NLaaeR @KodakOW @GoldenboyFTW @Soembie @BrenCasts No problem. Also you would be on overwatch as i was heading out.

  • oldassgeek OldAssGeek (@oldassgeek) reported

    @PlayOverwatch Again, those of us that actually try to win gets punishes by the Overwatch teams neglect to fix the lower ranks... I hate that I love this game but, I am playing way less than I use to. And it's merely because of the flawed system and the toxic community.

  • ConorBu54448753 Conor Burke (@ConorBu54448753) reported

    @JonTronShow They're designed to ruin problem gamblers lives. Even comsetic ones like in Overwatch. Either way, no game should take hundreds if not thousands of hours of the same thing over and over to unlock everything, especially one you paid full price for.

  • SirrMatt Matt (@SirrMatt) reported

    @Dataracer117 No problem. You could probably get better pictures than I posted. One is a character from SW Resistance, the other is Tracer from Overwatch, she is using a skin.

  • ruby_ebook faker ruby (@ruby_ebook) reported

    fix overwatch mmr loss 2k17

  • Wilhuff66 WaffleHouse (@Wilhuff66) reported

    @cleanprincegame Watching today's video and first off I love it! I did want to point out that Overwatch is one game that is getting content updates as frequently as RS is. It has its problems as well but I figured it was worth mentioning.

  • coachbiscuit_ Cole / Biscuit (@coachbiscuit_) reported

    @LeagueOfLegends @akshonesports Fix Overwatch

  • ZeoTheTokuBoi Zeo (@ZeoTheTokuBoi) reported

    @Polarthief @JonTronShow I disagree. The moment the lootboxes you can buy with money have things in them you can't get elsewhere with or without money, that's the issue. Overwatch, for example. You can buy those boxes with money. But there is nothing you can't just straight buy from somewhere else.

Overwatch Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • bc-101
  • bc-124
  • bc-152
  • BLZBNTBNA000003E8
  • BLZBNTBTS00000028
  • BLZOWPAY10200162
  • lc-202