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Paladins: Champions of the Realm is a free-to-play multiplayer Hero shooter video game released on September 16, 2016 as an early access product by Hi-Rez Studios.

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  • Game Crash (3.03%)

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  • xzafkiel Sad but horny  姻芋宴 ☃️❄️ (@xzafkiel) reported

    Oh wow Erez finally stepped down from being CEO. But this doesn't fix paladins. #paladins #thehunt

  • oPoHLaR Skyz PoHLaR (@oPoHLaR) reported

    @PaladinsGame Your game is broken. 3/10 placements my game crashed and couldn’t rejoin. Now I start a game just to have the game crash again and I get a 30 minute deserter. Do better.

  • fast_jedi fast jedi (@fast_jedi) reported

    @majornelson @PaladinsGame @HiRezStudios Low staff do not own video games pc checkout or till engineer own all video game stuff. One other thing some about someone bother Thierry Massey and people lie to you about other people family members not my problem.i am not doing any thing wrong.

  • LeStreakz Streakz (@LeStreakz) reported

    @PaladinsGame can you please fix the Imani ability bug its truly causing teams to lose when one of your players cant do anything. Kthx bye #hotfixbrokeImani

  • Fabio98Jz Fabio Juarez (@Fabio98Jz) reported

    hi rez please fix the lag in servers the Brazil, i do not understand how can paladins be with the same server problem so long @EvilMojoGames @HiRezStudios @EvilMojoAlyssa @LeHelvian

  • SahilKillerYT SahilKillerYT (@SahilKillerYT) reported

    the game is lagging so much in 2.01 although the ping is low (atleast for me ) , idk whats going on :( , pls do something @PaladinsGame

  • IPJ_jossmiii InsighfulPaladins_Junkie (@IPJ_jossmiii) reported

    @vClax_ Maybe that’s how we fix Moji, too! Make him fly and instadelete any character/deployable he touches. As a matter of fact, let’s change all ults to do this. #InstaDeleteMeta @PaladinsGame

  • __pettyproud Kei (@__pettyproud) reported

    Reasons why I will not be playing @PaladinsGame competitive anymore and why I quit the game before. Carry my team in my back going 47 and 7 with over 100 objective time as Barik lose because no help on point. Fix your TP system!

  • realbatdude BatDude [GKG][GGN][T3][SDMStreams][TeEm] (@realbatdude) reported

    @PaladinsGame after the new season 3 2.1 update on XBX1, now when I go to the "activity center" it freezes up the entire game! Happened even after today's 64MB update! Please fix!

  • Mooxaxa Mussa haji (@Mooxaxa) reported

    @paladins Help!!!!! I had 861 crystals and bought a 400 crystal daily deal but I was lagging so when I bought it didn’t immediately go through so I did It again and it went through but now I’ve only got 61 crystals!!!! H E L P M E

  • ducksaucelolt5 DuckSaucet5 ⚡ (@ducksaucelolt5) reported

    @PaladinsGame Fix hitboxes and stop putting unnecessary shit like skins

  • MatoozTBuilder Matoozeusz (@MatoozTBuilder) reported

    @PerfectNer0 @PaladinsGame That was one person, who used it to intentionally crash a match despite already knowing that it works due to a previous test, with empirical evidence on a stream, as far as I care, that's enough to warrant some form of action taken against them no matter the context,

  • DaSexyDuck DaSexyDuck (@DaSexyDuck) reported

    @Sec2nd1 @PaladinsGame Ik how 2 fix. Get sli with 2 gtx 2080ti and i9900k with 3 tb of ram and instead to dropping to 0 frames it will drop only to 3 frames. Ur welcum

  • santythesweety santiago ferreira (@santythesweety) reported

    @Treshtoons @PaladinsGame MIXER SKINS BUT NOT BUG FIX

  • AnimeChannelDE Phillip (@AnimeChannelDE) reported

    Imani is so long on the PTS and they still dont nerf hard her Dragon Ultimate. This ultimate is so broken and overpowered. Nerf the Damage and the Length @PaladinsGame

  • ClemenAlberto Clemente Bastidas (@ClemenAlberto) reported

    @PaladinsGame Fix the speeder mount.

  • santythesweety santiago ferreira (@santythesweety) reported

    @PaladinsGame #saynotoskintillyou fix the game

  • Vex30_YT Vex30 (@Vex30_YT) reported

    @TheSchlurpie Yes I know, that's my issue. Root cripples you in Paladins idk why

  • __BelenA__ Belén 🎀 (@__BelenA__) reported

    I do not know if the problem is mine or the game but every day I have to enable the anti cheat automatically and that I activate to avoid having to repeat the process every day @PaladinsGame @HiRezStudios

  • LeLinguini_ Noodle (@LeLinguini_) reported

    @OneBigMob76 @PaladinsGame If it’s the logging in problem, you just need to restart the game until it works. No fix so far. Maybe it will be patched out in the upcoming hotfix

  • is_op Moxy (@is_op) reported

    @Paperadins @PaladinsGame I hope they fix it, friend.

  • OneBigMob76 eric elavsky (@OneBigMob76) reported

    @PaladinsGame Is their a fix yet for the PS4 can't play the game.

  • vec1325 Vec1325 (@vec1325) reported

    @HirezOps Stuck on paladins login screen on ps4 even after reboot and re install

  • ibigfire iNfeRnO BigFire (@ibigfire) reported

    @mohdwasifraza @harshit_das @LeHelvian Me being stupid or not is irrelevant to the state of the game. I might be the dumbest person on the planet, but that wouldn't change how many bugs there are in Paladins. I'm not saying it's good the bug existed. It's not. But abusing it to crash others deserves a ban.

  • AintroAli ali-aintro (@AintroAli) reported

    @PaladinsGame @WatchMixer I ****** got a deserter two times in a row for 30 ******* minutes i chose a champion then they disconnect me and get a fuckingggggggg deserter

  • paulrcaranto Paul Caranto (@paulrcaranto) reported

    @EvilMojoAlyssa @PaladinsGame Please fix the barik bug where everytime you use a skill, his gunshot sound triggers.

  • m_y_art_Ray Raydroxus (@m_y_art_Ray) reported

    @Da_universe4 game status,it seems every patch fps and lag getting worse maybe its my pc but i run OW at low without issues while paladins i lowed to the very end that almost u only see figures and still facing lags also im getting bored, still ganna draw cuz i love the chars and lore stuff

  • ScourgeHH Scourge HH (@ScourgeHH) reported

    @Alia40498966 @PaladinsGame @WatchMixer I just stopped playing after about 4 hours. Once you get in, your good, its getting to that point that is the problem. If you continue to turn on the game, let it load for 3 mins, then close application and try again, eventually you get in. Just make sure to stay in

  • ScourgeHH Scourge HH (@ScourgeHH) reported

    @BasedWisc @PaladinsGame @HirezOps Yeah, i am having this issue too. However, after looking it over, it appears on a few people have this issue. I forced my way onto the game and found that the lobbies and matches were filled with people, so they are not being stopped somehow, only a few of us

  • ScourgeHH Scourge HH (@ScourgeHH) reported

    @BasedWisc @EvilMojoMolly @PaladinsGame Yeah, i mean, paladins is a great game, but it is on rough ground due to its competition. Being unable to even play the game is a real issue for us the players, and them the game company (though I have seen many many people still playing it, so its only an issue for some)

  • ScourgeHH Scourge HH (@ScourgeHH) reported

    @Alia40498966 @PaladinsGame @WatchMixer Same bro, I have tried about 30 times to log in and only succeeded 2 times. However, when I went to play a match, I instantly got in, so few people are having this issue. But it is a real problem for some of us

  • Dav3Juan Gabriel (@Dav3Juan) reported

    Hey everyone! Great news! @PaladinsGame crashed again on Switch! I guess video recording does affect the performance, even when you're not recording anything. @Nintendo, fix recording, or remove it entirely.

  • Exotic101_ . (@Exotic101_) reported

    @xmisguidedgh0st @PaladinsGame I cant login either

  • Iowametal2 Clint Himes (@Iowametal2) reported

    @PaladinsGame There's a slight problem. I went to a ranked game and sent me back to the login screen and labeled me a deserter.

  • Abraham_176 Abraham Bermudez (@Abraham_176) reported

    @ScourgeHH @PaladinsGame Same problem here

  • TheElectriApple Missens_b (@TheElectriApple) reported

    @PaladinsGame I was playing comp and now my game crashes every one in while. Please fix this

  • monsterman2003 Black Jack (@monsterman2003) reported

    @harshit_das @EvilMojoAlyssa @PaladinsGame "Delete and then reply with this account" Someone has authority issues

  • jeffdtc Jefferson🇧🇷 (@jeffdtc) reported

    @MaeveBlades i promise i not will broken you like paladins client

  • Invale_ Invale (@Invale_) reported


  • SpeedyMFR777 Speedy (@SpeedyMFR777) reported

    @EvilMojoAlyssa @PaladinsGame Please fix these issues. I keep trying and trying over and over again what is happening 🤕🤕 guess is back to fortnite...

  • LightBlitzFang Lief Fang (@LightBlitzFang) reported

    @PaladinsGame Do you think you can Fix your game, That pirate Control Point map is incredibly Unbalance if two tanks can lock you and your team in spawn while two Sniper class can pick you off at the top while any one character can stay in the center

  • CapeMike4 Michael Stancel (@CapeMike4) reported

    @ZoetCora @EvilMojoAlyssa I'd suggested it on the Paladins Reddit, citing the trouble Fortnite on the Switch had...disabling the video playback there helped a lot of issues....

  • callahandigital Callahan Digital (@callahandigital) reported

    @PaladinsGame And if you can't fix it, at least SPEAK to your people who have most likely spent money on the game.

  • callahandigital Callahan Digital (@callahandigital) reported

    @PaladinsGame @PaladinsGame hey *******, your audience is struggling to log into the PS4 version of the game and you haven't responded. Fix it.

  • Net_Navigator Netscape Navigator™ (@Net_Navigator) reported

    @Warcraft 's biggest issue with PvP is not knowing proper class synergy. They focus too much on trying to make each class instead of focusing on how they'll work with other classes. This is why there are such hardcore metas, such as 2 ret paladins and any healer in a 3v3.

  • Napocalypse Josh Josherson (@Napocalypse) reported

    @PaladinsGame day 2 after patch can’t login. Ps4

  • EvilMojoAlyssa Alyssa Huskey (@EvilMojoAlyssa) reported

    @KamiVS_ @PaladinsGame @HiRezAlyssa We've got this issue logged; it appears to occur when one of the players in a custom match disconnects. You can DM me or @EvilMojoSrixis to get visibility (reports sometimes get lost in flood of notifications).

  • MatrixModdzPT Matrix Moddz PT (@MatrixModdzPT) reported


  • Hexfe Darkdodge (@Hexfe) reported

    @PaladinsGame Please fix news lags in the game it is horrible to loose versus randoms players beacause we crash ( freeze) 3 times In ranked game (xboxOne)

  • amanmishra868 Aman mishra (@amanmishra868) reported

    @PaladinsGame How dare you ban Helvian! Oh wait its your job to drive game into failure and avoid people who help build community and address issues which your incompetent ass can't handle. Fix the bugs and **** BATTLEPASS. @syberbolt @z1unknown_ @KamiVS_

  • AmendolaCesare Rouge Kumquat (@AmendolaCesare) reported

    @PaladinsGame @WatchMixer Why are people still allowed to skip a ban. One team dosnt pick it should be passed to the other team. How do you not see That as a problem.

  • SickSandWich SickSandwich (@SickSandWich) reported

    @KamiVS_ @PaladinsGame @HiRezAlyssa Unless either of there community managers has issue with what you say. Neither will respond. Or again singing there praise.They seem to only want to be around to back there selves up and defend actions.

  • moonlialien moonliEPICalien (@moonlialien) reported

    @HirezChris @wureview shut ******** up fix the ******* game instead retweeting this shit. You cant even open paladins right now because it crashes FIX THAT instead of supporting this childish shit.

  • SkyKrimsion unimportantguy5 (@SkyKrimsion) reported

    @WinterWitchEvie fix paladins

  • xmisguidedgh0st Evee (@xmisguidedgh0st) reported

    Soooooo anyone else having issues logging in into paladins on ps4 orrrrrr @PaladinsGame

  • EvilMojoMolly Molly Joseph (@EvilMojoMolly) reported

    @Chromastone64 @PaladinsGame We had to disable the shooting range temporarily on Switch & Xbox because of an issue we found. We're working on a fix now, and hope to have the shooting range back soon!

  • coolkettle coolkettle (@coolkettle) reported

    @PaladinsGame Now THAT is what we wanted. Ignore the fact that everyone will still be screeching "Fix the bugs!" I understand that it's not that easy. I myself struggled 30 minutes in a simple math program to find a typo, I realize what you can be through.

  • shinan007 badar shinan (@shinan007) reported

    @PaladinsGame i dont know what happened. was getting 60 ping before the update on sea. now its 280 ping. tried eu and got 190 ping. im from india. what the hell did u do to your sea servers. it feels like im playing eu or na on pts. please check and fix

  • Hefehef Hefehef (@Hefehef) reported

    Nice one @PaladinsGame. I uninstalled Paladins today after playing since closed beta. Clearly with no proper indication as to why, just issue a ban. Literally one of the people that's been spending DAYS hunting bugs THAT HAVE STILL NOT BEEN FIXED. SKINS SKINS SKINS

  • statustaken200 deletebrig (@statustaken200) reported

    @EvilMojoMolly @ryuuseinoroxas @EvilMojoGames @PaladinsGame I love how you acknowledge that bug from 3 patches ago but decided not to fix it.