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Paladins: Champions of the Realm is a free-to-play multiplayer Hero shooter video game released on September 16, 2016 as an early access product by Hi-Rez Studios.

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  • SacrulenCrystal 🔞💚Piddie lover💚🔞 (@SacrulenCrystal) reported

    @d0gbless Pidge DEFINITELY gets cuddly and all liquid like a cat. It's like a comedy, other paladins trying to catch her but she just wriggles out of everyone's grip and wanders off to cause problems.

  • RedRumAD1 RedRumAD (@RedRumAD1) reported

    @_FAYDEN_ @PaladinsGame The devs are working extensively to fix the crashing issues and bugs. It takes time to troubleshoot in game bugs (i.e. bugs can't always be fixed as soon as they are discovered).

  • AmonFitNerd Byron McIsaac (@AmonFitNerd) reported

    @StrahdVonZ Sire; I added only slappers as well. It should help against most adventurers but the paladins and clerics could still pose a problem.

  • AgentBlackwood Temporal Security Agency (@AgentBlackwood) reported

    @StrahdVonZ The way I view paladins is they are the militant version of that deity's cleric. They don't have to be good, but they are sworn to the service of their deity be it good or evil. In a homebrew game I know of there were paladins of the merchant god, they were militant accountants.

  • JustF3rg 💜💛🐍 (@JustF3rg) reported

    @PaladinsGame fix your phucking game

  • Mrs_Trottier Sparklepharts (@Mrs_Trottier) reported

    @PaladinsGame Can we fix 1) Default Sound Settings, watching new people play, or even loading into the game for the first time, you're deafened by the game, effect, and music volumes- set to default max volumes 100. 2) Friends Lists Cluttered, unorganized and causing lag for some

  • Linkzero2 Goat (@Linkzero2) reported

    @PlagueOfGripes It would be Paladins (though its not dead yet somehow) and Super Monday Night Combat. Total Biscuit did a WTF on the latter which perfectly highlighted all the problems myself and other alpha/closed-beta testers were telling them to fix but refused to listen.

  • MenscocksX xDanFenix (@MenscocksX) reported

    @PaladinsGame Ok,we don't care about it,we just want that you guys fix bugs on game,like low fps in some matches,bad texture and other things that a serious developer have to do.

  • deneamonk Denea (@deneamonk) reported

    @verbal_sparring @Waj_dk @Dhaubbs They fixed that issue with holy paladins. Just make them broken AF and ppl will want to play it.

  • AthasianRunner Josh dV (@AthasianRunner) reported from Albuquerque, New Mexico

    @BrandesStoddard I have no problem with taking or reducing power. It emulates older versions of play with clerics and paladins but that’s a discussion to have at creation. I imagine Archfey would be fickle and fiends would seek to subvert the contract at every opportunity.

  • ChaosOS_59 ChaosOS (@ChaosOS_59) reported

    @BrandesStoddard The problem seems to be trying to design around A. The enormous range of refluffs people do with the Warlock chassis B. Adversarial player-DM relationships (there's some nasty horror stories with warlocks and paladins in particular here) That I think reject the 3e Paladin

  • RipTactical Zoki (@RipTactical) reported

    @PaladinsGame There a problem with the region Im in NA Est and Im in EU server plis I can't change it

  • _FAYDEN_ ♟️ Fay 🇩🇿 (@_FAYDEN_) reported

    @PaladinsGame your fcking game crash too much do something

  • CNatureBoy1 NatureBoy (@CNatureBoy1) reported

    @MHarazneh @Smoses_Senpai @PaladinsGame I don’t want to spend big long hours to get crystal . Click daily login takes like a minute day by day 5 times

  • nowaylikeconway Conway (@nowaylikeconway) reported

    We're having some computer issues, working to get them resolved and then we'll be doing blindfolded Paladins all day!

  • CNatureBoy1 NatureBoy (@CNatureBoy1) reported

    @PaladinsGame Bring back Daily login reward feature !

  • danielblnco Daniel (@danielblnco) reported


  • V_Prime95 Vector_Prime (@V_Prime95) reported

    @Stealth40k ●Spyro 1,2 y 3 ●Crash 1,2 y 3 ●Tetris ●Okami ●Kirby 64 ●Bayonetta 1 y 2 ●Doom (2016) ●Super Lucky Tale ●Ori ●Star Fox Assault ●Bomberman Hero ●F-Zero ●Splatoon 1 y 2 ●Overwatch ●Minecraft ●Dead By Daylight ●Paladins ●Fortnite ●Realm Royale ●ARMS

  • fog_frog Juris S. (@fog_frog) reported

    @Hawkinz Well, its not THAT bad. Its just the type of game make it seem like it is. Honestly buggy paladins have/had a lot more issues, but it doesnt feel as bad as pubg having one issue.

  • Spmvrdcht Spamverdacht (@Spmvrdcht) reported

    @HiRezStudios Pls fix paladins, how bad are you as developer since i started playing paladins i couldnt play it lag free, everytime i got into a fight with more then 1 enemy the game started lagging although the fps counter shows 120+, i am playing with 1050ti at lowest settings

  • RaeveOfBladez Music-Kitty (Raeve of Bladez) #TeamTalia (@RaeveOfBladez) reported

    @ATLRomanova Or people who yell at me to fix Paladins or beg me to give them the Raeve Maeve skin even though I don't even work for EM :)

  • OwlWoven Nade the Rowdy Rodent (@OwlWoven) reported

    @PaladinsGame Fix the bot AI please

  • crusadertaco sel🏳️‍🌈✨ (@crusadertaco) reported

    I uninstalled Paladins after they took off daily login rewards shit’s DISGUSTING

  • Divinenega Jetzero Infinity@Dub Talk (@Divinenega) reported

    (I had a similar problem with Honerva in the last season of Voltron but in that case it was less that they waited too long to humanize her and more they waited too long to have the Paladins sympathize with her despite knowing her exact motivations early into the season)

  • AlJAug Alex Augunas, the Everyman Gamer (@AlJAug) reported

    @Finakechi @Ketsuki_WoW OH HEY ATTACK THAT ADDS NOTHING TO MY SURVIVABILITY OR DAMAGE! Hammer of the Righteous has this same problem for prot Paladins. It literally exists only to try and proc grand crusader.

  • Deathlord_Abyss Deathlord Abyss'maal (@Deathlord_Abyss) reported

    @ThasSunstrider Tirion was this big beacon of light, and big name among paladins. Died at the Broken Shore. I kinda broke into their church in a bid to resurrect him as a Death Knight. Got slapped around by both Liadrin, and my ex.

  • RukasMcTukas Luke Campbell (@RukasMcTukas) reported

    @PaladinsGame fix your stupid lag, holy ******* shit

  • COAxel_ Axel 🔞 (@COAxel_) reported

    Although my content is only Paladins practically, in fact i haven't play it in a long time because of the amount of bugs and optimization problems that the game had, so i decided to give it another chance a few minutes ago and it feels too good to play it again!

  • BurningRev Max D Spellacy (@BurningRev) reported

    @PaladinsGame There are people who have noticed the chest seems to have the Gentleman Jenos skin as the last given item by default, so everybody gets it as the last item, and they're claiming it's rigged. It would nice if EM take a look and see if the RNG is broken on it.

  • AggressiveMeTV AggressiveMeTV (@AggressiveMeTV) reported

    @PaladinsGame on ps4 I can’t get past the login screen. I’ve reset ps4 multiple times along with reinstalling the game. Please fix or tell me how to fix!

  • illhavelikeasal Asen Aleksandrov (@illhavelikeasal) reported

    @carliusyt @RealmRoyale It's not 5 crowns a day, you get a different amount based on the chain, but I think you get a total of of like a 100 a week. Also daily login is gacha bullshit that should be removed altogether like they did in Paladins.

  • MoonyTheBat 🌙Moony🦇🌺🌻 (@MoonyTheBat) reported

    Getting tired of #Paladins. The game itself I'm fine with (even with it's bugs) but it's the fact that it's been a year and a half of Switch crashes and they're probably never gonna fix them, or improve the garbage motion controls. It just makes the game frustrating to play.

  • RipTactical Zoki (@RipTactical) reported

    @PaladinsGame Guys i have big problem im in North America and it said im in EU and I can't change it

  • SL33PYL0RD the pika hut (@SL33PYL0RD) reported

    Paladins will never fix drogoz ult Why not give him invincibility upon start up

  • Moynzy Moynzy (@Moynzy) reported

    @user1cat @PaladinsGame yeah im having problems

  • heithbars cacey💛❤️ (@heithbars) reported

    @toronjasoda The only good “woobie” Keith/villain paladins I’ve read was when the other paladins were straight up possessed, because everything else just ignores Keith’s core issue of actively finding problems in order to push everyone away, so the paladins are just ooc comic bullies

  • AlexisF90453529 Mimu (@AlexisF90453529) reported

    @jetblade01 @PaladinsGame @HiRezRomanova @HiRezArtShow The people who run the twitter page probably aren’t the same people who fix or even talk to the people that fix bugs.

  • jetblade01 Jetblade (@jetblade01) reported

    @PaladinsGame @HiRezRomanova @HiRezArtShow Fix the bug with the new chest paladins!!!!!!!!!

  • Evallis Evallis (@Evallis) reported

    @PaladinsGame Battlepass just takes too much time for the average player complete. You gotta double the daily quest rewards and increase the XP gain from actual PvP matches. Right now bot farming is most effective and is boring as hell. Fix it! (or make bot hard mode at least)

  • saltyprolucio Reflex (@saltyprolucio) reported

    @PaladinsGame your games shit you have no balanced charachters only healers fix your game btw ow is better lel

  • AuroraBash Colton Fletcher (@AuroraBash) reported

    @PaladinsGame When you take off Abominable Terminus it disappears from the skin section. I haven't been able to use it for 1 week now please fix this asap. I paid 400 crystals for the skin on the christmas event back in the day so please look into it.

  • gAlyxybrain Azevara (@gAlyxybrain) reported

    @JeffAHamilton Not quuuuite a game but for several months I was hearing complaints from ret paladins that their HP was mysteriously missing from the final reports in SimC. After hearing it again one day I figured I could take a peek and fix it in a few minutes since it was very specific

  • Kiiroi_Senko_ Kiiroi Senko (@Kiiroi_Senko_) reported

    @RyanPlant951 @Rayquaza_boy @Distortee @Sahar81179345 @MrCreeper16_ @arny_lucky @PaladinsGame They said they're removing it to fix bugs. They said nothing about writing the code from ground on twitter at least

  • Oswaldosaurorex Oswaldo (@Oswaldosaurorex) reported

    @Befox12 @Kiiroi_Senko_ @MrCreeper16_ @arny_lucky @Sahar81179345 @PaladinsGame And look paladins has it's problems like A LOT it's like a bethesda game there are a lot of bugs and glitches the fact that it's almost IMPOSSIBLE getting cosmetics without paying but just like a bethesda game you gotta give it to the game, it's fun (except fallout 76)

  • va11eyCSGO val (@va11eyCSGO) reported

    Queued 1 hour and 20 mins for ranked, found a match but half the people didn’t accept, queued 15 seconds for casual found a game... @PaladinsGame plz fix this OCE btw

  • Glacieria May I. G. (@Glacieria) reported

    @MyPaladins @PaladinsGame It's not working on me

  • Polo82147949 Ryünoshin (@Polo82147949) reported

    @PaladinsGameFR @PaladinsGame i can't use shield with ruckus with shield leg !!!! Sound of weapon bug on bk base skin an drogoz too !! Pls fix that !!!! Just three lose because of that and 3 main that i can't play anymore !!!!

  • Distortee Distorte (@Distortee) reported

    @Kiiroi_Senko_ @Sahar81179345 @MrCreeper16_ @arny_lucky @PaladinsGame If you care so much play overwatch problem solved

  • ravenxys Raven (@ravenxys) reported

    @YorHa_Unite @PaladinsGame Strange, can't say I have experience with such problem. Well I hope you find a fix for it.

  • ravenxys Raven (@ravenxys) reported

    @YorHa_Unite @PaladinsGame Maybe your refresh rate or something isn't set correctly on the TV, I don't know. They even got the switch version to run at 60, power shouldn't be an issue.

  • secure_de_bag 💩 (@secure_de_bag) reported

    @PaladinsGame When is the new update coming cuz i hate this patch.. beta fix all this shit u did

  • MoonyTheBat 🌙Moony🦇🌺🌻 (@MoonyTheBat) reported

    I get SO much rubber-banding this #Paladins patch, it's really frustrating. Ofc I test my connection after the match and it's fine. I miss Splatoon where my only gripes were tiny things like input lag, but then again I like ranting about Paladins bugs to people who share my pain

  • BestwaifuMel MelBESTWAIFU (@BestwaifuMel) reported

    @MyNameIsNowReal @TVKShockwave110 @PaladinsGame Cause nobody likes to fight against them there the most broken characters

  • ortizfabian55 Fabián Ortiz 🌹 (@ortizfabian55) reported

    @elireesie @leezy9678 @PaladinsGame WTF, so, we have the money to fix the game, but we just need remove the things in it to make it better... NICE.

  • BestwaifuMel MelBESTWAIFU (@BestwaifuMel) reported

    @TVKShockwave110 @MyNameIsNowReal @PaladinsGame They are broken they both get banned 90% of the time old wrecker would be great against her but not new wrecker very pointless since the shield nerfs

  • TVKShockwave110 Shockwave110 (@TVKShockwave110) reported

    @MyNameIsNowReal @BestwaifuMel @PaladinsGame The game is cross play and they aren’t broken. Sure maybe there pretty strong but they as sure as hell not broken. Annoying definitely. You just got to learn their weaknesses and the player’s habits.

  • alexaguila190 Alejandro Ag (@alexaguila190) reported

    @PaladinsGame The fifth time I start lagging in a ranked game as soon as we are 3 - 1, great servers you guys have there... (never had actually twetted but this just annoys me)

  • Kiiroi_Senko_ Kiiroi Senko (@Kiiroi_Senko_) reported

    @Befox12 @MrCreeper16_ @arny_lucky @Sahar81179345 @PaladinsGame rewrite the coding on a new engine for once to get rid of all the mess they made. The base coding is itself messed up which means no matter how much theu try to fix it stupid bugs are still gonna be a thing. The game still feels like open beta but they chose to release it just ++

  • CNatureBoy1 NatureBoy (@CNatureBoy1) reported

    @PaladinsGame Bring back daily login reward feature !

  • Tqubah tuba // kam stan (@Tqubah) reported