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Paladins: Champions of the Realm is a free-to-play multiplayer Hero shooter video game released on September 16, 2016 as an early access product by Hi-Rez Studios.

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June 18: Problems at Paladins

Paladins is having issues since 01:30 AM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • Parise113 Parise⚜️💦 (@Parise113) reported

    33rd loss this split from game freeze during picks... literally nothing being done about this glitch when it’s so huge. @PaladinsGame @HiRezStudios

  • Wekonoswill Serpent The Sly [BoltClan] (HypeMan) (@Wekonoswill) reported

    @DarkDawn87 @PaladinsGame I don't want perfect I want broken/OP

  • SylveonVice_ado Sylveon~Singer (@SylveonVice_ado) reported

    Ye Gurl. Hello, I'd like to ask you for help with mixer (cause you're a moderator in PaladinsGame) I have been banned (no chat or follow) from the Paladins official channel for no apparent reason, how could I fix that. The only thing I did in the account was let a stream open

  • SylveonVice_ado Sylveon~Singer (@SylveonVice_ado) reported

    @PaladinsGame Idk if this is the right place for this but my account from mixer was randomly banned for nothing at all (from the PaladinsGame channel). I can no longer talk in the chat nor follow it. I'd like to know how to fix that, thank you.

  • ItsRqzl ItsRqzl (@ItsRqzl) reported

    @EvilMojoMolly @PaladinsGame @EvilMojoGames kill 20 enemies with torvalds ult and talus ult are broken in the battlepass i cant seem to complete them even though im killing them with the ult

  • Dav3Juan Gabriel (@Dav3Juan) reported

    @PaladinsGame The game crashed, fix it please.

  • Dav3Juan Gabriel (@Dav3Juan) reported

    @PaladinsGame Nobody on your team fixed crash.

  • utencils Big UWU (@utencils) reported

    @DaffyBud35 @EvilMojoMolly @ThunderBrush @PaladinsGame its LIKE hes going to be a problem for the magistrate and the paladins

  • onepuuunch OnePunchBen (@onepuuunch) reported

    @PaladinsGame “... no more will be broken,” I hope so

  • kemulli қ૯ɱυՆՆɿ (@kemulli) reported

    @BrokenGoddessIo @ImaniLastWarder @PaladinsGame it's not broken goddess, it's shattered, you dumbass

  • DiamondHoe Retardederi! (@DiamondHoe) reported

    @PaladinsGame @EvilMojoGames Y'all gotta fix your shitty deserter system, someone's game crashes because you can't make a non crashing game, and you get banned for 30 mins it's a 10/10 flawless system.

  • SomeGreenBean Chris Green (@SomeGreenBean) reported

    @PaladinsGame please fix your game it is so broken that I'm at the point where I don't want to play the game anymore. I don't know if you've seen but you are losing players everyday. Stop worrying about money and skins just fix proper bugs and glitches.

  • DemiseDemise1 Liam (@DemiseDemise1) reported

    @wottarun @Mrs_Trottier @AshFromPaladins @PaladinsGame Google search the dll that it’s missing in the error message that you posted originally. You may need to install like some directx or stuff from Microsoft

  • Jack51517427 Jack (@Jack51517427) reported

    @DiannaArlequin @XduNoir @PaladinsGame @EvilMojoGames Damn... Terminus is soo buggy, that even his friendship skills are broken :/

  • Sec2nd1 Second (@Sec2nd1) reported

    @BOJANTOTTI1 @Brinxu @PaladinsGame @HiRezStudios @HiRezRomanova Oh yeah, there's no dump crash logs since I created the crash by myself and there's no bug splat or anything like that. Only thing I can see is backup logs where I repeatably press tab and shit is happening there.

  • Airplane_AJ Bong Marley (@Airplane_AJ) reported

    @SpiritZP24 @EvilMojoMolly @PaladinsGame It's a known issue.. It's not just you

  • Sec2nd1 Second (@Sec2nd1) reported

    @Brinxu @BOJANTOTTI1 @PaladinsGame @HiRezStudios hirezromanova Community Specialist said Hello! Concerning your crash I responded to your video link in the Paladins discord with how to get a crash dump and then possibly send it to me so we can get to the bottom of why it crashed. Thank you!!!!! @hirezromanova IDK what she meant

  • Brinxu brinx (@Brinxu) reported

    @BOJANTOTTI1 @Sec2nd1 @PaladinsGame @HiRezStudios Yup just install a whole new OS we won’t fix the game we created tho not our problem you don’t have an old OS I hate HiRez

  • Sec2nd1 Second (@Sec2nd1) reported

    @BOJANTOTTI1 @PaladinsGame @HiRezStudios As I said in the video, I do not like to install other OS. I would prefer to fix this without needing to reinstall os or anything.

  • _iinstinctt_ iinstinctt (@_iinstinctt_) reported

    @PaladinsGame your mouse and keyboard support for PS4 is broken. You can't click :(

  • Yazanios BabyCakes (@Yazanios) reported

    @Rayson_LT @PaladinsGame I wouldn't mind removing Lian from the game all together. Nobody likes her. Nobody likes to play her or play against her. And whoever mains her and thinks she's ok. Clearly has issues

  • wottarun ❄️ (@wottarun) reported

    @AshFromPaladins @PaladinsGame I fixed the issue ! It was just the file mssing from my pc so i downloaded it and everything worked perfectly

  • rinflu rin🎆 (@rinflu) reported

    @PaladinsGame Fix your game, please. Stop this battlepasses, it's enough

  • Jesse_Bartimus Jesse (@Jesse_Bartimus) reported

    @PaladinsGame you guys need to fix the crashing problem. It's either being manipulated by other players are the servers need a reboot. I just crashed twice in a ranked game and lost because of it. The game is becoming unenjoyable. Please do something about this.

  • kamyker Kamyker (@kamyker) reported

    2. Open Regedit and go to \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\System\GameConfigStore\Children\ Search (CTRL-F ) for paladins in that folder and remove all folders with paladins.exe 3. Enjoy less lag

  • Airplane_AJ Bong Marley (@Airplane_AJ) reported

    @dstranger1369 @kentessen @pulled_a_mordo @PaladinsGame @TheElectriApple Never said it was a problem

  • GifanTheWoodElf Gifan (@GifanTheWoodElf) reported

    @Amia_Kimirasu @PaladinsGame @ThunderBrush @HiRezRomanova @HyuugaBB @EvilMojoGames @FuriaPaladins @Pixiekittie_ It looks way too much like a Furia skin, and that is bad because even if we have no problem with making out the difference between the 2, a new player not knowing all the champion skins wouldn't be able to tell the difference and will get confused.

  • dstranger1369 Dstranger (@dstranger1369) reported

    @kentessen @Airplane_AJ @pulled_a_mordo @PaladinsGame Its not a problem if you play the game all day like @TheElectriApple

  • pasteljiminne ❇🌙🌠🌙❇ (@pasteljiminne) reported

    @PaladinsGame hey there's this bug on Nintendo switch the game keeps closing out alot more often then it would before, it just keeps saying an error has occurred and it's doing alot, I would REALLY appreciate it if y'all could get to the bottom of this cause im tryna get that golden maeve :DDD

  • KamieKarla KamieKarla 🌻 (@KamieKarla) reported

    @AndyTwi50311973 @PaladinsGame It won't. Been worse bug issues and the game still thrived

  • GuileTw Guilherme Vidal (@GuileTw) reported

    @PaladinsGame pls fix the game ¬¬ no more skins

  • TheGodKarma Karma (Splitgate) (@TheGodKarma) reported

    @realBluTV Yeah lmao ive played enough paladins to know what snake shit goes down, your community is revolved around "he said she said" lol if you dont want people mislead about this game, you should try to caution tape the comp players before they explode on twitter not my problem sorry😂

  • Lissli_Lak Kodahh (@Lissli_Lak) reported

    @PaladinsGame @EvilMojoGames Hey could y’all do something about the buttons not working randomly on console, I’m tired of the deserter bans. Also, could you find some way to limit the amount of people that leave/throw games in ranked Ik I can’t be the only one w these issues

  • Lissli_Lak Kodahh (@Lissli_Lak) reported

    @PaladinsGame @EvilMojoGames Hey could y’all do something about the buttons not working randomly on console, I’m tired of the deserter band. Also, could you find some way to limit the amount of people that leave/throw games in ranked Ik I can’t be the only one w these issues

  • FranLouDesu Furansurui (@FranLouDesu) reported

    @PaladinsPro @PaladinsGame @PrettyHair @virtuspro @doesupz @KnightsGG @kusqt i cant buy cotton tail DLC via steam it direct me to the website fix the game

  • divijsumbly Divij Sumbly (@divijsumbly) reported

    @kreepers26 @PaladinsGame @EvilMojoMartini @EvilMojoMolly Dredg was broken with that card but damba isn't. Damba is fine he doesn't need any changes.

  • iPrizz Nick Prizz (@iPrizz) reported

    tfw you get on Paladins happy to play just to crash and receive a 30 minute ban 😀

  • PwnstarOnMixer Pwnstar (@PwnstarOnMixer) reported

    Haven't streamed in 2 days. It feels weird. I need my @PaladinsGame fix. Maybe try pushing a late one tomorrow night, we will see!

  • Annoyed_Bassist Darius (@Annoyed_Bassist) reported

    Paladins has been out for 3 ******* years and it's still a buggy piece of shit. Fix your ******* game. @HiRezStudios

  • Gugah1000 GugahTheAlphys 🏳️‍🌈 (@Gugah1000) reported

    @PaladinsGame pls fix Sha Lin arrow hitbox I just lost a game cause of that

  • Master06411566 Master (@Master06411566) reported

    @PaladinsGame Servers down...

  • rinflu rin🎆 (@rinflu) reported

    @PaladinsGame fix your game, please.

  • _FrostGF Frost GF (@_FrostGF) reported

    @PaladinsGame fix jour game just because i go on the chat in ranked my game crash. That horrible.

  • Re_Voltron Re: Voltron (@Re_Voltron) reported

    himself by ignoring the Paladins and bringing Lotor to the Kral Zera. That's the main problem. The conflict is saying one thing—Shiro is shady—but the results of the episode says another thing—Shiro was right all along. It makes no sense.

  • SwezzN Tetrapakz (@SwezzN) reported

    @RealmAtlas @PaladinsGame That's the problem. They should use this character in better ways (a.k.a. to fix the lore)

  • avalonazu Avalonazuria (Ava for short) (@avalonazu) reported

    @Koldovox awesome..just wish I could stream paladins without the lag..That and creativerse just seem to lag Twitch and lag in game when I stream them lately..nothing else does that..

  • Re_Voltron Re: Voltron (@Re_Voltron) reported

    completely fails at making Shiro suspicious here. Everything about the Paladins in this scene is horrible and makes no sense, and Shiro's frustration with them is absolutely warranted since I'm also frustrated with them. The problem here, though, is the framing of the scene. The

  • Beircheart_ Beircheart👖🗿 (@Beircheart_) reported

    @LegendHarv2000 @PaladinsGame Its been broken Since way before thay

  • Re_Voltron Re: Voltron (@Re_Voltron) reported

    actively sabotaging the universe's best hope to achieve peace! And the problem gets even worse—this isn't even in character for the Paladins! Maybe for Hunk, Lance, and Coran, but not the girls! Allura is not a cautious person! Allura should be fully capable of recognizing that

  • Lissli_Lak Kodahh (@Lissli_Lak) reported

    @PaladinsGame Hey could y’all do something about the buttons not working randomly on console, I’m tired of the deserter band. Also, could you find some way to limit the amount of people that leave/throw games in ranked Ik I can’t be the only one w these issues

  • gayscorpia → ally ☆ thinkin about allura (@gayscorpia) reported

    i have a lot of issues about how s8 handled the og paladins (specifically with the forced paralells between zarkon/keith and alfor/lance) but those two episodes were sick as hell

  • athenaltena Rosemary CG (@athenaltena) reported

    I feel so bad for one of my NPC Paladins because over the course of this campaign he's had his arm broken and he's been temporarily blinded. Mostly because it's been necessary to Nerf the 15th level Paladin.

  • oldmanm0nk3y m0nk3y (@oldmanm0nk3y) reported

    @Aaroneous11235 @RealmRoyaleRTs @RealmRoyale It's just a cash grab. They can't FIX Paladins first

  • TryHardTrainer santana padron (@TryHardTrainer) reported

    @weavinatior @PaladinsGame Gotcha, yeah she's io the broken goddess

  • Fishing_4_honor Fishing 4 Them Honors (@Fishing_4_honor) reported

    @PaladinsGame fix your game

  • BuchuDank Dank Buchu (@BuchuDank) reported

    @PaladinsGame please fix pc servers.. can’t even trust playing ranked its so glitched out..

  • NoMicGAMER NoMic (@NoMicGAMER) reported

    @Doxstarr @__Fuu___ @PaladinsGame it being broken would cause the same effects, cause A) his mass would decrease thus yes it would affect the tides, and B) the broken bits would be pulled to the nearest powerful enough gravitational pull... aka the earth :)

  • switch9182736 🐻孤独なクマ🐻*ScorbunnySword* (@switch9182736) reported

    People who main buck and only play buck in #Paladins suck at aiming or technique. Hes so braindead and broken it's not even funny 😂 day one players who never played a shooter could do decent with him thats how easy he is to play.

  • blazeymc91 Am0rP3rN0x (@blazeymc91) reported

    @PaladinsGame i liked this game the only thing i would say is of it was that tanky characters that do similar damage to dps ones are never gonna be balanced, you are gaining too much and losing nothing, but most games have the same issue, health balance

  • polydinshiro Fonbella ✨ it's sheith hours 24/7 (@polydinshiro) reported

    I had a bad dream where they decided to release a "last" episode to address the problems fandom found with S8 except it made it worse by having Shiro be in a love triangle with Adam (who was somehow alive) and Rando, and Allura wasn't actually alive, the paladins were just