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Paladins: Champions of the Realm is a free-to-play multiplayer Hero shooter video game released on September 16, 2016 as an early access product by Hi-Rez Studios.

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  • Matchmaking (23.53%)
  • Online Play (17.65%)
  • Glitches (11.76%)

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  • NintendoDads Nintendo Dads (@NintendoDads) reported

    @EvilMojoMolly @PaladinsGame @HiRezStudios Thanks for responding. It is the first time in a few months, excited for the new updates so I wanted to jump in, however I can't see the spot where I can select my #Nintendo account from the login screen. #NintendoSwitch.

  • jesusxd96 Jesus E. (@jesusxd96) reported

    @PaladinsGame @EvilMojoMolly I got a problem, I just bought a valentine's chest with only two item remaining(Ying and emote) and I got BK voice pack when I already have it because I have a founder's pack I want my 150 crystals back :'c

  • StormHise Blake Storm Hise (@StormHise) reported

    @PaladinsGame On Ps4 the achievement "Chanpion of the Realm" is broken, i already have 4 champions on mastery 5, please fix at your convenience

  • robaynd1 Anthonié (@robaynd1) reported

    All your updates why don’t you fix Imani🤬 @PaladinsGame

  • Rapture_veri jared (@Rapture_veri) reported

    Characters to over powered/ characters to underpowered, a broken rank system, and many more bugs, and bad game design problems. This is a disgrace to gamers and we deserve better! #stopthegreed #fixpaladins #worstgamedevelopers #paladins

  • Rapture_veri jared (@Rapture_veri) reported

    Characters to over powered/ characters to underpowered, a broken rank system, and many more bugs and bad game design problems. This is a disgrace to gamers and we deserve better! #stopthegreed #fixpaladins #worstgamedevelopers #paladins

  • Rapture_veri jared (@Rapture_veri) reported

    @EvilMojoGames @HiRezStudios @PaladinsGame paladins is so broken yet there’s no fixes. Evil mojo games is the worst game developer studio I have every seen. They care more about releasing skins instead of fixed game breaking bugs like the game crashing, horrible match making,

  • Doomblud2308 Doomblud (@Doomblud2308) reported

    Another ranked game lost because of grover vine crash @PaladinsGame 👌

  • Rapture_veri jared (@Rapture_veri) reported

    @PaladinsGame The game is so broken

  • setsune_w Setsune Wiefel (@setsune_w) reported

    The problem with Barik in bot matches is that he just constantly poops out turrets, while he himself plays point-blank turret. He can grind up some real unexpected kills in an unorganized bot practice. #Paladins

  • EclipseRazr Eclipse (@EclipseRazr) reported

    @PaladinsGame You know your games broke right you need to stop just focusing on pc because you fix one thing on pc but neglect all the console problems like skye it's not fun to play when theres a skye in every game.

  • IncoherentGuy Incoherent (@IncoherentGuy) reported

    @syberbolt //use a trycatch just in case try{ if (paladins == "buggy"){ fix(); } else { fix(); } }catch(Exception e){ fix(); }

  • syberbolt Syberbolt (@syberbolt) reported

    if (paladins == "buggy"){ fix(); } else { fix(); }

  • Loli__Smoses Smoses (@Loli__Smoses) reported

    It's so ******* depressing i really loved playing Paladins and was quite good at it but this entire week i only play so bullshit and lose all the time. I'm really trying hard to have fun and play good but it's not working at all

  • ElZIO500 ElyDiegoIbarra (@ElZIO500) reported

    @PaladinsGame @PaladinsPro Please Do something,its the third week and i am not able to do the end times challenges and i cant buy atlas and yes i am a nintendo swicth player my name is Ely so fix it please

  • armanddc Armand (@armanddc) reported

    @exgangleader @PaladinsGame PC -_- this game would be 2x better than what Overwatch could be if it had less bugs and if it was less broken

  • UrAverageBloke N.Gin (@UrAverageBloke) reported

    @PaladinsGame Fix your game

  • IskSilas iskSilas (@IskSilas) reported

    @PaladinsGame @EvilMojoAlyssa And you still didn't manage to fix the mouse n keyboard bug

  • vaniko_17 V4N!K0 (@vaniko_17) reported

    @PaladinsGame @EvilMojoAlyssa Paladins PTS server for MacOS not works pls fix this

  • hipporager23 Hipporager23 [Team TSAN] (@hipporager23) reported

    @kweldii @PaladinsGame Let me fix that. Hippo gets lucky* lol

  • Dfab84 Danny 🌐 (@Dfab84) reported

    @PaladinsGame who decided to ask for a Fernando potg. The whole system is broken. I got a triple kill and didn’t get it and watch a 1 kill potg. FIX YOUR BROKEN GAME PLZ

  • WitherGames79 WitherGames79 (@WitherGames79) reported

    @PaladinsGame @EvilMojoMolly The early healing Jenos 300 is not working

  • Applegeek_Gamer AG/Gamer (@Applegeek_Gamer) reported

    @JoshinoYT Let me think🤔. @PaladinsGame LEX, MOJI, MAEVE, GROHK, ANDRO, LIAN, MAL’DAMBA, KOGA, AND IMANI ARE ALL BROKEN. FIX YOUR BUGGY ASS GAME!....... phew, been holding that for a while 😅😂

  • superbiagrove nea (@superbiagrove) reported

    Shipping is overrated in the relationship of the fandom with canon which leads to oversight and ignoring issues in the show- additionally it messed up friendship- & characterdevelopement so much I would not want any of the paladins together right at the end of the show.

  • omgataco Dimitri (@omgataco) reported

    @EvilMojoMolly @PaladinsGame Fix the PTS for people unable to login, like myself. Upon launch, it tries logging me in then gives me "unexpected login failure" message each and every time I try and login. Reinstalling the PTS did nothing to help.

  • natsukashii_13 Gidget ♡ Xion (@natsukashii_13) reported

    @PaladinsGame PLEASE fix the crashing on Switch! I have to play on Xbox because this game is unplayable on Switch with how the game crashes then refuses to let you back into the game. Please please fix it.

  • SensuScarab Sensu Scarab #Darth Sensu (@SensuScarab) reported

    This is crazy my homie ballinberry doesn’t even have a pc this guy was not even at home during the time of this so called ddos attack and I was even talking to him that day on FaceTime during the time he got accused #FreeBallinBerry @PaladinsPro @PaladinsGame @ballinberry_

  • cusreyas Sreyas (@cusreyas) reported

    @PaladinsGame All 3 new end time challenges are not working, please fix 😣

  • mistersa78 MisterS.A (@mistersa78) reported

    hirez fix your Match making or delete your game !!! @AllPaladins @PaladinsGame @PaladinsFRA @KamiVS_ @z1unknown_ @LeHelvian

  • mistersa78 MisterS.A (@mistersa78) reported

    @PaladinsGame @AllPaladins @PaladinsFRA @KamiVS_ @z1unknown_ Hire fix your Match making or delete your game !!!

  • AverageG4merYT The Official/OG AverageGamer on YouTube (@AverageG4merYT) reported

    @Djwhiteboooty @FeyRazzle @PaladinsGame @EvilMojoMartini Ive had similar issues with this. Last week i was playing a match and my team had it at 99%, enemy team was at like 12% and it went into 'overtime' for a sec, when we eliminated the enemy on point keeping us from capping it popped up "Objective Lost" & gave it to the enemy! Wtf

  • AriesisKing Aries (@AriesisKing) reported

    Paladins' Servers are down, Xbox party chat is absolutely broken...77mph winds outside...blizzarding still...this sucks 😂

  • OrVape VapeItOrHateIt (@OrVape) reported

    @EvilMojoMolly @zextrix @ZaccardiEsteban @PaladinsGame Hopefully you guys fix a ton of issues I see I've been playing this game for months now and the awards for daily log in 7 days and play in 10 hrs in a party have never been awarded to my account status and don't even get me started on actually critical issues janky movement......

  • aribblesr123 alexander ribble (@aribblesr123) reported

    Hirez get rid of the problem put Ajax back on paladins my doesn’t need him he’s ******* everything up what proof do I have The most recent Nerf to the jungle speed buff your pros are even saying the rather choose red or blue than speed that’s a ******* problem

  • WrathMister Mister Wrath (@WrathMister) reported

    @PlayStation #psndown in chicago area. Looks like large scale outage. Friends in NJ and Colorado down also. No chat groups. Couldn't log into @PaladinsGame.

  • EverBethany Bethany Crowe Powell (@EverBethany) reported

    BTW this story is about 4 Paladins on separate DIRE QUESTS who all crash magnificently at a crossroads and literally get psychic-bonded into their enemies’ lives

  • cokerewardskal nivlak (@cokerewardskal) reported

    @PaladinsGame i sent a support ticket in Saturday and I still have not gotten the issue resolved. Seems as though the switch servers are not updating on the paladins end of things to fi alize the purchase (account online doesnt show same number of crystals and coins)

  • gingayellow ♓️Piscean Shiro♓️ (@gingayellow) reported

    Free 2 use fix it for VLD season 8 epilogue: it was actually the series finale of that ~wacky~ cartoon based off the Paladins' adventures!! Relevant companies, you can hire me at any time. 😎

  • DiamondHoe anarchy (@DiamondHoe) reported

    @PaladinsGame Please fix the crashing issue, my friend keeps crashing randomly, and sometimes even gets deserter ban. :/

  • FurmanBaseball Furman Baseball (@FurmanBaseball) reported

    M5 | Furman 5, USC Upstate 3. Paladins get a one-out walk and use a two-base throwing error to set up a Banks Griffith sacrifice fly to score a run, T5.

  • indyboi90 IndyFinestGamer (@indyboi90) reported

    @PaladinsGame The End Times challenges are not working at all plz fix

  • Leonardonpc Leonardonpc (@Leonardonpc) reported

    @PaladinsGame none of the quests of the end times work, fix it pls

  • Kidgg_ Bien joué kiddo (@Kidgg_) reported

    @PaladinsGame Fix your report thing, banned those guys pls

  • zhyan13games Laura (@zhyan13games) reported

    @EvilMojoAlyssa @EvilMojoMolly I can't log into the Paladins forum. I wanted to report an error on the PTS bug thread but I can't log in: Server Error in '/' Application. Error Getting Country Code By Ip

  • zhyan13games Laura (@zhyan13games) reported

    @EvilMojoAlyssa @EvilMojoMolly I can't log into the Paladins forum. I wanted to report an error on the PTS big thread but I can't log in: Server Error in '/' Application. Error Getting Country Code By Ip

  • TunaIsToxic iAmFortuna™ #F/A (@TunaIsToxic) reported

    If you say “DDOS” in the mirror three times, Hirez staff will come through the glass and break your PS4 #freeballinberry @HiRezStudios @PaladinsGame @EvilMojoGames 🥺🥺🥺

  • MishiV1 MishiV1 (@MishiV1) reported

    @PaladinsGame Fix your matchmaking pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I literally lose EVERY game because of my team mates

  • cusreyas Sreyas (@cusreyas) reported

    Hey @PaladinsGame the 3 new end times quest isn't working. Please fix.

  • astralscrivener eileen 💫 fix-it fic! (@astralscrivener) reported

    read deceit so natural if you want to see the paladins talk about their issues + actually react to the war and not just "oh we're fine after going through all this trauma!!" and actually be a team did i mention it's a kl TRILOGY ✨

  • Jiizou JII💜❤️🖤 (@Jiizou) reported

    Black makes him travel through time as the paladins all crash to earth as in the end of s7. Shiro's watching them all fall in horror, when suddenly he's dragged into the astral plane and shot out into post S8 epilogue shenanigans.

  • hikiganebousou 壱火郎 👹 (@hikiganebousou) reported

    oh my god i've been forgetting to collect my paladins login bonuses

  • RomanovaNRS XO | EQNX Romanova #MK11 🔜 Final Round (@RomanovaNRS) reported

    @bmira29 @auverin @EvilMojoMolly is the community manager for paladins and may be able to help direct you if you explain your issue

  • bmira29 Bert M (@bmira29) reported

    @auverin @RomanovaNRS Sorry for commenting on this game about Paladins, but I’ve had a running issue for close to a week now and can’t seem to get any answers

  • RedKnightHQ66 Red Knight 6, Commander, 1-81 AR (@RedKnightHQ66) reported

    @Soldier_Joe I don’t mean to ‘1 up you’ but I just intently ‘watched’ 30 BDE LFXs in 3 years. Like invasively watched. Women in tanks, brads, paladins wasn’t on our list of Army problems. And O/C love to talk about ALL unit problems.

  • art_gametina Tina B. (@art_gametina) reported

    @BooyahBree @PaladinsGame I have the problem with the loading frame too ...😕

  • XMemor Memor-X (@XMemor) reported

    @XSEEDGames @Xion136 to be honest that's disappointing and a problem with these dumb pre-order spreadsheets. i pre-ordered the Emperor of Paladins Edition long before the costume was announced. even if i wouldn't get it in my order i would've been happy to buy it as an extra purchase months after

  • MonkipiQuinn Quinn Welsh-Wilson (Primkus the Horse Hater Demon) (@MonkipiQuinn) reported

    @Crimson_Urn Yeah. The exact problem here (and with rangers and to an extent paladins) is a refusal to let go of functionally useless legacy mechanics which act as sinks for entire levels

  • vinkchaos Vink (@vinkchaos) reported

    @PaladinsGame Hi, I am a loyal player of paladins and my game never had serious problems like ta now having the new att with the skin of jenos that bugou my game he is 50 fps and suddenly descends to 10 I have to play another game because I only give rage playing catch and I like

  • MonkipiQuinn Quinn Welsh-Wilson (Primkus the Horse Hater Demon) (@MonkipiQuinn) reported

    @TheCalebG I have the problem generally of not liking DnD that much, but Monks, Rangers, and to a lesser extent Paladins all have some features that take up entire levels that just straight up suck compared to others

  • REOlutionTV Reolution (@REOlutionTV) reported