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Path of Exile is an online action role-playing game developed and published by Grinding Gear Games. It is a free-to-play title supported by microtransactions. It is available on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

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  • GarciaRecaj Juncielin (@GarciaRecaj) reported

    @pathofexile Stop selling microtransactions and fix your game

  • Msintyan MMO審議委員会 (@Msintyan) reported

    @pathofexile fix the game plz GGG still super laggy :(

  • joeylambertii redwut (@joeylambertii) reported

    @pathofexile Ps4 is having issues with leap slam on the ‘X’ button (I know I shouldn’t have any skill there but I need all 8 spots atm). When u open a chest u often cast ur leap slam.... both opening the chest and jumping away from it

  • Nerdy_Gay_Danny Nerdy_Gay_Danny (@Nerdy_Gay_Danny) reported

    @pathofexile on to of the constant crashing and death/transition glitch. My town portals are randomly despawning and it's sending me to a random town when I die. The game isn't really in a playable state... oh well off to monster Hunter world I guess. #Disappointed

  • _keviiii Lyshmo (@_keviiii) reported

    @pathofexile "enjoiying the new content" seems like i play something different where u crash 20 times a day

  • matt_african African Matt (@matt_african) reported

    @pathofexile Please fix lag and rubber banding from movement skills. Patch broke the game

  • GustaBeatTwo Tavo Andre (@GustaBeatTwo) reported

    @pathofexile Fix the game on xbox

  • Melfka Joanna Maciejewska (@Melfka) reported

    @TheBakerLive @pathofexile I don’t feel like being forced to start the game over. This should be my choice, not a way to deal with the game’s issues. :/

  • CristianFerrar3 DatGuyFerra (@CristianFerrar3) reported

    @DonTheCrownTV @pathofexile just wanna be a spinny boi without the mana issues :(

  • Wicky4734Greg Zalus(7) (@Wicky4734Greg) reported

    @pathofexile I agree with grimy, stop peddling your crap and FIX THIS MESS!!!!! No one wants to buy anything until you sort out these issues, rubber banding, Lag, blue screen crashes..... you OWE me 2 full levels at 85!!!!!!

  • LadyCrowe17 Corie Carroll (@LadyCrowe17) reported

    Then when I die and load back in, my character sits there attacking, can't move and uses all my skills while I'm stuck loading in!! Argh never used to have these problems until the update! #PathOfExile @pathofexile

  • NMarmer Marmorph🇸🇪 (@NMarmer) reported

    @pathofexile fix your ******* game, 20 chrashes a day and ive tried everything , reinstalled , verfied. everything still chrashes, i lost alot of loot thx to your shit managment of the game......

  • SirJumbly Tyler Kinsey (@SirJumbly) reported

    @KlauerFlorian @MurkN101 @pathofexile To be fair, I can crash the game with a flicker strike character by stacking attack speed extremely high and adding poison damage 😂

  • itsZizgaming itsZiz (@itsZizgaming) reported

    @pathofexile How about the competition is to fix auto targeting, so when I use a movement skill I don’t start randomly auto targeting mobs

  • SteveJenkins42 Steve Jenkins (@SteveJenkins42) reported

    @pathofexile Any competition that I can do while waiting for the next patch to hopefully fix this latest round of console bugs, I'd switch to the PC but all my stash tabs would miss me.

  • Beezle112 Josip Žgela (@Beezle112) reported

    @DonTheCrownTV @pathofexile yeah.... sucks, having the same issue with elreon haha

  • MKUltraWhite ⛓️⛓️⛓️⛓️⛓️⛓️⛓️⛓️⛓️⛓️⛓⛓️⛓️⛓️⛓️⛓️⛓️⛓️⛓️⛓️⛓️⛓️⛓️⛓️⛓️⛓ (@MKUltraWhite) reported

    @pathofexile thought the area change crash bug was fixed til i was going through the lab, very funny.

  • BellyoftheVince Vincere (@BellyoftheVince) reported

    @pathofexile Legion = best league ever, even with the severe server issues.

  • GarciaRecaj Juncielin (@GarciaRecaj) reported

    @pathofexile Stop the microtransactions and fix your game ¬¬

  • NuttsRicockulus Kashu da Nutt (@NuttsRicockulus) reported

    @pathofexile true story....flame dash is still broken...died 5x at least from rubberbanding

  • Claydead It could be worse (@Claydead) reported

    @pathofexile Xbox still unplayable after 3.7.1, can't finish labyrinth, it crashes every time i try. Please fix it!

  • Claydead It could be worse (@Claydead) reported

    @pathofexile Fix Xbox crashes please!

  • GerrardAryan Moonlight boy (@GerrardAryan) reported

    @pathofexile The content is just AMAZING, the crashes and lag though....

  • BraxtonKai William ワィルム白 笑 (@BraxtonKai) reported

    @pathofexile A "look at our coding and fix our crash to desktop issues" competition. On a more positive note how about character mtx designs for female marauders, male witches etc.

  • Real_UpTownBoy Grinding... (@Real_UpTownBoy) reported

    @pathofexile Can yall at least fix xbox. Y’all servers are trash.

  • TheSlanyPirate GoldenPichu (@TheSlanyPirate) reported

    @pathofexile FIX THE BLUE SCREENS ON PS4

  • YehudielPrime Yehudiel (@YehudielPrime) reported

    @pathofexile "We are working to resolve two confirmed issues - degraded server performance affecting the Japan and Singapore gateways" YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! my unstable 100-250 ping shall become 60 once more

  • Ch1cnStu Ch1cnstu (@Ch1cnStu) reported

    @pathofexile How about a company wide "let's finally fix the game competition." Where you actually start fixing the bugs, crashing, freezing.

  • brfeernys Fernanda Medina (@brfeernys) reported

    @pathofexile Fix os4 bugs pls

  • Crusaderofhell Reficul (@Crusaderofhell) reported

    @pathofexile Fix bugs on console before any more events please. Running maps solo because friends keep crashing due to movement skills and channeling bugs are really annoying

  • GustaBeatTwo Tavo Andre (@GustaBeatTwo) reported

    @pathofexile Fix the game on xbox

  • grimy_ghosty grimy_ (@grimy_ghosty) reported

    @Starry_26 @BelfordChance @pathofexile No problem *****.

  • Starry_26 Star (@Starry_26) reported

    @grimy_ghosty @BelfordChance @pathofexile Yikes, I can't take someone who thinks the game is broken while 80k people are playing it on steam seriously, sorry!

  • Starry_26 Star (@Starry_26) reported

    @grimy_ghosty @BelfordChance @pathofexile Not broken at all, been playing all day, bugs are gonna pop up like they do every new league. Don't like it don't play the first month, simple solution, really.

  • grimy_ghosty grimy_ (@grimy_ghosty) reported

    @Starry_26 @BelfordChance @pathofexile Hard to enjoy a broken game though.

  • OxideAUS connor ackerley (@OxideAUS) reported

    @pathofexile Can't play anymore, I freeze and disconnect every few minutes

  • FixFaxer FixFaxer 🇳🇴 (@FixFaxer) reported

    @grimy_ghosty @pathofexile The reason you can play this game for free and complain here on Twitter about it is because of micro transactions like these. This is how they earn money so they can hire coders to fix and add to the game. Take a step back and apriciate the effort they put into this game.

  • Wicky4734Greg Zalus(7) (@Wicky4734Greg) reported

    @pathofexile Address the server crashes when playing with friends and the annoying rubber banding issues, hired a competent network guy, you are making enough cash gouging us!!!!!

  • grimy_ghosty grimy_ (@grimy_ghosty) reported

    @pathofexile How about stop pluggin' this microtransaction bullshit and FIX. YOUR. GAME. You got all these different teams, yet all everyone is hearing is MTX this, MTX that. Goddamn.

  • M_Last0ftheTray Michael Lastre (@M_Last0ftheTray) reported

    @pathofexile Just started playing a few days ago. But if your "updating" system is this bad, then I'm done.. After downloading update. -Says still need to download update.. (After 10 min and reboot) - Can't contact servers Then it says abnormal login Too many request.....

  • hambone991977 Ira Davidson (@hambone991977) reported

    @pathofexile need yall fo fix on xbox one it wont let us login after this last patch

  • kelabukelala Hafiz Zakaria (@kelabukelala) reported

    @pathofexile Singapore server crash too much and sometimes lag to an unplayable level. Feels like we are getting the least love from ggg. I know that our player base is not as big as europe or NA but appreciate if you guys can do something about it.

  • MissINTJ Trish (@MissINTJ) reported

    @kufe31 @pathofexile Having the same problem but I am wondering if it is because the servers haven’t restarted but we got the update. Restart is in 25 minutes.

  • kufe31 AJKufe31 (@kufe31) reported

    @pathofexile xbox update causes login error. Tested on two machines.

  • Tristanthememer Goober(bottom toad) (@Tristanthememer) reported

    @pathofexile a trending post on Reddit not a guy losing an exalt cause of crashes :) it’s not going good pls fix

  • cput22 Cody Putnam (@cput22) reported

    @pathofexile Pleaseeeee. I'm begging you, fix Legion on XBox and PS4. So many crashes for simple things, I'm losing map after map, delve after delve l, and I know I'm not the only one. End game builds are virtually impossible to use right now.

  • ketaminetaco Ketaminetaco (@ketaminetaco) reported

    @pathofexile Fix the trade API plz :)

  • luis_ceb13 Luis Ceballos (@luis_ceb13) reported

    @pathofexile 3.7.1 patch said to have fixed double cast issues, bullshit. 3.7.1 patch said to have fixed desync and crash issues, bullshit. 3.7.1 patch actually broke more shit than it fixed

  • IbuyTheDip Richard (@IbuyTheDip) reported

    @pathofexile Leap slam and whirling blades casting multiple times on single click, not just flame dash. Please fix.

  • StreamsIon IoN_Streams (@StreamsIon) reported

    @pathofexile If it hasn’t been brought to your attention yet, there’s another annoying crash that doesn’t blue-screen. Specifically while in your inventory or trade market menu in a populated town. Seems to happen when someone with an MTX walks across the background. Freezes w/out bluescreen

  • StreamsIon IoN_Streams (@StreamsIon) reported

    @pathofexile Thank you guys for hotfixing the blue screen crash when loading into a new area after using a movement skill. There’s still some other annoying crashes but that one was awful and I’m grateful it’s fixed.

  • darkmirage16 Dark mirage (@darkmirage16) reported

    @pathofexile you have any plans to fix the connection issues making your game unplayable right now

  • FookinLucas contact.slowriot@gma (@FookinLucas) reported

    @pathofexile I'd love some server fixing news instead. Getting a crash or freeze every 20mins on ps4 at the moment. Tried it around people's houses on other systems and internets and it's the same. Consistently losing currency and progress when I can't afford to. It's ruining my experience.

  • Edub944 Eric Williams (@Edub944) reported

    @pathofexile U get no more money from me til u fix ps4 blue screen crashes. Just had my 117th crash today. Not an exaggeration. Literally the 117th time I've had your game crash

  • Lord_Wiesel ꒒ꑙℜ꒯꒳エᄐ꒚ᄐ꒒ (@Lord_Wiesel) reported

    @pathofexile Fix the ******* ce fails for ps4.

  • caseyhulon MiNDless (@caseyhulon) reported

    @DonTheCrownTV @pathofexile I've only crashed once since launch, but I keep getting the 2-3 second lag spikes. Lost 3 level 80ish characters to it so far.

  • brfeernys Fernanda Medina (@brfeernys) reported

    @pathofexile Can you guys fix the bug were you cannot play in group on psn that we get a bkue screen erros We want to play in group

  • tehhellhound666 😈The Hellhound😈{SSC|Asylum} (@tehhellhound666) reported

    @iLeahBoBia @DeadByBHVR Lag is often an individual problem or a regional problem. It could be anywhere from your router, to your ISP, to their backbones, individual routes, or a particular server. People keep complaining about Path of Exile but I rarely have an issue. As to trolls, report them.

  • Vyce223 Kendall Simon (@Vyce223) reported

    I really have an issue with Path of Exile... I don't have the ability to go a league without making some sort of Flicker Strike build

  • HobbsInOz Hobbs (@HobbsInOz) reported

    @GIMMELAMPS @pathofexile Ok, sorry Mummy. Didn't know I couldn't be curious about server problems. Please accept my many apologies if I've offended you. 🙄