Is Playstation Network (PSN) down?

PlayStation Network (PSN) is a digital media entertainment service provided by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Launched in November 2006, PSN was originally conceived for the PlayStation video game consoles, but soon extended to encompass smartphones, tablets, Blu-ray players and high-definition televisions.

 Some problems detected at Playstation Network (PSN)

Playstation Network (PSN) problems in the last 24 hours

Playstation Network (PSN) Outage Chart

December 12: Problems at Playstation Network (PSN)

Playstation Network (PSN) is having issues since 02:30 AM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in (65.58%)
  • Online Play (18.85%)
  • Glitches (11.35%)
  • Game Crash (2.69%)
  • Matchmaking (1.35%)
  • Hacking / Cheating (.19%)

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  • bratophile
    💬 (@bratophile) reported

    @HostiLity_Sway @PlayStation I just had this same problem with Xbox tonight..

  • mathiasb1230
    mathias (@mathiasb1230) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA @PlayStation Dont buy this game it sucks and it's full of mistakes ea fix FIFA 19 before you sell it to other people

  • Misuutto
    Misuto (@Misuutto) reported

    @IFrostyl @AskPlayStation It's broken dude

  • Riaz_Hossain_66
    RiazYouKnowMe (@Riaz_Hossain_66) reported from Toronto, Ontario

    @foo_74 @AskPlayStation Everyone with broken disk drive is getting this error code.

  • dylan44091709
    dylan (@dylan44091709) reported

    @SlashLP89 trying to get help from @XboxSupport is by far the most infuriating gaming experience I have ever had. After the last day I almost feel like trying to ask PlayStation's support service just to actually get a starting point for what might be wrong.

  • LeJuanJames234
    Adryan Hernandez (@LeJuanJames234) reported

    @PlayStation Your new update made my ps4 slim unplayable since it keeps giving me the error message. Please fix my console or release a patch for this

  • T_Vicious0418
    Terry Henderson Jr (@T_Vicious0418) reported

    @HBO @PlayStation Please fix the HBO GO app in the PS4 Store it has not been working lately and keeps giving error messages

  • owen46696673
    Owen O' Malley (@owen46696673) reported

    @JacobBleyNBA @AskPlayStation Still not working

  • rizzij13
    jack rizzo (@rizzij13) reported

    .@AskPlayStation was super helpful today. Might have been the best customer service I've received in a while

  • _MLGesus_
    MLGesus (@_MLGesus_) reported

    @AskPlayStation @Playstation The 6.20 system update isnt installing onto my console, i keep getting the SU-42118-6 error. I've deleted the update notification, downloaded through safe mode, and Im still getting an error. Need hotfix please

  • xstation596
    station (@xstation596) reported

    @AskPlayStation I went through the site that you have gave me and it would cost me $99 to service my PlayStation 4. This issue was caused by your update yet it’s going to cost me $99 to get it fixed. The update that PlayStation provided has caused this issue yet I have to pay. This is outrageous

  • michaeImg38
    Gravity (@michaeImg38) reported

    @james38738671 @PlayStation @AskPlayStation No problem sorry i couldn’t get it solved

  • Razzas123456789
    Ryan Walker (@Razzas123456789) reported

    @AskPlayStation I’m currently experiencing some hard times with your console I can turn it on but none of the controllers will pair with it the USB ports are fine all that happens is a continuous light blue flashing light for 10 seconds then nothing any ideas what the problem is

  • PioneerYourSelf
    PioneerYourSelf (@PioneerYourSelf) reported

    @Nathdude13 @PlayStation @AskPS_UK @MonkeyFlop I just finished talking to playstation support about my issue and now i gotta wait 3-5 business days for a specialist to review my report so looks like they aint gonna fix it for everyone with this issue :(

  • Rumbles82
    Bryce Conine (@Rumbles82) reported

    @ChampagneXVI @PlayStation @PlayStationEU @AskPS_UK @AskPlayStation Multiple consoles are getting stuck in an error message loop.

  • _MLGesus_
    MLGesus (@_MLGesus_) reported

    @Playstation The 6.20 patch has bricked my playstation, i keep getting error code SU-42118-6. Hot fix please

  • michaeImg38
    Gravity (@michaeImg38) reported

    @Vento555twitch @PlayStation It worked for me no problem at all that’s why I share it

  • james38738671
    Dazorgarath (@james38738671) reported

    @michaeImg38 @PlayStation Yeah sorry to bug you but all it said when I did it was an error occurred

  • wesker_v
    ڤيصل (@wesker_v) reported

    @oCyclr @AskPlayStation Same problem

  • OlivierPaiement
    Olivier Paiement (@OlivierPaiement) reported

    @AskPlayStation can't seem to download new update. Getting error code ce-30002-5. Please help

  • michaeImg38
    Gravity (@michaeImg38) reported

    @james38738671 @PlayStation No problem just let me know if you have any other questions about it I will try to help you out

  • Vento555twitch
    Troy (@Vento555twitch) reported

    @PlayStation update 6.20 is bricking consoles please fix!

  • ricarpnd
    Ricardo Pineda (@ricarpnd) reported

    So @IGN showcased the best PlayStation and Xbox 1 games of 2018, where #AssassinsCreedOdyssey is nominated in both categories, though they featured Alexios and i didn't see any sign of Kassandra, please fix that

  • michaeImg38
    Gravity (@michaeImg38) reported

    @ChampagneXVI @PlayStation @PlayStationEU @AskPS_UK @AskPlayStation No problem it worked for me so I decided to share it

  • james38738671
    Dazorgarath (@james38738671) reported

    @PlayStation I’m having a problem with the 6.20 software update do you know how to fix it

  • jordan28152203
    jordan (@jordan28152203) reported

    Hey @Xbox how about you manage to have your “team” actually fix the issues you’re always having. I just love working 10+ hours wanting to play pub just to come home and not even be able to sign in. Bullshit! Boutta swap over to @PlayStation

  • Rumbles82
    Bryce Conine (@Rumbles82) reported

    @AskPlayStation @xstation596 This update is bricking hundreds of consoles. HUNDREDS. You need to do better than it needs service.

  • CSweetMarie420
    Christine Nicoll (@CSweetMarie420) reported

    @AskPlayStation I only own a tablet and I triple checking my settings and everything seems to be in order. I know my login info.

  • ChrisShane812
    Christopher (@ChrisShane812) reported

    What in the God damn **** @XboxSupport @Xbox @Microsoft you have moe god damn problems than anything.... you should not have the problems you do every single ******* I can't wait for the new ******* systems so I can switch to PLAYSTATION

  • iHashh
    Josh (@iHashh) reported

    @mlgsupport my friend who has never played GB keeps getting error code 500 when trying to link his PSN. Please help.

  • Sparky_Venkman
    SparkyVenkman (@Sparky_Venkman) reported

    @FridiNaTor @AskPlayStation I think so, haven't had any issues today. There was a system update today as well, so time will tell.

  • tomcevans
    Tom E. (@tomcevans) reported

    @AskPlayStation Still the same error.

  • AstroBH
    🅱️ahmed 400 🤽‍♂️ひ (@AstroBH) reported

    @AskPlayStation so for some reason i keep getting an “A error has occurred” message whenever i try to download the new system software and it won’t let me download it all for 2 hours straight now.

  • tomcevans
    Tom E. (@tomcevans) reported

    @AskPlayStation I'm getting an error trying to get a free PS4 theme on the PS store. The error says "We're sorry, but this feature is unavailable. Please select OK to return to the store home page." This message does not indicate what the problem is or how to resolve it.

  • xstation596
    station (@xstation596) reported

    @AskPlayStation @PlayStation No downloading is not the issue. I literally can not do anything. The screen is locked and controllers do not turn on. No matter what is done I cannot change from the error screen. My PlayStation 4 is currently useless in this state. I can’t play anything or use the system at all

  • oCyclr
    Michael (@oCyclr) reported

    @AskPlayStation my PS4 literally won’t download the new system software update, how do I fix this

  • DanielWatters19
    Ezra8294 🎄 (@DanielWatters19) reported from Scranton, Pennsylvania

    @PlayStation @AskPlayStation @Playstationsup I really need help. I’ve tried a lot for my ps4 but nothing is working to fix corrupted data please help. It does it with almost every game and I’ve seen nothing that’s worked I’ve redownloaded initialized downloaded system softwares

  • hammarlund7
    hammarlund7 (@hammarlund7) reported

    @AskPlayStation PS4 broke, got a new one. Broken PS4 reactivated in error as primary. Standard protocol 6 months until it can be reset. Can't play any downloaded games unless online. Useless support. About to throw all my PS gear in the fire pit. This is how you lose cust. @GameSpot @Polygon

  • xstation596
    station (@xstation596) reported

    @PlayStation @AskPlayStation upon downloading the system software update 6.20 for ps4, my ps4 has given me the error code CE-35888-2. This has caused my PlayStation 4 to completely stop working. When the system is turned on the error code stays on screen making the system useless

  • Bigbbezme
    Big B (@Bigbbezme) reported

    @AskPlayStation having an issue with the messaging system on both my Playstation and the Playstation Messaging App. Not receiving any messages sent to me and my friends aren't getting the ones I send to them. Please help.

  • Theboss2302
    Theboss1994 (@Theboss2302) reported

    @AskPlayStation This update has broken party chat my friend would say something then he would cut out but his mic is still moving we both have the same nattype and eveything we restarted internet and console and still happening can you're team look into this issue

  • Mr_Negrologist
    Urban Legend (@Mr_Negrologist) reported

    @AskPlayStation love being rudely hung up on by one of you support staff before even getting to the problem now I have to wait on hold again.

  • BANGBANGSniper
    R6 BOY🌈 (@BANGBANGSniper) reported

    @PlayStation I keep seeing tweets about people updating their PS4s but they get stuck on a black screen so I am too scared to update my PS4 so can you guys at PlayStation please find a way to fix this issue so I can update my PS4 and play

  • whois__________
    A (@whois__________) reported

    @AskPlayStation fix my ps4 it keeps acting up with I start game

  • Shakeypaul
    Paul Heal (@Shakeypaul) reported

    @AskPS_UK What about error code su-42118-6. This has completely stopped the PS4 from working. Also doesn’t allow controllers to connect wirelessly or with cable. This happened following download of latest update.

  • Fringe_Agent13
    Mr. Fringe ⚗️ (@Fringe_Agent13) reported

    @CoBRUHtheDJ @AskPlayStation @PlayStation Yea it’s tedious but I thought my PS4 was broken. I’ll go through that shit to save it. 😭

  • Adam80363994
    Adam (@Adam80363994) reported

    @AskPS_UK Hi I downloaded the update for black ops yesterday and once it had downloaded I went to start the game and my whole PlayStation errors out and turnt itself off when I turnt it back on

  • FikeMairles
    FikeMairless (@FikeMairles) reported

    @AskPlayStation 447.1 mb. The new 6.20 update. Just tried to install it from USB in safe mode and still getting same error message at 14% installation

  • CoBRUHtheDJ
    Hoodie Cobra (@CoBRUHtheDJ) reported

    @Fringe_Agent13 @AskPlayStation @PlayStation I had this issue earlier

  • xHailster
    Hail (@xHailster) reported

    @AskPlayStation So i try to play on my PS4 and had a the 6.20 software update but I got the error code SU-30746-0 and idk how to fix it I tried looking for a solution but couldn't find anything I already tried the safe mode thing but it wont let me even use my controller help me

  • enragedflame
    EnragedFlame 31 (@enragedflame) reported

    @PlayStation Here's some criticism: Activision, put all 3 Spyro games on disk so the disk version will actually have the games on disk. Every time players turns there backs it's almost always companies like you, EA, or some other there to ruin a game in some major or minor way. Fix it please.

  • shelbyrenae
    shelbae 💜 (@shelbyrenae) reported

    Playstation seriously has the worst customer service I have ever received. The people are nice and easy to understand, but don't actually help anything and just talk in circles. So frustrating. I just want my account back. 😥

  • OffTheDeepEnd3
    OffTheDeepEnd (@OffTheDeepEnd3) reported

    @Fallout I thought you guys fixed the glitch that keeps PlayStation trophies from unlocking for breach and clear. Just did it. No trophy. This game sucks.

  • BasedCarter1
    ThatBoiCarter (@BasedCarter1) reported

    @AskPlayStation Hey I’m trying to do the mandatory update 6.20. And it gives me the message “ An error has occurred CE-30002-5” any assistance please

  • Theboss2302
    Theboss1994 (@Theboss2302) reported

    @AskPS_UK Hello after the new system update i have been getting issues were my friends would talk and for some reason they would cut out and not talk but they mics would still move it didn't do this before help.

  • xstation596
    station (@xstation596) reported

    @PlayStation upon downloading the system software update 6.20 for ps4, my PlayStation 4 has given me the error code of CE-35888-2. This has caused my PlayStation 4 to completely stop working. When I system is turned on the error code stays on screen rendering the system useless

  • JustJasper16
    Jasper (@JustJasper16) reported

    Was trying to stealthily release the Sony Vita Alarm Clock with PlayStation Vue login 📺.

  • AlisieaM
    🍁darkside_elmo🍂 (@AlisieaM) reported

    @PlayStation Yay Spyro and crash remastered bundle can’t wait until the end of the month when I get paid

  • buzzledorf
    waiting for kingdom hearts 3 #TerraDidNothingWrong (@buzzledorf) reported

    @PlayStation Announce Crash Bandicoot vs Spyro: The Fortnite Wars

  • TheLegendofVice
    Vice (@TheLegendofVice) reported

    @SandyRavage @xcaliz0rz Thats how PS4 did it, but they may have broken it up because PSN takes forever to update

Playstation Network (PSN) Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • CE-30774-1
  • CE-32889-0
  • CE-33676-5
  • CE-33945-4
  • CE-33987-0
  • CE-34335-8
  • CE-34632-8
  • CE-34861-2
  • CE-34878-0
  • CE-35287-5
  • CE-35406-8
  • CE-35486-6
  • CE-35489-9
  • CE-36244-9
  • E-80558337
  • E-8200002E
  • E-82000102
  • E-82000113
  • E-82000133
  • E-82000138
  • E-8200013A
  • NP-31730-4
  • NP-31730-4
  • NP-31739-3
  • NP-31952-0
  • NP-32062-3
  • NP-35000-8
  • NW-31194-8
  • NW-31201-7
  • NW-31205-1
  • NW-31246-6
  • NW-31247-7
  • NW-31250-1
  • NW-31253-4
  • NW-31294-9
  • NW-31297-2
  • NW-31374-8
  • NW-31453-6
  • NW-31456-9
  • SU-30696-4
  • SU-30746-0
  • SU-35931-1
  • WC-40382-7
  • WS-36782-6
  • WS-36812-0
  • WS-36855-7
  • WS-36856-8
  • WS-37337-3
  • WS-37338-4
  • WS-37368-7
  • WS-37397-9
  • WS-37432-9
  • WS-37501-6
  • WS-37504-9
  • WV-33898-1
  • WV-33899-2
  • WV-33907-2
  • WV-33917-3
  • WV-36450-7