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Pokémon Go is a free-to-play, location-based augmented reality game developed by Niantic for iOS and Android devices.

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  • TwistOfFate619 Step (@TwistOfFate619) reported

    @CowsCrazy @PokemonGoApp Feebas day was broken, but Lotad day wasnt that bad. Id rather events like that than ‘hatch-a-thons’. At least these events can be played fairly without demanding large amounts of incubators and raids.


    @DatShinyTurtwig @Twitch @PokemonGoApp Yep and I STILL got nothing from them. Even if my suspensions lifted I’m still going to fight the strike and seek recoups because week off really kills me that I can’t support anyone the way I want to @TwitchSupport likes taking their time with non partner issues

  • KateArven Kate Arven Black (@KateArven) reported

    @PokemonGoApp Please consider making research days actually full days and not just hours, same for community day. I am probably gonna be working that day during the hours for Minccino research... And its annoying cause I cant always say no to a work day.

  • stelledair Alice (@stelledair) reported

    Any Nintendo fan who plays games that depend on online service can tell you how shitty it is for anything on the switch. This honestly shouldn't be made into a Pokemon issue because that isn't how we would get our voice heard in regards to it. You go towards Nintendo for that.

  • grimlockrules Grimlocks844 (@grimlockrules) reported

    @ayye_alex_boy @kydoudou @thatwonguy88 @efnfen @Pokemon @netflix You clearly don’t know a thing about Pokémon if you didn’t really pay attention. Pokémon home and Pokémon sleep were confirmed to be a thing they were working on. Keep in mind, pokemon home is a PHONE app. They haven’t finished developing it yet, it’s supposed to be like GO

  • Dooorrrsssyyy Pintuan (@Dooorrrsssyyy) reported

    Pokemon go issue....

  • endigodesign Chris aka Grim (@endigodesign) reported

    @aDrive_tK If you get a chance you might read a post-mortem of the Pokemon Go launch (or any MMO) to understand WHY these issues happen. Simply put, throwing more servers is not always a solution. Sometimes small issues only appear at scale occur, etc. There's no way to test for everything.

  • SedewCoder Sedew (@SedewCoder) reported

    @minecraftearth The game keeps crashing a lot. Waiting is not worth it. The loading is too slow. And the worst: my data reset I’m afflicted to Mario Kart Tour because it let’s me play easily anywhere and anytime. Pokemon Go is a closer game to the genre and the experience was better. Please...

  • Greatm8SFM Greatm8👍 (@Greatm8SFM) reported

    @evil_electivire @TheSMonroeShow They proved with the Lupin 3D film they're doing that you can successfully transfer 2D to 3D, I think the big problem was the style Pokemon decided to go with. Really yucky

  • nagi_rokuya Pala 🎉 (@nagi_rokuya) reported

    if Niantic is making ar glasses (i'm late to the party) that means pokemon is one step closer to being completely in a virtual reality space I /do/ remember a long while back it was stated they were working on a prototype for pokemon go vr but that was a year ago iirc

  • Quiest__elle Jessica Rabbit (@Quiest__elle) reported

    @NianticHelp I have been unable to log into pokemon go on my S10 for about a week now. I've tried multiple locations yet keep getting the same unable to authenticate error. I have a strong connection and your servers are not down in my area. #pokemongo

  • Joduodecter Joduodecter (@Joduodecter) reported

    @NianticHelp My problem is that I don't know how i can send you a lot of private content to report a player with five accounts in Pokemon Go.

  • N_McAneney Neil McAneney (@N_McAneney) reported

    @NianticHelp Pokemon go continues to crash as soon as I open the app. Tried deleting and re-downloading countless times with no success. Any help appreciated.

  • JosGE5 JosGE - TL 40 (@JosGE5) reported

    @GPiDgeonGaming @PokemonGoApp This error accurs when you use different devices for the same account. When a Pokemon you used as a Gym defender on device B is part of your premade team on device A while joining a raid lobby.

  • DemonNoises ☄️Suki☄️ (@DemonNoises) reported

    Thinking about how a bunch of single digit IQ streamers would play Pokémon Let's Go for ten hours and then shut the game off without saving, and if was such a common issue that Sword and Shield are the first Pokemon games to come with an autosave.

  • TheArtOfStevenG ZombieBacon Studios (@TheArtOfStevenG) reported

    @PokemonGoApp Fix the s10 ar+ feature please.

  • grimm_1me I don't remember my original name (@grimm_1me) reported

    @TheBaka_Otaku I had that problem with my Pokemon go I had to switch to a different phone I never throw out my old phone when I upgrade so I still have one lying around

  • theblueants24 Kang Ari (@theblueants24) reported

    @pizzalover4189 @TheMasterJCL @PokemonGoApp @NianticHelp But they are working on it

  • KiranTheWitch ✨キラン魔女✨ (@KiranTheWitch) reported

    @DMein89 @EdwarYeisonVida @PokemonGoApp Too early for Gen 7, they haven't even finished 3 and 4 yet. Slow your roll.

  • timothious78v3 Timothious78v3 (@timothious78v3) reported

    @pizzalover4189 @TheMasterJCL @PokemonGoApp @NianticHelp The only thing you ever get from niantic help is a reply saying "check your DM" then in that DM they explain that "they're working on it"

  • brandonestep1 brandon estep (@brandonestep1) reported

    @HumiraChic @NianticHelp I had the same problem and all I had to do was close the pokemon go app and then reopen the pokemon go app and that fixed the problem for me.

  • vdwmontreal 🏳️‍🌈 Zakenar 🏳️‍🌈 (@vdwmontreal) reported

    @PokemonGoApp Imagine a post that said "Great news trainers! We've been working hard and our next update is ready with no new bugs and all old ones 100% resolved!" One can dream...🤣

  • hubbcap24 hubb (@hubbcap24) reported

    @SilphGG @PokemonGoApp @TheSilphRoad @NianticHelp my towns discord channel for pvp is all run by spoofers this is the reason I’ll never do pvp they can get rank 1 mons anywhere on the planet from there couch and always have an advantage. Please fix issue for good with spoofing

  • TUS_Niar Niar (@TUS_Niar) reported

    @eliispie123 @ThatSephence @JstShaun @IGN I mean, if you go like that, yeah, all monster training games are Discount Pokemon, every shooter is discount CS:GO Crash is just a discount Mario anyway

  • Jkkace14 Jkkace14 (@Jkkace14) reported

    @Arkeus88 It slightly bothers me but it's not that big of a problem since he is Pokemon Go incarnate. I would prefer the catch go to the go to the weaker Pokemon but battle tougher Pokemon. Or he could even start using status attacks like sleep powder to make it easier.

  • Smashan3 Smashan (@Smashan3) reported

    @Neoxon619 @KevinZheng19 @Delzethin Not only that but Sakurai has made exceptions several times when it comes to Pokemon such as finalising a Pokemon placeholder for smash ultimate and working on greninja without him even being publicly known or like I just said they could go the Urshifu route

  • megamingmaster9 JustCallMeArrk (@megamingmaster9) reported

    @NianticHelp it's snowing here in Cookeville TN and it's been snowing since 4am and Pokemon go says is sunny pls fix

  • MirvaVilla Mirva (@MirvaVilla) reported

    As a regular pokemon go & wizards united player, I personally find it really frustrating to see how progress in the game is hindered by lack of storage, lack of *****/spell power and so on. But I know many who do spend a bit of money on the game and don't think of it as an issue.

  • mm1kufurin マイルド・マイ ナ〜 雑多垢 (@mm1kufurin) reported

    @NianticHelp Used Google Translate. please help me. I can no longer log in from yesterday's Community Day. I can't play Pokemon GO even now. A few people have fallen into the same problem as me. The Japanese support center does not work. Please, please help. I am Japanese

  • Eeveelien Evelien 🇳🇱 Pokemon / Anime ❤ (@Eeveelien) reported

    @ImDawen @foxxworldd @PokemonGoApp True, the game is riddled with bugs and glitches... And not one event thus far has been flawless, there are always problems.

  • JordanRennie1 R3NN13 (@JordanRennie1) reported

    @Gigamecha @Huawei @PokemonGoApp Yeah i saw a video on yt of someone using that method with the apk file, but tbh id rather just get a different phone. Apparently theres always an issue with Huawei and this app. Its not the sole reason im thinking "Nah" but its defo a negative

  • RangerDewew2 white-haired anime protag @ *sighs* (@RangerDewew2) reported

    me: i don't like x and y i thought it had a lot of issues anyone: x and y- me already there with a pokemon hat on my head and my copy of pokemon y in hand: let's go

  • _Crazyhobo5 Josh Becroft (@_Crazyhobo5) reported

    @PokemonGoApp Please fix name change errors unable to change on Pokémon name section been like this how about a little update to fix this

  • PoGoDaddyYuey PokéDaddyYuey (@PoGoDaddyYuey) reported

    @BlackQuartz15 @timwrightslife @PokemonGoApp i’m almost at 4k rockets so i was struggling with potions but after some raid days it’s not an issue anymore. rare candies i always have at least 700 😅 TM’s for pvp would be great tho.

  • Shawksta64 Shawksta (@Shawksta64) reported

    @LonelyGoomba It's funny but still, it doesn't make the issue with the tone deaf decision go away, but i blame IS for making their FE lords so similar, causing this problem. It's going to be like how the Pokemon situation calming down doesn't change that SWSH is still a barebones game.

  • N4lyfe916 ✨N4lyfe✨ (@N4lyfe916) reported

    @profpokeballer @REVERSALYOUTUBE Ive only bought Samsung flagships so I haven't had any of those issues since my Galaxy S5 and it was after having it for about a year. The S5 would drain quickly having the screen on for hours straight playing Pokemon Go around the time it released. Then I upgraded shortly after.

  • liamoohay David K. (@liamoohay) reported

    Trials and errors should be desired and be collected and be studied like catching pokemon & transfering them into candy in Pokemon GO. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.

  • kerrycakesl Kerry Cakes Lovatt (@kerrycakesl) reported

    @Ghunnter @PokemonGoApp As I said I dont think it's that, and someone said its probs Chinese new year, and weve had a nice stint of new pokemon, I dont think it would be an issue. Anyway, off to bed. Too tired. Goodnight.

  • HirokoTheHedgie Jessica Canales (@HirokoTheHedgie) reported

    Today seems to be an unlucky day, besides the 18-berry-chain I got in Pokemon Shield. First my period comes out of nowhere to stain my white underwear, now I got my package in the mail only to discover that I was sent the wrong thing and now I gotta go fix that and bluh....

  • JordanL58555802 Jordan.L (@JordanL58555802) reported

    @AshKetchumShiny @VozdeCules @NianticHelp @PokemonGoApp Talk to me when you work 12h a day with 2 kids and get about 2 hours a night to them self u think I am going to be walking around at night to play when i just finished working

  • Drixitan ⛩Cryptic future⛩ (@Drixitan) reported

    I have on Pokemon Go the same problem I have on Gramblue..... I inmediatelly get no more room for stuff.... 300/300 in both games this is a big struggle

  • JPendragon1985 Jon Pendragon (@JPendragon1985) reported

    @DynamoDuskull @PokemonGoApp This is part of the reason why people spoof. Niantic is slow on making the game more accessible and then bans you for trying to enjoy it.

  • KosGD Tomasz Wesołowski (@KosGD) reported

    @GamerPres2020 Pokemon Go avoided the problem completely by only having a "choose your style" popup at the beginning and that's it. I thought that's the go-to approach in all new Pokemon games.

  • FlintBaker 🎷🔥🌌Axiom™🌌🔥🎷 (@FlintBaker) reported

    @PokemonGoApp Solo'd a piplup raid. Please fix AR+ I'm running it on an S10 and it still crashes

  • JordanRennie1 R3NN13 (@JordanRennie1) reported

    @dy0b1 @Huawei @PokemonGoApp I do, but every time i tap 'INSTALL' it just does nothing. Every thing else installs first try, no problem

  • Eeveelien Evelien 🇳🇱 Pokemon / Anime ❤ (@Eeveelien) reported

    @foxxworldd @PokemonGoApp They should really address this problem and not try to cover it up first like with the Xiaomi phones...

  • lovelytimes22 🤍 (@lovelytimes22) reported

    @PokemonGoApp can you guys fix your step counter. I have the game programmed to my watch and I have been on my feet all day and the app says I have walked 0.1 km. I’m trying to hatch a 10 km egg and but when I first opened the app it said I walked 12.9 km.

  • hgryphon Hunter Gryphon, CPhT (@hgryphon) reported

    @PokemonGoApp @NianticHelp @NianticLabs Uh, my game just crashed while evolving a Prinplup and it DELETED ALL MY PRINPLUPS. That might be an issue that needs addressing...

  • 92Jewishkid Kallab fierro (@92Jewishkid) reported

    @PokemonGoApp yall need to fix your shit this app hasn't been recording my steps and the AR is crashing the app and kicking me from it

  • stacefacex0 𝓢𝓽𝓪𝓬𝓮𝔂 (@stacefacex0) reported

    @PokemonGoApp is so broken for me right now. I’ll have 5-8 spawns and then I can’t click a single one. I’ve closed and re opened it multiple times and no such luck

  • Jadenfire Ashley (@Jadenfire) reported

    @NintendoAmerica there are more features in other Pokemon games & They don’t have dlc to charge for stuff that should of been in base. Pokemon is starting to go down the Sims 4 path, the Base is lackluster let’s throw more stuff on a broken base & hope it gets better. It’s very rare it will.

  • rx_Hydro rx_Hydro (@rx_Hydro) reported

    Ghostbusters couldn't exist in the pokemon world because "who ya gonna call" is literally any trainer. You could just go buy a ball and solve the problem yourself.

  • walkingqmark Bianbyan (@walkingqmark) reported

    @PokemonGoApp FIX THE APP

  • Tigersfanjr Josh Rasler (@Tigersfanjr) reported

    @TheSupraAngel pokemon go raids 😂 mainly because it was broken at the start so now I just sheer power every thing

  • WeirdPersonCV PinkPerson (@WeirdPersonCV) reported

    @HaxorusQueen Can we do that with people irl please Just “You’re annoying, GO IN THE BALL” But seriously Pokemon breaking out and being angry as **** because they got a pokeball thrown in their face is fun, why ruin it- Hope Gou will get problems with it in the future :’v

  • fastpager200 uncle joe (@fastpager200) reported

    @YuYuKamii to be fair that would mean pokemon would go above fire emblem in terms of character count again so i fail to see the problem

  • yeleon Lord León (@yeleon) reported

    @PokemonGoApp I won't be able to enjoy the CD today, you never fixed the problem with the RA and that's really annoying...

  • NatalieisSharp Natalie V. Sharp (@NatalieisSharp) reported

    @PokemonGoApp Having log in issues in Scotland

  • DynamoDuskull Kota (@DynamoDuskull) reported

    tl;dr Pokemon stopped spawning in most of my town, and all the stops are out of walking distance, so I basically can't play #PokemonGO despite being a huge PokeFan who REALLY wants to get into it more. Please fix this, @PokemonGoApp

  • tormix77 Sean McCormick (@tormix77) reported

    @Chris_Robson99 @NianticHelp @PokemonGoApp And they will do absolutely nothing. We have the same problem with a team of blues but after many people reporting it, the problem persists.