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Pokémon Go is a free-to-play, location-based augmented reality game developed by Niantic for iOS and Android devices.

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  • ReelEnthusiast Ben (@ReelEnthusiast) reported

    I don’t mean to be a cynical ******* or ruin anyone’s fun... I’m just kind of baffled by how these issues go ignored by a startling majority. Any other series/developer would be getting criticised, but Pokemon’s always able to get away with bloody murder.

  • zenmeatbot GENDER REVEAL EXTINCTION EVENT (@zenmeatbot) reported

    @xomputer pretty sure it was like a design backwards thing, like how do we onramp people to do X "oh yeah lets build a cloud game thing! it worked for pokemon go" is the vibe i get off the entire thing. its fixing a problem no one has so it must be solving a problem management had imho

  • Z_R1NMain Cyberchonk 2069🛡️🍏 (@Z_R1NMain) reported

    @TheHoodedDraco reddit isn't the issue here, surprisingly. Though the pokemon subreddit is still a miserable place to go to if you like the new games

  • softjakeperalta ˗ˏˋ iole ˎˊ˗ 💗💛💙🥰☀️ (@softjakeperalta) reported

    Franchise and he was bored so he decided to try it. Problem is the town has like one (1) pokestop but he is still very passionate about the game and always find excuses to go to the location of the pokestop so he can get items and find some Pokemon. He also works at the blouse

  • Mohammed15569 Mohammed 💟 Assala 💟 Libya (@Mohammed15569) reported

    @PokemonGoApp Hi (●’◡’●)ノ why Game not supported Until now in my country Libya 😭😭😭😭 Please l need Solve for a problem

  • oneupmango 1UpMango #TeamTrees (@oneupmango) reported

    @imranzomg It's not a Pokemon only problem and it's probably system-wide, whenever I'm on the matchmaking screen of Splatoon 2 and I go to the home menu, several seconds later I get kicked from the screen and go back to the plaza

  • itsagbae ً (@itsagbae) reported

    great... had to log in on pokemon go again bc of issues with the app (and yeah still play pokemon go sometimes) and now i f*cking lost all of my pokeballs 😒 @PokemonGoApp

  • itsagbae ً (@itsagbae) reported

    great... had to log in on pokemon go again bc of issues with the app (and yeah still play pokemon go sometimes) and now i f*cking lost all of my pokeballs :( @PokemonGoApp

  • JordanKgames Jordan Kuiper (@JordanKgames) reported

    @BloomingtonCVB @mallofamerica That is true... The problem is that I'm playing Pokemon Sword on the switch so that won't really work. I usually open pokemon go while I'm there though!

  • be_green_ohio Belinda Green (@be_green_ohio) reported

    @PokemonGoApp The "hey we missed you" promo code keeps giving me an error when I enter it. :/

  • Jhannan1989 Jamie Hannan (@Jhannan1989) reported

    @NianticHelp I have updated Pokémon Go tonight but there are still issues with PvP. I am still unable to switch my pokemon at the back end of a charge move and switching in general is terrible. This is ruining my PvP experience and it needs fixing ASAP.

  • Stupid_Inari Chromloverr💙 (@Stupid_Inari) reported

    @BrandedExalt @PokemonGoApp Yooooooooooo. I hope im not working

  • GrogmanWoW Grogman (@GrogmanWoW) reported

    @PokemonGoApp Literally no potions from pokestops today. Your event is broken.

  • BobbyTweets_ B Earl (@BobbyTweets_) reported

    @riddle @PokemonGoApp I don’t think their code can currently withstand changing a randomized grunt stop to a leader,decoy or gio stop. But again. I don’t see how it’s an issue anyway. I haven’t had trouble doing them.

  • BobbyTweets_ B Earl (@BobbyTweets_) reported

    @riddle @PokemonGoApp Well. It’s been years and niantic doesn’t type well. So no surprise. I do think it isn’t a fixable problem at this time. If someone has a rocket radar and a stop with a leader spawns a grunt it’ll probably break the game lol. I don’t have issues with how it works now, however.

  • Marcbri Marc (@Marcbri) reported

    @Virum_SD I want to revisit gen 4 and 5 because I don't remember them well enough and never played Platinum but I don't think I can ever go back to random encounters. Rock tunnel in lets go was actually fun to explore. Leveling up underleveled pokemon feels too slow nowadays too

  • Dr_Vulpine Ωmegα Vampire - Lord Bitey Strings (@Dr_Vulpine) reported

    @NinWire But not fixing the GO Plus, or the Pokeball Plus. Some people thought theirs were broken so they bought another. Nope it's app. Niantic did it on purpose. Nintendo & Pokemon Co don't even know about it, but if more people complain to them about it, you can bet they'll be pissed.

  • RogueWallflower Rogue Wallflower (@RogueWallflower) reported

    @PokemonGoApp Please fix your adventure sync before this!!!! I used to track over 100 KM of my movement during exercising and every time i walked around the office. Now it tracks nothing. FIX it. even the other day when i walked for the community day barely anything was tracked.

  • RogueWallflower Rogue Wallflower (@RogueWallflower) reported

    Dear @PokemonGoApp FIX YOUR ADVENTURE SYNC. I am so tired of it tracking less and less of my movement. I exercise with my phone on me 6 days a week. My google fit tracks that movement. My phone shows I am moving, your app shows NOTHING unless the game is open and even then null

  • Lady_Rahne 🦃 Grateful Rahne🦃 🏆FFXV (@Lady_Rahne) reported

    @Superskeleton93 @PokemonGoApp But they are. They'll be in the raids, just not spawning in the wild. Plus, 11 Pokemon species increased wild spawns is a big thing; the screens were filled nonstop with Pokemon. 22 would actually be pretty insane and probably cause more issues than anything else, tbh

  • VapeCloudss Yay brig is dead now!! (@VapeCloudss) reported

    @ao_ambla @Shankha_Deep17 @PokemonGoApp That’s a problem why 😂😂

  • CurieG88 Bobaganusche#1398 (@CurieG88) reported

    @PokemonGoApp Doubt I will find any of these since you refuse to fix the spawn locations.

  • JorgeSi62624809 Jorge Silva (@JorgeSi62624809) reported

    @PokemonGoApp for the players who struggled to make 3 hours of community day every month, in December it's like there is no day, game problem remains the same, the ones who play the most are the least benefited

  • redlani23 Nalani (@redlani23) reported

    @PokemonGoApp @NianticLabs More Gen5, fix spawn points, raid pass in 10k egg would be awesome..although I know that will never happen

  • Rawisryan raw_is_ryan (@Rawisryan) reported

    @NianticHelp I've been trying to get help with the @PokemonGoApp issues, I'm aware for 1on1 help I have to use the in app help options. But have been unable to reach that page due to freezing and crashing before I get there.

  • nicwu18 Nic Wu (@nicwu18) reported

    @SerebiiNet I can't jump from the gen 1-6 Pokedex info page to gen 8 for older pokemon. I have to go to gen 7 first for the button to appear. Not a huge issue but not sure if it's something you're aware of...

  • GalarButterfree Haru ♡🧚🏻‍♂️ Fairy Pokemon Master in process 💗 (@GalarButterfree) reported

    @IdolArichi Apparently yes! You only need to start a encounter and later go away of the pokemon, later you must repeat it. For example: 1.Eevee, 2.Eever, 3.Eevee... but if you do for example 1.Eevee, 2.Eevee, 3.Pikachu your chain will be broken. Important too: don't defeated the pkmn!!+

  • eggplant_girl_ Charlotte Wood (@eggplant_girl_) reported

    Last night a had a high-key mental breakdown because my website ******* broke and I couldn't fix it after working on it for 8 whole hours so today I think I'm gonna go to yoga, nap, and buy that new goddamn pokemon game.

  • BigJ4L Josh Brinkerhoff (@BigJ4L) reported

    @PokemonGoApp I'm angry at @NianticLabs and @PokemonGoApp I was trying to catch a shiny Torchic and got an "item can't be used at this time" error when I tried to feed it a Razz. It goes from catch screen to map. I go back to find it and it was gone. Wasn't in my bag and did not run away😠😠

  • ArelyMarcos2 Arely Marcos (@ArelyMarcos2) reported

    @NianticHelp Hello, I can't connect my Pokemon GO Plus. I've been trying for a week but I can't connect it. With the latest update all connection problems were fixed but now is not working again. I use a Xiaomi smartphone and I have 0.161.0-G version of the app.

  • angelfonds {: Angelfonds :} (@angelfonds) reported

    My pokemon sword keep getting an error message and completely turns off my game and have to go back in. Noticed it happens when I am online with Y comm I believe. First time was during a cut scene in beginning of game while in the lab meeting sonia. So I wish it'd stop

  • Papa_Manti M.S.B.C @MFF (@Papa_Manti) reported

    @Aquaventra @SilverFangWolfe @ghangaji_ At the moment, Im just enjoying all the different types of pokemon. My team is pretty monotoned atm... But i honestly want to raise a bunch of slow big bois and go to work.

  • FNRClQUsyDFjjE3 임장현 (@FNRClQUsyDFjjE3) reported

    @GaretGlorious @NianticHelp @PokemonGoApp @PokemonGOdeu @NianticLabs @NianticEng I'm in the same boat. But @NianticHelp sees this problem and does nothing

  • FNRClQUsyDFjjE3 임장현 (@FNRClQUsyDFjjE3) reported

    @GaretGlorious @NianticHelp @PokemonGoApp @PokemonGOdeu @NianticLabs @NianticEng I'm in the same situation But @NianticHelp sees this problem and does nothing

  • theprotobadger chomesuke (@theprotobadger) reported

    I want to go back to working on my untamed fic, but maybe make some changes, but rn the pokemon obsession is going a bit strong to focus much on writing

  • hanafumasu 𝓔𝓷𝓭 𝓶𝓮❣ ◐오◐ (@hanafumasu) reported

    Fill the environment with quests like a girl that wants a pichu so u go get her one A guy that needs some weeds only found in a forest rules by pokemon that attack any human they see Let the player actually faint from a pokemon attack if hes to slow to get his own Mon out in time

  • ukunori yugo carl (@ukunori) reported

    my main problem is that i need to trade some pokemon in order to evolve them but i dont think anyone else i know has tje lets go pikachu/eevee HM

  • ProfessorBrink ⛥Professor Brink⛥ (@ProfessorBrink) reported

    @DrLavaYT @RacieBeep @DrLavaYT I think there has been a change in his fin design I think at least between Pokemon Go and Sword and Shield. If you notice on his back on of them has been chipped off like a bit of broken coral or worn off in battle.

  • _asdfjklnini Nicole (@_asdfjklnini) reported

    I’m so upset I wanna play pokemon shield but this project I’m working on for class is literally the only thing on my mind like if I’m not working on it whenever i have the time then I literally go crazy lol

  • daultoneller Daulton Eller (@daultoneller) reported

    I just spent 30 min talking with a 65 year old woman about our back problems in our local Pokemon go chat... I think I'm a boomer now...

  • bearnakedjoe Joe Tresh (@bearnakedjoe) reported

    @NianticLabs @PokemonGoApp I just wasted 50k stardust because of the automatic prompt to add move from switching apps. It’s not the first amount I’ve wasted. PLEASE FIX THIS iOS switching crap

  • Arrmmageddonn kristinautumn (@Arrmmageddonn) reported

    @Winner_Plenix Exactly! I actually did used to pay for VIP and will again once they get passed these issues but regardless, they make no promises or guarantees nor should any1 expect any. If ANYTHING WE are "defrauding" spotify pokemon go etc lol NOT appvalley defrauding us! Ungrateful.

  • PerfectPhoenix1 PerfectPhoenix (@PerfectPhoenix1) reported

    @MightyEmpoleon What an entitled whiny kid. "OMFG THE TREES ARE FIXED. NOW I CAN GO ENJOY POKEMON WITHOUT EVER INTERACTING WITH THEM." You know, maybe the modder should fix your personality, but that's an Error 404.

  • HHOfficial5 |HH|_ Jukey (Bumbles) (@HHOfficial5) reported

    @_FinalFrontier_ im only buying this cause i like pokemon, but even after seeing the leaks and warming up to it the in hand issues like frame dropping and save deletion is really making me dislike it to the point where i wanna just buy it to not play Lets Go Pika/Eevee anymore than i have to

  • cruz12141214 Nur Abud (@cruz12141214) reported

    i dont see what is so special about these models they look the same as the ones in Lets go pika and eevee, there is no reason for them to have cut half the pokemon, non at all if its a time issue release them as a patch/Free DLC/update if its a money to pay designers issue i call

  • DBillsGaming DBills (@DBillsGaming) reported

    @JasonMelon175 I didnt love how much my hand was being held the whole time. Felt like i could never really go off and explore...maybe that was just my brain not letting me. didnt feel any pacing issues. Tho this is the first pokemon game ive truly enjoyed since OG sapphire and heart gold

  • Merennulli Merennulli (@Merennulli) reported

    @Hashtagger4life @Oost_Javeln @CountdownGalar @PokemonGoApp Just since your post we've found more stops (3) in just the center town than the rest of 2019 for the entire 40km radius region. It's working! 🥳 One is confirmed from a pokestop submission by the one who submitted it, another is too old to be anything but Ingress.

  • VK_Gaming1 It is here (@VK_Gaming1) reported

    @AppuruGumi The code isn't broken, it's not there. All code for pokemon not in the game arnt there, it's not broken. Go figure that bringing over the models isn't a copy and paste job. Who could of figured that out.

  • NickGephart Nick Gephart (@NickGephart) reported

    @PokemonGoApp Fix the rare candies from Tier 5 raids. Not getting me to buy passes for that garbage raid boss until I get something worthwhile!

  • shat_horse HorseShat (@shat_horse) reported

    @endergodala @MrPokirby Now the problem isn't Pokemon dying as a franchise it's that Pokemon Go and other moblie apps made much more money than the games

  • musebloom Cat Mac 😼 (@musebloom) reported from Camden Town, England

    I know I should be being productive or something but right now I’m just annoyed at @Nintendo for making me update Pokemon Go and Mario Kart on my phone and now all they do is crash 😡

  • Nalu4ever9997 Natsu Dragneel 🐔🎄❄️🔥🎃🎃🎃🎃☠️👽👻👻👻🐥🐔🐔🐔 (@Nalu4ever9997) reported

    @PokemonGoApp why r u guys so slow with gen 5

  • yeahright224 Jorge Orona (@yeahright224) reported

    @PokemonGoApp @NianticHelp Since we're talking about TMs, fix your TM system!

  • D93Damien DamienD93 (@D93Damien) reported

    @PhysixGuy @PokemonGoApp They made an error that they forgot to fix.

  • D93Damien DamienD93 (@D93Damien) reported

    @PokemonGoApp Glad you fixed the error this time

  • olly_plevin Olly Plevin (@olly_plevin) reported

    @PokemonGoApp Fix gyms

  • JustFedererFan Pαul (@JustFedererFan) reported

    @jeremyhinds13 @PokemonGoApp Yeah I'm like "did they fix the mistake or just made it again" 🙄

  • rmpzero RmpZero! #EmpoleonSquad (@rmpzero) reported

    @PokemonGoApp FIX PVP🙏🏼

  • SStirling Stephen Stirling (@SStirling) reported

    I'm working from home because it's my son's birthday. I'm letting him use my phone. That means there's a 60% chance at least one at least one NJ elected official has received an invite to play Pokemon Go today.

  • Momodou05825972 Momodou (@Momodou05825972) reported

    @AppValley_vip What happend pls fix pokemon go