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  • railgap Railgap Esoterica (@railgap) reported

    @rayhatfield I saw this on imgur (via reddit) and legit critiqued it. Plenty of problems, such as: the surprisingly long length of time it takes for heat to diffuse through tissue, and the undesirable things that will happen to the tissue and bones if you try for one big slap. <_< ECKCHUALLY

  • ChronacoolTV Chronacool (@ChronacoolTV) reported

    @sev3nty7 @streamlabs @PlayApex Yeah dude, it'll most likely be the game mode settings from the windows update. It happened to me, took me an hour of trawling through my PC to find the problem. Posted the fix to reddit and had a ton of people thank me for they were having the same problem...

  • Eyes_of_Apollo Eyes~of~Apollo (@Eyes_of_Apollo) reported

    @GHIEEX76 @dirtgame I've been searching for other issues via r/dirtgame on Reddit. Seems like a lot of things aren't working.

  • LoLCyzor Cyzor (@LoLCyzor) reported

    Looking at the #AnthemGame Reddit. The game has a ton of issues I didnt know about. And it's clear from playing that there are a lot of QoL things they need to address. But the Bioware Devs are making it clear they give all the ***** about turning this game into something great.

  • ThrogThe Vash The Stampede (@ThrogThe) reported

    @Neb_Nebbington @Magnaboyy closes down reddit cuz of toxic but discord is more toxic :ok_hand: Mods won't make a new reddit cuz afraid of losing mod :ok_hand:

  • DuncteBot DuncteBot (@DuncteBot) reported

    Looks like something broke with the images in embeds from reddit, devs working on a fix

  • duelist_silent Silent (@duelist_silent) reported

    @Kung_Fu_Kai @KateVsTheWorld Just because some people complained on Reddit doesn't mean it's a ******* problem.

  • muwinlol Honest (@muwinlol) reported

    @REALIcePoseidon all these issues ice has with Reddit can be easily solved but he doesn't have the right people around him and he just can't be bothered - so this is his easier option but it's not going make help his streams grow.

  • Bobboman_2000 Maddie (@Bobboman_2000) reported

    @ohheykiri 1 broken choker 8 or so I'll fitting bras, one bralette that fits, and 2 more bras on the way that are 40B 12 pairs of leggings I wear out of the house usually under dresses 0 jars of pickles(what is up with this trope) 2 cats 2 Reddit accounts 2 band shirts (both carbon leaf)

  • alexsideris_ Alexander Sideris 🚀 (@alexsideris_) reported

    So far I had launched Epilepsy Blocker on Reddit but was taken down very quickly due to "self promotion" However, while it was still up, someone subscribed for $10/mo 💳 That means that Epilepsy Blocker is officially helping someone stay safe online 💙

  • d4vskal David (@d4vskal) reported

    @AN1MOCS @theScoreesports me neither I guess, I would still call them the same way Also according to the intro of their video cs has a massive problem with cheaters, MM system and "abysmal tickrate". It's like if cs reddit made videos

  • CleetusVDamme Cleetus Van Damme (@CleetusVDamme) reported

    @Ivan_UNITE @CxWayback He doesn't stream much, he blames others for problems of his own making, censored the reddit and thought a litty military truck and streamer house would solve his problems but it didn't.

  • _LuckyRace_ Johannes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (@_LuckyRace_) reported

    @PlayApex Every second or third game I just get a freeze frame for which reason I have to close the game via task manager. Seems like there are more people than just me with that problem on reddit. Could you please try to fix that it's so annoying..

  • _LuckyRace_ Johannes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (@_LuckyRace_) reported

    @PlayApex Every second or third game I just get a freeze frame for which reason I have to close the game via task manager. Seems like there are more people then just me with that problem on reddit. Could you please try to fix that it's so annoying..

  • QueenColdOF QueenCold (@QueenColdOF) reported

    @Piemations To be clear, this is a horrible way to go about "fixing" the issue. My best guess is that the video exposing the **** ring that blew up on Reddit caused considerable backlash that got some advertisers worried. The timing lines up.

  • QueenColdOF QueenCold (@QueenColdOF) reported

    @MysteriousEnter This is probably their (bad) response to the backlash they got after a vid of someone exposing the YT **** problem blew up on Reddit just days ago.

  • GNK_Iceman Gage King (@GNK_Iceman) reported

    I've gained like 300 points of karma on Reddit today alone. I've had it for a year and only 200 before this. I think I've finally got that website down 😂

  • boxedfossil Fos (@boxedfossil) reported

    Love how I try looking up people's concerns on a seemingly large issue just to find Reddit threads closed immediately referring them to the official userbase only to find barely any recent threads, those having been closed and referred to the "contact us" page. Thanks @discordapp

  • voksul voksul (@voksul) reported

    @drmistercody I'm genuinely curious what the outrage mob on reddit expected with the whole child exploitation hysteria besides this. The content isn't inherently rule-breaking, so even if YouTube had a perfect algorithm, the problem is the perverts in the comments -- prompting this response.

  • JackPosobiec Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 (@JackPosobiec) reported

    What the what happened to quote tweets this is awful fix it this isnt Reddit

  • demontmiraill Cousin Hubert (@demontmiraill) reported

    @simongerman600 @reddit +352% XD Let's just pretend we don't see it as a problem.

  • madmeanman madman (@madmeanman) reported

    @OwnedWilson @Danbo @Yousseffarouk98 @Tesla man u guys should do this on reddit so i can down vote @danbo

  • Scathsealgaire Peadair 🇳🇿 (@Scathsealgaire) reported

    @smiff @simongerman600 @reddit We are still not sure. They were imported from the US in the 1800s and let loose down there. They are like bigfoot, people keep claiming to have seen them.

  • Dyeoxyde Cody (@Dyeoxyde) reported

    @TheHellzGates @CodeSpent @thelisppylisper my ONLY issue is I keep seeing Twitch rewarding Affiliates with more to only be met with wanting even more stuff instead of celebrating the few things Twitch has given us when they don't owe us anything.... I lurk the twitch reddit far too much at work I cant complain tho so lol

  • revstrangehope The Geeky Kat (@revstrangehope) reported

    @Del0Nova Not 100% Sure if I remember correctly it had to do with some GameStop Canada issue I was having and trying to see if other people where also had problems Turned out between FaceBook, Twitter, Reddit I had collected enough proof it wasn't just a one time issue and reported to BBB

  • ellseeraines elliott @ UMBRELLA ACADEMY (@ellseeraines) reported

    @ferretofterror @pumpkinheadguy @Consortkingdom I KNOW LIKE. HOLY SHIT THEY WERE LITERALLY BANISHED TO THE RANCH this is so wild i’m down a reddit rabbit hole now help

  • UnbuckledLotion Jon :/ (@UnbuckledLotion) reported

    @Chef_Lu_Bu We’re slamming YouTube rn for harboring pedophiles but we gotta remember that all you have to search on reddit is “kids” and you will find yourself somewhere much worse then the YouTube comments section. It’s unfortunately a systemic problem

  • ashleemrodgers ashlee mae🦎 (@ashleemrodgers) reported

    @Yah_Girl_Autumn I’m too tacky on my reddit account to be found my anyone local. I’ll never live it down😂

  • WindPikachu Emilio (SteMen) (@WindPikachu) reported

    @kuxir97 Same, only problem is the audio bug, haven't experienced it myself, but I saw a thread on Reddit

  • The_Real_Max_99 Red Rax (Max Meyer) (@The_Real_Max_99) reported

    @surasshu They really just need to put in some measures to fix the comments drastically. Not only would that severely reduce toxicity, but YouTube’s comment system as it is now stifles discussion or at best just moves discussion to a different platform like twitter or reddit.

  • ShadowTodd Todd in the Shadows (@ShadowTodd) reported

    @theactualcathal Reddit has had huge problems with abuse though less so now, or at least I haven't heard anything recently

  • mazarenai ℓιи🃏 (@mazarenai) reported

    @qtguyswag9000 yeah ig it’s just the food tempering that’s the problem plus the confession on Reddit but like... it was labeled the coworker had it coming 😭

  • DavidLONan1 David L O'Nan (@DavidLONan1) reported

    @Aristocles11 I don't have anyone that is super-reddit savvy. I will probably choose to ignore it for another few months...and then try again and notice how annoying the setup is a few more months down the road

  • LegendOfAK Trent🇺🇸 (@LegendOfAK) reported

    They need to take the down vote system away from Reddit and only allow for up votes! Kids see something that they use and it needs to be fixed they will down vote the Reddit post to try and keep it from getting seen hahaha

  • newsgroundsbot news_generator_bot (@newsgroundsbot) reported

    reddit is down. go outside and play.

  • Reibouuu Reibouu (@Reibouuu) reported

    Also while I'm here, @FortniteGame has been lagging so much it's hard to play one solid game without freezing for more than a minute causing me to die sometimes. I know I can't be the only one with this issue as it is all over reddit with people complaining.

  • akiridion 10 days ☢ (@akiridion) reported

    17. what unholy eyesight hating heathen uses day mode 18. i have a skinpicking disorder... also whenever fandom flame wars happen i tend to wander into it to get mad about it and mass block instead of just avoiding the issue entirely (im into turtles now god save reddit and fb)

  • QandWCostumes A. Spears (@QandWCostumes) reported

    @erinsamjo Yeah we were informed what was going on and sort of ambushed this person in the Reddit server... Rachel had a long conversation with with them

  • Mad_WeeWoos Bloody Red (@Mad_WeeWoos) reported

    @Warheart1188 @TheSickdiculous @RockstarGames I've been on Reddit and all over Google searching for anything related to this and there are several others experiencing these problems. It is 100% @RockstarGames issue but for some reason they're pretending it's not happening. It's ******* bullshit.

  • undiesmorita Emma Reeves Sirois (@undiesmorita) reported

    @hale_appleman Right when I go to work. Well, lighthearted obligatory “shucks”. I hide from social media but I’d even try to find my reddit login for you. Gotta put Cabaret on instead, the show must go on! I’ll enjoy reading all of this AMA after

  • conservmillen Allie Beth Stuckey (@conservmillen) reported

    This assaulter is a pathetic baby with daddy issues and whose only friends are fellow Bernie bros on Reddit. Pray for him.

  • yoori_ebooks /yo{2,}ri_ebooks/i (@yoori_ebooks) reported

    Yeah I found it but after it was a false **** on reddit down or to party hostess disappeared and went outside today so everyone is

  • abpwhite Aimee Polevoy 🇨🇦 (@abpwhite) reported

    @BritniDWrites Reddit has been taking down the posts about the domestic terrorist since it happened.Redditors have been putting them back up.

  • Rolnosis Name NAme (@Rolnosis) reported

    @Kirbizia has left reddit and just learning of this terrible news now makes me want to eat 2 packs of double stuff Oreo's by myself.

  • hinatella renya says READ TGCF! (@hinatella) reported


  • SpecificAaron Aar📷n (@SpecificAaron) reported

    @OneOfTheWills @SweetMattyD Sh*t. Now I need to find my reddit login credentials. Haven't been on since I upgraded my phone. #FirstWorldProblems

  • DGizas Dimitrios Gizas (@DGizas) reported

    Been looking at Reddit and Anthem EA forums and I only see few people get this problem.

  • HexPro99 HexPro (@HexPro99) reported

    @KrillinDVillain Reddit server lol

  • WeirdNewsGuy Michael Thompson (@WeirdNewsGuy) reported

    @TradeWithNinja From reddit: Largest options trade in it today was a buyer of 125 weekly $200 puts for $11.70. $146,250 will be worth a cool $11.7M tomorrow if it stays down here.

  • heyitsfoxxy Illu (@heyitsfoxxy) reported

    @No0b3_tv Reddit killer issues fixed now fix the game behavior please :(

  • redfive___ trev (@redfive___) reported

    I have this terrible habit where I'll type literally one sentence on an essay and open up Twitter/Reddit/YouTube.

  • Aquentson Andrew Quentson (@Aquentson) reported

    Waaaa no criticism some rando on reddit said stuff that no one would take for a personal threat but we can call it so to shut down debate so ree, shuut up plebs while we bank money without being answerable to anyone and certainly not you lot that have caught us with pants down.

  • itsmeChis Chris Kornaros (@itsmeChis) reported

    @KevinKJNK @Twitch Great, thanks! I was wondering if you could also look into highlights downloaded from Twitch on both Safari and Chrome as .mp4 files having working audio, but video freezing. I've had this issue and I know others have too after looking on Reddit, no one has any real solutions.

  • Toboinetsu Mr. Macoy (@Toboinetsu) reported

    @CrimsonGambit Been searching, nobody saying anything. It's causing massive lag. I had to bump my settings down to just hover 60s and 70s cause I was freezing after mins. Even put origin as a firewall exception and it kinda helped. Maybe reddit post has it.

  • itsmeblzrd blz (@itsmeblzrd) reported

    @ReconRelic @TomiasVEVO no reddit is a terrible place dont ever go there

  • KrustyNuggets4 Krusty Nuggets (@KrustyNuggets4) reported

    @TrU3Ta1ent @DeadByBHVR BS nerf, yet another survivor nerf due to whiny killers who need to *** gud. DS wasn't that broken, it has counters, just deal with it. But, BHVR listens to the reddit killers and streamers who ***** and moan when they can't get an EZ 4k. R.I.P. DBD, this game is beginning to die

  • jpullman813 James P (@jpullman813) reported

    @slinganswers @tillywilly56 You guys know what the issue is! Look at the numerous complaints! Reddit is talking about it! Don’t Bullshit your consumers. We aren’t stupid

  • N9Gaming N9 Gaming (@N9Gaming) reported

    On the slow road to a twitch affiliate. I need to get more exposure... more followers 🤔. I wonder if there’s a sub4sub reddit forum or something

  • bawstons ᴅᴀɴɴʏ ♡ ̖́- (@bawstons) reported

    @vintagecoyote made the mistake of reading the reddit comments and i feel like i need to lie down in a field somewhere near a river and take a Big nap

  • AherysR6 Aherys (@AherysR6) reported from Berlin, Land Berlin

    @Rainbow6Game Yes, i actually submit the issue on reddit and r6fix !