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  • TerryHB_ Terry (@TerryHB_) reported

    @TheRazoredEdge They got the exact tweet @ProGear360 made in my server which I shared via reddit that blew up. Come on PC gamer, least give me some credit :c

  • EHCB Alex W (@EHCB) reported

    @bitterkarella @Bowsnonk Two replies down it's revealed that the op stole it from a reddit thread called "made my own boomer comic" why is the internet like this :'v

  • HeavyWoodenBox 重い木箱| ´ ∀ ` )💬 (@HeavyWoodenBox) reported

    @moooooooook The AT actually trapped me in a corner with tornados and I just emote sat down - cause I couldn’t do anything while I see my teammates names popping up on screen dying but people on reddit tell me he’s easy if everyone just stayed near him and poke his belly. But idk ;-;

  • EnterThePug Pugman (@EnterThePug) reported

    @UncuepaOfficial Am sure I saw it on Reddit. Have also noticed it effect zombies, myself. Hopefully, it’s the same issue.

  • rishabhkhullar Rishabh Khullar (@rishabhkhullar) reported

    @dikshamadhok @manavikapur I wish someone could talk sanity into those dimwits. It will be great if tomorrow morning, Play and App Stores switch the TikTok with Reddit and make them walk down the path of knowledge via smartphones. I just wish.

  • Kyodai_Otaku Brendan Collins (@Kyodai_Otaku) reported

    @RahulKohli13 I saw this on Reddit first. It hurt my brain so bad I actually set the internet down for a few hours.

  • kimberlyjlx kim (@kimberlyjlx) reported

    I really went down a hole on reddit and it all started with one ******* thread holy ****

  • DaddyHarbor daddy 愛 (@DaddyHarbor) reported

    @lustycomic_ Yea I was suggesting a new spot lol you can get flagged on reddit and be closed down if enough report come through 😔

  • mendapls menda 🌚 (@mendapls) reported

    @cockspit everything just seems like a weird experiment. some psychedelic experiences have made me feel this way too. but when u throw all the dream/dmt/paranormal/astral/etc realms into it i really don't get it :l but u should read the glitch in the matrix thread on reddit

  • anitapam22 Ebony (@anitapam22) reported

    @shimonetahime I personally don’t enjoy it, and I’m not going to claim that I’m an angel but with the way police are cracking down they better get on Reddit and learn some alternative shit. Before they deport you they give you a nice little jail sentence as well, completely not worth it.

  • Logan_Stolt Betelgeuse (@Logan_Stolt) reported

    @TeeIeh @reddit Sorry for the Windows 10 sponsored audio issues. Don't forget to check ALL your audio settings after every update.

  • comlekcicagatay FlyingLine (@comlekcicagatay) reported

    @FireflyChild @reddit Hey, I just found a solution to the problem. Try erasing the app's data, or deleting and re-installing the app. This fixed the issue for me.

  • newsgroundsbot news_generator_bot (@newsgroundsbot) reported

    reddit is down. go outside and play.

  • Gindionnr Ouipantersain554 (@Gindionnr) reported

    @darkswordsmantv @kynprllaa @Dutchwouter777 @brookehouts Or a broken heart button Youtube have a dislike button and reddit have that too.

  • dc_kurtz DC Kurtz (@dc_kurtz) reported

    @BlackIceSheep @GrueGoblin Again, it was already on its way out since it was largely a derivative flash in the pan. You can't really fix that without making a whole new game. All the reddit guy did was speed up the inevitable.

  • Dennis_1289 DeWanna_Wanga 🗯 (@Dennis_1289) reported

    @rawyld @StarWarsUK Thank you. I have watched it before. I’ve read the theory on Reddit and the Dork Side of the Force; and many others. I personally like it; however, all of it points to a subjective stance on this issue. It’s not like George Lucas confirmed it or it’s in the script. Just a theory

  • parkhochan8 박호찬 (@parkhochan8) reported

    @tchaeng Ohhh, thanks for noticing 😂 my bio in reddit is the same first line only, when I created this stan acct recently, along with you-know-what issue, I came up with such bio 😂

  • AlexRCollis1 Alex R Collins (@AlexRCollis1) reported

    lol. @instagram bruh fix your damn app reddit is really takin over man

  • LesFerguson7 Les Ferguson (@LesFerguson7) reported

    @ShadoSparrow @NoMansSky Hmm I'm getting behind on the issues reported on Reddit, spending more time in game. That must be frustrating for you.

  • ShadoSparrow Christopher sparrow (@ShadoSparrow) reported

    @LesFerguson7 @NoMansSky Not at all! I looked up where it should have been. I dont have the option at all. Idk why but others on reddit have this glitch to. Some ine recommended having someone spawn the first encounter with it with me in group to fix it

  • yerivxlvxt yeri♡ | #winterbear (@yerivxlvxt) reported

    If this petty fan war shit don't die down imma gonna have to move to Stan Reddit

  • ICooperAuthor Isabel Cooper (@ICooperAuthor) reported

    @ClarissaJ97 Oooh, Reddit. I haven’t tried to date-date in like seven years, but I suspect doing so after reading any of Reddit would be like trying to settle down in the “They Live” universe after wearing the glasses.

  • poopy74245431 huh (@poopy74245431) reported

    @vinyfuego79 @noobde Reddit. They got it from a thumbnail generator. They put the link of the Kombat Pack video in and this picture popped up. Then NRS took down the preview of the video.

  • paperstarxo ☾☆Luna♃💕🐰🌙 -semi hiatus (@paperstarxo) reported

    on break at work i went down a reddit rabbit hole and found the infamous coconut story and now im just...sad

  • LDSdiscussions LDS Discussions (@LDSdiscussions) reported

    @JamesThatcher6 @reddit Prophecy doesn't have to give "exact times" of anything - no one expects that. But if you claim God tells you to go to the Lamanites in Missouri and it turns out they have nothing to do with BoM people... that's a problem. Same with the WoW - it gets it wrong on many points.

  • Benjanime Ben Mills (@Benjanime) reported

    @vagabondartist Apparently in a Reddit GungHo has been aware and slowly working on them. But I find it baffling how with Grandia II they didn't already have the issues fixed with how great the Steam version is, and even that started out with bugs.

  • Saethus tristan (@Saethus) reported

    @L4KEx nothing in the official reddit post about known bugs/issues. as far as I'm aware it's intentional as the content creators/pros had the chance to play this patch at LAN and none have said it was identified as a bug/whatever. think the ubisoft guys there would have told them

  • jordanCAllen11 Cole Allen (@jordanCAllen11) reported

    @andrewj_gomez From what I've read in reddit is, Disney wants more money (as always) Sony stood up for themselves. Disney is being a whiny little baby cause he didnt get his way. Now articles are blaming Sony for the problem. While Sony just wants to cash in on their highest grossing movie.

  • batkoanarkhiya Bat'ko Anarkhiya🏴‍☠️☭ (@batkoanarkhiya) reported

    @ModalSevenths Just because you got buttblasted reading random tankie posts on reddit doesnt mean acting like a moron on twitter will do anything to help with that. Tankies exist and none of us like them. You being intentionally dense in an attempt to bait leftists doesnt fix that

  • badrulemran emran (@badrulemran) reported

    The only non toxic socmed left is Reddit now cos it's curated. Ya talk shit, you get deleted. Twitter does curate but at an extremely slow rate in which the damage would've already been done through poisonous words. Plus you don't find gossip on Reddit so..... No onion aunties

  • Mushytaco2016 Mushy (@Mushytaco2016) reported

    @Boogie2988 it's ironic how nobody on Reddit talked about your bad teeth until you did something to fix them, it's just proof they like to hate on others who are trying to better themselves they are stuck in a similar place and hate that they see similarities in themselves in you

  • jeffcortinas RockossmosD🇨🇺 (@jeffcortinas) reported

    @ToneLoc21 @EASPORTSNBA @PlayApex I hate the community to mobilize for virtriol of this caliber but this down right BS if the convo wont be about #NBALIVE20 ...i would 100% understand if the reddit turns into a roast fist. This down right unacceptable. competitor gm is round d corner and you want to talk about 19

  • DickJackman1 Dick Jackman, Super Hero Investigator🕵️‍♂️ (@DickJackman1) reported

    @eickarumba Regarding sloppy or sketchy, sloppy is my pick. Frank's (DSA, her treasurer) error in paperwork. She was on record prior to submission (in Reddit I think) about NY14 run. Disorganized, sloppy, poor execution, problem with decentralized national style campaign structure.

  • thehacksmile Hack Smile (@thehacksmile) reported

    @Coolbearbear1 @YouTube Am facing the same issue, I have seen on Reddit people complaining. @YouTube @TeamYouTube please help us. Am so annoyed of this survey that does not fade out even after selecting an option. Am seriously going to cancel my premium subscription

  • TheMercifulZeus Mike Richards (@TheMercifulZeus) reported

    @_FML1 @RobMcDUK The funny (read 'not at all funny') part is the Respawn thing started with them going to reddit to apologize that they messed up the event and they were going to work to fix it. They were admitting fault, and only called out people who went beyond genuine criticism later on

  • Chellie2shoes 🌈Danger Tits🧜‍♀️ (@Chellie2shoes) reported

    I'm going to go put on pretty dresses and rub one out in the mirror to spite everyone trying to tell me that reddit is full of real people and real problems because I simply dgaf #GoneMasturbating

  • NathanCanterbu2 Nathan Canterbury (@NathanCanterbu2) reported

    @ATVIAssist I'm on Xbox, my gamertag is IReCkLeSs JR 2 with the clan tag of Smol. I noticed this about 30 minutes ago when I went to check for it because I saw someone on Reddit have the same problem

  • scifantasy Will Frank (@scifantasy) reported from Manhattan, New York

    @benyankee It's REDDIT. Melting down is their default.

  • BrianCapobianc1 Brian Capobianco (@BrianCapobianc1) reported

    @mollywood I have always gotten that error if i follow a link from a different website, like reddit. It fixes itself if you refresh the page in the browser (not by hitting reload).

  • Adora_Saurus Opal (@Adora_Saurus) reported

    Save that dead and broken body shit for reddit or the dark web. Tired of y’all #BLOCKED

  • PattyMcFatty_1 PattyMcFatty (@PattyMcFatty_1) reported

    @MythicalHQ Yeah said the same thing basically on the BR reddit and most people shot my down for no reason other then “I was probably just a noob who couldn’t even use mechs well”

  • JHFTJustice KS (@JHFTJustice) reported

    @NuggetCosmetics Also if possible this needs to be posted to Reddit. The one “teen mom Reddit is more classier.” Even if it gets taken down it’ll get thousands of donations in the meantime.

  • _BigtimeChaos46 Snake Eyes ⧖ (@_BigtimeChaos46) reported

    My only issue is if I don't shove ads down people's throats, I don't want some bullshit claim on a few seconds of a movie off Reddit to make people sit through ads. **** this website.

  • presjpolkrta Neil Stevens (@presjpolkrta) reported

    Reddit: It's not griefing, your computer is slow Fact: It's not all opponents, and often you can tell exactly when they start: it's when I'm winning. Reddit: They're not griefing, they're just thinking Fact: They do it when they have no hand and no plays.

  • Chrisoboyo Rotisserie Banana (@Chrisoboyo) reported

    @it_meirl_bot Shut the hell up lmao "uhhh im gonna talk about serious issues lemme use a meme template and upload it onto reddit

  • Chrisoboyo Rotisserie Banana (@Chrisoboyo) reported

    @it_meirl_bot @PoliteBoyy Shut the hell up lmao "uhhh im gonna talk about serious issues lemme use a meme template and upload it onto reddit"

  • Sabanero__Soy Sabañero Soy (@Sabanero__Soy) reported

    @Josh__Sperry @anthonytraurig @wingoz Shit, Reddit has broken more news than Jon

  • BradySamaSensei Brady #LOCALIZEISHIN (@BradySamaSensei) reported

    I am fully convinced that the users of Reddit will be the ones to solve all of the world’s problems and bring about world peace

  • PaleTanner commander crackhead (@PaleTanner) reported

    @yoyojustinfro I do Reddit!! Eggs and yogurts are my biggest problems. Plus I'm just nervous bc I can cook, but it's mostly meat based and idk how to achieve the same flavors


    @BigKep13 @Countrygrl8793 No problem. My goal at the end of the day is to message things as quick as possible on Twitter, Reddit, EA Forums, Muthead, etc. The reality is that not all players are going to see the messages. Twitter is bad about surfacing the info. Just want to highlight things when possible

  • PerchfuI Perchful (@PerchfuI) reported

    @byMaxC Happened to me like 2 years ago, posted it on reddit and then said that changing my res fixed the problem and got clowned. Slowly over the next years people started replying saying that it helped

  • MrMorganBot REMOVE THE MECH (@MrMorganBot) reported

    @ITalkFortnite This is my main problem with the community MAINLY REDDIT

  • rei2rei Rei (@rei2rei) reported

    For anyone wondering, someone recorded and posted the entire #FF7remake demo. It’s been taken down, but you can find uploads on Reddit. There is no sound, so you can’t hear the character talking.. but there are subtitles.

  • pisspatrol sawa (@pisspatrol) reported

    you: shitty reddit minimalist wooden money clip you bought off etsy me: gigantic, bulging leather wallet that destroys my back when I sit down

  • sporkredfox Nathanael Roy (@sporkredfox) reported

    When I am feeling down I spend time on reddit r/dadjokes and often read it to my spouse

  • imscufer Scuf (@imscufer) reported

    @QuantumR6 Its all over Reddit and people were asking ubi is it a glitch or not. Not a single Ubisoft employee has responded to this. This makes me believe that it is here to stay but idk

  • noghiri Níðhöggr 'Hat Guy' (@noghiri) reported

    @Jerry_ATX @g_sharp_major @semperfitrex @bdragon74 @DoublePlusGoo @lunasandwichbot @Don_Zeko @madbev14 yeah, if you pay me to touch it until it's extremely solid, and then touch the other things until they're extremely solid, and then surf reddit until one of the things shows a failure due to age or wear and tear, at which point i spring into action to fix it... then i'll be happy

  • drowsybrowser Karen O'Connell (@drowsybrowser) reported

    My post is on the front page of @reddit! Fix it @YouTube! @ChrisRose 💚🤖🤓

  • Maliceunchained Martyn Currill, Chiropteran🦇 (@Maliceunchained) reported

    Vince Zampella makes a statement on the poor comments made by some Respawn staff on Reddit, and issues an apology to fans. This is the right way to go.

  • omoteey51 Francis Teey (@omoteey51) reported

    @lexybritton @H0tmylk I wonder why people like u think divorce is always the best solution to resolve matrimonial/rship issues. Such a distasteful mentality and crappy mindset. Go read her response in Reddit, so matured minded lad she's.