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  • Jason_Dar Jason Courtar (@Jason_Dar) reported

    reddit/r/playstation has a few topics started around this. Some are claiming that PlayStation won't help them via phone or chat, because they're busy. Presumably with other instances regarding this issue

  • yoori_ebooks /yo{2,}ri_ebooks/i (@yoori_ebooks) reported

    Oh hi uniqlo. I had a comment on reddit because they're so slow, it's hard to do.

  • duh1011 Chef 🐝 @💙🦁 (@duh1011) reported

    @AITA_reddit Lmao this one got taken down, as it should have. That said this dude has been repeatedly shown on this reddit to be pretty troublesome, and i hope he gets some professional help.

  • Bloodpour Shane tanksley (@Bloodpour) reported

    @ArcheAge Not sure if you will read this, but I read on reddit, spend credits in game on the cash shop and it will trigger the mail for the chest containing the title and such. Not sure if it will some how fix the no labor issue though

  • 0tacat Otacat 🧢 (@0tacat) reported

    @azsincitymagic @ThatKevinSmith @fathomevents @reddit We had the same issue at our screening @galaxytheatres they told us they are switching the day for the extras to the other showing that the intro even tells you won’t get those extras! We were so upset. 😢

  • AbbiCaDaby Abbie 🌈 (@AbbiCaDaby) reported

    @jennajulien This ****** me up a little bit and I've waited a few hours to calm down but now I'm continuing the rest of it on reddit and I want to puke

  • IOKernel Py- 🕹️ (@IOKernel) reported

    @diavuIo wait what, reddit lied to me.. if their FPS is not getting a Dubai server I'm just skipping it then

  • JabariTheGreat BounceOutBari (@JabariTheGreat) reported

    @K9_Creates It’s really not. Reddit has threads of people having the same issue with Ryzen 9 and I9 with 2080s

  • LilMissNugget Nugget🥢 (@LilMissNugget) reported

    @ttv_Senpaijello We had the same issue today. Reddit helped out a lot with the articles on StreamLabs

  • wewuzmaggle Spooky Czech Mate 🇨🇿 (@wewuzmaggle) reported

    Reddit is despicable. Burn them down. All of them.

  • GenePark Gene Park (@GenePark) reported

    i love redditors who compliment me and assume im young by talking down to the washingtonpost account when im 38 and have been on Reddit for like half a decade longer than they’ve been alive

  • cxckforbrains hermann memorial bot (@cxckforbrains) reported

    @feraIwizard Please sir I’ll upvote your post on reddit just please don’t put me in your “problems with forced diversity” video

  • Delusion_Denyal Delusion_Denyal (@Delusion_Denyal) reported

    @HamptureI so apparently reddit is trying to shut down your patreon, maybe start a subscribestar or talk to **** for newproject2

  • TheLeviathanwav TheLeviathan.wav (@TheLeviathanwav) reported

    @BesuBaru Reddit is the issue

  • RyanMyers18 Ryan myers (@RyanMyers18) reported

    @AbbyBear17 @rubbersoul10 You are fake, she’s my roomate and we run her reddit page together and youre being taken down as we speak

  • samuel_HPL SamuelHPL (@samuel_HPL) reported

    @TheTrueVanguard I like that we as comunity let Bungie get away with everything until Reddit finally breaks down and it gets media coverage. Then something changes. Except, this time around, when things do go down, there's no hiding behind big-evil Activision. I hope Bungie knows that.

  • gabegundy Extremely Stable Genius (@gabegundy) reported

    @GBrayUT I didn't know you were now at Reddit. I'd be happy to give it a spin :) BTW, I seem to get a lot of timeouts or network issues.

  • jon23399797 scrutable (@jon23399797) reported

    @ajdhenry I recall him saying something about white life expectancy declining and hinting that maybe there was something to the whole demographic issue and raising my eyebrows, only for him to start talking about "math" on Reddit.

  • pilatvia gay boshi (@pilatvia) reported

    ok the dragalia reddit is a mess right now but i think we can just all agree Cygames ****** up implementing eHDT and they need to fix this shit sooner than later

  • Porch_Frog Ann Pumpkin Rafferty 🗽 (@Porch_Frog) reported

    I think I've found my Succession fix over there at Reddit.

  • LyndaObst Lynda Obst (@LyndaObst) reported

    @3DTruth But it’s a petty issue to get stuck on. Honestly. If he was kicked off Twitter - which he won’t ever be- then his 65 m followers will follow him to reddit. And twitter and the news will repeat his posts

  • zakwalker8 Zachary Walker (@zakwalker8) reported

    @CourtneyB1209 Yang's got a huge following on Reddit because he's seemingly much more in touch with modern tech issues than, say, Biden

  • magnet_stat memeturd (@magnet_stat) reported

    @Ancoolcat @EmperorLemon how ******** am i a reddit user you actual ******* brainlet. i never said i liked reddit i just said it was on the level of this hellsite which i only use because its format isnt ******* terrible. i use it because i get to follow people instead of soulless karma farmers.

  • shawnhilgendorf Shawn (@shawnhilgendorf) reported

    @dom_h96 @GoldenKnights @ATTSportsNetRMW I use Reddit. r/NHLStreams Don’t believe it would have any issues for UK

  • Koop_Gamer +Kooper 🧢 🇭🇰 (@Koop_Gamer) reported

    @Rukhdia @Orbizzz_ @spacialesbian @sonoriatherasc1 “Lul this dumb reddit person hates that China has terrible human rights issues”

  • roseandbread06 rose all day (@roseandbread06) reported

    me trying to solve a problem: maybe reddit will have the answer

  • mbalducciUF mike (@mbalducciUF) reported

    someone told me my living room “would get a ton of upvotes on reddit,” which she said as a compliment, but just to be safe I’ve burned down the entire building and I’m now Amish

  • whulse1 nuttenbutStella (@whulse1) reported

    @GOPLeader @SebGorka Wow he has nice following of lib peps in this thread... they seem like a nice bunch...... it’s just reddit 2.0 which send all the negative crap up and all the positive down. Yawn 🇺🇸💪

  • CKA12216 Corby Allen (@CKA12216) reported

    I’m steaming @circlingbackpod Downloded reddit, went straight to the sub and was told by a freakin robot that I can’t post because my account is not 7 days old and that’s how they cut down on trolling. This is my spooky szn. @WilldeFries @DCheverere @dcarterruff

  • ummhellloo305 Jeff (@ummhellloo305) reported

    @PlayApex issues where the mode isn't showing up for people. Everyone on reddit is saying the same thing . Plz look into this

  • bowlofnerdles bowlofnerdles (@bowlofnerdles) reported

    @melsaywhat Thank you for sharing the HR reddit!!! Yes sadly there isn’t a board to go to. Just employees higher up that bring the issues to the ceo and he doesnt seem to take appropriate action

  • mpopchock Matt Popchock (@mpopchock) reported

    @SeeyaLeah We're cordless too. And we've tried a variety of workarounds. The other night, when one thing wasn't working, I tried Reddit for the first time and was able to pull down both weekend games without incident.

  • camerongooden5 cameron gooden (@camerongooden5) reported

    This problem occurred when I logged onto @FortniteGame, I cant zoom out of my screen despite the methods from reddit and it won’t let me bind anything besides W as my move forward action. Please help I can’t play without this fixed. Thanks.

  • brileigh85 I, ZomBri (@brileigh85) reported

    @alanalevinson After my house was broken into, I read through a lot of reddit threads about why burglars skip houses (answered by former burglars). Having a “beware of dog” sign or some other dog-related stuff was one of the most common reasons, even if you don’t actually have a dog.

  • orthodox1993 quinn (@orthodox1993) reported

    @TheFightGeekMMA @ImposterTm @philthemmadude @kairosmma @split_podcast @fwm_pod @pat_tobin @Pixiedust26 @JokersLL @jim_assoun @larmul61 @DailyKnockOut Don’t go down the reddit hole..

  • joan_lein JoanLein (@joan_lein) reported

    @DeaaronWong @BillyZambidis @Jensen hey Wong calm down xD i don´t know so much about that Bjerg guy but im pretty sure that every single ****** in twitter/facebook/reddit and all that are not even close to be at a professional team as those kids, even the last place team, i don´t hate pros, i hate the fans xD

  • talnhess Rafe Telsch (@talnhess) reported

    Not particularly pleased with @PlayStation right now. Not acknowledging login issues and putting customers through cookie cutter solutions (while customers have posted solutions for the non-existent problem on reddit) is just bs practice and poor customer service.

  • beenbbhed Tian (@beenbbhed) reported

    @askmenfess Kaya reddit up/down vote

  • LisaamI60s #Bob4Vezina LEdge #WeAreNotLikeTheOthers (@LisaamI60s) reported

    @HockeyRobThough We catch Cats on Fox on TV and Preds we stream on computer (unless they have a televised game, they get tv priority). We usually use NHL Reddit. We use AdBlocker on Chrome and normally have no issues.

  • AFracturedWinky AFracturedWinky (@AFracturedWinky) reported

    @itsQPchill Oh that issue. Right. I don't feel like it affects my system as much as Reddit believes it does. Albeit I'm not really pushing my system for more than gaming at this stage.

  • Aureolin_Zestro 🍂 Cadaver Zestro 🍂 (@Aureolin_Zestro) reported

    I guess it’s a good thing the reddit server is community run

  • Neolink7 Neolink (@Neolink7) reported

    UK: We call it Autumn, from the French word “autompne” & later, the Latin “autumnus”. USA: We call it FALL because leaf fall down. 🍂 (credit: Reddit) #tuesdayvibes #murica #USA

  • Yu7Zi Yu7Zi (@Yu7Zi) reported

    @gameinzanity @Bungie 😂 I fully agree with you on Titan melees being way too overpowered but instead of posting multiple tweets whining at a multimillion dollar gaming company post your thoughts on Bungie forums or Reddit. More upvotes means more people agreeing and Bungie inevitably seeing the issue

  • elefsismyhearth alexandrite 🍄 (@elefsismyhearth) reported

    @rchildfree in a year this sub is gonna be so violently anti-kid reddit is gonna end up shutting it down to save their sponsors lmao

  • Venomwing Mandatory (@Venomwing) reported

    @AyCeeArt If anyone is having issues finding a doctor willing to do the procedure, they should check it the r/childfree subreddit on Reddit. Their wiki has a list of doctors that perform the surgery.

  • Supertoast_GT SupertoastGT (@Supertoast_GT) reported

    @AskPlayStation Tons of poeple are having the "An error has occurred" issue with logging in today. Myself and friends included. Reddit is swamped with this issue. My error code is CE-33992-6. Nobody else lists their error code so I can't confirm that they are the same.

  • pork_stew PorkStew (@pork_stew) reported

    @BesuBaru >reddit I found your problem.

  • billndotnet Bill Nash (@billndotnet) reported

    @h0ly_nati0n @NFlirtGamer @Kotaku If @kotaku wants to dive into the issue, they should look into the botnets and brigades operating within Twitch and reddit. Interview some moderators for the creative streamers. It's an issue.

  • JulioDaFattest ƿ૯ωძɿ૯ƿɿ૯ :D (@JulioDaFattest) reported

    @demonatemu @PokemonGoApp Yeah it’s not working for me and solutions on yt and reddit don’t work it’s pretty annoying

  • ryomogami Ryō Mogami (@ryomogami) reported

    @imgur @discordapp @reddit I thought it would be related since the problem only affects me because of the way this images are being shown in discord. And this is not only affecting new uploads, many old photos that I used on a discord bot are having an embeed problem.

  • oniyons oniyons (@oniyons) reported

    *fortnite goes down* we did it reddit!

  • BlankOctober Full October (充実した) (@BlankOctober) reported

    @TheAlexValle @samuraishodown Happening to me too. According to Reddit posts this is a glitch or something that Sony inadvertently caused while fixing the problem with him not showing up at all last night.

  • Grac0423 👻 A Spooky Grac 👻 (@Grac0423) reported

    Someone on reddit victim-blamed me for all the terrible shit that has happened to me 🙃

  • fandumbitch Mags💀 (@fandumbitch) reported

    @mystic_milks People claiming that AO3 has a “cp problem” are either deeply ignorant or lying. There is no cp on ao3. Hosting cp is illegal in the US and ao3 is in compliance with US law. If there was cp, they’d be compelled to remove it (as reddit was when it hosted ACTUAL cp) or shut down

  • AJHaefele AJ Haefele (@AJHaefele) reported

    @AzraelPC Yeah Reddit streams work. Sucks it comes to that for a lot of people. Really it just bums me out I cant go to a bar and watch a Nuggets game. That's really what I'm dreading once they get going. I have unique Avs access so I can sidestep that problem.

  • ArtCloudStrife Art Cloud (@ArtCloudStrife) reported

    @1up2play @AskPlayStation I read that in Reddit and I did it last night but it didn’t work. More likely the battery needs to be replaced. I found a place in NY that replace batteries and broken buttons but I’m hoping that @AskPlayStation has a better solution for me.

  • TheTrueVanguard True Vanguard (@TheTrueVanguard) reported

    @TeeLXBL Big nope. Literally all over reddit, Bnet, and twitter. Not a personal issue unless my personal issue is affecting hundreds of thousands of people.

  • BillNaq64944549 Bill Naquin (@BillNaq64944549) reported

    @ambassador_roe We have too many problems in America to be worrying about foreign countries right now.. let's get America right.. Reddit foreigners figure out their own way to settle problems!

  • jcrdycollins JCRDY (@jcrdycollins) reported

    @BrandonRich12 @KingJames No problem, Reddit is a good place to find some info if you want it.

  • JenAndersonNYC Jen Anderson (@JenAndersonNYC) reported

    I wish there were a website that followed up with people who write to advice columns, AITA, etc. a few months down the line. Not just to satisfy curiousity, but so we can marvel at Reddit improving lives. Somebody please do that because I don’t have the energy.