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  • valkyrwarrior Yaundaren Solidarity (@valkyrwarrior) reported

    I'm now ******* insensitive to shit. I'm the lead mod of a Discord server of over 1k. I'm facing a lot of doubt and hate from Reddit. Bring it.

  • cheez37 Doug Morsches (@cheez37) reported

    @leonardjfrench @reddit Looks like it was all user initiated by clicking some links, not automatically done by the phone. OP was taken down by thread initiator.

  • sh4ggy_ 6x (@sh4ggy_) reported

    Getting into reddit was a mistake, just as my daily screen time was going down it shot back up lol

  • KyleKayBee Kyle (@KyleKayBee) reported

    @Craig279371 @darylf @HockeyDipshit the thing to realise about canucks reddit is it is just a bunch of young kids hanging out bonding by how much they love the canucks... the problem is they lack the maturity to separate themselves from the team and see criticism of the club as a personal attack on their community.

  • NoItsJustHer ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (@NoItsJustHer) reported

    Uhhhhh the reddit app is down so now I don't know what to do with my life

  • iMeowing_ iMeowing (@iMeowing_) reported

    @discordapp more settings for server owners to further customize the server, such as custom backgrounds and themes. like on reddit. or the old old youtube. maybe templates. Or something you can add to show server stats (how many of __ role is online or has joined. or how many msgs total(1/2)

  • maxknux Sundeep Singh Basra (@maxknux) reported from Rockville, Maryland

    @TeamYouTube @Google Your latest update broke the @YouTube App and now it glitches and greens out at times watching videos. I saw the same reports from others on Twitter and reddit. It is problem you need to fix. I see that resetting the App does not work. Please update and fix

  • mistapotta Mista Potta (@mistapotta) reported

    @khhsocratica @YouTube @SusanWojcicki @rkyncl @SocraticaKids @mlh496 @TeamYouTube I post on reddit but my posts get downvoted. I can fix it but then I'm literally duplicating videos when duplication is grounds for demonetization. @YouTube chooses to twiddle their thumbs.

  • nyamiyako nyaaaa~ miyako (@nyamiyako) reported

    @lil_vettee Well the issue, is the reported budget doesn't take in consideration the marketing cost, which is according to the "box office reddit specialist(lol)" close to be equal to the production budget, so the movie needs double the budget to break even.

  • andressanns andressa (@andressanns) reported

    @PaulHarrisShow @netflix @hulu It is very interesting what you say, Paul. I've been researching piracy users on Reddit, a social media inhabited, mostly by millennials. in this context, industry was fool and greedy. So I can see a generation problem, but...

  • thotpat11344932 my dad still isn't home (@thotpat11344932) reported


  • FakeSportmonkey Lapsed Simon Forever (@FakeSportmonkey) reported from Manchester, England

    @RokNRollHanSolo @TheDCMatthews @gawrestlenut @reddit Sounds sensible. My mums already got the hat.... I doubt I could get away with a long engagement. I have no Visa issues either. Now that I think about it, wwe's unwritten marriage rule is a bit like the Army. My friend got married for better rights and access for his Mrs.

  • yrokaz_nworb Zak Brown (@yrokaz_nworb) reported from Pittsburg, Kansas

    .@joeynoelle my Early Access KFG Stream hasn’t updated since Wednesday on Apple Podcast. Is there some kind of issue. Another Patron said they had the same issue over on Reddit.

  • ZigShmupWolf ZIG's Kurumi (@ZigShmupWolf) reported

    @TheDukeofBooms @Yatsuzume understandable. The issue rn is mostly a reddit mod apparently being cool with alt-right dogwhistles as long as it isn't explicit enough. Think that's honestly telling me enough, especially with what I just heard now.

  • gryphalyaza alyaza the gryphon (@gryphalyaza) reported

    @noiseofmagpie call it a problem of reddit in general, since this is not exclusive to the furry community there by any stretch of the word

  • THEAP99 TAP99 #DaysGone (@THEAP99) reported

    @justmenmygirls4 @Darealbandicoot It’s not pre alpha gameplay. Someone who owns the game posted this on reddit a few days ago. Granted there’s been patches now so I don’t think this’ll be an issue upon launch.

  • Power__Tale Power Tale (@Power__Tale) reported

    @phoisyn Ok I’m not really sure but first google it or post the issue on reddit. I would troubleshoot any graphics cards or cpu rendering to see if that’s the problem check settings and see if you can find something there not really sure hopefully this helps just a lil

  • newsgroundsbot news_generator_bot (@newsgroundsbot) reported

    reddit is down. go outside and play.

  • ApolloChasing Apollo, Most Savage (@ApolloChasing) reported

    @shiruken @reddit I hate to be this guy, but it means nothing. There will be two dozen copycat subs available withing minutes of the ban until the community trims it down to one or two alternates. Things will then continue as normal once people stop paying attention.

  • blakkheim bh (@blakkheim) reported

    @DogeEroge i hope you posted a tweet about it with broken english, the laughing crying emoji, reddit spacing and a bunch of hashtags

  • datsugokuo Big And Strong Jamie 💚 (@datsugokuo) reported

    Guess it's time to mindlessly scroll down reddit and stare at cat pics

  • soiled_sock Jax (@soiled_sock) reported

    why is reddit down. please come back

  • EasycareLndscpe XRP Landscaping (@EasycareLndscpe) reported

    @distributedmind Their the 3 I have besides3/4 of my port being XRP. That's a tuff one there but I'm going to say HOLO but with a longer time frame for growth.ADA was getting beat up a little in Reddit for their wallet having some problems and Shelly not being were its suppose to b down to 7c now

  • JohhnyRidden1 The Colossus Of Dawn (@JohhnyRidden1) reported

    @aajones79 @M3Tmyn4 @EAHelp The AT&T outage in Austin was seemingly confirmed in some threads in reddit. It was also Easter weekend, meaning some people got Friday & Monday off, so Tuesday does seem like the soonest replacement date. On the other hand, the update is actually dropping BEFORE the stream.

  • barnzey13 Barnzey13 (@barnzey13) reported

    @Beaniootv If Reddit is down: I come to twitter. If discord is down: I come to twitter. If twitter is down...well then I’n SOL

  • ROBLOXNicholas Nicholas (@ROBLOXNicholas) reported

    @AngelJamesWicca @Ki11ersix @Joltzdude139 @GearboxOfficial gearbox or reddit prob the better people to ask here lol, no offense to them but i dont think k6 and joltz are the kind of people who know how to fix bugs

  • StuartMill1776 Stuart Mill (@StuartMill1776) reported

    @robblackwellAB Now that is verifiably incorrect- maybe if we were on Reddit. Seriously though, there is no moral hazard issue with contracting polio.

  • Tsu_bari Choobie (@Tsu_bari) reported

    @hyiro__aerak @sleepyteajam Reddit is pretty terrible esp the ffxiv reddit - unless your art is a certain type and it’s seen as perfect people just downvote the hell out of you - also don’t ever post viera 😩

  • Gindor8 Jeight (@Gindor8) reported

    @Mitch692 How about you go to box office reddit and have way more exprienced people break it down to you. Its not possible.

  • Harlan67401306 HBH (@Harlan67401306) reported

    @TRONSCAN_ORG Ledger login at Tronscan used to work fine, now fails 100% of the time. Many posted GitHub issues, same in Reddit. Neither Tron nor Ledger even acknowledge the problem. I'm losing confidence in both.

  • STAAP_Joshua Joshua L. (@STAAP_Joshua) reported

    @hleenyc @hitbtc @duecoinplanet only need to type “hitbtc reddit” on google and you can see the results for yourself.. seems like they do sort out issues, but only if it tarnishes their reputation, by constantly complaining on social media and having 1000+ followers

  • mrgn0me MrGn0me (@mrgn0me) reported

    @StormFeverHS It's just like Brode said, players are really good at pointing out issues but terrible at solutions. Plus, it's Reddit. They're always mad

  • gravyshades Evan (@gravyshades) reported

    @jaysukai @6ixNuck @RiderOfKarma @nataliesurely Dude don’t care I’ll like all of my tweets. Coming from reddit I find it weird that it’s an issue. You defaulted to upvoting everything. You’re sharing BS polls and defending war criminals. But please. Be concerned about the like button. Jackass

  • MrsPowell714 Angela Powell (@MrsPowell714) reported

    Going down the rabbit hole of #FreeBritney and debating on downloading Reddit again so i can read even more 😬

  • ModdGrizzly Modd (@ModdGrizzly) reported

    @JMcCurryCLE Jail broken fire stick(s). Also can stream pretty much any NFL game through reddit.

  • DaftSiren Katefish (@DaftSiren) reported

    @DitaVonChaos The problem is, I've had problems with Discord servers getting out of hand, and I've had problems with trying to have sane and productive conversations on Reddit, so I know I'm getting in to a shit show

  • Recursion_Agent Dead Agent (@Recursion_Agent) reported

    @JDanielRicher Wow. I remember when Reddit wouldn't even take down ******* pics.

  • josephmxm Joseph Maxim (@josephmxm) reported

    @spekulatius1984 @bcye_tw @ironmicfm @Leonhitchens @usehellogoodbye @sunnysinghio @fajarsiddiqFS @sunnycommutes @joshmanders @imknight @WebMaye @_jolvera @de_henne @AnTheMaker @hackernoon @kerrtrvs @Macchiata_ @Mubaris_NK @mddanishyusuf @LoriKarikari @owenconti @alollou @Gautam__Jain @matteing @HarowitzBlack @alicodermaker @diannamallen @karanganesan @phenominalc @alexthayworth @googleanalytics @Threeteatree2 @Google @googlechrome @googlemaps @yesnoornext @BasileSamel @AlinaCSava @hyper_yolo @DesignByKyle @davecraige @FabioRosado_ @Booligoosh @whizzzoe @Yosun @gauthamzzz @achuth_hadnoor @digitalocean @TryGhost yah as @bcye_tw said. PH + reddit + lifehacker. I was never featured on HN but i guess SEO plays a huge part. I got so much back links from other media sites and currently number one on keyword term "fix my speakers" on google search.

  • Apolis Apolis (@Apolis) reported

    @samboo73 😢😢No plans to restock right now, but let us know your size and we might be able to hunt down one on eBay or reddit if interested🙌

  • SunnieDX_ SunnieD_ (@SunnieDX_) reported

    @BladeTf2 I have a bit of an issue with the way they handle meme content on the TF2 Reddit. It doesn't help that they sometimes come off as *******-ish and potentially drive people away from the place. I get why the rules are in place, but it feels like a "no fun" zone sometimes.

  • AnnChoviArt Tinned fish with a tablet (@AnnChoviArt) reported

    @ari_raid Man, the reddit Michiganders are too far off. They don't even have enough asphalt to fix their roads. Fresh baked Corn Flakes are at least a pleasant option. :'D

  • EdwardOutcast EdwardOutcast (@EdwardOutcast) reported

    So let me get this fully on track -Reddit user uploads fake image about #mk11 on Switch looking bad -People upload videos of the pirated version, WITHOUT the update, dont get taken down -All footage of the REAL version is locked or gets taken down -No one is sure what is real

  • DrewHolden360 Drew Holden (@DrewHolden360) reported

    Even for WaPo, this is just terrible. On Easter Monday w/ hundreds of Christians killed on one of the holiest days, WaPo decides to quote reddit & a few far-right figures, writes off a wave of church attacks as "relatively minor" & glosses over the global persecuted church.

  • Chrontendo Boner Culture Vulture (@Chrontendo) reported

    @famiconsumer Maybe it's moved down the line from 4chan and Reddit to Facebook.

  • SpottyFloppy Taylor(🐰👯‍♂️🥚)Eggers (@SpottyFloppy) reported

    @pricklypeartv I don't do fan theories because then it either gets my hopes up or down. Plus, reddit is froth with spoilers for anything and everything and I don't wanna play minesweeper with that.

  • NateStern Nate Stern (@NateStern) reported

    @stimulateminds_ @MilosParrots @AveryB64 @ChangeTheLAUSD I’m not. I’m talking down to someone dumb enough to take memes and Reddit posts as fact. Read a ******* book or something. Get off Reddit. Go outside

  • SG_Onyx Onyx (@SG_Onyx) reported

    @philipaklein This whole thing is honestly as stupid as it gets. You are preventing innovation and improvement to fix a broken system for the sake of who have been affected by said broken system. Who decided to put this in anything less than a reddit post with 2000 downvotes on /r/the_donald

  • NateStern Nate Stern (@NateStern) reported

    @stimulateminds_ @MilosParrots @AveryB64 @ChangeTheLAUSD Im not. I’m talking down to someone dumb to take memes and reddit posts as fact. If that’s you, then sorry not sorry. Read a ****** book or something. Get off reddit.

  • number1bjorkfan dula peep (@number1bjorkfan) reported

    Gm I’ve gone down the rabbit hole of Lele Pons plastic surgery reddit

  • FranktheDank101 FranktheDank (@FranktheDank101) reported

    You win my Uplay account Koreans. But I’m not going down without a fight over my Reddit account! Bring it! Changed the password again, let’s see you decipher this one!

  • iiStaticSpeed StaticSpeed (@iiStaticSpeed) reported

    @FireMonkeyFN Brooo... There will be downtime. There will be leaks. It is going to be v8.5. We've known this for weeks from Reddit. You're slow lmao


    @FrshBakedDisney @DisneylandToday @Disneyland SAME!!! I was on hold for over an hour when I finally decided to hang up. According to a reddit thread, it's a wide spread issue 😭

  • USSRDanceTeam ᴶᵉˢˢᵉ ᵂᵒᵒˡᵃʳᵈ (@USSRDanceTeam) reported

    lifes been bad ever since reddit took down wpd

  • Danman1116 Danman1116 (@Danman1116) reported

    @whisperandmoan Doing some reading on Reddit and I'm kind of nervous about the crypts. Seems like something might happen down there next week.

  • tkFritschiee bi fieri (@tkFritschiee) reported from Russellville, Arkansas

    nothing is more weird than scrolling down reddit and seeing a past tinder conversation you had

  • BrataGeorge Brata George (@BrataGeorge) reported

    If you're ever skydiving and your parachute fails to open, don't panic. You will have the rest of your life to try and fix it. #smile #reddit #jokes

  • PaglianAroma Rupert Birkin (@PaglianAroma) reported

    My ego has gotten too big, need to post some selfies on Reddit to bring it down

  • pixel5_ Aaron (@pixel5_) reported

    Everybody: "Wow another amazing #GameofThrones episode, I can't wait until next week!" Reddit: "Wrong again, idiot, that episode was terrible and no one on the show has any idea what they are doing GODS I WISH GRRM WOULD RELEASE THE NEXT BOOK"

  • valsrtpy valiey (@valsrtpy) reported

    kboo youtubers : ok so lets break this case down unbIASED also kboo youtubers : *use reddit as a source*

  • waycomp2002 Wayne Foster (@waycomp2002) reported

    @reddit need help with a login issue on my account password related wouldn't work reset to new password more then once but wouldn't let me use the new password