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  • thoughtfloss Dawn (@thoughtfloss) reported

    Is New Hampshire full of terrible people? I generally get along with everyone in real life, but I use Reddit r/NewHampshire, and it seems like a frothing pit of hate. Is it NH, or is it just Reddit?

  • GrittleMix Liam (@GrittleMix) reported

    I genuinely thought the whole ‘st*8 boys don’t wash their ***’ thing was like just the one Reddit post by an annoyed gf, until I realised it was like a true issue expressed by many girls. Not saying all st*8 boys have an issue but for those of you who do, please!


    @CRocket505 @saptings @JohnSwanYT I'm not trying to attack you I just dont understand where you're coming from? "if he was a bigger channel than 6k it would be a bigger issue" ok but it was only ever an issue bc JS threw a fit over an old post dream made 2 reddit that only had 20 likes...he lit did this 2 himself

  • mamoonbleh Paranoid Android (@mamoonbleh) reported

    @dastangoaurat Hahahaha yesss 'deep questions reddit' But seriously, it's never an issue in movies

  • IAm_Not_APerson snarling leftoid (@IAm_Not_APerson) reported

    @MikeBenchCapon @FeyeraBender That's reassuring lol. It still just bothers me that there's basically no conclusiveness to anything. It's just turtles all the way down. I remember posting on reddit a while back in /r/AskPhilosophy about how, since I as a layperson am not a scientist and there are countless

  • ruralvary harlotry (@ruralvary) reported

    John Swan really ended his yt career before it even started 😬 If he had ignored Dreams Reddit post w 21 likes that would’ve been lost in swamp of posts, he could’ve avoided this All the ppl he dragged down with him too 😶 Lesson: Don’t add onto ur lies or support blindly

  • TranscendentBat Celestial Vampire (@TranscendentBat) reported

    See what john swan should have done is dm dream asking him to take down the reddit post and tell dream the truth but also tell him that he would never do it again and that he's sorry for impersonating dream, or something like that. Hindsight is 20/20 I guess

  • ScotchCreamVO Scotch Cream, Laird of the Voice (@ScotchCreamVO) reported

    @ladyxxbugx Been thinking this all the time! Given a lot of thought to a server meant to help bridge the twitter and reddit va communities instead of being around one person and then everything there getting cliquey or dying. If you wanna do it, let's chat!

  • parmaxviolent donnie thornberry (@parmaxviolent) reported

    down so bad i’m making up romantic scenarios from Reddit comments i like

  • flarebooks Flarebooks (@flarebooks) reported

    yay Reddit is broken.

  • loserbex becky (@loserbex) reported

    @Piemxn looked on reddit, it seems like everyones getting the same problem for the past few hours. no fix tho :/

  • QueenOfJewelz ElitistMinusTheWhiteness (@QueenOfJewelz) reported

    They told Elon to shut up or they going to shut down the stock exchange they they want everybody to stop talking on Reddit so Elon chilled-out

  • Dragy 🌸👑 Dragy 👑🌸 (@Dragy) reported

    looks like on youtube im getting more response to the character model rework issue, unlike reddit which is very toxic and biased by its own fanbase leaving no room for others, i might make a video about the topic as the youtube community seems way nicer

  • SuddenlyVanessa Vanessa "Punch Girl" Hoskins (@SuddenlyVanessa) reported

    @Daigle Yeah... It's like when industry pros talk about something I've done being really good and balanced then some random Reddit folks going on about how broken it is. I'm like... Did you even read it? Sometimes I just... Ugh.

  • shibewalker Shibewalker (@shibewalker) reported

    3. If one stock can cause this then you need to realize there’s a bigger issue other than some Reddit users buying one stock. Ya sound ridiculous and bitter like the boomers. Something is wrong if one stock causes this, so don’t blame the stock or Reddit. Identify the real issue

  • _Destino84_ Stephen Smith (@_Destino84_) reported

    @TommySheerin @TopOTGoths To say nothing of the disgusting smears thrown at Khashoggi's fiancée. Plastered across Twitter & Reddit threads for months. How dare she take issue with the regime that hacked her partner to pieces with a bonesaw? She must be on the Qatari payroll.

  • TheNickSweat Nick Sweat, P.I. 👻 (@TheNickSweat) reported

    @JohnSwanYT I can't really "judge" anyone considering all the mistakes I've made in my real life, which everyone on twitter seems to ignore in themselves. All I can say is this is just weird. Such a trivial thing to triple down on. Not to mention you posting that dude's reddit comment first.

  • C_Onzo Corvus_Onzo (@C_Onzo) reported

    @EveTutorials Sooo... - Streaming exclusively FW and Low Sec Content for two years straight. - Mentioning Low Sec every interview, article and Reddit post I'm tagged in. - Literally writing a 1500 word document explaining exactly how to fix Low Sec and FW. Do you even play dude?

  • Emmy00777016 Emmy (@Emmy00777016) reported

    @QUACKITIED @dreamwastaken Swan was using the fake account to make it seem like him and dream were best friends as well. When dream asked about it, he denies it and lied. Dream blocked him and ignored the issue from there. Recently on a reddit post about someone having and interview with Swan-

  • DreamsHor1zon DreamsHorizon (@DreamsHor1zon) reported

    @OddHouseGames @MartinNebelong I try to post on reddit and occasionally Instagram. I'm terrible at video style updates but it might be easier once stuff become more playable

  • NyteRydr82 Timothy Wright (@NyteRydr82) reported

    @theMMdestroyer The Reddit plays have nothing to do with OTC. The market has been down the past 5 days. Stocks don't just go up. Sorry for your loss. You should've been increasing your positions if you believe in your investment.

  • StarShade8943 StarShade (@StarShade8943) reported

    @youtooksolong @endersqu1d What about it? Of course it was a major blunder on John’s part to deny irrefutable evidence in private. But that evidence was never shown publicly. If it was (preferably in the Reddit post), again, I would not have had any issue with Dream handling.

  • Shulk515 Shulk (@Shulk515) reported

    To be fair, I'm seeing everything through reddit-colored-glasses but it seems like every 5 min I'm seeing a tweet about AOC calling people out on things. Not a bad thing, but laying blame at peoples feet doesn't actually fix things.

  • UntilArkham Until the End of Time - Arkham Horror (@UntilArkham) reported

    And as someone who is very active on both the Discord Servers and Reddit for #ArkhamHorrorLCG, these kinds of problems are not incidental but system-wide. I see daily posts about people who want to buy your products and can't. (3/8)

  • SatyrsRespite Vivek Singh (@SatyrsRespite) reported

    @idkohli Depends most on target audience I guess. If the target audience is mostly from EU/US, makes sense to go down the reddit/slack route. For India, whatsapp is going to get the most engagement (even though it isn't really built optimally for this)

  • SenorMitchie Mitchell al-Dhiyb الذئب (@SenorMitchie) reported

    This whole situation CAUSED by the reddit users has destroyed more lives than it has helped. Guaranteed. Should the SEC intervene? No. But it's your problem if you didn't see it coming.

  • FulgrimsFinest Mel 🔥 (@FulgrimsFinest) reported

    Honestly I'm just thinking about shutting my other sites like AVN/ManyVids down and just focus on my twitter/reddit so I can put more time/effort into these 2 then very little stretched over lots of accounts

  • SenorMitchie Mitchell al-Dhiyb الذئب (@SenorMitchie) reported

    Did they believe that they could get away with destroying the derivatives markets on whatever meme "stonk" their *basically board members* decided should go "to the moon"? The subforum will be taken down within two months. Bet reddit already on payroll.

  • newsgroundsbot news_generator_bot (@newsgroundsbot) reported

    reddit is down. go outside and play.

  • Krynis Davey Sawatzky (@Krynis) reported

    and of course reddit and forums for the game are filled with apologists but if you actually have them explain why it's not bad it's always what basically amounts to "it sucks at first because the controls are terrible and the physcs are awful, but you can learn to deal with it"