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June 18: Problems at Reddit

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  • CidxLucy 💞 𝐌𝐚𝐦𝐦𝐚 𝐁𝐞𝐚𝐫 𝐋𝐮𝐜𝐲 💞 (@CidxLucy) reported

    @darkjoshx30 @BlessUnleashed They're going to work on the input lag, the DCing issues, graphics, combat speed up, basic bug fixs and they did say something about fixing the skills and animation. They are working on balancing the game when it comes to each class too. They taking people feedback on reddit.

  • KyleRoycePlays 🌈 12oyceNation HAS PRIDE 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈 (@KyleRoycePlays) reported

    @redditships This dude had it so good. Justice for that girl 🙌 Also: you use Reddit and you dont understand the importance of a throwaway account. There's so many issues here. 😭

  • Stickballruss Russell Colosi (@Stickballruss) reported

    @josephahorton_ Because the reddit is correct. You can pay for a spells casting cost in any order. The retrace is part of the cc, so that can be done first OR second. It looks like mtgo is checking for the discsrd labd first, which is the problem.

  • TianEnElijah ♈✞iⓐИҽИ ♈ (@TianEnElijah) reported

    @MidnightChip Oh. Because i saw reddit got somebody mention not working

  • Easy_A402 EasyA | Poll God? (@Easy_A402) reported

    Im so done with reddit 😂 someone really complaining about how throwers hide behind walls and how rosa has to much hp and runs to fast because tanks are "supposed" to be slow 😂 asked for mike nerf because he does to much damage (but said he is easy to dodge) 😂😂 #BrawlStars

  • DanielMyers76 Daniel Myers (@DanielMyers76) reported

    @ShelbyKStewart @jeanguerre They’re still pissed r/incel was shut down by Reddit

  • CanadaTweetsNow TweetsFromCanada (@CanadaTweetsNow) reported

    @HaryClark @_rufhaus @JAllenMc If that's true, my mistake - but "the reddit" isn't normally interchangeable with "the subreddit". Also, I swear to god, if another one of you tells me to calm down or "stop" without reading the rest of what I said, I'm turning this tweet around and we're going home.

  • HaryClark Zac (@HaryClark) reported

    @CanadaTweetsNow @_rufhaus @JAllenMc She said "the reddit," not reddit. Implying the SP7 subreddit. Calm down.

  • MetsMike_129 LOLMets™ (@MetsMike_129) reported

    @gabe_deleon The Reddit thread is defending him but it’s mostly his fans. I like him tbh I am just salty about the mma streams being taken down Bc he couldn’t keep his mouth shut

  • cobb_br br&on (@cobb_br) reported

    @MLBFanSupport Still not fixed. Still ruining games taking you live when you select start from beginning. Where is the fix. Many reddit users having same issue.

  • LynnethValkyrie Lenneth Valkyrie (@LynnethValkyrie) reported

    @JayzTwoCents Unfortunately it's like this everywhere. People post the same topics on forums, ask the same questions on reddit even when there's the same question 2 topics down. People are incredibly lazy these days unfortunately.

  • angbenitez_ Angelica 🔜 CEO (@angbenitez_) reported

    @eric_shorey Go into your preferences on Reddit, scroll down to "email" and uncheck everything.

  • BenParfitt Ben Parfitt (@BenParfitt) reported

    Engaged in a reddit argument with someone who insists the problem with journalism is not the broken ad model, click economy or appalling wages but in fact writers being engaged in "a race to the bottom to trash their reputation".

  • DeoParmvir parm (@DeoParmvir) reported

    first they took down r/soccerstreams now r/nbastreams. Reddit never fails to disappoint

  • PickleRickPat Patrick (@PickleRickPat) reported

    @SWPalace I'm a united fan but I have to admit it, our fanbase is terrible. Especially on Twitter. When I look at our fanbase in Reddit, they're mostly positive but the ones on Twitter are just disappointing.

  • timbermingham Tim Bermingham (@timbermingham) reported

    If that doesn't work, after a week or so of trying, you might try blasting them on some other platform such as this or Reddit or whatever for arbitrarily taking down pages that offer important and healthy advice. (I've not looked at the Bedpost but I assume it was that.)

  • Remy39928756 🇺🇸Peckerwood🇬🇧🇩🇪 (@Remy39928756) reported

    @EuroTradition I used to love Reddit. r/MDE was great. Then after that got shut down everyone moved on to r/cringanarchy. Once that sub started making front page they quarantined it. I moved on to Voat for awhile and found my way here a month ago

  • Kid_Curry__ Seb (@Kid_Curry__) reported

    @rawques @princeakin__ The feds finally found it and shut it down and removed it from reddit

  • mundanearsenic Arsene | Video Game :) (@mundanearsenic) reported

    @kiercookexe If i've learned anything, Reddit is a cesspool and r/tf2 is even further down the rabbithole of bad

  • nourthemale Floozy (@nourthemale) reported

    @lil_uza3i_vert @mkanaan95 Yes but Reddit is more like a server for many different communities, to the point where it's hard to see it as one social medium. It all goes down to what you decide to follow there.

  • Grady91 Mike (@Grady91) reported

    Standing in south station having a beer, my phone in my left hand. My right hand reaches down and checks pocket for phone. Slight panic as I think for a millisecond “where’s my phone”. Stairs down at reddit on phone, oh there it is...

  • Str8YPree ǝǝɹԀ 🇬🇷 (@Str8YPree) reported

    Download discord and create an account. Once you create an account, join the discord I invited you too. I had to do this bs when they took down soccer streams. Everyone migrated to discord but Reddit should eventually pick back up.

  • nourthemale Floozy (@nourthemale) reported

    Reddit is the most beautiful social media platform ever. I was feeling down and a bunch of total strangers started sending me videos and photos and messages that would cheer me up. I swear just the fact that people are willing to go through the effort to make a stranger feel-

  • djmightybri djmightybri (@djmightybri) reported

    @CordCuttersNews @reddit Perfect timing on shutting down the NBAStreams since the season just ended.

  • ImaRam60377989 ImaRam (@ImaRam60377989) reported

    @GaijinGoombah Just admit to being a furry, it will shut down alot of comment treads and reddit post

  • pjharvey Phil Harvey (@pjharvey) reported

    @KevinGiszewski Not a terrible idea at all, sort of like reddit gold. They should do it, it’ll make really good answers stand out

  • 3_little_holes 3 Little Holes🌈 (@3_little_holes) reported

    This isn’t an exclusive issue with people on Twitter, because it happens on Reddit too, but here it goes: IF YOU WANT TO WRITE WITH ME AND ROLE PLAY THEN I AM NOT GOING TO DO ALL THE HEAVY LIFTING. THAT’S SOME STRAIGHT BULLSHIT. ROLE PLAYING IS 50/50.

  • shorkytf2 ShorkyTF2 (@shorkytf2) reported

    @kiercookexe For a community that needs to get along probably the most out of any video game right now, It sure is disappointing to see people promoting violence on Ethan. I hope reddit can fix their shit tbh.

  • jamiehwood Jamie (@jamiehwood) reported

    @Jazz6thman Antoher option will pop up on Reddit. That was the worry when soccerstreams went down, but you can still find streams.

  • penguinzomby penguinzomby (@penguinzomby) reported

    Let me walk you through the average Save The World weekly update: No news // short Reddit post // hype // waiting // update finally released // everything broken // new stuff disabled // No news // short Reddit post // ......

  • Roctakon Roctakon (@Roctakon) reported

    everybody acting like the sites that were linked on reddit got shut down. They didn’t! You can still watch the ******* basketball streams damn.

  • newsgroundsbot news_generator_bot (@newsgroundsbot) reported

    reddit is down. go outside and play.

  • crackpotjack Jack Glatfelter (@crackpotjack) reported

    @CornfedFriar I have the same problem when the Padres play The Nationals. Check out Reddit MLB streams

  • oddpodretro Odd Pod (@oddpodretro) reported

    @huzkutweets Been on Patreon for a few years, I've tried Reddit, was terrible.

  • lurkcity LURK (@lurkcity) reported

    @wobuhs I mean I don’t care about the soccer one.... but maybe that’s why the football (us) was also taken down.... reddit was confused as to which football to take down 😂

  • CaliforniaAshes Ashlae 🦋🧜🏽‍♀️ (@CaliforniaAshes) reported

    @subin70 According to posts on reddit, Jed was abusive to his ex-girlfriend and was dating a girl before he went on the show. Looks like Hannah made a terrible decision.

  • MAD_Marvin Fairweather Marvin (@MAD_Marvin) reported

    NBA shutting down Reddit stream website, meanwhile NHL handing out pamphlets on how to watch games for free. Any publicity is good publicity in the league of Bettman.

  • LividFray Mariah🦈 (@LividFray) reported

    Me: posts this on Reddit Reddit: UR STUPUD AS **** U WERE DICKING AROUND IN UR INVENTORY ITS UR FAULT THEY SPAWNED ON TOP OF U. THEY DIDNT EVEN SPAWN ON U THEY RAN UP TO U honestly Reddit y’all gotta calm down. I know what happened. If y’all don’t that’s fine but stop assuming.

  • dickparadise69 jp (@dickparadise69) reported

    NBAstreams being shut down signifies the death of reddit it use to be a place where you could find movies, tv shows, and lie streams but that era is over

  • Reignbird24 Reignbird (@Reignbird24) reported

    @IAmGreyA88 From reading Reddit a little bit ago, I think there's a glitch that you can't level up a Mark II variant unless you have the base variant. So if you get a Swat Mark II but don't have the swat, it won't level up.

  • AboutaWolf Magus Lucis Caelum (@AboutaWolf) reported

    @David_Leavitt I stream a lot of horror movies online when I can't sleep. Also, fall down YouTube and Reddit holes. J O I N M E E E E.

  • Runemist34 Runemist34 (@Runemist34) reported

    @shulGG @PlayWarframe Seeing the amount of complaining on Reddit, it really doesn't surprise me. This is basically the same challenge they had before, but dumbed down, made easier, because everyone complained that an hour is too long, and it's too much to want us to play together

  • valerietv_ 🧡MODELHUB 17-18th June 100% payout🖤 (@valerietv_) reported

    So many hating men on reddit. If you don’t like ahegao, just scroll down. Nobody needs your negative.

  • mfarx2 Mfrase (@mfarx2) reported

    @_timandersson @Kanyef0rpres @csfifaking @tradingnoob77 @tyohom_ @EACoreySA @Kurt0411Fifa @EASPORTSFIFA Yes that was the problem in 17 they fixed it although it still arises idk if ur on reddit but there was a post where like <0.3% of goals go in from corners but in fifa it occurs very commonly In fifa 19 it’s not a guaranteed that it happens it’s a lot better than in recent years

  • KingTerveen Terveen (@KingTerveen) reported

    @TheRealVikings @MUTGuru @TDPresentsYT On 19. I haven’t been able to play franchise for like 3 days. And I know multiple people on reddit have complained about the same issue, but MUT works just fine

  • TweetsViaDM Based Kangaroo (@TweetsViaDM) reported

    all the reddit streaming sites are getting shut down

  • anantshri anantshri (@anantshri) reported

    @pentestit naa not planning to step down from a smartphone. just reducing the clutter of view hungry applications. reddit, gmail etc are all still present, but they don't demand attention without need. Althought e-ink is tempting but crowdfunding i have wasted too much money already.

  • strontiummuffin TRUE NEUTRAL Rory P1SS GΔNG (@strontiummuffin) reported

    @despiser_ I'd love to look at it like that but there was some pretty straight up hateful stuff in this thread and sadly reddit is a private company so they have to take it down. I wish there was a public version of reddit/social media but that's so low priority compared to the other stuff.

  • McCartn_ebooks McCartn_ebooks (@McCartn_ebooks) reported

    Reddit is useless except for this Stupid Shit Nobody Needs & Terrible Ideas Hackathon is fantastic.

  • WinkyChrist Winky Christ 🇸🇾 (@WinkyChrist) reported

    Y'all need to stop crying about the Reddit streams going down. Catch up with the times & download yourselves an IPTV service provider. It changed my life and saved me so much damn money. You get every channel imaginable, including live sports, PPV events & OnDemand movies for $8

  • rhykol Dr. Rhykol (@rhykol) reported

    @kiercookexe R/TF2 is one of the worst places on Reddit, hands down

  • KShamzy Kyle Rendlesham (@KShamzy) reported

    If NFL streams go down on reddit, I am rioting

  • AcRuiz96 FallinStyle96 (@AcRuiz96) reported

    @netw3rk The websites still work it’s just that the reddit holding all the links is shut down.

  • chenxings finnamon roll❀✩ (@chenxings) reported

    @ArloStuff I think that was the biggest problem with it. there were a lot of Reddit threads with complete misinformation and that's what caused the avalanche of hate towards the game and game freak.

  • KnicksClicksNYK Knicks Clicks (@KnicksClicksNYK) reported

    Looks like nba streams reddit was banned and shut down today.. sucks

  • Rollincroskey1 ROLLIN CROSKEY🎓 (@Rollincroskey1) reported from Montgomery, Alabama

    A guy on @reddit was showing off his @PowerRangers cosplay gear and some jerk had the nerve to say that he must have a mental problem and needs to get some help. It's people like who are the ones who need the help (if you ask me)!!!

  • JacobFeldman4 ✏️Jacob Feldman (@JacobFeldman4) reported

    NBA statement on its involvement with /r/nbastreams being banned from Reddit for violating its copyright policy: “We work with our vendors to identify and protect against pirated live streams of our games. Platforms shutting down repeat infringers is critical to this process.”

  • deppermane Andrew Depperman (@deppermane) reported

    @ChristianOrsi I get my aquarium fix via Reddit. I’d have to stop drinking before I could afford that hobby.

  • TheeRedVelvet Mike (@TheeRedVelvet) reported

    @BrendanSchaub hey, man. Two things. 1. I had high hopes for your comedy special, it was terrible. 2. You ratting on people for using reddit for streams was really classless

  • Chatteryy Chatteryy🔨 (@Chatteryy) reported

    damn, first reddit killed mmastreams and now they just shut down nbastreams 😭😭😭😭😭