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  • Infinitus_R6
    Infinitus (@Infinitus_R6) reported

    @popcornalotpop @MacieJayGaming But you can’t balance a game just for one platform. Just because it’s okay for you on console doesn’t mean it’s okay on pc as well. Furthermore the jiggle peeking with shields while ads’ing is broken af just look at Macie’s Clip linked in his Reddit post

  • b1gnate_11
    Nathan (@b1gnate_11) reported from Clearwater, Florida

    @AveryHage Reddit’s revisionist history to make Denny look worse is hilarious. They try to make it look like Kyle ripped him apart but in reality, KB was a loose cannon until Stevens settled him down somehow

  • cristinaaathena
    cristina (@cristinaaathena) reported

    if u can't find a solution to ur problem on reddit then idk what to tell u

  • SlyExodusWolf
    Use creator code TwitchNickk (@SlyExodusWolf) reported

    Epic is usually quick to realize when there's a problem in the community or game. But they've been super silent about the whole sword and plane controversy. Twitter has constantly been on an outrage. Same with Reddit. They see all this happening. But are choosing to ignore it.

  • adamghill
    Adam (@adamghill) reported

    I actually don't mind the reddit re-design, but it "feels" pretty heavy and slow.

  • DavidAELevy
    David AE Levy (@DavidAELevy) reported

    @SpaceGamerUK @Mr_Hasgaha You know.. funny thing... the very next day after posting this.. someone registered a domain today and posted a website to reddit along the same premise. This is a recurring issue I experience with projects I work on. But... competition is okay, we'll see how it goes.

  • ChristinaK1997
    Christina (@ChristinaK1997) reported

    Went to dinner at 5:30 until 6. Checked the menu online and browsed YouTube while eating. Then went home. Felt really tired so layed down. Couldn't stop watching YouTube or reading Reddit because I am so afraid of my assignment. Now I must start said assignment.

  • RedditSF
    r/SantaFighter (@RedditSF) reported

    @dapurplesharpie Seriously though this hits me in the guts because I know how true it is and how little we can do to curb this problem. Unfortunately Reddit, like many social media platforms, rewards and appeals to our worst sensibilities. My motivations as a volunteer have been tested.

  • mikecavanaughty
    Cavanaughty or Nice (@mikecavanaughty) reported

    Whenever I think I'm not petty I remember the time some guy was a douche to me on Reddit so I spent a month down voting everything he did. He's an Alt Right bastard so it's actually noble of me.

  • MattiAceGaming
    MattiAcegaming (@MattiAceGaming) reported

    @pewpiepiepewper @VectoringV @AdamGBrooks @dan_mitre @Khoplin @Alekssg @JaqubAjmal @Braddock512 @niccaman @EA_DICE Like I said, it's not my issue, it's been brought up several times on reddit. But it's ok, glad you're on it and that players maining as pilots also can start enjoying BFV eventually

  • SephFuck
    tyler jøseph cares (not really) (@SephFuck) reported

    @bathttimetyjo No problem. I am spreading this to the reddit and Facebook cliques too!!!

  • m4tthewharris
    harris (@m4tthewharris) reported

    tumblr is beyond broken, twitter is ok, facebook is Bad (messenger app is ok tho), reddit is basically an archive at this point, google+ is dead.

    Steve (@ONE_BAD_STEVE) reported

    @DDuukkhhaa @Johann___17 @Flournoy032 @ClutchGaming @CodySun @cg_piglet I think both have a bunch to prove and both have had problems highlighted (personality/behavioral speaking)(per reddit/YouTube 🤪) both are a gamble but if one can hit jackpot, should be good.

  • camilzf
    Cameowla (@camilzf) reported

    @guitarpunkmast1 its, the rib cage is more because of her pose laying down, she is just skinny but not anorexic, you can see more on reddit in a sub called r/ribcage

  • newsgroundsbot
    news_generator_bot (@newsgroundsbot) reported

    reddit is down. go outside and play.

  • soulofkab
    Kab (@soulofkab) reported

    @PixelJanosz @Blaugast @reddit Not even sure what the problem is. Dude did break a contract.

  • AgerzOk
    Blue (@AgerzOk) reported

    @TheHazeKnightYT You just said "now i know i made a reddit video, erm shut up" Self deprication doesn't fix it.

  • BenRivers23
    Mr. Trick (@BenRivers23) reported

    @griffin_pyle @MikaelSpiderBro @SpiderMan1962_ That's the problem with Reddit and the internet... The echo chambers seem huge. Then the petitions start and you get to see the real numbers.

  • dom_serrao
    Dom (@dom_serrao) reported

    Every time I sit down to do work I end up making a shared BPM video and putting it on Reddit. #FinalsWeek

  • SixSagesGaming
    Kozmic (@SixSagesGaming) reported

    @TrueDuelistTCG Join us in the discord, Reddit is going to be on fire until things settle down.

  • mikey_laz
    Mike.the.Witty (@mikey_laz) reported

    Reddit is down. I dunno what to do

  • BritishPodcast
    The British History Podcast (@BritishPodcast) reported

    @Manu_Gustin Oh good catch. That's because I had to shut down the forums. They were busting the site, so I've moved over to Reddit.

  • DishwasherPaul
    Dishwasher, Paul (@DishwasherPaul) reported

    @tiffftripp I’ve never had a problem finding a reddit stream on my ipad

  • gagejudd
    Gage: Movie Inbound (@gagejudd) reported

    I have tried to find the source for this but am being bogged down in reddit posts. I am still searching

  • BluWez
    Paul Westcott (@BluWez) reported

    @pigginatti No problem , keep grinding check news on Reddit about hero loadout sounds very exciting

  • VulgarBandido
    Daniel (@VulgarBandido) reported

    @amt5791 Will you able to fix league issues I’ve contacted you some rico ago on Reddit and still have the same issue with no clue or eta of when this is getting fixed

  • codythefallen
    codythefallen (@codythefallen) reported

    Fortnite BR reddit isn’t the place to go let me tell you. The amount of shit about the Infinity Blade is unreal and the fact that Epic has yet to just make a LTM for this is absolutely terrible.

  • MyPetFlamingoUK
    MyPetFlamingo (@MyPetFlamingoUK) reported

    @KingAcorn85 @usgolf95 Get in touch with Eric Hughes via the Reddit /r/vaporvinyl group buy. He manages to help US buyers get shipping costs down

  • snakegirlV2
    𝒏𝒂𝒕𝒂𝒍𝒊𝒆 ☔️🛡️ (@snakegirlV2) reported

    i got in more trouble on the reddit anarchism discord server for saying i liked the unabomber than i did for saying i liked east germany

  • ProjectAlpha22
    Tv's Alpha 🏳️‍🌈 (@ProjectAlpha22) reported

    @unjackwallace No problem! Credit where it’s due, u/Gandian on Reddit is the one who had actually seen the CCXP footage!

  • KreedNTX
    Kelly Reed (@KreedNTX) reported

    @JGilliam_SEAL don't let them get you down about promoting your book on air. Having Reddit, I take your promotion as more of a PSA to help people stay safe rather than an attempt to just sell books and make money.

  • all_the_Mindy
    Mindy!! (@all_the_Mindy) reported

    @rothschildmd They're welcome, but there's a problem. The land of logic is never going to pat you on the back and tell you you're special and awesome for wasting months of your life talking to the worst people on 4 chan and reddit. So they aren't interested.

  • _sue_j_uk
    Sue (@_sue_j_uk) reported

    @7pairsofpanties @FileReviewer @TManitowoc Zellner should have no problem. I think even I could write a decent brief based on what the guilters are making most posts about on reddit. Not so much follow the money as follow the whingers 😂

  • sbreame (@sbreame) reported

    @JodaRYuki @FACEIT I asked why dangerzone was an instant add to the site and why we still don't have premium nights back on reddit - "Some things are easier to fix" I asked why missions are still broken after over 2 years. "Still beta ok" Why gets you nowhere with this company.

  • forever_gf618
    🌲GFFANForever🇨🇦💫 (@forever_gf618) reported

    @ExAniron Ugh and here I thought Lost Legends would stop it. IDK much about how bad it is on Tumblr but from what I've seen... Instagram is the worst when it comes to Mabel hate. Then YouTube, Reddit, GF Amino and then Twitter has like the least amount of issues with that (IMO at least).

  • ConnorSouthard
    Connor Wroe Southard (@ConnorSouthard) reported

    @vox_employee Yeah. If you're reflective enough about your relationship to flesh it out like that, you're... probably going to do something healthier with any issues than post them on ******* Reddit

  • wendiizzzel
    wendi (@wendiizzzel) reported

    B wtf is ReDdiT you ******* really be informative about Twitter issues but stooopid in ya personal life

  • benjaminpavone
    Benjamin Pavone (@benjaminpavone) reported

    @AskPlayStation @kparkin96 Same problem here. I tried in safe mode : install by internet or USB. Same error. Now, I'm trying to reinstall complete software ( loosing all my data ... ). Look a reddit please, a lot of people with the same problem ..

  • wendiizzzel
    wendi (@wendiizzzel) reported

    @HiHeidyy B wtf is reddit Yall bitchs really informative about Twitter issues but not ya personal life.

  • Noafitaa
    نوف محمد البلوكي (@Noafitaa) reported

    @dammit_itsahmed A7san lik honestlyyy twitter can be such a headache hal yoomain honestly;; ooo reddit kan 7luu bs mn zmaan ma d5alt! I use Instagram moreee;; bs anyway uni’s just been kinda crazy this last term bs el7mdillah now it’s calmed down a bitt

  • FakeEmmanuel
    Emmanuel Lopez (@FakeEmmanuel) reported

    Here in the newsroom bright and early this am. Still convinced this is a very lucid dream and not real life. I'll know if it's a dream if stuff starts going down like dinosaurs showing up or if somebody asks me if I know what reddit is.

  • gracels
    (((Grace Lidia Suárez))) (@gracels) reported

    @1eighAnne @PollySigh1 Don’t go down the Reddit rabbit hole. They are not sane.

  • cupit_jason
    Grab (@cupit_jason) reported

    @Ingalbesto @DayZ Maybe but they have made some big steps towards it that's why i said check reddit where Eugene was posting the persistence is down to like 4% chance of wipe.

  • ah_leks_eh
    Aleksey (@ah_leks_eh) reported

    @jack Yo Jack, I have a dopaminergic feedback loop closing idea: In .ProfNav & .ProfCardStats if it's < 10k, round down to the nearest 10th & add a +, kinda like Reddit after the Redesign. The current UX really impedes immersion in the content & is hard to ignore, even consciously

  • Rickshade3
    Rickshade [Shadey Clause] (@Rickshade3) reported

    @MrProWestie Just read some interesting threads on Reddit. Some suggested that for newer or passive players maybe they should have given them a separate server instead of making the majority of the change for core players. Maybe Devs should have considered this first as a test.

    𝕙𝕒𝕧𝕖 𝕒 𝕥𝕙𝕚𝕔𝕔 𝕙𝕠𝕝𝕚𝕕𝕒𝕪 (@HTOWNVIClOUS) reported

    since we got all the facts down, lets get into some theories!!!! all of these come from reddit aka the home of werid but possible theories.

  • SchlechtArzt
    Sciencer (@SchlechtArzt) reported

    After the death'o dumblr memes died down, the content is subpar af. Reddit and Twitter combined are more superior in every way.

  • TarsTarkasnet
    X-Mas Tars Sez Sleigh Nazis!!! (@TarsTarkasnet) reported

    @ThatWerewolfTho @reddit reddit only does stuff when they get bad press, like how they had no problem with underage porn until it became big news then suddenly the cleaned it up slightly despite 50% of their user base raging

  • ThatWerewolfTho
    Frater Pera (@ThatWerewolfTho) reported

    Jesus H Christ, @reddit You sure do make it hard to report problem users. We just banned a dude from our sub that I guarantee we're going to see on the news as the next school shooter but when trying to report him you sent me to a page that told me to more or less ignore the guy.

  • bgreinhart
    Brian Reinhart (@bgreinhart) reported

    Final fact: I still haven't gotten hate mail! Your chance to fix that is this evening at 6:30pm as I do an AMA on Reddit's /r/dallas!

  • 100percentapr
    Adam Reaney (@100percentapr) reported

    @PaffasNaydenov @s_narmadhaa @semrush @sengineland @sejournal @reddit Guess that's the problem with user-managed forums! Lots of humble bragging.

  • 100percentapr
    Adam Reaney (@100percentapr) reported

    @s_narmadhaa @semrush @sengineland @sejournal @reddit Absolutely. Reddit's a great place to go to when you have an issue and want some real advice on how to fix it, I'm guessing Quora's probably similar in many ways.

  • vikas92
    vikas (@vikas92) reported

    @EAHelp If you can follow Reddit there are lot of user posting about this "No Loss Glitch". I've faced this many times. Can't really tell you the names because it's doesn't show in the game.

  • mtgcolorpie
    MTG Color Pie (@mtgcolorpie) reported

    @MTBMike79 @CommanderXCIX I’ve been getting the sunlight question a lot on reddit and I don’t think there’s an issue ATM. I have been thinking about putting a curtain of needed (for other reasons too). I haven’t heard of anything about temperature fluctuation next to windows (I have for garages).

  • dimintiadmn
    AEM (@dimintiadmn) reported

    Company-wide system outage. Oh well, I guess I’ll browse Reddit like any other normal day

  • p6gepilman
    Page (@p6gepilman) reported

    @tdawgcincy I saw a post on Reddit about VodQuila a few months back. And it was full of ppl speculating how terrible it would be and ppl telling stories of how terrible it actually was. Miss u lol

  • fskhfg
    j (@fskhfg) reported

    @YourPalFlux @FNBRLeaks Of course I understand, but it’s very hard to ignore.. even in the Reddit post about the bugs related to the sword, there’s tons of comments about how broken this thing is. A simple “we are working on changing the sword/ removing it from regular game modes” would be nice.

  • SiliconGangster
    Silicon Valley Laz 🥂 (@SiliconGangster) reported

    @Pat_Stedman The relationship problems you see on Reddit are insane. That corner of the internet needs help.

  • AlmightyDeity
    Almighty_Deity (@AlmightyDeity) reported

    @Heros_Time @Shayjader @BethesdaSupport Yeah. They told people it was server maintenance until Reddit pointed out what was posted an hour prior. Probably were going to keep quiet but that cost them a lot more.

  • Xxcom_BATMANxX
    Brandon (@Xxcom_BATMANxX) reported

    @headslickwrap Ooooo wow! You fixed one **** up. If you focused on fixing all ******** ups your company had you’d do nothing else. By the way how’s rigging Reddit votes going for your company. Let’s see if this gets your attention so you’ll be spurred to fix my order and your company