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  • SarKinja Sarkinja (@SarKinja) reported

    @MatthewEspinosa @CallofDuty Saw on Reddit the other day that setting your textures to normal fixes this issue. I'll look for a link

  • reckneps a gnome warlock (@reckneps) reported

    @fivezakk the issues listed on that reddit are things that are issues in multiple switch games, like BOTW has similar issues and is praised as one of the greatest games of all time, i just cant wrap my head around wanting something to be bad before it comes out

  • Obscurica J🍗MES (@Obscurica) reported

    Uh... I keep getting an AT&T error message on some sites, but not others. Twitter, Reddit, Google all fine. Others... not so much.

  • MrRaynerTTV Mr Rayner (@MrRaynerTTV) reported

    @Ephexia__ @AEGRO There's your problem, you were on Reddit...

  • iHEARTbiff _Jones (@iHEARTbiff) reported

    @SXM_Help When asking my Sonos to play SiriusXM via Google Assistant, it says that my Sonos isn't linked to my @SIRIUSXM account. Works fine with Alexa. cc: @SonosSupport - it's a known issue per Reddit.

  • peajay92 PJ (@peajay92) reported

    @IGN Oof, well we cancelled the pre-order after the Reddit thread detailed so many issues. Hope it gets better and worth the $60 price tag

  • AewCouple AEW Couple Podcast (@AewCouple) reported

    @fenixrisingkm Ive seen people who were there on Reddit saying it was deafeningly loud there, the audio issues are by far my biggest aew problem

  • TankLivsMatr TankyBoi (@TankLivsMatr) reported

    @evanf1997 Lol reddit can actually suck a major fat one. They don't like content creators. They can't take any critical thinking. The down arrow is their favorite friend, for no reason.

  • scoolman scoolman (@scoolman) reported

    @disneyplus there is a major problem with the brightness of content on Apple TV 4K devices. I can’t reproduce the problem on my phone. Others appear to have the issue too, there’s a reddit thread about it

  • StripeyShima Make Lost Kingdoms 3, you cowards (@StripeyShima) reported

    @nichegamer This won’t fix the annoying issues like cut Pokemon and whatnot, but that huge Reddit thread complaining is like half graphical polish nitpicks.

  • DrazGames Isaac Holland (@DrazGames) reported

    The vast majority of people who play videogames don't hang out on Reddit circlejerking over every detail they don't like, don't watch a bunch of YouTube videos by other hardcore fans complaining about the same issues. They buy games, play through the story and then put it down.

  • Lux_Umbra_ ウンブラ光 /Ↄha®li∃☯️ (@Lux_Umbra_) reported

    @SilentYeet I wish I could 😅 but all i have is a switch and ps4...unless I get an emulator but i dont do that 😂 and I've seen how things look from twitter, to reddit, to instagram. I just believe the devs can fix it. And i like pokemon for one if the same reasons I like Final Fantasy

  • KemTwelve Sam (@KemTwelve) reported

    From what im reading tho im starting to believe that one reddit screenshot talking about the porting system or whatever its called not working and having to keep development going even tho the game needed to be delayed to fix all the problems

  • PinkishIsTaken Pinkish 🌻 (@PinkishIsTaken) reported

    @InfiniteDeWitt the dex wasn't an issue for me either, I never truly cared, but the rest of the things listed in the reddit post definitely changed my mind.

  • nicknprince Nick Prince, Slimefoot Says Trans Rights (@nicknprince) reported

    Like the Reddit thread "cataloguing all the problems" was 2 legit complaints and 8 different ways attacking that Galar doesn't have a full Dex via critiques of animation, models, etc.

  • XAVoX Aaron Volain (@XAVoX) reported

    @TeamYouTube That seems to have worked, thank you. This seems to be a relatively common issue for people using ps4's, Roku, and other non-phone/computer devices, and more than a few people on Reddit are pretty upset. May be worth making an alert informing people of this glitch. Thanks again

  • LBPHeretic Sir Plew (@LBPHeretic) reported

    @sergeyszest @a346airbus The problem is Google seems to stink at color calibration of their screens. I see a bunch of Reddit posts on the Pixel subreddit showing uniformity and color cast differences between Pixel 4/XL.

  • ZackerHCD_96 Εκτωρ, Nικητης του Ήλιου (@ZackerHCD_96) reported

    @MegaMogwai there’s a mega thread on reddit that basically recaps every single problem with the game and the full thing makes it look like it’s the worst game in the history of mankind lmao

  • Ghostof_Mozart Ghostofmozart (@Ghostof_Mozart) reported

    For all those who keep asking me all the issues with Pokémon S&S and then ignoring the reddit post I send them, maybe a meme is a more willing consumable source of content for you. So here ...I want to like this game I really do but man....

  • IzaakT17 uuhhomygodheonxgamesmode (@IzaakT17) reported

    i use twitter when reddit and insta are slow for some reason twitter always got some new shit

  • InfiniteDeWitt DeWitt (@InfiniteDeWitt) reported

    @PinkishIsTaken Yeah :/ I was tempted to get it even two days ago since the dex was never a huge issue for me, but all the problems coming out now just make the choice easy. Someone’s reply on Reddit is exactly how I feel; not buying because of protesting, but it just doesn’t look fun at all.

  • BiodeEditable 𝘽𝙞𝙤𝙙𝙚𝙜𝙧𝙖𝙙𝙖𝙗𝙡𝙚 🎞️✂️ (@BiodeEditable) reported

    @Ziosity Neither are any of the other Reddit video YouTubers, so there's no problem!

  • antovolk Anton Volkov (@antovolk) reported

    @pardonater @DrRossGeller_ problem is that iTunes is only clean way to get UK-based billing into D+. Apparently Google Play, getting a US account for that has worked for some, though it does appear more complex as a solution (see reddit DisneyPlusVPN)

  • nick_hotaling Nick Hotaling (@nick_hotaling) reported

    @Atheist_Bale @Newl1st @fuuran95 @IGN Lol yea, on reddit. A literal cesspool of negative ******** who have done nothing but shown the game in a negative light and shut down anyone who's dared to show any interest in the game. Don't take this guy's advice. He's an idiot just like those reddit incels. 😂

  • makerwambold Scott Wambold (@makerwambold) reported

    @DiplomacyGames The Diplomacy sub Reddit suffers from the same issues.

  • Rayzor81 Ray (@Rayzor81) reported

    @PokemonGOHubNet I ordered it last week and after reading Reddit threads on all these issues (that coincide with this article allot), I fear I won't enjoy it as much as I would with all other gens I've played. Proof has been shown that can't be ignored. But I will still play it nevertheless

  • NickLedesma [ Nick ]⚡️ (@NickLedesma) reported

    @JinDjinnsStudio If you want to go down the rabbit hole, go check out the Pokémon Reddit. There’s at least one post that covers everything people are complaining about. Dexit is one piece of the puzzle now that the game is being data mined.

  • Quasica Paradox 🍙 (@Quasica) reported

    @Lunaraie I haven't really cared a lot because I don't have much investment in the Pokemon franchise. That being said, I was reading through a list on Reddit of all the issues that were found thus far and I was just shaking my head. It sounds like a mess going on over there.

  • wolfskymuzzle Zen (無) (@wolfskymuzzle) reported

    Oh boy, it's "Someone on reddit analyzed the pixels, cause they've seen a lot of pixels in their time, and this game is bad! These pixels are bad! The devs LIED to us!" Time. Lets break this down.

  • PinkishIsTaken Pinkish 🌻 (@PinkishIsTaken) reported

    People are refusing to see the issues with this because you dont understand the game industry whatsoever. They’re only making a ******* mediocre game released on a console (poorly) so they can continue to pocket extra money off of your dummy brains. Read the reddit post

  • theburiedtruck The Buried Truck (@theburiedtruck) reported

    @t55stepney I’m sure people will scatter to different platforms. I think someone along the lines of what @Rexeljet suggested would be best - upload your videos to a drive and share them via Reddit. Doesn’t solve the monetary issue, but at least we can still share/converse about fan content.

  • scully1888 Chris Scullion (@scully1888) reported from Edinburgh, Scotland

    All I'll say is thank **** I'm not reviewing Pokémon. If I'd given it a high score I'd be getting dog's abuse from childish pricks linking to that Reddit list of "issues", and if I'd given it a lower score they'd be associating me with them, which I absolutely wouldn't want.

  • Calliibrations Benjamin (@Calliibrations) reported

    @PaulTassi @Forbes Apparently there's a bunch of other issues with the game as well, like graphical glitches and bad design choices. I'm hoping it's not as bad as they're saying on reddit but will just have to wait and see.

  • RepinWolf Repin Wolf (@RepinWolf) reported

    @ZiroHusky There are several not stellar reviews on a few sites like Polygon, Ars Technica, Verge and Kotaku (not that I trust a games journalist's opinion fully) and a lot of Reddit posts about it being bad. I'm having a blast with it so far despite a glitch or two

  • Tacopete01 MeMatt: Master of the Universe (@Tacopete01) reported

    @Princess_Wiki The hashtag was literally something manufactured on Reddit because people were angry about #ThankYouGameFreak trending. You sit down. This is an entitled self flagellation by people still mad that Luvdisc isn't in the game. Go back to your hole, Skell.

  • Kazgrel Kazgrel (@Kazgrel) reported

    @Scar_LiT You shouldn't, but you need at least the 430 ilvl gear from start of ShB to even come close to max collect for those turn ins. I had a macro posted to Reddit yesterday and there are likely some better ones, but I'm not able to track down the thread they were posted to. 😐

  • DrNotRlyStrange Dr. Not Really Strange ❄️⚡️ (@DrNotRlyStrange) reported

    List of my crimes: - one (1) reddit post saying I find most of cp's photos looking weirdly unattractive - about 5 posts on my tumblr, negatively commenting on cp And I smoked pot. Repeatedly. Feel free to unfollow if you don't want to be associated with such a terrible human.

  • _Ashlisia Ashlisia (@_Ashlisia) reported

    @StewartLMarsh @rca_2011 @NianticHelp This issue isn’t unique to me. If you care to learn more, feel free to check The Silph Road reddit where others are also in disagreement with this change.

  • MazezRealm MΛZΣ (@MazezRealm) reported

    @Bricetacular To be fair, I’d just post the tweet you responded to me. You raised very valid points in the conversation. Reddit on the other hand can be a lost cause though. You really did go down a Rabbit hole.

  • ThePracticalEsc The Practical Escapist @ UNPACKING FOREVER 🏡 (@ThePracticalEsc) reported

    @VW_Factor Dex and move cuts, huge coding and graphical issues... there’s a huge list on Reddit.

  • KrujoSSB Krujo (@KrujoSSB) reported

    imo character discords would be more helpful with some kind of reputation system. You shouldn't get away with stuff like "DK is free, just don't get grabbed". Something like server-wide reddit karma would show you what you can trust and you would question yourself by -50 karma.

  • Howling_Snail HowlingSnail (@Howling_Snail) reported

    @Ontrol42 Several people I've seen trying to defend the games on Twitter and Reddit. Because they think for some reason that a game with many issues will magically be fixed in under a week.

  • BassForever20XX BassForever (@BassForever20XX) reported

    Yes we know for sure that #GameFreakLied but that makes me sad since it kinda confirms something behind the scenes went horribly wrong during the games development. Maybe tech issues like the reddit rumor, maybe cheap management, we don’t know. All we know is we got a lesser game

  • mclovingtjuk Mclovingtjuk (@mclovingtjuk) reported

    @Bricetacular So again, makes sense, but generally speaking if you look most of the community seem to just want to pub stomp - which is fun for one person in a lobby. I think some of it boils down to people finding out their not THAT good, whilst posting on “cod comp” Reddit for a year.

  • JacobDominos Dominos1 (@JacobDominos) reported

    Me: communism is a terrible economic system that causes misery Everyone on Reddit: boooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • ItFr4 FR4NzIT (@ItFr4) reported

    @THPSX Help me please, the THUGPRO installer closes on itself while validating files and sometimes straight up tells you it can't gather the current release information, nobody on reddit seems to know the fix.

  • Antique_Dev Antique (@Antique_Dev) reported

    @Mert_Lightz @CallofDuty It’s happened a couple times to me, posted to Reddit and they are also having issues

  • zenith3050 zenirh3050 (@zenith3050) reported

    @CyberNexus_ It's not just the number of Pokemon. While I won't spoil anything, leaker have already determined that lots of things have been cut and the overall game quality is down. There's entire lists on Reddit.

  • JraTheGod 𝒥𝑅𝒜 破壊の神 (@JraTheGod) reported

    Ayo @NeedforSpeed heat needs a stability patch ASAP. Blue screens and bugs happen waay to often. Just recently got an error code “40020000” didn’t let me go online because of an synchronization error. Thanks to reddit i found a way to go back online.

  • JaredsD00dles JaredsDoodles (@JaredsD00dles) reported

    Making shady group chats and discord servers dedicated to badmouthing these people with dissenting opinions behind their backs is by far worse than their "shit takes". If you really have such a problem with mildly negative tweets, go back to whatever reddit echo chamber u r from

  • lsbto lsbto (@lsbto) reported

    @YaBoiLuigiii @Tuhntee @ddofinternet Everyone steals from everyone else, the problem with reddit, specifically dankmemes subreddit, is it a ********** about Minecraft, Instagram memes are way better than the ones came from reddit.

  • newsgroundsbot news_generator_bot (@newsgroundsbot) reported

    reddit is down. go outside and play.

  • nimazeighami VR Nima (@nimazeighami) reported

    @scully1888 @mikesuszek I won’t be buying it any time soon, if ever. I hope patches or at the very least next year’s Pokémon games fix at least some of the glaring issues outlined in that comprehensive Reddit thread.

  • axaxaxasimon Simon Shear (@axaxaxasimon) reported

    No doubt there’s a good nuanced account that could be written on these fraught issues, but this is some-dude-on-Reddit level ranting about being the only one who uses facts & logic. One thing the piece does show us: journalism is hard

  • courmari_ Ⓜari // I draw, most of the time :3 (@courmari_) reported

    Reddit says, "Pick the FLB Staff, not the FLB Opus" Well~ the only competitor for the Birthday Ticket was the Europa Harp, but I had no problem OTK-ing with water that last GW, so Avatar Staff it seems.

  • Dharanichandr11 Dharanichandran (@Dharanichandr11) reported

    @GoogleStadia @reddit Does this stadia works properly without any problems in sever bcoz servers play major role in iot .

  • ArisenDongus Greaterest Jaggi 🤍 (@ArisenDongus) reported

    Reddit: This design is outrageous! Fix it immediately >People get put on crunch to fix the design Reddit: Wow nice marketing stunt not going to fool me, the original design probably wasn't even real

  • rainyday_vg tacitus kilgore (@rainyday_vg) reported

    reddit has always been a cesspool, but r/pokemon takes the ******* cake. it's not even the incessant negativity that's the issue, it's the fact that nobody there actually wants a conversation. anyone who even insinuates that they're buying sw/sh will be downvoted and even banned

  • castrophony Paola (@castrophony) reported

    @caro___t I was looking forward to it but that whole compilation of problems that person wrote up on reddit is just so damning 😕

  • vCrowey Crowey (@vCrowey) reported

    @EAHelp Yes. Everytime my game is online around 15 minutes in i get a hard freeze needing a full ps4 restart. I have seen on reddit i am not the only one with this issue.