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  • bridag81 Brian Dagnall (@bridag81) reported

    @Xbox_Amb_Teagan @XboxSupport I’ve already posted on reddit and lots of people have had issues wether they are insiders or not. It’s a problem on Microsoft’s end again.

  • Vonnie01955 spooky wet bread (@Vonnie01955) reported

    @DiaryofLydia @jenna_eliz02 @kile_guevara reddit is not built to bully people as a whole. you have a problem with one community on there that’s all.

  • WiseMade Dean Wiseman (@WiseMade) reported

    Hey, @DisneyPlusHelp @disneyplus this is still an issue. #reddit is full of posts with people having this issue who have also opened tickets. No reply back from #DisneyPlus #Disney #fail

  • goeatcrack zocha (@goeatcrack) reported

    Today was so ****** up i just asked reddit if i can set cookies on fire without simultaneously burning my house down

  • curusarn Šimon Let (@curusarn) reported

    @NathanBLawrence I feel like people are full of terrible legal advice. Reddit is full of people. So transitively, Reddit is full of terrible legal advice.

  • NathanBLawrence Nathan Lawrence 🌈 (@NathanBLawrence) reported

    One takeaway from today is that Reddit is full of terrible legal advice.

  • LoniChanel Loni Chanel Krieg (@LoniChanel) reported

    @CMSaunders81 Ahh I got ya! (😅My bad!) But yes, I'm totally pickin' up what you're puttin' down! There are definitely some things I've seen throughout the whole TP multiverse that really rubbed me the wrong way. Even "helping" subs on Reddit had nasty ppl in charge & nasty stuff going on! 😤

  • meatszx Mtz神 (@meatszx) reported

    tried downloading FSN realta nua on *** google play. Keeps getting an error code after downloading 2nd item (0000/0001)... 😔 Di ko kasi masundan ung nasa reddit using kirikoid2😅

  • woxxy Woxxy (@woxxy) reported

    I am engaging in a proxy war with a chinese company through reddit making an army of people who will message them to fix my firmware.

  • DiaryofLydia 🦋 Diary of Lydia 🦋 (@DiaryofLydia) reported

    @jenna_eliz02 @kile_guevara It’s reddit I have a problem with it’s unfiltered and basically built to bully people

  • reallylameguy reallylameguy (@reallylameguy) reported

    "the mod is just power tripping" holy shit a reddit mod is a terrible person I'm so ******* shocked

  • Kate_Kelly_Esq Kate "Ratify the ERA" Kelly (@Kate_Kelly_Esq) reported

    I think we can all agree that the category "Dudes Who Get Their News From Reddit" is the problem

  • TishForgan Texture (Hashbrown) (@TishForgan) reported

    @Blaptica Hi, I'm osomatsu, you may know me as the one who shut down braincels subreddit. You see, I infiltrated it to take it down from the inside, and I attempted to get potential incels to join so I could entrap them and get them banned from Reddit

  • venueadvice ⚫️🎨Buying A Product 👫⭐️☁️ ™️🛥️👷🏽‍♂️🕺🏽✈️😎🤺 (@venueadvice) reported from Claonia Highlands, Florida

    No problem tiny_pay Reddit user

  • bzamborski Brian Zamborski (@bzamborski) reported

    @AtGamesGaming guys. Please fix the wireless. As noted on many reddit posts, the wireless worked fine initially and since firmware updates it constantly drops. It’s extremely frustrating. Support says to check router. All other devices work fine. Something is wrong w firmware.

  • itsthatoneasian Marissa (@itsthatoneasian) reported

    @ebonyiswhite @VIZIO Yeah I found a reddit thread explaining what to do. Soft reset didn’t fix it and I don’t want to perform a factory. I’ve only had my TV for a year now. I’ll just stick to air play I guess.

  • valinor__ shakira (@valinor__) reported

    @BeckyBurns_ @Trey_Ball10 @FLOTUK I'm not saying unconscious bias is a factor 100% of the time. But these dating shows are microcosms of real life, so all the problems are concentrated and not diluted. Which is why I believe that the reddit post was mostly right and in this case, racial bias does play a part. 2/2

  • BassHendo Daniel Henderson (@BassHendo) reported

    @bstategames Noice! Just need to work on stability now @bstategames .... I get regular server disconnects during raids, usually resulting in me not making it out ending up MIA. I'm not the only one either, reddit is teeming with reports of it.

  • WorkerBro eiko 🇮🇸 (@WorkerBro) reported

    @kuzuwu @reddit_moments maybe, might, get messages from strangers that might bother, since your 2k+ karma post got popular on another site and now all of a sudden we need to shut down all access for some random *** on reddit. **** that

  • theMemesBot Meme Cyborg (@theMemesBot) reported

    "broken" tweets sometimes happen when the bot starts. just means no reddit link. at least there is a meme tho i guess

  • Babycurls24 Ryan (@Babycurls24) reported from Carson, California

    @NicoIYT @oSparkee @CODLeague Also Vince was the WORST possible dude to bring this issue up with like holy lol gotta take this to Reddit or sum.

  • ___SimplyMe___ Simply Me (@___SimplyMe___) reported

    @Sav_Rosie Just jumped down the Coronavirus rabbit hole on Reddit. Help I can’t sleep.

  • StaryOcean OceanStar 🌊🌟🔞 (@StaryOcean) reported

    @Vibing_Chocomel @DmnPix515 I’m a broken record and will say this again: he doesn’t know anything about film or stage acting all he does is sit at his ******* computer making reddit humor tier videos

  • SusieusMaximus Susieus Maximus (@SusieusMaximus) reported

    @AITA_reddit I assume that if Reddit had taken the post down for any reason, they'd have nuked the account as well.

  • ScreamingRowlet Hypernova Rowlet (@ScreamingRowlet) reported

    @littlemoogles_ Try clearing cache for the app. I have that issue with Reddit

  • ParaboliCShulk ParaboliC (@ParaboliCShulk) reported

    Thinking about the guy on reddit who told me all of Aus thinks their region's terrible and we all joke about it and when I asked where they heard this he cited Little Z

  • bibliophixe 𝓟 𝐬 (@bibliophixe) reported

    @PREETHI____ The actual answer is there is no single answer. It is a writing problem, deliberately written that way to produce conflicting answers. I cross-verified with the answers on Reddit.

  • deemendezz PARTYGETSMEWETTER 亀 (@deemendezz) reported

    @_AdorablyJenni_ she is 🥺 i'm on reddit looking for her guides. my problem is that I just need to eat sooooo much more.

  • JnthnDk Jonathan (@JnthnDk) reported

    @icomplexcarbs @2Calico @SirDimetrious Because if I wanted to interact with immature, toxic players I’d sign in on my Reddit. Have a nice day kid, take a breather 👍🏽

  • KingOfLepers 🦍 (@KingOfLepers) reported

    Tekken is proof that the customer is in fact not always right, and in actuality their demands are often extremely stupid and unreasonable When you have your patches ENTIRELY based on what Twitter and Reddit says you end up with a broken game that gets less and less fun to play

  • JKDFII David Floyd ➐ (@JKDFII) reported

    @VitoGesualdi "There is a big problem happening here that journalists need to deal with" Translation: "we need to make hit pieces attacking joe rogan & reddit until they get their platforms ****** with"

  • samg_is_a_ninja Samg_is_a_Ninja (@samg_is_a_ninja) reported

    After reading the reddit thread about the "Access denied" issue, I'm beginning to wonder if that's why I've received so many "beta support requests" over the past week or so... hopefully this gets fixed.

  • S0FTDYKE angelica (@S0FTDYKE) reported

    me being high also means me falling down a reddit hole and not interacting with anybody bc i’m just that distracted

  • lukeslens Luke Boyce (@lukeslens) reported

    @jonwesleyhuff Generally, this could be true. ANYTHING could be true. Tho I've been reading several SW reddit threads over the past week, and there is an overwhelming sentiment amongst fans who claim to hate TLJ that this script really helps "fix" many issues they had.

  • Kozmund Kozmund (@Kozmund) reported

    @dabeave666 @0xdade @thegrugq I've joked in the past about making a tool to make a clean laptop look used. Credentials for an email account full of newsletter's and spam, a browser history full of cooking websites and paranoid WebMD nonsense, a Reddit sign in subscribed solely to cat image subreddits...

  • mapurlsyrup functional adult (@mapurlsyrup) reported

    @owlinaminor THIS FIC MURDERED MY FAMILY. I have spent so much time on reddit and this is absolutely how it would go down

  • MichaelOrre Mr MikeZ (@MichaelOrre) reported

    Hi there @Respawn! So it's end of S3 and my game still freezes without explanation so that I have to killit with Task Manager, this problem started abit into S3 for me. Judging by a few Reddit posts Im not alone with this problem. None of us have found reason 2 why it does it tho

  • jeshiphryn jeshiphryn 🌾 (@jeshiphryn) reported from Hays, Kansas

    my reddit thread also zero replies, now to invoke that one rule and just outright claim that @Wolfram_Alpha is wrong and broken. to force someone to correct me 😀

  • rantostimus Zura ja nai, Katsura da (@rantostimus) reported

    It blows my mind that I can't find any kind of Reddit/Discord dedicated to Runway de Waratte/Smile Down the Runway when these already exist for series with only one chapter/haven't even started serialization yet; what a travesty

  • therealjefani The Real Jefani Q3259 "Together we Win" (@therealjefani) reported

    @1st5d @ZRealLoki @ANONYMOUSQANON @vincentZwood @intheMatrixxx @POTUS @TheDeaconShow @PWeepingAngel @Jordan_Sather_ @JosephJFlynn1 @LisaMei62 @SeanCordicon @GoJackFlynn @BarbaraRedgate @Qanon76 You can file on a john doe. Once you have the order you can go to reddit and demand legal information. Regardless, once reddit gets the notice the account will be shut down.

  • jcali21_ Julie Cali (@jcali21_) reported

    reading AITA and relationship problem threads on reddit make me want to swear off men forever

  • FatherBluechi Call the police bitch |GGG| (@FatherBluechi) reported

    This woman got lost down the reddit rabbit hole I'm not about to hear back until HOURS from now lol

  • Fultz4Feminism Aquarius Queen (@Fultz4Feminism) reported from Winter Park, Florida

    Everyday on Reddit men prove that they are terrible

  • JinsGabar Mrs. Saf Chalamet ⁷🦄 (@JinsGabar) reported

    if i have any problem in my life reddit has the answer

  • boomerslayer64 BX Commando Droid (@boomerslayer64) reported

    Just looked at a reddit post where lads talked about why the male suicide rate is so high and a lot of the unaddressed issues there are. Especially tons of comments of dudes being emotionally open just to be smacked for it and bottle up again after. Depressing as hell to see.

  • skydart Chloe Dykstra (@skydart) reported

    @AnthonySkatz Oh god, never. I’ve gotten in fights with people on Reddit over this exact issue.

  • beardly01 Beardly (@beardly01) reported

    @SeanCordicon I just had this happen with an old Reddit account. I don't even go on Reddit anymore. I couldn't remember my own password. But here's the kicker, it said the login was from my IP address. It wasn't. Very strange. No sign my network or devices have been breached.

  • iCrisisOne iCrisisOne (@iCrisisOne) reported

    @MisterAntiBully Wings keeps getting sub Reddit’s taken down Boogie is probably gonna do the same

  • sairukau sairuk (@sairukau) reported

    The main community forum dragonprime is pretty much ignored. It took my 3yrs to get activated and then only after I chased an admin down via reddit

  • _Shower_Bot ShowerThinker_Bot (@_Shower_Bot) reported

    Kids hate their school until another school puts it down, people hate their jobs until an outsider makes fun of their job and the human race will never work together until an outside force threatens our planet. - #ShowerThoughts #reddit

  • karankadam Karan Kadam (@karankadam) reported

    @InfinityWard There's the problem with Spec Ops but also a number of us who downloaded 2 x 13gb + 1 x 9gb updates, PS4 restart and *bam* update 1.13 is now 72gb!!!!!! There are many who have this problem, see Reddit forums :(

  • JacobiteJolly Jolly Jacobite ✞🍁 (@JacobiteJolly) reported

    Reddit is down the hall and to the left

  • facewashmuzzin karissa ☃️ (@facewashmuzzin) reported

    @goalierights Check nhl666 cause the nhl reddit is like shut down now

  • goalierights timmins lovebot (@goalierights) reported

    @hockeyandcs hockey streams reddit shut down

  • lilweedbubble Kasey (@lilweedbubble) reported

    @tt7875 @FairyDusted50 @BrendaAsher9 @LaurenJLI1 @unveiling_ @SocksHeather @DebR15332475 @AshleyH40909126 @DwellerAttic @ScubaFlamingo17 @DVDV79 @BubalasHorror @Waywardaughter0 I’ve had the same experience. At times it’s embarrassing to admit you’ve used reddit. There used to be so much drama on the TM subs...ppl started their own TM subs, drama started between subs, some were being shut down, some went private. Ppl were doxing mods. It was insane.

  • BeardSynister Synister NBD (@BeardSynister) reported

    PSA: @Activision and @InfinityWard are too busy pushing micro transactions to address that the #ModernWafare update is bricking the #PS4 for some people. Check Reddit, some of these issues manage to make it past the mods who continue to removed anything negative about the game.

  • LoveNightFury ObsessedKatie (@LoveNightFury) reported

    I just found out my art of Alastor hissing down from a tree from my dog comic is being used as a meme template on Reddit. And I'm not sure how I feel about that just yet.

  • Oktoberblitz Ciaran "Half-a-flavour-packet Ramen" Zagami (@Oktoberblitz) reported

    Dear god not a dislike button. We don’t need to be Reddit/imgur/ifunny Edit tweet would be amazing cause I wouldn’t have to delete tweets every time I see a spelling error

  • ResidentBishie Your friendly neighbourhood elf 🗡️ (@ResidentBishie) reported

    Posting this because just had the terrible realisation that mine would be that time I reached the front page of reddit with a shitty charmander 🙃🔫

  • sadisticxkisses ✨hugh jass✨ (@sadisticxkisses) reported

    I straight up hate @reddit, there are so many accounts with men posting pictures of women and their info and reddit won’t take the posts down even if you report them